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Jan 21 W.E.T Community Lounge #78 Ahhh that's better Elune hasn't blessed this humble stealthy with the right words, so if I can borrow the opening from a favorite gnome :) As the name suggests you have arrived at the World’s End Tavern where all walks of WoW-game-life come to discuss RP, share stories, or build adventures together, and the Community Lounge is where we come to hang-out when we're not doing that. In the previous and future pages you will see a variety of randomness: idle hang-out emotes, chit-chat about this game and others, what people had for breakfast, fashionistas flaunting their latest ‘mogs, someone’s latest fascination in music, film, or interwebz, mildly zany, and hopefully amusing antics from regulars and new comers alike, in-character, out of character, and sometimes somewhere in between. Almost anything goes, -within the already established Code of Conduct Blizzard has set down (although, some flirtation with those boundaries may happen from time to time, we are careful about crossing lines). Here, the drama-llama stable is out back, so please park it there, and maintain respect for all attending. If you want a bit of a glimpse to what the atmosphere is generally like,As the name suggests you have arrived at the World’s End Tavern where all walks of WoW-game-life come to discuss RP, share stories, or build adventures together, and the Community Lounge is where we come to hang-out when we're not doing that. In the previous and future pages you will see a variety of randomness: idle hang-out emotes, chit-chat about this game and others, what people had for breakfast, fashionistas flaunting their latest ‘mogs, someone’s latest fascination in music, film, or interwebz, mildly zany, and hopefully amusing antics from regulars and new comers alike, in-character, out of character, and sometimes somewhere in between. Almost anything goes, -within the already established Code of Conduct Blizzard has set down (although, some flirtation with those boundaries may happen from time to time, we are careful about crossing lines). Here, the drama-llama stable is out back, so please park it there, and maintain respect for all attending. If you want a bit of a glimpse to what the atmosphere is generally like, visit the previous Lounge thread here: and past threads in the archive here: Step up to the bar, or take a table, curl up on a pillow pile, or stretch out on a chaise by the hearth. Relax and make yourself at home. **Membership fees are due at the end of the month, and damages to the property will be billed to your accounts.:Surfgirl500 Jan 21
Jan 21 Shaman Titles/Prestige Class Questions Hey there, I'm new to the forums for the most part and not as familiar with Horde lore as I'd like to be. I've made a Tauren Shaman and I've done some research on different titles or 'prestige' classes, but haven't found as much as I had hoped. Essentially I'm looking for any ideas/information on specific titles or prestige classes for Shamans that would work well with Tauren (Think Astral Walker or Dreamer for Druids). Thanks for reading :).Raksharan0 Jan 21
Jan 21 (RP-Story) Ranger of Lakeshire Lakeshire: Part 1 A thick fog settled on the town planted between the mountains and the lake. The sun was just breaking over the peaks of the mountains as the villagers were heading to their shops. The fish were jumping out of the lake grasping at the bugs hovering over the water. Just above the town sitting on the hill side a makeshift camp site sat quietly, awaiting for the ranger inside to awaken. His eyes broke open, revealing the icy blue hue beneath the lids. He stretched his foot peeling back the dingy flaps of his tent. A ray of light burst into his small "home". Mumbling under his breathe, "Damnit, I better get up before she barges in here aga..." Frantically scooting to the corner of his tent to avoid the massive roc that burst her way into his tent, thrashing and tossing everything around in her sight. She finally settled down once she realized her master was awake and staring at her with an unamused grimace across his face. "Argh, every damn morning.", Phatori remarked as he emerged from the tent and stretched. The fog was still thick and his vision of the town below and the landscape ahead of him was unclear. Turning to the giant dark blue roc, who was not of this world but one beyond ours, Phatori softly said, "Sorry ol' girl, I don't think we will be able to hunt this morning. Go and grab the left over jerky won't you Tara?". Sitting on an old stump, Phatori bit into his jerky as Tara tore into hers. His vision of his surroundings was clouded, but the sky was clear to him. One by one flocks of birds could be seen clearing from the tree tops to the east. Quawking and screeching as they took to the sky. Phatori stood and took two cautious steps forward as he tried to listen and see what was scaring the birds. His eyes widened as he heard the unmistakable whistling of arrows peeling through the air heading towards the town below. Like rain pouring from the heavens the arrows littered the ground. The town was completely caught off guard. The militia quickly scrambled from their homes and began to set up a wall of men just next to the bridge. Phatori knew the fog would not play in the villagers favor. He had seen this before, the Orcs have returned. Dropping what was left of his jerky Phatori reached back into his tent and slung his quiver and arrows over his shoulder and with bow in hand he ran for the town! As he got into the town the orcs broke through the fog and came crashing into the wall of men with a savage clanging and crunching of armor and bones. The battle waged on for what seemed like hours to the militia men. Phatori was in his element however. A trained archer and master of the bow he picked off the Orcs as quickly as they appeared. Fifteen...twenty....twenty-five, the toll kept rising as Phatori launched a volley of arrow after arrow at the invading Orcs. Slower and fewer the Orcs appeared out of the fog. Phatori pinning them down as Tara caught the Orcs mid field in the fog launching at their throats. From the bridge Phatori heard a sound that made his heart shatter. As he closed his eyes the sound became louder. A cry from a little girl could be heard over the cries of battle. Coming back from her morning walk with her mother they were caught in the attack. Phatori opened his eyes and pushed past the militia men making his way to the bridge. When he arrived he saw the mother pinned down by arrows as her daughter cried over her body. The girl looked at him with such fear in her eyes. "I'm going to get you out of here", exclaiming Phatori to the little girl. But as he reached to grab her he heard the heavy footsteps of an Orc berserker behind him. Trying to draw his bow as he turned the Orc came down upon Phatori with a massive club knocking him to the ground. When he looked back up at the Orc, he saw the massive club raised high again about to come down for the final blow. But in that last second the fierce talons of Tara tore from the fog and into the Orc's back. As Phatori sat there going in and out of consciousness he watched Tara combat the massive Orc berserker. As he faded he helpless witnessed the Orc's club come down on Tara. His eyes opened, laying on a cot in the infirmary. His head felt like it had split in two and every breathe he took felt like knives digging into his sides. Slumping out of the cot with one thing on his mind, where was Tara. As he walked out of the infirmary and down the brick street he saw something that stopped him dead in his tracks. In the stable pen was Tara, bandaged and hobbling around. As he approached her she tried to embrace him as if she wasn't injured, but collapsed from the pain. After holding her tight Phatori began to look around and examine her injuries. She would live, but her wounds are severe. With a tear in his eye Phatori looked deep into her eyes and apologetically and affectionally cried to her...Phatori3 Jan 21
Jan 21 A discussion about RP griefers. People have been trolling RP events for as long as I remember. Back in TBC and vanilla Blizzard seemed much stricter about this sort of griefing. However, coming back to the open-world RP scene on Wyrmrest Accord for the first time this year since Cata I've noticed a big shift in how people conduct themselves in general as well as how griefers pester strangers. Revisiting the RP server-specific policies(linked below) I've noticed Blizzard has removed the rules regarding OOC chat in public channels as well as the rules about griefing RP events. I am not sure if this is an oversight or not, but it does seem to have reflected rather strongly upon public areas in general with much increased OOC chatter and even full conversations happening in high traffic RP areas like the bars in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. All of that aside, I've noticed the RP trolls(people who come to RP servers specifically with the intention of griefing RPers) have adapted to the climate of RP servers and have shifted to using two specific methods to spread their bull!@#$. The more invasive method i've noticed is spamming toys that place longlasting objects in game or make a lot of bothersome noises and particle effects on top of RPers. LGBT-oriented characters seem to be particularly targeted but that might be specific to the 'tastes' of Wyrmrest Accord's specific groups of griefers. The less invasive method, but just as infuriating are the use of popular RP mods like MRP and TRP to create obnoxious character descriptions and tooltips ridden with hate speech or long strings of characters. While this is less invasive it is easily the most harmful in my opinion, with some griefers going as far to put other players personal information in their descriptions. GMs have directly responded to my reports about the use of TRP and MRP to spread hate speech claiming they don't moderate the use of any mods, which seems to be a side-effect of the vast shift away from RP mods using chat channels like "xtensionxtooltip2" to the mary sue protocol. Though Blizzard used to rarely handle reports based on private channels, they would react to strong hate speech regardless of where it was posted in their game. The use of toys to grief RPers being against the rules is much more ambiguous though. It isn't clearly stated in the RP server rules anymore though Blizzard will not openly state that no wrong was done when responding to tickets. I do believe it's likely up to the GM's interpretation. I tend to get a lot of GM responses asking me to use the right-click report feature for these, despite the only options being 'name' and 'cheating'. So I'd like to ask you all your thoughts on these individuals and Blizzards rules regarding how they are handled.Narbin27 Jan 21
Jan 21 Warlocks and aging I want to know if it's possible to make it so my human warlocks use of fel-magic made her age about 10 years ahead of time. Is this possible? Also, assuming my lock was about 20 in the burning crusade about how old would she be now? Now sure how much time has passed lore-wise.Remox2 Jan 21
Jan 20 Felsworn DH story help Hello everyone i need some advice for finishing this guys story. What i have so far is that he was one of the blood elves to travel to the outlands with Keal'Thas and Illidan after his home of silvermoon was sacked. he was one of the elves given to Illidan to train as a demon hunter by Keal'Thas. Durning his training he killed a fel guard for his first hunt, and bound the demons soul to himself for the ritual of binding. After completing his training he started to become disheartened by the might of the legion and saw the demon hunter cause as impossible. The demon inside him saw this as an opportunity. Azmoden started to hear the voice of the demon in his head, tempting him to join the legion. He ignored this at first but over time what the demon was saying started to make sense to him. The legion wasnt the real enemy, after all it was the people of azeroth who outcasted him after what he became. the legion welcomed and embraced demon hunters who were loyal them them. After much time he decided to leave the demon hunters and he offered his service to the legion in exchange for the power to destroy those who outcast him in the first place. I know this isnt that good at the moment so any advice would be appreciated.Azmoden1 Jan 20
Jan 20 How to roleplay a jerk convincingly? I've roleplayed before, but I haven't roleplayed a jerk before. To make things brief, this druid is a jerk. What I aim for in my RPs, I just wanna start IC drama and pick barfights. On a side note, I'm also looking for a criminal guild as well. I need your help, how do I roleplay in a convincing manner without bringing anguish onto myself or those around me?Loreidas26 Jan 20
Jan 19 Join Crashing Waves progression RP! The Crashing Waves Clan is recruiting for players who are looking to recapture the Vanilla/TBC/WOTLK progression experience in an RP heavy environment! Here are the basics Wyrmrest Server Race restricted to Orcs/Trolls No Monks or Hero Classes. No heirlooms No LFG/D/R tools. Group play only. Thinking Monday from 7-11pm Eastern time but times can be worked out. Depending on the level of interest I will hammer out the rest of the details and rules further in this thread. My goal is to progress through each expansion with only the tools the quests give us, and fingers crossed enough players are interested do some legacy raiding at appropriate levels. Post if interested!Kysuna1 Jan 19
Jan 19 "Heyyy ladies." he said smoothly. Cenarius walked into the tailgate party, making kissy faces to every girl he passed by; getting various reactions. Shokia sneered expressively, Johnny Awesome looked down sadly, Tyrande winked flirtatiously, and Tremblade giggled. The Teldrassil Treants were taking on the Orgrimmar Ogres. Cenarius sat down at a table with his bro Malfurion, who had already gotten him food and drink. The two exchanged small talk as they casually looked around the party. Jaina was loudly and obnoxiously dancing like a baboon, and couldn't keep her balance. Rhonin teleported her back to Dalaran where Vareesa held her hair for her. Cenarius decided to get up and dance around where everyone else was dancing. He had the fastest hooves around. No one could beat him. He even did that unrealistic spin on his head trick. People clapped and watched him. He left room for a challenger to step forward. And step forward, a challenger did. It was none other than Sylvanas, the confident and popular banshee. Everyone fawned over her, but only the best would ever have her attention. Not even the Lifebinder could draw her eye. Sylvanas snapped and strutted a dance that looked as though it was choreographed. Her movements were aggressive and dominant. Cenarius was on his toes the whole time. He struggled a bit to keep up. Sylvanas kept up confidently. Cenarius knew he would lose if he didn't do something impressive. But then he suddenly remembered a trick he had been practicing. He was never able to do it successfully but he was close. With a backflip and a buck, he did a triple kick close to the floor, followed by a running man and stanky leg and moved on to the part he had never been able to do: The 4 legged sprint speed crisscross. He tripped over his legs. It was over. Sylvanas laughed victoriously. Cenarius hung his head and returned to the table where Malfurion was sitting. "That was cash af." Malfurion said grinning. "Yeah, but I couldn't keep up with her, like she was on a whole 'nother level." Cenarius responded. Suddenly, Sylvanas plopped down a chair next to them at the table. "You were good. Real good." Sylvanas said, surprising Cenarius. "I almost couldn't keep up." "But you were great too. Amazing." Cenarius said, nervously. "Next Friday, 6pm. Don't be late." Sylvanas said, booping Cenarius's nose before walking off. Malfurion and Cenarius both watched in awe. "Dude, did the most unobtainable girl ever just ask you out?" Malfurion questioned in disbelief. "Dude, she did." Cenarius said in shock. "She did!" He stood up and bucked around wildly in excitement. He accidentally wacked Xe'ra in the face with a hoof. And they lived happily ever after *closes book*Yzzami20 Jan 19
Jan 19 Blood Knights? Hello! I am planning on RPing this character as a Blood Knight, and have a few questions regarding the organization itself. I apologize if the questions I ask have been asked many times before (I'm sure they have given how popular of a race/class combo this is) but I wasn't able to find a clear answer to all of them myself. Firstly, do Blood Knights still siphon energy to use their light based abilities from the Sunwell after the events of TBC? Is there anything preventing them from using the light through faith alone as most other paladins do (to my knowledge), and if so is there a reason for this? Secondly, how are the Blood Knights currently viewed by the other paladins especially including those in the Argent Crusade? Are they resented by them for having abused the light by stealing energy from M'uru, or are they all on friendly terms now? (As far as I am aware there are Blood Knights present in the Paladin class hall, but I have not began the Paladin Legion campaign myself so if this has already been explained in that questline I apologize in advance) Lastly, what kind of social status might Blood Knights hold in Sin'dorei society? What I've been able to gather they are typically well respected as soldiers in a similar way to how humans might treat one of their own paladins. That said, would distinguished Blood Knights expect to be treated like nobles or part of the aristocracy among their people?Mayzing8 Jan 19
Jan 19 Who leads the Church of Holy Light now? So, the Church was formerly led by Alonsus Faol, and when he died, Benedictus became the new Archbishop. In Cataclysm, Benedictus turned out to have become evil and corrupted by the Twilight cult, and was killed in Hour of Twilight. We don't have much lore for what happened to Church leadership after that, unfortunately. A few NPCs treat the idea of Benedictus being evil as ridiculous, though. Then came Legion. The Shadow Priest questline revealed that Bishop Farthing was another secret Twilight, one who tried to master Xal'atath. This leaves two major Church officials dead by now, with no answers as to who replaces them. I tried coming up with a list of the possibilities, as well as crossing out a few people it definitely isn't. Who it might be: High Priestess Laurena- Her title, as well as her position in the Cathedral of Light itself make me think that Laurena might be in the best situation to become the new leader of the Church. We have no lore on her though, as far as I'm aware. King Anduin Wrynn- Anduin is shown to be coming into his own as a priest, under the guidance of Velen. While there's no Warcraft precedence for a king also being the leader of a church, it is a possibility. Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker- The Silver Hand was, and still is, a part of the Church. The Order remained in Stormwind and Ironforge after the Third War, and was presumably led by Shadowbreaker. He would have been involved in Church leadership, presumably, and could be a possibility to lead the Church. However, there's no precedence for a paladin leading the Church, seeing as they're a relatively new thing within the lore. The Highlord of the Silver Hand (if human)- Should the Highlord be canonically human, it can be assumed that they also clutch Ashbringer. Ashbringer is a powerful holy relic, and definitely something that could confer the right to lead a holy organization. It also could be a uniting force for the Church/Southern Silver Hand and the wayward Argent Crusade. Who it isn't: Velen- Velen may be a prophet of the Light, but he's historically never had anything to do with the Church, like most draenei. The High Priest of the Conclave- The Conclave is a gathering of Azeroth's priesthoods in one place, but it's an entirely separate organization from them all. The Chuch may offer forces for the Conclave, but they wouldn't accept the High Priest as their leader- especially if the Conclave is led by a race that doesn't even worship the Light. I know there's likely more candidates, but I haven't been able to think of them.Merellia7 Jan 19
Jan 18 New to RP, Char. Background story help Please take time to critique my character's background and story. I want to start out my RP career correctly. Thank you. Parents were both Paladins. Mom, Lydia Barristor, was a Healer (Holy Paladin), Dad, Jermaine Barristor, was a Paladin Warrior (Ret. Paladin), however, because Geredir Barristor was not attuned or adept at using the Light as his parents had been, it was assumed that he would be better serving the light as Historian. He and his Parents went to Loerderon, where his parents fought scourge assault and healed allies. Against his will and desire, the only thing he was hitting was the books as he studied to become a Loremaster. Fast forward 25 years to year 30. Theremore is destroyed. At that point All-out war with the Horde began. Parents knowing their son has been secretly building his strength and training in between his learning finally relinquish and send him to learn combat with the Monks in the newly discovered Pandaria. He still is not part of the war effort, but He is excited to put away the books and start this new chapter. His prowess has earned him an Audience with Anduin Wrynn while Varian was away in the war effort. Anduin sent Him to aid Northsire with the Blackrock Orc invasion. Not the toughest Orcs but Northsire is still a training area for new recruits and the locals in Elwin Forrest are ill equipped to handle everything that is happening and this would be a good starting point in his career. His years in the libraries in Loerderon and Stormwind after the orc invasion was taken care of there, left him, not anti-social but slightly awkward around other people. So as he helps others, he is not only gaining combat skills but it is becoming easier to talk with people both the poor of Westfall and the elite that he grew up dealing with.Geredir3 Jan 18
Jan 18 Pandaren rogue as a shady character? I'm thinking about creating a pandaren that is somewhat mafia-themed, like to deal with stuff in the black market and such. Not an evil character, but someone greedy and prone to take advantage whenever she can, to reach a goal. I've seen that the whole Madam Goya character got such flavor, and I find her one of the most interesting pandaren, but sadly Blizzard (yet) never gave her a development. Also, her bodyguards seem to be the warrior type that certainly cope with her mindset. There are some pandaren bodyguards at the Brawler's guild too that seem quite the unconventional pandaren. How that idea sound? Any tips or references that I might be missing? ps: Also, I'd love to play a language-challenged pandaren, someone that got problems mixing some words when speaking in common, but sadly their language is comprised only of "Nom om noms", making VERY hard to extract words or expressions to mix in with Common. Thanks!Nico7 Jan 18
Jan 18 High Elves in SM So I like to think I've created a rather interesting and unique character, I even gave her an amnesia story. But theirs one thing people have constantly whispered me about, you see, I like to Rp a quel'dorei in silvermoon, so much so that multiple people have criticized me for just waltzing around the capital city of blood and elves. Ive been told that the high elves were kicked out of silvermoon, I've also been told that they were let back in. Which one was it?Cathalin3 Jan 18
Jan 17 Help RPing a Villain While I like to play the hero with dark powers, it tends to be truly difficult for me to RP a villain, and in this case, I mean someone willfully evil, someone who knows most people will think their actions are morally wrong, and repugnant, but decides it's fun, or it's useful to them, or what have you, and continues to do these things. Normally, my main problem with RPing a villain is that it exhausts me, mentally, faster when I play a villain than when I play a hero, as when I RP a villain, my conscience and my artistic mind tend to fight a bit. And the issue with people being reticent to let their characters die (even if it's established beforehand that it'll only be temporary) is a constant. But in this case, something else has me stumped. I have a villain all created. All but one aspect, that is. Motivation. They're sick, sadistic, they know the world thinks they're in the wrong, but has in essence told the world to go **** off. That the world doesn't matter, especially not next to themself. But when I went to go for a motivation (rather than the solipsism that I just described, which I consider an aspect of their personality, rather than a motivation in itself), I ground to a complete halt. What should this character actually consider their motivation? Why are they so egocentric, so eager to bend the world to their designs, what makes them seek power and control? So, I came here. What do you guys think should be this twisted dwarf monk's raison d'etre should be?Gïddis4 Jan 17
Jan 17 Is it farfetched to assume... A demon hunter's appearance is effect by how efficiently his/her body can channel Fel energy? Im working on a back story for my DH and was wondering if that is a possibiltyTrenaris10 Jan 17
Jan 17 Zeerion Coston I've been working on a story chronicling the adventures of my main through the WoW universe and my friends, those that play and have never played, have been bugging me to put some of it someplace where people could read it. I'm pretty sure I have before, but couldn't find the post so, at the insistence of my friends, I will re-post some of the story here in another thread. I would request any feedback you have be posted in this thread as I intend to add more excerpts from it in the actual story thread. As a disclaimer, this story has little to do with current WoW lore and I have taken the liberty to change, remove, or add whatever I felt my story needed. Apparently the prologue in it's entirety is too long to put in one single post, so I will post it in sections, please forgive this, I've tried to keep it as seamless as possible to add to the immersion of the story and I will be adding more excerpts of further adventures in the future. These will take place throughout all the expansions, feel free to add any comments on them here, but again, please not in the story thread itself. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my writing. Sincerely, Zee.Zeerionjax0 Jan 17
Jan 17 Question about Trolls Let me start off by saying, I know nothing about trolls. My question is, do trolls carry last names? There's a website I use for my names (I'm sure it's a well known one) and most names do not include last names. Also, willing to take any tips.Aerithissa6 Jan 17
Jan 16 Adult age for night elf? Want to rp my DH! What's the age that a night elf would be considered a adult? Physically and mentally. I can only find old forum posts that don't explain much D:Daldorith22 Jan 16
Jan 15 Perfection (Short Story) "Mardin." Said a feminine voice, coming from behind him. Irked, Ultimaxius turned to face the voice. "I've told you my new name." Sighing, the Blood Elf Death Knight woman went up close to Ultimaxius, placing her right hand on his chest, and her left on his hip. "You told me I could call you that. You told me I was the only one." Hanging his head low, Ultimaxius placed his hands on the woman's hips. "Not in the Ebon Hold. In fact, this - this display of affection - is pushing it, Verasha." "Is it so wrong for others to see us? But that is not what I want to talk to you about." Raising an eyebrow under his helmet, Ultimaxius removed his right hand from her hip. "You came to talk?" She nodded in response. "Your sadism with your apprentices is disturbing, even to other Knights. You've been sent four, and all of them have been discarded for extreme mental instability - which they did not have before coming to you." "I try to train these pieces of scum to be perfect. It is not my fault they are incapable of it." Leaning her head to the right, Verasha blinked. "Perfect? Perfect how?" Pulling his head up, he stared off in the distance, towards the Broken Shore. "Without mercy, without feeling, without fear, without emotion. Filled with pain and rage - That which they can draw off of to become stronger." "But you yourself have emotion. You and me... us. That shows your emotion." "It is... complicated. I am imperfect - my emotion is a flaw... but... admittedly, for you, I will keep this flaw. But I cannot tolerate it in those seeking to become stronger, at least those that come to me to do so." Verasha laid her head on Ultimaxius' chest. "Eventually an initiate will come to you... and I am afraid that in your attempts to make them perfect... you will succeed." Leaning his own head down to brush against Verasha's, Ultimaxius put his right arm around her to bring her closer as the sun went down in the distance. But even his lover's fear would not be enough to stop him.Ultimaxius0 Jan 15
Jan 15 Gryphonheart Items or TRP3 Extended? I have both. I started out with Gryphonheart Items quite a while ago, and I'll say I'm fairly accustomed to it and creating items. However, a couple months ago I learned about TRP3:e, and it seems that people are choosing between the two like Pepsi and Coke. I personally have both installed and active while I create things in GHI and attempt to learn TRP3:e, but it would seem that others have chosen to choose between on or the other, leaving half of the people I try to sell my dru-- er, product to saying "Oh I don't have GHI anymore, TRP3:e is better cuz Quests". But I've run into equally as many people (if not more) that say "TRP3:e is still new and buggy, and it's too complicated, so I don't have it". I can't exactly export my GHI items I make and import them as TRP3:e items, or vice versa, so this leaves me with quite a problem. I hate trying to trade with someone and it telling me they don't have GHI, but it's equally frusterating to only see only a minute fraction (of those on ED that -do- have TRP3) that have TRP3:e. Meanwhile, I have both active. Oddly enough, I've been traded plenty of GHI stuff, but I haven't yet ever been given any kind of TRP3:e quest or item. Which is better in your opinion? Should I stick with what I'm familiar with, or learn the new craze instead? Are there any videos online for TRP3:e, and can TRP3:e even do the visual effects etc that GHI can? Is there something I can do for when I run into this kind of compatibility issue with others other than saying "Oh, ok. Just pretend like I gave it to you then"?Raedolf1 Jan 15
Jan 15 Background Lore Questions Hey World's End! Just a few quick questions, to make sure I'm not stepping on any toes lore-wise with my DH's background! Short version; ... I'm mostly worried about the horns/antlers being an issue. From what I understand, while rare, they aren't entirely impossible for my character to have, just unlikely. Also, wanted to make sure I have my pacing right. I was wanting the Third War to have occurred around 23 for Ark'andar, which would put him at about 35 currently (Is that right?). Does that sound appropriate?Arkandar9 Jan 15
Jan 15 RP Concept help: NE/BE DH/Monk Been gone from the game since Wrath, and since I didn't get to experience Cata/MoP/WoD so I choose DH to validate being gone for all those years. I've gotten really bored with it though and enjoy healing on some alts and was playing with the idea of a BE or NE Monk that WAS a DH Initiate. However, after being released from Vault of the Wardens (training incomplete) he discovered an Azeroth that had changed dramatically and instead of continuing with the Illidari he has spent the last few months at the Peak of Serenity learning to harness his Chi and try to cleanse himself of the demonic effects of having his vision burned out. Thoughts? Am I crazy, is this stupid? I like the idea a classic blind/wandering Monk and thought this made it relevant to the content. I was leaning NE since the August Celestials are technically Wild Gods just like those followed by the Druids. Thanks in advance!Jíro3 Jan 15
Jan 15 Shadowpriest voidform addon? Is there an addon who can spout rambling nonsens when voidform is activated?Samsang2 Jan 15
Jan 14 A Casual Stroll Around Azeroth So, I just had a silly idea, and thought I'd see if it would be of any interest to the community. The plan is this: roll a new character, walk everywhere, and create a written record of her journey. The real trouble with this, from my end, is that I don't have a max-level character yet, and this would just further delay that.Gazwidget2 Jan 14
Jan 14 Tauren aging So I'm confused I see two sources, one that says they reach adulthood at 15, the other says 50, and I would really like to know which one Is more accepted by the player base because this confuses me.Kórok7 Jan 14
Jan 14 A Feast with the Dead This is a short story I wrote a couple months back for my Alliance Pandaren's guild's monthly writing contest; written in that character's PoV and featuring this DK. It won, likely mostly by virtue of being one of the only entries for that month. I wrote the whole thing in one day (perhaps no more than a few hours or less) and only revised it once; as such I figure it to be rather rough for my standards. I enjoyed the idea however and I thought there was a sense of dark humor in it so I figured I'd share with more than just guild mates. Feedback in all forms is welcome of course... Of my most memorable meals is one I partook of during my second Pilgrim’s Bounty away from home. At the time I was in Duskwood, hungry and hoping to reach Darkshire. On the road my cane caught something I hadn’t anticipated. After some inspection I figured it was some form of cart. For a time I just stood there, wondering why such a thing sat unattended in the middle of the road. I called out a few times but I no one seemed to respond. As I began to move on I heard foot falls come towards me. Before I could puzzle who or what it might’ve been it was upon me. Sadly my confusion had slowed my reaction; I could only manage to keep the creature from overwhelming me completely. Just as suddenly as the snarling beast was on me she was gone. Only a single dog-like yelp informed me of what had happened. I had little time before a woman’s ethereal voice came into my ear, spouting apologies for an aggressive dog. I figured it was best to remain modest as usual, but not without a few rightful complaints. The creature itself was pretty large for a dog, not to mention rather dexterous with its forepaws. My stomach was keen to interrupt my train of thought and the woman was equally keen to capitalize with an invitation to dinner. I was a bit dubious about the idea, especially given the woman’s voice and scent, but I wasn’t about to waste an opportunity of a free meal, especially during the time of year for great feasts! Once were reached her home she informed me that the meal would be mostly meat. I figured things couldn’t be better. The idea of sharing in a smorgasbord of turkey ham and other juicy meats was making me almost thankful for that strange run in on the road. The smell when she opened the door took much of that away. The stench of death was thick inside, heavy enough to turn my stomach several times over. My host seemed unconcerned about the smell however someone did seem to apologize for it. I was led to a table and sat down to the sounds chewing and hungry growls. It seemed things were already underway. I could count at least three different voices besides my host but I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more than just them around. Between the smell the apparently localized chill and darkness of the house all seemed to make things feel more like a graveyard than someone’s home. Nevertheless I remained hopeful about the food. I couldn’t quite place the smell of what was nearby. It reminded me somewhat beef but also of pork and most certainly roasted. A plate of the stuff was set before me; thick squared cuts that reminded me a bit of steak, mixed with something softer and mushier. I took a bite out of one and was treated to a heavenly sort of taste. It was hardly like anything I had tasted before, succulent to the last bite; savory and surprisingly sweet. The mush was nearly as good, if a bit tart; certainly as fun to eat as it was tasty. Before I knew it I had cleared the plate and was asking for more. It wasn’t until the seventh helping that I thought to ask what such an excellent meal was called. “Oh…it is a rather simple recipe I recently learned from my mentor. I’m told it doesn’t get made much due to the…difficulty to keeping ingredients on hand. Luckily my dog happened to run into a merchant caravan that had apparently fallen to the ferals around here,” I paused at that point, paralyzed by a rising sense of epiphany. My eyes widened once the pieces fell into place. My mouth fell open in shock. “I thought about leaving them to the Night’s Watch but I figured making a special meal for the ghouls would be fitting of the season. It seems I’ve done far better than I needed to.” My brow furrowed with worry. In a matter of moments I had quite a few more things to worry about than starving on the road or stray carts. After a moment of sitting, primed for another bite, I simply took it and continued to enjoy my meal. In the end I left pretty soon after that moment. I have since decided to simply ignore it and try to live with the knowledge that I now find whatever races I ate then to be delicious. After all I think it may be for the best that I don’t dwell on it too much.Sinope0 Jan 14
Jan 13 Stupidity at it's Finest (Short Story) As Trugore walked down a road in Stormheim, his current (and most definitely temporary) abomination traveling companion, Sludgescab, looked at Trugore's cape. "Master, wut dat cape say." Sludgescab asked. Trugore stopped, and sighed. "This cape says: 'Sylvanas SUCKS!' " "Haha, good joke master. Wut it really say?" Turning to face Sludgescab, Trugore removed his helmet and stared his blatantly dumb companion in the eyes. "That's actually what it says." "...Oh. Why." "Because Sylvanas sucks, and she shouldn't be warchief." Scratching his head with his tiny third arm, Sludgescab looked to be in deep contemplation - at least, as deep as an abomination could delve. "Da dark lady aidden't gonna like dat." "I don't care what she does and doesn't like, you fat dolt. If it angers her enough - which I sincerely hope it does - she can challenge me to single combat. Fel, I'd up the stakes and declare Mak'gora." "Dodn't tink master very smart." Sludgescab stated, laughing afterwards. Finally, Trugore had enough. He pulled out his axe, and with a swift slash, decapitated the abomination. "Why you do dat, master." Said Sludgescab's separated head. "I'm going to leave you here. Goodbye." Trugore told him, and walked away. Perhaps, Trugore thought, he should keep a geist companion. At least he wouldn't have to tell them to shut up.Trugore0 Jan 13
Jan 13 Pandaren and the Old Gods Simply put, would it be possible for Pandaren, Wandering Isle or Mainland Pandaria, to worship the Old Gods even in secret? I know that there are cases where their influence shows on Pandaria but I wanted to ask about the Pandaren themselves.Jinzhe6 Jan 13
Jan 12 Suggestions on war cries during BL/Hero Hi Fellow travelers, I am trying to create /yell during bloodlust/Heroism/timewrap to ignite players, making them heart pounding, goose bumps, inspired, exhilarated. I am also trying this as a team-building, guild-building culture. I need a few suggestions and opinions on which one to go or any better/new suggestions. (I thought about Leeroy Jenkins and passed on that.) Options: (our guild name is Halo", so this might not work with guilds with long/funny names) 1. "In the name of <guildname>, we have power!! For Azeroth!" 2. "We are champions of <guildname>. We fight to save Azeroth! Victory or Death!" 3. "The time is upon us. Champions of <guildname>, to battle! For Azeroth!" Thank you very much and hope that you will hear our war cries in random world events. AmynizerAmynizer6 Jan 12
Jan 12 Need some Ideas on the plausible... Hey all, I'm just starting to get into wow Rp, and trying to come up with a few things for my character Serandipitus (Damn you blizzard, just one more letter ...) Before i get too deeply into playing her, I wanted to get a background rolling, which makes sence, but I didn't want to be something that wasn't plausible, or too ... Nichey~ I been wanting to play her as a Draenei that, for some reason or another would not be attuned to the light like most Draenei are, and even to the point where healed with light based magic, that it would have no, or a negative effect... Now looking around I saw that half-demons were a no-go, and regardless of my opinion on the matter, I am willing to let it slide... So excluding Demonic-ness, Is there other reasons as to why the Light would abandon someone like that? I had theorized that it was something with her bloodline, and that it is just passed down from one generation to the next. And that Actually Seran wants to redeem herself and her blood, and be accepted by the light again? ... Am I going too far off the deep end, or is this plausible...?Serandipitus11 Jan 12
Jan 12 W.E.T Community Lounge #77 ooopsie wrong number reopening as #78 in a second :)Surfgirl0 Jan 12
Jan 12 W.E.T Community Lounge #77 Greetings, fellow travellers! Welcome to the World’s End Tavern Community Lounge. As the name suggests you have arrived at the World’s End Tavern where all walks of WoW-game-life come to discuss RP, share stories, or build adventures together, and the Community Lounge is where we come to hang-out when we're not doing that. In the previous and future pages you will see a variety of randomness: idle hang-out emotes, chit-chat about this game and others, what people had for breakfast, fashionistas flaunting their latest ‘mogs, someone’s latest fascination in music, film, or interwebz, mildly zany, and hopefully amusing antics from regulars and new comers alike, in-character, out of character, and sometimes somewhere in between. Almost anything goes, -within the already established Code of Conduct Blizzard has set down (although, some flirtation with those boundaries may happen from time to time, we are careful about crossing lines). Here, the drama-llama stable is out back, so please park it there, and maintain respect for all attending. If you want a bit of a glimpse to what the atmosphere is generally like, visit the previous Lounge thread here: and past threads in the archive here: Step up to the bar, or take a table, curl up on a pillow pile, or stretch out on a chaise by the hearth. Relax and make yourself at home. **Membership fees are due at the end of the month, and damages to the property will be billed to your accounts.Brandbombe500 Jan 12
Jan 11 Gnome Death Knight RP? Yay, or nay? Also, how would I go about why Arthas would have raised them? Tinkerer that was raised to help with machines? Eccentric tactician? And how would they react to being a death knight once being freed from Arthas? Would they have a more optimistic outlook? More experimental outlook? Would they want to study more about undeath now that they are undead? Or is it something that is too far-fetched, as gnomes are not as physically strong as other races, and thus may not be quite as efficient warriors?Tandrelyna11 Jan 11
Jan 11 Theme(s) & Influences Good day!, I hope everyone's enjoying their day and so forth, Just thought in creating a rather-fun/entertaining forum post in which it'd be great to announce your avatar's theme & influences that which inspired you to create his/her specific living life within World of Warcraft's Universe. Basically what truly defined your avatar, what influenced it, and lastly, what would be their musical-theme? ( Soundtrack may be anything!! ) and how does that theme fits him/her? All in all, lets be civil and enjoy in announcing our's and also read anyone's. -prepares a banquet of bakery deliciousness, Darnassian Wine bottles, Dwarven Ale Brews & some main courses made by the finest Azerothian's cooks - Remember this......our avatars does represent a greater strength that in which may be within us, or otherwise. They're the mere representation of our potentials & wonders in which enlighten us as also into other's. I'll start with mines ~Silveneish~ (Influences & Inspirations): Orphen - Anime series: Clothing style - Silven's clothes are far un-elven and thus may be seen to most majority of his kin as "unorthodox". This symbolizes to be rather "renegade" and though not rebellious, but rather adventurous & free-spirited. PS: Feel free to see my profile for its transmog! (Themes & Soundtracks): Silven's constant Adventurous lifestyle, challenges, goals & development theme ~Soul Calibur 4 "Infinite Images"~ ~Evgeny Emelyanov "Children of Water"~ Enjoy!Silveneish6 Jan 11
Jan 11 A druid who can't transform I have a worgen druid who can't transform (she can go between human and worgen just fine though). She's a pretty good spell caster who can serve as a reliable back-up healer when needed, but she doesn't turn into a moonkin to do so. I'm putting this out there because I'm trying to come up with a reason for her inability (or perhaps refusal) to do so. I appreciate any and all suggestions.Ryung3 Jan 11
Jan 11 RP Servers, PVE End game and pacing question Hi All i'm a long term on and off again wow player who's a bit confused about the pace of the game in it's current state. I like doing 5 mans/mythics/raiding with a guild and getting to know people through the ups and downs that the game provides but I've found after i had a long break the pace of the game has changed. In 5 mans specifically PUGS everyone wants to do the content as quickly as possible, there's no respite from start to end in dungeons, and for me thats not fun. i understand that the general populous play like this now and it's me who needs to try and catch up, but when it's not fun the desire to chase that carrot through raising is gone. So my question is, for my slower "smell the roses" play style is an RP server going to be the answer? or do they smash through the end game content as fast as possible like the normal PVE ? your thoughts and comments appreciatedKopite3 Jan 11
Jan 11 Question about Worgen Curse Hello all! I'm going to be changing this Warrior to a Worgen, and I've got most of what I need from the Roleplaying Questions Collective thread, but one question that I didn't seem to get answered was how would worgen spread the curse? Let's say I want to make my Worgen young. How would she become inflicted? Could it be passed down by her parents, if both or one were Worgen?Poisonivey32 Jan 11
Jan 11 Notable feats of Durability Post down below what kind of nasty stuff your character has survived.Eviscara20 Jan 11
Jan 11 Fashion Battle™ (Horde) - Jan 29th [Fashion Battles™] by Stealthstar-Silverhand is hosting a New Years themed transmog battle. Everyone is welcome to this event! Where: Court of the Sun, Silvermoon City When:January 29th, 2017 @ (8(PM(PT), 9PM(MT),10PM(CT) , 11PM(ET)) Realm Host: Farstiders//Silverhand//Thoriumbrotherhood Theme(1): New Years Glamour - Golds, Silvers, Bronze, Reds, Purples, Greens Theme(2): N/A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Viewers: Every level, class and race is welcome to attend and watch the show. You too can dress up and show off some fashionable attire without being judged for the show. This is a free realm wide event, BUT you must be on the hosting realms to receive a "goodie bag" which is handed out at every show! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Models: Every level, class and race s welcome to model for our show. Be ready to be critiqued and ranked among your Tmog peers. More information will be added as the date comes closer! If you have any questions or are interested in modeling please add Lailah#1872 . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guild Sponsors: Any Guild is welcome to donate to our events. Donations vary from Mounts to Gold, anything helps and in return your Guild will be able to have a 255 Character Guild advertisement during the intermission of the show as well as special seating for the Guild! If you are interested in donating please add Lailah#1872 ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Job Opportunities: [Fashion Battles™] is looking for permanent Judges(3) for our shows! This is a paying job for one night. Judges must be open minded and unbiased, we are looking for people with a good attitude, and a basic knowledge of WoW Lore. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Social Media Links: Twitter: Youtube Link to the Previous Show: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to crew members of Fashion Crafters, Stealthstar, and the many supporters, volunteers and sponsors for making these events possible!Namine2 Jan 11
Jan 10 Looking for feedback on this character cocept Brief summary: Altuk was born 25 years ago among the bloodtotem, but he abandoned his tribe. he could not forgive them of the sins they committed, succumbing to the burning legion was something he can not, and will not, allow himself to look past. They have lost all honor and are nothing more then a shell of their former selves. After He left, the bloodtotem no longer welcomed him among them and would kill him on sight if he ever returned. he spent some time wondering the wilds, trying to find meaning in all that had happened, but no where would take him in. So after much thought and meditation he decided to travel to the mainland hoping to make up for his sins, and the sins of his tribe. This is just a very brief description of his past and what drives him to do the things he does, any feedback good or bad is appreciated, just please try to keep the criticism constructive.Altuk3 Jan 10
Jan 10 PSA On You're Worth It. ..first of all, I'm painfully aware this has almost nothing to do with roleplaying in any aspect. Hear me out. Friends, I'd like to call to attention; those with depression, or those going through rough times, or some sort of problem. Please, read this. Watch this, please; This is for all of you who are feeling low, or depressed. You may feel hope is lost completely, you may see that your light is dimming. Allow me to tell you right now that even in the darkest places, a light, no matter how dim, provides the warmth one needs to carry on. Shadows from the inside may be threatening to crush you into nothingness, that said..there's hope. As Joey Kramer, the Drummer of Aerosmith, wrote in his book "Hit Hard: A Story of Hitting Rock Bottom while at the Top", "There isn't something too bad there isn't some good in it." I agree wholeheartedly. If you're skeptical of why I'm saying all of this, allow me the moment to dispell your suspicions that I don't know what you're knowing through. I do, I too am fighting the fight alongside of you. I too, know the insufferable pain known as depression. You are not alone in your fight, even if you feel isolated from the whole world. There is hope, there is love. You -ARE- important, you -ARE- loved. Read this next sentence seventeen times; "YOU ARE LOVED." Did you read it seventeen times? Even if you did, read it another twenty. You're loved, you're important, you're worth living. In case you haven't been told today, or yesterday, or ever, that you're loved and valued, allow me to tell you I love you, and I value you. *hugs* Have a hug. If you ever need a person to talk to, I'm here. <3 ♥ Just in case somebody hasn't told you today, I love you. I care about each and every one of you. Remain being you, and loving who you are. ♥ Hugs.Doyce1 Jan 10
Jan 10 Dilemma: Warlock Evil ? i have a warlock, but I do not find good warlocks hero (all is evil)... because that maybe, i can not associate good personality with dark magics that he practices. After all, their spells are for death and destruction. This feeling came to light when I heard a phrase: People become corrupted from the moment they admit the "necessary evil". like guldan, orc or eredar that have become corrupted, In the end I am no different these bad guys In short: I have discovered that the necessary evil is not acceptable. It is a fallacy. I keep thinking that perhaps it is better to play with hunter, friend of animals... good guy.Albiondragon5 Jan 10
Jan 9 RP with BM hunter so hard? problem: 1. Hati: just one pet for all player... you can change skin with mimiron quest, but still Hati name and thunder/lightning effect. 2. Artifact weapon: lookslike no-sense this "thunderspark". using thunder as a projectile. beside that don't match BM with Gun. i see bm like "Protectors of animals and nature", so, no make sense use gun. better BOW. (maybe in 7.2 with new skin improve apparency)Albíon7 Jan 9
Jan 9 Monk and technology I'm trying to build a monk character but I'm really in doubt. How does well a monk character, more specifically a human, would fare with technological apparatus? I've seen many monks on the class hall, some of them wearing rags, or barefoot. This guy wouldn't really fance waking barefoot everywhere and he's also an engineer. How well a ox apprentice goes with engineering and other stuff like modern ammenities that aren't necessarily reflected into a monk's - default - way of life?Nico4 Jan 9
Jan 9 About Class Halls While wandering around in Dalaran on my pandaren Shaman (who has a sister who's a monk), I had a thought. Is there anything, outside of game mechanics, that stops other classes from visiting other classes' halls? I feel come classes would try to destroy each other on sight if they entered each others' territory (warlocks and demon hunters come to mind), but would it seem odd to see something like a monk in the Heart of Azeroth, or a druid in Trueshot Lodge?Torquebarrel10 Jan 9
Jan 8 TIFU by one shoting an entire area So, a couple of days ago I was near the Undercity. No strange deal there. I saw some lower level players (me only being level 24 so they were very low level) and I wanted to try and be social because I'm always told that I'm not social enough on multiplayer games. Jump ahead a bit to when I walked over to this small group of players and *almost* said hello. Almost. I saw group of mobs nearby that I thought were just asking to be wrecked (I know, I'm that guy) and so my Hunter instinct just took over. I started frolicking through the field slaying and murdering all manner of creature with my mighty rifle. Sometimes I laughed, sometimes I growled. Sometimes I realized what a sociopath I am. It was a good time. Until . . . As luck would have it the group of people nearby know each other IRL. And one of those people would be my fiance' who I have been with for three years. And she was with Eric her secret boyfriend At his apartment playing WoW when I thought she was at work I found this out because she recognized my character and accidentally called me by my real name TLDR: I tried to show off in WoW and found out my fiance' was cheating on me not only IRL but also in the game. Accruate depiction of the event: (Also, this is jokes if you didn't realize.)Olaydazombay0 Jan 8
Jan 8 Rp with me! I don't mean I'm looking for a romantic relationship. I mean I'm looking for someone willing to be affiliated with my character in some way, and my character with yours. If you have an interest in making a new character for the purpose of this request I'd be happy to help you level. I ask for three things: 1. Skill in RP. I know there is some great potential for you beginners out there but I'd like someone with experience in creating a believable personality. 2. An active player. I can play pretty often, and I'd like the one interested to be able to do the same - at least for the first few weeks so we can establish what we mean together. 3. Attentiveness. As part of being an active player you actually need to play the game. I've had an experience in the past where my RP partner was playing two separate games at once and it lead to replies every 8 minutes. It was unbearable. Please show me attention and I'll do the same with you. Okay, so who is my character? You can find out pretty much everything about her here (I promise it's authentic and fun to read): Some Ideas of where you could fit? 1. The simplest way is just associate your character as a friend (or enemy) of Alex. 2. Create a character to fit into Alex's history (you'll need to read her wiki.) Options could be, but are not limited to: Sera Belmont, Alex's lifetime friend. (she was an illusionist, so she might not have died.) Olivia Rosewood, Alex's Mother (She is presumed deceased, but that doesn't have to be the case) An old band mate Chris Kaplan, Alex's ex. A sibling or close family member (I'd be happy to edit her as having siblings.)3. A fellow musician who wants to collaborate. Please feel free to give other ideas or let me know if you have interest but something is stopping you. More than one person can have a part in this character (even on the basis of multiple siblings, should many be interested in sharing her history.)Alexañdrìa1 Jan 8
Jan 8 Sandfury RP questions Hello all, i have some questions about how viable role playing a sandfury troll would be. I am fairly new to RP but i have always loved troll lore and the desert trolls are very interesting to me, so I was wondering if anyone had any advice on the best way to go about doing this. I know sandfury's are not with the horde so they would not be welcome in horde cities. Also what loas would they be most likely to worship, after reading the loa wiki i was thinking Mueh'zala, but i also read they worship the hydra Gahz’rilla but he is not actually a loa, is this correct?. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.Zuljaman1 Jan 8
Jan 8 Death Grip Speculation I figured I'd offer an opportunity to speculate on interpretations of some of Blizzard's abilities; in this particular case the Death Knight's Death Grip. Generally I personally have, or have otherwise thought to, use Death Grip in rp two main ways; the conventional pulling living beings to me and the similar but (to my knowledge) unsupported pulling inanimate objects to me. What other uses of Death Grip would you folks think might be possible; perhaps a mutation to have it work in the opposite order? Perhaps a more precise grip upon enemy weapons and/or armor? Furthermore if you rp a DK what peculiar uses for Death Grip have you had?Sinope9 Jan 8