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Jun 19 Storytelling So I've had a few ideas for RP threads floating around in my head, and read the sticky at the top of the forums. However, I'm having issues wrapping my head around how to actually run one. That is, I have a concept of the major events that are supposed to happen, and the rest is generated through RP, but my mind keeps getting hung up on the details still. How to get from point A to point B, keep things running smoothly, and that sort of thing. Anyone have any advice they're willing to share on how to run one of these things?Morician4 Jun 19
Jun 19 Black Harvest (IC-Closed) The goblin that was seen handing out flyers rushes with a bag on his back to a ship, "Where the heck you been pal?" said loudly to the goblin, a group of sailors walk up to the goblin, one shrugging while the other just watching. "We had a little trouble." The goblin grunted with a sign of irritation but takes a deep breath and exhales, calming himself. "Well least you are here, the paying job for you folks is to get guests across the seas, least for a few days honestly." once he said that he crosses his arms eyeing up the crew. "Relax, it's not the first time transporting people." The goblin sighs, "Look, this is a big event for EVERYONE! Even your crew, a big party for Everyone, paid by some big shot gold investors are wanting this to go smoothly and my boss wants everyone to have a good time too, so it is not best to piss both of them off!" shoos off the sailors. "Now get goin! you floating scrapyard is in need of you guys, i will greet the guests till we get a tour guide or something..." he lets out a exhausted sigh, combing his hair back with both of his hands. "AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE! TRY NOT TO LOOK SLOPPY!" he yelled behind him, he turns back to look around for potential guests that might be arriving. "Swear... if we get guests leaving because of some disgusting sailors, i will hurt someone." he puts on a fake smile, digging his hands into his pockets. ____________ Upon looking into the flyer, you are presented with a map and meeting location for invitation to the party, looks like you gotta reach booty bay docks with a goblin who calls himself "Sniv". Also for some odd reason it seems there is no entrance fee, no need to pay for a meal and so on, but it suggest you bring coin anyway. That is odd... its not a scam is it? Could be worse, you thought to yourself, oh hey look! theres a ticket in here for free alcohol of your choice... and it looks like its up to ten uses. Sweet! Upon looking further you see a picture of the man who help funded the festival, huh, its a Human and a goblin. ( )Hawkéns455 Jun 19
Jun 19 New WOW/RP Player looking for friends [MG] Hello everyone! I am a brand new WOW player as well as a new RPer! I have never RP'd before so I am looking for people who are willing to show a noob the ropes, both of RP and the world of WOW! :P Feel free to message me and hopefully we can all become great friends! :D I am currently on the Moon Guard realm!Aquraelyia2 Jun 19
Jun 18 [H-RP Event] Dance of the Earthmother: Summer With winter but a memory, the people of Azeroth have savored a pleasant season of spring, admiring the blossoming of the Earthmother as she brought the world back to life. No war or invasion can stop the mighty creator from painting her lush, vivid colors on the canvas of Kalimdor. An'she shines brighter and brighter each passing day, while Mu'sha and the Blue Child slumber more. What better way is there to remember the upcoming solstice than with a seasonal festival? The Shu'halo tribes of the Feathered Derecho Summit, together with interested Shu'halo friends and allies are proud to gather again to host the Summer 2017 edition of the Dance of the Earthmother! Shu'halo or not, come join us to bask in An'she light as he shines the brightest and aid the Earthmother in her transition to the summer season! Location: Bloodhoof Village Time: June 17th, 2017 at 4PM PST / 6PM CST / 7PM EST Hosts: The guilds of the Feathered Derecho Summit; Interested Shu'halo parties Audience: All Horde players across the realms. Information The full schedule will be available about a week before the event. As per tradition, we shall offer our guests a wide variety of activities from which to choose and join. The event might last two days, depending on the volume of activities and number of hosts. Are you roleplaying a Shu'halo and are interested in helping host the event, or wish to host a Shu'halo themed activity? Poke any one of the contacts below and you shall be invited into the Derecho Discord to help us plan and set up! Curious about the Feathered Derecho Summit? Want to see an on-going list of Tauren guilds across the realms? Want to have yours listed? Missed past Dances? Check out the site below! Event Contacts In-game Name / Discord ID / Guild Cataharon / Beef Supreme#3413 / Broken Horn Tribe (WRA) Pinehoof / Reingarde#7933 / Pinehoof Tribe (WRA) Taeana / Taeana#3904 / Stonewind Tribe (MG) Umathyor / Umathyor #1415 / Thunderhoof Clan / (VeCo, LH, MS) Want to be a contact? Please let any of us know!Pinehoof7 Jun 18
Jun 18 Question on DK RP? I'm trying to come up with a story for my human DK but I'm a bit unfamiliar with the entirety of the lore behind them even though I've had this guy for years. What is the most common or something along those lines of where he was born/raised and also what are the usual behaviors of a human DK?Ralroth9 Jun 18
Jun 18 Combo race help? Odred is supposed to be a human raised by dwarves, how should he act? (Ignore the tabard). The idea is that his parents were eaten by wendigos and he was rescued and raised by a dwarf warrior. Then he moved to stormwind as a teenager and learned of the light. How should I talk? I have sort of been going with non consistent dwarvish.Odred1 Jun 18
Jun 18 WET Community Lounge #88 Hello and welcome everyone to the WET Community Lounge #88! Please wipe your feet, keep your tray tables in their full upright and locked positions. And above all, drink up! Be merry! -sips coffee- Link to previous Lounge: Archive Link: Jun 18
Jun 17 Backstory Collective: Writer Vynianyx Dude so, okay. My backstories are getting a little redonculous in length as I work to update everyone to where their stories are now. Trying to organize who has done what with who is becoming a headache as well. Not to mention changes in my own writing style. Add to all that new information and old information and changed information that may directly alter the concepts of some of my character's backstories... Sheesh. This thread is going to just be the backstories posted for my reference. It gets harder by the page to summarize some of these to a length suited for thread sign ups, without the sign up getting over 1-2 posts. When you add that to some of these being 5+ pages on an 8x10 word document, with one pushing 14 pages, it is just a mess of a headache. Most of it doesn't even pertain to half these thread signups anyway, and I would just link to the big story and post a synopsis as to why they are applying to said thread instead. Or maybe I am just lazy and don't feel like shortening these. Sue me. If you bless me with your time and actually read through these, I am so into constructive feed back. Everything is open for feed back. Lore, writing style, general nit picks, what ever. Oh god I love me some red pen. Please note it is going to take some time to get these all uploaded with blizzard's asinine limit of 5000 characters.Vynianyx53 Jun 17
Jun 17 Question about Fenris Isle! Who, if anyone, owns it? We all know the big thing about the Hillsbrad Refugees going Worgen, crossing the lake and punching their way to safety through Forsaken lines is about them leaving. So we've established that they aren't there. But what about the Forsaken? Are there any mentions of them planning to garrison the bastion? I'm uncertain of their intentions regarding it. It seems like them to leave it empty(They're really incompetent-- See the Northrend campaign, where their siege weapons got frozen to the ground), which, if it isn't directly stated to be otherwise, could open possibilities for roleplay. I was thinking my guild(not this character's-- an actually serious one) could take advantage of this. Perhaps render it our "Kaer Morhen" to fix up and stage operations from.Betrayerer5 Jun 17
Jun 17 Best RP server atm? Hello all, I'm someone who's somewhat new to WoW rp and i've been looking for a good server. For the past little while I've been on moonguard, yes I know of the infamous goldshire, but I've found its okay if you stay away from goldshire on its own. But id like to know what you guys have for opinions on what the better roleplay servers are, and if they're better for ally or horde roleplay. Looking for a server that actually has a good amount of people roleplaying and with a friendly community. Thanks to anyone that takes the time to reply and have a nice day all.Rhyker25 Jun 17
Jun 17 Draenei Perception of Time Sort of a follow up to my Draenei Deep Space topic. This is something that lore can't really handle, but is something that Draenei rp'ers should be concerned with. I've seen a lot of trp's that read along the lines of, "I don't recall much of my past because I hit my head." or something similar. Which is fine, nothing wrong with keeping it a blank slate, and much of the lore is really deep and confusing and some people don't want to have to get into it too deeply. So how does a Draenei perceive time? As an immortal being living thousand of years, do Draenei meticulously record dates and times? Do they care less about time? For me personally, I think maybe they record events but are generally unconcerned with years, leaving the record keeping to archivists, but this is all conjecture.Aennai13 Jun 17
Jun 17 Fel Magic I'm confused about how fel magic works. I get that it's a mix of light and void magic, and that it's extremely potent and corrupting, but can it manifest as more than just fire? In one of the WoD cinematics, Gul'dan throws Grommash at a wall and binds him to it using fel magic, which raises the question of if it can be used as a force. So can it be used similarly to arcane magic where things can be moved using fel magic? Or does it just burn stuff and turn things green and angry?Faedrynne5 Jun 17
Jun 16 Long live: Lore Q&A and Character Help topic I kind of capped the original topic without realizing it with my last post so just to keep the discussion going; thought I would quickly post another topic so there is no delay with the help provided.Necrodoseki3 Jun 16
Jun 16 How far do you think Draenor is from Azeroth? I know they have to be in the same solar system. This has to be true because from both Draenor and Outland, Azeroth is visible, clear as day in the night sky. And not just a little pin-prick star in the night sky. I mean, from some places, Draenor's atmosphere can magnify Azeroth enough that its oceans and continents are clearly visible. The laws of astrophysics say that this should only be possible if they were literally orbiting one another, but we know that the only two celestial bodies orbiting Azeroth are its moons, The White Lady and the Blue Child. Naturally, I don't necessarily trust Blizzard to be all that logical when it comes to real-world science, but this just makes it so confusing. I think Draenor might be a neighboring planet in Azeroth's solar system roughly the distance from Earth to Venus. What do you guys think?Flashtrigger9 Jun 16
Jun 16 Lore Q&A and Character Help Here to offer my services! I'm working on and off, playing a little here and there, working on my guides and all, but I decided to help those who needed it in the process. I have a knack for knowing and finding obscure references in lore and, generally, just knowing a lot about it. If you have any lore questions, want some help with a character backstory or anything of the like, leave it in the comments and I will happy to do my research and help in any way I can!Cannibal500 Jun 16
Jun 15 Looking For: Agents (A) The <Dark Visions> guild (A) on Moon Guard is looking for players to take part in an ongoing, community-based event that we are hoping to transition on both the Alliance and Horde side! If you're bored with being cooped up within the events of your own guilds, or feel that you're not contributing your character to the regular, day-to-day roleplay that occurs behind the walls of major cities, then what we have to offer may inspire you! Details of the event(s) and criteria are hosted in the hyperlink below: We hope to hear from you!Ysondran0 Jun 15
Jun 15 Gnome Mage RP Ideas? Hello, everyone! So recently I was thinking of making a gnome mage rp character, since they seem like a fun class/race combo to play. However, I'd kind of like to stay away from the "eccentric, doting professor/wizard" trope since it seems like every gnome mage is like that. Does anyone have any new or fresh ideas that stay away from that direction? Thanks!Tylorelan12 Jun 15
Jun 15 Introducing! A role play networking site that's made by people who speak our language—that's We finally built our own thing. Absolute anonymity, no advertisements, no subscriptions, as many characters as you want, and a host of utilities to help you find what you want. We rely on donations. Create a profile specifically for your character—it becomes search criteria here. No more combing through archaic forums or idling for hours on end in a city to no avail, now you can be found without even being online. Browse characters, make friends, promote guilds, host community events, even blog. All in one place, all for role play. Help us get the word out! Official Twitter: @rpfind_team Official Tumblr: FEATURES: ... FAQs: ... We hope to see you there, as we're eager to get this fire started. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me in-game, otherwise I'll try to keep tabs on this post. We're also always looking for helping hands.Xaelar22 Jun 15
Jun 15 LF WoW Artist Read Below Hello, I'm RPer looking for an artist to draw my character in exchange for World of Warcraft Gold. I would like to talk to the person in game or through, although ingame is preferred. Kaitlÿn is the name, and the command code is Alt 0255 , or you can talk to me on Alinette too. Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you in game if possible!Kaitlÿn0 Jun 15
Jun 14 [WRA] Looking for IRP Apprentice. I'm looking for an apprentice for Sicarus, who is a Warlock-Necrolyte hybrid. The apprentice would preferably be a Forsaken Warlock or Shadow Priest. But other races of the same class would be alright. Sicarus runs a coven of Warlocks and other classes, however, use of magic is encouraged and rewarded with respect within the coven. The general idea of the Master/Apprentice relationship is similar to Chaos Sorcerers in Warhammer. Respect, but there's always the chance that the apprentice might try to kill and replace the master. Will talk more about Sicarus himself when I find someone interested. If you have questions or are interested, please post below. Thanks!Sicarus0 Jun 14
Jun 14 The Lifebinder I was planting some trees in ashenvale when I happened across a rather peculiar rune. It was glowing in a red blue cycle and its writing was twisted and wild but fully formed none the less. I decided to build a sanctuary where it rests with vines and leaves over it's pallet and shrouded it in the forest wherein the wilds catch not the weary droughts of lost souls but forever keepsake their now forlorn bones till dust.Celdaris0 Jun 14
Jun 14 Looking for possible long-term rp partner Hello! I'm interested in some good ol fashioned roleplaying. I decided to come here instead of trying to find a partner in game because I doubt anyone would really answer me there. I've been roleplaying for a long time and I am open to most types of rp. Here is how you volunteer: Post a story idea and a character summary and if I like it, I will reply to your post! I will also need to add you to my friends list so if you could add the username, that would be awesome! p.s. I like thick plot and tragic backstories the most.Freakingshiv16 Jun 14
Jun 13 Death Knights: A few questions on lore. On my realm, Death Knights are generally notorious for being horrible RPers. They hang around the Cathedral all the time, take a non-godmodded gunshot to the head and survive ("Hah! I'm undead, I can't die again, bro!"), or just generally don't know how to roleplay. In an attempt to make sure I'm not one of those, I have a few questions for you, World's End Tavern. 1) Can Death Knights cry? And, if so, would the tears of a Frost Death Knight freeze on contact with their skin? 2) Can Death Knights bleed? I assume not, since they're dead and there's no blood flow (or no blood, from what some sources say?), but just to be on the safe side... 3) How exactly would a Death Knight die? Being dead, any trauma sustained wouldn't do any damage because they don't use their heart, brain, lungs, etc. like the living, right? Obviously, they can, though, from what lore and game mechanics tell us. So what exactly kills them, if they can't die of organ failure, blood loss, or anything the squishier living folks can? 4) Would the way a Death Knight died reflect anything in undeath? I don't mean a Death Knight that drowned being afraid of water, but like a Death Knight constantly falls asleep because they died in their sleep and is therefore always tired or a Death Knight that starved and is therefore always hungry.Keretos65 Jun 13
Jun 13 Fan art time. Hello everyone. I post from time to time though I mostly lurk around in game and sometimes forums. I decided to post a link for a piece I just recently did. I do apologize for the low quality since my phone's camera does not do well in low light though I also do draw digitally (If my tablet would stop being a monster). Enjoy. :3 Jun 13
Jun 12 Need help revising this RP Guide for Accuracy Greetings World's End Tavern Community! The Orcish Community in Wyrmrest Accord has been a center of debate for a long time and finally big steps are being taken to ensure we fix the problems that are happening within including a discord channel to discuss ideas and other means to ensure that everyone has a great RP experience. As part of the efforts I wrote an RP guide to help people new or familiar with Orcish RP find greater inspiration for their ideas or new ideas altogether with help of a deeper understanding of Orcish culture and history; as well as common Archetypes Orcs fall into. We strive to aim for the best quality and accuracy possible but this can't be done by one person alone. If you have time to look over the guide and verify it's accuracy I would appreciate it like you have no idea. You can find the guide here: Thank you in advance for your help in this matter! LOK'TAR OGAR!Makom0 Jun 12
Jun 11 First Person w. story line addon I have started a character for the purposes of truly organic play in World of Warcraft with a slight twist, I will do this in entirely first person, and where I once hurried through quest text, will dive headlong into the lore of each race and zone I level in. Currently: Lvl 6 Nelf Mage. More screenshots and discussion to come. Note: If you have not tried, the Storyline addon is great. Regards.Beerpounder2 Jun 11
Jun 11 My class mount Roleplay Zeranis looked up on the glacier. The snow fell ever gently only to be disrupted by the occasional breeze. As he walked alone in cold dark waste that was the Lost Glacier, he could feel the life force of a fallen red dragon. The Lich King had warned him about the undead that had fed off the life essence of this fallen beast. And there they were. Hundreds upon hundreds of ghouls, abominations, skeletons, all wandering about as if unable to expand past the valley they were in. And dead center of this horde was the remains of a forgotten hero. A forgotten member of the red dragon flight. Zeranis raised his blade into the direction of the army of undead that lay before him. "Rise my warriors, you are needed once more. Serve me in the name of the Lich King and the Ebon Blade." The ice shook. The snow at his feet began to cave in. Out burst several hands and limbs. Claw teeth and bone. Armor, swords, and spears. His own army of undeath. "Kill." They charged forward. Zeranis watched as his minions met with the horde of undead surrounding the remains of the red dragon. The battle only lasted a few moments as the army that once was now was turned into a silent grave yard. "Rest." Zeranis' army fell to their knees and their bones lay silent being consumed by the ice and snow only to disappear in silence, waiting for their masters call. Zeranis approached the remains of the fallen red dragon and inspected it closely. "The Lich King wishes for me to raise you. Turn you into a weapon of the damned. We will do as he asks, but you will serve me." Zeranis raised his blade once again. "RISE DRAGON. BECOME ONE IN UNDEATH. YOUR TIME OF REST HAS COME TO AN END AND YOU WILL SERVE ME." Zeranis plunged his blade in to the ice. The ice cracked. Roars echoed in the wind. Suddenly the bones began to shudder and moan. Loud cracks and snaps thundered as the once fallen dragon began to animate. It rose in all its glory and a blue, red, and green fogged coursed through its under belly . It stretched its mighty wings into the air and with a loud snap it's jaw opened. A deafening screech roared from the beasts maw and it lumbered to Zeranis ready to serve. Zeranis only grimaced at the beast. 'You will be an excellent war beast. Let us hope the Lich King is with us and not against.' Zeranis climbed up the side of the wyrm and and mounted himself in a harness on its back. "Fly Vilebrood. We must return to Acherus. The Legion still stands in our way." The beast, with one flap of its wings rose into the air and they flew back to the Broken Shore. Zeranis smiled as he passed over the remains of old sites he had visited in his campaign in Northrend. +++MOMENTS LATER+++ As they approached The Broken Isles, Zeranis gazed into what was a grey sky but now tainted with green. And in the distance a dark tower, emanating with fel energy and oozing green refuse lay before him. "Soon Vilebrood, soon. We will attack." As the mobile base Acherus became visible and clear and they touched down on the landing pad. Zeranis ordered his Death Knights to prepare. Prepare for the assault, on the Tomb of Sargaras. -A short role playing fictional story about my character from World of Warcraft. Hate critique like comment or even ignore. PS My character's RP name is Zeranis "Doomguy" Falenwood. He got his nick name Doomguy during the Northrend campaign because no one knew who he was and everywhere he went, he brought doom to his enemies. (And I like the game DOOM [All versions])Døømguy0 Jun 11
Jun 11 Skyhold question (Small spoilers?) Not sure how big of a spoiler since he's on the followers list in game even if you don't get him but with Darius in the Order hall would it be safe to assume our warriors could claim to be able to go to Skyhold and are fully part of the valarjar as well? Maybe the battlelord recruted em through a messanger and gave em permission to go there or something?Kyarisa1 Jun 11
Jun 9 Port of Lost Hope [RP Discord Server] There's an eerie haze that permeates the Port of Lost Hope. The island of Tol Barad itself has a dark, mysterious and rich history that alludes to its many wonders. Although the remnants of past battles, ships tore asunder and an overall state of decline remain, the island does, in fact, live on. Over time a simple, easily recognizable need for a sanctuary port arose. A place for those that needed to buy or move supplies could come to, a resting place for weary travelers and even a place glory seekers and those attuned to magic that sought to unravel the secrets of Baradin Hold could establish a base. There are even rumors now that the port has been established, given the lack of ownership and thus lack of laws, that those that sought a secluded refuge to dive into darker magics, black markets, or even illegal activity freely roam about the area. Oftentimes the port even plays host to a fair number of mercenaries looking for work. It was due to these very people with their varying goals that those within both the Alliance and the Horde came together, choosing necessity over hatred or even loyalty, to create this makeshift port. The Port of Lost Hope, aptly named due to it's proximity to the Cape of Lost Hope, provides a seemingly safe haven for all those that find themselves there. Everyone that enters the port city does so in good faith. An unspoken faith that they will not be harmed or openly attack any other person(s) with or without just cause. Together these individuals navigate the lawless nature of this makeshift port in hopes of finding what they seek as they try to rely on nothing but the good nature, or perhaps simply pure restraint, of themselves and others, to keep chaos at bay. ...Lillane2 Jun 9
Jun 9 Poem: The highs of Thunder Bluff The highs of Thunder Bluff I Horns not but nubs, hooves soft to touch two eyes gaze up in glee as bull speaks on in fabled tongue about sights left soon to see The hardened hands from worldly feats gesture toward the bend young pup dreams on for one last night of the city once just pretend Awoken to the bouncing gait and smells of kodo dung the convoy marched with rhythmic drums to ancient chants still sung His fantasies and instinct’s lure would be married soon enough the moment sealed, fresh eyes peer on the highs of Thunder Bluff II Creaking lifts and grunting bulls the sounds grew louder yet soil on his hooves, air in his lungs his soul to not soon forget Vendors, traders, exotic wares to left and to the right piercing squawks, gusts of air bronzed wyverns take to flight “aijaba, mon” he smirked down at the pup two tall trolls poked some fun scar-ridden orcs brawl flaming dead under yellowed midday sun “come close, young one”, a trainer vies “with my training, you’ll hear no guff” adventures await as pup departs the highs of Thunder Bluff III His travels yield fantastic beasts in lands both green and white sea to sea, the wisdom gained of combat, trade, and blight Time passes on, his kodo grows the tauren leaps on to test his size a snort and buck, flung to the dirt Seems will take a few more tries Down the wharf, onto the boat Sailing to a far off bay At the stern, a tauren lass looks over and smiles his way The two young loves laugh and regale stories, both sweet and rough though in their eyes, sad longing shows the highs of Thunder Bluff IV The day had come, after warm embrace yowls echo throughout the sky horns not but nubs, hooves soft to touch bull stares in new kin’s eyes Mouth wide in awe, heart full of joy father holds up his new born thrill but on the ground, an outstretched arm of her body forever still A saddened sail back to familiar lands sorrow deep alike the sea family trek upon the barren plains their duo made of three Beneath the rise, he laid her down and let out a whimpered huff “watch over her” eternal ward the highs of Thunder Bluff.Ishango0 Jun 9
Jun 9 Elitist Roleplayers... This is just a bit of a vent over how most of the roleplayers on Wrymrest Accord act. I always play on Horde on that server to roleplay and such and a lot of the players I've met there (mostly on that server) are such elitists. They refuse to interact with my characters and they almost always stick their nose in the air at me like I don't know what I'm doing when I use TRP and I've been RPing for 3 years. Not to mention that when something goes on and I attempt to subtly be involved, they get annoyed by me getting in the conversation. I'm not that type of guy that goes "AYY WUS GOIN' ON GUYZZ", so it's just?? Has anybody else had experiences like this when trying to socialize with other roleplayers?Khaard15 Jun 9
Jun 8 Sharing a Story I suppose this would be technically classified as "Fan Fiction" since it revolves around my characters, which is why I'm posting this here and not in the Story Forum It's part of a larger RP storyline I've been developing for a while. I felt the urge to post a short related tale on my home realm forum, and thought I'd share it here with WET. Feel free to leave comments in this thread below, if you wish. Hope you enjoy! Here's the link: Sorry for forcing you to follow the link. I'm not sure of the protocol about reposting the actual story here. If it's preferable to following a link be sure to let me know. ^.^Caileanmor2 Jun 8
Jun 8 Role playing a homeless vagrant. So my idea is to role play a homeless vagrant. literally be level 1, and sit in storm wind or orgirimar and beg for copper. the reason i want to do this is because i travelled the united states as a homeless vagrant for a time, and in almost every city there are tons of homeless. it seems as if azeroth lacks that dark reality. Now, when i was travelling i worked for my money, weather it be playing music or manual labor, but i met plenty of people who soley flew signs or pan handled. and though there are a few NPC's who ask for coin, you cant give any of them coin. so i feel as it is up to me as a player to make this a sad reality on RP servers. Thoughts? also if you find yourself to be at all right on the political spectrum, please dont reply.Waylork8 Jun 8
Jun 8 "Glory to the Chillidari!" ((Okay, this is going to be a massive joke thread that takes place after the Legion and Void were defeated. This is my take on what happens on the Fel Hammer after these events.)) Cheering roared through the Illidari-claimed vessel when a number of the mighty Illidari demon hunters, Lord Illidan Stormrage, and the Slayer dashed through the portal. The latter two stood to the podium, the Slayer turning their hooded head to Lord Illidan, who cleared his throat. "Illidari.." He began.. voice dark, baritone, and booming. "..on this day, we finally have defeated all threats from beyond, so far. With Azeroth, and all worlds now secure, we Illidari have fulfilled our promise to see threats annihilated. can rest. I hereby proclaim us.." He paused for dramatic effect, everybody gathered at the Hammer directed their full attention to Lord Illidan. "..Chillidari." He waited to see how the reaction would go; confusion. "Now we may rest, relax, enjoy ourselves. I have bought several tables, boards, and decks for Hearthstone, mini-fridges filled with snacks, carbonated beverages, and booze to last millennia, a dance floor that glows pretty colors with gnomish 'LED's, whatever those are, and employed a mo'arg to act as a disk jokey for gnomish music. So relax, and party!" All in the Fel Hammer cheered, all raising a drink to Lord Illidan. "Glory to the Chillidari!"Doyce3 Jun 8
Jun 7 Looking to Return It's been a while since I played WoW with any regularity. I pretty much skipped WoD, and I puttered around for a few levels in Legion before leaving. I haven't RPed in WoW since Cata. I'm looking to return, and I'm also looking to find a good casual RP guild. I want to make a worgen (haven't decided for sure on a class yet) as I haven't RPed Alliance side in a while. I want to level my character, but I also want to RP a lot. So I am hoping for a relatively active RP community. My current RP home is Wyrmrest Accord. Is it still as active as it was back in Cata? I'm looking especially for a casual but RP-Heavy guild, though I wouldn't mind wetting my feet with some dungeons and maybe even lower tier raids at some point. I've got a few high level characters, but I'm thinking of actually starting fresh from scratch, experiencing the game all over again from the beginning, since I haven't leveled a character from 1 in a very long time (since Wrath probably). I'd love any thoughts or advice on server, possible RP guilds. I love werewolves, and worgen, so I'd love an earthy worgen/elf/druid guild. Thanks!Khadon1 Jun 7
Jun 7 Want your opinon sire! So for awhile now I've had much much trouble finding rps on Horde I used to have a group of friends I Rped with on horde but sadly they have quit/went in-active or we are not friends anymore so I'm thinking of something like this: People start making group rp's like the alliance does. I love the horde races and would love seeing them get a bit of loving too. So the next time I think about rping I'm thinking of making a horde group rp :) As I do not like most rp servers nor do I have the want to start fresh on a rp server when I Already have horde levelled with gold and outfits to RP in.Adriessa3 Jun 7
Jun 7 A Demons Morality? My main question here is 'Are all Demons evil?' I guess what I mean by that is are all demons in the twisting nether members of the Burning legion and out to destroy all life? I was thinking of RP'ing my warlock to only summon demons who aren't member of the BL so information on Azeroth doesn't make it back to its main enemy.Bacaris8 Jun 7
Jun 7 Brewmaster "Cooking" Quest Idea So I'm fishing in Orgrimmar, when a thought occurred to me... in Pandarian Lore Brewmasters were revered, and would spend their lives seeking out new ingredients in the search for the perfect Brew. Wouldn't it be a cool idea for there to be a cooking quest that Brewmasters could complete in order to "create" their own signature brew? Maybe it could give them some type of buff to a tanking attribute as to fit in with the whole class theme. Thoughts?Brewbourne1 Jun 7
Jun 6 WrA Alliance A couple of things I wanted to ask about 1) Why are there so many Worgen characters? Is there really that many furries on alliance? 2) Is anyone interested in any Draenei rp that might occur in Exodar / Shattrath City?Aennai31 Jun 6
Jun 6 The Scourge vs Modern military Let's suppose we bring Northrend to our North Pole. Suddenly, attacks from the newly relocated ICC strike North America. I do know my answer to this question, but I want to know what you think about this. Keep in mind that nukes, tanks and planes are in the table. So are the plague, magic, and dragons.Enavyle16 Jun 6
Jun 6 [RP] A Family Reunited It was an average day upon the Broken Shore. The bustling of an army, and a ship offshore filled the air with scents of oil and sweat. Atop a tower was a single man, with a sniper rifle. He had a cigar in his mouth as he surveyed the area. A soldier climbed a ladder up the tower and gave a whistle. "Yo, Andalion. Keep your radio on, dude! The Marshal's been calling for you for ten minutes, man. Get your head out of your !@# and report in." The nameless soldier mumbled as he descended the ladder to return to his respective post. Sescor Andalion shook his head as he clicked his radio on. "Ma'shal. You callin' fer me, Sir?" He inquired as he removed the smoking cigar from his lips, blowing the tobacco smoke out to the side. "Oh NOW you answer! I've been trying to get in touch with you for ten minutes you ingrate! What's your situation?" The obviously cranky voice commanded. With a sigh, Sescor lifted the radio to his lips. "Sir. All clear up top. Going to start picking ta'gets within the next couple a' minutes." The radio clicked in with a grunt. Sescor put the radio down and began to look through the scope. He squeezed the trigger and began to put down demonic targets. His shots were quick and precise, as he could not waste time missing shots. Every second was priceless. Off the shoreline, the Destroyer class vessel named “Stormwind’s Valor” was furiously shelling the beachhead.“I want this entire beach leveled, boys! Dunnae le’ u’! Fer Azeroth!” A Dwarven Admiral boomed out as the cannons continued to fire. On one of the guns, a young boy; no older than nineteen, was quickly loading cannonballs and lighting the fuse. “Gabriel! Dunnae lift wi’ yer back! Lift wi’ yer legs, boyo!” At this, the young man gave a nod. He wasn’t much of a talker, but he took his orders well. Soon after they stopped shelling, the beachhead was bustling with combatants. Soldiers from all of Azeroth were fighting Legions upon Legions of demons. “Fire a’ will, lads! Dunnae le’ u’!” The Admiral commanded, and his crew obeyed. Sescor was atop the tower as usual. He was firing left and right, dropping demon after demon. “Oi! Coptah’ crews, ge’ down there. Our boys are getting’ hammah’d.” His accent was atrocious, even for a Gilnean. As he finished reloading, he saw something he had never hoped to come across in his life. A Legion ship warped off the shoreline, directly above Stormwind’s Valor. “Gabriel!” He cried out as the Legion Vessel shot down a beam of fel upon the ship. “Lads! Ge’ tae tha’ beach! NOW!” The Dwarf cried out as all surviving members of the ship bolted into the water.Sescor1 Jun 6
Jun 5 Spectrum Characters Hello, so, some quick disclaimers: 1. I don't know what I expect to come of this, but it bothered me enough to want to bring it up. 2. I'm blatantly hiding behind an an alt on a different realm. I was talking with someone about the lore of another franchise, and we were having a good time talking when they asked me what character in that franchise my main RP character was most alike. I offhandedly mentioned that I wasn't sure, since my RP character has aspergers. Suddenly, they started acting almost hostile or at least distant, acting like it was a stupid idea. Kind of the reaction you might get if you said "I RP a first generation Pandaren DK". They didn't say anything explicit except that they thought it was weird, but I could tell. I know this isn't a case of them just being sensitive because they know someone with it (I don't want to rush to judgment... but I'm pretty sure it would be just the opposite). I didn't get really upset or anything, but the more I thought about it, the more it kind of bothered me. I mean, what's wrong with the concept? People with Aspergers exist in real life and they're more than just "token awkward people" or "autistic screeching" memes. Humans honestly wouldn't even be half as advanced as we are today without the scientific advancements made by individual polymaths with autism throughout history. I don't normally stay upset about things... but this still bothers me, despite happening days ago. I guess this was just a rant. I don't know. Sorry. Edit: For the record, my character generally tries to hide it. They aren't just going around announcing it, nor are they some Mary Sue. It shapes who they are and how they behave, but it isn't their only trait or anything. I know I'm probably taking the whole thing too personally, but in my opinion, there aren't enough characters with it accurately portrayed in media.Msfrizzle22 Jun 5
Jun 5 An Interesting Summons [IC, Open] The calm, still night air was pierced by the sounds of laughter and glasses clinking. The light from the Wyvern’s Tail tavern spilled into the night, illuminating the entrance like a gate into another world. Through all of the laughter and the loud conversations, a lone Blood Elf sat in the corner underneath the stairs, nursing a bottle of what looked like wine, with an open book resting on his knees as he sat cross legged on the thick rugs. “These texts don’t seem to make sense…” he mumbled. He swept his long, pale hair out of his eyes as he pulled it into a tail to keep it out of his face further. His long, soft robes fell in swathes around him as he turned a page of the tome, trying to decipher the text within as he compared it to his very sparse translations already. The seemingly ancient, archaic runes that were inked into the pages and etched into the leather cover didn’t convey much of what the books contents held either. The Blood Elf took a delicate drink from his glass, and poured more of the bottle of wine for himself, just as a tall Orc sat across from him. “I hear you know some…” The Orc leaned in towards the Blood Elf, trying to keep his voice low so as not to be heard by the others around them, “…demonic related magics…” The Orc let the thought hang in the air as he inspected the Elf. The Elf seemed to look unaware of the Orc as he lowered his glass onto the table and closed the tome on his lap. As he put the tome back into his pack, he finally made eye contact with the Orc. With his pale, nearly white hair pulled back, his face seemed to hold a rather calculating demeanor. “Perhaps.” He responded simply. The Orc looked into the Elf’s eyes, seemingly trying to find any falsehood in his answer. With a grunt, the Orc gestured toward the barmaid. “I have some information that I think someone of your…status…might be interested in.” Again, the Orc seemed to hold the thought, letting it sit in the air on purpose. The Elf paused for a moment. This Orc was very well spoken for what looked to be a mere Grunt. “You’ve piqued my interest,” the Elf replied. “My name is Nihiler.” The Orc looked pleased, and upon ordering an ale from the Barmaid, began to speak with more urgency. “The matter I am about to tell you of is delicate in nature, and needs to remain confidential. Because of this, I will only tell you the barest of details, and where I need you to meet me to learn all of what I need.” Nihiler looked at the Orc, took another drink from his wine, and pulled his tome back out. “Before I agree to go anywhere, I first want to know if your information has any clue as to what this is.” He stated as he put the tome onto the table between them. As the candlelight fell onto the tomes cover, Nihiler could tell that the Orc seemed just as perplexed by it as he was. “I am sure that the information I have for you, while not directly related to this tome, can still provide some answers as to what it might be about.” The orc finally received his ale, and took a deep drink straight from the bottle. “I also appear to have forgotten to introduce myself as properly as you have. My name is Galath,” "The reason why I am across from you now is that we need someone who has some experience in Demonic Magics and the Fel Arts. We're...hunting...a group of people that could possibly be a dire danger to the Horde and potentially to Azeroth." Galath explained. Nihiler poured more wine for himself. "You are not the only one I've come to. All that I can tell you until we meet in a more…private locale…is that I have a team of companions that share a similar interest in this "hunt" of mine. I have most of what we need in this…demonically related matter.” Galath took another swig of ale. “Save for someone who knows of the Fel Arts extensively, mind you.” He added. Nihiler contemplated the answer, and decided to ask one further question. “How do you know that I’m the one you’re looking for?” He asked simply. Galath looked amused. “You don’t think I’ve seen you in libraries and out in the world?” Galath asked, not really looking for a response. “I know what you are, and I know that you know your way around Demons.” He finished. The air hung heavy with that acknowledgement, causing Nihiler to pause and think for a moment. Warlocks weren’t necessarily accepted, even less tolerated by many. He had been forced to practice his craft elsewhere. As Galath finished off his Ale, he put forth a folded piece of parchment. “We meet at the Crossroads directly South-East of Splintertree Post in Ashenvale in 3 days. If you wish to learn more about this situation, and more about that tome of yours…you’ll be there.” Placing a hand on the parchment, Nihiler opened his pack and placed it inside. “What time?” He said, with a smirk.Forcenihil0 Jun 5
Jun 5 Rp and Professions I'm not a huge role player, but I am a lore junkie, and I like for my characters to feel "real" to me. Real in the sense that they have a story, and their actions make sense to me. One thing I've really struggled with is professions. Even if one profession is more lucrative than the next, I can't have a character have a profession that doesn't "fit." I can't have a warrior tailor for example. Some of you might not have an issue with this, but it bothers me. Now I've been leveling a DK, and I really like it. And I want to level all of the secondary professions on him... But it feels weird. What motivation could a DK Tauren possibly have for wanting to learn cooking, spending time fishing, or learning to use first aid? How do you other role players fit your professions with your character, and does anyone have any ideas for me?Garendall9 Jun 5
Jun 4 LF Evil Mastermind? [Horde] Hello, I have been RPing for years now and I am looking for an evil 'mastermind' (..or ring leader, general, and others of that nature) that needs a right hand(..or a wicked servant)! My character Syl has been compared to Renfield from the original Dracula. It was not my intention to make him like that character though that was just his description from another RPer. Still I would like to team him up with another villainous character. He is no fool however but will respect an individual with drive for power. If you have a story already going, great! Send Loraezen in-game mail to get in contact with me. I am active Realm Time between 11pm to 5am (night owl my time) on Moongaurd. I am looking for a very active RPer, thanks for checking my post!Loraezen3 Jun 4
Jun 4 My Draenei DK RP idea okay? Hey! I'm currently playing two characters that I want to RP as estranged brothers, one a Paladin, one a Death Knight. My concept (still working on it) is that they were paladins who fell in quickly with the Argent Dawn, Zaviir (the older) and Amphytrion (the younger). Long story short, a battle with the Scourge happens, Amphytrion dies saving Zaviir and is resurrected as a Death Knight. Zaviir obviously is wracked with all kinds of guilt -- survivor's guilt, plus guilt about failing to protect his little brother, and worst of all, the "icing on the cake" that he's been resurrected as an abomination to everything they stood for. Makes it his life's mission to make it right, to "save" Amphytrion by killing him and releasing him. "My brother died during that battle," etc. Saurfang Jr. style. Now of course, the twist is that by the time they actually run into each other, the Ebon Blade is liberated and Zaviir sees that it really is still his brother, not some mindless slave, and couldn't bring himself to kill him. So, as much as he hates what he's become, they part ways peacefully but not happily, which is actually almost harder for Zaviir as he thought that was his best shot at redemption. Easy enough to RP off of that. As for Amphytrion, he's where I need a little help with general Draenei DK advice. I know they certainly wouldn't be welcome in Draenei society, but are they all KOS or just "unwelcome"? Additionally, I'm sure there's probably a lot of intrinsic self-loathing, longing for a lost connection with the Light (unless he's just given up on that by now), probably even some thoughts of self-destruction once the Lich King died or even before that. Think it's a good enough motivator to keep trying to fight for the betterment of his world and his people, even when most of them reject him? Mostly curious if my idea is sound (open to honest criticism) and looking for feedback or tips from people who have RP'd a Draenei Death Knight themselves. Thanks!Amphytrion4 Jun 4
Jun 3 Flying turtle Well this is my first ever post on the forum but yeah, has anyone here seen that flying ghost turtle in pandaria? i rekon its pretty awesome ahah!Zacc4 Jun 3
Jun 3 Kaldorei Monk Hey guys, was hoping to get some thoughts and opinions on a brief backstory for a character idea. Basically, I really enjoy the mechanics and aesthetics of the Monk class OOCly, but don't want to be tied down to the Pandaren emphasis of the class within lore and RP. That being said, would it be lore-friendly to RP a Night Elf monk as an experienced warrior not trained by a Pandaren? I was thinking of having him be a light hybrid of sorts--a spiritual woodland martial fighter who channels some degree of Druidic magic. A bit similar to Human Paladins who fight up close with light-infused powers, yet it would be a Kaldorei equivalent that fits the traditions and culture of the Night Elf theme. How does this sound? Is it lore-breaking or too far-fetched to not have any connection to Pandaren aspects? Thanks!Vathanos12 Jun 3
Jun 3 Monk Roleplay: Jade Strike I have recently started roleplaying as a Pandaren monk on Wyrmrest accord and I have a few questions for the more experienced roleplayers. When you play through the Jade Forest storyline and you come across Widow Greenpaw, a "witch" who turns people into jade statues, which turns out she learned from her late husband. His statue states in a passage "Through skill, determination, and chi, he mastered the form now known as the dreaded Jade Strike, a blow that would transmute foes into statues of jade." Now I wanted to know how viable, or ill-advised, it would be to roleplay my monk as knowing how to use this form as he did. I would not be using this as a means to godemote my character, I was thinking more along the lines of my character using it to fight against Zandalari Trolls back in Pandaria as a means to circumvent their regeneration when it was necessary. Thoughts?Valdoremir6 Jun 3
Jun 3 Three Gnomes Walk Into a Bar Just kidding. They went under it, because they were too short.Zonthya1 Jun 3