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Dec 2, 2012 Untitled..... Open Rp ok nope...Darkcyn10 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 Multi-Class RP? I have a goblin who is not a class. OOCly he is a hunter, but ICly he is just an average civilian, a businessman. No special powers or super good at training pets. But I decided I wanted to make him a mage OOCly and ICly. Would this be allowed? I know, like, being an insanely good rogue then, in a matter of a month, become the best warlock in the world. But, from the businessman to mage, is that okay?Augustev8 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 /Republic star <...> A republic star: Formed from metal interlocking plates of the book, and reflective base pieces that branch connecting to the turning spire. The words of the book reflected the different metals light of each base piece. The ancient wick lantern design, used reflection of different metals to produce a rythem of light based on the length of the branches connecting each base to the hand-turned spire. Representing many general concepts, the base planets as universal bodies, where seen turning in the heavens from nightfall to dawn. Each base star of rank was awarded as honor. representing positioning of Champion units turning around the general spire. Used as a light system to send messages; much as today. Hanging in a general position to illuminate maps, The lantern also served as a medical device, used as form of light theripy. Ideal to examine invisable inc messages visable only with placement of the lantern over the map key...Dustlight0 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 [A-RP] Cross-Realm Secret Warlock Order [A-RP] Cross-Realm Secret Warlock Order Mortals who embraced the demons and gave themselves over to the arcane achieved gifts of power while the Burning Legion was at its height. When the demons fell in the Third War, the mortals were stripped of this power--they now suffer withdrawal, and a fierce desire to regain the lost power. The goal of The Dark Embrace is to further our arcane studies and establish power. Placing a member in the place of town lord or nobleman is a great achievement. Placing whole populations in the power of The Dark Embrace gives members more power and wealth, which translates into better ways to serve the order. The ambition of our members often place us high in society such as businessmen, noblemen, merchants, and traders. We are upstanding and polite members of society, and give few clues of the evil ambitions that lurk inside. We have easy access to travel and meet our brethren in the remote wilderness where we are difficult to find -- and where the screams of our sacrificial victims go unheard. As members of The Dark Embrace, we are masters of blending in with the populace, building up positive reputations, and showing considerable concern whenever cult activity is reported in the area.Surreal1 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 Oceanic RP Invite. ((IC)) A reasonably sized man works through the Stormwind city streets, he feels uncomfortable being surrounded by seasoned gladiators, grizzled war veterans and accomplished evil vanquishers, but he is confident, confident and resolute. At every few wooden structures he come across he pins a small piece of parchment to, it reads: Ladies and Gentlemen, friends and foe. I, Rubon Blaise, invite you too The Greentail Tavern, a place where all members of the Alliance come together, rest, chat, trade and gloat about their accomplishments. Run by myself primarily and still looking for more able bodied barmaids, we seek to keep you happy and still be quite interactive with our crowd. Ales and wines will be served all night however food is B.Y.O. Fights are strictly banned inside, please take it outside and a reasonable attire is required while still sober. If you chuck up, you buy a round. Rooms will be going for cheap beneath the tavern. The Greentail Tavern will be open from 10:30 every Saturday morning for a lunch session and some nights with times being posted a few days in advance and is located in Thelsamar -Signed Rubon Blaise He stands back to admire his work and turns to leave with a tug of his moustache, smiling as his mastiff trots along beside him. ((Please check this forum oage out if you're interested, would love to hear from you! :) ))Rubon11 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 RPing a warlock I've noticed that alot of warlocks are being attention !@#$%s, how can I RP a warlock without being a attention craving loser?Alekz3 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 [Orcish Tale] The Twelve Rigors of Mokkosh A crowd of Horde warriors and laborers had gathered about the mightstone fire pit within Domination Hold, its scalding exterior meticulously etched with runes in Orcish offering supplication to the element which now burned within its earthen circle. Rough hewn tables of wood stood nearby where a paltry feast of sorts was scrapped together from the scant supply ships that had managed to slip through the Alliance blockade. Each warrior knew that these supplies had cost their home provinces dearly, for food stores were meager in these times of glorious war. But alas, the wealth of new lands awaited, and though night had fallen and the warriors were worn thin from the day's battles, many of those assembled at the bonfire had regaled their exhausted comrades with a tale or a verse of battles and heroes, past and present. "Bah, Durogath," bellowed Stone Guard Kardrek, "Your verse of the toils of Northrend is too fresh upon us all. Are there any here among you with an old tale, a tale of bloodshed, a tale of strife nearly lost to time? Come, something we have not heard before!" Various grunts and cheers of agreement sounded forth from the crowd, at which point a lone Orc stepped forward, his anvil black beard protruding forth from a savage wolf mask. "Throm'ka, comrades," spoke the barbaric looking Orc, "A tale of cunning, strength, and valor... one snatched from the tomb of time..." "I will tell you now of the Twelve Rigors of Mokkosh, a account of ancient times among the Northern Orcs of Draenor. Gather round, and hear the legend of the Pelt of Horogosh..."Kormosh8 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 Cleansing the Sha ((Sign-ups and OOC)) An Elder Druid moved slowly towards the house, carefully moving along the steep path that led to where many Druids would gather soon. His face was covered with a hood and a cloak fluttered behind him in the soft breeze of Stormwind, more from the waterfall nearby than from weather. A shadow suddenly passed over him, and he looked up. A Druid flew to land on the roof of the small house, looking around. She fluttered down to the ground when she saw him, shifting back to looking like a Night Elf. She met him halfway up the hill and offered a hand to help him. With a smile, he accepted the aid. As he sat in meditation, she tended the fire and collected food for the coming Druids. By nightfall, more had gathered. A few Pandaren had joined, even, though they seemed to feel out of place among the Night Elves and Worgen. The Elder Druid sat by the blazing fire, watching more arrive. This wouldn't be good... Far away in Thunderbluff, a similar gathering was occurring. An old Tauren paced inside their tent, looking extremely anxious. As she sat, she 'happened' to be in the same position as her Elven counterpart in Stormwind, and, with much difficulty, they were able to form a link. After a quick talk with each other, they stopped the link to see who had gathered. ((Welcome! This is a thread for the new area Pandaria [though it starts in Stormwind], and specifically for the Sha. Basically, these Druids [and likely other classes to join them] are going to try to help the Pandaren cleanse the Sha. Knowing what little they do of Pandaria, they're bound to run into trouble. SO! Without much more explanation, here's the sign-ups! All races welcome, if you're Horde, you'll be joining them in Pandaria. OOoooookay! Sign ups: Name: Race: Class: Role: (healer, fighter, scout etc.) Physical Description: Armor/Weapons: Short History: Link to current IC: Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 Cleansing the Sha ((IC)) An Elder Druid moved slowly towards the house, carefully moving along the steep path that led to where many Druids would gather soon. His face was covered with a hood and a cloak fluttered behind him in the soft breeze of Stormwind, more from the waterfall nearby than from weather. A shadow suddenly passed over him, and he looked up. A Druid flew to land on the roof of the small house, looking around. She fluttered down to the ground when she saw him, shifting back to looking like a Night Elf. She met him halfway up the hill and offered a hand to help him. With a smile, he accepted the aid. As he sat in meditation, she tended the fire and collected food for the coming Druids. By nightfall, more had gathered. A few Pandaren had joined, even, though they seemed to feel out of place among the Night Elves and Worgen. The Elder Druid sat by the blazing fire, watching more arrive. This wouldn't be good... Far away in Thunderbluff, a similar gathering was occurring. An old Tauren paced inside their tent, looking extremely anxious. As she sat, she 'happened' to be in the same position as her Elven counterpart in Stormwind, and, with much difficulty, they were able to form a link. After a quick talk with each other, they stopped the link to see who had gathered.Kaenei20 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 The Dream (A novel written from RP) (Link that takes you to where you can download the novel's pdf) Summary A young night elf druid, weighed down by his hatred for demons, stumbles upon an artifact that allows him to transform Azeroth. He gathers an army to help him in his campaign and soon has the assistance of a renegade faction within the green dragonflight. Together, they use the druid’s new found power to wipe away evil corruption and fight for the side of nature. When the druid’s army sets fire to an isolated town in the Horde, people begin to question just how far this druid will go to remake their world. Forces become divided, sides are drawn, and people who were once friends in both the Alliance and the Horde find themselves on opposites of the battlefield. The Dream is a finished novel that will take you to almost every location on Azeroth. It is based on actual RP that took place during the Burning Crusade. Follow real life players through their epic adventure as they determine how they can save their world from the threats they fear. One person’s dream, is another’s nightmare.Calei14 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 For the TRUE Horde!! ((IC speech)) Now there are many among the horde, even my own kind who has looked apon Garrosh with disfavor, but in my opinion Garrrosh is doing what is best for the horde. Under Thrall the Aliance walked all over us, it was Garithos all over again!! Garrosh however is taking a stand we are the HORDE not the Aliance's punching bag!! Now many are not happy with the the way Theramore was destroyed but this is WAR!!! In war you must give no quarter NO MERCY!! and for those who think there still may be peace ....look at what happend when we blood elves tired to reach out for peace. Jainia PURGED the Sunreaves from Dalaran!! The Aliance will not rest until either We are dead or they are! So let us fight for a better future. FOR GARROSH!!! FOR THE TRUE HORDE!!!Azran8 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Anyone want to make a new thread? Im not really great at creating stories but I'm really good at playing in others. Seems like there aren't very many ones I can join out thereDelonn9 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 The drunken Pandaren tavern Soongda had just moved to Stormwind from the wandering isles in order to follow his one love and search for it in the new world. Good Food and good ale. And after all the traveling he had done he had decided to settle down and open his own tavern in Stormwind. He was a merry brown and white furred Panderan. A lot of people said he had a big belly but if you ever asked said that to him he would just say a happy Pandaren is one with a good full belly. It was a sunny day in stormwind as he opend the inn Tavern for customers. Smileing as he saw a few human kids run by playing he turns around and walks back inside getting ready for the first customers of the day. His pet fox was in a courner laying down on his own cushion sleeping soundlySoongda6 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Draenei backstory help Draenei have always been my favorite race but I only recently began RPing. I've looked as much into draenei lore as I could to ensure that I wasn't lore breaking but I'm not very confident in her backstory since information was pretty hard for me to find on draenei civilizations before the corruption of the orcs. I'm going to post what I have. I would very much like to know if it's lore breaking at all. Erani was born to a small Draenic village bordering an orcish tribe. As a child, she would spend much of her free time playing and rough-housing with her childhood friends from the neighboring tribe, namely Goran. Both he and Erani aspired to be warriors when they grew up. Each day after their training they would meet, exchange what they had learned and spar together to hone their skills. Over the years he grew to be Erani's oldest and closest friend. She learned Orcish from him and he, Draenei from her. She outlived him long ago, but fond memories of him are still vivid in her mind. To this day, no one has ever become as close to her heart as he did. This was why she was horrified when the orcs began attacking the Draeneis. She watched her father sacrifice his life to allow she, and her mother to escape to safety. After spending a good portion of her life hiding in Zangarmarsh, she assisted fighting off the blood elves in the retaking of the Exodar. She lost her mother in the crash and she now harbors a deep hatred for blood elves. She still, however has mixed feeling for orcs. Erani was left broken and mangled herself. She spent weeks in a state of delirium, barely conscious, but as resilient as she was, she eventually managed to recover and so she began her new life on Azeroth as a soldier of the Alliance. I assumed that draenei age like humans up to a certain point then stop. I also wanted to know if any draenei cities or villages could exist close enough to orc tribes for the children of both races to befriend each other. I really liked the story itself. I felt it added more depth to the character's confusion toward the orcs as a whole. I also want to know just how friendly draenei were towards orcs before they began attacking. Help would be very much appreciated.Erani7 Dec 1, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Wildly disappointed w/ the Pandaren story So... A disagreement on how to save the Zataran (wasn't that the name of the extremely large turtle-island creature from D&D?) made a little rift b/w Ji and Aysa. And then suddenly, after the turtle-island is saved, I'm forced to pick Alliance or Horde. Next to zero information on either faction was presented to our characters, only that Ji chose to leave w/ Horde and Aysa chose to leave w/ Alliance. Then we are forced to pick a faction, ostensibly to go abroad to help heal a vague affliction upon the world, never defined even remotely. My character felt more in tune w/ Ji, but avoided the faction that had undead in it. I picked Alliance. In time to /walk around w/ Wrynn and be told how now Ji and others of my race are my mortal enemy and I must be prepared to slay my own people who joined the Horde, and merely communicating with them is treasonous. Is it just me, or is this terrible writing? Am I missing something? My character would never, ever do that. You would have to be RPing a maverick, and/or evil, and/or black sheep type Pandaren to even join and stay loyal to EITHER faction, in my opinion, if it meant bloodshed against your own people. The character concept I had in mind is now defunct. I would think most legitimate concepts from a race that stresses patience, wisdom, peace, are shot to hell from this ludicrous writing. Am I missing something? Is it just me? I do know that I have zero desire to RP a Pandaren now. Sad Panda.Zhuchu57 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Trail of Shadows-story The tall willowy elf stood in the grand ballroom of a once elegant mansion. There was dust everywhere and not a scrap of furniture was whole. An air of decrepit sadness pervaded the place. Noriesta Baelwind wiped a tear from her eyes as she walked further into the structure. It had taken her a long time to locate this place. The troll at the orphanage had been very kind, but insisted Nori had no living relatives. Being the sole heir to a dead House was disheartening. She wandered from room to room, noting the blank spots where pictures once adorned the walls. The place had been boarded up, but still thieves and animals had gotten in and there was not much left. She came to a doorway that led into the den. It was locked and she could tell many have tried unsuccessfully to open it. Scratches on the wood and even splinters on the floor where they had tried to hack through the door. In curiousity she went to the door and used her innate magic senses to investigate. There was a faint aura around the lock. Her fingers traced around the lock and she whispered words she had once heard her Grandfather say. They were in an ancient language and she never knew exactly what they meant. To her surprise the lock glowed faintly, and she reached for the handle of the door on impulse. The handle was warm to the touch, not cold as she would expect a metal handle to be. Taking a deep breath she turned it slowly and the latch moved smoothly. It was if it was waiting for her touch. The creak of old wood and rusted hinges accompanied the swing of the door as she pushed it open. The darkness within was broken by the light from the candle she carried. It flickered in her hand and she was afraid it would go out. As she stepped inside she nearly dropped it anyway as the interior came into view. Standing there staring at her was a tiny imp. Its beady red eyes bored into hers and it made a chittering sound before speaking in a squeaky rough voice. "Welcome home, Master! Its about time you came for me! I was getting very bored." he bounced around the room then and lit the candles in the holders. Instead of reddish yellow flames of a normal variety the candles gave off a slightly blue color. They burned steadily and lit up the room. Nori stood in shock as the imp addressed her and her hand went to her throat as she cleared it and spoke. " who are you? I have never seen you...before...why do you call me Master?" her voice full of confusion. "Master you are of the House you stand one else is here. You get me too...I am Gryst...your humble servant." he bounced around a few more moments and then pointed to a tome laying on a table in front of a massive fireplace. "That is yours as well. Left for you by your Grandfather Talisein Baelwind. Keep it with you at all holds his spirit. It will teach you many things." Nori glanced curiously at the ancient tome. It was bound in soft leather and had a crimson edging to the pages. She stepped to the chair and found it surprisingly clean and comfortable. The tome was within reach and she picked it up and set it in her lap. Opening the book gave her a strange chill that shot up her arms like a shock. The first page held an inscription addressed to her. Written in red ink it stood out on the creamy ivory parchment. "To my Granddaughter Noriesta, I leave this tome and the knowledge within. It will take you many years to absorb it and learn all the intricasies of the Art. Take it one step at a time. Gryst is bound to you now as is the tome you hold. You may call upon the imp to help you at any time. Beware his sharp tongue, but be stern. He knows much, and volunteers little. Much can be learned from traveling the world and finding the lost tomes that have been stolen from me. Each one will give you more knowledge and power. Find them all and give my spirit ease. Talesein Baelwind" Noriesta spent the next few days looking at the tome and cleaning up the mansion. With the help of Gryst she was able to get a semblance of order.Noriesta0 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Calling all Alliance! (IC) A frail, seemingly young looking night elf wanders the streets of Stormwind. She pauses for a moment, looking around to the hustle and bustle of the busy city. Her companion, a wild looking black wolf, looks to her with bright eyes. He nods slightly and the night elf turns to the Hero's call board. She takes out a pocket knife from her boot and jabs it into a piece of parchment with elegant script. It reads; Calling all able bodied Alliance! Ashenvale is in need of your help! When the cataclysm struck Azeroth it not only unbound many elementals but Horde wanting to claim and destroy is beautiful forests! The Sentinels are in dire need of those that can take arms with us or heal our wounded! Since the unveiling of the ancient land of Pandaria, there are many new supplies that could help Ashenvale and put a halt to it's destruction! For Honor, For Glory, For the Vale! <Sentinels of Ashenvale> on The Venture Co server is looking for RP/PvP'ers. Any race, any level! The Venture Co itself is a selling point. There is lots of RP abound with serious RP'ers and PvP'ers. Not to mention the WPvP! If RPing and PvPing in the beautiful forests of Ashenvale sounds like you're cup of tea, Feel free to drop myself or Alaaria a line on the Venture Co server! I can't wait to hear from you!Amará0 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Taran Zhu and Empress Shek'zeer disappoints One thing I always loved about the concept of the Sha is how its corruption centered around its victim's negative emotions, twisting and manipulating them so that they act radically on it. Temple of Chi-ji and the Temple of Yu'lon were great examples of this. The Sha of Despair withered away the drive and willpower of the Pandaren monks in Chi-ji by magnifying the hopelessness of their situation. The flavor text and quotes from the broken students were a nice reflection of this. Same with Temple of the Jade Serpent, where the guilt and insecurity of its followers lead to their radical actions. Meanwhile, in Kun-lai, Taran Zhu's corruption was way more hands-on. The Sha of Hatred simply spoke through Taran Zhu like a microphone, which I felt obscured his reasoning, rendering them unrelate-able. I would have been happy to see him voice his extreme distaste towards Xuen's decision during his intro or his encounter, but no. Instead, he's just shown as a puppet pawn for the Sha of Hatred. Empress Shek'zeer was worse. I was awaiting her declaration of how she was dreading the extinguishing of her empire and how it caused her to become what she had, but no. The Sha of Fear stands in the background and makes daddy statements and the Empress dances on tiptoes and goes "Yes, master." Seriously. I feel that a lot of compelling character fluff are missed just because the Sha took literally full control over them. Am I alone in this?Charitah0 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Elven Timeline This is might be a difficult request, probably not for those people who are actually good with lore. But I'm wondering about blood elf magisters, who can apparently live to 2,000. If I was one of these old elves, what key events would I have experienced, and where would I have been born? I'm basically asking for a timeline, but a simple website would be cool too.Kelsior2 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 TRP2 Gone for good!? I just-- I can't-- What--... Total Role play 2 support has -ENDED!- I'm trying to cope with this, but does anyone know if there are any plans for someone to pick up the project, or an equally amazing RP add-on that's keeping up to date? I know there's MRP, but I really enjoyed the suite TRP2 gave role players, and haven't found something comparable yet.Kñîght1 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 29, 2012 A Short Story. The small candle on the old desk cast a yellowish light across the small wooden room casting long shadows in the corners. Uncountable amounts of ancient, worn books were crammed into bookshelves clearly organized by spell school, history, specialized books on said schools, art, and philosophy. It was his sanctuary, as a boy. The floor looked both warm and inviting, tinged with shadows that gave the room a darkness that felt tangible, yet this darkness was not suffocating or fear inducing. It was as if the Arcane hummed alive in here. This was the place he spent most of his time as a youth, he remembered. The gristly old man snapped, “Pay attention, son. You must learn all the lore..” He stared with an eager expression, a face open to all possibilities, up at the old, thick, white bearded face. The wrinkles were deep, and the eyes ingrained with a glitter that spoke of wisdom and knowledge from decades of experience. He was the boy’s instructor, his mentor, the one that guided him through his early years. He was the young boy’s grandfather. The boy’s father was always too busy with politics, as Baron of the region. The boy’s grandfather had been disappointed that his son had not taken to the Arcane, had not chased the legacy of their great family. He had tried to induce the love of knowledge and history in his son. The boy, however, had said at the time that Gilneas did not need those who looked to the past, but instead those who looked to the future. That was the only way they could continue to rely upon themselves as a great nation. This was a sound philosophy, in some aspects, but it was not complete, it was not whole. Without the past one is doomed to repeat mistakes in the future. However now, now he had a bright eyed young pupil whose head he could finally cram with the knowledge of the generations. The family tradition would not die. The boy sat with his grandfather and poured over the books, greedily soaking in all the knowledge they contained. He looked about the age of six, fair golden hair that fell in tumbling curls and bright, shimmering blue eyes hungry and eager for all the world had to offer. He had learned to read four years ago. He had not stopped since. His grandfather instructed him in every school of magic, Divine and Arcane, except the darker arts of course. He told him the legends of old, of their great Ancestor, one of the first Gilnean mages. Their ancestor had fought in the troll wars, a devastating mage of unfathomable power, crushing hordes of the green skinned Amani Trolls that lived far to the north in their Alliance with the High Elves of Quel’thalas, the first mages, their ancestor’s teacher. The boy had sat with mouth open, eyes wide with amazement. The small boy dreamed, he played pretend that he too was a great mage casting small spells on nothingness that represented the Amani Trolls of his imagination. He had not had many, if any, friends as a child. He waged war against imaginary enemies in solitude, but even as a young boy his spells were strong, for one his age of course. To his grandfather, watching from the corners, it seemed this one had the great blood of the ancestor. He was certain if he could instill in him the same love that boy’s Father had for their people, as well as the love for the past and magic, this boy would be one of the greatest Barons this nation had known. The old man smiled, watching the young boy send magic missiles that fizzled into air with a small pop. His grandfather told him the humans had a natural affinity for the Arcane these elves had not expected, and their ancestor was celebrated a hero. However he had moved when many others had also immigrated to the far reaches of the land, and came to the area, the great kingdom, now known as Gilneas. He was one of the first mages, powerful and wise, and he was their legacy. He had written some of the very books crammed among these shelves, and all descendants hereafter had done their part to expand this incredible library of knowledge. It was under the family’s impression that it may even rival the libraries of Dalaran itself.Ravinsild15 Nov 29, 2012
Nov 29, 2012 Weight Question I like playing chubby characters. My new goblin, however, is creating a problem. I want him to be sort of fat fat, like Gallywix is, but not insanely morbidly obese. If he was average height of a goblin, around 3 feet, what pound size would make him fat? Thanks!Augustev2 Nov 29, 2012
Nov 29, 2012 Stop Stop using elixir of giant growth. Stop RPing as a san'layn. Stop being a dragon. Stop creating ridiculous devices with your gnomish engineering. Stop. STOP!Boldin73 Nov 29, 2012
Nov 29, 2012 Gnome rp Hello there members of the alliance and...things...of the Horde. I have come to this strange dimension to ask you all a question. What would a gnome, like myself, act like in my home dimension?Morphelius3 Nov 29, 2012
Nov 28, 2012 How do you use seconday specs? When you are making a character's story (if you even take the spec into account in the first place)? I'm curious how other people do it. For instance if you're playing a mage, and his primary spec is fire and offspec is frost, would you have him be equally capable in both disciplines or have him be extremely prominent in fire and only dabble in frost? I'm curious because I like the lore behind brewmasters while preferring the fighting style of the windwalker and I essentially want him to be a "brewmaster windwalker". I'm just wondering if that's "kosher" for roleplaying because I know a lot of people who roleplay can be a bit touchy on certain aspects of character developmentDretzul3 Nov 28, 2012
Nov 28, 2012 A wonderful RP realm I know that this will never happen, but it would be SO cool if there was like a special rp real where there was a NPC or an item that appeared in your inventory when you started and it would turn you into ANYTHING, I know that it probs sounds really stupid to the heavy RPers here and what not, but you have to admit that it would be really fun to rp as a member of the klaxxi, a jinyu wiseman and a wise and noble murloc.Sanarak1 Nov 28, 2012
Nov 28, 2012 *NEW* Phlogiston Inn (Open RP) *LF RPers* Upon da shores of uh settlement hailing east of da road known as da Crossroads, floats uh small boat reading, “Phlogiston Inn,” on da right side once coming up on the wooden dock, mon. Wid advertisements scattered across da posts of da docks an da direction sign. Da rope ladder and anchor has been lowered, it’s time ta parteh. Here’s what meh babeh I been saving up for meh whole life, nearleh, looks like Here’s an idea of what da place looked like before I showed up, mon. It seem duh Engineer has da itchy palms, dunno when ta not place uh bet. Lets jus say old Sanguma struck himself up on uh bidness opportunity. I love ta brew da voodoo brew and I have lotsa hospitality, so why not open an inn? So I gots ta thinkin’.. Where be da bidness because da more bidness da more people da more people da more gold. I was lookin fer somethin neutral, ya know? Cuz a brutha has no problem with nobodeh until he messes wit da brotha Trolls and theirs, see. So I try to buy it out from da Cartel, but dey wasn’t havin it. Then Old Sanguma bet Engineer Gazlowe, da chump, couldn’t beat meh in a foot race. Knowin da liddle guy thought his rocket boosters would help ‘em, he must’ve been in pain when he saw meh levitate by.. Hahehaheha So ya mon, Welcome to the Phlogiston Inn, be my guest. I got da ale, as well as any tropical brew or voodoo brew ya can dream of. If ya gotta recipe, let ol’ Sanguma know and he will tap it up. When ya come up you can leave ya mounts and pets at the top and take off any uncomfortable, then come on down da stairs, let meh make ya a drink. Once ya make ya way down the stairs theres a long table with lots of chairs ta take it easeh and uh bar in da back. Dats where I usually be, makin da voodoo brew. Der be rooms if ya need a rest, and a fire place, which be keepin’ da engine runnin on da ol zeppelin. Now, don’t be startin no trouble- I got security, I no stupid Troll. Cuz down here, pretty as she may be she’ll hitcha where it counts, mon- and upstairs the Death Knight will make ya walk the plank! (Gulp) So let’s just be cool, mon and have a good time. But, ey- if it gets busy in here ya lemme know of anybodeh who is lookin ta serve for some coin, no?Sanguma2 Nov 28, 2012
Nov 28, 2012 Alternatives to Mogit! I need them! Since the pandaria update to the Addon, I can no longer make heads or tails of the relatively simple concept the addon had, so I am searching around for any alternatives with a more simple set up than the clusterfruck that the current Mogit now sports.Claudel5 Nov 28, 2012
Nov 28, 2012 H- Emerald Dream OOC Recruitment RP-PvP OVERVIEW: The Shadow Sovereignty is a militant enclave that, though is made up exclusively of the races of The Horde, acts autonomously. Funded by our mercenary activities we are based out of Orgrimmar. Our outward appearance is represented as taking contracts, guarding and raiding cities, killing for honor and duty, coin, sport, or because it is one's nature. It is said that the Council and Lord Shadow are among the highest ranking clergy of The Cult of Forgotten Shadow in Azeroth. Led by The Lord Shadow Papilon we are an unscrupulous company known for our autonomy, vengeance, and for never reneging on a contract. As a testament to the mercenary band who preceded us, the SS are known for raiding unguarded out posts in small bands, hunting lone travelers, and often co-operate with other factions/guilds in full scale open combat. The organization sees Humans, Worgen, Blue skinned mongrels and other Alliance races as Vermin to be cleansed from Azeroth. We maintain secretive methods while still benefitting from good funding and a charter from the nation state of Undercity. Although some outsiders might view the organization as evil we believe that we are doing a service by ridding the world of The Alliance while also saving our fellow members of The Horde from Alliance dangers. OPERATION: The organization is cellular and leadership of each cell was decided upon by its members who choose from among themselves an officer to follow (This may also allow you, if you like, to bring a small guild seeking more action to join into the fold). If a leader of a cell proves unfit its members may seek the judgement of the Shadow Council (Made up of a collective of Senior officers) to relieve them of duties and elevate a new leader from the ranks. Cells each operate differently with different rules under their respective leaders, but all take a militaristic approach and work together under the direction The Lord Shadow. PREDOMINANT RELIGION: Though we do not require members to be of a specific faith know that many of our members belong to The Cult of The Forgotten Shadow and that you are held to the Three Virtues of The Cult Of Forgotten Shadow. The virtues are as follows: Respect- The universe is the physical manifestation of other's wills. Thus, for a person to denigrate the universe is to ignore the personal power of those around them. This is not only disrespectful, it is dangerous. A follower of the Forgotten Shadow must develop his personal power in order to exert his will on the universe, but seeking too much power too quickly puts him in conflict with other, stronger beings. Only a foolish follower seeks to challenge his superiors right away. Showing respect ensures a measure of self-protection. Tenacity- Followers of the Forgotten Shadow put even greater stock in the virtue of tenacity. It may at first seem impossible for a person to change the universe when countless others seeking to do the same surround him. Through unwavering perseverance and tenacity though, they may triumph. Power- Power is the third virtue of the Forgotten Shadow, and the most difficult to attain. A being who grabs greedily for power might encounter power too great for him or her to handle, and die in their attempt to master it. A being who succumbs to despair and seeks no personal power has no reason to exist; he craves nothing, desires nothing, he sits alone and pines for his old life. Beings who do not seek to better themselves might as well not exist. The quest for power requires caution, forethought, and a subtle touch. RECRUITMENT: The two main areas of recruitment for the organization are amongst the mature and wealthy and amongst the young and poor, especially those that are also disillusioned. Both are needed to make up the SS’s fighting force and to spread the organization's reputations and agendas amongst The Horde. In order to join The SS one must be observed for a time. Those who openly seek membership of the organization should expect to be met with suspicion. Once the true agenda of a potential new recruit has been ascertained, through observation by normal and/or magical means, he or she is approached and invited to join as a full member. Most new recruits are family members, because the trust of a family helps to maintain the secrecy and solidarity of the organization. Non-family recruits are treated with greater suspicion and only the perseverent and dedicated will find thier way through the ranks. Once a member, an individual is oathbound by a vow of secrecy and a vow to punish any other member who breaks this vow. It is Customary for all members and applicants to die their hair black (while the Officers of the Council and The Lord Shadow dye theirs white). If you seek to join you should, discreetly, make yourself known to a current member to begin your trials.Papilon0 Nov 28, 2012
Nov 27, 2012 Shoulders as I drink coffee I'm trying to finish up this XMOG set but I'm not sure what shoulders would look the best. Any ideas from the RP forums? I figured y'all would know best xD <3 edt Oh, also are there any other boots that match? I'm not a huge fan of the big bulky ones.Arior3 Nov 27, 2012
Nov 27, 2012 Untitled (open rp) Gallius yawns as he stretches his arms and opens the door into the pub. He steps into the threshold and instantly the aroma of ale and boar chops fills the air. The sound of dwarven music and chatter consumes the room. His mouth now salivating he pulls up a chair and leans back taking the delicious smell in.Gallius15 Nov 27, 2012
Nov 27, 2012 [Fall of the Scarlet Sigil] Part I Various posters of the following letter have been mass distributed throughout all the Alliance cities and posted on major bulletin boards: Fair citizens of the Alliance, We write to today to commend you for your valiant efforts and unending support. When our Organization first undertook the task that we now lay before you, there was some resistance that our efforts would be futile, and that this letter would be viewed as being slanderous towards the innocent; however, we are pleased to inform you that these beliefs were unfounded. For years, former members of the Scarlet Crusade walked amongst us as everyday citizens, enjoying the rights and liberties of any free man without any discourse to their past crimes. Many of them have retired into obscurity with their identities hidden to escape punishment for their Scarlet pasts. Concerns that they might have succeed and died without being held accountable for their crimes have led our Group, Organization Eleven, to undertake the monumental task to locate these war criminals hiding in our plain sight. We understand the natural tendency to be sympathetic toward people after they have reached a certain age, but these are the last people on Azeroth who deserve our sympathy. Those who adorned themselves with the red flame-crest of the Scarlet Crusade, Onslaught and its daughter guilds are traitors to the Alliance, the Church of the Holy Light and against humanity itself. The passage of time does not lessen the severity of their crimes against humanity, and it is our duty to ensure that their victims deserve to see justice. Grand Crusader Daragon Gladius, renowned leader of the Scarlet Sigil oversaw countless military campaigns in the northern regions of the Eastern Kingdoms. He abused his power and position as a so-called Paladin of the Light to mislead others into committing unspeakable and ghoulish acts against members of the Horde and the Alliance alike. Today, we are pleased to inform you that this man, along with his top officers have been located and killed. This is only thanks to you, the righteous people of the Alliance, for your tireless work gathering information regarding the movements of this fanatical organization. Yet, despite this great victory our service to the Alliance is far from over. While many of the Scarlet Sigil's members have been captured and tried for their crimes while some may still remain at large. As always, any information leading to the whereabouts of these dangerous fugitives will be greatly appreciated. Proud peoples of the Alliance, your due diligence in this matter are paramount to helping maintain the peace, and to ensure that justice has been served. Signed, Organization Eleven Attached to the letter are a few names with their current status in game. All the officers and high ranking officials of the Sigil have been marked as either being deceased or missing. Essowyn Evans, High Commander of the Wolf Platoon, is listed as one of those killed. == =RP Notes= Current Status: Open to any interested RPers on the forum only. Open call to Scarlet RPers to come out and respond to this thread. Purpose: Scarlet and Scarlet-esque RP is present on most RP servers, some are met with varying IC responses that range between acceptance to other revulsion. The purpose of this opening post is to see how people would react to seeing a notice like this plastered everywhere. Some may view the Scarlets as being criminals and traitors, while others view them as being no different than the Argent Dawn. Some are eager to KoS (kill on sight), while others find that Scarlets are still servants of the Light and killing one is a sin in itself. Other Notes: The Scarlet Sigil is one of the most visible Scarlet RP groups on our server.Essowyn1 Nov 27, 2012
Nov 27, 2012 rp outfit Ignore GM delete itFrostraveñ6 Nov 27, 2012
Nov 26, 2012 Looking for house looking for an empty house for my Undead toon in silverpine or lorderon or somewhere around the UC capital anyone know a place?Rakiyu20 Nov 26, 2012
Nov 26, 2012 Who else loves to cleanse the land of horde? Hello there call me Axle :) Me and a friend have come to notice that most alliance don't like to go out of there way to kill horde. Why is that?Thuggä6 Nov 26, 2012
Nov 26, 2012 Fernstep Inn ((Open RP)) Out deep in the Jade Forest, there is an inn called the Fernstep Inn. Located in a thick tangle of bamboo trees, the only way to find it is the signs hung on the trees, as adventurers and lost travelers weave their way through the green. The inn is a bit on the small side, but well kept. It has the typical pandaren architecture, with a fresh green shade along with a duller red and brown. The inside main room is cozy, but larger than it looks from the outside. The owner there makes homemade brew for his guests, and offers a variety of other interesting food. There is no sign declaring no fighting, for the pandaren most likely did not need it. With the new races landing upon the shores, the Fernstep Inn is seeing more and more visitors that have winded up confused in the mess of bamboo trees.Briskpaw92 Nov 26, 2012
Nov 26, 2012 WoW and Aura's So often while roleplaying I see/hear people refer to peoples "Aura's" Essentially this lets you deduce maybe class or personality and occasionally emotions, I think. Don't really understand it and not really sure what kind of weight it holds in the RP community. If this is a thing people use often, are there guidlines and standards to it? Just curious.Rennicus5 Nov 26, 2012
Nov 26, 2012 Misted Legends Reborn (IC) Laviette crested a hill. To the east of her lay the Imperial Granary, and the north, Halfhill. It had seemed like ages since she had last been here, when in actuality it had only been weeks. Still many of Pandaria’s secrets were unknown to her; particularly the north, as she had been unable to pass the mountains in search of the “Vale of Eternal Blossoms”, as the Pandaren had described to her. The guards had sent her away, telling her she was not ready yet. Ready for what, she had no idea. These Pandaren were as cryptic as they were kind-hearted and relaxed. Even so, she had learned much –or at least, she felt as though she had. There was a rumbling from the dark clouds above, and her feline ears twitched in response as she glanced upwards. The skies were ready to open up, and within moments there would be rain pouring from the heavens. Lav would prefer to be in a tavern by then, so she cut her reminiscing short, and began down the rocky hillside. By the time she opened the door she was absolutely drenched, and a rather unimpressed look reflected beneath the white hair that had washed into her face. Jio, behind the bar, laughed, but otherwise said nothing. ”You wouldn’t happen to know if the others are coming, would you Jio?” She asked politely. “No, ma’am. Although last I heard from Leung, they shouldn’t be too far off now. She had received the letter exactly three days ago. How on earth the old Panadren had managed to find her in the middle of the Krasarang Wilds was a mystery to her, though she guessed Leung had more secrets up his sleeves than she had initially given him credit for. Nodding politely, she took her seat in at a distant table, bowing her head deep into her hood as she allowed herself to slowly dry. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Meanwhile, in the ports of Orgrimmar and Stormwind, criers shouted into the thick crowds, ”The ships will be departing in exactly one hour!Laviette343 Nov 26, 2012
Nov 26, 2012 Common Sense. For Cesar. Member and Officer Rules: No griefing of opposite faction; this includes, killing quest NPCs, griefing enemy cities, pulling packs of mobs onto people for the purpose of killing them, and/or stealing herbalism and mining nodes, as well as quest objectives. No use of language for the purpose of offending someones racial, sexual or religious orientation. We understand ERP does happen; please keep it out of public eye. When in doubt, take it to party chat or whispers. While in a public place, remember you are baring our guild tag beneath your name; set a good example for yourself, and the guild. Always be on your best behaviour; courteous, accepting, and patient of others. (Remember, not everyone is the same as YOU) Trolling, or griefing others on the forums, or in trade chat will NOT be tolerated. Keep all OOC chatter in Officer Chat, or Party chat. Treat others the way YOU would want to be treated. Corpse camping is not tolerated during RP-PvP events or otherwise; we will not have our guild known for poor etiquette or sportsmanship. Do not spam ANY channel; this includes trade, general or guild chat. Constructive criticism is encouraged in OOC in regards to roleplay; however respect their decision not to abide by your advice. You may not initiate and IC fight, without OOC permission. You may not misuse the Cathedral, the square, Tyr's Hand, or any place where people are role-playing by jumping around, or any usual OOC actions. There is absolutely no place for conflict in guild chat; please take it to whispers. Members of <The Scarlet Hammer> are disallowed from being abrasive on the public forums or in any way out-of-character. We refuse to participate in this nonsense. Drama threads are not to be posted on; however if you MUST, you will do so in a way that does not sully our guild tag. This does not mean get on an alt forum tag, this means disassociate yourself and all of your characters from the guild. Officer Expectations: Officers must set an example for new and existing members to the guild. They must be the examplars; exhibiting expected behaviours from all members. Officers must be active and participate when they are online. Officers must be available for all members of the guild, including other officers; for matters such as disciplinary issues, recruitment, etc etc. Officers must be active in recruitment, guild leveling, guild events, dungeons, raids, RP, etc. (Essentially anything the members may be interested in) Officers must not show favouritism to any specific member; this is including, but not limited to other officers AND the GM his/herself. ALL Officers must pull their weight in /all/ departments; including but not limited to: event planning, dungeon/raid organization, disciplinary infractions, guild leveling, application approval and IC interviews, and RP with other members.Kormed2 Nov 26, 2012
Nov 25, 2012 Hello all ! Just wanted to make an introduction thread....... I recently came back to the game after a few year hiatus. Never made it very far along here in WoW as I was pulled quickly back into <gasp> Everquest 2 and some RL happenings. Anyways....hope to bring one Pandaren's worth of fresh air both here and into my little corner of the world of Moon Guard. Really enjoying the story line and the game in general. Looks like a decent group here after reading thru the posts and look forward to getting to know y'all ! (Me - old school RP'er.....yea back to the ancient pen & paper days and some older game titles. Old Navy vet, Dad and husband - looking to blow off some steam thru the game and avoid drama since there is plenty o that in RL)Yuanpo0 Nov 25, 2012
Nov 25, 2012 Avatar for all warriors canon? If people played WC3 they remember avatar being a mountain king ability. Now with MoP they decided to give it to all warriors? I'm wondering if this is something meant to be canon or if blizzard just decided "meh, the ability was cool, let's give it to em!", without giving it any lore background.Angrifaust1 Nov 25, 2012
Nov 25, 2012 Roleplaying the SI:7 As the title says. Is roleplaying a member or rookie/trainee of the SI:7 acceptable, or is it something frowned upon? If the former, would it be limited to rogues? Would there be an excuse for a Pandaren, moreso a Monk, to enlist into the order?Qigaishan6 Nov 25, 2012
Nov 25, 2012 Worgen Pack RP idea..thoughts? Yeah, I know what your thinking. Worgen pack? How unoriginal, and terrible RP. Thats usually what most people think when people get on WRA Trade. But, this is something very interesting. I always saw Packs as mindless antagonists, doing stuff for no good reason,or IC motivation. But, if I remember correctly, Arugual summoned the Worgen back into Azeroth to combat the a relatively destructive degree. Now, with the Forsaken and the Horde attacking Gilneas, the Fenris Keep infected, and the Scourge around the corner, having a highly zealous, antagonistic scourge-slayers like the Scarlets seems a like a good idea to me. That, plus fighting the Alliance, thinking they sympathize,and are out to hunt them down, it seems like they have plenty of reason to be a great anti-heroic afiliation. What are your thoughts?Turic5 Nov 25, 2012
Nov 24, 2012 Troll Warlocks? Does anyone know their whole deal? Are they Hexxers or Witch Doctors, or Blood Priests or something, or did they just pick it up from the orc warlocks? Also, how are they treated in-game? I would assume other trolls, as they are all about de dark voodoo, mon, would pretty much treat them as they would any other spellcaster.Razkah5 Nov 24, 2012
Nov 24, 2012 Looking for Horde Rp server! Heya! As the title states, a couple friends and I have gotten addicted to the Rp community! We first experienced it on Wyrmrest Accord Alliance, but we're looking for a Horde community that is as friendly and active as that. We've tried a couple servers and haven't quite found what we're looking for so we've turned to the forums! All we're looking for is a friendly,active Horde Rp community. Any tips/advice/suggestions will be sincerely welcomed and appreciated! Thanks in advance! ~ZulrokZulrok7 Nov 24, 2012
Nov 24, 2012 Draenei Twins When I created this character and two other draenei, I intended to play them as a set of triplets born around the time of the Orc's first crossing into Azeroth. Recently, I've been told in game that they can't be twins/triplets because while they have the same facial features/horns, they have different skin colors (the paladin is white, the mage blue and the shaman dark violet). I justified this by referencing Sacrolash and Alythess, the Eredar twins on the Sunwell platueau... who are also identical except for their skin color. Is it plausible that twin draenei could have different skin colors like the Eredar twins do (since both draenei and eredar decended from the original Eredar race? If the skin colors for the Eredar twins is the result of the different magics they use, could the same happen to a set of draenei triplets that follow different magical paths (light, arcane, shamanism)?Galacia19 Nov 24, 2012
Nov 24, 2012 looking for new Rp friends the tittle says it all. i been playing wow seriously since wrath and now i just wanna lay back and chill. im really interested in role playing and i like the whole concept of it. the only problem is that i play on tich where all my alliance toons are on. that's including all my boa sadly so i don't want to have to re lvl on another server slowly :(. but anyways my battle tag is cryout add me for anyone who wants to teach me and role play with me :DScrïpture1 Nov 24, 2012
Nov 24, 2012 A good dwarf joke Hey guys so I have found a great joke that caters Dwarves I do not mean to offend fans of either the band I am answering with or Fans of the dwarf race but here it goes hmhmmm Q: What song best describes Khanaros?Thol1 Nov 24, 2012
Nov 24, 2012 Hellscream De'throned Greetings everyone. I'm just going to throw this out there, and hope it's a topic worth discussing. I can't stand the Horde leader. He's a self centered, self righteous, self indulged, self made S.O.B. Not to mention being a back stabbing low life PoS. I think it's high time to take out Hellscream, and replace him with a more positive role model.Zenfoo16 Nov 24, 2012