World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction

Mar 9, 2013 The Tillers Council, Horde and Alliance alike (OOC This is an idea for those who are working hard on their Tillers achievement to RP a bit, once a week. We plan on Friday's 7 pm Server time, all are welcome to come join at Halfhill, at the Inn. We welcome all those who plan to achieve the tillers achievement or already have. Feel free to post, we are looking for Pandarens who can make up the council, horde who want to request farm land and alliance.) IC: My father raised me around the Tillers council and Halfhill market. I am 21 years now and able to represent my own family. I hope the Tillers Council will not refuse my request for my own land to farm. I will make my formal request thus Friday at their weekly Meeting.4 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Paladins and Saronite I'm going to try and make this a quick question. - For those of you that know about Saronite, it is very useful and a very good metal for Roleplay things. However it can make you go crazy, UNLESS you use the kind forged by the Ashen Verdict, etc. It was handed out during the whole Icecrown thing. - Anyway, I am simply wondering if a paladin would be able to use it? Since the metal sends holy magic back at its user, I don't see how they could use it. But I'm not sure, is there any proof that they can?Vyninis2 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Help with an RP-PVP Scenario I have an RP-PVP scenario we are trying to accomplish: ... We have quite a few people interested, and it looks like it will at least be attempted. My question is how do you deal with outside interference?? The random person or people trying to perform dailies and see an opportunity to take down some opposing faction. I was thinking of just announcing a few times in General for KW about the Scenerio. Invite anyone to participate and ask of cooperation, but then I wonder if that will just invoke people spitefully messing with us.Senojauhsoj8 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 RPing Dark Apotheosis I'm trying to figure out ways to explain IC the Dark Apotheosis ability you get from Glyph of Demon Hunting. For those who don't know what this ability does, it basicly allows one to use the demonic abilities one gets with Metamorphosis without having to turn into the demonic form. The down side is that one's Threat is increased by 500%. The only outward sign of the change is a pair of shadowy wings. Any suggestions on how this ability could RPed would be appreciated.Sulumor6 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 The Scarlet Crusade Still Exists This is living proof of the Scarlet Crusade. I will give proof via all expansions. Old Crusade Scarlet Monastary is big proof. It's survived from Vanilla all the way to MoP. Due to the updates in armor and the removal of old heros, we can conclude they're dead. Well. Of course they are! Joseph the Insane is proof of the Old Crusade, and bringing to redemption in his own methods. Brother Crowely - No, he's not a New Crusader. Though, in a sense, he does recruit for them. He's been in Stormwind since the beginning of the Scarlet Crusade. He doesn't realize what's happened to the Scarlet Crusade, it's murders, its Humans only, ect. The Church of the Light keeps him there out of kindness so he doesn't face the horrors of returning to a ruined home, which maddened zealots inhabit. The -LAST- Argent Dawn Camp, believe it or not, gives proof of the old Scarlet Crusade. The existence of the Argent Dawn and Crusade is due to the Scarlet Crusade's slow decent into madness after Mograine murdered the Ashbringer. Scarlet Commander Mograine, infact. So those would be Old Crusaders. Being they still have a camp, it's proof that the Old Crusade still has a foothold, even though not for the Old Crusade anymore, in Eastern Plaguelands. Raleigh the Devout - He left the Scarlet Crusade after it began to become corrupt. He's an Ex - Silver Hand. In Old Hillsbrad he's Raleigh the True. It's unknown if he's survived the Plague of Southshore or not. In the event that he does, then he's a piece of the Old Crusade. New Crusade Pantak the -SLIGHTLY- insane Wizard - He used his powers to control those that wore some certain object. It's unknown if he's alive or dead. Sir Bestor - Even though Sir Bestor of the Scarlet Crusade himself died when the Lights went out, it's unknown if his regiment survived or not. In the given event that it did, then there is hope for a group of Scarlet Crusaders left alive. Shill Dinger - Estimated that Blackrock Orcs captured him when they had a presence in Lordaeron. He is a survivor of the Scarlet Crusade, and could very well spread the word of the Crusade - if he escapes. The 3 Captains - Being they're alive and standing, it's proof towards the fact that the Scarlet Crusade still has leaders. Scarlet Monastery - Joseph the Insane seems to have failed in his attempt of eradication, or was murdered in the process. Whitemane revived herself, and has found new Scarlet Crusaders to be leaders, ect. Due to the armor update in the Monastery, it appears that the Scarlet Crusade still has armorers and Blacksmiths that can make weapons, ect. as Stratholme's undead no longer can. -UNLESS- Balnazzar gave them the armor, which is -VERY- doubtful, as the Bulwark makes it impossible, then the Scarlet Crusade still has supplies to fight. Western Plaguelands - The Rare NPCs give small hope. Even though they're insane, and some are fighting for terrible causes, they're still Scarlets. They still fight for the Scarlet Crusade, though they give them a bad reputation. This means they're still well and alive, even if it's only 4, insane, and starved soldiers. Hearthglen - Scarlet Crusaders could have escaped and survived when the Argent Crusade/Dawn went to capture it. New starting forsaken quest centered around Lillian Voss, a former scarlet crusader who died, and murdered her father and a few crusaders. My personal belief is that she murdered certain crusaders that would have spotted her. She only destroyed afew camps and not the whole bunch. The Scarlet NPCs still alive are -NOT- dead. She never killed everyone in the Scarlet Palisade, so you can infer they're still alive. Quests for the Forsaken refer to the Scarlet -CRUSADE-. -NOT- the Onslaught. Joseph the Insane said that the Scarlet -CRUSADE- would be returned to their noble roots. Death Guard Simmer said "The Scarlet Crusade takes no prisoners." New undead quest called "At War with The Scarlet Crusade" The Hero's Board claims that Wyrnn wants to put down the Scarlet -CRUSADE-. Scouts would report to Stormwind of what they've learned. The Alliance has an army in Lordaeron, which means the Scarlet Crusade still poses a threat. The Onslaught left behind afew Crusaders. This would be another Theramore example. Some were left behind, or chose to stay behind. Also, it can be inferred those at New Avalon -- Tirisfal Crusaders, ect. could have survived, which would form a small bulk of the Crusade. There would be Onslaught people that abandoned the Onslaught or sailed back home if they survived. That's just logical and has happened in history -MANY- times before, so it's not out of the question. Another thing is; as long as someone RPs a Scarlet Crusader, there is -STILL- a Scarlet Crusade. Blizzard can't take the idea away nor end the Crusade. It will -ALWAYS- survive, even if there's one last Scarlet RPer on -ANY- realm. Isn't that enough proof in itself?Kormed7 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Recruiting dedicated Horde RPers! Ashes of Eversong is new “medium RP” guild on the Ravenholdt (US) RP-PvP server, still quite small but steadily growing! We are looking for dedicated RPers to fill the ranks! There are no level or admission requirements. Don't worry if you don't have a lot of experience role-playing, either. We're more than willing to provide tips on how to get started! Our theme is simple and broad to purposefully allow for lots of different characters to find a place—we are a “foreign affairs organization” of sorts, centered on sin’dorei culture and politics that seeks to ensure common interests are preserved within the political machinations of the Horde. There are many functions and roles to fill—ambassadors, mediators, merchants, researchers, spies, informants, advisors, instructors, mercenaries, craftsmen, soldiers, etc. The possibilities are endless and members are encouraged to develop a character to fit into this concept according to their personal preferences. Although we are primarily composed of sin’dorei, all races are welcome to join! There are countless reasons why someone who is not a blood elf might choose to be affiliated with Quel’Thalas, so be creative! We are staunch supporters of role-play that emphasize a community-driven approach. Attending public events on the server is strongly encouraged and forms the core of our philosophy. We hope to foster inter-guild RP by dispatching envoys to officially meet with other guilds, subsequently furthering our development by immersion into other stories. This will enrich the community as a whole! Feel free to ask any questions you might have, either here in this thread or by contacting me in-game. I am more than happy to assist in any way, even if that means helping you find a different guild on Ravenholdt more suited to your tastes! For more information about Ashes of Eversong, please see our recruitment thread here: Ravenholdt (US) is a unique server and is CRZ-free at this time. Although we might not boast a huge population you will find a wide assortment of RPers that are dedicated to building a friendly and vibrant community. We are actively seeking transfers to share in our mission. For more information about the server, please see our recruitment thread here: Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Want to try RP, what's a good active server? I've been playing on a pve server since I stared, but I've recently become interested in RPing. I tried one server, honestly didn't seem any different than my current pve server. Anyone on a server that really get's into the RPing?Hutchathorn18 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 They lived to kill ((Open RP)) Ricky, Ash and Sally the three most wanted criminal assassins wandered in the Elwynn forest. Wanted posters of the three were pasted all over the place ; on the walls of Stormwind, banners in Orgrimmar and almost all the inns in Azeroth. They kill, they hurt, they injured innocent lives. For what cause you might ask? They did not have one. After years and years of training, their hearts have turn cold and taking away a life to them is just like taking a stroll in the park. They did not care, all they cared for was for themselves. They kill for a living. They kill to survive. Ricky was a druid. He prowls the land with his gang as a ferocious large cat, eyes sharp and claws ready to rip apart anyone that stands in his way. Ricky's fur coat was dark grey with a tattered silver mane cascading down his back. His bright green eyes shone in the dark and was always the last thing any of his victims saw before they died. Ash was a hunter. He walks the land with his pet tiger and his gang. He wears a tight leather vest with a cloak draped around his back. Cloaks were always Ash's favorite topic. Cloak's were like trophies he collect from his victims. Animal fur, animal skin and sometimes even human skin and hair were used to make his cloak. Ash hung his bow and quiver behind his back and his hands would immediately fly to his back at the slightest hint of danger or threat. Nobody in their right mind would mess with Ash the hunter. Sally was a rogue. She walks in the shadows with her two double edged knives hanging at her waist. She wears a dark red mask and a leather belt to store all her deadly poisons and weapons that she enjoys using. When she kills, death was painless, quick and simple. It was either at the throat or the chest. However, Sally do enjoy watching her victims die in pain and that was where poison was involved. With one fatal cut from her knives drenched in lethal poison, the victim would be in excruciating pain, wishing that they were rather dead than alive. Sally does not trust anyone, and no one trusts her. Together, the three most deadly assassins ever to walk the lands of Azeroth went in search for their next victim. A rich merchant who was riding his white stallion towards Stormwind was about to meet what might be his doom in just a couple of minutes... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys This story is going to be about the journey of this three assassins, their victims and justice. As you all know no matter how good you are, justice would definitely be served to those who deserve it. I would be playing as Ricky worgen druid and two other players can play as the rogue and hunter. Further progression into the story and the trio would meet four guards, two alliance and two horde. So four other players will be needed to play as the guards. Do note that the guards are going to be powerful and would be the main characters in the story. Please also note that the guards can be of any race and class and that the other two assassins can be of any race too as long as you play them as what they are. Most importantly, have fun!Rickyz0 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Can gnomes take part in romantic role play? Simple enough question; I'm not talking about anything nasty like "erp" but i have always enjoyed romantic rp aswell as normal rp. I'm thinking about rolling a gnome warrior and want to know if people involve gnomes into that, or if people are still caught up in the "gnomes are short so they must me children" idea. I want to create her on a known rp realm like WA or MG.Lunaphink20 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 "The Tower" (Open Role-Play) The tower is the story of those who are destined to greatness. These people/creatures are hand picked for their skills by the "Great Order". A group of the highest ranking scholars, mages, priests and others that believe that those chosen have a chance to form a somewhat bond with each other that can stop the world from going into anymore chas that It has been. There are many that are picked with skills ranging from combat to everyday roles that will hold the key for actual peace. The story begins with a monk that has adopted the name "Moosky" entering the great tower halls and being greeted by a highborn. After a few minutes of talking a few others arrive and they are all soon led on a quick tour of the tower. (You can join as anyone you want, a leader a new comer a represenative, etc. It is your choice.)Moosky6 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 RP moments of despise and praise What are some things when you see someone RPing make your skin crawl, and moments that make you give a nod of appeasement. Obviously there is an abundance of eye rollers, but I hate child RP (people pretending to be like 8 years old... And then ride a dragon... Seen it before) and I hate the obvious cliche half-demon / fanged when their race doesn't have fangs anything... But man there are just so many things to mention here haha. I really like when people don't mind wearing obvious flaws like a fat dwarf, an injured old orc shaman or a cowardly mage who would rather open a portal and flee at the first sign of danger. It's really not seen enough people who have serious injuries that are actual burdens. The arrogant will fight anyone warrior / whatever class is just so par for the course. When was the last time you saw someone be faced with a hostile player in a bar, rub his fat belly as he looked his would be adversary over, shook his head in decline and ordered another drink instead?Grimrune39 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 7, 2013 death knights generation one Is rping as a death knight(unholy spec) by Gul'dan ok? I read that they were either killed or turned into a lich, so I'm asking if one er a few went into solitude and avoided both of those outcomes would be understandable, aloud and ok? Is this not the correct forum? I saw role play so I thought I'd put it here.Rethemal12 Mar 7, 2013
Mar 7, 2013 RP fighting (Question) How do you approach it?Alarielle21 Mar 7, 2013
Mar 7, 2013 Need Help With Draenei Shadow Priest Idea I understand that in regards to lore, a given class has different concepts from one race to another. However, I am hoping there is some overlap for shadow priests, because I would like to roleplay a Draenei who wields shadow energy, but I want to make sure her story and IC mechanics make sense, and are also possible. At first I was just going to wing it as I was developing her background story, but then I paused and wondered: 1. Is it possible, lore-wise, or strictly a game mechanic? I know it would certainly be odd, and I accept the special snowflake status if given to me. 2. If there is no reason that it would be impossible, how exactly does one go acquiring the ability to wield shadow energy? Two things I also pondered: How do most define shadow magic? Because based on my spells, it certainly seems to be like combative 'psychic' magic, but it can also physically harm. Is the physical harm also more so physiologically based, for example perhaps Shadow Word: Death causes a stroke or heart attack once the person has been pushed far enough? Yet I have also found posts while rummaging through the forums that mock the concept that there is anything psychic about "psychic scream", "mind blast" or "psychic horror." I was really stumped by this viewpoint. I assumed warlocks use shadow magic in addition to fel magic, which is why they can also cause someone to run away peeing their pants. Yet to make things even more confusing, Devouring Plague is not psychic at all. It almost seems more necromantic in nature. So I figured it must be a case of "depends on the race" or "depends on the culture/source of learning the art." Which leads me to inquiry number two... Where exactly does that shadow energy come from? The only suggestion I have seen is that it comes from the void, but there wasn't much elaboration. I had though the void was just like.. WoW outer-space. If the energy/magic does come from the void, how did it all start, as far as humanoid beings tapping into it to mind control, terrify or damage people spiritually? (Or whatever happens based on pondering number one.) I also did some reading about the corrupt Auchindoun Draenei in pursuit of clues. This lead me in two directions: 1. The Shadow Council, although that is about warlocks and necromancers, didn't find anything about shadow priests (maybe missed it?). 2. The Auchenai Crypts, although that is about necromancers and Draenei ghosts/spirits. Can anyone help me out with any of this? I would really appreciate any input, whether lore-backed answers, suggestions/ideas or personal opinion/speculation. Thanks all, Rhuke EDIT: If it helps at all as far as possible ideas, the basic gist of Rhuke's concept is that she has turned away from the light, for all the reasons one might expect, but her personality is definitely not suitable for shamanism. I want to have her tapping into something darker, but I also want to RP a concept as close to what people see in the game as possible, so for example I didn't want to make her a warlock or anything that extreme. So this is why I am hoping there is something reasonable I can do with shadow energy/magic.Rhuke5 Mar 7, 2013
Mar 6, 2013 A Bard's Tale - New RP Hey Guys! :) I have a new story coming to the forums! Intro: Everyone has their story, I describe mine through music. It's my passion, my soul........ Plot: A Traveling bard Makes her next tour at Stormwind City, Here she meets many friends. But that is only half of it. She also meets 2 enemies. These worshippers of the Black Dragonflight seek to find the Gem of The Titans. Granting them the power to destroy Azeroth with the snap of a finger. These 5 friends make their own Alliance known as "The Celestial Guardians" Referring to their now-known power of the Stars. These magical folk that seek life as the most famous bards in the world go in Search of this gem. As it can also be used for one wish, The Villains learn of this quickly and plan to beat them to it. This is a tale of Action Adventure Drama and Comedy! Sign up today! Roles: Main Character (Me) MC BF (Open) MC BFF (Luthionn) MC BFF's Twin Sister (Open) Female Villain (Open) Male Villain (Open) New guy to the Team (Open) Russian Girl *Introduced Later in the story* (Fawxsy) German Guy *Also introduced later* (Orsik) Rest are just Minor Characters: Weapon Vendor (Open) Polish Girl (Open) Nerdy Brother of Main Female Villain(Open) (Open) Essential Mean Girl (Open) This is all i'll say for now! P.S First Come, First Serve.Katamun20 Mar 6, 2013
Mar 6, 2013 Quick Questions thanks :) I prefer futuristic RPs, set after the expansion (or patch, since 5.2 was released today.) I was wondering if this following idea was ok and whether it was interesting. My old RP Stroke of Midnight, is dead, so I decided to kinda revive an old one of mine I did a year ago, when I was inexperienced. Years after Pandaria was found, and the Pandaren nestled into their places with the rest of the races, King Varian and Prince Anduin Wryyn recieve news of a cult. The cult calls themselves the The Obsidian Hammer. Their goal unknown to the two royalties, the king decides to send some of his spys to check it out. At the same time, Warchief Garrosh Hellscream decides the same, since he had recieved the same news. The spies leave to find the residence of The Obsidian Hammer. They find out they're residing in a cave in Shadowmoon Valley in Outlands. There begins their quest. The cults purpose will be revealed to the members of the RP in time, which won't be long, because the RP will start where the spys will be entering the ranks. Please tell me if this seems interesting and ask any questions. I may have forgot some information, it's just a basic idea.Elderhunter3 Mar 6, 2013
Mar 6, 2013 Fantasy Baseball League I started a fantasy baseball league on ESPN that I'm setting up for WOW players. To get the settings how I wanted it, I had to make it an invite only league. It is a 10-team league with draft set on 3-18-13 at 8pm EST or you can do AutoDraft. You can get invited one of two ways. Send me an e-mail to with your e-mail to I can send invite, or post it in here. I have 6 open spots left. First come first serve. Please be into Fantasy Sports if you sign-up...I want to avoid people just signing up doing the live or autodraft than never touching it again. Cheers!Ghostlore1 Mar 6, 2013
Mar 6, 2013 Serious problems with the state of RP. First... 1. Have a decent fantasy name. Takes about 2 minutes to come up with one, or just hit the random name generator a few times. Anyway, this is my major pet peeve. 2. Don't Mary Sue. Your character shouldn't be directly related to any lore figures or be all-powerful, all-knowing, etc. Be moderately powerful, not super powered. 3. Don't use emoticons, netspeak, 1337speak, or bad grammar/spelling. Of course we are not all English majors, but everyone can start a sentence with a capital letter, end with a period, exclamation mark, or question mark, capitalize "I" and other pronouns, use commas, etc. Not hard. Doing this massively increases immersion. Things like "lol", "u h4x0rz", ":)", break immersion. Don't do them. 4. Know the general lore. Takes about an hour of reading to know enough lore about Warcraft to RP decently. Do it, or don't bother. People spend this time or more preparing PvP/PvE specs, gear, reforging, etc. 5. Don't God mode. This is my worst pet peeve of all. "I attempt to stab you with a dagger" = good, gives the other player a chance to respond, "I stab you with my dagger" = bad, no chance to react properly. This means that you might as well RP by yourself with NPCs, as you control key events. Also, never kill or maim a character, unless given permission. Death is permanent IC, so are mutilations, with few exceptions, such as trolls or priest resurrection. Simple stuff here. 6. Be what you are. Be a human warrior if you are one, not a high elf demon hunter. Simple, easy effective. Want creativity or uniqueness? There's plenty of ways to add it without breaking the lore. Be a human warrior from Kul Turas who is a mercenary, a lumberjack from Eastvale who fights to defend his homeland, or a great knight from Lordaeron. Three separate starting templates without breaking lore. 7. Use OOC only if needed. If you make a spelling error or something, you don't need to go OOC to correct it. In fact, there's lots of ways to notify you meant or didn't mean something such as /me didn't do that, actually, which ruins immersion less, than saying ((lol didnt mean that XD)). Simple. 7 simple rules to follow that guarantees a decent RP time. Anyway, the sad fact that 50% or more roleplayers can't even follow them regularly, is what is wrong with the community, and the fact that there are so few of us makes it hard to bother. Seems to have gotten worse. Just settle for less, you say? I'd rather just PvE/PvP than do horrible RP. Good or even decent RP is great, but horrible RP makes me not want to bother. Your thoughts? /rantoffDrokglok22 Mar 6, 2013
Mar 6, 2013 Advice on Alliance RP server I've been playing horde side on Wyrmrest accord since wrath and love it here, We have a high population and lots of great RP my problem is i tend to make to many alts and fill up character slots very fast. What i would like to do is stay playing horde on Wyrmrest accord but have a second RP server for some alliance character's i would like to make. My question is what is a good high alliance population RP server? I would like a server with a high amount of alliance players on it since i do enjoy other things in the game not just RP but also has a good RP community on it. Any input you can give would be very much appreciated. Thanks.Sinaria7 Mar 6, 2013
Mar 6, 2013 Disciples of Lei Shan (sign-ups/OOC) (Not sure if I spelled lei shan right but from what I've caught of the trailer that's the real name of the Thunder King) So basically, this is an RP thread about a group of people who worship the TK (Thunder King), though not necessarily all Pandaren. I'm going to list characters with a brief description then after rolls are filled, ill give a setting and story line. WARNING: Daij and Shuo are actual toons of mine so I will be super picky on those roles. Characters: Birmak: (me) brother to Daij and Shuo. Shaman. Obsessed with the TK, wants to see him rise. Lives at Jianting De (roughly strong house in Chinese) with his mother. Takes care of elderly mother. Kind and gentle. Alliance-based. Daij: brother to Birmak and Shuo. Warrior. Brutal and warlike, yet not to the point of kill all opposition. Will fight for any cause. Mercenary. Wanders Azeroth searching for work. Horde-based. Shuo: sister to Daij and Birmak. Monk. Peaceful and somewhat pacifist. Wanders Azeroth in search of higher purpose. The family left Pandaria before the siblings were born. They settled deep within the mountains of Dun Morough. Their great-great-great grandfather built a fortified manor named Jianting De. The family name is Zhefu. The siblings haven't spoken since they parted ways 10 years ago. Their mom dies and they return for the funeral. Other Characters: Captain of the Guard Fellow TK worshippers Alliance spy Horde spy Guards Heroes to end the cult Please post a name, race, class, short bio, and reason to choose you for that role For Shuo and Daij please list reasons why you will be good for this role only. The other things don't apply. Also, please post role you wish to get. Thanks!! :)Birmak2 Mar 6, 2013
Mar 6, 2013 I Need Some Help I am planning to write a short story. I may even develop it further. But I have one problem. I need characters. If you would kindly give a name, race, class, and quick bio of a character to give me ideas that would be great!! Also, please put in your post if it is ok to use your character if I like it enough.Alanyx9 Mar 6, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Opinions on a new character. My character here, Sathestrias, is a new character that I've put an extreme amount of thought into. I didn't play him for so long when I made him about a year ago, because I hadn't figured out what sort of story would best suit him. But, I've come up with a story after thinking so long, and I'd like to get opinions! Here is Sathestrias' backstory. ... This is merely backstory. His upcoming story is something I've put thought beyond Sathestrias' time on my account into... Opinions, anyone?Sathestrias18 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Who do you admire as an RP`r? Who do you admire as a RP? I had a group of people on the realm Elune a couple of years ago, it was Cenedral, Thunnder/Thunndertwo, and Taylenth. Not knowing it I was going to school with Cenedral for two years before I found out about it. (If you are any of the people above, this is Thdor!)Thddor4 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Warlock acceptance I am not sure where else to post this thread but here's my query. Being that I have just finished World of Warcraft: Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War, I have a simple question, without giving any spoilers - The Alliance was openly making use of Warlocks in a battle. When did the use of Demonic magics become accepted by the Alliance? And if this is now canon as most of the books are, does this give Players the ability openly RP Warlocks in the "open" world now. This was always frowned upon in my circles as Warlocks were always considered the low-lifes of the magic world, enslaving demons to do their bidding and such.Ayelene7 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Has RP influenced your class/spec? I see a lot of players jump from class-to-class and spec-to-spec dependent upon the DPS output in PvE, or viability in PvP, in every new patch or expansion pack that is released. But as for Dactylion, he's maturing in his intellect and now prefers the eloquent, yet powerful art of the Arcane magics over the reckless, yet mobile Fire which he was brought up with since he was young. He hates Frost with a passion, and feels that Fire is too "immature" for him to continue with. He's determined to climb the ranks and represent Arcane .. to demonstrate to others that it's not to be underestimated. A rebel at heart I suppose you could say. He is a character with his own voice, his own goals, and ambitions. So despite being on a PvP realm and being told by others that Arcane isn't viable, my character has shaped his own future, and one of the main reasons why I won't go back to Fire or play Frost. To do so for the sake of what the majority says would simply break the sense of immersion and enjoyment I have with the game. Has roleplaying your toon also influenced your decision to choose the class and spec you play, regardless of the changes made by Blizzard that may have impacted the DPS or viability of it? Does anyone have a story to share of how their character has developed in their spec and class.Dactylion7 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 A new adventure, inspired by pacifist guild Recently I saw the post about a druid reaching level 90, 100% pacifist. He never killed anything and leveled purely through exploring and leveling professions. This got me thinking. I am going to attempt to level a Pandaren in a similar manner. Back when I was on MoP Beta, Xaio-Ren was bugged forever so I ground my self to level 15- the max you could get, as the highest level mob on the island is level 7, in attempt to see if I could use the dungeon finder in spite of not being in a faction. (Beta testing, so i figured 'you never know') On the isle you can learn professions though. This may be the one way I can level past 15 so I am going to put my patience to the test and see just how high my Neutral panda will go. But I have one question - I want to do this on a RP server, in the event I may get some people to maybe join me. If ever I get to level 90, I would like to maybe start a theoretical Neutral guild. Maybe hold some rp events. I don't know. Any feedback is appreciated. What servers do you think would be best to try this on?Kaÿa9 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 While you wait. Heres an rp idea, how about a demon possessed dragon who walks around like a law abiding human? Yes or no answers plz, if you must elaborate.... fine. Have fun!Rogression3 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 First time rp "cureous" I'm totally cold when it comes to rp but am willing to give it a try. ANy help or sugestions?Mcnewb7 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Story of Khetep Vanath Locke was a son of a merchant in Lordaeron. It was discovered that he was very studious and thus was went to Dalaran to learn the Arcane arts. He did well and one day his younger brothers joined him. Vecar, the middle brother was a good mage and their youngest brother Varric learned the warrior arts to be a bodyguard for his brothers. Vecar left Dalaran with no notice, but his brothers expected he would leave at some point. When the Scourge came, they fought bravely but it was nowhere near enough. As the Undead left Dalaran, Vanath and Varric were raised…to their horror by their own brother. He left to become a member of the Cult of the Damned. He thought having dead family as bodyguards would help. Luckily for him, they were not near him when they regained their will. They joined the Forsaken to secure a place of their own before they began the search for their dead family. They found their mother and father in the Western Plaguelands. Varric cut them down and Vanath burned their bodies with magical fire. When the call for troops to go to Outland came, both brothers agreed that they owed enough to the Forsaken to go. They fought primarily on the Hellfire Peninsula, aiding in the destruction of the fel orcs. It was there that Vanath lost his left arm for the first time. It was cut off at the elbow by a rampaging fel orc with an axe, just as Van threw up his arm to cast a shield. Varric killed the orc before he could deliver the finishing blow, but Van spent the rest of his time in Outland with only one arm. Upon their return Van got a new arm attached and began working on a new poison while Varric searched for their brother. When the call to invade Northrend came both brothers eagerly volunteered to go. Vanath was given command of a field research team that discovered the usage of many of the new plants in Northrend for the Forsaken. It was here that Vanath lost his left arm again, this time to a dwarf with a large axe. It was significantly easier to get a replacement in the field in Northrend so he has basically a brand new arm. (minus the stitching)After Putress betrayed everyone his team was held for questioning. Vanath and Varric finally cornered their brother in the Storm Peaks. Vanath bombarded Vecar with spells until his defenses fell and Varric drove a sword through his heart. Vecar spoke of returning as undead until Vanath began burning his body with magical fire. With their vow completed, Vanath chose a new name: Khetep. He swore to leave his life behind and advised his brother to do the same. Varric refused to change his name, but agreed to stay with his brother. Khetep and Varric didn’t respond to the Warchiefs call to the Twilight Highlands because honestly they hate Garrosh. As of yet, they have not received orders to go to Pandaria. Khetep expects that will change however, with him being a particularly skilled field apothecary. In undeath, Khetep is far more powerful than he was in life and now has all of eternity to continue his studies. He has spent the majority of his time in the Forsaken as an apothecary. Khetep studies the arcane arts and explores more deadly poisons. This being when he isn't a field agent. Sometimes he spars in the warrior's quarter in order to expand his usefulness to the Forsaken and the Horde. He also reads into history and legends in an effort to discover items of magical power or legend in hopes of locating something to aid the Forsaken in their quest to secure their freedom. ((Thoughts? Constructive Criticism?))Khetep0 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Arrogance: A Warcraft Tale I wrote this back in 2011 for the annual contest Blizzard holds, but I never submitted it. Maybe next time I'll actually turn in something and try my hand. Until then, enjoy! (note, this was not recently edited, I simply took what I had) Tawa'po looks past Malar to another Tauren on his right as he cuts through another of the foul Quillboar that encroaches on his homeland. Compared to his lighter, tan companion, Tawa'po's muscles brim with strength through his dark coat of thick fur. His horns are shined and free of blood, despite its presence over the rest of his body. "Does your battle go well over there, Brightmane?" he calls across the field. He can see her battling with ferocity almost equal to his own. The squeal of another pig as it begins an incantation to his left rises over her response, but the geomancer's spell is interrupted when the mighty warrior stomps over and backhands it with enough force to spray blood from its snout. He grabs the spellcaster by the throat and slams it to the ground, bringing his axe down to end the wretched creature's time among the living. "You waste your time, Tawa'po," says his comrade as he kicks another of the Quillboar from his own weapon. "She will not find your arrogance as flattering as the others." With a smirk, Tawa'po turns from his friend and begins walking toward the warrior, Aponi. When he reaches her, he stops for a moment and admires the powerful woman before him. "I couldn't hear your answer over the din." His beautiful ally lifts her large mace over an otherwise delicate shoulder and looks up to meet his eye, "I said it goes as well as your own, Ragetotem. Now, let's get back to this, I want to be home before sundown. Besides, aren't you leaving for Orgrimmar in the morning?" She points over his shoulder and Tawa'po turns to slam his deep black fist into an incoming Quillboar's flank. The creature's charge is halted as the air is knocked out of it, and it falls to the ground clutching its belly. Ignoring the beast again, he faces her with another strong smile, "Yes, there is talk that the Scourge continue to bolster their forces. If there is truth in the rumors, the strongest warriors from all of the Horde will likely be called upon to stop them once and for all. I, we, could be needed to travel away from here.” He watches her for a reaction to this news, but she gives away nothing of her thoughts on the prospect, so he continues, “Speaking of Orgrimmar, I could use some company during the trip, Aponi. The Orcs' Warchief has a new advisor. I hear he is one of the strongest of their kind. If I'm lucky, he will give me an opportunity to prove my worth to him. You would look good there at my side." She gives him a confusing look, something resembling a cross between frustration and pity, "No, I don't think I will go, if only to avoid looking good at your side. I will stand for myself, thank you." His smile falters, and he reaches to hold her in his gentle but firm grasp for a moment, "That is disappointing to hear, Aponi. There are others who would wish for such an opportunity." She pulls away, "Then let them join you. My place is where the Earthmother sends me, protecting our people. For now, that place is here." He turns from her, hurt and angry, though he wishes not to show the woman how he feels about her reaction, "Fine, then I will prove myself to you as well. I will be stronger. So strong that you will want to be with me." To lend credence to his point, Tawa'po slams his hoof down upon the Quillboar he incapacitated moments before. The blow crushes its skull with a sickening, wet crack. Sated, the warrior stalks off back toward where Malar continues to battle the swine. ***** Orgrimmar is large, Tawa'po realizes. Larger even than Thunderbluff. The Orcs have done much with the wasteland of Durotar. Their Warchief, Thrall, is a proud shaman, and for good reason according to others Tawa’po has spoken to. The Orc leader's new advisor is a brown skinned warrior by the name of Garrosh. Tawa'po didn’t know the race as any color other than green, so this Orc's skin comes as a surprise at first. Asking around, the Tauren learns that Garrosh Hellscream is a true-blooded Orc from beyond the Dark Portal, free of the bloodlust that ruled the horde before Thrall took over. “Surely the Orcs, and the Horde as a whole, would do well to have a strong, pure leader, then,” Tawa’po comments to another onlooker as the Warchief, Hellscream, and Lady Sylvanas Windrunner of the Forsaken discuss the Horde’s plans to travel into Northrend. The Orc pays his comment no mind, as the conversation before them begins to heat up.Edlarel5 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 <BARBARIANS> an entry level RP-PvP guild BARBARIANS is a Ravenholdt server Alliance guild formed specifically to offer players help in any of three areas: 1) introduction to or feedback in roleplay practice, concept, design, performance or activity; 2) introduction to the Ravenholdt server, but principally the active roleplaying community and guilds on both factions; 3) introduction to the game itself, and of course any combination of these three. Guild officers are called Mentors, and each one is an experienced roleplayer who is familiar with Ravenholdt and the game in general. Mentors are all volunteers who want to help people get their bearings, try this out, and join this remarkably creative and welcoming community. They are there to help answer questions, offer ideas and share experience. Feel free to talk to them, they joined in order to help. <BARBARIANS> is a place where you can try this out, experiment with concepts and techniques and where it is OK to be new, make mistakes, back up, alter, amend or erase. This is a place to practice where you will get constructive feedback in the amount and at the pace you want. We will have few rules, but they are firm: 1) We are family friendly; 2) follow the Golden Rule (treat others the way you would want to be treated); 3) relax and have fun. Guild channel is "Out of Character" (OOC) which means just speak as you normally would. Except for those who wish to remain as Mentors, we don't expect you to stay with us as your permanent guild. We are here for you to have a place where you can figure out where you want to go, and how you want to get there. FIRST: Roll an alt and give Ravenholdt roleplay a whirl! SECOND: /join RP THIRD: introduce yourself FOURTH: join us if we can be of help to you in any way!Stonesmiter0 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 New to Role Playing Hey I am new to role playing and want to get into it. How would I get into it and start of while learning the ropes. Also I have a monk that I am lvling that i would like to role play with, when it hits 90. How would get it her into it. Also any tips or help with be appreciated. Thanks for the helpAbbòt7 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 4, 2013 Moosky the Monk, He stood there with a small amount of Pandaren that he has come to known. Moosky lifted the knapsack and placed it under his arm. He pondered deeply as he awaited the small air balloon. He thought of the times he had had with the others, laughing and adventuring but now it was his time to leave the small camp of Tai'pai. He turned and looked into the eyes of his former trainer, Shihao, a panda with a round stomach and a long flowing white beard. The others concealed their sadness, for that was how they were taught, they knew that this would be the last time they will ever see them, for a while at least. The small air balloon fluttered from the fog and into viewing distance. Moosky stopped thinking and went back to staring out into the long and spacious fog. THe balloon sputtered to a float and hovered just above Moosky's waistline. A tough looking dwarf stood holding his arm out to help Moosky up. Moosky handed the dwarf his knapsack and turned to wave goodbye to the others. He noticed that Shihao had pulled his hat up and was grinning toward him. Moosky returened the grin and shuffled onto the air balloon quickly. Well guys this is the first part of Moosky the Monk, If you like it please show your gratitude in the comments below please. Have any suggestions I'm open to them just post them down in the comments also.Moosky0 Mar 4, 2013
Mar 4, 2013 Depth of Despair-OOC-sign ups #3 Here we go let's see if we can have some nice battles fun here. I have given you all the information you need to get out of the caves. As soon as you finish off this wave of slimes and salamanders and the ghouls, get up the web lifeline and find yourself on the slope above Gretchen's cabin. It's a safe spot once you get there, you can repait armor and heal up and discover most of your regular magic is back. But you cannot teleport out, the Baron has blocked all teleport spells.Amarlei96 Mar 4, 2013
Mar 4, 2013 So a pandaren walked into a bar... So a pandaren walked into a bar...Floim16 Mar 4, 2013
Mar 4, 2013 shadow priest roleplay question I want to know if a shadow priest can phase into realm of shadow to avoid conflict or being detected?Aurorá1 Mar 4, 2013
Mar 4, 2013 Seasons and Druids? Can druids have a special affinity with a specific season? Just a thought.Sylredal14 Mar 4, 2013
Mar 4, 2013 NEW Hunter youtube channel! Hey guys I'm starting my Youtube channel here shortly. I will mostly be composed of hunter pvp clips and videos. I just made my intro and outo and it would really help if you guys could go to the video and give me suggestions, or here as well. Everything helps. At one point I will make a movie and if your on Deathwing NA and want to have fun and be in a video, don't hesitate to contact me either Youtube, on the forums, or even in game. Here is the link : Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy future content that I will put out.Keiste1 Mar 4, 2013
Mar 3, 2013 Death or defection, a choice and a gamble It had been 2 days since she had entered the city of Stormwind. Khimbii Yakasonto sat quietly in a patch of soft grass, chained by the wrists and ankles to a nearby tree, wondering if this had really been a good idea. A young pandaren, too young to understand that anyone in chains should be avoided, cautiously walked up to her, holding out an apple. She smiled genuinely as the cub set the apple on the grass where she reached over and picked it up. The youngling sat, just out of the area her chains allowed her to move, looking at Khimbii with great curiosity. “Youngling, what do you wish to learn?” He pointed at the chains, which were rarely seen outside of the defias prisoners who were moved through the city from time to time. She frowned, and sighed deeply. The cub leaned forward with great anticipation as Khimbii freed the sleeve of her left arm and pulled up the fabric. Underneath, branded clearly into the flesh of her left forearm, was the crest of the Horde. As he looked, the cub was at first awed, then shook in fear as he realized what the branded symbol was. He fell backwards in a panic as he ran to his family, screaming in terror. Khimbii sighed as she took a bite out of the apple and watched one of her guards walk toward her; she looked at the ground and swallowed the bite of apple just before the guard swung a club at her head. As she lay on the ground, dazed and bleeding it became apparent, maybe this wasn’t the best idea. Only a week before, she had been a member of the proud Horde. The Orcs, Trolls, Elves and other races that made up its numbers were strong willed and deeply courageous as individuals and as a society. This was something she had seen from the beginning and had been the reason she had chosen to be one of the first of her kind to swear allegiance to the Horde and its Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream. Having grown up on a small farm near the Binan Village, Khimbii had never seen anything like the cities of the Horde. On her first trip to Ogrimmar she had been stunned, completely overwhelmed by the size and grandness of the Horde capital; almost causing her to lose her party as she stood in awe of its well stated strength. But it was never the size or strength that mattered most to her, but the honor with which one carries themselves and their people with, the love of life and the way in which one lives; that is where things started to go wrong. As a farm child, Khimbii had spent a great deal of time in awe of the great Shado-Pan warriors. Those who were masters of the martial skills, those who used their skills to defend against the evils which plagued the land. She had practiced her skills under the eyes of some of the local guards, and was honored by the presence of the local Shado-Pan commander at more than a few of her sparring sessions. Lady Hsieh had once even nodded to her, which was the highest accolade one could hope for outside of being recruited as a guard. Khimbii had grown up with a sense of truth, of honor in life and in battle. Her closest held faith was that in the goodness and truth of an honorable cause there is none to fear from what will be wrought in the next life. That faith had been broken over the last year. The cries thoughtout the Horde, in home and in battle was one of “strength and honor”. Now, Khimbii had seen plenty of blood spilt in battle before. The Yaungol and Hozen were always causing problems in Kun-Lai and it was through strength of martial arms and strength of spirit that the Pandaran people had held them in check without an all-out campaign. But what she had witnessed over the past year, the brutality, the carnage and the butchery brought forth by the Horde warriors was sickening. There had been times when Khimbii had questioned if even the fabled Sha of Hatred could spread such terror over both enemy and innocent. It had been a blessing to be stationed in Booty Bay as a courier. Even if it took pulling every string possible to get out of the orc dominated combat units and away from the brutal ways that they fought and the merciless way they treated the wounded and prisoners. Even there the brutality never really ended, but it did give Khimbii time to hunt alone in the jungle, as few ventured there and no one really wanted it enough to fight for. It was on a hunting trip a few days ago that she had spotted a large, almost chubby panther she had been stalking for the entire morning. As she laid eyes upon the beast, she drew back in shock and confusion, the creature was wearing a hat, not just any hat but a fancy top hat, and even a fake mustache by what she could tell.Khimbii3 Mar 3, 2013
Mar 3, 2013 Demon RP (New rp) In the world of Azeroth, demons run freely. The heroes of Azeroth have vanquished the Illidari and critically hurt the Burning Legion, but there is something darker. In the towns everywhere, there is a demon who posesses a soul. He takes their body and moves around in it. He could of walked in his pure form, but the guards would of banished him. When an unsuspecting victim is alone, then the demon strikes. The demon either enslaves the victim or kills him/her. This is similar to the Murder Mystery RP, but different. If there is a Demon RP, the host needs to whisper the person who will become the demon. Anyway, here are the roles, and their meanings: Guard: Protects the citizens and the mayor and mayor's daughter/son with his/her life. Can have any weapon. Must roll for guard captain. Blue. Citizen: Walks about, fearful of the demon. Cannot carry weapon excluding dagger/misc items (Roses, food, etc). Green. Mayor: The mayor of the town, tells citizens what to do/commands guards. May carry dagger/misc items. Red Merchant: Sells items to all. May carry dagger/misc. Purple: Innkeeper. (Roll for Innkeeper) You feed the citizens and sell them rooms. May carry dagger/misc. SPECIAL ROLES: Gravedigger: Digs the graves of fallen souls, and may speak to the dead. May carry dagger/misc. Skull. Elder: The wise one. Consult him for questions and he will answer them. May carry dagger/misc. Mayor's daughter/son. You are the world to the Mayor. The guards protect you with their lives, along with the mayor. Demon: The scourge of the town. Only one that kills. Tries to fit in with the town. Can enslave others or kill them. Must roll for this role. RULES: You cannot troll, metagame, or ERP. Only the demon kills. If you are killed and the demon has not killed you, then pst me and I will kick the person who is not the demon that killed you. When you are assistant in recruiting, you cannot RW. If you do that 3 times, you'll be kicked. MAYOR RULES: You can make laws, but you can't make laws that are OOC. You also can make a curfew, and cannot order the guards to kill the civis for no reason. You must have a trial before you can execute/arrest. You are the judge if there is a trial, you cannot pass it to someone else. Only the guard captain is your assistant in trials. GUARD RULES: You cannot arrest/kill for no reason. You have weapons to defend and use against the demon/slaves. Just because you are a guard doesn't mean you get better meals and prices at the inn.Buzzgear7 Mar 3, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 RP guild questions So I'm looking to make my personal bank guild into a RP guild. (it's level 16 and the name of the guild isn't terrible.) I'd like to draft some form of document (like a charter) or something that explains what the group is all about, codes of conduct, etc. Anyone have an example of such a document that I may use as a boilerplate and actually organize my wild thoughts?Lynet2 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Worgen lore Would most worgens in lore be played as a rogue and a warrior not really casters oh druids too. Been debating for months about rping a worgen but i wanna make sure i get it rightExcalìbur6 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Shaman RP question.(Alliance) So I am about to roll a shaman(Alliance) on Moonguard for RP purposes? What race do you guys think would be the most enjoyable, and why? Also I understand that being a dwarf would make me a wildhammer dwarf, and being a Draenei shaman means I would not be able to reach the light. Also I am up for Panda shaman as well?Alarielle4 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Orgrimmar Personals: To Tharl'gan Aka'magosh, brother. If the tabard is too heavy for you to bear please return it. It is clan property, and I paid for it out of my own meager coin. Perhaps you may try it on again if you grow stronger. I am sorry I misjudged you. Zhorkosh BladewindZhorkosh2 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Preist rp question Are the powers of a shadow preist similar to a ghosts? It just seems that way when they're in shadow form so I was just wondering if it lets you, lore wise I mean not game wise, to pass through walls and maybe not turn invisible but travel through shadows or something like that?Maraph11 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Draenei Death Priests. How do? So after running this quest: I'm considering RPing a draenei death priest but I would really like to know how exactly I go about this. Does anyone have any useful information on the matter?Erani4 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 1, 2013 So long World's End Tavern I'm leaving Azeroth to pursue more activities that benefit myself and those around me more than this game, and I just want to say goodbye to everyone that I've interacted with in this tavern. Old Laers' journey is done for now, and he's going to be hanging around his farm until he feels the call of a new adventure. So long friends /waveLaers7 Mar 1, 2013
Mar 1, 2013 Secret Admirer-an rp challenge I see so many threads where people are looking for rp. They cannot find it...a realm full of rpers and they cannot seem to find exactly what it is they want. I have a proposal to make, a challenge so to speak. For those of you who are looking, see if they will help you find the kind of rp you like. There are dozens of rpers in this forum. Some post frequently, some maybe once or twice. (Perhaps their alts are better known?) Sometimes I have to admit, I see a post I find particularly well written, and I say to myself..."I should go on that person's realm and send them a letter...telling them how impressed I am with their writing...and maybe see if they are interested in some kind of storyline or random rp." So tell me...what would you do to get a person's attention? If you saw them on your realm or maybe if you saw them on the forums, posting a story idea or concept you liked...would you write a letter? Post here and hope they notice? On the other hand, what would be your reaction if you got such a letter or some attention you were not expecting? Would you respond? Would you be flattered someone noticed? I challenge all of you who are looking for rp to approach someone new today. Maybe it is someone you have not seen before, or maybe someone you have seen running around on your realm, or even a cross realm encounter. But rp is out there! Sometimes you have to be the one to start it!Alviira2 Mar 1, 2013
Mar 1, 2013 Best RP Add-On these days? What RP Add-On is everyone using now? I haven't updated mine since MOP started ...Xiaoshu5 Mar 1, 2013