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Jun 14, 2013 Wanted: RP Partner Hello, forum! I'm going to keep this as short as possible so please bear with me. I'm looking for an RP partner that would be interested in creating new characters together. Now here's the kicker, I am gay male and would like to RP a gay character. I DO NOT want to ERP or run around waving a rainbow flag, I simply want to RP as a couple without making a spectacle out of it. Below are a few ideas but I'm flexible and open to suggestions. Orcs: Our characters met while serving in in the military and bonded as they grew to appreciate each other's skill in combat before realizing they loved each other. Gilneans: This would work well if we had a human hunter and a worgen druid. During a time of famine they worked together to provide food for Gilneas, the hunter hunting stags and other wildlife and the druid working to understand what was making the crops die. When the worgen started attacking Gilneas the hunter tried his best to hunt and kill the worgen but he recognizes the druid from their work together and spares his life, thus allowing love to blossom between them. Pandaren: I'm not completely sure on a good backstory but they would most likely have bonded over a love of food and/or beer. Blood Elves: Again not really sure how we would RP it but it wouldn't be hard to come up with something. NOTE: Depending on which race/class we decide on I may choose to play it in a slightly more feminine manner. If this interests you send me some in game mail and we'll work out the details. Toodles!Muzzie5 Jun 14, 2013
Jun 13, 2013 Story of Coya Coya is an ambitious priest. He has big dreams of progressing himself to be the best that he can. Coya also has many hobbies. Coya and his friends one day decided to play a new game; they all made accounts and started playing immediately. After a couple of days, Coya and his friends find themselves glued to the game. They speak to each other and make jokes while they play and everyone is content. After a couple of years, Coya and his friends are still playing the game. Now everyone is an expert, they know exactly what to do and how to do it. They still play everyday, make jokes and have fun. Secretly, an inner conflict builds withing Coya. As he was playing one day, Coya decided to stop suddenly and second guess his "character." He lets his friends know that he wanted to make something new and exciting. His friends laugh and think it is odd but they join him and think of it as a new adventure. As Coya and his friends play these new characters, they explore new things and start to enjoy a new playstyle. A year passes. Now Coya and his friends are max level on both of their characters and they are back to their expert play. Coya suddenly feels the urge to make a new character again. He tells his friends but they refuse to start again. Coya feels a burning urge inside him to do so but he denies it and keeps on the same character. A couple of weeks pass. Coya secretly makes a new character and doesn't tell anyone. When his friends start to play, he pretends like he was on his main character the whole time. A couple of days pass. Coya now feels the urge even stronger but this time, something else is included. Coya wants to disconnect from his friends, he leaves town and tells his friends he is going to buy food. He still sees them and enjoys activities with them but now Coya finds others to play the game with. A couple of days pass and Coya tells his friends that he quit the game. His friends feel some sadness but they are ok. A year passes. Now Coya is alone, he is in a new town with no one to play with and he still finds himself constantly changing characters. He feels depressed and can't stand the feeling of indecisiveness. Now he sits and writes in his journal about his feelings. One day someone stumbled upon Coya's last journal entry. It read "I feel like it is my fault and I am ashamed, but I feel as though I cannot control the urges within me. I have no friends left and I have no joy in this game. I don't want my depression to affect those that love me (His family) and I don't want to feel indecisive anymore. I am going away to a new place. I will seek help from someone and try to get better, I know I can. Mom, Dad, I love you and I'm sorry your little boy couldn't be the shining happy image of your other children. I am going to go find help, don't worry I will be fine. I will get through this, I will find the light at the end of the tunnel." - The last entry was found alone beneath the journal. In a different drawer, in a different ink.Coya2 Jun 13, 2013
Jun 13, 2013 trasnmog help any ideas on a weapon that would go great with this set?Keyainast2 Jun 13, 2013
Jun 13, 2013 The most memorable rp experience Ok I want to see people tell me about the time when you were delighted to be an rper. It was an awesome experience that made you want to learn more or become better.Amarlei9 Jun 13, 2013
Jun 13, 2013 Blood Elf Nobles So like, I need someone to explain this to me very slowly. I see people on the forum and have seen people in game talking about belfy nobles, and all I can think of is Silver's "World of A Song of Ice and Fire-craft" huehue and my kid brother's four year old being obsessed with Disney princesses. I'm like "What?" This is what I know: The ruling council of Quel'Thalas was The Convocation along with the Sunstrider Dynasty. Only Kael'thas and Dar'Khan Drathir (who is scourge allied/dead/etc) survived. Kael didn't "restore" the convocation. Etc. Some speculation of a council, etc. So like... Riddle me this: What qualified the original seven lords? Were there more minor lords? Did they survive? Did they have any basis of power after Kael'thas became the sole leader of his people? Do they have any power at all under Lor'themar Theron? I find the whole thing hard to swallow. Am I looking at something that's totally canon? Slightly canon? Fanon? Complete excrement of male bovine? An act of playing out real life fantasies/wish fulfillment? People wanting to play World of Game of Thrones-craft? ( /pitkick ;) ) What? Enlighten me, for when it comes to belf nobility lore as I can't seem to wrap my little brain around it. I do not even hoist, apparently.Zandrae14 Jun 13, 2013
Jun 13, 2013 BH rp at all? Is there any rp being done on BH at all? A small private sector possibly?Iliriael2 Jun 13, 2013
Jun 12, 2013 Character Avatars in the WET Shh! I`m procrastinating! So my question is whether you think RPing in the World`s End Tavern with your avatar set to the person you`re rping as helps, hinders, or does nothing. Example: If I were RPing as a worgen rogue named Derek (the r`s and k`s are for individuality...), does it help when this is my avatar, or does it not matter at all. (Can`t post question marks because my keyboard is !$%&%$!$&%ed up.)Derrekk10 Jun 12, 2013
Jun 12, 2013 New Chef likes to open shop When I got the Chef title on my main it gave me the idea to make a RP hang out by using a restaurant theme set and I could be one of the chefs. I have done some experiments with the feast items from recipes of the cold north to Pandaren cuisine. Doing this has helped me find out how many feasts and drinks I can place down at the same time. Many players already know this but I had to be sure before I started anything. As it turns out, I am able place several of the same feast or alot of diferent things at the same time. My plan is to use food and drink items in role play, to make the atmosphere feel more as an eatery. Jioning a group to eat is not necessary, the customers can use emotes to munch away. I learned this when I catered for a wow wedding, over half the guests were alliance. However, when it comes to Dalaran goods it would be best to reserve these items for the bigger events such as weddings, birthdays, funerals, ect.. Same rule applies to the brewfest kegs and Jims keg. They take a 30 min cooldown, Jim takes an hour. After learning of what I can do I found a place in Silvermoon to set up shop. North side of the Court of the Sun is a cute little place, that wagon you see with the tent, rug laid out, two crates, one table and pretty lantern. Best part is no ncp to complicate things. I need some help finding a name for my little establishment and some advice on RP. Any advice or idea will be most welcome.Oraira2 Jun 12, 2013
Jun 12, 2013 A viable way for alternative undead? I'm still fleshing out Ouro's character and I came up with a possibility that might go well with the Shadowpriest class. It is, by using shadowform + levitate, being able ingame to roleplay disembodied, much like banshees and ghosts. I don't know exactly how to do it, though, because these examples are tangible to melee weapons, wich is something that we wouldn't think of as effective against the manifestation of a spirit. Any hints?Ouroboros1 Jun 12, 2013
Jun 12, 2013 sail of the worgen curse after being denied to venture on the elegant angel i decided to make my own crew. the first voyage will be to thousand needles. this will be a worgen crew but there will be a few exceptions. put your request papers down below example ---------- name: race: age: class: description: armor: history: ----------- you do not need to talk in third person in your paperMalder0 Jun 12, 2013
Jun 12, 2013 Why am I Treated Like a Stranger? I am a Pandaren, yet I am treat like a complete stranger by my own people. Why is this? Is it because, I followed orders to join the fight against the Horde that unleashed the foulness of the Sha that could consume the entire continent? King Varian Wrynn is my new leader and I must carry out his orders whether I wished to or not. If not, I would be cast out as a traitor. I know perfectly well about the way of life of my own people, so why do my own people deny who I am? Must I prove myself worthy to be excepted among my people again? What will it take? On behalf of my brethren who where forced to leave home and choose to join the Alliance or Horde as I did, I wish for only happiness and prosperity for all of us.Toshimori6 Jun 12, 2013
Jun 12, 2013 Please Critique my character bio The title says it all, I'd like feedback and things to improve. There is one main concern I have already: age. I'm trying to figure out how old exactly she would be in elf years so I can amend anything to needs to be changed to reflect accuracy with lore. well here goes: Maligia Dawnhawk, age 115 (or the equivalent mind and body to that of a 25 year old human), stands 5'9" tall and weighs 135 pounds. Maligia appears mature and experienced beyond her years. Often she has a serious demeanor, not that she is unfriendly. Quite the opposite really, Miligia very kind soul indeed - that is once you get to know her and make it past her aloof exterior. Her beauty is of a quietly stunning nature. She is attractive, but not obnoxiously so. Sometimes her beauty can be overlooked by her demeanor. Her long brunette hair is dyed jet black and it's healthy shine attests to the care she gives it. Usually she wears it down to show it off as the culmination of her physical beauty. Her sun-kissed skin indicates a large amount of time spent outdoors. She has fel green eyes that glow constantly, an attribute taken from her father. Maligia's svelte body is obviously well maintained and cleansed, often smelling of roses. A slight abnormality for her race, she bears no tattoos or marking to remember the fallen nor to appear more brute. Her genteel upbringing, apparent through her diction and manners, made her too genteel for those kinds of displays. Her clothes, even those designated for work, are meticulously maintained; unless she is just returning from a skinning trip, in which case they may bare the blood of animals she recently slaughtered for their hides. Maligia was born to a moderately wealthy family on Sunstrider Isle. Her father was a member of the Magisters and her mother a homemaker during Maligia's younger childhood. Her mother later returned to tailoring once Maligia and her sister, Bapyana, were older children. As a preteen the Scourge attacked Quel'Thalas, killing her parents. Her sister Bapyana and her were able to survive by escaping to their paternal uncle's home. He grudgingly took them both in and raised them with the aid of his wife. Maligia had intentions of becoming a mage just like her father, but those plans were dashed by her jealous uncle. He was a low ranking mage himself and knew with her father's connections she would quickly rise up the ranks and one day have more power than him, so he sent her off to become a miner. Maligia found herself once again having to escape, this time to save herself from a fate she could not bear the thought of seeing become a reality. She found herself hiding in evensong woods foraging, until she happened upon an older woman killing and skinning a Springpaw Stalker. There began a long and productive mentorship. The woman taught her survival skills to make it in the woods and how to use the hides of the animals she fed off to earn some gold. Lamentably, the woman died a few years and Maligia was on her own in Eversong Woods; there she continued to skin and craft leather and mail items to sell to those fighting the war until news of her uncle's death reached her. She then relocated to Silvermoon City where she official became a leatherworker and skinner. Upon seeing the obvious disregard for her people by much of the Horde, she decided to open a guild, The Light of Silvermoon, with the intent of improving the quality of life and standing for all sin'dorei with the hope that her people will one day be able to free themselves of all racism by becoming an economic powerhouse.Maligia3 Jun 12, 2013
Jun 12, 2013 Need RP Event Help! Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone knew of dependable items that can be placed in the environment? Much like the "campfire" you get from cooking. I'd like to start trying to collect these items for future RP events, but I have no idea what to start looking for. Any ideas? I've tried the various "feast" items, but unfortunately they all only last a few minutes and are a pain to keep spawning.Tavit2 Jun 12, 2013
Jun 12, 2013 Delurk Bloodsnarl, Fury of the Barrens. ((Hey RP community! You have all probably got somewhat of a taste of Delurk Bloodsnarl by now, so I thought it'd be appropriate if I shared with you his backstory! It will be a lengthy one, so I'm going to make a thread every three days explaining more and more on what happened, until present tense and beyond. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to give feedback!)) Delurk Bloodsnarl grew up in Alterac Valley, a chilly home, yet relatively comfortable. He and his brother, Unorak Bloodsnarl, squabbled frequently over the Stormpike invaders. Were they all diabolical looters? Could they be swayed away? ''Do you not see your disgustingly foolish antics?!'' Delurk would bellow at Unorak. ''Peace isn't foolish! It's common sense! Why, brother, must we shed unnecessary Frostwolf blood?'' ''It's simple, ''Delurk grunted, ''We don't. The Stormpike must be handled brutally and decisively, not with compassion and affection. Such is madness.'' Scornfully, Unorak faced away from his bloodthirsty brother. While Delurk didn't hate the Alliance, he was staunchly proud of his people. This might be the death of him... Weeks went by, then months. Unorak began to disappear at night. While he was a novice shaman and felt the elements were closest to him by night, Delurk sensed his Stormpike-sullying brethren was up to something else. Anxiously, Delurk Bloodsnarl sat in his wooden hut, waiting for his brother to exit. Deceptively, Delurk placed his hands over his long, braided black hair as he faked slumber. Unorak subtly crept to his feet at left Frostwolf Village. Delurk in hot pursuit. ''Sneaking around my own damn land like a Stormpike,'' Delurk growled to himself. ''This better be worth it.'' Delurk peered from behind an overturned wagon as he saw Unorak sitting alone in the Field of Strife. ''He's doing that shaman kodo-crap,'' Delurk started to his feet, but noticed a massive cougar was approaching his brother! Instinctively, Delurk grabbed for his axe, but then paused. His mouth went agape. This was no ordinary beast. This was a druid. A Night Elf Druid. ''Keya,'' Unorak began. The elf reached out to Unorak, only to have a massive axe hack her down from her backside. Unorak glanced up in horror to see his brother, blood glistening on his face. ''You... Beast! You are no brother of mine!'' ''You challenge me, pup?'' Delurk roared. The two orcs muttered one word simultaneously: Mak'gora. Adrenline pumping through the crowd, mercenary, Frostwolf, the brothers' parents, Yazgra and Mergosh, and even a few Stormpike rogues gazed at the two warriors before combat. Unorak had a minor connection to the elements to assist him, but Delurk was physically stronger and was skilled in engineering scrap metal from the valley into devious gadgets. An even match. ''Do not expect mercy, brother.'' Delurk boomed. Unorak said nothing. The two orcs lunged at each other, their massive green bodies clashing steel. Delurk's two handed axe abused Unorak's minor weapon. Unorak swing his left axe at Delurk's chest, only to be caught by Delurk's hand. Delurk flipped out a rough copper bomb, clenched it in his fist, and punched Unorak in the chest, knocking him to the ground. Unorak's head rapidly span. Desperately, the shaman extended his right hand toward a blazier and invoked the spirit of fire. Brazenly, the elemental slashed at Delurk's face, temporarily blinding him and giving Unorak the opportunity for a killing blow. The elder brother stood over his defeated kin. ''Kill 'em!'' hollered a voice from the crowd. Unorak tossed aside his axe. ''You are no longer a Frostwolf. You will leave this place clanless, only to return if called upon personally by Drek'thar himself. You have seven moons to leave this valley before I extend the wrath of the elements on you. I am sorry brother. What I do, I do for the good of the Frostwolves.'' Unorak left the arena in a brisk pace. He didn't even take a final glance at his banished brethren.Delurk3 Jun 12, 2013
Jun 12, 2013 The Shadowheart Syndicate [25] ICly: The Shadowheart Syndicate is a new guild, looking for individuals whose morals remain flexible. Thieves, assasins, smugglers and the like will find refuge amongst our ranks. Become a part of the empire that is The Shadowheart Syndicate. OOCly: The guild is a level 25 guild transferred from another realm. We are quickly becoming popular on the streets of Murder Row as we RP frequently and consistently. Rp events happen weekly and we have alliances with other guilds for plentiful RP. If anyone is interested we are recruiting and can whisper me ingame. Generally I'm on during the evenings. ICly interviews are required.Geredrel2 Jun 12, 2013
Jun 11, 2013 Skirmish in Darrowshire Commission drawn by Evanyell. Dee'atal, warrior and weaponmaster from the Exodar has found herself a, somewhat reluctant*, ambassador to the Argent Crusade after the Cataclysm hit Azeroth (along with two other draenei). They are supposed to open relations with the Crusade and highlord Tirion Fordring and assisst him in the Crusade's work of cleaning up the plaguelands (and more long term build up forces and contacts for when the Legion returns). Exploring the eastern plaguelands a bit on her own Dee comes across the town Darrowshire. And some roaming scourge. Thinking a lone draenei easy prey the undead advance towards her. She unsheathes her weapon and shield and grins in anticipation of the upcoming fight. The approaching scourge will soon realise their mistake. Briefly. (*Somewhat reluctant because she, accurately, doesn't consider herself very dimplomatic. Plus there was that Stormwind incident with the warlock... She is however extremely good at teaching people how to fight as well as being a very skilled warrior in her own right. She is supposed to help train the Argent Crusade recruits and soldiers while her fellow ambassadors will do the fancy talking. The armor is based on what WoWhead's transmog list put in as 'Redpath Plate', one of my favorite armors added in the Cataclysm 1-60 revamp. Specifically I used the blue and silver version with the green jewel on the chest for a reference. The set is, alas, missing the boots (and helmet) to be complete so that it based on the Hardened Obsidium Boots. The copper version does have boots and helmet but is missing the leg plates to get the complete set. Blizzard can be very cruel sometimes. ;) At my request the artist color-matched it with the sword and shield though (hence the purple chest jewel). It's also affected, lighting-wise, by the reddish haze of the plaguelands. For the curious the sword is the Halaani claymore and the shield is the Aldori Legacy Defender. Dee's skin is actually light blue, with the hair a darker blue but the lighting makes the colors shift a bit. I think Evanyall did a great job with the artwork and I really like how she drew Darrowshire. While I did provide a screenshot reference but she drew it mostly freehand based on the screenshot rather than painting over it and it captures the atmosphere of the plaguelands excellently.)Valorien0 Jun 11, 2013
Jun 11, 2013 Is this name really female name? I've heard some people say my name was a female name. I got it from a random name and went with it. Please tell me what you think. Is it a girl name, both, or man?Deminaria22 Jun 11, 2013
Jun 11, 2013 Question about something. Forgive me, this is not an RP toon, though I do have a few. I was simply wondering what you all think of an RP setup like this: Someone RP's a hunter and a druid RP's as their pet using the glyph for the old travel form. I think having two separate RP'ers (provided they're both good) would give the "pet" a lot of free will. I know that when I play a hunter, I try and include tidbits of my pet's actions but sometimes it gets difficult for me personally to swap between two different personalities. So what do you think? Interesting if done properly?Amberleis2 Jun 11, 2013
Jun 11, 2013 New to transmog - am I doing it right? I was not sure where to post this but I figure my RP peeps would most likely be obsessed with transmog :) I've been gone a while and would love any tips, links to good article/sites, or advice. Thanks so much. This is how I am trying to find transmog looks: 1) Go to and find a look I like this old PvP set: 2) Go to WoWHead, look up and item in the set and see if it is part of an official set. In this case, it is, The Champions Redoubt: 3) Go piece by piece and find out how to get it - AH, farming old raids, etc. 4) Check the look alike tabs to see if there is something identical that is easier to get. 5) Go get gear. That about right? Any other tips on how to use void storage, how to keep the gazillion looks I want to have, ways to have multiple looks using Outfitter, etc? This has opened a whole new aspect of the game to me - tyvm for help and advice.Sivani1 Jun 11, 2013
Jun 11, 2013 Dragonsworn rp Does anyone have any tips on how to rp a dragonsworn?Zumbie2 Jun 11, 2013
Jun 11, 2013 Just looking to get your opinion on my bio Hey Guys, been thinking about incorperating my Belf Death Knight (I can passively feel your shuddering gazes already) into RP, which I've always wanted to try and I've always loved lurking these forums. I Particularly enjoy reading the threads regarding GodModding or bad idea's people have tried to Roleplay, so needless to say I would like to confirm my idea is not one of them. This is the bare spine of my Character, I'd like to make sure it is a viable option for RPing before I get to Invested in it but basically: No Memory of life before being raised as a Death Knight, particularly lost after the death knights are released from Arthas's dominance. Follows the Horde in Battling Arthas, no particular achievements made here. Just more fighting, of which is of no merit to him. At one point in their attack of Northrend the Horde forces Graine rides with meets an obstacle they cannot cross, though through some spark of ingenuity (yet to be determined) he manages to find a way to overcome this obstacle, through Science! (Thinking outside the box) and through this achievement he feels an emotion that to his knowledge he has not felt before. Pride. He becomes ambitious throughout the raid on the Lich King, finding confidence in himself and an over enflated ego through his successes in combat and always seeming to find a way through situations, given enough time. Though these achievements were nothing to brag about, they meant something to him. After the fall of Arthas, Graine fell into his studies, losing his inherited curiousity of magic through his blood elf lineage for a more scientific approach and working in engineering. However, throughout his studies he noticed his arrogance and egotistical nature was bringing down the creativity of the fellow students, it seems after spending some time away from battle, so single mindedly focused on something else he became more aware of the people around him and how he was affecting them. After completing his studies for engineering he found a form of kinship with the goblin's who have recently joined the armies of the Horde, becoming as close to comrades as a Death knight is capable of through their mutual studies into the art of engineering. Though driven by feeling a somewhat positive emotion, and attempting to find a way to be less chaotic and harmful to those around him, he is drawn to thunderbluff where he attempts to learn social skills and ways to interact with other people in a way beyond simple beatings. This has caused him to walk around with an awkward grin on his face in an attempt to seem amiable, whilst also bringing him closer to the other races of the horde as he studies them, and a way to retain some form of humanity through his undeath. He continues his work at Thunderbluff whilst occasionally branching out into the world for reasons only known to him. (also for the record, he is completely and utterly not fussed about finding who he was before becoming a death knight. this could be explained by some form of head injury, maybehe keeps the scar hidden under hair or helmet)Graine2 Jun 11, 2013
Jun 11, 2013 Death Knights in Pandaria? Can Death Knights go to Pandaria? Or is it considered off limits due to the Sha? I've seen Forsaken in Pandaria, and they share the same qualities, don't they? The same with Warlocks.Aerdirnathon14 Jun 11, 2013
Jun 11, 2013 Rune Users Here I am, McClark, everyone's...I hope favorite necromancer in the sense you wouldn't kill me on sight >_> I have come here to discuss Runes. I was thinking of making a mage that uses runes instead of...magic I guess. How powerful can you make a Rune before it just becomes stupid and OP? Such as, you make a rune that absorbs magic and deflects physical blows. How strong can you make it until it is just unacceptable? Since I know you can't be indestructible, but you still need lasting defense to throw down some offense. Also, say this character was an archaeologists, I read up on lore and it says that you must know the patterns and such to actually use it. So, said name person finds the rune. If they know the pattern and everything, can they reactivate it by, from what I read, you need to recharge it with arcane energy, even though they themselves didn't make it? Or are runes just destroyed when they become depleted? Could you in theory combine runes to maximize their potential? Like you have a shielding rune, then you add in a fire rune that surrounds the outside to make a type of offensive defense. Or would it just fizzle itself out? Thats all the questions I got for now.Mcclark9 Jun 11, 2013
Jun 10, 2013 Moonshadows-query for interest I have in mind a story, one that starts small and gathers steam as it goes. I believe there are repercussions for everything we do in life. Some call it Karma, Destiny or Fate. I think of it as ripples in the stream of life. What you do in the thread is up to you. Enter and leave at your own pace. Stay in character, keep true to the concept you have of your character. Give us a snapshot of the way he/she feels about life and the things that happen. I have seen many tavern threads come and go, I have seen many fine rpers post in multiple threads and make some really good stories. All of these things are what makes World's End Tavern my favorite place on the internet. With that in mind I want to encourage your creativity in a different way. It's a study in character development. If you are a beginner or an old hand at rp, here or elsewhere. You have a character in mind, in Azeroth, that you want to showcase or develop. Here is the set up: I will post on Amarlei as she finishes a job that she took for the gold. But things did not turn out as she thought. Her actions had repercussions she did not foresee. But she cannot undo what has been done. It is up to you to enter the story on a character appropriate to the scene. Read it and think of how your character would react. Make a nice long and thoughtful post. Keep it clean, grammar and spelling are important! The scene will be the start of the IC. I will post the first part here for your perusal. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The shadows under the trees in Elwynn Forest often hid danger from the eyes of the unwary. There were wolves and bears of course, but the darkhaired blood elf was far more dangerous than most citizens of Stormwind even knew about. Dark clothing and a mask over her features hid her from view. She had a job to do, a man she needed to find and kill. She had tracked him here to Elwynn, the stealth of her elven heritage enabling her to remain hidden as he walked along the trail. He was a dealer of the kind that made money off the misery of others. A human who made deals with demons and goblins. The job seemed easy to her, find him and kill him. Stop the flow of illicit drugs to the humans. Amarlei followed the man as he rounded a bend in the road, remaining in the bushes and keeping track of his movements like the shadows of the moon seemed a face that saw his every step. There was a dark place ahead that was a good place for an ambush. She waited until he entered the deepest part of the shadow before she leaped out of the bushes to slam a poisoned dagger deep into his back. He cried out only a startled grunt as the poison entered his blood and stunned him. Amarlei finished him with a slash across his throat from behind. He fell face down in the darkness of the road, bleeding out as he gurgled his final breath. Blood seeped into the gravel and dust of the road as she went through his pockets and took his backpack. Vanishing into the shadows along the road she made her way to her wyvern who was sleeping on a high branch of a tree nearby. Once she was safe she opened the backpack to inspect the contents. By the bright glow of the moon she found the drugs and also a letter. What she read in the letter stunned her. He was a husband and a father, the drugs were for his youngest daughter, who suffered a mysterious illness.Amarlei1 Jun 10, 2013
Jun 10, 2013 Reckoning-IC The dreary atmosphere of the Dustwind Pass would be enough to discourage anyone from visiting the newly renovated Karazhan Resort. As Sydric rode his steed down the winding trail he mused aloud to no one in particular. "The days grow or what the Lich King bestowed on me...grows repetitive and unexciting. Kill more of these, Sydric...kill all of those it a never ending struggle to destroy all life? Perhaps I am under the influence of Arthas still. I cannot stop killing, the pain would drive me into a state of madness. But what can I do?" his cold voice echoed from the nearly faceless helm he wore. "This invitation came as a surprise. What is it that the person who took over the old Keep wants to accomplish? I can imagine only one thing anyone wants from a death knight...they want me to kill someone or even several someones...I will find out when I get there...I am sure." he shook his head and spurred the deathsteed faster. The armor that he wore was dark and worn. Dings and scratches marred the surface where countless swords, axes and even crossbow bolts had tried to penetrate the plated armor. The twin axes across his back gleamed however as he took great pride in making sure they were sharp and deadly. Runes of power danced on their gleaming surfaces. Sydric was not given to granting mercy, unless you counted the swift death he dealt without a single thought of remorse. The innocents in countless Barrens huts and out of the way cabins and shelters were prey to his endless hunger. It mattered not to him if they were young or old. He relished a fight to the death. Countless duels had honed his skills and made him who he was. He was not always victorious. But he knew when to back off and wait for another opportunity to move in. War sustained him, fed his hunger and made him sadistic and cruel. He was not always the one who led the glorious charge. He was the one they kept at the put down the injured and the dying enemies, before the healers could save them. The only thing that had ever slowed him down was love of a human woman. The ironic part of him that knew better had proven true. She had been so young and naive. A mage with growing power, sweet and innocent. But her innocense was short lived and her father soon discovered their secret trysts. A powerful paladin who had killed the young Sindorei without a second thought. Arthas' minions had found his corpse and taken him to Acherus. Now he spent his days and nights killing and reaping the souls of the dead like candy. Raising them to do his bidding. How low he had become...his time on this plane was soon to end.Sydric68 Jun 10, 2013
Jun 10, 2013 Cool mounts, unusual looking gear? I enjoy the look and feel of WoW more than being uber. I just got back, got to 90, and I am working tanking heroics. What are some cool mounts and gear I could go for for fun? Do any of the factions have unusual gear/mounts? Even old BC stuff - do not care - just for fun. Also do any of the professions make cool looking things? I know Blacksmiths make some unique models of plate and engineers can make helicopters - any other profession you'd do just for fun? Maybe old raids I can solo for cool gear? I solo'd UBRS 12 times at level 90 just to get a shield I thought looked good if that helps :) I am looking just for transmogrify looks and fun stuff - I am happy to get my gear from the normal heroics and eventually LFR. Thanks :)Sivani6 Jun 10, 2013
Jun 10, 2013 "It started with a Spark..." ((OOC/Sign ups)) IC: Khalida sat down in her chair watching workers on the beach of Bilgewater Harbor setting up their stands. In the end, it won't pay off, she thought. The primary source of this thought sprouted because of the continuous rivalry of the Cogspark companies. The Cogspark companies, Cogspark Enterprise and Cogspark Company had ruined the previous Wrenches and Wenches Festival last year with the presidents blowing up various vendor stands. While others found it rude and disgusting, Khalida had found it amusing. But Khalida evidently wasn't the only one who found it amusing, as many people are coming to this years Wrenches & Wenches festival expecting some thing to happen. Khalida watched as people payed the fine of five gold to get in. More people meant more business. With more business, means more gold and goblins liked gold. It was a common trait that she had noticed in the little green creatures. But if more greed is in air, then the obvious would be expected. They would do anything in their power to get attention. And if they get attention -- then they'd get more business, but that was the intention anyways. OC: Greetings! Welcome to the Wrenches & Wenches Festival! The Wrenches & Wenches Festivals is a trading festival mostly geared to gaining gold. And who likes gold? Goblins. Goblins like gold. Anyways... in this roleplay you are a participant at the festival. There are many different roles so however the story unfolds, is up to you and the fellow roleplayers. I do also want to apologize for the short introduction. So, to understand more about the Cogspark companies in this I've made a short timeline ...kinda. Cogspark Corporation is created by Volt and Smoot Cogspark. > Cogspark Corporation separates due to competition between the brothers. > Cogspark Enterprise is created by Volt Cogspark. > Smoot creates Smoot Incorporation. > Cogspark Enterprise gets invested into by an entrepreneur. > Smoot Incorporation fails. > Smoot creates Cogspark Company. > Cogspark Company gets invested into by an entrepreneur. > Cogspark Company goes bankrupt ((But in wow terms :P)). > Cogspark Company is invested into by two entrepreneurs. > Volt Cogspark retires and promotes vice-president to president/CEO of Cogspark Enterprise. > Smoot Cogspark retires and promotes vice-president to president/CEO of Cogspark Company. Hopefully that helps in understanding the Cogspark rivalry. But anyways I STILL, need to list out some of the characters. In this I will assign a few to some roles if they're willing. Here's the list: President of Cogspark Enterprise: <Empty Slot> President of Cogspark Company: <Empty Slot> Vice-President of Cogspark Enterprise: <Empty Slot> Vice-President of Cogspark Company: <Empty Slot> Other Vendors (5 at most): <Empty Slot>, <Empty Slot>, <Empty Slot>, <Empty Slot>, <Empty Slot> Socialites (5 at most): <Empty Slot>, <Empty Slot>, <Empty Slot>, <Empty Slot>, <Empty Slot>. I also want to note that you are still YOUR character. Just as maybe a vendor, socialite or president of a company. :P Rules: 1. NO GOD-MODDING. Seriously, I can't stress this enough. 2. You must have a Horde character, mostly because the Cogspark brothers are goblins. :P 3. Each line in the IC thread should probably be 5+ lines. 4. Have fun. There is so much you can do with this. Sign-ups: Name: Age: Gender: Race: Class: Appearance: Preferred Role (optional):Khalida2 Jun 10, 2013
Jun 10, 2013 Need recommendations So I've decided on making a sentinel guild, someone told me Sentinels of Elune was too obvious, so I was thinking maybe Sentinels of Fallen Leaves? I'm thinking its not night elfy enough. Opinions? Recommendations?Autûmn8 Jun 10, 2013
Jun 10, 2013 Once upon a time there was a player... ...who contemplated the necessity of suspending his account, temporarily of course. Could he just play his role in this tavern instead, he wondered?Niddin20 Jun 10, 2013
Jun 10, 2013 Beyond World's End I wish I had discovered the World's End Tavern sooner, but due to living circumstances not quite beyond my control, I'll be visiting less often. How about a place somewhere else, like the Beyond World's End Tavern? For players to stay in touch and keep those imaginative pots boiling.Haaxon2 Jun 10, 2013
Jun 10, 2013 Preventing the Inevitable-Redux (IC) They say things never happen the same way twice. “Sardormi there is something I need you to do. Something horrible is about to happen, something Chromie will see. I ask you to help her as best you can. Soon the shadow will be over us all.” Greetings Hero. Your aid is critical; you are required in a matter of grave importance to meet at the Caverns of time. All will be explained upon your arrival. I apologize for the shortness of this letter, but the dire nature of the matter makes giving too much information a danger.” Chromie wrote the last copy of the letter and using her magic to translocate the letters to the correct recipients. Chromie had no words for what she had witnessed, only that a single date stood out in her mind. After the events in the time stream Nozdormu had deemed “The End Time” Chromie had begun exploring the future. Not far off she stumbled upon a particular day. A day that had no tomorrow. The things she saw in that time line still haunted her mind. Chromie flew over what was once Elwynn forest. The ground was pure black, dead the leafless trees jutted up like vicious fingers clawing at the skies. No single living thing still moved that she could see. She flew until she found the remains of the once great nation of Stormwind. Something truly horrid had happened as the gates were shattered and the decaying bodies of both Alliance and horde lay upon the ground. Some great siege had happened. “What happened here?” She asked herself looking over the ruined remains of the city. She pondered about the possibilities but the scarring, the death, the streaks of radiating white and black energies gave her only one option. She dreaded the mere thought of how such a thing happened. “The End time… little bronze wyrm. That is what they call it; the day with no tomorrow.” A voice rang out over the deafening silence. It’s voice echoing as if it was speaking in multiple voices instead of one. A time twisted echo of itself. It was a dragon, simple in color yet infinite in its complexity, one of the last inhabitants of Azeroth; one of the infinite dragonflight. “The arrogance of mortals finally caught up with them. The Horde and Alliance were at each other’s throats… until the very end. They saw nothing but hate, and in the end hate consumed them all.” The twisted dragon said. Dark shadows began to move across the ground. They began rising up to create monstrous forms. The infinite simply laughed as Chromie fled from the timeline. “Chronormu.” A voice broke Chromie’s attention from the memory of things to come, back to the present. “I am ready. Nozdormu has tasked me with aiding you with your endeavor to find out what this potential future means for us.” The drake said as she took a human form. “You have been practicing I see.” Chromie said as she turned to fully face the young dragon. Just coming of age to start aiding the dragonflight and already the young one was enthusiastic to do everything she could to assist the older dragons. “Yes I feel I have gotten the human form down enough to be able to mask myself among them.” The drake said. There was a gleeful smile on the young one that showed her youth. She had so much life in her, so much time to live it. Or so Chromie thought. She would love to believe that such a thing was possible, but time… time was not on their side in this event. Smiling Chromie said “Ok the only thing for us to do then is to wait until the ones I invited show up. It will only be… a matter of time.” The gnome said with a small laugh at the unintentional pun. The whelp smiled as she shifted back into her true form. “In that case I will await them just outside the caverns.” She said with a smile before flying up the tunnel towards the entrance. Chromie could not get what she had seen out of her head, but she knew that those heroes who would answer her call would help reshape the very future of Azeroth. Something that Nozdormu had seemed to have come to a different opinion of after the fall of the Destroyer. “I am sure they will have questions when they arrive, I will be sure to answer them as best I can.” Chromie said out loud, only to look around and see no one else was around. She sighed to herself as she began to slowly walk up the tunnel towards the exit of the cavern. The footprints she left in the sand vanished almost immediately as she walked. In the back of Chromie’s mind she could not help but remember what she had seen. She could not stop the flow of memories about the day with no tomorrow. “Such a calamity… must not happen. There must be an answer.” The dragon said as she walked. She could easily have flown to the entrance, or even teleported, but walking along gave her time to think, and time… was not on her side.Lynara154 Jun 10, 2013
Jun 10, 2013 Is this a good rp name? Well I want to faction change my male goblin dk into a male human dk, and I like to rp a bit, so I want him to have a good human rp name, so I came up with one. Lothamir, I really like the name but I'm not quite sure that it's a good "human" rp name, well I think it is but I'm not that experienced in rp names as many of you probably are.Faldorr7 Jun 10, 2013
Jun 10, 2013 The Neutral Accord:Redux As he stepped over the fallen boards and dirty stones of the entryway to the old inn, he couldn't help but feel a bit of a fond sadness in his heart. All around he saw fallen beams and cobwebs hanging from rafters that hadn't seen a good cleaning in the past two years he had been away. He could still hear their voices, all the friends he had met there years ago before his duties called him away from them. Their ghostly images still lingered at the dust covered booths and at the bar itself. He could still see the familiar face Crenshaw, the previous owner standing behind the bar cleaning his glasses; the old tauren bouncer Etelohai and the highborne mage Aleragos all drifted through his memories. But now, all that was there was dust covered stone floors and aged wooden beams and sidings. Even still, a small smile crept across the Night Elf's lips. He gave a whistle and a wave of his hand as a group of workers baring his guild insignia came trodding up with worker tools, ladders, wood and stone. "Time to bring this old place back to life, everyone. Who knows, maybe we will get some help along the way and have this place picked back up within a week or two." Grabbing a hammer and a bucket of nails, Sheikaris Wraithblade led his workers in to fix up a place he would gladly call a second home again. * * * The Neutral Accord was originally an inn and tavern located in the Eastern Plaguelands, run by retired members of the Argent Crusade. It was and still is considered neutral territory for both factions and any fights started within the tavern are dealt with accordingly by staff on hand (to be determined after the rebuilding rp is complete) After having gone through my old readings of this I have decided to bring it back in honor of the friends made there and to bring the fun of The Accord to a new rag tag crew of people. And if you guys can see this, where ever you are, Sudol, Sinsolaria, Saarys, I hope you guys return =) Miss you guys! *Rules of the Accord* 1.) NO FIGHTING. You fight, you're out. 2.) NO HARASSING THE WAITSTAFF. You touch the girls (or guys), we aren't responsible for the damage to your face. 3.) NO FIRES, SPELLS, OR DEVICES. You break it, you buy it at 1200% inflation of the original cost, and maybe a broken leg or two. 4.) NO PETS. We serve people, not your animals. 5.) NO LEWD BEHAVIOR. If you're gonna do it, then do it someplace else. We reserve the right to amend, revise, or otherwise change these rules as we see fit without telling you, so make sure to keep up to date -- ignorance is not an excuse. I also recommend new patrons to go back and read the old adventures of the Neutral Accord, as it is still a fun read. So, to new patrons and hopefully old friends, welcome back to The Neutral Accord!Sheikaris32 Jun 10, 2013
Jun 9, 2013 Reckoning-closed for sign ups-OOC This is my attempt at making something a bit different. Most rp threads we see people go all out and make their characters invincible and unkillable. I also see threads where there is a villain who is so bad and mean that everyone hates them. But it seems that no where in all these threads is there a character development for people who actually deserve to die. And I am going to give you an opportunity to take your most despicable character, and put him/her in a position where they are going to die. Of course they should be fighting to survive!! I fully intend on giving you the means to make it to the end...and go out in style!! Now this is just forum rp, and that means we have to have some rules. I ask that you bring me your character who is not over the top in abilities. I think the hero or antihero who is overpowered and cliche is done to death. We need to be a bit realistic in that you are going to take some hits, you are going to have some hard choices, and to be the last one standing may not be the best person...just lucky enough to survive! I was inspired by the classic mystery "And Then There Were None" but I want to make it my own and just use some basic principles. Your character is someone who has done something so sinister, or despicable they deserve to die. Perhaps an act of cowardice led to the deaths of many innocents? Maybe your character forgot to do something that led to a chain of events that destroyed an entire town or family? The more creative you are the better the story will be! Keep in mind, you may be responsible for a character in the thread dying. That will be part of the fun. I expect courtesy and creativity. Good grammar and spelling. No walls of text please! This does not need to be a fast moving thread, I know school is almost out and its going to be hard to keep your attention on the forums. Think about it, come up with a character that is ripe for a bitter ending. Hone your writing skills and come up with some innovative ways to kill someone if you think they are out to get you!! Paranoid, clutzy, egomaniac, mentally disturbed and flat out insane characters are welcomed, but if you are too blatant I may refuse for being over done. If you are too over the top you overshadow others and become a cliche. Try and be a little more subtle, I feel it is far more interesting to be a killer who appears to be perfectly normal. All right, as always I am open to suggestions. I am even open to having an in game conversation to help you develop a character you wish to use. The following post will outline my idea of a place for you all to meet. Bear with me while I convert one of my favorite instances to an exclusive resort Hotel. You may apply for employment or come as a paying guest, but the character I put in here in charge of the Hotel will know enough about you or find out all they can before you are allowed in. 1. Sydric Silverhawk-death knight 2. Vira Haldeman-priest 3. Reynara- (Lynara) 4. Kemnebi 5. Cornelius (Jeramayan) 6.Lucius (Jeramayan) 7. Victor Cross (Derrek) 8. Rodney (Kialla) 9. AhdesSydric126 Jun 9, 2013
Jun 9, 2013 Shadowed Lands ((OOC/Sign-ups)) Graveyards are dreary places. After a several hundred years of existence, Nemora had finally come to just that conclusion. In the past, she had tried to look on the bright side and categorize graveyards as wonderful places of reverence, rebirth, and new beginnings. But the crumbling headstones, sobbing visitors, and endless stream of corpses had taken their toll on Nemora's psyche. If she didn't have her Work, she felt that she might go batty. Speaking of her Work... Nemora sensed, rather than saw, a visitor. Among the gravestones of Nemora's current residence walked a small gnome child. The little boy looked right and left, confused and obviously distraught. His normally pink cheeks were blueish and translucent. This boy was an interloper in the spirit world, his body giving off a bright whiteish-blue gleam in the misty gray realm that Nemora inhabited. Nemora quickly moved to the boy, her aura calming the spirit even before he sensed her presence. The tiny ghost whirled as he perceived he wasn't alone. “What are you?! Where am I?!” he squeaked, frightened. Before him floated a towering woman, her bluish skin partially clothed in flowing white robes. Spectral white wings trailed behind her as she smiled at him. But even though the gnome felt he should be scared of this woman, he felt calmed. He somehow knew this woman was nice, and wanted to help him. Instead of replying to the question, the woman pointed toward a almost-invisible thread of golden mist, swirling tightly off into the distance. The woman ushered the child in the direction of the golden mist, mentally urging him to follow it. The tiny gnome sniffled, then set off at a determined trot, wanting to get away from this scary place and back home. After a short time, the gnome ghost was quite far from the graveyard, and he began to hear some familiar sounds. His mother! His father! Why were they shouting? His mom was crying! His father had something over his knee. The ghost looked closer, his eyes wide. HE was on his fathers lap, while his father was slapping him on the back. The gnome child suddenly remembered trying to retrieve his paper zeppelin from the river... With a final hard slap, the child's ghost was suddenly wrenched from the spirit world and woke up sputtering and vomiting water on his father's lap. He began crying from pain and relief as his parents rejoiced and hugged him tightly. “We thought we lost you, Wazzert!” his mother sobbed. Wazzert frowned, his child's mind clearly thinking very deeply about something. “I WAS lost, but the nice lady showed me the way back...” he replied, even as the memory faded from his small head. Back in the graveyard, Nemora smiled.Silvestris174 Jun 9, 2013
Jun 9, 2013 Shadowed Lands ((IC/Closed)) ((See OOC thread for the introduction.)) It had been several days since the severed spirits began appearing in front of Nemora, and she had discovered much more than she knew before, but it was disappointingly little. From speaking with her sisters, she learned that the problem was centralized around her area, thankfully. It was not a worldwide problem, thank the makers. A majority of the spirits were also from local troll tribes, which means whoever or whatever was behind this was likely based in the dense jungle among the troll settlements. When a troll spirit would appear, it usually sped off into the jungle in the direction of its tribal grounds. Nemora figured it was best to follow those troll spirits and see where they ended up. “Please, anyone,” Nemora spoke to the group of severed spirits, her voice forming in their minds, “I am not certain what has happened, but I know none of you are supposed to be here. It must be disorienting and frightening, but I am setting off in an attempt to right this wrong. Any spirit that feels like they can assist me on this quest may follow. You can interact with the world of the living in ways I cannot. Most of you are able to use your spirit energy to affect objects in the living world. Some of you may even be able to communicate directly with living beings. These are things I cannot do, and I would be grateful for any assistance. However, if you choose to remain here, I will not judge you.” Nemora floated a small ways away from the group of spirits and waited for the volunteers to gather. When it seemed that everyone who wanted to help her had approached, Nemora turned and began to head into the jungle, then stopped short. She had forgotten her most important duty! Above all she was a shepherd of lost souls, and she had failed to properly comfort and guide these. She should make them feel more at ease before they set off on this dangerous trek. So she turned and addressed the small group again. “I thank you again, this must be a terrible situation for you, and I applaud your bravery. Feel free to experiment with your new being, I think you'll find no need for air, nourishment, or rest an interesting experience,” she said, trying to put as positive a spin on this situation as possible. “You may call me Nemora, if you'd like. You may introduce yourselves, after all we're going to be working together from now on. After you've introduced yourselves, I will explain as much as I know to you. Let's walk as we talk.” With that, Nemora turned and continued into the jungle undergrowth.Silvestris55 Jun 9, 2013
Jun 9, 2013 Delurk Bloodsnarl, Fury of the Barrens 2 ((Evening, folks! I've had my three day break from my previous thread, and without further adue, I give you part two of the life and times of Delurk Bloodsnarl! Part 1 seen here )) Rain thundered down Alterac Valley. Respectfully, the Stormpikes had signed a day-long armistice with the Frostwolves as they banished their warrior into the unforgiving wilds. A hundred eyes were set upon Delurk. Mergosh Bloodsnarl, Delurk's father, stepped up first. ''The skies weep for your loss, son,'' Mergosh unslung his axe and handed it to Delurk. He glanced up at his youngest, saluted, then stepped back. Delurk began to turn his head, but just as he was about to leave, an old voice, musky but confident, spoke. Vrang Wildgore. ''You'll die on the way to Orgrimmar, brother. When I first began to understand what it was to be a Frostwolf, it was to abandon no clansman, no matter how dire the circumstance.'' Vrang jerked his head forward, and two other figures emerged from the shadows. ''I bring my son and daughter with me, Razonek and Drayna. I am responsible for them as I am you, and I will guide them to this new world you journey to.'' Dutifully, the three orcs clamored behind Delurk. Again, Delurk began to turn, and he was stopped by a final time by his mother, Yazgra Bloodsnarl. She wrapped her hands around Delurk, tears streaming down her face, pure as ice, yet as melancholy as a lone wolf's howl to the moon. A feral state of rage crept over Delurk as he gave a final look at Frostwolf Village, and into the eyes of his brother, Unorak. He spat at the shaman's feet, and this time, he didn't look turn back. Delurk and the Wildgores trailed up through the hulking mountains. Through hail, fatigue, and attacks by ogres, beast, bird, or blistering wind, the travelled. Amongst every crackling fire, every dream, and every waking moment, Delurk clenched his fists. One day, he'd be called upon again by Drek'thar, and on that day of redemption, it would be he who banished Unorak. But for now, he wouldn't look at the past. The Undercity was near. Delurk boldly strode up to an Undead Priest fiddling with a white bird. He hadn't seen many Forsaken before, and his manners were rusty. ''You. Rot-monger. Where do I find the zeppelin to Orgrimmar?'' The priest let out a hollow cackle upon seeing the band of orcs. ''Back the way you came with that attitude, fool.'' Delurk seized the priest by the throat and boomed his query again. ''WHERE IS IT?!'' Several forsaken dreadguards brushed to attention, but the Wildgores jerked Delurk back before he did something he'd regret to the bonesack. The undead flashed a surprisingly well-preserved grin, but said nothing. A loud blarring sliced through the wind, followed by a chorus of goblin hollering. ''It's coming from the south!'' Razonek observed. ''Indeed.'' the periled priest replied. Delurk set one foot toward the zeppelin, but briskly turned around to face the undead a final time. ''What's your name, priest?'' ''Conclavis Ludwig Rotzinger at your service,'' the undead smiled. ''Duly noted,'' the titanium orc grunted. And with that, they departed onto the zeppelin. Several hours later, Delurk and his comrades departed the Zeppelin. ''My duty is complete,'' the elderly orc smiled. ''I take my family now to the Barrens, where I will take my family to the Barrens. Razonek will hunt, I will craft platemail, and Drayna....'' Drayna swiftly brushed her head to meet her father's eyes. ''I have considered my path during this journey, father. I feel the ancestors guiding me to wander the land, befriend the earth. To know every root, crevice, and hole that Azeroth has to offer. If I am needed, I am sure the Ancestors will notify me.'' This pained Vrang, but he agreed. With that, he clapped his hand on Delurk and bode him farewell. ''Thrall's balls...'' Delurk muttered. Indecisively, the orc stumbled across the streets of Orgrimmar. His boot crushed a scorpion as he looked above his head. ''A tavern!'' Greedily, the orc dashed into the bar. ''A bott-a-bott...'' Both fatigue and wonder cut off Delurk as he gazed upon the most beautiful female orc he had ever saw. Her hair was as black as goblin oil, and her hips as broad as a tauren. Her face would put the most sexy Blood Elf in Silvermoon to shame, and her eyes glowed with the spark of life. The maiden looked at Delurk, then slipped a faint grin. ''I'm Rika,'' she whispered in his ear, as peacefully as snow falls. Instinctively, Delurk's warrior-like reflexes kicked in. ''I am Delurk Bloodsnarl of the Fro-'' No, he was no longer of the Frostwolves. Here in this new land, he'd build a new life with this new mate. A life that would later be taken from him.Delurk5 Jun 9, 2013
Jun 9, 2013 Short Stories feat. Haliox and YOU I like to write stories in my spare time. It's fun, and in a way, cathartic, but it's sometimes difficult to come up with your own characters. So I figured, what the hey, I'll see if anyone would like to allow me to incorporate their characters into a story. If you're interested, leave your character's: Name Race Class (if it's a class outside regular game mechanics, please leave a description) Brief backstory/description of character Personality How comfortable you are with my manipulation of your character (more central roles will require more artistic manipulation, if you don't trust me, and I don't blame you if you don't, your character will have a cameo appearance strictly dictated by your desires) The plot of the story will revolve around a central group of heroes (us) who discard factional boundaries and band together with the goal of uniting the Alliance and Horde in the face of threats both extraterrestrial and ones that are closer to home. Not surprisingly, the heroes face much adversity in their quest to bring peace to a world shattered by war. If you have anything else you feel you would like to add to your character, like where I would be most likely to meet them, their own ulterior motives for joining the organization if they have any, how they would react to the opposite faction, etc. Thank you for your consideration! If it changes anything, I will be using my human warlock for my character.Haliox2 Jun 9, 2013
Jun 8, 2013 Is this an OK Blood Elf Priestess name? I am moving to Moon Guard soon, and I am wondering if Amimizuki (it means Beautiful Moon) is an appropriate Blood Elf Priestess name? If not can anyone give any ideas? It's so hard to come across good names on full servers =)Kristalynn8 Jun 8, 2013
Jun 8, 2013 Question about posting a story I've been working on a story project for a long time and wanted to make sure it was alright to post it here. I read through the forum rules and did not see anything for or against posting as long it was relevant to the Warcraft universe. I also searched the forum and while I did find information on my question the responses varied. To give some context the story I am planning to post is a fan fiction story that details the founding of Stormwind. It is fairly long but I do not plan to post it all at once or to spam the forum. Just a chapter or a couple of chapters every few days, or however long it takes to edit and polish what I've been working on. I wanted to post it simply to see if anyone else might be interested in such a story. It isn't ready to post yet but I wanted to ask in advance.Danseis3 Jun 8, 2013
Jun 8, 2013 Switching skulls/heads Is it possible for a undead to switch the skulls/heads with a different one?Zumbie8 Jun 8, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 The Golden Lord - IC RP Invitation Name: Kilquan Suffraxon Allias: The Golden King OOC Mission: Instigate Roleplay between decent Protagonists to work together to stop me from shenanigans. IC Mission: Questionable. Style: Experienced and Reasonable Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Antagonist) Looking for Diplomatic Roleplay that may evolve into something harsher and more dark. Also willing to take on Conspirators. Premise: Rumors have begun to spread about a very odd man who favored the tops of the most recently abandoned mountain. He claimed himself, to strangers whom returned from their trips to the mountain to be the new Lord of Blackrock Mountain. Though, no one has opposed him yet (and lived?). Some say a nightmarish bat has been seen flying around the mountain as well, usually flying into the lair of this Golden "King". It would seem that some of the inhabitants of both the Redridge Mountains, Searing Gorge, and the Burning Steppes have turned up missing. A sad development with the sudden appearance of this offish man and that infernal hell bat. Those that have returned back from excavations within the mountain have heard cries of agony surfacing from it would seem the rocks themselves. One Dward that encountered this man and generally dubbed insane could only describe him in the following way (Best Dwarvish accent I can muster): "'he bloke was mad. He had some golden facemask and crown piece coverin' 'is 'ead. He had on white and gold. 'is voice seemed to echo in that mask. 'E never showed anger, saddness, nor joy. 'E was a %%@!!#*#* bloke with a sickenin' smell about him. I ain't see no bones or nothin, and his back was arched slightly as if 'e were a hunchback. We felt uncomfortable around 'im, especially after 'e asked to see me toes." After Statement and summation: I would love some roleplay, I am on a dead server but there are always group invites. Please post here if interested. I don't expect power trippers. If you are Tirion Fordring, go back to hunting Arthas. This being said I will not power trip you. I-level and pvp prowess has nothing to do with typing and role play skill in my book. If it comes down to it, talking it out works best and I am pretty easy to get along with. This is an antagonist with questionable ties to evil beings that might spur his actions. He is not C'thun reincarnated in heels or anything however if that puts you at ease. Post questions if needed.Kilquan0 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 Fusing In wow is it possible to rp a person who fuses themselves with another being?(kind of like arthas and nerzhul).Zumbie12 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 Human cities in Kalimdor? Hi everyone I just started roleplaying in wow. I've been roleplaying outside of it, but just started and wanted to roll a character in both factions to see which one I prefer playing in. I am wanting to make a human and I am wondering if there's any human cities/populated areas where my character could have been born - or raised during her younger years? She will have been born end of first war/beginning of second and the timeline is a bit blurry for me, but I believe that would make her in the 20's? I have tried to research the forums and that's how I found the estimated timeline I have for her, but I can't find much about the human race in Kaldimdor since it mostly centers around Eastern Kingdoms. Thanks :) Edit: Just to clarify, I know about Theramore and such, but it is to my understanding a fairly new establishment so I am thinking more about 23-25 years back in time.Valynnia9 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 The Red Hold(Open RP) Everything was a haze, she felt herself being dragged. All her armor was gone, her weapons were taken and her body wouldn’t respond to her. As the world around her came into focus she realized it was dark, and dank. She was grateful they at least left her cloths and her eye patch on her. There was an orc on either side of her; both had a firm grip on her arms. She didn’t have the strength to fight back, or even move at the moment. The Halls they moved her through there a dark red tint against the black metal that made the supports and beams. Torches were the only viable light source to be seen. Chains hung from walls and Kor’kron soldiers stood watch over the main hold. Then they stopped before an empty cell and threw her inside of it. She hit the hard stone floor and rolled until the wall stopped her. Her vision focused on the cell door as the locked it shut. Her head lowered onto the ground as everything went black. Several hours earlier Blood stained her weapon as she ripped it from the chest of a dying Kor’kron. This was Warlord Grazkul’s personal retinue. Yet as she cut down orc after orc the Warlord was nowhere to be found. Her breathing was heavy as she matched an orc blow for blow. “Where is the cowardly Grazkul! Where is he?!” Lynara shouted at the top of her lungs. Her blows were starting to weaken as already eight Kor’kron lay dead on the ground of Azshara. Five of them had arrows fatally piercing their bodies. The orc she was fighting raised his ax for a devastating blow. Lynara rolled past the blow as it narrowly missed her. She rose up and brought her sword right into the orc’s neck, twisting the blade before ripping it out. The orc grasped his throat before collapsing, blood pooling below him rather quickly. Lynara turned to her next challenger, until a strike on the back of her head sent her to the ground. She groaned in pain as she started to pick herself back up. “Stubborn elf !@#$%.” Came an orc voice as he struck her in the head again. She fell to the ground. Another strike sent everything black. The Present Lynara awoke in the cell she was confined to. Her head was pounding as she looked around. There was an orc standing outside her cell. It was Warlord Grazkul. “You called for me and here I am. Don’t worry my dear we will be sure to get every detail of information out of you before putting an end to your wretched existence.” He said. The orc stood taller than most orcs, his brown skin in stark contrast with the green skinned guards that stood on either side of them, but his heavy armor and duel axes showed that he knew how to handle himself in combat. “You… cowardly wretch.” She spat the words at him as she slowly pulled herself to her feet. A sinister grin came over his face as he looked her over. “Keep up that impudent tongue and I will remove your other eye, ^-*!@.” He said with a laugh as he walked away. “First thing tomorrow for you.” He shouted down to her. She heard the door at the end of the hall close as she finally was able to stand without leaning against the wall. She grasped at the bars of her cell and shook them with all her might. They did not budge an inch. As much as she hated to admit it, it was a well-built prison cell. She didn’t know what time of the day it was, but she had a feeling of dread about those plans they had for her first thing in the morning. She kicked the cell door several time, but to no avail. There was no way she could ever break it down. “Keep it down in there!” Yelled one of the guards. The sound of the voice marked him as a tauren. There were others in here, she could not see them, but she could sense that she was not alone in this prison. She walked to the bars and grabbed them firmly; using her good eye she saw a pair of guards at either end of the hall. “If they didn’t know I was a captain. I would probably be dead.” She muttered to herself. “Is anyone there?” She asked out loud. She hopped to hear something reassuring. She hopped she was not alone in this hell hole. To await torture and death by herself. ((Hi, Welcome one and all to The Red Hold. The Red Hold is a high security orcish prison beneath the Cleft of Shadow in Orgrimmar. The primary entrance is in a heavily guarded building in the Valley of strength. Although there is a secondary entrance that leads to Rage Fire Chasm. This is an open thread, feel free to be a prisoner of Garrosh’s Horde, or a guard. This will be taking place after the Isle of Thunder where the Horde is on the verge of rebellion against Garrosh. General RP rules will apply, please no God mod or Mary sues ))Lynara33 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 Introducing Raesor Grasruk Atop a cliff, overlooking Razor Hill The Horde town of Razor Hill had been captured by the Darkspear Revolutionists. Raesor had kept himself out of the revolution, ever-loyal to his people's leader but not agreeing with the recent decisions of Hellscream. And for his lack of enthusiasm, two Trolls now stand over him with a net trapping him to the ground. One with powerful flames beaming from his hands towards the sky, perhaps summoning something. The other; a warrior. " 'Wut 'ya be doin' mon, watchin' are people? 'Ya watch us 'ere, 'den go tell "daddy" back home 'bout what 'ya found, huh?" The orc remains silent, a moment passes then the magic wielding troll turns to the warrior, both turn from Raesor as to keep him from hearing their conversation. " 'Wut we do wit 'dis one? Kill 'em? " " No," says the warrior "We gotta ask 'em sum questions " They turn back. "So, orc. 'Who 'ya be?" Another moment passes, the two trolls glance at eachother, growing impatient. " 'Mon, it be best 'fer ya 'ta be complyin'." " 'Are 'ya Kor'kron? Do 'ya gots friends nearby?" They pause, the magic wielding troll paces back and forth staring at the ground. Thinking. The warrior presses on, drawing his primitive axes, "I ain' gonna ask 'ya again, orc. 'Wut 'ya doin' watchin' mah peoples?!" Raesor becomes agitated at the questions, in a tempered rage he slashes the net apart and stands to his feet. "Troll, you are triffling with the wrong orc. I am son, brother, husband and father. Exaulted champion of tribes and factions. Mentor and student. I've slain beast, man and monster- things you can't even begin to imagine. Mastered weapons that you can't wield! I've stood at the front of charging armies and lived to tell my tale. I have breathed my final breath, on more than one occasion. I've been on more battlefields than you've heard of. Above all that I am, I am a warrior. My name is Raesor Grasruk, this used to be my home, and you will leave me, now, or have my blades burried into your chest." The two trolls look to each other. The magic wielding one has panic in his eyes, the warrior's expression is blank. The two are baffled, the now-standing orc is much larger than they'd thought at first. His blades are simple, yet the hilts on both have a rune carved onto the side which make the swords glow a bright orange and brilliant purple. It would take an average man two hands to wield such large weaponry. The two trolls slowly nod, turn around and run back to Razor Hill. They would soon not forget the name of the orc they'd foolishly tried to capture just moments ago. The sight gave him a slight grin, not much did that these days for the old orc. ----------------Raesor1 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Day of Ashes (OOC 2) Original thread. I know i know... "Lia! Why don't you--" Quite. I'm sure Ein wont mind.Liå498 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Monologue RP Addon? Hey guys, I was just wondering if there was any addon out there that could take a bunch of text from say a .txt file and split it up into segments and then /say each of those segregated segments of speech in game. This is basically for a long speech or sermon. This way I could write it all out beforehand and then just have it automatically be /say'd without having to manually split it all up. Is there any way to do something like that so I don't have to resort to using a bunch of macros?Greywell9 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Blizzard Sale Who is taking advantage of this and what characters? Just curious. I am checking my roster to see if I need to do any moving or tweaking. This might be difficult...I wish I could just list all my characters and their stuff, on one realm...move heirlooms between realms... *sighs* This might take me all week to narrow down to one or two.Sydric6 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Looking for a great racial guild With character services 50% off this week, I've been thinking of transferring this rogue to a new server. I'm open to pretty much any suggestion, but here's what I'm interested in: horde side, world PVP, at least some RP, and ideally a strong, active racial guild. Anyone want to plug a worthy guild?Buffee5 Jun 6, 2013