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Nov 28 Dating Tips. Hi! There's this cute Draenei that works at this flower shop I want to ask out, but I'm rather shy and am scared of rejection. Any tips as to how I can woo her?Cystal20 Nov 28
Nov 28 A Goblin Unthaws Stella the giggly teenage Goblin and amateur arcane mage had disappeared nearly 3 years ago with no trace. Years later it was discovered the mentally challenged girl had accidentally kept herself locked in an ice block spell with no idea how to get herself out. In the cold basement where the Goblin lived there was a party upstairs that went on for days in celebration of Pilgrim's Bounty, the commotion and the warmth thawed her out, Stella had no idea she was in stasis for nearly 3 years and forgot what actually happened to her, thus leaving her the same physical and mental age and ripe for continued amateur arcane stupidity. The famished Goblin ran upstairs and began standing on the tables and munching all of the food. "Wow a party everyone?!" Stella exclaimed as she grabbed food out of people's hand and knocked over plates and cups trying to recuperate and walk normally. The party goers were absolutely dumbfounded. "What the f*ck is that Goblin doing here?! Get that thing out!!" The new owners were both embarrassed and pissed. Stella was then kicked out of her home where the owner, her master, had passed away 2 years ago and being that the girl was so small the new owners never noticed her in the basement, nor did they want to go down there knowing an evil mage, Stella's owner, had lived there. Stella, free from both her stasis and her master began to walk Azeroth once more. Who knows where she may teleport herself next or what trouble she will get herself into. "Hmm I swear it was Spring time lastnight!" The Goblin told herself as she was still unaware that her 'lastnight' was nearly 3 years. "Why is it all wintery?! I didn't think Pilgrim's Bounty was today!!" Stella is so stupid she couldn't put two and two together. The unpredictable amateur teenage Goblin mage is on the loose, and no one is safe now, no one. ((Glad to be back, I just resubbed and got my hardware up and running, leveling a lock atm but am excited to get back into the RP world, if any of my old friends still exist and I am ready to make new friends. I am on Cenarion Circle with Stella but am working on some other toons in the Emerald Dream.))Stella7 Nov 28
Nov 27 Goblin Priests? How does this work? I mean the Priest Trainer in the Goblin starting zone talks about the Light, capital "L" and everything. But I mean...c'mon. They're goblins. Do they worship the Light? Or do they worship gold and material things, as that's what the average goblin puts their faith into? Or is it just preference, or perhaps a bizarre mix?Azaug15 Nov 27
Nov 27 From Darkness; Light (Pandaria Fanfic) "Schwan?" the sweat-stained man bellowed, wobbling in his chair and staring through half-closed eyes at his now-empty mug. Being the only patron inside the Greenstone Inn, Graceful Swan, the tavern owner whom the man called for, sighed and closed her eyes at the pitiful scene. Mid-day in Pandaria's Jade Forest usually sent locals scrambling for shade, seeking escape, rest and respite from the oppressive humidity of the jungle. Yet, because of this man, Swan's tavern remained silent. A fact she greatly resented. "SCHWAN?!!" he bellowed again, lifting the mug and licking the last drops of drink from its rim. A cat skin hat sat atop his head, one some people called an Adventurer's Hat. This one, however, looked more like the remains of dead cat run down by a wagon, then left to stew under a boiling, Badland's sun. And if the rotten broccoli smell coming from the man was any indication, he'd been boiled there, too. "What you want, Stepanos?" "Gif me more Soju," the man replied. He belched, then thumped his pewter mug against the table with a ringing, hollow, thwack. "I. Need. SOJU!" The Pandaren woman behind the bar scowled, then heaved a heavy sigh. He was still a customer. She grabbed a jade pitcher filled with the famed beverage, then made her way to the table. "You still have coin?" she said, looking down at the bedraggled Human who demanded more of the drink. The once white, tattered tabard he wore for a shirt hung by threads from his shoulders. "You drink soju like water. You better have coin." Stepanos grumbled an incoherent reply, then tossed five gold coins on the table. "That good enough, Schwan?" The woman nodded, scooped the coins and poured the drink. "You stink," she said, wrinkling her furry nose. "You smell like Yak pen. Go get bath!" She walked back behind the counter and thumped the jade pitcher of Soju onto the counter. "You run customers away!" she exclaimed, pointing a finger at the man who now guzzled the Soju, indeed, like it was water. "No one come since you arrive. Get clean or leave." Stepanos licked his lips and belched, grinning at Graceful Swan with dark-stained teeth. "And wear boots!" Stepanos lifted his foot to the top of the table. Dirt-caked toes wiggled from holes at the end of yellowed, never-been-washed socks. He burst into laughter. "Itsh too bloody hot to wear boots, Schwan," he said, sliding his foot back under the table - leaving a moist, brown trail along the wooden top. "Besides, I don't know where I left them." "Try yak pen," Swan said. "Behind inn, where you sleep." Stepanos laughed again, pulling the brim of his dead-cat hat low, as he leaned against the tavern's wall. "Later," he said. "I need a nap." Swan waved a dismissive paw, snorting in disgust as the filth-stained human launched into deep, glass-rattling snores; just like he always did these days. My luck better change soon, she thought, returning to her chores of making stew. No one came to eat it these days, but she'd worked out deals to have it delivered to the locals. The loud, dying-animal snore from the corner said it wouldn't.Stepanos2 Nov 27
Nov 27 Westfallin' & Pickin' Yourself Up Pt. 1 Wandering through Westfall the 16 year old Goblin amateur mage had made her way out of her basement she was stuck in for 3 years as she accidentally kept herself in ice block form with no clue 3 years had passed. The Goblin was already starved as she barely grabbed enough food from the home she was kicked out of, the home of her now deceased master, a cruel Human mage who kept the young Goblin as a slave to test his magic on and more. "I wonder where Master has gone, and who were those people in his home?" She scratched her head. The Goblin's thoughts were quickly interrupted as she saw a giant turkey walking around that she wanted to try and eat, the girl was more instinctual than she was disciplined, she ran after the bird with her claws ready and her mouth watering. *SMACK* A shovel hit Stella in the head and the girl fell to the ground and saw two farmers looking down at her mumbling something she couldn't make out as she passed out. The warm sunlight shone through the cracks of what appeared to be a barn, she found herself coarsely tied up with a cover over her mouth, her thoughts of confusion became thoughts of fear as she saw the two men appear in the barn. "What is this Goblin doing out here and why was she trying to attack my livestock?" The two men argued among themselves angrily. Stella began whimpering and her fear grew more and more as one of the men picked up a pitchfork. The man exclaimed "Shut the hell up Goblin, you're small enough to bury out in my field as fertilizer for my birds." The man's brow furrowed. "Wait, Larry get away from her! That Goblin I recognize her, she belongs to that old mage who passed away a couple years back, who the hell knows what he did to her she could be infected with something!" The man reasoned with Larry. "I don't give a crap Roy, that old mage was a lunatic and a sadist he was... WHAT THE HELL?!" Both men's faces grew pale with terror as they looked upon the Goblin. With arcane light glowing from the young Goblin's eyes she began to be summoning something, but she may have no control over it as the girl's control over arcane energy is based on her emotions not her limited intellect and indeed Stella was full of volatile emotions. A muffled scream came from Stella as she moved around helplessly trying to free herself as the arcane energy grew. Larry laid down his pitchfork upright as he fell to the ground in fear alongside Roy, Stella's eyes became too bright to look at directly as suddenly in a flash. *WOOSH* Larry had disappeared, both the remaining Human and the Goblin looked at each other confused while Stella returned to her normal state. Seconds later screaming could be heard coming closer and closer when suddenly *CRASH* Larry had been teleported high into the air and came flying through the barn roof and impaled himself upon his pitchfork as blood and debris spattered everywhere. "LARRY?! WHAT THE HELL?! LARRY?!" The man cried out fiercely as he tried to aid what was left of his friend. Quickly the Goblin managed to untie her left hand upon a rusty hunting axe, she then managed to use her claws to free herself she began feeling something that she had never felt before, a taste for blood. Stella wiped Larry's blood off of her face and she began to feel an insatiable hunger grow as she leaped closer to the man with her claws and fangs unusually longer and sharper than normally.Stella1 Nov 27
Nov 27 Races and Classes (Early apologies if the forum is exclusively for post based RP, but since my question and curiosity is mainly about in game roleplaying, I thought this would be the best place to look for guidance) So, Ive been failing at googling for a complete list of all the race/class combos (for instance, why Worgens are Druids, or why Pandaren are Mages) Does anyone know of a source I could read about this? Id be pretty satisfied with related classifications (ie Pandaren Shaman are Geomancers); even with them, I can have a solid base to look upon Im aware such knowledge isnt really a requirement for RP in WoW, but it doesnt hurt to know, eh?Zalbraxes3 Nov 27
Nov 26 Worgen RP Q's I'm finding myself re-doing a lot of my characters for RP, and though I'm kind of stuck on all of them, the one I just can't think for is my worgen. Reading RP guides and insert-pedia/wikia articles isn't getting me interested in Gilnean worgen lore. So I guess I ask: Is it okay, and accepted, to RP as a non-Gilnean worgen? And what other kinds of worgen is there? I know there's Silverbrook and night elves. Since this character is a druid, I might go about making him a night elven worgen- But that brings up forms and the ones in Val'Sharah seem feral. Then there's night elf lore, which also has me confused (how do ages work?? a lot of big characters are easily over 10,000 and don't look old, but ive heard 300 is around adulthood too) If I did keep him a Gilnean Worgen, and if newer female models look good enough, I'll probably make him a harvest witch, as right now he's a doctor who hides his form. Is there like, any, at all, solid lore on harvest witches in Gilneas, like more than just Celestine? If not a druid, what other classes could I pull off with druid spells? I just wanna use worgen form more instead of avoiding it, and make a more solid story.Kìp6 Nov 26
Nov 26 Roleplaying FAQ I've compiled together a list of questions I see asked either here or other places very frequently, and since the Roleplaying Question Collective is rather old and filled with outdated information, I thought this would be a great time to create a new one. --------------------------------------------------- How do I start RP? Roleplaying can sometimes appear to be rather overwhelming at times but, I promise, it's very simple to get into. The basics to get started usually revolve around making a character, writing up a brief backstory, working out their personality in your head, making your way to a Roleplay Hub and just engaging yourself in conversation. For anything more specific, Shandris wrote a wonderful article that's a bit old but still relevant. You can find it here: What's the best RP server? Different people will give you different answers but the most popular ones are Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord. Moon Guard (MG) is more centered around Alliance roleplay while Wyrmrest Accord (WrA) has a better balance. Emerald Dream (ED) is another large-population RP server but being a PvP server as well, they see very little roleplay. Other smaller servers such as Cenarion Circle (CC), Earthen Ring (ER) or Scarlet Crusade (SC) have very small RP communities, but it's mostly centered around guilds. Your best bet is to make a character on each server and check out the atmosphere before you make a decision. Where do people go to RP? On RP realms we have designated RP hubs. For Horde, this is the Wyvern's Tail Inn (and usually the rest of the Valley of Honor) in Orgrimmar, as well as the entirety of Silvermoon City, and for the Alliance, this is Cathedral Square and the Mage Quarter in Stormwind. You may find other areas populated by RPers while out and about but they're very likely a part of a personal storyline or a guild. What are some RP terms I should know? The most basic ones are IC, meaning In-Character, and OOC, meaning Out-Of-Character. This designates whether you are currently roleplaying or not. Other common ones include godmodding, powergaming, metagaming, lore-breaking, fanon, realm lore, etc. If you're unaware of the meaning of these terms and wish to know more, I wrote a guide to them a few years ago that you can find here: Do I need any addons? Technically, no you do not, however I have to say you'd be missing out on a huge portion of RP if you don't get some version of an RP Profile addon. This allows you to write detailed descriptions, histories and notes for your character that other RPers can view and read. The most popular is MRP for its simplicity, but another big one is TRP3. The surplus of features on that addon usually only finds use for storytellers or dungeons masters. A big one that has popped up recently is XRP, a more polished version of MRP that I personally use and find perfect. To get these addons, I suggest downloading the Curse desktop app from, installing the addon and then ensuring it's activated once you're in-game. Do I need to be in a guild? On high population realms such as Wyrmrest Accord or Moon Guard, it is not at all necessary as there's usually plenty of roleplay at the designated RP hubs. However, if you're on a small population RP realm or desire more storyline-centered roleplay, you may want to find one that fits your character. Ask around in Trade or let your character's recruitment happen naturally during RP. Do I HAVE to follow the lore? Not at all. A very important thing to note is that this is your character, your subscription and your fun. However you attain that fun is up to you. You'll find the vast majority of RPers do follow the lore rather strictly and don't enjoy swaying from it, but if you want to RP something that is not in WoW's story, go right ahead. Where can I find more information on the lore? is the best source, and always avoid using Wowwiki. Wowwiki was abandoned some number of years ago and has not been upkept since; because of this, it's filled with inaccuracies and vandalism caused by a hack a year or two ago. Wikia hired a moderator to clean it up but he apparently gave up half way through.Cannibal20 Nov 26
Nov 25 Moonkin Form... exists in IC ? Greetings dear friends roleplayers ... I wish someone who knew the lore of the world of warcraft would help me. To a doubt in my mind I need official blizzard proofs that prove or not the existence of the shape of moonkin in IC and that it is not purely mechanical but rather that the balance druids have and may in fact transform into the shape of moonkin. If anyone has official sources of the blizzard that says quietly and with a solid base that the moonkin shape of the druids does not exist in roleplay, please send me where is the stuff that says such fact. thank you from ja to all and good roleplays my friends.Galladir7 Nov 25
Nov 25 Roleplayer's Network - Global Are you looking to connect to roleplayers from multiple servers? All RPN channels reference the Global RPN channel. Check it out here for the new Blizzard groups feature! Want to get in with your specific server community? Check out any of these! Lightninghoof and Maelstrom and The Venture Co - RPPVP Forum Post - Group - Twisting Nether and Ravenholdt - RPPVP Forum Post - Group - Emerald Dream - RPPVP Forum Post - Group - Wyrmrest Accord - RP Forum Post - Group - Sentinels/Kirin Tor/Steamwheedle Cartel - RP Forum Post - Group - Moonguard - RP Forum Post - Group - Argent Dawn and The Scryers - RP Forum Post - Group - Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council - RP Forum Post - Group - Cenarion Circle and Sisters of Elune - RP Forum Post - Group - Earthen Ring - RP Forum Post - Group - Farstriders and Silver Hand and Thorium Brotherhood - RP Forum Post - Group - Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade - RP Forum Post - Group - World of Warcraft Classic - Speculative The RPN (Classic) network should not be used for event planning but merely for discussion or frameworking in anticipation of Classic Warcraft RP. Group - Nov 25
Nov 24 Pandaren Uber Hey guys I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now on world of Warcraft and wanted some ideas/questions. I was going to be helping new players or experienced players in wow by giving rides for some gold to there destinations but was wondering if there’s a way I can make it more roleplay friendly. Should I ask them about why there heading there what’s up with there guild etc. I’m hoping to make a pandaren uber guild to where all pandaren players can have there 2 seater mounts pick up players and just be social as a community with new faces. Would appreciate advice and if this is ok. Might need to buy a top hat and suit so I look professional as wellGarithang3 Nov 24
Nov 23 Horde Druids So, with the news that Teldrassil is going up in flames next expansion, and Horde will presumably assault Mount Hyjal as well, this raises some interesting questions about how druids will react to their sacred places being razed. Will they be willing to turn their back on the Cenarion Circle with which they worked so closely to defeat the Legion, perhaps even made cross-faction friendships with, to support their faction in annihilating the enemy? Will they speak out against the attack, advocating the peace they fought so hard for mere months ago, risking the opinions of others in the Horde and drawing doubt to their loyalties? Or will they simply look the other way and focus their efforts on other matters, such as learning more about the Zandalari or healing the wounded, far from the front lines where they may be forced to face former friends? Druids of the Horde, how do you feel?Luteyja11 Nov 23
Nov 23 Hillsbrad Hideaway (Closed rp) In the mountains of Hillsbrad a small tavern could be found far out of the reach of the forsaken. This place was a small tavern that had long been treated as neutral ground primarily due to its owner. The renowned yet retired Stromgardian Knight. Sir Herbert Reed. This man had stood before the scourge and survived, guiding free forsaken, the survivors of the scourging, and any who wished to come beneath his roof for a bit of coin and a what have you. Through his stewardship the inn grew in popularity and to this day still stands as a place of peace where any weary traveler who passes through it along the way will find a home and hearth. Provided they are willing to work or have the coin. These are the stories of those who travel to the Hillsbrad Hearth.Onyxpaladind6 Nov 23
Nov 22 seeking advice before posting stories Hello, I just found this forum this week, and was overjoyed to find it. I am an aspiring novelist who usually uses the Warcraft universe (among others) as a way to test out plot lines and such to make sure they sound right. For years I have wanted to share and receive feed back on these type of for fun works, it would help if I decide to adapt the story arch for something I actually plan to get paid for in the future. Anyways, as much as I am thrilled to start posting here, I do have my own questions, even after reading the sticky forum for short stories (Even though he said you can throw out his rules lol). I guess the first, can I only post short stories in this forum? I have always felt constricted having write something so short. Not that I won't try writing short stories, it just isn't what I prefer. The other thing was when I was reading the sticky thread for advice, I saw a part that said something about publishing. I was wondering if this is actually classified as publishing or not. I am just sharing things that I am messing around with and testing, to be honest they aren't things I want published and copyrighted. I am not paying my editor to look over these works so publishing these stories would be scary for me. Well, thx for listening. Hope I can share some stories in the future. Oh, almost forgot to ask, but what is the character limit that I can post? Cheers, Have a nice day.Shërlona11 Nov 22
Nov 22 Active Hordeside RP Servers Hello, I am just getting back into WoW. I've made a few characters on lower population servers and I've found that not much roleplay occurs. Should I try older servers? I am hoping to play Hordeside. It would be a whole lot of help if someone knew a popular Hordeside role play server where I could put some roots down. Thanks again!Xantin6 Nov 22
Nov 22 The Death Lord's Final Solution (Open) Forward: This is the first time I've attempted this. I'm a writer but I'm a bit weak on RP. However, practice makes perfect. Lord Vincithias is my main Toon. Blood Death Knight. Level 100. Artisan. Anyway, I'll write a introduction below. Cheers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The air was damp, it hadn't stopped raining in days. The Tavern was busy as nobody wanted to get drenched. Flooding was beginning to occur. Though they were in the middle of a battle, it had ceased, for even the Horde seemed uninterested in any serious engagement. Yes, they had sent waves of forsaken now and then, as they were impervious to drowning, but it was met with resistance from troops encamped outside the town. A dark, menacing figure entered the Lorderan Tavern, soaked, but heavily armored. It didn't take long for people to identify this being by his glowing blue eyes and his ominous presence. This was a death Knight. A class of warriors who had been reluctantly accepted into the Alliance. He went up to the barkeep, threw down some gold and avoided eye contact, the water from his armor pooling on the bar. "A room, some drink, and a meal. You may keep the change." He took a table by himself with a tankard of Dwarven ale, and removed his gloves, and helm. In life, he had been handsome, and he still was. There was an air of regret about him, and he soon retreated into his own thoughts.Vincithias53 Nov 22
Nov 21 . .Randeshal1 Nov 21
Nov 21 Creative Casting A fun little query for the caster class roleplayers: What are some of the more creative or otherwise interesting things your character has done with their magic in rp?Phontine13 Nov 21
Nov 21 Character Mugshots(Art Thread; Sign-Ups OPEN) So it's about time for one of these again. I've been working in Photoshop lately and gotten used to it enough to be able to accomplish things. I've also gotten the itch to doodle some more stuff for people. What this is: A thread where you can get some free character art What I'm looking for: This time, the finished drawings will focus primarily on the character's face--like a bust sculpture or mugshot. Therefore I'll need a detailed description of their face(young/old/jaw shape/etc), as well as a description of whatever they're wearing on the upper half of their body. A quick description of their personality is also useful(makes it easier for me to do the expressions), as well as notes on favorite things that could possibly be slipped in. How long this lasts: Until I get tired of drawing it. First come first serve--I generally close sign-ups after the thread's been open a few days. As a side note--if I see someone I recognize from one of the previous threads that was on the list to get a piece but didn't, I intend to try to give them priority. Where can I find the finished pieces: I post everything to my DeviantArt, which can be found via the link below. It may take a couple days for pieces to be finished and posted, so please be patient. Additional Notes: I've never had issues with these threads, but post this just the same as a disclaimer. Some artistic license is taken in the creation of these pieces, and submissions deemed inappropriate or otherwise unworkable will be rejected. One mugshot per person please. Master List of Finished Work Doyce: Quarl: Caileanmor: Adraenon: Meijing: Davenhal: Nov 21
Nov 21 New character concept - too far fetched? Hey there everyone, I have this very basic outline for a character concept that does not exactly contradict lore, but might not quite be generally appreciated at the same time. I'll keep the summary pretty simple, given that even I am lacking half of the story here. Orc shaman born on an internment camp who later went to reconnect with his kin on Nagrand (outland) after the re-opening of the dark portal. Here, he learned the ways of the shaman until eventually he entered in contact with beings far more ancient than the elements - the light and the void. This "shaman" would essentially be an orcish approach to a discipline priest, to put it simply. What would be your general feelings if one such shaman walked into your RP? acceptable? (as a side note, this character would be a warlock for gameplay mechanics, and if anyone has any ideas that can take use of the warlock minions/artifact/watever, by all means go ahead)Vladhin9 Nov 21
Nov 20 the BOOK of BOBOS the BOOK of BOBOS .............COMEING SOONBobos62 Nov 20
Nov 19 "The Herald" <The Sylvanae> **UPDATE** ...Alías1 Nov 19
Nov 19 "The Evening Redness Over Kalimdor" ... They set out across the desert some twenty in number. Riding whatever motley collection of vehicles they had at their disposal. Warhorses and plated rams and a motorcycle painted gold and blue and white and a few strange mechanical ostrich skeletons that chittered and spoke all night long while the animals and men slept in the lightless void. So too was the party outfitted, with whatever random things they’d at hand or had managed to claim from the enemy. A towering human warrior had painted his face and torso black with the blood of a horse that had broken a hoof and needed to be destroyed and from atop his head rose an old top hat and from his shoulders flew a bloodstiffened cloak stitched from the skin of an orc they had flayed and he wore no pants at all. Some of the mages had conjured clothing out of the nether and there was clearly something wrong about these clothes but none spoke of it and the mages seemed not to realize. The hunters were mostly done up like cannibals in necklaces of blood elf teeth and fingers and toes. One had even had cut the tails from more than a dozen tauren and these swung from the handlebars of his motorcycle like a child’s multicolored ribbons. There were also a number of Moon Guards riding abreast of the company, smiling and singing like confused refugees from some psychedelic pleasure planet. The Moon Guards were seldom if ever clothed. On their fourth day out the party came to a series of makeshift crosses upon each of which an orcish child was crucified. They stopped and dismounted. None spoke. They circled the emaciated forms. One of the Moon Guards used a hooked index finger to pull open the jaws of one of the dead children and the lower half of its face broke apart and joined the dust on the floor of the canyon. The scalps were too dry to be of use. They remounted and moved on. At the dawn of the following day the admiral glassed the terrain below them with his monocular. An orcish outpost stood dreary and gray in the wastes. How far do you make it, said the admiral. Half a day’s ride. We ain’t passin it up if that’s what you was thinkin. Wasn’t thinkin nothin of the sort. We ought to be whipped and sent home if we cain’t kill ever greenskin down there. We ain’t even aiming to leave a murloc alive if we can help it. An hour before noon the dragoons swept into the town proper at a full gallop with their weapons drawn and some of them were standing up on the saddles of their mounts like maddened wasteland surfers and the warrior whose face had been painted with blood was at the front of the party and he loped the head off an elderly orc who’d come from one of the mud huts to watch. A pistol cracked and within seconds gunfire was general in the street. One of the Moon Guards set alight the thatched roofing of a hut and leapt from his horse and went inside and reemerged a minute later covered in blood with one of his hands missing. He looked at his wrist, amazed. Then a spear shot out through the front of his chest with a wet snapping sound and the Moon Guard fell down dead in the street. He was the only rider the company lost that day. When they had finished razing the outpost and peeling the scalps from all the heads they could find they burned the remaining huts and shot dead all the livestock and gathered up the orcs’ whiskey and tequila stores in a common barrel which they covered using a large shield bearing the Horde insignia found by a warlock in the basement of the inn. Then they set out.Okork0 Nov 19
Nov 19 Void Elf RP Hey all! I posted this in the Emerald Dream forums but thought I'd post it here as well to get some more opinions :) I'm thinking of rolling a character on ED to get into RP, and I wanted to see what you all thought about my idea and if it's something that I could achieve while still being realistic and sticking to the "unique but not extraordinary" quota that seems to be a big part of RP (from what I've read and heard). So void elves. Granted we don't know incredibly much about them, but we do know a little. We know they are blood elves from Silvermoon "who nearly gave in to the darkness" before Alleria came to their rescue. I'm under the assumption that "giving in to the darkness" refers to becoming one of those insane, void-addled creatures, like many of the Krokul on Argus. My question is, do you think this is enough information to use to set the stage for a blood elf character becoming a void elf? I'm thinking something along the lines of "blood elf rogue delves deeper into the shadows and finds extreme, unbridled power there. While attempting to harness this power, the whispers begin to mess with his head, causing him to become suspicious and untrusting of his friends and community, slowly drawing away from society." Definitely nothing extreme or obvious like "hey guys I'm becoming a void rogue (:" but more of just someone beginning to act suspicious and out of character. I see it kind of like somebody trying hardcore drugs and going down the slippery slope of addiction and dependence, while those around him wonder what's going on and why he is acting so strange. Then when BFA releases and I unlock the void elf option, I either race change or reroll the character with the same name and similar features. I think it'd be super cool if I ran into some old Horde friends, and just sadly /waved and then stealthed, along with already having a solid backstory to help introduce myself into my newfound Alliance community. What do you all think? I want to go about it in a subtle way, so it's not a huge thing and also to give some wiggle room for if the "blood elves turned void" story goes differently from how I imagined. And if you guys like the idea, would any of you want to try it out with me? We could form a little community of void tampering, mind-maddening elves together! :)Thaliand2 Nov 19
Nov 18 Is this character too far outside lore? I'm planning on having my male night elf monk actually be a priest who harnesses mists instead of the Light- Like a mistweaver monk but as his character, and also instead a priest (still worship Elune and such). If you can, could you answer these? 1. Is this even possible, without education from pandaren or knowledge of Yu'lon? (his character won't have been taught by or influenced by either) 2. Is this able to actually work out with him being a priest? As far as I've seen/can remember, there are only priestesses of Elune. 3. If not a priest, what else could he be that's not actually a monk but still something close to and in night elf lore? I want to make him a healer type because I'm into the theme for some reason, but could a brawler or a fighter type work? Maybe something like Varian Wynn- a gladiotar slave (but, like, not actually, I'll add too it)?Kìp4 Nov 18
Nov 18 Can Demon Hunters become normal again? I've got a RP/lore question I'm wondering about here... In one of the artifact weapon missions (for Holy Priest I think), Jace gets involved, and Boros tells him he can get turned back to normal, offering to do so if he'll come with him (which Jace naturally rejects). What I'm wondering is, can Illidari really be changed back? And if so, what method(s) would accomplish that? Or does Boros really not know what he's talking about, and there really is no way to reverse the demon hunter process?Eldiron17 Nov 18
Nov 18 The Demon Hunter Debacle I've yet to really play a DH, at least very little beyond their starting zone. The gameplay itself interests me, I think they look pretty fun. But I feel hindered by the RP aspect. Everything I have read seems to make them utter un-RPable. The biggest issue I have seen is that everyone seems to collectively agree that DHs are not, by nature, social creatures. They would not likely be seen hanging out around cities and taverns. Now don't get me wrong, "tavern RP" is not something I limit myself to. But let's be honest: when you log on and feel like randomly and spontaneously RPing, you have to go where RP is happening...which is cities; main RP hubs. This creates quite a pickle for DHs. It seems incredibly restricting to basically tell them, "no RP for you unless its out in the world where no one is RPing. Wait for your guild events." Another issue is that it seems like DHs are limited by their own story. They're essentially all incredibly similar with maybe just a little variation in backstory. Of all the classes, DHs feel the most uniform and cookie cutter to me, leaving little room for individual creativity. *Takes breath* Okay, now on to my actual question. Does anyone RP a DH as...NOT a DH? Like, the character is obviously a DH by game mechanics, but maybe ICly they are something entirely different and more flexible for RP? Is this socially and ICly acceptable in the RP community? Or is it some sort of unspoken/unofficial rule that whatever your class is, that's what you RP as? I know that in the end it's my character and I can pretty much RP whatever I want. But response and acceptance by the community is important considering we all rely on the community for RP. Anyway, feedback would be much appreciated!!Tilsa11 Nov 18
Nov 18 DK Questions (Runeblade + others) Talking about 3rd generation here. Can a DK (for whatever reason) choose not to use a runeforged weapon and attempt to exist more as a Warrior? How much of the "A DK NEEDS HIS WEAPON OR HE'S USELESS" info is for real, and how much is just propaganda from the Scourge when Arthas Lich King was in charge? ( Can a DK elect to put said runes on his body instead of his weapon? ( Would a Death Knight cause discomfort to a living mount? Thanks.Corpseworth11 Nov 18
Nov 18 Help me choose: PandaSham vs. tauren druid I've been trying to choose between a Pandaren Shaman or Druid, either Nelf or Tauren. I want to Rp as someone who is a protector/defender; no interest in causing harm, except when forced to. I would like them to protect what's important to them: people, innocents, etc. I am interested in both the elements of Pandaria and the Wild Gods in general. A Pandaren Shaman would have great respect for the Wild Gods; the Celestials, themselves Wild Gods, instructed the Pandaren to live in harmony with the environment. This could be taken to the extreme, and a Pandaren could choose to be a Shaman with the intent of living as the Celestials instructed. A Druid would likely fit more with the Wild God theme in general, though. They do lack anything related to the elementals, especially of Pandaria. They are more likely to be protectors, perhaps.Unbeatabull2 Nov 18
Nov 17 Rebirth After what seemed an eternity in the dark limbo, unable to move, evoke. I would see and hear creatures and things pass me by. In that limbo a gathered all my strength and prayed to Lady Sylvanas, sought to remember her guidance from beyond, finally was able to feel the energy return and focus into blinding orb of light. I am awake, reborn again.Guarare0 Nov 17
Nov 17 Sandstone Drake in RP I was wondering how well a Sandstone Drake would be accepted into the RP community. Not as just some random snowflake wanting to be special, but something on the lines of: a group of scholars and archeologists unearth a sandstone drake and somehow/comically revive it, drake cant remember much and forgot how to fly or anything but talk, story unfolds in a few different ways, someone may get hurt, drake finally learns how to fly, flies into the side of Mount Hyjal, remembers something, almost gets eaten, more story... Does this sound like something RPers would be intrigued with?Rosewell1 Nov 17
Nov 16 [A] Looking for Kalimdor guild Hello all! Been struggling to find an rp home to settle in, and with the pvp toggle announcement my decision has only gotten more complicated, as I've run out of reasons not to join WrA or MG other than $$. ED has a handful of great guilds, but not much variety to choose from, and little activity even in hot spots like the Blue Recluse. What I would ideally like to find is a guild based in northern Kalimdor. Preferably open to all races, but not required. Especially with the looming unfortunate news about Teldrassil, I'd love to surround my character with people devoted to those lands through thick and thin. Bonus points if they are into casual pvp. As a more general question, does WrA compete with MG for alliance? I was considering just going there, but reading around here makes it sound like MG is way better.Riverdown2 Nov 16
Nov 16 Dk afterlife question So what happens if/when we dks die? Do we go to a negative afterlife? What happens?Lunnaya2 Nov 16
Nov 16 Advice for noob WoW roleplayer? As the title says, I am trying to get into the whole roleplaying scene, but am unsure where to start. I have some years of experience roleplaying (D&D / Pathfinder / Call of Cthulhu and some online forums) but I never tried it in WoW, so I am rather lost. As a step 1, I have just installed TRP3 and filled it out as best as I can, but it will take me a while to learn how to use it properly. How do folk go around finding new roleplay? Just wander around and hope that someone comes over? I hope there is another way, as I'd hate to have to do that, because shyness. (Which is ironic, seeing as my charecter is an !@#$%^- death knight.) Are there any good forums for that sort of thing? I saw a couple, but they seemed rather inactive. And just any tips / advice / etc for a noob would be greatly appreciated! TL;DR Send help! I am lost, confused and I accidently deflated my [Inflatable Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker!] Edit: Are there any good.. 'hangout spots'/inns/places, for finding others to RP with? (I swear, if someone says Goldshire.. they are getting bapped by the [Deflated Inflatable Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker.].)Armitâge6 Nov 16
Nov 16 Bard fan art I've always been a huge fan of Bards in fantasy settings and games. And I've seen a lot of threads about people wanting Bards as a possible player class. This thread is NOT a place to debate why you don't want Bards in WoW so take that elsewhere. All the talk of Bards has me inspired to do a few quick sketches of Bards in the Warcraft universe, so here's the first one who happens to be a Gnome. Nov 16
Nov 15 T36: The Hidden Invasion Hey folks! I'm pleased to come before you today to announce the World of Warcraft fanfiction I've been mulling around in my head and am finally putting to paper, entitled The Hidden Invasion! Spooky title, I know. I'm quite proud of it. As much as I'd love to post it in bits and pieces to the forums, the first chapter alone is well over eight thousand characters! With the character limit for forum posts being only five thousand, you can see why this is a bit of an issue. Instead, I intend to leave you with a link to the story's official tumblr (which you're heartily recommended to follow if you're so inclined!) That tumblr's link is here: I'll be updating this thread regularly whenever I post a new chapter , so if you enjoy what you read and you want to know when more happens, but don't have a tumblr with which to follow mine, please do keep an eye on this thread! I look forward to reading any and all reactions and criticisms to my work. Thanks for your time, and happy reading!Praahv6 Nov 15
Nov 15 What is a "Dark RP Guild"? My humble little group started out as a little pack affiliated with the Cenarion Circle, all happy-go-lucky like running around Val'sharah doing the dirty work of Archdruids. Since then, our loyalties have shifted to that of the Wolf Cult, and our culture has taken a darker and more ritualistic turn. Even so, we've been hesitant to label ourselves as a "Dark RP guild", mostly because I can't seem to find a solid definition as to what the term entails. We're Worgen, so we hunt and fight as Worgen, often resulting in a fair amount of "Blood and Gore". With the ritualistic Old Ways theme comes to use of various narcotics and substances, thus bringing "Drugs and Alcohol" into the mix. And yet, even though I feel the guild's theme is most certainly PG-13, I wouldn't yet categorize us as "Rated R". If we were to label ourselves as a Dark RP guild, or a Semi-Dark RP guild, what kind of crowd would we be associating ourselves with? Does "Dark RP" mean the really Rated-R roleplay like torture, r@pe, etc, or is it broader than that?Raedolf11 Nov 15
Nov 14 Aldor RP Interest (WyA) Anyone interested in Aldor RP? I created a guild called Aldor Vanguard on Wyrmrest Accord, which aims to bring the might of the Aldor to the current fight against the Legion. I'd like to keep it mostly Draenei, but with such a small community, I would be open to other races if it makes sense. Vindicators, Anchorites, Rangari, any class would work for this.Aanuvael1 Nov 14
Nov 14 Help with story arc So, I'm planning on having my character Ellwin here die some time after the events of Legion (So she can become a Void Elf, she was going to be Nightborne but my friend talked me into Velf >_> ) What sickness could she have that would slowly kill / weaken her? I plan on having her die shortly after I finish leveling a baby Void Elf to max for the Heritage armor, so that I can race change her. And would her name work for Void Elf? I was thinking Ellwindris Nightwind (Not sure on the surname yet..)Ellwindris11 Nov 14
Nov 14 Looking for a Boat (On the Edge of Azeroth) Sup dudes. Long ago back in Cata a long-lost friend of mine took me to a boat on the outskirts of the sea, somewhere in Azeroth. It was so far out into the ocean that it was clear these were leftover assets from something. I don't remember where these cluster of boats were, so I'm literally flying around the two continents searching for it. But since I remember the ships being so far off the coast, I sort-of don't know where to look. This is a thread about primarily helping me find these crazy boats, but also give me some ideas as to where there are some empty, mobless boats/ships in the game. For RP purposes, of course..Giol5 Nov 14
Nov 14 WET Community Lounge 97 Hello, wipe your feet, come in have a drink or two. theres the last one! Also a special thanks to CYNDILOU, our best forsaken lady friend here, for letting me make this lounge.Hawkéns500 Nov 14
Nov 13 TRP3 colored names Now, ive recently started a trp3 profile for a demon hunter of mine, against my better judgement, i changed that name to lime green, a mistake, i tried to change it back to white, but now when i type in chat, my name appears in white, not the color for the channel im in (blue for party, orange for instance, etc.) how do i change this?Dezzennuss5 Nov 13
Nov 13 [short fic] Intro for a pre-BfA mage I almost always have a little backstory/headcanon for a new character, but this one got away from me, and I wondered if I could write it down. Here's what I managed. The cinematic for Battle for Azeroth may hint at what need Lady Sylvanas has for fire mages. *** The Four Lives I have lived four lives, have died twice, and have now found purpose. My first life, I do not remember. Perhaps I was a High Elf. I have faint memories of color and light, a never-ending supply of power, and perfect safety. There are shadows beneath the remnants of my eyes that might have been tattoos. But I do not remember. That life ended when Arthas, may he be forever damned, killed me, and raised me into his Scourge. That second life, I also do not remember. Very definitely, I do not remember. Only snow, and ice, and no feeling of anything touching me ever again, and I was always so cold. I was blind, but I did not care. I did not care about anything. All I knew was the cold and the dark. But I do NOT remember. Only that I was so cold… My third life began by shattering my dark and frigid world when a brightness entered my mind, and with it came a scream. The scream overwhelmed me with its fury and passion and demand. There was no warmth, no life, but…it was so bright. In all my darkness, I wanted its light. I followed the scream, in my mind, and found the Banshee Queen. She was unstoppable. I followed her scream, in my mind and in the dark world, and gradually I found myself in Lordaeron, a Forsaken. That scream stayed in my mind, always bright, always powerful. I remembered nothing, saw nothing, could do nothing, but I stayed in Lordaeron to be close to that bright presence. I helped the cooks, perhaps, or the apothecaries. It didn’t matter. Everything was dark except the scream in my mind, and that was enough. Recently, there was an accident, and my memory holds only a gap. When I woke, something had changed. The scream was still in my mind, as beautiful and powerful as ever, but I heard whispers around it. I listened for a long time, alone in the darkness, and gradually formed an idea. I reached out to the things in the dark around me, and I found one that seemed right. In my mind, I whispered to it, and then – the most wonderful thing in my life. Though my eyes are long gone, I saw a light, and the light was filled with warmth and power, and it danced. I whispered to the light, and it grew, and with it the warmth grew. I think I laughed. I whispered, and the warmth spread, surrounding me in dancing brilliant heat. Then someone grabbed my forgotten body and dragged me out of the burning cabin where I’d been laid to recover. She said, “Congratulations, Fire Mage. The Dark Lady has need of you.” I will forever follow the bright scream of my Banshee Queen, but now I have light, now I am warm, and this life I will hold forever. For the Dark Lady!Yenore0 Nov 13
Nov 13 [OOC] Future Server RP events..discussion Hello, my name is Valibas Stormrunner. I host a monthly event on Emerald Dream called the Meet and Greet. With news of the next expansion, I have put some thought into the future of my event, and wanting to discuss it. I know it is over a year away, but still, it concerns me that I feel I will have to now exclude so many from coming to it. We will be making it require to be PVP toggled, as in the past we always have the opposite faction guild we trust on standby to take out any RP griefers, and to continue this, we will need to be toggled on. Being toggled makes you only see people of your level range--which totally excludes so many RPers who rp on alts and stuff...or opposite faction on low levels who just want to attend. The event is hosted all over the world, each month in a new location, and I will NOT put it into a major city as that just brings havoc. Any ideas, sorry for the wall of text...Valibas3 Nov 13
Nov 13 Random Rp Ideas. Hello. I host a lot of Role-plays via the group finder every weekend. Mostly they are just basic Murders and Family Rps. I heard of some such as Saw, Kingdom, and even Cat clans, but never really tried to recreate any of those rps. My question would be if anyone had any creative rp ideas of there own that they either created themselves or have done before. Not really a serious question, but just curious to try something new. Thanks again.Yarr1 Nov 13
Nov 13 [A-RP] Guild Recruitment: Cultsworn Scourge Intro Video... Introduction The <Cultsworn Scourge> is a heavy, dark, well-established role-play guild on the server Moon Guard and we are seeking dedicated, active role-players to take part in our storylines and role-play. The Premise Taking advantage of the chaos of the Legion’s invasion and the absence of large portions of Azeroth’s fighting forces, the Cultsworn Scourge — a segment of the Scourge (and Cult of the Damned) in the Plaguelands made up of necromancers, death knights, and other undead who are in open rebellion against the Lich King, Bolvar — seeks to bring about a renewal of the Scourge, the reclamation of all of Lordaeron, and the removal of Bolvar from the Frozen Throne. Its leader claims to hear the voice of Ner’zhul; because of that, he has christened himself a prophet of the late-Lich King, Ner’zhul. He hopes that that claim will help bring together the disparate lords of the Scourge in the Plaguelands. Some already have, but others remain independent — having grown used to the independence since the Fall. The Rallying Call (In-Character)... Type of Role-play The guild will primarily be driven by storylines — each with the end goal of achieving one of the previously stated aims of the Cultsworn Scourge. Interspersed throughout these central story arches will be smaller storylines and random role-play between members as they attempt to, for example, deal with life as a member of the Cult of the Damned or achieve a personal goal now that they've been endowed with power from Ner'zhul. The guild will do its best, by hosting websites, discord servers, and in-game channels, to facilitate intriguing, fun role-play between its members. Later on, as the Cultsworn Scourge grows, I envision the guild planning and hosting server-wide events: our goal for a reinvigorated Scourge of course runs contrary to the morals and goals of other Moon Guard guild, whom will most likely attempt to stop us from spreading the Blight, from establishing footholds for the Scourge on new continents, and so on. Recruitment If you wish to join, and you are... ... ...and you agree to NOT... ... ...then simply submit an application to our website. (Link: After you've submitted an application or if you have any questions, reach out to us in-game or via Discord. My Discord ID is Plagueheart#4091 and I’m normally on Plagueheart in game on Moon Guard.Plagueheart1 Nov 13
Nov 13 Some WoW Short Stories! I thought I'd do a little miniature story dump on the forums - I want some critique and some opinions on my stuff and my style. Most of these are based on my WrA RP character Aelnii, one's based on my Night Elf character. ... plus I'd love for more people to read my writing, so here goes! Newer stories first! Older ones now! Nov 13
Nov 13 Finding your place is hard. (OOC troubles) I'm just here to gripe for a little bit. After a long time (about 5 years) of not roleplaying consistently, I've tried to do walk-ups recently. Not only do I not get anyone interacting with me most of the time, whatever I try feels as if it falls flat and as if I'm boring my partner, which feels horrible. I tried to join a couple of RP guilds with a theme that seemed to match my own characters, but it ended up being not for me for various reasons. I'm even trying to get an RP guild off the ground by seeking charter signatures for about a week or so, but fairly little have shown interest. I've joined a couple of WoW RP discords, it feels as if I'm forcing myself to chase something I'm not really achieving. Now I don't blame them, I'm unfamiliar with RP after so long, especially WoW RP. I freeze up and I know I seem awkward, I don't really know as much lore as I should for someone here since vanilla. I wouldn't at all want to blame anyone else for an unengaging RP if I'm the one having troubles and I don't want to beat myself up over it either. But I feel stuck. The best way for me to play WoW is with a friend or a group usually, that's the most fun for me, but my previous partners either don't play anymore or I dropped contact with them for one reason or another. It feels a little lonely. The effort is upon me to find others to play and RP with, but it's taking a toll on me. I have so many ideas and so much inspiration, but my social anxiety and more-or-less fruitless efforts are bogging down my conscience. I have a lot of friends outside of WoW, but it's a major time sink for me right now since it's one of the only things really giving me creative motivation. (I write, draw and paint and it's improved tremendously since getting back into WoW a couple months ago.) I don't really want to give up my efforts in WoW, but it's putting some admittedly unnecessary stress on me along with real life circumstances. Anyone have any thoughts, words of advice, or just wanna say "me too?"Maevralyle12 Nov 13
Nov 13 New to the RP Scene Hello forum viewers, I was thinking of taking part in the 'roleplaying' aspect of the game since I've always been a little intrigued as to how everything works. What kind of pointers would you give to someone who's just starting out?Luradin4 Nov 13
Nov 13 Blood elf name, Help plz! Hello, I'm in search of a RP female blood elf Pally name. I'm having a hard time coming up with something I like. Names that I really like are Asana, Aarona and Vera. I'm trying to add other letters to them because those are currently taken. I have Thalsana saved but not sure I like it. How can I make these names work? Any help/advice you can give me would be great :DMulyn7 Nov 13