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Feb 19 Need feedback on a character idea So I've RPed on this rogue off and on for awhile, and I want to add a new part to her character. It seemed like a cool idea at first, but then I thought about it more and realize it's been done kind of often in media. It feels a bit more cliche now, but I still am somewhat attached to the idea, so I was wondering what everyone here thought. I do care what others think of my RP, so if you think it's a bad idea please feel free to say so. I want one of her eyes to contain magical powers, and she covers this eye up with an eyepatch whenever she doesn't need it. If someone made eye-contact, they would become the victims of convincing illusions as well as pain (although without any real physical damage). I liked the idea, but then I remembered all the examples of this being a thing in shows and I could see it being eye-roll inducing due to that. If the idea does seem bad, I did think of some cons to the eye that might bring it in line, I'd be open to others, but here's two of the ones I thought of: - She has no direct control over the power the eye has. If someone looks at it, they're subject to the effects assuming they fail to resist whatever magic the eye projects. She has to keep the eye hidden from friends and family because of this. - Instead of enhanced perception like in a lot of the shows I mentioned, she could be completely blind in that eye, instead. Even if I get good feedback or additional ideas from you all, I'm also a bit stumped on a good way for her to obtain this power in her eye, I haven't seen examples of this in WoW from what I can tell, so I don't know how one's eye could become magical or cursed exactly. If I get negative feedback I'll likely just scrap it, maybe it's something that's overdone.Yuling13 Feb 19
Feb 18 Dragons! Some of the only things I know about dragons concerning WoW: Their brood determine what they can do, smart, and can disguise themselves as mortals. So this leaves me with one question. IF IN THE FUTURE, WHEN I GET WAY BETTER AT RPING... What class can a dragon effectively disguise themselves as and preform well? For example, can I learn to use the light and disguise as a paladin? A rogue? Thanks! I also appreciate that you guys have answered my previous questions :)Meelott13 Feb 18
Feb 17 W.E.T Community Lounge #81 My time has come. I can finally start one of these. Link to last thread Link to Archive: Now, go my friends. Chat away, Also, I was the last post, and well, here's what I said. (Alpha Investments video on the subject) Sun and Moon boxes are mappable. IN FREAKING 2017 a company like Pokemon was so ignorant as to make it super easy to map the card packs. Just...yeah. This is why I always buy sealed product. Yeah, I just. I don't know. I don't know how they let that happen, and why? It boggles my mind they were so incompetent with this.Pärker500 Feb 17
Feb 17 Vault of the Forgotten (IC) They filed past her, one by one, blindfolded and shackled. Some could barely manage a hobbling walk. Some others stood out as a worthwhile purchase, but many of the hostages marching past her were none too impressive. She would have to toss almost half of them into the pile of typical financial loss or have their souls chummed for demon fodder. Marissa Devonshire sits back in her chair watching the river of people, young, old, feeble and able bodied flood off the gang plank of the submersible ship and into the Vault of the Forgotten. "Do you think Doxxi brought any of the new food recipes from the Broken Isles?" Kyrin flicks an ear forward while he lounges on the stuffed leather couch in Marissa's office. His furry black muzzle is half buried in a bowl of spiced Pandaren rice pudding. The question irritates Marissa, about as much as the fact that the worgen was always talking with his mouth full. Who had time to think about food? She just bought half a million gold worth of new souls that she would have to sort through and find a buyer for in the upcoming weeks. The warlock's violet eyes do not stray from the crystalline window which is faintly glowing with sigils to make the glass on their side of the wall opaque. "I think your priorities are skewed." Marissa murmurs quietly in response. "Whatever. I hope they have enough booze on board for the tavern stock. We cannot keep bootlegging the amount of cargo we need through the Dalaran mages. It's going to catch someone's attention soon." Kyrin pulls his snout up and eyes the remainder of his meal. He then carefully fishes the last bite of pudding out of the bottom of the bowl with a swipe of his long pink tongue. Half of the dessert is smeared over his maw, which he begins to lap at noisily. The sound of the worgen's cleaning escapade makes the sliver of irritation in Marissa's shoulder blades blossom into a full blown headache. The Vault had become successful and keeping up with its growing client base was a tricky endeavor. Kyrin's statement of the obvious was a sharp reminder that she had to keep things is good working order. "Why are we bootlegging from Dalaran anyways? Where are our rum runners down in Booty Bay? Or the Pharoah's crew out in Tanaris?" Marissa swivels her chair around to face Kyrin as she asks these questions. The embarrassed look on the male worgen's messy face is all she needs to see to know the rest of the story. "Kyrin! You can't keep chasing after that snooty little blood elf wench and throwing her piles of my gold for a few bottles of wine! SHE DOESN'T LIKE YOU." Marissa picks up the nearest object to her, which is a truesteel paperweight in the shape of a fel hound and whips it at the warrior's head. Her aim is good and the worgen is just barely able to dodge out of the way before the projectile grazes him on the back of the skull. "For Light's Sake Marissa! She's not snooty. She's cute. Stop acting like a jealous mad woman before someone gets hurt." Kyrin thumps his empty bowl onto the nearby coffee table and huffs at the warlock. His hand lifts to the back of his head where the metal paperweight met his scalp, he pulls away his paw and growls. "LOOK. You made me bleed!" In reality, both Kyrin and Marissa know that he's trying to guilt trip her into forgiving his lapse in judgment over the blood elf mage. But she was cute, even if she was trying to rob the Vault bank dry for a few measly bottles of wine. "You're going to fix this Kyrin, you're going to stop chasing every pretty flouncy tail that throws a wink your way and learn to be a responsible adult. Now put on some clothes, we have a new batch of product to meet and make feel welcome in our home."Merideath347 Feb 17
Feb 17 [FF] The Greatest Gift Chapter One On the Road Again The air was bitingly cold, and Lyriah Moonstrider’s breath misted out in front of her. She shivered, and snuggled her face further down into the soft, brown wool scarf wrapped around her neck. It had been a gift from her mother and father in preparation for her father’s most recent business trip to Northrend. A low yowl sounded at her feet, and Lyriah looked down at her shivering companion. “Oh, Titian,” Lyriah said, and huffed out a laugh. The little lynx’s black tufts at the end of her ears, and mane of reddish-brown hair moved with the gusts of wind. There were flakes of snow caught in it, which she shook off in annoyance. She had her oversized paws tucked underneath her, and her short tail circled as far around her as she could manage. Her glowing, green luminescent eyes, the same color as Lyriah’s were closed, and the lines of black fur that ran from them around her muzzle looked like dark tears. Lyriah sat down cross-legged on the cold, wooden planks of the Wind Rider Master’s landing deck, setting her simple, but lovingly crafted bow down at her side. She opened her heavy coat and pulled the little lynx onto her lap, and wrapped her jacket around the chilly creature. The lynx snuggled down, and began to purr, the rumbling going through Lyriah's chest. A low, disapproving chuff came from nearby, and Lyriah glanced up from the top of Titian’s head to her mother’s lynx, Vermilia. “Hush now; she’s only a kitten,” Talonia Moonstrider chided the larger pet. Vermilia twitched her tail, and then began cleaning her paws, ignoring Talonia’s admonishment. Talonia chuckled. “Stubborn creature.” Her mother was tall and thin, as most Blood Elves were. She had long, onyx-black hair pulled into a high bun at the back of her head; ‘You don’t want hair in your face, spoiling your shot.’ Since she wore no makeup, the light dusting of freckles across her nose and cheeks were visible against her lightly tanned skin. She also wore no jewelry; ‘Running through the brush with jewelry on is a good way to get an earring caught on a branch.’ Mother and daughter wore similar outfits of dark brown leather, from their boots to their helms, while their hooded cloaks were a drab, olive green. Her mother’s were finely made, having won them through perseverance and countless battles with enemies ranging from ogres to elementals, while Lyriah’s were crafted to look like hers. They had also been a gift after Lyriah’s beginning hunter training was complete. It was Talonia’s bow, though, that Lyriah admired. The grip was covered by an ornate shield with the Blood Elf crest on it. The limbs of the bow were painstakingly carved wood of phoenix heads facing the shield, while further down they were embedded with gems, and glowing with an eerie Fel light. The tip and recurve were made of two talon-like protrusions on each end, swirling with the same vivid energy, with the bowstring connecting two of the four talons that pointed back toward the wielder. Lyriah glanced at her own bow, and though she loved it—as her mother had made it for her—she couldn’t help but wish for her mother’s. Though as a newly minted hunter, as well as only just turning eleven, there was a snowball’s chance in the lava flows of the Searing Gorge that would happen. The wind picked up momentarily, and when it dropped her father’s voice drifted over to the pair. He was negotiating their passage with the Wind Rider Master to Sholazar Basin. Though he’d been given coin upfront for travel expenses, An’dras Moonstrider was not above negotiating to bring the price as low as he could manage. It was a habit he’d picked up from one of his colleagues, a Goblin by the name of Baxraz Copperblast; ‘Never pay full price.’ The patient Tauren’s low voice wasn’t audible, even to Lyriah’s long ears and their sharp hearing. Though from her father’s gestures, he wasn’t getting the calm, yet stubborn, woman to budge. Talonia was tolerant of her husband’s acquired quirks, but it was always easiest for Lyriah to gauge her mother’s moods by the body language of Vermilia, whose tail was now thrashing the air. Vermilia let out another low growl, this one far more annoyed. Her father turned and caught sight of the lynx. His long, platinum blonde eyebrows shot up to his hairline. Though they couldn’t see his eyes behind his engineered goggles with their scope on one side and glowing magenta glass on the other, she had no doubt they widened in alarm. He chuckled nervously and turned back to the Wind Rider Master. Then he ran his left hand through his short, spiky hair, and handed the coin over to the Wind Rider Master with the other. She counted the coin, and nodded to An’dras. At the Tauren’s smile, it didn’t take a rocket engineer to know the steadfast woman had won, and likely still would have, even without Talonia’s annoyance. Lyriah hid her own smile in Titian’s mane.Aradria4 Feb 17
Feb 16 Reverse Druids This is more a concept for a character that I wanted to get other peoples opinions on. Druids are men and other mortal races that use magic to become beasts... (they use the magic for other stuff but that's the important part here) Is it possible within the lore for a beast to use the same magic to learn how to become a man?Sasskei35 Feb 16
Feb 16 Raptors: Intelligence or Sentience? The was a question on a different thread about Raptors about their Intelligence and/or Sentience, what each of those words entails in meaning, and how or why they appear as such. It wasn't what the original topic was about, and the more that I got to thinking about the topic, the more it seemed like it should be as discussion all its own What is Sentience? What is Intelligence? Why does it matter? The Raptors of World of Warcraft are, of course, heavily inspired by the Jurassic Part series, in which their "Velociraptors" displayed a level of intelligence that, as the series went on, appeared more and more like Sentience. The series had many inaccuracies about the reality of "Velociraptors", but WoW has never used the term to describe any of their Raptors in WoW lore. All the same, it is made evident (through numerous easter eggs and references) Blizzard's Raptors are heavily inspired by the JP series, and raptor intelligence is canon in WoW, even if it isn't fact in real life. Which begs the question, exactly how intelligent? Provided they are Intelligent, why and how? How much intelligence does something need in order to be "Sentient"? Are there many instances in WoW lore that could answer these questions? Apparently so. I knew perhaps a quarter of what is below before I set out on this 'quest' to back up Raptor sentience, and I've been compiling what I can find over the past couple days. I've provided sources to what I've found, as well as my interpretations of the sources. Not everyone gets the same interpretation from things, though, and if something I claim about a source seems off, feel free to go to the source and get your own interpretation, and let me know below. Constructive input is always helpful, especially with more sources I may have missed either arguing for or against Raptor Sentience. There are other instances of Beast Sentience as well, notably (and equally debatably) Gryphons, Hippogryphs, Wyverns, Chimaeras, and some Worgs, but those are different topics for different threads. The following thread, which became much more of a topic worthy of a ten-page argumentative paper, is intended for all readers. Both for other lore-junkies like myself that wish to debate or support the argument, and for those in the future that might be searching for these answers. May my theories and interpretations lay the foundation for further findings by others in the future. Or, at the very least, to have it documented somewhere for future reference.Raedolf19 Feb 16
Feb 16 What race would you play as if... Lore wasn't a problem But the races have to be existing or have existed in Azeroth, like the races we've seen For me, i'd play a valkyr or Darkfallen. To me the valkyr and Darkfallen are bada$$es And would be so cool to rp a Darkfallen seriously, but can't because people don't like serious darkfallen because lore wise :(Vikctoria23 Feb 16
Feb 15 Vault of the Forgotten (OOC Signup) They filed past her, one by one, blindfolded and shackled. Some could barely manage a hobbling walk. Some others stood out as a worthwhile purchase, but many of the hostages marching past her were none too impressive. She would have to toss almost half of them into the pile of typical financial loss or have their souls chummed for demon fodder. Marissa Devonshire sits back in her chair watching the river of people, young, old, feeble and able bodied flood off the gang plank of the submersible ship and into the Vault of the Forgotten. It was in all practicality her vault, though she did not create it. Sand had compacted and been pressed so intensely here by the pressure of the water that walls naturally turned crystalline in nature. Light did not reach here, not from the surface at least. With a choice of magical runes and various enchantments however, the place had become rather hospitable; at least on the inside. Outside of the cavern it was in the most unreachable dark heart of the chasm known as The Lightless Reaches. The tide carved cliff off the east side of Kelp'thar Forest, Vashj'ir made a perfect pirate's lair. To swim outside was to end up shredded by sand particles gusting at hundreds of miles an hour through the ocean gorge, or to get lost by the utter lack of sense of direction in the depths. Nothing grew here, all was swept away or crushed by the forces of gravity and water. Only the fluke of a faulty wormhole device had delivered the warlock safely inside the chamber to start with, years ago. Since then she has worked to make it a miniature empire, complete with working mage portals and a sizable army of goons and body guards. It was costly though, hence the frequent trafficking of slaves. Was it just a tavern? No... A trading post? No. Perhaps it was a a place better not defined. For most who entered, it was where the next step of their fate would be decided. Welcome to the Vault of the Forgotten RP! Signups here please. You can choose to be one of three types of characters in this adventure: * Hostage * Vault Guard / Vault Assistant * Vault Patron Rules: 1.) Please do not sign up with more than 2 of your characters for this RP. 2.) While this is technically a faction Sanctuary and a bit of a black market tavern, not everyone is going to escape unscathed (especially the hostages). As a patron if you pick a fight here, expect to get promptly ported out of the Vault unless Marissa specifically puts you up against another person to test your mettle. 3.) Typical RP rules apply. No godmodding, mary-sue, or thread stalling please. 4.) Hostages may try to escape, they may also wait to be sold and try to escape from their buyer when they get outside the vault. 5.) All hostages are already stripped of their belongings and only wear linen tunics, linen pants and simple sandals. 6.) Hostages may try to bargain for their freedom with Marissa. (I may have to add more rules here if unusual situations crop up). Please include in your RP application: Name: Race: Class: Gender: Character Role: Hostage/Patron/Guard Short summary of how you got to the Vault / last thing you remember before you were captured: Short physical description: __________________________________________________ Name: Marissa Devonshire Race: Human Class: Warlock (Affliction) Gender: Female Character Role: Vault Keeper Short summary of how you got to the Vault / last thing you remember before you were captured: (Already explained in intro) Short physical description: Marissa has violet eyes and platinum silver hair. While there is nothing intimidating about her 5'5 human frame, the dark aura about her speaks worlds of her penchant for swift action. Her golden robes and ruby emblazoned tiara might be far too simplistic for her taste. Some who know her would otherwise expect this woman to be typically dressed in the bones and desiccated entrails of her enemies. In the Vault however, Marissa is all business.Merideath103 Feb 15
Feb 15 Why are we dks so frowned upon I mean it's been years since Icecrown. We haven't done anything wrong since, well except for killing people to sate our hunger, start the four horsemen, and Bolvar is becoming coocoo. But other than that we haven't done anything wrong...yet. We sneeze and paladins and priests get scared and threaten to kill us. Or we get disbanded from our factions.Vikctoria13 Feb 15
Feb 15 LF a longterm RP partner All my RP partners quit or never have a lot of time. I have a storyline ready, though it's for a DK-Illidari storyline (DK believing if they trained as an Illidari [ Ner'Zhul being part of the Burning Legion, and Illidari getting their "gift" through the Legion], they can find the cure to undeath, and just be transitioned into an illidari, and no longer be a scourge, and regain their emotions they lost, and holy spells won't hurt them (I HIGHLY HIGHLY doubt this is possible, but my DK believes this is a thing. I already wrote some part of this!) Otherwise, I'm LF anyone and everyone :D My play time is generally open, so I'd like yours to be as well! :) We can meet as often or as little as you'd like! I'm open to storylines as long as there is character growth!Algelid0 Feb 15
Feb 15 If your Character was a Raid Boss? What if your character was a raid boss? Or would you rather you be a mini-boss? What would your enrage timer be? What type of dialogue would they spew during and before the fight? What would they say upon death? What sorts of loot would they drop? Weapons, armor, trinkets, pets, trash loot? What would their combat mechanics be, and how could they be countered? What song would play while you fight them?Marysuè9 Feb 15
Feb 14 The Burning Legion captures you And all was left was join them or die. What would your character do? Vikctoria would die with her fellow Scourge members while continuing to mock and make fun of the Burning LegionVikctoria8 Feb 14
Feb 14 Feldrake - Mount Transformation Hi guys, Since legion hit live, I was thinking about an item that works just like "vial of the sands" but instead transforms your char into a feldrake like mount... I think this is kinda easy to achiev since models and skins are already in game, just add some shields and armor to the feldrake and is ready to go!Jild1 Feb 14
Feb 14 [RP] Arcanist Harleena - Background Story For a child, even at the age of 52, to witness such a travesty as the Great sundering of Kalimdor, is traumatic to say the least. Harleena was the only member of her family to survive the disaster, which left her in the care of a highborne foster family. Due to her natural inclination to manipulate the Arcane energies stemming from the Nightwell, at a young age she was designated as an Arcanist to serve within the Nighthold. For thousands of years Harleena served as an Arcanist to Elisande, along with many other skilled and powerful Nightborne. She was obedient, did what she was ordered and became a powerful Arcanist. Not necessarily out of loyalty to Elisande or to the highborne, but out of fear. The Nightborne would punish criminals and outcasts in their society by throwing them outside the barrier separating their city from the outside world, where they would eventually wither and die from lack of mana, which they normally consumed in the form of Arcwine. This was enough of a motivator for anyone to do as they were told whilst serving in her position. Though she spent a good amount of time serving the grand Magistrix, she often used her personal time to explore every corner of the city she could. She grew an interest in botany, and grew ley petal flowers in her home. Like most Nightborne she had a taste for fine Arc wine, and even dabbled in making it. Though she believed the world outside of her city to have been destroyed, she had dreamed of a world different than the one she lived in. To the extent that a Nightborne could be labeled a dreamer, Harleena was indeed considered one. She was teased for her “childish attitude”, or as what most in a normal society would consider it, an active imagination. Though she was an excellent student, she was not encouraged to use her intelligence to sprout creativity. Because of this she became rather secluded, kept to herself, and stood quiet most the time. Which is what drew her attention to Kara’lunei. A beautiful Shal’Dorei, an Arcanist as well, brave, brash, daring. Polar opposite of Harleena, and a a good example of the phrase "opposites attract". Where Harleena would be afraid to challenge her teachers, Kara’lunei would stand up and question. She showed her parts of the city that Harleena never knew existed, and allowed her to feel okay with being herself, for once in her shrouded, socially surpressed life. She fell in love, heavily with Kara’lunei, and Kara’lunei with her. They made a life together, practicing their magic and brewing their own Arcwine, it was a happy life.........Harleena3 Feb 14
Feb 14 Heroes & Horrors: A Hardcore RP Challenge Greetings, folks! Lately, I've been seeing quite a few creative community-made "challenges" for the WoW playerbase, from short-term to long-term challenges that test player skill or simply provide a new experience. Today, I'm hoping to contribute my own challenge to the cesspool. I call it... Heroes & Horrors; a 3-to-5 person party challenge with a few specific quirks. The goal of this challenge is for yourself and a group of companions to level up from 1 to max level. Pretty simple, right? Well, there's going to be rules that may complicate things. Heroes & Horrors Guide (Google Doc): *Editor's Note: The Heroes & Horrors Guide is a WIP. New Game+ details and Advanced Rule Sets will be added in due time. Please check in regularly for updates! So far we currently have two Heroes & Horrors groups operating; Heroes & Horrors: GnomeTECH R&D, and Heroes & Horrors: Taverns & Caverns Company! If you're interested in following these parties' adventures, the following links are provided: GnomeTECH OOC: GnomeTECH Story Thread: Taverns & Caverns Tracking Thread: Best of luck, Heroes!Redchevalier87 Feb 14
Feb 13 ((OOC Post for RP Character!)) ((Hello, everyone! My (main char.) name is Ashendis, you can just call me Ash, if you'd like, and the character in question that I'd like to introduce to you all is Benilah Warc - or just Ben! He's (I'm) making an account for all of his adventures in the new Azeroth - as opposed to the old Azeroth he knew and was used to back in the "Vanilla" days of 2004 and 2005. He's a new graduate and was pretty secluded, so you might have to forgive him. Or you can feel free to ridicule him. Whatever you want, really. Anyway, here's where you can catch his adventures! Hope you all enjoy!))Benilah0 Feb 13
Feb 13 Paladin advice? Hello everyone my name is Vynathlon, everyone's favorite Death Knight (screw you Darak!) I come here to seek basic Paladin advice. Explanation is below: I came to a realization today that I really like playing my Forsaken Death Knight, but it wasn't about conforming to Forsaken society that got me, it was about being the antithesis of Stormwindian society. As a result, I had been doing a whole lot of researching to see how all the cultural, social, and political factors fell into it, and to see it through a stereotypical, one-dimensional perspective (as is the case in a non-multidimensional universe.) But I came to the realization today that in order to fulfill my quest to doing that, it would probably be best to just create a new character, one that represents the antithetical of Vynathlon's belief system, namely being a Human, of Stormwind, who is a Paladin. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So here's the question: Does anyone have any advice on how I should achieve that goal, or is it merely just: create a new Human Paladin at level one, on a roleplaying server and seek out a roleplaying guild that specializes in a Paladin order of Stormwind? If anyone believes there's any further advice I should take into account for the creation of this new antithetical character, please inform me so that I can fill it into this to-do-list. Thanks!Vynathlon13 Feb 13
Feb 13 Help on char development I know i said that last thread was going to be my last for a while, but yesterday when i was creating my rp character, i just hit a big huge wall 1.) I honestly want the necklace thing that she is wearing to change her physically also. Like Monstrous but also "sexy" if some of you say to us night elves for some reason. Don't know why. But anyways i don't know what features to add though. I need help. Just a FYI she's a vampiric blood dk 2.) Lunnaya believes in neutrality and being united both Horde and Alliance and light and dark, most balance withing in Azeroth. But on the neutrality part yyyyeeeaaahhh, she's doing more good than evil. How can I fix this. Plus i want her to be more evil and scary than good, but still do good things. Need help on this also I honestly have a hit a wall on her Can you help My last thread for a while, i honestly just created this thread because i have hit a wall and need help. Thank youLunnaya17 Feb 13
Feb 12 Just a girl and her bear (story) One day, a few years back, Brig was traveling through a territory known as The Grizzly Hills, in Northrend. "Amberpine Lodge" read the sign on the building she was standing in front of. She could hear merriment inside, and thought it would be a good place to rest. Once inside, no one seemed to notice nor care of her entry. The folks inside were just enjoying each other’s company. Stories could be heard being chattered from group to group creating a hum throughout the room. Every once and a while she heard the loud bellow of a dwarf's laughter. After examining the room from the door, Brig walked in and took a seat at one of the few remaining empty tables. A female human with shoulder length red hair approached, "Name's Jennifer Bell," she said, "Welcome to Amberpine Lodge. Will you be needin' anything to eat or drink this evenin'? Or how about a nice Night Elf sized room for the night?" Brig smiled and nodded, "A room most definitely. And as for that drink..." She pondered. "Do you happen to have any moonberry juice?" Jennifer Bell grinned, "Comin' right up!" As Brig waited for her drink, she looked around the room again. There were many types of people there that evening, of all types of races. It was nice to see so many different types of people interacting together, she thought to herself. The walls were decorated with hunting trophies of all types; a giant boar with tusks as long as Brig's arm, a buck, with antlers at least 6 points, and a bear pelt almost as wide as the wall it was hung on. All impressive feats, Brig thought to herself, then reminisced on her own hunts of the past. Brig was lost in thought so she didn't notice the dwarf watching her from one of the other tables. The dwarf lifted his mug and finished the last of the ale, set the mug back down on the table, and hopped off his seat. He walked over to the table which Brig was sitting. His head barely reached over the top of the table, making it even easier for Brig not to notice his approach. Once the dwarf realized he had gone unnoticed, he coughed to get her attention. Brig snapped out of her dazed and looked upon the dwarf. "How are ya?!' Exclaimed the dwarf with a jolly smile and slight wave of his hand. "Admiring the fancy trophies?" Brig nodded, "Yes, the bring me fond memories of my own hunts," she said as she patted her bow. "A hunter, are ye? What brings ye to these parts?" He asked. "Just passing through, saw some nice sized stags on the way up, thought maybe I'd go for a hunt in the morning." The dwarf leaned in closer to Brig and whispered, "If a hunt is what you’re after, then I have a tale of a creature for ye..." The dwarf looked around the room to see if anyone was looking their way, which they weren't. "Mind if I take a seat?" "Not at all." The dwarf shuffled up the chair and got comfortable. He waved a hand at Jennifer Bell asking for another ale. She understood. He waited for the innkeeper to finish bringing them their drinks before he started. Once she walked away far enough that he knew she couldn’t hear him, he stared at Brig long and hard, then he began. "There is talk of a mystical creature in these woods. A creature, as lovely as the stars on a clear winter's night, but as ferocious as the mighty dragons. It's big. Well, big compared to me." Brig laughed. The dwarf did not. "It’s got teeth sharper than knives and eyes that glow blue. The thing has a certain aura about it, almost as if it glows. People say it'll walk through the forest then just, POOF! disappear. Some say it looks like a bear, but no bear they have seen before. "I believe I came across it once. The night was the darkest night that I can remember, and cold. Very cold. I was warm, from drinkin' me ale, so I wondered outside the lodge. On the deck facing out to the woods, I saw something out of the corner of me eye. I quickly looked but saw nothing, so I decided to walk out to the trail below. I was cautious, and me best judgements come to me after a pint or two or three. Though I had been drinkin', I knew there were creatures that came out at night in the woods that ye' don’t want to be messin' with. I walked quietly and waited. Been down there maybe, oh, I'd say, fifteen minutes or so, just waitin'. But nothin' came. So, I returned to the lodge. As I reached the lodge door, I turned to give one last look, and there was something in the brush. I squinted and looked as hard as I could, and I SWEAR I saw blue glowing eyes looking at me through the brush. Then they just disappeared. "I tried tellin' the folks inside of the creature, but they all thought me just a drunken dwarf." He looked away from Brig and sighed. "I tell ye, I know what I saw, and it wasn't natural." The dwarf looked back to Brig, "So if this sort of thing intrigues ye, I suggest huntin' tonight. That's when I saw the beast, at night ye know, so maybe ye will have some luck too."Brig3 Feb 12
Feb 12 Chi and Blindness My character is blind. Would it be possible for her to be able to sense other people's Chi so she can distinguish alive people? It makes sense to me. Oh, and by blind I mean she can't see ANYTHING. she is missing both eyes. I was originally going to have mechanical eyes but someone in my guild says that he doesn't think it's lore friendly, so I retconned it.Mittledann10 Feb 12
Feb 11 RP Guild Quest More Indepth Play Hello Everyone, First off let me say Thank You to all of you who have helped me out on my other post here in World's End Tavern. I greatly Appreciate you all. My wife and I along with another couple have started a guild that we would like to focus on RP with and I was thinking that it would be very interesting if we could make a whole guild mission objective that people can work on. I am at a loss on how to even begin to do this. Is there an add-on that you can create quest that others with that add on could see and participate in?\ Have any of you ever created or participated in such events add-on or not, if yes, can you tell me a little about how it was done? I am thinking of the scythe of Elune. A guild mission to find it, this could take anyone all over creation from Azeroth to Outlands to Draenor to the isles and beyond... From what I see the Scythe has yet to be found and only speculations abound. Reason on finding it? In hopes we can somehow reverse the curse of the Worgen... or perhaps world domination, I guess that depends on the Guild Masters attitude... lol Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated...Kernidian9 Feb 11
Feb 11 Sorry guys about all the threads This one will be my last one for a while, promise. I'll be working on my character and playing wow like no tomorrrow Again sorry for the postsLunnea3 Feb 11
Feb 11 Has the Defias Brotherhood been defeated? I know this sounds like a dumb question but when Edwin VanCleef was killed with several of his officers it was believed that the Defias were completed wiped out, then Vanessa came up and revived it for a short time stronger than before until it was cleaved down by the very heroes who killed her father. Is there any lore post-Vanessa suggesting that the Defias is still in full swing without the leadership and waiting for someone else to take the reins or is it finally finished?Azthais6 Feb 11
Feb 10 Shadowlands Resources Hey, folks. Need a little bit of help here. So, I've been thinking of possibly doing a forum RP revolving around the Shadowlands. Particularly a Dante's Divine Comedy inspired RP involving that realm, where a band of heroes venture deep into the afterlife in pursuit of some artifact/person/greater purpose. Something along those lines. However, my own knowledge when it comes to the Shadowlands is fairly lacking beyond the most basic information. So, instead of simply doing this blind, I figured I'd ask the community for any canon or potentially canon resources in order to create the most accurate depiction of the Shadowlands as I can for the RP. Whatever isn't provided, I suppose I'll just improvise. Of course I'll be doing some research of my own; but I figured that some of you might have resources or links already on-hand and able to share. Would love whatever help I can get, guys; Thanks in advance!Redchevalier15 Feb 10
Feb 10 W.E.T Community Lounge #80 Pull up a seat and come join us in out playful little thread here and goof around, talk about life, and just chill! and please, don't break, burn, or destroy anything of the Lounge* Here is the last Lounge thread: and here if the Archive thread, for if you want to see any of the other previous lounges: now go, have fun, and chill with all out beautiful people out there! we always welcome new people with open arms, so come join us! *anything destroyed and not paid for by the end of the month will be put on your tab, along with interest fees. don't be crazy and this wont happen! (looks at the crazy people while typing this).Faolana500 Feb 10
Feb 9 What's your character's story? Mine: Name: Vikctoria Occupation: Killing Age: 200 Race: Undead Night Elf Friends: all evil or balanced classes people Relatives: none Rivals: Paladins, priests, Scarlet crusade Opposite faction: All things living or goody goods Attitude: Very dark humored, believes in some honor, believes that factions are useless and are better as one Loves: Blood, Pain, and suffering. Evil deathknights, dark arts, and knowledge and elegance Hates: The light and goody goods Motivation: Power I don't have a actual backstory yet :(Vikctoria20 Feb 9
Feb 9 Can you "Ignore" Shadow Magic? So I RP as a Shadow Priest, and 2/3 times I get into a fight, ALL of my attacks are negated because my opponent "ignored" the hallucinations. I wanted to know two things, A) Can you ignore Shadow magic? At all. Doesn't matter how improbable. And B) How improbable is it?Omchuang13 Feb 9
Feb 9 What side is your character on? Good, neutral, or evil. Vikctoria is neutral but almost to the edge of evil. She will be completely evil soonVikctoria15 Feb 9
Feb 8 Grand Hamlet / Darkshire I am just now, after all the years of playing, getting into the lore of WoW. Thus I have joined WrA and started a new persona that I want to base out of Duskwood/Darkshire. This persona, best I could conclude is 47 that gives him a few years before the year 0 (i think 592 on Kings timing). Now my problem is, from what i th0ught i read, that Grand Hamlet now Darkshire, would have been cursed when this persona was at a young age, a toddler per-say. Can someone help me, point me in right direction. I need to confirm when the curse that the poor sap Jitters unleashed upon the land with the scythe he found, was it around year 0/592 or am I way off? Would my persona at 47 be correct age to have vague memories of Grand Hamlet or would it have been his fathers stories to him or even his grandfathers stories to him? I am sorry, like I said I am new to the lore side and I am now fascinated by it and want to remain true to the timing. Thus I come to you all in hopes of some friendly advice. Thank You all for your assistance in advance. Note: I have read in forums from back in 2011, I think about, Grand Hamlet. However it is unclear to my mind about the timing and if the age of 47 is correct or if I need to change my back story... Thanks Again.Arkeenious14 Feb 8
Feb 8 What are your character's motive Like what do they belive in? For me for example My new darkfallen and Vikctoria believe that the world That the world doesn't always need a hero, but it also needs monsters. So they are the monsters. I know it's Cliche but eh, i like itVikctoria1 Feb 8
Feb 8 From The Ashes Civilization(IC) 175 years ago our world was plunged into chaos by the burning legion. They brought with them a fury and destruction unlike any other Azeroth had faced in recent times. Our world was wracked with pain and loss as countless died. However, we managed to survive, though our world was forever shattered and broken. Many years have passed and you or your ancestors were those that persevered. The world as we had known it may be long gone a blip on the history of Azeroth, but its peoples still stand strong. Now. once more civilizations are cropping up and lending themselves to the cause. That cause? To build a new world and with it usher in an era of peace or destruction. The choices are yours. This world is what you make of it and with that you will reap what you sow. (Felt wrong to not post, well anything. Have at it y'all. Sign-ups and OOC thread are here :ärker72 Feb 8
Feb 8 From the Ashes, Civilization RP Sign-ups(OOC) From The Ashes is a bit of a spiritual successor to the last Civilization Roleplay some of us were doing on the forums(Wasteland). However, these sign ups are open for everyone. We need you, World's End Tavern, to join us on this endeavor once more. Don't worry if you've never been a part of a Civilization scenario before, it's pretty easy to get the hang of and incredibly fun. You just may need to digest a bit of information before we delve deep into Azeroth. Firstly, the scenario. What exactly are we going to be doing? Well, it's been 175 years since the Legion Invaded Azeroth. So horrid was this course of action and its following that it left Azeroth crippled. Factions dissolved and as such there is nothing really left of the prior world but memories and relics of ages past. What sort of civilizations may have risen out of the rubble in that time-frame? It's up to you to create your own and find out. And Although I'll give an explanation below, you could also check out Meep's, it's quite detailed and will give you all the information you need to know as we will be following a similar format manner. In fact if you read that, aside from the scenario you should be quite ready to create your own based on the template I'll provide, likely in another post. (And if you were in the last thread, you can just skip all this. You pretty much know the rules already.), There's the link to the last threads OOC. Also might be a good idea to check that out, see what people thought up last time, might give you some inspiration!Pärker125 Feb 8
Feb 7 Captain Nord She had lost her eye long time ago but it was indeed replaced soon after. As well as her left hand of which she was indeed left handed, and summarily it was also replaced soon after. Her right leg also gone but replaced soon after. Her liver had long since given out from abusive substances of which she partook of regularly and still does. As you guessed it, it was replaced as much of everything else about her. What had NOT been replaced? Her heart and her Spirit, for it was tremendous, and overly LARGE. Her husband should know, he had been the recipient of one of her organs. They were the 1 in a billion google plex match for organ donors. His system was such that he could receive no implants or bionics or anything else artificial. That was why he was so treasured by she. And also a anomaly due to the fact that she and he captained and maintained the most NOTORIOUS, NEFARIOUS, SPACE PIRATE operation known to all of the AUs. They had had the fortune of finding, befriending these tiny little guys known as Gnomlins. "Busy buggers they be," as her husband was always fond of saying. "As well as their advanced technology," his wife would add with a gleam from her artificial eye. "Yes, it does indeed come in handy!" Firing off another particle beam weapon at yet another space ship they were fixing to board, to loot and plunder and put them all in chains if they didn't surrender. Which they usually did for they were absolutely NOTORIOUS for their brazen exploits. Many times had the Space Police been after them and also many battles fought and usually they would flee because that is what Space Pirates did. They usually fled from the scene of any of their "findings" as Nord would say repeatedly. They didn't consider what they did as thieving. "If they did not know how to defend themselves then they shouldn't be where we can see them," she had said many times in the past. "But Nord, they are just decent people trying to make a space living from plying the open "seas"." They didn't look at space as space, to them it was the ocean.Oreohhs5 Feb 7
Feb 7 Argus predicted. What might be next? "Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it." -Il'gynoth (Referencing Theramore and Jaina.) So many possibilities of her being one of those characters that bridge expansions. Kul Tiras has fallen silent, its been stated that the Cataclysm pushed it further into the sea, maybe it ended up near N'zoth's prison, the Cataclysm rupturing Ny'alotha's containment devices, allowing some of the Old God's influence to spread throughout those lands. Perhaps it is the reason Azshara sent her Naga for the Tidestone, as one of the most powerful Mages to ever set foot on Azeroth, the former Kaldorei queen could unlock the true power that a Pillar of Creation can achieve, releasing N'zoth and bringing utter destruction. "Xal'atath whispers: The God of the Deep writhes in his prison, breaking free ever so slowly. You should hurry and defeat the fallen titan... there are greater battles yet to fight." "Xal'atath whispers: Almost completely gone, as if it never existed. But the rift is deep and vast, and somewhere down there it stirs. Something has changed, the last prison weakens. We must prepare." (Interacting with the void flower after you defeat Xavius) "Xal'atath whispers: It appears the prison of N’zoth is not as strong as it once was. What you see is a tiny growth of the behemoth that may yet consume your world." (at Il'gynoth) "Xal'atath whispers: Xavius, running from one master to the next, scrambling for power, yet defeated again and again. The God of the Deep picks a poor champion? Or, is there something else at play?" Very interesting last quote, perhaps the Nightmare was just a distraction from whats really about to happen? Something to lead the heroes to believe the evil behind it has finally been defeated? Old Gods rarely do things without a complex plan... perhaps he's waiting, knowing we're taking the fight to the Legion. The strongest champions will be away, unable to stop the Old One's assault. Perhaps a patch, or an expansion. Let me know what you think is going to happen!Odaar6 Feb 7
Feb 7 A Fresh Start (IC Story) Prologue: A long walk The soft caress of the stars shone through the treeline of Duskwood as I made my way down the narrow forgotten roads. As I made my way down the streets my thoughts spun wildly like a spinning top which threatened to tear apart my mind. I was leaving Duskwood. I was leaving the place that had been my home for nearly thirty years. I was leaving the home that my mother, and my father built over their time together... For there was nothing left for me here. My gaze shifted as I watched the inhabitants of this small, dark place make their way through the streets. They stared at me like a beast, and they were not entirely wrong. It had only been five years since the Cataclysm. Five years since I had been awoken from that black abyss of hatred and rage which made up the mind of a feral worgen. I took a deep breath before I raised my snout pointing my gaze towards the sky and release a deep and somber sigh as I saw the clouds start to gather. I would simply look forward and continue to make my way through the town, taking note of the fel torched buildings and the smell of wax burning from the candles. I would blink and turn my attention towards the road before I release a soft chuckle as I noticed a young boy not much older than the age of twelve wander about kicking a ball and stopping to replace the various candles inside of the lanterns which were such a staple of the town. It had not been that long ago since I had done the same duty for a bit of extra coin. I remembered the clang of coppers in my pocket and made my way to the young lad. He seemed startled for a moment before he notices my druidic robes and pleasant demeanor. He then stutters "Mr... Mr... Eding! How do you do?" That was a strange feeling. I could never recall being called Mr, that was my father's title... I simply laughed it off and searched through a satchel on my bag removing a total of three silver pieces "You've done good work today William. Get yourself something decent after you're done eh? That ball's looking a bit rough." I'd ruffle his hair and the boy looked at me with wide eyes before he stomped off to finish his job. "Aye aye sir!" With that I continued my journey through the town. Eventually stopping as I found my mother's dream. Our family bakery. I grabbed my keys and opened the door. The place smelled of burnt wood and rotting flesh. It had not been that long ago when the Night's Watch had used the building to store the corpses of their victims... I wrinkled my nose and covered my face before I made my way up the stairs. I was here for a reason. I could remember the conversation my mother had with me all those years ago when she first shown me this place, it was her hidden sanctuary. I went to the back of the counter which had once been filled with pastries, and opened a hidden hatch. I then pulled on a rope and the soft creak of rusted hinges echoed through the empty bakery.Eding7 Feb 7
Feb 7 Spectral sight?? So I was rping with some friends earlier and we found ourselves questioning the limitations of a demon hunters spectral sight. We know the givens of course, that being demon hunters can use spectral sight to track demons, they can see through illusions, and also through solid objects. However we also know that spectral sight works by being able to see the invisible aura's of magic that are with in the world as described by Illidan in the war of the ancients trilogy. That being said my question comes to dragons. Given the fact that dragons actually physically morph into a humanoid form rather than using an illusion would a demon hunter still be able to tell they were not a mortal? I ask this also knowing that the five dragon flights were blessed by the titans and thus bear their mark which could likely be something that would stick out like a sore thumb to someone who uses spectral sight. (If I could get a blue to clarify this that would be awesome but thoughts and opinions from the community are also good.)Xarduss4 Feb 7
Feb 7 Food for thought. Druid Shape-shifting? I have been RPing my druid for a while now, I think I am reasonably well versed in the Lore surrounding druids, and where their powers come from. Yet, I still have some questions in which, as far as I can tell, there is no definitive yes or no answer. None of these are ideas I plan to implement into my RP, or ideas I current utilize, just pure curiosity and interested to hear the opinions of others, or maybe someone has a bit of lore that I overlooked. All of them have to do with the limitations of Druid shapeshifting. What can a druid shapeshift into and what can they not shapeshift into? To keep it brief, Druids draw on the powers of Wild Gods, Bear is Ursol and Ursoc, Stag is Malorne, Hawk or Owl is Aviana, and so forth. We see that some forms are more challenging than others, the Worgen curse serving as a prime example. Because of this, can it be said that a druid could take on the form of ANY wild God, but most do not because of danger, or perhaps it is forbidden within the circle? Hakkar the Soulflayer for example. If I am not mistaken, he is a Loa, which is the same as Wild Gods and the justification for Troll druidism? How would that manifest as a Druid form? Shadra is another one that is interesting, a Troll spider Loa, meaning, there could be spider-druids unrelated to the Nightmare? How about Aessina? Who appears in game as a giant Wisp, and seems to be the Wild God of the Grove. Druids that follow her totem, I imagine are more likely to be Balance or Restoration druids, Druids of the Wild, and likely rarely shapeshift. Hypothetically though, if a Druid were to try Shift with the power of Aessina in mind? Is that even possible? Maybe that is the Treant form? Lastly, Dragons. This is the most off the wall concept, but Druid’s drawing their power from the Emerald Dream, what is stopping them from drawing their power from Ysera herself? Or any Green Dragon? Perhaps it is forbidden, but could it technically be possible for a Druid to Shapeshift into the image of a Dragon? Apply this concept to every Wild God, every Loa spirit, and it’s kind of interesting to think about. Thoughts?Akiyass3 Feb 7
Feb 6 Mage-Priest? Greetings! I was curious as to if there could be such a thing as a mage-priest where a magic user is able to use a combination of Holy magic and either Arcane, Fire, or Frost magic to mend people's wound and/or protect others? If so, how should I go about RPing as such? Just a concept that was brought up to me as I've developed a character that fits the profile of a priest, but studied in Dalaran for the bulk of his life. Thank you!Domiticus11 Feb 6
Feb 6 Character Boss Themes Hello, my fellow $#!7-posters of WET. So, I figured I'd start up a possibly interesting little conversation simply for the sake of sharing our characters and perhaps a little reflective introspection on said characters. I was doing the dishes, listening to some of my favorite VGM OSTs, when I thought; "Huh, what song would I apply to my characters? If they were to become a boss fight, what would their theme be?" So it got me thinking. And since I absolutely love my fellow community members SO much, I wanted to see what you guys have to offer too! So here's the criteria; - Brief Character Description - Potential Boss Theme Song - (Bonus) What is that Boss Battle like, why is it happening, and what are the mechanics like? Of course, I wouldn't ask this of you guys without using an example of my own! So I'm going to include one of my newer characters, Moonais; Moonais is a Draenei mage with an affinity for Frost magic; coming from a long line of Draenei magi, she's the lone survivor of her family after the Orcish conquests and near-annihilation of the Draenei population of Draenor. Having grown up in a world of continuous strife and war, she's become bitter towards both the Horde and the Legion, viewing each faction and their associates as monsters unworthy of her mercy for their persecution of her people.Redchevalier1 Feb 6
Feb 6 Looking for Highborne RP guide. Also I am looking for tips at RP fighting as a mage. Thank you World's End Tavern fourm!Alarielle11 Feb 6
Feb 5 Your character's color I reread Eragon, which I hadn't done in years, and saw how when characters wielded magic in that world, their magic would be a certain color that represented themselves. Like the color of their soul. Arya's was green, Eragon was blue, Murtagh was red, etc. So it got me thinking, what color would your character's "soul" be and why? Shelly Flashtrigger, my gnome sniper, would be an off-gray pink color. It gives off a feel of a dampened more depressed version of an otherwise vibrant color which suits Shelly perfectly. She used to be a much more cheerful girl when she was younger. Radyne Dawnstrider, would be a deep red. It's a brave, bold, and bloody color, to suit her background as a born and bred soldier, but it also represents life which suits her aptitude toward the wilds and all its creatures.Rádyne32 Feb 5
Feb 5 ---- ----Leleasia1 Feb 5
Feb 5 Is there any cross realm Communities? As the title says (asks?), I'm wondering if there's any cross realm communities out there. I'm starting to get burnt out trying to level classes on different servers for mog purposes just trying to find late nighters to consistently hang out with, so I'm hoping to find a group or community that is on late at night and doesn't have an issue with someone who could be on another server.Jozo1 Feb 5
Feb 4 How to be a good rper I really want to be a good rper And Vikctoria is my main, so i wanna rp her Her almost evil, vampiric, selfVikctoria4 Feb 4
Feb 4 What makes a scary rper I want Vikctoria to be scary not physically scary but omg look at what she has done to people scary. Sure Vikctoria has features that make her somewhat scary but that that much to call her scary in appearance But if you want to add a answer of physical scariness by all means do it, i'm open Yes, she's pro scourgeVikctoria3 Feb 4
Feb 4 A Dormant Inauspicious Flame My character Eviscara has thrown a lot of curveballs over the years, but none of them have been as out-of-left-field as the Mysterious power that lies dormant inside her, unknown in both origin and nature. Controlling it consciously has proven impossibly difficult, mostly it has activated of it’s own accord during tumultuous events, proving to be more a plot-device than a superpower. When that happens, all hell breaks loose, most of the time by exploding outwards in a shockwave of energy, but other times creating weird things like time-loops and waves of horizontal gravity, demonstrating that its capabilities (stuff that it can do) has no upper limit. What do you guys think? Is something like this viable for a character background? And for fun, what other kind of shenanigans has this hidden ability created?Eviscara0 Feb 4
Feb 3 Demon Hunter versus Death Knight Consider how similar they are. The Pain of Loss A former life destroyed by the Burning Legion. A former life ruined by the Scourge -itself an arm of the Burning Legion. Transformation A new body shaped by fel power. A dead body raised up by necromancy. Both an anathema to religion (God?), nature, and people everywhere. A new life fueled by the fiery hatred of 10,000 years. An unlife driven by the gears of a killing machine that won't quit. Inner Struggle Both of them struggle internally, whether with the fel energies inside them or with the innate desire to cause suffering and destruction. Both of them are tormented whether by Shadowy Tormentors from the shadowlands, or the temptation of demons. It's true, they're different. Demon Hunters chose to be what they are. Nobody forced them. There's a sense of agency. Rather than a curse -for the demon hunter it is a willing self sacrifice to protect all they hold dear. Kor'vas asked Illidan what made them different from what they were fighting against. And Illidan said that it was that "The Legion will stop and nothing to destroy our world." and Kor'vas understood that " We...will sacrifice EVERYTHING to save it." Demon Hunters have a tremendous sense of purpose. Talking to any of the NPCs you always get the sense that they're made of zeal and follow a cult of personality around Illidan Stormrage. I don't know that Death Knights have nearly as much motivation -but seeing as they will always be drawn to another battlefield one can be sure they'd cross paths. Death Knights come from a wide range of races, on both sides of the Horde/Alliance divide. Demon Hunters are only elves. So this might make relating to one another difficult, especially if one's whole life, and unlife hitherto are just a moment in the life of an Elf. Still, there are Elven Death Knights. If two such Elves or any two Demon Hunters and Death Knights were to meet, how do you think they would they view each other? And how likely would they be to see each other as upon similar paths?Kakotychía5 Feb 3
Feb 3 So it begs the question. Does anyone wear... Armorkinis? Now, I know there are folks who go out to find the transmogs for this -but I was wondering, does anyone here wear this on their characters while RPing? What sort of characters are they, and why did put them on?ía8 Feb 3
Feb 3 Crazy idea? Last night I came across someone who RP'd having ate the head of a faceless one mistaking it as a squid that had washed ashore when they were stranded. Now there character has voices in her head and their left had was really a tiny tendril only useful for grabbing things. Now I don't know much about old gods. Especially what eating one might do to the body but what do you all think?Hnífeyra6 Feb 3