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Nov 10, 2013 You are a Dungeon Boss What would your character's encounter be like? What would they do? How would they react to the players? What nasty tricks would they have prepared? What would they *say*? How would their backstory factor in? All things to keep in mind. I've done this before, I'm doing it again, because I love the sort of things that come out of this, even if the topics don't always become wildly successful. One trick to keep in mind, folks: As much as you can, remember to make the fight one for your character, not your character's class. Not always easy or possible, but it's something to make you think. What makes your character different from any other run-of-the-mill <insert-class-here>? Chip Blastfused Chip's kept all his old gear from his old Booty Bay Bruiser position and uses it to his full advantage. As a result of the magic of the arena in which he hides, his unstable mind has been rendered manifest in the world around him. His paranoia now serves to work both for him, and against him. Abilities Mace to Face: Deals damage & Disorients his current target, leading to a temporary loss of aggro. Shield Bash: Deals damage, stuns target briefly and knocks him a short distance. Removes all aggro on the target. Kneecapped: Immobilizes current target, followed up with Leap of Terror Leap of Terror: Leaps away from his current location, dealing a large amount of damage where he lands and fearing any affected targets (small cast time with an indicator where he will land), and begins shooting at random targets with his gun. Gun has light knockback. He will resume melee attacks once he is attacked in melee. Electric Net: Immobilizes target(s), deals nature damage over time Steamwheedle Hit Squad: Periodically, Steamwheedle assassins will appear above the arena and begin to fire on the players with rockets (fatal damage, with an indicator at the target zone). During the Worgen phase, the snipers become targetable; one attack will knock them down and into the pack of worgen (who will then attack them as well) MY GOLD!: Periodic ability. Chip's gold begins flying out of his pockets of its own accord... and into the party! The impact of the coins deals minor damage, and Chip drops all current aggro, instead focusing on random players, leaping on them to beat them with his mace for reduced damage. Targetted player gets a debuff: "Thief!" Debuff text: "Chip thinks you stole his gold!" Chip randomly jumps to different targets, and must take a certain amount of damage to pry him from the accused and back to his senses (so to speak). Not You Again!: Periodic ability. A random player takes on the appearance of Chip Blastfused's greatest enemy, the Gobapocalypse (who happens to look like a certain Worgen the players will have seen elsewhere in the instance). Becoming enraged, Chip charges the player, knocking them against a wall, and pinning them there, dealing periodic damage as he crushes them with his shield; Chip must take enough damage to return him to his senses. Phase 2: Crazy Dogs! A periodic event. The gates around the perimeter of the arena, unleashing a swarm of feral Worgen upon the party and Chip. Cynophobic: So long as there is at least one feral Worgen left in the arena, Chip takes greatly reduced damage from players and the Worgen, and will ignore the players to kill the ferals; Chip is able to kill each Worgen in one blow. Conquered Fear: Each Worgen Chip kills increases his damage and attack speed; the buff stacks indefinitely and lasts throughout the encounter. Once all Worgen are killed, phase 1 resumes.Blastfused36 Nov 10, 2013
Nov 10, 2013 RPing Savagekin? I was just curious how people felt about this, both in general and my idea in particular. I have a druid that I plan on starting to turn savagekin. Not entirely, not yet. For now, she can't even tell it's happening. My idea is that she has spent a LOT of time in Ashenvale, fighting to remove the orcs from the forest. She's a druid who fights primarily in her feline form, spending days upon days as a night saber, away from the villages, only coming back every so often to report. After months and months of this, the Sentinels started to worry about her, noticing she was becoming more aggressive and distant. They advised she take a break from the cause and go back to the human cities to adjust back into society. She thought they were being ridiculous and that she was fine, but they refused to let her back on the field. Finally she caved and went back to Stormwind, but she still spends a lot of time in her forms, either as a nighsaber when she's in the forests of Elwynn or a raven when in the city. She THINKS she's getting better, since she's in the city, but she's still very attached to her animal forms, and it's hard for her to stay as an elf for too long before she starts feeling very uncomfortable. Now, I'm not going to make her randomly go feral and attack people randomly. She'd be more cautious, less trusting, more defensive, etc. Again, not to the point of attack. She'd have a few small animalistic traits, such as preferring to be perched up high where she can see everything around her. No, she wouldn't go around purring at people and asking for pets, or randomly "grooming" herself by licking her hand and rubbing it on her face. The traits would be VERY subtle. No one would probably notice it. It would just slightly alter her normal personality. Anyways, I'm just curious what other people's opinions are on savagekin and if anyone else has tried something similar to this. I've yet to see a proper savagekin, so I'm not sure if it's an "accepted" thing or it's like dargons where everyone hates it and I'm just not aware of it.Ellaana8 Nov 10, 2013
Nov 10, 2013 Guild Role Play, Looking for Critique [RP] (( Hello World's End Tavern! Short background story, I knew little of role playing outside of an old game called Paranoia (Neighbor had this game and I absolutely loved it, it was a traditional RP game with character sheets and dice and what not). I enjoy writing and I have/had a decent imagination before years of guerrilla warfare attacks, which I carried out, on my braincells in my early twenties. Although I am far from what you would call well cultured and I think it shows in my role play, I spent my early adulthood swinging a hammer instead of cracking books and am only now going back to school. *Skillswap mutters to himself* "move along skill, move along." Anyways, I have enjoyed mainly the old player versus player aspect of World of Warcraft, and until a few weeks ago, had always played on a strictly player versus player server. Which brings me to why we are here today, I have transferred to a "role play player versus player" server, Emerald Dream, which by the way is an amazing server for role play AND player versus player action! I ended up getting a few friends to transfer with me and a few more who plan on joining us soon, but we had come to a crossroads; to role play or not to role play (as a guild, personally some are and some aren't). I decided to try and write something up. *ominous drum-roll* So as the title says I'm looking for some critique on my beginner role play, and you can bet your butt I am fishing for some compliments too! )) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fade In Guild Role Play Table of Contents - Page 1 - Chapter 1 - Arrival ---Post #2 - Arrival - part 1 ---Post #3 - Arrival - part 2 ---Post #4 - Arrival - part 3 ---Post #5 - Arrival - part 4 - Page 4 - Chapter 2 - Served With Dishonor ---Post #6 - Served With Dishonor - part 1 ---Post #7 - Served With Dishonor - part 2 ---Post #8 - Served With Dishonor - part 3 ---Post #9 - Served With Dishonor - part 4Skillswap11 Nov 10, 2013
Nov 10, 2013 The true Scourge. The Horde is a scourge. Goblins and orcs make me want to vomit every time I pass over Ashenvale or Azshara. This blight upon Azeroth cannot even begin to be explained away out of necessity. Resorts torn from sundered landscapes, and puddles of desecrated ground abounding across what was once majestic forests. These places will never regrow to their former brilliance. While the forsaken understandably pursue their very nature, one cannot help but imagine, it is the goblins and orcs who, possessing a choice, choose to desecrate our lands, leaving the impression the "true scourge." at least to my mind. This problem cannot be quantified by assessment of merely orcs and goblins however. Much like a virus, this cultural anomaly has infected the other members of the Horde with it's ideals. I offer you the overheard words of a Tauren named Senani Thunderheart regarding Ashenvale. "Look around you, appreciate what you see. Much has changed since I first stepped foot into this forest. Wonderful and unexpected changes..." To think such words could be used to describe the present state of Ashenvale. The Horde is a blight on Azeroth. A disease which requires expulsion from our lands. Mere contemplation of the matter disgusts me. ((Both in and ooc. Not that I do much rp these days. Still makes me sick though. The desired effect I imagine. Without hurt there can be no war. One day perhaps we will be allowed to see once again the cultural lands of the night elves returned to a state which we can see and enjoy. Some of these aspects which made us fall in love with the culture to begin with are now pathetically absent form Azeroth. I do miss them so.))Amehyo4 Nov 10, 2013
Nov 10, 2013 Question about Chi So, if I understand the way monks work ((which i may not)) their abilities use chi. Chi is manifestation of their inner power, allowing them to cast lightning or do amazing kicks and such. Now, we have chi brew which means they have found a physical way to boost that chi as well and give you an upper hand. Now many mages and warlocks choose to get arcane (or fel) tatoos of symboles or runes, or whatever to help channel and bolster thier powers. Would the same idea exist for monks. If they were to take whatever the physical manifestation in chi brew is, and find some sort of way to focus that power (( say run tattoos along their veins since chakra or chi flows through there)) would that work? Or am i completely off base? This of course, is all RP wise.Minglina0 Nov 10, 2013
Nov 9, 2013 Haunted House-open rp The servants were whispering, just out of her hearing range. They moved with scurrying steps through places they usually tread with measured and dignified paces. Vivi rubbed her temples and heaved a sigh. There had to be a source of the disturbance, somewhere in the huge mansion. There was a distant clatter and a terrified squeal from the area of the kitchen. Vivi rose from her chair in the den and opened the door. "What is going on?" she demanded of the wide eyed maid running past her. "Ghosts!! It's in the kitchen, cook fled out the back door. I am leaving! Find other servants!" and she flew through the house and out the front entryway, leaving the door to swing on creaking hinges. That was the last of her loyal servants, they had all fled in the last few days. "What is in the kit...never mind I will look for myself." irritated by the desertion of her last servants, Vivi scowled before calling forth her voidwalker. "Time to investigate, Kordron. Whatever it is we must excise it or I will not know peace." The hollow echo of the voidwalker returned, "As you wish." as it drifted forth from the Nether. They proceeded to the kitchen and Viv looked around at the mess. The soup kettle was still bubbling on the stove. But the reek coming from it was not the gourmet treat she had come to expect from her chef. "Seek out any intruders, hold them for my inspection." she directed the voidwalker. It moved swiftly through the kitchen and swept through the pantry and the dining room. It disappeared a short time later. Vivi frowned as she felt the essence of the Void return to the Nether. "What the fel? Kordron? Where have you gone?" she moved swiftly towards the dining area. Only a bit of intuition slowed her steps. The hair on her scalp tingled and she stopped. Something was not the mansion of a warlock not much escaped the wrath of a voidwalker. Perhaps she would seek some help. Retracing her steps to the kitchen she came upon a curious scene. Bits of paper littered the floor, leaving a trail leading to the Grand Ballroom. Vivi stopped and bent to pick up the paper. It smelled sweet, and felt sticky. "What non sense is this?" she mumbled and cast her spell to call an imp. The tiny green creature protested at being called. "Dis place is haunted!!" it screeched as it tried to flee back to the Nether. Vivi grabbed the imp by its ear and held on, twisted the creature around to face her. "I will need help, and I see I will have to open the mansion to outsiders. Hold still while I draft a notice to put up on the community board. Then we will have to go about and secure my experiments so they cannot be compromised." her hand releasing the imp as it stood next to her and waited. For once the tiny imp did not stray far, but hid in her shadow while she scrawled a notice. ----------------------------------------------- Open to all to join in. The notice simply reads, "Help wanted to discover and detain intruders who have invaded my mansion. Details available upon request. Reward offered to those who can rid me of these pests." Signed by Vivieka Blacktalon Nov 9, 2013
Nov 9, 2013 Shaman Question I should know but don't... Now I haven't been well versed in the ways of lore for a while (as I haven't gone back in depth in the past of WoW, too much too remember) Shouldn't draenei who are shamans be Broken? I remember knowing that the shaman trainer in the Exodar is a Broken, but didn't the Draenei also learn shamanism from the orcs back in Draenor? Sorry I'm confused here >_< Also how was I able to use my abilities against Garrosh if he "defiled the elements" from miles across, I HIGHLY doubt Deedaru here is as strong as Thrall <_<Deedaru8 Nov 9, 2013
Nov 9, 2013 Priests allowed to freely use Shadowform? Is it lore appropriate for a Shadow Priest to be walking around Stormwind or Orgrimmar in Shadow form? I know Warlocks can't freely walk around with a demon out because the guards and citizens would flip out. Would Shadowform get the same reaction or is it no big deal to be rocking the shadow in a city?Plutonar2 Nov 9, 2013
Nov 9, 2013 Does the new trailer give you drive? Because it sure as hell gave me some drive in my character's story! It's kinda cool knowing what's going to happen, without it actually happening in the world yet when it comes to story telling. My character– by the end of his time in Pandaria– will have made a name for himself, but not necessarily be a well known soldier, but I feel like the whole story in Draenor is exactly what my honor-driven character needs for his story. Anyone else love it from an rp perspective?Jaemeson10 Nov 9, 2013
Nov 9, 2013 Stories from the Lorewalker;The Weeping Troll Love is a painful thing. All people strive to feel it, for when one is needed, they are complete. Well all feel empty when it is gone, and hollow when it leaves. What happens when the broken hearted strive to survive? They often disappear, never to be named. Some end up becoming legends, others, horrors. A select few take the place of both. The Weeping Troll is a wanderer, whether he is a spirit, or a monster, or even a she, only a few know. All we know is that he cries constantly, always in a low, growling voice, it is obviously a mournful song. A song of loss. Along with his cries, are often the sounds of children, growing everyday, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, sometimes screaming, but the children are, without a doubt, alive. If you wander the world, keep your ears open. If you hear the cries of the weeping troll, do not approach. He is a thing of instinct, protecting his offspring with all his power, and he always makes his mark. If you get too close, you will not know it, until an arrow pierces your heart, or head. If you are lost, in need, or saddened, and hear the song, sit with your back to a wall, or tree, or rock. Close your eyes, and cover your head. The Weeping Troll does not want anyone to feel his pain. He will help you. One should never hunt the troll, for he cannot be found, because he never wants to be. One should never look at the troll, for he wishes not to be seen, because he is his own worst memory. One should never help the troll, for he needs to help others, because he is lost himself. Simply pray for the crier, for he that's all that can be done.Zhunzhu0 Nov 9, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 ignore this Posted in the wrong forum :3Jaemeson0 Nov 8, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 Writing Prompt: To the Brink. Your character has been waiting for this moment for a long time. The time that they would face down their ultimate enemy, their "arch nemesis." It's a harsh, brutal battle.. but in the end, you do not win. What is the fight like? How does it begin, how does it end? Do they go in knowing that there's no escape from death's cold embrace, or do they try to deny it? What are their dying thoughts? Of family? Of lost potential? Silent acceptance of their fate, despite losing against their most hated foe? What are their regrets? Who, or what will they miss, as they lay bleeding and broken, left for dead?Thinariel2 Nov 8, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 Respect is earned not given. So, now that I've had enough time to... cool off after a rather unpleasant encounter, I figured it would be best to discuss the nature of respect in RP, and as a sidenote: not creating two dimensional power fantasies. For the sake of privacy, no one's name will be mentioned. Now, quite recently I was in the Slaughtered Lamb, in Stormwind. For those who don't know, the Slaughtered Lamb is one of those "seedy" bars, it has a Warlock coven in the basement who secretly own it, and there were quests in vanilla where you helped a few Nobles who were digging too deep into it "disappear". I go there quite frequently on my Lock, because it's fun and I like the slight "conspiracy" feel to it (part of the reason I play my Lock as subtle, the "mystique" and "secret society" feel of most RPs with 'em is quite fun). When I went to the slaughtered lamb this time, however, something different happened. I had encountered two characters that claimed their "House" had bought out the lamb, and now it was -there- property. They treated Jarel Moor, the NPC that actually ran the inn as a manslave, and claimed they reserved the right to throw anyone out of the new "<House Name> Inn" because they were nobility, could get away with it, and they "owned" the property (despite lore telling us it's independently owned by Warlocks). I decided to let that slide, after all I could probably just ignore it ICly while I waited for my friend. ...and then they started to "share stories". Merciful lord, it was perhaps the most offensive experience I've ever been through. One of them, the female, was discussing how she got in this one "!@#$ing bar brawl once", where the prize was, "the winner could %^-* me as hard as they wanted", she described in -detail- beating the tar out of a man, then literally choking a priestess to near death when she tried to heal him. This prompted a smirk from the male, where he made his character "snarky" by... basically describing how two dimensional and stereotypical he is: "Oh, I'm just a standard sociopathic sadist who doesn't !@#$ing give a %^-* about what others thinks, but harbors secretly loyalty to his friends and kills any mother !@#$er who tries to get in his way. You know, standard hero material." (I'm not over exaggerating, yes he pretty much said this nearly word for word) Since my character is naturally pretty sarcastic, and she was a Warlock in a -Warlock Tavern-, surrounded by witnesses, and it was mid-day... she decided to poke fun at the rather blatant two dimensional power fantasy of the two. "Yes yes, 'ragh ragh, me smash, me sex, me the baddest most coolest person here!'" She chuckled, and asked what else they did just because "mommy told me not too". I was soon surprised by the viciousness of their response. "Look candy %^-*..." the woman began: "We don't !@#$ing do %^-* because we're !@#$ing looking for anyone's %^-*ing respect. We do it because it's !@#$ing -fun-, we %^-*ing -get off on it-. Right now, you aren't giving me any !@#$ing reason not to %^-*ing blast a bullet in your !@#$, god damn %^-*!." Raising an eyebrow at the rather crude insult, I shrugged it off again. "Congratulations, you have a dictionary knowledge of swearing. I'm sure you are -quite- well respected." At this point, they decided that they don't have to fear any consequences, because they're "Nobility, and they don't give a @#$%" and so the female, who was a -seven foot tall Draenei-, literally charged my character with swords drawn, intending to kill them. It was in the middle of the day. In public. With witnesses abound. The emote was about five paragraphs long, and went into detail about how she would "attempt" to charge across the room, stab my character at every weak point, throw her down, continue to stab, while screaming explicatives. The way they set up this long emote, was basically designed to say "Yeah, no. Everything you do my character will be there attacking you. Also I said you're unarmed, so you're unarmed." Considering a seven foot tall space-goat charging me from one end of the room is so noticeable you might as well have put spotlights on her... I just had my character sidestep. I was told half an hour ago to wait for the male's response. But any series of emotes that take half an hour to write, and would most likely end up like the woman's aren't worth waiting for. Especially while I'm attacked in the meantime. I had my character wave their hands and say, essentially, "Good work, you tried to commit murder in public. Hope you enjoy prison food." as well as OOCly mentioning the fact that they were attempting to kill -a Warlock in a tavern full of them.- I was told I was being a "god modding coward".Callet22 Nov 8, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 Cirque rp guild Anyone interested in a guild of circus like performers and entertainers? I am thinking like a band of traveling gypsies. We will have shows if anyone is interested in performing. My inspiration is Cirque Du Soleil. But we can just be a bunch of performers, Bards, acrobats, animal trainers and I can see some arena style competitions thrown in there.Viragona178 Nov 8, 2013
Nov 7, 2013 After the seige of orgrimmar and a new future How your character is adjusting to the fall of Garrosh and the new warcheif Vol'Jin How does your character deal with this new peace between the Horde and the Alliance --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sydnelm - 90 undead hunter Sydnelm was in orgrimmar when the chaos began and Vol'Jin's Revolutionaries began attacking orgrimmar, He was planning on escaping when he discovered kor;Kron soldiers were attacking Ji Firepaw, he tried to Intervene but was quickly outnumbered, oumatched he quickly took down as many as he could and tried to escape, but was almost killed, he managed to escape, but was badly wounded, he was aided by Vol'jins troops. Now with only one eye, he plots to recruit a group of highly skilled assassins to assassinate Garrosh when he stands trial in pandariaSydnelm6 Nov 7, 2013
Nov 7, 2013 Share character concepts! ((OOC)) I mainly play on another server, but I've had so many ideas for rp characters so I went onto Argent Dawn and started making them. These aren't characters that I will be leveling up a lot and spending time on, these are just for fun characters just to enjoy a certain concept. Feel free to share yours here, some of mine are listed below. --------------------- Pickins - Pickins is a simple old farmer, who died and was raised by the forsaken. Not having any real combat experience, he did have skill with handling animals and knew how to use a rifle. As such he became a hunter, and fights for the queen with his trusty rifle and huntin' dog Buster. He spends any free time just relaxing and whittling, thinking about the simple life. Ceridwen - A woman hailing from Gilneas who was able to avoid becoming infected. She was taught the old ways by her grandmother, who was a harvest witch. She is able to cast simple nature magic, such as healing minor wounds, and helping crops grow. Moving to Stormwind, she works as a gardener, helping keep the land there in bloom. She knows that humans in the past have been fearful of her kind, so she keeps her powers to herself. -------------------------- As mentioned feel free to share your own. I will often just get an idea for a character, then go and make it. I'll then fill in details with history, personality, etc and then play the character for a while doing what the character might do. Sometimes I interact with other players, other times I just enjoy playing the character concept that I came up with.Pickins0 Nov 7, 2013
Nov 7, 2013 Do I look like a yaungol? If not, could you tell me what I should replace? I tried as hard as I can, since tauren are not as updated as he yaungol in terms of graphics. PS: I am thinking of transferring to a RP server. Any good ones for horde?Bodaway2 Nov 7, 2013
Nov 6, 2013 Shadow Hunter RP Yes, Shadow Hunters. I know several threads have been made of this, but most of them are all from 2 years back, and I didn't want to necro. The main question is: Are Shadow Hunters capable of being RPed with being overly powerful, are they accecpted, and what should I not do? I sort of thought I would be an Enhancement Shaman, and say I was a Shadow Hunter, but what does the rest of World's End Tavern think?Augustev4 Nov 6, 2013
Nov 6, 2013 Looking for RP-PvP realm Hi! I used to play on ED but didn't seem to find a large community of RPers there. I haven't RP'd in a while, but I am looking to get back into it. I would even take a normal RP realm =D! I will be leveling there, I don't plan on transferring. Thanks for any direction you can point me <3 (Oh! It can be Horde or Alliance, I enjoy both factions!)Tigerleaf0 Nov 6, 2013
Nov 6, 2013 The Goldshire Situation As an avid in-game RPer with friends and even my own daughter who likes to do the same, I thought I'd bring up the topic of Goldshire and turn it over to the boards to see if we might be able to come to some sort of conclusion concerning it's present state. Most of you here are aware of what I'm talking about, but to sum it up, the small town located outside the Alliance capital of Stormwind seems to - and not just on the higher volume RP servers but pretty much every RP server these days - be highly overpopulated in terms of player characters being present. No point in discussing "why" this might be, that's another topic, for another time. Now, when I began to play WoW "back in the day", Goldshire was the stereotypical hamlet in the woods, where epic tales normally began, and if you were a troupe of roleplayers of differing races just starting out, few things made more sense than OOCly agreeing to meet in Goldshire, complete with character backstory, a reason for being in Elwynn, and others keen to share their stories with you. It was that tavern that evoked images of Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms or even Bree if you wanted to dig a little deeper. And Blizzard pulled it off well. Over the past few years, I've found it amusing to watch the blind eye that the game's producers have placed on the sudden population explosion in this area. There are so many players in this hub now that it no longer has that "start of the adventure" feel to it that it used to, and I find that a shame, but as I respect freedom of speech, I also respect Blizzard's choice to do nothing about it even though it takes a large immersion aspect away from the game. I wonder, though, if they've looked at the present state of Goldshire and haven't considered a few options, or if they are just chalking it up to a failed aspect of their otherwise beautiful and adventure-filled world? Is there a way to incorporate the population explosion of Goldshire into something that's (tastefully) explained through game lore? I've come up with a few ideas, which are by no means foolproof but are hopefully ideas that further spark more conversation about this. 1 - Increase the size of the town. I don't personally like this idea, but it might be interesting to implement, somehow joining Goldshire onto an expanding Stormwind and creating a "burb" of the capital. I happens all the time. You could even throw in it's own auction house right in the middle of what might have been the Lion's Pride Inn, and make it evident that the dealings that go on in "that part of town" might be louder, more ribald and not for the feint of heart. 2 - Implement some sort of phasing around the area. Maybe a quest chain that alters the look and feel of those buildings permanently, a sort of in-game RP filter that players have to pass through in order to continue. I don't know all the ins and outs of the phasing process, but it seems to me that if players had to pass through some sort of a process in order to filter out the crowds, that might deter the multitudes of lower levels who are traveling from abroad. You would have two phases of players in the zone, but unable to interact until they'd achieved the quest chain. 3 - Come up with a new system. Without impeding upon the actual freedoms of players to do as they please so long as its not harming someone, maybe Blizzard can create something like an "instance" version of Goldshire, where players agree to meet up, turn around and enter a Goldshire "instance". Or maybe something closer to a battleground, but again, only allows a select few into the town. Once in, players can interact as they see fit, can exit as they choose, and may have a few extra NPCs to interact with to compensate for the large population they might be used to seeing. Maybe there's a certain "cap" players can opt in for. 5-player, 10-player, 25-player etc. Again, these are just ideas, but if they've sparked something inside of you and you want to add to this conversation, please do so!Manehiro8 Nov 6, 2013
Nov 6, 2013 EPIC Draenei Name HAI GUIS I am about to make an EPIC draenei paladin and I need an EPIC name to go with. I want your suggestions! Any EPIC names you can think of for this guy: (Must be serious names that fit in with lore. But epic nonetheless)Gilaras9 Nov 6, 2013
Nov 6, 2013 History of the Boar Roll Up Snack. The great snack of the Durotan Orcs was first conceived by Grom. Before he died and passed the mantle of Warchief to Thrill he passed the secret recipe to him. At the time Thrill's cooking level was only 100 and the recipe required 900 to complete. Soon enough though, with the strength of the Horde behind him Thrall persevered and soon enough his cooking skill was of 900. Once the snack was released to the denizens of the Horde it spread like wildfire. The craze started believe it or not in XR where it then spread to Razor Hill and then finally landed on the doorsteps of Orgrimmar. Before you knew it there were Boar Roll Ups being sold everywhere in Orgrimmar. Needless to say this made Thrill very very happy. After the fall of the Lich Queen Arthoos on the peek of Ice Crumb See-the-Dell, Thrill sensed huge amounts of evil swelling up at the Maelstrom. He then passed the mantle of Warchief to Goss. Thrill and Goss didn't get along, they butted heads about the importance of the snacks. Goss wanted Draenor styled Ogre Feet by the Foot snack to be issued to every member of the Horde. He considered it the true heritage of the Orcish peoples. Thrill disagreed heavily, he couldn't do anything so he went to the Maelstrom. Instead of getting his cooking to 900 Goss went and got his Herbalism maxed out. After the fall of Goss Vol'jin has now achieved the rank of Warchief. He has taken it upon himself to get his cooking to 900 so all the new proud members of the Horde can enjoy the tasty,Bacony,Jerky, Boar Roll Ups again. The members of the horde needless to say cried for the honor that Vol'jin has for the people. Thrill himself wept like a baby Ogre being slapped repeatedly across the face. FINGiardiasis1 Nov 6, 2013
Nov 6, 2013 Ressurection; Nation Rp (OOC 2, Signups open) IC: OOC 1: Page - 1 Nation Sheets/ tech/ buildigns/ units /combat etc Page - 11 Npc nation sheetsJeramayan143 Nov 6, 2013
Nov 6, 2013 Looking for a nice RP guild I was wanting to transfer to an RP server to join a guild that actually acts like a community, and I've always been interested in RP. So, where do I look for that?Hanalae3 Nov 6, 2013
Nov 5, 2013 Character Concepts ((OOC)) So, I see these threads every now and then asking 'How can I play this?' or 'Is it okay to play this?' and invariably the question revolves around a character concept or idea that comes from outside of WoW lore and the general answer for this is 'Don't.' And, despite what critics may say about me, I agree. You can't take a Space Marine and transport him to Stormwind to fight against the heretical witches, the vile tau (Draenei) and the hated Eldar (elves). You just can't. So why am I writing this? It's not to tell you you can't... well in a way it is, it's to tell you how. Now, before we get into that, let's look at WoW as a genre/setting/what have you. It is definitively a fantasy setting - fantasy being used here to mean a type of fiction that is fantastical in nature. But what elements does it incorporate beyond the fantastical?: Sci-fi - The area of the gnomes, goblins, Draenei and a few other races. Yes science fiction is alive and well in WoW, be it teleporters, cloaking technology, space ships, lasers, robots, etc. All of these and more are a natural, every day (to us) part of the WoW universe. High and Low Fantasy - We see very little of Low Fantasy in WoW, admittedly, but it does exist when we have an unrational occurrence during a time of rationality (unrational for the world, that is). I need not go into greater detail as most should be familiar with the commonalities of High and Low fantasy in this setting. Steampunk - Dwarves, gnomes and goblins are the masters of steampunk in WoW, if not always in design but aesthetics. Grimdark - Near completely player added - though Wrath of the Lich King definitely set up this vibe quite well. These four are the primary genres that can be found in WoW storylines and RP. Now the necessity of outlining these four is to better show why some of these character ideas can fit in the, generally, cartoon-packaged WoW. If you want to RP a character that comes from, say, a world such as Legend of Zelda (this just comes to mind for the sheer fact this was recently discussed) then don't go around saying you 'arrived here by a mystical portal'. Look at the races that are currently in game (these can even be NPC races if you can pull it off!) and RP as one of them with a personality similar to the character you want. I can sadly not speak for many of the races of LoZ - but I'm sure some people can fit the races together to find a happy medium. So that's basically what you do - you take the character you want to play and mold it (believably) into a WoW setting. I know of a person who does RP as an Eldar (will not name names) and I do cringe at the thought of it - I'm not a fan of overtly meshing worlds like that. But if you wanted to RP as one then take up a Night Elf or Blood Elf, have them be a Night Elf or Blood Elf, and just use similar motivations/personality types/etc. to the Eldar. Have a Blood Elf who fears for the extinction of their race, and more importantly for their race to be lost to damnation for their past sins, or one who is overtly cruel for cruelty's sake and goes about snatching souls to feed to a demon they foolishly made a bargain with. Hell, you can even RP a 'Space Marine'. Minus the biological and mental reconditioning. Have a person in a suit of armour that runs on a power source that enhances speed, agility and strength phenomenally - this can logically and feasibly exist in a WoW setting! While I've only detailed a small few - it should be enough to get the idea across. But beyond this being me telling you how to do this, ask me in posts how to do something. If I can't come up with a logical/feasible way to pull something off then I'll let you know. But I'll damn sure do my best if you ask me for help. And I encourage others to try and help out as well. As long as the answer isn't a 'Don't and here's why...' speech. Addendum as this was written a while ago - this thread is intended, specifically, for people that want to utilize these types of characters in a WoW setting. This is not to say you should never, ever, ever do something you want to do. This is just how to do it in a way that keeps you in touch with the playerbase instead of being a part of a singular group of friends. Neither way is right. Neither way is wrong.Iraalius16 Nov 5, 2013
Nov 4, 2013 I like you guys sorry but you know.Vindiuslee2 Nov 4, 2013
Nov 4, 2013 WOW IRL! anyone live in mississippi?Massterdk2 Nov 4, 2013
Nov 4, 2013 "Shadows' End" ((The situation that could be read as either good or bad...You decide.)) Feeling rather off and a little warm for several days, Adira was finding it hard to concentrate. The right arm was acting up, and warm to the touch. There was also the lingering sense of unease in her soul. In truth, that unease had started growing ever since she visited Pandaria those many long months ago. It first began with her Shadow powers starting to be too effective or fizzling out entirely. This wasn't so much a worry, as she wasn't actively using said abilities. However, it was something that bothered her a little. She was part of a group that forbade her to use the magics anyway, so she was safe in that regard. She was lounging somewhere near Onekeg when the unease started to manifest and take on a form in the waning daylight. Shadow creapt from her body and started to form a humanoid cloud. The cloud gained more definition until..... "At last! Oh, dearest Adira, the day has come!" She looked up to see....a shadowy version of herself. "And, to you, I will bestow the one thing you always yearned for. Craved." A shadowy hand touched her cheek, and a strange sensation overtook Adira. "Your power over the mine now. I will be your blade, and I will cut down many before I am broken. Revenge shall be yours. Give me the Shadow you harbor. Give it over wholly and freely!" Adira did admit mentally that it was something she pondered. If she no longer had the need to use the Shadow to hunt? Or to hunt at all? It was a tantalizing temptation, and one that would perhaps seem the best choice for her. She knew where the path of the hunter could lead to. Death or corruption...She also had her children to consider. Adira shut her eyes and collapsed to the ground. Four days later Adira awoke with a compress on her forehead, feverish. "What happened out there?" The Pandaren's question was admittedly good. She did not know at all. She had her theories, though. "My negative, my opposite...She's out there. Have there been any unusual deaths?" asked Adira. It took a few moments, but the Pandaren had a few strange sitings and reports. She still had the hunt list...She cross referenced the descriptions and names... "By the Light...." "What?" asked the Pandaren, a very incredulous tone. "They're on the hunt list. She is hunting down every single one on the list!" This raised a brow. "Who is 'she', Miss Vein?" "She is me....My vengeance. She's killing everyone on this list, and she's nearing the end of it." Adira did try to stand, but a Pandaren paw put her back down. "You are feverish, Miss Vein. You can't go out there in this state." "Right....Why is my arm not aching anymore? It always has a dull ache." "Whatever happened, all that metal in your arm instantly dissolved into your bloodstream. It's a strange metal..." Adira knew what was being referred to. Lightforged Steel had dissolved into her bloodstream completely. The metal would settle in her bones, never rid of it...What was more. She lost connection with her Shadow abilities...Not even a hint of Fel. What was left? Her arcane, fire, and telekinetic and telepathic abilities...She realized what the shadow doppleganger stole. Everything that made her a Hunter. She felt no rage or hatred burning in her. And it was a familiar burn indeed. She was at peace. "She's going to keep killing until no one is left on the list...You must somehow try to slow her down." "I don't think we can, Miss Vein." "Why?" "She moves too fast. It's like trying to track a ghost." She knew it, too...There was nothing to do. (Cont.)Adira2 Nov 4, 2013
Nov 4, 2013 Good RP Addons Here I hope to make a list about some very helpful and useful addons that can be used in RP. All addons can be downloaded from Curse. --------------------------------------------------------- MyRolePlay This allows you to add last names, titles, house names, eye color, hair color, height, weight, race, physical description, birthplace, home, motto, and a lengthy history. It can be viewed by others by simply mousing over your character, and you can see other's as well. Highly recommended. Tongues Tongues allows you to not only learn other languages in-game such as Taurahe, Zandali, Dwarven, Gnome, Darnassian or Thalassian, but you can speak it and understand it with others who also have Tongues. It also allows you to adds verbal affects, such as accents, stutters and slurs. Highly recommended. GryphonHeart Items GHI is a wonderful addon I use very often. You can create your own items that can emote, say, yell, or give a personal message. You can also create books and add pictures and full-scale stories in them, as well as full access to WoW sound files. It can also create screen effects. However, you can only trade the items with others who also have GHI. Recommended. ------------------------------------------------------ These are my favorite and preferred addons, but please feel free to share others you use, or if you have questions on the interface or how to download the addons, please comment below and I should be able to help.Canniibal5 Nov 4, 2013
Nov 3, 2013 First bit of fan fiction Did happen this morning... Poor Poofimacat - Korgath. :)Evannas0 Nov 3, 2013
Nov 3, 2013 Raising Races: Worgen (( For those who missed my "Raising Races: Draenei" thread I figured I'd start with the second most obscure race. Because outside of a kick !@# starting zone, The Worgen of Gilneas haven't really done much. )) Introduction You, are a Gilnean. There has always been a phrase, passed down from family to family, some say it originated from King Archibald Greymane the Great. Regardless, your father taught it to you, and you intend to teach it to your own children one day. "A man stands on his own two feet." When Gilneas was just some agricultural backwater, with nothing but a few farmers and a revolutionary history to cling to proudly, your people didn't go crawling to some arrogant demi-humans in Quel'thalas, begging "please raise us up". When Gilneas was weak, and found itself lead by the nose by Alterac, Strom, and Lordaeron, you didn't go crawling to Stormwind crying for protection. You stood on your own two feet. You picked yourself up, and without asking for anyone's aid, you became a world power. Your navy set sail proudly, and rivaled even the might of Kul Tiras. Your army, equipped with the latest in weaponry, set a blazing path of conquest against all foes of Gilneas. Your legendary Black Knights, strong enough to rival the great "Silver Hand" are spoken of today, in only whispers. Basic History Gilneas has always seen itself as separate from the rest of the world. Indeed, you were among the first Arathi colonists to revolt and form their own nation, while the rest of the world was adopting "The Holy Light" you did not abandon your paganistic traditions so lightly, while other petty kings were debating the merits of industrialization, you grasped it with both hands and forced your nation into the future. Gilneans are naturally taller than most of the other citizens of human nations, paler as well, the old joke goes that it takes a single Gilnean to carry twenty people from Stormwind, but the people of Stormwind can't even carry a single Gilnean. King Genn Greymane has always been -your- king, his line has never steered Gilneas wrong, and he has always been strong and decisive in his rule. Indeed, Genn Greymane is a warrior king. He would never let any man fight his battles for him, nor expect someone to take risks that he wasn't willing to take. Combine that with his natural cunning, and there was a reason many kings feared for their crowns. While other kings feared what shifts to the balance of power industrialization would bring, Genn's father, King Archibald the Great, managed to industrialize all of Gilneas on his own. Perhaps more than anything else, this won the respect of all of Gilneas. No longer were people confined to some status as "peasants"! No longer was a man expected to toil and toil, only to have a few coppers and some ragged clothing to show as "reward"! No, in Gilneas a man could earn a fortune. Through the strength of his arms! Through the sweat of his brow! Through the greatness of his mind! With fire, iron, and brass, a man could stand on his own two feet proudly! The Second War and The Alliance ...Then the Orcs came. Greenskinned mongrels, not of Azeroth, had managed to burn the once mighty kingdom of Stormwind to the ground. These savages could not be reasoned with, nor negotiated. King Terenas Menethil of Lordaeron, called the remain kingdoms of the world together, and organized a Grand Alliance to combat this savage threat. Yet Gilneas, was hesitant. You didn't hate the people of Stormwind, nor those of Lordaeron. No, you truly felt sympathy for them, you wished them the best of luck and silently hoped they could reclaim their former greatness... yet why should others suffer from it? Did not a man stand on his own two feet? Was man supposed to be "chained" to his neighbor? When one kingdom suffered, would Gilnean blood have to be spilled, Gilnean coin have to be spent, and Gilnean land used so some faraway kingdom could only send them a "thank you" and return to trying to steal Gilnean glory? Gilneas almost didn't join the Alliance, they were confident that their military could stem the greenskins on it's own. Yet with the convincing of the idealistic young Lord Crowley, and the cunning Lord Godfrey, Gilneas offered support to this "Alliance", it would send a portion of it's national militia, to show what a mere token addition of the Gilnean military could do, as well as preserve trade relations. The Greenskins were defeated, the military won it's glory at the price of Gilnean blood, and the Lion of Azeroth was killed in some honorless surprise attack by Doomhammer. Yet that was when the troubles came...Callet2 Nov 3, 2013
Nov 3, 2013 One issue Cata caused for roleplayers.. I'm just noticing this as I'm making a character: for someone who bases character development around the quests that they are involved in in the game, it is no longer to start a character before the Burning Crusade time period. All vanilla zones which used to be chronologically placed right after w3 and before BC are no after Wrath. This causes your character's development to start after the Lich King is killed, which means that your character's story can't start quest-wise until level 60. Does anyone else find this kind of annoying? Now I can't start a character in this game and feel like he is accurately progressing through a story. "Oh, novice warrior! You must put out the fires at the maclure vinyards!" Then suddenly "Welcome to Hellfire. You are now back in time 5 years, stronger than you were 5 years from now, and can slay monstrous demons and ride a gryphon. You completely forget how to do this in five years, btdubs."Qifeng8 Nov 3, 2013
Nov 3, 2013 Illusionists in WoW I've always like the idea of illusionists, but would it be improbable for a character to be one?Neltriz6 Nov 3, 2013
Nov 3, 2013 Gearing/Dressing A Bank Alt So I've taken up the hobby of mining lately and am starting to get a steady cash flow in. One of the things I do to help me from being killed with boredom after long sessions is to dress up my bank alt. Why? Because I have a friend who used to just run the AH with gem sales and he did it (long story short his alt was Bluegems, a bunch of colors were taken so I went with Pinkgems in homage of him). I digress and apologize for the tangent. I made a stereotypical character, female and blood elf. I'd like to gear her up but, much like real life, I don't have any clue in terms of what goes with what. If I'm going to do this, I might as well do it right, amirite? I'm a huge fan of the color black. Blondes in black clothes, well heck yeah. I'd prefer to stick with a black fashion theme. The reason I'm even making this thread is 1) because I'm colorblind so it's hard to tell what goes with what and 2) I lack a fashion sense (unless you count owning 75 band tees and one pair of jeans as fashion). Here is the gown I have: Black Embersilk Gown As for the rest of the slots, I'm using the Tattered Cloth Bracers, Belt, Pants, and Boots. I also have the following availabe: Elegant Dress Tattered Cloth Vest Simple Black Dress Tattered Cloth Gloves This is just a list of what I have, in case any of it works. As for a head slot item, I definitely want a monocle. I just don't know what color would look best. I don't know what weapon I'd get either, but I'm definitely thinking Diamond-Tipped cane. As for the rest, well I'm open to suggestions from everyone. I just am not fashionable enough to pull off a badass bank alt look.Pinkgems0 Nov 3, 2013
Nov 3, 2013 "A telepath walks by... ...And confronts you with your deepest, most personal nightmare. Whether it's the fate of a loved one, spiking an inferiority complex, or whatever makes you distracted, paranoid, or skittish, you've just been confronted by it. How do you react?" This isn't about the fear itself or how powerful the telepath who confronts your character with it is. This is about your reaction.Traleda16 Nov 3, 2013
Nov 3, 2013 Resurrection: Rise from Ruin (IC) Atop the Frozen throne, The Lich King waited. Foolishly, Arthas had sought to destroy him, to take control of the scourge and bend it to his own will, it had almost worked, but in the end the childish human failed. He was Nerzhul, and he now had a new puppet to play with. Like poison the long dead orc had worked his way into the chinks in Bolvar's armor, playing on his frailty, his humanity. Valiantly he fought, but he too failed. Now was the hour of the scourge, and he would not fail again. In Lordaeron, Naxxaramas waged war. Too long had the forsaken been bereft of his control, that would soon end, all would serve, in life or undeath. The vyrkul fancied him the god of death, perhaps he was, but one thing was for certain death was his domain. The foolish Yogg-Saron sought to claim lordship over his realm, while a small nation of vyrkul sought to be free from his yoke, fools, all will serve. --- Yogg-Saron, The Devourer, stirred in the depths of Ulduar. Eons ago, The Titans sought to destroy him, they thought that they could contain him, control his hunger, they failed. Like a parasite he corrupted everything, that the titans had hoped would stand against him, once again he would sow death and destruction just as he once did upon the primordial wastelands of Azeroth. First Northrend would fall, then the rest, even his brothers. --- Deep within the undercity, Sylvannas’ façade of confidence was beginning to crack. She had known all along the power that Garrosh wielded, and the fool’s errand it was too opposes him. She had planned for failure, sending only a token force which she could afford to lose. Once the Siege was broken, Sylvannas, struck against the argents and the Knights of Archerus, for all Tirions bluster, he was ill prepared for what was coming, Darion had never trusted her, his defeat was more difficult, but in the end, where by the sword, magic or the plague they all fell before her army. It was then standing triumphant atop the ruins of lights hope chapel, that the scourge came. Depleted and undermanned, she was forced to retreat. Week by week, the scourge had pushed her back. Now armies in the sought gathered against her, former forsaken thought they could hide from her in hillsbard while the foolish humans sought to reclaim the kingdom of Strom, they would all fall before her, they will all die. --- In the City of Nyloth, Evil Stirred. Deathwing had failed to bring about the end time, And N’zoth was furious. His mental anger lashed out across his domain and in the minds of all his subjects. They felt his displeasure, they felt his anger, and they would not fail him. From their strongholds in the Twilight Highlands, his armies marched to war; they would conquer the impetus Dwarves, then all who stood in their way --- From her throne room, Moria Thaursian controlled her burgeoning empire. Barely had she survived the failed siege, something that could not be said for the rest of the council. As Garrosh’s horde rampaged across Kalimdor, She had secured her domain. Setting out for Shadowforge City with an army, she reunited herself with those Dark Irons who were still loyal, the rest were slaughtered. Now she squared off against the Army of an Old God, and she would win. Moving a small dwarven figure into Loch modan, Moria sent for her generals, The Dark Iron nation was going to war. --- From his Citadel in Shadowmoon valley Eradar Lord Trazzak watched through a small portal as his armies moved across the southern eastern kingdoms. Twice before, His predecessors had tried to conquer this small back water world, twice they failed; now the glorious one had chosen him to lead the campaign. It had taken no time at all to secure the outlands, the mortals had forgotten about the legion, failed to safeguard against its return, foolishly they turned their swords against one another, when they were the most divided he struck. His numbers were endless, he would take azeroth inch by inch, and then he would be at the glorious ones right hand, but first azeroth will fall.Jeramayan131 Nov 3, 2013
Nov 3, 2013 Happy Diwali to everyone! Many of the WOW players do not know or care aboout (and that is fine) but today is the Indian festival of Diwali, so Happy Diwali to everyone! May God bless you all and brings happiness to your families. Well this festival is kind of Christmas on crack for Indians though Christmas is also celebrated on crack in India. The whole idea is victory of good over evil blah blah blah but on this day we exchange sweets and gifts with friends and relatives, spend time with them and burst sh!t loads of firecrackers at night. So have a good day. Even if you don't celebrate Diwali, why not bring something nice for your family, kids, parents etc, or take them out for dinner or some little sweet surprise. I am sure they will like it and you will have a good time. (Of course all this when raid is not going on :p)Kocky0 Nov 3, 2013
Nov 3, 2013 The Sha...? So... I've heard two major things about them. 1) They have been wiped out completely and can no longer manifest (Since the dungeons, according to lore, have been completed). 2) Lesser manifestations of the Sha exist, but the major manifestations have been wiped out completely. I need to know which is true, since the entire IC reason my character cannot fight in Pandaria is because he is a Barbarian. Barbarians use anger and rage as their weapons to help them in battle, but fearing that a Sha would take him over, he hasn't fought in Pandaria for some time. So what's the deal with it? Thanks in advance.Canniibal2 Nov 3, 2013
Nov 2, 2013 Goblin Priest RP I've had this char for a while and now that I wanna to get into RP I want to make a background for him and give him a personality, but I'm honestly not sure how to RP or write about Goblin priests. I was thinking maybe some kind of mercenary Medic who'll lend his healing powers for a price, but that seems kind of boring.Vrizzle3 Nov 2, 2013
Nov 2, 2013 A Matter of Dwarves I've been digging and trying to find specific information about this issue, but have failed to find much. I understand that Wildhammer dwarves are all about nature, nature magic, shamanism, etc. However, one little bit I read stated that some (though few) priests can be or are Wildhammer. How would this work? Is it plausible? I love the idea of RPing some kind of Wildhammer battle priestess, but I'm not sure if it's realistically doable. Any constructive insight would be much appreciated! Thanks.Svasha2 Nov 2, 2013
Nov 2, 2013 Rping a troll with no accent.. Hear me out now.. I like the idea of trolls and rping as one, I like their character models and even their ingame voices, however, I've never RP'd something with an accent, I just can't put myself to do it ingame chat, it's a lot of effort and feels very unnatural to force myself to type like that.. Is there any way I can bypass this accent thing whilst still being somewhat fun to rp with as a troll? For instance, I was thinking of a troll mage, what with the languages glyph, perhaps a story could be based around that and why I speak non.. troll-ish.. Help please :DHate5 Nov 2, 2013
Nov 2, 2013 What do you look for in a story? So after months of writer's block, I'm finally getting a new story off the ground and will be posting it here for entertainment/feedback as I progress through it. But I am curious, what causes you, the reader, to read a story posted on this forum? I'm just curious to see if I can use your guys' ideas and personal likes/dislikes to make it more appealing :)Qifeng7 Nov 2, 2013
Nov 2, 2013 is Fan fiction pointless? A few months ago, I was doing some hard brainstorming about a Warcraft story I wanted to write (not looking for publication from blizz or anything, just your typical fanfic). I was taking lots of notes and I was just about ready to post the firs two chapters when I was hit by a disappointing thought (sure enough, it came at like 4:30 in the morning when I was half awake). Is fan fiction pointless? Think about it. It can't be published (that's kinda the least of my concerns though, since everyone who's written a fanfic knows from the start that no money can be accepted for it.) Even if it could be published, how many people actually avidly follow a fanfiction? Perhaps a few here and there, but essentially, I fell like a lot of work would be going into 4 or 5 readers. Ive never heard of a famous fan fiction (save for those overly sexual ones were its only fun to read because you dont know if the writer is trolling or not). Now lets say someone were to tell me "yea, but you could take away the warcraft and make it your own original work, like that terrible 50 shades nonsense." The problem with that is, most fan fictions are carefully structured around the given lore of the universe they are writing it (if the writer is competent I mean). In which case, if I were to convert my plot points to an original story I would have to create an identical world to warcraft for the plot points to come together as I planned them. I cant see that panning out too well. Ultimately, I see it as an ok writing exercise, but with not enough pay off if you're someone who wants their stories to actually be heard by people. Or I suppose if you're someone who just does it for fun or whatever you're personal reasons are, then I guess none of this applies to you.Theranash19 Nov 2, 2013
Nov 2, 2013 The Worgen Curse Could an elf even be turned worgen? Are humans the only ones that can be effected? I'm not 100% on WoW lore of the curse spreading, but from doing the beginning quests, it would be fair to say that it is spread from bites, or scratches. Due to conflicts between alliance and horde, it is an absolute certainty that worgen HAVE bitten every horde race there is, yet none of them have turned.... Point being, it may not even be possible for anything other than a pure blood human to be worgen...... This makes me think.....WoW should have made worgen the second hero class instead of a race......Mjmix11 Nov 2, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 Why Moon'gaurd is what it is now. Ballamour16 Nov 1, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 Is there a cure for altoholism? Yeah I know...rhetorical question.Sydric8 Nov 1, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 Is Shadow inherently evil? Light and shadow are, as most of us know, two sides of the same coin, but does that mean that the shadow is inherently "evil"? I always thought it would depend on how it was used. If shadow is being used to evil extents, then yes, it's evil. However, if shadow is harnessed to defeat evil, would it still be considered evil? A lot of people claim that anyone who uses shadow is using an "evil" magic, but what makes it evil? The Light can be used to devastatingly evil effect (Arthas when he purged stratholme, for instance) because of the simple fact that so long as the wielder has confidence in what he is doing is right, he can wield it. Do you believe that the same rules apply to the shadow?Larsardion20 Nov 1, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 Any Inquisition type guilds around? Just checking to see if there are any guilds that are based around the Spanish or more preferably the 40k Inquistion. What I am interested in seeing is something that is more brutal and darker than traditional guilds, something along the lines of putting an entire legion to the sword to ferret out would be cultists, witches, and demons in disguise, with a hint of racism towards non-humans... Or even using demonic artifacts and fel magicks to fight demons, as they say "fight fire with fire". Another thing I am interested in seeing is a blend of military and religious orders in a structure that fits into something of a two fold system: which includes a bureaucracy and a church militant arm... Something like the top being Inquisitorial Lords who have a council and form edicts on what is considered heresy, while there are also many random Inquisitors as well, whom have mercenary acolytes who are willing to kill for their holy works as a means to move up through the rungs of society. Finally, I'd like to see a Church Militant Arm is a order of Knights of the Silver Hand (or those who claim to be) subordinate to the Bureaucratic weight of the Inquisitor Lord Council. If it is desired there can also be several other orders of Church Militants besides the KotSH, like an amazon brigade reminiscent to the Sisters of Battle, or risen Death Knights forming their own Legion to serve as shock troopers..... This is just a basic idea, but I was wondering if something like this was around?Durand4 Nov 1, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 The Rules. This is OOC. Just want some clarification on a rule or two. I play on a realm with a large clan that does events where each member calls out over yell (once per 15 minutes or so.) "long live guild soandso" (didn't want to involve them in my thread.) It's mostly a parade sort of setting etc. anyhow I'm pretty sure given that each does not get said by the same person more than once per 15-30 minutes it does not constitute spam (nor should it,) however I wanted to know the FACTS on the matter. Thanks. events usually last an hour so 1-3 times at best. I also want to know if persons on an rp realm (why does it sound wrong to use a before RP instead of an as it should be? w/e) griefing said RPers for aforementioned behavior are themselves breaking the rules. Have never had to report anyone for griefing RP's in over 6 years of being on an rp server but that is mostly out of, well I just don't report for much. I want to know though regardless where I stand next time I whisper one to shut the heck up about it. Also not something that happens often but it did recently hence the topic here. thanks again. Figured people here would be best qualified to answer these queries. Thanks a lot guys. good day and keep up the awesome settings. Love playing around u RP'ers despite my not RP'ing anymore.Rån5 Nov 1, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 The value of gold? I was trying to ballpark what a guard would get per paycheck, but then the larger question came to mind: what is the value of gold? Would one gold be the equivalent of $1? $10? $20? Just curious :)Jaemeson3 Nov 1, 2013