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Jul 11, 2013 Monks - the REAL way It seems to me reading this forum that it's considered bad form to be a Monk who magically found Pandaria/Wandering Isle and has been a Monk for many years. So what are the more acceptable ways? I'm guessing sticking with the 'got trained up after the Pandaren joined the Alliance/Horde' is always a safe bet. Being more adventurous and saying you were buddies with a wandering Pandaren could pass, so long as it wasn't Chen (or was he literally the only Pandaren outside Pandaria/Wandering Isle before the Mists cleared?) Also, I find it hard to picture a non-Pandaren Monk anyway, even for non-RP characters. Anyone care to convince me otherwise?Trekhar12 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Is it godmodding.... .....If I RP as if I owned Desolation Hold. The original owner, Warlord Bloodhilt, left for Krasarang wilds without a replacement, so I dubbed it pheasible. Is it?Delurk70 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Big Sale!!! *walks up and opens the side of the caravan. It is a new "invention"* "This here is a new invention directly from Gob-Tek™ Industries! The Sky Golem!" "Look at this majestic, steam-powered beast of burden! It even chicken-fried rices! Push THIS button and it launches a rocket, push THIS button and it refills your flasks with your favorite beverage!" "See it fly using Gob-Tek's own patented rocket propulsion system! This isn't gnomish folks, THIS is the new revolution in air-to-air-to-ground combat!" "It's all yours for only 800 thousand gold, BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! We'll even throw in the user's manual (like anyone would ever USE that, HA!) and the new Gob-Tek™ 'One-sided paper', never have to waste paper not using the back ever again! (year supply)" "How many should I write you all up for?"Arralin2 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Forsaken Paths ((OPEN)) Rygamotus was tasked by Lady Sylvanas to patrol the paths along the road between Hillsbrad, and the Bulwark. The roads as of late have grown very quiet since Gilneas fell at the might of the Forsaken. Every So often, there would be creature attacks, feral Worgen attacks, and mindless zombies who were to stupid to figure out they were given a second chance at life. "Eh, not all Forsaken raised from the grave will be winners" he thought. But the worst threat Ryg so far dealt with, were those damned Scarlet Zealots. How many must we kill before their numbers start to dwindle. We've lead countless attacks on their Monestaries and yet they still some how persist. Not to long ago we recently found out they were being lead by Malganis in a attempt to get revenge on Arthas. Thinking of that name gave Ryg a burning sensation in his spine, seeing as he had been killed and raised by the bastard 2 times. But he was dead now. "Maybe Lady Sylvanas should use the Val'kyr to raise him from the grave and see how he likes it." He chuckled as the thought came across his mind. Ryg, was heading to Tarren Mill today. He had just entered Silverpine Forest. His first stop was at the Sepulchur, Then he'd take a skeletal horse from there to Tarren Mill. Silverpine was a lovely area. The Trees Wistled as the wind blew from Alterac across the Lake. It was a very haunting sound. It Made Rygamortus shiver. These lands have been through so much war, pain, taint and sorrow. But it was now his Home. And to be honest he wouldnt want it any other way. The wind finally silenced. and every thing seemed to go queit. The only sounds he heard were his boney joints clacking together, and the sounds of his slow cold breath. Ryg froze for a moment. He knew he wasnt alone. He started walking again, but he withdrew his maces just for safe measure. ((please feel free to join, and make your Versions as storylike as you can.))Rygamortus3 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Any actually active RP Servers out there? So I'm stuck on MoonGuard and it seems like I've made a bad choice on the server or faction because despite a vast population, it feels like a ghost town in terms of RP. I'd like to hear opinions on good RP servers or areas of Moonguard.Beleran21 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 - Classic Gear Randomness - I still remember most of the things I was wearing when I hit 60 long ago, (unfortunately quite a few of them aren't available anymore, like the Abyssal Plate stuff,) & one or two items I was wearing when I hit 70. I liked the randomness of it all, how everyones gear mismatched & so forth. Though we could all use transmogrification to be in full matching armor, I'd personally like to bring back that mismatched gear look for myself at the very least. Imho it sort of gave our characters more of an adventurous look, as if we had actually picked it up each different piece along the way (Which, y'know, we did). Nowadays all of the leveling gear matches, & it looks like you got it from some sort of shop or merchant, instead of wild adventures through jungles, deserts, & sunken temples. Personally I find the Cata/MoP gear looks really horrible when it's not in it's complete set, and most of the WoTlk gear sort of looked the same all around. Anyone else remember what they had when they first hit lvl cap, on their first 60/70/80/whatever? Do you have my judgement of it all making our characters appear more rugged, or did you think it made them look like goofballs? Share your opinions!Dnrl3 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Nightmares-Mystic Dreams Part 2 signups Those of you who remember my thread about Mystic Dreams, here: I have been trying to come up with a coherent story or thread to tie several of my characters together storywise. I am still working on it. But I thought I would put together a thread rp to help me work on this. To follow up briefly, Hahnai and Azmos have joined the Circus, namely Cirque. I also have my characters Pfaedra and Zaeltekrin in there as well. I want to keep the guild as a simple rp guild for people who want to develop characters who are a bit out of the ordinary. To that end I am going to tie these all together as friends and helping each other overcome problems. At the same time we will be looking to create some entertainment for events I intend on scheduling eventually. This is the continuing story of Hahnai and her lute. It is not so much controlling her as it is overwhelming her with dreams and images that are threatening her sanity. She has no idea how to cope with this, and on top of it all she is fighting guilt over a battle that left her feeling inadequate as a healer. Somehow she has to find a way to shut out all the conflicting emotions and dreams that overwhelm her. Think of it like being in a crowded room with everyone talking at once and trying to figure out who is friend and who is enemy. You know there is something you need to do, but you are pulled in a million different directions at once. I will have an introductory IC thread up soon. I am still working on it. What I want to know if anyone who is interested in advising Hahnai and Azmos to help her. The lute is magical. it inspires dreams that can be prophetic in nature. It also gives her an incresed skill in playing the lute. If you have an idea for an artifact, an amulet, a fetish maybe or a glyph inscribed on her skin or the lute...many different things could be possible. I am even open to having another Seer of any race try to help her. Currently in game I have her in a troll ruins searching for something that stuck out in her mind as a loud beacon of interest. It could be even another relic, or artifact? I would love to see a troll seer or even an orc or a draenei. Human is acceptable as well. Maybe a villian is holding something that could help her and we need to wrest it away from him or her?Hahnai43 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 How to RP different Paladin Specs. Well, here I go again with a bit of a guide of sorts. I decided to make this out of my love for paladins (lore-wise and game wise). I noticed that a lot of the Paladins I meet roleplay "Paladins" but the genuine nitty-gritty details (such as their specialization) are frequently passed over. So, I thought I might as well offer some advice if anyone wanted an idea as to what I think differentiates the specs, personality wise, from each other. So, without further adieu, onto the guide. Protection Paladin - "When Captain America throws his mighty shield, all those who chose to oppose his shield must yield. If he’s led to a fight and a duel is due, then the red and white and the blue’ll come through when Captain America throws his mighty shield." I felt that quote best symbolizes what it's like to be a Protection Paladin (and I think Captain America is an awesome superhero *cough*). The main goal in life for a Protection Paladin is, as the name implies, to protect people from evil. This being the crux of most Paladin codes, it's generally the first aura learned. Uther the Lightbringer, the most famous Paladin in the warcraft universe, mostly embodied the ideals of protection. These Paladins are frequently so devoted to care for their community, that in a way they can become "Father Figures" even to other heroes they travel with. They not only try their damnedest to protect their charges from physical threats, but also emotional and psychological ones as well. You'll find their doors are always open, and their ears are always ready to listen to whatever troubles you. If you want an idea of what their aura "feels" like to others, imagine the time you fell down something, or scraped your arm, or were ever hurt and your parents or someone you cared about came rushing to your aid. In essence, the protection aura makes people feel safe, it is what a child feels when they crawl into their parents bed after a nightmare, it is the feeling of someone wrapping a warm blanket around you after a tragedy. It is that genuine love and worriness for your own sake. A bit of a "theme" for Protection Paladins may be this: Strong, Heroic, and Commanding, these are the traits of a Protection Paladin; a father to his men and a unbreakable shield against evil.Callet13 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Is it possible... .... For new Death Knights to be made after the fall of the Lich King?Delurk6 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 So... A Half-Orc Character. Well I'm just popping in to get a general idea of a character concept I've been floating around for a while: A Half-Orc. Now, as an experienced RPer, I know you can't create a "Half-Breed" without going down a single number on the "DEFCON level for Mary Sues", many people play half-breeds as some character with the best of both races but none of the flaws, or inhumanly beautiful, or "special" in some way. Usually these characters are born out of some secret love affair or other "romantic" tales... I don't intend for any of that. The character I have planned is the offspring of an Orcish Warrior, and one of the poor folks who never made it out of Elwynn when Stormwind was taken by the Orcs. He was branded with an Orcish name, yet prefers to go by his human parent's last name... Much to the disgust of the remaining relatives of said human parent, and most humans in general ("look, the ORC is trying to imitate us!"). He willingly chose to join the Alliance (I'd be playing this on a Human) after the end of the second (or perhaps third) war simply because his birth was the result of the utterly worst parts of orcish culture. He will not be a paladin, or any "gifted" class, he'd be a warrior. he'll most likely be stronger than most normal humans his age, but that is more or less a result of Orcs having a stronger musculature than any inherent "specialness" he'd get his !@# handed to him if he went up against an orc with the same amount of experience, or a more experienced human. The basic idea I have planned for his personality/goals, is that he'd be a rather gruff individual, not because of any racism growing up, but because of the simple fact he realizes he was born out of what must be pure torture. He is a proud soldier of the Alliance, but not because he is desperately trying to "prove himself", simply because he sees the Orcs as being hardly different from the Burning Legion. He's basically a very gruff person who sees his own existence as a testament to the "savagery" of the Horde and is fighting a battle to protect what he sees as a lawful and just civilization against a force of malevolence. So, what do you think? Do you think this is a character that could work or one I should try to avoid like the plague?Callet9 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Looking for a RP-Alt leveling buddy. Hiya! I'm newer to RP (not new to the game, been around since vanilla) and I'm thinking leveling an alt with someone while RPing will be a great way to learn and become more experienced. I am open to mostly any story line, I figure we can chat about it and decide then, as well as times / days, etc. Feel free to send me a mail (Mistora, moon guard) or leave your name here and I'll get in touch! Horde OR Alliance works for me!Mistora7 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 12, 2013 Sad Things. Basically, I'm bored and making a thread where you can post about sad things Blizzard has done with certain things. Like, for me, I'm sad that the only Val'kyr left are with the Forsaken, and that there's, last time I checked, 3-4 left in existence. D:Malgrain16 Jul 12, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Second War Death Knights Ok, so this character idea popped into my head. I have a few questions though. Would this kind of character even be viable? As in, do Death Knight's from the Second War still exist, or was Teron Gorefiend the last? My understanding of their origin is that they are the souls of Orc Warlocks inhabiting slain Human Knights. So they have a Human body, but an Orcish, correct? Also, in terms of the game, I'd imagine a Forsaken Unholy Death Knight would best represent them?Trekhar35 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Questions on Troll Old and new Marriage I would like to have my troll marry some day but when I looked into the wowpedia I found that the troll culture is very very male dominant. Only the willing father or elder brother could allow a female to marry rarely of her choosing. I don't mind an arraged marriage or having sister wives if I can't meet all my wants but I would like to consider all my options before that leap. Over the years the Horde influence on the trolls has made the females wanting more equality amongst the males. They met with resistance but only a few made it successfully. Here are some questions I have about the new vs old troll view of wedding stuff. 1) Do I have to have permission to marry from the male head of my family ? 2) Am I allowed to have an elaborate wedding ceremony with comlpex voodoo rituals performed by a priest/priestess ? 3) Can I have Gnome surved at the reception ? 4) Do newly married trolls go on a honeymoon and where would they go ? 5) Do I have to go back to the kitchen ? That would surely suck ! 6) Virgin bride: good or bad ? Well thats it, share with me your view on this or better yet, if you rp a troll tell me about how you worked things out with your family.Mamora7 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Undeath and Injuries So it crossed my mind... Forsaken, and pretty much everything Death Knight, are obviously undead. How do they deal with injuries? Does the necromantic magic that keeps them 'alive' cause them to heal? Is it faster than standard living healing? Or do they need to see a magician of some sort to fix them up? And what about injuries that would be very severe to living creatures. I'm sure that losing an arm is still a disadvantage in a fight, but is it still such a severe injury? Do they have the risk of 'bleeding out'? Or can they just pick their arm up and get it sewn back on and some little shadow magic used to fix it back on? And so on.Trekhar6 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Female kaldorei druids? When I first started RPing (2011), I saw a mix of male and female kaldorei druids and thought nothing of it. Recently I've been reading more of their lore (and someones guide how to RP a kaldorei) and they mentioned that it's rare for a female to be a druid. Is that true?Drayen14 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Delurk Bloodsnarl, Fury of the Barrens 8 ((Yes, yes. Long time no see! There's a good reason for that. Anyhow, without further a due, I give you the latest addition to everyone's favorite titanium warrior. Our story so far: Or start from the beginning: )) The Stormpike didn't tarry in the assault of Frostwolf fortifications. Captain Galvager and Delurk crouched behind one of a fortress's massive walls, along with an elf. Their breath was heavy. Their hands were sweaty. And their hearts.... Their hearts beat like a kodo's hooves against the dirt. Instantly, a platoon of Stormpike came bursting through the door. The first attacker, a Night Elf, launched a menacing sideways slash at Delurk's broad chest. Energy pumping through his veins, Bloodsnarl ducked the attack and put his hands on the elf's thighs. He propelled himself forward and impaled the purpleskin onto the wall. Thundering roars could be heard in the background as Galvager and the Elf fended off the bottlenecked invaders. The Stormpike numbers slowly began to dwindle, and eventually the siege relented. ''Galvager may have been old, and he may have been Frostwolf, but he was no weakling,'' Delurk mused. ''As for the elf, she was just fortunate to have orcs at her side.'' Delurk mentally grinned to himself. ''A weak race.'' His thoughts were abruptly silenced by an odor gravitating toward his nose. Smoke. ''Tower Point is under attack!'' a distant Frostwolf yelped. Delurk rushed outside, his armor still splattered with blood. Promptly, his Spectral Wolf, Durek, took form. Delurk spurred the beast forward with a forceful kick. Thick paws treaded rapidly across the snow. Flashing his head upward, Delurk caught a glimpse of motion on the top of the tower. He bolted off his mount and dared his way up the stairs. Warily, Delurk pressed his ear to the wall before spinning around. He heard... sniffing. Delurk twirled over only to stare directly upward. He was met by a titanic, black worgen, fangs decorating its blood. ''THRALL'S BALLS!'' he gasped. Its claws extended for the kill, the beast scooped Delurk up with one hand. Startled, Delurk dropped his axe. Furiously, the beast bashed him against the tower. In the jagged movement, Delurk noticed the explosives set directly behind the worgen. If they went off, the tower would blow. His head pounding, his mind raced for answers. He couldn't outstrengthen this creature. He had to use... Cunning. Delurk's hand snaked toward his belt, and he trigged his Nitro Boosts. Flailing wildly, he pressed both feet against the worgen's chest, sending it crash out of the tower. Delurk turned his attention toward the bomb. He'd seen this type of thing so many years ago. Eyes slit, his fingers lurched to tear out the blue wire. ''Mannoroth's teeth! It was supposed to be the red wire!'' Delurk jolted his hand back. His head too bruised from the pounding to think, he placed both hands on the explosives and tossed them out of the tower. Luckily for him, the explosives detonated in the snow, making him a damned fine blockade. By the time the Stormpike Offensive would be able to brush through the thick element, the Frostwolves would be ready for retribution. The hours drew late as Delurk dragged himself back to the village. ''Join us, son!'' Mergosh gestured Delurk over to sit. ''A great feast has been prepared to celebrate our victory!'' ''I am not here for your feast.'' Delurk roared, tossing an ugly eye at the food, ''I am here so that the heathen who claims my blood to pay for what he has done.'' Without warning, Delurk flashed a titanium fist at Unorak's shamanistic garb and scooped him up. ''WE FIGHT NOW!''Delurk8 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 How to roleplay a Tauren? I am new to both WoW and rpg games in general and I am interested in trying roleplaying. I know almost nothing about the lore behind the Tauren. I have read the first WoW book but I don't have money for anymore atm. I am just curious if anyone could tell me about the lore behind them and how I would type dialogue? Thanks for the help.Uxar11 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 RP as a Dragon? I've seen this attempted before, where someone attempts to craft a story around them being a member of one of the dragon flights. Is this even remotely possible? How would you role play the actual dragon part? Thoughts? Additions?Liris31 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 I have a hat question... You know how in the worgen starting zone you get a Gilnean Top Hat at one point? Would it be possible to have m Horde toon be able to get that sane het?Neltrix9 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 When do you leave the RP guild? Well... semi-long story but I guess I'll make it short and sweet. I'm posting this on an alt on another server, just to keep my identity private. I'd rather not have trouble. Lately, my roleplaying guild (owned by a friend) has been going downhill. The events center around the guild leader and her... different character issues, although our original purpose was to be RP-PvP, and there's certainly an abundance of material to call upon for RP-PvP right now. To give a good example, the character recently got pregnant and is getting offended when people are telling her to take it easy, but getting offended when people are ignoring it. Recently, I figured out from a close RL friend of mine that's living with her that she has been badmouthing a lot of people in the guild OOC, saying that they're lazy, or they're childish, or they don't think before they write something. She's even gone as far to say that she's going to kick people from her guild. I really don't feel like being underneath a GM that decides to display this kind of behaviour, however I don't know a way to get my characters out of the guild without bringing OOC into IC. I also don't know whether I'm just overreacting or whether she's actually done something offensive. I could use some thoughts.Hikin8 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 Question regarding models. Hi there! I RP fun and original characters that I like to think are outside the box, such as a chubby female gnome who topples down steep hills and such, as well as an old lady who smacks licentious characters on the wrist with a ruler, just some interesting things to spice up the community. Lately though, I have been wanting to RP a skinny male draenei. Now, I cannot stand for the life of me, the male draenei models because to me they look like obese potatoes walking around on broken toothpicks. Would it be horrible if I used a female model instead since it is much closer to what I envision? It's much easier to ignore the chest of the female than to play on a male model and ignore the square face, gigantic chest, gigantic arms, and hamhock hands. If a tastefully written description is in the MRP as long as a polite OOC note beforehand, do you think it would be that big of a deal? Looking for feedback on an innocent question, I do not want to be scrutinized for just thinking about a possible RP character.Annisie3 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 Why can I only play a human? Honestly, human isn't even my favorite race. I much prefer Tauren, Draenei, Dwarves, and Pandaren. I have this problem where I can't immerse myself into my character. Even though Draenei and Tauren match my personality much better than humans do and I much prefer the lore of those races, I still for the life of me can't play as one. Does anyone else have that problem? It's really only Humans and Elves that I can immerse myself into as characters. I hate it. I want to play a Draenei Paladin, but this stupid mental-block i have prevents me from doing so :( Can anyone help me in this plight?Larsardion3 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 Flesh Shaping Magic! So, this interests me. The Mogu Flesh Shaping magic, if you look into it, is actually quite cool and interesting I think. Though, is it limited to Mogu? - I probably wouldn't try to Roleplay someone who uses it, but I'm surprised no one has yet. With all the Dragons, demons, etc people around you would think someone would make one.Malgrain4 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 [OOC] Opinions on a Killer Robot DK? I'm way more enthusiastic of a character designer than is probably healthy, but I'm considering making a character that uses the Death Knight class, has gray (read: metal) skin, and picks up Engineering. Using the Death Knight voice effect as most races ends up sounding hollow and robotic, and the class is already heavily-armored and low-mobility. It's either going to be a gray Blood Elf male (great robot posture), gray Orc male (comically beefy killbot physique), or gray Goblin male (rocket racials). His archetype is basically going to be that he's a killer death robot into which the Scourge attempted to implant a shackled soul for a more capable type of Death Knight. The soul immediately rejected the mechanical body and left, but the body activated, literally making it soulless. The only reason it ever joins a faction is because it's following its fellow Death Knights' lead per its programming. Thoughts? Also, which of those three races would probably click the best for the idea?Birchway5 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 Looking for Horde Side RP Hello! I've been on Wyrmrest for a bit, doing this and that with my warlock, getting into small rps here and there, and a bit with my guild. I've rped a TON in Wc3, playing some of the mods, and the rps there got really deep, believe it or not. What i'm interested in right now, is a person or group of people to RP alongside with, to create those deep like rps again. I'm planning on re-rolling, and if things go right, possibly starting a themed RP guild. The reason i'm doing this and not just joining a guild, is because I can't seem to find a rp guild that's right for me. They're all either "House" this or "Cult" this or "Emo guild with 'Dark' or 'Chaos' in the name to seem edgy" If anyone is interested, it would be Horde side Wyrmrest.Bonecancer8 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Demon Hunters I'm sure you groaned just reading that title. This will probably get shot down, but my understanding is that Demon Hunters are mostly tolerated (just) by a fair amount of society. Some people may dislike/despise/fear them enough to make it known they are not welcome, but it'd more be a case of select cults and organisations that seeks to actively harm/kill them. Is that right enough? It crossed my mind to attempt to play one, but obviously if the character is going to be shot for going near civilisation, kinda pointless to me. I know that they can't really blend in with normal people, unless there's some sort of glass eye etc in the Warcraft universe to take the place of the blindfold? Or just outright pretending to be blind (even though Demon Hunters have some sort of demon magic 6th sense about things).Trekhar1 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Names, Superstition - 300 word microstory Lei Shen was the Thunder King. A title he had taken in ages now long past, all but forgotten by those now infesting the land called Pandaria. His grand title had been lost, remembered only as mere superstition by most. A story to frighten disobedient children, to send them scurrying to bed when the skies boomed with thunder. ‘The Thunder King will come and gobble you up!’ Says the father, swarmed by giggling children at bedtime. ‘He stomps and wails in the sky, because you have not eaten your peas!’ Warns the mother, covering her smile with a hand ingrained with dirt and salt of the earth. His title that was more a name to him than Lei Shen, reduced to a fairy tale the ignorant told to their whelps. A cruel smile spread across his ancient face, teeth thick as pudgy Pandaren fingers bared. How many of those below, he wondered, were told he was coming for them, stomping and wailing through the storms as though throwing a tantrum at the world itself? How many were looking upon his Throne as the sky was split by lightning and the air boomed with thunder, and hearing those whispered stories creeping from their memories? His fist tightened on the worn stone, cracking the parapet beneath his grasp. He knew the answer. Not enough. Too many. They had sullied his title, the name he had chosen for himself. They mocked his choice. They mocked the Thunder King. The Thunder King was Lei Shen. When he tore the heart from his god, he had been Lei Shen. When he had brought order to the world he had been the Thunder King. Who would he be next, when he branded fear back into them? He knew who he would be. He need simply remind them. * Wanted to try a 300 word story, since my Writing Short Fiction unit at university beginning next week has a 300 word microstory as part of the assessment. And I thought, why not do something about Lei Shen, my favourite WoW villain who we hardly got to know before killing. Any thoughts on how I did, please, I would welcome them.Breadbeard2 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Grammar As someone who has RPed extensively for around 6 Years, I think I need something explained to me. Why do people make grammatical errors and then ignore them? Words that shouldn't be capitalized, typos, no punctuation, that sort of thing. Am I the only one who twitches at the eye when someone not only makes a typo and/or grammatical error, but doesn't correct it? Now, before i'm called an 'Elitist' and chased out of town by a mob wielding pitchforks and torches, I accept, nay, ENCOURAGE people to correct me if I make an error while typing. But still, even when I, or anyone for that matter, correct people kindly, they sometimes retort with an insult or a derogatory saying. Or don't even acknowledge it at all. So, WoW I in the wrong here?Kaevynn14 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Cannon Warlock Well I was thinking of having hand tattoo's on my character to help her summon her demons but I'd like for it to go along with the lore ingame as well any tips?Shyoga6 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 How long ago was Silvermoon City atacked? Silvermoon was atacked by the scorge. That is a fact. But how long ago was that? I realy want to know this for rp reasones.Modorsunmage5 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Commissions/fan art Has anyone gotten work done of their characters? And if so, who did they go with and what was the final artwork. Thinkin on gettin some done, and was curiousStyvan4 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 What can a 90 prot pally solo for transmorg? I love soloing old raids fro transmog gear. As a 90 prot paladin, how high do you think I can solo? I think I can do all of BC - maybe WotLK Nax? Uldar? What do you think?Sivani6 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Oceanic RP community? Looking to find oceanic RP players. I have made a few toons on several RP servers and joined guilds and travelled the world looking for players who are online at similar times as myself sadly the only time I find any RP is on the odd occasion that I’m online during my off-peak times. Just thought I would post to see if there were any Oceanic RP guilds, or if there was a server that the Oceanic RP community played on.Bietjie2 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 What's yer motivation to hate Garrosh? I used to do some light work for Garrosh back when that giant scaled pigeon named Deathwing was being a total buzzkill. I had to help supply my fellow goblins with weapons and explosives, being part of a cartel that specialized in powerful firearms and explosives. Garrosh asked for a few because he needed help bringing down some of them dragons, so I did and guess what? Jerk never paid me... He said "your payment is the feeling that you served the Horde well"... That's over five hundred thousand gold I'm never seeing again...and I will pry it from his cold dead fingers after I lop off his arms! Then keep Gorehowl as a trophy.Arralin76 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 RP Challenge (Rising Sun Fellowship OOC #3) Here we are again! This is an RP Challenge to level from 1-85 IC without dying. No heirlooms, use quest rewards and crafted items only. Stay in character as much as possible. Death is permanent after level 15. If you die in a guild group, it counts against you. Battle grounds and LFG dungeons are allowed in moderation. We expect you to keep journal entries, whether you are in the guild for the challenge or just to RP with us. Rewards? The satisfaction of rping a character from level 1 to 85 should be its own reward. We want dedicated rpers and people who enjoy writing and creating a story We have become more open as a guild, and are willing to, and would love to have, people just RPing, whether participating in the challenge or not. We like friendly people, nice people, and people who are willing to play and have fun, whether for the challenge, or not. Currently, we have two people who have made it to 85 without dying, Angel and Kellatira. 85 -- Kellatira, Angel 90 -- Kellatira, Luctarius Check out our journals, and leave us a note! We love hearing from people. If you're interested, hop in game Horde-side on CC and tag us, or leave a note here! Guild site: Journal thread #1: Journal thread #2: Journal thread #3: Journal thread #4: OOC/Signup #2: OOC/Signup #1: Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Mages + Lightning Would a mage be able to use lightning spells? Like a simple lightning bolt is all. I'd love to be able to use it for this character and I was wondering if this would actually work somehow.Ermehgerd18 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 5, 2013 A Question Involving Hemomancy Mmyes, one of those things that nearly everyone hates in the roleplaying community. If I were to RP as someone with a grasp on Hemomancy, though mainly starting out and probably not very good at it quite yet, could I get away with perhaps a mage, with a grasp on other magics (ice/fire etc) that took an interest in the art, or do I strictly have to roll Blood DK to be taken seriously (or even Warlock, I suppose)? (...Old low leveled Pandaren avatar because lazy. The character wouldn't be a Pandaren. That's just silly.)Suuwo6 Jul 5, 2013
Jul 5, 2013 Annoying things rpers do Recently I'm beginning to notice more and things that my fellow roleplayers do rather frequently that annoy the living hell out of me. Some might be legitimate problems within the community while others may be simply minor gripes that only and a few others may have any actual problem with. While I don't care to rant on the forums, I thought for fun and curiosity's sake that I'd ask you, my fellow roleplayers, what are some things that you've seen individual rpers or multiple rpers do that annoy you? Is it trend you see rp profiles, character archetypes, race choice? perhaps a certain type of behavior or fad you wish would just die?Yonara117 Jul 5, 2013
Jul 5, 2013 Relationship RP ideas? Hey all! I'm interested in starting up a relationship RP (no, not erp) Anything involving natural enemies breaking down barriers and eventually finding common ground. I like the idea of my blood elf with a troll...cause let's face it..they hate each other lol or maybe even something cross faction if you're up to it? Even though I do want this to be a relationship RP, I don't want to JUST focus on the relationship aspect. Maybe we could work something around the rebellion? Just a thought I think it'd be fun. Let me know if you're interested or have any neat ideas :) Oh! and I'm on Moon Guard Also, I like detailed paragraph form posts and would like to RP with like-minded people.Vesperlynn2 Jul 5, 2013
Jul 5, 2013 How to start out on RP realms? As it says. As you folks on RP realms will know, many items that would be dirt cheap on other realms will value in the 1000s due to being a popular RP item. So how do you work around this as a fresh player? I know it's all in the imagination and writing, but to me at least, there is a difference between wearing Judgement armour and being a level 20 saying they're wearing it.Trekhar4 Jul 5, 2013
Jul 5, 2013 Make a funny mrp. Alright so I'm bored and want to laugh so I'm going to make a stupid mrp to laugh at. If anybody wants to join me go for it :P Name: Billy 'longcock' badass age:55500000000000000000000000000 years old race: half dragon, half naga, half god, half vampire/angel thing, and half badassin Nickname: The law! height: 10ft tall. Motto: like a bawz class: loose cannon paladin samuari cop on the edge Description: He was ten feet tall and one sexy dude. His eyes glowed with the golden light of his badasin hertiage. On his back was The sister sword of The ashbringer which was even more powerful that Fordrings sword its name bossbringer! On his back were two demonic look bat wings showing he was a vampire lord with a dark side but his armor was shined with a golden light because he was also an angel. One damn sexy angel! Biography: He is the king of planet bad !@# which was able to pimp slap the legion back to the twisting Nether because they are badassins '$%^- yeah' He has now come to Azeroth because the light told him he needs to save Azeroth from all the evil forces that constantly attempt to destroy it. Before he came to Azeroth however Billy gentically engineered himself to be a perfect mix of the races of Azeroth because he thought it would be best to breed with all the blood elf women and make a perfect race to fight back evil (*coughs* excuse to erp). On his spare time from saving Azeroth he is a blood knight officer of the law making sure the streets stay safe.Walegar6 Jul 5, 2013
Jul 5, 2013 Writing a fanfic, need answers :) I'm writing a fanfic about Larsardion and I have some quick questions about paladins and lore before I get started :D 1) How would a human initiate the whole "becoming a paladin" process? Would they just go to the Northshire chapel for example and sign up? It's kind of an important thing to know if I'm gonna write a story about it haha 2) How long was the Pandaria campaign in progress before Landfall? 3) This question is a little more specific. As everyone knows, this game's quests are centered around your character being the hero even though it's an mmo (this leads to rpers conflicting stories such as "no, my character did that!"). Since it's just a fanfic, would I be able to write in the story of Lars being, for example, the one who assembled Bravo Company and then helped them defeat the orcs in redridge? There are so many quests that feature dialogue such as "You're that hero who.." or "there's been a lot of talk about you!", would it be ok to write my character as being "the one" who did these things in the story without being Mary Sue or just annoying people? I'm not going for a god-like character that no one can defeat, I'm just going as writing my character as doing what I made him do in the game that all lead up to who he is as a character by the end of the story. Thanks for giving me your time to answer these questions :DLarsardion6 Jul 5, 2013
Jul 5, 2013 Poetry-character insight- comments? Silent Scream Who among you stalk the halls, Of shattered Keeps and ruined walls? Searching for the secrets old, Ancient tomes of truth untold? Do the whispers touch your soul, Like distant bells lonely toll? Do your eyes disturb the haunts? Shadows flicker, sigil taunts. Raise your eyes to search the ceiling, Weathered paint the scene revealing. Icy fingers trace your ear, Wordless scream your sudden fear. Silence fills the empty hall, A single drop of tear may fall. Crumpled on the dusty floor, Felinthice will rise once more. Cupid’s bow of luscious red, Denies the finalty of dead. A bond that lingers in the blood, Cross dimension like a flood. The rustle of a silken gown Stirs the dust falling down. Finger trace a bloody trail To leave a message without fail. Linger here and feel the dread, Of tingling spine and weary head. From your eyes the salty tear, I can taste delicious fear. Stay with me and sate my hunger. Run and you will suffer longer. Wish you may for swifter death, The rattle of your final breath. This is the song of my warlock Felinthice. The music is hauntingly beautiful. Enjoy!Lillideth7 Jul 5, 2013
Jul 4, 2013 LF RP Reroll Duo Partner on RP-PVP server.(H) Hey guys, I've just recently returned to WOW after a long hiatus and find I just can't get into the game at all soloing. Therefore, as the title of this post states I'd really like to find a partner to reroll and RP quest/tavern dive, etc with. I know there are plenty of posts like this on the boards from time to time but I'm really only interested in playing on an RP-PVP server, so I thought I'd go ahead and make my own :). I've only ever played on Venture Co. and Emerald Dream, but I'm open to any RP-PVP realm. As for the time, I'm available to play 6:30-10:30 PM (Pacific Time) Mondays-Fridays mostly but I'm flexible as far as setting up playtime's are concerned as long as we can work something out that's frequent and consistent! I'm not a hardcore player and I really like to take it slow, walk through towns/outposts while questing and generally just move at more or less a snails pace while having fun trying to immerse myself in the RP. That isn't to say I don't enjoy OOC chat or anything like that, just that I'm not a good fit for you if you want to race these characters up to endgame content in record time or anything like that. As far as Race/Class goes I'm really interested in playing a Forsaken, either a Mistweaver Monk or a Hunter but I'm open to hearing any cool duo concepts/stories you might have imagined up already as well. I think that's all, hopefully I didn't forget anything in this initial post. Hope to hear from you soon! (P.S.) I know you're out there oh fated roleplay partner, let's do this!Malayvia2 Jul 4, 2013
Jul 4, 2013 Horde Rping I know this has prob been asked a million times so I'm sorry in advance. I was wondering what server had some active horde role playing I tried moon guard but couldn't seem to find any. Any help would be much appreciated thank you. :)Lorììz5 Jul 4, 2013
Jul 4, 2013 House of Solaare- forum rp-open Ola Theda Du'Solaare Almond shaped eyes, pale skin. Long pitch black hair, very straight and fine. Hands and feet calloused from long hours of working in fields and mines, her skin is cared for and supple. Body is toned to the point of superb agility and balance. She moves with the fluid grace of a predatory cat. Almost fearless in her charge to the front of a battle, her methods tend to stun and slow enemies to the point of utter confusion. Flying hands and feet will do equal damage, though she is not averse to using a staff or a blade. Ola has a sharp analytical mind, searching for weakness and strength in everyone she meets, friend or foe. She can be impetuous if the situation calls for it, but also discrete if she sees too much danger. Quick to defend those who are helpless or in need of aid, still she has no patience with fools. Her sense of humor is very dry, and puns are often delivered with a straight face. Feigning innocence does not often work for her, mainly because she is as far from innocence as a person can get. She prefers a battle of wits and words to outright fighting, but she will not shy from battle. A smile from her is often a slight quirk of the brow and a twitch of the lips rather than an outright grin. If you make her laugh you have either made a total fool of yourself or genuinely tickled her with your wit. This is the style and look I see for Ola. This is part of what I have in my MRP profile. Looking for a partner to help Ola find her sister who is a warlock. This will be a long term rp. We can start it here on the forums, just to establish some kind of time and beginning of the story. If you are willing to join Ola in seeking out her sister please post a substantial profile of your character. Include a physical description, a basic personality and some idea how you react to warlocks in general.Olatheda4 Jul 4, 2013
Jul 4, 2013 Exploring Azeroth through Character The reason I play anything is for the story. As we know the story behind warcraft has become rich and deep, with an enemy that spans thousands of years. It's a story about characters and their strengths and weaknesses, their rises and their falls. I like to write and this character has been on Argent Dawn since the day of release in 2004. With a few years off between Wrath and the end of Cataclysm, The guild was one of the first created on Argent Dawn and was created to be a part of an RP server. As I said the story is the best part and I'ved tried to take my writing and explore it. So I invite you to be a part of the story. It's in a blog format so they are more snippets to keep entries short and keep you moving but have the potential for more. Its also straight to the web in rough draft form and there is polishing that could be done. The story itself, even though the guild was bigger at one time, is mostly written around my own characters and their place in Azeroth Also there is prequel stories, and a full outline in drafts of books 1 and 3 of a trilogy, and a continuation to where the story is now. .Ahliarin0 Jul 4, 2013
Jul 3, 2013 The Golden Age ~ Final Part Wyrmrest Accord became a hell on Azeroth as players left to other servers, because even being on a dead server was better than putting up with elitists. Those who remained as scapegoats soon became aware of it. They disbanded their guilds, and left the server entirely, only wanting anything but blame. Through this action, an unintended affect occurred. The Reserves were left without a scapegoat and their allies grew skeptical. Allenforth accused Evanyell of everything, and she pointed the finger right back. The guild, as quickly as it had risen, collapsed. <br/>The enemy was defeated, Wyrmrest was liberated, but at what a price? The Golden Age was the price, and few of its original players remain. The Golden Age is over, and though Wyrmrest may be constantly adapting, there are faces that will never be seen again; shadows of enthusiasm left on the walls of Stormwind and phantoms that walk the canals. Anyone can join Wyrmrest, do the things those people did, but they will never be those people. A community means more than action, it means a group of people who care for each other. Wyrmrest Accord will never be the same as it once was, nor should it be. <br/>Why have I written this story? Why does this matter to you? Is this just one man’s bitter story? You can call me crier and you would be right. There are times when I do cry, because there are friends and feelings I will never know again, but do no grieve for me and do not feel sorry. There was a lesson to be learned from all of this. I learned the hard way, that the moment we stop caring about what is right can quickly became the moment we have nothing left to lose. Wyrmrest Accord is rebuilding itself, but be warned: Do not let your pride carry you. Don’t become high-strung like we were. Agknowledge that things can improve, and for your sake they must! Be ever vigilant and skeptical of those who claim to be the salt of the earth on Azeroth, they only appear that way because they reduce Wyrmrest Accord to their level. There are not enough of us from the Golden Age to teach you anymore how to make a server worthwhile. My message is this: Have fun. Don’t let anything compromise that prospect. Don’t buy into the power and conflict, we’ve been there and it is no fun at all. Have fun. Be who you are. Bring your human conscience over savage nature and artificial intelligence, and perhaps The Golden Age will live on. The secret about the Golden Age is that it is neither a time nor a state of being: it is an idea.Daynight10 Jul 3, 2013
Jul 3, 2013 War! I an I be havin' it! War? I an I be havin' it! As told by Janzin of Emerald Dream 'Ey, me bruddahs and sistahs! I an I be Janzin of da Zandalari! I been cross da lands, across da nether, and stared Hakkar da Blood God down like 'e be a whelp in need da good scoldin, but I an I ne'er seen war. I was a chile' o' de jungle. Running, laughing, and bloodying me tusks huntin' me grub so mah belly full. I say still, mah belly full, but me still 'ungry. I hunger for something more. I ne'er knew what it be, tho. I continuin' me runnin' round and such, and things seemed good, ja know? Then it happened... I had long ago learned of the ways of the Emerald Dream from Hanka, me good rough and tumble Shu'Halo friend. He always be raging about critters and such not following the natural ways, but dey be dwarves and gnomes, so of no consequence. He taught me many a good ting. Taught me to prowl da forests, call upon the moonfire, and even taught me a tasty red snappah recipe. He be a good bud. He no take of da herb, but he all right in me book. I had decided to go to me old stompin' grounds and rustle up some good Moonie on cat combat with some dem panthers and tigers, get me strength up, and hopefully scare a few dwarves silly, but such was not to be that day. I an' I be walkin' nice and quiet like, and heard a roar me bones knew as well as dem own muscle around dem. It was Hanka. I ran like me life depended on it, and me mind burnt like fire thinkin what could be makin' me friend rage like dat, and run did I too late. I came across three of dem half breed wolf things called Worgen, and dem had blades of steel. T'ree dem be 'xact. That had Hanka down and on the ground roaring like Mandokir after his favorite god been slaughtered, but to my surprise and shame, I knew me be too weak to even take one dem mongrels down. Hanka gave da good fight. He bit one dem legs off, took anothers claw, but at last, he had a blade sever his spine. I roared, but to no avail. Dem nasty flea lovers had what they wanted, and ran. I ranto Hanka, but none me magics could help an old bull whose neck hung like a loose piece o' meat. It was then I did what no self respectin troll be doin'. I an I been cryin'. I ran into to the woods, crying, screaming for me lost bull bruddah. I even saw me a sight to behold, but thought me grief cause me seein' it. I saw a pure white puma, turning dark with the tears of blood. First time and da last time me be seein' such. Her coat glistened in da sun and sweat o the air, and with tears and blood. I took her to be a vision of a spirit animal. I swore then, on her sight, that I would cry tears of blood in grief, and tears of joy in conquest. It was time I an' I been seekin' me a war band. No more would I coddle little plants, and furry sniveling animals. It bein' time for me to drink blood, and praise Hakkar. It time for me screamin' Hanka's name to the four winds, the four elements, and da nether. It time for me to soak my tusks in the blood o' dem dat be 'urtin me an' mine. I searched long, I fought hard, and then I truly heard what I be needin'. Every night, for fourty nights after I killed me first ally, I heard it whispered in me dreams. A name spoken in hushed tones by me father, and his kith and kin. A name held in reverance and fear. "Gor'Watha" Over and over I hear it, mon! "Gor'Watha" Over the hills! "Gor'Watha!" Over the seas! "Gor'Watha!!" Over the loudest rumbles of the earth, over and over... "GOR'WATHA!" Dis I now know. Dis be mah destiny. Sekk Gor'Wath, and swear me blood and spirit to 'em. This I shall be doin, and my praise of Gor'Watha be written in da blood me enemies shed, as I laugh and cover my tusks in dem gore they spew!Janzin0 Jul 3, 2013