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Aug 4, 2013 Levels and Roleplay ((OOC)) Prefacing this by saying this has nothing to do with a character's power and their level (as in a level 1 being a veteran and on par with a level 90 for strength). This is a completely different discussion and not to do with that topic which will never be solved. This is something I've heard of and witnessed occasionally. This... distaste or disregard that higher level characters show to lower level characters. There seems to be this idea that a character at a lower level should be ignored for... whatever reason. I have to ask, why? Why should a lower level not be taken seriously? I'm not accusing anyone of doing this but this is something that I feel needs to be thought on. There should be no reason a character is discounted in roleplay because of their level. We were all low level at one point in time, some of us have only gotten to where we are now after months of leveling. I am just unsure of why I have to, and why I see low levels have to, put in their MRPs for people to not be put off by their level. Some people are slow levelers, even with heirlooms. Some people don't have the luxury of heirlooms. Some people just hate leveling - I know I'm most definitely the latter sort and that's because I enjoy RP more than many other aspects of this game. When I put my mind to it I can grind out levels pretty quickly - hit 80 on a toon two days ago and am almost 60 after a day of /played on a second. But I'm not leveling them because I want them to be 90 or because I'm going to do level 90 things with them... I'm leveling them because I feel like I'm forced to level them if I want any form of RP on them. I shouldn't have to feel like I need to hit level cap or be within 10 levels of level cap on a toon to be taken seriously. No one should feel that way. RP is one of the aspects of the game anyone can enjoy - from the lowest level to the highest, from the most hardcore of raiders and pvpers to the most casual of sorts. The only requirements for roleplay should be a modicum of literacy (by this I mean not utilizing text speak). It shouldn't need to be reaching level 80, 85 or 90. I mean, and I use this as a joke, what next are we going to need to have an ilvl of 500 to RP with achievements to qualify us? I know this post only reaches a fraction of a fraction of the RP community, but I hope it's still seen by enough people and taken to heart. Or for those who do have reservations about RPing with lower levels to explain why they might feel the way they do - I promise I won't judge you if you do, there'll undoubtedly be reasons and I trust good reasons for it as well. But really, the nature of this post is just asking to not ignore low levels offhand. Judge them by their character and their attempts, not by their level.Iraalius15 Aug 4, 2013
Aug 4, 2013 Bad MRPs There's already a thread out there similar to this, but I can't seem to find it. Saw a bad one today. Just outside the Horde shrine. Blood Elf Warlock with some made up title. Grey eyes. Very tall. Race: SAN'LAYN I should have told him he is KOS.Klinda72 Aug 4, 2013
Aug 4, 2013 OOC: cliques My brief brush with WoW RP on two different servers has been totally different from my experience with D&D, GURPS, Vampire and even Amber. It has led me to conclude that WoW RPers are tragically, unconsciously cliquey, and it will lead to the death of WoW RP. There are two reasons for the cliquiness. First, online text RPers are verbally creative, and verbally creative people in general are cliquey. Ask anyone who has been the member of a group of creative writers; their social focus tends to be so powerful that they often forget it's about the writing rather than about the socializing. My personal experience with writing groups, even as a fully accepted insider who paid his dues, is that they are essentially junior high lunchrooms where the popular kids all sit at the same table and nobody else is allowed to. Some of that translates into the personalities of people who are suitable to RP by typing significant amounts of text and doing it well. The other reason is that the populations of WoW's RP servers has steadily declined, leaving behind a hard core of dedicated players who are hanging in until the bitter end. Such players have been RPing together on the same server for many years, tend to have each other's RealIDs and cellphone numbers, and form small, tight-knit communities. Stephen King encapsulized the nature of such communities when he said that, in his small Maine town, people have lived for twenty years and are still considered "from away." I personally spoke in whisper to a player on a small WoW RP server who had been RPing the same characters regularly in the same tavern for three years and still was an outsider. The nature of small communities of long-timers is what it is, and nothing can be done about it. The tragedy is that this cliquiness is unconscious and totally contradicted by what people believe about themselves. Many RPers are consciously convinced that they welcome newcomers with open arms. Under the surface, however, which is where the drivers of most people's behavior arise, they resent anyone trying to break into their private circle, and tell themselves all sorts of false stories about why they don't like a particular newcomer--that her RP is substandard, that she violates server culture, that she is an attention seeker, etc. etc. The issue is especially pronounced if the newcomer is gifted at RP and makes some established members of the group unconsciously feel inadequate, or if there is a philosophical conflict about the game of WoW itself between an established member and a newcomer. Then the lies people tell themselves really multiply, and character assassination often ensues. As I said, this is all rooted in the flawed mess of human nature, which is in turn rooted in the horrible malformation of the laws of the universe themselves, so nothing can be done about it. Which is why RP on WoW will die with a whimper a long time before the rest of the game does.Xerre8 Aug 4, 2013
Aug 3, 2013 split personality rp? is split personality rp ok? becuse that is what i have based this charichters entire backstory around.Mildorn15 Aug 3, 2013
Aug 3, 2013 Which story/character is more interesting? I have 2 character concepts and I really have no idea which one to go with. I only have time to dedicate my playtime to one character so I have to choose :3 I'm gonna give you guys the skinny on both characters, and I'd appreciate it if you told me which one, as a reader, you find more interesting and which one you find to have more potential for a gripping story. 1) Jameson Wolfbraid was a bleeding heart Gilnean Patriot who was a simple fisherman in Emberstone village. When the wall went up, he had a seething hatred for Genn Greymane's lack of empathy towards his fellow man and joined the Rebellion led by Crowley. He was always light on his feet and easily stayed out of sight and that helped him smuggle weaponry and messages between rebel outposts. The reason he rebelled was because since he was a boy, his father told him the importance of helping your fellow man even if it doesn't have an immediate payoff– The opposite of Genn's philosophy. What he calls the "Blessing of Goldrinn" was bestowed upon him just as it was in the starter zone and upon being rescued by the Night Elves, he realize that he now had his chance to make his contribution to the war against the Horde. 2) Laersardion Loevand is a young druid hoping to follow in the footsteps of his father's legendary contributions to the Third War as a Druid of the Claw before being slain by the Chaos Orcs created by Grom Hellscream. Enamored by the epic tales of his father from a young age, he begins training with hopes of becoming the same warrior his father was. However, throughout his training, he realizes he has a stronger connection with the spirits of the wild cats than that of the bears. He has trouble mastering and controlling his ursine form, while his feline form comes as naturally as breathing to him. After years of training, he finally comes to terms with the fact that he will never be a great bear warrior and continues his training as a feline warrior while suppressing his feelings of failure as a Loevand and the guilt he feels of letting his father's memory fade.Starclaw3 Aug 3, 2013
Aug 3, 2013 Return of the Legion ((OOC; Sign-ups)) ((Trying yet again after 14 months; let's see what happens)) IC The Stair of Destiny, Hellfire Peninsula, Outland The Pit Commander brought his massive foot down on yet another group of mortal scum, crushing their pathetic little bodies. He swiped his blade along the ground, cleaving many more in two. The Annihilan commander lifted his head to see what attackers dared challenged him next... a broke out into a massive, yellow-toothed grin. The mortals were all dead. Every last one of them. Their bodies lay all over the Stair, broken and bloodied, being feasted on by fel hunters. Even the portal mages, who had maintained the gateways to their capitols for so long, were scattered along the ground, bodies ripped apart. The demons... they'd finally won. The Pit Commander pointed his great sword at the swirling portal to Azeroth, realm of mortals. "CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!" he bellowed, and the hellspawned army rushed through the portal, weapons drawn and fangs bared. As the massive green behemoth stepped through, he couldn't help thinking how fun this was going to be. The Dark Portal, Blasted Lands, Azeroth Watch Commander Relthorn Netherwane sighed. It had been years now since he'd seen any action. The people on the other side had the situation under control and then some. It was honestly almost pointless to stay here. There was little food, endless planning and discussing, and worst of all, he was stuck in this friggin' suit of armor all. Damn. Day. It was so boring! Relthorn hated it. Suddenly, the Dark Portal began to glow slightly. Somebody was coming through. Nobody cared, really. There was always the occasional person coming through to report a minor victory against the demonic hordes. Nobody really payed any attention. That is, not until, a line of felguards marched out. Followed by more felguards, wrathguards, fel hunters, imps, and more. Every single demon you could imagine came through the Portal. And they looked ready to kill. Relthorn screamed to defend, but it was too late. The demons had already killed the guards immediately in front of them, and they weren't stopping. The unprepared, out-of-practice soldiers fell before the might of the Legion. Unlike the mortals, they'd been fighting for months, some of them even years, with almost no rest. They, in one word, obliterated the mortals, both Horde and Alliance. Even Relthorn was lost is the onslaught of terror.When the Pit Commander finally emerged, the deed was done. He smiled, and then turned his sights on the foretress supposedly called-what was it?-Nethergarde. Nethergarde Keep, Blasted Lands, Azeroth Watcher Mahar Ba stood on the wall of Nethergarde Keep. It was late afternoon, and the troops had just gotten back from yet another day of patrolling and fighting the Horde. Ba felt bad for them. They had to repeat the same thing over and over again, every day, endlessly, until they retired 15 years later. It must be unbelievably dull. Ba sighed and walked back to his tower. When he got there, he looked out his window to get a better look at the red, barren landscape. It was the same every time. No change. Ever. This land was ap erfect reflection of the lives of the people who defended it. Dull... dull... dull... Then, where the Dark Portal was, he saw a squad of troops marching up from its crater. Wait... that wasn't a small squad. That was a full-blown army! For a moment, Ba thought that they'd finally won against the demons in Outland. Then he saw the many fel green fires scattered throughout the army. Those weren't Alliance and Horde troops... those were... Ba sprinted down through his mage tower, and was heading towards the hold when rocks fell from the sky. Big rocks. Burning rocks. The fire was green. Fel green. Infernals. The infernals exploded into existence upon contact with the ground, and immediately started slaughtering all they saw. Ba tried to fight back, but fire was only so effective against fire. Suddenly, he was hit in the back by one of the infernal rocks, and pinned to the ground. The infernal exploded from it, looked down on Ba, and razed the old mage in a wave of flame.Srdotsalot2 Aug 3, 2013
Aug 3, 2013 More realistic RP WPVP? It's a normal day in Orgimmar and you stand in your shop waiting for someone to buy your goods, BUT THEN! Oh no! a group of paladins are attacking the city on they're quest to cleanse Azeroth of horde scum! As you stand in your shop hearing the clash of steel between the guards and the paladins.... one approaches your shop and stands there in the doorway... you stare at him and he stares back... Then a random blood elf walks in and you sell him some fruit and he runs back out and the paladin strikes you down while you stand there like an idiot. Why don't enemy faction NPCs do anything? atleast a cower emote or a /beg? Or maybe have them run in fear? all they do is say Help! and stand there like idiots while the attacker wipes out waves of guards, and it becomes obvious that the attacker will only fall to a real hero of your faction. I refuse to believe the fruit vendor is brave enough to look directly in the eyes of his enemy and stand motionless just waiting for the killing blow without any sort of fearSandcrab2 Aug 3, 2013
Aug 2, 2013 Noob question about starting rp HI, I've never rp'd before, but a friend of mine is on an rp server and says i should give it a shot, so i though i could do a human warrior, like from a farmer background or something having no formal training and starting from the bottom because of some tragedy in his past involving the horde or a member of the horde or something, anyone have any advice or tips so i don't fall flat on my face and embarrass my self?Stalenda4 Aug 2, 2013
Aug 2, 2013 An epic battle RP *eveliahan stands on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the scarred battlefield below, he sighs and sends a huge fireball into the sky, lighting the scene like day and squints in the now harsh light, he turns to you* You ready for this? It will be hard I warn you...Eveliahan28 Aug 2, 2013
Aug 2, 2013 Worldwide RP (updated) (Ok so my last one was a fail so I'm gonna make this one, I'm gonna add more details to the story I tried to start earlier, I hope this one gets a better response) In the town of Telemir (thought I'd update the name of the town too) a small town not well known, located on an island near Northrend named Camilarn, it has almost never been explored and was left out of Horde and Alliance history as they deemed it unimportant, it was untouched by the Burning Legion, the Scourge and have never heard of Deathwing, allthough dragons are a fairly common sight on Camilarn, normally the dragons are calm and approachable even, lately the dragons behavior has become erratic and hostile, the town people are becoming concerned about this, you have come to this town to investigate...Crazzyguy3 Aug 2, 2013
Aug 2, 2013 The worldwide RP. Hello, this is hopefully going to be a really long RP that anyone can join at any time, I will change the story when I can so it keeps going, this will be progressive so it never really ends, or begins really, at least I hope so...Crazzyguy7 Aug 2, 2013
Aug 2, 2013 Questions about Worgen and Rogues. 1) Straight out of Gilneas, what militaristic position or job could a Worgen rogue find? He's not a spy, he's not a hired assassin, he's just a Worgen that has a knack for killing quickly and silently that want's to put his skills to the alliance's use in fighting the Horde. Let's say he shows his true potential in the Southern Barrens (the first real Alliance v. Horde conflict that a Worgen hero would fall into) and the higher ups take notice. Where would they place him? SI:7? Any others? 2) While the player's character is feral and wild in between cutscenes in the starter zone, how does the Worgen come back and still have knowledge of the character's class? I.E. How would a Worgen remember how to use a bow after being administered the antidote in Shadowglen? It's kinda a plothole for me. 3) This one is just a flavor question for me. I love incorporating my battle pets into my character's story. I thought it would be kind of cool if I had all three spots filled with wolves that story-wise are always around him. Three wolves he befriended while feral that still stick by his side. Is there anything that jumps out at you as being an rp no-no about this? Perhaps the city guards wouldn't take too kindly to a man with three pet wolves walking around Stormwind?Starclaw4 Aug 2, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 Jumped >_< i was walking home the other day and two kids i use to be friends with came running at me out of nowhere and i fell into a bush and had the crap kicked out of my head hahaha anyone have that happen recently?Xlucia10 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 2, 2013 Good Blood Elf male names? When naming a Blood Elf male character, what are some things to take into consideration? Which sort of syllables are usually in a male BE's name? Would "Tevalar" be acceptable, for example? EDIT: Preferably a BE male name that start with a "J"Jevalar19 Aug 2, 2013
Aug 1, 2013 Simple day in the tavern (RP) (This is just gonna be an RP for fun, feel free to comment but please try to stay IC, and as always, have fun) *walks in the tavern and sits down, calls for a server and orders some wine, laughs about not being able to get hangovers because he is dead, waits for the inn the fill up*Crazzyguy0 Aug 1, 2013
Aug 1, 2013 Is red hair in blood elves a side effect... ...of fel exposure just like their green eyes? I just noticed that I have never seen a high elf in game with red hair and I may be wrong but I think I read somewhere that red hair was a result of fel taint. Is this true? and if so can someone locate the source?Callinux7 Aug 1, 2013
Aug 1, 2013 I just realized why I can't play a pandaren I keep trying to level a pandaren (they're my favorite race), and I've yet to even get one to Northrend. I never really knew why until I hit Swamp of Sorrows. Look around Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, there are no pandaren fighting for anything. I'm not saying this is a problem, because it makes total sense. Why would they? The Pandaren have absolutely no reason to be doing anything with the Horde and the Alliance. Your character means nothing until you get to Pandaria. As I'm helping with the Stonard conflict in the swamp, I realize that my character is completely out of place there. It really breaks the immersion with my character. Does anyone else feel like the Pandaren are harder to get immersed in due to their lack of involvement outside of Pandaria? Again, I'm not complaining about the lack of involvement, because of course they wouldn't be involved if they're new.Qifeng10 Aug 1, 2013
Aug 1, 2013 Troll wars. IDK if this is the right place to post about it, but I am just curious if there are any fanmade books out there centered around The Troll Wars lore of WoW. I know (as far as I looked) that blizzard has not made any official book so just curious. I really wanna read something about it!Åir0 Aug 1, 2013
Aug 1, 2013 Opinions on my toon names plz Hello I don't do any RP or that sort of stuff but I just have this thing about the naming of my toons and I am one of those people who take it very seriously . I can take hours trying to think up of names for toons and usually have to do so a few days before I make it. I find that having a character name that suits the character immerses me in the game so much more, I don't judge others on their names but this is just my personal preference. Anyways, I would just like to here from Rpers what they think about the names of some of my toons. I can get really OCD about these types of things but I would like some honest opinions please. I would just like to know if you think the name is suited for the race and class of my toon. Here are just a few: Fizzeus (this toon) - gnome mage (male) Talindra - NE priest (female) Gandy - Worgen rogue (male) Tzane - Troll shaman (male) Cavill - Worgen warrior (male) Vesryn - NE druid (male) Thanks B4handFizzeus2 Aug 1, 2013
Aug 1, 2013 Help with my Dwarf paladin, please? I am starting a Dwarf Paladin. I don't know much about Dwarfs, or paladins Are female dwarfs even able to be paladins? It might be a silly question but I feel it's valid. I intend for her to be born and raised in Ironforge...are there any issues with this? How old would she have to be to have completed training? I was thinking more along the lines of she would have completed it in the last few years. I'm sorry to be such a noob about this. ;~; Any other information you feel I may need is definitely welcome. So too are reference sites!Lillywonka3 Aug 1, 2013
Aug 1, 2013 Need a Rundown of Recent History I haven't been keeping up with Warcraft's recent history, and I've been planning on getting back into Warcraft RP. I can't seem to find anywhere to read up on the recent happens of Azeroth, so if someone could send me in the right direction, that would be awesome. I'm mostly looking for stuff after the Burning Crusade expansion. Things like the fall of the Lich King/the rise of the new Lich King, the events of the Cataclysm, the discovery of Pandaria, ect. I've also heard something about a Troll uprising against Garrosh. What's that all about? (Shameless plug) Also, if anyone has any suggestions for a good place to start looking for long-term, far-reaching RPs, both in-game and on the forums, let me know. Thanks.Shakoor4 Aug 1, 2013
Aug 1, 2013 That feeling.. When you're in the beginning stages of writing a story and a few days after starting it, Blizzard releases a short story with an eerily similar plot :| (strength of steel) I loved the story, but... come on!Herubrand2 Aug 1, 2013
Jul 31, 2013 The Ashes I hear tale this is the forum for fan fictional kind of stuff. This is a piece I wrote. Would love to hear thoughts...I know it's a bit, unconventional, but figured it's a good starting point to get back into a creative writing state of mind.Buffybot0 Jul 31, 2013
Jul 31, 2013 Character concepts you never used Thought this'd be interesting.... I had an idea for a Worgen Rogue who, before being bitten, was an assassin. He had multiple alter egos that he'd use to get closer to his targets. Like a rich horse breeder, a single father, etc etc. But when he was bitten, all the fake identities and lies he told were blurred into his mind, driving him mad. He would constantly shift personalities and genuinely would be unaware that these multiple personalities even existed. So, what're your unused character concepts?Gulthrom6 Jul 31, 2013
Jul 31, 2013 Human zones compared to RL Nationalities This is a question that's been on my mind for a while now. What in game human nationality goes along with what real life nationality? For an example of what I'm talking about and to give my point of view here's the first guess. Stormwind (Elwynn Westfall Redridge Darkshire)=American Gilnean=English Stromgarde=Scottish Lordaeron=Russian Kul Tiras=Irish Alterac=??? Hillsbrad=??? I dunno. Some of them are probably wrong but that's exactly why I created this thread XDLonghammer2 Jul 31, 2013
Jul 31, 2013 Town and Village Sizes? How big are towns and villages from an RP standpoint? Capable of supporting a few hundred occupants? The reason I ask is that I had an idea for a criminal character, and I'm trying to figure out where he could have operated from that isn't a major race capital city.Elfsbane10 Jul 31, 2013
Jul 31, 2013 You know what grinds my gears? When people use ((Double Parentheses)) on OOC threadsFubaru4 Jul 31, 2013
Jul 31, 2013 [OOC] If you were a raid boss... What would your abilities be? RULES: 1. It has to be defeatable 2. No unescapable death mechanics Your abilities don't necessarily have to be class-based. They can additional things you can't do ingame (I.E a warrior could have that 10 second silence that Warmaster Blackhorn has), or they can be related to your character's backstory (Perhaps your character has a locket which could summon a pleothora of ghosts to attack the raid). For Delurk (my main seen here ) Entry: Alliance?! Here?! You face the Fury of the Barrens, worms! Stage 1: Mounted assault: Delurk mounts his wolf, Durek, and sets his eyes on a raid member. He impales said raid member, doing 400k damage and increasing damage done to that player during the rest of the mounted phase by 100%. Players must get in front of Delurk's mounted charge to prevent the death of impaled member. Intimidating Roar: sends 8 players fleeing in fear for 8 seconds (10 man ) ''Pah! I knew you were cowards!'' Drag: Delurk scoops off a random raid member from the ground and drags him across the floor, dealing 20% of total health every two seconds. Drag must be broken by bursting Delurk's health down. Stage 2: Heart of Titanium: Delurk is knocked from his mount, and he draws a sword and shield. If a member was dragged at the time of being brought to stage 2, he is released. All impaled players lose the debuff. ''I will break your assault as I broke the assault before you!'' Subjugation: Delurk threatens two players, giving them five stacks of subjugation. While subjugated, the players are MC'D into fighting their own raid with 100% increased damage. Subjugation must be dispelled. ''YOU WILL SERVE, OR YOU WILL DIE!'' Desolation Call: Delurk summons two Desolation raiders into the room. While active, Delurk is immune to all damage. Raiders! At my side! Battle Rage: For every Desolation raider slain, Delurk deals 10% additional damage. Stage 3: Fury of the Barrens Delurk's enrage stacks are cleared. ''I will cut your bodies into pieces and feed them to the vultures!'' Armageddon: Delurk whirls out his massive two handed sword, Armageddon. All damage done increased by 30%. All damage taken increased by 10% Throwdown: Before Bladestorming, Delurk smashes a player to the ground for 6 seconds. (This can be beaten by bubbling / trinketing / Leap of Faith/ Blink Bladestorm: Delurk converts into a whirling swarm of blades, dealing 400k per second to every player around him. 3 second cast time. Insatiable Bloodlust: Delurk gains 10% health for every player killed. Death quote: that... you? Song played during fight: How about your character?Delurk10 Jul 31, 2013
Jul 31, 2013 Is your character taken? Have you given your character a crush/spouse/partner? It can be either someone else you're RPing with, one of your other characters, or someone you made up. Describe him/her. What is he/she like?Takumi40 Jul 31, 2013
Jul 31, 2013 I've got a question for you RPers out there I've created my DK on an RP server and figured I'd give it a go but I need some advice on a minor detail, would a Death Knight that died during the attack on Silvermoon still refer to himself as a (Former) Sin'Dorei? or would it be Quel'Dorei?Ecrulis2 Jul 31, 2013
Jul 30, 2013 RP'ing as a Troll Shaman. Hello forum goers! c: First off, I'll apologize if this is the wrong area to post this. While I have roleplayed before, I have never roleplayed in WoW. I'd like to roleplay on this character as a witch Doctor/shaman. But I'm kind of lost as to how to go about roleplaying as a Witch Doctor in the Shaman class. Through researching I've found some confusing things. I've read Troll Shamans revere the elements and the elementals are considered Loas. I've also read that Trolls do not even call upon the Elements. I'm just really lost, and I'm finding it difficult to jump into roleplaying because I don't know how to roleplay as a witch doctor. I don't know what's right or wrong because I keep stumbling across contradicting statements about them. So if anyone could go into some more depth as to how My shaman would work as a Witch Doctor, that'd be greatly appreciated.Akasi4 Jul 30, 2013
Jul 30, 2013 Troll question Does anyone know how long ago the trolls left to the Darkspear islands after splitting from the Gurubashi?Liliny1 Jul 30, 2013
Jul 30, 2013 Lament of a Highborne. ((Short Story)) I have done terrible things. I lay in my bed, light sheets draped over me and nothing more. The heat of summer in Silvermoon was somewhat unbearable most nights and could cause many a sleepless night. That was not the case with tonight, however. Tonight it was my guilt, my memories, my past that haunts my mind whenever I close my eyes to try to let rest take me. When my eyes close I can remember my youth, my time spent studying the wonderful magics that made our people strong, which made us great! I can remember the first spell I ever cast and the joy I felt when I did. I can remember my studies in the arcane leading me to consume as much knowledge as possible. I can remember spending the days of my youth studying among the trees of Silvermoon. I can remember my first kiss, my first love, my first lover’s embrace. I can still remember the best days of my youth when I close my eyes. But these memories are not alone, they are never alone. Along with those joyous memories come fear, and darkness. I can remember the second war, the Orcish Horde and the forest trolls bearing down on us, wishing to scour us from our home. I remember the fear of seeing a forest troll up close, to have his breath on me as he was pinned atop me, attempting to remove my head from my shoulders. I remember the feeling of his cold form as I froze him solid. I remember the life trickling from his eyes as I kicked the frozen head from his body. I remember the day when the shadow of Death descended on my beautiful city, on my home. I remember the day all too well. The screams of my people, of my friends and family echoed the halls of Silvermoon. Their blood splattered across the floors and streets as they were cut down by the twisted forms of the Undead. I remember the loss I felt when I saw my lover rush to defend those in need. I let her go alone. She said it was a Ranger’s duty to defend those in need and I let her go alone. I know not where she is, but I pray that her death was swift and painless for it was better than the alternative. This alone should be what keeps me awake, but it is not. I pull the covers from my form and let them slide back to the bed, less I disturb the woman who shares my bed tonight. I move with silence to the balcony so I may feel a hopeful breeze to calm my mind. I find no calm; for I can see the scars left on our city still, decades after our people were slaughtered the scars still persist. I close my eyes to let my memories take me once more. I remember the nights that followed, running from ruin to ruin attempting to avoid the eyes of the scourge that remained. I remember coming across more survivors, more of my people. I remember the brief joy I felt to find friends and family still alive, though very few. I remember the pains I felt as the withdrawals set in. I remember seeing many of us doubled over in pain, dying, wasting away without the light of the Sunwell to bathe in any longer. I remember the joys I felt seeing our Prince had escaped the devastation of Silvermoon. I remember his promises of salvation from this pain, promise of a new power. I remember the dark portal. I push off the railing of the balcony and turn to retreat back into my small home. I remember Outland. I remember the burnt ground beneath my feet. I remember the twisting nether in all its glory, theRiltas4 Jul 30, 2013
Jul 30, 2013 My character's story I would have preferred to post this in the Story Forum but I feel it was more appropriate to post here. I just wanted to see what people thought of my character's story, if there are any lore problems, or if it just seems too much (which I'm starting to think it is a little...). This isn't really a story, more like a summary, a long summary... Born in in Capital City (Lordaeron), my family moved to Stormwind when I was 5. I had joined the Army at the age of 18. When I was around 19 years of age is when the Orcish Horde invaded through the Dark Portal. I hadn’t actually seen any battle until the attack on Stormwind began. I fought tooth and nail attempting to give civilians more time to escape as the city fell all around me. Eventually it was time to depart, I hurried onto a ship after prince Varian and we sailed north. Upon arrival in Lordaeron we all got off the ships and Lordaeron, my original home, was kind enough to grant us shelter. When I heard about an Alliance being formed to retaliate against the Horde I volunteered by services immediately. I was made a Sergeant Major and was put in charge of rallying up as much support as I could for the Stormwind remnants during the interval between wars. I was put in charge of one of many diverse squads when the time came for the 2nd war to begin. My squad consisted of: -Brian: Human Paladin -Feldor: Bronzebeard Hunter (and his Bear Frostclaw) -Galron: Wildhammer Shaman (and his Gryphon Ragefeather) -Fizzle: Gnome Explosives Expert -Anador: High Elf Ranger -Jenalla: High Elf Mage Temporary members include: -Rackle Kabloom- Gnome Warlock (Asked us to help clear the area around his home. In return, he assisted us for the rest of our time in the Hillsbrad Foothills.) -Og-tuuk- Run-away Ogre from the Horde (We protected him from an Orc squad hunting him down and stayed with us for a few months.) At first we had our differences, but over time we learned to get along. Feldor and Galron didn’t get along at first due to their clan’s rivalry. However, after a few battles, it turned into a friendly rivalry and they had begun to keep count of their kills and make a game of it. Anador found the other races to be lesser at first and always protested my orders. But again, he began to respect us, especially Fizzle, for having so much energy and courage in a small package. As a Paladin, Brian held no prejudices, Fizzle was friendly from the start, and Jenalla was shy but friendly. We participated in many battles, including the battles of Southshore and Hillsbrad, Tol Barad, and the continuous battle for the Thandol Span for a few months. We were eventually brought into Lothar’s army and followed the Horde into Quel’thalas, where Anador and Jenalla took pleasure in killing as many Orcs and Trolls as they could. We helped mop up the remaining Horde in Lordaeron after the Horde infighting had begun and chased the Horde south. We met up with the Dwarven and Gnomish forces held up in Ironforge and continued to chase the Horde until Blackrock Spire, where Doomhammer killed Lothar. We took Doomhammer prisoner and chased the Horde to the Dark Portal with a passion. There, the bloodiest battle of the War took place. We fought valiantly to end the Horde threat to Azeroth and we pushed them back to their world. After the War, Jenalla and I got married, settled down in Capital City, and had a child. She was pregnant again when I was recruited for the Alliance Expedition through the Dark Portal. I would not regain leadership of my squad for half of them were unavailable; however, Anador, Brian, Galron, and I saw each other frequently during the expedition and always made sure to stand by each other’s side during battle. However, during a skirmish in Hellfire I was captured and held prisoner for weeks. I was tortured and questioned but I stayed strong and didn’t give in. Finally, Draenor began to crumble due to the amount of portals leading to other worlds. I was able to break free of my cage, which I had been trying to wear down over the weeks with whatever I could, and ran for the Dark Portal along with the Orcs. Of course on the other side, they all began to attack me. Thankfully there were Alliance troops stationed at the Portal. We captured the Orcs and sent them to internment camps up north. Not knowing the fate of my comrades on Draenor drove me mad. I only hoped that they survived.Unholyfear3 Jul 30, 2013
Jul 30, 2013 MW monk? I'm running a Assas rogue/Frost DK 2's comp and we just went against a demo lock/MW monk combo... We couldnt down the monk at all. Get him to low health, try to cc, he pops trinket, try to stun, he gets that invinsibility spell, try to slow, LOLNOPE CHI TORPEDO, tried to focus lock with smoke bomb and ccs on the monk, didnt work, lock just popped shields and healing cds. any help on how to down this comp? I've seen it a few times.Meehk7 Jul 30, 2013
Jul 30, 2013 Ralvaadar, good name for Night Elf Druid? Title says it, Is this name lore friendly? Could I make the name any better? Give me some feedback.Lynassa4 Jul 30, 2013
Jul 30, 2013 Veins of Ice ((Sign Ups)) ((Welcome to another attempt at an RP thread. I need only 3 other people for now, and later on we'll have more people that can join.)) ~`~Darkshore~`~ The night elf looked out into the ocean as she waited. The sounds were almost peaceful, but strangely haunting. The birds called out in anger it seems, while the critters moved about in fear. Bigger animals, she could hear, were roaring and growling in impatience. She knew nothing about what was happening here, but she worried not. She had other business to take care of. She looked up as she heard the unsteady footsteps of someone approaching. It was a human male. Elailea smiled at him, wondering why he was early. "You aren't supposed to be here until tomorrow." She said happily. He didn't reply, nor did he look happy. "What's wrong Jonathan?" She asked and he looked at her, really looked at her. "They found me." He dropped dead then, and she noticed what made his footsteps unsteady. He was stabbed in the back the knife still there. She stood just as someone came behind her, and with a hard blow to the head, knocked her out. ~`~Unknown Location~`~ Elailea woke, her vision still blurry and her head pounding, and she saw she was in a room with stone walls. She felt the chains on her feet and wrists, and moved both, and as far as she knew, she wasn't connected to the wall except for one foot. She didn't move from the spot, because as she looked around she noticed several other figures. All near the wall. "Who are you? Where are we?" She asked. ~~~~~ Ok, so basically here's what I didn't tell you: 1. There is a group called the Brotherhood. Not the Defias Brotherhood, like everyone thought at first, but a different group. 2.They aim to take over the world, duh, but in a different way. They want to take over the world through a magical way. 3.They have three different branches, the Mages, the Healers, and the Soldiers. The Soldiers serve as guards and a military force. The Healers heal the members of the Brotherhood, and the Mages are the highest members and the magic users. Not all magic users in the Brotherhood are part of the Mages, but the ones who are, are very skilled with magic. ~~~ We are all prisoners, those who are joining. You may have a family member in the Brotherhood but they cannot commit treason right away. Give it awhile. :) There are no certain requirements besides you must have a reason for the Brotherhood to take you prisoner. Up to you whether you say what happened to get you captured, or just are in the prison. Be creative. Sign Up Sheet: Name: Race: Gender: Age: Reason you are prisoner: Family Member in the Brotherhood? (Yes/No): Appearance: ~~~ Here is my sheet: Name: Elailea Darkwind Race: Night Elf Gender: Female Age: In Human years, she is 36. Not good with the whole aging process of Night Elves yet. Reason you are prisoner: Elailea is trying to help end the brotherhood, she has gotten in before. Family Member in the Brotherhood? (Yes/No): No. Appearance: Elailea has silver/white hair, naturally, but not out of old age.Elailea0 Jul 30, 2013
Jul 30, 2013 Troll or Tauren? Okay, I don't know where I should post this but I will post it here and make it short. I am going to make a druid. And I love lore. But I cannot decide what race I like better. Can someone help me out? I like how Taurens are a peaceful race. And I really don't know too much about trolls, but they seem awesome. If someone can educate me and persuade me to make a Troll or Tauren, it would be appriciated.Lynassa14 Jul 30, 2013
Jul 29, 2013 Sunset Over Havenshire ((Sign Ups)) (( There are two sides to the fight which you may choose. The Scourge introduction is first, Scarlet Crusade is second, and in depth details - third. )) ~~~~~**The Lich King's Command**~~~~~ Within the necropolis over Havenshire, the bodies of the dead were meticulously sorted, limb and flesh and bone. The worthy were raised as death knights to serve the Lich King. Others were cut down by Razuvious’ servants without the chance to lay finger on a runeblade – such was the fate of those deaf to the Lich King. Still others remained defiant, or were simply deemed unworthy and chained in the great ring to be sacrifices for the few chosen knights that were raised. However Razuvious was not the only one to oversee these new brothers and sisters in undeath into their first armor. Upon a balcony stood The Gasher, one of the Lich King’s more enthusiastic servants. He was a pallid specter of an elf, with lengthy black hair and eerie ember eyes. In preparation for the coming battles The Gasher chose to dress in sickening shades of plague green and dark dirty browns to better match the Plaguelands. He armed himself with two clawed weapons still stained with the blood of his last kill or a recent convert. Rumor claimed the Gasher’s grin only appeared when he met one worthy to be raised and the last it had appeared was before the paladin known as Sir Zeliek. What made Gasher special was his innate skill for coercion that at times made torture unnecessary. In truth it was his greatest delight to see a once-holy, Light-revering man turn his allegiance to Cult of the Damned. But at this moment, far from any agonizingly reluctant converts, The Gasher turned his discerning, ember glowing eyes upon the newly raised initiates, scrutinizing each in turn. The Lich King was infuriated by the fact the Scarlets beneath them had begun to flee and send reinforcements, well before the main outpost was set up at Death’s Breach. It fell upon The Gasher, to find out who or what had caused this all too sudden rally among the living and slaughter them. He would be permitted to handpick those knights he believed to be worthy, train them quickly, and send them to "address" this unexpected thorn while the main force continued with the preparations for the final assault. He did exactly as his King bid him by gathering these neophyte death knights and giving them their special commands. “I am The Gasher, neither a Baron nor Lord, so do not use such titles to refer me,” he said while his eyes gleamed and a smile twitched at the corners of his lips. “I serve our King, just as you and your newly-risen brothers and sisters. But unlike them, you have been asked to complete a higher task than the simple slaughter of peasants - as disappointing as that might sound.” He beckoned them to follow him to the edge of the platform that overlooked Havenshire. “Laid out before you is the Scarlet menace, which seeks to undo the work of our King. They deny the gifts of undeath and torture any Scourge they discover that possesses even the faintest hit of intelligence, burning flesh and bone with their unholy Light.” A disappointed sigh escaped his cold lips as he shook his head disapprovingly at the unseen Scarlet citizens beneath them. “And they have somehow gained reinforcements to their horrific cause. This can no longer be tolerated. Each of you is call upon an eye of Acherus and then locate who leads this new force. Once this is complete we will journey to Death’s Breach, to equip for our strike against this foe. We must be careful, thoughtful - and we must move swiftly, with surgical precision. And above all, we must not - will not - fail our King, or our brothers and sisters.”Tharidior5 Jul 29, 2013
Jul 29, 2013 Announce Yourself! It's time - the battle rages, and you've arrived to turn the tide. You need to make a big entrance - announce your arrival, and declare your challenge to all who would oppose you! ((just a quick fun little thing to kill some time and see what sort of badass-boast-entrances people throw out there for their characters :3)) "Donovan Harmarth has come! The Blazebringer has come for ashes! Who will be the first to donate theirs?"Donovann31 Jul 29, 2013
Jul 29, 2013 Heyo -sits in chair and props feet up on table - How goes it people?Kaito9 Jul 29, 2013
Jul 29, 2013 Bored. :/ SO I'm on the realm Cenarion Circle. Goldshire is a nightmare, and I had an idea for a RP but no one to tell it to. Y'all have probably done this, but it's my only idea. I am currently online and in Goldshire on the character I'm currently posting on. My idea: Since I'm a druid, or if you are the roles can be reversed. One of us is walking, the other is in the cat form injured in the woods. The one walking offers to help and takes care of the druid. Whoever is the cat will not stay like that the entire time. When healed enough, they will change back to their original form. Just get on now, and send me a whisper saying your interested and I'll wait until your in Elwyyn and I'll move into the woods nearby. (If you're a druid and want to be injured then tell me in the whisper.) I'm sorry if this is on the wrong forum, and that it seems so childish.Elailea0 Jul 29, 2013
Jul 28, 2013 The amount of half-race RP is too damn high That is all.Floim21 Jul 28, 2013
Jul 28, 2013 The rise of Qez, Goblin Prince. It's been a while, the tides have receded, the Elementals were now at peace again. I brought with me the spoils of war. Once again, I find myself stuck. Now there is a battle brewing within the Horde itself. Nothing may ever be the same. I lost a great leader. I couldn't believe he had died. My return to the Horde was unfortunate. Having worked for one point in time for a Goblin Trade Prince had it's own special rewards, the ones I was now fighting for were much more important. My fellow Tauren and the other races of Azeroth were now in jeopardy from Garrosh Hellscream. The fall of Lady Jaina Proudemoore's Theramore fortress, the attempted assassination of Vol'jin and the death of Cairne were more then I could stand. Now, united against Garrosh, a new Goblin Prince emerged from the ruins of his once mighty races empire on their homeland. Qez, Trade Prince of Azeroth. Stuck between my duty to the Horde and Azeroth and my calling to once again be a lieutenant of a Trade Prince, I have come to a fork in the road that I know I can not ignore. I can't just choose a path and follow it without leaving the other one unfulfilled. Or could I?Kyllavertin1 Jul 28, 2013
Jul 28, 2013 Warlock as Byronic Hero? So I have a character concept for a warlock, and I want to make sure it's "lore appropriate". The nitty-gritty is that he was a mage who's family's farm was sacked by Gnolls. He was the only survivor, but was left scarred and traumatized at the loss of his family and he felt powerless when his control over the arcane wasn't enough. He sought out old tomes to learn more about fel magic (this is where the Byronic Hero comes into play) in order to make sure he never let his loved ones down. But knowing that he would be viewed as evil to some, his first goal was to gain the willpower to wield felfire without it corrupting him (too much, i know corruption can't be avoided but the level of said corruption is determined by willpower). So I have some questions: 1) He doesn't keep his demon with him unless he's fighting. Is this acceptable for a warlock? Or would he always have his demon with him? 2) In normal combat that he needs to face, he only uses fire. But in a serious combat situation (against a larger threat) he would whip out felfire and use the true extent of his power. I want to use this more as how the Avatar state works in The Last Airbender. For those who don't know the show, it's a state where the character becomes extremely powerful but loses control over himself until his enemy is dead. I don't mean that my character would become big and glowy and god-like, but more emphasis on he loses control of himself until who he wants dead is dead. Could this be played off or does it not make sense in the warcraft universe? 3) In pandaria, would the sha automatically be drawn to him? Or could he have a strong enough will by that point to not let the power influence his emotion? Thanks :)Laers10 Jul 28, 2013
Jul 27, 2013 Question for pre-cata players Was westfall the same as it is now (conflict and quest wise) as it was before the cataclysm? Was the uprising with Vanessa Vancleef happening or not? Just curious :)Laers5 Jul 27, 2013
Jul 27, 2013 Regarding Forsaken "Adventurers" Sorry if the title is a little odd, but I just have some questions about Forsaken Roleplaying and maybe someone could help me out I understand Forsaken don't NEED to sleep, but do they need to rest at all? Let's say you have a Forsaken or group of Forsaken going on a long journey, would they get tired and need to at least sit and rest. And would sleep do anything for them? Could a Forsaken sleep just because they like to and it feels nice?Iammatt7 Jul 27, 2013
Jul 27, 2013 Goblin / Worgen DK's I see way too many Worgen DK's claiming they're Gilnean. No. You can't be. All Worgen DK's have to be the second generation Worgen. Which means you were born in Pyrewood, Silverpine and were transformed into a Worgen by Arugal. You followed Arugal to Northrend where you were turned into a DK blah blah blah. Same goes for Goblins. All Goblins who are DK's have to be from the Steamwheedle Cartel, as the Bilgewater Cartel never left Kezan until it exploded.Canniibal10 Jul 27, 2013
Jul 27, 2013 Best RP-PvP server I really want to play on a RP server. I am tired of seeing people with names like "Badastank" or "Pwnuallday." People on PvP servers play this game like it's on xbox live. I love WoW, and it's so hard to enjoy when people just mess up the experience for you. I take every opportunity I can to read up on the lore of WoW. But I dont know it all yet, and when I'm in a dungeon I sometimes ask people "so whats the story behind this dungeon?" I get responses like "!@#$ who cares." I understand everyone is in a rush to get to 85, but can't we at least enhoy the game. PvP servers have really ruined the game experience for me, I want to immersed in the lore, and enjoy my character, and enjoy the characters around me. Does anyone here know of and RP-PvP servers that are balanced, and also have a good friendly player-base? My only requirements are that the Horde and Alliance are balanced (although I'm an alliance player myself) and the people on the server are nice, and actually role play. It's also important that the community is active. Thank you for your time!Lurowene9 Jul 27, 2013
Jul 27, 2013 Writing a poem on the Forsaken, writers block Gah due to writers block I need some help / ideas on what to due / write next >.< This is what I have so far... We forget the living For they have forsaken us For they see us as monsters We let go of the past For it holds us back For dwelling moves us not forward We follow the shadow For the light has abandoned us For we are born of the shadow So that's like all I have so far... Constructive criticism is also appreciated! :DGwendaelyn3 Jul 27, 2013