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Jan 28, 2013 Why do people who do not RP? Play on a RP server?Omchi7 Jan 28, 2013
Jan 28, 2013 Quick Question :) Ok. . . So I'm wanting to write a back story for a new character of mine, a Human Warlock. I recently viewed a thread that gave me some insight, but only some. So here are my questions. I would appreciate it if you answered them. 1. Would it be acceptable if a mage found a book written by a warlock about fel energies and information about the different demons and a beginners guide to it all? Keep in mind it's not legendary book, it's not rare, she just found it in a Dalaran library, began reading, and got interested. 2. When beginning these studies, is it possible for the first summoning attempt to go wrong, and the demon she summons attacks her? (I'm not familiar with all this so I'm asking everything I want to know.) 3. How does one go about in the progression of going from using fire, arcane, and frost, to using the fel energies to attack things? 4. Can it be possible for the power from using fel energy to corrupt the mind, and drive someone mad, but an event help them recover? And if so, what kind of event? 5. How do the different demon's act to the warlock. I have seen people RP that their demons are alongside them, but they never say much more then they scowl and that's about it. 6. Related to number 5, is it possible for a warlock to form a good relationship (friends) with a demon, and become more familiar with them, and they are better at working together, or are demons hateful towards their masters? 7. In past lore, when did mages and other magic-using classes first begin to delve into such dark energies? 8. Now that warlock's have a demon form, is it possible to include this in RPing or is it OP? If it can be RPed, how does one RP it? 9. As with number 8, since they can teleport with the portal things (whatever they're called), is this acceptable? If so, how is it RPed? 10. And last but not least. . . and the most important. . . When summoning a Demon, how does one RP it appearing? I know there is alot, but I would really appreciate it if someone could answer them all.Elderhunter8 Jan 28, 2013
Jan 28, 2013 Moon Guard: Horde RP vs Ally RP Which is a better experience in you opinionOmchi2 Jan 28, 2013
Jan 28, 2013 Happy Hunting! I am bidding farewell to wow! I am hoping some of my friends see my post and that this post can clarify my reasons for leaving WoW. To be blunt WoW is no longer fun for me. The questing is fun, the dailies are fun, the dungeoning is fun, the raids are a blast! But the realm ive played on for years now has hit a critical mass of alliance vs horde to the point that the gameplay is horrible... As in 10 + horde for every alliance. I do not see blizz fixing this anytime soon as they attempt to wring 25 dollars each toon for a server transfer for each remaining alliance player. So i want to thank each and every single player i ever had any dealings with for the fun you added to the game for me! We had some epic times in raids, bg's, arenas and all around goofing off and im very sad to see it end! This is a sad day indeed but there is a saying, "All good things must come to an end." And with that i retire!Hotsdokill1 Jan 28, 2013
Jan 28, 2013 How is this for a backstory? So before i finalize anything was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers, and burn down any real bad ideas... First of all, I made this priest back during TBC, so I am a first generation forsaken, and I want to keep that as part of my story, so would a first gen forsaken act differently then a 2nd gen? here are some defining things about my character that i've came up with so far. Honestly believed sylvanas was looking for the "cure", she kept asking about it and kept getting responses like "we first need to fulfil our end of the bargain to the orcs before we can start looking for the cure" and then later "Royal Apothecary are REAL close, I swear!" She kept getting excuse after excuse, or put on wild goose chases, until the fall of the Lich King, she learned that Sylvanas has been raising new forsaken, and with that ankoku finally realized what she was in denial about all these years was true, sylvanas had no intention of finding a cure, she started to feel a great burning resentment towards the dark lady whom she formally idolized, but she was no fool to stand up to her, she grudgingly obeyed the orders to oversee the introduction of the new second generation forsaken into undeath, whome she loathed as being a symbol of her lady's betrayal to her. The day came when sylvanas wanted to show off her valk'yre to Garrosh, and ankoku was present that day, she looked at Garrosh with Envy as he said to Sylvanas the words she had been wanting to say to her for so long. In that moment she became a huge Garrosh Fangirl / supporter and requested to be moved to orgrimarr so that she may serve under him. [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ Personalty Ankoku by forsaken standards is very optimistic and somewhat bubbly at times, though she did go through a brooding emo stage when she first found out sylvanis has been making new forsaken, Garrosh's words on that day reignited her personality. She has now came to terms with her undeath and accepted that fate, but has decided to make the most out of it. She now prefers the company of orcs (though the feeling isn't always mutual, at least not to the extent she is) and works very hard to win Garrosh's approval --- "Hey Garrosh! I killed 10 humans in battle!" / giant smile that if it was on someone else's face would look extreamely happy, but on an undead's face looks terrifying / She isn't romanticly in love with garrosh, i'd say she more idolizes him like a child would to superman, and she is pretty much blind to the fact garrosh is a #*$#@. She is always pushing herself to become stronger for the horde, but she does know what her limitations are, and will not run into a fight she knows she will lose, unless it is to save someone she cares about, but that list of people at most has three names on it. ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] So thats the basic idea I have came up with, any thoughts? am I breaking any the "bad rp rules". Still trying to think of more to add to it, I don't want being a Garrosh lap dog to be her only motif, though that is what pushes her the most... If I see second gen forsaken as a symbol of sylvanas' betrayal, how can i act this out without just being a brooding jerk to 2nd gen forsaken?Ankoku1 Jan 28, 2013
Jan 28, 2013 Depth of Despair-OOC-sign ups #2 Just thought I would put this up before I forget. link to first one: Jan 28, 2013
Jan 28, 2013 Are Spriests inherently evil? The Shadow is the opposite of the Light. The shadow is the negative energies in this world: death, sadness, misery, pain. If you're someone who dedicates their studies to wielding the shadow, wouldn't that make you a tad... sadistic? Especially with Shadow Form, where you become a manifestation of the Shadow.Laers18 Jan 28, 2013
Jan 28, 2013 What do you think of my charcter? History: Rogo was born and orphan persay, he was found by smolderthorn scouts as child, and his exact home tribe has yet to be found. Within Smolderthorn, he grew up in the "streets" of lower city of the black-rock spire, defending himself from other trolls who called him "different" because he was not smolerthorn origin. One day while he explored the beginning part of the lower city, he found an orc who invited him to his house because he though Rogo was lost. They talked to each other and quickly became friends. One day, the orc reviled to him that he was a shaman, which wouldn't be the best thing to say around the best thing to say in Black Rock Spire because most orcs took up the warlock profession. Rogo wanted to know the mystery of something he never saw, what was a shaman, how did he work? He learned his first totem from the orc, his earth totem. He came by everyday to this orc's house to thank him for his teaching. They seemed to be friends. As time went on, it seemed that the alliance was getting closer and closer to Blackrock spire and blackrock spire was raided eventually. Rogo was horrified at what he saw, this humans and elves and short people, murdering people he used to know and care about. He ran to his friend, the orc shaman, for help. The shaman told him that it was unsafe to stay here anymore, and that they needed to escape. Alliance raiders were coming in to their floor, so time was running short. Rogo found a pathway, but they would not make it in-time. The shaman forsaw the alliance coming, and with the help of a neighboring orge, they held of the alliance so Rogo could escape. He hasn't seen them since. A burning hatred arised in him, and he looked for a way to exhale it, and he did - he accidentally discovered the fire totem. Rogozsnita encountered a group of goblins working for the horde once he got out. For an odd reason, the orc commanding the group of goblins and lessers, took pity on the troll and did not kill him off the bat. He said, "You are not one of us, but you can be one. Join the Horde, be apart of one large group, and feel a sense of pride. We need anyone that is willing to join". After the hell Rogo had been through, he decided to sign up. He went to Grom'Gol and took a zeppelin to orgrimmar. Once he was at the zeppelin, he was immediately shipped of to tanaris, for reasons he does not know. He spent a great deal of time helping the goblins with their various tasks and in secret, talking to local sandfury trolls about "troll things". he couldn't find someone like him, or someone that was a shaman. He later traveled through Ungoro crater to Sithilus, were he fought Quarji in-defensive of the cenarion circle. He also, while using the earth totem and Raptor Loa of the trolls, was able to self teach him a way to ride the venomhide ravasaur, a mount he uses today. After he served time for the horde, he was granted leave and heading on the opposite of Azeroth, to eastern kingdoms. He found a cause he could really join and believe in - the Argent Dawn. He had spent 3 years in the plaguelands alone destorying the vile undead, and even took part in the first raid against scholomance. Even though Rogo held prejudice against the alliance and cared for the darkspear trolls, he thought that the Argent Dawn was a better faction - devoted to ending the scourge threat. They did not care for petty Alliance vs Horde, they cared for something better. During the burning crusade area, he did not venture much into the world of outland. he had been to shattrath before, but the newland didn't seem to interest him. he still had wonder for his oldworld. During the Wrath of the Lich King era, he signed up for the Argent Crusade. Rogozsnitsa always felt he needed a purpose, and he could serve it once again. He spent time ironically in zul'drak, trying to convince the trolls to calm down as he fought undead trolls being created by the Lich king and Drakuru. He also asked around if the trolls recognized his tribe at all, by none could tell him where he originated Since cataclysm, he's been hanging around tanaris just trying to help his first home rebuild. Looking again, for a new purpose. double post in a completely different forum for those forum lurkers, but I just made it now so please tell me what you think! ! :)Rogozsnitsa4 Jan 28, 2013
Jan 28, 2013 Questions for back story (all orc related) 1) How long ago were the Tauren assisted by the Orcs against the Centaur? And were the Tauren free from the oppression of the Centaur though a big battle or through something else? 2) What is the life expectancy of an Orc? At what age are they considered adults, and what age are they considered venerable? 3) How long ago were the Orcs corrupted by the demon blood? 4) If an Orc disagrees with the Garrosh, what would be the punishment if he was heard talking in any negative tone? How many people would turn him in for speaking negatively of Garrosh– are the majority for or against Garrosh? Would the Orc find more like-minded people in Thunderbluff? 5) How close can a character be to Baine (or any lore character for that matter) without it being frowned upon? (This one is related to monks) 6) Is it possible for someone to discover and utilize chi before meeting Pandaren? After all, Chi is just life force manifested into an energy (like the Light in some ways). Could it be justifiable that an Orc who is very in tune with himself and the way living things work together discovers chi through practice? Thanks!Laers21 Jan 28, 2013
Jan 28, 2013 Is this type of background story plausible? I was wondering how to give this character a reason to become a druid and i thought about this. What if, during the time the Echo Isles are controlled by Zalazane, i was enslaved by him. Then at the end of wrath/begining of Cata he is freed because Zalazane is defeated and killed. This would not only give me a reason to want to be a druid, I was saved by them. But it would also explain the absence of me in the world, and the fact that i have not chosen a path yet. However, the problem i have thought of is if it be plausible that i survived that long with people coming to kill me constantly. And also was wondering what you guys opinions about a background story like this.Antuzal4 Jan 28, 2013
Jan 28, 2013 Looking to RP from start to finish... Im looking for at least 2 others to start brand new toons in WoW and go through the entire game RPing. This is certainly a long term project and will take time to setup. Please apply here and we can discuss how we will go about it, and what faction and races we will go with. There will be a background for each toon, and we will work it around the story currently going on in WoW. This isnt for anyone that plans to "try it out". This is for people that have been wanting to do this kind of thing for a long time, and willing to put in the time and effort. Most time will be done in the afternoons and evenings, and weekends. Need to be flexible with game times as some have lifes outside of the game.. have other characters to play... this is not a hardcore race to 90. This is an ADVENTURE with others that are likely to become friends. I would like a group of 5 at most do instances can be done together as a group without the awkward "stranger".Tryndameire64 Jan 28, 2013
Jan 28, 2013 A link to my story for the tl:dr people out there ;) Jan 28, 2013
Jan 27, 2013 What do you guys think? Hey guys, this is a story that I wrote about 3 years ago today. It was supposed to be a derivative of the Warcraft III Brewmaster and his journey to be who he ended up being. I used the DotA name of the monk just for clarification. I would like to see what you guys think of it. Keep in mind I was a junior in high school writing this. Possibly, if after you are done reading this, you can let me know if you would like to read more and if I should continue it.Kerex21 Jan 27, 2013
Jan 27, 2013 Shado Pan question Hello. I've recently returned to the game after an extended hiatus. For RP purposes, I'd like to bring up a human rogue. The short version of my idea was to have her venture to Pandaria and, over time, earn a place among the Shado Pan. Her motivation for this would be a lack of loyalty to the Alliance. There are additional motivations behind her lack of loyalty, but they detract from my point here. My concern is the fact that she is human. Can only Pandaren be Shado Pan? I have not yet begun the Shado Pan dailies. I have tried researching this but only came up with vague non-answers. This question has likely been asked, but again I failed to find a thread about it. I probably typed incorrect search criteria. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!Ayiti1 Jan 27, 2013
Jan 27, 2013 How to Prestige Without Sucking, Vol 1 In this thread, I'll be going over several types of prestige classes, how they work, IRL sources, in-game abilities, and how they tie into Lore. Enjoy the read! All lore will have a source produced upon demand. To save precious characters, as I only get 5000, I will not be citing each and every one. To find a specific class, simply control+F and jot down something from one of the chapters below. You'll find it pretty fast. Chapter One: Runemaster Chapter Two: Dead Shot Chapter Three: Spirit Champion Chapter Four: Bone-Crusher Chapter Five: Primal Chapter Six: Death Knight Chapter Seven: Vindicator Chapter Eight: Exemplar Chapter Nine: Medic Chapter Ten: Dragonsworn Unexpected Chapter Eleven: Witch Doctor Unexpected Chapter Twelve: Windwarrior (Page Two) Unexpected Chapter Thirteen: Shadow Hunter (Page Three) Unexpected Chapter Fourteen: Racial Assassins (Page Three) Unexpected Chapter Fifteen: Shado-Pan and Shodo-Pan (Page Four) Chapter One: Runemasters Operable Classes: Monk, Hunter, Death Knight, Shaman, Mage Involved Professions: Enchanting, Inscription A runemaster is, as the name implies, someone who's pretty good with the runic script and can diddle their etching tools well enough to create something that channels power. Runes are Arcane in nature, heavily reliant upon ley lines, but are benign and non-corrupting, which is a nice touch. This is due to a basic difference in operation: Traditional arcane magic is an unnatural act - the energy must be directed, shaped, and ultimately released by force of will. Runic script functions via designs already in existence, and the arcane flows willingly into it in order to empower the sigil. Runes are not simply ancient scribbles that somehow hold power - no, runes are much, much better than that. Their shape is directly relevant to their function: it is how the rune is formed that dictates how it interacts with the world. Because it is a natural form of magic, the pattern is incredibly important. Each rune is part of a ten-set known as a "family", and each rune mimics a pattern of energy lines somewhere in the world. By downsizing down these lines, you get focused runic magic. A mark is a rune that is inscribed directly onto a creature and can be activated by them at will. These typically will last for some time and can feed directly off of the creature using it, and it need not be the runesmith who scribed the rune who sets it up. However, the person utilizing the rune must know the script and the function as well as being capable of allowing arcane energy to flow directly into it. A glyph is inscribed onto an object and activates immediately upon completion. They can be created to be permanent, but this takes some amount of skill. Unlike with marks, it is not possible to delay empowerment. A sigil is a rune inscribed upon a surface that will act as a trigger. They are usually set off via proximity, and cannot be made permanent. They last until triggered or destroyed. Now, there're three different types of runes. You got your spontaneous, which is quickly scribbled onto wood or rock in the midst of combat or some other harrowing time. You got your inscribed, which is the preferred method - this takes some time, but can be lasting, though the rune fades when it runs out of power. Finally, you got your permanent runes which, as you may have guessed, are permanent.Trenk70 Jan 27, 2013
Jan 27, 2013 Worgen Roleplaying I've been thinking about getting involved in World of Warcraft roleplaying for a while now, and finally settled on a character I like for a worgen hunter. I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I've been reading all of the resources I can find on worgens. Basically, she was born and raised in Gilneas City. Her father was a hunter for survival and killed things for food/sold their pelts etc. She learned to hunt as a teenager or whatever and it's all fine and dandy. Then Gilneas City is attacked, she's bitten, is cursed, cured and such and 'becomes' a worgen. Is it possible to roleplay exclusively in worgen form? I really dislike the idea of her hanging out in human form all the time. I think (hope) this makes sense in the fact she's a hunter and would spend a lot of time in the wilderness, hunting in worgen form. So she'd kind of lose her attachment to her human side but regain in control of her worgen side. I don't know if this opposes lore directly or makes me look like a total roleplay-noob, but if anyone has any suggestions/ideas that would be wonderful (:Katanja5 Jan 27, 2013
Jan 27, 2013 Transmog Question!! Transmog Question for all of you knowledgeable folk, is there hunter gear available in game to look like the Silver Covenant Ranger NPC? Here is a link to a picture. Thank you so much in advance! Jan 27, 2013
Jan 27, 2013 Looking for Contact Hey, im looking for real id friends who are looking for roleplay contact, you don't need to be on my server. I dont care which server you play on. All I honestly ask is that you play horde and despise our alliance foes. You can get in touch with me via battletag because i seriously doubt you will put your email address on any forum, I know I wont be. ScrdImrtl#1841 <------ my battletag If you DO happen to be looking to reroll servers, or a place to roll and alt and would like some honest roleplay contact, I can be found on Malfurion-US. I may play many different toons, but I will always rp as my main. Here is a bit about my character: Name: Kruciel Biographical Level: 90 Class: Death Knight blood/frst Race: Orc Gender: Male Age: 25 Place of Residence: Underneath the starry skies above Place of Birth: Orgrimmar Relatives: Poppetier (wife) Enemies: Anyone who wears the Alliance emblem Allies: Theldren (friend), Mahlen (friend), Ketab (friend), Loctar (friend), and any other brothers and sisters who willingly fight and die for the Horde. Occupation: Warrior for the Horde. Crafting: Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting Appearance: Battle scars spot his body. Unsightly bags below his deep set, dark blue eyes show lack of sleep and age. Motivations: A thirst for power. His guild and fellow guildies. His wife (he is very protective) Philosophy: Always let them strike first, they will tire quicker. Positive Personality Traits: Relentless, leader, quick to think on under pressure and on the fly, trustworthy, respectful Negative Personality Traits: Quick to anger, will take a while to gain trust. Guild: Sacred Immortals Guild Rank: Guild Leader Faction: Horde Again, if you are interested in roleplaying with me please feel free to message me via real id If i get enough people we can set something up a night or two a week for an "rp night" all over real id. Looking forward to hearing from someone! ----Edited to change some information and to add my battletag.Cptcylus4 Jan 27, 2013
Jan 27, 2013 Roleplaying Another Class Hey everyone. I'm relatively new to the roleplaying scene. I've done it in the past but it was usually simple and very rare. I've decided to reroll on a dedicated RP server and try things out with a new character. I've checked numerous guides and threads for this question but couldn't fine any. Obviously I'm a monk, but I don't really want to be entirely a monk or entirely another class, if that makes sense. Basically, I was thinking that this character could be something of a balanced fighter. I'm thinking he was an average hunter but (for a reason I haven't thought of yet) decided to take up training in hand to hand/monk combat. In terms of skill he's pretty average: he can use a bow or a weapon pretty well, but he isn't extraordinary. Would it be possible to pull something like this off. I know when I RPed a pally I would often wear plain mail armor to look like a run-of-the-mill warrior, but people would openly refer to me as a paladin and tell me off when I informed them it wasn't openly obvious.Maitas3 Jan 27, 2013
Jan 27, 2013 So.. I just took a pandaren to the Horde And I feel like any Pandaren would regret their decision of going to the Horde upon meeting Garrosh. "That's WARCHIEF Hellscream to you!" "Tauren prove themselves useful. Look, this one's even a shaman." He's just a very angry person that I think would make any Pandaren uneasy, anyone else agree? I also have some questions about Pandaren RP: 1) How the hell do Pandaren know what everyone is saying? They fully understand the Tauren and Goblin on the Wandering Isle and I don't understand how. Is this one of those gameplay > lore deals? 2) I know that Garrosh says that the PC earns their position and respect in the horde from taking that magnataur head on, but before Pandaria (12-85) is there anything that the Pandaren would experience to see the side of being Horde that isn't part of Garrosh's angry propaganda? I was thinking the Stonetalon quests, but wouldn't those events be over by the time Pandaren came truckin' through? Thanks :DLaers7 Jan 27, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 Types of roleplays? I am a roleplayer. (Obviously...) And I'm getting a little bit tired of some of the roleplays on Moon guard. I've been trying to think of a good roleplay to do but I'm just not that creative. If they are any types of roleplay you could... Mention? Please and thank you!Ripsnarla5 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 Would a horde affiliated DK join the forsaken This just occurred to me. I mean, it would make sense during WotLK seeing as both Sylvanas and the Ebon blade, wanted Arthas' head on a pike. And wouldn't a death knight be more readily accepted by the forsaken than by any other race in the horde since most tend to see them as abominations of nature?Erani5 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 Random lore questions! 1) Does mingling with the Arcane definitely make a character corrupt? Or is it possible for someone to have a strong enough will to resist corruption from being a mage/warlock? I hear a lot of people saying that arcane power will inevitably lead to corruption, but I'd argue that Jaina and Rhonin seem pretty stable to me (Jaina up until recently, but that's due to her home being nuked) 2) Can a mage be role played as being a "nature mage"? Like, instead of arcane fire or arcane frost, he uses the power of the fire/water elements? 3) Can a forsaken (told you these were random) have a certain thing personal to them that makes them feel alive? For example, one forsaken may feel good/alive/happy whenever he sees a beautiful landscape, one may feel that way whenever he kills, etc. I know that forsaken are generally mopey and negative, but is it possible for one to feel better upon doing/seeing a specific thing? I know this is really broad and not really important, but is it possible? (a la death knight starting zone when your dk meets the person from his home.) 4) How do animals treat forsaken? Are they automatically scared or hostile towards them? 5) How long was the gap in between the shattering and the discovery of pandaria? 6) When it comes to the individual of a race, how different can they be from the general view of the race? For example, can a tauren be aggressive, can an orc be peace loving, can a dwarf be timid, etc. To what extent does the race define the individual? Those should satiate my curiosity :DRuneheart9 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 First time attempt at RP backstory Being kidnapped at a young age from his home in the desolate barrens, a team of SI:7 found a young warlock with the ability to attract lesser demons without any proper training causing many homes to be destroyed as the young orc could not control the demons to any extent, as according to some goblins in Ratchet, the young orcs parents were killed by the ranWanting to manifest this power the SI:7 took this young orc through the barrens and put him to sleep during the trip to booty bay. As they arrived to booty bay they flew to stormwind and in the cover of the nightfall brought the young orc still dozing before the Warlocks of the alliance. After many spells and rituals involving tell the extent of the young orcs power, as the warlock council set about preforming the last ritual, the orc was realized to be a monstrosity that will surely be a force to be reckoned with at a mature age with the proper training. The council of the black harvest, hearing of this orc being stolen away from his home in the barrens demand he be sent back, as the SI:7 explained he is an orphan. The council decided he was to the SI:7's claim. A greedy warlock seeing a keen chance to make some gold, took the boy and decided to train him in the destructive arts of Fel Magic, first teaching him the powers of the fire fel magic. The young boy picking up his destructive powers quickly preformed his first imp summoning at the young age of 10. The greedy warlock named Gujin, a gnome warlock took his young charge to the underground dungeons of the Dire Maul arena having his charge named Vinex, meaning unstable in demonic tongue, fight against the gladiators of the arena. Each kill of Vinex's lead to him being stronger, and stronger as he learned to destroy all that was put before him in the arena. His master, leaving his study unlocked one day in their home in Ashenvale, he going into the study and seeing the demonic letters leaping off the pages he chanted the words bringing forth the dreaded Terrorguard, mortaly hurting Vinex as he could not banish the damned demon. The terrorguard destroyed their home and to a surprised Master came home to a Terrorguard casting doom bolts into his charge trying to contain the demon. The master being unprepared was destroyed in a single sweep of the terrorguard. Vinex being enraged by the Terrorguard killing the only person that had ever seemed to care for him casted the latest spell his master was teaching him, The dreaded Chaos Bolt, if he managed to pull it off, this spell being the toughest spell for him to master as his fel magic is incredibly unstable due to an unknown reason, as he finishes casting the chaosbolt the demonic magic of chaos leaves his hands in a perfect formation of his energy's piercing the terrorguard through his body and leaving his body into fire, the young warlock now aged at twenty casts the banishment spell as the great demon's blood would corrupt the land as felwood is.Vinex4 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 thinking about moving to an rp server I've been trying out rp servers on lowbie alts and kinda want to move a toon over as a dedicated rp toon, this character seems to be the top candidate to be moved as it is the only one that hasn't been moved out of that hell hole server dalvengyr yet, and has been pretty much on the shelf since i can't tolerate that server. So before i finalize anything was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers, and burn down any real bad ideas... First of all, I made this priest back during TBC, so I am a first generation forsaken, and I want to keep that as part of my story, so would a first gen forsaken act differently then a 2nd gen? here are some defining things about my character that i've came up with so far. Honestly believed sylvanas was looking for the "cure", she kept asking about it and kept getting responses like "we first need to fulfil our end of the bargain to the orcs before we can start looking for the cure" and then later "Royal Apothecary are REAL close, I swear!" She kept getting excuse after excuse, or put on wild goose chases, until the fall of the Lich King, she learned that Sylvanas has been raising new forsaken, and with that ankoku finally realized what she was in denial about all these years was true, sylvanas had no intention of finding a cure, she started to feel a great burning resentment towards the dark lady whom she formally idolized, but she was no fool to stand up to her, she grudgingly obeyed the orders to oversee the introduction of the new second generation forsaken into undeath, whome she loathed as being a symbol of her lady's betrayal to her. The day came when sylvanas wanted to show off her valk'yre to Garrosh, and ankoku was present that day, she looked at Garrosh with Envy as he said to Sylvanas the words she had been wanting to say to her for so long. In that moment she became a huge Garrosh Fangirl / supporter and requested to be moved to orgrimarr so that she may serve under him. [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ So thats the basic idea I have came up with, any thoughts? am I breaking any the "bad rp rules". If I see second gen forsaken as a symbol of sylvanas' betrayal, how can i act this out without just being a brooding jerk to 2nd gen forsaken?Ankoku0 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Looking for good Role Play zones My sister and I role play (though we are on a PvE server we still RP with each other) So far we have Gilneas City and the Scholomance Isle (sorry I'm bad at remembering names), but we are looking for more places to RP in. We RP as a Warlock and Death Knight. Any ideas =D? I thought the best people to ask are those who know best =)Deydrianna12 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Sunset years Konk wondered why he felt so tired, after an easy day's march and a pleasant exchange with an orc from another clan. An orc in his prime should not tire so easily, nor his joints creak on an easy, flat and grassy trail. Still, he felt good, and stretched his tired limbs. There was something... He remembered that he had forgotten something, but couldn't remember what it was. Probably some trivial mission from his mate. To catch some fish, or pick some berries for their young pups. Konk smiled thinking of his mate. Her copper skin and lilac eyes, her hair as dark as the spaces between the stars at night. Darker than his own, if only just. Konk looked down at his own skin. It was a nasty green, like stagnant water. The light all around him was green though, and had tainted the colors of everything. That had to be why his skin did not look like the rich brown of oiled leather. He hoped he wasn't sick. Bloodflurry Clan. That was it. The orc he had talked to was... Kurkut? Kurgruk? Something like that. An elder, clearly. Not young and strong like Konk. Still, bluff and honest, as all orcs ought be. Konk liked him. The clan name struck a gong, and almost prompted some memories. Almost. The orc struck him like a Whiteclaw. Perhaps Bloodflurry was related to them. Un'Goro Crater. He didn't recognize it, and it felt like he was walking endless circles inside of it. It must be a part of Terokkar Forest; some obscure pocket of land no one ever went to on the main paths. He needed to get to Nagrand though, and it was going to be a long walk. He wondered where his talbuk was. He wished he was back in Shadowmoon Valley with his mate and his pups. It was so lush there, the sky overhead so pure and clear... How Zuluhed and the other Dragonmaw would mock him if they knew their promising young scout had gotten lost on such a simple mission, and homesick too! Still, orcs are an easygoing people, and it would all be in good fun. Konk stretched and lay down. It had been a good day. It was good to be young and strong, with a beautiful and fierce mate! Life was good. Konk smiled and slept, blissful in his forgetfulness. ____________________________________________ I posted this story on another site, and was hoping for some additional feedback and constructive criticism. Some missing context is that Konkurur was a member of a very hardline, militant and First War type of clan. There, he got ICly crossways with a truly foul warlock. Right after that my account was hacked and I reintegrated him this way, RPing that the warlock had 'cast his adversary into the Nether' during the time the account was being restored and sorted.Konkurur3 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 As a background How is this? As a young warlock, studying summoning, I summoned a fel guard, but wasn't prepared for something so strong. The fel guard overcame me and knocked me out. In an attempt to help, a fellow warlock made a portal to send the demon back. As the portal emerged a dark force came through. What seemed like a hand it pierced the demon killing it. As the portal closed the dark force grabbed hold of me and brought me through the portal. I awoke to what seemed as a hut. Soon after two beings, what appeared to be draenei in robes, approached me. One muttered something odd along with making hand signs. As the being stopped a small purple formation appeared on it's forehead. The one with the symbol walked towards me and the other one appeared to take guard of the hut. As it got to me, it took arm hand and began to mutter again. Our hands together, a purple mist formed around. A pain grew on my forearm, what felt like a burning sensation. As I looked down at my arm the burning sensation started becoming more exact to a point where it started burning lines into my arm. Due to the pain I looked away, with a quick turn of my head I just noticed the beings arm, it had the same symbol on it's forehead. As I looked back to my arm the symbol was a third of the way done. Before it could finish the one guarding the hut quickly came over. With a surprised look on it's face it said something that made the one working with me stop and both head to the doorway. I looked back to my arm to see what was a partially finished symbol of what the being had. I looked back atty the two to see another. This one had a different color skin and a different style of clothing, it sort of looked to be royalty. All the of them came to me and just barely seeing past them a bigger formation showed. As the three approached me the new one began to talk. It began in a mutter, but then I slowly started to understand it. "Zet ic pais one doing?" it said. "He appears fine sir, just woke up fifteen minutes ago." ((to cut it short)) The royal looking one told me " You shall stay here and train." For what seemed as years of work Tet-alic(royal looking one) appeared before me. "You have been here long enough gnome." As he said that he conjured a portal. "Time to go home now, just remember he'll be watching you." As he finished a dark force pulled me back through the portal back to where it all began, The Slaughtered Lamb. Trying to understand what he meant I found myself joining a group called Cursed Legacy. ... Open to all types of criticism. Would like to know(if anyone bothered reading lol) if any of this is over used rp.Rethemal4 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Chat/Emotes from Stealth I'm wondering how many of us there are that are extremely disappointed by the recent change to how chat/emotes are no longer viewable by others when done from Stealth. The long story short being, if you're not detected by someone, even a friendly someone, that person cannot see your posts. I've been dual-boxing accounts for some time now using a Horde character on one and an Alliance Rogue on the other with a similar name to RP with Alliance from Stealth, and only just recently discovered this change now that I had gotten them both to 90. I can see WHY this change was introduced, but were the number of people being discovered in stealth through 'says' and emotes really so problematic in PvP situations that it had to be 'nerfed' like this? If anything, an option to allow characters from Stealth to be 'heard' would be greatly appreciated. In the scheme of things that RPers could want on their wishlist for this game, it's not asking for a lot. I don't see a purpose right now in paying for two accounts anymore.Shangos21 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Troll Knowledge Cube(Need Suggestions) For those on Moon Guard, I apologize if this is a repeat of what you have seen before. I'm simply casting out a wide net so I cover as much as possible. Upon discovering that a Troll RP guide has been compiled by someone on an EU server by ripping direct quotes out of my old guide, I have been inspired to produce a second guide to Troll lore. Hopefully one that will not rely on information gathered by individuals other than myself and Blizzard Entertainment. The guide I was speaking of stands at 137 pages in a word document. My goal is 140. I already have some ideas in mind, as well as adding onto the information covered in my previous guide. -History of the entire race as a whole -The Tribes, addressing every known tribe of Trolls and their respective histories -Troll Biology and Physical Traits -Clothing and jewelry -Armor, Arms, and Warfare -Race Relations -Troll Names and Zandali -Loa, spirits and other religions -Rituals and ceremonies -Love, relationships, and mating -Classes and subclasses -Professions -Myths and Misunderstandings about Trolls -Art and Music -Social norms, values, and behaviors -Real world influences -Defining Troll terms So now I turn to you, my fellow roleplayers. What do you want to know about Trolls?Volkuza4 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 24, 2013 Ghost Wolf Form... Anyone ever try RPing as one? And if so / if not, what ideas could be thrown behind it. I know they are 'spirit guides' to the Shaman, but whose to say you can't just be one that sits at random locations, studying things.Nupsi6 Jan 24, 2013
Jan 24, 2013 music video hey all, I made this video and wanted to share it with some people. Let me know what you all think. I'm still a bit new at video making and I appreciate any helpful hints! tyä1 Jan 24, 2013
Jan 24, 2013 Help with my dk oc! thinking about making a death knight rp character, I got an idea of where I want to go with it, but still parts I am indecisive about, and lots of plotholes for backstory I need filled. Human Male: name is undecided, still got to find a good rp realm, then find a name I like that isn't taken... So my idea is that I was not part of the battle of lights hope chapel, nor in anyway part of the ebon blade, but rather I remained loyal to the Lich King until he was defeated, I'm thinking I was formally a warrior and willingly became a death knight, doing some sort of horrible act while I was still alive to be given my power, and an officer rank in the scourge. My character does not feel any remorse in his decision, if anything he resents those who killed the lich king, and if he was to come back somehow would not hesitate to return to his king. So trying to think of ways of making this back story work, maybe Bolvar has completely converted into the new lich king, and I am working under him, and he sent me out to spy on the alliance? If i go with that I am tampering with cannon that is that frowned upon? if not Bolvar maybe another powerful lich who shares my same interest sent me to spy instead...we didn't really destroy any phylactory for lady deathwhisper...maybe her... So if i go with one the routes that I am spying on the alliance for Bolvar (or different lich), how do I play that out? If I'm smart enough not to throw up any red flags that I am a spy like "hey there your majesty! that I am part of the stormwind guard...which wall is most vulnerable to attack from, lets say three thousand ghouls, a dozen skeletal know so i can protect that wall more, yeaaa...protect it!" thanks in advance for any help ^^Masayume5 Jan 24, 2013
Jan 24, 2013 The 5 word Story Okay, so this is how it works. Each person says 5 words that continue the story; Example 1: the chickens fought the very 2: fat zombie monkeys who hate 3: chickens. although the monkeys fought 4: The chicken won the fight (please don't make it like the example) My 5 words As I entered, Arthas wasBeetel121 Jan 24, 2013
Jan 24, 2013 Thoughts on RPing warlock as a non-evil I was wondering what you guys think about a warlock who is studying demons and demonic energies for purely scientific reason. Someone who studies the fel energy to better understand it in order to help build a knowledge base in order to combat demons?Neurix10 Jan 24, 2013
Jan 24, 2013 Match dragonflights to race/class Wondering which class best embodies each dragonflight. Here's my take: Blue (arcane, frost): mage Green (arcane, nature): druid Black (earth, fire, magma): warlock or shaman Bronze (arcane, wind, lightning) : mage or shaman Red (fire, life) : mage or shaman Twilight: priest Chromatic: Any dark horde themed character If anyone wants to elaborate on the domain I'm looking to pick a dragonflight for each of my characters to mount up on. Super headache to get this assigned especially when all the variations like storm, stone, proto, cloud serpents come into play. Also doesn't have to come down to class abilities. If there's any lore precedent of dragonsworn being certain classes or races that would be helpful too. Considering races for example I think bronze could link up to night elves due to the war of the shifting sands.Sineval2 Jan 24, 2013
Jan 24, 2013 Can the magical thing "light" be tracked? I recently came into a RP where I was tracking footprints...the priest within the group I was tracking levitated everybody so I was like...DAMN. But, I started to wonder if you can track arcane magics can you track Light magics?Curadorn5 Jan 24, 2013
Jan 24, 2013 RP a race change? I've got an idea that's pretty farfetched, but hear me out: The skinny of the character is that he grows up in stormwind not quite feeling that he fits in with the industrial, "proper", and "sophisticated" alliance and longs to live life as the Tauren, Orcs and Trolls do (simple, primal, spiritual). Would the following be possible: He learns of a very elusive type of mage that can change the appearance of any living thing permanently, and he sets out to find this mage so he can be changed into an orc, tauren, or troll (haven't made up my mind yet) Reasons why I think it could be possible: -Mages already have the ability to alter appearances to multiple creatures in game (polymorph and the glyph that lets you copy someones appearance) -Stranger things have happened -It doesn't make him overpowered, it just gives him the chance to live life as he wants and be associated with the people that he wants to be associated with Reasons why I think it couldn't be possible: -Have never read anywhere of something like this being done. -Not really a possibility problem but a "too farfetched" problem. I don't want people to be iffy of this race change, but rather have them be at least ok with it.Elzoido9 Jan 24, 2013
Jan 24, 2013 Issues with a non-Shaman Witch Doctor? Today I was told off by a group while roleplaying that I was at fault for roleplaying as a Witch Doctor as a priest. Supposedly to them you could not RP as a Witch Doctor unless you are a Shaman. As I lacked Hex, Chain Heal, Bloodlust, proper RP gear, and they couldn't employ holy magic. I was under the impression that both a priest or shaman could RP as a Witch Doctor. I saw Shamans as leaning more towards Hexxars but if both study herb/alch and commune with the spirits they can both be Witch Doctors. Also I found it weird they had issue that preists can you holy magic, but didn't see the issue of shamans not being able to use dark magic. The Witch Doctor's abilities were in my eyes split among priests and shamans with shamans getting the spells mentioned above while priests got things like Dominate Mind, Mind Vision, and our various shadow spells. I know my RP gear is more limited as a priest, but that was the only actual big disadvantage I could agree with. Was I being fed bad info or am I in the wrong here.Huzwazlok7 Jan 24, 2013
Jan 24, 2013 Is Half-Blood Elf RP possible? I am making a new Sin'dorei and I wanted to do something different, but not something overpowered and such. So I was looking over WoWpedia for things and noticed the Half-Blood Elf thing. It says there none exist right now but it does say it could happen, it also gives a good amount of detail on what would happen to a character like that. What I am wondering is, pretty much by what the title of this says, would it be possible to RP one without it being overly frowned upon? I know not everyone will agree, that never happens, but I do want to know other people's thoughts on it. I also considered just having a Half-Elf go Horde for Roleplay, it could happen it's just rare. I'm tired of the same old stuff, I want to try something new with this Sin'dorei. :3 Thoughts, or suggestions?Vyninis19 Jan 24, 2013
Jan 24, 2013 is pheraston more of a dwarf or gilnean name? recently I've been having doubts whether or not pheraston is a truly dwarvish name or more of a gilnean name, I can always delete my character and start over with a different name while my worgen is pheraston but I wanted to ask you guys before I make my decision.Pheraston0 Jan 24, 2013
Jan 24, 2013 Troll Lore I have recently become very interrested with trolls and im looking for as much lore on trolls as possible, wowwiki did a good job on the general areas, but im feeling it is missing parts of the whole. Does anyone know a website maybe with the majority of troll lore?Bset11 Jan 24, 2013
Jan 24, 2013 Question about undead "rebirth" When a corpse is raised, can they be brainwashed? I'm working out a character right now that was slain and risen as an undead and was brainwashed into doing unspeakable things for sylvanas (like participating in the assault on Gilneas) that he would have never done in his actual life. Something then snaps him out of it (seeing/hearing something that was from his life, a la the dk starting zone). This can happen, right? Just wanna make sure I'm not swan diving into something that doesn't make sense :)Elzoido7 Jan 24, 2013
Jan 23, 2013 Siege of Orgimmar RP (Anyone welcome.) Like the title says, anyone is welcome. This part will be told from Warrg's point of view. (me) I will be start this off. This story will not be like the real raid. Here we go "This is all, or nothing," said Warrg. "This is a joint-ops mission. The non-tratiorous Horde will help us" "We are almost there," said the captain. "Get ready men." said Warrg. In a spilt second, the captain said, "We're hit! We're going down!" "Hold on to something that won't move!" said Warrg. A few seconds later, Warrg found himself flying in the air. He saw the gunship flew past him. He landed in the water, unconcious.Warrg2 Jan 23, 2013
Jan 23, 2013 The Battle for Gilneas Moments of tranquil were suddenly shattered by a fiery discordance. At that moment, not even Vaedirus had seen it coming ― a conflagration rushed towards us both at a blazing speed. Two mere seconds proved that an armored paladin rushing out of the nearby safehouse would shield us from harm; the fire disseminated upon touching the golden bubble he assuaged us with. Nonetheless, a debilitating bolt of black smoke hit my leg moments later. I pressed on inexorably, attempting to avoid the warlock's magic that threatened me, but he was powerful. The sorceror's attention, however, soon shifted to the man that took to healing us. In hopes of disintegrating all aid, the warlock cast a rain of fire upon the paladin, while his ferocious hound bit and clawed at Vaedirus and I. Throughout this frenzy, the healer strove to keep his energy up, heeding to his blessings and prayers. Vaedirus rushed cold winds from the surrounding atmosphere towards our virulent enemy while I kept the warlock's hound at bay with a bundle of paralytic projectiles. . . . I feared for my life; the warlock knew magic we did not . . . But after minutes that seemed like hours, the undead was successfully weakened by Vaedirus, who had just smashed the warlock's shoulder bone. And so it was that upon his apparent defeat, the warlock had suddenly begun to engulf himself in a volatile black mist. It pushed us and any illumination backwards. After the mist's precocious disappearance, a tall, black demon with dauntingly cold eyes now stood where the deadly sorceror had merely moments ago. Glowing inscriptions lay upon the demon's forehead as it charged at us, shooting some sort of purple blast that the paladin once again saved us from with a bubble. Vaedirus's strength did not belie his lean anatomy: He thrust me out of the way most opportunely upon sighting the warlock's hound racing towards my feet. At the same time, the demonologist sent smoky bolts in all directions, debilitating the three of us that attempted to finish him. He also spoke in a harsh, verbose tongue only one of us identified. "Eredun," grunted the paladin under his breath. . . . It seemed like our last chances were fleeting.Veptember3 Jan 23, 2013
Jan 23, 2013 Hunters & Magic So, I was wondering, what is the current relation with hunters and magic? Because, you know, they have some magic-esque abilities right now, even without using mana anymore (still, mana for hunters always seemed placeholder-ish), they are Arcane Shot, Binding Shot and Black Arrow (might be missing a few more). I was thinking about turning this BE into a Forsaken that somehow relies on magic to do Arcane and Binding Shots, is that way too farfetched? How I'd explain such powers... Perhaps the hunter body is only a vessel for a disembodied Forsaken shadow priestess? How about that?Tetis10 Jan 23, 2013
Jan 23, 2013 RP Outfit: Doktor Professor Ironpants Does anyone know if this NPC's outfit (or something similar) is available in-game? Jan 23, 2013
Jan 23, 2013 What is an evil character? So just to make this clear this is a question not an rp guide to making evil characters. Also this thread contains a lot of rhetorical questions used to make a point not actual questions needing to be answered. Lately I've been trying to map out the idea of what exactly an evil character is. Lately the word "evil" has been thrown around so much that it barely even retains what it even means anymore. Most of the time however a character is described as "evil" because they are on the opposing side of the person they're talking about and that "good" is described as the the person or group that is opposed to the other. Is the Horde considered evil and the Alliance are considered good or are they just two different sides that throw around the words enough to get people to feel sympathetic to their causes? But as to what I was saying about mapping out an evil character. I personally believe that if a person lacks empathy that would make the person evil. If they are a person working towards the common good but are working against a "good" organization does that make them evil? What about a character that is in an evil organization that doesn't know it's evil and thinks they're working for the greater good, would you say that they are considered "evil"? Wouldn't you agree that an evil character would be someone that works for themselves, doesn't care about others unless it benefits them, and/or knows what they're doing is bad but doesn't care? What are your opinions on what constitutes an evil character?Vynathlon44 Jan 23, 2013
Jan 23, 2013 I want to RP - help please! Just starting things off by saying that this is not one of those 'How do I RP?' threads. I've been on this server and in my guild for more than a year. I love both my guild and my server and do not want to leave them. However, my server does near to no RP and I desperately would love to RP on a server dedicated to it. That's my predicament. I have two characters I would like to Realm Transfer. This Warrior, Drallin Rageheart. Born in the second war and of Warsong blood. Is very faction proud but does wish Garrosh to be overthrown. Parents were killed by Gul'dan's Warlocks as they disobeyed his orders. Or A Blood Knight, Vedronys Sunblaze, born 60 years before the First War. Strong supporter of Lor'themar Theron. Dislikes Alliance, but will help them if in great peril (if not from the Horde). Is ashamed of the Blood Knights history, but is not afraid to call him a Blood Knight of the new order. If you were in this situation, which character would you choose if any? Just to let you know that my Guildies know me more for my warrior.Drallin6 Jan 23, 2013
Jan 22, 2013 The Final Patrol ((OOC2)) First OOC Please remember. No fighting. Meep gets mad. She just might shoot you with a giant tank! :DCøron410 Jan 22, 2013