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Oct 2, 2013 RP sets on standard of Roleplay I have a question, as I want to get back into RP; what affect does RP gear have on the standard of RP you have with others? Would you RP with someone who has a less than impressive set? Is it frowned upon for a level 90 to have an easy-to-get RP set? Is there a standard of RP sets out there? Sorry for the novice question, but I'm very curious about this!Ltsnail10 Oct 2, 2013
Oct 2, 2013 The Contract ((Story, Open Comments)) ((First, an introduction, both to myself, and the piece(s): I'm a new-old forum dweller; it's been years since I posted anything, but I was moderately active in the RP forums several years ago starting with BC and ending early-mid WotLK. I'm currently a post-secondary student with a fairly heavy course load, so I can't promise regular updates to this, but it's my first attempt at a formal, planned novella (novellette? Someone with a better literary vocabulary than I can decide what category this falls in) and it's one I intend to see through to the end. I'll reserve the first ten or so posts, as I'm not entirely sure how long it'll be at the end -- it may, as Tolkien said, grow in the telling. So, the piece itself: It's my take on a heist story, with a few twists that (hopefully) aren't entirely evident and apparent from the outset. All the characters used are mine, either ones that currently exist or existed at some point in the past (maybe will exist in the future?). I hope everyone enjoys the read, and please feel free to offer constructive criticism and feedback (note: "I LOVED IT!!!," while a nice ego-stroke, doesn't help me improve if I'm missing something either in my structure, style, or syntax. I won't complain about the praise, but if you want to go the extra step beyond and win some e-waffles, give a suggestion as to how I could make it better). Cheers! ))Airchlis10 Oct 2, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 fears what does your character fear the most? why does he/she fear it so much, what would happen if this fear were to happen? mistraven's greatest fear is the cold, the fear he got from a lich after being turned into a death knight, his 'fear' is more of an extreme pobia, a chill up his spine puts him in shock, he coats the inside of his armor in the fur of a Northrend mammoth and keeps fire stone embedded in his armor to keep it heatedMistraven14 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Finally decided on a last name. I was tired of being called "Takumi, the Elemental Warrior", mainly because it didn't look good on chat. What do you guys think of "Takumi Emberbrew"?Takumi5 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Non-Magical explainations? So I thought of a cool idea for my Goblin Warrior, suppose RP-wise all her warrior abilities can be fueled by her vast knowledge of technology? Blazing Trail Charge can simple be her running with her rocket boot attachments, same with her Heroic Leap. Storm Bolt could be a thrown lightning rod thing or taser. I dunno about Thunder Clap, something science-y... What do you guys think? And/or have any ideas to explain things? Another for the Spell Reflect (since she's Fury) is just baseballing a spell back, easy.Deedaru5 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 That awkward moment... when you transfer to Wymrest Accord to RP, but you're too shy to walk up to someone (which is breaking Takumi's lore, because he's supposed to be brave)...Takumi12 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Roleplay Stories? Hello all! I have been reading some posts for this forum, and it made me want to try creating a rp story for my panda shaman :) I am not on a rp server, but reading the many different rp stories here I thought I would try it! Please let me know what you think! Emmalee is a pandaren shaman, when she completed her training, and after much thought about which faction she should choose, she decided to go join the horde. When she reached Orgrimmar, she swelled with pride in knowing that she had chosen the faction for her. When she was brought forth to display her powers before Garrosh Hellscream, he instantly noticed that she would be a powerful ally. Garrosh Hellscream sent her forth on many quests making sure she did as many battleground as possible. When entering a random battleground however, Emmalee killed one of her good friends, Garrosh Hellscream's brainwash over her had become significant, but as soon as she realized what she had done, she became remorseful and swore that she would never take another life. Garrosh Hellscream threatned that if she did not continue going into battles he would make sure that he himself would take the lives of her parents and her younger brother Sydmond. She was torn, she beleived strongly in the horde, and was proud to be a part of it, but she did not support Garrosh Hellscream, and thought him to be a wild crazed leader. She spent many nights plotting out ways for Hellscream's demise, and after months of plotting she found other members of the horde, who like her felt the same way about their leader. She organized her own guild, and contined going through quests and dungeon's to grow stronger. She is still working on becoming a powerful shaman, but knows that one day, she will finally be able to contribute to Garrosh Hellscream's demise. This is what I have so far, i know it needs some work, but please let me know your thoughts!!!Emmalee1 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Escaping Darkshore! This is my first role play story! Please read this post so that you follow the thread! Many thanks! Mirriana awoke to the sound of a loud crashing noise in the room next to hers, which happened to be the dining room. Still groggy from waking up at such a late hour, she fumbled in the dark looking for her hat to hide away the flyaway whisps of hair that never seemed to cooperate. After she fixed the hat on her head, she threw the covers off of her and walked silently up to her bedroom door and heard her father's voice. She pushed her ear to the door in frustration, willing herself to somehow make his voice get louder so that she could hear what he was saying, and within moments of the thought she had just processed, he banged his fist on the table and began to talk louder. "Ailya, I do not like this, I do not like this at all. There have been many quakes in Azeroth as of late, I am worried that our family is no longer safe here, it is a feeling that I cannot rid. I think there is a great and terrible sundering about to happen." He paused, and then spoke once more, and even though the door was a solid sturdy oak Mirriana could hear the fear in his voice when he spoke next. "Ailya, I think we should go to Stormwind, I think we will be much safer there." Mirriana pushed her ear into the door so that she could try to make out her mother's voice next, "Lindwyn, I cannot bear to leave our home, I have felt the unease here in Darkshore growing as well, I'm afraid that whatever happens, no where will be safe anymore. I do not wish to leave my home, I grew up here and wish for our daughter to have the same experience as we did, Lindwyn, please." Mirriana was suddenly knocked to her feet, the earth was moving underneath her violently, there was shouting, and her door was flung open. Her father moved swiftly towards her and picked her up in his arms like he used to when she was a child. "Father what is happ..." but her words were cut off, at that moment a beam from the roof fell in front of them blocking her father's way. She screamed in terror, not sure what was happening, and not sure if she would survive this turmoil. Mirriana did not know how her father managed to do what he did next but with one arm, he managed to pick up the beam that was blocking their path, and ran into the next room. When they reached the inner porch, Mirriana began to search for her mother. "Father, where is mother? Where is she?" But her screams went unnoticed above the wail of the winds, and the violent shakings of the moving earth below them.Mirriana1 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Escaping Darkshore! This is my first role play story! Please read this post so that you follow the thread! Many thanks! Mirriana awoke to the sound of a loud crashing noise in the room next to hers, which happened to be the dining room. Still groggy from waking up at such a late hour, she fumbled in the dark looking for her hat to hide away the flyaway whisps of hair that never seemed to cooperate. After she fixed the hat on her head, she threw the covers off of her and walked silently up to her bedroom door and heard her father's voice. She pushed her ear to the door in frustration, willing herself to somehow make his voice get louder so that she could hear what he was saying, and within moments of the thought she had just processed, he banged his fist on the table and began to talk louder. "Ailya, I do not like this, I do not like this at all. There have been many quakes in Azeroth as of late, I am worried that our family is no longer safe here, it is a feeling that I cannot rid. I think there is a great and terrible sundering about to happen." He paused, and then spoke once more, and even though the door was a solid sturdy oak Mirriana could hear the fear in his voice when he spoke next. "Ailya, I think we should go to Stormwind, I think we will be much safer there." Mirriana pushed her ear into the door so that she could try to make out her mother's voice next, "Lindwyn, I cannot bear to leave our home, I have felt the unease here in Darkshore growing as well, I'm afraid that whatever happens, no where will be safe anymore. I do not wish to leave my home, I grew up here and wish for our daughter to have the same experience as we did, Lindwyn, please."Mirriana0 Oct 1, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 In-Game Timeline Has there been any word on an official timeline? I'm trying to write my MRP profile but I'm having difficulty placing how long ago the Cataclysm was.Cystal2 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 What is your characters goal in life? For Dalaen it would be survival and a way to overcome boredom throughout all aspects of life. Whether he is enjoying himself by drinking in a tavern or pinning himself up against life or death situations, he won't willingly stay in a routine for more than a couple days.Dálaen18 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 House of Madness Seeks Inmates! [RP Guild] Confusion awaits... Have you heard the whisper of madness? Do you feel troubled in the mind -- or do you feel perfectly normal, despite all the people telling you that you're insane? We have a home for you! <House of Madness> is Azeroth's premiere facility for the troubled of mind, and for those who wish to study them. With comfortable beds and a roof that mostly doesn't leak, our facility above the Undercity is state-of-the-art. The art may be a little abstract, of course, but this is a madhouse! A little confusion is only natural. Please contact Headmistress Andelia to arrange your stay at the House of Madness, or just follow one of our gibbering lunatics home. We'll take care of you once you get there. -- The OOC Nitty-Gritty: <House of Madness> is a brand-new roleplaying opportunity on the Cenarion Circle (US) server. You can find our website here: If you're not familiar with the Cenarion Circle server, now's a great time to try it out -- there's lots going on for both Horde and Alliance, with regular weekly events, an active forum community, and an in-character chat channel for on-the-go roleplaying. Focusing specifically on characters with at least a touch of insanity to them (or an interest in the insane), <House of Madness> is a guild primarily focused on roleplaying: scheduled events, impromptu city RP, in-character appearances at server-wide events, chatter in the /hearthstone in-character channel, and more! Any character is welcome, so long as they have a reason to hang around a madhouse. Ranks are two-tracked: we have both an "Inmates" ladder and a "Staff" ladder, with equal permissions for both. And, of course, if you gaze too long into the abyss as a Staff member, you might just find yourself committed for a spell as an Inmate...that's the risk they take, who dabble in the mysteries of the troubled mind! Expect to be active in the server-wide RP scene as a member of <House of Madness>. Our goal is to get out there and get involved -- in a fine, chaotic style. -- Possible Characters Thinking about playing a new guest at the House of Madness? Here are some grand old archetypes we'd love to see -- and we're looking forward to seeing what else people think up, too! The Mad Scientist - Mock you, will they? You'll show them -- show them all. The Tormented Zealot - Gods and demons speak to you. You're just passing the message along to everybody else. The Chronic Substance Abuser - From the troll on a permanent vision quest to the eyeball-clawing blood elf in withdrawal, some people just don't know when to quit. The Gibbering Lunatic - Untha ialun a suna! Suiathhag an! Aftaths'uth rantha ang guag! The Good Doctor - Sit down. Tell me your troubles. Oh, the straps? Don't worry. Those are only for our bad patients. You're not going to be bad, are you? Let your imagination run don't have to be crazy to join, but it probably helps! -- How to Join Ready to join the House of Madness? You can register at our forums to get active there right away, even before you've contacted us in-game. Forums, registration, and information are all available at: In-game all our members have invite power, so stop by the Cenarion Circle realm and type "/who House of Madness" to see who you can send a whisper. Or ask in the Hearthstone channel or find us at an event -- we love in-character contacts best of all! Expect a short in-character "admissions interview" type of conversation. This isn't a test you have to pass to get in or anything; it's just a way for us to get to know your character so we can get you involved from the moment you accept the invitation. We'll see you all soon, and remember...confusion awaits!Andelia22 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 bad habits what are your character's bad habits? why do they have these bad habits? for me, my bad habit is my hunger, i have just now developed the taste for flesh and im not taking it well, if any of you have seen me in other threads you might notice i have a habit of saying /eats them all thats my bad habit, i cant control my hunger, i can avoid eating members of the horde but thats as far as my self control extendsMistravan10 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 Quick Question Would it be bad for someone to create a Leper Gnome who's body was badly affected by the radiation, but who's brain was relatively unaffected? I was thinking this could be done by making a gnome Death Knight, have the skin color turn green, and have goggles covering the eyes. Would this be acceptable? Or should I scrap the idea entirely?Ørm5 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 The Black Shepherd (OOC thread) I hope nobody minds if I start the thread that was requested. links to the IC threads are below. :) link to the first thread: link to the second thread: Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 tavern rp (this is placed in the tavern next to the entrance to silvermoon, inside the city) *a chill air seemed to blow through the room, strange as this was eversong woods, and in the middle of July, a Forsaken sits at the bar and drinks what looks to be a weak wine, despite being Forsaken, he smells like lemons*Mistravan0 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 Character's Voice This might have been brought up before, but what does you character sound like? Styvan Swiftstrike - John Barrowman ( ) Mainly because I play Styvan like Captain Jack Harkness who is played by John Barrowman, so I figured, might as well use his voice as well.Styvan55 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 29, 2013 Your character's finishing moves? What ways would your character kill off an opponent? For example, Delurk might launch a defeated opponent (provided he wasn't an ogre, tauren, or draenei) into the air and deliver a fatal uppercut slash, cleaving the enemy in two. Another one of his personal favorites would be to bash the guy's head into the ground (provided it wasn't sand) until they're nearly numb, then dig out their eyes with his thumbs and leave them for the crows. A third way would be to bind the enemy's hands and feet with rope, tie a noose around their neck, attach the noose to his wolf, Durek, and spur the wolf forward. That's just to name three. How would your character dispatch a foe?Delurk82 Sep 29, 2013
Sep 29, 2013 Advice: RP Guilds & Naming Any advice on the naming of an RP Guild? Here's my personal idea: Name: N/A Race(s): Blood Elf and Forsaken General: A military alliance and crossracial organization between the Blood Elf and Forsaken. Our primary goals would be to entail the legitimate claims of the Forsaken and Blood Elves, and to ensure their protection from the encroachment of outside forces. Furthermore, the two races have agreed to the partition of Darrowmere Forest, i.e. the Eastern Plaguelands, as well as, the explusion of all non-Forsaken and Sin'dorei within the Northern Kingdoms, et cetera. To this end, they'll incorporate volunteers from each organization within the kingdoms, i.e. Deathguards, Farstriders, Blood Knights, et cetera. Thoughts? I need help with an organizational name, and in flushing out the remaining details.Aenistris3 Sep 29, 2013
Sep 29, 2013 "Songbird" New character, new approach. Enjoy! ________________________________________________ Purple Parlor, Dalaran One week before the Purge of Dalaran "What do you see, Songbird?" It was a daily ritual for the past year. Arei'ella Meadowsong and her instructor in Divination, a Sunreaver named Achernar Sunwing, would start the day like this. A High Elf and a Blood Elf at the balcony high above the city of Dalaran had been a common sight. Arei'ella was quite young as elves went, just barely twenty-three two days before, but her potential as a mage was already noticed. She would likely become one of the best to come out of Dalaran. That was in the future, though. Right now, she had to pass her exams and survive her teachers. "I see Northrend as its usual quiet self, thankfully. The Scourge have been quiet for a very long time." "What else do you see? Shift your focus worldwide." It took her a moment to shift her view. A few sea battles, events she was not prepared to see for a pair of young lovers...She immediately shifted her view from there without any hesitation. "Vol'jin is up to something, but I can't put my finger on it. Then again, most Trolls are beyond my meager understanding anyway." "A little secret? Mine, too," grinned Achernar. "What else?" "A flare of Shadow Energy in Pandaria, but a familiar type of source..." "Similiar to Yogg'Saron, eh?" "Very alike." "Troubling, but I can't dwell on that. Go on." "Mount Hyjal looks quiet, but---" She was getting a little off balance, which prompted Achernar to catch her. "Your particular connection to the Well of Eternity is something I forget in these exercises. Having such an ancient bloodline you know. Come back, Songbird." "Again? Why is it every time I lose my focus near Nordrassil?" "It's a strong magic source, and you are attuned to magic in a way most of my students are not. It makes you an excellent Diviner, though. You just need to learn not to get swept up in the Arcane Currents. Today's lesson will be....." Arie'ella returned to her flat in Dalaran after the new lesson. A simple linen nightgown was her usual attire at night. The flat was simply appointed, as per her tastes. The only difference was the runes she had invisibly put on the walls. They reduced noise to nothing, and shielded the room from outside magic. It was a perfect scryer's sanctum. Her instructor took full advantage of that, too. Her homework often entailed him placing a potted plant somewhere with a few wards, and telling her to draw it from her flat. That was one of her gifts; she knew how to draw like an artist did. She was also a very good singer, hence her nickname of 'Songbird'. This night bothered her, tough. She could not complete the assignment because she was being purposefully blocked by someone not her instructor. It was so completely as to be suspicious. She slept with a lot on her mind. Two days later "Back up, Songbird. Say that last part for me again." "I was being purposefully blocked." "Exactly. Someone doesn't want something to be seen. Walk with me. Show me where you felt it." The Underbelly was not always the nicest place, but it was a good place to hide from normal prying eyes. There was nothing normal about Arei'ella's sea green eyes, though. She was a Diviner; this was her gift. It didn't take long to find the source of the disruption... "A murder." It was a Blood Elf, stabbed in the back, wearing Sunreaver colors. The blade was Sunreaver in make, too, and not his. "This....doesn't make sense." "Of course it doesn't, but murder rarely ever does, Songbird. It looks like we have ourselves a mystery, and not a pleasant type." The rune was definitely his, and it was blocking her scrying. The dagger hilt was suspiciously imprinted too heavily. "Archmage Sunwing, this blade was not wielded by an elf. The grip is too inset to be such a grasp." "Touch it, see if you can sense something, Songbird." Arei'ella carefully touched the blade and closed her eyes, a small arcane pulse zapping the blade. "An orc." "An orc...Killing a fellow member of the Horde, Songbird." "That....Never mind. Why?" "I have a feeling we'll find out. This information alone is not enough to figure out what is going on." "So another unsolved murder in the Underbelly? Why does that sound wrong?" "I know how you feel, Arei'ella. I really do, but we aren't the Kirin Tor, nor the city's guards. All we can do is report this." And hope this is not a portent to trouble, she mentally added.Areiella11 Sep 29, 2013
Sep 29, 2013 the story of bamboopete hello fellow citizens of azeroth, my name is bamboopete and i would like to share with you my story... this is a film about me (pete) i hope you will watch it and enjoy it and share my tale throughout the lands~ ¦¬)Bamboopete0 Sep 29, 2013
Sep 29, 2013 By the Lake!((Open RP)) ((Time for something basic! Let's see where it goes!)) Mulgore.. a beautiful land for the cattle to frolic and the true men and women of the world to escape their issues or at least dump them off on some other loser... Is what Fraen had first thought upon arriving in the plains view for a trip. His original plan to relax in Pandaria having been spoiled by some kind of Orc issue.. he had not really been paying much attention at the time he was told. Arriving at the immediate nearby lake, the warlock began setting up his relaxing area including a fake fishing pole and all he needed to look both busy and important at the same time. "Here will do..." He mutters having set up across from the nearby tauren encampment, triple barreled gnomish pistol tucked securely in reaching distance as he finished up preparations for what he figured would be a long relaxing trip by the lake... ((Basic set, anybody can join in, just somethin' to have fun with))Fraen37 Sep 29, 2013
Sep 28, 2013 your character's backstory* there, happy now? share your character's backstory, feel free to wall textMistraven4 Sep 28, 2013
Sep 28, 2013 short stories (remade) hello, my last short story thread was a fail, along with the story itself, so ive getten rid of that story and started making different ones, now ive got several to post here, hope you like them, please if you do not like them, do not critisize them, make constructive comments so i can make future stories better, hope you like them :)Mistraven3 Sep 28, 2013
Sep 28, 2013 Mmm.. too angsty-sueish? Not going to post the massive character sheet I did. Partly because it's massive, and partly because it's lazy writing that's just helping me get an idea of her. Anyways. One of her parents vanished as a child, her first lover(currently only) died in one of the wars within the last 12~15 years(though they were long broken up) and this leaves her feeling guilty inside, and she has a dark secret that severely depresses her, and is some of the reason why she broke it off the dead lover dude. Because off all those events she's a relatively distanced person and doesn't lightly use the word, "friend". She isn't broody and moody in public however. More stoic and stand-offish, though she'll flash you a smile and talk to you if you initiate something/insist on conversing. This is the first character I've taken seriously and I'm curious if all of this sounds too typical and sueish in nature. Not necessarily the oh-so-perfect sue you have to hate because of it, but the one you hate because their very existence is a blah of sad. These dark parts to her cause her to want to strive to be something "stronger" and "better". Let's just say, she's having a hard time letting the past go and she's a self-blamer. At the same time, she's goal-orientated and puts most before herself(this can be seen as either negative or positive depending-- she happens to see it as more a positive thing). Opinions, opinions please. If ya want more info for judging I'll be willing to share. Really loving the idea of her and I want to round her as good as I can before creation actually starts(in-game).Faedlyn2 Sep 28, 2013
Sep 28, 2013 Your character's gender has been swapped! How does he / she / heshe respond? Personally, I can see Delurk responding confused and violently.Delurk82 Sep 28, 2013
Sep 28, 2013 Rise of the Forsaken [Novel] Hey guys, I've been posting a fan fiction novel I wrote on mmo champion. I thought you guys may enjoy it so I'm giving you guys the link. It's long and I didn't want to take up so much space on multiple sites. I hope you enjoy, and I realize the lore is a bit off in places. Please rate and comment! Thank you. Sep 28, 2013
Sep 27, 2013 Would this rp idea work? I want to create a human fire mage who is actually a red dragon who was cursed by Malygos long ago. The curse caused her to remain in the last humanoid form she was in for all eternity. Though in this form she can channel some of her fiery powers. She fled to Stormwind in an attempt to find a way to break the curse. Upon reaching Stormwind she learned no one there could help her. So she is adventuring in an attempt to gain the skill, renown, and gold to travel to Northrend to Dalaran to seek out the help of the Kirin Tor as well as the red dragonflight. Would this work? Please no rude comments, you have nothing to gain from being rude.Ulkley15 Sep 27, 2013
Sep 27, 2013 your character's lore? share your character's lore here, feel free to wall text spamMistraven20 Sep 27, 2013
Sep 27, 2013 A Few RP Questions Now I'm coming here because even though I'm an avid RPer, I still run into walls and I'm most likely gonna catch some flak for these questions, so here we go. Question Number One: I've always had a fear of "Mary Sue" syndrome with characters. But it's to the point where I'm afraid of making a unique character only to be called out for being a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. How do you be unique without resorting to that? Question Number Two: I've heard the term "purple prose" tossed around, but never had anyone explain it to me in terms I get...what is purple prose and why is it called that? Question Number Three: RP duels, I know some people have a no RP fight thing, but here's a question. All my characters seem to be getting hurt profusely in RP fights because I'm afraid of blocking or dodging (even though Deeds here WAS trained by her brother before he met his untimely demise), so then how do I block, dodge, or use the Elements to block without being called a god moder?Deedaru8 Sep 27, 2013
Sep 27, 2013 Looking for a night elf rp guild. I don't mind what server so long as it's an rp one (even an rppvp is okay) and the guild as well as members stick to lore as best they can. If anyone has a guild like this even knows of one I would love if you could help me out here, thanks for your time. :3Hindel2 Sep 27, 2013
Sep 27, 2013 Resurrection: Rise from Ruin (OOC/sign ups) Civilization Rp It has been two years since the races of the alliance and the horde banded together to stop the might of Garrosh, and his orchish hordes. Two years ago racism took a back seat to unity, fear and hatred were cast aside for fellowship and camaraderie and it has been two years since their utter failure. Empowered by the heart of a dead god, Garrosh laid waste to the armies of his foes, impaling them upon the spires of Orgrimmar. Garrosh in his narrow-minded quest for vengeance stripped Azeroth of its protectors, With the alliance and the rebel horde dismantled, the wolves struck. From the tides came the naga, the nether came the legion, and from their prisons the old gods exerted their influence once more. For two years the battered races of azeroth have hid and fled from their longtime foes, but now no longer. From once mighty empires, new nations have risen, from the rubble of the old, new hope has been kindled. Will these new nations band together against the unimaginable horrors that still await them? Or will they allows themselves to be fall bag in the mires of racial hatred and bigotry. The fate of Azeroth is now in your hands, it is up to you to liberate the races of azeroth or to crush them under the might of your iron fist! --- Welcome one and all to Resurrection; Rise from Ruin; Civilization RP. In this thread you will control a budding nation that is beset on all side by the horrors that Garrosh has set loose. Against the legion and the old gods, against the undead and the horde, you shall fight to survive. By the might of your back and the strength of your sword your nation shall grow, until one day it will rule the whole of Azeroth. For those who are never participated in nation rp, the concept is simple. Instead of controlling an adventurer or a band of travelers you will rp as a whole nation. The choice is up to you, you can write through the eyes of a general, a peasant or as a omnipresent third person. As you post, your nation will grow and expand, roads will be built, armies will be raised and resources will be plundered. As your empire grows, it will no doubt come in contact with others such as you; will you seek trade or conquest? Will you be expansionist or isolationist? Everything is up too you! Signup Sheet: Nation’s Name: Self Explanatory National Leader’s: These are the movers and shakers in your nation, they are your generals your kings/queens, who is in charge of your nation? Race(s): You can choose from the list above, or you can ask for a specific race and I will draft their stats for you! If you decide to, you can be an amalgamation of races however you can only pick one set of racial traits. Population: maximum 8000 Military: Starting military is 20% of your population and can grow to a maximum of 30% of your population. Unit Type: what units make up your army? Location: where is your nation, certain areas will be off limits due to baddies, however I’m willing to work with you on it, if you have your heart set on a particular place Short history/biography of your nations rise to power: How did you survive the sha powered army’s of the true horde, what kept your people safe from the legions of…. well… the burning legion and the numerous other big bads that now litter the landscape of Azeroth. Is your nation isolationist, Xenophobes, religious cults or secular democracy’sJeramayan500 Sep 27, 2013
Sep 27, 2013 Names, Names, Names Galore! Hi! I was thinking long and hard about my female goblin's name, and came up with ones like Ronda, Wanda, Cosma, Tootsie, Jolly, or SPrinkles. All were taken, and I couldn't make a ticket for them and get the name. Do you guys know any good names that sound familiar-ish to the names listed, or any good goblin names? Thankie!Thengel3 Sep 27, 2013
Sep 27, 2013 Any RP in Argent Dawn? Looking for a decent RP on Argent Dawn Server. Nothing too serious, but nothing like Goldshire. Something easy to get into and easy to get out of from day to day. It'll be mostly evenings through the week and then on the weekend, times would vary. Any groups feel free to message me. Real ID is Nate #1792. Thanks all!Carthalex4 Sep 27, 2013
Sep 26, 2013 The Black Shepherd ((Open RP)) According to the tablet, he was in the right area, though it seemed like he was the only one for miles. This part of Shattrath City was always quiet and foreboding which made his all the more wary. A cut-off from the Lower City, his destination seemed like just another hole-in-the-wall shop or tavern, but there was far more. Morgan Shallowbreath kept his hood drawn and his hands hidden. He remembered how Forsaken used to walk these streets during the early years of the Horde and Alliance's conquests in Outland. They were just another part of the Horde but now... He looked over his shoulder to see a scruffy gnome hacking up a lung on the street behind him. Morgan continued his pace without falter but as he trudged away he could feel the presence of beady, little eyes upon him. He rounded a corner and almost ran face-first into the very building he was trying to find. Good, he thought as he checked his pocket-watch. He was late at it was. Knock twice, three times, then drag your hand across the door. The Forsaken did so and a loud scratch echoed when he drug his hand. Then he waited with apprehension beginning to build. He needed to be off the streets. He could still feel the eyes. A little peephole appeared to his right with two glowing green eyes examining him. "Which way does the void go?" Morgan remembered. It said the answer on the tablet. "Everywhere," He hissed. The eyes disappeared and the door opened with a groan. Before Morgan stood a tall Blood Elf, arms crossed and a scowl marking his face. "You're late," He growled. Morgan shrugged. "Can't exactly ride valiantly through the Lower City on a dreadsteed, now can I, pretty boy?" The Blood Elf and the Forsaken stared into each other's eyes, sizing each other up. However, the silence was soon broken by a loud laugh from the Blood Elf and a slap to the shoulder. "It's good to see you, Morgan, come in." He shuffled inside and as soon as the door was closed, shed his hood. His long hair was tied in a tail aside from his usual braids. He was surprised his hair had survived the decay of undeath. Then again, his uncle had always said the men of their family had thick hair. With a flick of his wrists, he removed his robes over his hands. "Why do you hide always hide your hands?" The Blood Elf asked as he lead the way down the hall. Morgan followed, cracking his neck in the process. "I like to keep a low profile. My sinews are beginning to show through and I don't need any damn undead-killers chasing after me." In reality, however, it was just a habit from his past life. "Whatever suits your fancy, I suppose." He stopped next to another door. The hallway was dim yet Morgan could see light from under the door. "I presume the others are here?" Morgan mumbled. "They are," The Blood elf nodded. "You're the last one." "Then let's get started," Morgan said before pushing the door open. ((Hey guys, this is a new RP just for people to come in and have some fun while creating an epic story. We'll be exploring the lands of Outland as well as Azeroth in a grand adventure that can incorporate everyone's own story. Please write by the usual rules and enjoy!))Morken490 Sep 26, 2013
Sep 26, 2013 The Ballad of Qi-Feng (Chapter 6) Chapter 1: Every good story starts with a drink “Papa! Papa! Whatcha readin’?!” The excited Pandaren cub ran up to his father, Zhoushen, who was sitting in his study with a large leather book in his lap and a pot of tea on the table next to him. The young cub startled his father as he looked up from his book and smiled at his excited son. “Ha ha! Since when do you care for reading, boy?” “If you like reading, then I like reading! I want to be just like you when I grow up!” “Oh, come now. You’re going to be better than your old man!” “Well I hope I can have a beard like yours when I’m older!” The young cub jumped up on his fathers lap and started pulling at the long goatee that was hanging from his face. “So whatcha readin? huh? Whatcha readin’?” “Well if you want to hear the story of how the Pandaren gained their freedom long ago, then you’re going to have to be quiet, boy!” The young cub made a zipping motion across his lips and sat on his father’s lap. “Long ago, there was a race of terrible giants of stone known as the Mogu. These giants enslaved our entire race, and every other race on Pandaria, for none were strong enough to oppose them!” The young Qi-Feng looked up at his father with excitement and wonder. “What did they look like papa?!” Zhoushen laughed at his son’s curiosity “They were towering in size, with skin of solid grey stone! They had long hair of solid gold and deep green eyes that struck fear into the hearts of their subjects! Even worse, their weapons were the size of trees! Made to incite terror into the people who stood on the other end of their mighty blades!” Qi-Feng’s look of wonder turned into a look of fear. “However.. that did not stop the ancient Pandaren monks from rebelling and banishing the Mogu that survived the uprising into the darkest corners of Pandaria.” “But papa, how did the Pandaren defeat such terrible giants?” 

“Ha ha that story, like all good stories my son, starts with a good drink.” Zhoushen recounted the early history of the Pandaren oppression, and the mistakes that the last of the emperor’s made that led to the Pandaren gaining the advantages they needed. “...These healers came to be known as monks, and as brewmasters. Their drinks would inspire and strengthen the hearts of the people and give them hope in times of despair. Along with the drinks, the Pandaren would perform community dances to strengthen the connection each individual had with one another. Their chi flowed through each of them, and they perfected unarmed combat through these dances and through meditation in the short hours that were allotted to sleep. But the monks we know of today are very different from the Brewmasters of the ancient times. The Mogu emperor named Lao-Fe was one of the most brutal of the Mogu emperors. Even by Mogu standards, he was a a monster. His favored punishment was to separate families. One way he did so, was by sending the children of slaves that displeased him to the Serpent’s Spine to suffer as fodder for the unending Mantid swarms. This was the fate that befell a young Pandaren monk named Kang. Kang was so grief-stricken over the loss of his cub that he chose to wear all black. In a moment of clarity, he saw the Mogu overlords for what they were: weak. They possessed dark magics and horrific weapons, but their empire was completely reliant on slave labor. The servant races were not permitted to carry weapons during the reign of the Mogu, so Kang determined that the Pandaren themselves would become the weapons. One day, Kang issued a challenge to his fellow slaves to hit him. Surprised, the beleaguered pandaren slaves tried to strike Kang. One by one they failed, for he intercepted their blows like a dancer and sidestepped their attacks like a reed in the wind. Kang told the slaves, "Our backs are hardened by the whips of the mogu." he told them. "Our arms are powerful from building their fortresses. Our minds are sharp from working alongside our enemy. You think the mogu are stronger? I say we are their strength!". Inspired by his defiance, the slaves begged Kang to teach them to fight. So it came to pass that pandaren monks began their training in the martial arts, and Kang became known as the Fist of First Dawn. For you see son, Pandaria was forever changed because of a father’s unending love for his son.” Zhoushen looked down at his son, who had a twinkle in his eye and a smile across his face as wide as the sea. “Papa, do you think I could make a good monk?” Zhoushen smiled and took a sip of his tea. “How about I take you to Master Shang Xi tomorrow, and you can ask him yourself?” ___________________________ If you liked it, simply leave a short comment saying that you did, so I know to post more of the story :)Qifeng16 Sep 26, 2013
Sep 25, 2013 Blizzcon-any rpers going? I know this is not really rp related. I was just curious. Is anyone who rps extensively going to Blizzcon this year? I will probably do the virtual ticket again. Cannot afford to take a trip to California. If you are going, how about taking a list with you of the things rpers would like to see implemented in the next expansion? I for one would like to see the old cities of Darnassus and Silvermoon revamped. I mean I would like to see more open doors and rooms we can rp in out of sight in Darnassus. Maybe a small instance inside of Darnassus for some kind of scenario type things for lower levels. Nothing really heavy, maybe more fun and interesting rather than beat up a huge boss. For Silvermoon I would like to see the renovation of the scourged parts of the ruins, a whole new section of houses and manors befitting the noble Houses and some kind of small scenarios for the lower levels there. Maybe a scene fixing the ruins up and gathering resources, defeating some scourge remnants and actually setting up Lor'Themar as the Royalty he deserves? And for petes sake let us FLY there!Viragona11 Sep 25, 2013
Sep 25, 2013 Aftermath, Siege of Orgrimmar (( Open RP! )) (( Well, it's been a while since I RPed on this forum... Time for something fun, a little bit of cross-faction RP, right after the victory at Orgrimmar :D )) Callet Stormsword pressed the stein of ale his lips, and took a sip... he couldn't taste anything at all. Of course, he -never- tasted anything anymore, still, it was a force of habit more than anything else. "Right, so, Deathguard duty sounds pretty stressful, mate." The man on his right was undead, like him. Of course, he rotted quite a bit more, and was making the mistake of aiding the "Lich Queen", but that was no reason to share personal enmity with him. "You wouldn't believe it. Scarlets one day, Scourge the next, then Worgen, then a few Alliance holdouts... That's not counting some of our own turning on us after waking up." The deathguard shook his head, and took a sip of the ale as well, only for it to pour out of a massive cut on his neck. They were both sitting in front of a literal -pile- of Kor'kron corpses. They were the two sorry fools sent to oversee the proper care of civilians, and surrender of any remaining Kor'kron holdouts. They had nothing but ale they couldn't taste, and pleasant conversation to aid them. Callet did not -want- to be here, there was business he needed to attend to elsewhere in Orgrimmar, but unfortunately this was an order he was no longer allowed to refuse. He pointed a few Orcs to various buildings in the city which had been hastily made for survivors to look for their families. "So, what's being a Death Knight like?" Callet raised an eyebrow, shrugging. "Oh, it -seems- fun on the outside. Let me tell ya', it's a pain in the !@#$." The deathguard would shrug, and they would return to their drinking, until two more soldiers, this time a Night Elf sentinel and a Troll Headhunter, came to relieve them of their duty. Callet shot up surprisingly fast. "Right, right, thanks mate. Ale is a bit crappy and there ain't much going on at the moment, but you'll get used to it." He waved goodbye to the Forsaken, and proceeded to walk to the Valley of Spirits... There was business, that he must attend to.Callet32 Sep 25, 2013
Sep 25, 2013 ((OOC)) TRP2 Quest Guide Can anyone point me to a good resource for creating a quest in TRP2? My google queries have not turn up anything.Radik2 Sep 25, 2013
Sep 24, 2013 [RP] [A/H] Cail's Journey ((OOC)) I have begun a personal Role Play that is slated to run: Thursdays around 6pm for 1 Hour, each week, until this first phase of the story ends. -------------The premise is simple.----------------- Cail, my gnome, has set out from Stormwind on a personal quest which will take him north into the Lordearon territories. -------------------------------------------------------- **Initially** this was designed by me to be simple and guild-centric, focusing on some simple interpersonal Role Play as we walked to the roads north. Open to any guildies who wanted to join in. **Presently** It's been decided to open it up to any and all who wish to join in on whatever fun may be had :D . The doors are open to the entire community of CC! Find me in-game and whisper me, drop me a mail in-game, or respond bellow and I will do my best to organize with you (and whatever group you are with). !!!For the Casual RPer!!! If you are looking for something casual to do on Thrusday night, you are invited to join Cail and walk along for however long you'd like. This is an opportunity to be social and possibly make some new IC acquaintances. !!!!VILLAINS!!!! I am in need of a few! I need some bandits, thieves, and cut-throats to make the journey more interesting. Horde or Alliance. If there is an entire guild that would like to get in on the action then all the better! Think outside the box! This might be a good place to introduce a thief, pickpocket, or any kind of criminal good or bad! You might even discover others like yourself! Get to know people, and develop IC contacts! ---At some point I will also need some horde villains, so contact me!--- !!!!HERO AND LAW-ENFORCER!!!! This might be a good time to hang out and provide whatever the group is with safe passage as far as you like! Fight off any bandits and dangers that lay in wait! Introduce your hero, or advance their story! Meet other heroes or law enforcers like yourself! Create IC contacts and get to know others!Caileanmor1 Sep 24, 2013
Sep 24, 2013 Reincarnation in the Warcraft Universe? So I have a little idea, but it may be a little lore-bendy, so I want to check in to make sure! So my brewmaster's dragon turtle mount is his best friend. Y'know, like a kid is best friends with the dog he grew up with, that sort of thing. But now that I'm 90 and I'm going to be flying everywhere, I had to choose between either killing off the dragon turtle or having the turtle be too old to go anywhere anymore. I realized the age thing wouldn't make sense because turtles live for a very long time, so that's a no-go. Then I thought, what if the turtle died, but was then reincarnated into a Cloud Serpent? I'm not saying that the turtle dies, then immediately becomes a full grown cloud serpent, but it would basically be something like this: The turtle dies, and in Qi-Feng's turmoil of the heart and soul, a vision of Yu'lon comes to him (my character has already had contact with her before through quests and stuff, so this isn't being a special snowflake) and mentions to him that the strongest of friendships can transcend even lifetimes, then shows him a blue cloud serpent egg (remember, this is a vision) and points him towards the Order of the Cloud Serpent, then disappears. What do you think? Lore breaking? Mary Sure? Or maybe the idea's just plain dumb? I really just want to know if there is any reason to think that reincarnation is just a ridiculous thing to play around with in the warcraft universe. Thanks :)Qifeng2 Sep 24, 2013
Sep 24, 2013 Death Knight RP Hi I am wanted to role play this toon as a 2 generation Death Knight but I didnt know if it would be lore breaking to do so. If it isnt lore breaking how would I go about it to make fit while not breaking the lore. Any and all help is appreciatedImperíus19 Sep 24, 2013
Sep 24, 2013 What would your character do? The scenario: Your character is navigating alone through a forest, when he/she hears a lone cry pierce the air. He shuffles through a bush to get a closer look: Turns out it's a wealthy merchant of his race, and the vendor is under attack by an assortment of dangerous bandits! What would your character do? Delurk would do the boring thing and slay the bandits before escorting the merchant to the nearest camp (and then give him a long spiel about how he should be funding the Horde war machine). My undead rogue, Regan Luthen, would see if either the bandits or the merchant had anything of value before entering the fray, and if they did, he'd basically rob the robbers and steal the goods himself.Delurk35 Sep 24, 2013
Sep 24, 2013 Kinda new to rp I been playing on emerald dream for a while but never part take in RP that much. All the rp I did was just very basic. I made this toon so I could try to get into rp more with. I was thinking of rp-ing this warrior as a warrior/shaman combo (something like an enhancement shaman); however, Tuhou is more skills in fight with a sword than shamanism. I was wondering if it okay to role play my toon like that. Also, any other tips or suggestion are welcome.Tuhou3 Sep 24, 2013
Sep 24, 2013 Help with a Kaldorei Mercenary's past~? As the title says. I have a personality set up already (stoic, relatively friendly, not willing to do absolutely anything for a reward, considerate, and analytic). I'm not really interested in her being a former Sentinel, and I'd pinning her in between 2000 and 3000 years of age. As for the in-game class, I'm trying to decide between a Warrior and a Hunter, though it seems I'm going more for the latter. Help would be appreciated. When it comes to people with long-spanning lives, I'm very poor at creating a backstory for them. As much as I love Kaldorei, they can be a pain to work with.Faedlyn2 Sep 24, 2013
Sep 23, 2013 Do you feel that it's ever appropriate... ... to stretch lore? I'm not new to RP, but I do relatively little of it in game. As I work on becoming a more active RPer, I keep coming to one point of contention: how appropriate is it for me to stretch lore or in-game mechanics in order to better write the kind of character I want to be? For example, my main is a Pandaren. While I don't stray too far into the realm of impossibility with her, she has some idiosyncrasies that I find easier to explain by writing her not only as a Pandaria native, but one from the Southern coastal islands. Yes, I know the Alliance/Horde Pandaren we see as our fellow player characters in game are supposed to be from the Wandering Isle, but that doesn't fit the story I have in mind for her. Is that too much off a stretch? Likewise, I'm interested in playing this character as a Shen'dralar Highborne. I know that's a big no-no for most people off-the-bat given how rare they are, but I think their story would make for some fascinating RP encounters. I would keep her personality and history fitting for a Highborne, so no problem there. What are your thoughts? Are you a huge lore-stickler, or do you think it's acceptable to take some creative license with your characters? If so, what are some examples of lore-bending you have done/wouldn't find offensive?Valedane17 Sep 23, 2013
Sep 23, 2013 Casual RP Server Looking to maybe create an RP toon on the alliance for casual play (2-3 hours a day). Nothing too serious in the RP department, but just looking for some laidback fun. Any suggestions for a good server to start? Not totally sold on Moonguard with it's reputation.Darkhavoc2 Sep 23, 2013
Sep 21, 2013 Silver Hand wants you! Greetings fellow RPers! I am sure many of you have inferred from the title, the goal of this thread is to offer an RP realm to those who may be looking for something new or different. Silver Hand is one of the oldest RP realms of WoW. According to legend, the server still boasts at least several guilds which were formed at launch and continue to this day. Silver Hand has an RP community that is friendly, generous and adventurous. While the server has many well established RP guilds, there is a belief that the server still has much room for new, bold and innovative guilds and ideas. It is because of this love for the new, the esoteric and the adventurous, that I invite RPers to come to Silver Hand. Whether it be to join an existing guild, or to create a new guild! I believe that any RPer who comes to Silver Hand will easily find a vibrant RP community, eager to embrace those new to RPing, as well as those new to the server. I believe those looking to start a new guild will be aided by the more established guilds on the server, while those looking for a new guild will find many options. If you are looking for a new RP guild experience, you may wish to consider such guilds as: Ordo Tenebrae Alahni lo Andu Caelestis Templares Golden Lions Heroic Stand The Red Dawn House Blackburn BlackWidows And others! (I fear I am Allied aligned and am unfamiliar with Horde RP guilds, but I believe Bardic Wardens is one of the more notable, not to say others are less notable.) In closing, I want to say again that Silver Hand has a long history, as do many of it's RP guilds. If you have tried the more 'popular' servers and come away wanting something more, then perhaps Silver Hand is for you. I urge you to try the server yourself, and not let yourself be guided by the opinions of others.Sieghird9 Sep 21, 2013
Sep 21, 2013 <Modas il Toralar> H-RP-CC Recruitment Modas il Toralar "Order through Atrocity, Peace through Fear, Faith in Modas il Toralar." [Heavy Role Play Guild on Cenarion Circle-Horde] Armaya walked down the empty, dusty stairwell. Ziltuk, her imp at her heels. "We must rebuild." She stated to no one in particular, but her imp chattered in Demonic. She kept down the long, curving stairwell. "Send out letters all over Azeroth. We need to find some recruits, some that show promise, and prove to be useful within Modas." She continued walking in silence until she reached the main hall of Modas, a grand room; new chandeliers with candles hung from the roof. Tapestries of battles, those that told stories hung upon the walls. Tables and chairs scattered around the room in a "proper" manner, with a few couches against the wall, and at the front, a new throne. Obsidian in color, made from some type of sturdy wood, a red silk sheet hung on the back, and a comfy-looking red pillow sat on the seat. It was simple, as most thrones go. No gems, gold, or silver marked it's importance; it was a simple throne. Armaya glanced around the hall, taking in it's simple splendor. When she had sat upon the previous throne only a few hours ago, the room was in dire need of attention; the tables and chairs rotting away, the chandeliers falling apart, the couch fabric ripped and torn, but now it looked rather good. Just one part of the plan to rebuild. "Faith in Modas il Toralar.." She whispered into the silence. Faith indeed. Whispered rumors abounded, both within the Alliance and the Horde of the Modas rising once again from dust and ashes. Some said Aziel had returned, some said Dreejin had once again taken over Modas. Others said Dr. Wolfe was still in power. But the most powerful and prevalent stated a new leader had taken over the reins of Modas. These rumors stated that Armaya Shade had finally taken over from her previous reign as Commander of the Fel Hand, and recruiter of the Modas. But how? There were rumors she had murdered everyone else, and simply took it over in fire and blood. Yet another stated that Aziel was back, but she was simply his puppet, like all the others. And another stated that there was just no one around and she simply sat in the throne and tada! But more whispers echoed in the shadows, in the bars, the alleyways and streets; at dinners, breakfasts, in the battlefields and in the stores. "Modas is recruiting. Modas needs you. Seek out the Shade." About: Modas il Toralar is one of the oldest roleplaying guilds on the Cenarion Circle server. We are a Villian/Evil role-play guild that attracts the type of characters who enjoy spying, torturing, murdering, soul stealing, demon studying, and all other types of unethical activities. We are a mature roleplay guild that deals in PG-13+ subjects which includes torture and murder, thus we do ask all interested parties be at least 16 or over in age. In game, our Sanctum is located in Karazhan and we are currently led by Armaya Shade and are in the process of restructuring. We are not requiring people to fill out and apply via our website [listed above], but it will generally help the process along so someone knows you are interested so we highly recommend it. If you have a character who you aren't sure if they will fit, just talk to one of us and we'd be happy to help you. Want to make a character fit into Modas, or perhaps need some Villians for your current RP? Contact one of us and we will be happy to help. As for server events, the Modas il Toralar will be starting to host the Black Hand Society starting soon again. We are also thinking of several other events that are in the planning stages: "Dark Ball" "Science Fair" "Black Market" Thank you, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me via the boards or in game.Armaya0 Sep 21, 2013
Sep 21, 2013 short story previews hi, im going to be putting up short stories, some will have lore, some wont, the first view will be wierd and awkward as i have never done this before, i will put up my first few as soon as they are finished.Mistraven2 Sep 21, 2013