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Mar 5 Do Shamans use Spells? Or do they have spell-like abilities that are called spells for gameplay purposes? ... So to my understanding, the act of casting a spell consist on manipulating magical energies to warp reality. But the shaman doesn't warp reality, nor does he control any energy. He has a pact with the Elementals, and this creatures do the healing, the lighting, the lava and everything else. But the Shaman is just someone asking for their services, he doesn't cast spells, he just calls the Elementals.Vincenzo2 Mar 5
Mar 5 A question on Blood Elf IC Classes So, I'll be moving to Horde soon on this character and would like to ask a question that's rather bothered me in terms of all of this: What other Melee fighters are there besides being the In-Game Class: Monk? I've been RPing Monks since MoP has come out- with the second rendition of Qelric to Asa here. Since I'll be moving to Horde and obviously making him a blood elf (Cuz well...I PVP hardcore as well- Arcane Torrent is -VERY- appealing) what other physically capable classes- mixed with the arcane knowledge of the elves is out there? My first thoughts immediately are things like Battle-Mages and Spellbreakers. But I don't want to be that one edgy guy who RPs them as well...As much as I love guild RP, people don't usually look upon those classes well (from my experience) in a walk-up stand point, often being seen as edgy. I don't want to go strictly with Warrior, as I could only you Staves/Polearms/Fist Weapons, and wouldn't be able to go much further out of it. So- could I get some help? It'd be greatly appreciated.Asä5 Mar 5
Mar 3 Cross Classes Post Hey guys! I don't know if it's against the rules, me doing this, but I posted a comprehensive plan to adding Cross Classes to the game in the General Discussion forum, and I thought you guys here in the World's End Tavern might enjoy it! Check it out! Sorry, Blizz, if I'm not supposed to do this! I couldn't figure out which would be the best forum to post it in.Mitsmccoy0 Mar 3
Mar 3 Player-Avatar Identity Hello! I am a graduate student at the University of Alabama and a long time WoW player (although, I am currently in a brief hiatus due to school. Priorities, right?). For one of my classes, I am looking into identity development/maintenance through avatar creation in video gaming. As part of the class, we are to create a survey, and then get at least 100 participants to take the survey (afterwards, we will do magic stats-math to verify the reliability and validity of the survey). This is where I need your help. I am calling upon the WoW community to lend me 5-10 minutes of your time to partake in this brief activity/survey. All that you would need to do is: 1) create a new WoW avatar (just need to create one, no need to play it) 2) take a 5-10 minute survey about your experience creating the new avatar (link: Yes, it is that simple! The survey is anonymous and there will be no way to connect responses to the participant or the created avatar. I would greatly appreciate your participation. For Azeroth! (And Knowledge!)Prythia8 Mar 3
Mar 3 Dwarf Class Lore Help? Hello, Any ideas on which class may be more lore friendly for a Dwarf? Paladin or Shaman? How would a Dwarf follow the Light and still also believe in his Earthen Heritage and relationship to the Titans? Would following a Titanic Watcher like Tyr or using a weapon like Ashbringer (created by a Dwarf) or The Silver Hand (Tyr's Weapon) Truthguard (Made by Tyr) give him reason to? What about being a Shaman? How could he be one with the Elements and still of the Earthen Heritage? Didn't the Titans imprison the Elements? Or maybe he can unite the Elements together and be able to call upon them to aid him? How would the Artifact weapons play a role for him as well? As they seem to have no Dwarf history with them? I would like to see everyone else's input or ideas on how each class can be represented by a Dwarf. Thanks in advance.Noghorimli8 Mar 3
Mar 3 A Hammer Reforged (IC) [Anyone is free to join, welcome and have fun :)] Chesz steps through the arch into the Sanctuary of the Void within Netherlight Temple. His eyes pass over Mort, who is kneeling in front of the wall of candles which are the only things to bring light into the enveloping darkness, as his attention is more drawn to the aesthetics of the room. Chesz shoots the guards that escorted him a few weary glances over his shoulder, noticing their bodies are tense and prepared to stand against him should the warlock try anything. After several moments of silence, Mort speaks, his voice ragged with what seems to be exhaustion, “I told you I could get you in here. You’re being watched, of course, so please behave yourself.” Chesz softly smiles under his hood, “Me? Behave? Always.” Mort grasps his trusty staff from in front of him and stands up, turning to face his former mentor. “I see you’ve finally decided on which side to join. You’ve also left your new pet outside like I’ve asked. Surprised you listened.” Chesz’s jaw clenches for a second before he replies through gritted teeth, “It wasn’t about sides. It was never about sides. It was about… family. Those that passed and those that came.” Mort paces within the shadows, only his silhouette being slightly visible, “And how’s that family treating you now?” “The Legion leaves no time for family. I had to focus. Comes back to where I’m at my strongest.” Chesz draws his dagger, earning him glares from the guards watching, but he simply rubs his fingers against the blade, “You haven’t called me here to discuss my choices. Have you found something?” Mort chuckles before returning to the wall of candles, his back to the warlock, “Your black blood made you plenty potent. Don’t lie to yourself as to why you’ve made the decisions you’ve made. But yes, I have found something. Rather, somethings actually.” The priest raises his hand and wafts it over the candles. Many of them snuff out, the remainder forming the shape of a spiked, burning hammer- the emblem of the Twilight Hammer. “The Twilights have taken advantage of the situation. They’ve begun regrouping. With our forces being focused on the Legion, they’ve had free reign in searching for more prisons or… deceased generals of the Void.” With another wave of his hand the candles once again shift, some relighting while others extinguish. This time they form the recognizable emblem that’s plastered on every naga standard. “They’re not without help. The naga are also aiding them. Scouring the seas looking for anything the sea may have swallowed.” Mort turns to face Chesz, surprised to see his mentor’s face devoid of emotion. Taking a few steps toward him and leaning on his staff, Mort continues, “The shadows spoke. They tell of the Twilight’s ritual to tear a rift through the Void and bring through horrors. On the other hand, the naga may be coming close to the husk of a C’thraxxi.” At this, Chesz finally speaks, “Hmm. The “shadows” spoke? Wouldn’t they want to devour us all or something like that?” Mort nods, “They do. Sometimes. Those creatures are surprisingly fickle. Some want only to devour life. Others want to devour their brethren to cull the weak.” “So you trust them?” “Of course not! They can still be used, however. Their kind manipulated Azeroths denizens for years. It’s time to return the favor. Here, take this and gather your allies. Put an end to this so we may continue focusing on the Legion.” Mort hands Chesz a letter and turns away, his eyes watching all the candles slowly flicker back to life. “One more thing, old friend. That ritual we discussed a while back? It might work to bind one of the entities to your dagger. Would make a good companion for that floating skull of yours. Good luck, Mad One.” Chesz takes the letter, quickly skimming it before putting it in a pocket, “Thank you, Mortumbra. It’s good to have you back.” Without another word Chesz turns and heads for the portal out of the Temple, escorted by the guards. Stepping out of the portal, Chesz is back in the Sunreaver Sanctuary. The lifeless skull of a Wrathguard that was seemingly discarded on the floor springs to life and hovers by his masters’ side. How’d it go? Found out anything? Are we going anywhere? “Oh yes, Arax. We’re going on an adventure. We just have to rally the troops.” Ugh. Which ones? They normally hold us back anyway. You’re not getting those Ally’s are you? Chesz lets the skull ramble as he stops by a mailbox, quickly scribing several copies of a letter down and sending them out- some to his compatriots while also leaving a few letters on top of the mailbox to be picked up by anyone. The letter reads “Two locations- Eastern Grizzly Hills by the coast. Northern Badlands by Uldaman. Could be something, could be nothing. Come find out.” Chesz dumps the letters into the box, leaves a few on top of the mailox, and turns to make his way for the Badlands.Chesz22 Mar 3
Mar 3 Good Inn/Tavern RP Spots Hello! Mai-Rin Sweetpaw - my pandaren - is a travelling chef & barmaid. She runs a pop-up restaurant called The Golden Blossom. ((All on WrA)). Are there any good empty (not a lot of NPC) inns around Azeroth to use? I know there are a fair few in Pandaria but I don't know of that many in other places besides the usual ones in Stormwind and Ironforge.Ninå4 Mar 3
Mar 2 Role playing a boosted character Just a quick question to see if others experienced it, but how would you handle the surge in power of a character you played until level 20 for example, and the you choose to boost him or her ? Could you see things like he disappeared several years to train, and retcon his original story to have happened several years ago My second option would be the he found an artifact granting him this power ( not the artifact weapon because I don't role play my characters as actually having them and being the hero of the story ) but then it makes him dependent on that artifact ! Any ideas? Huge thanks in advance :)Khaydan8 Mar 2
Mar 2 Draenei: Why Didn't You Stay? The Purge of Shattrath could simultaneously be one of the most tragic and noble events in WoW lore. To ensure the continuation of the Draenei race, countless volunteers chose to stay behind in the doomed city to make it seem as though the entirety of their race had been eradicated. These selfless heroes came from all walks of life, from powerful vindicators to meek, humble commoners. Even children counted among the ones to sacrifice themselves. But for whatever reason, the player's draenei wasn't one of them. OUR draenei were one of the ones to squirrel themselves into hiding, eventually boarding the Exodar and taking the ill-fated pilgrimage to Azeroth. So why didn't you stay? What was your reason for fleeing with the others? A rough question to be sure, but throwing your life away even for the most noble of purposes can be too much to ask of someone. Could you not find the courage? Were you talked out of it by a loved one? Did you want to protect what was left of your kind? Were you not even born yet? There could be any number of reasons, so what's yours?Vuzeng10 Mar 2
Mar 1 When Your Kids Start Dating (Scenario RP) So, let's say you have a son or daughter that is finally of age to start dating other young people this holiday! (Even if you don't have a kid, pretend you do!) As the parent, what would you say and/or do upon meeting your son/daughter's date for the first time? Would you be passive aggressive as a protective parent? Would you smile and approve of their date? Would you do everything in your power to destroy the "kid stealing your baby"? Or would you be that parent that goes out of their way to make your kid's first date amazing? Just a short reply will do. Have a happy Love Is In The Air season!Silvanni17 Mar 1
Mar 1 How to rp a Death Knight All I have for Vikctoria a blood night elf dk is that she's evil with a sense of humor that was cursed by a necklace she found that turned her vampiric but not undead, then arthas finished her off and raised her. That's it, Nothing exciting yetDaralyyia15 Mar 1
Mar 1 Help Can you guys help me? I dont exactly know how to rolepaly but it looks really fun to do and if you could help me out that would be awesome. Thanks!Iranadorgine7 Mar 1
Feb 28 can demon hunters have families? i know they're not dead so they must be able to reproduce but would them being shunned prevent them from having children? are they allowed to have families? i'm under the assumption that demon hunters just feel pain and torment-- as well as rage-- and their only purpose is to get rid of the demons? what would they do if they successfully extinguished the legion?Veriea12 Feb 28
Feb 28 Cosmic Force vs Magic School Are they the same? Or maybe not? As we know the six Cosmic Forces are Light, Void, Life, Death, Order and Chaos. And the Magic Schools are Holy, Shadow, Nature, Necromancy, Arcane and Fel. One is the cause, the next the effect. But can the effect be caused by a different cause? In other words, can you cast spells from one magic school even though you are not using its respective cosmic force? We see a Shaman (Nature) casting his Elemental magic (Nature), and then we see a Mage (Arcane) also controlling the Elements (Nature). I know the fundamental functionality of a Shaman is very different from that of a Mage. A Shaman uses his Spirit (Life/Nature) to communicate with the Elements to cast his spells. A Mage taps into the Arcane ley lines that exist in the world to manipulate the Elements, whether this Elementals want it or not. However, this is how their Sources of Power work. The Spell, the effect, is the same, it's an Elemental (Nature) spell, casted using two different Cosmic Forces. The fire used by the Shaman is no different from the one used by the Mage. The Shamans can even hear the spirit of the Mage's fireball. Can this be expanded to other sources as well? Like a Necromancer or a Warlock that uses the Arcane ley lines to cast their respective school spells? That would explain why so many of the Nighthold bosses uses many different Schools of Magics, despite all of them using the Nightwell, a source of Arcane power, to empower their magics.Vincenz3 Feb 28
Feb 28 My Character is a Writer. In-game Novel? Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement. Hello fellow Role Players! I have been role-playing for about a year now. I have loved it ever since I discovered this new form of enjoying World of Warcraft. That is not, however, why I decided to open a new topic on these forums. As the title suggests, yes, my character is supposed to be a sort of historian and a writer. But how can these aspects of my character's role come alive in the game while role-playing? It so happens that a few months after I begun role-playing, I was recommended to install the Gryphonheart Items add-on (, which would prove very useful for making 'fake items' for the sake of role play immersion. Is there a role-player who does not enjoy immersion--though for some reason there might be a few. Anyhow, I installed the add-on and never really used it, until now. Yes, my first paladin character, I decided, would be shaped as a templar knight; a type of cleric or pilgrim who journeyed across Azeroth and wrote the stories of his adventures, and other important historical events. However, I decide to start with something easier than writing about actual Warcraft history. That is, I decided to write an in-game novel. I spent a few minutes lurking through the forums and it seems that many people have written fan fiction novels, or novels about the background story of their characters. My in-gane novel is no such thing--though it could be considered fan fiction. It is simpler. It will be very short, and it will look like one of those books a player can read if they visit Stormwind's Library, or any place where Horde keeps their books (Apologies, not very familiar with Horde locations). The novel is fictional. Meaning, the story may take place during a specific timeline, but does not connect directly with any specific and influential events of the World of Warcraft. I have just begun this project. Will I post it on the forums? Perhaps. I think I might make a blog around my paladin, seeing as not many people use GHI. Why am I sharing this? I enjoy telling and reading stories, and I wouldn't like this story to be unknown. It might be boring, uninteresting, or fun and exciting. Who knows? I am enjoying myself, which is what matters most to me. And it has to fit in to Warcraft's canon. I want to know what the forums think of this manner of immersive role play. Does anyone find it intriguing, fun, or just too much? Is anyone else up to the challenge of learning how to format and write the novel in one of those in-game tiny books? Once this project is finalized, I will provide the novel to any player who has the add-on because the 'fake items' can only be made, seen, and utilized with the add-on. I am on Wyrmrest Accord and thinking I might Realm Hop because role player dedication in my realm is on decline. I welcome recommendations. Please, share your thoughts on what I've said. What's better? A blog or a blog and the in-game novel? Thank you for your visit!Erasmvs4 Feb 28
Feb 27 I'm looking to Role-play a Worgen Hello all, As the title states, I'm looking to role-play a Worgen character. My rules are: Only use gold that I get from questing and selling random things I pick up / possibly join a guild for guild repairs... as that would get expensive. Professions are Herb and Alchemy. Complete every quest in the zone, and explore every zone to get the achievements. Go in expansion order: Vanilla, BC, WoTLK, Cata, MOP, WoD and Legion. My only question is, what class should I play as? I started playing out as a Worgen Hunter earlier, however I really do not like the way the class progresses. Its not like it was back during MOP and its just not fun to me. I was thinking a Warrior? What do you think? What is a good RP class?Seranas3 Feb 27
Feb 27 I ain't a blood elf. "Alistaire Sunshatter was a promising new squire to the Crimson Order of Light, a sect of paladins charged with protecting Quel'Thalas. His life changed forever when Arthas and the scourge marched on the sin'dorei capitol and decimated the elf population. While defending the ill-fated Suncrown Village, Alistaire fell in battle and had to be carried to safety by his fellow paladins. The blood elf remained unconscious long after the battle and it became clear to the order that he would likely never open his eyes again. He was left in the care of his priestess sister, Candice, in Fairbreeze Village. It was believed that, even the light, would not save the youth..." Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's the story of this body that I'm ridin' around in, but that ain't MY story. You guys can call me Flik. Flick Gearstripper. No, not THAT Gearstripper! Geez, if my family had invented the samophlange do ya think I'd be talkin' to YOU? For cryin' out loud.... (mutter) Anyway, I used ta work for the cartel out in Everlook. Nah, I wasn't anyone you ever hearda. I was small-time. But I was tryin' ta get into the big leagues, y'know? I was never buff enough to become a Booty Bay bruiser or anything tough like that.... and I wasn't really smart enough to cut it as an engineer in Gadgetzan neither. Heh, but I've got quite the eye for jewelry and I can cut gems like it ain't no one's business. That's uhh, how I got into this mess... So, the cartel out in Everlook, we specialized in forgery and the nearby giants made it a lucrative venture! You ever heard of, "azsharite?" [The blood elf grins in an unsettling manner] It's a very, "rare," [he uses hooked fingers for quotation marks] and pretty blue, "gem." [there is sarcasm in Flik's voice] Well, not too many people know... but it ain't rare, precious OR a gemstone. It's poop. More specifically, it's giant's poop.Flik2 Feb 27
Feb 27 Is Saying Mu/Moo Offensive to Tauren? So... in WoW, the language of the tauren is Taur'ahe, and in Taur'ahe, "Mu" means "Hi." Yes. Moo = Hello. My question is... if my elf goes up to tauren and says "Mu" to them in greeting... is it racist? Is it like "ONLY WE CAN SAY THAT, HOW DARE YOU!" If he follows it up with a steak joke, he's sure to get hoof-stomped... but he's fascinated by shu'halo culture, so that's highly unlikely.Towanokee17 Feb 27
Feb 27 How to rp a very good dark character? I want to rp as a good very dark rp character as you can tell by my threads (I haven't been to successfully forming my character) It isn't coming out to well. Lets be honest it sucks. So how do i rp a very good dark characterLunnaya6 Feb 27
Feb 27 Thank you guys for the help today Thank you guys for the help today. I'm gonna go for a week to level this char, finally create a good rp char for her, and get out of wrath. So thank you guysLunnaya1 Feb 27
Feb 26 tauren druids and the moon Hello, I know tauren druids have skills that incorporate the moon, such as moonfire. I was wondering if there is any lore relationship between taurens (or tauren druids) and the moon worship, or if this was made for Night Elves but was necessary for tauren to have for gameplay reasons.Luzcruz4 Feb 26
Feb 26 Magic conversion theory Hello, this is a theory i have been trying to discuss about the nature of magic and how the 6 different forms of magic energies (Light, Shadow, Arcane, Fel, Life and Necromancy) interact between them. I think that magic energies can be transformed from one type to another, just like how mechanical energy can be converted into electric energy in the real world. However, i also think that some energies cannot become others, in other worlds there are limitations in what type of conversions are possible. Also once something has been transformed into another, it's probably not possible to revert that transformation. First, the Light, the Light is the origin of everything, and that probably includes the other magics as well, however i find unlikely that the Light can become Necromancy or Fel energy directly. So the Light would be the origin of Life, Arcane and Shadow. Only Shadow can become Light again, and only the Light can create Shadow. Life. Life is used by Druids, Shamans and Monks. However, Life energy can also be used as a sacrifice to empower more evil forms of magic such as Necromancy and Fel. Thus, Life energy can be converted into Necromancy and Fel. Arcane, used by Mages. We also have seen how Arcane can be used to obtain Necromancy and Fel magic. Thus Arcane can be converted into both Fel and Necromancy, similar to Life energy. Then we have Fel, and we have seen how many Warlocks are also pretty competent necromancers, it is very likely that Fel energy can be converted into Necromancy. And then Necromancy, that, although cannot convert into anything else, it can be obtained using Arcane, Life, Fel and even Shadow energies. All of this is just a theory, since the Chronicles books doesn't dig too much into the interactions between the different forms of magic.Vincentiu5 Feb 26
Feb 26 W.E.T. Community Lounge #82 Salutations friends! And now it looks like it's my turn...... Here's a link to our last lounge thread And here's the way to the Lounge Archive: Now play nice. Ignore folks making crashing entrances, Brand's got a gadget that fixes those openings magically. Cuddle or sprawl on whatever your favorite furniture is to sprawl on. Plenty of food and drink available at all hours. Just remember to clean up your dirty dishes when you're done.Shadowdamna500 Feb 26
Feb 26 Help with two backstories for a gender change Sup guys, I have a quick/weird question for you. So 6 years ago, I changed Grayjoy here from a dude nelf to a lady elf. It was the right call, but sometimes I get neurotic and disappointed that I made her a dude in the first place as it disconnects me a bit from the character as a whole. So I came up with two "backstory" ideas that justify the gender swap from an RP angle. I wanted to know if they seem logical and which you think is better: 1) Grayjoy the uh, lady version is in fact the twin sister of the dude version, who died in late 2011 when I was home from colleg-I mean at the hands of Deathwing. Being close twins, Grayjoy male and Grayjoy female are effectively the same character in terms of identity and closeness. So this is the sister of the rogue I created way back when. 2)Grayjoy, being a rogue and all, disguised herself as a dude for the majority of her leveling process. Why she would do so in a matriarchal society with no advantage to be gained is another story. I'm thinking she was a Maiev loyalist/traditionalist. So yeah, sorry this is neurotic and weird but I'd really like to justify by gender-bending RP-wise and those seem like the rough sketches of my best two options. Let me know y'alls thoughts.Grayjoy2 Feb 26
Feb 26 Dh and arcane Hey everybody hope your doing well- I had a lore question I was unsure of. When making this character I made his tat's purple to symbolize that he still has a strong connection with the Arcane(order) that helps him control his inner demon/fel energy (chaos) Does that make sense, lore wise? Or would his ability to draw on the arcane of been cut after becoming a demon hunter?Taelihs4 Feb 26
Feb 25 50 Shades of Green: A Druid Love Story "I'm going to show you my true form now," the bear growled. "Don't be alarmed." The nightelf novice nodded, eyes wide. She'd read about such transformations but had never seen one before. But here in Nighthaven, away from the protection of the Sentinels and Priestesses of Elune, all she thought she knew fled her. A shimmer and the bear vanished. "Holy cow," she exclaimed. A tauren stood before her, his leather armor glistening in the sunlight. He was big--the biggest thing she'd ever seen. "Now we're going to queue for Warsong Gulch," he snorted. "You won't like it, but you've got to get used to pain if you truly want to be a healer." She nodded slowly, suddenly afraid. He sensed her fear. "And darling," he mooed. "Everything is your fault. Always and forever. Such is the fate of those who gear for Restoration." FINMalazoth0 Feb 25
Feb 25 Should I install XRP in addition to TRP3? As I understand it, TRP3 offers many unique features (at-a-glance, for example) that are only viewable to other TRP3 users, while XRP is more conservative (and concise) about what information it stores. For XRP users, even if they do not use TRP3 themselves, it will be worthwhile to install TRP3 just for the sake at looking others' profile. But for TRP3 users like myself, what benefits will we get from installing XRP? The only benefit I can think of is XRP's cross-realm support. But is there more to that? Also, are there any known compatibility issue arising from installing both TRP3 and XRP? This might be a question about Mary Sue Protocol in general, but what will TRP3 and XRP do when users have profiles in both TRP3 and XRP? Thank you.Selenius5 Feb 25
Feb 25 Any idea on how i can replace arm I rp Lunnaya (Lune-ay-ya) and she just lost an arm to a demon. She's not Scourge or even undead or San'laynish yet. But once she is i want her arm to be regrown but not at it's normal state. Kinda evil looking. This is for art reasons and RP reasons. Any ideas and/or referencesLunnaya7 Feb 25
Feb 24 Azerothian Astrology & The Darkmoon Faire I am the leader of a Worgen pack guild, and I've ran into somewhat of a confusing predicament concerning Azeroth's moons. Being "Worgen", in no small part in reference to both lore and folklore/culture, the scheduling of many of my guild's events have been aligned with the phases of the Moon. Specifically, a guild-wide hunt on the Full Moon (Full Moon = "Fullest Potential"), and official initiations into the pack on the New Moon (New Moon = "New Beginnings"). Killing Moonfang at the Darkmoon Faire has, in the past, also become part of our monthly tradition for the New Moon phase. This is where I've run into the confusion. During the creation of this tradition and the months that followed, The Darkmoon Faire had lined up almost perfectly with the New Moon. For this reason, I had assumed that's why this "Dark Moon" Faire was held on these days. In recent days, however, you could say they have "fallen out of alignment" so to speak. This is, of course, in relation to the moon's phases in the real world, which moves around and varies from one month to the next. The Darkmoon Faire, evidently, is scheduled around "starting the second Sunday of each month". This leaves me conflicted as to if we should continue RPing the phases of the moon as they are in the Real World, or if we should go in relation to the Darkmoon Faire in-game. There are plenty of instances of Moon Phases of Azeroth's Moons, so we at least know that it happens. My question here is, is there any lore or other source stating that the Darkmoon Faire is always held during the time of the New Moon? Are there any other references in-game of when exactly the Moon Phases occur? What is more, do we have any knowledge as to what kind of phases the "Blue Child" (the second moon) may or may not go through as well, or is it only the "White Lady" that is known to go through phases? It would likely be best for me to simply separate the celebration of the New Moon from the Moonfang Kill tradition/ritual entirely, but I am reluctant to do that.Raedolf4 Feb 24
Feb 24 have you seen my wife We battled in a small tauren camp when we were separated--she held three of the Bristlebacks off by herself. But the odds began to overwhelm us. I led some away only to see her overwhelmed by newcomers. In my rage, I turned to face my enemies, but they brought me down easily with their vast numbers. I awoke to a tauren druid tending my wounds--he had come across me on the Gold Road as I fell. Please, forum poster, find some sign of my wife.Mankrlk10 Feb 24
Feb 23 Suggestions on how to RP a BE Warrior So here's the background: my wife loves elves. I hate them. My best friend/roommate also has elves on this server. I used to play WRA Alliance Dwarven warriors. I've always liked Dwarves. I can't play the other horde races because of various reasons (orcs, pandaren and tauren too big, forsaken and goblins look too goofy,) so I'm going to play an elf warrior but I don't want to play an agile duelist or anything like that. I want to play a blazing lunatic ala the battleragers from D&D 2nd Edition (and beyond.) How can I merge my love of dwarven battleragers and this particular elf? How can I make an elf that fits lore that I also can stand RPing as?Henluin6 Feb 23
Feb 23 Rp story boards? Are there boards where someone goes to start to a story, then lets the commentators continue it? If so, is it under the Worlds End Tavern or is it under a different heading? Thanks.Brig2 Feb 23
Feb 22 Brainstorming: Elite Five Giddis Blackbolt currently has two incarnations, the one I'm posting on now, and the other one you may have seen posting here and there with accented letters. Both of them have loyal minions, this one has exactly five, who're each talented in their own rights. One of them is also his mount (a red drake) named Sierrastrasza. However, currently, Sierrastrasza is the only one I have fully fleshed out. Which is why I created this brainstorming topic. I want help creating the other four, as well as deciding on a proper "group name," for what they call themselves collectively. Until then, I'm using "Elite Five" as a filler title. Please note: the Elite Five are not all warlocks/mages. Sierrastrasza herself is closer to a priestess than a mage.Giddis7 Feb 22
Feb 22 Transmog Newb Hello folks, I am in dire need of assistance. You see I've been rping on wow for roughly five months now, and my gear for rp isn't transmogged. I store it all in my banks / bags and am real tired of taking up all my storage space. Also tired of when I want to rp having to fly to the nearest bank and grabbing my gear, I also live in fear of selling my gear on accident and not noticing. SO I need help finding a transmog. The current armor he wears is a mix match of just plate and a low level shoulder that I bought. Nothing flashy, that's the big thing about my character he's poor as all hell and the armor is functional. Thank you in advance!Gandrey7 Feb 22
Feb 22 Best Question a Role Player Should Ask Obviously, this is my own personal opinion. And, just as obviously, though I think I'm right, some of you may disagree. You are certainly welcome to! However, please don't flame and get salty if you do disagree; we are all here to enjoy the awesomeness of Role Play. Now, just what is this question? And why do I think it is so important? Well, simply because Role Play is absolutely wonderful and answering this question serves to make it even more enjoyable! What will make Role Playing more immersive for me? My personal answer is the regular inclusion of a character's five senses while posting. This is so important and delightful for me that I even got out the old soap box, scrubbed her up and set her to text. For anyone interested, please visit: I'd love to hear from you guys! What heightens immersion for you? What things make Role Playing just that much more enjoyable for you? Or, on the flipside, what kills or dampens the enjoyment for you? And of course, comments and suggestions concerning my own answer are always welcome! The more thoughts the merrier!Sadist8 Feb 22
Feb 22 What is wrong with Sistergoblin?! Getting there. What is wrong with Sistergoblin?! After receiving a job promotion to one of the cities in the lands controlled by the Orcs. She began to realize that there was something slightly off . Everyone knew that goblins were the best at the art of the sales and profiting yet here she was supervising a rather unusual bunch of sale associates. Many of them still had issues with how the last supervisor left them. One day without warning he just left. What did they expect from an undead rogue. The dark lady calls and they drop everything to answer her. She thinks to herself. 'Loyal, like dogs.' "Hmmm" she sounds out loud. ' Dogs like bones. Undead become bones. I can see the connection now that I think about it now.' She rolled her eyes. 'The great and wonderful Ezekiel'. Now there is an undead rogue I would gladly hunt down.' If that was not bad enough these associates just had to celebrate the passing of the supervisor before the undead 'great and wonderful Ezekiel'. It was no less then a female blood elf that went by the name of Calara. Now who in their right mind would put a blood elf in charge of sales. Everyone knows that elves get distracted with s.e.x. and they will lay with anything then give the profits away as a gift. Now the one thing that was not widely known by everyone that elves could do extremely well, other than the first thing I mentioned, is cooking. What they can do with butter is truly awe inspiring. The trouble was that not many elves ever wrote down the recipes. Not to mention that they are all extremely fit. Live everyday as if it were your last and you will find that excess on the body does not stay. Sistergoblin's stomach suddenly grumbled.Sistergoblin1 Feb 22
Feb 22 [Short Story] Cloaked in Red Volanis Emberstride stared into the mirror. For all of his vanity, there was still one scar he would never- could never- get rid of. Starting from the tip of his nose, and ending at his browline, the entire upper right half of his face had been burnt badly, the result of taking a firebolt at point blank. It wasn't that he couldn't magic It away. Far from it, he knew a spell specifically designed to shift scar tissue until it was unrecognizable from normal skin. He just refused to forget the sin of wrath that he had committed. Not for the first time, his mind drifted back in time. To when he had committed his sin, and nearly died for it. If not for one man with whom he was now friends, in spite of their mutual vitriol.Giddis3 Feb 22
Feb 21 Heroes & Horrors: GnomeTECH R&D(Story So Far) (Disclaimer: Please Do Not Post In This Thread. If you want to comment, or are unaware of what Heroes & Horrors is, please check out the forum thread below.) Welcome, both members of the standard WoW and H&H RP communities! Fairly recently, I created a thread proposing a sort of RP leveling challenge to the community, and since then we've finally formed our first party! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the first Heroes & Horrors campaign...GnomeTECH R&D! A story featuring a party of Gnomes and their strong Dwarven companion as they work under the mysterious HAL, a secretive director of the GnomeTECH engineering firm. As they travel throughout the world of Azeroth, they shall encounter various unique quests and challenges given to them by HAL, all in the pursuit of preserving Gnomanity and the world. What lies ahead is a tale of friendship, tragedy, and intrigue. Today, we held our first little micro-session to situate things and to establish character bases. By next Thursday on the 26th of January, we will be ready to conduct our very first full session, where we will be 100% In-Character. Screenshots: Next week after our first session, I will be posting a synopsis of the campaign's plot and descriptions of each of our cast members and their backgrounds. From then on, every week after our sessions, I will post a story update on this thread for everyone interested in it to see! See you all next time on the 26th!Redchevalier11 Feb 21
Feb 21 Thoughts on Horde RP and city setup. Hello! I am Abbeel. I have RPed in WoW for the last 10 years. After Wrath of the Lich King I went Horde almost exclusively until one year ago. In the last year or so I have RPed on Alliance almost exclusively until I came back to Horde this month. I want to share the thoughts I've collected on what has caused the poor state of Horde RP. Firstly, this information is mostly about my experiences on Wyrmrest Accord, but I assume it applies to Moon Guard and possibly other RP servers as well. Furthermore I'm speaking almost exclusively about walk-up RP; which I will define as RP that occurs without initial planning and possibly between strangers in the open world. Stormwind is the capital of the Alliance, host to all manner of portals to various places across Azeroth, making it the home of choice for most Alliance-players. It also happens to be the biggest RP hub in WoW. So large and popular that all of its districts have distinct atmospheres with the exception of the Trade District, which has next to no RP due to it being the one area where the majority of players spend their time OOC. Horde has two major RP hubs. Silvermoon City and Orgrimmar. This causes a large and damning split down the faction's RPers. The majority of Blood Elf(The most popular race) RP occurs in Silvermoon, while Orgrimmar is host to the majority of other races. This split isn't necessarily the worst part of Horde's RP scene. Silvermoon City has a lot of fantastic features that make it a nice place to RP. There are lots of small social hubs and meeting areas across the city, including two bars and plenty of smaller unused buildings. The city features chairs, which sounds unimportant, but empty chairs around a table designate a place for people to gather and meet. Silvermoon City has two auction houses which are both located well out of the way of possible meeting spaces for RPers, which is a very good thing. RPers do not gravitate to areas where many people are doing tasks relevant to actual gameplay like quest givers, teleportation hubs, AHs and banks. This is to avoid other players who aren't necessarily in-character interrupting their roleplay. RPers also avoid areas that are overpopulated with NPCs, as it can often be immersion-breaking having a pile of NPCs located in the middle of what would be an RP. Silvermoon doesn't have a lot of unneeded RPs taking up the places where players could be RPing. The downsides to Silvermoon are simple and large. Silvermoon is simply inconvenient. It is far out of the way and lacks portals. Silvermoon does not allow flying, which forces a lot of players away for their non-RP needs. It doesn't suit anyone as a hearthstone home and it takes about 5 minutes to get from Orgrimmar(the major hub for Horde) to Silvermoon, possibly longer if they need to take the zeppelin to Undercity and use the orb to teleport to Silvermoon instead of using the portals in Dalaran. Less major is the theme of Silvermoon doesn't fit most Horde races well. Orgrimmar, on the other hand, is very convenient. It has every convenience that Stormwind City has. It is easy to navigate and friendly to its players game needs. However, Orgrimmar lacks a large deal of what Silvermoon and Stormwind offer. The city has a large amount of unused space that is taken up by stone walls and an excessive number of 'dummy buildings' that the player can not enter or utilize the front of as a meeting place. The usable areas that Orgrimmar has are usually plagued by a number of issues. Orgrimmar has FIVE banks and FIVE auction houses. One of each in the Valley of Strength, Wisdom and Honor, and two of each in the Valley of Spirits. The Valley of Strength, much like the Trade District in Stormwind, is a popular area for non-RPers and OOC players to gather and do their business. It also includes Grommash Hold, which houses Saurfang and a portal, making it a very unpopular place for RPers. The Valley of Honor is the most popular RP hotspot in Orgrimmar, possessing the only tavern in the city that doesn't double as an inn: The Wyvern's Tail. The lack of NPCs around the valley and bar makes this a fine spot for RPers. It also features a lake where RPers enjoy gathering, similar to how players like to gather on the Canal's bridges in Stormwind. Players tend to still avoid the AH and portal to the Jade Forest here, but it is far enough from everything else. The Valley is Wisdom is the most popular(still mostly dead) area in the city for RP besides the Valley of Honor. It features large bonfires and half-log-benches. It also has a lake and little bridge. It is spacious but has little other than a few tents that are entirely populated with NPCs.Abbeel17 Feb 21
Feb 21 Gnomes and Monks I'm having trouble figuring out how they'd mesh. Now, I don't know too much about monk lore but from what I gather, they're mostly about balance and serenity. The whole mystic shebang. With the way most gnomes operate, it just seems like they'd be too inclined to rationalize a monk's ability rather than embrace any kind of zen philosophy mumbo-jumbo. I'm completely at a loss as to what kind of mentality a gnome accepting the key aspects of a monk would have. Granted, I haven't tried RPing this combination out first and seeing where it took me, but still. Anyone have any insight on this? Firsthand experience? Maybe I missed something, I dunno lol. This board has some pretty darn knowledgeable folks from what I've seen, so I just thought I'd ask here. Thanks.Theo8 Feb 21
Feb 20 Tips for a bard character? She's a draenei hunter whose partner is a wolf and she uses a lyre as her main instrument. I unfortunately have no knowledge of music making and the like and my poetry skills could be better. Have you any tips?Ambrisa4 Feb 20
Feb 19 7th Legion Comic Proposal So I do a lot of writing in my spare time, just to get ideas out of my head, and I've come up with an idea for a comic book series that would detail the origins of one of the most notable military organizations in the Warcraft universe - The 7th Legion. I've got it set in the period between the First and Second Wars, and it will cover the struggle that those humans who were left behind in Azeroth after the First War had to go through to survive under the Orcs' dominion. It's going to be an epic story, featuring familiar characters from the Warcraft universe making guest appearances. The only problem is I don't really know how to make a comic book. If anyone wants to give me points about what direction to go in, or you just like my idea, please let me know.Razzo1 Feb 19
Feb 19 Chocolates & Flowers from the Person Above The person who posted above you gives you chocolates and flowers! How would you react? Would you take the gift? Why or why not? What do you do? And you also have to give a gift to a special someone! *wink* Who would it be? What did you give them? Why and how? :D Have a happy Love Is In The Air season and have fun!Silvanni23 Feb 19
Feb 19 Don't Shoot The Messenger (building story) Nitali Duskreader had come back to Duskreader Village with a message, a message that her chieftain would not be happy about. Representative of the Duskreader Tribe of Mulgore at the War Council of the New Warchief of the Horde, Nitali had been required to run all the way to Orgrimmar to hear the Lady Warchief's words - to be completely honest, her time at the Centaur's Flask had been more invigorating. Warchief Windrunner (an undead elf, how odd...) had treated the representative's of the Horde - all twenty-seven from the Troll tribes, twenty-three from the tauren tribes, six from the winter tauren, nine from the orcish clans, four from the goblin cartels, four from the blood elves, and one pandaren - to a long speel about pillars and legions from the Outlands. Nitali had understood very little of it, though understood perfectly when one of her tauren brethren leaned closer to her to translate the Warchief's words. "She wants our tribes to follow her and her damn rangers into battle so she can look for some stupid artifact. Think of that, using our warriors as pawns for a losing battle!" Now, Nitali scuffled her paws against the dry grass that bordered the edge of her chief's tent, looking up at his impressive form from a feline stance. "Please shift back to your natural state, I hate translating mewls and growls." Nitali gave the equivalent of a feline pout, and reluctantly shifted to her tauren form, her dark eyes avoiding his gaze as she told him of what happened at the Council. The chief snorted at the news, and his hooves kneaded the floor of his tent. His own dark eyes were narrowed in concentration; he was lost in thought. After a moment of two, he gave another snort and turned back to the druidess. "Travel to High Chieftain Bloodhoof. Tell him that the Duskreader tribe has made up their mind. We will join the Warchief against the Burning Legion."Duskreader0 Feb 19
Feb 19 Tell you a story? (oddly enough... a story) "Tell me a story, Huntress!" It was a child begging for a heroic tale from my adventures. Something to cling to through youth and inspire the young into a strong warrior, striving to surpass her predecessors. Or perhaps to comfort her with heroism as she chooses the life of a farmer or craftsman over the grit-chafed life of a warrior. Either way, I had no such tales to tell. "Tell you a story?" I ask, thin lips drawing back at one corner into a wan, grim smile. Perhaps I could help the child along in choosing a path that would not end in sorrow and pain and life beyond all desire to continue living. "I can tell you a story, but it is soaked in blood. The blood of enemies, the blood of friends, the blood running red from my own veins." The young Tauren stares at me with saucer-wide eyes, her face crestfallen. Life is like that, I want to tell her, want to warn her away and send her back to her home and her hearth where she can stay, protected by those of us who serve. Whose blood and bone makes up the shield and the wall that guard the peace of this green, pastoral valley I've come to call home. "In a time before you were born, the Legion came, and many lives were lost. At the Dark Portal my blood brother Choven laid down his life, his blood spilled into the red sands. I followed in his footsteps, swearing revenge to honor my blood-kin, and my Tribe-brother Korvek and Tribe-sister Vameera rode with me. We chased the Legion to Outland, and there my Tribe-sister laid down her life, spilled her blood to help free the Mag'har, our Orc brethren." There is confusion in her eyes now, as I tell the tale with flat, unyielding strokes. There are no pretty tales of heroic deeds, just striving and death. Yet she listens on, rapt. "When the Legion fell, we returned home for a time, my Tribe-brother and I, and we bandaged our wounds. This scar?" I lift my arm to show the place where a spear had nearly pierced my lung through. "I might have died had my Tribe-brother not walked the Druid path." "But you're still strong now." She says with the innocent wisdom of youth. She is perhaps ten summers. Her horns are but nubs beneath her mane. Had I ever been so young? I can hardly believe it now. "Aye. I was strong enough to answer the call when the Warchief took our people to Northrend to battle the mistakes of the past. We slew dead things that stank even in the artic air, so cold you cannot imagine. They were dead and did not bleed, and nor did they easily die. My Tribe-brother laid himself down there, in a tiny room in Dalaran to sleep and never waken, claimed by the Druids' Emerald Nightmare." I kneel then, peer into amber-gold eyes that still seem too awed, not enough afraid. "It was there beneath the blade of the Lich King's Scourge that I died." "You did not!" She bursts, affronted. I am now an adult telling her scary stories to make her afraid. Lies to convince her to behave and follow the rules and do as her parents say.Astarina1 Feb 19
Feb 19 Need feedback on a character idea So I've RPed on this rogue off and on for awhile, and I want to add a new part to her character. It seemed like a cool idea at first, but then I thought about it more and realize it's been done kind of often in media. It feels a bit more cliche now, but I still am somewhat attached to the idea, so I was wondering what everyone here thought. I do care what others think of my RP, so if you think it's a bad idea please feel free to say so. I want one of her eyes to contain magical powers, and she covers this eye up with an eyepatch whenever she doesn't need it. If someone made eye-contact, they would become the victims of convincing illusions as well as pain (although without any real physical damage). I liked the idea, but then I remembered all the examples of this being a thing in shows and I could see it being eye-roll inducing due to that. If the idea does seem bad, I did think of some cons to the eye that might bring it in line, I'd be open to others, but here's two of the ones I thought of: - She has no direct control over the power the eye has. If someone looks at it, they're subject to the effects assuming they fail to resist whatever magic the eye projects. She has to keep the eye hidden from friends and family because of this. - Instead of enhanced perception like in a lot of the shows I mentioned, she could be completely blind in that eye, instead. Even if I get good feedback or additional ideas from you all, I'm also a bit stumped on a good way for her to obtain this power in her eye, I haven't seen examples of this in WoW from what I can tell, so I don't know how one's eye could become magical or cursed exactly. If I get negative feedback I'll likely just scrap it, maybe it's something that's overdone.Yuling13 Feb 19
Feb 18 Dragons! Some of the only things I know about dragons concerning WoW: Their brood determine what they can do, smart, and can disguise themselves as mortals. So this leaves me with one question. IF IN THE FUTURE, WHEN I GET WAY BETTER AT RPING... What class can a dragon effectively disguise themselves as and preform well? For example, can I learn to use the light and disguise as a paladin? A rogue? Thanks! I also appreciate that you guys have answered my previous questions :)Meelott13 Feb 18
Feb 17 W.E.T Community Lounge #81 My time has come. I can finally start one of these. Link to last thread Link to Archive: Now, go my friends. Chat away, Also, I was the last post, and well, here's what I said. (Alpha Investments video on the subject) Sun and Moon boxes are mappable. IN FREAKING 2017 a company like Pokemon was so ignorant as to make it super easy to map the card packs. Just...yeah. This is why I always buy sealed product. Yeah, I just. I don't know. I don't know how they let that happen, and why? It boggles my mind they were so incompetent with this.Pärker500 Feb 17
Feb 17 Vault of the Forgotten (IC) They filed past her, one by one, blindfolded and shackled. Some could barely manage a hobbling walk. Some others stood out as a worthwhile purchase, but many of the hostages marching past her were none too impressive. She would have to toss almost half of them into the pile of typical financial loss or have their souls chummed for demon fodder. Marissa Devonshire sits back in her chair watching the river of people, young, old, feeble and able bodied flood off the gang plank of the submersible ship and into the Vault of the Forgotten. "Do you think Doxxi brought any of the new food recipes from the Broken Isles?" Kyrin flicks an ear forward while he lounges on the stuffed leather couch in Marissa's office. His furry black muzzle is half buried in a bowl of spiced Pandaren rice pudding. The question irritates Marissa, about as much as the fact that the worgen was always talking with his mouth full. Who had time to think about food? She just bought half a million gold worth of new souls that she would have to sort through and find a buyer for in the upcoming weeks. The warlock's violet eyes do not stray from the crystalline window which is faintly glowing with sigils to make the glass on their side of the wall opaque. "I think your priorities are skewed." Marissa murmurs quietly in response. "Whatever. I hope they have enough booze on board for the tavern stock. We cannot keep bootlegging the amount of cargo we need through the Dalaran mages. It's going to catch someone's attention soon." Kyrin pulls his snout up and eyes the remainder of his meal. He then carefully fishes the last bite of pudding out of the bottom of the bowl with a swipe of his long pink tongue. Half of the dessert is smeared over his maw, which he begins to lap at noisily. The sound of the worgen's cleaning escapade makes the sliver of irritation in Marissa's shoulder blades blossom into a full blown headache. The Vault had become successful and keeping up with its growing client base was a tricky endeavor. Kyrin's statement of the obvious was a sharp reminder that she had to keep things is good working order. "Why are we bootlegging from Dalaran anyways? Where are our rum runners down in Booty Bay? Or the Pharoah's crew out in Tanaris?" Marissa swivels her chair around to face Kyrin as she asks these questions. The embarrassed look on the male worgen's messy face is all she needs to see to know the rest of the story. "Kyrin! You can't keep chasing after that snooty little blood elf wench and throwing her piles of my gold for a few bottles of wine! SHE DOESN'T LIKE YOU." Marissa picks up the nearest object to her, which is a truesteel paperweight in the shape of a fel hound and whips it at the warrior's head. Her aim is good and the worgen is just barely able to dodge out of the way before the projectile grazes him on the back of the skull. "For Light's Sake Marissa! She's not snooty. She's cute. Stop acting like a jealous mad woman before someone gets hurt." Kyrin thumps his empty bowl onto the nearby coffee table and huffs at the warlock. His hand lifts to the back of his head where the metal paperweight met his scalp, he pulls away his paw and growls. "LOOK. You made me bleed!" In reality, both Kyrin and Marissa know that he's trying to guilt trip her into forgiving his lapse in judgment over the blood elf mage. But she was cute, even if she was trying to rob the Vault bank dry for a few measly bottles of wine. "You're going to fix this Kyrin, you're going to stop chasing every pretty flouncy tail that throws a wink your way and learn to be a responsible adult. Now put on some clothes, we have a new batch of product to meet and make feel welcome in our home."Merideath347 Feb 17
Feb 17 [FF] The Greatest Gift Chapter One On the Road Again The air was bitingly cold, and Lyriah Moonstrider’s breath misted out in front of her. She shivered, and snuggled her face further down into the soft, brown wool scarf wrapped around her neck. It had been a gift from her mother and father in preparation for her father’s most recent business trip to Northrend. A low yowl sounded at her feet, and Lyriah looked down at her shivering companion. “Oh, Titian,” Lyriah said, and huffed out a laugh. The little lynx’s black tufts at the end of her ears, and mane of reddish-brown hair moved with the gusts of wind. There were flakes of snow caught in it, which she shook off in annoyance. She had her oversized paws tucked underneath her, and her short tail circled as far around her as she could manage. Her glowing, green luminescent eyes, the same color as Lyriah’s were closed, and the lines of black fur that ran from them around her muzzle looked like dark tears. Lyriah sat down cross-legged on the cold, wooden planks of the Wind Rider Master’s landing deck, setting her simple, but lovingly crafted bow down at her side. She opened her heavy coat and pulled the little lynx onto her lap, and wrapped her jacket around the chilly creature. The lynx snuggled down, and began to purr, the rumbling going through Lyriah's chest. A low, disapproving chuff came from nearby, and Lyriah glanced up from the top of Titian’s head to her mother’s lynx, Vermilia. “Hush now; she’s only a kitten,” Talonia Moonstrider chided the larger pet. Vermilia twitched her tail, and then began cleaning her paws, ignoring Talonia’s admonishment. Talonia chuckled. “Stubborn creature.” Her mother was tall and thin, as most Blood Elves were. She had long, onyx-black hair pulled into a high bun at the back of her head; ‘You don’t want hair in your face, spoiling your shot.’ Since she wore no makeup, the light dusting of freckles across her nose and cheeks were visible against her lightly tanned skin. She also wore no jewelry; ‘Running through the brush with jewelry on is a good way to get an earring caught on a branch.’ Mother and daughter wore similar outfits of dark brown leather, from their boots to their helms, while their hooded cloaks were a drab, olive green. Her mother’s were finely made, having won them through perseverance and countless battles with enemies ranging from ogres to elementals, while Lyriah’s were crafted to look like hers. They had also been a gift after Lyriah’s beginning hunter training was complete. It was Talonia’s bow, though, that Lyriah admired. The grip was covered by an ornate shield with the Blood Elf crest on it. The limbs of the bow were painstakingly carved wood of phoenix heads facing the shield, while further down they were embedded with gems, and glowing with an eerie Fel light. The tip and recurve were made of two talon-like protrusions on each end, swirling with the same vivid energy, with the bowstring connecting two of the four talons that pointed back toward the wielder. Lyriah glanced at her own bow, and though she loved it—as her mother had made it for her—she couldn’t help but wish for her mother’s. Though as a newly minted hunter, as well as only just turning eleven, there was a snowball’s chance in the lava flows of the Searing Gorge that would happen. The wind picked up momentarily, and when it dropped her father’s voice drifted over to the pair. He was negotiating their passage with the Wind Rider Master to Sholazar Basin. Though he’d been given coin upfront for travel expenses, An’dras Moonstrider was not above negotiating to bring the price as low as he could manage. It was a habit he’d picked up from one of his colleagues, a Goblin by the name of Baxraz Copperblast; ‘Never pay full price.’ The patient Tauren’s low voice wasn’t audible, even to Lyriah’s long ears and their sharp hearing. Though from her father’s gestures, he wasn’t getting the calm, yet stubborn, woman to budge. Talonia was tolerant of her husband’s acquired quirks, but it was always easiest for Lyriah to gauge her mother’s moods by the body language of Vermilia, whose tail was now thrashing the air. Vermilia let out another low growl, this one far more annoyed. Her father turned and caught sight of the lynx. His long, platinum blonde eyebrows shot up to his hairline. Though they couldn’t see his eyes behind his engineered goggles with their scope on one side and glowing magenta glass on the other, she had no doubt they widened in alarm. He chuckled nervously and turned back to the Wind Rider Master. Then he ran his left hand through his short, spiky hair, and handed the coin over to the Wind Rider Master with the other. She counted the coin, and nodded to An’dras. At the Tauren’s smile, it didn’t take a rocket engineer to know the steadfast woman had won, and likely still would have, even without Talonia’s annoyance. Lyriah hid her own smile in Titian’s mane.Aradria4 Feb 17