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Jan 8 My Cast of Characters Going to post two of my characters here since the last time I tried to post each of them it failed. Feel free to say things about them if you like! Name: Ravasha Witchhawk. Age: Middle-Aged Adult (Younger than Bravicia). Appearance: Ravasha has reddish-brown hair tied back into a ponytail by a green sash. Her hair is clipped at the side by a green hair clip. She has white skin and wears red lipstick. Her nails are coated with red nail polish as well. Ravasha wears gold hoop earrings she bought in Silvermoon for a special occasion. She wears a set of red robes with gold and black designs. Background: Ravasha was born to a family of mages and researchers. Choosing to research and practice fire magics in her early life she rose to fair proficiency. When Arthas came to raze the Sunwell her magics failed her as she battled the undead Scourge. Seeking a new kind of power she eventually found a teacher in Selerra Sorrowsong and began her new life as a warlock. Staying in Silvermoon City she has taken to searching for tomes of her craft that she can study as well as ever new ways to destroy her enemies with her spells--She may even try to test her theories on demon hunters and other warlocks due to their similar energies. Name: Bravicia Witchhawk. Age: Middle-Aged Adult (Not sure how old blood elves get). Appearance: Bravicia's skin is coated in red scales. She has long ginger red hair and wears gold hoop earrings given to her by her sister. Bravicia has curved black horns growing from either side of her head. She wears a red-and-gold veil/blindfold over her eye sockets. She wears a leather tunic and leather skirt as well as boots that cover part of her legs with small heels. Background: Bravicia was born to the Witchhawk family of Quel'thalas and rather than taking on scholarly pursuits found herself in love with fancy footwork, speed and melee weaponry. She employed herself as a tracker and scout. Seeing her sister Ravasha just about killed by the Scourge she started to believe that her current path was not enough and took the opportunity to travel to Outland with Kael'thas Sunstrider when it came. Meeting Illidan and training at his Black Temple she consumed the heart of a succubus as her rite of passage as a demon huntress. Participating in the mission to retrieve the Sargerite Keystone she boarded the Fel Hammer and helped to destroy Brood Mother Tyranna. After recovering from her imprisoning by the Wardens she began living in Dalaran. Working to end the Legion whenever possible she hopes to someday see her home and family again. Done. I shall write the others' stories when I can and edit them into my starting post or else just make new posts for them. :) List of Character Posts: (Vaneka and Catherana) (Lexica Brighthope) (Aichun Oddmoon) (Jezula of the Darkspear)Bravicia19 Jan 8
Jan 8 Cult of the Black Scales [OOC] I am unsure what I want to do with this concept. Write a character story or use it as a forum RP. I thought, "Well, might as well see if there is any interest." I wont be starting it until the Vault of the Dead is over with, so there will be some time still depending on how fast we finish the final phase of the thread. I will be a little strict regarding sign ups, due to some chaos that has been happening in other threads lately. I love creativity, so I don't like being strict. But I worry that if I am not, things could get out of hand. Going to post the rules in case they turn people away :S Rules: ~ I enjoy a well written character as much as the next person, and even mounts can be written into characters and their stories... but please. No mounts over characters. If your griffon dive bombs a threat, that is one thing, but they shouldn't be able to count as posts by themselves. Remember, when you do that, it is like slipping in another character without the thread master's permission. Ask first. Please. ~ If I have the bad guys spying on you, you are free to notice being spied on, but don't drop on their space without consulting me in the OOC first. Some mooks? Yeah it would be reasonable to spot/sense/smell them. But I would like to be able to make the call if you actually find and engage. ~ Try to keep the thread paced. If you feel something needs an immediate post, fine; but try to avoid posting after every other person. Give people a chance to get their own interactions in. It shouldn't be YOU ME YOU PERSON YOU FROG YOU DAISY. ~ Proper punctuation and grammar is nice. Doesn't have to be perfect, just readable. ~ Posts should be more than a one liner, that goes without saying here really. Why are you on the forums if you want to do 1 sentence posts? Add some character expressions, thoughts, something. Doesn't have to be a fluff filled book, but have more than one line. ~ Don't stall the thread out. Kersia is cold. She will go one without you and not look back. She doesn't feel the need to baby you, answer your every whim and question. She will get bored and move on. One of her best friends is missing. ~ This thread is meant to have a plot and progression. Side arcs between characters are fine, as long as they don't stall out the thread or begin to derail it. ~ I trust you to write combat fairly. If I feel you are going a little over the top, I with politely let you know if the OOC. Even mooks make hits at times. They are not StormTroopers and you are not Jedi. ~ The biggest of the bad here is mine. I will kill him. I will not write to kill your characters, that will be your own choice. However, there will be spots where you may need to do what Kersia says, or you will fall into a large pool of lava. I would advise listening to Kersia. Or any of my other characters. You don't have to, but Kersia certainly wont be fighting for you to reason with her. She says hop on, you say nope, she says okay then and leaves you to fall to your death. ~ And obviously no overpowered/overbearing characters. Mooks are hack and slash friendly; but I will have named combatants and they will not be. Kill a nameless dragon using physics to behead it? Sure. Kill Vanexia that way? No. ~ No controlling characters that aren't yours. I'll let you know in the OOC if you can free for all a current mass of mooks, I'll typically give names to the bad guys I wish to directly control for combat. But don't assume, with my bad guys, or with the characters of others. ----- Sign Up Form: ----- List of Approved Characters with Links to Their Sign Up: ----- Like I said, this is mostly an interest check. I am one for bending the rules, and am open to suggestions. If you feel like I am being too strict, just say so. If you would be interested, but are worried I may inhibit your character or something because of these rules, let me know. I am actually friendly and easy to get along with, I just don't want my thread to derail or get flooded. I will be having Kersia, Vynianyx, and Sylstyx in the thread mainly. Mortre will be there as well, but wont be with good guys till towards the middle/end. Tolbyas will be entering towards the end. Depending on how the story goes. Xinaria and Etzul could make appearances as well. Sterixia will be tagging along. Kersia and Mortre are the stars of this show though. 15 characters tops, 1 per personMortre373 Jan 8
Jan 7 WET Community Lounge Archive This thread is a general guideline made to keep track of the Community Lounges. I will edit this and add in all the new ones whenever they're made. Please do not post! The Rules As established in Lounge 1, the rules will be applicable to all future Lounges, regardless of author. I've cut them down a bit since some of them were redundant. 1: Do not badmouth other players whether they are or are not in the thread. This is not the place for flame wars or anything of the like. 2: Do not criticize someone's choice of RP. They pay for the game just as you do, therefore they have the right to RP as they like. If that means Harry Potter RP in Karazhan, so be it. 3: Treat other players with respect. If you don't like another player for whatever reason, ignore them and move on, but do not disrespect them through hurtful messages. 4: Do not respond to immaturity with further immaturity. If someone decides to troll the lounge, ignore it and move on.Canniibal3 Jan 7
Jan 7 WET community lounge 103 Hello and welcome to WET lounge 103! There are virtually no rules. Since there are two, here they are (I said virtually no rules, not no rules): There must always be coffee Warlock minions must behave in order to be in THIS specific lounge. Here's the previous thread And here's the Archive. Jan 7
Jan 7 Date at the Darkmoon Faire I'm looking for a one-off RP date to the Darkmoon Faire. I can RP on either an Alliance or Horde. Serious inquires only please.Plantagenet1 Jan 7
Jan 7 Guild Woes I've been in several guilds. Some RP guilds, some casual guilds and some guilds that seem like nobody ever signs online. I like to do dungeons now and PVP however the queue times are so long that I wish that I had somebody in my guild to group with, RP with or whatever. Just no long talks about my real life unless I initiate please strangers. Has anybody else had the problems I've had? Post about your guild experiences, how you get RP in your guilds or anything else about guild woes. :D I'd like to say on a more troubling note that I've left guilds for being, for want of a better word, "triggered and offended." I know everybody says that as a joke now but when you say I'm not a real woman it hurts my feelings guild people. So I just quietly leave the guild and say no more of it. That's been my least favorite experience with social guilds.Ravasha17 Jan 7
Jan 7 Sons of Liberty Tavern Night Attention all members of the Alliance, This coming Friday (January 5th 2018) The Sons of Liberty will hosting their first Tavern Night. Location: Pig and Whistle, Old Town in Stormwind Time: 9pm (server time) Realm: Emerald Dream We would like to invite every member of the alliance to the Pig and Whistle Tavern. All are welcome to come, be it for food, drink or just to trade a story or two. In house drinks will be provided by yours truly, so don't let your light coin purse concern you. We hope to see you all there! (This is an open RP invitation to anyone who can attend. Veteran RPers, Social outcasts, New RPers, People who have never RPed but want to come to see what it and we (The Sons of Liberty) are about, you are all welcome to attend and enjoy the atmosphere.)Daelric11 Jan 7
Jan 7 Pandaren Cultural Exchange! <MG Alliance> Hosted on January 27th @ 7:00 Central time At the Temple of the Jade Serpent A Cultural Exchange is an event that showcases the cultures of two different peoples. In this instance, it will be the Kingdom of Stormwind and the Pandaren of Pandaria. To do this, a few events will be held that showcase a sample of each culture -A drinking competition - Pandaria -A Date Auction - Stormwind -A fist-fighting competition - Pandaria -An Official Tournament - Stormwind This event was planned and managed by the Ministry of Culture of the Stormwind Law Project (SLP) on the Moonguard Server! But even if you aren't involved in the project, feel free to come out and attend! Whisper / sent mail to Artegal in game, or, just comment on here and I will get to you as soon as I can! Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!Artegal1 Jan 7
Jan 7 Need help getting into RP Would like to be taken to "RP School" , I need a mentor, be taken under someone's wing, whatever you call it. I raided for 11 years and never RP'ed once but the community is about to run me off! I need help with RP and from what I have experienced so far it isn't going well. I am trying to RP as either horde or ally and enter a meaningful character relationship... no not ERP but not entirely closed off to it either. I am doing a study and would like to see what all the fuss is about with RP. So please do not run me off, I want to experience the RPG in this MMORPG please add me on b tag DeadlyFeet#19604 I don't care if you are man/girl/chewbacca and roleplay as the other I'm open to all, same goes for straight, gay, bi, I just want to be engrossed in some meaningful RP. Guild/relationships. Cheers! If you add me on B tag, whisper me and let me know who you are!Randojambo3 Jan 7
Jan 6 Priestess of Elune - OOC mage class? Sorry if this has been asked before, but I used the search function and found nothing. Would it be acceptable to role play a night elf mage as a priestess of Elune, using Elune's blessing to damage enemies of the Goddess? (Arcane specced, of course)Kalessia2 Jan 6
Jan 6 Worgen monks? Is there any real lorewise reason why a worgen can not be a monk? I get why gameplay wise due to the worgen starting zone occurs before and right after the cataclysm but is there any reason why a worgen couldnt later travel to pandaria and learn how to be a monk there?Enzio22 Jan 6
Jan 4 Help with a Name So, when I named this character years ago it was always meant to be a placeholder but I never got around to renaming her. Partially because I just put it out of my mind and partially because nothing ever grabbed me. I know what I want the name to communicate, basically the same meaning as the name she has now, but an orcish name rather than norse. Anyway, I have been playing around with some sounds here and there but would love some suggestions. (for the record the name at this point means "thunderous battle") Anyway, if anyone would be willing to help it would be greatly appreciated :DTorhilde2 Jan 4
Jan 3 WET Community Lounge 102 Welcome to 102 of the WET lounge. Everyone should know the rules here. Here's the previous thread And here's the Archive. Jan 3
Jan 2 Prosthetics Are there prosthetic limbs in Azeroth? I don't mean like the ones we have in the real world but advanced ones like the ones you see in Full Metal Alchemist. Plus how would a prosthetic work for a worgen? Would it make sense to enchant it change size and shape every time they change form or would they be essentially locked in their worgen form due to the way the limb is attached?Enzio14 Jan 2
Dec 31 Darona's Journey-OOC ((OOC-This will be my record of Darona's journey to seek out her roots. Her family and her life is a mystery to her. Along the way she will meet those who help her and those who hinder her. I will use some of my own characters to add to the story. When I find a partner and they wish to add to the forum post, it will help to further the story.)) The lone female Orc sat in a tavern, nursing a meal she could little afford. The Innkeeper had been generous with his helping of stew and told her it was all she could eat for a silver. Darona was confused by his kindness. He was a human! Yet, kindness seemed to fill his heart as he came over again and again to ask if she wanted more. In all previous encounters with humans, they had been without mercy or kindness. Slaughtering her war party without mercy. That, Darona expected. They were at war, after all. It was honorable to die in battle. Those who professed a wish for peace were often two faced, lying through their teeth in order to take advantage of the situation. Her life was a shambles right now. She had run afoul of a mean tempered Troll leader who shamed her in front of her fellow soldiers. She was not ruthless enough? Darona’s protests met with deaf ears. In shame and dishonor she left the patrol, seeking a better life. But where would that be found? Her empty purse spoke volumes. Tonight she would sleep in a cave she found, after killing the bear and skinning it to use the hide for a blanket. Her supplies were running low. She could exist on meat, she was a skilled hunter of game. She could also fish, which kept her from starvation many times. But she needed more. The others in the tavern spoke of demons and some sort of invasion. It sounded like skilled warriors would be needed to defend the entire planet. Contemplating this news, Darona left the tavern to seek out the nearest recruiter. When she arrived, she was in line for a long time. The recruiter looked at her skeptically. “You don’t look like much. You are too green. Get some more experience under your belt and come back when you are stronger. We will be here. Darona seethed inside, but simply hung her head and walked away. Someone would need a helping hand, she was sure of it. Darona was willing to work, if only someone would give her a chance!Darona45 Dec 31
Dec 31 Red Talons ( ICC-Rp) The troll ruins that was once empty now has a group of mostly human races encamped inside it, tents set up, though the odd part is they don't show there faces, they wear mostly cloth that covers there entire body, the color matches that of the sand area them, some of them are armed with guns, swords or even rare few seem to be a spell caster by appearance, some may see this very suspicious or some might see this over protective. "Boss! Camps are set up and our wanted posters are also put around towns, except for booty bay, just like you said." said one of the so called Archaeologist to The man in the center, He Nodded in response, "Excellent, now we just wait for brave adventurers who come help us." "Tell the lads to be on the alert though, can't let that one escape too easily." The other man nodded and walked away. The the man who people assumed to be the leader of the group continued writing down notes for his fellows in the camp.Hawkéns186 Dec 31
Dec 30 Bassball Tryouts - xfaction Rp-PvP "Do you like violence? Do you like sports? Do you like the spotlight of the arena? I hope you've got your britches buckled on tight, because I haven't had news this explosive since the time my grandma made volcano kimchi! "The Azerothian Bassball League is coming to Gurubashi! We're looking for fresh bod -- er, talent -- for a whirlwind of fame, excitement, and head trauma! Don’t forget your lucky charms, because perfectly-legal betting will be open! (NotaffiliatedwiththeEasternKingdomsGamblingControlBoard) "Oh, did I mention? This opportunity is open to both Alliance and Horde! We've got an arm-a-stacy thingamajig or whatever, though, so keep all fighting in the ring. “Bring your team, bring your friends, bring your lovers, bring your father-in-law and push him into the halftime free-for-all -- just me? Well, bring them anyways! Welcome to the big show!” Get in the holiday spirit with Winter's Veil, then strap on your uniforms and join us in the Gurubashi Arena on Saturday, December 30th for our debut at 3:30 PM Server Time (Pacific). Form a team of three beforehand or get teamed up with other solo competitors. Players and spectators of all factions welcomed. What is bassball? -A fast-paced 3v3 form of PvP where your objective is to outmaneuver and control your opponents, not slay them. It’s a chaotic team-based battle to field a goal into your opponent’s net – using a fish. -It debuted at the Bonfire Bash this year, but was patented by an opportunistic goblin to be 170% more fun and make 300% more profit! Requirements for Competing -A character of level 110, and good sportsmanship. That’s all! -For pre-made teams, the majority of your party must be from Wyrmrest Accord for realm hopping. Feel free to make uniforms, come up with a team name, and bring your A-game! -Can’t compete? Put on your cheer gear and root for your favorite team! (Or the one you bet on.) -Comment here or add ragewang#11166 in-game for more information.Narcissus10 Dec 30
Dec 30 Gift Exchange! (RP game) What kind of gift would your character bring to a gift exchange? How would your character react to the gift from the person who posted before you? I figured this might be fun to play. Happy Winter Veil! (and Merry Christmas!) ^_^ <3Silvanni9 Dec 30
Dec 30 "Hometown" help. Hello all, I am hoping someone can help me flesh out some character background details. I am looking for an alliance town that can meet the criterias of 1/being on an island. 2/ having elements of both a mining and a fishing community. 3/ being a human settlement(this criteria is not required but would be nice). If both fishing and mining community criterias cannot be met, island communities of either would be okay as well. Especially island mining communities, as the island factor can help illustrate somewhat of a fishing vibe on its own. This is for me and my gf's new characters. They are based on ourselves and since we live on an island that is both a former mining community and now a fishing community. We thought setting our characters hometown to such a place would be nice. Thanks!Glamis8 Dec 30
Dec 30 Nightborne Warlock ~ thoughts and ideas So once the allied races are released I was thinking of switching to a nightborne warlock. I toyed at the idea seeing as you encounter fel infused guards in your adventures through the Nightborne city. I was curious what other's thought of the idea or how they were planning to go about this combination. ^^Aldessa3 Dec 30
Dec 30 How To Ruin Winter Veil In 6 Words Or Less Write a phrase your character (or someone else) could/might say that would ruin Winter Veil in 6 words or less (or at least within 1 sentence). Here's my example: "This isn't the present I wanted." Most importantly, have fun! :)Silvanni24 Dec 30
Dec 29 Red Talons(Rp OOC) A poster is signed up everywhere, in most neutral cities or even horde and alliance aligned ones. "Hello Adventurers, mercenaries, hired goons... I DON'T CARE WHO OR WHAT YOU ARE! but Someone has been stealing our artifacts, Archaeologist caught a glimpse of the thief but we have enough description of him, but every time we get the guards or even tell someone of of it, he either knocks them out, out runs them or even on a rare occasion, killing them! So he's not a thief, but a murdering monster!" On the bottom you find a name and how to contact the person. "My name is Clark Goldstone, And we have a camp far north of in Stranglethorn vale, and don't worry about factions... we are basically a Neutral party who only cares for the aim of uncovering history." Under the note is a small map that has a dot indicating where there camp is located, huh it's at a small troll ruins, they must of either wiped out the trolls or done something else. __________ HELLO This is a sign up for Red Talons, This is a rp thread where you do some investigating and look for who might be the thief of archaeology recent finds might be. Name: Age?: Class: Reason: Brief History: Any questions, feel free to ask.éns200 Dec 29
Dec 29 Help Change The Nighthold Properly for 7.3.5 Greetings all, I've started a thread in the official 7.3.5 PTR General Discussion Forums regarding the upcoming changes to the external, non-instanced version of The Nighthold, and I'd love to get some support for it. Essentially, this is the problem: whilst it's great that the devs have removed all of the hostile NPC's in the area, effectivly turning it's outdoor section into the playable Nightborne's capital, all of the interior places in this version of The Nighthold are sealed off, meaning you can't get in there to RP. Even the bridge to the greater city is sealed off by a massive door, making it so that you have to mount up and fly around it everytime you want to get to the city. If you've done the raid version of The Nighthold, I'm sure you know that the interior version of The Nighthold is gorgeous, and well worth fighting for, in my opinion. And here's the thing: if we don't ask now, the chances of them going back later to change it is practically zero. Here's the Link: Please help me let the devs know that the work is something we role-players want. Thanks for reading.Arrodis4 Dec 29
Dec 29 WET Community Lounge 101! This is a lounge not a 101 school thing... but if you want a lesson, it can start understanding the rules. there are not many, but be respectful, enjoy yourself, and make friends. we have a booth for cyndilous cookies, a bar for drinking, and a mascot *someone comes up to hawkens and is whispering* We don't? darn... i though- *Whispers* Really? damn... Well... heres what was previous and the archive. Archive.éns500 Dec 29
Dec 28 Just a Random RP Question I'm just curious; say if I want to make a new RP character and have them be born in the events of the Cataclysm, how old would they be now in Legion?Kaiah6 Dec 28
Dec 28 Just a Random Question.... I'm just curious; say if I want to make a new RP character and have them be born in the events of Cataclysm, how old would said character be?Kaiah1 Dec 28
Dec 28 Backstory for my human monk, help/ideas!? I was writing a story for this human monk and I tried to post it here but I don't think it got posted! So I have to write it all down again, so here goes. I'm just looking for any tips, advice, I don't have all the details yet but most of the important stuff is ready. So Tranin was born right around the start or just before the start of WoW, his father was an agent of si-7 and his mother was a mage. His father was planning a coup d'ete against the organization of si-7 and they discovered his plot and ordered his execution of him ans his family. Father hearing of this he told his wife to take Tranin and flee the city, she did but not before placing Tranin in a boat and shipped him off to sea, not knowing where he would end up. The mother disappeared into the night and managed to escape Stormwind while the father stayed behind and met his fate at the hands of the si-7 officers. Tranin's boat rocked and weaved among the ocean as it found its way to the misty shores of Pandarea. There on the beach a Pandarean Monk was training and saw the boat wash ashore. Curiously he approached it and discovered young Tranin inside! He took Tranin home and decided to raise him. At first he tried to hide him from his wife, but she soon discovered him and they decided to raise him together. Years later (now MoP) Tranin is all grown up and a highly skilled Monk. The alliance and horde have just arrived on the isle, and Tranin's adoptive father was asked to aid in the war. He told Tranin to stay behind. He obeyed but not for long as Tranins curious nature got the better of him. He went to the Jade forest where he heard his father was helping this "alliance." He saw Admiral Taylor and noticed, "They look like me!" Later back at home, he was about to sit at the dinner table with his parents when he looked up at them and asked, "Mom, dad, where am I from?" So yeah, that's about it. By the way that last part will change once I decide how old he is at the start. If he's 5 or a little bit older then yeah he will remember where he is from, but if he is younger then it should work. I want him to be between 20-25 currently.Tranin2 Dec 28
Dec 28 Roleplayers of Azeroth- Join Our Community! Well heya my fellow World of Warcraft RPers. Have you been having a hard time lately finding RP? Do you want to join a server that’s friendly to both the Alliance, Horde, and others? Do you want to meet like minded people and make new friends? Then perhaps the “Roleplayers of Azeroth” is right for you! RoA is an active, new, and fast growing discord server, focusing primarily on World of Warcraft focused RP. We don't discriminate based on faction, race, or class. If it's WoW, it's welcome! Some of our features include: -Multiple RP channels for different factions, storylines, and universes. -The option to host your own RP Storyline in your own tab, should you choose to! -A channel to share your OCs so people can look whenever they’d like and see what incredible characters you’ve created! -A channel where you can share your fantastic, original artwork! -A suggestion channel, which will allow us to share and expand ideas to constantly strive to create the perfect RP server! -A hate-free atmosphere, where we put equality first and encourage creativity and original concepts. -A place where you can make friends for you and friends for your OCs! -Two, BRAND new RoA guilds on WrA! One for Horde, and one for Alliance. -The ability to choose your own ranks in the guild, depending on the role you wish to have as a member! -And more! Interested? Feel free to join and check us out! Our invite link: If you have any questions please don’t hesitate ask!Moonflight0 Dec 28
Dec 27 Not sure where to start Delete meRhían0 Dec 27
Dec 27 Server with a decent Blood Elf RP scene? Lately I've had the desire to restart roleplaying on WoW with one of my Blood Elf characters and I was curious as to which Server had a fairly decent Blood Elf RP community or an RP that's mixed but fun to do events and other type of things with. I just want to know what everyones' experiences are for the Horde side on their communities and what sort of guilds are on them.Azsharin2 Dec 27
Dec 27 Does Immersive style RP exist? A less social and "hang around Elwynn" type of role-player who likes to play inside the world that Blizzard made and immerse themselves into their role given to them. A hero of the Alliance or Horde facing legendary enemies and foes that threaten their countries. Traveling to Eastern Plaguelands, and reading the quest text as your theoretical "dungeon master" in this world of dungeons and enemies around each corner. That is your role-play. Now immerse yourself into it. A guild dedicated to content based RP is what i'm talking about. For instance in Legion expac the Legion is invading the Broken Shore. Role-play it. Travel to Dalaran. Pick up a profession and help trade and provide to help arm the Army of Legionfall. Yes its just playing the game but its different because your RPing it all with other people. RPing immersively into the content. Thats the style. Immersive style role-playing can be fun if you find a guild and run the content with friendly champions of your faction. Use the guild chat as a base for communication OOC. At lvl 60 role-play the content in Searing Gorge together. Fight against the enemy first hand. This is not boring, this is just like playing normal but your immsering youself into the world, role-playing the character your on that the quests lead. Nothing against the majority who enjoy making their own scenarios. Of course thats fun. I'm just curious if this style of Role-play exists. Is there a guild i can join that does this? Are you out there?Belegost7 Dec 27
Dec 27 Different Histories: Forsaken RP Hi! I'm finally delving into a bit of RP, and I've rolled a teeny Forsaken Mage on WrA to test the waters. My question is about the backstory of a character, more so how do you justify a Pre-Cata life in a Post-Cata starting area? Or can you justify it at all? I'll take my toon for example: I see her as a Pre-Cata human, full of potential, rising in the ranks of some minor off-the-cuff Mage academy, and then suddenly BAM, she dies. Not from the plague, not risen from it, just gently buried in a cemetery and forgotten about. Wrath happens, the Forsaken get their revenge, and then with Cataclysm she's risen as a bonafide second generation Undead. She never died in battle, she never broke free of the Lich King, she never saw Undercity get beat up and then go, "HAH! You thought!". Nothing like that. She's just one of those unfortunate souls that became part of the mass resurrection from the Val'kyr. How can one justify that? I don't want to forsake (heh, puns) the first quest you get when you roll a new toon and you talk with Agatha, but at the same time she's not part of the bodies that were carted from some way off place to become part of the Undead Army. Or, is that backstory just fine, and I can roll with it as something that's completely acceptable in the timeline?Aritria3 Dec 27
Dec 27 Pondering Nightborne Priests So, Nightborne priests. Other than old ruins outside of Suramar city, I haven't seen much if any evidence of any kind of worship. Perhaps fel, but that's recent and warlock territory. Perhaps arcane in the form of the Nightwell, but that's what you have mages and magic-powered soldiers for. As a result, my interpretation of Nightborne priests is pretty much the "Lightmage" archetype, were one draws upon the Light's power through strong conviction alone rather than through faith in a deity. A more secular take on priests, one might say, not too different from goblin priests. And during my time in Suramar, it certainly struck me as a more secular society. Certainly not spiritual like night elf society save for the one guy hanging around the abandoned memorial site. Alternatively, perhaps they found a way during those 10,000 years to heal with arcane. I've seen it in-game, but with members of the blue dragon flight. Agree or disagree, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.Yinshin8 Dec 27
Dec 26 Night Elf Mage RP tips help Hi everyone! I am looking how to properly RP my Elf as I don’t want to be overpowered nor have cliche characteristics. Basically I am struggling with Night Elf age as my Elf is rather young and never lived throughout the Ancients. Basically I’d like to say he’s 32 years old to human maturity and standards, yet I don’t know how to convert that to Night Elve’s. My Elf in regards to Arcane knowledge is average and still learning like everyone else. He’s quite a gullible, playful, dumb, humorous yet caring ( borrowing characteristics like Goku from DBZ & Vash the stampede from Trigun ). Bit of my back story : I am an outcast from my Elven kin & mores I swells with humans. Is there any cliche ness to it? I want to build a unique character that really stands out and isn’t the “atypical Elf” all-wise, powerful or long livedSilveneish5 Dec 26
Dec 26 Reflections of a Ren'Dorei "The Horde, at it's heart, is a conglomerate of outcasts. The shamanic, the damned, the reviled. Those pushed astray by rising powers beyond their borders. Cornered by war machines far greater than their individual peoples alone. Those, of great difference, coming together to stand against what once was insurmountable by any reasonable means. The uniting of these people gave me great pride of bearing the red banner. Now, as I lay outside the gates of my home, Silvermoon, struck down and bloodied. I find that my brothers have moved from the basic principle for which we united. The string holding together a struggling masse of races. The idea that all who pledged their allegiance to The Horde, fought together for The Horde, would be in turn rewarded with a place among them. A brother in blood. My brothers, the Sin'dorei, spat blatantly upon this principle when they threw us from their walls, abandoning us to whatever fate may await those they deemed degenerate. My brothers do not stand for the Horde I pledged to, and the Horde I pledged to has not come to stand for we who have sacrificed for the betterment of the whole. The Horde that has cast me astray, is not the Horde I bled for. The puritanical Sin'dorei are not the brethren I came of age with. What was once our family has died, their death came when they left us forsaken. I, nor any others like myself, shall weep for what we must do to secure a place in our new home: The Alliance, as Ren'dorei."Cuddletorque3 Dec 26
Dec 26 Journal for Darona-IC only please The lone female Orc sat in a tavern, nursing a meal she could little afford. The Innkeeper had been generous with his helping of stew and told her it was all she could eat for a silver. Darona was confused by his kindness. He was a human! Yet, kindness seemed to fill his heart as he came over again and again to ask if she wanted more. In all previous encounters with humans, they had been without mercy or kindness. Slaughtering her war party without mercy. That, Darona expected. They were at war, after all. It was honorable to die in battle. Those who professed a wish for peace were often two faced, lying through their teeth in order to take advantage of the situation. Her life was a shambles right now. She had run afoul of a mean tempered Troll leader who shamed her in front of her fellow soldiers. She was not ruthless enough? Darona’s protests met with deaf ears. In shame and dishonor she left the patrol, seeking a better life. But where would that be found? Her empty purse spoke volumes. Tonight she would sleep in a cave she found, after killing the bear and skinning it to use the hide for a blanket. Her supplies were running low. She could exist on meat, she was a skilled hunter of game. She could also fish, which kept her from starvation many times. But she needed more. The others in the tavern spoke of demons and some sort of invasion. It sounded like skilled warriors would be needed to defend the entire planet. Contemplating this news, Darona left the tavern to seek out the nearest recruiter. When she arrived, she was in line for a long time. The recruiter looked at her skeptically. “You don’t look like much. You are too green. Get some more experience under your belt and come back when you are stronger. We will be here. Darona seethed inside, but simply hung her head and walked away. Someone would need a helping hand, she was sure of it. Darona was willing to work, if only someone would give her a chance!Darona8 Dec 26
Dec 26 Worgen Druid rp-character idea So I have been reading up on some of the lore surrounding the druids and the Forbidden Pack form. I have been toying with the idea of a Worgen druid, who risks all to use the Pack form. Maybe it is forbidden because they could not control it? What would happen if the druid found a way to control it through the magic given to the Worgen? Is it worth the time and effort to create this character?Alystar2 Dec 26
Dec 25 Which race is the most fun to RP as So I’m aware that everyone has their own preference, but is there a general consensus as to which race is most fun to RP? I have only Roleplayed a Blood Elf and Human, but I’ve been seeing a lot of Goblins role playing and it seems funKinax8 Dec 25
Dec 25 Best/Active Alliance RP realm. I've heard even though Wyrmrest Accord has more Horde it still has a very active Alliance community. I've heard good and bad things about Moonguard but it has the highest Alliance population of any RP realm.Testdruidelf18 Dec 25
Dec 25 Shaman RP mog questions how is the mog i'm currently wearing RP wise (ignoring doomhammer) ? is there any significance between a shaman that wears a kilt and one that just wears pants/armor? and is there any armor that you can equip that would be deemed "lore unfriendly"?Durnkar6 Dec 25
Dec 24 Accidentally godmodded, please help! So I was just RPing a second ago when I typed in the wrong sentence. Someone tried to shoot me with their gun while my character was running really fast and me being the idiot that I am responded quickly without thinking. I emoted " (my character) would have been too quick to be hit with anything" which I should've typed " (my character) managed to dodge the shots fired at him" and I just watched as a whole group of players that surrounded me walk away... Even my TRP says " I don't take kindly to godmodding " and I failed myself. I just got a whisper from one of my friends saying " come on dude, now they think you're inexperienced" . How can I save myself in this situation? Apologizing would just be awkward and cringey, though should I?... I also want to mention that I realized what I did once some player said OOC " (( Nobody wants to RP with a stupid Godmodder )) " I would consider my character somewhat well-known in Stormwind, although looks like I ruined my rep :'(Thallamorn3 Dec 24
Dec 23 Praying Anduin living is too hard mon.Mazdamundi0 Dec 23
Dec 22 Looking for priest ideas Hey all, im wanting to roll a disc priest for pvp stuff, but I always end up doing RP as well. I cannot come up with a prirst rp that i like so far so i want to see if anyone has any ideas that pop for me. current ideas: Pandaran priest: a soft spoken priest with an unkillable optimism. A true believer in there is redemption in all, and hope is our strongest tool. Id specialze her in power words, with the idealism that words and the ideas they represent are stronger than swords and magic. Super snowflakey but i want to see if it can be done: a spirit healer who so loved the heroes of the world she came to this world from the shadowlands to try and prevent death and pain. Tauren priest: no idea here but i onow they are rare and i like to represent the under acknowledgedCybriais6 Dec 22
Dec 22 Where've you been? Background: Between the end of the Cataclysm expansion (Pandaria Beta Technically) and the announcement for Battle for Azeroth I've been unsubbed. I'd Rp'd fairly sporadically prior to that, and I hope to eventually get back into RP once I've gotten a few of my characters caught back up ingame, but I thought it might be fun to write a vignette looking at where a few of my characters had been in the meantime, and invite others to do the same. Story: "What'd I miss?" When he had been ordered to Pandaria to aid in the battle with the Alliance, Vaorne Skytotem had left his post stoking flames in the watchtowers of Warsong Hold eagerly. Now his hooves slid in the muddy grass of the Jade Forest as the Zandalari Warbringer's blade slammed against against his shield, driving him back towards the cliffs. Rain poured down through the clouds above the Jade Forest, soaking the combatants as they moved out of the cover of the canopy. The troll's direhorn thundered through the forest not far from them, grinding the shaman's earth elemental to dust, leaving the troll and the tauren to duel atop the wet, crumbling, stone. Vaorne grit his teeth, swinging his axe desperately, the blade catching on the troll's bracer as the warbringer raised an arm to block with a harsh metallic thunk. "Rrrhugh!" The grey skinned warrior grunted and stabbed his sword forward, cutting an ugly gash into the tauren's chest as he rushed the troll, goring the Zandalari in the chest with his horns and cutting his axe into the troll's rocky shoulder. For a moment, the shaman though he might have a chance... before feeling the troll drive his knee into the shaman's gut, and the troll's fist crashed into his chest, sending him sprawling. He landed hard on his side and sputtering blood over the cliff's edge. The Warbringer stepped closer, raising his blade, lightning crackling down its length as a thin veil of clouds spread out across the cliff's edge. Vaorne's lungs strained to pull in a breath as he lifted his head, grasping blindly, his axe was still in the troll's shoulder. As the thundering crash of the troll's blade fell, the shaman raised a hand, letting out one last defiant shout as the blinding flash of lightning poured from the heavens. "For The Horde!" ----- Vaorne's world was nothing but a dull blur. Pain wracked his body in waves. Everything was wet. There was a muffled noise far in the distance, but as he tried to tilt his head, to blink and clear his vision, a fresh wave of agony rolled over him and sent him mercifully into unconscious oblivion... He would wake to a familiar voice, and the unmistakable low growling of an annoyed raptor. "NO! Bad Raptor! Bad Roxy! That-Fish-Is-Not-For-You!" "Hrrnnngh?" The tauren tried to turn his head, and was rewarded with a fresh wave of throbbing dizziness as his horn scraped the wooden floor... and the sight of a raptor with a scaly fish in its mouth, a goblin desperately hanging onto the other end of his catch as he's dragged through the grass towards the hut the shaman found himself in. "Come on! Why're you being so- eh?" Wrex Rocketfeller blinked, tilting his head to look past his stubborn pet and releasing his prize with a gasp. "WUH! Hey, Inky! Sky's awake! Tell the elf I win the bet!" A flurry of voices rise up, just out of the tauren's sight, he couldn't quite make them out as his vision blurred, a tightness in his chest as he rolled onto his back, painless unconsciousness taking him once more. Skytotem3 Dec 22
Dec 21 <Herald of Zandalar> new guild on MG H Hello. I have been around for a long time, and with the sudden decrease of server rp on MG, mainly on horde side, I felt I needed to do my part and help build it back up.. I am going to form a Primarily Troll guild ( although other tribes are welcomed, we will also primarily be Zandalari) It will be a pvp-rp guild to take us into Battle for Azeroth, though RP will be the higher priority. With battle for Azeroth nearing, we all hope that it will spark more server wide rp-pvp events like we had in the good ol' days. It helped keep the community alive. I will be hosting events, as well as joining other guild's events. Teo'stra is a Zandalari Primalist. His first duty is to nature, and the land. The cataclysm has shattered his home, and every year more and more is being washed away by the waves of the sea. The Zandalari have always seen the Horde as friends, ever since the assistance to bring down the Blood God in Zul'Gurub. But in recent years, the Horde as well as the Alliance have gotten a bad taste in their mouth from Zandalari, thanks to a broken off group lead by the prophet Zul. He was tasked with seeking a new home for the Zandalari by Rastakhan, but he went out and tried to rebuild a troll empire with blood shed. Teo'stra, as well as a few other Zandalari (npcs, as well as any zandalari players who wish to join) will set sail for Kalimdor and begin to gather allies to bring back home to Zandalari to help fix things and rebuild the once great nation. Though, the Horde will need some sort of loyalty in return. Teo'stra is willing to ally with the horde, and help them battle against the alliance and help to take land from them to prove himself before they offer their help. (pre expac events) Any who wish to aid on this quest to help rebuild Zandalar, or just wish to quench your blood lust against the alliance is welcomed. At this time, Im looking for primarily trolls. Any tribe / nation is fine. later on I may consider adding other races such as orcs and tauren.Teosträ0 Dec 21
Dec 21 WET Community Lounge 100 Come on in out of the snow and cold the are fires roaring and theirs plenty of good ale and food. Lets celebrate the one hundredth thread! Previous thread: Archives: Dec 21
Dec 20 Undead Mount question. I am considering making an Undead Hunter (I know I got a Hunter here but I like them) and I don't really RP but I kinda have my characters story in my head you know? Anyway, wouldn't most mounts that weren't undead as well be scared to serve as a mount for a Forsaken? Ground mounts are covered as I like the horse's they get but a flying mount I don't know. I been looking around and I don't really know which flying mount would work unless its undead as well or mechanical. Well that's it i guess, just some thoughts I had before I make one. Oh BTW I don't have any of those frostbrood dragons so I can't use that. Kinda going with the all undead theme here lol. Well thank you in advance.Ðagnabit3 Dec 20
Dec 19 Illusions Lately I've been working on a variety of WoW related projects. One of them is a new character; a wizard specializing in the school of Illusion. At the time of writing I have a few effects and feats in mind that might fall under this mantle. I'm soliciting for more. What I have so far includes: Invisibility Clones Illusory imagery (such as conjuring relatively fake objects and scenery) Mimicry (such as Suramar's Masquerade or the Illusion spell; as suggested by a guildmate)Limingnu2 Dec 19
Dec 19 Servants of the Scourge. ((OOC - Sign ups)) The lively elf's very blonde hair was slightly bouncing as she was walking through Icecrown, Northrend killing undead minions of the Lich King when she was hit from behind. A Death Knight whom looked like a human had stabbed her in the side of her body, making her bleed. She fought back, swinging her bow and hitting the man. The blows were only glaring off of his armour, though giving the undead knight quite a rattle on the inside, for the metal only absorbed a small portion of the hit. Eventually, the Death Knight knocked the Blood Elf out and dragged her into Icecrown Citadel for enslavement under the Lich King. When Lina woke up, she was in a cage that she could sit and barely stand in. She noticed that the damned undead took her armour off, leaving only the clothes she wore underneath it - A t-shirt, leggings and her ankle socks. She looked around the building she was in, trying to figure that part out until it dawned on her; she was in Icecrown Citadel. She roughly knew the place, since she once snuck in and killed a few undead here and there. She sat back down and looked down at the floor and saw her dragonhawk Silverstrike being killed, then bled dry. She sighed. "Why does this place have to be so miserable? Useless? Torture some? Cruel? What was I even DOING IN ICECROWN IN THE FIRST PLACE?" The necromancers below her gave her a weird look from all of her yelling They began to slowly lower her cage. "Loud prisoners get tortured first, little puny Blood Elf. Enjoy!" The necromancer named Marcel said. He started casting an enchantment on the elf, that would make her obey anything he ordered her to do. After that was done, he got some ghouls to attack her, but not eat her. Their sharp 'fingers' cutting her skin, making her bleed even more. One narrowly missed her left eye since she could dodge. Her face and got scratched up along with her body from the ghouls torture. When she hurt so much that she couldn't stop ignoring the pain, she let out a loud shriek. When Marcel heard it, he dismissed the ghouls and put the elf back into the cage, where she would only get water and crumbs to eat and drink so she'd be alive. If she died, of course they could revive her, but she'd be a bit ghastly.Klina4 Dec 19
Dec 18 Need Help: Losing interest in RP So recently I've been losing interest in Roleplaying. I used to Roleplay a few hours a day and it would be really fun. I would make 1-3 friends a week and would go on many RP adventures, although these past few weeks have been getting worse and worse. I would usually sit in a tavern and wait for someone to talk to me or I would go and walk up to someone else and go from there. Although usually when I'm sitting in a tavern I'm just kind of sitting there. I try to get others attention my /stare or /look at them but they just awkwardly look back at my character and ignore them. And when I do finally talk to someone we always seem to have a boring conversation and we both just want to stop. I just don't like sitting in Taverns and wait for someone to talk to me. I've even tried joining RP guilds, although after being in 4 different Roleplay guilds, they all seem to be the same. It's a group of 5-20 people just following their leader, and it makes me feel like a grain of sand on the beach. I don't know, I hope I don't sound like I'm whining but this is how I've felt for this past month. Does anyone know how I can make RP feel fun again? I also want to mention that I've had to remove many of my RP friends because they are always off doing their own thing.Thallamorn4 Dec 18