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May 26, 2013 why is mar'li the gurubashi representative? Always wondered this. She worships/is dedicated to shadra, which is a forest troll loa/god. She is aligned with the witherbarks, she had the witherbark speaker with her in her room in old zg. ... I had always assumed the sandfurys sent venoxis(the sand fury snakes before the last boss in zulfarrak)(sand fury speaker that was in his room in old zg)(also snakes being found only in zulfarrak and wailing caverns at this point and zg) witherbarks sent marli (maybe she was a jinthalor aligned troll, but either way shadra is a forest troll loa, and she always dressed like them) various jungle troll tribes sent the tiger/panther/bat bosses/priests as i remember seeing speakers of those various tribes in there. Depends what land means I guess, if land means "world in general" or land as in stranglethorn vale land. However the presence of speakers from various tribes make it seem that it was a joint attempt.Diamondjill3 May 26, 2013
May 25, 2013 Anyone else hate direction New Horde is going I was always big on lore and rp with WoW, and just came back to the game after a 2.5 year break... and I almost don't want to play Horde any more. What made me fall in love with the Horde back in WC3 was the idea of this "Savage but Noble" race, and everything with Garrosh and the direction of the horde story in general since cata (And lesser extend Wrath with the Horde's actions in Northrend, both with the Warsong Offensive and the Forskaen) has really soured that. Even with Garrosh presumably getting removed from power soon, what I loved about the New Horde just feels... tainted by all of this. Almost makes me want to go alliance, but they've never really appealed to me that much sadly. Oh well.Alktok14 May 25, 2013
May 25, 2013 Idea for the Paladin's Guardian, should I? For those of you that know of the Unborn Val'kyr pet, it looks pretty Angelic and holy. So I got it, and instead of making it a Val'kyr(Since that would be impossible..) I decided to make it a familiar of sorts of Mal's. Though I've recently had an idea for it, and I want to know if it is a good idea or if I should just keep it a familiar. - Pretty much, The Guardian of Ancient Kings is a spell I have a story with on Mal. It's not just some holy spirit he summoned up, but an actual person he used to know. There was a whole Rp thing about it I did with some friends when he first learned to summon it. And I was looking at the Val'kyr and the Guardian, and they have some things that look decently the same. The helmet is close on both, and the wings look pretty close. Other than the obvious sex difference. So I was thinking, Malgrain had summoned a new Guardian, and instead of just disappearing it has the little form of the Val'kyr, and becomes the actual Guardian when powered up.(Aka, by Malgrain using the spell like always.) The new Guardian would look almost the same as the model Guardian, except female to fit the Val'kyr. Good idea, or bad? Should I keep Mal's current Guardian and keep the Val'kyr pet as a Familiar, or do this idea? I personally like the idea, but I am very close to just dropping it because it sounds iffy to me.Malgrain1 May 25, 2013
May 24, 2013 Mystic Dreams-IC only It started several years ago. The dreams, haunting her sleep. making her restless. Some of them strange and some very clear. She noticed a few seemed to have a prophetic feel to them. When she dreamed of finding a lute in an old ruin, she went in search of it. It took her ten long years, dreams occasionally giving her clues. Finally in the basement of a manor house long abandoned and almost falling apart with age, she found it. The old chest had contained many things she found interesting. An amulet with a pale blue stone encased in a silvery metal that was not silver. A long hooded cloak of white silk trimmed in silver and blue embroidery. A short staff of oak that felt enchanted in her hands as if it gave her courage and inner peace. And in the bottom of the chest in a well constructed case was the lute. It was made of a beautiful cherry wood. The strings were actually in good shape. Metal with a soft sheen to them as if they were oiled. She had no idea how to play it. Finding an instructor would be a good idea. But where would she look? Sighing in frustration she put it back in the case and threw the beautiful cloak over her shoulders and the amulet around her neck. Suddenly the thoughts coming into her head made it spin in confusion. She looked around, frightened of what she might have disturbed. A sibilant sound of cloth being dragged across the floor made her turn to the window. A voice of infinite sorrow floated into her mind. "So you have found it. The Lute of Foretelling it is called. It will teach you to play, and it will give you songs to sing. The words are prophetic if you have the talent to decipher them. Often in riddles and sometimes misleading." the voice came from everywhere and yet she did not see anyone in the room with her. "Who is there? Show yourself! I mean you no harm...I dreamed of this for ten long years...did to me then?" her voice going from fear to wonder. She spun around as she heard a soft sigh behind her. The shimmering form of a woman floated above the floor. "Of course you do not...the Lute seeks those with strong hearts and minds. Those of honor and intelligence. A good bit of common sense is good as well. It might have called you...I am sure it was intended for you to find it. Now what will you do with it?" the form of the woman seemed reluctant to stay long, it flickered in and out of sight. "I...I don't know. What am I supposed to do with it?" her voice curious and bolder now. She did not fear the spirit. Her hands went to the amulet around her neck and her fingers closed over the blue stone. "Play the lute...listen to your heart. See what happens. Be careful though. The ability to foretell the future will attract the wrong kind of people. Sometimes it is better to remain silent and not sing...merely play the lute. See what happens. Light be with you child..." and the spirit dissolved into nothing.Hahnai72 May 24, 2013
May 24, 2013 Earthen Ring Worgen/Traveling RP Edited by Bloodpelt on 5/20/13 10:23 AM (PDT) Hello Earthen Ring! my name is Bloodpelt and I RP as a Worgen whom has embraced the wild as his life, though interacting with humans on occasion. I am NOT feral I just have chosen to live in the wild among other likeminded Worgen I still know how to interact with humans and have control over my actions and emotions. It is summer break for me! and I am terribly bored out of my mind, I have been leveling up alts but at the same time I want to RP, so I've decided to start up an RP and anyone is welcome to join. Our story starts out where Bloodpelt has traveled to Stormwind to pick up some supplies in which his pack is missing, though being gone for a while he now has to make his way back to the point where his pack left off (not in a guild and have no official pack as of the moment) Going by the name of Arcadias Felborne in human form, Bloodpelt is traveling on the road to the wetlands. Where his pack has left off, depending on how many people rp with me will determine whether or not the pack is actually there or if they have left him behind. Nothing is set in stone I've just come up with the beginning and I look forward to rping with you and making things up along the way! Some things I want you to know, if you are a Worgen (don't have to be, could be any other race I come across in travels) then I prefer for you to RP in human form, frankly I think it's a bit odd that I see so many people running around as Worgen in human society, to the average person they'd probably be terrified of a massive Lupine like beast that could rip you to shreds if it really wanted. One of my other rules is NO RPing in Armor and weapons (Unless attacked by bandits, if something like that happens) (Certain leather and cloth are acceptable) I can't stress how much I doubt every single person can afford plate or chain armor in the Warcraft universe, not to mention wearing it all the time would be tiresome and carrying a weapon in your hands all the time would probably inspire fear in others who might assume you're going to hurt them. There are multiple ways we can RP this, you could become one of my traveling companions or I can simply run across you in my travels, etc right now I am currently stationed near the stormwind gates and don't plan on RPing anymore until somebody takes interest, keep in mind this won't be a heroic battle of clashing swords and smashing armor type of RP, just some simple traveling RP and hoping to find my pack again. If you want to join up with me here's my steam info just add me on steam and hit me up with a message Steam: Tyren Andell or Message me in game on the Earthen Ring Server as my name is Bloodpelt, I might be on Ghazaghkull (my orc) or Elindir (my Bloodelf) I'll be checking this post frequently too if you want to leave your info here so I can message you in game.Bloodpelt1 May 24, 2013
May 24, 2013 Farraki Sand Conjurer I was thinking. If I was to make a troll to rp as a Farraki Sand Conjurer would it work? I have the pet Sandling and I was thinking maybe a druid could work but how would I do this? Would people not like it?Tenwu9 May 24, 2013
May 24, 2013 Bane of the Guardians (Expan concept) Was playing Role Play and a few people really liked these ideas and thought it would be fun to play them. Bane of the Guardians is a set of zones dealing with the Dragon Realms. I am just going to explain Bronze real quick. I have a story for all of them too but I am just going to explain Bronze. :) It has been several years after the events of End Time. Several years since the brave members of each faction journeyed deep into the caves of time and stopped the devious plans of the infinite dragons. Since then the bronze dragon flight has worked on repairing the damage caused to their home and mending the threads of time. The gates, yet again, were sealed. Until now. Rumors have spread of bedlam that has once again erupted within the caverns. Shades from times long ago have been stirred. A new force has emerged, something from deep down or from many ages past. This force seeps into the caverns wreaking havoc amongst the time keepers, defiling the once proud home of the Bronze. The caverns themselves are treacherous now. Frightening images of the past have made the caverns impossible to navigate. These creatures have all but chased the Bronze Dragon flight out of their home. Rumor has it these Dragons sit atop the sands of Tanaris plotting the next move to reclaim their beloved home world. First zone in CoT --- (((Path of the Damned))) Help the Cult of the Damned in plaguing Lorderon. Basically you will assassinate important figures, kill traitors, break people out of jail, and raise the dead. I will submit story to elaborate on it. Only this part of the CoT idea, I don't want to submit the whole idea as I think it will just be too much. This zone is centered in old Plague lands(Before they were the plague lands and before the events of WC III) but there are caves all around that will lead to small areas of the Eastern Kingdoms. For example, there may be a cave south of Scholomance that leads directly to Dalaran. There you can only journey to certain parts of the city. So not all of the Eastern Kingdoms would be open( of course it couldn't be its way to much) Second zone in CoT --- As you move further into the caverns of time, after the events of "Path of the Damned" you will work the the Bronze in attacking the shades from the past and moving deeper into the source of the corruption. This zone is a faction war. Each faction will do quests on important key points in Alliance / Horde history and try to alter it for your faction directly against what the Bronze told you to do. At first you do these quests in secret but then they become more and more overt enraging the Bronze. Eventually, after one of the most powerful Bronze dragons is killed by your Faction's General, you decide to make a pact with the other faction to kill these generals and prevent the Bronze from being destroyed. This zone looks like a giant underground highway with lots of cliffs jutting out of the sand and smaller caves all about leading to the sections of time your quests will be in. Third zone in CoT --- The source of the corruption. Have a few ideas for this but I would need to elaborate on them... A mysterious alliance exists within the caverns that sets out to help you and the remaining Bronze. They take you directly to the source. Meanwhile the upper caverns are completely taken over by the corruption again. You go into hiding attacking the source of corruption from a place of secret inside of the caverns.Kristinpalmr7 May 24, 2013
May 24, 2013 How long ago... Was the opening of the Dark Portal and the First Scourge invasion of Stormwind in WoW time?Sydrian2 May 24, 2013
May 24, 2013 Looking for RP server with frequent activity My playtime's a bit erratic with work and university, so ideally I'd be chasing an RP server that's got a fair bit of activity during prime time as well as non-prime time. I would wager a server with a good amount of Aussies as well as Americans would be good in that respects. Anyone know of any? Alliance side I guess would be preferred.Blackrum18 May 24, 2013
May 24, 2013 The Twisted Shadows fall...(Final stages.OOC) Link to the previous thread. We are close to the ending now!Liå70 May 24, 2013
May 23, 2013 RPing as Necromancer Alright, before you just completely flame me for attempting it, at least hear me out and see if this could actually be viable since I don't know all of the complete facts about some of these things. I plan on rping as a necromancer, and I want him to be involved with the scourge in northrend. Now, hears my questions. 1) When Arthas went to Northrend, did he take anyone or did anyone go with him like an army of soldiers? 2) Did the Lich King have necromancer's that weren't undead, excluding the cult of the damned? 3) Even if someone did work with the scourge as a necromancer, if they switched sides and helped the alliance/horde would they accept them or just kill them on sight whether they changed their ways or not? Obviously I know I can't walk around in public shouting I'm a necromancer raising undead everywhere. If anything he would be secluded out in like the plague lands where he would prefer to be and belong anyway. 4) Would necromancy change appearance and lifespan? Such as, would the skin turn paler, greying hair, would lifespan shorten or lengthen ect. 5) Could a necromancer technically just raise ghouls from the ground for no reason, or would their have to be bodies around? Likewise with skeletons, would I need to carry around like a bag of bones then throw them on the ground then raise them? Those are my basic questions that I can think of right now. My basic plot is, if Arthas did bring people to northrend with him, is McClark used to be a priest that helped Arthas fight off the scourge, then when he became the Lich King he was simply told that his specialties instead of "healing" would be more mastering around "raising the dead" so behind closed doors, he didn't know he was doing wrong. It slowly shifted to him soon suturing body parts and creating abominations for the scourge without realizing it since he thought he was doing it for the greater good. Once he finds out that he had been helping the scourge, he flees and heads to the alliance and try's to get them to accept him and not kill him in return for information. After the battle with the scourge ended, he was sent off to the plague lands where he would be able to study undead magic there since the general public would not accept him anymore. He would practice, and experiment with necromancy then send general reports of how it functions and ways to counter act it better to alliance military. Is this viable to role play as or should I just trash it?Mcclark17 May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013 Blizz = NWO New World Order! all said!Kirinarcane1 May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013 [Utility] LF Forum RP For the interests of RP Threadmasters, here is the current number of people looking for RP in this thread: 2 This can be useful for anyone looking for forum RP or anyone looking for members for their own RP thread. Hey everyone! I had a bit of free time so I came up with this. The purpose of the thread is to get people looking for Forum RP in the WET to let everyone know that they want to join in. If you're looking for somewhere to RP, put a post into this thread saying so, and wait to see if you get any replies. Now, while you can just look through the first page of WET yourself, it isn't always easy to tell when a closed RP is still accepting new members. So here's where you can ask if there are any still accepting without bringing about an early post cap in those RP's' OOC threads. You can also use this thread to let people know about a RP of your own that is looking for/accepting members. Hope this comes in handy :) RP Threads Currently Accepting New Members: Mystic Dreams OOC: Day of Ashes OOC 2: May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013 Gauging interest I was wondering if there was interest in a forum rp that is a bit of a parody, like not even trying to be canon but more of a Warcraft universe spin on non-WOW things, just for fun. An example would be: I was thinking of setting up a parody with the basic premise of warehouse 13 involving agents from two opposing groups (The Explorers League and The Reliquary) trying to locate and acquire problem causing artifacts. Is this something people would be interested in?Zandrae2 May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013 The Crabs and the cure by Turwinkle! Hi-ho everyone! Turwinkle is back in another episode of the adventures of Turwinkle, the gnome mage. Episode Thirty-six! In this episode, Turwinkle starts work for Karl Boran. He wants crab claws for dinner! Turwinkle and George head back into the waters to hunt down the Harbor crawlers and avoid the sharks. Upon their return, Karl sends them back out to fight back the Bluegill Murlocs and Gobbler, a leader of the Murlocs, that have been raiding the merchants and fishermen of Menethil. Of course, Karl wants Gobblers head as proof of his demise. After the job is done, Turwinkle and George return with Gobbler's head and await any other work Karl may have. Which, of course, he does. He is wanting a statuette of Terenas Menethil, that was stolen by the Murlocs. So back into the Murloc camps goes Turwinkle and George in search of the statuette. The come across a rare mob, Two Toes, in their search! After killing him, they find clues that lead further into the Murloc's territory..but that will have to be explored next time! So come and join us, won't you? Grab a soda, some popcorn and cuddle up to all the Turwinkle goodness! May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013 The Lion's Aegis < Cenarion Circle A-RP> Garristan Connlan sat uncomfortably in his desk chair, exhausted and sore from the day's battles. This world has forgotten, he thought, Such a pity. A conversation he'd had earlier in the day with a colleague had left his mind wandering, and he couldn't shake the feeling that all of the battles he'd fought, all of the evils he'd vanquished, had been for naught. For hours upon end he sat, tapping his fingers upon his thick, mahogany desk as he pieced together the events of his life, then broke them apart again. Finally, he reached a conclusion. Reaching into his desk drawer, the battle-worn paladin pulled out a dusty piece of parchment and began to pen a letter to those in the Alliance whom he trusted most. My Friends, As you are all aware, this world has once again fallen into war. No sooner than the celebrations had ended following the defeat of the fallen aspect Deathwing, our grand Alliance has engaged in yet another conflict with the orcish Horde. I fear, however, that we have once again lost sight of the evils that befoul Azeroth, and that the next threat to rise may potentially be the last. As losses continue to mount on both sides of this conflict our defense against those who would do us harm, those such as the Scourge, the remnants of the Twilight Cult, and the Burning Legion who has threatened this world and left nothing but destruction in its wake on multiple occasions, is weakening. Trust my wisdom in this matter friends, evil WILL come again. When it does, do you want to be caught unprepared? Do you want to see our homes and families fall under the wrath of an unattended enemy? I, for one, do not. I propose we stand ready. We shall always hold dear our allegiance to the Alliance in times of war, but someone must remain vigilant against the dangers tomorrow may bring. A shield, behind which the citizens of the Alliance may live in peace. The bulwark of the people. The aegis of the Lion, so to speak. Join with me, friends. Hold the line between the innocent and the immoral. Together, we shall safeguard the future for those unable to fend for themselves. Your brother-in-arms, Lord Garristan Connlan ((The Lion's Aegis is now recruiting! Beginners are welcome, no RP experience required (everyone has to learn sometime, right?). All that we ask is that you have an interest in RP and the willingness to learn. We are a new roleplaying guild on the Cenarion Circle (US) server built on the theme of serving as a barrier between powerful threats, such as the Burning Legion, and the citizens of the Alliance. Our members devote themselves to remaining vigilant; gathering information on existing and future threats while helping those in need wherever we may find them. For any further information on who we are and what we stand for, please contact a member in-game or join us at .))Garristan0 May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013 Moon Guard RP hotspots Horde side Just transferred over here and looking for RP hotspots Horde side, but I guessed you knew that already from reading the title. away.Zabjar9 May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013 Regarding Human Mages Being somewhat unfamilliar with the lore as it sits, I ask this to you who likely know better: Where would a human mage have trained to learn their craft? Apprenticing under a master? Is there a mage college or something in existance?Aeralee17 May 23, 2013
May 22, 2013 Story Project, please enjoy. (Not RP) Telacor the Reclaimed Seeker By: Manamane of Icecrown Prolog ---The words held on the pages here in are the chronicles of my second life. My first life was lost to the annuals of history, and forever erased from my mind upon my first death. This second life, no, this un-life that has been forced upon me is a very violent and bloody one. Recording its tales to these pages helps me come to terms with what has become of me, and is my one source of peace that I have come to draw upon. I truly wish I could start from the beginning, but as I have told you, my first life is lost to me. So I well begin where my nightmare began. I only ask that you do not judge me as you read the text here in. ---My eyes opened to a cold bloodstained stone floor. The attempts to move were pointless, as my body was lifted lifelessly into the air. Slowly, I could feel a cold and sinister chill coursing through my every vein. Numbing agony and jolts of pain twisted and contorted my body until I was finally released. I fell flat to the floor and the blow forced me to take my first breath of my un-life. Exhaling, the very floor below my mouth, frosted over. I struggled at first to push myself to my hands and knees, but was quickly kneeling before a giant of a man, and a necromancer. ---The larger man looked me in the eyes, and a look of disgust filled his pale face. “This one a frail, weak, and hardly worth salvaging. Dispose of it.” Looking to the necromancer, I watched her begin casting a spell. “Minions! Your master calls!” At her call, the ground started quake as four ghoulish nightmares surfaced and surrounded me. “Feast upon the flesh of the weak!” It was clear that I was to be destroyed. It was then a voice echoed in my mind, “Fight, fight and earn your new gifts that I have seen fit to bestow upon you.” The same freezing feeling wrenched it’s way up my spine and forced me into a ball. With a thundering shout, a wave of frost and ice burst from my body and froze the ghouls in solid blocks of ice. With a heavy sigh, I stood to my feet, and lifted my gaze to meet the eyes of the man in Ice-blue armor. Anger, rage, and hatred seem to boil over me. “Instructor...” The necromancer was clearly worried and shocked at this turn of events. “Instructor Razuvious! What should I do?” ---“Die!” It was the only word that I could think to mutter. I was enraged, clearly I was risen from the dead. A hatred burned in my chest, because they were so quick to discard me. That was the moment when my anger exploded. I let loose an ear piercing shout, as my own blood seemed to burst out. This violent act caused the frozen ghouls to shatter explosively. Instructor Razuvious simple lifted his arm to shield his face as the ice shattered on his armor. The necromancer was not as fortunate. Being only clothed in simple cloth, the shards of ice pierced her body in countless places. Her bloody corpse collapsed to the group with a slight thud. ---I could fell my chest heaving with each breath. Metal clangs rung out, as Instructor Razuvious clapped in approval. “Finally. Among the corpses and wretches, we have found a champion has been found.” Looking down at the dead necromancer, the Instructor scoffed, “Worthless. You there! Place upon this one the trappings befitting a herald of our Great King.” Looking in the direction he was pointing anther necromancer quickly approached with a bundle of armor in his arms. It was clear he had done this before. Without effort, he fully donned the armor to me, and did so perfectly and quickly. Instructor Razuvious then drew my attention, “Listen well Death Knight, heed the call of your master, our Great King.” Turning away from me he pointed to a figure at the far ended of the room. “Stand and be measured! Rise, for your master awaits your arrival.” He turned back to me. “Go now!” ---His shout seem to grant me in human speed as the voice in my head returned, “Come. Come to me my chosen Death Knight.” ___________________________________________________________________________ I hope you all enjoy, I am just having a bit of fun in the forums with a little story. Please feel free to comment.Manamane4 May 22, 2013
May 22, 2013 Role-playing a Night Elf Monk? I've been dying to RP as a Night Elf lately, but I really don't want to make and level anymore characters. So instead I've been considering race changing my panda Monk to a Night Elf. How would I go about RPing a Night Elf Monk? Would it be possible to RP a Priestess of Elune (Mistweaver) or a Sentinel (Windwalker)? Or should I just stick to "A Pandaren taught me how to punch someone's face"?Toffiee5 May 22, 2013
May 22, 2013 Blood Elf Druids So, I was doing some research and saw that under the Blood Elf's "Class" section on, it had "Druid" under the "Lore" section. I clicked it, and saw a whole page called "Elven Druid". Here's what I found, and why I've decided to make an Elven Druid: "The Runestone was an ancient monolith erected by the Elven Druids and inscribed with powerful runes of protection and warding." is an exact quote from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. It's referring to Quel'thalas when it states this. And don't think they're talking about Night Elf Druids, because they're nowhere near Quel'thalas and weren't mention until Warcraft III. Also, in the Botanica, several of the Blood Elves cast spells similar to Restoration Druids, and not only does High Botanist Freywinn wear the Tier 1 Druid Set, but he also casts Druid healing spells, creates plant spawns, and even turns into a Druid Tree Form. It also states that High Elves, Half Elves and Blood Elves all possess the ability to learn Druidism. Once the power is in the bloodline, it isn't removed. Just to clear things up, I won't be a full on Druid either. Just a Wildcaster. So I won't use shapeshifting forms because if there is a bloodline that holds Druidism it wouldn't be that strong (Also because game mechanics don't allow that), I'd only be using simple healing spells. I also chose a Monk class and a Mistweaver spec because I felt that'd be best for the appearance and style of a Druid. I've already started RolePlaying on this character and everyone who's questioned Elven Druids are fine with it once I give them the reasons. So let me know what you all think, and if you'd allow this in RolePlay!Araydrian5 May 22, 2013
May 22, 2013 Pets / Minions / Companions used for RP I wanna see what all you guys use for RP besides your characters. Death Knight Ghouls, Warlock Demons, Hunter Pets or just Companion pets used for RP. I wanna see them all! Here are mine: Loguhn: Wolvar Warrior from the Frenzyheart Tribe. Kind of like Cannibal's little hunting buddy. He also loves violence. Manny: Perverted mechanical Gnome who hits on anyone with b00bs. Also has tiny rocket boots and a machine gun that shoots pebbles. Frosty: Dumb@$$ penguin who squawks and pecks at anything that moves. More of a food source if needed than an actual pet.Canniibal16 May 22, 2013
May 22, 2013 A Crusaders Tale (Video) My first attempt at a WoW model viewer video. It's a short music video based on Crusader Seven's back story. Let me know what you all think! xDSevën6 May 22, 2013
May 22, 2013 Question about Gnome Surnames Being the Gnome lore-nut that I am, I just wondering how exactly Gnomes name their children at birth. For those of you who don't know, Gnomes give their children a first name and the family surname. Once the child is into his 30s or so, they are expected to have made some kind of achievement, and change their surname to reflect that (eg. manarocket for a technomage or something like that). The thing is, if both parents have achieved something, then they would have different surnames. So is the family name that they give the child at birth just one of their achievement names, or the original family names of one of the parents? Gnomes don't seem like the type who are traditionalist and sexist enough to always favour the male name either. I know it's incredibly trivial, but I'm just interested in this kind of stuff.Gnomeadd5 May 22, 2013
May 21, 2013 RE: Death Knights. Greetings, I've started playing this character again and wanted to figure out some info about Death Knights in general. 1) Are they mortals? Do they sleep, eat, love etc? Or at least - are they capable? 2) What's the time line of Death Knights? The Death Knights of WC2 are not the Death Knights of WC3. Ideally I'd like my character to be an "original" death knight - but not sure how to approach - fallen caster? Corrupted warrior? Power hungry? 3) How do they view mortals? It's been a few years that the Death Knights have been able to reintegrate with their respective factions, but what's the vibe? Are they treated like !@#$s or do they willfully keep to themselves? Are they considered resources of information? Thanks!Hateforged3 May 21, 2013
May 21, 2013 LF rp-pvp realm thats still is big onworldpvp I am looking to get back into playing some more with the new patch coming out. i used tor aid more but i rather enjoy some fun skirmishes between the factions even through horde and alliance are about to kick garrosh hellscream out of power which i am against. i love garrosh as a leader he brings so much tot he table. hope to hear from ppl was looking at emerald dream if the population true.Venjo3 May 21, 2013
May 21, 2013 RP spots So I'm new to WrA Alliance side RP and I was just curious on where the main RP hubs are? Much like the wayfarers Inn or the other inn in Org is somewhat populated are there inns that are failrly populated alliance side? As well as other areas. I hear the Cathedral has a fair amount of RP. I already know to avoid Pornshire. Trust me...I know. But as far as that anyone got input?Sethreal4 May 21, 2013
May 20, 2013 Gurubashi Venom Priest Hey guys! While killing Horridon I was thinking.... Would it not be cool to be a Venom Priest?! That got me thinking I would make a troll and rp as a Gurubashi Venom Priest. After taking another thought (And reading lore on the Gurubashi), that I would not be accepted into the Horde, and besides that what class could I play to act as one?! I need help! What class would be most fitting for a Venom Priest and how in the world will I be able to be accepted by the horde!Tenwu8 May 20, 2013
May 20, 2013 While RP'ing high ranks is frowned upon.... Would you go along with a Grand Marshall/High Warlord if they had the title to go with it? I don't have the title, I'm just genuinely curious of what you better RP'ers think.Tharvik2 May 20, 2013
May 20, 2013 Tinker RP I've been interested in RPing a tinker lately and I just have a couple of questions that I couldn't dig up some solid information on- What the best class is for the iconic tinker What is the best 'other' profession (it'll obviously have engineering as the first one) How much you'll realistically be able to use engineering (and alchemy if it's the second profession) in legitimate PVE and PVP combat If there are any guides on RPing the iconic tinker (I couldn't find any with a Google search) Note that I'm not looking for 'a tinker can be any class' and 'play what you enjoy most' responses. I'm looking specifically for info on the iconic, or stereotypical tinker. Thanks in advance.Gnomeadd2 May 20, 2013
May 20, 2013 Server Suggestions? I'm kinda wanting to know what a good RPPVP server...that has it pretty well on both sides...but I'd also like a few suggestions of just RP servers that are good, please and thank you.Carmalitah3 May 20, 2013
May 20, 2013 Question regarding Tanuka and Druidism Just wondering if it's safe to assume that Tanuka have druids? We knot that Cenarius taught the Tauren Druidism pre-shattering, so it would make sense that they at least had some while Northrend became Nothrend. Thoughts?Pandamic3 May 20, 2013
May 20, 2013 Coming back and I have a few questions. I'm coming back to WoW after a 4 month or so break and I want to start a fresh RP character. But before I do this I have a few questions that I know fellow RPers can help me answer. I am currently sharing one computer with my boyfriend and he dominates it most of the time, so I can't really play WoW to find out what's changed in recent patches. I have my tablet so I can cruise WoW related sites, but I can't actually see the state of the world. This character is a troll, living in Orgrimmar. Now I know that Garrosh is getting a bit... orc-y lately. And this is where my questions begin. Where is Vol'jin? Is my troll being evicted from Orgrimmar? (I saw a screen shot of the Valley of Spirits being packed up? :( ) If so, are most trolls heading back to the Echo Isles? Why is Garrosh doing this? Are other races being kicked out of Orgrimmar too? Sorry for the number of questions, but I haven't been able to find satisfactory answers to these questions by searching. And I don't like to start a character without a solid grasp of relevant current events. :> Thanks guys!Silvestris2 May 20, 2013
May 19, 2013 Character Development: Insanity From a character I have RP'd, who was considered insane due to hallucinations and such, I was considering trying it out on an original character. I did some research on how some WoW players would view a crazy person, and I came to the conclusion I could work with a character whom people can tell she has some interesting quirks, but she's in her own little world. As a draenei engineer, she is obsessed with creating a portal back to Draenor where she can go home and pretend the war, demons and corruption has never happened. I do hear some say, from books - though I lack sources, some brilliant minds are considered "insane." She is an engineer, after all, bringing inventions seemingly odd yet exciting to to fantasy world. She isn't a psychotic killer. She has some stable moments. She openly admits to enjoying the idea of burning up anything really - a pyromaniac? The triggering idea of how she went insane? I suppose the trauma did some damage. The way she speaks does trigger some thoughts on her in general sometimes if she acts weird. I do have a bit more, but I rather not spill all of what makes her...well, her. Does the class matter? My other character was originally for PvE so she is a draenei paladin. I would post on her, but my account doesn't want to acknowledge her existence for some reason. EDIT: Is this a genuinely insane character or should I tweak her up?Isalaalin9 May 19, 2013
May 19, 2013 Need help coming up with a backstory Me and another person on Wyrmrest Accord had decided to start forming a trading conglomerate akin to the historical British East India Trading Company. However, I am having trouble creating a backstory that fits with a paladin being a high end official for a unscrupulous trading company that seeks to exploit Pandaren resources for pure profit.Ibelin10 May 19, 2013
May 19, 2013 A WoW version of the East India Trading Co. Hello everyone.... me and several players on the Alliance side of Wyrmrest Accord had decided to form a guild modeled after the historical British East India Trading Company. One of the world's first joint stock companies that started off as a trading company but quickly dominated and conquered India through military might and economic dominance. Seeing as Azeroth is now in the Age of Mortals, we found it the right time to actually implement this idea. However we would appreciate more input on the RP side of it. The Company is named LEA Mercantile and Trade Company. Here's what we got so far: Sepoy Soldiers=Primarily Pandaren soldiers/ laborers who are working for us to ensure that their enemies (Yaungols, Mantid, Mogu) won't kill them, they are paid for mining, herbalism, leatherworking. Said soldiers are also trained by our officers to form a fully functioning standing army for Pandaria, albeit it's owned by Alliance elites and is only there to serve LEA's economic interests in Pandaria. Longterm goals= Economic dominance of the global economy, at first starting with controlling ghost iron, and other commodities that Pandaria offers in terms of resources via Auction Houses within the Alliance. Our second goal is to move into neutral Auction Houses in areas such as Booty Bay or Tanaris after our control over the Alliance is complete. Alliance colonial empire of Pandaria, since Pandaria and the Pandarens do not have a proper sovereign or monarch, we seek to set up an Alliance kingdom of Pandaria with a Pandaren Emperor reinstated, the seat of power will obviously be the Shrine of the Seven Stars, and said Pandaren emperor must be chosen and legitimized by LEA's board of directors. Concessions will be made by this emperor for LEA in terms of mining rights to several locations of Pandaria to LEA in exchange for military support. Any other ideas and comments, criticism, will be greatly appreciatedIbelin3 May 19, 2013
May 19, 2013 The Relation between Character and Creator I've noticed, even just with myself, that in many characters(or perhaps even just a single character) there are little "pieces" of the creator within the character(s), even if only a few, simple ones. This is something that I've always implemented in my characters, whether I meant to or not. What about everyone else? Do you usually find yourself thinking about how you and your character(s) are very similar, especially if you didn't purposely make it that way?Wolvigar18 May 19, 2013
May 19, 2013 Lore Appropriate Class for a Gnome Engineer Title says it all really. Generally Gnomes have been linked to the mage class due to their intellect. That doesn't seem to be lore appropriate for an Gnome engineer unless they're a technomage, but I assume most Gnome engineers aren't. A Gnome engineer is basically a tinker, so would rogue be the most appropriate class? Also, is alchemy the most lore appropriate secondary profession for a tinker? I understand that you can RP an engineer with any class or any secondary profession, but I'm asking what is most lore appropriate, or stereotypical of the Gnome race. Thanks in advance.Ravenhorn7 May 19, 2013
May 18, 2013 Early RP Guild Ideas Some friends have started both an Alliance and Horde Guilds in order to have some RP-PVP events coordinated between the two guilds. Right now people are leveling up toons and we figure it will be a while before we can have balanced PVP events. I want to try and keep people interacting with RP at least a few times a week. Though I am falling short of fun guild RP ideas when such different levels need to be considered. Anyone have some RP guild ideas? Most of us are very new to RP as it is. Something we had an interest in but never tried until now. ThanksSenojauhsoj6 May 18, 2013
May 18, 2013 Journal of the Rising Sun Fellowship (IC #3) ((Number three! This is exciting! Journal thread #1 Journal thread #2 OOC thread #1 OOC thread #2 OOC thread #3 Write on, minions! I don't have anything hugely clever for this intro, so... I suppose I'll put up the last journal entry from the previous thread.)) Kreindis Blazestride Kreindis walked through the streets of Silvermoon, searching for two things: His love, and a jewelers shop, or any shop, really, that sold a ring like the one he had imagined he would buy for her, to propose to her with. So far, he had yet to. Suddenly, a sign caught his eye. It read: "Silvermoon City Jewelers: Anything you wish for and more!" It was written in Thalassian, and purple letters. There was blue around it. Kreindis walked in, hoping this shop might have what he wanted. The man at the counter called, "Welcome, sir! How may I help you?" Kreindis moved to the counter. "I was looking for a ring. A purple one, to be precise." The man nodded, "I believe we have one. Follow me!" He led him through various displays, until they reached one at the end of the shop. The ring inside was beautiful. Purple, with a mix of a silvery color, and a perfectly cut blue gem was placed on it. It was almost exactly what Kreindis had wanted, but it was close enough. "How much is it?" he asked, and the man replied, "Five-hundred gold, or something worth such." Kreindis thought over the price. He wasn't exactly the wealthiest Paladin, but it was exactly what he wanted. He would have to pay with gold, as he had nothing to trade otherwise. Finally he decided. "I'll take it." He opened his coin bag and dug out the five-hundred coins asked for, handing them to the other man, who removed a small gold key from his pocket, which he unlocked the display with. He took the ring out, and handed it to Kreindis. "Anything else you wish to buy?" He had already begin to walk away. "No, thanks." He exited the shop, and began running to his room at the inn. Once he got there, he began to think. "I have the ring... I know where I'm proposing... now I just need to find out what I'm going to say..."Allaynna452 May 18, 2013
May 17, 2013 transmog search I'm trying to do a Shattered Sun marksman transmog but I can't identify the chest armor. For now, the cuttlefish tooth ringmail is the best I have found but the arm are too long. Do someone know the exact one I need?Nandaror2 May 17, 2013
May 17, 2013 Hunter Pet Bond I was reading some articles on hunter RP and looking over some of the in-game skills, like Spirit Bond and I was wondering: What kind of bond do hunters have with their pets, exactly? Are they simply companions much like a dog or a cat in the real world? Or are they like the dragon bond in Eragon (If you read that series I will love you forever) where you're spiritually bonded with them and can communicate through each other's thoughts or feel each other's physical pain/emotions? Or maybe somewhere in between? Any ideas?Elianore4 May 17, 2013
May 17, 2013 How do RP'ing shaman deal with Reincarnation? and lore wise how does the spell even work?Totemfiend5 May 17, 2013
May 17, 2013 Your Character's Strange Habits WOLVIGAR HAS A STRANGE OBSESSION WITH THE WORD "INDEED!" It's destroying his life. ...well, not that much. ......well, not really much whatsoever. .........well, not at all whatsoever, actually. WAT DO.Wolvigar53 May 17, 2013
May 17, 2013 Draenei RPers I am looking for someone experienced in Draenei RP/Lore to help my friend. He's kind of forum impaired xD To actually discuss, we would like to use Skype or vent. He has a lot of questions. The help will be much appreciated.Dovahkiin2 May 17, 2013
May 17, 2013 An oldy but a goody...hope this is the forum There is a medical distinction between Guts and Balls. We've all heard of people having Guts or having Balls... But do you really know the difference between them? In an effort to keep you informed, here are the definitions: GUTS - Is arriving home late after a night out with the guys, being met by your wife with a broom, and having the Guts to ask: 'Are you still cleaning, or are you flying somewhere?' BALLS - Is coming home late after a night out with the guys, smelling of perfume and beer, lipstick on your collar, slapping your wife on the butt and having the Balls to say: 'You're next, Chubby.' I hope this clears up any confusion on the definitions. Medically, speaking there is no difference in the outcome. Both are fatal.Brucewaynne2 May 17, 2013
May 17, 2013 Server Suggestion? I'm bored of my characters and Moon Guard is no longer fun for me, any servers out there with a good RP community?Kelsior5 May 17, 2013
May 17, 2013 Why are there boxes hanging from pulleys? Inside most houses, i noticed there are nets full of boxes hanging from pulleys attached to the roof.. My question is.. WHY?Nosfe13 May 17, 2013
May 17, 2013 Male Night Elf "eye bandage" When creating a night elf male there is a face option which looks somewhat like a bandage stretched over or a weird scrap stretching over the eyes of the character. I figure someone here knows the lore behind this option. So.... what is it?Thoralius7 May 17, 2013