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Jul 30, 2013 Ralvaadar, good name for Night Elf Druid? Title says it, Is this name lore friendly? Could I make the name any better? Give me some feedback.Lynassa4 Jul 30, 2013
Jul 30, 2013 Veins of Ice ((Sign Ups)) ((Welcome to another attempt at an RP thread. I need only 3 other people for now, and later on we'll have more people that can join.)) ~`~Darkshore~`~ The night elf looked out into the ocean as she waited. The sounds were almost peaceful, but strangely haunting. The birds called out in anger it seems, while the critters moved about in fear. Bigger animals, she could hear, were roaring and growling in impatience. She knew nothing about what was happening here, but she worried not. She had other business to take care of. She looked up as she heard the unsteady footsteps of someone approaching. It was a human male. Elailea smiled at him, wondering why he was early. "You aren't supposed to be here until tomorrow." She said happily. He didn't reply, nor did he look happy. "What's wrong Jonathan?" She asked and he looked at her, really looked at her. "They found me." He dropped dead then, and she noticed what made his footsteps unsteady. He was stabbed in the back the knife still there. She stood just as someone came behind her, and with a hard blow to the head, knocked her out. ~`~Unknown Location~`~ Elailea woke, her vision still blurry and her head pounding, and she saw she was in a room with stone walls. She felt the chains on her feet and wrists, and moved both, and as far as she knew, she wasn't connected to the wall except for one foot. She didn't move from the spot, because as she looked around she noticed several other figures. All near the wall. "Who are you? Where are we?" She asked. ~~~~~ Ok, so basically here's what I didn't tell you: 1. There is a group called the Brotherhood. Not the Defias Brotherhood, like everyone thought at first, but a different group. 2.They aim to take over the world, duh, but in a different way. They want to take over the world through a magical way. 3.They have three different branches, the Mages, the Healers, and the Soldiers. The Soldiers serve as guards and a military force. The Healers heal the members of the Brotherhood, and the Mages are the highest members and the magic users. Not all magic users in the Brotherhood are part of the Mages, but the ones who are, are very skilled with magic. ~~~ We are all prisoners, those who are joining. You may have a family member in the Brotherhood but they cannot commit treason right away. Give it awhile. :) There are no certain requirements besides you must have a reason for the Brotherhood to take you prisoner. Up to you whether you say what happened to get you captured, or just are in the prison. Be creative. Sign Up Sheet: Name: Race: Gender: Age: Reason you are prisoner: Family Member in the Brotherhood? (Yes/No): Appearance: ~~~ Here is my sheet: Name: Elailea Darkwind Race: Night Elf Gender: Female Age: In Human years, she is 36. Not good with the whole aging process of Night Elves yet. Reason you are prisoner: Elailea is trying to help end the brotherhood, she has gotten in before. Family Member in the Brotherhood? (Yes/No): No. Appearance: Elailea has silver/white hair, naturally, but not out of old age.Elailea0 Jul 30, 2013
Jul 30, 2013 Troll or Tauren? Okay, I don't know where I should post this but I will post it here and make it short. I am going to make a druid. And I love lore. But I cannot decide what race I like better. Can someone help me out? I like how Taurens are a peaceful race. And I really don't know too much about trolls, but they seem awesome. If someone can educate me and persuade me to make a Troll or Tauren, it would be appriciated.Lynassa14 Jul 30, 2013
Jul 29, 2013 Sunset Over Havenshire ((Sign Ups)) (( There are two sides to the fight which you may choose. The Scourge introduction is first, Scarlet Crusade is second, and in depth details - third. )) ~~~~~**The Lich King's Command**~~~~~ Within the necropolis over Havenshire, the bodies of the dead were meticulously sorted, limb and flesh and bone. The worthy were raised as death knights to serve the Lich King. Others were cut down by Razuvious’ servants without the chance to lay finger on a runeblade – such was the fate of those deaf to the Lich King. Still others remained defiant, or were simply deemed unworthy and chained in the great ring to be sacrifices for the few chosen knights that were raised. However Razuvious was not the only one to oversee these new brothers and sisters in undeath into their first armor. Upon a balcony stood The Gasher, one of the Lich King’s more enthusiastic servants. He was a pallid specter of an elf, with lengthy black hair and eerie ember eyes. In preparation for the coming battles The Gasher chose to dress in sickening shades of plague green and dark dirty browns to better match the Plaguelands. He armed himself with two clawed weapons still stained with the blood of his last kill or a recent convert. Rumor claimed the Gasher’s grin only appeared when he met one worthy to be raised and the last it had appeared was before the paladin known as Sir Zeliek. What made Gasher special was his innate skill for coercion that at times made torture unnecessary. In truth it was his greatest delight to see a once-holy, Light-revering man turn his allegiance to Cult of the Damned. But at this moment, far from any agonizingly reluctant converts, The Gasher turned his discerning, ember glowing eyes upon the newly raised initiates, scrutinizing each in turn. The Lich King was infuriated by the fact the Scarlets beneath them had begun to flee and send reinforcements, well before the main outpost was set up at Death’s Breach. It fell upon The Gasher, to find out who or what had caused this all too sudden rally among the living and slaughter them. He would be permitted to handpick those knights he believed to be worthy, train them quickly, and send them to "address" this unexpected thorn while the main force continued with the preparations for the final assault. He did exactly as his King bid him by gathering these neophyte death knights and giving them their special commands. “I am The Gasher, neither a Baron nor Lord, so do not use such titles to refer me,” he said while his eyes gleamed and a smile twitched at the corners of his lips. “I serve our King, just as you and your newly-risen brothers and sisters. But unlike them, you have been asked to complete a higher task than the simple slaughter of peasants - as disappointing as that might sound.” He beckoned them to follow him to the edge of the platform that overlooked Havenshire. “Laid out before you is the Scarlet menace, which seeks to undo the work of our King. They deny the gifts of undeath and torture any Scourge they discover that possesses even the faintest hit of intelligence, burning flesh and bone with their unholy Light.” A disappointed sigh escaped his cold lips as he shook his head disapprovingly at the unseen Scarlet citizens beneath them. “And they have somehow gained reinforcements to their horrific cause. This can no longer be tolerated. Each of you is call upon an eye of Acherus and then locate who leads this new force. Once this is complete we will journey to Death’s Breach, to equip for our strike against this foe. We must be careful, thoughtful - and we must move swiftly, with surgical precision. And above all, we must not - will not - fail our King, or our brothers and sisters.”Tharidior5 Jul 29, 2013
Jul 29, 2013 Announce Yourself! It's time - the battle rages, and you've arrived to turn the tide. You need to make a big entrance - announce your arrival, and declare your challenge to all who would oppose you! ((just a quick fun little thing to kill some time and see what sort of badass-boast-entrances people throw out there for their characters :3)) "Donovan Harmarth has come! The Blazebringer has come for ashes! Who will be the first to donate theirs?"Donovann31 Jul 29, 2013
Jul 29, 2013 Heyo -sits in chair and props feet up on table - How goes it people?Kaito9 Jul 29, 2013
Jul 29, 2013 Bored. :/ SO I'm on the realm Cenarion Circle. Goldshire is a nightmare, and I had an idea for a RP but no one to tell it to. Y'all have probably done this, but it's my only idea. I am currently online and in Goldshire on the character I'm currently posting on. My idea: Since I'm a druid, or if you are the roles can be reversed. One of us is walking, the other is in the cat form injured in the woods. The one walking offers to help and takes care of the druid. Whoever is the cat will not stay like that the entire time. When healed enough, they will change back to their original form. Just get on now, and send me a whisper saying your interested and I'll wait until your in Elwyyn and I'll move into the woods nearby. (If you're a druid and want to be injured then tell me in the whisper.) I'm sorry if this is on the wrong forum, and that it seems so childish.Elailea0 Jul 29, 2013
Jul 28, 2013 The amount of half-race RP is too damn high That is all.Floim21 Jul 28, 2013
Jul 28, 2013 The rise of Qez, Goblin Prince. It's been a while, the tides have receded, the Elementals were now at peace again. I brought with me the spoils of war. Once again, I find myself stuck. Now there is a battle brewing within the Horde itself. Nothing may ever be the same. I lost a great leader. I couldn't believe he had died. My return to the Horde was unfortunate. Having worked for one point in time for a Goblin Trade Prince had it's own special rewards, the ones I was now fighting for were much more important. My fellow Tauren and the other races of Azeroth were now in jeopardy from Garrosh Hellscream. The fall of Lady Jaina Proudemoore's Theramore fortress, the attempted assassination of Vol'jin and the death of Cairne were more then I could stand. Now, united against Garrosh, a new Goblin Prince emerged from the ruins of his once mighty races empire on their homeland. Qez, Trade Prince of Azeroth. Stuck between my duty to the Horde and Azeroth and my calling to once again be a lieutenant of a Trade Prince, I have come to a fork in the road that I know I can not ignore. I can't just choose a path and follow it without leaving the other one unfulfilled. Or could I?Kyllavertin1 Jul 28, 2013
Jul 28, 2013 Warlock as Byronic Hero? So I have a character concept for a warlock, and I want to make sure it's "lore appropriate". The nitty-gritty is that he was a mage who's family's farm was sacked by Gnolls. He was the only survivor, but was left scarred and traumatized at the loss of his family and he felt powerless when his control over the arcane wasn't enough. He sought out old tomes to learn more about fel magic (this is where the Byronic Hero comes into play) in order to make sure he never let his loved ones down. But knowing that he would be viewed as evil to some, his first goal was to gain the willpower to wield felfire without it corrupting him (too much, i know corruption can't be avoided but the level of said corruption is determined by willpower). So I have some questions: 1) He doesn't keep his demon with him unless he's fighting. Is this acceptable for a warlock? Or would he always have his demon with him? 2) In normal combat that he needs to face, he only uses fire. But in a serious combat situation (against a larger threat) he would whip out felfire and use the true extent of his power. I want to use this more as how the Avatar state works in The Last Airbender. For those who don't know the show, it's a state where the character becomes extremely powerful but loses control over himself until his enemy is dead. I don't mean that my character would become big and glowy and god-like, but more emphasis on he loses control of himself until who he wants dead is dead. Could this be played off or does it not make sense in the warcraft universe? 3) In pandaria, would the sha automatically be drawn to him? Or could he have a strong enough will by that point to not let the power influence his emotion? Thanks :)Laers10 Jul 28, 2013
Jul 27, 2013 Question for pre-cata players Was westfall the same as it is now (conflict and quest wise) as it was before the cataclysm? Was the uprising with Vanessa Vancleef happening or not? Just curious :)Laers5 Jul 27, 2013
Jul 27, 2013 Regarding Forsaken "Adventurers" Sorry if the title is a little odd, but I just have some questions about Forsaken Roleplaying and maybe someone could help me out I understand Forsaken don't NEED to sleep, but do they need to rest at all? Let's say you have a Forsaken or group of Forsaken going on a long journey, would they get tired and need to at least sit and rest. And would sleep do anything for them? Could a Forsaken sleep just because they like to and it feels nice?Iammatt7 Jul 27, 2013
Jul 27, 2013 Goblin / Worgen DK's I see way too many Worgen DK's claiming they're Gilnean. No. You can't be. All Worgen DK's have to be the second generation Worgen. Which means you were born in Pyrewood, Silverpine and were transformed into a Worgen by Arugal. You followed Arugal to Northrend where you were turned into a DK blah blah blah. Same goes for Goblins. All Goblins who are DK's have to be from the Steamwheedle Cartel, as the Bilgewater Cartel never left Kezan until it exploded.Canniibal10 Jul 27, 2013
Jul 27, 2013 Best RP-PvP server I really want to play on a RP server. I am tired of seeing people with names like "Badastank" or "Pwnuallday." People on PvP servers play this game like it's on xbox live. I love WoW, and it's so hard to enjoy when people just mess up the experience for you. I take every opportunity I can to read up on the lore of WoW. But I dont know it all yet, and when I'm in a dungeon I sometimes ask people "so whats the story behind this dungeon?" I get responses like "!@#$ who cares." I understand everyone is in a rush to get to 85, but can't we at least enhoy the game. PvP servers have really ruined the game experience for me, I want to immersed in the lore, and enjoy my character, and enjoy the characters around me. Does anyone here know of and RP-PvP servers that are balanced, and also have a good friendly player-base? My only requirements are that the Horde and Alliance are balanced (although I'm an alliance player myself) and the people on the server are nice, and actually role play. It's also important that the community is active. Thank you for your time!Lurowene9 Jul 27, 2013
Jul 27, 2013 Writing a poem on the Forsaken, writers block Gah due to writers block I need some help / ideas on what to due / write next >.< This is what I have so far... We forget the living For they have forsaken us For they see us as monsters We let go of the past For it holds us back For dwelling moves us not forward We follow the shadow For the light has abandoned us For we are born of the shadow So that's like all I have so far... Constructive criticism is also appreciated! :DGwendaelyn3 Jul 27, 2013
Jul 27, 2013 The Eternal Night I really have no one to blame but myself. I should have never listened to Her in the first place. And now. Now I am stuck here for all of eternity. It sounded like a great bargain at the time. She told me that I was "special" and "unique". She said only I could help Her save the world. I was supposed to be a hero. Now I am a hunting bird trapped in a cage. Warble was my name, before. Once. Long ago or yesterday, I can't even remember how long I have been here. Total darkness encompasses me, not that it matters, I wouldn't be able to see even if their were light, no thanks to Her crown. I can still feel my scalp tear as She rammed it down over my head, forever blocking out the light. It is a little hard to keep track of things like Honor and Duty, while suffering at the hands of Her "delicate" ministrations. I only caught a glimpse of the evil thing. Black as a moonless night and fragile looking almost like a pumice stone except for the color. But cold to the touch as winter chilled steel. All ugliness. ~That is not very nice~ "Quiet, I am tired of your humor" ~Ah give it enough time. Once you have been alone for half of eternity, you will beg me to talk to you~ "Not likely." ~We shall see~ "How long have I been here?" ~I don't worry myself with petty things like time~ "If you had to guess, how long?" ~Long enough for your friends and family to turn to dust. Is that what you wanted to know?~ "Shut up." She always lies to me. Even now. Or She could be telling the truth, just to cause me pain. She says it "sweetens the flavor" whatever that means. Since I have been placed in the box no one has so much as even come within earshot of me. With how I fought my confinement in the beginning some one had to have heard me if they could. Shouldn't they have? I must be going mad...mad........Subjectalpha4 Jul 27, 2013
Jul 27, 2013 New to WoW RP. So I've roleplayed on other websites and games, Things like GaiaOnline or Just games that are basically all forums. But I've always been particularly interested in roleplaying on WoW, specifically in game. I've just been seeing a lot on these forums of people "Cross classing" or doubling characters. Basically, i just need some guidelines and tips. And if anyone knows any fairly active, friendly roleplaying guilds they could invite me to start off on and hopefully get into that would be amazing.Seneron2 Jul 27, 2013
Jul 26, 2013 What is Your Character's Theme Song? Just curious as to what you guys think! (Pretty sure threads like this have existed before, but I DON'T CAAARE.) Include the name and artist if you can, and maybe a link if you like!!Arïe25 Jul 26, 2013
Jul 26, 2013 Need help with a Warrior character I've always wanted a warrior since day 1 of warcraft. It was my first toon ever but I deleted it because the grunt warrior isn't the kind of character I can relate to. But now that I'm a more seasoned wow player when it comes to lore, I understand that all of the classes can have a lot more interpretation than the class description in game. So now that I know this, I want to try my round 2 at a warrior. The types of characters I'm drawn to are the solitary characters (not depressing teenager solitary, just more independent) that are of the spirit of monks, druids, shaman, and hunters. I like the spiritual/wise aspect to those classes and their subtypes. It appeals to me, and I like playing around with that in the stories I write. Is there a type of warrior that I could play to be similar to those classes in mindset? Pandaren Wardancers are very similar to what I want.. I just don't want to be a Pandaren (I don't think plate looks good on them. I love them, but plate is not for them.) They make what they do an art, they don't like killing but kill when they have to to defend their homes. So now I'm lost at what lore subtype of warrior I can make. Blademaster perhaps? Or are those specific to Orcs? I thought a paladin would be what I wanted, but it isn't really the right vibe :\ could someone help me with this? To sum it up: I want a human/dwarf warrior character that is likeminded towards a monk, but isn't bloodthirsty. I'm also not going to have him be in the actual military, just a guy who shows up from place to place and helps as he can. Think Aragorn or Thorim Oakenshield :)Larsardion5 Jul 26, 2013
Jul 26, 2013 Swearing in WoW lore? I have seen some people swear up a storm when RPing. So, my question is there swearing in the lore of wow?Muzos13 Jul 26, 2013
Jul 26, 2013 New to Roleplay - a few questions! Heya! New to in-game RP, but familiar with the PnP RP and forum roleplay, too! I'm a huge fantasy reader and after reading some recent books have a huge desire to RP an assassi, torturer and/or thief. Perhaps this is a bad idea for a newb RPer? The race I find the most lore-intriguing are the blood elves, but am not too partial and also love humans I notice in WoW they have a "new players" server and while I'm not new to WoW I am to RP. Can anyone please recommend a RP server that's popular during EST evening hours as well as friendly/helpful? I love PvP muchly, so that's an option too. Many thanks in advance. PS. While I wouldn't model my toon specifically after them, the books by Joe Abercrombie and Brent Weeks got inspired my drive!Selestria3 Jul 26, 2013
Jul 26, 2013 What percentage of players RP? I was just curious to know out of the entire WoW playerbase, how many people RP'ed.Delurk5 Jul 26, 2013
Jul 26, 2013 How do Forsaken See? This is a question I've been pondering over, and it's been dragging on for a while. How do forsaken see? During their resurrection, it is likely to find Forsaken with no eyes considering they're mainly composed of water, and decompose quickly. In spite of this, many Forsaken roleplayers continue to roleplay with their undead characters as still having sight. How? Do the necromantic energies used by the val'kyr grant them sight upon their rebirth? I've yet to discover this. Could any person help me piece together how it is Forsaken see?Salem15 Jul 26, 2013
Jul 26, 2013 RPers with fake german accents? Anyone in SW ever notice how a few players with the stereotypical "german" accents. I.e. W = V (would -> vould)? V = F (very -> fery)? Th = D (that -> dat)? D = T (goodbye -> gootbye)? Th= Z (Zee)? I mean I find it hilarious, but when you tell them that they don't even sound close to German they get defensive, I mean anyone who's been to Germany knows that they speak English in a rather gruff version of the British Accent, their vowels are slightly enunciated but that's it ((Well in Bonn anyway)). So why exactly are so many RPers adamant that Germans "took liek dis"?Spatha12 Jul 26, 2013
Jul 26, 2013 RP as a highborne - newb friendly? help pls! hi guys! I'm just wondering.. if a NE highborne would be complicated for a newbie? I have been playing WoW for about 3 years now (no warcraft just WoW) and I am still learning the lore..thank goodness my bf is a lore fanatic and I can go to him for info or if I have questions but..would this be really hard to RP? I had an idea for a character that was originally a closer follower of Azshara's (i have read some about her, love her!) but after she started delving into darker things, my character could not pick a side and basically backed off and hid. years later she has come out and is trying to find a place in the world. im thinking she would be a neutral character, maybe a bit on the bad side..idk, shes kindof a ''do whatever to get what she wants'' sort. im also wondering if there is a 'class label' i can put on her that is not just priest? she has healing powers but uses all sorts of magic..light and dark (yes i know shadow priest but meh..) any help and criticism or tips would be loved, thanks alot for reading! happy gaming! Novaborn5 Jul 26, 2013
Jul 26, 2013 RP hotspots or hubs? My question is where are the HIGH or "go to" places when you're in the mood for RP on horde?Frostflakess5 Jul 26, 2013
Jul 26, 2013 The Twin Tavern (Tavern RP) If you don't know how to Tavern Roleplay, go here: Oh, and by the way, I'm not going to put any outside location of where it is, so don't ask, even though nobody probably would anyway. The Twin Tavern is a Tavern owned by two twin Gnomes, Frizzle and Frazzle Coppersteel, it's a nice calm Tavern, there is a Fireplace on the left wall, with a Head of a Boar above it. The Tavern is perfectly symmetrical except for the Fireplace, there is a large table on either side of the Tavern, three others surrounding that one (from the edge of the table closest to the door there are other tables to the right, left, and straight with one of them having the Fireplace to the Left) and one table in each corner. The only people inside is the bartender, A young Human girl named Casandra, Frizzle and Frazzle, arguing by the Fireplace, A young Orc named Kognar sitting at the Bar talking with Casandra, A Goblin named Teedax sitting at the table closest to the fireplace, And A Worgen (In human form) named Berhas sitting in the Corner by himself.Berhas500 Jul 26, 2013
Jul 26, 2013 Multi class concept-rp So I ran into someone last night who had a character who was very multi-talented. Same character, different class. I am not sure how far you could take this, but it did inspire me a bit. Rolling different toons with the same look and similar enough name to pull off being the same character. Anyone else done this? Just curious.Jahana12 Jul 26, 2013
Jul 25, 2013 What would be the normal height and weight... of a male pandaren? I'm trying to finish my MRP profile, but I'm stuck on these two.Takumi7 Jul 25, 2013
Jul 25, 2013 What are your duties to the Alliance? What is your mission? Is it to slay the Horde? To bring peace? Or is it something else. Feel free too comment your thoughts.Zayambi13 Jul 25, 2013
Jul 25, 2013 Looking for Horde RP Hey everyone. It's been a long while but I'm ready to get back into Horde RP on a Troll Witch Doctor (Ele Shaman/Alchemist/Herbalist). Was wondering if there are any good Horde RP communities/servers out there, and if so, if there is a heavy RP Warband guild that is looking for someone with lots of RP and leadership experience. To kind of either help out with their guild or just join. I'm looking for strong, efficient leadership that knows what it wants to do with its guild, and my Troll, while not ambitious or understood well enough to be a multi-racial Warband Master, could very well end up a good adviser to the leadership of a Warband. Any comments would be welcome! Thank you.Jakhul1 Jul 25, 2013
Jul 25, 2013 Ideas for RP devices Hey Blizzard, loyal subscriber here to recommend ideas for RP devices! 1. For the love of Sargeras, tents! One for Alliance, and one for Horde. Said tents will not vanish until players are more than 150 yards away from them / tents are burned. 2. Torches. Torches can burn other player's tents, as well as buildings. If a torch burns a building, all npcs inside are dead and cannot respawn for 3 hours (exception for faction leader houses). You may also get a Frost Mage or Death Knight to put out the fire. 3. Pack kudos. This would make a great mount, and it'd also sell players quality, max level food, as well as 450 blue gear. 4. Crates, like the ones seen here: Come on, Blizzard. if you added these ingame, the RP-PVP opprotunies / experiences would be endless. Thoughts? Criticism? Approval? Share it.Delurk4 Jul 25, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 Villains, scoundrels, I require your aid! So, as an experiment, I'm going to be doing something very out of character myself as a person, and take a shot as RPing as an evil character out on Wyrmrest Accord. While I fancy myself as a fairly "Neutral Good" character, I want to take a shot as "Lawful Evil", if only for a bit. That being said, I require both tips on how to role play as a villain, and also assistance figuring out a x-mog based around Shin'ka, Execution of DominionJere12 Jul 24, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 Kornak...(Roleplay far)W.I.P. The air was thick with the stench of rot, the kind of foul odor you can literally taste. The orc spat as if trying to cleanse the diseased taste from his mouth. There was a chill in the air and the only sound he could hear was the sound of his wyvern's wings. The plague had left these lands desolate and cursed. A yellow-orange haze seemed to hang in the air, the grass and trees that passed beneath were dry and brown. Few living things would bring themselves here on purpose, yet today Kornak had to pass through here. Landing his wyvern outside Northpass Tower in the northern region of the Eastern Plaguelands, he leaped from his saddle. The wyvern looked to him as he strode in front emitting a soft growl of disapproval. The large orc frowned. "I know; I don't like it either, our business here will be done soon," he said with a pat of the wyvern's head. The dead grass crackled and crunched beneath his feet as he gazed outwardly at his surroundings. "This place hasn't changed at all, how many years will the plague hold these lands?" Kornak pondered aloud. He stood for a moment as his mind began to drift back to his first trip here. Snapping himself from his memories the green-skinned mountain of an orc hoisted himself back into the saddle and urged his wyvern on. He would have to stay on the ground the rest of the way, powerful magic ahead made flight impossible, which made travel more dangerous to say the least. The dangers of this path were nothing Kornak hadn't faced before, in fact he makes this trip every year. Kornak was on his way to pay respects to the only elf he ever called "friend". Years ago Kornak aided Tranquillen in their fight against the scourge. Not that he ever held much love for the elves but Kornak made his living then as a mercenary, and elf gold spent as well as anyone else's. Kornak was sought after for his prowess on the battlefield he could swing a two-handed axe with the speed an precision of a short-sword, not only that he could do it with one in each hand. Cleave and Render were the names of his axes and he cared for them more than most orcs cared for their children. These axes are his legacy, they were his father's and his father's before that. Many monsters and Alliance scum had tasted the cold hard edge of his glorious weapons. They separated him from the mundane and protected him from that which meant him harm. They only failed him once, or had Kornak failed them? It was on that very campaign in Tranquillen his battalion was pushing forward into the Dead Scar when the scourge unleashed the largest abomination Kornak had ever seen. The monster lurched forward through a sea of smaller ghouls and brought its weapons to bare on the first line of elven defenders. Elf bodies flew through the air like someone swatting roaches from a table in the Undercity. One of the elven mages shouted, "We can stop him but we need more time!" Time was something Kornak could buy them. Setting his focus on the behemoth before him, Kornak broke into a full on run closing ground on the monstrosity quickly. Leaping into the air he brought the axes to bare on the creature's shoulder. Most unexpectedly, the abomination didn't even flinch as the axes sunk nearly a foot into its body. Turning a dead eyed gaze on Kornak the creature blasted him with a giant fist. Struggling to hold onto the axe handles Kornak began to kick at the abomination's head. Again the creature punched out and again and again. Then, the unthinkable happened. Kornak lost his grip and was sent sprawling to the ground. His vision blurring Kornak witnessed the creature rip the axes from his shoulder and toss them aside. Swatting away more elven attackers the creature rushed at Kornak. Raising a huge hideous foot he stomped hard repeatedly on the defenseless orc. Kornak felt his grip on conciousness waning. He thought for a moment, this is how it would end. His life stomped out by an undead monstrosity. Kornak always wanted to die in battle... but not without his axes... his axes... where had the creature thrown them... not his glorious axes... those were his only thoughts as he looked up and saw the huge foot once more come down. Then, blackness....Kornak4 Jul 24, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 General question What would be the pros and cons of RPing a character that is a drug addict/ has substance abuse problems? I have a tauren druid with crippling alcoholism and opiate abuse and I try to play it as the tragic character flaw, but I end up catching a lot of !@#$ for it. Is there any reason why this kind of character is discouraged?Pyranees6 Jul 24, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 Blackhand the Destroyer: A Play in Two Acts Author's Note: How long since my pen touched the page! My name may only be known to you as the author of this short work. If so, rest assured it is not my first; copies of my various efforts in verse may still be found from time to time scattered across the libraries and salons of our great Horde. Do not ask why a troll has chosen to write of the Horde's first Warchief in courtly form! Rather, ask why it was necessary for a troll to do so. Perchance the answer will surprise you. I am ever an avid reader of letters, and will gladly flatter any correspondence regarding this play and its particulars with a reply. You may find me at my address in Silvermoon City, where I please to spend my summers. Signed, Greatmother Arjah A Troll of Darkspear DescentArjah7 Jul 24, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 Describe that character above you! Aaaaand, go!Talakuu22 Jul 24, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 good rp server for alliance i want to make an rp character, but i dont want to join a server that is dead for allianceThevictorian3 Jul 24, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 Is it safe to assume.. That windwalkers have some kind of control over the wind? Rushing Jade Wind, Flying Serpent Kick, the Storm in Storm, Earth, and Fire, Spinning Crane Kick, and Tiger Palm all seem to have some indication that the windwalker has at least some kind of power over wind. Would it be farfetched to believe this?Qifeng5 Jul 24, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 Roleplaying? I am so confused. I know I am on a RPing server , i want to try it out but I have no clue how. Tips?Wîllferál7 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 Open Tavern Roleplaying It is a chilly winter afternoon in the land of Northrend. The lands for the most part are still frozen over, and in the northern part of Howling Fjord lies what looks to be a common inn. However, this inn was built on the main road in and out of Howling Fjord and therefore prospers from business. The inn is run by a man who is part blood elf, part human. Everyone that passes through notes he is a friendly, and welcoming man. He is quick to welcome those that pass through with warm food, some good drink, and a bed if asked. His daughter also works there at the inn and looks more blood elf than human, presumably from her mother's side. Both father and daughter never go to far without the dagger and sword that hang from their waist, and both move with a grace that is what is thought an elf should have, just with a humans step in turn. Both also show they are adept with hand-to-hand coordination and it can be easily assumed they can handle themselves should it be needed. However, they aren't likely to step in to any conflicts and as long as they are left alone, they let the patrons do as they please. The inn itself is plain on the outside, but on further review is boarded up nice and tight to keep the warmth inside the inn. It is very spacious, boasting a raised platform of sorts with a longer desk that is generally used for the cleaning of the innkeepers and his daughters weapons. This platform of sorts is located on the far end of the room farthest from the door. The innkeeper being an engineer of sorts uses the table for woodwork when he's not cleaning his weapons, and is very creative with his woodwork. If he's not serving guests, or practicing his combat drills with his daughter he can generally be found at that table wittling away at some wood. His woodworking skills show through the room; there are benches that have been attached to the walls that act almost as booths around the room with breaks in between them to allow guests to get in and out with no problems. There are also plenty of tables scattered throughout, except in front of the stone fireplace, which is clear so that the innkeeper or his daughter can doll out the food quickly and efficiently without getting in the way of his patrons. The fireplace is located at the end of the bar and the bar itself is located to the right of the front entrance. The tavern is well lit, and is obviously not the place where backwater deals take place, nor does it have the feeling of being a rich mans way to escape the cold. The tavern has a very general homey feeling to it and welcomes guests of all shapes and types.Iröny48 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 [H] The Garnet Inn (( This is just some good ol' fashioned forum RP. And yes, I do realize there is another RP forum up, but I never see Horde-only forums anymore. Anyways, I'll set the scene. )) The winds howled through the once dry valley as wild Wyverns soared above the tall mesas. Thousand Needles used to be dustier than the Barrens, but after the dreaded Deathwing shattered the Elemental Rift, the oceans flooded the whole zone. A small tavern, one made from Kodo skins as most Tauren huts are, sits atop one of the stranded mesas. It looks recently built, with no signs of bridges ever being tethered to the balancing rock. As you near the mesa, a friendly face greets you warmly. The very tall Tauren smiles and waves, stretching an arm into the hut's door. "Welcome to the Garnet Inn, traveler." Inside would be two tables on either end of the hut, with a large bookshelf in the center, decked with novels of Tauren mythology and ancient diaries. A variety of people are inside the hut to your surprise, and some friendly faces offer you drinks and food, while others watch you with a glare. (( Just about anything goes here. Just refrain from burning the hut or possibly killing someone. You can make up some random NPCs who happen to be in the hut, and are allowed to make them emote however you like. And remember, HORDE ONLY. )) Edit: (( Anyone can join at any time. I'll be periodically posting summaries of who all is in the hut and what they're doing to catch newcomers up. ))Canniibal41 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 A new RP server? Well hello there, my fellow WoW players. I am currently on the RP server Feathermoon, and for me the RP has died down quiet a bit. I've done some scouting on the other servers and I'm just not quite convinced which ones to join. And I would like some advice. I am a Night Elf Death Knight, as my picture can show, and the saying under my name (which I am also coming back to WoW after a long hiatus after my first account was hacked and everything was wiped clean of it.) and I was just wondering if anyone had some suggestions for me. I'm not picky about my RP types, always looking for some fun one on one or big grouped RPs (providing anyone is able to overlook the fact that I'm so used to One on One rps thanks to sites like Gaiaonline, or a few others, and I'm slowly coming out of the personal story line thing and working on focusing my story with tying in with other players as well) that I can have some fun with. I've discussed this with my guild already and they are comfortable with me leaving the server I'm on and advised that I came here to ask for some opinions first. And I guess I should point out that I don't much care for the lore (although as fascinating as it is, and with the nice story line all races, both factions, and classes have I just don't like the fact that something like that would tie into a RP, it just makes it a little too formal in my opinion.) but I don't mind having a little bit of the lore incorporated in the RPs.Fetiqe10 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 Need help with Rp story for faction change Need help for a wargan dk faction changing into a Orc dk. Any story's would be helpful :)Bruselee1 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 DK armor sets? I'm trying to get a cool set for my DK but most of them either require me to try my luck with raids that are impossible to get a group for, or spend over 3k in justice points which takes forever and could be used towards actually gearing up for pve. Any cool sets that are easy to get? Personal sets you've made for your DK/warrior?Narghak10 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 How many purple hearts ready for Siege of Org ((I recently had a rather intriguing notion come to mind this morning, does the Alliance or Horde have any sort of medal or ceremony recognizing the injured armed forces of both factions? Interestingly 500,000 purple heart medals were made JUST for the projected injuries from Operation Downfall, the code-name for the planned invasion of Japan in World War II.)) ((If the Alliance or Horde does indeed have such medals or trinkets to award injured veterans, how many have they been producing in anticipation of the Siege of Orgrimmar? It will no doubt hold a precedence of causalities in the history of armed conflict within Durotar.))Siegbert14 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 What inspires you ? As I sit here working on my backstory, I want to create a mood. A song I listen to that makes me think of the suffering of a warrior or anyone for that matter. Any character who lives in Azeroth would have to be exposed to some kind of emotional or physical trauma. I am still working on her story, but I am listening to Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon. What are you listening to when you create your characters?Duskwither4 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 Can a Windwalker be a Brewmaster? Would I be bugged about playing Qifeng as a brewmaster, but having him specced into Windwalker as well as fighting like a Windwalker (fast and fierce as opposed to strong and sturdy)? Windwalkers have several brews (energizing, chi, tigereye, nimble, fortifying) which would enforce the fact that they do quite a bit of brewing themselves.Qifeng2 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 Looking for active RP realm for A OR H! I have played on MG and WrA, I was not happy there, I am looking for an RP realm that is active for Alliance or Horde that isn't MG or WrA. Thanks for any tips =)Riverbrooke3 Jul 21, 2013