World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction

Oct 12 Apple Juice Sale! Viviane Honeycrisp: "H-Hello, everyone! My name is Viviane Honeycrisp a-and I'll be selling apple juice i-in Stormwind City on October 17th at 7pm(Server) on Moon Guard! P-Please h-help me raise money to h-help pay expenses f-for my mother's property a-and medicine for h-her health! Thank you all!" In-game and RP-exclusive funds appreciated! Players can choose from Sour Green Apple Juice, Goldenbark Apple Juice and Shiny Red Apple Juice! Note: The Juice Sale event will ask random players if they want a Suspicious Juice. We ask that players keep this knowledge under wraps and OOC-exclusive! For more details, please contact in-game via Mailbox! Thank you!Vyvyane5 Oct 12
Oct 11 Lore Questions for Fan Fiction The story mostly takes place in Westfall and the Abyssal Maw, somewhere are Cata and before Legion: I am writing a small bit of fan fiction that describes what happened to Neptulon after he was taken by Ozumat. Here is the list of the "good guys" of the story: Sanctus (holy) Sapent (wise): Son of Thorallius the Wise, he is the new leader of Westfall (Gryan Stoutmantle went back to the Redridge Mountains). He is a Holy Priest devoted to the Light. He formed the Westfall Army to help defend it from invading naga (they want to turn Westfall into a base of operations for them since they know that it is a relatively weak place). Grayson Shadowbreaker: The leader of the paladins in Stormwind, he accepted Sanctus's call for help. Serpant Nightfold: A druid of the fang, she is a recruiter hired by Sanctus to defend Westfall. She will be recompensated with a few human acolytes for her tribe (the Druid of the Fang association is very small) Darius Crowley: The leader of the Liberation Front in Gilneas, his army is being given a lot of gold for their help. Arcan Breakspell: An undead mage, decided to join Sanctus after he threatened to send her to Stormwind and let them deal with her. A very mysterious character with unknown backgrounds. The antagonists: Ozumat- Of course, the monstrosity that stole Neptulon. Highlord Demitrian- He was sent by Thunderaan under the command to assist the naga with their nefarious plans. Nar'jira- The champion of Queen Azshara. Shade of Azshara- A shred of the Queen's power. Corruptor of Neptulon. What I want to know is if these character would be possible lorewise. If not, please tell me who and why they are not possible. Thanks!Deadallankap8 Oct 11
Oct 11 From the Darkness Comes the Light (FanFic) (I wrote this after the storyline in Argus and later refined it after listening to the audio play. There are probably typos - but I hope someone enjoys it) Unhala, the Feyfallen, edged slowly away from the complete tragedy in front of her on the deck of the Vindicator as she followed the instructions of the Prophet Velen to go downstairs with the shattered shards of an eternal being of Light then infuse them into the crucible. She did so, but kept one piece secreted away in her pocket. Then the Illidari hunter went cooly to the transporter and appeared unphased on the surface of Argus. On the rugged, barren surface of Argus she spoke to the Krokun - whom she remembered as the fel-corrupted Broken of Outland, then procured a docile Skyfin for her mount. She steered the alien creature toward the great abyss and the shattered core of corrupted planet. From this vantage of the cliffs the beautiful, blue orb of Azeroth shimmered in the sky. Using her spectral sight she scanned the area around her for life and seeing no humanoids of any kind, she relaxed a bit. The Sin'dorei female’s hair of dry, sun-bleached blonde was pinned up in a messy bun and her lean, muscled form well-protected by finely made Illidari regelia reserved for those in the many command positions. She turned her blindfolded eyes to her hands rubbing there at the constantly burning and healing skin of the sockets. The barren silence of the cliffs was soothing at least and the weak sun here no longer burned her skin a deep, red tan. She pressed her fingers to her scarred cheeks and remembered she had been pretty once. Unhala slid her hand into her pocket and drew out the walnut-sized shard of the Naaru. There it glowed golden yellow and throbbed with a weak, but steady light. He had done this; her leader and the father of her fel redemption. The crystal issued a feeble, apologetic chime at her memory of the incident. So shortly ago Illidan, “the child of light and shadow,” shattered Xera completely when she tried to force him to become Lightforged. “The High Exarch said it was a choice he made for himself,” she whispered to the shard, “Why would you try to force such a thing on our master?” “No time,” the words appeared softly in her head, again weak, not like the times before when she was spoken to on Azeroth on the Broken Isles. “What will we do?,” Hala whispered in despair. “There is still time; time for you and all the Illidari. You will show them all the way. Are you ready to come back to the Light?” Unhala considered this. In fact she had considered it many, many times since the message shard had been sent to Azeroth and she had first spoken to X’era. She had become a demon hunter of the Illidari by eschewing the Light that had fueled her as a paladin. Upon her fel-rebirth the separation from the Light had torn at the very fiber of being. It took away what made her - her. Still an army of light, one whose mission was to eradicate the Legion from the entire Universe, had caused her to wonder if there was a place for a fel-corrupted demon hunter to find purpose once again. “What will you have me do, X’era?” “Will you do as all my Lightforged have done? Will you give everything for the Light?” She gave everything once - long, long ago.Unhala6 Oct 11
Oct 11 Would you support merging all RP servers? Meaning merging them all into a single server. What would you envision as the ideal server name? Would "World's End Tavern" pass?Zor28 Oct 11
Oct 11 Wanting to get into RP but.. There are a ton of addons available for people to design their own RP campaigns. Quests, items, drop rates you name it. Yet the vast majority of RP is people sitting in a tavern talking. Why is this? I'd get involved in RP if guilds or groups had their own stories they developed in the world. The tavern RP doesn't appeal to me at all. I can just text friends in a group messenger and have the same experience.Telrenaur2 Oct 11
Oct 10 Hidden Demons I know that in Azeroth it's not exactly wise for a warlock to have a demon with them in public places like towns and cities due to causing panic or just scaring the local populace but what about keeping your demons out but hidden? I know succubi can basically turn invisible but can any other demon do that? What about a Voidwalker posing as or even entering the warlocks shadow?Emmeron6 Oct 10
Oct 10 Was my character possessed by an Old God? Hello! For a couple months now, I've been using a chat macro to remind people of C'thun. /y Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Ct'hun Ahn'Qiraj wgah'nagl fhtagn! Translated: "In his house at Ahn'Qiraj, dead C'thun waits dreaming." I use it daily, and until this afternoon, it's worked without fault. A simple chat macro, what could possibly go wrong? This is where it gets interesting (to me, at least). Today, I pressed the button and my character yelled something different. Ye'tarin pwhn'guul YOq'al Gah'HAlahs pwhn'guul n'zoth! My mouth dropped. I mashed the macro once more, and I yelled my usual saying. Back to normal. Strange. Is N'Zoth coming?Carla3 Oct 10
Oct 10 Who goes to Argus, who stay's on Azeroth? Since I appear to have accidentally posted in the wrong forum, I changed the thread to a much better suited question. so, there are two groups that have been made in the wake of Argus being opened, those who have joined with Velen to assault it, and those who have stayed behind to defend Azeroth... So then... what side are you characters on? How do they feel knowing that some of their strongest fighters have left for what may be their certain doom? How will your character cope with this fact, and will they flee for cover when Legion Ships descend upon the world? Or will they fight?Banrok31 Oct 10
Oct 9 WET Community Lounge #95 Woohooo, the most glorious Lounge #95 is now open Come on in. The beer and spirits are plentiful, lots of comfy chairs and pillow piles. Follow the basic tavern rules pretty please :) (no meanie-ness, no stealing the tauren's whiskey, dont fel burn patrons and so on) Come on in and celebrate new lands to explore, another weekend almost here, glorious carnage, or whatever works for you :) heres link to the lounge collection! now heres you're last thread Oct 9
Oct 7 The Last Goodbye (Short Story) Taking a deep breath, the Vindicator known as Osskaernoc pushed open the door to an old library in Mac'Aree, now infested with Legion demons. Looking around as he cautiously walked forward, he soon reached a set of stairs, though too quietly - He assumed a trap was in place, but ascended nonetheless. As he went up the stairs, he remembered his life tens of thousands of years previously, before the Legion came to Argus. He had been in this library often with his family. He remembered back to when the Legion came. It seemed as though the Eredar had found their place in the universe, and Osskaernoc believed he was now part of something far larger and greater. Larger, he came to realize was most certainly true, though greater... He shrugged off his memories. They were no longer his reality, and only proved to give him his own personal reason to return to Argus, along with tear-filled eyes and sleepless nights. Making it to the top floor unhindered, Osskaernoc understood the situation. He was likely one of only two within this library currently, and so he drew his greathammer. He walked up and down each row of shelves, until finally he saw his target. He gazed at her, and spoke the native tongue of the Eredar. "You know why I've come here, Verimyx." He said. The winged Eredar turned to face Osskaernoc, smiling. "Of course I know why you've come here. I've known you were going to end up in this very room, for over twenty-thousand years." Pulling off his helmet, Osskaernoc tossed it on the ground. "Then you know this only ends one way. Only one of us gets out of here alive, and it will not be you, demon." "That is where you are wrong. I am far more powerful than you, than any one of you crude, simple traitors!" Eyes suddenly filled with an intense rage, Osskaernoc growled. "You are the traitor, demon. But enough talk! You killed my son, you killed my wife, and I am here to kill you!" "They were weak, and deserved to die!" The Man'ari shouted gleefully. "I will enact justice for Kho'ro! Justice for Ta'raa!" Osskaernoc shouted. "You did not come here for justice, Draenei! You came for vengeance!" "THEN SO BE IT! VENGEANCE FOR KHO'RO! VENGEANCE FOR TA'RAA!" He screamed, rushing at the Eredar. He swung his greathammer, though the Eredar flew upwards, and his blow only destroyed the bookshelf the demon had been next to. He looked upwards, and threw his hammer towards the demon almost instantly afterwards. The Man'ari attempted to avoid it, though the inner part of her right wing was struck, and her balance mid-air was lost. She fell onto the top of the bookcase directly to Osskaernoc's right. Osskaernoc then rammed himself into the bookshelf, breaking it and causing the remains to crash to the ground, along with the Eredar woman. She sent several fel blasts at Osskaernoc, which he rolled to avoid, getting back up and swiftly kicking the Eredar before she could do the same. Punted backwards, essentially, Verimyx slammed against the back wall. She began firing off a continuous beam of fel energy, attempting to catch Osskaernoc in it, though his avoidance was too swift for her to do so. Osskaernoc eventually reached his foe, and reached down, lifting her up against the wall by her neck with his left hand. With his right, he began wildly punching her, breaking her nose and cracking her skull as he did so. She attempted to pull his arm away, though after her skull cracked, she became too weak to fight back. She looked at Osskaernoc as she coughed fel blood that splattered itself across his chestplate. "I will simply come back." Osskaernoc shook his head as he pulled a small crystal out of a pack on his right side. "That won't happen." He said, tossing the crystal on the ground to the right, opening a portal directly into the nether. "You would kill your own wife?" She asked him, looking at him with wide eyes, as streams of green covered her face, flowing from her forehead, her nose, and her eyes. Osskaernoc looked at Verimyx, and thought of a million - no, a hundred million - words he could say in response. But he chose only a few. "You are no longer my wife. My wife died long ago." He walked over to the portal with Verimyx in his grasp still, and put her and his arms through it, snapping her neck once she was past the threshold. He simply let go as he pulled his arms back, allowing the demon to fall into the nether, her first and final death. The portal closed, and Osskaernoc departed from the building. As he made his way back towards a base camp, he pulled out a small picture from a small hidden compartment on his chestplate, looking at how his family had been before all of this hell. He took one last look back at the library, and then headed for the camp, holding the picture in his hand the rest of the way.Osskaernoc3 Oct 7
Oct 7 The books Gronak2 Oct 7
Oct 7 Your favorite foods and drinks? What foods and drinks does your character crave for? Do they have a particular reason to like it, or fond memory attached to it? In the same sense, are there foods that makes them gag? Feel free to either list your likes or write a story about a specific food/drink. If you do write a story, I encourage you to go wild on the description of texture, flavor, fragrance. Make us either crave for it or abhor it!Maffe23 Oct 7
Oct 5 Anubis themed worgen DK Art Something that came to mind when I was leveling as Unholy. I was thinking making him hairless and he replaced his mane with a metal one and POP I made this. Awhile ago. Thoughts?Yaumito7 Oct 5
Oct 4 Demon Hunters & Warlocks Ever since I made my first DH and made her a IC profile, I've been wondering this: Can Warlocks bind demon hunters since they have demon souls in them as well? I thought it was an interesting thought and would like to know what you guys thinkKalthel6 Oct 4
Oct 3 Returning player LF serious RP guild I've been playing WoW off and on since the start of TBC and have done about all aspects (RP/PvP/PvE). Would love to get back into the more "serious" WoW RP scene again. I am definitely open to making a new alt on a specific server / faction for a guild. Would love to meet a cool community IC and OOC! :) Edit: If this is in the wrong section let me know. lolLaji1 Oct 3
Oct 3 Help me with this. Okay so I am weird, lets get that out of the way. I enjoy the hunter class. But I also hate it. Okay so here is the problem. I need some thoughts. So I like to rationalize and create a characters well character so i can really immerse myself in playing it. My hunter I can't justify its increase in power. What does it do? Pull its draw string further back. Does he get more accurate? I mean how much more accurate can he be after 8 years... Then i tell myself. Its alright he is an arcane archer he imbues his bow with mana and empowers his shots and his beasts...but the immersion is ruined with the whole energy thing. Idk I am crazy. But It literally gets hard for me to play him because I think...what the hell is giving this guy more power? Like a mage finds stronger enchantments and items that make it stronger (along with all magical character types. A warrior gets stronger and stronger and his weapons get better and better. But a hunter?Gumpgor14 Oct 3
Oct 3 Chibi's I am bored and out of art practice so... I am not amazeballs, but I'll do 5 chibi art characters. Chibi art is like a simplified art style based in Anime and Japan. 5 names will be drawn from random on Monday (night when I get up). Please post character description if different from armory, and character personality.Vynianyx24 Oct 3
Oct 2 Warcraft and WOW Lore Book Questions Hello all, I'm not new to Warcraft but I'm very new to the lore of it. I was and still am a raider since the game was released but I feel as if I'm lacking something in the game which I feel is the rich lore and history behind the game. I would love to read and understand everything about WOW but to understand that requires me to learn about the past which is were Warcraft novels come into play I believe. I don't know much about the main characters or certain events other than Warcraft 3 and WOW based on playing the game. The questions I have are: 1) What order of books starting from the creation of it all till present Legion time in WOW should be read and the order? 2) Is there a difference in the books written in the past such as "War of the Ancients:Well of Eternity" to the new chronicle books? 3) Do people use any mods/enhancements during their questing to better understand the lore when moving around WOW? And bonus question: I use to play LOTRO and RP very little. Almost every strict RPer walked. Does anyone walk in WOW when questing or only walk on paths/roads? Is there a manual WOW RPers follow because what I read so far doesn't mention walking rules.Halfori1 Oct 2
Oct 2 Cold touch of Lu'ra-Alleria's training The now god-like being that was Alleria walked upon a new planet, one that she had never seen before, the surface that she walked on was as dark as the void itself, thousands of whispers called to her, each one louder than the last...But these were not whispers of temptation, they almost felt like...A cry for help. "Where are we? I would've assumed that our practice would've been held within the void." Alleria asked, Locus walked stared at the ground beneath him and rubbed his fingers through the dark surface gently, what seemed solid at first quickly turned to liquid in the ethereal's. "We are in the void, I just happened to of chosen a spot that I think will be suitable for your abilities." Locus walker explained, not even a minute of landing on this strange land, small blurs appeared over the horizon, there were hundreds..Thousands... Upon a closer look, each and every one of the blurry figures were Ethereals, the two's arrival had not gone unnoticed. "Who are these people?" Alleria asked. "Just some friends that wish to see me dead. But for you, they're your training targets." Locus Walker delightedly said, his hands twirled with impatience to see Alleria's power unfolded. Looking down at her hands, the huntress stared at the flowing energy that went through every vein. Something felt...Different, usually when she would use the powers of the void, a slight sense of fear came with using the abilities as well. But now, there was a feeling of excitement within her! Thrusting one hand forward, Alleria watched as the void obeyed her will, dark energies swirled from her arm to her fingers and exploded into a large cone of dark fire. The attack seemed small at first, but glancing at the size of the attack, both Locus walker and Alleria were amazed to see that such a small channel of void energy, had now created an inferno of shadow flames larger than the tallest tower of Stormwind. The Ethereals saw this attack and spread out as quick as possible. Those that were lucky only escaped with some slight burns to their bandages. Those unlikely however...They no longer existed. Then a laughter came from Locus walker, he seemed to be enjoying every moment of it. "Good! Very good Alleria! Tell me, is it any more difficult to control than before?" Locus walker asked. "No, rather easier... The darkened Naruu seems to of calmed the whispers, just a little." Alleria explained, seeing more of the Ethereals charging at her, she whipped her hand in the wind, what followed was a tear in reality. Air seemed to be sucked into the small tear that Alleria had opened, deciding to claw out more holes, the once small tear had now turned into a black hole. Gripping the consuming energy, Alleria twirled the ball of shadow around herself and Locus walker, dozens of Ethereal assassin's were sucked into the creation as their bodies were crushed into the smallest speck of existence. Releasing her grip on the shadowy orb, she let it travel at the rest of the Ethereals, what followed was a massive explosion of void energy that had been consumed over a short period of time.Ssigma1 Oct 2
Oct 1 Need a little help from the community... So, I just want to clarify first, I'm very new to RP. I've recently re-rolled to focus and work on two characters. However, the problem I'm running into is deciding on professions and which class it would 'fit' better with. The profession I want to have perfectly 'fit' is alchemy and herbalism, and the two characters are a Forsaken assassination rogue, and a Forsaken priest. I want to roleplay as an Apothecary, so I want to have a class what would back that up. Help me decide!Dreadmoss11 Oct 1
Sep 30 Newbie questions: RPing as a PvE player Context: I used to play on a RP server, before Group Finder. My best experiences were making PUGs in General/LFG, going to delve a dungeon together, talking in-character between pulls, then hitting up a tavern afterwards. I like combining RP with normal gameplay. It makes the world feel more immersive. But I come back and don't meet people levelling like that. I see roleplayers in Silvermoon, but that's a different vibe from meeting in the field. So far I have been ignored or met people who only want ERP. Are there (Horde) guilds who do PvE and RP in an integrated way? Like, do M+0 and also talk about their characters' lives and lore? If not, is there a good way to meet others to adventure with? Also is "18+" and "Mature" code in peoples' addons code for ERP, or are those people just looking to play with other adults? And what does "dark" mean, is that like RPing Fel or Void users, or horror-type stories, or something else? Thanks for your help!Elexias2 Sep 30
Sep 30 Warlock RP: Binding a demon via contract? I'm sorry, this is really long. Basically, I have a blood elf who secretly studied/trained to become a warlock (demonology) along with publicly training to become a frost mage. I decided that at some point, he made some sort of contract with a demon which inherently 'binds' the demon to him, the primary reasons being greed and rage (long story, think 'The Legion killed my family. I need power to destroy them!'). By 'bound', it's basically like what demon hunters do, except the demon is bound by contract, does not alter the warlock's physical appearance, and does not give the warlock any more power than he already had besides what he is allowed by contract. Note: The demon exists inside of him. My questions are: •Is 'binding' via contract even possible, and if not, how I can make it to where he still suffers the effects of a demon being 'bound' to him? •Which demons would be the most likely candidates? (I know it must be one of the more intelligent ones). •Is it possible for the warlock to summon a water elemental and retain some if not all of his frost mage abilities after any of this? The effects of the binding: • The warlock is only able to use the demon's power as well as the vast majority of his fel abilities to do things that either the warlock strongly believes is the right thing, is being paid to do such things, or is bound by a contract to do such things. Basically, he's a frost mage unless it's business. (He's a mercenary). •There is nothing in the contract stating that the demon is not allowed to completely overcome the warlock, meaning if the the warlock caves in, he becomes the demon's puppet. Most likely, the warlock will be dead when this happens. •If the warlock does not use the demon's power or his fel abilities over a certain period of time, or if the warlock is overcome by rage, the demon grows in power and tries to take control, causing extreme pain and possibly killing the warlock. •Any move made to try and take the demon out will kill the warlock. The binding is lifelong. •Any contact with the Light can and will severely injure or even kill the warlock.Vynnlor3 Sep 30
Sep 30 New DK NPC proves DK's can have emotions. Was playing in the Beta on my DK when I stumbled on a new DK I have not seen before. Peggy Burridge. This is one of the first times outside of Thassarian that a DK shows emotion. She has multiple quotes from what I have seen. She expresses joy for having you visit here, and she just can't wait to tell you all about her grandchildren and she speaks very highly of them, even lamenting how she hasn't seen them since she was turned, however she makes a smile to show she is at peace with the fact, but hopes they are doing well and how she misses them. So it appears we have one more in game character proving DK's do not have to be all dark and brooding 24/7.Ertzarte16 Sep 30
Sep 29 Looking for 2 characters to draw I'm looking for two characters to draw but this is not a first come/first serve thread. This also isn't a digital art thread. I'm making physical art, most likely portraits as these will be relatively small (3.25" round). Once I'm done, I can ship these to the winners so long as you can cover the cost of shipping (likely $2-4 range) via paypal or any other way we can make it work out. If you'd like to include a brief physical and personality description of your character, feel free as it'll certainly help with composing the drawing. I'll pick two characters based on whichever kinda jump out and inspire me artistically. I'll come back and check this in an hour or two and hopefully will have enough responses to choose from. Also, since this is a physical piece of art and not digital, keep in mind it may take a few days before they're completed and uploaded as depending on the materials I use I might be waiting on stains or paints to dry. Here are a few examples of past WoW related pieces I've done: Thanks for looking and good luck!Mohe23 Sep 29
Sep 27 Demons and Oaths Hey all, Been involved in some Demon rp lately, just have some questions. -Can a Warlock bind to a Demon? What does it mean and what power does the Warlock have over the Demon? -Can a Warlock perform any ritual that allows for a Demon to respawn in another location should the Demon be killed, instead of presumably Argus? -is a Light-wielding Demon possible? Say, a Draenei Paladin who was captured and forced to take Fel energy until they warped into a Man'ari. Appreciate any thoughts/comments!Aanuvael31 Sep 27
Sep 27 Sentinels Realm RP from WotLK I assume the small community that stayed in Silvermoon most of the time died when cross-server became a thing. Felt kinda sad to see that server as empty as it became, but it also made me wonder if anyone else is even around from that time anymore.Ziyow1 Sep 27
Sep 26 Godmode RP What is the most polite and orderly way to deal with godmode RPers? I mean when you can't just leave, like when someone does it at a Guild RP event.Saehen10 Sep 26
Sep 26 RP Servers and Guilds Hello everyone, I've played WoW for over 10years now and as I am getting older I am looking to explore new areas of the game. I am looking for a decent RP server and RP guilds. For RP guilds I am looking for more of a militarized style guild, ranging from full fledge military to mercenaries. If anyone could point me in the ight direction I would greatly appreciate itSpruk2 Sep 26
Sep 26 Demonic Deliberations This thread is meant as a continuation of a discussion between Delurk and I within the Demons and Oaths thread, authored by Aanuvael, found here: In the past, when I've carried on these discussions within the threads they originate, I've been accused of "thread stealing"; so to avoid any further possible conflicts with Aanuvael's conversation, this thread was born. This is an open discussion, so feel free to jump in at any time. I'll begin with quoting from Delurk's last statement. Follow the link above for it's context. ...I'm bewildered by your assertion that "demons are immortal because", when this same page acknowledges the contradictory nature of that assertion....So then which is it? Surely it can't be both. Our answer so far, according to this information on this page, follows:......and also......So, then, perhaps it can be both. [edit to clarify] Demons of the Legion are able to infinitely regenerate thanks to Argus' World Soul. They're cut off from what would otherwise be their "natural deaths" within the Nether, since we know that Argus exists within the Nether. Secondly, Demons not affiliated with the Legion, and therefore (presumably) not benefiting from Argus, are capable of regenerating "naturally" within the Twisting Nether, however are subject to a "natural death" if slain within the Nether itself. I'm choosing, for now, to accept that both are true. I've seen no indications that current Argus lore revelations in this expansion/patch were meant as retcons to existing Chronicles lore. So, the only way for this to personally make some sort of sense for me is to distinguish between "Legion Demons" and "unaffiliated Demons"; or they could be call "natural" demons if you will. We know that the Burning Legion did not create demons. They can technically create demons, but they did not originate with them. They existed long before. The Legion is a group, an organization, created by Sargeras after he went mad, and he formed them of the very demons he'd been hunting across the cosmos when he was the Titan Protector. He'd been slaying them for ages (or perhaps eons) and they kept inexplicably regenerating. Not knowing at the time their secret, Sargeras took to imprisoning them on a special planet. Marduum. After he went mad, Sargeras shattered Marduum and formed the Burning Legion. But we have several examples in lore that show not all demons joined the Legion. There are those that choose to exist on their own, in what we might call their "natural" state. There are even those who rebelled against the Legion, as shown by the demons working alongside the Illidari. These that exist outside of the Legion are able to regenerate on their own within the Nether without Argus. This isn't explicitly stated anywhere for me to quote or comment, but I feel it is heavily implied. If the Legion uses Argus to fuel all demon's immortality, and all demons are immortal, then all demons must be apart of the Legion. But we know that this isn't true. If Argus is solely responsible for demonic immortality, then how were they regenerating within the Legion before they acquired Argus? Or even before there was a Burning Legion and a mad Titan?Caileanmor8 Sep 26
Sep 26 Help a Fire Fighter Cadet Study Better I am currently in Fire Academy working on my Fire Certification but I want a better way to study. Specifically something that I can take a test / quiz in the app and then answer the question and then the question will tell me why an answer is correct or incorrect; that is how I learn. Anyone know any apps for an iPhone that I can use to help me study for my Firefighter certification? The app must be available within the App Store. I am willing to spend money to buy one. Please give me the App name and who made it (so I can find it).Arkiz4 Sep 26
Sep 25 Lightforged - An Explanation? ****Spoilers on the most current Argus quest chain*** So I noticed there is no literature out there or even theories on what Lightforged is or means or the process one goes through to become Lightforged. We can assume Turalyon is. We can see the Vindicator become Lightforged. (?) We could assume that was what X'era was trying to do to Illidan (?) So is that what happened to everyone in the Army of the Light with the title "Lightforged"? Is there a process? A ritual? I am personally interested for the RP aspect and to know a bit more lore on the topic.Lunamie9 Sep 25
Sep 25 Plate Pirate xmog help? Trying to make my pally look more like a pirate for RP. The only thing I have found is I would settle for that but some of the parts are very hard to come by. Anyone have any better suggestions? EDIT: besides ofc deviate fish and the likeNobbwort15 Sep 25
Sep 24 (LFM A-RPers) >> Thelsamar Fields Festival << Greetings members of the Alliance! The Kingdom of Northgarde [Alliance - Emerald Dream (RP-PvP) US] is excited to announce a new monthly festival that will be taking place in Thelsamar! ~I~ The Thelsamar Fields Festival ~I~ - Official Poster - The Thelsamar Fields Festival will be a monthly festival that will take place in the center of the Eastern Kingdoms. It will be a night of celebration and festivities! A night where the Alliance can come together and forget the troubles of Azeroth! A night for those to meet one another and to welcome those who we have not met yet! A night where the Alliance can come together and drink together! ~ The Festival will be broken up into 5 sections ~ 1. Tavern Area - Regular Socializing & Drinking 2. Story Telling Area - A place for those who wish listen and share their stories 3. Contest Area - A place for Contests (Transmog / Gambling / Etc) 4. Conest Area #2 - A place for Contests (Gambling / Raffle / Etc ) 5. VIP Area - An area for GM's & Officers to meet and become Acquainted + Mingle + Business ~ MAP LAYOUT ~ ~ Festival Theme Color ~ Green ~ Festival Clothes ~ Green Linen Shirt ~ Important guidlines ~ - In Character Event (RP Event) - Thelsamar has been chosen as neutral grounds for all Alliance. - Thelsamar Fields Festival is open to all Alliance RP Guilds. - Thelsamar will be turned into an In Character area for the night of the event. (If you are in thelsmar, we please ask that you be In Character at all times to keep immersion). - No flying in Thelsamar - This is to also to help immersion and avoid interruptions for RP taking place. - Wearing festival colors (green) are not required, only encouraged. ~ Prizes for Raffle ~ 1. 30 Day Game Time 2. ~75K - 50K Gold 3. ~50K - 25K Gold ~ Prizes for Best Transmog ~ (Theme: Green & Gold) 1. 30 Day Game Time 2. ~75K - 50K Gold 3. ~50K - 25K Gold Although the Kingdom of Northgarde is excited to host this festival, this event is for the Alliance and to celebrate the Alliance! Our event coordinators are currently looking for any of those who may be interested in being hired for the night! (In Character Gold Payment) ~ Positons Open ~ - Hosts - Coordinators - Section Leaders - Section Volunteers - Section assistance - Storytelling, Gambling, VIP, Booths/Stands - Bartenders - Sell Drinks - Waiters - Distribute Food & Drinks - Chef - Sells Food / Feasts / Etc. - Security - Guards (Regardless of guild, guards will have specific duties assigned that night). If your character fits any of these roles and wish to participate in working in the event, please join the Festival's discord! ~ Thelsamar Fields Festival Discord ~ We hope to one day turn the Thelsamar Fields Festival in a monthly event. An event that is hosted by not only one guild but a community of RP guilds. An event that is ran by the Alliance FOR THE ALLIANCE! Invitations have already been sent out so please check your Calendar! If you cannot make this month's festival, do not worry because there will be one next month! (Info will be posted regularly.. Much more info to come..) For the Alliance! Emerald Dream (RP-PVP) - US - Server More Information at: Northgarde Recruitment Thread: Sep 24
Sep 23 Looking for RP people to play with Hello. I've been playing on Brazil Goldrinn server, but no one there likes to RP, and I understand, the goal of the server is not RP at all, but once all my friends play there, I'm also there. A little background: I read the first wow book Chronicles volume 1 and it blew my mind. I always played wow just grinding in dungeons and giving nothing to the lore of the game, and after this book my mindset is completely changed. I want to enjoy and learn all the lore I can. What I want: I'm looking into start a new pandaren character in Moon Guard or another RP server, and I'd like to play a ... how can I name it, maybe a Lore game mode, which would be something like that: Do not play dungeons/raid to get level, only level questing and going in places where you can get a good lore background of what happened to azeroth Do not use dungeon/raid finder, we would find the entrance and start it. Best scenario: you do dungeon once, and that's it, no need to do it again once we already killed all things inside it (unless we pursue an specific item in that dungeon/raid, it would be an exception to do it again). Actually read the quests and understand what and why we're doint it.I know it will be very rare to find someone who wants to RP like that, because it will demand time, but I have hope :)Xengzu2 Sep 23
Sep 22 My Cast of Characters Going to post two of my characters here since the last time I tried to post each of them it failed. Feel free to say things about them if you like! Name: Ravasha Witchhawk. Age: Middle-Aged Adult (Younger than Bravicia). Appearance: Ravasha has reddish-brown hair tied back into a ponytail by a green sash. Her hair is clipped at the side by a green hair clip. She has white skin and wears red lipstick. Her nails are coated with red nail polish as well. Ravasha wears gold hoop earrings she bought in Silvermoon for a special occasion. She wears a set of red robes with gold and black designs. Background: Ravasha was born to a family of mages and researchers. Choosing to research and practice fire magics in her early life she rose to fair proficiency. When Arthas came to raze the Sunwell her magics failed her as she battled the undead Scourge. Seeking a new kind of power she eventually found a teacher in Selerra Sorrowsong and began her new life as a warlock. Staying in Silvermoon City she has taken to searching for tomes of her craft that she can study as well as ever new ways to destroy her enemies with her spells--She may even try to test her theories on demon hunters and other warlocks due to their similar energies. Name: Bravicia Witchhawk. Age: Middle-Aged Adult (Not sure how old blood elves get). Appearance: Bravicia's skin is coated in red scales. She has long ginger red hair and wears gold hoop earrings given to her by her sister. Bravicia has curved black horns growing from either side of her head. She wears a red-and-gold veil/blindfold over her eye sockets. She wears a leather tunic and leather skirt as well as boots that cover part of her legs with small heels. Background: Bravicia was born to the Witchhawk family of Quel'thalas and rather than taking on scholarly pursuits found herself in love with fancy footwork, speed and melee weaponry. She employed herself as a tracker and scout. Seeing her sister Ravasha just about killed by the Scourge she started to believe that her current path was not enough and took the opportunity to travel to Outland with Kael'thas Sunstrider when it came. Meeting Illidan and training at his Black Temple she consumed the heart of a succubus as her rite of passage as a demon huntress. Participating in the mission to retrieve the Sargerite Keystone she boarded the Fel Hammer and helped to destroy Brood Mother Tyranna. After recovering from her imprisoning by the Wardens she began living in Dalaran. Working to end the Legion whenever possible she hopes to someday see her home and family again. Done. I shall write the others' stories when I can and edit them into my starting post or else just make new posts for them. :) List of Character Posts: (Vaneka and Catherana) (Lexica Brighthope) (Aichun Oddmoon) (Jezula of the Darkspear)Bravicia11 Sep 22
Sep 22 I'm new here so hello! I am honestly just taking a shot in the dark here. I've roleplayed for about twelve years and never have had a WoW line. I have some ideas in mind and would be willing to do a server change to make it happen if need be. Do any of you role play outside the game or just in game? Going out on a limb, here!Selanay4 Sep 22
Sep 20 Warlock Artwork A wonderful piece commissioned by a friend to have her Warlock immortalized in my signature comic-book art style. Yes! She is nude! Yes! She is censored! This is only to ensure that forums rules are adhered to. The nudity in the artwork is tasteful and not explicit in the least. Just a naked pose. If you'd like to see the full version, check out my artwork at and consider following me if you like!Vindolyn2 Sep 20
Sep 20 RP on Eldre'Thalas? Hello, I'm currently on Eldre'Thalas, have been forever, and would rather not move. (That being said, if I found a good community I'd consider it.) I know it's not a "RP" server but is there a presence there?Azer1 Sep 20
Sep 20 Blood Knights Are there any BE paladins here who really miss the TBC Blood Knight story? I miss being an "evil" paladin.Durzar17 Sep 20
Sep 19 Holding Out for a Healer. Saw this and I think it is one of the best WoW Music Videos ever made. Enjoy. Sep 19
Sep 19 Evil Legion-themed RP Guild? (Moongaurd) Hi, I want to start an Evil-Guild here on Moonguard on the Alliance side that's not a criminal guild. So I picked up the idea of making a cult that worshiped the Legion. Is anyone interested in joining the guild? Planning on having events weekly during the weekend. (mostly accepting Warlocks, Rogues, Warriors, and Demon Hunters.)Qeun0 Sep 19
Sep 18 If You Were In Bad Weather (Scenario RP!) What do your characters do in the midst of bad weather conditions? I think it's rare to see people RP bad weather, and I speak not of the occassional "it's too cold" or "it's too hot" and the "I love/hate this weather" comment. If ya think about it, most of our chatacters probably hang out outside in the wild far more often than most of us in real life do, right? Encountering bad weather would no doubt be a relatively common occurrence. What I want to know is, when your character finds his/her/itself in dangerous weather conditions, like out in a blizzard somewhere in Frostfire Ridge, lost in the blistering heat of Uldum, caught in the humid downpour of heavy rain in Stranglethorn Jungle, scaling the treacherous heights up the cliffs of Mount Hyjal upon less than trustworthy footing that could break under your feet without warning and send you falling to your death, so on and so forth.... what do they do to survive? On a side note, there also happens to be a hurricane on its way close to my area of Texas, here's to hoping we don't get hit too hard! So, you may RP the scenario however you like. :) 1. You can simply explain in a short sentence or paragraph what your character would do to survive in any specified weather conditions of your choice. As a bonus, you can mention where or who taught them the survival technique they used to survive in the scenario. 2. You can write a short story about a time your character(s) had to survive a type of harsh weather condition of your choice. As a bonus, you can write how your character feels when asked about the experience (shortly or long after the event), and how they react to recalling the experience, and/or how they respond when asked to risk going through it again. Or you can write about what your character does to survive in the scenario while in the middle of flying on a mount! 3. You can also go through this list of harsh weather conditions and write a short reaction from your character for each, or you may come up with your own weather conditions. If ya wanna go crazy (and evil to your toon >:D ) you can choose a combination of bad weather conditions they have to deal with at the same time! Feel free to choose the location which the scenario takes place. If you're not sure what sort of weather conditions are possible in specific places in the game, you can simply describe the location rather than name it. (i.e. Jungle, Forest, Mountain, Desert, etc.) - Sandstorms - Blizzards - Heavy Rains/Flash Floods - Floods - Tornadoes - Hurricanes/Powerful Winds - Scaling tall Cliffs/Mountains - Earthquakes - Blistering Heat (Dry or Humid) - Freezing Cold - Thick Fog - Volcano Eruptions (suffocating Ash Fall and/or Boiling Lava) - Thunder Storms - Hailstorms - Crossing Rushing Rivers - Quicksand/Quagmire - Avalanches/ Rockslides/ Mudslides - Sticky, Hot, Humid Climates - Mirages (in hot climates) - Etc. etc. etc. I threw in some natural obstacles in there too, have fun! :DSilvanni15 Sep 18
Sep 18 Will this name work for Sin'dorei? Hello! I'm in the process of changing this Monk to Sin'dorei. I'm wondering if her name Leyaeris is appropriate for the race.Leyaeris3 Sep 18
Sep 18 Games in Azeroth other than Hearthstone? I was wondering if we know of any games that exist in Azeroth other than hearthstone? Like any games with a "normal" deck of cards, dice games, etc.Velasandra13 Sep 18
Sep 18 Worgen Death Knights. Do we keep our sanity through sheer undead will or is it something else? And would we be consider 3rd gen or 4th gen?Yaumito9 Sep 18
Sep 17 The Dark Carnival [2017] Come and enjoy a night of wonder and games in the shadowed town of Darkshire on September 22nd @ 6:30pm-8:30pm on Moon Guard. Information on the events will be listed here! Events: We look forward to seeing you there!Ysondran3 Sep 17
Sep 17 Is RP dead? First of all, I have been away from the game for quite some time now. I needed a break. Things were becoming so commonplace and boring, I just could not handle it. Now I am considering coming back, giving the game one last chance to keep me involved and stick around. I have one more month of play time to decide if I want to renew and keep playing. One account only, not the two I had. So my question...I need rp in my game to enjoy it. That is how I am and how I play. I have dozens of characters and plenty at 90 and a few over that. But I am not into this to level like crazy and then sit there wondering what to do next. I want to find some people who actually rp and play the game as their character. Lore perfect is not necessary, but it helps to at least try to stay within the game and not some fan based fantasy of some other game. I play WOW to be in WOW, not some other universe. You are quite welcome to play as whoever you want. Allow me the same courtesy and I will not harass you or lecture you, but do not expect me to rp with something other than a WOW character. Is there anyone out there in this beautiful world that Blizzard created who actually likes to role play and stay in character? It's a challenge, I know. You get distracted with someone talking OOC and you forget you are actually in a game that allows you to be a fantasy come alive. All I am asking is to find a few people, dedicated to actually playing in the game as the character they have chosen. Class is important of course. It all adds up to the character and what they want to accomplish. I am not looking for someone who is going to be some super overpowered badass who can do no wrong. I expect flaws, emotion, a little bit of backstory to give your character some dimension. Be a part of Azeroth, not a lore perfect nerd, or a pvp expert set on destroying all other players in the game. Is all this too much to ask? Am I dreaming of an Azeroth that does not exist?Hahnei22 Sep 17
Sep 16 Looking for Mentor! (Moon Guard) I'm looking for a mentor currently for my set Character and decided to approach this forum post, I would like a Mage Mentor who could teach my gnome about Illusion magicks. His name is Crakevink, he's thirty years old and just beginning to pick up Magic, specifically Illusion-ish Magic. If anyone would want to offer being a Mentor then drop a Reply down below. P.S. This is not his actual set, just leveling him up while waiting for a Mentor to reach out to me so I can start his RP.Crakevink0 Sep 16
Sep 15 Classes and Their Traits Hey, I am thinking about making a website that has a quiz that finds out what your real life WoW class is. I come to you guys as you are the experts on classes and their typical traits. I would like to know what you think each class' traits are (ie Mage=Studious, Intelligent, etc...)? Also, I would like to know if a person's job should be a factor for each class (ie Paladin=Police Officer, Security Guard, etc...)? If you don't want to list them all, you're main and it's traits and job factor is fine. I would normally just go off of the main WoW site, but I feel like the descriptions don't do the classes justice. I'd rather not have Demon Hunter just mean angry. Thank you.Pathayne12 Sep 15
Sep 15 Cost of War (IC) Alvarah looked over the desolated land of the broken shore. It's ruined form wreaked of demonic desecration. Their foul presence corrupting the soil of Azeroth. She knelt down to look through the remains of the inquisitor demon she just slew. The fighting on the broken shore was relentless but the armies of Legionfall held against the demons. Something caught her attention when she touched it. The desiccated steel leaf. It's edges still sharp. "I know this." She looked to see a small demon cowering behind some boxes. "You, small thing where did you master get this item?! Answer me!" She demanded, how blades hungering for the demon's filthy blood. "M master take it from prisoner." He squirmed under the shadow of her hellish blade. She pressed it against him, drawling a trickle of blood from the filthy creature. "Where?!" "Xalados, Legion stronghold in the nether. Impossible for mortals to reach." He howled as the blade cut flesh and soul. She grinned as she locked him in a banishment spell. "It is good we have a guide then, isn't it?" Stowing her catch away for safe keeping she went back to the Fel Hammer. Of course the answer was no. They said that with the Legion invading and the Slayer on the broken shore with the other Legionfall commanders they couldn't afford to move the Fel Hammer from where it was. "If the Illidari will not help me then I will gather my own allies." She stormed off through the portal to Dalaran. She knew that the Legion having that was no coincidence. That blades leaf was from Lynara's armor. The warrior had been missing presumed dead since the broken shore disaster. After the invasion she had scouted the broken shore but to no avail. It made sense now. She wrote several letters, making imps deliver them. Some others would require personal visits. But even if no one came she would save her aunt, even if it meant taking on the Deceiver himself. At Hyjal she emerged from the shadows. Waraila a Druid of quite some skill had been hiding in exile for years. It wasn't easy to find her but the destruction to the mountain by the Legion allowed her a more open invitation to snoop around. She soon found the Druid and emerged, her fel eyes and tattoos illuminating her from the dark. "Hello Waraila. I require your assistance. Years ago you knew and fought along side my aunt Lynara. She has been help prisoner by the Burning Legion since our original invasion of the broken shore. I'm putting together a strike team to get her back and would be honored if you would help." She place a letter on the table . "If you decide to come to Deliverance point on the broken shore in three days time." With that she vanished back into the shadows. Her next target would be a bit more complicated. Almost a full day later she located the warden Kari. "Warden," She said "I have come for you." Her fel green eyes and tattoos glowing bright in the darkness. Kari looked at Alvarah. "Why the hell should I trust you demon hunter?" Karinya's eyes glowed a bright silver as her hatred shone through them. Alvarah narrows her vision. "I come not seeking your trust, but your aid." She threw the scorched insignia at the warden. "This is proof of my deepest fear. The Legion has had Lynara prisoner for months." Karinya bent to pick up the insignia, her eyes not leaving the woman in front of her. Her fingers traced the scorched metal and she fought back tears as she recognised it. It belonged to a sentinel that had been a good friend to her over the years. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at the insignia and her voice threatened to break. "The enemy of my enemy-" She looked up at the demon hunter, her eyes almost the colour of ice and her voice taking on a hard, dangerous edge. "You have my aid, for Lynara's sake. Once she is free and safe, I never want to see you again. Deal?" "Deal. Deliverance point, two days. Bring Sammuroth. Tell him while he plays around in the forest some of us have been trying to stop our world from burning." She growled as she vanished into the shadows.Disvara153 Sep 15