World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction

Apr 13, 2013 Why had Goldshire not been banned? Pretty straightforward question.. Why has Blizzard allowed the people running around in Goldshire (at least on Moonguard), to go unchecked? It makes our entire realm, and role-playing in general within WoW look bad.. Can't say how many times I've been in a BG, only to be shrugged off or trash talked for apparently being an "ERPer". Not to mention I'm relatively sure that some of the things they're doing there violate the TOS on multiple occasions. So, why is no action being taken against them? You can't tell me that Blizz doesn't know about this...Xintross41 Apr 13, 2013
Apr 13, 2013 Would a... Would a rp guild focused on claiming northrend from the scourge?Fairmir16 Apr 13, 2013
Apr 12, 2013 So, where's the party at? I missed out on all the big cross realm gatherings that happened in the past month or so due to work and I was wondering, where is the next big shin dig? What is it? when is it? go ahead advertise your get togethers!Smaragd4 Apr 12, 2013
Apr 12, 2013 New in town The Tavern is loud with the sounds of laughter and drunken merriment; suddenly the door swings open, the light casting a shadow against the wall of the darkened room. The mysterious newcomer walks slowly over to the posting board and tacks up a browning piece of parchment, nods to the bar keep and just as suddenly as she had entered the World's End Tavern, she vanishes again. One by one, curious patrons gather around the posting, some scoff while others seem intrigued...... Greetings fellow Travelers! My name is Smaragd and I come to you from a distant realm that is very unlike your own; Nazgrel is what it's people call it. I grew weary of the lack interesting tales told and so embarked on my journey to a place only spoken of in whispers; The World's End Tavern. I had heard that there I would find others with whom to share my story and have the chance to hear theirs. My hope is that with you, I will find like minded individuals interested in joining me in my new home of Moon Guard. My goal: Establish a Guild of the finest Goblin Traders and throw my hat into the ring for the title of the greatest Trade Cartel in all of Azeroth.It is indeed a lofty goal, but I believe it stands a chance. Who among you will heed my call and join me in establishing Tänn, the greatest Trade Cartel that Azeroth has ever had the pleasure of housing upon it's vast expanse? Smaragd13 Apr 12, 2013
Apr 12, 2013 Question on gun/spell combat. Hello RP community. How are you? I'm having a bit of a dilemma- I've recently created a Thieves guild and done wonders on creating (OOCly) friendly random RP around SW. Doing so lead me to engage many types of people- it usually ends with me failing to mug them and fleeing from the scene. (Pre-agreed outcome. I don't care about winning- just quality RP). However heres the issue. How would say... a veteran warrior who only knows how to use sword/shield fare against someone who ICly deems themselves to be a "master marksmen" or a magister? What I mean to ask is- where is the line drawn between an emote being considered Godmodding and being fair? I guess an even better question is- how far has SW's technology gone? -They've got airborne divisions in Pandaria, a floating sky fortress, a tank with a machine gun turret in Redridge and yet we see Shield/Sword infantry men on the frontlines. Lore-wise, what keeps a disguised member of the Shattered Hand to come in with a pistol and shoot King Varian in the face? I guess you can say I've created this thread to see if there has been any explanation or if anyone had any clever opinions on the matter. As much as I want to engage with the RP community, I've taken into consideration of only holding self-sustained RP events within the guild. I suppose the only solution is to pick and choose who I want to RP with and ignore the rest... What do you think? Thanks for your time!Isenramm10 Apr 12, 2013
Apr 12, 2013 The Exploration of Draenor Ever since the reopening of The Dark Portal in both Azeroth and Draenor, Varian and Garrosh Have sent groups of Horde and Alliance members to explore the planet Draenor(Outland) Incase anything happens to the Alliance and Horde from outside forces,the Burning Legion,The Nathrezim,Another invading force that's unknown(Starcraft reference to zerglings!) The Outside forces have Llied and opened several portals in the four main continents that the mortals have discovered, Northrend,Pandaria,Eastern Kingdoms,and Kalimdor,the nathrezim setting up portals in The Ghostlands main stronghold,Deathlome using it as a staging ground to summon the demon lord, Kongornath leader of the Doomguard Regiment In Northrend The Scourge,well the intellegent ones have gathered relics to open a portal to bring the Plague-Bringer Na'tgoiz Leader of the Scourge Operation sent by Kil'jaeden in his place while he is aiding Sargeras with conquering other worlds In space,a time rift has opened up,strange asteriods,but not looking like a normal rock on azeroth,or any creature from the burning legion,draenor,the emerald dream,pandaria and northrend...Varian and Garrosh have lead a force there to fight the Devil-like creatures spawning from the asteriods landing in the planet;Azeroth -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Player: Nations Name: Government: Leaders/Important People: Capital/Settlements: Races: History/Description: Population:(Max 34,000)(Native,76,000) Military:457(Azerothian)(Native,89,000) [Unit Name][Unit Type,Siege,Caster,Ranged,Melee] Land Occupied:(Zangarmarsh,Shadowmoon Valley,Nagrand,Hellfire Penninsula,Netherstorm,Blades Edge Mountains,Zu'granish Plane(Frosty zone in Northeastern outland,is a countenint of outland)Gadark Spire(Elemental Staging Front in Outland,lead by Therazane,Neptulon and The Windguy whats his name xD,and Ragnaros)Ren'wind Mountains(Draenor and Azeroth are merging,this is the first part of Draenor to merge with Azeroth in the south-eastern part of Outland in habiated by the Pandarian and Mogu,the only neutral ones in Azeroth)Fairmir2 Apr 12, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 [Brainstorm!]New Meepish RPG Thread Brainstorming: Alright, so if anybody remembers “The Walking Damned”, it was an RPG-type thread of mine (this is Meep), with a few basic systems in place, a mix between forum-roleplay and an RPG. It was an adaption of popular pen-and-paper type RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons. I had some good interest, and the thread lasted a short, but reasonable while for an experiment. I’m going to attempt to do this again, having learnt a few things from the first experience. I wanted to strip the systems down to their bare-bones, and integrate only the bare necessities that would run a functional balance system –and- satisfy my desire to roll lots of dice, write spells, invent rewards and gear and have lots of random chance. I needed to stop people feeling like their actions were restricted because they did not know what system entitled them to do what action, so I’ve come up with a purely statistic-based action system. No more having jump, climb, dodge, tumble, balance skills, they’ll all fall under agility for example. Features Open-World, Objective-Based Motivation: In this type of roleplay, I want to give people the freedom to make their own decisions and go in any direction they desire. I find however, that people often get unsure of what to do, and in a forum platform, this leads to threads losing momentum and then dying. I can’t prod you in real time. So, I’ve decided to operate on a clear objective based system, you all know what your options are at each time. You can choose between many, and you don’t –have- to pursue them, but you always have a direction that you can go. RPG Character System: I want you to get loot, I want you to choose between cool and cooler, I want you to find treasure chests and get boss-loot. I want you to pick skills, I want you to feel like your character is evolving, both through your story and through the systems. So, you will pick a class from a pre-made list (or make a custom one), you will find items, you will get rewarded skills/spells/moves and you will completely customize your character. Flowing, Engaging Combat: I want combat to be important here, engaging, fun, not dry and repetitive. I also want to integrate the combat into the roleplay, so you don’t all suddenly go INTO COMBAT MODE, but rather combat occurs simultaneously with the game. You have a list of moves which I will keep on a regularly updated character sheet, but you can still do anything you think you want to do like a normal RP. ROLEPLAY: I want to encourage social interaction, I want to reward good roleplay, I want you guys to have the fun of a normal thread. So, I’m going to not bog people down with having to know anything other than normal-RP rules ((and to keep an eye on their character sheet to know what cool moves and gear they have)), through my simple system. I want you to have the freedom of normal roleplay. Dice System((Skip if you hate dice!)): ((Refresher: 1d10 means 1 die of 10 sides, 3d6 means 3 dice of 6 sides, d100 means 1 die of 100 sides.)) I will use dice for two things. Firstly, combat. A majority of your moves/attacks will do damage based on dice, this will come up something like [[Meep(Virella)] {Melee Attack} 3d10+5 = 23 physical damage] when it’s in the thread. I simply roll a bunch of die, add modifiers and that’s how much damage you do! The second thing I will use dice for, are stat rolls. You will have a stat value (strength, stamina, etc.) between 1-100 for every stat, and this is what is tested. I will roll a d100, and if the value is lower than your stat, you succeed, (thus, higher statistics increase your chance of succeeding). There will also be realistic modifiers, some things will be easier ((and apply a +positive modifier to your stat for the test)), some things will be harder ((and apply a –negative modifier to our stat for the test)). For example, you are trying to jump from a rooftop to another rooftop, I might roll a strength test for the leap, and/or an agility test for the landing, these will be derived only by these basic statistics (and some passive skills your character can earn that might affect it like GOOD JUMPER (you jump da good +10 jump)). In the thread, I will add positive or negative modifiers to make it realistic, this is what one might look like… [[Meep(Virella)] {Rooftop Leap(Str)} + {Rooftop Landing(Agi)} Modifiers {Rooftop Leap}: +20 Easy Jump, +10 Run-Up, -20 Raining Virella(32)>(42): {Rooftop Leap Test} = 30: +1 Success! Modifiers {Rooftop Landing}: -30 Wet and Raining, -10 Sloped Roof, +10 per degree of success on Leap Virella(43)>(13): {Rooftop Landing Test} = 65: -5 Failure!] ((Then comes the IC explanation by me: i.e. Virella makes the leap but stumbles to her death. I MAY find a way to make the dice prettier)). ((1/2))Fluency21 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Going over Blood Elf ages and eye color One of the biggest things that bothers me is the large variance in the age range of Blood Elves and the whole green eyes thing. So I made a video just about that! Tell me what you think! I'd love to at least get something nailed down in the community but if not, it was worth a shot! Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Sar'Thik: A Life I have found this book. And a writing utility? I shall be writing my life now. I am Sar'Thik, a Blademaster that serves Wind Lord Mel'jarak. The Shado-Pan are my hated enemy. I think the queen goes mad, her mind unravels. I think about joining the Klaxxi. I got back from training. I hear footsteps. I thought it was nothing, then what do I see? A group of Wu Kao assassins. Pah! They stepped on one of our weapons, so Mel'Jarak alerted the guards. Foolish assassin. There was one last one. All the other guards, dead. As the assassin was going to coat his weapon with the Wind Lord's blood, I stabbed him in the back with my sword. The Wind Lord has thanked me for this. I was sent out into the battlefield to kill a detachment of Klaxxi warriors. They are TRAITORS. I proceeded to stab Kil'Ruk, when I was knocked out. It was not a mantid. It was an orc. I was trapped in an amber prison. I will toss my journal out. To anyone who can see this journal, and me, please. Continue on my story. Return this to me. I promise I will not devour you.Talakuu0 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Drakkari Guilds-Zul'Drek Anyone know of any predominantly/exclusive guilds that make their home in Zul'Drek trying to reclaim it for the scourge?Natheodd0 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Theramore RP Guilds? Is it possible to have an 'After' Theramore Guild, as the remnants and refugees from Theramore that were OUTSIDE of Theramore at the time of the explosion, as I know that pretty much everyone was killed. Is this possible, or a stretch at best?Falthrian2 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Which of the 3 RPPvP realms has most RPers? As the title says. Over on the EU realms, for instance, the most RPer-populated RPPvP realm is Defias Brotherhood. Has been so for years and years. Is there an equivalent here on the US realms?Maligan4 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Finding the right server. I am wanting to get into RP. Can someone tell me which server has the most events and activities for Alliance side? I would like a suggestion for and RP and also a RPPVP real since I'm not sure which one I'd like. I'm thinking maybe RPPVP since that would create a big reason for people to interact. Coming to the rescue of areas in their control etc. Thanks yall.Needfriend5 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 What is a good realm for beginner rpers? I am bored of raiding pvp is alright what is a good realm for beginner rpers for alliance?Sèthos9 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 So im new to rp ...and Ive found myself watching videos of Argent Dawn EU. It looks badass to say the least. So Im looking for an Alliance Military RP guild, that does campaigns, events, etc,. Anyone got something?Hõlyrack3 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Need help with RP name I'm transferring my blood elf paladin to an RP realm. My friend is making our back story, were both blood elf males, brothers. His name is Kalthamir Dawnchaser I need help with a name, last name will be Dawnchaser :)Nelgru4 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 warcraft videos hella high sifting through machinima crap on youtube when i came across these and thought i'd share if anyone else cares about warcraft 2 still, cheers! :D will share more if i find cheers you dwarvren bastards! Apr 11, 2013
Apr 10, 2013 Lore/Lorebreaking vs Opinions This is something that occurs quite a lot on this forum - if an idea is disliked it's stated as breaking lore by those who dislike it while others say it's fine or something similar. This isn't going to be a terribly long post but it's going to hopefully be informative. Lore/Lorebreaking implies that there are hard facts backing up the reason something can or cannot be done. Thus we know, for a fact, Sylvanas is an elf and current ruler of Lordaeron. Thus we know, for a fact, that Varian Wrynn is not an orc in disguise and did not brutally murder Tiffin before blaming it on the populace. If you're going to claim something is a fact, then you need to be prepared to back up your claim with lore supporting your claim. Even if you're 'opposing' an idea, you're proposing that it's breaking lore and are then relying on us, not to disprove you, but to prove you right - which then causes the other side in the argument to scurry off and sift through lore that proves them wrong and - quite honestly - I wouldn't do that and I'm sure most wouldn't. I don't want to lose my argument, so even if I'm wrong when I say 'Thrall is dead and C'thun is the new Warchief' you're not bothering to cite and back-up claims that I'm wrong. That's an extreme example with no grey area to debate, so a more realistic example: 'Edwin VanCleef also had a son who has taken up his father's cause and is working in the shadows and with more cunning than Vanessa.' No one can prove this right, no one can prove this wrong. Vanessa never even mentions what happened to her mother, for all we know this could be true. Those who claim it breaks lore need to bring up proof beyond 'I don't like it, so it's breaking lore'. They need to find arguments that specifically state Edwin could not have had a son. If you want to argue that it breaks lore, not etiquette but lore, then you have to back-up your claims. Now that that is settled, opinions. An opinion is a person's own personal view of a subject. An opinion is not a fact. An opinion is a personal belief. An opinion can, theoretically, be backed by facts but it is not by itself a fact. You can have the opinion that it's wrong for Sylvanas to rule Lordaeron, but the fact is she does currently rule Lordaeron. You can have the opinion that Deathwing isn't dead, but the fact is that he was blasted into next week by some chump named Go'el. You can have the opinion that it's breaking lore to say a gnome cannot be a hunter, but that doesn't mean anything because there's no statement that says gnomes cannot be hunters (inb4 'they can't select it in game' - doesn't mean a gnome can't be RP'd as a hunter). My hope is this post will educate the denizens of the WET forums on the difference and nip long arguments in the bud before they degenerate to ad hominem attacks.Iraelius71 Apr 10, 2013
Apr 10, 2013 Alternate reproduction methods? [Gross and educational, tread with caution.] So I'm writing terrible wow fiction and a point of contention I am exploring is a conflict between three siblings over continuing family lineage (responsibility to family), repopulating their nearly exterminated race (social responsibility, albeit in a hedonistic society) verses personal preferences (being a mom conflicts with the sisters' lifestyles, they expect their brother to take responsibility) and sexuality (their brother developed a fancy for another cast member of the same gender over many chapters). One solution, (the most fair solution) would be for one of the sisters to act as a surrogate, sharing the same mitochondrial dna with their brother and all. His partner would be giving material as the father. Of course, that would mean one of the sisters would have to have relations with their brother's partner, something no one would be happy with. (Thankfully no party would actually go through with it, the squick from such a proposal would be hilarious though.) In the reality these conflicts are handled via artificial insemination. But is that plausible in this setting? This made me research. This is what I found: 1780 the first successful recorded procedure was done on animals (britannica). 1785 was the first recorded successful procedure in a human by a Scottish surgeon John Hunter (britannica, internet gives exact year). There are supposedly records stating that this was attempted in the 1400s with King Henry IV of Castile and his wife Juana. Not sure if real or bs. /skeptic There are several methods of AI currently but the crude method of taking the genetic material fresh from one subject and putting it in the other (using a "conception cap") is still practiced. (wikipedia) Said material can survive naturally outside a body for up to a few hours under the right circumstances (mayo clinic). tl;dr: EEEEEeeeew! Given the data gathered I am under the impression that AI's existence in the Warcraft universe is plausible. I think it would be ok for the resident scholar to imply that other methods exist. It's likely not widely in practice among beings of sentience unless there are major fertility problems, though may be used on livestock. It probably isn't widely known and may be a sort of a wild rumor among non-scientific/educated circles. I'd like feedback from other brains though. /nodLeiah0 Apr 10, 2013
Apr 10, 2013 As These Words are Bandied About... ... I thought it best to create a thread so people can understand what these words/phrases/what have you are actually intended to mean. Mary Sue - There is the male counterpart to this phrase, Gary Stu or Marty Stu or whatever you want, and this is one of the most common things people cry out when they see a character. Most of the time they aren't saying the right term for the character. A Mary Sue type character is one who fulfills the very definition of the word perfection - this character is so perfect as to be unbelievable. Now maybe the character has flaws? Even the flaws are perfect and do not detract from the character but make the character more perfect than they already were. When this character appears this is when the term Mary Sue should apply. Special Snowflake - this is the best definition I can find on the term and it gives a good example. A special snowflake character isn't necessarily a bad thing, nor is it a good thing, it's entirely left open to the interpretation of those playing the game. The best this can be summed up, for WoW, would be 'characters being roleplayed out of their racial norms'. So every engineering loving Night Elf, earth-hating dwarf, naturalist gnome, skinny pandaren, etc. etc. would be considered a 'special snowflake'. God Moding - Quite simply, this isn't making your character powerful, it is controlling the actions of other players without their prior consent. Metagaming - Using out of character knowledge to influence in character actions. Basically this means, using any knowledge your character shouldn't have in roleplay. So if their character was abused as a child, causing illusions to demonstrate the abuse would be metagaming. Now if your character found a way to draw that information out of their character and then made the illusions, it'd be completely different. Lore-breaking - This means taking established Blizzard lore and changing it. The keyword in that sentence is established. Anything that Blizzard has not touched on, this meaning grey areas in lore, is best tread with caution but is free game. Utilizing the grey area in RP does not break lore. Saying that orcs are in fact orks from Warhammer 40k would be lore-breaking, as it is established that they are not. Saying you are a Balrog is lore-breaking, as this is not Middle Earth. Roleplaying a character who is a member of nobility of any of the Seven Kingdoms? Not lore-breaking. Giving your character braces? Not lore-breaking. I believe that covers the most misused terms, there are a few others but these are the five that have the greatest occurrence rate on the WET forums.Iraelius22 Apr 10, 2013
Apr 10, 2013 Eric and the Dread Gazebo I was blathering about in the horde RP channel here on AD and the players in the channel didn't know the story of Eric and the Dread Gazebo. I figured I'd share it here as some of you young whippersnappers might not know it either. (PS: Get off my lawn.) Source: ...Leiah1 Apr 10, 2013
Apr 10, 2013 CRZ and Server type query, Can anyone tell me why All rp-pvp servers arent in the same CRZ?Papilon8 Apr 10, 2013
Apr 10, 2013 Bag of Runes [GHI] I like to run plots from time to time and sometimes I like surprises. I might have a basic idea of what I want to do but have no idea about the details. I used to use runes and tarot cards to make these decisions but they're in a box somewhere so I made a very simple crude tool in Gryphonheart Items (GHI) that I've used to make plot decisions in the form of a bag of Norse runes. Typically used for divination, you can use the descriptions of said runes to get ideas for what happens next or for clues or whatever. It's widely up to interpretation which is what makes it such a handy tool. It prints the results on your textbox, only you can see it. I tend to use these definitions: Merkstave (/in opposition) runes are the opposite of the normal meaning. You can ignore the merkstave status based on your needs. This is the import code: \bf`[cj|34|@Y:|7]|C^|7a[Z^O&itI|BN|7|3|4$T|SY|7|3\$g"sgtqlKn%v""cv+5q|7|3t<!7#,0&(3-t9=@@K,|7|3/a3|7VII?IGBK^i|4lAdXX\_5[T^mN|7|3Qtgg]ge`i!]|7|3`(uivo-i|71_$U$"x&9Dt<$&5&6.6;188H)|7L$9;FOEEILTCNWQPHGHGUIIa^PNXf`USjYeW`o^ir[ec^gbb-"-|40|43c+zz#&Q##$wv-#**0;w|7|3zB55+53.7J+|7|3.Q>DJL:H>A$SHD^?|7bw s/,y!L 41#+6&r"Rubhnp^lbeQquxL pl+g|7/&t)+'5@|4C|4Fv>+179'5+.=H)|7|3,^0|7|33VCILRRR]>|7|3A|UF|7|3IlY_XbqR|7uei^]iy` |7#vftkwv2=@6j"!%ut%5x7|7:2"0'32ITL%8':9=21=MEIC;R|7U|39[%EIW?alBd=[_eHjuKmEZhf^iXrUw'Xz?msv!_&1b)Zjsot!j1<m4^y(w6t;Fw>d(&4"DO%G"A;8>,NY/Qx7>9E;U8Ze;]/CXXMOaDfqGi6aPLnyOq?[iYUw'XzChhxc"`'2c*Yo"%u%#l3>o6V'#&8v=Hy@r4=048&HS)K#9H3M0R]3Uv?MG>LN<^i?a*N^IcFhsIk<Q_`TnQs#TvF\crx["-^%Msm#i(f-8i0Sqxs2p7Bs:h3(".$ B|4$76:/.:J?C;8BI7KAHHV|7Y|3=_?alBdIdWP^XacQgWnPr|4TgVilogmt)^%`'45w spz&o(y%%nvrDEt;v=JK593+")&ST(J*LTgOZ/RJPH>W8|7[RTBVLGbm|4p|4sH|=M|7%(!Qt_nc_yZ|7"7;3JG9<g;OL>FQA2=m5ux/%,,a5*&@!|7D;,<4<A-Z\NY.QEEILwIIJBASIPPV-ScD|7|3GjaTdfbpQ|7|3Twdjpr`ndgJynj)e|7-$r'1<l4((,/^2'#=y|7A44*42-6IT|4W|4Z/RFFJMxJJKCBTJQQW4[[eF|7|3|4wLobiiflllwX|7|3|4.|41|44|47g/q#"#w&-7s|7;<Gw?*9.*D%|7H]aYpm_b2aurdljyXc8|<=|7`alA|WF|7RNZbUxMpUijia[ooap \|7|3|42b*nnt%np u3o|7 w(0#Fv|V |7C|8=<,02-0B4:49DBF?R9?S>PE?SWQIXZVVNgrG|LL|7#zOrkg\Zn`Oboteoehw'c|7|3|49i1q*+*"w00"m./-6,4l/5-<G(|7|3|4Y.|O3|7VWb7|=<|7ork@cP\NW?e]SlM|7$ P|FU|7|3X @deqqVjwUivo-i|71WY[5@p|Yu|7437(K CegF'|7YU*Mm67CC(<Ix;O=Z;|7^olonqdoDgN[\ZS_h`pQ|7($T|=Y|713-|40`(z!jmv[$rt'3o|77'x02<Gw|I!|7DoB80@JU*|M/|7RS^3VH<IB[<|7_%ELaVNd<`ZRalwLoTii^fjG[haz[|7#N!rjz)4d|Qi|7@<l|Kq|7"y*2%Hx@-9+4f87;82F8DJO0|7S8<O;I?BB\g<_DYYNVZ0_TPjK|7n"k$'&'()*+,37/FC58&1|44d|Ji|7@<l4\X7s|7;PTLc`RU%TheW_]lKV+N68D:D;AGA$PBKR]>|7|3|4oD|HI|7lmxMpfZWcevW|7z?qgfpw$Ig#v+6|4 Here is the code if you want to put it together yourself: ...Leiah0 Apr 10, 2013
Apr 9, 2013 I'm here because Crabby told me to come here Yup.Notthehair58 Apr 9, 2013
Apr 9, 2013 LF experienced RPer Hey you all :) I'm looking for a seasoned & experienced RPer that would be interested in being a part of my blog site. I have multiple bloggers that are interested in different aspects of the game, but I personally have never been on an RP realm nor do I have the interests. Since there is a lot of gamers who enjoy RPing, I was hoping to get a blogger that could appeal to the RPers out here and make this his/her niche. Please add me to real id if you would be interested: Thanks, Pnutbutter <Shady Shenanigans>Pnutbutter8 Apr 9, 2013
Apr 9, 2013 First Character Story (Advice Requested) Name: Orium [Deciding on last name] Age: 53 (Equal to a Human in their 20's) Weight: 165lbs Height: 4'11 Brief Character Outline Orium is a young Dwarven Shaman who has recently set out to find adventure and his place in the world. Though still unable to grasp control of the elements without something going dangerously awry he remains confident that one day he will gain control of even the most daunting elementals. Shamanism aside, Orium, recently decided to answer the ever calling need to travel Azeroth in search of the many oddities it holds. A slowly growing collection of such oddities, trinkets and knick-knacks fill up Orium's backpack with each new place he visits. Full Up-To-Date Story "Orium, my lad!" A voice from upstairs called. "How is that Talhide tunic coming along?" "Aye, it's coming... it's coming." He replied drearily. The young Dwarven leatherworker lived a ho-hum life in the confines of Ironforge where he worked for Brumman Stonehand, a struggling merchant who has seen the bottom of a tankard too often to count. Born in either the Hinterland or Ironforge, Orium, spent his childhood at the Stormwind Orphanage until he set out to find his place in the world, though he only made it as far as Ironforge. Upon arriving to the city he made his way to the end where eventually, after a few drinks, he was offered a home from an older Dwarf in exchange for work; leatherworking to be exact. It was not until a stranger came into the merchant home that an interest in shamanism started to grow in the young dwarf leatherworker. The stranger, a tall but soft spoken Draenei, came seeking someone to design a headdress from special material. It wasn't long until a roughly drawn concept, arcane powder, four feathers and an odd piece of runed leather was piled next to on Orium's work station. "Lo, Brumman," Orium exclaimed. "This hide is in shambles!" Orium quickly sketched the runes onto some parchment and stuffed it into his trousers then began work on the primitive looking headdress for the recent customer. Each piece of came together almost magically with relative ease until eventually the project was finished. After examining it for a short time the young Dwarf laid it loosely upon his head until quickly removing it after an uneasy feeling came over him. Shrugging it off and turning around to head up the stairs he noticed the Draenei in his presence with a soft smile on his face. "I see you have completed your set task, Dwarf." Observed the Draenei as he examined his headdress. "Very fine work, you are indeed attuned to the elements." "Right then," The Dwarf stuttered. "If ye need anything else you know where to find me." "As do you." The Draenei said over his shoulder before departing the shop. Curious at the last exchange of words, Orium, headed off to The Hall of Explorers in an attempt to research the meaning of the runes he sketched down earlier. Upon enter the Hall of Explorers he started going through some old tomes when a rocky slab caught his eye. "Aye, what do we have here?" He mumbled. Upon the rocky slab were the same symbols the leather bore with a small information plaque under the exhibit that read, "Found in Nagrand by The Explorer's League this ancient stone tablet hold the four runes for Earth, Air, Fire and Water." ((Story still in work tell me what you think please!)) Characteristics Energetic Eccentric Empathetic (to close friends) Diligent Stubborn Tactless Well-read in Dwarven history My Thoughts Awhile ago I posted here scared as all hell about trying RP but with the guiding hand of the amazingly friends role-play community I took the dive. Now at my 80th level on Emerald Dream I've enjoyed doing various role-play from silly to serious all through random encounters... I just lack a story. Above what you have read is what I have developed so far and I fear it is full of "Mary-Sue" qualities. I've included a brief story and the general character traits I use during a session yet I would like some opinions. What do you think- better yet what painful mistakes have I made? Oh! -and what do you think of my transmog? Safe Travels! OriumOrium7 Apr 9, 2013
Apr 9, 2013 Describing characters. As someone who writes fiction as a hobby, I find things like descriptions and just writing in general come easy to me, in that once i get writing, I don't need to plan it out, I can just write freely. The problem I find is getting those first few words onto the page. After that, everything else comes quickly. With that in mind, I'm in the process of re-writing a description for a Forsaken Priest, and I've hit that first road block that comes when one has trouble organizing one's thoughts. Long story short, How does one describe what undeath looks like? Yeah, we see it in our characters, but trying to write it out is a little tricky. Or maybe I'm just thinking too hard.Raydian2 Apr 9, 2013
Apr 9, 2013 Backbiter Tavern (Open RP) The Backbiter Tavern is in a small desert village, with very few people living there. Inside the old tavern a mysterious warlock sits. He has black robes with strange purple runes on it. He has blond hair with a black bandana wrapped around his mouth. A strange demon (felhunter) sits by his side. He says to the barman, "Gimme another ale." and hands him a few coins. The dark room has many cobwebs and a couple lanterns in it. --------------------------------------------- Anyone can join, horde or alliance, however only one person can be the barman. Im the warlock. Have fun!Rexxigon44 Apr 9, 2013
Apr 9, 2013 Misrepresentation of the Gnomish intrest. Hello my fellow Azerothians, I am here today to discuss an oversight by the producers, directors and filmers of the promotional cinematic features that chronicle the struggle of the people of Azeroth for our future generations. Today I spent the time to watch them from the beginning for the 7th time, now that we have added the meeting of the Panderians to the archive, and I have come across, or I should say, FAILED to come across something very simple. There has not been a single gnome shown in our archives since the start! The first shows a Dwarf, Night Elf, Forsaken, Tauren, Orc, and a Human, the Second introduces our new allies the Draenei and our new enemies the Blood Elves, and the Trolls make their first appearance, however brief. The third shows nothing of either the horde and alliance, and the fourth shows a GIANT STATUE of a Goblin! Nothing of the Worgen, I may add, but that is understandable given their nature. The newest gives an entire fight scene to the Pandariens, showing many more of their race than any single other in any of our archive, unless you wish to count the scourge as a race, they would take that cake for their appearance under the frosty now-dead Lich King. It is shameful to my people, we who have lost our entire GLORIOUS city in our struggle, to not even have a sideways glance in our archive of the history of our world. I will also add that without Gnomish technology none of the moving-picture archives would exist in the first place! I think it is not too much to ask, for the next major event in Azeroth, Gnomes at least be represented as one of the peoples that live on this wonderful planet. Sincerely ShådôwfìrèShådôwfîrè2 Apr 9, 2013
Apr 9, 2013 Scars left from magical healing This is an idea I've had rolling around for a while that I thought I'd put out there to get some feedback on. By now, any of our characters have been injured enough to die hundreds of times over, and are pretty much only alive (or clinging to their unlife) thanks to the dedicated efforts of healers. But what if, like how major surgery can leave scars, major healing magic can also leave a lasting mark? I've got some different ideas for the kinds of marks left, and I figure that they would vary depending on the kind of magic used to heal. I figured that Shaman healing could, in some cases, actually replace the ruined flesh / bone with raw elemental matter. This could range from having teeth made of marble to eyes that are actually small orbs of water, or in my character's case a skull (and horns) that are dark iron. Basically any elemental material, as long as it could make sense for the body part in question (bones are more likely to be metal or stone than air or water, for example). Druid healing scars could be kinda similar, except instead of raw elemental material they replace body chunks with plant matter. Where once was a heart could be a pulsating knot of roots, hair could be vines, fingernails could be chips of bark, etc. I'm not 100% sure on what to do for divine healing. Sunwalker (Tauren paladin / priest) healing would be using solar energy, so it could be plants or, as I saw one person playing it, their body slowly being replaced with raw solar energy. He eventually became basically a mass of energy held together by his armour, but he took it to a bit of an extreme. I'm totally open to ideas as to what kinda scars divine healing could leave behind! Anyway, just wanted to get some feedback on this idea, or just put it out there in case anybody else likes it and feels like using it. Just remember, Wolverine might have an adamantium plated skeleton, but only by being beaten to withing an inch of your life and being restored by a shaman can you have a skeleton actually MADE of the stuff!Melahna46 Apr 9, 2013
Apr 8, 2013 Society of Taipan-story So many things to little time...Zarnneir paced the long hallway to his study. The mansion was very old. The wood floor creaked under his feet as he tread as lightly as he could. He was no rogue to hide in shadows, though he employed many. The tapestry on the walls blocked out the smaller cracks that let in cold air from the wintry landscape outside. The servants were silent and worked diligently to keep the mansion clean and neat. Some were former agents, retired from the more dangerous occupations and simply living out their lives in relative peace. They often served as observers to the guests Zarnneir invited to his elegant home. Zarnneir had gold...his dilligence and political savvy had gotten him more than enough to live out his days. His guests were sometimes cordial and sometimes hostile. They were dealt with accordingly. This day found him approaching his study with some irritation. The current guest was a Sindorei woman who had delusions of grandeur. Heklenne D'Ordel was beautiful but dangerous. The servants treated her with the utmost courtesy and care. And were well aware of her fascination with the macabre. Heklenne loved torture and causing pain, nothing unusual for a shadow priest. It was her victims who often came to Zarnneir and complained of her zeal. They were drawn in by her beauty and wit, succumbing to her charms often meant permanent scars if not death. Oh she always raised them up again...often many times. But release was always something to be negotiated with gold or other favors. She had more clout than she deserved, even among the Sindorei she was lauded as a fierce competitor for the favor of the Regent. Some even speculated on her goals, was she looking to rule them all? Or simply to gather power for the sake of having it? No one was more aware of her actions than Zarnneir. He knew how dangerous it was to cross her, but somehow he had to stop her. Simply killing her would be hard to do. Questions would be raised, fighting amongst the nobles was nothing unusual, but this would cause some major upsets. Her influence was widespread through her personal conquest of some major figures and her subsequent manipulations to gain even more power. Her death would cause rippling effects that would shake the very foundations of Sindorei society. It had to appear to be an accident, nothing short of miraculous to accomplish, since she surrounded herself with personal guards of uncompromising skill. All female and deadly in single combat, but even more so in numbers. All were fanatically loyal to her, none was corruptible by ordinary means. The study was empty except for the calico cat sleeping on his chair by the fire. Smiling he reached down to pick her up and settle her on his lap. "Sweet Leila, you are welcome to share my evening. At least you will not attempt to do me harm." he cuddled the purring cat. The door to the study opened and Barthil came in with the tray of late night snacks and brandy. He was quiet as all the servants were and simply set the tray down on the table and bowed himself out again. He knew Zarnneir's habits very well. (to be continued)Zarnneir1 Apr 8, 2013
Apr 8, 2013 Pínkiepie's story so far. It's been a while since I last updated my Warlock's story and she just hit 40 tonight and thought I could go from there. I'm open for any and all changes! Please let me know if you see any grammatical or spelling errors like crossing the t's and dotting the lowercase j's. On a side note I do realize I used the word "she" more than I should but since my Warlock's name is Pinkiepie (bro hoof?) I kind of don't want to add it in until I think of a truly badass name for her. She walked slowly twords the open door and looked at the dreary sign. "The Slaughtered Lamb" softly spoken as her eye's glistening, "How long has it been? Two? Three years?" She was frightful for the last time she went into the fel-infested damp dungeon she barely survived her last summoning ritual. She breathed a long sigh and walked into the Pub. As she entered with her raggedy armor, more damaged to salvage she could feel every eye on her and knew the contact was not kind. Since her last ritual went sour she was to blame for the deaths her Felsteed had caused Perhaps the biggest snare was coming from Jarel the pubs owner, and only bartender. After all she can't blame him for his wife was assisting her ritual With her nerves getting the better of her she walked slowly, calmly, to the bookcase across the room. She put her hand on the largest leather-bound spell book and cleared her mind. She could feel her mind being filled with demonic chatter as if the whole room was filled. She knew she had done something right for the energy in her mind expanded and had reached her hand. As if on queue the chatter had stopped. She opened her now green tinted eyes and could feel the heat of her spell in the palm of her hand. The fire, a crimson red had pierced the darkness of the room and flickered the shadows as if they could dance She slowly raised her hand to her lips and let out a smooth stream of air. She gazed into the fire as if knowing her future and watched as the crimson red turned green. Watching her fire turn color was only thought to be usable to the more elder, disciplined Warlocks but somehow she had no problem controlling the flames color. Still having every eye on her she whispered in demonic, more metallic in nature but subtle. Placed her hand on the book and watched the bookshelf fling open as if it's weight had disappeared revealing a secret passage of a staircase. Having finally reached the bottom and not excited to see her master in the summoning circle he had placed for her she let out a sigh of disbelief and said "You're still alive? Didn't my felsteed take care of you?" Master Sandahl didn't like her jokes but he was relieved to see her still alive and well. "So what do you want me to summon? I have my Imp, Voidwalker, Felhound, and Incubis what more do you expect of me." Her cocky attitude was the exact reason why he sent her away but now that her training was complete it was time for her to summon one last demon. He looked into her eye's which by now was losing it's green color and said one word… "Dreadsteed." Pínkiepie0 Apr 8, 2013
Apr 8, 2013 How to translate IRL to RP Ok so in real life I was a soldier. I am a fairly well rounded person, skilled in hand to hand and well versed and practiced with firearms. I can apply first aid for a large variety of injuries to include gunshot wounds to the head. I can also cook and sew and do other various household tasks. I have devoted myself to learning everything I may need to become a self sufficient warrior. I'd argue that I am more fit to be a soldier then a human being. The question is how would I translate this life to a role play character without coming off as a Rambo type warrior like so many portray? How do you play this type without getting under people skin and whats a good way to start the character off?Bannanaclip3 Apr 8, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Go ahead and poke some holes in my plot :) I want to better my character's storyline so please tell me what you think and let me know if there is any faulty wiring in this Goblin's design ;) Smaragd is sassy but has a dry sense of humor that is sometimes conceived as being rude. She is very materialistic and loves Gems but her passion is Unique daggers She grew up in the Steamwheedle Cartel like most Goblins and is estranged from her family. They grew apart after she went into business against them Ever since she left out on her own she has been determined to make a name for herself as the number one Trade Cartel around and so she founded Tänn Smaragd4 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 The Stormwind Archives Royal Library (open Rp Ic :Rayaana was an apprentice at the Royal Library in Stormwind, she spent her long hours at the library writing books, organizing and repairing tomes, and creating glyphs and scrolls. Rayaana was a scholar,scribe, and archivist.She loved books, and deeply enjoyed working at the library.Her co-workers were kind, and so was her boss(played by my other alt, SIndorian), SIndorian. OOC: The Stormwind Archives Royal Library's entrance is located in the courtyard of the Stormwind castle.It is filled to the brim with tomes and scrolls of immense knowledge, and any are free to ask to be hired by SIndorian, you may be hired, and may be not, so do not feel bad, you could always be a reader who loves to visit the library.You can be hired as a page, scribe,archivist, and more.If I do not hire you, it's for a good reason, please role-play an interview with SIndori, I will not be available from tomorrow to Saturday. Please enjoy! P.S, since Stormwind is alliance territory, SIndorian convinced the King to allow approved horde in.Rayaana9 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Gamon's Story (let me know what you think). [Not really an RP story but...] Gamon's origins remained unclear to him for most of his life; the little he does remember is a foggy haze. He had been placed upon the steps of the Orgrimmar orphanage as an infant, wrapped in swaddling cloth and with a note attached to his blanket—the note stating that his mother would be back for him, when it would be safe for her to return to the city. A mysterious note indeed… The note was believed to have been written by the young Tauren warrior Lokka, who had been dismissed from her duties for bearing a child out of wedlock, and who had died tragically and under suspicious circumstances shortly after Gamon was found on the orphanage steps—her bloodied corpse found just beyond the gates of the city, a portrait of young Gamon in a locket around her neck. How she died, no one knew… It was apparent at an early age that Gamon came from mixed parentage, although to the casual eye one would think that he was pureblooded Tauren. Under his fur, green skin; his temperament more Orc than Tauren; his ability to wield an axe, unparalleled. But life was hard for the young half-Tauren, half-Orc. Raised in an orphanage and cast out when he was old enough to fend for himself, he was a ceaseless target for those who ridiculed his mixed parentage, and as a result spent many an evening bruised and broken, nursing his wounds and a bottle of ale at the local inn… Gamon didn’t discover his true identity as Garrosh's son until after he reached adulthood. He recalls the orc’s face as that of a late-night visitor at the orphanage, who had come inquiring about him when he was still a boy; although Gamon had never forgotten that visit, he never knew the name of his visitor until he saw Hellscream take his place as Warchief during the ceremony in Orgrimmar, and the face from that fateful evening had rushed back to him as though it had occurred only yesterday… Gamon confronts Garrosh, who denies any involvement with Gamon's mother and tells the young half-Tauren to shove off, anger flashing in his eyes at being confronted in such a way…by this...mongrel...although some lingering doubts remain when Gamon shares the story told to him by the women who reared him at the orphanage, of the night of his mother's death, and recalls the story of the orc visitor Gamon had so long ago… Disgruntled and doubtful, Gamon settles into adult life in Orgrimmar; restless, but still searching for the truth regarding his long-lost father. One day, while nursing some mead at an inn in town, an old orc sits down next to Gamon and shares a drink with him. The orc’s name was Saurfang, and he had returned to the city temporarily after a long campaign in Northrend. Saurfang has heard about Garrosh's misdeeds and had traveled far in order to see for himself what Garrosh has turned into. He shares with Gamon his memories of Garrosh before he became warchief, tales of unrivaled ferocity in the battlefields of Northrend, and—in a moment of drunken confidence later that evening, when both Gamon and the old Orc had bellies full of mead—the tale of romance between Garrosh and a young female Tauren, that Garrosh had brokenly confessed to Saurfang to having fallen in love with so long ago, when Saurfang had discovered the two sharing a passionate embrace while out on patrol one evening in the barren wastes of Dragonblight… Gamon realizes with a start that the female Tauren in the story is his mother, and that Garrosh had brazenly lied to him concerning his parentage. He then realized that, perhaps what had happened to his mother Lokka was no accident, so long ago…what Orc would have accepted a half-Tauren as a son, particularly an Orc as high minded and ambitious as Garrosh…? Outraged at his father's lies, he pledges himself to Saurfang and seeks justice not only for the Horde, but for himself regarding Garrosh's misdeeds…and seeks justice for the death of his mother… The battle for Orgrimmar rages three days and three nights. The clash of blades and the flurry of arrows can be seen tens if not hundreds of miles away from the city, as the fires glowed in the night... Gamon is repulsed by the sight of Orc killing Orc, and Tauren killing Tauren, in his beloved Orgrimmar...he realizes that his father is beyond saving, that the only hope for his people and for the Horde is for Garrosh's life to come to an end... Gamon makes his way up to the front of the battle line, seeking his father. Axe in hand. He steps forward. Garrosh sees his son, falters. Turns to young Gamon. Gamon's blade is swift and sure. The head of the corrupted Warchief lies on the ground, separated from its body. The crowds cry out as they realize the Warchief is dead. Gamon cries a single tear for what he has just done, and for what might have been. That evening, he accepts the title of Warchief, with old Saurfang by his side, appointed to be his most trusted advisor. Gamon for Warchief 2013.Saryia6 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 mrp backup? One my friends lost all of their MRP profiles somehow. not sure on the details, but learning from others misfortunes I started making backups of all my profiles, pretty much Copy pasting everything into a notepad doc for all my characters. This started taking a while, mostly due to pasting it in note pad not carrying over line breaks, so I started looking through the MRP folder of my addons, and I cannot find the file that has all the profiles in it! Does anyone know where the file/folder is that I would have to copy to make backups of all my profiles? Or am I stuck with the tedious task of copying and pasting note pad documents, copying every small field I have available?Masayume5 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 trasnmog help I'm trying to find a weapon to match my set, the one I have now is okay, just think I might get a different one. Any ideas?Falanthos2 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 RP a Goblin this post is for 2 reasons, 1: to shamelessly redirect you to a previous post in the hopes that someone will reply 2: to get some more knowledge on the Goblins as a people. what are some character traits that make a rp`d goblin believable and adhere to proper lore?Smaragd4 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Gnome or Night Elf Monk? I'm having a hard time deciding between the two. Either way I'd like some feedback on their stories. Ginxee was a minor assistant on the irradiator that had destroyed Gnomregan, and after witnessing the horror she had caused she had taken to drinking. She was kicked out of a bar one day and happened to find one of the wandering Pandaren who took her in and taught her temperance. She became enthralled with the special effects that the brews and teas had, and decided to dedicate her life to studying them and the Pandaren martial arts. My night elf monk would be a highborne arcanist with a similar backstory to Ginxee's. As an adding question to this, were the non-Pandaren masters in the Peak of Serenity there after the mists had parted or before?Ginxee5 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 (IC) Ask a non-stereotypical Hunter (#1) (I saw something like this in a forum once.) Hello, I'm Enion Boughstrider, of the Anytime Anywhere Messaging Service (Of Cenarion Circle) and I'd like to answer some of your questions for a while. (Make the questions IC please)Enion1 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Gilnean RP Sets These are a few Gilneas-Themed RP sets I put together. The only ones I didn't put together myself are the Gilneas City Guard and the Female Gilnean Citizen (Thanks to Willyam from Wyrmrest!) Enjoy! Gilneas City Guard Through Vash'ir: Head: Displaced Crown of Azrakir Chest: Crabcracker Chestguard Tabard: Gilneas Tabard Hands: Starfish Gauntlets Belt: Aquasear Waistguard Legs: Kilt of Shamanic Dreams Feet: Atoll Treaders Through Deepholm: Head: Helm of the Wormslayer Chest: Troggbane Chestguard Tabard: Gilneas Tabard Hands: Kaulslayer Grips Belt: Flashburn Girdle Legs: Groundshort Leggings Feet: Flayer-Crush Boots Main Hand: Fighter Broadsword Off Hand: Dull Heater Shield Gilnean Footsoldier Head: Uncompromising Helm Shoulders: Pauldrons of Thankless Deeds Chest: Breastplate of Contained Sorrow Shirt: Stylish Black Shirt Tabard: Gilneas Tabard Hands: Giddy's Old Gloves Belt: Winterfall Belt Legs: Dawnbringer Legguards Feet: Boots of the Blasted Lands Main Hand: Dragon's Call Off Hand: Hardened Steel Shield Gilnean Footsoldier II Head: Steamsmith Helm Shoulders: Heavy Mithril Shoulder Chest: Reaver Armor Shirt: Stylish Black Shirt Tabard: Gilneas Tabard Belt: Reaver Girdle Hands: Heavy Mithril Gauntlet Legs: Heavy Mithril Pants Feet: Heavy Mithril Boots Main Hand: Dragon's Call Off Hand: Hardened Steel Shield Gilnean Captain Head: Exalted Helmet Shoulders: Noble Plate Pauldrons Cloak: Netherwane Cloak Chest: Exalted Harness Shirt: Stylish Black Shirt Tabard: Gilneas Tabard Belt: Exalted Girdle Legs: Exalted Legplates Feet: Exalted Sabatons Hands: Exalted Gauntlets Main Hand: Widow Blade Off Hand: Shield Against the Evil Presence Gilneas Royal Guard (Warrior Only) Head: Ornate Mithril Helm Shoulders: Shoulderguards of the Bold Cloak: Night's End Chest: Breastplate of Wrath Tabard: Gilneas Tabard Belt: Waistband of Wrath Legs: Legplates of Wrath Feet: Sabatons of Wrath Hands: Gauntlets of Wrath Main Hand: Spiked Battle Axe Gilnean Scout Head: Black Mageweave Headband Shoulder: Monnion of the Bat Cape: Netherwane Cloak Chest: Velvety Vest Tabard: Gilneas Tabard Shirt: Stylish Black Shirt Belt: Gryphon Master's Belt Legs: Booty Bay Pantaloons Hands: Gloves of Fanatical Zealotry Bracers: Elimination Bracers Feet: Stormfeather Boots Main Hand: Revilgaz's Cutlass Off Hand: Nobles Brand Ranged: Bear Hunter's Rifle OR Cry of the Wolf Gilnean Sniper Head: Green Lens Shoulders: Shoulderpads of Assassination Cape: Netherwane Cloak Chest: Tunic of Assassination Tabard: Gilneas Tabard Shirt: Stylish Black Shirt Belt: Girdle of the Deathdealer Legs: Leggings of Assassination Gloves: Handgrips of Assassination Feet: Shadowstep Striders Main Hand: Revilgaz's Cutlass Off Hand: Nobles Brand Ranged: Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle Gilnean Mage Head: Consortium Hood Shoulders: Soulstealer Mantle Chest: Robes of Arugal Tabard: Gilneas Tabard Belt: Stormpike Cloth Girdle Feet: Highlander's Cloth Boots Main Hand: Emberstone Staff Gilnean Mage II Head: Transborean Cover Shoulders: Black Mageweave Shoulders Cloak: Netherwane Cloak Chest: Black Velvet Robes Belt: Thuzadin Sash Tabard: Gilneas Tabard Feet: Master's Boots Main Hand: Thaumaturgist Staff Gilnean Fleet Admiral Head: Admiral's Hat Chest: Sorcerer Drape Belt: Sorcerer Sash Legs: Sorcerer Pants Feet: Mistscape Boots Main Hand: Revilgaz's Cutlass Gilnean Admiral Head: Admiral's Hat Chest: Royal Blouse Belt: Royal Sash Legs: Royal Trousers Feet: Royal Boots Main Hand: Revilgaz's Cutlass Gilnean Deckhand Head: Black Mageweave Headband Shirt: Black Swashbuckler's Shirt Belt: Aurora Sash Legs: Abjurer's Pants Feet: Abjurer's Boots Main Hand: Cruel Barb Off Hand: Thief's Blade Gilnean Rifleman Head: Helm of Thoughtful Gifts Shoulders: Pauldrons of Blooming Hope Chest: Sweet-Tempered Breastplate Tabard: Gilneas Tabard Belt: Allen's Abandoned Belt Legs: Ghostcaller's Leggings Feet: Treads of Youth Hands: Finder's Keepers Main Hand: Dimensional Blade Off Hand: Lord General's Sword Ranged: Pierce's Pistol Gilnean Peasent Chest: Dusky Leather Armor Belt: Dusky Belt Legs: Dusky Leather Leggings Feet: Dusky Boots Main Hand: Wood Chopper Gilnean Nobleman Head: Eye of Flame or High Society Top Hat Shoulders: Duskhallow Mantle Chest: Gilnean Acolyte's Robe Belt: Embroidered Belt Feet: Anything black or grey. Gilnean Citizen (Female) (Thanks Willyam!) Head: Brown Brewfest Hat Chest: Durable Robe Legs: Durable Pants Feet: Durable BootsAeliren28 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 New RPer seeking guidance Hello all! I'm new to RP and having never written anything on my characters I was wondering if I could get some help. I wanted my character to be an explorer and one who lives off the land. So I was thinking of having her become a is the story I have so far.. Giselle was taught as a young girl to live off the land. Her mother had passed away in childbirth and her father had raised her the best he knew how. Her father being a game hunter often took Giselle with him on his hunting trips. He taught her the art of tracking, shooting, fishing, and harvesting the skins and meats of their kills. Her father would load the cart with the furs, skins, and meats and sell them at the markets. They were not ritch by no means but they made an honest living and Giselle loved being in the forest. So when Giselle came of age and heared one of the largest land owners in (not sure if I should make him from Duskwoods or Westfall) was looking to hire some scouts to find a large piece of land big enough for a whole town to be built on it. Giselle jumpped at the opportunity! He hired 6 people but not to work together. They were all to split up and scour lands. All findings were to be extensively noted including such things as wildlife found on the land, plants, temperature. And a detailed sketching of the whole area. The person who found the best and safest piece of land would be handsomely reward. This is the only idea I could come up with for an exploding hunter. If I have made a party foul please let me know...the same if its garbage but please try and be kind :)Gíselle10 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 The Rise of Strife ...Veptember7 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Fancy RP Names my character was flagged for a name change... a blood elf mage. I was going to transfer her to an RP realm to play with some new friends I made and I was wondering if anyone had some good blood elf mage names. or any good names for that matter please and thanks!Nightfrost3 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Warcraft: Second War just saw a vid called Warcraft: Second War and it got me thinking, I miss the days of arial dogfights between my gryphon riders and the great red dragons of the Horde, on the battlefield beneath is bloodthirsty Orcs, Ogres and Trolls rushing into a glorious clash with humanity's defenders, the holy Knights, while elven rangers launch barrages of arrows into the ranks. I've fought in the second war, and lost my arm!Butcherr1 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Need help deciding a last name Takumi is mainly a warrior, but he's a little bit of his parents' classes too. His father is a shaman, and his mother is a monk. In his RP story, he befriends a group of dwarves, and lives in Ironforge. I've tried really hard to come up with a good last name for Takumi, but I always end up with nothing. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions. Also, I'm thinking of making an addition to his RP story, where he changes his last name to a dwarven-sounding one.Takumi1 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Lore question. May not be the best forum, but I figured RPers would know a good resource. basically I want to know which books cover the major and somewhat major events of each expansion, such as the isle of quel'danas from BC, etc. or domination point in MoP. I honestly dont have a lot of time to quest and get all that lore so I basically wanted to read the book(s) on em or somewhat detailed cliff notes, etc. I havent even been able to do the thunder island dailies and really wanna know the story, preferably in novel form cause of all the detail, but cliff notes are good too. I more or less know the novel order up the the cataclysm one and I can just google the timeline, but wanna know the important lore features etc. Like if you didn't do end time dungeons you wouldn't even have heard of murozond. So I don't wanna miss things like that, wrathgate etc.Kaijin6 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Character Development Hello, Moon Guard. I have a few questions about character development for roleplayers here. I've been tossing around an idea for a book (or... world, rather-- not quite sure what to classify it as). However, I consider myself still relatively new when it comes to developing a character-- goals, beliefs, etc. I encourage the discussion of the following questions within this thread. As always, please try to be respectful of others. Thank you. 1. Where does inspiration, for you as a player, come from when you wrote/write your characters? 2. Sometimes roleplayers find that their real-life personalities and beliefs can interfere with the character's. How can this be avoided? Is it something that should necessarily be avoided at all? 3. What do you think is the key to creating a believable, yet unique character? 4. So the foundation of the character has been laid out. What are other ways that the character can branch out from a set foundation? 5. Do you find writing the character's history before creating the character is more beneficial than fleshing that out as your develop him or her? Is the latter a valid way to do so?Ruthelle7 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Lonely Tavern (Open RP) Upon entering the tavern one may notice the small bar at the other side of the room. A bar-tender wiping the counters from the customers who'd just left. He nods to each new visitor, letting them know he realizes their presence and is willing to help at their command. "Welcome, the names Joe." He had a rusty voice, possibly from all the smoke in the air left by the travelers who'd come and gone. Joe had been the bar keep for many years now, knowing all the tricks and favorite drinks. Putting little spins on his own and creating legendary concoctions. There were tables all around the edges of the wall, and one large one in the middle for big groups. The tables seemed worn down from the many uses, and weight they had held over the years. The place wasn't the nicest place to be, it was more of a hide-a-way for those that needed it. Which would lead to the Priestess, covered in her long gown. Elegant to the sight, sitting properly in one of the far tables. She'd keep her head down, sipping on a glass. What was in the glass was unknown at this time. Her fingers tracing over the rim, a soft humming being heard from the cup. She never looked up from her glass, keeping her head down. Although the Light around her would give off the aura of welcome to any that may sit with her.Merilynn0 Apr 5, 2013