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May 31 Kayn or Altruis? I'm having a hard time choosing Kayn or Altruis as the second in command. I agree with both of their viewpoints but I'm not sure which makes more sense.Duyir4 May 31
May 31 Alternate Characters A reoccurring idea to me is that of alternate characters; that is alternate versions of characters we've already created. I've occasionally had the mind to do such things with a couple of my characters, including Sinope here recently, especially when rolling alts on other servers. I'm also aware that some have had the mind to write AU versions of their characters since WoD, which I suppose is pretty much the same as what I'm talking about. Tell me your thoughts on the concept. What inspires you to create alternates if you do/have? Tell us about those alternates and how they differ from the original.Sinope10 May 31
May 31 LF RP Partner Would anyone be interested in starting a toon from scratch and doing a progressive RP with me? As in, as we level them, our toons stories progress side by side as well? It has been... a very long time since I have roleplayed, whether in game or in forums, and I'd really like to get back into it. I have not, mostly because I do have an anxiety disorder (and not to blame my lack of rp on it but...), it tends to make me overly nervous in aproaching RP guilds or groups and starting something. I don't know how good I am, or will be, but I would love to try and create a story with someone while we level from start to finish. I am open to Horde or Alliance, and since I am female, I have always played female characters. I am on Discord at Tia#5979 I am, for all intents, a complete beginner to roleplaying because I've not been in the scene for a few years. Whether our characters are siblings, friends, lovers, or what doesn't matter to me but I'd love to find out. Reply here or contact me on Discord if anyone is interested in roleplaying a new toon with me from 1-100. Experienced RP'er, Beginner RP'er like me, or somewhere in the middle - I'm open to any of that!Tialahi4 May 31
May 30 Nevermind. Nevermind.Silverwillow3 May 30
May 30 Ark Survival Server? So, I had an idea. Well, someone actually had it before me but details. I was wondering if there would be any interest in an Ark survival server? I just started actually playing and getting into the game, and enjoy it so far, other that some human related things. I was playing on one for WRA, and liked the mods they had, but not the people as much. Or rather, a small group of people that it feels like the admins just let run everything. After the crummy experiences, I really would prefer no PvP and focus more on pve and exploration. Perhaps have planned times for PvP if it is possible. I get the PvP appeal, but it only takes one group of jerks to ruin it for everyone. Like I said, I've got a list of mods and an idea for rates, I just don't know how many would be interested. Servers are usually $15-20+ a month or I would just have one and not care like my little $5/mo Minecraft server. Just checking for interest. At work so unable to really look into the specifics, but it can't be that much crazier than my public mc server I used to run, with the 10y.o.s and their weird drama and 50+ plugins to manage.Mortre15 May 30
May 30 Male Orc Rogue RP? Not really sure what direction to go in. Feels like if I tried to act like a traditional rogue I'd get strange looks, what with the bulky frame and all, but I don't want to just be a bruiser with daggers. Any tips or ideas? I'm playing Assassination. Thanks.Corpseworth6 May 30
May 30 Tiny Art Hi WET, I'm Lev *wave* I mostly lurk, but while lurking, I tend to draw teeny tiny things. Lots of them. I'm out of requests/bored, so if you want your toon (or an NPC) drawn in a teeny fashion, then feel free to reply with up-to-date armory links, or mogit screenies, and I'll see what I can do. *nod* ^ WoW examples. <-- The full collection (around 830 or so ATM) Requests will be done within a week, as a general rule. Current Requests: Doyle Kroskey HalcyrusLevane34 May 30
May 30 (Eventos Especiales) <Hunter Of Horde> La creciente Guild Hunter Of Horde se complace en anunciar los Proximos eventos que en esta se realizaran, estos eventos se dividen en diversos tipos (Mensuales) (Semanales) (Diarios)... Cada tipo de eventos contara con una Recompenza valorada en el nivel de dificultad que posea dicho evento o en el intervalo de tiempo entre uno y otro (Los mensuales seran los mas valiosos), la recompenza podra ser estimada en Metal con un aproximado de 1 millon de oro para el ganador o menos (dependiendo de lo explicado antes). Los participantes claramente deberan ser Miembros exclusivos de la Guild, y haber pasado el Rango de iniciado, (Para mas informacion sobre los Rangos pueden preguntar a cualquier miembro del staff de la guild). Los eventos se realizaran simultaneamente en Dos Reinos US-Ragnarok y US-Emerald Dream, siendo estos dos los Reinos en los que esta instalada la Guild y siendo el mismo GM en Ambas... La Hunter Of Horde es una guild que se dedica a RolPlay, PvE y PvP... Tenemos nuestro propio Website siendo este accesible solo para miembros... Buscamos Personas de todos los niveles, de toda clase con el unico requisito que sean personas respetuosas y que quieran pasarla bien en una comunidad creciente aun pero con muchos buenos ideales... Los Eventos: *Torneo Mensual (15 de Mayo) Proeza de Fuerza: - Los Jugadores deberan de enfrentarse entre si con la coordinacion programada del Staff de la guild... siendo estos los Jueces de cada encuentro.. al final del evento el Ganador recibira un premio de 1 millon de oro, el segundo lugar 500 mil, y el tercer lugar 250 mil con un objeto Legendario... *Torneos Semanales (Fines de Semana) Proezas de Dedicacion: - Los jugadores deberan fabricar el mayor numero posible de objetos de su profesion (sea cual sea) y valorando la cantidad y calidad de los objetos fabricados se definira quien es el ganador... (Si no tienes alto el nivel de profesion pederas facilmente contra uno que lo tenga mas elevado, asi que debes elevar el nivel antes de participar), para los que tengan Profesiones de Recoleccion (Herboristero, Minero, Desollador) la competicion sera a parte de los que tengan Profesiones de Produccion y el ganador sera el que mayor cantidad de Objetos Farmee... (Todas las creacions o recolecciones del evento seran dados a miembros del Staff de la guild siendo ellos los jueces que denominaran al ganador) las recompenzas para este evento pueden ser variadas pero vien evaluadas de acorde a la dificultad... *Eventos Diarios (Dias entre Semana) Proezas de Destreza: - Los jugadores deberan participar en Arenas, BGs, o Raids para lograr ganar en este evento, se dividira de acuerdo al tipo de participacion que se tenga, entre Arena, BGs, y Raids, los que participen en Mas Arenas y BGs y ganen, seran los ganadores de estes evento, (Siendo recompenzado individualmente si participo en Arenas o BGs, por lo que seran Dos Premios y pueden ser Dos Personas, uno para el que mas BGs haga y el Otro para el que Mas Arenas Realize, pudiendo ser una sola persona el Ganador de estos dos premios) en el caso de las Raids solo se contaran si se realizan con un minimo de 3 miembros en de la Guild, siendo recompenzados por igual todos los participantes de la misma, igual que si para las BGs o Arenas participan en conjunto dos o mas miembros de la guild juntos recibiran por igual las recompensaciones, Si Gana una BG un equipo compuesto completo por Miembros de la Guild seran enormemente recompenzados... Para participar en este evento los jugadores deben informar constantemente lo que vayan hacer a un miembro del Staff de la Guild, para que cuente y puedan anotarlo a la lista de posibles ganadores... Todos estos eventos tienen un minimo requisito de participacion... si 10 o mas Miembros no participan en el evento el mismo queda suspendido hasta que se cumpla este requisito de numero de personas, y para todos los eventos se debera pagar una minima cantidad de entrada en oro, sirviendo como anotacion para los eventos y usando este mismo oro para el Banco de la guild de donde luego podran reparar sus mismas Armaduras... Mi Battle Tag es Javy#11712 pueden contactarme siempre que quieran y preguntarme por los eventos o por la Guild...Darksaiders0 May 30
May 30 High Elf and Eredar Playable Race? When I first had this idea, I thought it was really REALLY stupid. But I thought I'd get the "public's" thoughts on it before I shove it away. I was watching a youtuber and he mentioned how with Alleria's "return", it could introduce the Alliance High Elf race. That made me think, who would be the Horde counterpart? Eredar: My theory on how Legion is going to end is we just annihilate them. I'm not happy with that ending either, but with what Blizz has been making the story appear to be, that's how I see it ending. Well, with that being the case, we find out the Legion's reason for their crusade, and (another theory of mine is that the Legion is aware that the Pillars are the keys to unlocking the Old Gods from their prisons. The Pillars are said to defeat the Legion, well the Old Gods are the only entities capable of defeating the Legion entirely. Sargeras knows the Pillars secret and attempts to collect them so that they aren't used to unlock the prisons.) after destroying the Legion, the remaining Eredar are "forgiven" of their crimes but are not welcomed by the Draenei. The Horde, however, is the home for the misfit, the outcasts, the beaten, and the forsaken. That's my thoughts on it. Again, I am iffy on this idea so I'd appreciate more constructive criticism as opposed to just outright "F you's". Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this idea as much as I had thinking of it.Falormelorn10 May 30
May 29 Why hate erp? So as everyone knows moon guard is the ERP server so this stuff is more accepted here... At least on the horde side... But anyway when ever I openly admit to being an erp'er on a server like wyrmrest accord or any non RP server people shrivel in disgust like I'm a high elf in silver moon (true story). Why are people so against ERP? People shouldn't even care, in fact when I openly admit ERP on Moon Guard I sometimes get whispers from people who admire that but on any other server, suddenly I become the ugly duckling. Why? Why do people hate Erp?Cathalin37 May 29
May 29 Battle for Light's Hope Chapel I have a question about this battle. When exactly did it take place? The death knights, after the battle, then travel to Outland to do Burning Crusade content, suggesting that that conflict is still ongoing in the story. Arthas, however, awakes "after" BC, suggesting that the battle takes place aftert the Sunwell events. Demon Hunters level and go start to Legion content, clearing showing when it takes place, but Death Knights aren't sent to Northrend immediately, suggesting that Outland is sorta like a trial of trust to see how effective they are for their respective factions.Falormelorn6 May 29
May 29 New Rp Character Not sure if this goes here but, here is a new character backgrouns and history i came up with? Just need a bit of a hand to makesure it sounds ok. Ashlerion, a grumpy looking blood elf with a constant scowl on his face as if he bit into a lemon. But his face does clearly give away his personality and the fact of his Knight-Lord title as a blood paladin doesn't help matter any with his attitude. Though he would be considered middled aged by some, his hair still retains its ruby redness, accented by a few brilliant strands of grey. His body has also retained most of his youthfulness, his muscles still as formed as when he was younger though, he is starting to get a bit of a gut from his relaxed lifestyle, it also doesn't help that his leg is starting to pang him again. But even with a limp he still manages to catch the eyes of the various women of the horde, and he manages to take some back to his inn room, whete he stays when he is not out on a task. Thankfully the innkeeper let him enchant his door to be soundproof. When he is not busy adventuring, he is seen lounging arounnd in his town gear in his favorite bar, drinking and eating fried boar bits. History: Back during the Lich Kings reign of terror, he was in charge of leading a group of paladins in Icecrown, keeping back waves of scourge off his comrades backs as they tried to gain entrance to Icecrown Citadel. But as luck would have it, he has his back turned when he was brought down by a ghoul who has sunk its plague rotted teeth into his leg. He managed to get back up and kill the ghoul, but he was loosing a tremendous amount of blood. The battle field priests could barely stop the blood flow and even then he was severely weakened. One of the lead priests volunteered to fly him to the red dragon shrine as they were the only ones who would be able to save him and cleanse the corruption. But when they finally arrived, the red flight was hesitant to even let them into for fear of them being controlled by the scourge. This was completely dismissed when the shrine was attacked shortly after they arrived, the priest leaping into action, attacking the undead while healing the red dragon defenders. They healed Ashlerion, only leaving behind a mangled scar and a limp. Once back to full health, one of of the numerous drakes flew the paladin and priest back to Icecrown, right before the horde and alliance broke down the doors to the Citadel. As a child he would often follow the charge of Blood Knights as they marched through silvermoon on their might armor clad war steeds. He would take a training sword his blacksmith father crafted for him, with a blunt end of course, and pretend to fight his family's giant dragonhawk. The beast paid no mind to Ashlerion, letting him yell and jab at him daily, until one day Ashlerion decided to jump on the back of the silver dragonhawk, causing the beast to go into a panic and take off, with Ashlerion still on its back. Though it took about a day, Ashlerion was found and by the Captain of the Blood Knights out of anyone. As he rode with the Captain, he talked the womans ear off, telling her how amazing they were and how he aspired to join then when he became of age. So when the time came for the Blood Knights to open their ranks, Ashlerion was the first to walk into their hall, carrying a sword and shield his father had crafted for him. He was tested time and time again, mainly his test was to see how many of the scourge he could kill before the days end. But other tests where to help heal his injured brothers and sisters.Doxikk2 May 29
May 29 Blood Brothers [Short Story] The red-skinned giant, Geshik, hefted his twin axes, laughing at the green-skinned elder in front of him. The shaman clutched tightly to his weapons. An axe and a set of razor-sharp claws. "What was that? I'm sorry, my hearing must be going bad. Say it, one more time, old man." Reshal turned his gaze up towards Geshik's eyes, looking at the young orc he saw as his own son. And his eyes were full of sadness and sorrow. Then, after the longest instant's deliberation, they were full of fire and determination. "I will save you from this taint, Geshik. Even if I must pay the price in blood." Reshal said at last. Geshik wasted no more breath on words, proving that even the fel rage had not dulled his mind. Reshal would have been disappointed if he had wasted breath on words after that. But for all Geshik's strength, he could not overtake the shaman, every colossal swing parried, the blow deflected in a way only a Warsong could manage. But one fact still pressed Geshik forward, and Reshal back: Geshik was young. Reshal wasn't. It wasn't too long before Reshal's guard grew sloppy, and Geshik took notice. The axe came down, and Reshal was sent flying to the edge of the arena. The fel orcs around them cackled and cast boos at the shaman. Geshik stepped forward, face the picture of tranquil fury. "Any last words, Bloodhowl?" The shaman groaned, and nodded, "Just one..." ------------------------------------------- Sorry for the cliffhanger, I hit writer's block like a ton of bricks just as I was about to shift focus to Reshal. This short story takes place near the end of the Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos Orc Campaign, hence the description Geshik received.Geshik2 May 29
May 29 Roleplayed for the first time And I have to admit, it was pretty fun. I never actually thought it would be something I liked. I roleplayed as my Death Knight here Døømguy (Zeranis "Døømguy" Falenwood) Knight of the 17th Regiment of the Ebon Blade. (Long as hell but I didn't know wtf I was doing) A fallen warrior who was risen by the Lich King to serve as a Death Knight among the ranks. Now obviously freed, who fights under the banner of the Ebon Blade. Has a "ex-wife" so to say and a daughter he has never personally seen due to his fall at the Wrath Gate. He hires mages to view his family while he is far away to make sure they are well but he dares not go back to them in fear of what might happen because of who he's become. I know it sounds stupid as hell but hey I made it up off the fly. Might actually come up with something more concrete as I experiment with this more but I had fun none the less.Døømguy5 May 29
May 29 Languages in RP Hey everyone. An old in-game RP experience I just remembered has prompted this thread from me. I'd love to have a discussion about this, mainly out of curiosity about what most people think, but also to see if someone can change my mind about this topic or vice versa. Here's the RP interaction in case anyone is curious. Random Goblin: "So, Pandaren. You know how to speak orcish?" Random Pandaren: "Uh... I've been speakin' it to you for the past half hour ain't I?" Random Goblin: *Clearly is lost OOC on how to proceed because the headcanon of both players just clashed in a way that's hard to reconcile.* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What language do you think the majority of the Horde speak? Common? Or Orcish? I was always under the impression that it was Common, and I'll explain why. I'd like to hear your thoughts on it, as well as your thoughts on MY thoughts. 1. There seems to be a large and jarring distinction between Common and Orcish whenever NPCs use it. They'll spout a huge wall of text that's in plain English, and then shout "Lok'tar!" at the end. If the English was just translated from Orcish so the reader could understand, that would be fine, but why wouldn't the Lok'tar also be English and just say "Victory or Death"? Are they arbitrarily choosing not to translate one section? Or is the Lok'tar legitimately spoken in Orcish while the rest is Common? I think the latter is a more realistic and sound explanation since Lok'tar is a very common Orcish battlecry. It makes sense for an orc to address a non-orc in Common but still shout their customary battlecry in their mother tongue. 2. There seems to be very little language barriers between NPCs. I can recall multiple quests where there are verbal altercations between Horde and Alliance members. This is true of cutscenes as well. I THINK this is true in the older Warcraft games too, though I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure when Thrall and his orcs came upon the Darkspear trolls, I'd imagine the two had no real issues communicating despite it not making sense for the trolls to speak Orcish, or the Orcs to speak Zandali. Both of them speaking Common is the best explanation I have for this, since we know it's a nearly universal language while the other two are not. 3. Common is depicted as a very easy language to learn and it's also been depicted as something nearly all intelligent races just 'know' how to speak, and this is broadly applied. The -only- races depicted speaking broken common are very unintelligent races, or very unintelligent outliers from a race that normally can speak it. (Orc peons). It predates modern human civilization as well, meaning it's not a language that all Alliance members are just using to accommodate humans. 4. It's been said that many things in World of Warcraft are just implemented for the sake of OOC game mechanics. A good and often-cited example of this is Chris Metzen talking about demons being hauled around in cities. Realistically guards would react, but they don't for the sake of OOC game mechanics. Taking the prior 3 points into account, I think it's a very fair assumption to make that the fact we default to Orcish in-game on the Horde side is for the sake of OOC game mechanics as well, and not necessarily something that should be applied to RP. Those are all the reasons I can think of off the top of my head. What do you all think? Am I in the minority here? Do you think I've said anything incorrect? I'd love to hear.Natsuaga20 May 29
May 28 What feature would improve RP? I think player housing is a crowd favorite? I would like to see a feature that would bring RP walk-ups into the world - maybe something like a zone-wide (or even world wide) player tracking with MyRP info, so you could see someone at some "ancient ruins, digging" and go to them. EDIT: pics... Share yours! And win awesome prizes! Like this bugs eye that is my sole possession because I'm a newbie.Assandara18 May 28
May 28 Looking for friends! and RPs! Hello! My name is Seeley and I am looking to meet new people ( and possible new friends to play WoW with! ) I live out in the sticks of SouthEast Texas, so it is really hard to find fellow Warcraft players. LMAO I would love to get to know you guys and play with you! I also like to RP but there are some rules I go by: 1. I do inter-race relationships on WoW ( I would love to see my Night Elf Hunter with a Blood Elf lol ) 2. I don't mind R-rated RPs.. but i dont want it to be just that. I want some drama,comedy, gore, and adventure too! that should be it! this is info about me add me! About me: I am from Houston and live by Beaumont, Texas. I started playing Wow when I was a kid, but had to stop because I moved and did not get unlimited internet until now. So, I am kinda relearning everything. I am going to College for Medical Administration. Age: Early 20s (24 ) Personality: Laid back, smart !@#, short temper, weird/goofy Side: 90% of the time I am Horde.. But my first Character ever made is my Night Elf Hunter. Chars: Ariléth(lvl 100 )- Night Elf Hunter currently working on my blood elf paladin atm. Spec: Combat and Gameplay Playing time: From May to early August I play almost 24/7! In August I will be starting my 3rd semester so I wont be on as much! Up for: Dungeon hunting, Raiding, Questing, exploring, In-Game RP Other interests: anime, other video games, animals, books, GameGrumps, dr.pepper, sushi. Battletag: xGrimdoll#1211 FEEL FREE TO ADD ME! ( if this is the wrong place to post this, I am sorry! I am still new to using forums! )Ariléth0 May 28
May 28 Healthcare on Azeroth Evening folks. Because of the political climate right now, I've been wondering what healthcare is like for Azeroth's various major factions. Of course there's no real answer, because there is magic, but that's another thing I want to brainstorm. 1. Why is there a reason for non-magical doctors and medical staff when healing classes are so widespread? I ask this because it appears even secluded groups (in the mountains/tucked in various isolated places in Azeroth) have healing classes like priests and soothsayers. And so far it appears that the only times magic cannot help something is when you're either already dead or you've been poisoned in a way where nothing could ever help you (Vol'jin). 2. How would healing work for common folk? I'm not talking about military, as I'm sure the soldiers of any faction are gonna get good healing while they're in. Do you think healing is expensive? Commonplace? Cheap? Universal? I suppose it depends on the model of government, but I've always been curious. Tell me what you dudes think.Giol6 May 28
May 28 Non-human RP I don't think I'm alone when I say that there are too many non-human races out there RPing like some 21st century earthlings. By all means, RP your character the way you want, that's the fun of the game, but the gods of RP would shake their heads at me if I didn't bring this issue to light. Now, there is a case by case basis for everyone, and I'm not trying to push people to represent their race as they'd most likely be represented by Blizzard. (or am I? /wink) This is just opinion, man. Sure, you could play a night elf or tauren who grew up with human customs, and if that's the case, incorporate it into your character! Nobody said you have to be a tree-hugger. However, if you're going to play a 20,000 year old draenei vindicator, I'm willing to blow all my gold and a gno- You know, never mind. Let's stick with the gold. I'm willing to blow all my gold to back up the assumption that your character will probably think differently than a 16 year old girl. What's that? You play a savage troll warrior who...wait...becomes depressed and suicidal after breaking up with your bloodelf girlfriend after dating for a week? What?! I don't even want to open up the can of worms that exists with cross-race relationships (all of which seem to run like a human relationship,) instead, maybe I could just give a couple tips. First, if you're going to play a character who is older than 500, please give them at least a LITTLE more wisdom and intelligence than whatever that is in my cat's liter box. If not, at least have a reason why (and's not because they're blonde.) Secondly, if your non-human character is ALWAYS immature, ditzy, bubbly, and/or just the biggest bundle of cheer, I encourage you to look up the lore surrounding your race. I'm sure there is a fantastic reason why your troll shaman literally squeals with excitement upon seeing an old friend. I'm also sure there's a fantastic reason why your previously mentioned draenei vindicator likes to sleep/flirt with everyone in the city. Also, if all races could stop doing that thing where they poke someone's nose and say 'boop,' that would just be lovely. Now now, I already know y'all are going to say something like: “If you don't like how people RP, don't RP with them.” Valid point, but this isn't about me, this is about all of you who play your non-human characters as if they grew up in San Francisco. Odds are, if you play a non-human character in such a fashion, your reason for playing the race you chose probably doesn't extend much further than, “Well...I like the way they look.” Which is fine. Tails are cool. However, if you want to be treated seriously and really contribute some depth to the game we all love to RP on, all while trying something new, assume the role of your character as they fit in your race. After all, it's called ROLEplaying. As a writer of fantasy, one of the best tips I was ever given is this: If you write a story with multiple races, and they are only different from humans by little physical details or quirks, you might as well just stick to one race and expand on culture. But as always, keep doing you. I just thought I'd get this out there, and hopefully someone will see where I'm coming from. Consider it a pet peeve.Alexañdrìa42 May 28
May 27 Fashion Battle - May 28th [Fashion Battles™] by Stealthstar-Silverhand is hosting a Summer Tour transmog battle. Everyone is welcome to this event! Where: Lion's Rest, Stormwind City When:May 28th, 2017 @ (7:00PM(PT), 8:00PM(MT),9:00PM(CT) , 10:00PM(ET)) Realm Host: Kirin'Tor / Steamwheedle Cartel/ Sentinels Theme(1): Summer Style (Reds, Yellows, Oranges, Pinks ...etc..) Theme(2): Faction Pride ( Blues , Golds , Whites ...etc..) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Viewers: Every level, class and race is welcome to attend and watch the show. You too can dress up and show off some fashionable attire without being judged for the show. This is a free realm wide event, BUT you must be on the hosting realms to receive a "goodie bag" which is handed out at every show! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Models: Every level, class and races welcome to model for our show. Be ready to be critiqued and ranked among your Tmog peers. More information will be added as the date comes closer! If you have any questions or are interested in modeling please visit [ ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guild Sponsors: Any Guild is welcome to donate to our events. Donations vary from Mounts to Gold, anything helps and in return your Guild will be able to have a 255 Character Guild advertisement during the intermission of the show as well as special seating for the Guild! If you are interested in donating please send an in-game letter to Stealthstar-Silverhand(Horde) or Stealthstar-Kirin'Tor(Alliance). ***For Emergencies add Lailah#1872. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Job Opportunities: [Fashion Battles™] is looking for permanent Judges(3) for our shows! This is a paying job for one night. Judges must be open minded and unbiased, we are looking for people with a good attitude, and a basic knowledge of WoW Lore. Visit [ ] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Social Media Links: Twitter : Youtube : Website : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guild Sponsors: Fashion Crafters (H/A) Guardians of Eternity (H/A) Over the Hyll/Hill Gang (H/A) The Royal Courier (H/A) Azeroth Board of Tourism (H) Mythological Knights (H) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to crew members of the show as well as our Guild Sponsors and Private Donors!Kahale0 May 27
May 27 LF RP partners and/or guild Hi! I'm a fellow RPer thats looking for some people, or a guild to join, to RP with. I focus on lore accurate RP, as my character is set up a bit that way. I've been having trouble finding some people so I hope this is where I can look as well? I'm max leveled and geared so if that helps then there ya go. Thanks!~Luciaus2 May 27
May 25 The one and only Champion? Hey guys! I was just wondering how you include other players in your character's story (head canon or otherwise) I'm not really looking for advise, I'm just curious what others do. Personally, my character's canon is that other "champions" or PCs don't exist. They are just soldiers or regular adventurers ect. I'm the only one that can do the things I do. I see my character as one of the heroes of WoW like Jaina or Varian.Arcuten23 May 25
May 25 Raid end storytime As is customary for any civilized raid, coming completion is met with jubilation, compounded back slapping, and gathering of yarn spinners and tale tellers round yonder cookfire for a reading of raid time storytime. Problems abound however, for what started as sultry composing of Marcus and his steamy romance novels. had blossomed into a duel of wit and wordmancy. The one-upmanship evolved from sultry love tales (PG-13) to serialized compositions, to rhyme, and finally to our tale. Bringing you, dear internet, in partway may seem a disservice. But fear not my good monitor seared troglodyte, storytime is beholden by all, from hard casual, to greasy neck beard. Now behold! raid end storytimes most recent venture, and pray tell for the writers lumber barricades creativity, what manner of prose must follow! Shadows of Betrayal Act II Scene 4 [Enter, Tuei, Kaly, Sar, Ciu, Daegis] Kaly: Heroes battle'd suffered loss. A pity that power so derides us challenge. Tuei: An errand for fools, those who dared thus. A grave marked not, be monument to ends Kaly: To claim such burden, marker or no. Unworthy a foe be remembered not. The ants underfoot, feel not the weight. Nor should foot, mark the step. Tuei: O'er leagues we raze, to pause a moment, marks lordly deeds, for merest mortals. Kaly: Hush now Tuei, for deeds left lacking. whilst hearts beat, a foe unfinished. You utter arguement for steps cease'd. Tarry no longer, for monuments wait for tasks fulfillment. Tuei: Forsooth, my ponders withhold vital execution. Prepare thyself, for Tuei comes. Sar: Curse it all, if not for scores mere moments, Turtles ward would fend demise. Daegis: Hold fast my friends, in bubble i seek, a hearth for rest and aid! [Exit Daegis] Sar: your demise mark'd ciu, tarry not long for death's embrace, lest my feign be uncover'd! [Exit Sar] Ciu: To halt an avalanche alone is too daunt. By swapblast, the field i relent, my future waylaid by plot-schemes, earmark your demise! [Exit Ciu, Enter Landmap] Landmap: what's happening? why's everyone talking funny... oh crap im dead aren't i? [Exeunt] Act II Scene 5 [Enter Ciu, Brittle] Ciu: A pox on Team Kaly, whose plans on ambuscade rely. that Tuei, such might, a zhevra's hoofs' chance stood we. Brittle: A zhevra's hoof odds? say you a chance we stood? Ciu: a jest i say, for since long note, that zhevras have no hooves to claim. Brittle: what lay now? plots team Kaly need not concern, for team Tuei mightier a stag! Ciu: a Khadgar plot, for rash action ill-thought court with great success. Brittle: a Macguffin we desire, needs strip foes of strength. Ciu: Perhaps weakness lay within sight, not by might, but guile. To render great foes forlorn. Brittle: Of wrath and might, a balm for flesh. But serf and the waves are Tuei deprived! Ciu: and Kaly, murder itself, a step too far, whose love of infant peril lay release! Brittle: a plot is form'd what joy it brings to see Tuei vivified! Ciu: and Kaly laid low! [Exit Ciu, Brittle, Enter Sar, Daegis] Daegis: Ho Sar, did your ears perchance happen upon such exchange? Sar: i hadn't a clue of zhevras hooves, equines with hooves anon, a tragedy indeed. Daegis: ney sar, team Tuei plots duplicity, betrayal rears it's rump once more, to bitter scent upon fair winds! Sar: to cut wind on compelled truce, such proclivities compel bidet of justice Daegis: a fold, and 'nother wipe, for mercy is wanting. Sar: but plots unfold, t'see threats laid low, hadn't schemes best harken a gander? Daegis: anon sar, anon. For twice struck in paladin pink, require we return one to the stink. Sar: Scandalous! [Exeunt]Ciuthunu0 May 25
May 25 How Garrosh should have died... This is my thoughts on how Garrosh should of died. It shares much with the original only it takes a fork in the road right at the end. It starts true with the story of Legion, only one minor detail which could be looked past relatively easily. Here it goes: "EVERYTHING I DID", shouted Garrosh Hellscream, as he beats on Thrall mercilessly, "I DID FOR THE HORDE!". A bruised Thrall looks up and counters, "You failed the Horde". Blows are passed at each other as Garrosh responds, "YOU MADE ME WARCHIEF". Doomhammer is knocked to the ground with Gorehowl, "YOU LEFT ME... TO PICK UP. YOUR. PIECES!", Garrosh grabs the shamanistic beads around Thrall's neck, punching him to the ground and breaking the necklace. Garrosh raises Thrall above his head. "YOU. FAILED. ME!!!". And with a crushing blow, Garrosh slams Thrall's back down upon his knee, breaking almost every bone in his spine. Thrall falls limp to the ground, unable to move his legs and struggling to lift his arms. "You never had the strength... of a true warrior", Garrosh breathes out with heavy, rage-filled pants. He turns to pick up Gorehowl, heavy in his hands but hateful anger fills him. He turns back to the crippled Orc, who responds, "I do not rely on strength alone, Garrosh. My power is all around you." Garrosh lifts Gorehowl over his head to land the killing blow, but his attention is pulled to the horizon. Over the hills of the Stones of Prophecy can be troll hunters, surrounding the battle arena. Garrosh drops Gorehowl, not of fear or astonishment, but of pain. He looks down to see an arrow protruding from his chest, coming from his back. All he can think, as he turns around to face his attacker, "The arrow that pierced..." "...Ya black heart", whispers Vol'jin, starting down the sight of his bow, locking eyes with Garrosh Hellscream, the betrayer of the Horde, the corruptor of Pandaria, and the bane of all who live. Garrosh falls to the ground, dead. As you can see, stays true to the rest of WoD, giving Vol'jin actual purpose as the Warchief and upholding his promise he made in Cataclysm, and the only massive change is Thrall being crippled. I like this though because this 1) Doesn't make him out to be a cheater as it does in the original cinematic, and 2) He begins to mirror his mentor, Drek'thar, in becoming a wise old Shaman passing on the teaches to the next generation. Enchancement Shamans would probably need a new Artifact quest line, but thats all rhetorical since this is merely a fan-fic. Thank you. I hope you like this as much as I enjoyed it.Falithoran6 May 25
May 25 DK Emotions Can DK's feel emotions anymore? I realize they cant feel pain and I assume that also means they cant feel pleasure either, or any physical sensation, but did they regain their emotions after being free'd from the Lich King?Jackob12 May 25
May 25 A Friendly Discussion Tally-ho, patrons of the World's End! My name is Giggles, and I bid you welcome to the thread. The inquiry here is quite simple, although the response is often not. What I'm asking of you folks here today is this: Why do you play your character? A loaded question in some cases, I'm sure! However, it's always interesting to me to learn the perspective of others and see what motives drives them to their decisions. That's what I'd like us to share with one another here, in the sanctity of this thread. :) Just remember to keep it constructive and civil, folks. Nobody's ticker ticks to the same beat, after all. I'll get us rolling. So! In my recent return to WoW, I chose a Forsaken Hunter. Forsaken have always been my favourite playable race in the Warcraft universe. When I discovered the world of Azeroth for the first time, one of the most fascinating inhabitants of this new world was the undead misfits known as the Forsaken. Now, I know there's often a lot comments about the proverbial "Sylvanas fanboy/girl", but Sylvanas as a character doesn't impact my appeal for Forsaken too terribly much. To further elaborate, what grips me about the Forsaken from a narrative perspective is their affliction. To be cursed with undeath, and awakening to a life of numb, colourless existence. For a moment, put yourself in the shoes of a person whose riddled thoughts suddenly became concise. Your eyes see the world clearly for perhaps the first time in years, and you are able to once again reason on your own terms. Alas, the moon above you is pale as always while the small stream your standing in would not even be registered to your awareness had you not received visual confirmation of its existence. Then, as the memories begin to come back to you, you look down to your decayed hands, and become horrifically aware of the things that you have done and seen. Its this moment that defines every subsequent moment of that character thereafter. Does their sanity fall into entropic despair? Do they rally behind their liberator and find brethren in their affliction? Can they even stand what they've become? Fully acknowledging that left over remnants of the Scourge aren't​ exactly going to be guests of honour at the Stormwind Sunday Social, what is your next move? Where do you go, and most importantly, how do you live when everything around you.. has died? This is what is appealing to me about Forsaken. The idea that somewhere amid the death and curse, there is still a part of that person that remains very much alive. I'm of the opinion that Sylvanas' character arc was completed at the end of wotlk, where her legacy was the liberation and foundation of a bunch of misfits. To me, everything thereafter has been fodder to fuel the fires that will inevitably burn her, but that is another discussion for another thread. Welp, there it is, folks! So let's have it; spill the beans on why it is that you play your favourite character(s)! :) Edit: spellcheckGiggles18 May 25
May 25 Newbie question: How do you Roleplay PVE? I'm really awkward at this. How would you level up and quest with someone while RPing, and still make progress? As in, not spend a whole lot of time talking about every single quest, but still making it feel like you're in it. And the same for the killing monsters part. Thanks for any tips/experiences you bother to share!Assandara5 May 25
May 25 Mana Sabers Lore question for you all. Are mana sabers actually living beings or just mana constructs that gained a form of sentience? Or are they like the Spirit Beasts BM Hunters can tame(Which still confuse me on their origins)?Leorene5 May 25
May 24 Harbinger of Flame pet in RP So I recently ran Molten Core for a transmog run and got the harbinger of flame pet. I think he looks pretty cool and wanted to use him when rping as a companion. I was thinking my character rescued him after Ragnaros was killed (she didn't kill him, just found the little guy wandering near molten core). He insults her and calls her a lesser being, but still stays will her and likes her deep down. Would this work, lore-wise? And if so, what would be a good name?Alealda14 May 24
May 23 Looking for RP Horde guild for PVP event Hey folks. I am looking to write an event for my Alliance guild in the Emerald Dream server. What I would like to do is have an RP PVP event with a Horde RP guild and I mean REAL PVP not this /roll PVP. If there are any Horde Guilds on that server that are interested please contact me here or through the game. My battlenet account is Primaries1750. Our guild is Vigilants of Proudmoore. Hope to talk soon ThessalonianThessalonian0 May 23
May 23 Wondering how to RP Shado-Pan...ish. (OOC) Hey there. I was doing some reading on Shado-Pan lore, as I was about to level up a Pandaren for that purpose, and I became aware that it was an RP taboo, a no-no given that Shado-Pan are sworn in for life and would not leave Pandaria. Fair enough. However, do you think it would be fair game for my rogue to have attempted to emulate the Shado-Pan? Perhaps learning from one of them in some capacity? If not, what other potential background (generally speaking) would you recommend for a stealthy Pandaren ninja-type? Are there other, more fitting organizations I should incorporate instead? I'd appreciate any feedback!Huolo22 May 23
May 23 RP Concept: The Goldenpaw Family So, it's 3:30 AM and I decided to share something I had been working on since I started roleplaying on Wyrmrest Accord. It has to do with fleshing out Pandaren lore, specifically that of Pandaren Rogues and to a lesser extent Mages. I had mostly gotten the details figured out, and so I figured I would share. Please note that this is based on the first edition of Chronicles and the (lack thereof) in-game lore. If there's anything in the second edition and on, I've not seen them yet, but I would love to in the near future. Over 12,000 years ago, the Mogu had Pandaria and her people in a stranglehold. Under their iron fist, the Pandaren were helpless slaves, barred from weapons and given dull tools with which they built the fortress' of their masters. That was, until, monks had started to arise. With the power within, they had conjured the strength to fight back with nothing but their spirits and a swift kick to the jaw. While many Pandaren began their new lives learning their new talents, others used their freedom differently. These precious few were known as the Bronzepaw. The Bronzepaw were master thieves and tricksters. They used their ability to channel the mists to oppose their former masters more subtly. They stole from the Mogu ancient knowledge and powerful artifacts; they intercepted any attempt at organization and returned to the monks with points of attack. They were the inside men and women. They with a knowledge in larceny and underhandedness sabotaged the Mogu from within, helping the Pandaren ensure their freedom. Ancient Bronzepaw techniques, passed on to any who would use their power to beguile, include: Shrouding themselves in clouds of smoke to sneak around undetected. Incapacitating guards with mere thought and intent Creating special tonics with a variety of unique effects. Manipulating the mists to travel short distances in the blink of an eye. Some time around 11,000 years ago was born the latest heir to the throne: Jin'mei Bronzepaw. As times passed, so to did she see to the Bronzepaw's evolution into attempting to finish the Pandaren war with the Mogu. She demanded that her dearest family shed their robes as petty thieves and use their stolen knowledge to become assassins. With the Mogu's ancient text at their disposal, Jin'mei added sharp, poison-tipped blades to her families arsenal. They practiced ancient, forbidden rites of blood magic that their masters performed. They even sought to targeting the Pandaren themselves, those they judged to be sympathizers or worthy targets in the pursuit of ending the Mogu. Their dark turn was wrought by a building curiosity which enticed Jin'mei to black magic and rituals beyond her kinds understanding. It was here that she saw more for her family, more for her people; more than simply slaves. Where her brethren would accept merely bronze coins with which they buy enough to survive, she would rule the world with gold. Thus, the Goldenpaw were born. Events hazy, Jin'mei plunged the family deeper into its cavernous trench of obscurity. Records wiped clean, the mysterious Goldenpaw were targeted by the Pandaren themselves and either eradicated or forced underground. While their business thrived, their war with the Mogu all but halted, leading to a stalemate between their sworn enemies as the Goldenpaw fought for domination over their own people. By the parting of the Mists, there were few to none Goldenpaw to be seen. None by blood nor by name. What happened to them is a mystery, the most avid historians tight lipped about this dark section of the Pandaren's otherwise pristine past, and more simple folk all but ignorant to anything but their methods. The abilities of the Goldenpaw echoed through time, their origins unknown, many Pandaren Rogues today taught with the origin of the Goldenpaw in mind. The other half, the Pandaren's Mogu-born blood magic, was wiped clean and was refused to any who would seek its power. There exists two live, by-blood Goldenpaw today. Jusri Goldenpaw, an eccentric thief who wishes only to support his loving family, is a well known proponent for the Bronzepaw and has written stories of what he envisioned to be their exploits often. His mother, Kyow Goldenpaw, is a brutal spellblade-turned-blood mage who taught herself by raiding the original source: the Mogu. She, much like Jin'mei, sees her families evolution into the Goldenpaw as nothing but a benefit, and would do well to rebuild her empire as best she can. Please write your feedback below, I would love criticism if this sounds like a dumb concept. If you like it, though, feel free to use it in your roleplay canon!Jusri3 May 23
May 22 [A-RP] Ember’s Masquerade Ball [A-RP] Ember’s Masquerade Ball Lead by Yulietarida Sponsored by Unbroken Date: June 30th, 8:00pm server time. Location: - The Jade Forest, Pandaria - In between Nectarbreeze Orchard and Paw'don Village - Twinspire Keep Description: The Ember ball is a event in celebration for the Midsummer Fire Festival. This event will contain vendors, guild recruiters, a transmogrification contest, a small play, art raffle, date auction, and finally the ball. It is a social event, try to bring a partner or guild members. Recruitment will be allowed at the start, but you have to reserve a spot. Invite information: It’s a public event so anyone can come, but if you come with a invitation letter you receive small benefits. Invitations: Invitation letters will provide you with 1 free extra raffle ticket! Guild invites: Guild masters/officers only can give out this kind of invite. Guild invitation means each member of your guild who comes gets 1 free raffle ticket. It is advised you put the event on your calendar so that people know when it is and events do not overlap. DM the leader of the event to get an invite! (message information at bottom.) Guilds you will be able to interact with: - The Tempest Born Company - The Unbroken - Greyshields - Any other guild that wishes to come First Event: Vendors/Guild Recruitment/SIGN UPS Looking for a guild? Looking to sell? You can reserve a spot! Signs up will also be here. Sign up for the raffle, for the date auction, and for the transmogrification contest!. You don’t have to sign up for the transmogrification/date auction contest, but people who sign up will always be first. Normal Price: - 400g for each spot, you can only take two next to each other. Orange/Yellow are reserved for signups for the event. IF YOU WANT A SPOT, MESSAGE THE LEADER OF THE EVENT. (Message information at the bottom.) Available Slots: LEFT SIDE: ⅓: X: Open Skull: Open Triangle: Closed RIGHT SIDE: ⅓: Diamond: Open Moon: Closed Square: Open Locations of Slots: Second Event: Meet and Greet! This is the time to sign up for events if you were late. This is a time to eat food, meet new people for the dance, and wait for people to arrive at the events. This is also a time for the staff to prepare.Laurennce1 May 22
May 22 Small & Intimate or Large & Varied? What do you guys find is the most fun guild to be in? Do you prefer the casual, friendly, and intimate environment of a smaller guild? Is having a smaller group of people who can become close friends more your thing? Or are you a socialite? Do you prefer the expanded convenience of a large guild, with a variety of personalities, and a more open feeling? I'm curious. How do you find roleplay in each setting? Hit me with your thoughts. (Personally, I'm the more small and intimate gathering type of person. But I've seen all types.)Tialahi6 May 22
May 22 How do I get into RP? I'm fairly new to warcraftRP, yet i've gone across several games and have been RPing for a long time. I've gone through a few gilneas/tribalRPs and I'm kind of disappointed. I haven't found any serious/good rpers, and i don't know if i'm looking in the wrong place/need to find the right guild/community?Sylade4 May 22
May 21 RP: Is this mary-sue or not? If I wanted to have my character have a Heavenly Cloud Serpent as her mount, would that be mary-sue? I know you can technically get the non-thundering and non-heavenly from the Order of Cloud Serpent, and you raise the hatchling, and it grows into your mount, but what about the Heavenly ones? I couldn't find much information on them (This isn't for my DK)Algelid4 May 21
May 21 New Player + Character Concept Criticism Greetings folks, Just wanted to finally to say hello to the RP community for WoW, something I was shocked to see still quite alive after all these years. Experienced roleplayer and story maker from games like EQ2, GW2, ESO, etc. But I decided to give WoW a try, especially since the races open doors for a character idea I had rolling around. Being a new player technically, and being very new to the lore itself, the Pandaren seem the perfect 'starter race' as they too were isolated from the goings on from the world at large. Which is why, thanks to the lore gurus, I might wish to toss this idea to see if its plausible. Character: Songyung Earthstride (Monk / Alliance) The idea is based off a Pandaren 'elder' from the Wandering Isle; who for the most part, stuck to remaining on the isle, rather than follow the younger generation's hopes and plans to explore, content to remain on the isle, working the fields, while still occasionally training at the Temples to keep himself stable in mind and body. But after 200+ years, he's starting to wonder if he made the right choice. He's fathered children, seen those children have grand children, loved and lost, watched the generations leave the isle, content to remain where he was. But as he stares into his reflection to see his face no longer the youth he was, the 'what if's pile in. He was to ornery to work as an elder, too practical to spout wisdom without experience, he really didn't have much left but the fields he worked. But coming to the realization that its not age that determines a wandering heart, but the will, he decides to change one thing in his life, unwilling to accept his sunset years sitting in quiet, but instead seeing the world. To travel to places unknown like the younger generations till his feet could carry him no more. In the short, a Pandaren 'elder' going against the grain, and pacing himself away from the grave for just a bit longer. While age has withered his body, he still has done what he can to keep himself fit, think Muscle Gut, arms thick as oaks, but time obviously is not being kind to him. As for the rest, Monk is merely a class for him by Mechanics. His training and work pretty much has him rely on his fists. Proffessions in Herbalism for his farming. And Alchemy for the recent development of needing natural cures for his aging body. Essentially, adventuring is the main goal of the character with a more neutral standpoint in the war, though he ended up in the Alliance territory on 'recommendation', and even so, will likely get swept up into it all without noticing. --------------------------------------------- Best I could do in an idea to 'springboard' a character into the story with the lore I can find. I'm open to ideas or some constructive suggestions. Suggestions? Ideas? Criticisms? Tomatoes?Songyung8 May 21
May 21 Worgen RP question Since I didn't want to roll a worgen as my race, is it acceptable in the community to role-play my character's changes? As in, writing out when he turns, from his face shaping to the fur growing on his body, etc?Vulwulf6 May 21
May 20 My Cast of Characters Going to post two of my characters here since the last time I tried to post each of them it failed. Feel free to say things about them if you like! Name: Ravasha Witchhawk. Age: Middle-Aged Adult (Younger than Bravicia). Appearance: Ravasha has reddish-brown hair tied back into a ponytail by a green sash. Her hair is clipped at the side by a green hair clip. She has white skin and wears red lipstick. Her nails are coated with red nail polish as well. Ravasha wears gold hoop earrings she bought in Silvermoon for a special occasion. She wears a set of red robes with gold and black designs. Background: Ravasha was born to a family of mages and researchers. Choosing to research and practice fire magics in her early life she rose to fair proficiency. When Arthas came to raze the Sunwell her magics failed her as she battled the undead Scourge. Seeking a new kind of power she eventually found a teacher in Selerra Sorrowsong and began her new life as a warlock. Staying in Silvermoon City she has taken to searching for tomes of her craft that she can study as well as ever new ways to destroy her enemies with her spells--She may even try to test her theories on demon hunters and other warlocks due to their similar energies. Name: Bravicia Witchhawk. Age: Middle-Aged Adult (Not sure how old blood elves get). Appearance: Bravicia's skin is coated in red scales. She has long ginger red hair and wears gold hoop earrings given to her by her sister. Bravicia has curved black horns growing from either side of her head. She wears a red-and-gold veil/blindfold over her eye sockets. She wears a leather tunic and leather skirt as well as boots that cover part of her legs with small heels. Background: Bravicia was born to the Witchhawk family of Quel'thalas and rather than taking on scholarly pursuits found herself in love with fancy footwork, speed and melee weaponry. She employed herself as a tracker and scout. Seeing her sister Ravasha just about killed by the Scourge she started to believe that her current path was not enough and took the opportunity to travel to Outland with Kael'thas Sunstrider when it came. Meeting Illidan and training at his Black Temple she consumed the heart of a succubus as her rite of passage as a demon huntress. Participating in the mission to retrieve the Sargerite Keystone she boarded the Fel Hammer and helped to destroy Brood Mother Tyranna. After recovering from her imprisoning by the Wardens she began living in Dalaran. Working to end the Legion whenever possible she hopes to someday see her home and family again. Done. I shall write the others' stories when I can and edit them into my starting post or else just make new posts for them. :) List of Character Posts: (Vaneka and Catherana) (Lexica Brighthope) (Aichun Oddmoon)Bravicia10 May 20
May 20 About Skulls in a xmog Orc Warlock Hi guys, First, sry about my english... I have a question. If yours see on my armory, I use many skulls in my xmog. I know and read many about warlocks in orc society, but I see many orcs with skulls in yours xmogs (warriors, DKs and etc...), and I create a history for my staff (i liked so much this staff for warlock). I know that warlocks need to see the most discreet, but use simple xmog is so poor, and have anothers class that have xmog more terrifying. My question is, this xmog, is so much and shows that I am a warlock, if i do not say anything ? Or if I put many doubts in head of anothers, its just ok for me. If this is so much for a warlock, someone have a idea? or a armory for I visit to have some ideas ? Ty a lot for helpCalisttho2 May 20
May 20 Born in Brill? Hello! I have a question that I am hoping someone might be able to answer. I have never roleplayed a character with a background from Lordaeron, but would like for Prim to have been born there. I am fairly sure that she could have be born there twenty years ago since the plague didn't happen until later? However, after it started to spread, were there any survivors? Could she actually have been born there and had to evacuate somewhere else not to be killed off with her family or would that be completely lorelol? If it is possible for someone to escape Brill, were would they have evacuated to? Somewhere south of there or simply left the region altogether? I know Southshore did not fall until just recently so could I claim she left Brill and set out for Southshore instead? Hoping anyone with more knowledge of Lordaeron can help!Primrosè7 May 20
May 20 Chaotic Blood Elf RP Assistance Requested Hello, I was wondering if it'd be at all possible to have a blood elf that is a little bit... chaotic and unstable? I kind of think about Kael, but he wasn't crazy.... I was wanting to poke around and see if anyone had any thoughts. Thanks.Carisiel6 May 20
May 19 is rp still around? I am in a low pop real ysers but I still feel like there's gotta be a few RP on this realm if you are plz post and let me know if you are in a RP guild or what kind of RP you would want to do in tired of walking around rping by myself gotta be someone on ysera that would RP on occasion [li][/li]Guldaaln4 May 19
May 19 ((Tired of being an orphan)) (( I'm hoping RP is still alive somewhere. I have a 110 druid, as well. I'm looking for a guild that does dungeons and raids together, has fun, and has some interest in RP. It's been hard being an orphan. I'm looking forward to finding a new home))Ries1 May 19
May 19 Query: A High Priest among High Priests? This came up in another topic, and I'd like a little feedback from other Role Players. My original post is here: TL:DR version is... In my own RP, headcanon, I assume that the Order Titles my characters get; i.e. "High Priest", "Slayer", etc., is awarded as a general rank. There may be several High Priests, but only one of them is the actual leader of the Order in Canon-Lore... and that leader isn't me. Expanding a little: Pulling from my own RL experiences it just makes sense to me that there could possibly be several High Priests (or whatever relevant Order Hall Title for your class). Each could be leaders in their own right, and still hold different responsibilities under that leadership umbrella. For Example: Cailean is a High Priest of the Order. He still holds a leadership position, with many of the rights, privileges, and prestige that may come with the rank, but his responsibilities fall primarily into the administrative wing; specifically where records and research overlap. Thus making Cailean not the leader of the Order, but still an influential member in his own right. Same same, for the most part, for my Demon Hunter where Slayers are concerned. The thing I like about my little headcanon is that I can ICly claim a little bit of prestige while not alienating other players who may also wish to utilize their title ICly. Neither am I claiming lordship over any group of PC's. Though I may ICly hold a leadership position, I'm still just one among many. Seems fair enough to me. What do you guys think?Caileanmor3 May 19
May 19 Is it Plausible... As the title suggests, I'm not asking if it'd be exactly common or anything, but is it plausible, is there a way, for a death knight to be raised via fel, as the Nathrezim no doubt did originally, rather than current-style Necromancy? I'm also trying to figure out how to work out another character's fel resurrection, but, one question at a time.Fidingus8 May 19
May 18 Need help with years / dates Hello all. I come here because I can't find my answers elsewhere. Basically, in writing out my Hunters new trp (Her old one was wiped) I wanted her to have experienced when Arthas marched down the Dead Scar. I've looked at multiple time lines, but I can't figure out how old this would make her in the current world, if she would even be alive still.Aleyandra6 May 18
May 18 "Tanari" Recently, I have taken a break from my usual Night Elf RP and I decide to roll a human. Not just any human, I went with a character who some RPers might refer to as "Tanari". Most of you have probably heard this before, but for those who have not, let me explain. The term "Tanari" does not actually exist in the current established lore. At least not to my knowledge. The term was invented by RPers to label humans local to the regions of Tanaris and Uldum and have adopted a desert culture similar to Arabian and North African. For a long time, perhaps years, I thought the term "Tanari" was just an excuse to RP more dark skinned humans with a less European centric culture. However, with only a little research, I discovered was not so much in the realm of fannon as I might have thought. Some of you might recall Waste Wanderers, hostile human NPCs that were generally called bandits or looters. There was a few quests related to them in Tanaris, and they even made an appearance in Uldum when Cata dropped. Who are these dark skinned humans with Arabic inspired names and attire? Some even sporting a camel mount. Well, there were no human native to Kalimdor before the third war. A generous estimate would be the first generation of humans born on Kalimdor could be roughly 20? With a generous margin of error because the timeline is a little blurred between Warcraft 3 and WoW. These Waste Wanderers, with their willingness to loot, steal and kill, can be assumed to be men of military or criminal background. Likely humans of Various nationalities from all around the Eastern Kingdoms, pirates who were sunk and washed ashore, Alliance soldiers who routed during a battle, deserting. Convicts of Theramore who escaped justice. Along with, perhaps a handful of youths born in Tanaris. This collection of people, who sought to disappear in the far reaches of the world, adapted to the desert lifestyle of southern Kalimdor, and developed a culture of their own. Even though the term has never been used in lore, this is what RPers call Tanari. And tbh? I find them really interesting. With this big expantion with big enemies, part of me is hoping for an expansion that showcases more local and worldly conflicts. Expanding on the conflicts such as the Goblins, Tanari and Farakki Trolls in Tanaris. Expand on the conflicts between the Forsaken and Arathi and the Gilnean Liberation front. Lets take a break from World burners, and beings powerful beyond our own comprehension, and let's seem some of the little guys rattle us up and bit? Let the Gnolls and the Quillboar rise up and threaten the main factions. Let the Centaurs become a menace for the Tauren again. Let there be in-fighting between lore characters of the same factions, and small disputes and skirmished break out between the Alliance and Horde. Azeroth is on the brink of destruction in this current expantion, but we havn't seen much of what is going on in Azeroth since Cata/MOP.Akiyass9 May 18
May 18 Drake mounts in RP I'm still a beginner in rp and I was wondering about how drake mounts are factored in. They're my favorite mount, but lore wise, aren't we using powerful, intelligent beings as rides?Fallaeth18 May 18
May 18 Human Shamans in an RP Setting? One of my biggest frustrations as an Alliance Shaman is my choice of races. I love the Alliance and don't want to go Horde full time, but I'm not a big fan of the short alcoholics, the space goats, or the fuzzy alcoholics. While I think Worgen and Gnome are too far of a stretch, I'm wondering if Human isn't too far of a grasp. There are a lot of class/race combinations that are canonical in the game but not available to players. Delas Moonfang being a Nightelf Paladin is a good case and point. There are already Human Shamans in the game thanks to the Hammer of Twilight cult. Though they aren't communing with the elements and more binding them, it shows Humans can do something with the elements. Apparently the elements can choose who they talk to. Thrall being a good example of this. He was the first Orc the elements communed with for an incredibly long time IIRC. Just a thought though, please feel free to tell me how stupid an idea it is.Eillesie11 May 18