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Feb 18, 2013 Hunter Pet help; So, I've decided to start roleplaying my hunter. Shes a nightelf, and I'm trying to think of suitable pets for her. so far I've come up with black or white cats (striped or spotted) and owls... But then I get stuck. Is there anything else she could have that was fitting? Also, I'm never very good at naming pets... I tend to pick random names... but that isnt really going to work very well for a rp character. Any help or suggestions you could give would be wonderfulLucifyr6 Feb 18, 2013
Feb 18, 2013 LF some RP guild help. My guild right now, is in really bad shape. No one's active, and I've kind of lost any ideas that I once had for the guild. So, what I'm looking for is some people to help me come up with some ideas for the guild. Right now I am on WrA and the guild is level 25, so I don't really want to part with it and join another guild. My only idea of what to be is some type of close-knit group, that's what I really want. Quality over Quantity. I am getting a bit bored of my server, so I could possibly go to another RP server, and maybe go horde. It depends, I may also change the guild name to fit the idea if need be. If you are interested either comment on here, find me in-game or email me at: Kalla78@yahoo.comKáthe2 Feb 18, 2013
Feb 18, 2013 The Alliance and Lordaeron Why does the Alliance feel entitled to Lordaeron? I've ssen alot of posts saying something similar to "The Alliance should finally take Lordaeron back! It's ours!" However, many of the people who actually made Lordaeron what it was are now living the Forsaken. What claim do the Alliance think they have compared to the original owners? Why do they want it anyway? If it's about having a city then just go take Stromgarde. Thoughts?Khetep13 Feb 18, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Rogue RP Rogues can be bodyguards in regards to RP right? I don't mean as in a mercenary, but more like dedicating their life to someone through admiration, respect, and love?Totemfiend5 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 RP event! Hi, since there are so many RPers out there, I decided to try and host an in game RP event. I need only four other people, and want some info about your character. Here is some information about the event: -The event will be on Wyrmrest Accord. This might change, depending on who is willing to be on that realm. -I would like the event to be Alliance, but we will see. -This will probably be a low level event, and will not consist of doing quests and RPing at the same time. Most likely we will be in an inn, or such. We will all talk it out in-game OOC. -Characters can be any level, but I would like for them to be lower level. This will take place in the 1-10 area of any race of the current faction. Worgen, Goblin, and Pandaren starting area not going to be one, unless we are all that race, which I cannot RP Goblin or Pandaren well. Now for the information of your character. Depending on the people that sign up, the time is unknown. Hopefully today, or at least this weekend. I also need suggestions. That means faction and race, then what this is about. The sheet(The bold is what I want to know, the regular text is just a little info of what I mean.): Attitude: How your character is most likely to act towards strangers. First Impression: How do people first see your character, or should I say, how your character arranges himself/herself before you know them. Nervous, do they look like a snob? Etc. Appearance: How does your character look besides the in-game hair color, eye color and piercings? Do they have any visible scars? Is their weapons have an engraving, made out of a certain metal? (Nothing to rare, unless you are a higher level character, or you can easily explain how you have it.) Sorry if this seems uninteresting, but I don't want to dictate the idea of it, I want everyone else to decide where and what we are doing. Please do make suggestions and fill out the sheet. I am only looking for 4 other people.Elderhunter2 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Looking for an rp realm Hello RP forums! I've recently decided to make Nynia here an OC that I'd like to write fanfiction and (obviously) rp with. I'd like suggestions on rp or rp-pvp realms! Here are some things I'm looking for: - A kind and helpful community - DECENTLY balanced (a perfect 50-50 ratio will NEVER happen, but I'd like a realm that's no more than 60-40 of either faction) - DECENTLY populated - Limited trolls/griefers (I say LIMITED because I KNOW they're out there and you can't get away from them no matter what, but I want my beginning experience to go fairly smoothly) - Well-established guild that accepts and is welcoming/supportive/helpful to newbie rpers like me. Also, in case you're wondering, no, I'm NOT realm transferring Nyn. I'm 'remaking' her so to speak on the server I will choose. As another note, I have NEVER rped in-game before. I DO have more experience with forum rps or rps over a messenger, though they were about other subjects. But I DO at least have rp experience. I am also reading through all of the guides that have been put to help people like me who want to rp but have never done it in-game, so don't worry about that. And with that, give me your suggestions!Nynia13 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Purple Judgement Set Hey guys. I have recently started to see people walking around with a purple variant of the Judgent set. I was very interested in it, and I was wondering what the pieces are called, head to toe.Fallyan11 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Characters in Forum Roleplays Would it be acceptable to rp as an ethereal or centaur. Any race of Azeroth with enough intellegence to speak at least low common? This would only be for thread roleplays. Like I think it'd be cool to rp as Tuskar or Wolvar. Hell even Gnolls or elementals that aren't bound to anyoneAldiran4 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Dwarf words from outside of WoW! ((OOC)) So, in WoW, we have very few terms that we can use for a race as everyday slang for certain words. Now by this I mean, for example, dwarves are experts when it comes to precious gems and metals and all other such things. So if we take a handful of gold and dump it on a table, maybe to a human or an elf each coin would look the same as the next as far as coloration goes. But maybe dwarves can see the finer details in it... but we don't really have a way of expressing such as Blizzard has not given us such a way as far as dwarf words go. This can translate into other races but I'm focusing on my favorite of fantasy races. Not to mention I have a handy-dandy book on hand. Now, more than just saying 'Here's words! We should use these!' I have to question the forums if it's a good idea to make use of these words - as they are not from WoW. And this is not saying we have to use these, or that you're bad if you play a dwarf and don't use these, but more that here are some words we can use if we want to add a bit of flavour to dwarf RP. Now, the words themselves come from Warhammer dwarves, by far one of the best depictions of the dwarf race imo. Considering the amount of words I'll limit myself to a few - words for different types of gold, ways of calling a person stupid, etc. Ufdi - A dwarf overfond of preening and decorating his beard; a vain dwarf; a dwarf who cannot be trusted to fight. Wanaz - A disreputable dwarf with an unkempt beard; an insult. Wattock - An unsuccessful dwarf prospector; a down at heel dwarf; an insult; a credulous dwarf. Just a few insults, want to keep it limited and if people do want more I can type out the whole list. For gold... Bruz - Gold that has a purplish tinge only visible by twilight. Bryn - Gold that shines strikingly in the sunlight; anything shiny or brilliant. Frorl - Dusty gold with a farinaceous layer obscuring its brilliance. Just a few examples of gold... And there's other words (dongliz being one of my favorite... sound it out), but those are just a few. So basically, what are peoples' thoughts on using these worlds as a dwarf to bring a bit more... life to a dwarf's common?Maoseitun7 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 The Non-Elitist Guide to RP! (silly thread) A silly thread inspired by the Overused Characters thread and many of the other threads in this forum. -- Don't you hate it when those elitist RPers whisper you telling you that 'ur doing it wrong"? Don't they know that they are supposed to find your brooding half-dragon, half-Belf character to be so cool? Want to show them how to REALLY RP, while helping out your fellow RPers? Well, this thread is for you! I'll go first. Want a neat way to make your character stand out? Give them eyes that change color to match their mood! You see, most RPers are stupid, and cannot tell that your character is angry unless the eyes or red, or blue when sad. It also makes it easier for other RPers to see that your character is unique and awesome, and that they should want to RP with you!Kailiang51 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 LF Evil Lair to sit idol in? The title says it itself. I'm looking for a new lair. Somewhere in Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, maybe, MAYBE Northrend. Looking for Open World too, don't really want it to be an instance, but if so i will. Who wants to be the real estate agent?Deathrok17 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 ~LFG& Joining the WoW RP Community~ So, after having been playing WoW since the Vanilla days, I've decided to take a whack at the RP side to one of my favorite MMORPGs. So far, it's been incredible. However! I'd also like to join a nice, friendly, active, RP guild. My guild at the moment is kinda bleh. One active enough so that my character can truly be apart of something. -Background Info- Aloiisa has always been naturally gifted with a blade. It wasn't until her wife, Maybeli, was slaughtered by a group of Orcs that she decided that she'd put her natural talent to use. Thinking that she'd be able to take revenge on the three Orcs that slew her beloved, Aloiisa spent many restless hours making her way into Durotar. Upon arriving, she found herself in a pinch. The Orcs had expected her arrival and trapped her in the cave she'd decided to stay the night in. The three Orcs snarled at her. "Foolish blue sky goat! You thought you could best an Orc's quick thought?! I almost pity you!" Said what appeared to be the leader among the three. He was fully dressed from head to toe in rusted armor that had obviously seen better days. Heck, it didn't even fit him properly, it looked as if it belonged to a male Draenei beforehand. "I'unno Gorak, I think she may be the offspring of a Murloc and a Tauren." Added the Orc to the left of Gorak. This one was extremely thin by Orc standards. He wore a familiar pauldron upon his right shoulder, Aloiisa had noticed it immediatly, it had belonged to Maybeli. The third Orc, the largest of the three, standing 6'0, sat to the right of Gorak and the other Orc. Gnawing on his wooden club. Taking up her blade, Aloiisa held it at eye level at the lead orc. "I shall slit your throats and leave you to the buzzards! Bastards!" Although her stance and face were stern. Her voice had shaken. Gorak let loose a gurgled laughter. "Do you really believe you could kill all three of us?" he mocked, then raised his own blade. Unlike Aloiisa's formal, well kept long sword, Gorak's blade appeared to be made out of bits and pieces of mangled steel and iron. "I do hope you try though, we dislike when our hunt just keels over and gives in. The struggle is what makes it fun. "GRAAAAAH!" Aloiisa screamed in fury. She charged at Gorak, sword at her side. When she was within range, she swung in an upwards arc at him. Despite her natural talent, Gorak quickly dispatched Aloiisa with a swing of his mighty club-sword, sending her across the cave, which resulted in her knocking her unprotected head against the cave wall and she slipped into unconciousness. When she awoke, the relentless Durotar sun bore down upon her. She was in the middle of the Durotar trail and the Orcs were nowhere in sight. But besides her, lying in a puddle of dark ruby blood, was Garok's hand. His blade still clutched tightly in it's grip. Aloiisa got to her feet, her limbs and joints aching with pain, she felt as if she'd been dragged miles. Not suprising, considering the Orcs were a brutal race. She bent down and picked up her own blade, accidently burning herself with the hot steel. Aloiisa then noticed, carved into the hard dirt road was "I love you, Ali." A nickname only Maybeli ever called her. Since then, she has felt weak, and enrolled in the Stormwind Armed Forces to hone her skills. -Notable Physical Attributes- -A small white scar on her left cheek.Aloiisa4 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Worgen Outfits and a Random Question I've recently stumbled into RP, and I'm really enjoying myself so far. I've hit a few roadblocks with my character, though. She's a harvest-witch from Gilneas, and I'm having issues picking out outfits that reflects that. Like most Worgen, she's very proud of Gilneas, and likes to show it. Either there's not a lot of Gilnean clothing, or I'm searching for the wrong things. For an everyday/casual RP outfit, I was looking at this one: I've also considered wearing Knitted Sandals and Plain Robe, or Moonglade Robe and Knitted Sandals. I'd like to reflect her harvest-witch heritage with a Gilnean twist. Anyone have any ideas? For a more proper outfit, I've picked out Simple Black Dress, Lord Walden's Top Hat, and Knitted Sandals. It doesn't feel very Gilnean to me either... Any suggestions? And, as promised, a random question: Where should I draw a line between story and gameplay? Druids get Cat Form at level 8, but I can't think of a single lore reason to justify using it at that level, for example. Thanks a bunch, everyone. :)Corielyn2 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Roleplaying a High Elf, Horde-side. I'm rolling a Blood Elf Hunter, and considering the thought of playing him as a High Elf. There's ways to explain a few things (Contacts that make the eyes looks green, dressing in reds to 'blend in') but other than that is this a good idea? Is there anything else I should be aware of? Or should I just play him off as a Blood Elf hunter who isn't a mana-junkie.Raydian41 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Hey everyone. Hey, my friends and I are looking for some cool houses or Inns to make our new hangout. We already know about Dalaran, and the Pleasure Palace. We just want something new and it has to have either an awesome interior, or an awesome view, or both.Maniåc4 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 LF Forsaken RP guild tried jumping between RP realms to find one, not much luck... I want to transfer this character This is copy-pasted from what I posted on "So 'bout them death knights" thread Died defending Silvermoon from scourge; raised as death knight Wasn't released from the Lich King's control until he died. Upon being freed she had extreme anger to what was done to her, and wanted revenge, but seeing as how Arthas was already defeated she just wondered Northrend slaying any reminents of the scourge she could find. She eventually met up with a group of forsaken whom also where on clean up duty in Northerend, and started fighting along side them. They invited her to join the forsaken along with other ex-scourge who were recently freed from control including a handful of other death knights and valk'yre. Was officially made a member of the forsaken and horde after meeting Sylvanas* ----No she was not hand picked Sylvanas, that just seems to "special case" more like, "see that big group of ex-scourge? yea I'm taking them in" and Reketsu was in that group. So any forsaken RP guilds allow me to join with this backstory supporting why I joined the forsaken?Reiketsu2 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 All of us RP players WERE united.((OOC)) Since blizzard wasn't giving us a strict RP realm, I remember we all agreed to move to one server to combine our community as a whole, That server was Moonguard but now we as Roleplay players are seperating again we have WRA, ED and Earthsong.... We need to all come back together to keep the WoW RP community strong.Alarielle12 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Tired of feeling helpless? ((RP guild)) Are tired of feeling helpless? Perhaps you do not like the state of current affairs around you? The cities are too worried about their own political standings, and therefore overlook the greater good of Azeroth. Shouldn't the cataclysm had been a sign for us? It seems all but forgotten now, and it's up to us to make sure that our very world isn't forsaken. Join us, and be an instrument in that will. ((We are a new RP guild now openly recruiting anyone who is interested after visiting our website. Any level, any RP style, and any skill level. New to RP? No problem. Have mains in another guild and just want to put an alt in? Go ahead. Our officer core all know each other in real life, and we are not elitists. We will help you learn to RP if you're new, and we will let you do your own thing if you're not. The guild backstory is generalized enough to welcome all types of characters, and our GM is a laid back dude with a proven history. We are on emerald dream At this time we seek some core members that want to help us build. Get in early, and move up quick. We have played on this realm for years, and ignore all the BS drama. We just want to enjoy the game and have fun. If you're interested visit the site, then whisper me in game. Thanks for reading!))Sevvin1 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Can't a Noob Get a Break? My wife and I are casual players (yes, we both work day jobs and we both play at the same time [on two computers]) and we're looking for some low key players to play with. We've tried joining a guild, but it's just as informal (you really don't get to know people). I usually play D&D, so I'm used to having more interaction with friends. What's a good way to meet people who aren't insane angry or mega immature on WOW? I'm not even sure I'm posting in the right forum, but any advice would be great. Also, if you yourself are neither insane angry or hormonal and are generally a nice person look us up.Haaltnox10 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 So, 'bout those Blood Death Knights Just how 'nightmare fuel' are their spells? I mean, by the descriptions they have, it seems like watching a blood death knight fight would be incredibly demoralizing not only to the enemies, but also their allies. I mean, with Death Strike I imagine the death knight dies something similar to absorbing the blood/life essence. Thoughts?Ithalin26 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 To Absent Companions This thread is for the old-school World's End Tavern RPers to reminisce about all of the people in our little community that are, for one reason or another, no longer here. Let us raise a glass and remember them fondly. Here are mine. To Zorbak, Sigjil, and Lanaid: may they always be remembered for their nutty exploits and dependable RPing. Whether it be Fel Reaver nukes, totalitarian swamp-dwelling communists bent on world domination, Kaja'Mite fueled Troggs, the classic rebellious Naga nation, or massive armored war zeppelins raining poison gas, these three always had a good idea up their sleeve for a nation RP. In fact, it was Zorbak's Civilizations of Warcraft that first got me started here in World's End Tavern. Sure, they may have had a few irritating grammatical quirks, but who doesn't?Einherrjar5 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Stimulating RP with a helpful RP community! I have spent an abundance of my night, tonight, looking through the forums and headhunting for roleplay as a result of my own server, Wymrest Accord, seemingly falling into disarray as far as a proper roleplay community goes. One post, in particular, caught my attention. This poor Blood Elf Paladin from an Elven House Guild was upset about the lack of quality RP and its population being replaced by incessant trolls. I empathized with his situation, being a resident of the same server as him, and frowned that I was not the only one running into the issue of a failing RP game. I tried a free-to-play MMO just a few weeks ago and was absolutely SURPRISED, nearly to the point of having a heart attack, at how generous people were and how nice they were. Why was I surprised? Because look to your left and to your right. The World of Warcraft RP community is turning into a cesspit of people hating each other and hating Activision-Blizzard for not supporting RP! Well guess what, it is up to the players to create and inspire growth within their own community. And I, for one, wish to see the RP community grow and prosper once more as a community of friendly folks coming together to enjoy a game, not a population of jerks, trolls and cliques. What do I propose? A community and IC organizaion of inter-realm RPers to craft a re-united scene of roleplay for new players and veterans alike to come together for the sake of plot-development, story progression, character creation and, essentially, creating a far more friendly environment for eveyrone to enjoy. Things I have noticed nowaways: -Elitists charging up to new players and absolutely scourging them into quitting WoW just for the sake of forcibly implementing their own lore rules. -Cliques that segregate themselves and others from the RP community. (I have even seen this happen within a guild where guildies will segregate other guildies.) -An abhorrant drop in public roleplay such as server-wide events, simply hanging out at a tavern and plots that extend past cliques and groups. What I propose: A community of roleplayers that would come together to forge an inter-realm IC organization to help introduce people to the RP scene as well as other players. I want to help people join RP as much as I want to RP, myself. I want to see people happy in their guilds, in their groups, and in their stories and plots. Before you think it: -No, I am not proposing a group of elitists to forcibly regulate how RPers choose to RP. What I want is to see RPers come together in a positive manner rather than looking on guild websites and actually finding blacklists! RPers are supposed to take charge and provide a friendly environment for their fellow RPers, not burn everyone who you disagree with. If anyone is interested in helping me to establish a group that would help to PROMOTE and INSPIRE the growth of an otherwise nearly dead roleplaying game, please, please, please contact me in-game or on this forum! I've plenty of ideas and am more than welcome to hear your ideas as well! All I wish to see is Roleplay restored to its former glory on World of Warcraft so that everyone may actually enjoy playing the game once more instead of being forced to rant and rage and the forums for no sort of progress. Thank you for reading and I look forward to your responses! P.S. Got a hot name for the organization I proposed above? List it below! <Sanctuary of our Phoenix> is my name idea!Luthrid0 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 My problems with the state of RP in WoW. I rarely enjoy PvE in WoW and I don't play it for that. I rarely enjoy PvP in WoW and I don't play it for that. I rarely enjoy leveling/questing/dailies in WoW, and I don't play it for that. It is beginning to get to the point where I rarely enjoy RP in WoW, and I play it for that. I joined up with the server Wyrmrest Accord in late Wrath of the Lich King, and I was not the sharpest person to start out with. I played the cliche Forsaken Death Knight who was all angsty. I did not know anything about cliche, Mary Sueism, and roleplay rules back then. I do not consider myself 'elitist', when it comes to roleplay. I may make a sardonic comment to someone who is obviously blundering, and I may even whisper offering advice to those who seem intelligent but are new to roleplay. I have guided multiple people through the rules of RPing, and they all came out better for it. I still have a few of them as close friends. Way back when I joined the server, people disregarding OOC parantheses or saying things like 'lol'/using emoticons in RP was very rare. And when it did occur, they learned quickly, and everyone was happy. Now, blatant use of emoticons, acronyms, and disregard of OOC parantheses are rampant. Trolls have sprouted up everywhere, and not the good sort of troll either. No, these are the trolls who blatantly spam and ruin innocuous roleplayers. There are guilds devoted to these things. Nobody seems to even care about these things anymore. I used to be free to roleplay whenever I desired, but my schedule has tightened up lately and has made it difficult for me to cater to my guild. I often scout out other guilds to see if they coincide with my schedule, but I have found virtually nothing up to any sort of quality. Now random RP is pretty much out of the question. I investigated other servers. Almost everything turned up no quality roleplay, and some didn't even turn up roleplay at all. Earthen Ring and Moon Guard were the two exceptions, and I wasn't overjoyed with the roleplay on those two either. Saddeningly, the famous Goldshire of Moon Guard that everyone makes jokes about actually has more high quality roleplayers in one place than I've seen in a long time. This is truly downright depressing. Now that I'm done talking about my roleplay experiences, two things enrage me to no end. Nobody cares anymore. I'll state again that I don't consider myself elitist when it comes to roleplay, but seriously. There seems to be no such thing as public roleplay that isn't either terrible or interrupted by trolls. The worst part is that nobody seems to care. My friends and my guild are content to lie down and just say "This is how it is, there is nothing we can do about it." Why does this seem wrong only to me? Does nobody want things back the way it was? Blizzard has never cared. Are roleplayers an extreme minority in the World of Warcraft? Yes. But when you look at other games, their roleplaying communities are even tinier. Back in the old days of tabletop DnD, the entire point of playing WAS to roleplay, one way or another. Those who didn't roleplay were known as "Min/Maxers", and THEY were the minority. What HAPPENED? Even worse, Blizzard doesn't even acknowledge us, really. I report trolling constantly, and I encourage my friends and guildmates to as well. Yet, I see them pop up every single day. Wayfarer's Rest has always been known as the place where 'bad' people roleplay, but I've found it pleasant to idle in there whenever I'm doing something else and simply observe RPers. Occasionally I'd see a friend of mine and we'd do a bit of trivial IC conversation. Now there are trolls in there almost 24/7. It's intolerable to even sit in there anymore. Even worse, what have they ever given to us in years? One little check mark in the Guild Finder that says you're interested in roleplaying. TL;DR: You should really go up and read it. But I'll summarize anyway - Blizzard doesn't care about us, virtually noone cares about the state of roleplay, and I am growing less and less inclined to even log on. If any of you know where things are better, where people still care, or if any of you even care, please tell me. And yes, this is a rage/rant post.Tavelian14 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Do Ethereals eat or sleep? ((OOC)) Not sure if this goes here or in the story forums... but thought I'd have people weigh in. I've been writing/RPing a storyline with Roulette here in which she has an Ethereal compatriot/partner in crime. I'm having a lot of fun with it, Goblins and Ethereals are delightful schemers. Course there's also a lot of holes in the lore for Ethereals. I can afford to be vague about K'aresh details and culture, things like that, as it suits the character. But eating and sleeping are kind of a big deal and really handy to know. I've gotten all I can out of Wowpedia, which basically says "Maybe." ... If Ethereals ever became playable, I would totally roll this character and I would assume that sleep and eat emotes would be included. But that's a really big if and I'm not sure I should take that leap or not. What can I say, I'm a stickler! Consuming gems certainly sounds interesting though I have no idea how that would work given they have no mouths or teeth or stomachs. :P So... yeah, I'm a bit stumped. Any thoughts, input, advice, are welcome!Roulette5 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 World of Warcraft Roleplay Community I'd like to invite you all to join the new World of Warcraft Roleplay community at We hope to create a friendly atmosphere for those who want to gather together and talk, share stories and meet new people to roleplay with. No matter what your race, faction or level of roleplaying, you are welcome here at World of Warcraft Roleplay. With the new battletag and cross-realm systems in-game, it is easier than ever to roleplay with friends from all servers, and we hope to bring everyone together to enjoy this game as one big community. We'd love to see you there! Once again, that's wowrp.enjin.comOdynus2 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Delete this post, please. Just wanting to delete this post >.<Luthrid1 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Honest question about rp servers. what do you guys actually -do- on an RP server that's so much different than PVE or PVP? I've been to a couple and watched the complete trade spam of trolls and crying that's everywhere else on this game. So what's the "big deal" about RP? It isn't like you're actually writing a tale of your life. Your first trip to the spirit healer would end that tale pretty quickly. I guys don't just sit there and cyber all you?Alresia4 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 15, 2013 Witch Doctors So, I'm a bit curious about this. I have been wondering for a while about witch doctor roleplay, but briefly got hung on class. Basically I'm wondering, just as a general question, what class as a troll you would roll if you were going too for the express purpose of playing a witch doctor or hexxer type? Shaman or warlock? This isn't meant as a discussion over which class is better than the other, just which fits better with the sort of voodoo theme. What do you guys think?Stormwood11 Feb 15, 2013
Feb 15, 2013 tag me in? Is it common for people from non-rp realms to get battle-tagged into an rp server environment? I've got a number of lowbie alts spread across different RP realms that I've dabbled into RPing on with varied success, but I hate re-rolling new servers since I'll have no golds, boa, and I love Stormreaver and would hate to pertinently say goodbye with a transfer. Getting Battle-tagged in I would get to play this toon on an rp server without tranfer...but...No one can see my MRP or I see theirs, and no RP inside stormwind. So, would this be a good idea or not so much?Masayume3 Feb 15, 2013
Feb 15, 2013 Undead Mages Into Undead Warlocks I remember reading about how some Dalaran mages turned into warlocks upon Arthas' necromancy. Can someone explain to me how this works?Augustev4 Feb 15, 2013
Feb 15, 2013 Canon Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus I love MoP and pretty much everything lore-wise that comes with it, however something that has been bothering me is that I can't find any true character flaws in the pandaren as a whole. Do they have some things wrong as a race or are they just chill as hell? I can't really truly love the new race until I can view them as rounded characters. Is there something I just haven't picked up on yet? Do pandaren have a dark side? Or are they doomed to fill the ranks of Sue/Stu-dom? (This would be a shame- as I really think there's a lot of potential here) On a further note, what other playable races do you see as too goody-two-shoes? Are there any that are generally viewed as better than others but have canonical proof of not being perfect? I'd like to hear your thoughts!Ashenial17 Feb 15, 2013
Feb 15, 2013 I want to Roleplay a Dark Iron Dwarf? What class would be best for the role? Can anyone give me a link to info like how they feel about other Dwarves and races ETC.Starelyia20 Feb 15, 2013
Feb 15, 2013 Guild Poll If you could be part of a guild that consisted solely of one race, one class and one spec, what would it be? For example: An all assassination-specced goblin rogue guild. An all dwarf protection warrior guild. An all blood elf arcane mage guild (overdone). etc ..Manehiro15 Feb 15, 2013
Feb 15, 2013 RP forums(( OOC )) Are there any guilds with forums in which I could RP without having toons on that server? My situation is I am on a normal realm without a lot of RP, and i can't transfer toons to an RP server, nor do I really want to level without BoAs. I do, however, have a great desire to RP. Does anyone know a place that can help me, or where I can go to have some good WoW RP on a consistent basis?Melintha1 Feb 15, 2013
Feb 15, 2013 SW Orphanage Question Hello. I am considering starting an alliance priest (human) for RP purposes. I am not as well-versed in lore as I'd like to be, but I am working on that. Would it be plausible for my character to have been mostly brought up in the SW Orphanage? I wanted to make it so that she was placed there when she was about six or seven after her parents died, but I am not terribly familiar yet with the whole WoW timeline thing. This has probably been asked before and I did google it, but came up empty. Probably not searching for the right thing. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!Ayiti6 Feb 15, 2013
Feb 15, 2013 crazy tanks night had some crazy night with three tanks in a row (me - healer). queued in random dungeon, got first tank, could not hold aggro, left group in the middle. had to hang around, waiting for another tank, dps started having fun pulls and kills, got myself killed 12 times or so. got second tank, fast kind, got my mana to zero in 30 secs. kinda hinted, too fast buddy, he went ahead and pulled half dungeon in next 30 secs, got me killed, went down after. this happened twice. got third tank, left half of the group behind the closed doors, went alone, got killed. entire group went down, took half an hour of running between entrance end assembly place to get everyone in a single place, dying dozen of times (had to go repairs twice). meanwhile our 3rd tank couple of times went in alone again and got busted. never had this crazy party.Vercintorix4 Feb 15, 2013
Feb 14, 2013 RP Help: Are DK's alive?Dead? ((OOC thread)) I've been wondering this for -years- and I've never been able to find a strait answer: Are death knights alive or dead or is there a variation?Rothvorel21 Feb 14, 2013
Feb 14, 2013 Glad i'm not you, but sorry I had to enter an instance for some quests, i kept getting my butt kicked so i got one from my guild to help me and once we were done. He took off like a bat out of hell and i ran after him, cause: one, the monster AI goes for the first person and leaves anyone following alone, and two i really didn't want to fight the monster either. Upon reaching the entrance though i saw a person coming in, and what they had to have saw was something out a movie, you know where one gung ho guy runs over a hill then runs back screaming cause 50 hoard were chasing him. Mind you it wasn't nearly that much but it was at least 20, and in tight quarters too. It wasn't till after i got out i realized that and doubled over laughing. I am sorry i brought all that on you, person. However i am glad that wasn't me.Tanzinith3 Feb 14, 2013
Feb 14, 2013 server for worgen RP Ive played sense day 1 and ive always wanted to get on this roleplay side of this game but i still dont know where to start i tried moonguard before it got out of hand over there lol. guess what im looking for is a good worgen roleplay sever, cause i was hoping they would be a class for years and i wanna bring out the backstory ive had for my worgen forever. so if there's any rp veterans out there that might know of a place or even a guild that would be even better! thank you very much for your helpVucial2 Feb 14, 2013
Feb 14, 2013 [Orcish Tale] Tor'mul “I am Rosh Wolfshadow of the Iceblood Band, line of the Frostwolf Clan. My father’s name was Kosh’thar, and his father before him, Naz’gosh. Both were Shamans, and so were several of their brothers. My mother’s name was Rokhthaa; her father was called Kronnosh, and her mother, Galthraka. My father’s father was killed by an Orc of the Laughing Skull when I was too young to grasp, and my father’s mother died soon after of hunger. My father spoke of it only once, telling me that she refused to eat after the death of her mate... I was born on Azeroth, on the Eastern banks the Wildpaw river, near Frostwolf Village. My mother was alone in the woods along the river, gathering kindling for fire, and it was then that my time came. I was born under the Moon of the Icebark during the winter when Durotan was betrayed, and it was said by my mother that a single wolf bore witness to her solitary pangs. Silent and vigilant until I had come, this lone wolf carried both my mother and I back to the village, and were it not for his warmth, my mother thought that the blizzard would have claimed me. When I came of age to join the hunt with my clan, I was charged with the sacred trial of Om’riggor. I went into the wild world of pines, beasts, and winter crags... where there is nothing but the spirit of all things. The world of the fanged hunt and the blooded wild struck me as the real world that was behind or beyond the other world of villages and cities, clans and chieftains, and sometimes it is as though everything I see outside of the hunt is something like a shadow to my eyes. As I sought a worthy beast for my first solo kill, I discovered the tracks of a lone wolf in the snow. Some wolves have the gift of seldom being seen; they keep to the edge of vision and beyond, loping in and out of cover in the frozen highlands. And at night, when the whole world belongs to them, they sing to the skies, their voices of power filling the dreams of other creatures. They are an old council of fangs, and they are wisely heeded by their Orcish brothers of the hunt. I was to become their brother. The day of my Om'riggor, I think the wolf let me spot him, for he danced in the snow as though he were taunting me. I rushed toward him, chasing him with exhilaration into the forest. The wolf had led me toward a rough and forbidding slope populated with jagged stones, whereupon he had vanished as though in a dream. I saw then the fresh tracks of a mountain ram leading up the slope. The terrain was unforgiving, and more than once during my ascent I came near to death by falling. I believed that I could see the shelf where the ram made its bed in the distance, and I had learned from my elders that the rams of the mountains were more curious than scared when approached from above. So I confronted the treacherous climb and positioned myself to descend upon the beast’s lair as soon as night had fallen. The moon above granted me a pale light, and I moved as silently as I was able. I braced myself against my stone brothers to make the shot with my bow, and I let sing the arrow of slaying. But my footing had been betrayed by the warmth of my feet, so long had I stood to regard the mountain ram before shooting. I swore then as I slipped and tumbled, that should I survive my fall I would never again hesitate in the killing moment. I plummeted to the rocky shelf, landing a few paces from the dead ram. My shot had been true, though my feet had failed me. My leg throbbed with great pain, but I painted the blood of the mountain ram upon my face in the symbol of a wolf paw, honoring the frost wolf that had led me to the mountain ram’s den. I made camp with my prey on the rocky shelf. And I dreamt that I was running through the snowy pines of my homeland with a white wolf, and then I rode upon this wolf, and the wolf and I were one. One as well were the trees and the stones of the mountainsides. Nothing was hard or unmoving. And the wolf and I seemed to float like the great wind roc as we raced through the snow. My wolf-brother was standing still, and yet it danced around like a wolf made only of shadow, dancing as the shadows of the great bonfires dance.Kormosh2 Feb 14, 2013
Feb 13, 2013 The Box Social Love was in the air, and various other places it appeared. The Presidium had been flooded with kittens after Faithe was kidnapped and held in Orgrimmar. They had rescued her, but Snow, her kitten, had somehow been left behind. Various friends, known and unknown, had sent kittens to soften her sorrow. The result had been a population explosion of cats. Pregnant cats, the gift that keeps on giving. Gentyl gave away as many as she could to loving homes. She gave away so many people started running the other way when they saw her approaching with a cat carrier. It had left only one option. She hired the AAMS, the Anytime Anywhere Messenger Service, to deliver kittens to the horde. She also hired an enchanter so the kittens couldn't be eaten, since that was a very real possibility. So, the enchanted white kittens made their way to the horde and the AAMS wandered around saying, "Hello, would you like a free white kitten?" Eventually word got out and the AAMS couriers had to scream, "I don't have any kittens!" to get close enough to deliver other messages and packages to client. It wasn't quite that drastic now, but it was time to find homes for some of the pets who were overflowing the stables, coops, ponds and pastures. Hearthglen was rapidly turning into Hearthpen. It was also time for another box social. This time it was the men's turn. Even though Gentyl was happily married, she would show up for the event and hopefully buy a lunch prepared by some unknown donor. They would have a pleasant lunch and she might acquire a new pet she didn't have before. When the word got out Pia Presidium was donating pets to be given away with the donated lunches, they were flooded with even more pets to help the event. Some of them were quite nice and she was drooling over the sunstone panther Crowelf had donated and Chromius who had been sent by Qctavian. If all went well, they would have a nice social event. People would meet new people. Pets would find loving homes and maybe, just maybe, two people would meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. Or, possibly, just fall in like and that was good, too. It was Saturday at last. The auction was this afternoon at 4 in the Argent arena. The pets had been bathed and groomed. Someone had even managed to give Broodin a bath and the druid was now sulking in the rafters, hissing at everyone who walked by. New squires had been pressed into service for the pet patrol. Luckily they had not lost any, which was a testament to their fortitude. Pia had a promising crop of knights coming up it seemed. ((Roleplay on Cenerion Circle. Come for a visit. Stay for a lifetime. A link to how the event works in case other servers would like to try it. I posted this in the CC recruiting thread, but I thought I'd make a separate post and throw this idea out to other roleplay servers. This is a really fun event even for people who aren't donating or buying lunches. I laughed harder than I've laughed in a long time at the latest one.))Gentyl1 Feb 13, 2013
Feb 13, 2013 The Saga of Sorrow-story ((This is going to be a Journal type format for those who participated in the Demonstration in Stormwind. It is open to the rpers who wish to voice their thoughts and experiences over the event and beyond. It is an opportunity to use your creative writing skills to add to the story and offer insights to your own character. I am putting this here and I will link it in the Cenarion Circle forums as well.)) for those who wish to know where this comes from. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Darkness and sorrow swirled in Cyndi Grayham's heart. How had it come to this? All she wanted to do was help the homeless and destitute people of Westfall. It was never her intention to harm anyone. Her many years of training in the Light had made her compassionate and willing to help. It seemed that whatever she tried to do was met with skepticism and derision. Cyndi glanced across the room to where Will slept in the huge bed, his snoring assured her he was deeply asleep. Smiling fondly at the big man she shook her head. Glad that he could get some rest. It was hard on him as well. He had not wanted to hurt anyone. All he did was in self defence. Can anyone blame him? Isn't survival the number one instinct? Sighing in frustration she paced across the room and to the small stove to lift the teapot and pour another cup. She could not sleep in this place for very long. Restless spirits roamed the halls. This room was the only one that was not haunted. Vaguely she wondered if others had found this place and left because of the constant threat of madness that permeated the grounds. Her thoughts went to Elly Vasdrim and Sean Mcdonald. They lived in Westfall too. Surely they understood the problems there. Cyndi knew they did their best to bring food and supplies home with them. Damn those Defias!! They had let their bitterness and frustration turn them into heartless thieves. Now Elly and Mac were dead and buried in their homeland, victims of the hatred and hostility of the Defias. Everytime anyone tried to help they ran the risk of being robbed or murdered. It made outsiders consider them all that way. Even the innocent children and the few farmers left trying to till the soil and raise hogs were lumped in with the outlaws. Kids growing up learning to be thieves, in order to survive. Strolling back to the desk she sat down to her journal. She had decided to keep one and record her thoughts on the things that happened. Perhaps some day when she was gone...someone would find it and know her story.Sylviagray2 Feb 13, 2013
Feb 12, 2013 A question about shadow priests... Okay, so I'm making a roleplaying character (or at least, planning one in my head. I'll be moving the character over once I'm higher level.) I want to make her a shadow priest. But, not the "drawing from the darkness" thing, more like a warlock's powers are. I want to play a priest so I can be a healer in dungeons but... Would it be possible for a priest to have gotten her powers from an artifact or a pact with a demon? I'm not sure any quests say how the shadow priest gets their powers (but I've never played one, so how would I know?) Thanks for reading this, anyway. I know it's a bad idea (or think so), though I'm not sure.Sharliomi8 Feb 12, 2013
Feb 12, 2013 Your character's parents Are your character's parents alive or dead? If they're alive how well does he/she get along with their parents?Drusilla52 Feb 12, 2013
Feb 12, 2013 Twisted Shadows ((OOC discussion)) ---------------IC---------------- Shinaria sat at her home. Her sister and friend, Nisha and Talnor, had gone out for the day and weren't coming back for some time. The Quel'dorei did what she did best, read, reading all the books she had in the library the three shared in their home in the Arathi Heights in the mountains, hidden away from sight from all of those who might want to cause them harm. "So..bored.." she murmured, placing the book over her face "Of course..I've read all these books four times over...Perhaps I should get some more on my visit to Stormwind." Her voice would be soft, sweet, and gentle. As she stood, her black hair spilled over her shoulders, her face beautiful and gleaming with youth, as most women of her race. Standing, she made her way down to the kitchen. She and her sister and friend where Alliance soldiers, along with Argent fighters during the time of Lich King. Ever since then, they had to deal with many things. They've felt pain and suffering many times...yet they still seem to stand and move on, like many who've suffered the same. She reached out to a pot of water she had left to boil, a cup full of tea leaves resting on the counter near by. Taking the pot, she poured the hot water into the cup, smiling as the smell of the tea wafted to her nose. Giggling, she placed the pot down and turned, raising her cup as she did so to take a sip. "Holy Jailor Shinaria Sunblade." She froze, still looking at her cup, her eyes wide with horror. She knew who that voice belonged to; the sound of a young child, around the age of a young teenage in elven years, the one they called...The Elven Witch. Krystala Dawnshadow. The cup fell from her hands, shattering on the floor. Shinaria quickly taking a offensive stance in her white robes as she looked up to meet her foe, however was surprised by what she saw. The small elf, stood there, hunched over, scratches on her arms bare arms and right cheek. She felt pity begin to rise with in her, given that Krystala looked like a young elven teenager...she looked so bad, being hurt like this. What DID catch her eye was the would she was clutching with her right hand, drenched in crimson blood. "I.." she started, taking a step forward, but stumbling. Out of reflex, Shinaria rushed forward to catch her and turn her over, placing her hand over the girl's wound and murmur a few healing spells under her breath. As she'd expect, Krystala flinched in pain. For one who attuned herself to shadow magic so much, it wouldn't be a surprise there would be some sort of pain from healing from holy magic. "Why are you here?" Shinaria asked, trying very hard not to sound like she wanted to skin the girl alive, even if it was a strong feeling. "I need...your help.." Krystala replied weakly. "You? Need help?! HA!" Shinaria said, looking down at the girl with a glare "Why would the infamous Elven Witch ask anyone for help? You're nothing but a shadow hugging fiend, a--" Krystala raised her hand weakly to stop her "I don't like this...any more than you do..Jailor..but trust me, there wouldn't be an even more better reason for me to come find you for help...if it didn't mean bad things could happen. Things that not even the Horde or Alliance would expect, unless we do something." ((1/2))Liå25 Feb 12, 2013
Feb 12, 2013 Moving to Melbourne! Accommodation? Hey guys, I currently have been offered a job in Melbourne. I have just graduated from University of Sydney. Im looking for some advice about where I could stay in terms of accommodation or if anyone has a room that I can rent. Please do msg me in game. kashf1#1545 is my battletag. Cheers!Kqt1 Feb 12, 2013
Feb 12, 2013 Looking to recruit someone! I am looking to recruit someone on the realm Frostwolf! I can pay for your battlechest. Add me on skype sidk07!Pallashelios1 Feb 12, 2013
Feb 11, 2013 Angels of Battle ((Sign-up)) Aziel watched from above as the battle raged on. She watched as blood was shed, spirits were sent to the afterlife, and on rare occasion, a life was spared. As a life was spared, she would direct her unarmored hippogryph down towards the still-living soldier. In battle, she had become a legend. There were rumors of her that were murmured in secret among the combatants during the quiet times of battle, when everyone was in their tents, waiting for a battle. They spoke of a warrior wearing blue and white, mounted on a silver hippogryph. The warrior would descend when someone thought death was coming for them; and then would carry them from the the battle, back to the camp. Only her commander knew what she did on the battlefield. It was agreed that her actions would be kept secret, as it rallied the spirits of the soldiers. No one knew her at the camps. Some people claimed to be friends with her, but hardly knew more than her name. Nothing about her was remarkable; her eyes were a soft teal, her hair was dark brown, to fall straight to the middle of her back. No one would remember any aspect of her. She was unremarkable. It made her task all the easier. Everyone just thought of her as one of the healer's aids. Though no one ever made fun of her for it, no one really cared about her. She cared for every one of them. At least once, she had saved the veterans there. The battle began to slow, and, finally, night fell. Fires burned to life miles away, and, what seemed painfully slowly, the troops returned to their camps. Aziel circled over the battlefield, collecting dying soldiers and returning them to the camp. Most would be healed. And be sent out to die again... She landed a ways away, and hurried to the camp to aid in the healing. She wasn't the only one shrouded in mystery on the battlefield. -------OOC----------- Welcome to Angels of Battle! This is about a somewhat mysterious group of soldiers mixed in with 'regular' ones. This is set in Stonetalon, and is open to both factions. These mysterious soldiers have become known as Angels of Battle, and often save other soldiers from death, or stop a fight from breaking out. There can only be so many of these (I'm thinking between 5 and 7) Angels, and playing one of these may present a somewhat difficult situation for your character. They can't stand out, except in battle. I apologize if I was unclear, they really are just normal soldiers, who do abnormal things. They are not literal angels. Of course, you're welcome to have more than one character, but I am limiting 1 Angel of Battle per player. You do not have to play and Angel. If you'd like to play a normal soldier, by all means! Normal soldiers are definitely a must for this RP! Rules: 1. If you're an Angel of Battle, you cannot make yourself known. They are known amongst each other (i.e. if your character is an Angel, they would know Aziel as one) 2. Limit 3 characters per player 3. Speak with me if you would like to be the commander, or in higher power. For either faction. 4. This one is important: Do not kill another character without the player's permission. The winner/victor of the fight will be decided OOCly between the combatants. If need be, I will mediate. 5. Please... Have fun ^_^ Any questions, post! Sign-Up form: Name: Race: Faction: Class: Age: Physical Description: Role: Anything special: BRIEF history: (Seriously people, keep it short, please! Lol) Accepted Sign-ups: Anyone with a (*) is an angel Alabron - Alabron Lia - Shinaria Sunblade* Morgannlefay - Nessalyn “Nessa” “The Sunstrike” Daniels* Xangtingwok - "Xang-Ting" Wok Fleetclap* Einherrjar - The Librarian * (angel of Darkness) Kaenei- Aziel Softheart* Maraph- Maraph Dencune* Elderhunter- Aliaa Nightwhisp (commander for Alliance) Silvestris - Castiel Silvertine (commander for Horde) Roewn - Roewn Valewind* Nezza - Nezza KanessaKaenei102 Feb 11, 2013
Feb 11, 2013 mistake sorryEcmarck0 Feb 11, 2013
Feb 11, 2013 Where do sacrificed pets go? In game they don't seem to die. They are brought back again and a again? Is this part of the game or is there lore to support that you can keep resurrecting the same demon over and over?Neurix1 Feb 11, 2013