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Aug 24, 2013 Friday Night at the Hunter’s Lodge Friday Night at the Hunter’s Lodge - Friday June 7, 2013 Welcome one and all. It’s Friday night here at the Hunter’s Lodge. The fire burns and my bravery builds with each sip of the evening's libations. What’s in your cup? As for me, I’m enjoying 3 fingers of Buffalo Trace Bourbon paired with a special release 2013 Pike IPA. That’s a couple fine enough to warm the coldest stone!Zimlobo134 Aug 24, 2013
Aug 24, 2013 Cross faction? I saw this on WOW insider and I thought it was so cool. Do people actually do this in game? Would love to find someone to do this with, I think it would be a really great rp.Noralane21 Aug 24, 2013
Aug 23, 2013 Father tearing his hair out? (IC) I'm at my wit's end. My adoptive daughter - she's about 16 - and I have been fighting about the upcoming attack on Orgrimmar. My fiancee and I are heading over there to participate in the fight (I'm going as a medic, so I can hopefully avoid some of the dangers of the front line), and my daughter insists on joining us. She's naturally upset that we're going to be in danger, and she's going so that we can suffer what fate befalls us as a family. So when I told her I wasn't going to let her come to Durotar, she was understandably...upset. She's a loving girl, but incredibly willful, and immediately after our fight she ran off to, in her own words, 'find a way to become powerful enough to fight'. She's already in training as a warrior, and she's very good, but she's still inexperienced. Too inexperienced to come to a warfront like Orgrimmar. No matter how I try to explain it to her, though, she refuses to listen to me. I'm worried for her. I wouldn't put it past her to sneak out when we're gone and come to the front anyway, and when I offered to stay home and watch her that just upset her further. My fiancee and I both feel that people of our skills should do something to contribute to the fight, and my daughter understands that as well, but I can't risk my daughter putting herself in such grave danger. I'm severely conflicted, and I've no idea what the right course of action is. I don't intend to let strangers make my decision for me, but I feel I could use some more perspective. What do you all think?Benemus9 Aug 23, 2013
Aug 23, 2013 Just Another WoW Story ((Tons of these up already. Most complain that WoW players think they're all writers. So... Why not join in?! Here's my go at it...)) ------ The grey sky hung eerily overhead, as light winds swept across what remained of Azeroth. A few dead shrubs fluttered through the wastes as the scorching sun burned onto the surface. The nearby sea was dark and black. Even the crests of the waves held their deep color. The canyon below showed signs of civilization. Not recently, of course. Cannibal remembered his former home that existed before The End. The great city of Orgrimmar. Cannibal was even foolish enough to unsheath a mace as he saw The End coming... And it cost him his left arm. Cannibal was a fairly large Orc at the time, being in his prime. He had trained with the Earthen Ring and became an Earthwatcher, a Shaman who focused on boosting his skills through spells and preferred physical force over casting from a distance. This training didn't help Cannibal much at all recently... Rumors spread that the Elemental Plane had been wiped out as well... Some even claim the spirits that roamed the land were completely destroyed. Everything was useless... Fel, Arcane, Druidism... How can you worship nature when none of it is left? Cenarius, Elune, An'she, the Naaru, The Shadow, the Loa... How could you follow something that was no more? The large Orc in black cloth armor was lost deep in thought when he was nudged, almost instantly reaching for his blade before he realized who it was. "You scared the fel out of me Ben..." Ben gave a toothy grin and cackled. The robed Forsaken was a weird one at that. "Vhat? Too scared about zhe touching? Not even Hurain cares about it." Ben poked at the hide-clad Taunka behind him and cackled. Hurain was rather small for a Taunka, and he wasn't a battle-hardened warrior. He simply built things, which made him useful in these situations. "Canni! Ben touch Hurain!" The Taunka wasn't the brightest of his kind... But at least he had purpose. "Oh shut up you giant fluff ball.. I don't vant to get punched again!" Ben punched Hurain's shoulder, which obviously did nothing to move the Taunka. Cannibal shrugged it off and began climbing his way down the rocky slopes and into the canyon. Once he reached the bottom, he peered about. Burnt pieces of wood were scattered about, and frames of buildings still hung in existence. Behind him was a massive steel wall with a gate which had fallen shut ages ago. Ahead of them was a large cave, but something deeply bothered Cannibal... The blue fire braziers that he remembered were lit outside the cave entrance, were still burning... Cannibal and his entourage had been trying to reach the ruins of Orgrimmar for almost two years, and if someone else had beat them to it, there would be a problem... Ben landed face first in the dirt after leaping from the cliff, and Hurain simply climbed down. Ben popped up and said nonchalantly, "I meant to do that. Gravity needed to be tested." I motioned for him to be quiet, but of course that never happened. Ben rushed over to the cave entrance, arms flailing about at the braziers. "Canni! Look! Blue fire! I haven't seen blue fire since I set that mutated bear aflame!" Hurain hid behind Cannibal as he watched Ben play with the burning wood. A deep, low howl came from the cave, and Ben slowly turned to look down it. You couldn't see far into the tunnel.. The Cleft always had smoke in the tunnel areas... Just as Cannibal had his sword out, he heard creaking off in the distance. Cannibal could see a figure pull a lever up on the cliffs, and the gate nearby slamming shut as the metal cage dropped. This happened on the other side as well. Only way out, was in the Cleft. Cannibal glared at the figure who peered back. The large Orc couldn't see a face.. In fact, the figure's entire body appeared to be made of smoke. Dark grey form and no face. Could have been his armor, though. The figure stared for one last moment before dispersing into dust, blowing off into the wind. The other figure on the other gate did as well. Cannibal noticed Ben was gone from the cave entrance. Hurain shivered with fear behind the large Orc, shielding his eyes from the entrance. Cannibal took a step forward before he heard a whisper come from the tunnel. "Come traveler... Come meet your end..." ------ ((I think I'll leave it at that. Sort of a cliff hanger, but, ya know. Just a short read about a post-apocalyptic Azeroth after "The End". Not revealing anything as of yet :P But if this does get semi-popular I might do another part afterwards. For those of you looking for a better setting, listen to this for the music and feel: Love the feel of this music.. It's just so awesome. Alright, well thanks for reading and please leave comments below on what you think of it so far.))Canniibal0 Aug 23, 2013
Aug 23, 2013 Orc DK question Hey all, I have a quick question about orc dk's. within their race, and own kind, how would they generally be viewed? I take. Most dks are treated with some caution, like warlocks, but within orc culture are they viewed as evil, or more as a normal citizen? Would they IWW him as an undead, and the undead would view him as an orc? Just a few questions I've been thinking about, any input will be greatly appreciated.Pmlinkman4 Aug 23, 2013
Aug 23, 2013 Finishing my character, one last topic. For gear for an Assassin/Merc/Rogue, I understand that I am suppose to wear light weight leather traditionally dark in color and nature. However; I am extremely fond of the looks, and (more or less) the eye effect/animation that comes with the Bonescythe Helmet. Yes, that soft, light blue effect, I am absolutely in love with it and would love to find a way to actually say or have the light blue color to be apart of my character's eyes. So; how would I go about this? Perhaps my character come across this item and it takes possession of him? I'd mildly hate that... Perhaps he is actually blind (as I recall, there is a feature for Forsaken that literally leaves them with no eyes) and uses the helmet for sight? I'm curious to know what your thoughts and opinions on this are other adventurers of the Roleplaying forum. Regards; Wulfe Grimm (actual character coming soon.)Wolfgrimm8 Aug 23, 2013
Aug 22, 2013 Cross Realm RP. OOC)) I haven't been in the RP scene in a few years, and I want to get back into it. However, right now I am playing on a PvP server and I am interested in doing something (in-game) cross realm like people have been doing for raids and pvp. If there is a cross realm community for this let me know. Anyways if anyone wants to do some cross realm RP with my troll druid (or one of my other characters) add my btag Chillrunner#1671, maybe we can create some sort of cross realm RP. P.S. If you add me leave a message with the request so I know where it's from. :DVirishna1 Aug 22, 2013
Aug 22, 2013 In-Game References that should be in game Hi. I made this thread for references in the World of Warcraft that should be. Blizzard Entertainment, I HIGHLY RECCOMEND USE OF THESE! Here's my reference Where: Ravenholt Manor Reference to: Pucca(TV Show) There are two NPCs, a female pandaren mage with the bun hairstyle named 'Puca' and a male human rogue named 'Gara'. Puca is chasing Gara around the area of Ravenholt Manor. Sometimes, Puca will /kiss, Gara. If you're a female character, if you /kiss Gara, Puca will become aggressive, attack you, and one-shot you. Now, if you're a male character, you can duel Gara and if you defeat him, Puca will /rude at you and attack you but not kill you.Gypsywarrior6 Aug 22, 2013
Aug 22, 2013 Former Twilight Hammer RP? I'm looking to RP a former member of the Twilight Hammer, more specifically someone who could wield the powers of the Old Gods. Should I roll an Affliction Warlock or would a Shadow Priest best embody that concept? Warlocks use shadow magic, curses, summoning of eldritch creatures. But they seemed too steeped in Burning Legion magics. Shadow Priests on the other hand can summon void tendrils, dominate minds, MIND FLAY, and summon mind benders. But they are also tethered to the Holy Light. Can't quite make up my mind.Zød9 Aug 22, 2013
Aug 22, 2013 The Story Of A Lonely Warrior I had first posted this in a different forum category and received comments from about 5 people telling me I needed to post in the RP forum's or perhaps general.. so hopefully this is the right place for this ... Anyways I wrote this at like 4 in the morning :P Time: 3:34AM PST. Realm: Tichondrius. Location: Arathi Basin. The following details a first person account from 'Taggem'; a level 90 human warrior. ------------------ Heroic leap right through the air! I shockwave now and hold you there! Then build up bleeds and smash you down.. Oh !@#$! Typhoon! I'm going down@@ off of LM it's certain death! My heart is beating, can't take a breath! But OMG what do I see? A mount of 2x capacity! I click real fast to take a seat- before I'm essence of defeat! I barely live to tell this tale, yet it's hardly over, we must prevail! -> Through the waters towards B.S. no signs of rogues. No signs of mess! The score is close and I must win.. to lose this battle is a sin! I plant my banner and charge in hot. This newby warlock tries to dot :P He's far more geared, my chances thin. But I outsmart him! Did I just win?? An evil genius slays his foe. He clicks the flag and takes control. It's victory for the Alliance team: It could be worthy of a meme xD?? Probably not but I don't care, I've got the honor for my new ware! A gaint sword of metallic strength, higher damage! Higher rank! So much power and beauty combine. Taggems' geared for melee time!!! ------------------- Cuz BG'in aint easy. And nerdy poems.. quite cheesy. xD !!Taggem0 Aug 22, 2013
Aug 22, 2013 Priests and you! A RP guide. Well, I've recently rolled a Priestess of Elune. Not only have I enjoyed being the healer in dungeons, I've also found myself enjoying RPing as one. However, I've found that, in RP, either people have ignored the priest aspect for a vague "healer" type of character, or when they do RP a priest, it's a generic fatherly character that devotes every aspect of their thoughts to the church, and ends every other sentence with "Light be with you my child". Now, being raised Roman Catholic, and attending church for a good portion of my life, I've seen a lot of variety when it comes to how certain priests act. So, I thought I would make a guide of sorts that, while not outright telling you how your priest "should" act, can sort of give you some concepts and tropes to use if you're ever interested in making one. EDIT: I've decided to divide this into parts, to make it more palatable. The first question we have to ask, while making a priest is... Well, "what is a priest?" Many people think a priest's only job is to "spread the word" and perhaps give a sermon or two. In reality, however, priests have a wide variety of jobs, and serve as a leader of sorts for their community. Heck, in some small towns the position of "Local Pastor" is about as important as that of the mayor. As a priest, people aren't just looking to you to hear "the word", they're looking to you for guidance. As a priest, your job isn't just that of a "preacher", it's that of a mediator, a councilor, a psychologist, a community organizer, and much much more. The actual religious duties are honestly only part of what you do. Sure your actions may be motivated by your faith quite often, but not all of them have to have religious undertones. A priest may travel with a group of adventurers, healing and offering them moral support without once mentioning "The Light", they do this because they have a mission to accomplish that they feel is important. Another priest may try and organize their community to send aid to places such as westfall or Duskwood, without even saying Elune or The Light demands it. The point is, there's a lot more to priests than just "people who give sermons".Callet11 Aug 22, 2013
Aug 22, 2013 Looking for level/ dungeon group Hyjal server. Im pretty much good with any thing you have in mind. looking for someone to level to 90 with:)Vyndarath2 Aug 22, 2013
Aug 21, 2013 Belf DK Help. Okay, well as the title suggests I need help with my Belf dk backstory. Im looking for a source where I can find background information on Dk's AND Belfs. My initial back story was to have her be raised in Durotar. Her family would have moved there after renouncing their nobility and would have taken up the occupation of breeding wolf mounts. After living a VERY horrible life my dk would move into Quel'thalas and be killed in the desecration of the Sunwell. I don't know if this works but that's why I'm asking for help. Any ideas? Oh and her personality isn't like most DK's. She is normally a nice and friendly person but recently something has happened to make her repressed memories of growing up come forth. So now she is a jumpy, nervous mess. Thank you for the help.Akhlyna5 Aug 21, 2013
Aug 21, 2013 A Floating Buffet A Floating Buffet -For added ambiance- I listened to: Mercy In Darkness ( while writing. Trying listening while reading if you really want a sense of what I was going for. If you hate it or just don't feel like the effort is worth it, no worries :) -Rinn The wide prow of the ship cut through the cold, black waters at a steady rhythm. The sound of waves licking down the side of the ship resonated in the still air as Rinnoen stood at the prow, arms draped over the forward banister. Peering down from above, his stare had fallen at the spot where the water ripped apart upon first touching the great wooden hull. He noted the ease with which the water's color turned from black to white as it was cast apart from the force of the impact, the spray scattering free from the newly formed waves and flying free like little, white diamonds leaping from a coal pit, before gravity's cruel grip once more pulled them greedily back in to the inky oblivion of their birth with a splash, extinguishing their brief beauty. The water was perfectly still aside from the disturbance of the boat, giving it an appearance of black glass. No waves, no gentle roll of the ocean, just flat and perfect stillness, like sailing through the air over a bottomless pit. And here we are, kicking up the puddle just to make waves... Rinnoen thought with a smirk. That wasn't entirely true. The ship he was residing on was actually an armed cargo frigate bound for southern waters, ferrying a small contingent of sailors and Rinnoen himself to a mercenary outpost for resupplying near the tip of Stranglethorn. Still, the idea of splashing around in perfectly still water always seemed the appropriate thing to do, no matter how old he got or what else he was supposedly on the way to do. At this thought, Rinnoen smiled sheepishly at his own juvenile sense of humor. "Oh well, not like we're spoiling much of a view," he muttered to himself, as his smile faded as quickly as it appeared. Turning his gaze upwards, Rinnoen grimaced at the wall of thick, grey fog now cloaking all sides of the ship. Ordinarily, such a still ocean would reflect the beautiful blue sky and radiant sun of late afternoon. Yet, there was no such view to be had now, only a world of grey above and to the sides, and blackness below. The weather had set upon the alliance frigate with deceptive quickness an hour prior, hardly any wind heralding its arrival. If that hadn't set the crew to nervousness, such strange happenings were followed by the surreal fact that the ship had also seemingly sped up despite the great canvases of the sails doing little more than hanging limp in the grey sky. The vessel's crew had set to fastidiously checking each rigging and mast, each knot of the ropes, every anchoring of the cargo along the golden elmwood decks, as if they expected some as-of-yet unknown trouble to come on the heels of the mysterious fog, like ants scurrying before a rain cloud. More unnervingly, they had also fallen entirely silent, their voices barely whispers across the great one hundred and twenty foot long boat. Each of the thirty men worked in tense unison, passing on only what absolutely had to be conveyed in hushed trains of dialogue until the message reached its intended target, refusing to use their usual hollers and yells across the deck, as if doing so might attract prying ears lurking just outside their vision in the fog. Imagining anyone else stupid enough to be lost in this fog bank in the middle of the ocean was ordinarily a tall order, but Rinnoen knew the men were right to be nervous. They didn't need old wives' tales and fishermens' stories to get their blood pumping, first hand experiences and lost comrades had taught them well enough that the great oceans and waters of Azeroth were home to things too numerous and too terrible to describe in full. Sharks, naga, behemoths, ghosts, monsters, storms, elementals, and not to mention, just good old fashioned, armed-to-the-teeth pirates, all had their own discerning tastes in alliance sailors. As such, the Faerie Darter (as the ship was called) sported a rugged and self-reliant crew, as tough as the hull they stood on and as pungent as the sea air they breathed. Rinnoen looked back over his shoulder briefly to see two men holding up a full-sized deck cannon while a third, possibly a woman, knelt down to check the rolling base for adjustments. Even behind the thickening cloud of fog obscuring his view, Rinnoen could see the two men straining their tremendous upper body muscles, huge biceps and pectorals bulging against their tattered white shirts, thick calves and thighs clad in dark cloth and boots anchoring them in place.Rinnoen6 Aug 21, 2013
Aug 21, 2013 Caliconis's story (no lore short story) (a few things first, this toon I'm posting on is who I call caliconis, second, he is not meant to be a lore based rp character so if you think the lore is wrong don't comment, there will be very little here that has anything to do with lore, last, if you do not like it, don't comment unless your comment is constructive, if it's going to criticize this, don't say it) I've been all over, I've been through many hardships and had a pitiful few joyful moments in my life, I've been alive a long time, taking on many different names and roles in the world, for now, my mortal name is Gabriel, as far as the mortals of Azeroth know, I'm am just a warrior who cannot desire where his loyalty lies, in truth, I am one of the most powerful creatures in the known world, a dragon, I have no set flight from which I hail, my mother was a red dragon and my father was a black dragon, the result was me, a dragon with scales as black as night, my body seems to fit together like a suit of armor, the crevices and cracks in between my scales glow blood red with a strange energy, my eyes, my eyes as many say, hold terrors so terrible, they must be contained within me, for so horrible are they that even Hell itself cannt contain them, my wings are vast veils of darkness, darkening the brightest day, I myself am a vastly huge dragon, by myself able to engulf an entire city in flames of molten gold, the strongest and most powerful dragon of all, and a dragon aspect, Deathwing, though he himself is large, he is but a whelp in comparison, no dragon has ever fought me and won, no hero able to slay me, the old gods themselves tried and failed to dominate my mind, I am the harbinger of darkness, the bringer of peace or war, conflicts that have raged for ages wil end at my wim, but even with all this, I search for the one thing that eludes me... A true purpose in this life... (to be continued)Mistraven3 Aug 21, 2013
Aug 20, 2013 RPing Guild Question Hi everyone, I've been thinking about making a character on the Wyrmest Accord server to do some RPing. But I was wondering if there are any guilds there that RP like they work for an elemental plane. Thank You!Fooba24 Aug 20, 2013
Aug 20, 2013 Can you guys help me write a good MRP? Whatsup!! I'm new to this whole RP game, this is my first character on an RP server. I am having fun so far, but i'm really trying to get into this whole My Role Play thing. I have the addon downloaded, and I already came up with a backstory for this character (Though, as per advice, I am not going to spill his story into the history tab.) Mostly, what i'm wondering, is how can I get a description of my character that is flavored and textured? I'm not asking for the best MRP ever, but I want a decent one that will actually attract people to want to RP with me. My character is a human barbarian, from a Nomadic tribe in the eastern kingdoms. He recently has come to stormwind as per request of his tribes shaman, to help with the war effort. So far what I have is "A rough hide of skin covers up this man's otherwise youthful complexion. Standing at a height towering most other human men, it is hard to ignore Radagasta when he walks into a room. Painted on the skin of his face are light blue markings. These seem to be unrecognizable to most civilized folk. The designs seem somewhat arbitrary, though he constantly adorns the markings. His voice is very deep and loud. When spoken to in conversation, his tone is rather direct and simple. Though, some may interpret him has harsh, based on the seriousness of his voice, he rarely will wish to hurt an ally. When charging into battle, his ear shattering yell will strike fear into foes even twice his size." I'm still working on his armor and stuff, but where can I go from here? Should I be more descriptive with anything? I'm just seeing some great MRP's roaming around stormwind and i'd like to have one someone might say wow to as well.Radagasta15 Aug 20, 2013
Aug 20, 2013 What class do you think fits these races. Night elf. Human. Dwarf. Orc. Undead. Blood elf. Goblin. ((Need suggestions for roleplay reasons.))Alexandors24 Aug 20, 2013
Aug 20, 2013 Blackwater Raiders I was just wondering if there were still any Role Playing guilds on the Blackwater Raiders server, preferably the Horde side.Ryaxus3 Aug 20, 2013
Aug 20, 2013 Rate the RP name above you! Rate the RP name above you based on race / gender / class! Delurk Bloodsnarl - Orc Battlemaster Regan Luthen - Undead Felblade Draynu Wildgore - Orc HuntressDelurk16 Aug 20, 2013
Aug 20, 2013 Getting started suggestions. I am new to RP on WoW, not RP in general. I have made a character on one of the RP servers beforebut when I searched for a guild that had RP as an aspect. . . Well, let's just say it was difficult. So, my question is this. . . . For the newbies to RP on WoW what are your suggestions on getting started? I love RP and would love to combine it with the fun of gaming on WoW. Just to clarify, I am not looking for how to. . . . I am looking for what server is most RP active what faction on that server. . . How do I find other RP players that are active? Are there specific guild that the main focus is RP? These are the tips I am looking for, I know how to RP. Thanks in advance for any and all thoughts.Rivertaem9 Aug 20, 2013
Aug 20, 2013 My interpretation of Vrykul runes. First a little backstory: I've recently come up with a character concept that is akin to a runemaster, just without the unarmed aspect. He's a runeforger and rune expert in the explorer's league that set out to find the secrets of Vrykul runes after finding out that most of the death knight's powers came from runes taught to the scourge by the Vrykul, not innate grasp of necromancy, frost magic, or blood magic. Naturally, being a runeforger, he takes it upon himself to learn these runes to study and utilize for the sake of his profession, and to give himself an extra edge in combat. In order to pull a character off like this, I have to be really damn sure I know how runes work and I have to be able to give my own interpretation of Vrykul runes. I'm laying out all of the runes I've come up with for the primary death knight abilities (I had a lot of fun doing this by the way) and I just want other to look at them and give feedback in case something should be changed or altered. I tried to explain and cover as much as I could within the limits of runes :) Compendium of the Unholy Rune of the ghoul: empowering this rune summons a ghoul to assist you. Ghoul decays quickly, Rune of the shell: empowering this rune surrounds the wielder in a shell that only the most powerful spells can penetrate. Lasts until destroyed. Rune of bones: empowering this rune summons a shield of bones to deflect incoming attacks until all bones are broken. Rune of the unholy ground: empowering this rune curses the ground beneath the wielder to harm all who walk upon it. Rune of unholy presence: empowering this rune grants the wielder increased speed and rune regeneration while increasing the strength of unholy runes. This rune lasts until disempowered. Only use one presence at a time. Rune of the undead army: empowering this rune summons an army of the dead to assist the wielder for a short time. Warning: only summon this army if you are confident enough to command it. If not, the army will turn on you. Rune of drained life: empowering this rune drains the life from the target and heals the wielder. Rune of the necromancer: This rune passively strengthens your summoned ghoul and prevents it from decaying. Compendium of Frost Rune of the howling wind: empowering this rune will blast forth a frigid wind that even the most resilient of targets can barely withstand. Rune of frozen thoughts: empowering this rune will freeze the mind of the target, making it impossible to cast any spell until the effect fades. Rune of icebound fortitude: empowering this rune will encase the wielder in an unbreakable armor of ice for a short time. Rune of obliteration: empowering this rune greatly increases the power of your next weapon strike to a devastating effect. Use sparingly, or the wielder will quickly become exhausted. Rune of iced muscles: empowering this rune makes the wielders muscles as strong as the ice of Northrend for a short time. Rune of icy presence: empowering this rune increases the wielder’s strength and the strength of frost runes. This rune lasts until disempowered. Only use one presence at a time. Rune of frozen chains: empowering this rune shackles the target in ice for a short time. Rune of the frozen tempest: empowering this rune surrounds the wielder in a tempest of frigid wind, freezing and slowing all inside. Warning: most wielders lose control of the wind except the most experience, and perish upon activation.Anvilrune6 Aug 20, 2013
Aug 20, 2013 Need character assistance. Name: Wolfgrimm, does this sound like a decent name? Perhaps if his name was Wolfe Grimm or something? Age: Any information that could lead me in the right direction would be appricated. Height: 5'7" Weight: 160 lbs Class: Rogue: Assassin/Mercenary Clothes: Again, no real idea where to go with this. Other than that; I really have no idea on what else a Forsaken character should have or do. Even after reading the wowwiki Forsaken RP section and a couple other places. Any people who currently roleplay as Assassins/Mercenaries or even Forsaken in itself that could give me advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated.Wolfgrimm3 Aug 20, 2013
Aug 20, 2013 Race/Faction options for upcoming expansions I have been part of many discussions regarding Undead and where they are headed, the options of a third faction, and new race options for upcoming expansions... with a lot of what if flying around most of the forums I had another thought. What if in future expansions the forsaken or UD race becomes like pandaren sort of... As any races playable now (save worgen due to the lore) you could decide to either be the livable race, or somehow through a questline become UD and play for an undead/forsaken faction or just the horde or the Ebon blade (so many options). The models for all the races already exist, and it would allow for at least certain other races to maybe jump faction to the alliance. The other option... Allow each race to have a good/evil counterpart that is chosen during a questline Ie: gnome/lepper gnome, dwark/dark iron dwarf etc... that way they could keep the 2 faction red/blue war going and still write future novellas where Horde and Alliance join together... we all win!Hexenman0 Aug 20, 2013
Aug 19, 2013 Nightmare before Christmas? Hello forums, I was just wondering what you people thought about a NMBC RP? So I will be creating Sally as a Female Forsaken, but I can't decide what class she should be. So here's my question: What class do you think Sally would be? I personally, was thinking Monk since they're elegant and flow with the current. What are your thoughts?Destructoro6 Aug 19, 2013
Aug 19, 2013 Who would be down... .... For a national IC week? No (( )). No nothing. Just pure IC. You even have to be IC on the forums. Would anyone be interested?Reganluthen4 Aug 19, 2013
Aug 19, 2013 Is Husto a good pandaren name? ^Delurk1 Aug 19, 2013
Aug 19, 2013 A letter I wrote This is a letter I wrote for my female orc rogue, Sarina. Hope you guys enjoy it. This is based around the time lorewise of patch 5.3. To my honorable mother and father, It has been many years since we've last talked, but I write to you to confess my grievances. I've fought and killed for Thrall, the former warchief of our mighty horde. Ever since I stormed the beaches of Borean Tundra under the command of High Overlord Saurfang, I was proud to be a member of this great family. Many friends have been lost since the day I stepped foot into Northrend to fight the Lich King and his scourge. After the campaign in Northrend was finished, I immediately went into battle against the Twlight's Hammer and their master, Deathwing the Destroyer. During the turbulent time when the world was ripped asunder, I fought for a new warchief, Garrosh Hellscream. It is here where I am conflicted. No doubt proud members of the horde you are, I can no longer fight for someone who doesn't have this family's best interests at heart. We were the founding race, the mighty orcs. Those who drank of the blood of Mannoroth, falling into the lowest of lows, to eventually find redemption. Now we have fellow brothers and sisters in the blood elves, tauren, trolls and even the forsaken, whose motives are still a mystery. Garrosh's motives and goals seek to tear apart what we have worked so hard to build. He has irrevocably followed the footsteps of his father, Grommash Hellscream, drunk with power. He will not be satisfied until his horde rules the continents of Azeroth and all living free races are crushed under his heel and serving him. Honorable mother and father, It is with the most deep sadness that I will no longer consider myself a member of the Horde. As I write this, I sit in the monastery of the Shado-Pan, an ancient group of pandaren monks. Before coming to this place, I was the stubborn headstrong daughter you proudly gave birth to. In some ways I still am, but the lord and leader of the Shado-Pan, Taran Zhu, has taught me just how dangerous my emotions can be if unchecked. I've seen emotions come to life in this great land called Pandaria with very terrifying results. Lord Zhu has taught me to control my emotions, finding better outlets for my negative energy. We have met with Vol'jin, who is still alive after the cowardly assassination attempt by the Kor'kron. I just want you to know that I will forever love both of you. I will always remember the training and the lessons of battle and victory taught to me by you. I will return to Orgrimmar, but not as a member of the horde. I will return as a representative of the Shado-Pan monastery, who have lent their fighting forces to the war effort of the rebellion. Some day I will be a member of the horde again. I can only hope you'll understand. Forever in love and respect, Sarina.Sárina1 Aug 19, 2013
Aug 19, 2013 Help with a Goblin Backstory! Heya! Characters name is Degno Gyrofuse (Not too Gobliny but I was attached to the name) Really, Im just having trouble figuring out what Degno was pre-MoP At the moment, Degno runs a quite successful Trade Company that controls alot of the Bilgewater trade and trade outposts. His backstory besides that, is quite limited. Ive read up on Goblin lore and such, and I feel like he should have been quite a popular man on Kazan, maybe a former Footbomb star? Any ideas thrown at me or any form of help would be fantastic. -DegnoDegno10 Aug 19, 2013
Aug 18, 2013 How advanced is Azeorth tech? ((ooc help)) Well I have seen engineers make rockets robots and motorbikes yet I got accused of G moding when I used a tracking device. So how advanced is Tech on Azeroth compared to earth. like is it 1960s 1980s etcDàrkàn7 Aug 18, 2013
Aug 18, 2013 The Last Emberwolf (Story) (Note that this is PART 1 of my character's backstory. If enough people like part 1, I will eventually post part 2. This backstory is when my guy was originally Alliance. YES I did switch but for good reason. In anycase, Skem was originally a worgen and the part where he becomes a Worgen is a WIP. I also would like to note, I am a beginner when it comes to writing stories. I'm still working on doing dialogue, most of this is backstory as you will see. Everyone starts somewhere after all. Criticism and recommendations welcomed. I hope you all enjoy!) Skem Emberwolf was born in Gilneas during the First War as the Orcish Horde descended upon the Kingdom of Stormwind. He was born into the small Gilnean noble house of Emberwolf who were loyal supporters to King Greymane and held some land around the settlement of Ambermill. Despite not being one of the more wealthy aristocratic families, the house of Emberwolf held great sway in the Gilnean Royal Court. As news of the Orcish Horde's advance towards Lordaeron swept across the land, the Emberwolf family decided to move South towards Gilneas City before turning North again to Emberstone in order to seek shelter from the war. The Emberwolf family would serve loyal in the newly formed Alliance Army during the Second War. The family even volunteered to remain with the Alliance Army to maintain relations with the other human kingdoms. These relations would prove invaluable when a Knight of Lordaeron named Deagun Largon befriend Skem's father Edward Emberwolf. The two men's friendship helped bond both of their families as the two families grew close during the Second War. This bond showed when Skem met Deagun's son Allyeth Largon and would become best friends, and later brothers. Yet this bond with the Alliance and a Lordaeron family, caused tensions within the Gilnean Royal Court as many aristocratic families wished to adopt a isolationist policy with the Alliance. Some even claimed the Emberwolves and other families who served in the Alliance Army, would be responsible for Gilneas being involved in more unnecessary wars due to their current allegiance to the Alliance. However, the Emberwolves and those being blamed for their service in the Alliance claimed otherwise. The Emberwolves and others attempted to reason the necessity in assisting the Alliance and battling the Orcish Horde as they had seen what the Alliance was facing. Others claimed that those advocating for Gilneas to adopt a isolationist state, actually feared the families who served the Alliance like the Emberwolves and worried that they were seeking to gain power and more land by assisting the Alliance. These tensions on whether to remain in the Alliance, would cause family rivalries that would later explode and be one of the factors leading to the Gilnean Civil War. As tensions rose, small power struggles gripped Gilneas as families tried to outwit one another and attempt to gain a higher position within the Royal Court. Despite King Greymane's efforts to calm the tensions and enforce order with the Gilnean Royal Army, some families had met cruel ends. During the very height of this dark period, only a few months after the Second War, the Emberwolves met their end.Skem13 Aug 18, 2013
Aug 18, 2013 Interesting but unsure New to this forum and the wow forums in general but this one seems especially interesting but could someone clarify exactly what this forum is all about and further more what its for and what appropriate topics would be?Holdin2 Aug 18, 2013
Aug 18, 2013 New to RP, looking for a friendly realm :-) As the title suggests. Me and a friend are looking to start toons on an RP realm, however our RP experience doesn't extend past creating backstoriesfor our characters. Normally, I'd select a realm at random, but the number 1 complaint I usually hear about RP realms is Blizzard's lack of 'policing' the roleplaying community, for lack of a better term. And this is usually responded with "Players police the community". So in short, I'm looking to start on a realm where the community is pretty strict on maintaining character, not trolling/godmoding/etc., and just general good roleplaying habits; but is still friendly towards new roleplayers. Now, I know not everyone in a realm will be like this, but I'm just looking for a generally good RP community to start my experience with. Thank you.Altruis5 Aug 18, 2013
Aug 18, 2013 Plug: /r/wowroleplay Not sure if it's been posted here before- but for any Redditors here, /r/wowroleplay is a newish subreddit in need of more activity. I don't see anything in the Code of Conduct about promoting other discussion groups, so yeah. Hope to see some of your contributions!Wenquan1 Aug 18, 2013
Aug 18, 2013 RPing and character resources I was thinking about how to employ game mechanics, our resources, on the in-game RPing environment; I mean, I've been RPing for a while and I actually never seen a caster character run out of mana or a hunter running out of arrows. My case: I've made Spiral a technomage character and specifically designed her spells to be cast via magic-engineered guns that replicate the effects, using fel-etched objects (like healthstones and soulstones) as fuel, so I constantly run out of ammo, wich kinda spices up the combat scenarios: my character ranging from very destructive, to almost hopeless without fuel to her magic guns. Her own casting skills are mediocre at best, so, nothing much to do. So, how do you (if you ever do) employ ingame character resources into your own RPing?Spiral3 Aug 18, 2013
Aug 18, 2013 What do you guys think of this gnome name? He's a gnome monk called Gnobi? Is it fitting? Do you guys like it?Fizzeus7 Aug 18, 2013
Aug 18, 2013 looking for someone to level with I am basically on wow depression right now. i create countless characters, thinking that i'll stick to them, and commit to them, but the next day: "I HATE ROGUES!", or "HUMANS SUCK!". i feel that if i had another person to level with i might enjoy the game a little bit more. In specific, i am looking for a pve buddy (Hyjal server. I dont mind starting at level one)Humit2 Aug 18, 2013
Aug 17, 2013 Tales at the Edge of the Abyss ((Stories)) ((As the title suggests, these are tales of very dark faire. They are stories of characters who stare into the Nietzschean Abyss on a regular basis. They dabble in territory that could easily turn them into the very things they abhor.)) "There are many of us that lurk within the shadows of Azeroth, people who take matters into their own hands, use forces beyond imagining to combat the very thing they hate. Many are these tales, and many are the kind who walk this dark twilight world. Some of us, like myself, are Mage Hunters, Witch Hunters, what have you...Our prey is the darkest of souls that seek only chaos and destruction of the very world we seek to protect. Our ways are many, and sometimes brutal, but there is no denying their efficacy. Others avenge wrongs that no man, no woman, would stand for. Still others dabble in dark arts and esoteric rituals to ward our home from the very things that seek to threaten it. There is one thing in common with all of us. We tread territory that is probably most certainly immoral to some, and borderline illegal to others, but one must ask oneself this question. Do the ends justify the means? In many cases, I have said 'yes' to that question. I have my reasons for telling my own tales. Namely it is time for me to confess all I have done, my darkest secret casefiles as a Witch Hunter." ((Let the stories begin!))Adira4 Aug 17, 2013
Aug 17, 2013 Rate Dat Transmog Yep under my decree it is time again for another rate that XMog! Give the person before you a rating on their transmog from 1-10. Let it begin.Superstiinke34 Aug 17, 2013
Aug 17, 2013 trying to RP on moon guard its harder than it looksBalls2 Aug 17, 2013
Aug 17, 2013 The first venture of Xander's life. Give me your feedback here.. Try to keep the insults out of this please ((I may be playing with a bit of lore, to add to the affect of it...)) This, is the begging of Xander, brother to one of the last remaining immortal Elves. Xanders birth was one of secret, for his father and mother were forbidden from each other by their parents. As a young child, Xander was interested with the art of a blade, causing him to be seen sword fighting with his brother Danrelend. His Father Fylad, would watch from a balcony as he saw Xander gain skills more and more with the stick. By the time Xander was a young adult, he ventured off to find newer lands, eventually crossing paths with an Elder Elf, named Thrariand. Thrariand was a master with a Blade, using two blades that he himself had crafted, they were both what seemed to be a shorter version of a Samurai's sword. (( Assassination Blade for reference. )) Thrariand would be seen by Xander battling some of the Demonic forces that would be pouring out of the Portal, Xander was intrigued by the sheer skill of Thrariand's strikes. Thrariand would have an enormous amount of speed, reflexes, and strength within him; striking, parrying, blocking, dodging, and killing the Demons even as they surrounded him. Xander watched for hours as Thrariand did this without loosing an ounce of motivation, never getting tired, only fighting. Before long, nightfall came, and what was left of the Demonic force that had rushed out of the portal was either killed off, or retreated to the Outlands. Seeing as Thrariand had been fighting so long with no rest, all of that fighting had put him in a tired state, the adrenaline he was using to stay up and fight was lost, Thrariand would tumble to the ground, weak, hungry, and tired. Xander would rush over to lift Thrariand off the ground and carry him to a safer spot then where hey currently were. After a few hours of walking Xander decided that it was time to set up a small camp, he would set up a tent with a few sticks and a cloth and put Thrariand within it. Xander would set a small campfire and rest for the night. Six hours later Xander would be awoken by the sound of large footsteps, heavy breathing, and Plate armor clanging against itself. Xander would rush to his feet, unsheathing his double sided blade, only to be faced by a Felguard. Xander would drop into a brief moment of shock looking up to the Demon. Xander had only the knowledge he had learned from his Father's training with a blade, he had no idea how to battle a Demon of such a large stature. Xander would come out of shock quickly and try to remember what he had seen Thrariand do. Xander would stand ready, waiting for an attack. As the Felguard swung his Axe in a downwards motion Xander would quickly move out of the way of the swing. Xander would slash his blade at the Demon, hitting the Demon's arm; the demon would shout in pain as the blade would go through half of its arm and get stuck, the Demon would turn to Xander and stare into his eyes, the Felguards eyes were burning with rage, and it would rip the sword out of his arm and throw it at a distance to far for Xander to reach any longer. The Demon would take a side swing with its Axe, Xander was at a loss. Not knowing what to do, his instincts would kick in, Xander would jump over the Axe, landing on his back he would grab a large stone and jump up. He would throw the stone at the Felguards head hitting him hard enough for it's helmet to fly off, the Demon was dazed at the time and would drop it's Axe. Xander would use this opportunity to off the Demon, he would lift the Axe and swing at the Demon while it was still dizzy, the Axe would hit the Felguard with enough force to cut off one of his arms completely, and go through half of it's body. The Demon would crumble to a lifeless state in a matter of seconds. Xander would fall to his knees weak and tired, breathing heavily as he stared at the huge Demon of which life he had just taken. Xander would eventually look to the tent of which Thrariand had been sleeping, to find that Thraiand was watching as Xander battled the Demon. Thrariand would stand up and leave the tent, walking besides Xander. He would speak to him. " Your skills are exceptional, not many can battle a Felguard unprepared and win. I, am Thrariand, I protect this land by keeping the Demons from reaching passed the gate. Stand, I wish to know of your name. " Xander would stand up, looking to Thrariand he would speak in a weak voice, tired from the battle. " I am, Xander, I have been traveling the lands looking for new and interesting things.. I came across you, and watched as you fell upon nightfall. I carried you away from the Portal and ended up here. " Thrariand would nod to Xanders response, " Well, Xander.. I am, a Blademaster. I have mastered the arts of the blades, and what you have just shown me, proves that you are capable of being one as well, I would like to train you.." Xander would nod. " I'll do it... "Ranils2 Aug 17, 2013
Aug 17, 2013 A Trip to Mulgore Hey! This Roleplay is a continuation of the RP I did with friends Vynathlon and Arie in "The Twin Tavern RP" by Berhas. In it, Krishna, Vynathlon, Arie and the gang are journeying to Mulgore to find a way to remove the Curse from a Corrupted. (Read The last few pages of The Twin Tavern.). Anyone can join up, but they will have to be up to date on the Current Location and what is going on, which means reading previous posts before posting in turn.Krishnaa259 Aug 17, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 The Scarlet Raven Tavern (In-Game, Contest) This Tavern is a Sentinels server guild, but is part of the Virtual Realms with Scryers and Steamwheedle Cartel. You can check us out every Friday at 5 PM (-8 PST) in Darkshire, Duskwood. Be a part of our huge turnout! There are individual posts on these realms if you want shorter posts. It's a pleasure to see so many players on the forums. The Scarlet Raven Tavern is an in-game bar hosted every Friday by an assortment of qualified and professional staff. We boast one of the largest selections of drinks on Sentinels and we have a reliably high turnout every week. We want you to experience role-play in a calm environment with an assortment of wonderful characters. It's a great opportunity to introduce a new character of yours into the world. We've also made it easier for patrons who like us to stay in touch with us, should you be interested. The Scarlet Raven Tavern loves its community so much that we want to interface with you whenever you're looking for us. Over the years we have had community members take screenshots of our events, moments that lingered with our patrons long past closing, and achievements our patrons pride in. We want to make it easy for you to make requests and share these moments with everyone. That's why we are now opening our Facebook page to the public. You can connect with us at: Promotional Offer! We have a lowball goal of 30 likes on our page right now, and we are rewarding the individuals who come out to like the page with the opportunity to drink a Moneybrau. This beverage causes the imbiber to throw up around 700 gold in piles of 30-60 gold. We need 30 likes before we will offer the bottle, and the winner will be picked out of the people who Like the contest post, pinned to the top. *The drink is not usable by cross-realm patrons, but the gold piles are. So tell your friends! Tell friends from cross-realm who've been to our event! Tell the world! Drink responsibly. Head Bartender Khongmin Bassui or the Scarlet Raven TavernKhongmin4 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 ((OOC)) A new WoW Forum RP, play it your way! Hello, I have recently created a new forum dedicated to World of Warcraft Roleplay, if you love the lore in WoW, but hate the direction Blizzard is taking the story, try out WoWInitiative, a purely player run forum where you really have a say in the course of Azeroth's history. If you have ever wanted to have a real effect on the way the world is, now's your chance! We are currenlty seeking Super Moderators, and Forum Moderators, if you're interested, either reply here to this thread, or simply email me at with your skills, and what you think you can bring to the forum as a staff member. If you would like to play, you will have to be patient while I get things set up and running smoothly.Tiandian0 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 Pandaren RP question I am planning to roleplay a young pandaren and was wondering how Pandaren age. Do they age like humans or slower? Thanks!Mistpherine2 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 Warrior Abilities Seen a few forums up like this, but I wanted to get specific... To me, and to a lot of people, Warriors are simply people who can twirl a blade and slice a person in half. In this case, that means that just about anyone can learn to be a Warrior, because it requires no magic. So if you have a Warrior as your class, they're pretty bendable. They're now sort of open to learning other such magics. Arcane, Fel, Elemental, Druidism ( Not in this case since I'm an Orc, but it'd work for the races who can be a Druid. ) But I did notice a few things odd about my abilities. One of my friends, who is a Warrior, used his Dragon Roar ability in an In Character Role-Play fight. I found this odd, but didn't say anything, and suddenly the person he was fighting flips out OOCly and basically ragequits. So it makes me ask... Giant shadowy hands being thrown through the air to physically grab and strangle their target, and then yank them off the ground and through the air to the one who cast the spell is perfectly fine and fits with lore. Yet a Warrior who Dragon Roars isn't? It makes me wonder if Warriors may dabble in their own kind of magic. Obviously no one can realistically Heroic Leap 40 yrds, but is it possible if there's magic behind it? Basically... Do Warriors use any forms of magic with specific abilities. If not, how can abilities such as Dragon Roar and Avatar be incorporated into RP?Canniibal5 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 Anyone wanna lvl? I want to finally get a lvl 90, but I want to do it with someone else! We can RP and level if you want. just put your real ID in and we can talk! thanks!Vetso4 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 Stealth in the Warcraft universe I've been very puzzled lately how stealth works in the warcraft universe and more importantly, how to incorporate it into roleplay. Now, I know that the general agreement on rp-ing abilities is to be creative and do what you want within the boundaries of realism and immersion. But with stealth, I find that difficult. The game implies that you just flat out turn invisible until you interact/come into contact with a living thing. But in the universe, wouldn't that be incredibly overpowered? Think about it: If you could learn a magic that turned you invisible for an indefinite amount of time until you interacted with another living thing, couldn't– in theory– every orc learn that magic, and sneak into stormwind, then appear and take the ENTIRE city by surprise? On the other hand if "Stealth" just implied the classic sneaking around using your environment to your advantage, that is –conversely– not effective ENOUGH to be practical? This form would be useless in barren areas such as 1k needles, Badlands, Hellfire Penninsula etc due to there not being anywhere to hide. What do you guys think?Wolfbraid12 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 What is the funniest trolling joke you've don (Done) sorry it cut my title off before I finished it. My funniest trolling joke was on this guy, I go bear form walk up to someone at random and say "smack dat bear butt!" I thought it was the funniest thing ever lolSilvercloak19 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 Waddaya think of my Worgen druid idea? Classically, wolves are tied to the moon. I was thinking of using this classic idea as an impetus for my worgen to become a balance druid. As a human, he did not have any special magical abilities, he was just a normal gilnean. But in the wake of his curse which he thought of as a blessing, he felt closer to the moon. He began revering the moon and in this new found reverence he slowly learned to harness the astral and lunar powers. How does that sound? I love the idea of it, and I want to know if there are any problems with it :)Runeheart9 Aug 16, 2013