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Aug 28 [Legion Prequel Story] A Tale of Two Dragons Sathonys shifted quietly as the first rays of morning poured on through the window of his cabin. He still felt his beloved priestess draped over his body. Every time he saw A'lysea Forestsong, it was enchanting. His eyes drifted reluctantly away from her as he carefully set her back down on the bed. Last night had been the best night of his life, he had proposed to the priestess at long last, and they'd have their wedding by the Sunwell itself. In fact, that was their current course. Neither of the two lovebirds could wait. Mathias Holt passed by the captain, enslaved imp in tow. The old Lordaeronian man was a warlock of noteworthy skill, and had bound even greater demons to his sway. But still, he deferred to his captain, knowing that as powerful as he was, he couldn't read a nautical map to save his life. That, and the captain had always done right by him. Lowick Swiftfizzle was the ship's medical officer, and for a gnome with the greed of a goblin, he did his job loyally, and admirably. And Olnus Firegrip, the supply officer and repairman of the ship, had just come out of Lowick's office belching every step of the way. "Oh, woo! Tha' was a fun one, tha' drink!" Olnus announced gleefully. Leon Hammond rose from his bed on the floor, huffing and quietly complaining about having to wake up. But soon, the lazy worgen was on the cannons and making sure they were all up to snuff. Then there was their last crew member, Sydney Reid. The woman had an eye for good targets, and could often be found up in the rat's nest, keeping an eye out for the latest prize. And then Sathonys' glee dropped like a rock on the wind. "I see an incursion portal! It's over Silvermoon! What're those fel-lickers doin' over there?!" Sydney shouted down to their captain, dressed in a petticoat and naval attire. On his hip, a pair of scabbards rested, the last gift to him from his father. "Change of plans everyone, we're savin' those Bleeders!" Sathonys announced, his tone brooking no argument. His crew erupted in a boisterous aye. They figured the Blood Elves would owe them something for their heroics, if they rushed in to be heroes. But Sathonys was more worried about one particular building.Gïddis1 Aug 28
Aug 28 Troll Warlock RP Tmog Thoughts Hey guys. Just wanted some feedback on my RP-inspired mog (which is why I posted this here instead of the general tmog forum). I tried to go for a simple trollish/tribal mog. My troll is a shady character who works as an alchemist in the Cleft of Shadows specializing in poisons. He uses green Fel flames in combat, which he views as the ultimate kind of poison. I think the snakes on the armor signify his chosen profession well, and the overall light green/purple color of the set goes well with the green flames/shadow magic that warlocks use. Any feedback would be appreciated :)Kahjo1 Aug 28
Aug 28 Implement a /roll or d20 It would be cool to implement the /roll or some sort of digital d20 for the forums. You could play a story out with a good "dungeon master" and it wouldn't be a free for all. I know Classic rp is fun but I just think it would be cool to actually get a game going with chance, REAL suspense. Battle the odds of the "DM's". I don't know if this is a dumb idea, I'm fairly new to RP. It looks really fun and interesting but I play a lot of DnD and it would be great to bring those elements into the forums.Hawku4 Aug 28
Aug 28 Question about boomkins/druids Hello, I have a few questions about druids/boomkins. I dont rp but i always like to have a justification about how in the universe my character grew up to be similar to me, a backstory of sort. Like i really am not a big fun of this overly friendly druid coven or some of its rules, could i be a druid that is relaxed but not really a big fan of other druids possibly because of the time they spend worshiping some god, and also really focused into the moonkin form and learning about it rather than trying out the rest of the forms etc. So the questions: 1)Do all druids have to worship some god? From what i understood you get the powers from attuning yourself with nature and nature doesnt really have much to do with some gods, at least a direct clear corelation. And since it seems both tauren and night elves worship the same thing but with a different name it really makes the whole god thing sound silly. 2)What is the lore of elune? I know there have been many theories around but since chronicles arrived many of them went off the window. What exactly do we know about Eluna that is canon or that earth god mother? 3)How exactly are you able to use the nature as your power? "Attune yourself to the nature" isnt really specific, are the times where the power might not work? And can you research and test it to learn more ways to use it? 4)How do druids use their powers in areas where the nature is dead/corrupted aka in places like outland? 5)It is said that you arent supposed to stay in the form for long because you are gonna go feral, but what about more intelligent species like the wildkin who really arent as feral? Have there been any characters that are able to stay in their form for really long periods of time without going feral?Ralphë14 Aug 28
Aug 28 Questions on Portal Magic Portals play a big role in the Warcraft universe yet have so little lore about them. My particular inquiry regards to potential side effects on hastily/erroneously on casting one however. How is a portal created exactly. Are incantations involved or is it more of picturing and focusing in on the place you wish to portal to? Are incantations involved? What would a fail/unstable portal do? Embed you inside rock once you cross into the other side? Loss of limb? What's the difference between portal magic and teleportation, is one harder than the other?Erenne2 Aug 28
Aug 28 Ethereal Danger [IC Closed] Kalithos had just finished packing 3 fairly lengthy books into his satchel as he gave a smile and nod to the record keeper "Thank you again,I'll bring these back just as quickly as I brought back the last batch of books." The record keeper returned the smile and a nod to the good doctor and replied "Of course doctor,it's the least I can do,you've been a big help when my family fell ill so take all the time you need with those books." He made his way back towards the road leading to the clinic deep in though as he couldn't help but wonder For someone to go as far as to frame poor Flint for murder,he must've stumbled onto something big involving these discs..if The Cartel's involved,chances are they'll probably be gunning for me next at this rate I'll have the inside of his airship memorized.. He decided just to be safe to take an alternate route as he made his way back to his home bringing out a light blue crystal punching it into an inconspicuous etching causing a secret door to reveal itself. "I got to admit beefing up the clinic's security was a wise suggestion,now I can decipher these discs before the wrong people get wind of this artifact...Now what mysteries do you hold?" The door closed and vanished behind him as Kalithos set the books onto the desk reading it tentatively. "Well this is interesting,the engravings look similar to the text Ethereals use,such tech really is a rare find. Old friend, I promise to decipher these discs code and find what these discs hide,study it and see it's safe and sound in a museum where all can learn a bit more about Ethereal lore." He adjusted his glasses carefully and could swear he heard a knock on the main door. "Who could that be? Nightfall isn't too far away..."Kalithos453 Aug 28
Aug 28 Blood elf DH and WOTLK? I'll admit that my knowledge of blood elves is not fantastic, but I have spent the last days getting more in-depth with their lore. I am wondering about the timeline for DH, though. Did the Demon Hunter travel to the portland to Outland for the rituals/trainings before the invasion of the scourge, or was it after? Did they witness the slaughter of their kin, or did they just now return and discover what happened to their lands? I know they experienced the second war, jut not so certain about the next.Christel4 Aug 28
Aug 28 New to rp on non-rp server Hello everyone! I'm Vixy and I'm new to the forums so if I'm posting this in the wrong area I'm really sorry but I read the rules and everything and it seems I'm in the right place. I was really wanting to try and get into the roleplaying scene however all of my characters are on a non roleplay server and I don't have the money to transfer them nor do I want to leave my friends behind on a different server however I know alot of roleplaying aren't even on RP servers so what would be the best way to try and get into roleplaying? (I'm on the Graymane/Tanaris server) Thank you so much for any help!Siinon6 Aug 28
Aug 27 [video] BBV- Legion Trailer The Bronzebeard Vanguard is a Dwarf only guild located on the Emerald Dream server recruiting for Legion. Join today... ya wee numpty! - A million thanks to The Bard for doing the audio for the video! You rock! <3 VapoVapö0 Aug 27
Aug 27 Dark Iron Dwarf lore? So I'm wanting to make this mage into an actual character, but to do that I need to know more about the Dark Iron Dwarves (in particular the ones that raised Ragnaros). Are there any sources that are available for this? So far I'm reading: Aug 27
Aug 27 Shadows of Blood (fan-fic) Just a backstory that I am writing for my character, Renielor. Thought I might as well share it with you all. Part 1: A Jealous Heart The musty forest air intertwined with the sweetness of spring, giving rise to an unusual scent. Ren felt the air stretching his sternum as he gulped down a deep breath, his gaze focused intently upon his prey. Before him stood a deer, the buck no more than a hundred paces away as it gnawed lazily on a thicket of grass. Spears of light pierced the canopy above, illuminating its plush hazel fur. He’d somehow managed to sneak up on the beast without alerting it to his presence, a miracle in of its own, and now all he needed to do was strike the killing blow. This was it, this was his moment of glory. No longer would he be ridiculed. No longer would he swim in the murky depths of shame. Today he would prove himself a true Ulamaris. Slowly the air was released from his lungs, he drew the bowstring taught as he took aim. Ren steadied himself, before releasing his grip on the string. The bow snapped back into shape and propelled the arrow through the air. Thwack! The arrow embedded itself into a tree…a full arms-length above the deer’s head. This spooked the beast, the buck disappearing into the thick undergrowth in what seemed like an instant. “Damn it Ren!” He cursed himself for failing once again, his heart sinking to the pit of his stomach. “They would be soo...disappointed.” He wallowed for a moment, yet his self-flagellation was shattered by the sound of movement in the distance. Hastily, Ren concealed himself amongst the brush, his light armour of emerald green helping to obscure his form amidst the lush forest floor. He eagerly awaited the new prey that was stumbling across his path, he would not fail again. However, what wandered into his vision was no deer, instead a hulking humanoid lumbered into view. The creature had skin the sickly hue of moss and crimson hair. It was a forest troll, of this he had no doubt. The troll carried a crude heavy axe in one hand, though wore little armour. Ren froze, he had never faced a troll before, but he knew them to be formidable foe. What could he do? What should he do? Questions and thoughts swam through his head in a blur when suddenly a breath, hot and heavy, brushed against the back of his neck like a rotten breeze. “What be dis den?” Ren felt the blood freeze in his veins, yet somehow he managed to leap away from the creature. As he recovered he saw a second troll standing right where he was moments ago. This one carried a sheathed sword and had hair as pale as snow. Both of the trollkin towered over him, with hulking muscular forms and bestial visages. Ren felt himself tremble and before he had even arrived at a conscious decision he was running. The thick undergrowth that once acted as his ally, now worked to hamper his escape. Branches tore at his limbs as he passed, like skeletal hands. Behind, the crashing of the troll’s pursuit reverberated throughout the forest. They were getting closer, seemingly unperturbed by the dense undergrowth. He felt panic rising and tasted the acid sting of bile as the sounds closed in, second by second. Then a thought ignited in his mind like a powerful spark. Visions of his childhood, of his parents, rung in his skull. He remembered the warmth, the compassion, the affection…and he remembered those responsible for taking them away from him and his sister. Trollkin. Ren slid to a halt, tearing an arrow free from its quiver as he did so. The two trolls soon arrived, coming to a stop in turn. To be Continued...Renielor3 Aug 27
Aug 26 How to RP a Troll Warlock? So, I've been working on a Troll Warlock, and have been wanting to RP with him. The idea I got for him, so far, is that he receives whispers from Loa that tell him to gather souls in exchange for power. Is that possible, or am I goofing up as a Troll Warlock?Barazdor1 Aug 26
Aug 26 [RP] - About Draith... Backstory Posted... (Parts 1 & 2) More to come later... Enjoy Aug 26
Aug 26 An odd idea for a Pandaren Monk - yay or nay? Hi all, first time posting in the forums. This is just a little plotbunny that's been bugging me for days in regards to using it as a concept, and I thought I'd put it out here for you guys to give the yay or nay to as to whether it actually could work or not. Essentially a Pandaren Monk is inspired either by the tales of the Sha or seeing them in action, if they are a Pandaren Monk. Believing that by if they can master using their own energy in the way the Sha do, they can achieve greater power and mastery over themselves. I'm quite aware this would probably result in an evil character, but in theory would it be possible for a Monk to do this, to use their chi to emulate the Sha in essence?Xiechi13 Aug 26
Aug 26 How does magic works in Warcraft? Is this a correct interpretation of how magic works in the Warcraft universe? There only exist two forms of magic, arcane and divine. Arcane magic comes from the manipulation of the arcane energy know as mana, originated in the Twister Nether dimension. Arcane magic is used by mages, warlocks and necromancers. Divine magic comes from the faith of their users. It's not like divine magic is granted to the spellcasters by gods, rather, the faith of the users in certain principles and philosophies is so strong that they can bend reality with their own willpower. The faith in the philosophy of the light grants the priest and paladins their light powers. The belief in the equilibrium of nature and respect for it grants the druids and shamans their nature powers. Because Divine is reallient on its users willpower wich is always limited, the Divine can never be stronger than the Arcane wich only requires great amounts of energy and the knowledge to use it. However arcane magic is also corrupting, addictive and can even attract the denizens of the Twisted Nether (demons), wich is why, even when weaker, divine magic users prefer their pure and simple magic. Warriors, rogues and monks don't really use magic or spells, they merely use the power of their own bodies or the energies that naturally reside within them (Chi). I taked most of this from a Warcraft pen and paper role-playing manual, is it correct? wrong? It was correct but now it has been retconned? Is there a better explanation or interpretation?Vincentiu94 Aug 26
Aug 26 WET Community Lounge #60 Welcome to the World's End Tavern Community Lounge! For the last lounge thread, see here: For the thread archive see here: Much randomness takes place here, so please take most as tongue 'n cheek, but foremost, be respectful to all.Shadowmyste500 Aug 26
Aug 26 Dalaran Coffee Cafe! (Open Tavern RP) So, how about a nice cozy tavern RP? And to top it off, the reopening of Dalaran's new coffee shop? It's roughly 6 in the morning, the sky has turned a baby-blue and pinkish-orange hue signifying the fast approaching sunrise. Today is a special day however. Today everyone's favorite little tavern in Dalaran is experiencing a rebirth. For any weary traveler who was in Dalaran, they would be greeted by the warm fragrance of coffee beans fresh from the pot. A fancy yet cozy sign hung next to both doors to the tavern: "Welcome~ Rise and shine to the scent of morning" The windows and building itself appeared fresh and as new as the day it was first made, wonderfully clean and polished. Within was the familiar set of tables, the bookshelves and potted plants, the private table in the back, and of course the bar stand and the stairs to the bedrooms. But there was also so much change! In the middle of the room stood a lovely coffee table between two soft red sofas with plump cushions. The bar stand itself was clearly a coffee stand now. Though they still had the wine and alcohol they originally had, it was clear their new product was primarily coffee, tea and the like. The familiar bartender held a smile on his face with teeth that seemed to sparkle like pearls. "Ah, welcome, friend! Would you care for something to drink?" he asked the first person to come in as his eyes burned with pride and joy. He almost looked like a new man, but that was probably because of his fantastic mood today. (Feel free to side-RP as the bartender in interaction with your toon for convenience. He's merely an NPC as far as I'm concerned, so treat him as such. lastly, I put up this thread because not only do I think it's a great idea, I feel bad for the dude who's other tavern RP kinda got ignored. I hope this brings in people. If not, I understand; the Legion hype is still strong. Nevertheless, respect one other and have fun!)Silvanni79 Aug 26
Aug 26 How to Roleplay a Vanhelsing-esque Character I tend to play characters that I feel relate to shows or films I'm interested in (Hence my Rogue named Arya). With Legion coming out I feel like a demon/monster/werewolf etc hunter similar to the character VanHelsing or people from the show Penny Dreadful, would be very interesting and fun. But I am not sure which class is most like VanHelsing. (I'm not concerned about race). So between Hunter, Demon Hunter, Rogue, and Death Knight, which one fits the bill of a monster hunter most similar to VanHelsing. I personally was thinking male blood elf MM hunter because Sylvanas is warchief and her dark rangers feel the closest.Aryå2 Aug 26
Aug 26 I'd like some feedback on my first backstory? Hello all, I made a post a few days ago and was encouraged by the responses and go ahead and give RPing a shot. So I did write a backstory for the character I'll be playing, but I wanted to make sure it was alright. I'm also unsure how much of it to actually include in the profiles. Please bear in mind this is my first time ever writing such a thing, and I'm very very new to this! I also want to point out that this all starts after the third war. This is basically starting at the very start of WoTLK, and I've taken into account the pre-patch event in my backstory. According to what I read, by this time the Night Elf were part of the Alliance, had traveled to EK, and what not. This was also the second plague to hit Azeroth, not the first one (the first one would have been before NE knew of the alliance/EK/etc.). If this is unacceptable, please let me know. If this story just doesn't work, please let me know what I can change to fix it. Shylynn is going to be a a young night elf hunter. The village in the story has been cut off from the world for many years, missing the full events of Wrath, Cata, MoP and Wod. They holed themselves off at the start of Wrath. Shylynn will discover everything she has missed, her journey may be about figuring out her past, and learning that the actions of her village were not normal - perhaps they were up to something. Haven't decided on that, and though I'd leave it up to her journey. ---- Shylynn belonged to an old village hidden in Azshara. She was not born there, but it had became her home. She remembered the night she was brought to the village, but nothing before that time. She was found wandering the soaked forest in a thunderstorm, her skin slick with rain and blood, a large wound on her arm. She had no sense of direction and a boy had watched her from a distance, aimlessly walking in circles, growing paler by the minute until she finally collapsed. The boy collected her and on swift feet, brought her to his village. She was nursed back to health by their healers, those days remain a haze in her memory as she battled a raging fever. She was eventually healed, welcomed as one of their own. She has a permanent scar running from her elbow to her shoulder, which she still does not know how she got. Over the years she had been trained by the Healers, despite her deep longing for adventure, and never feeling it was what she was meant to be doing. She never voiced her objection to the role she was placed in, knowing that the village had a great need for skilled Healers and it was her duty to repay them for saving her that night. But some nights, while her village slept, she would sneak into the armory to borrow a bow and quiver and slip into the forest until the hour just before dawn. The boy, now her friend, was always with her. They'd noticed, for a long time, that changes were happening to their home. Scouts brought word of Horde appearing in the area for some time, and that they had started to build their own settlements by the coast. Her village remained hidden; in large part due to the powerful elders maintaining a simple illusion cast over the village that shielded them from outsiders. They weren't always so secluded. Just a few short years ago, they were allowed to leave their village and gather herbs, fish, and other materials. They traveled to the great city of Stormwind. Alliances with the city, and the Alliance itself, were newly formed but they had much to offer each other. Their herbs and fish were highly sought after, some only found in Azshara, and were easily traded for the things that they lacked. They weren't hiding from the world as it would seem so now. The scouts would take leave for weeks or months at a time, traveling to the Eastern Kingdoms. One day, they started bringing back word of animals acting strange. Smelling foul. The meat seemed rotten, even from a fresh kill. They noticed the humans that sometimes traded with them were also acting strange. They too started to smell, and act violent. There are stories from this time about many of their scouts going missing, later found mauled to death, only the bites did not appear to be from animals. Their bodies were always gone when the scouts sent aid in recovering them, to bring them home for a proper burial. --- Cont. belowLlyn9 Aug 26
Aug 25 Rp addons? Fist off hi and how ya doing? Now that's out of the way I have been trying to look into rp addons, I already use GHI and TRP3 (at least until Extended comes out). But what abut tongues? One guild member said it was a must to be able to rp the troll accent and another says it blows and is completely wrong? Should I or shouldn't I use Tongues?Zuajzibin2 Aug 25
Aug 25 Vault of the Dead (Closed rp signups) The two knights dragged their prisoner through the lower chambers of the Ebon hold. They brought him before the stone block deep in the bowls of the floating fortress. His hands were bound tightly as he looked up at his executioner. A grin over came his lips as he looked up at her. "Tell me sister." The chained death knight began. "Before you carry out my sentence tell me what you know of a death knight formerly known as Krazon Doombringer?" He asked ominously, that same grin upon his lips. Her mere look told him what a thousand words would fail to do. she knew very little, but enough. "Yes Lord Krazon has returned from the dead. This time not a single one of you traitors will survive!" He growled, spitting his word both figuratively and literally at the knight before him. His eyes returned to the sword that lay across her lap as she watched his last words. Sandi's eyes flared bright white for a moment, the only hint of anger coursing through her. She stood slowly, looking over the bound human death knight before her.While many had been freed he was one who had been trapped under the dominance of the scourge. the Lich King's death causing him to go rogue. "So I've heard." She said raising the blade. Seconds later the metallic scream of sarontie on saronite echoed through the execution chamber, followed by the dull thud of a head hitting the floor. In her anger she kicked the lifeless corpse for good measure and turned to spit a command at the acolyte. "Burn the worthless piece of trash so that this death is the final one. "Melt the armor back to bricks." She said looking her blade over before returning it to its sheathe. She then stepped out of the chamber and headed back to the central command chamber of the floating necropolis. On arrival she saluted the occupant and began her report. "Sir the execution has been performed as ordered. You should be receiving a report from the recorder soon," A moment of hesitation crossed her still beautiful face. it was resolved after a moment of thought. the last few executions that I've performed have all had one thing in common. A name was mentioned. One that I have only heard of in what I can only assume to be stories of legend. That of 'Krazon Doombringer.'" She watched him for any sign of what was going through his mind at that point. Seeing none, she continued. "The last one said that this Doombringer was back from the dead and planning to destroy us traitors." She said with a frown. The commander sighed. "Krazon was a knight of great power. he was trouble for us until he finally was slain. He lead the scourge forces that massacred the population of Quel'Thalas while Arthas continued on to the Sunwell. He was finally slain in icecrown by the Ashen Verdict. We lost six knights in the fight and the Crusade lost just as many paladins. Despite the cost the Doombringer was slain and his body was sealed away." A frown came across his sunken features. "I want you to investigate this for any truth to these claims." He said looking over some papers on his desk. Sandi saluted and bowed to the death knight. "if there is nothing else Sir, I shall begin the investigation at once. Do you have any recommendations of where to start?" She inquired. The knight commander nodded. "Yes travel to Icecrown. At the foot of the citadel is the vault of the dead. After the death of the Lich King we put the bodies and souls of the most powerful servants of the scourge in that tomb. Go there and make sure Krazon is still dead. Be warned knight, the vault is no place for the living. Take whoever you need with you, dismissed." He said. She wallked out of the chamber, a frown crossing her face once more. She placed her helmet upon her head and slid the shield back from her face the moment she could. she quickly made her way to another chamber. inside was a night elf with long silver hair. "Del, gear up. We're going to track down one of our kind that remained scourge." Delilyah looked at the blood elf, her face showing a mix of emotions. "I'll be ready in two hours. Should we contact your friends?" Sandi shook her head. "I can't ask the living to enter a place where even the dead fear to tread."Lynarax465 Aug 25
Aug 25 Original Techniques: Inspirations This thread I thought could be made for people to discuss original techiques for characters in roleplay, that is things such asreworked in game abilities, moves not covered by in game but a part of your fighting style, and so on. In addition I thought people could note ideas for insperation for others in that regard. I imagine this will mostly benefit monks, but I can see Mages, Rogues, Warriors and other benefitting. So, to give an example, I've looked to anime recently. Now despite playing a monk O would strongly be opposed to pulling stuff on the level of Dragon Ball Z. The technique has to make sense within Warcraft itself. To continue, I looked to anime, specifically One Piece... as there is actually a series of martial arts techniques in it that could be adapted into monk techniques (or even techniques for others with sufficient training) known as the Six Powers (there are seven, but anime) Those that could be applied to Warcraft techniques and how are... Iron Body: In the setting the user clenches their muscles hard enough that their body becomes like iron, increasing defence at the cost of movement. Use Chi or plenty of physical training as an extra factor and you could easily play a charactee with transmoged armor that looks lesser with justification. Finger Pistol: Same concept applied to a finger, making the finger jtself like a bullet. An easy method of crafting some more lethality in a fighting style, or perhaps using it with a push of chi for Touch of Death. Paper Art: A stance where a person lets their body flow limply like paper to dodge attacks, coming out of it to strike. Great for that dodging Brewmaster. Tempest Kick: A focused kick that sends out a sharp blade of a shockwave, like a sword slash. Probably a more advanced technique to manifest as a monk, even using chi. Six King Gun: Next to Tempest probably one of the more anime examples. The user gets close to the opponent, posjtions themself and sends out a powerful point blank shockwave into the foe. Even in the show it was used, this was very much a final, forbidden technique. And those are just some examples some of which I am considering for Xiekei's own fighting style. As well as reimaginings like Effuse simply bejng her using Chi to speed up her natural healing process, instead of it beinf a windwalker using healing mists.Xiechi0 Aug 25
Aug 25 Varian the Forsaken I was working on a fanfic from a prompt for Sylvanas raising Varian, and of course I had to illustrate it. Just sharing it here since I think it came out rather well. Aug 25
Aug 25 A Compendium of Metals (RP Resource) ((I would like to preface this by saying that this is an original post and was created by Goldenblood/Yatanokogami, and is just a translation of what I was able to find in lore and from my own research about the different metals, and this is in no way a guide you must strictly abide by. As always, feedback and IC responses are extremely welcome!)) In all my years of Adventuring, smithing, and wandering the worlds, the magnificence of metals in Azeroth, Outland and Draenor never cease to amaze me, and I hope the information I have gathered here in this small compendium will help those who are in need of the knowledge. -Ashton Ironblood Azerothian, Outlandish and Draenor Metals. Azerothian Metals Pre-Cataclysm, or “Second Sundering” Copper: An extremely common metal used on all continents for its high conductivity of electricity and heat, it is not an extremely strong metal, and is a poor material for weaponry and armor, but this only saves to make it cheaper and more widespread for Engineers, it is considered one of the first metals to be discovered. Tin: Often used for creating the alloy Bronze in combination with Copper, Tin nonetheless plays a heavy hand in the training of beginner smiths, black or silver, and is required for the creation of Pewter. Due to how often they were used together, and the creation of Bronze, Tin and Copper are often considered the “Brother and Sister” of metals. Pewter: An extremely malleable alloy that is comprised almost entirely of tin, with copper, antimony or bismuth added to increase its hardness. Pewter is commonly used for eating utensils and plates, and has deep historical significance to the dwarves of the Wetlands, as the Wetlands produce nearly all of the pewter used by the Ironforge Crafting Guilds, and is used in the Ironblood Thane’s Crown and Signet Ring. Brass: an alloy of copper and zinc, Brass is well-known for its acoustic properties and its ability to cause loud reverberations across long distances, which is why it is commonly used for musical instruments. However, with the recent uncovering of Pandaria and the Mantid’s use of vibrational and harmonic technology, the usefulness of Brass as an engineering and weaponry component is coming back into question. Bronze: An alloy composed of Copper and other metals (Almost always tin), Bronze is a staple in the history of Azeroth’s younger, Titanic races. While its strength is less than properly forged Iron, it is more pliable, and its use was extremely widespread hundreds of years ago by the human tribes before their coalition together under the Stromic Banner. Its usefulness has been phased out to the weaponry and armor of “lesser races”, such as gnolls and murlocs, but it will forever hold a place of cultural significance to those who remember days before the Troll Wars. Silver: Considered by many to be a mostly-ornamental metal, used to display wealth and symbolizing longevity. Silver can nonetheless be mixed with certain key metals to enhance its innate magically-sensitive nature, as well as being used as currency accepted nearly everywhere (Even goblins accept silver, begrudgingly). Iron: The staple metal of Azeroth, it comes in many extreme forms and qualities and quantities. Mined and consumed in massive quantities every day, this metal found its first major usage by the Titans, who created Iron and Steel constructs, temples and Golems at the apex of their work upon Azeroth. This metal, when properly forged, is strong and stable, and has been the point of interest in many epic sagas, poems, and dwarven liturgies. Not all Iron is created equal, and comes in forms ranging from borderline useless, such as in the Badlands, to the stuff of legends, such as in Dun Morogh. Steel: An alloy of Iron and Carbon, Steel has found its most major usage in its usefulness in weaponry and armor, being the “Tried and True” metal of warfare, it is just as varied in terms of its strength and quality as Iron is, but the quality is more dependent upon the correct smelting of the alloy rather than where it comes from (But Ancestor’s help you if you have to fight someone who has a Warhammer made of Iron from Dun Morogh and Smelted in the Great Forge). Gold: “The King’s Metal”, famed everywhere for its commercial value in making things pretty and half-handedly known for its usefulness in transmutation. As for its usefulness, if someone compares an item to “A sword of gold”, that means it’s completely and totally useless. Don’t use Gold for weapons and armor, just don’t. Mithril: “The magician’s metal”, Mithril is revered by craftsman of all trades for its extremely magical properties and light weight. While it is not as easy to work with, and is slightly less brittle than steel or steel-substitutes, those who have the time and patience to work with this beautiful metal are rewarded with works of art that can double as efficient and magical tools.Goldenblood18 Aug 25
Aug 25 Is it weird for roleplaying? Well met. My monk was given the Tabard of the Lightbringer by Uther himself during her assault on Icecrown Citadel. Given that the tabard uses the Silver Hand symbol which is the Paladin restored class order hall in Legion, is it weird that a Monk uses it? I mean lorewise and from a roleplaying point of view, can't a Monk wield the Light (in her tabard when the active is up) just a little bit when fighting her foes? Thanks y'allRhaeya15 Aug 25
Aug 25 Classes you want to try because of Legion So I've always loved the class system of WoW. Always seemed like a form of self-expression. At least for me. I've always picked my classes based on how they appealed to me ideologically and aesthetically. It saddened me when class quests got removed or there was no reason to go to your trainer anymore. It seemed like, paladin or no, the quests I was doing could be done by anyone. I mean bad guys need to be stopped for sure, but certainly there was something a paladin or druid had to do that only THEY could. Nice to know Blizzard was reading my mind. :) So with all of these new organizations, there bases, and being given a position of command. I've actually taken interest in classes I never looked twice at before. Monk, Paladin, Shaman/Druid was my order of favorite classes. Now though I want to see what the deal is with the storyline for warriors and priests maybe more! What about you guys? Is there any classes that Legion's new features make you want to play that you never considered rolling before or didn't play as much of?Weiyu4 Aug 25
Aug 25 Drawthread? Drawthread Draw your character, post 'em down here. I'll post mine tomorrow once it's finished. Just, be prepared for what you'll see.Akemitis20 Aug 25
Aug 24 Priest Spec change help Hello all, I dont role-play a ton, but i like to really "get into character" if you will. I talk to people and friends in the server like one that isnt role-playing, but where my character is concerned, I definitely like to have a back story and rich reasons as to why I do things, etc. My issue right now is that I switch between shadow priest and holy because i like to damage, and i like to heal. Im a bit new to some of the Warcraft lore and I wanted to know how other people handled switching those specs. My druid/mage is easy since they have the same base line. With my SP I seek the void, the power, the whispers of the old gods... but for holy it's the opposite in nature and i dont know how I could be able to flip flop like that. If anyone has suggestions I would appreciate that. I hope this is the right forum for this.Eyesinsideme2 Aug 24
Aug 24 RP: Mortal Affections In the storming of the city, in that swirling chaos, Ashmyr died and lived again. Her black curls rustled as she regained her footing. They thought her dead, but now she stared at her family with eyes of blue, hungry light. In life she had been beautiful; a lovely little girl with a lovely little laugh. Always smiling. Fenmyr’s wife screamed as that smile became something else, something that could never belong to his daughter. Halonia clutched their infant son closer to her breast as Fenmyr came between them, sword and axe in either hand. Ashmyr was six. It seemed more of a terrible dream than a memory. It stirred in him a melancholy that went beyond simple feeling. Sometimes, he used the grief and the blame he carried to ignite a dark and primal anger. Lord Illidan and the other instructors taught him how and where to direct such passion and pain. They had given him the gift of focus. But in the haze of raging slaughter, when his lips would twist ruefully from ear to ear, he remembered his daughter’s unnatural grin. In her last moments she had become someone else. Grief had led him down a similar path. Once, he had been a father and a husband; a high elf and then a blood elf; a man of compassion and dignity. Now? He did not know what he was now. Perhaps a demon wearing the skin of his former self. From atop a white tower crowned with elvish statues, Fenmyr watched the half-shambled city moving in lethargy below. Still, even now as the world buckled beneath demon ships and gaping portals, many sin’dorei went on with their day-to-day. They cared nothing for the battles being fought in distant lands. There was no other world but the one bathed in eternal spring. They moved through the markets, blissful in their ignorance, unchallenged by primordial forces that could at any moment knock on their door. It was sickening to watch a proud city fester with narcissism. Yet here Fenmyr was. Azeroth was besieged. Portals belched demons into Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms and here Fenmyr was. He had already spent weeks helping to defend invasion points all over the world. He was there fighting to hold the rear gates of Orgrimmar from the fel tides that besieged it. In the Barrens he saved a tauren boy from the torture of imps. On the sloping dunes of Tanaris, when the heavens spewed fel flames, Fenmyr avenged a goblin for the loss of his children. On the golden hills of Westfall he had carried a pregnant woman to safety as the demons tore apart heroes from the Horde and the Alliance. And yet here he was. A spring breeze wrapped about him like the arms of his dead wife. It was intoxicating being here again. After years in Outland, after years in the Vault, being back home did not feel real. His flaming, emerald eye sockets dimmed behind his blindfold and for a passing moment he forgot about the embattled planet. The shivran demon heart he swallowed long ago sprung up in his deepest, innermost thoughts. He had carried the heart inside him all these years; a wad of muscle that pulsed in his belly and deluded his thoughts. She had Halonia’s voice, sweetly soft like Eversong larks, and with it she said: Stay here, my darling. Lay down your burdens and rest with me…. His sightless eyes saw her floating before him, ghostly and transparent, as he remained perfectly balanced on the tower’s crest. Her hair was golden like the eternal sun and her elfin ears were decorated with glittering green gemstones. Somewhere inside he knew that was not his wife, that it was the shivarra playing games with him as she does. Even still he wanted it to be true. He stared into her eyes with a lump in his throat, reminded of his daughter who closely shared her mother’s features. “The war has just begun,” he answered, his words twisting away on the high breeze. He reached with his tattooed hand to caress her ghostly face. “There is no time for respite.” Halonia’s face saddened and her eyes glistened wetly. Then … what are you doing here? Why did you come back? Despite all of his efforts to defend Azeroth, despite all that he knew was at stake, despite the most important war in his long lifetime and despite even himself, Fenmyr had returned for one reason.Fenmyr2 Aug 24
Aug 24 Things Roleplayers Hate TOPIC CLOSED!!! Refer to: Hey, guys! While I work on my next video, I feel like it would behoove me to do a little bit of research into some Do's and Don't for the roleplaying community. What sort of things do you guys hate that other roleplayers do? I'll be taking the top 10 comments from this post and two others that I've posted on the Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord forums. If you can provide short anecdotes as well, that would be very helpful! If you want to watch my previous videos on the topic of Roleplaying, here's the playlist. Feel free to give any constructive criticism you have and leave a like and comment, if you feel so inclined. Thanks!Staverlyn23 Aug 24
Aug 24 Demon Hunter Character Introductions Since we all have these shiny new demon hunters, I thought it would be a good idea to maybe have a thread showcasing our character histories/bios. You can even post who you belong to if you want. I'll post my own in a minute. Format if you want one, otherwise just write your own. No rules here other than demon hunter or demon hunter-like/related characters only please :D Any length history. Owner: Name: Race: Demon: Age: Description: History:Tinkahra10 Aug 24
Aug 24 Forsaken Physical Strength Just how physically powerful can a Forsaken be? Presumably they can't gain muscle mass, but say they were already bodybuilder-tier in life. How much of that would carry over into undeath, and would they be able to maintain it in any way?Vraeldan5 Aug 24
Aug 24 Super Strength in Lore? Arcane Is it a thing? I need sources people, credible sources. I know we see that the enchantment book in Dalaran mentions the ability to augment people, but can it make them stronger? What about rune magic? We see runes in game that increase strength, but is that credible? I got into an argument with some people. I was asking how would one obtain super strength through the school of arcane and their advice was "You don't." Help me out. Can arcane be used to make you physically stronger. I need lore examples.Alexañdrìa4 Aug 24
Aug 24 Which is better? Orc or Tauren I would really like to make a Horde character, and two races seemed to stick out the most: Tauren and Orc. They both seem great for the type of character I want, but I can't choose! I would appreciate it if you give me what you think I should roll, with your reasons why. Lore doesn't really affect my choice here, just noting.Ëdwârds18 Aug 24
Aug 24 Zoom In Bug Hi guys again, so I have something to say. When I logged in to play my death knight, I zoom in, I zoom out, or at least I thought. I realize I could zoom out and I was very confused. I have ElvUI installed btw. Anyways, I went to my camera setting and mouse wheel was only got zoom in, not zoom out. So I changed to to zoom out and fixed my problem. I just wanted to know if this happened to anyone while using an addon. Like is this a addon bug or an ElvUI bug? You tell me.Arrudek1 Aug 24
Aug 24 Phasing issues Anyone else noticing that the phasing hasn't quite been fixed for RP realms? I mean Blizz did say they would fix it yeah? Dunno, can be a bit disturbing when RPing in Stormwind and suddenly half the players disappear to be replaced by new ones.Anufenrir0 Aug 24
Aug 24 Little Demons War had all but shattered the armies of Stormwind. The vile Orcs raped and pillaged their way through the remnants of the Kingdom of Azeroth without abandon. Lordaeron and its allies stood as the only line of defense against the tide of green skins sweeping over the eastern kingdoms like a murderous wave. That war could not have been farther away for the Quel'Dorei of Eversong. A token force of rangers had volunteered to take part, but so far as the High Elves were concerned, the conflict did not involve them. The Eversong Woods were still a peaceful place, with nothing save for the occasional Troll raid causing any kind of trouble. It was here that Corytheran was spirited off to. The boy was small for his age. His ears were short and tapered in sharp points, but otherwise human. His features were solid and angular, though they lacked the perfection of the Quel'Dorei. His eyes were spaced too far apart, his jawline was too broad, and his nose was shaped oddly. An ugly child by the elves' standards, though among the realms of men he might have seemed an adorable creature. Barely nine years old and every bit the energetic child, Cory skipped along down the path his father had indicated. His father had spoken of the war and all the hell it had wrought, though the raw details were saved for the sake of the boy's innocence. His father had said mother would join them soon enough. Cory missed her, as any young child might miss his mother. The sharp-eared people had always looked upon him in disgust, but his mother and her family had assured him they were only being rude. Mother loved him, as did father. Why did other people matter? With a pleasant smile, the youth mumbled a quiet tune and breathed in the fresh air. He had never been to Eversong before -- it was so alive! "Pa," the boy beamed up at his father, "How far away are we now?"Annathurin15 Aug 24
Aug 24 Kingdoms Will Burn (IC Closed) Chale sighed as she looked out over the ocean. The angry sea threatened to swallow the very vessel they were on. She had ensured that people she trusted were on this ship. The threat they faced on the broken shore was beyond anything they had faced before. The Broken shore was a foothold for an ancient foe. The Burning Legion had returned to their world. She looked ahead of her. On the horizon was their destination. That isn't what impressed her. The fury of the Felstorm before them made her blood run cold. She could feel its power from here. It was not a simple portal. It was a gateway to another world, the Legion's world. "By the Light... How can we possible stand against something like that." She said to herself. She turned to see several of the soldiers gathered near her watching in awe at the chaos before them. She took a deep breath. "Soldiers of the Alliance! Our King has since been on this Island! Are we going to stand by while the Legion ravages our world? I say we make our King proud and send these demons back to the twisting nether! FOR AZEROTH!" She shouted. "FOR AZEROTH" The soldiers yelled in response. Soon the ship came up to the shore and planks were extended. Chale followed the soldiers onto the beach. Genn Graymane, Jaina and many of their soldiers and magi were already fighting tooth and nail against the demons. Three Fel Lords stood before three strange pillars, each had six fel guards and a dozen fel hounds. Jaina looked back at the reinforcements. "Reinforcements from the third fleet have arrived. It's now or never Genn!" She shouted over the noise of the battle." Genn grinned as he tore into a fel guard. "Alright Alliance there's only one way off this beach and its through that line of demons!" He shouted as the alliance forces began to move forward. "Those crystals seem to be anchoring the structures to our dimension. I bet if we destroy them the structures will crumble!" Jaina said. Chale took the hint and as the demons were distracted with the soldiers she began to target the crystals.Lynara1 Aug 24
Aug 23 Weapons and RP, what do you do? I've been curious about what people like to do when designing or choosing a weapon for their characters. Do you make it a unique weapon or is it just a sword/axe/mace? Is it significant to how your character fights? (other than being their weapon?) Is the weapon part of their backstory? What do you look for in an RP weapon? Just post about your weapons and any significance they have or don't have here! I'll start, Valethri uses twin mithril spell blades that have ornate engravings. Arcane energy dances along the intricate patterns. They are incredibly sharp as well because she rigorously maintains them. She uses spell blades because she studied magic before joining the illidari and remained a skilled mage after becoming a demon hunter (though she's not the best at close combat among demon hunters). I wanted her weapon to be something unique to her and the spellblades fit her background. The blades themselves are not especially significant to her personally, but she is accustomed to them now and takes care of them to avoid having to adjust to the weight and feeling of new swords. She had them made after she lost her last pair of khorium alloy ones when the wardens imprisoned her.Valethri14 Aug 23
Aug 23 Wish-Maker Island (Open RP) Two large vessels, one of the Horde and one of the Alliance, sailed into a sudden and most unexpected storm at sea. The sky cracked with electricity, the waves bashed against the ship like the hands of giants upon a toy, the wind howled and thrashed mercilessly. Everything goes black... Each survivor wakes up under the light of the morning sun, to find themselves shipwrecked on a small but beautiful tropical island. The captain is dead, the island itself is not marked on any map, and no one seems to live here. No one remembers exactly how they blacked out or actually witnessing the ships' destruction and sinking. But despite all that, the sand is soft, the trees are green and full of various delicious fruit, the weather and air is refreshing, the water upon the shore and the little rivers that flow through the island are as clear as crystal and the sunrise upon the ocean horizon is breathtaking. At the center of the little isle is a volcano, likely rich in minerals and precious stones. To top it off, the survivors will soon realize how special the island is, as they discover it is the fabled Wish-Maker Island. A place filled with great magic that grants its refugees with almost all they desire. Sadly, the island is cut off from the rest of Azeroth, meaning radio and other forms of communications will not work here. You will have the choice to either build a means to return to civilization, or enjoy what the little island has to offer. Make your choice wisely and be careful what you wish for... RP Rules - As your host and DM (Dungeon Master), I will intervene and act out the will of the island as its own character. It will seem weird, but as the story progresses, the mystery and secrets of the island will be revealed in due time. I promise. - This is an Open Faction RP; Horde, Alliance and other factions are welcome to join! - Certain devices, types of magic, and spells might be ineffective on the island. I will reveal it as we go. Just keep that in mind. - Not everything you wish for will be granted! As DM, I will discern what wishes are granted or not and respond in italics accordingly. - Each of you will individually be given the choice who you will work together with or not. Meaning if you choose, regarding faction, if your Alliance character gets along with someone's Horde character and vise versa. - You are allowed to hate each other ICly in the RP, but please be respectful to each other OOCly outside the RP. - If you have questions or wish to submit a character profile, please ask or submit within the OOC thread for this RP. - Most importantly, have fun!Silvanni306 Aug 23
Aug 23 The Blades of Hunger As the Imp in front of him died from the extensive experiment (which amounted more to torture than anything), Wolvigar shouted in anger. "That's the fifth demon to die during this! I need something more sturdy than Imps and Succubi. Aaric!" He called out to the teenage assistant a few feet away. "Yes, Professor Darkfang?" Aaric asked, walking forward. "Awaken the Felguard." Wolvigar ordered, pointing to a magical stasis chamber nearby holding a rather large demon. "Are you... sure, Professor? That could be very dangerous." "Do it! Do not question me!" Wolvigar barked towards Aaric. Backing up, Aaric turned around as Wolvigar walked towards the chamber. With a push of a few buttons and the removal of a safety seal, the Felguard fell forward, onto the ground. "Where am I..." It said to itself, shaking it's head slowly. Wolvigar kneed it in the neck, causing it to roll backwards. "I didn't give you permission to speak, foul creature." Wolvigar explains. "Aaric, leave us." Nodding, the boy left, as the demon began to stand up. "You dare act as though you are my superior, dog!?" The felguard shouted. As the Felguard stood up, Wolvigar had finished re-enchanting two swords. They were grey, and had two hilts - One attached to the blade itself, and one attached to the end of a chain connected to the bottom of the first hilt. "You'd best shut your filthy mouth, demon, or I will seal it shut." Angered, the Felguard rushed Wolvigar, which Wolvigar countered by headbutting the demon back. It stumbled backwards, and Wolvigar leaped towards it, slamming his elbow into it's upper chest and knocking it down. He jumped on top of the demon and threw the blades to the side, beginning to claw at it's face repeatedly. The demon yelled in pain, before Wolvigar stood up and kicked the Felguard while it was down, rolling it over onto it's back. Dissatisfied with the demon's refusal to submit, Wolvigar knelt down in front of the Felguard's side, and deathgripped a dagger off a table nearby. With a quick move of his hand, Wolvigar brought the dagger down onto the Felguard's lower spine, digging it into it's back. The demon screamed and attempted to roll over, but found it could no longer move it's legs. "What have you done to me!?" It yelled. "Oh, nothing too serious. I've simply paralyzed you from the waist down... it's better this way, I assure you." Wolvigar explained as he rolled the demon onto it's back as it's blood pooled beneath it, flowing from the wound in it's back. "What are you trying to do, you psychotic sack of fur and bones!?" Grinning as he stood up, Wolvigar deathgripped the two blades into a single hand. With his free hand, he grabbed the Felguard by it's throat and lifted it into the air. Wolvigar pinned the demon against the wall and cast a chaining spell to keep it there. Walking back, Wolvigar turned to face the demon trapped on the opposite side of the room. He threw one of the blades into his free hand, and let go of the first hilts and caught the second hilt attached to the chain, gripping them tightly. The blades glowed, and the demon's face turned from that of confusion and anger to that of fear. Thrusting his arms outward to the left and right of him, the blades themselves hung from the chains. Wolvigar narrowed his eyes and smirked as he swung both of them towards the Felguard. They cut into the wall, knocking chunks out of it, and wrapped around the demon's torso. "No, no, wait! Wait, I beg of you!" The Felguard shouted. Staying silent, Wolvigar pulled outward quickly, causing the blades to cut the demon in half at the waist. It screamed as the life faded from it's eyes, and it's soul was released from it's body. The blades glowed gradually going from top to bottom as the demon's soul was absorbed by the weapons. Grinning in victory, Wolvigar placed the blades on a table nearby. "Aaric!" He called, "Come in here and clean up this mess." The boy walked into the room as Wolvigar exited. He had created himself the perfect weapons for the coming war. He was prepared, now.Wolvigar1 Aug 23
Aug 23 RP Question:Demon Hunter I was wondering if consuming the heart of a shivarra would be too far of a stretch? There seems to be little information on the shivarra as it is. I've been wondering if it would be plausible for a sin'dorei trainee to take one down? I've seen people who RP'd eating the heart of a doomguard, but should I avoid using a shivarra? I'm not sure what type of demons are viable when it come to the summoning circle.Yahoo13 Aug 23
Aug 23 Warlocks & their Pets I've been debating on creating a new character that's a sin'dorei warlock. I really wanted to know as to how warlocks see their pets. Do they see them as just slaves? Servants? Or some kind of pets, like hunter companions? Keep in mind, I'm a bit new to blood elf lore, and overall warcraft lore in general. However I have picked up a couple books, plus I've been reading /a lot/ about kaldorei and sin'dorei lore, and how they came to be how they are today. But I still have a few questions in the regards to sin'dorei warlocks. Is it possible for warlocks to gain, say, an attachment to their summoned pet? I sort of wanted my warlock to be fond of felhunters, and treat them like hunting dogs in a way haha. I'd also like to ask for clarification if it's unlawful to have summoned pets out in cities, like Silvermoon and Orgrimmar? Thanks :')Llynux12 Aug 23
Aug 23 [Legion Prequel Story] Ashes and Cinder Kaleidrion glared over the ashen plains of the Searing Gorge. Yes, the black drake was intelligent, very much aware of its surroundings. And the saddle upon his spine bothered him none, nor did the rider. Perhaps, Kaleidrion mused not for the first time, it was only due to his current master that Wrathion hadn't added him to the genocidal death march. Or perhaps, Kaleidrion continued pondering, Wrathion was still a child, and could not properly track those dragons who had willingly taken knee to mortals. Kaleidrion's nostrils were assailed by a wretched scent: burnt innocence, the madness of a tormented soul, the rot of the dead preserved in ash and fire. It was why he called his master "Ashen One." Kaleidrion turned to his master, standing monstrously tall at just under eight feet tall. Especially large, even among the worgen. She was silent, as she was wont to be in grim tasks. Darkness attracted darkness, power begat power. Merely a year ago, she had been among the living. And angered a particularly vengeful knight of the Ebon Blade. The man had not been content to simply kill her, no, better to make her know true pain, to suffer eternally as one of the immortal undead. His chosen punishment had worked well, but the thirst for power that dwelt deep in her heart... that was not nearly so easy to quench. She had reformed, to some extent, but she still sought power, still sought influence, still sought mastery. "Kenas Synn, the Red Wolf..." He muttered in Draconic. He admired her drive. Even if some of her beautiful malice had burnt out because of her transformation, she would never stop seeking dominion. And as she clambered atop her draconic companion, she stowed yet another body in the saddlebags attached to the dragon. She was mustering an army. And he was beaming with delight at the thought of those monsters unleashed. Her cruelty may have died, reduced to ashes and cinder, but ambition? That was an ember that no force in any world could kill. And he looked forward to the day when its full glory was rekindled. "We're not far from Dun Morough, mistress, and I can see the portals from here." He hissed gleefully. "Then we go. And we kill. And we win." She said with a steel resolve.Gïddis1 Aug 23
Aug 23 [Concept] World of Warcraft: Infinity 8.x Note: This is a draft concept for a new expansion, so things may be missing or out of place. Although I think it would be awesome, it may not work into Blizzard's grand design. Nevertheless, enjoy! Name: World of Warcraft: Infinity Premise: ... Features: - Level cap increased to 120 - New main hub - the Caverns of Time, for both Alliance and Horde players. This will act similar to - Dalaran. - New Timewalking dungeons, such as Stormstout Brewery from Mists, and Skyreach from Warlords. - Timewalking Raids, from Classic's Molten Core to Warlord's Highmaul. - For you PvP enthusiasts, a number of new battlegrounds and arenas. Pre-Purchase Bonuses: - Level 110 character boost. - Lil' Murozond battle pet. - Infinite Time Steed (Alliance) and Infinite Time Wolf (Horde) mounts. Patch Order: The expansion takes place across a few different worlds as you chase down Murozond and his Infinite Dragonflight. You will encounter both new and familiar faces, as well as new allies and old enemies. Patch 8.0.x: Shadow of the Void - Takes place on an alternate Draenor where the Draenei never arrived and the Orcs reign across the world. - All is not right as Ner'zhul has become empowered by the shadowy void, and plots to use an army of undead orcs and void-born monsters to take over the world. - Adventurers must team up with Gul'dan, who in this world is a shamanistic hero of the people, and a main opponent against Ner'zhul. - Players must unite the other races against Ner'zhul, including the Arakkoa and the Ogres. - Farahlon FINALLY makes an appearance! Patch 8.1: The Unsundered World - Takes place on an alternate Azeroth where the Great Sundering never happened, and the Mogu have conquered almost all of the world, with their capital centered on the Well of Eternity. - Players must organise what few races remain to make a final assault on the Mogu. You'll visit the Zandalari Trolls, the Arathorian Alliance, and the remnants of the Earthen. - The Mogu influence is vast. Barely a few spots on Azeroth remain untouched. - Lei Shen will make an appearance, and he is more powerful than he was in the original timeline! Patch 8.2: Rise of the Draenei - Takes place on an alternate Argus where Sargeras' plan has mostly failed. Neither Velen nor Kil'jaeden have turned, but Archimonde has still become a follower of the Dark Titan. - See the world of Argus in all its beauty, before the Legion gained a hold over it. - Team up with Velen and Kil'jaeden to drive off the demons of the Burning Legion, and their stupidly-loyal followers, the traitorous Sargerai. - Archimonde may not be the big-bad boss of this patch! Patch 8.3: Infinity's End - Back on the MU Azeroth, Murozond has returned and makes preparations for his ultimate plan. - Characters from the three alternate realities reappear to help the Alliance and the Horde in their fight against the Infinite Dragonflight. - Chromie has disappeared. - Wrathion plots to reconstitute the Dragon Aspects. - Nozdormu makes a return, which could have dire consequences for the future! Leveling Zones (not complete) Patch 8.0.x: - Warsong Jungle - Terrokar Forest - Frostfire Mountains - Farahlon Sanctuary - Shadowmoon Wastes Patch 8.1: - Zandalari Refuge - Arathorian Underground - Ruins of the Earthen - Kingdom of the Mogu Patch 8.2: - City of Mac'Aree - Forest of Voluundira - Kaarinos Mountains - Sargerai Stronghold Patch 8.3: - unknown (didn't get this far in my concept yet) Dungeons/Raids/BGs (not complete) Dungeons - Gorgrond Desert - Shadowmoon Caverns - Botani Refuge - Ruins of Azj'Aqir - Old Zul'Farrak (a separate instance from the current Zul'Farrak, which will still be open) - The Shadow Isle (the Wandering Isle but with a twisted, dead look to it) - Siege of Ulduar (like a mini-version of SoO but dungeon-like...if that makes sense) - Karrinos Heights - Tombs of Mac'Aree - Temple of the Naaru - The Arcatraz (a separate instance from the current Arcatraz, which will still be open) Raids - Shadowmoon Fortress (final boss: Ner'Zhul) for Patch 8.0.x - Throne of Eternity (final boss: Lei Shen) for Patch 8.1 - Sanctum of Sargeras (final boss: Thal'kiel) for Patch 8.2 - The infinite Breach (final boss: Murozond) for Patch 8.3Felinius14 Aug 23
Aug 23 Cosplay Rules? And do you cosplay? Would it be against the rules to literally change my characters name to Jaelyne, then wear her exact outfit? If so what would be the consequence? I mean she isn't that important to begin with, and it specifically states that that rule only implies to "Important Lore Characters". Anyways, who else cosplays here, and what do you cosplay using the magic of the transmog?Mahthildis8 Aug 23
Aug 23 Short Story: Birth of a Warlock Pt. 1 So this is just a little short story I wrote about how I think a warlock might turn to becoming one, assuming they'd had no previous experience with Demonic energy or the Fel. Anyways, lets begin shall we? "No, no, no. You're weaving it all wrong Remos, I don't know how many times I have to tell you, but you can't expect to unlock an Arcane rune with that simple of a pattern. Start over, and use the tricks I showed you." That was Master Arcos, scolding me AGAIN for not understanding this level of magic. He'd been teaching me and my sister for about six months after my family shipped us off to Dalaran to become mages. My sister Rose had shown quite the aptitude for this sort of thing, I however, did not. While she flourished in our master's wealth of knowledge, I drowned in it. I can't say I'm really surprised, she always was more interested in studying, I never really could get around to studying or that sort of thing, I was just too interested in blowing things up with fire magic. "Aaah! Very good Rose! You unlocked the rune on the first try! Now why don't you go help your brother, he seems to be struggling as usual." Arcos was clearly trying to avoid hurting my feelings, I dont' know why he tried so hard, in Dalaran you either make it, or you don't. Arcos had told me more than once that I had great potential, I just needed to unlock it. Personally, I think he's just hoping that Rose will rub off on me. "Remos, you're having trouble with the patterns again aren't you?" Rose asked with concern, "You know, I'd be more than happy to tutor you after class, I don't mind, we're family after all." "I told you once Rose, I don't need your help, I can do it myself." I replied. Now I know what you're gonna say, why am I so rude? Well the answer is because I know that only by doing it myself will it stick. I can't have anybody else do it for me, if I do that, I'll never become powerful. "Alright but don't say I didn't try when Master asks." Rose stated firmly. "Don't worry I won't. When have I ever snitched on you? You know the deal, I don't snitch on you, you don't snitch on me." I snapped. "Remember? There's that thing I wanted to check out down in the forest, tonight. You promised you'd come along and help." "Don't worry I didn't forget, it'll be nice to get out of this city for once." Rose replied in hushed tones, most likely not wanting Arcos to know we were going to sneak out tonight. See last night we saw a falling star, and I swear it fell right into Crystalsong Forest. I wanna go check it out, maybe it's got gold or some other cool thing! Even if it isn't I'm sure one of the more powerful Mages might be interested in it's origin, easy money if you ask me. ******Later that Evening****** The hum of the spell Rose had cast was beginning to get annoying. "Rose how long until we reach the bottom? I asked. "Just a little longer, Dalaran is far above the ground, you didn't think we'd just JUMP down did you?" Rose explained, "Besides don't you love the breeze? It's nice to get that fresh air, Dalaran's so packed that its never fresh by the time it gets to us." "Yea yea, OH OH THERE IT IS ROSE!" I stated, "SEE I TOLD YOU I KNEW IT LANDED IN CRYSTALSONG! I TOLD YOU!" "Alright but lets be careful, we don't want to get in trouble with Master, he'd be furious if he found out we snuck out past curfew and got hurt." Rose warned. As we approached the crater, I could sense something... 'off' about the thing we'd found. "Rose do you sense that?" I asked. "No what is it?" Rose replied, "Not undead right?" "No it's, something else." I said, "Probably nothing, if you can't sense it then I must be imagining things." As we approached something even stranger happened. I heard a voice, not loud, but just loud enough to understand what it said, "Remossss" The voice was dark, but it held power, so much of it. Somehow I'd been able to tell almost instantly that it was not from our world. "Rose. I think, maybe we should keep this hidden from Master, just for a little while." I said. I didn't want to get in trouble, but more importantly, I wanted to figure out what was going on with this thing. If we got in trouble it wasn't a big deal, an hour as a pig or horse or whatever really wasn't that bad, so long as the butchers and stable masters didn't find you while you were in that form. "Alright, but if we get caught, I had nothing to do with this, okay Remos?" Rose asked. "Yea sure, no snitch." I said.Wikmeister0 Aug 23
Aug 22 How is Horde RP? To my understanding of the lore, isn't the Horde quite a split faction? There's constant tension and disgust among the rest of the Horde when it comes to the Undead and the Blood Elves. I've noticed this attitude towards these two races especially among the Orcs. Sylvanas is constantly criticized for her ways and raises a lot of suspicion over whether or not she's acting "for the Horde" or "for her own agenda (Lich Queen?)". Meanwhile the Blood Elves are looked upon as "too weak and pretty" to be a part of the Horde. I guess my question is how do these races get along in RP (if at all)?Wintersoulja4 Aug 22
Aug 22 RP/RPPVP Realm questions So ok the closest I been to RPing was on tabletop D&D so im kinda new to the RP experience and was wondering which server happend to be more noob friendly and inviting to people like me. Also if a person plans to RP and be involved in an Rp server do they need to make a name thats more realistic or can they just use any generic catchy name thats not really even a name? Also im looking to make my first character horde then try out alliance. So does anyone know where I need to go or can point me down the right path?Nazzara3 Aug 22
Aug 22 Becoming a Master Monk? Little monk RP question here but I'm wondering how long it would take a non-Pandaren monk to attain the Master status/rank, is it even possible? I ask because in the Peak of Serenity and the incrental monk quests a monk goes through, you can see and encounter multiple master monks who are non-Pandaren.Erenne11 Aug 22