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Sep 10, 2013 Words On the Eve of War (IC) (( A bit of a repost, something I placed on the WrA forums, but a bit of a stoking of the flames for the Alliance soldiers as we go forward to storm Orgrimmar.)) On the evening of September the 7th, Year 1229 on Stormwind's Rise, Knight-captain Kanas Renard gave the following speech to a gathered crowd of soldiers and civilians. The following is a recounting of his words before joining one of the boats to Durotar with his unit: "Evenin' folks. Tonight is th' night we soldiers disembark on what we soldiers of th' Alliance have been fightin' fo' th' last looooong year; some o' us much longer than that. It wasn't too long ago, was it...? When this whole mess started...! All because o' that one one orc. Yes, all because o' Garrosh Hellscream; th' scourge o' yo' fellow Alliance; elf an' human an' gnome an' dwarf alike. He ain't very kind to th' Tushui pandaren, either. Fo' years, we've endured atrocities at his hands...! No more. Tonight, we men an' women of th' armies of th' Alliace sail out over th' sea. Th' time has come to seek recompense fo' our fallen! We have Hellscream cornered exactly like we want him; like a rat in a trap...! WE ARE GONNA MARCH THROUGH HELLSCREAM'S ARMIES IN DUROTAR! WE WILL BRING TH' SPIRES O' ORGRIMMAR CRASHIN' DOWN AROUND HIM AS WE FORCE OUR WAY THROUGH TH' DRANOSH-DAR BLOCKADE...! WE WILL FIND HIM...! AND WHEN WE DO, WE FIGHT HIM! WE KILL HIM!!! AN' WHEN WE FINISH THAT SONUVA!@#$%...? WE'RE GONNA PISS DOWN HIS NECK, DRAG HIS LIFELESS AN' BLOODY CARCASS BACK ACROSS TH' SEA, AN' HANG HIS LIFELESS CORPSE FROM TH' ARCHES O' STORMWIND...! WE WILL MAKE HIS DEFEAT AN' HUMILIATION LEGENDARY...! THIS IS WHAT WE'VE BEEN FIGHTIN' FO'! FO' JUSTICE TO BE DONE UPON HELLSCREAM AN' HIS ILK...! THIS IS WHAT YO' HUSBANDS, YO' WIVES, SIBLINS', CHILDREN, FRIENDS AN' FAMILY HAVE FOUGHT, DIED O' BEEN MAIMED FO'...! WE ARE GONNA CRUSH HELLSCREAM ONCE AN' FO' ALL, OR DIE TRYIN'! WE WILL NOT LET THE DEATHS OF OUR BROTHERS AN' SISTERS GO UNANSWERED, IN VAIN...! THROUGH THIS, THEIR SACRIFICE WILL FOREVER BE HONORED, AN' FO THOSE WHO FIGHT OR FALL...? NONE CAN SAY THAT THIS WILL NOT BE OUR FINEST HOUR, WHERE TH' HEARTS OF OUR BRETHREN ARE LAID BARE IN TH' BAPTISM OF BATTLE AN' BLOODSHED! SO WE GO NOW, ACROSS TH' SEA, AN' WE WILL CRUSH HELLSCREAM...! Esus thar no'Darador; by blood an' honor...! FO' THE ALLIANCE!!!"Kanas4 Sep 10, 2013
Sep 10, 2013 RP set creation! ((OOC)) So, I recently rolled a second rogue (worgen) who is going to be played as: privateer, rogue trader (sanctioned smuggler, for my thinking). He's not too high of a level yet, but I have two items that I know are a part of his set... and need help with the rest to fit. Pieces have to be leather or cloth. Two items, one I have one I'm aiming to get: Revilgaz's Cutlass Duskhallow MantleIraalius2 Sep 10, 2013
Sep 10, 2013 That once race... ...You just wish was in wow? You can post multiple onesm just not, like, 10. It can be something totally outrageous and that will never manage to get gear fit on it and stuff. Anything. Mine: Tuskarr Sporeling EtherealSuparmon27 Sep 10, 2013
Sep 10, 2013 The Holy Dragon Alliance - New RP Idea So, while playing on Emerald Dream with one of my friends, I got an idea for an RP guild / two guilds. The basic idea - Theres two guilds, that are at war with eachother. As the people in the guilds level up, the guild increases in prowess. At certain points we'll have scheduled battles (every week or two). The guild that wins gets another foothold for themselves. Each guild will have their own HQ, which will be voted upon by everyone. The HQ's can be places like Northshire Abbey, Sentinel Hill, ETC. I intend for this to be an Alliance-sided RP, on Emerald Dream as I've already got some friends there to help me out with this. Also to clarify, the RP's for the two guilds wont just be battles. There'll be simply chatting between guildmates, planning, etc. There'll also be a shared chat channel for both of the guilds to discuss things in, such as time of battles, how they'll be played out, locations, things like that. I'm naming the guild that I will personally be leading the 'Holy Dragon Alliance'. Not as a branch of the Alliance it self, that's just the name. So... what do you guys think of this? Anyone else want to join me in making this?Kirainas7 Sep 10, 2013
Sep 9, 2013 Can Shadow Priests be RP'd as War Priests? *Edit: Changed the thread name to better reflect what I wish to discuss.* Recently, in trying to RP this character, I have run into some people saying that only Forsaken and some trolls can be Shadow Priests... that the specialization only exists as game mechanics for all other races and RPing a Shadow Priest as any other race is not possible. They even went so far as to say that all Shadow Priests have to be evil as well. Is this true? Are only Forsaken and Trolls able to use the Shadow specialization in RP and that Shadow Priests have to be evil? I don't think so. Many of the races seem to see a dual nature within Divine magic... the standard Holy/Discipline of the Holy Light and the less common Shadow magics. Night Elves in particular seem to feel that while the vast majority of their priests use the more standard specializations durring times of peace, they are not opposed to using the shadow magics durring times of war. It is within this area in particular that I think that Shadow Priests in general can exist for all races that have priests. They are the martial arm of the Priesthood... especially for those races that do not have Paladins as well. As for all Shadow Priests being evil... that is akin to saying that no Warlock can ever be good. One can practice darker magics for more noble uses, and unlike the fel magic of the Warlock, the shadow magic of priests isn't inherently addictive. Additionally, it has been proven that one doesn't need a good heart to draw upon the Light; many blood elves (before the restoration of the sunwell), forsaken and goblins tend to use willpower to make the Light do their bidding, thus it doesn't necissarily take an evil heart to use the shadow magic that Shadow Priests draw upon. Even with the Draenei, like this character, they recognize that even the Naru have the potential for darkness... and that it is even a natural part of their existance to become beacons of shadow energy for a time. Light and darkness ultimately can not exist without each other as they define the other. So, is portaying a Shadow Priest as more of a War Priest as opposed to a healer a plausible explaination as to why they have stronger offensive spells and diminished healing powers... or do people still insist that the Shadow Specialization is merely a game mechanic and that only Forsaken/Troll can RP the specialization (and only if they admit they are evil)?Monarà22 Sep 9, 2013
Sep 9, 2013 The Ballad of Qi-Feng Edit: I'm scrapping the current incarnation because I just had an epiphany. If you were even slightly interested in Qi-Feng, then just wait a bit :)Qifeng2 Sep 9, 2013
Sep 9, 2013 I am confused about something... I went onto wowpedia a while back and it said on the life span page for each race that worgen are, in a way, immortal. I don't mean they cant die, its obvious that they can it just said that any worgen that could switch between forms stayed the same age as when they were cursed for the rest of their lives, so they didn't age. Is that true or is that just speculation?Maraph13 Sep 9, 2013
Sep 9, 2013 Way of the Crane this is a story I worked on for my monk. I wondered how easy it is to follow with all the time hopping, and how I did following lore. Bikku reached the outskirts Silvermoon just as the sun began to slip below the horizon. Instead of heading directly into the city proper, he veered off and, keeping the wall on his right, headed around to the ruined part of the city where the Wretched dwell. In one paw, he held a vial which he believed could end their suffering. In the other he carried a staff, although he would mostly depend on his claws to defend himself if his formula failed. Though darkness was quickly falling, Bikku carried no lantern and instead made his way by virtue of his vial, which glowed with a white radiance and lent the young monk an aureole of sunlight. In the first crumbling courtyard he walked through, he caught his first glimpse of a creature he'd spent many weeks studying. He could not help but wince at the twisted figure, and his mind flashed through the events leading him to this moment. Only a year ago, a zeppelin had carried the young monk to the capital of his new faction, along with a dozen other Pandaren. Among them were adventurers, scholars, missionaries and simple tourists. During the day, they would gather on the zeppelin's deck to visit one another, sharing stories of the new world that awaited them at the end of their voyage. Bikku never joined in their excitement, and none of the other expatriates would approach him. He alone was not leaving the Wandering Isle by his choice. He was an exile, who had exhausted the normally endless patience of the leaders of his community by constantly stirring up trouble. The Horde ambassador to the Isle had offered to take Bikku in, since his crimes were not violent and he was still young, but already a promising adept. Bikku's family had lived on Dai-Lo Farmstead for generations. They were followers of the Way of the Crane, the teachings passed down from Chi-Ji, the August Celestial of hope. Though life in the village was normally peaceful and prosperous, they occasionally had trouble with a tribe of virmen who lived on the periphery.   It was his sympathy for the virmen that lead to Bikku's disgrace and exile, and finally to the deck of that zeppelin. Bikku had tried to teach the virmen to forage for food in the wilderness. When that failed, he brought them farming tools and seeds, and tried to teach the virmen in their implementation. The virmen were suspicious of the youth, but Bikku had made some small progress in earning their trust by winning over the brood-mother. It seemed he could have given the virmen a new way of life in only a few short generations, when his project was discovered. Some of the virmen Bikku had been working with launched a raid on the village. There were many injuries on both sides, and few of the raiders escaped. They had used scythes and shovels, and other instruments of agriculture to make their attack the bloodiest ever seen from the normally cowardly and ineffectual race. No sooner had the tools been traced directly back to Bikku than reports of other attacks on nearby farmsteads began to trickle in, all perpetuated by virmen wielding farming implements as weapons. His hopes to give the race a better life were shattered, and his family's heart was heavy with shame. When the leaders of the Wandering Isle suggested it was best that Bikku just go, he could not disagree.Bikku11 Sep 9, 2013
Sep 9, 2013 The Benefits of Losing in Roleplay I posted this first on WrA's forum, but I figure I should post it onto WET too. It deals with all RPers everywhere anyways. I've seen the term "playing to win" used quite a few times recently, right alongside with "playing to story", the former based around the founding idea that one is playing their character, ICly, to be superior than another's in combat for the sole purpose of winning against others(again all ICly) for the sake of feeling that their character is better than others(see kill counts in MRPs). Those two terms are extremely fundamentally different, and a mixture of reading different responses based on different scenarios dealing with those who believe in both of these different play styles has lead me to write about this, and "this" being why losing is actually winning when it comes to RP. The outcomes of such are, in my opinion, far more beneficial to stories than winning. 1: Character betterment, for better or for worse. Here's a scenario: You just engaged in a duel, fighting to uphold your virtues and ideals. You defeat your enemy, stand over there defeated selves and bask in the moment. You proceed to go to the pub with your friends, and drink out your victory, and fall asleep happy and most of all, victorious. Where in Azeroth is the good character development from that? Good or evil, pure or unpure, characters ultimately rely upon a drive to keep their story's interesting. To uphold their personal beliefs, and to lose while doing such, adds just that to one's story. How would your character combat such a defeat? Would (s)he simply lay down, accept the beating, and give up? Fel no. Your character now has purpose, a want and need to better themselves, to push their limitations past their original point. Overcoming one's barriers and is far better than simply plowing through them. 2: The emotional aftermath. Guilt. Anger. Sorrow. Denial. Acceptance. Ambition. The need for atonement. Losing can bring all these emotions and more, far more than I can list, and I can do no justice to how deep these displays of emotion may run inside of a character. All of these emotions bring us back to the character drive I spoke of in the point above, but to a deeper, far more personal level. How does one cope with the guilt of letting a friend die, or the anger from the ruination of one's name? This is called character development, something one can play through the whole process and range of emotions dealing with loss, be it in battle or otherwise and I would not even be able to scratch the surface with the amount of depth one can get into with these. But most of all, possibly the most volatile drive of emotion one can feel afterwards is... 3: Vengeance. Revenge. In my opinion, one of the single most significant character drive in fictional history. Ranging from the slaughter of one's family, to having one's city flooded with radiation, to one's entire Kingdom being betrayed by their own prince, revenge is ultimately what can drive one's character to the brink, whether it be victory or insanity. Nothing can make a fire burn brighter more than this rocket-fuel of an emotion, of a drive. Who knows where this emotion may lead a character? Through fel fires and back, this can take your character down roads where you, the player, may never have expected. 4: What if? Your staunch and stalwart warrior, brave and just paladin, or wise and mystic mage rode to the castle, they fought the dragon, and saved the princess. Your characters barely manage to escape the castle, and now rest in the bar with a pint of mead in one hand and the princess in the other. But, what if this attempt failed? What if your character never arrived to the castle on time? What if your character failed to slay the dragon, what if your character couldn't unlock the door to the princess' chamber, and what if your character failed to escape on time? With all of these variables, so many things could possibly go wrong in one's plans. So many faults and flaws could be detected, possibly even being exploited. This could lead to a sense of doubt in one's leaders, on top of allowing your character to feel the sting of failure for themselves. The defeat in any situation can change up a storyline drastically in ways one may not expect, thus giving the story(and by extension, the characters) new depth.Agalladorn6 Sep 9, 2013
Sep 8, 2013 New Class Can we make this a class? I'd like to use polearms more and he is just badass.Rycen5 Sep 8, 2013
Sep 8, 2013 Brewmasters and dual wielding From a lore/azerothian standpoint, how would a brewmaster practically dual wield? Don't brewmasters need one hand free for drinking their brews/teas in the middle of combat? I'm just wondering because I'm putting together a tmog and couldn't tell if I liked the Sturdy Yaongol polearm or two machetes more. But then I realized that having both hands used up would be awkward for a brewmasterQifeng8 Sep 8, 2013
Sep 8, 2013 Open Stories: The Calm Before the Storm (( Hello! I thought I might start this, as a collection of my characters' experiences before the Siege begins. I've only got one so far, but everyone, feel free to write up your own stories and post here!)) " Hm? " Heping kept her eyes closed as something roused her concentration. Something... she took in a slow, deep breath, thinking. The winds of Northrend still howled, turning the world around her into a bleak white wasteland. Few spent more than an hour up here where a slight breeze could send an armored warrior barreling down in the slick snowscape, much less the blinding blizzard. The snow still clung to her fur. To any passersby, she was insane - her body bared to gales that chilled travelers to the bone, evidenced by the bodies that remained buried around her. But what physical protection left her body forged her will into iron, and it was her will that stopped the winds from tearing her apart, and allowed her to listen. Listen. Yes... That was it...the winds now spoke, carried a message. Where they had been calling for the blood of the unworthy, had carried the words of the soldiers and undead around her, they were now speaking of something new. Something different. Something about to change. As she listened to their words among the howling, a smile began to form across her snow-battered lips. Battle. Blood. Warchief. End. The message was simple. The time was coming.. the Warchief would soon face his enemies in battle, and fill the air with blood. The time was coming where the Warchief would end his enemies, or they would end him. The time was coming where the winds of the north would have their fill. For the Horde. Heping0 Sep 8, 2013
Sep 8, 2013 In-game roleplay I'm looking for a group of people to roleplay with. I like having rp on the same server, that way we can trade items. Don't care if its Horde or Alliance, I'll do it. I prefer Horde though, necause the small towns are usually empty. I'm looking for at least 4 more people. Thank You in advance for anyone who wants to join me. For the Horde! -GartarminGartarmin5 Sep 8, 2013
Sep 8, 2013 Open RP please join in! Have fun, be social! Hey, it's crazzy, just making an RP, this is my first rp that i have made that will hopefully get replies, i'm hoping to do this as often as I can, so here is one that will hopefully be good, no real guidelines other than no godmodding, no trolling and keep it PG please, I understand that quite a few that play are younger than 14 and I want this to be an RP that they can just relax, other than that, just have fun! It will start in a tavern for now, multi toon RP is allowed, toons I will be useing for this are : crazzyguy (his name in RP is zemis) Mistraven, and zeb (as innkeeper) hope this can go on for a long time! Have fun guys!Crazzyguy224 Sep 8, 2013
Sep 8, 2013 Conspiricy Theory: Garrosh isnt Garrosh We all know the fall of Garrosh's Horde is coming in 5.4, but when we kill Garrosh, will it really be him? I ask this odd question because I don't believe Garrosh made it out of the Twilight Highlands back in Cata. & here's why So the Horde goes to TH but is attacked on the way to Dragonmaw hold, & Garrosh's airship is take down in the battle that insures... we take the hold & you know the story, but when we take the hold... notice that Garrosh, the OCR that thought the taking of TH would be extremely important to the Hordes plans who is almost assuredly injured from being in an airship crash from high altitudes pops up from nowhere, completely unscathed & says "I have more important things to deal with" when he gets back to the Champaign he was planning on leading the fight in... hmm... fishy, isn't it? Then he goes back to Orgrimar to do god knows what & he starts acting dishonorably afterward, when beforehand he would kill his own general's for acting dishonorably (Stonetalon, anyone?). We have no knowledge of him going on a WMD hunt until after TH, why is that? I say he was captured/killed/indisposed after the crash & will return or we will learn he was killed after we kill fake Garrosh (who is probably a demon or Old God or Old God minion... or heck, Sergaris if Blizz wants to wrap up WoW right now)... Maybe this is just me trying to create an excuse for Garrosh to not die being I feel he was the greatest Warchief the Horde has ever had pre-Twilight Highlands & he's one of my favorite characters ever, but I do think it's possible that Garrosh isn't well... Garrosh.Krashug54 Sep 8, 2013
Sep 8, 2013 ignore deletedLillideth3 Sep 8, 2013
Sep 7, 2013 Powers of the Priestess of Elune I won't tell you why this is relevant to my character(s) because you would, quite frankly, laugh me off the forum. Still though, it's an interesting topic. I'd like to know how members of the Priesthood of Elune handle not only the shadow aspect of their chars, but also where exactly their power comes from. I know in official lore notable heroes (Tyrande and Shandris) pray to Elune, and are supposedly either given the ability to cast certain spells, or gifted with their enemies being obliterated (usually by shafts of ultra-concentrated moonlight imbued with the Wrath of the Goddess). I'd like to know if that's feasible in-character though. Do you pray for every spell, or are you simply given your abilities by the grace of Elune to use when needed? To me it seems like the latter would be more practical and easier to pull off. That's not saying big spells, such as Shandris's big Moonfire spell shouldn't be prayers, but the slightly smaller stuff. Thoughts? Moving on we get to shadow priests. In my experienced the usual reaction to the idea of a Kaldorei Shadow Priest is shock and outrage. Personally I think this is due to the confusion of the nature of shadow magic. Because of the influence of the Holy Light there seems to be an understanding that Light is good and Shadow is bad, they are opposites. From what I understand Light and Void are the opposing forces, Shadow being a mixture of the two and or their accompanying philosophies of Order and Chaos. This is represented multiple places, not least in the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow. The problem occurs when what should be Void magic is categorized as Shadow magic for gameplay purposes. Tell me if I'm wrong, but that's what I've come to understand. Now, if all of that is true then it shouldn't be surprising at all to see Shadow Priests in the Temple of the Moon. Elune is commonly considered something of a dual-faced goddess. That of the benevolent, healing moon goddess, and the fierce, primal warrior-deity. Why shouldn't the light of the moon be balanced by the darkness of it's night. There is both a light and dark side to the moon. Is it so strange to be a priest embracing that darker side as much as some embrace the illumination? But see here is the issue, going back to the abilities. It seems strange to pray for some of those SPriest abilities. It also seems strange that one who embraces that slightly darker, deadlier bit would like to rely on individual prayers, rather electing to be a devout follower of Elune, maybe absorbing the power of the night, and using such abilities. Anyway just want to here thoughts, testimonies, opinions :)Aelnai3 Sep 7, 2013
Sep 7, 2013 Best class for Lorewalker? Which class do you think would be best for a Lorewalker? Just want some input :)Zhoushen6 Sep 7, 2013
Sep 6, 2013 RP Guild: Blood Elf Any suggestions on the creation of a Blood Elf RP Guild? Personally, I'm having trouble with a name and storyline for the members, et cetera. I've been in RP Guilds before, but I've rarely been in a race specific guild. P.S. What about the House Guilds. i.e. House Dawnblade, House Windrunner, et cetera?Aenistris5 Sep 6, 2013
Sep 6, 2013 The Deal (Spring board) I have created a partial story for anyone who would like to use it in their own story, maybe even work out a nice plot and (Happy?) ending. Revendo sits quietly in his high back leather chair, the atmosphere is ripe with tension and indecision, the smoke from the nearby candles lingers loftly in the air and gives an odor of sweet vanillia and a hint of lavender. He turns his gaze to the dwarf in front of him, the dwarf sits completely still and has a furrow on his brow as if pondering the situation before him. Beads of sweat can be seen on the tip of his nose and drip slowly down to his thick and oily beard. The dwarf shifts his gaze toward the table and looks directly at the contract before him, then, switches his gaze quickly to a small pile of gold that glimmers ever so slightly in the candle light. Revendo smiles to himself and shifts his left eye towards a nearby clock, time always seemed to be the enemy when trying to make a deal. His gaze slowly hovers back toward the stiff dwarf. "Well, Hargarth. Do we have a deal or not?" The dwarf known as hargarth loosens up slightly at the mention of his name, a name that not many use lightly, but yet he quickly tenses up again at he stares desperately at Revendo's cold and unshifting eye. "Y....Yes." He stammered, "I.... I will surrender the deed to the mines in khaz'goroth." Revendo blinks slowly and smiles a cold smile as he watches Hargarth sign the contract in black ink........ Improve or modify as you see fit!Revendo0 Sep 6, 2013
Sep 5, 2013 My fishing outfit. Internet went down for a few minutes, but I was dressed for fishing when I DC'd. You like?Takumi1 Sep 5, 2013
Sep 5, 2013 How do you interpret Arcane magic? As in the school of arcane. I've read three things: 1) It's a combination of all four elements (earth, water, fire, air) 3) It's just air 4) It's like the force from star wars. I personally prefer number 1, but how do you interpret it?Changxin20 Sep 5, 2013
Sep 5, 2013 What's Your Character's Lore? Tell me a little about your character's lore. Here's mine. I remember my old life: A Gilnean Knight, Sir Kenneth Brooks. I had a brother, two of them actually. Dreodon and Faridon. I even had a son, Jakob Percy Brooks. One day, I wandered out for a simple walk in Gilneas City, that's when the bad part happened: Arthas, just thinking who was standing in front of me with Frostmourne in hand froze the marrow of my bones. That's when my soul was consumed. But, I was given a new "life" but a dark one at that. I murdered MY FAMILY: My Son, My spouse, Lorna Crowley. But, thanks to Tirion Fordring, my eyes were opened by The Light. I then took on the name "Phoenixheart" to show that my spirit NEVER DIES! ~ Phoenixheart Brooks, Formerly Known as Sir Kenneth Brooks.Phoenixheart138 Sep 5, 2013
Sep 4, 2013 A Formal (Desperate) Request (Plea) ((OOC)) Greetings, and may I say thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this desperate attempt at contact. Yes, that is what this is. To the point. I'm suffering minor withdraws from quality RP. I'm in a RP guild, however I'm suspecting they're going inactive. I have nobody on my friends list because 1) When I do get someone on my list, I'm always scared to contact them for fear of interrupting something they're involved in (seems even the internet can't solve some introvert problems) and 2) I'm afraid to expose myself to the harsh environment of area chats (and let's be honest, on Moon Guard, we turn those off anyway) and shudder at the thought of trying to find RP in normal hotspots, especially with the major one right next to the local Kor'Kron guild HQ. And even when I work up the nerve to head in there, there's always some crap going down that either is semi-private (not preformed in private, but private in who participates) or has scared away anyone worth chatting up. The request: I'm looking for some semi-decent (or above) RP with a persistent plot and character story. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean inside the WoW universe. I'm all for contact in perhaps an IM system, but that's another story and I'll assume since you're here you're looking for Azeroth fun. I do play Moon Guard, but am not posting on MG forums because I.. Well, because I don't have to. Call me dumb, call me an idiot, ignorant, whatever. We all have our crazy ideas.. Never know until you try. I have trouble giving some info about myself because how do I rate myself? It's like grading your own test you just took without the answers to check by. Of course you're going to get a perfect, you know your own train of thought. And if it's wrong, what's there to tell you so? I'm experienced. Average post length is two to three sentences, though sometimes I push more than one character-limit post. I do prefer face to face. (as opposed to forum posting, mail tag, ect.) Well.. Ehm.. That's all I can think to put here... Gods know I left out some vital detail here or there... Oh well, I won't think of it. Thanks for reading this pathetic ramble and I do hope you consider giving me a chance. ...I did think of something at the last second. I am NOT looking for a guild. I always end up screwing up somewhere with guilds. Nor am I looking for a forum chain to join, I hate the fact that I'm not able to instantly communicate with other members if needed. I am meerly looking for someone or a small group of someones to make a persistent story with. And I have characters on both Alliance and Horde.Selithelia1 Sep 4, 2013
Sep 4, 2013 I'm drunk... And the bell just tolled.. guess i'll swing my reapers the spirits told have me an axe gonna swing some heads to the nearby cemetery I make more bedsCryonics2 Sep 4, 2013
Sep 4, 2013 Adieu and Farewell Those of you who have RP-ed with me in the past know who I am. This is for those people. I joined the World's End Tavern community two and a half years ago as part of Zorbak's Civilizations of Warcraft thread. Since then, I have participated in may others. I have also, at times, left the Tavern community for various reasons. (Finances, college finals, that sort of thing.) I have always come back as soon as I was able, and so, I feel that this occasion merits a special post. This may very well be my final goodbye to World of Warcraft and the World's End Tavern. Lately, World of Warcraft has been feeling less and less fun to me. I won't make this a rant about the game, or how to improve it: this is about my personal tastes. Pandaria has been, overall, a disappointment, and with the recent acquisition of a job and the start of my third year of college, I am unable to raid with my guild at anything approaching regularity. I am also so far behind on, well, everything (raid gear in particular) that I don't really feel up to the daunting task of grinding up to par. I have not even played the actual game in the last three months, and I no longer feel right attempting to justify the expenditure of 15 dollars a month for a game that I do not play. As such, this will be my retrospective of my time in the community and a final farewell to its members, who I hold dear to my heart. My first thread ever was Zorbak's Civilizations of Warcraft thread. As such, I have always held a fondness for civilization threads and Zorbak's threads in particular. Thank you, sir, for having me along to see the birth of so many worlds, and thank you for the fond memories. Sigjil, wherever you are, I want to thank for your part in Civilizations of Warcraft, Warcraft 2210, and A World Divided. I know not where you have gone, but thank you for helping me get into the swing of things here at World's End Tavern. Some of my favorite threads ever, from the Walking Damned to the Twilight Patrols, have been hosted by Meep. I know not where you have gone, but I hope that you are reading this. Thank you for your perennial quality and seemingly endless creativity. You seemed a tireless member of the truly old guard of Forum RP-ers, having been around since the original site. The disappearance of so many of the old Rp-ers diminishes this whole community, but your absence is especially keen. Sydric/Alviira, thank you for your part in my Day of Ashes thread. I have already thanked you for your part in that, so I would like to thank you for the Depths of Despair thread. While it died before its time, it was fun while it lasted. Furthermore, you were a constant part in the Walking Damned before I came along, and I had a ton of fun with that. Ashok, wherever you have gone to, thank you for two things. First, for your From the Ashes thread. While it never completed, much fun was had while it lasted. Second, for the Cabal. Without you, I never would have come up with my Cabal thread, something that ties all of my characters together in a web so complex I doubt I'll ever get to explain it fully. Without you, my Day of Ashes thread never would have happened. You brought solid writing to every thread you were in. Thank you. Dristis, you have been a reliable writer in every thread you have joined. Thank you for your part in my thread, and for all of the other threads you and I have been in: Twilight Patrols comes to mind. I sincerely wish the best of luck to you, whatever your future brings. Valamunre and Silvestris, I don't know where you've gone to, but I just want to thank you for your part in helping persuade me that World's End Tavern RP can be very fun. You were both quality writers, and I want to thank you for everything. Lia, while you have, at times, exasperated me, I have always looked at your writing with a certain amount of fondness and nostalgia. Thank you for bringing your memorable characters to the table in every thread you have been in. If you will permit a idiosyncratic man one last indulgence, however: it's "would've" not "would of". "Would've" is a contraction of "Would have": "Would of" means absolutely nothing in everyday conversation. Sammuroth, at times I have felt exhausted by your writing style. That being said, you are a solid writer with several very good characters. As long as you do not go overboard, you are a credit to any thread you join. Bryah, I would like to thank you for your part in Day of Ashes. You have original, unique characters and a forceful writing style, and I wish you well in all of your other ventures. Kialla, I haven't had many RPs with you, and I'm not sure where you've gone to, but thank you for your part in my own Day of Ashes. You have been a solid writer with clear prose, and I thank you for being one of the few people to stick with my thread almost to the end.Einherrjar12 Sep 4, 2013
Sep 3, 2013 Guidelines for a Chen-like Pandaren When I say Chen-like, I mean the fact that he left the Isle far before the others did. It is canon though, that he was not the only one (the monk trainers in other starter zones, such as the Draenei zone). But what are the guidelines for roleplaying such a character as to be the rarest of all the races before the events of MoP? My Pandaren is a scholar, a lorewalker, and an explorer. He left the Wandering Isle long ago (circa BC era) to explore the wonders of the rest of the world that could not be seen from the back of Shen-zin Su. But what would happen if he were to approach a major city such as Ironforge? Or even a smaller settlement such as Lakeshire? Being a scholar, he would have a tremendous time in the libraries of Ironforge. But would it have been possible, as a pandaren, to enter Ironforge? And being a lone explorer, he would eventually need to buy supplies. So would a smaller settlement allow him to trade with them? I'm just trying to get a feel for what a pre-mop pandaren can and cant do :)Qifeng4 Sep 3, 2013
Sep 3, 2013 Living Hell-a story Dusk Witherblade It was not her real name. But it seemed to fit her well. The events leading up to her wielding a runic blade were heartbreaking. It was her story, her secret, her burden. Dusk, the end of the day, the beginning of night. The sun setting over the sea left its warm pink glow on everything from trees to sand, the water reflecting the setting sun’s rays in glorious color. She sat on the beach, thankful tonight was quiet. No others littered the beach with their campfires and blankets. Part of her denied what she was going through. Her hands were cold, but it did not seem to bother her at all. The glowing blade lay at her feet on the sand. The runes inscribed on it by her dead husbands hands. Kale’Dukaren had died defending her and their extended family. The battle for Quel’Danas was brutal, so many had fallen. Her memories haunted her relentlessly. Her use of blade and axe as a warrior was the only thing that had saved her mother and sister from the Scourge. Though they had been potent spellcasters and sister Graciel had kept her alive with the Light. While mother Daedralia had cast potent arcane energy at the ghouls and skeletons of the Scourge. Dusk had watched in horror as a skeletal drake had picked up Kale in its talons and flew off. She screamed his name, but his answer was a scream that was suddenly cut off by his death. The Farstriders had fought to give them a chance to escape out of the besieged city. Daedralia had ushered both of her daughters to the safety of the mountains. They hid in the forest and made camp with other refugees. Some time in the next few days, they learned that the city had been defended, but at a huge cost. So many dead, so many missing. Dusk moved in a semi numb state, nothing her mother or sister could say relieved her mind. Kale was gone, even his body stolen away. Yes he had been a hero, but that did not soothe the ache in her heart. Weeks later in Silvermoon, they made a new home. Dusk continued her training as a warrior, renewing her efforts in a mindless way. It gave her focus and kept her from thinking. The troops needed to attempt to cleanse the Scar were begging for aid. Ghouls and skeletons were constantly cropping up. There seemed to be no end of them. She fought them with a passion, slaughtering so many they piled at her feet in bones and gore. She became skilled at using two weapons, foregoing a shield for the extra damage she could do with axe and blade together. (to be continued)Duskwither24 Sep 3, 2013
Sep 3, 2013 Talking like this)) What does "))" mean? Every RPer I've seen eventually says something with "))" at the end of what they say. I also have another question. Why do some RPers speak in /e, rather than just using /say?Takumi8 Sep 3, 2013
Sep 3, 2013 Question about Recuilting Roleplayers. Hello, Sorry to Hijack here but *cough coughs* My name is Malonstorm, I come asking for aid. The former guild i was with fell apart so i planned on making my own guild and i have a few questions on recuilting roleplayers. 1. The Admirals Pub - Is this a good name for a guild? 2. How to recuilt players successfully (in a dead server) 3. New place for a head quarters (Since our old one in Stormwind Park was destroyed)Malonstorm1 Sep 3, 2013
Sep 3, 2013 Weapons Rp   So bear with me guys I am really new rping but.... I basically want to rp my warrior as if he has had a dark past. I want his weapons to be the centerpiece. (No I am not dual-wielding Sul'thrazes). But I was just curious, is it possible to have my weapons be the center for my corruption?  If that is a yes, could a couple of you maybe pitch ideas at me about what could have corrupted the weapons, and then in turn me? (This has to all be within the lines of WoW Canon and Lore.) (Warrior is a male Nelf btw.)Vynniix12 Sep 3, 2013
Sep 3, 2013 I have no idea where to put this. But I always wanted to try my hand at something like this. I have no voice actors or anything, but I always thought to do a machinima for my character, rather than a "Story" typed out somewhere. Though he has that story typed out... I'll remove this, if it's not supposed to be here, but here's a "trailer". Only bug I caught was the music not fading in like it was intended too, and too much gain on the bass drop. Camera angles look a little goofy too, thinking about it now. No script or anything, just my character's father speaking to him in a flashback or something, I have no idea. )) Sep 3, 2013
Sep 3, 2013 Need 6 DPS, 2 Heals for Core RBG Team You read it right! My Guild is getting ready for Season 14 PvP, and we need 6 DPS, and 2 Healers to have a full Core RBG Guild Team! My Guild is The Stormwind Crusade, it is Level 25 with friendly community. We have all the Heirlooms if you ever feel like Leveling a new toon! For our Core RBG team we currently have: Healers: 1. Brondec / Guild Leader - Holy Paladin 2. Empty (Need A Resto Druid or Resto Shaman) 3. Empty (Need A Disc Priest or MW Monk) DPS: 1. Kaavin / Guild Co-Leader - Arms Warrior 2. Skorpido / Guild Co-Leader - Frost Death Knight 3. Empty (Need A Ele Shaman or Balance Druid) 4. Empty (Need A Subtlety Rogue) 5. Empty (Need A Warlock <-Any Spec) 6. Empty (Need A Mage <-Frost or Fire) 7. Empty (Need A Hunter <-Marksmanship or BM)Brondec3 Sep 3, 2013
Sep 2, 2013 LF Battletag buddy to CRZ Roleplay I really like roleplaying, but WoW just gets weird if I'm not on my home server (Shu'failo). Is anyone interested in being Battletag friends with me, so I could RP with them/their group using CRZ?Takumi0 Sep 2, 2013
Sep 2, 2013 Day of Ashes - (OOC 4) Made a new thread! Recap threads: Original OOC: OOC 2: OOC 3: And, the IC thread:íalla270 Sep 2, 2013
Sep 2, 2013 Day of Ashes-IC part 2 The misshapen bear was like others Sydric had seen. Ravaged by Scourge and rising to fight again. At least that is what he hoped it was. If it was something that this Cabal had cooked up he would just have to fight it. "My only fault was in not stating more firmly that the so called Peace Summit was a sham. The Cabal, whoever they are, will be destroyed!" he shouted at the bear and cast down his death and Decay, adding in the icy blast that would slow his enemies down. His axes swung in a deadly arc as he aimed for the bear. Sydric was a seasoned warrior and his armor was custom made by him to offer the utmost in protection. He could take hits and give out all the damage possible with his twin axes. The rest of his team fought valiantly and surrounded Syd with as much cover as they could and still defend themselves. A frost mage among them covered the decks with ice, making it difficult for the enemy to move quickly. Sydric's boots had cleats on them to give him purchase on the ice. A paladin sent healing energy into him, though Sydric could feel the pain of the Holy Light striking him like cauterizing a wound with open flame. "ARRGGH! The pain is worse than the wounds, Sir Halior...keep the rest alive. My bloodworms will aid me, and my ghouls." he screamed as the bear laid into him with tooth and claw, its putrid flesh falling off the edge of his axe. The wounds were bad and Syd faltered, but he would not go down. Syd hoped that Nishara would be able to get to the lower deck to set the charges soon. They needed to destroy this stuff and get out of here.Sydric9 Sep 2, 2013
Sep 1, 2013 Recruitment ploy =P Sorry guys I had to turn to the RP section because we really want to boost our RP ranks in our guild, as long with member numbers. We are a small friendly guild on Emerald Dream alliance. We have all kinds of stuff already going on and have much more planned if we can get the numbers. RP PVP is our main focus with Dungeons/raiding also there too since we took a vote with our members and have an officer willing to help schedule those once we get the numbers and levels. You all know how it is I'm sure. Anyways our name is Lions of the Loch, we have a fun little story and we even have a website. If any of you are on Emerald dream look us up. We want people to enjoy the guild and be happy to log on again and enjoy a sense of camaraderie.Caedryssa0 Sep 1, 2013
Sep 1, 2013 IC - Crafting ((OOC Question)) Over on Cenarion Circle, me and a friend are the only two active members of our guild which is an RP guild based on crafting things. And we've had a hard time with it. We jsut can't quite fine tune how to work it. And I know that theres a few Crafting-based RP guilds out there and i'm curious how they do it, like is it just a within-guild crafting? or do you craft things for other RPers? any advice on how to go on with out Crafting Guild would be really appreciated. - Coira from Cenarion CircleCoira1 Sep 1, 2013
Sep 1, 2013 Question regarding Dwarves and Elves.. From a rolplaying standpoint or even in actual WoW Lore, would a friendship between a Dwarf and a Night Elf (or Elves in general) be considered strange? (Like the friendship between Gimili and Legolas in LOTR?)Iriimada8 Sep 1, 2013
Aug 31, 2013 The Journey To Party As Wolfie (that's Wolfnightman's nickname) was walking about the crowded streets of Stormwind, an idea dawned on him, 'I should have a party, no, I should FIND a party.' As he walked around Stormwind, he saw large groups of people laughing and talking. He just walked along lonely and feeling a little down. He turned into a cat and sprinted all over Stormwind, but never found a party in sight. Wolfie had wished someone would join him in...'The Journey To Party.'Wolfnightman1 Aug 31, 2013
Aug 31, 2013 New races topic Saw an interesting blog about what new races people would like to see and an interesting thought came up. What if instead of new races they added some more customization like giving you: 1. An opportunity to make a Vrykul out of your human? 2. Dark irons and Wildhammer with the markings for dwarves. 3. Blood elves can make High elves and choose to be Alliance like the Pandaren do. 4. Draenei have an option to make Broken like characters. 5. Orcs could make original race of brown skinned and not demon tainted, in this I would like to see a half orc half Ogre, with the size of an Ogre and female orcs that are larger and more formidable. 6. Tauren would be able to make characters like the Taunka and Youngol. 7. Gnomes could make leper gnomes or the mechanical ones! 8. Trolls could choose to have more options on coloring and tusks or no tusks. Also we need more faces that are not so sour looking and troll males need to look less like hunchbacks and show off their tallness! 9. Forsaken would be able to choose undead elves of both Kaldorei and Sindorei looks. They did bring up a point in the comments section that you need male and female models to be fair. I also like the idea of Ethereals and furbolgs, but without a female counterpart it might be hard. Also the armor we have would not fit them very well. This kind of option system would not be hard to implement as its not really a new race, just more options for what we have.Duskwither4 Aug 31, 2013
Aug 31, 2013 World's End Tavern, help me brainstorm! Hello my fellow writers and roleplayers! I am currently in big need of a character change. Let me tell you why: All of my characters have reflected myself at a point in time. Please bear with the wall of text as well as you can, because after reading it, you will find that you have a comrade in need of some help! (to cut to the chase, look for the line of *) I have 2 characters that I played because at the point in time I played them, they related (in a fantastical way) to my personal life. The first character I lost interest in because the event in my life his story related to became old news, then the I lost interest and immersion in the second character due to a long break form him. I really only love playing a character that I can use to translate my current life phase into Azeroth. Now that leaves me with 2 characters that are but remnants of a past me, and now I have started a new phase of my life: college. I'm majoring in Music Education, and I'm going to choose a history minor after this year. I have a true passion for both music and history, and I can relate that to my new character by having him be either part of the Explorer's League, or part of a college guild that is on my server. *************** So here's the basis for the next character I'm going to make: a man who has a passion and deep understanding of the history of the world he lives in and devotes most of his life to studying history. He's going to have Archaeology and Jewelcrafting as his professions, he has an innate ability with magic, and as an rp element, he has a knack for runes. But here's the kick: what class should he be? Two options: Mage and Warlock. How I would play the mage: Just a regular mage that has studied the arcane magic since a very early age. He uses frost magic almost exclusively because it is the east likely of the specializations to corrupt the wielder. He learns to limit the use of his magic because, through his studies, he understands quite well how easily magic can corrupt its wielder if not kept in check. Warlock: Primarily a fire mage that is also a demonologist. He understands that dabbling in demonology is very dangerous, and that at any moment he could very easily become corrupt and bring danger to those he is close to. But, as a historian, he understands that fighting fire with fire is not always a bad option, and if put into the right hands a demon slave can be very very potent. Not only that, but he is a firm believer that knowledge of your enemy is the best weapon you have against it, and its very obvious to him that demons are still the world's worst enemy. He combines his knowledge, willpower, and confidence to stave off corruption from the demonic powers as best as he can. So with the classes down, I now have two options for races: Pandaren and Dwarf. Pandaren: Becoming filled with wanderlust on the Wandering Isle, he finally left on the back of his dragon turtle and landed on the southern shores of the Eastern Kingdoms. Once on land, he set out to learn as much about this whole new world he found as he could. While he stayed away from major cities, he did draw closer to smaller towns and villages to meet the local people and learn from them and share knowledge of his culture in exchange for knowledge of there's. Now in the wake of the events of cataclysm, his dreams of finding and exploring his hidden ancestral homeland may be closer than he though they were. Dwarf: After being part of the initial group to go into Ulduar and uncover its secrets under the leadership of Brann Bronzebeard, he decided that it was time to live a quieter life and he began exploring all the world that he didn't get to see with the League on his own. Now rumors of the fabled Pandaria being discovered, he is contacted by the SI:7 to use his knowledge, experience with navigating unfamiliar locations and topography skills to assist the King with a special task to recover a "white pawn". So Tavern, which character race/class combo do you think is more interesting? ********** Well that was a lot longer than I wanted it to be hehe, but at least now everyone (well, everyone that is willing to help a writer in need) has everything they need to help me :)Larsardion10 Aug 31, 2013
Aug 31, 2013 Quick question about undead hunters I'm planning on making an undead hunter, but am wondering one thing about h their lore works. With the concept of them having exactly is it supposed to work? Are they treated as a normal hunter, or is the animal off put by the fact that their master is... Dead. While I love the concept of an undead hunter, I feel like I'll need to understand how them having pets works to successfully enjoy one. hunters have nature magic? If so, how does that work for an undead, who is considered largely unnatural? Many thanks for all responses!Verlius5 Aug 31, 2013
Aug 31, 2013 Broken Dreams-story If it was one thing a Kaldorei faced with certainty, it was loss. Time seemed eternal to some, day by day, an endless cycle of events. Even if you thought you loved someone, there was no guarantee they would love you in return. Jaszmin had faced loss before. Many times she had lost friends. Battles were fought, and even a victory had its cost. Burying a friend was hard, parents and siblings even worse. The most recent loss she had faced was tearing her heart to shreds. It was in her nature to be forgiving and open, she did not want love to be forced. If it was not open and free it did not seem right to her. In her mind it was better that he had found happiness. It mattered not that her heart was aching with loss. It was not his fault his memories were gone. It was a cruel twist of Fate. Jazzy remembered his sweet caress, his warm smile, the touch of his hand. In the Ocheliad Tower she sat on a balcony railing, dangling her feet over the edge. It was a very long drop down. In her hands she held a small lute, strumming it softly as her voice lifted in mournful melody. She was high in the topmost tower balcony. It was a lonely place and she felt the tears course down her cheeks. Words did not mean much, she sang nonsensical verse. Love and loneliness, heartbreak and sorrow. How many times had she told herself he was not for her? He was not part of her culture, he belonged to the Horde. Though even now she could see no sense in following that mad orc Garrosh. But the one who held her heart hostage was not fighting for Garrosh, he was in the middle of the rebellion against him. He fought for his people, the Sindorei. There were not many of them left. Kael'Thas had led many to Outland, lost there to the battle against and for Illidian. The Burning Legion had taken its toll. And now the Sha in Pandaria threatened the race with even more losses. As much as he claimed to be seeking answers, her love did not believe her when she told him how much she loved him. He could not find it in his heart to remember the sweetness of their love. Once offering her the promise of a lifetime together, now he only found a blank mind to the past. The Sha had stolen that from him. And from her as well. Jazzy stared down at the long drop below her. It would be so easy to just let drift through the air on the wings of the close her eyes and dream of the sweetness of his kiss..Jaszmin0 Aug 31, 2013
Aug 30, 2013 Question about Windwalkers.. Could a Windwalker be considered an Aeromancer? With flying serpent kick, rushing jade wind (I know all specs get that), Storm Earth and Fire, and chi torpedo, there has to be some kind of wind manipulation there.Zhoushen4 Aug 30, 2013
Aug 30, 2013 A funny thing happened on the way to... On a quest to help Ael'akor, Tyan, Zan and their friend Sath went to Shattrath this evening. And, while being goofy in skype, I said, "Wouldn't it be funny to get people from the Worlds End Tavern forums to come hang out in the actual Worlds End Tavern?" I checked my friends list. No Delurk, no Ag, Mindi's going to bed, Alender (and by proxy Hahnei who he has on battletag?). Ah well. So we walk in and do our things and someone is like "Zan this human warlock wants your attention. And I'm like, "O.o" And I pay attention and then I see this: And I was like, "Oh Hai Callet!" and \o/ I threw a battletag inv and set up a conference between the gang, Callet, and the person Callet was with. We sat around playing a truth-or-dare-eque game. It was huge fun. I'd like to do more of this type of random get-together of WETers in the WET. Huehue. Discuss.Zandrae18 Aug 30, 2013
Aug 30, 2013 The Lone Shaman (( Open RP )) Im a new thread RPer so any advice is welcome! Thanks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A single shaman walks on a weathered path slightly south of Gadgetzen, he was heading for the Un'Goro Crater, to get some crystals for jewelry... Jewlcrafter by trade, Battle Shaman by anything else. He looked left and right his eyes peeking out from under his carefully crafted helmet, though it did not suffice for any real protection, other than blocking the sand from getting into his eyes. He looked left, seeing the carrion birds peck and look for the sparse meat of a bone dry large beast... Looking right he saw the Fakkari base camp, terrible trolls really... The shamans name was Las'Bez, a troll who sought to serve Vol'Jin to the end... Deep in thought... The path seemed to vanish before his shrouded eyes, the sand blowing more ferociously. Las'Bez... Was lost...Lasezbez21 Aug 30, 2013
Aug 30, 2013 LF Oceanic RP buddy / buddies. Hello World's End Tavern! I am looking for any oceanic (or similar time zoned) players who are interested in roleplaying with me. I'm not really fussed what faction / race / server we play on I just want to start rping again since my old guild disbanded whilst I was on hiatus.Nathurian2 Aug 30, 2013
Aug 30, 2013 Orc Mage Chieftain? (( Hello friends. I just need to hear some of your thoughts on a matter. I am a gm of Clan Stormfist, an Orc based Rp guild on Emerald Dream. The Chieftain is named Ugannar, an Orc shaman. Very appropriate for an Orc clan right? Here's the problem: he's not my main. This guy , Dar'garok, my Mage, is. A few are suggesting I go through with making him chief sense he is my main. Now lore wise a Mage as a chieftain makes little sense. At least from what I see anyway. I like rping on Mage more than my Shaman. In fact, I do at times find myself being bored whenever I use Ugannar for rp, mainly only using him for when I NEED to. So I guess what I am asking is this: Should I make my Mage chieftain? Will doing so kinda change how my guild is viewed? Thanks in advance. Dar'garok Icefist ))Dargarok9 Aug 30, 2013
Aug 30, 2013 Best Server for Character Driven Roleplay I know this type of topic has been created several times in the past, but I'm hoping I can describe the type of experience I'm looking for an can be directed in the right direction. For the longest time I have played WoW focusing on it's PvP aspects. A lot of my old friends who I have enjoyed the game with in the past have moved on, but I keep finding myself returning to Azeroth. Now I have new friends to play the game with and we are looking for a nice Roleplay server. The kind of server we are looking for is a server where people roleplay as their characters, taking in every aspect of the world around them and making the game an experience more than anything. I would really love the kind of roleplay where I can walk up to someone and get to know them briefly before asking them to accompany me on a quest. I know this is a pretty broad request, but if anyone could point me in the direction of a realm where such a thing is possible, I would appreciate it greatly. On a finishing note, we will probably be playing alliance but are flexible if the options are limited.Rollinghoof5 Aug 30, 2013