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Aug 25 Long live the Warchief Dreams are seldom shattered, by an arrow in the dark Rulers come and rulers go, will our True Horde fall apart? Who shall we now turn to, when our leaders lost their heart? Lives are lost but at what cost, will the grand dream fall apart? Killed by his own or by his foes, turned the tide three years still no one knows, the secret remains Broken dreams so grand, sing of his final stand, long live Garrosh Brought by dragon's hand, back to the homeland, long live Garrosh Hellscream Brought him back to Draenor, where Thrall put him to the test Years of war and agony, now the Warchief can finally rest What will be uncovered, from that cold Nagrand night Vol'jin, Varian, what happened there, will it ever come to light? Killed by his own or by his foes, turned the tide Three years still no one knows, the secret remains Broken dreams so grand, sing of his final stand, long live Garrosh Brought by dragon's hand, back to the homeland, long live Garrosh Hellscream For their honor For their glory For the orcs who fought and bled A soldier from the True Horde remembers the dead Broken dreams so grand, sing of his final stand, long live Garrosh Brought by dragon's hand, back to the homeland, long live Garrosh Hellscream Broken dreams so grand, sing of his final stand, long live Garrosh Brought by dragon's hand, back to the homeland, long live Garrosh Hellscream Inspired by Long live the King by Sabaton *Garrosh did nothing wrong. Makom4 Aug 25
Aug 25 The Gallery (A vignette) (This is the second of three drafts of a piece I recently began work on. It's my favorite of the bunch so far so I figured I'd share it) Sinothyr paused and glanced around for an empty space. She smiled as her eye scanned the many denizens of her gallery; admiring their beauteous faces and magnificent bodies. She set its newest addition against the wall. The Nightborne woman slumped against one of the glacial cages, next to a young terrified Blood Elf. Sinothyr latched onto the woman’s chin. She began to appraise the woman’s azure skin and her smile grew. Sinothyr sighed. “Such serenity…perhaps I’ll keep you like this…”Sinope0 Aug 25
Aug 24 Open world RPing? Hello there, been RPing a bit on and off every now and then for years in WoW and other games. I am not on an RP server and so have been joining organized RPs on LFG. My question is, does open world RPing actually exist and happen regularly? For example, if I was on an RP server killing scorpions in Tanaris and suddenly saw a human walking by and I started interacting with him IC, would he respond IC? I have tried doing a few tours through some major cities in wyrmrest accord and moonguard, and have mostly seen people flying around in helicopters and using all of their toys at once. I guess what I am trying to ask is, would it actually be worth the effort to roll characters in an RP server?Urpaw14 Aug 24
Aug 24 Ruins of Gilneas, used on any server? So i posted something similar on the WrA forum page, but is Gilneas used on this server as a regular rp hub?? If WrA is the horde version of Moon Guard's alliance. If it's not used on these two servers then it's not used at all. here is a link to my other posts check them out. WrA: MG: ED: Aug 24
Aug 24 Please delete! Please delete this thread! Topic moved! Thanks!Bathildis4 Aug 24
Aug 24 Opinions on my character? Please look through this and tell me what you think. I wanted to make a character that grows as she learns and is not related to any major NPCs or people.Calisolee4 Aug 24
Aug 23 Monks rp in legion. With 7.3 coming up im finding it hard to stay playing my main (monk). With the army of light, void beings, and demon hunters i feel like i wont be making the best kf my first playthrough of 7.3 with a panda monk. I mean whats my true motivation. Legion and pandaria probably have least interactions out of all the regions of wow. Thinking of race changing to a blood elf just so i can align my story more with legion. Has anyone else done this? Did anyone just play demon hunter so they can rp this expansion and put their main to the side. I already have a 110 demon hunter (going to change to vegenance since havoc is pretty stale right now). Im a light rper btw so go easy.Stoutmonger4 Aug 23
Aug 22 warcraft tattoos anyone? or just me. Well, Imade one and im checking if there is more people with warcraft tattoos. here is mine Aug 22
Aug 22 A Question of Fel So, I have a few little questions in regards to Fel. I roleplay a humanoid construct created by a Warlock (Homunculus) and just recently, another Warlock implanted a ogre heart he had filled with Fel magic. 1) would this be detectable by anyone other than say, a Warlock, Paladin, or Priest? Or, say if someone stabs him, would whatever he bleeds give him away? I have seen a few things saying stuff about smelling it on Warlocks, which apparently is impossible unless they are obviously throwing off that crap... But would it work the same way in this situation? My guy isn't a Warlock. So I would assume he just couldn't mask it anyway, but how exactly would it be detectable by anyone other then them coming up and shanking him? 2) would this be considered "corruption" and does my dude need to immediately begin growing horns and !@#$? I ain't cool with that, but thems the breaks. Would there be any sort of glowing of the eyes? Thanks, son.Aethelbeorn13 Aug 22
Aug 21 Is there a Scarlet Crusade RP Guild? I have played wow for many years now and I always have liked the Scarlet Crusade and have thought about doing RPing and was wondering is there any Guilds that role play as Scarlet Crusade?Souul5 Aug 21
Aug 21 The Journey ((Story/Closed RP)) ((Hello! This is a closed RP between a friend and myself. We were going to begin a story with two characters in-game, however I will be unable to play for a week or so, and decided to begin the story on here. Feel free to read this as a story told by two people. Please do not post.)) Lillyssa Whisperwind, a night elf with light purple skin and dark purple hair examined the ground in Elwynn Forest. She was searching for a sign, a clue, something, anything to lead her to her target. She was a bounty hunter, albeit an unusual one, but a bounty hunter nonetheless. She cursed as her search of the area turned up empty. She was sure that her bounty had been here, but he left no traces behind. He had left a trail of bodies for her, animal and humanoid alike. The animal corpses left behind were all different. Some were simply stripped to the bones, as if for food. Some were mutilated, some had succumbed to some disease, and some had even been damaged by magic. The humanoids, members of a family who had recently come to Elwynn Forest from Westfall, appeared to be killed by arcane magic, but they were drained of blood and hung from the trees upside down. No wonder they want him caught. thought Lillyssa. She listened to the movement and sounds of animals in the forest. Her bounty left the obvious clues, fires started by magical means, items left behind. He was acting as if he was desperate and trying to hurry away, but she knew better. He was calm, and was trying to lead her into a trap. She continued to walk, her eyes scanning the environment until she noticed something in the grass. She got closer, carefully placing her feet in case it was a trap, when she noticed it was a ring with a ruby in the middle. It glowed slightly, then began to blink. She tensed, skirting around the object, and watched as it continued to blink steadily. "You should know better than to approach a potential weapon." She turned her head quickly towards the source of the sound, which was the ring. "Don't worry, this is just a recording. I'm long gone by now, but that doesn't mean you'll catch me." Lillyssa took that as the only warning she needed and stepped carefully away from the ring. It had stopped glowing, but she didn't trust that it wasn't rigged. Before she could head back towards her camp, an arrow struck the tree beside her. She jumped away and brought out her own bow, looking in the direction it had come from. A human man approached, a crossbow in his hands. This wasn't the man she was looking for, but this was certainly one of his mercenaries. She drew back her bow and dashed to the side as the man shot. The bolt caught her in the side of her ribs as she fired, causing her to narrowly miss him. The pain caused her shot to miss and the man reloaded in that time. He took aim at her and fired at the same time she did. His bolt caught her in the right shoulder as her arrow hit his throat. She put away her bow and ran as best she could back to her camp. Once she got back, she applied a paste to her wounds and bandaged them, hindered by her limited use of her right arm. She leaned against a tree, keeping her left hand on her knife as she watched the forest around her.Madra1 Aug 21
Aug 21 How fast paced should RP be? Hey, so on my main I recently joined an RP guild. I'm pretty new to RP, but sometimes there are 5+ mins in between when people say things or emote or whatever. I've even seen it stretch on to half an hour. I know RP is kind of what you make of it, but if I did break the silence my character would just be talking to himself with no response. Plus the first few mins you're kind of just sitting there wondering if they're typing something out. Is this pace normal?Neensun19 Aug 21
Aug 20 Goblin RP. Just wondering if there were any others out there who perhaps don't click with the mafia/cartel storyline for the goblins, and who would (or do) role-play them in in a more D&D, Warhammer, Lord of the Rings fantasy style? I mean still tricky... but more the traditional cave-dwelling, tribal back-stabbers than the mob-boss characterisation they are connected with in WoW?Zâgku6 Aug 20
Aug 20 Gnome Brewmaster, could it work? I've never roleplayed before, and I was thinking about learning about it with this character (and a pandaren mage that I have as well), but I was wondering if I could really make it work. I mean, I love gnomes, they're my second favorite race after dwarfs, but a brewmaster gnome... is it too much to handle? Maybe not even lore friendly, I don't know. Of course the backstory is what defines a well thought character, wich is something I'm still working on. There is quite a bit of humor I wanna put into the character (he is a brewmaster after all), but I don't want him to be the typical jokes machine people expect gnomes to be. I want him to have some serious moments and a very clear way of thinking, without humor being present 95% of the time. I've also been considering changing Lojo's race to a Dwarf or a Tauren because I like those races a lot for a brm, and it would definetly make things easier when roleplaying.Lojo9 Aug 20
Aug 19 New to RP where to begin First I have social anxiety and it has literally taken me years to work up the courage to even try this. I'll hash out Yuiko's background better a little later, for now. Name Yumara Isabella Umiko she shortened it to Yuiko Yuiko is an eccentric reclusive hunter. Do to an accident when she was younger, she views the world around her as a play most of the time. She herself is the only audience member and must not interact with the players less she ruin the production. She is very protective of animals and those she sees as friends during her moments of clarity. She travels with a ghostclaw named Soubi, that she befriended on her first trip to Tranquillien She also accompanied by her feline familiar Orion. Orion is a magical cat who spends most of his time on his flying broom. He detects as having a great amount of transmutation magic about him. He is also capable of speech and tries to get Yuiko to interact with others. I hope I'm doing this right.Yuiko8 Aug 19
Aug 18 Dabbling in the Demonic I loved this quest so much. It felt like i was truly doing magic. But the most important thing for me is how we were actually combining different magic energies to use a Warlock spell. I was under the assumption that spells could only be casted by using only one magic type, Mage spells using Arcane, Warlock spells using Fel, and so on. But in this quest we used Arcane, Fel, Void and Death magic at the same time for something actually simple like opening a Warlock portal. Meaning that spellcasters probably channeling various forms of magic forces while using their spells, not only one like i used to think.Vincentiu5 Aug 18
Aug 18 Mana, A Theory on its Origins and Uses Hello all, I'm reaching out to our grand community to share my thoughts on mana. I know this is a subject often beaten to death on the forms but I wanted to hear your thoughts on a theory I worked up based on the information in lore that I could scrounge together. This is a bit long so I'll have to stretch it out over a few posts. Thank you and I hope you enjoy, please throw as much feedback at me as possible. Mana is a form of energy that has developed as an evolutionary response to the prevalent flows of arcane energy among the worlds in our known universe. Ours, perhaps, has seen a greater saturation than most, but perhaps not all. This abundance of arcane energy is due in part to the great sundering. As the Well of Eternity exploded, its raw arcane power was spread across our world, saturating everything from the soil to the very air we breathe. From continued exposure, life developed a means by which to resist the effects of this volatile energy. As a result, Mana was born. Though details are currently unknown, we can surmise, that our bodies, as well as other forms of life, have developed a way to convert varying amounts of arcane exposure. The exposure I reference would be that obtained from the water we drink, or even the act of breathing. Through this conversion within our body, mana, a much more stable, and biologically friendly form of energy is made. Mana is then stored throughout our bodies, much like the fuel gleaned from the consumption of food, and may have a multitude of uses other than that of spell-work. Chief among these presumed uses is the protection against bursts of raw arcane energy. By means of circulation, it forms a sort of unseen superficial and deep barrier throughout our bodies. When presented with a flux of arcane exposure, the mana naturally acts a sponge, soaking up the energies and breaking it down into a form that then dissipates from our bodies without signs of notable damage. However, when this flux is too great, outer layers of mana are stripped away too quickly, organic matter is temporarily displaced and a crystallizing effect can be noted as remnant mana, without functional systems by which to flow through the body, reverts to the stable form it desires. Spell casting is the most well know conscious use of mana. This ability, perfected by wielders of the arcane, utilizes mana’s stable nature, and ability to bind with raw arcane energies. Arcane energy is channeled by these individuals, and by means of directing their mana, are able to temporarily make it malleable, and susceptible to the casters will. This practice; however, proves risky. The caster is willingly sacrificing their mana, and this may be in greater quantities than their body is able to safely replenish. While it is still unknown how much our bodies rely on our pools of mana as a natural source of sustainment, or if it has grown to be linked in some way to our life force. The expulsion or draining of our mana does make us susceptible to a number of ill effects, some of which are explained by the excess arcane energy being pulled into the body during a time of mana depletion.Hljödhr2 Aug 18
Aug 17 Graycott Village Guild Recruiting(Moon Guard) Hello everyone. I am interested in starting a new guild. This guild will be based on a group of loners becoming friends and creating a small village. Server: MoonGuard Side: Alliance Race: Any Level: Any Type: RP, Casual, Dungeons, Leveling Age: 18+ preferred because of possible language and violence, sexual content must be done in private. Each person will have a special role in the guild based on profession. For example, my character is an Alchemist and will be the person who creates potions and elixirs for those in the guild. Members can also take an apprentice and train them in their profession. There will also be other roles like "Dungeon Master" or "Raid Master." I am currently looking for 2 other people to help me run and set up the guild. Level and knowledge of Lore/WOW does not matter. My character is new and is training to be a master priest. So first, I am looking for a high level character to be the Village Master. You will not have the full admin privileges, but people will treat you like their Master. Please comment below if interested or any questions. I will probably make a discord later, but for now you can reach me on Twitter: @crybloodwing or CryBloodwing.Calisolee0 Aug 17
Aug 17 Draenei RP So I really, really want to rp a Draenei. I have narrowed down my choice of class to either a Shadow Priest, Disc Priest or one of the three DK Specs. I have come to these here forums to have three questions answered. 1. How would a Draenei DK behave? 2. Can I get a few examples as to how a Draenei talks in text? 3. Would a shadow priest ever be accepted into Draenei society?Leylin4 Aug 17
Aug 17 [New Guild] Yīngsù Village Yīngsù Village lies hidden in the mountains of Pandaria, South of Kun Lai, West of the Jade Forest, and North of the Valley of the Four Winds. It is a rocky, windswept and remote place, where few crops grow and the nights are cold. Like rubbish blown in the wind, drifters, thieves and renegades have made their way to the Village over the centuries, and calling it their home. To survive, they offer their services, ever discreetly, to the towns and cities below, trading knife-work and smuggling for rice and solitude. Whether by birth or adoption, the inhabitants of this secret place are members of a family. A family with customs, which must be obeyed, for the safety of the town and its people. For life in Yīngsù Village is frail and fleeting, but made stronger by bonds of blood and iron. ________________________ Yīngsù Village is a roleplay guild on Hordeside Wryrmest Accord, devoted to deep, interpersonal story, based on themes of interdependence, honor, crime and ethics. We are inspired loosely by legends of Ninja and Brigand villages in Japan and throughout Asia, who were said to have eked out a living in remote, barren places, and survived by the sword and subterfuge when they could not grow enough food or command enough respect. We welcome mature, even-keeled roleplayers who have a strong distinction between In-Character and Out-Of-Character, who are willing to engage in emotionally difficult but immensely rewarding stories. With a strong “Play to Lose” mentality, we recognize that the best tales often have sad endings, but are more memorable for it, and that power comes at a great cost. For information about applying, visit our website: Aug 17
Aug 17 New Discord Server - Children of Azeroth Hello everyone. I appreciate the time you took to look at my post. I am starting a new Discord server called Children of Azeroth. This server is dedicated to roleplaying within the WoW universe. In this server, you will be able to RP as one character, whether it be an already established character like Khadgar, or your own playable character, or maybe even murloc merchant traveling the land. It's your chance to do whatever you'd like as child of Azeroth. There is going to be a leveling system in the server, although it is currently undecided how you will level. These levels will determine your character's health and attack power. You will also be able to buy armor, weapons, and trinkets from merchants that the admins and mods control that help buff your character. A way to make money has yet to be decided as well, but we are working hard to figure out something. If you are interested in joining, please leave your Discord tag below, as well as any questions you may have, and we shall see to getting you in. Edit: I also forgot to mention there are three different factions you could join. The Horde, Alliance, and "Not Aligned" the last of which will allow you to join a third faction or be neutral.Arvos0 Aug 17
Aug 17 Lore Loopholding to Immersion Ratio Hello all in the RP community. It has been quite some time since I have posted something here for those that haven't seen me in a while. So this post is to discuss your perspectives between, what outside the standard Taboos with relation to lore from what we have seen and read in gameplay, novels, history, and Chronicles would be acceptable to you by opinion? I would like to start of as an example to this: E.X. A: A Human local of Lordaeron being a witness to the scourge attack made by arthas upon slaughtering his father, and surviving the attack where they build their life experiences up from that point doing what it took to come to a point of present day from there. E.X. B: A draenei Refugee noted as being only among a small group of survivors that escaped through and witnessed the horrors dealt at the hands of the Horde at Karabor temple barring to find shelter traveling to Shattrath only to witness the devastation of this city from a subtle outlook point from affar, and from then encounter events altering their lives, that being broken/lost ones, or captive by Orcs, arrakoa, or other vicious captor. TL;DR To what degree breaks lore, and would it be capable of being dismissed should it promote outstanding story telling, character development, and superb immersion, so long as it doesn't border the taboos like Meta-geming, Mary-sueing and etc?Faralos15 Aug 17
Aug 17 What is Ley and do warlocks use it? I'm wondering what type of energy Ley Lines have. I'm sure it powers Arcane magics, but for mages does it also power Fire and Frost magics? And do Warlocks use its energies at all? Mainly hoping to RP a gnome who uses the Ley Lines, but I prefer warlock class over mage class, and I don't know if that will work.Atenstein3 Aug 17
Aug 17 RP Typing Style I'm fairly new to RP in game, and I have a question for the community. How do you type out your RP? I've seen different styles, but there are two main methods that I wanted to ask about. 1. Use both emote "/e" and say "/s. Emotes are for actions, and say is for spoken word. To me, this looks cleaner and can be easier to follow... but at the same time, there is nothing to tie both of them together, so others can break in and then you have something else or different to respond to that might impact what you were going to type. Example: Meishi waves to the new person. [Meishi]: "Hello!" 2. Use both spoken word and actions in either /s or /e. Examples: Meishi waves to the new person. "Hello!" she says. OR [Meishi] "Hello!" She waves to the new person. What do you use and why? For me, the first style makes more sense as the color difference splits words vs. actions in game.... but the 2nd style seems to be easier and quicker to type out, and more common. Bonus question: How in the world to you type while moving? I did an RP once with characters moving from one place to another, and they were all talking while they were walking. I had a hard time keeping up as I had to stop walking to type. Any suggestions? I tried auto-following someone in the group, but it was awkward. Thanks!Meishí4 Aug 17
Aug 17 Death Knight Race I'm torn between a Worgen, uses the Blood magic of a DK to fulfill the Bloodlust he had in his previous life. Or a Gnome DK who uses Unholy Powers alongside his skills as an Alchemist to raise and enhance the dead. Both I think would have lovely story arcs, but I can't decide.... Thoughts?Leylin9 Aug 17
Aug 17 RP Noob with Questions So I am interested in starting to RP in WOW. I currently am in a RP server with low population, however, I am level 23 and have been many areas, and only come across 2 other people who did not even talk. I want to be a Night Elf Druid or Priest and I was wondering which server is the best for me to be on and which places are most people at. I was also wondering if there is a character limit for chat and what it is. If there are also any small(under 50) guilds for roleplaying I would be interested in joining.Kirabw1 Aug 17
Aug 16 Healthcare on Azeroth Evening folks. Because of the political climate right now, I've been wondering what healthcare is like for Azeroth's various major factions. Of course there's no real answer, because there is magic, but that's another thing I want to brainstorm. 1. Why is there a reason for non-magical doctors and medical staff when healing classes are so widespread? I ask this because it appears even secluded groups (in the mountains/tucked in various isolated places in Azeroth) have healing classes like priests and soothsayers. And so far it appears that the only times magic cannot help something is when you're either already dead or you've been poisoned in a way where nothing could ever help you (Vol'jin). 2. How would healing work for common folk? I'm not talking about military, as I'm sure the soldiers of any faction are gonna get good healing while they're in. Do you think healing is expensive? Commonplace? Cheap? Universal? I suppose it depends on the model of government, but I've always been curious. Tell me what you dudes think.Giol23 Aug 16
Aug 16 New to rp. Tips and tricks. Ive been getting bored of the day to day grind of raiding on my main and really wanna sit back and enjoy the game from a different point of view. With that said, Idk how to rp though. Like...where do I start?? I don't even know if this is the place to ask tbh. Anyone give some tips and tricks to a fresh RP noob??Bigmonk6 Aug 16
Aug 16 Disc...shadow and light? Hi all. I've played Alliance for 10ish years but when Sylvanus became warchief I started Adam here who is a forsaken disc and my first serious attempt to RP. So as I'm standing in the class hall it hit me. How in the world does he handle light and shadow? From what I've read he should primarily be a shadow priest. I've started his back story a few times but for some reason this is causing me problems. So, I thought I would seek advice from you fine folks to try and find how I can reconcile this. It's probably something simple I'm overlooking. Thanks in advance.Adahm3 Aug 16
Aug 16 Fall of the Lich King (Literized!) Hey! So this is just an addition to the many villain death's I do for the sake of thinking up something new! “Light…. Please…I need your— “Tirion tried to finish his prayer, but the cold icy chill of death pierced his chest within the prison of ice. Unable to look down at what had pierced him, the shadowy glow of the Lich King stood on the outside, his left hand slowly pushing deeper into the ice. “Your light has abandoned you, paladin…” The Lich King taunted, thrusting Frostmourne deeper into the old man, the strong resistant soul of Tirion Fordragon could be seen trying to force its way back into his body. But the will of Frostmourne was stronger, a haunting laughter escaped the Lich King throat as he rubbed his other hand on the surface of the ice. Melting away the ice that surrounded his face. The head of Tirion was now free, but that was it, all he could do was watch freely as his life was taken away. “AAAAAGGGGHHH! THE LIGHT! WILL NEVER YIELD!” Tirion screamed, twisting Frostmourne in his chest, more screams left the hero, the pain growing over time, unable to squirm to avoid thinking about the pain that was slowly building inside of him. “But no, we are not done yet, as I promised. I would not want the light’s greatest champion miss seeing this world remade…In my image.” The Lich King stated, freezing the wound in Tirion’s chest, frostbite begun to overtake his thoughts, the ice that now filled his wound froze the inside of his body. His skin turning pale, Tirion’s signs of life begun to fade. Walking forward into the center of the frozen throne, The Lich King raised his sword into the sky, the dark blue clouds that surrounded the citadel begun to swirl, the souls of those damned screamed from inside the blade. The laughter of The Lich King echoed throughout Ice Crown. “Watch now…As I raise them from the dead, to become masters of the scourge, they will shroud this world in chaos, and destruction. Azeroth’s fall, will come at their hands, and you…Will be the first to die…I delight, in the Irony.” The bodies of those that had fallen before The Lich King shambled to stand up, their once bright skin slowly decayed into the icy white color of death itself. Eyes glowing blue, and hands soaked in the essence of Frostmourne, all those that had once died to the Lich King now knelt before him. He had won… Staring at the King of the dead raising the fallen Heroes, Tirion’s eyes barley open, he began to fade into unconsciousness. Eventually, all that he saw was darkness… “I have failed this world.” Tirion said to himself. “Do not give in, you are the only one that can do this!” A voice called out to him, in front of him stood a spirit, Terenas Menithil, the father of the Lich King. “If you fail here, no one in Azeroth will be able to challenge his might…” Another spirit appeared, Uther the Light Bringer, nodding to Tirion, he said. “This is not where your story ends old friend, even when trapped within the hell that is the blade, we, and all of lorderan stand with you!” And another Spirit… “I may not know you well, but we’re all praying for you! End his rule!” And another… “End his rule!” And another… “For the sake of our future!” And another… And another… And another… “DO IT!” They all cheered on.Ssigma2 Aug 16
Aug 15 Your Rights as a Roleplayer I found this post on the Guild Wars 2 RP site and I thought it should absolutely be posted here. There are some rights here that I think knowing early on into one's RP career would save one a lot of drama and heartbreak. ... Source: Aug 15
Aug 15 World Chronology? Is there anywhere published a brief chronology for Azeroth? I'm trying to get into the lore, and what I really need a is succinct timeline that summarizes stuff, the wars, main events, etc. up to the present. Can anyone suggest something?Théophraste1 Aug 15
Aug 15 Legion Captives: Sustinence What would a legion's prisoner should they be in holding, consist of, any ideas?Faralos3 Aug 15
Aug 15 Preparation for a Mass RP Saga Sept/Oct So I have been brainstorming heavy on a large RP Arc or saga, that would require branching between Emerald Dream and Wyrmrest accord, that include a lot of preparation, date duration planning and Situation/consequence agreement. I have brought this Arc summary with several guilds I RP with on both realms, but am also wondering if there are some RP guilds on the realms that would have some interest in getting involved in it as well. Summary: A former noble to a family of talented magi to a man of dark politics, now a Felmancer advancing his dominion of destruction with only one goal in mind, Revenge against the old gods for bringing destruction and inflicting torment and suffering upon his Family line. With abandon to what pain and suffering his acts and studies inflict he sets his sights on five points of Azeroth to unleash powers honed by mortal races, and dark rituals to Inhabit five beings to vessel those gods still in existence to utterly destroy them once and for all. It is up to you heroes to liberate his victims and targets, and put an end to this Monster to life itself!Faralos4 Aug 15
Aug 14 Combat medics on Azeroth I'm working on a backstory for my rogue here, and I really like the idea of him being some sort of combat medic - someone who utilizes alchemy and medical skill to heal the wounded, or soothe the dying. With that said, what I'm primarily struggling with is if Azeroth would even deploy something as mundane as a combat medic onto the battlefield. What with the likes of priests, paladins, shamans, and all the other magical healers all roaming around, what's the use of someone with some potions and medical skill? Just kind of curious to get your opinions on it. I'm not totally sure just how common magical healing is, or the extent to which it can heal, in every day life on Azeroth. So maybe I'm making this harder than it needs to be. I appreciate any input!Aethir6 Aug 14
Aug 14 Draenei Perception of Time Sort of a follow up to my Draenei Deep Space topic. This is something that lore can't really handle, but is something that Draenei rp'ers should be concerned with. I've seen a lot of trp's that read along the lines of, "I don't recall much of my past because I hit my head." or something similar. Which is fine, nothing wrong with keeping it a blank slate, and much of the lore is really deep and confusing and some people don't want to have to get into it too deeply. So how does a Draenei perceive time? As an immortal being living thousand of years, do Draenei meticulously record dates and times? Do they care less about time? For me personally, I think maybe they record events but are generally unconcerned with years, leaving the record keeping to archivists, but this is all conjecture.Aennai17 Aug 14
Aug 14 [OOC RP Help] Help me speak Troll? I'm new to WoW and to MMO RP (though I've been a D&Der for quite some time). Is there a website someone could link, or help someone could offer, to teach me to do the troll accent justice via text? I am attempting it, but sometimes I wonder if it might be coming off too like...scottish-esque? Replacing any "th" with "d" is easy enough, but saying "ta" or "te" instead of "the" sometimes sounds scottish or irish in my head. Or saying "I be" sounds kind of piratish. So I'm really struggling to do this accent via text. Anyway, any suggestions/help would be appreciated!Telemazu9 Aug 14
Aug 14 Looking for a class suggestion Looking to RP a "gunslinger" type (Like McCree, Roland Deschain, Man with No Name, and John Marston as examples). Would an Outlaw Rogue or Marksmen Hunter fit this archetype better? I'm not honestly not opposed to either, in fact I can't decide between the two. I'm leaning slightly on Outlaw Rogue since it seems closest to the fantasy, and hunters seem more traditional archer than old west gunman.Zidåne2 Aug 14
Aug 13 IC Reanimation Question So, I have a character I want to take in a different direction. I haven't ever played a Death Knight past the starting zone. So, in line with leveling one, I want to take a character I was done with, kill them, and have them reanimated. I've written a few scenarios on how they're killed, so I'm covered on that. My question is, in the lore world we have now, is there any way to have them reanimated that isn't way out there?Milliannah2 Aug 13
Aug 13 Can you roleplay as a VanHelsing type Demon Hunter seems too far off. Yes they use evil power like Helsing's werewolf AND they have glaives but idk... I prefer Paladin or priest or even regular Hunter. Anyone have ideas on roleplaying them like a D3 demon Hunter? "Not necessarily the same method but the closest resemblance to them and background".Arxanos6 Aug 13
Aug 12 Tauren in search of tribe. Evening all as title says I'm in search of a good server with a active tauren rp guild I am currently on moonguard but sadly it seems hard to find a tauren tribe or rp outside of the small guild I am in. So in those regards i am making the move to another server hoping to find a tribe to call home.Fjern3 Aug 12
Aug 12 Shamans & Elemental bonds At the time of writing this I've been working on something for one of my guilds that got me thinking about a Shaman's relationship with individual elemental spirits. So here are some questions to speculate on. How often might a shaman form a bond with an individual elemental? How far might that bond extend? (I imagine that in itself might raise further questions) Would relying on single elementals weaken a shaman in terms of magical prowess? If not would it make them stronger instead or does such a detail even matter? To reiterate I'm posting these for opinions and speculative thoughts.Yonara8 Aug 12
Aug 12 Draenei Deep Space Something I've always wanted to ask about. What do you think happened for ~25,000 years when the Draenei left Argus and ventured out into the Great Dark Beyond until they found Draenor? Do you think it was a cryo-sleep sort of situation? Or was it more of a long torment of twiddling your thumbs and debating opening the air-lock for 25,000 years? I ask this because my character is ~28,000 years and I wanted to come up with a little more backstory of that whole span of time.Aennai27 Aug 12
Aug 11 Writing Prompt: Race/Class Combo Well, our server is down at work and I'm bored. I was having a discussion with a friend about possible new race abd class combos and thought it might be fun to throw up a small prompt. Write a small background justification for a race/class combination that doesn't currently exist. Draenei Warlock In the chaos of the final push into Hellfire Citadel, unbeknownst to the armies slaughtering each other, a faction of Sargeri lead by Kyraala the Darkweaver broke rank and integrated themselves among the alliance forces. Now on Azeroth these shadowy Draenei never stay in one place for very long. In fact, rumor has it that any Draenei with the will to find this sect of Warlocks may even be granted an apprenticeship.Aelyndris1 Aug 11
Aug 11 The Light and Shamanism So I have been throwing around ideas for my Paladin toons Backstroy for RP. I have become increasingly interested in the relation between the Elements and the Light, when I began to to do a bit of research on the matter. I am no expert on Warcraft Lore, and I have but a crash course knowledge of it for the most part, so I suspect that I may be missing some points. Anyways, one of the first things I came across was a quote from Farseer Nobundo, a Draenei Shaman in the Exodor, whom while tailing his story on how he became a Shaman says "It taught me the path of shamansim, which in a way is just another facet of the Light..." With that, it seems like Shamanism and the Light are not to mutually exclusive things. Then I came across this page here: Basically, the writer was comparing the light to the elements and suggesting the light was in fact one of the elements. While definitely not an official source, a lot of it makes sense, at least to me with my small understanding of Warcraft Lore. So, my main question is, with both of the above considered, what would be the viability in presenting my character as a self proclaimed 'Light Shaman' or 'Shaman of Light'?Artemaa10 Aug 11
Aug 11 RP Suggestion: Report for griefing Hey guys, As you all know, the Tournament of Ages is going on and plenty of players have attended. Unfortunately, among those players are trolls desperate for attention. I have yet to attend an event where some troll hasn't ridden around on a giant mount spamming toys, and honestly, it sucks. A few times I've seen these players banned, but sadly, this often takes quite a bit of time to occur. From my current understanding, it takes forty reports within a minute to silence a character. That's just ridiculous to me. So, just as there is an easy way to report for spamming, language, cheating, etc., I suggest there be an easy way to report for griefing (or at least make the harassment report quick and easy to access.) In a perfect world, reporting for harassment/griefing would cause a player (AND THEIR TOYS) to phase/vanish from the screens of those who report them for an hour or so, then perhaps longer on further reports. Maybe this option should be exclusive to RP realms? Blizzard has banned a few griefers from the ToA so far, but I've seen them back at trolling and griefing the following day. If only there was a button that simply made them disappear for a short time, after a confirmation and warning about what the button does, then I'd be the happiest girl around. Blizzard might be concerned with allowing everyone to experience the game how they want, and that's fair, even if someone wants to be a troll, but some people don't want to associate with that. Those that do can simply choose to not use the button I am suggesting. Those that don't can use it an enjoy RPing. Perhaps an 'ignore player' button would serve equally as nice, and by 'ignore player' I mean ignore the player model and all toys associated. Could this work? Reporting isn't enough, as proven by the date auction that was closed early due to griefing.Alexañdrìa3 Aug 11
Aug 10 WET Community Lounge #92 Welcome one and all to the tavern. The bar is fully stocked, the pantry is pleasing stocked. Pillow piles are soft. Whiskey is strong Keep the fel to a minimum, dont mind the dancing ghouls, oh and the coffin by the pool doubles as a banquet table required links :) Link to the last lounge: Link to the archive: cheers /salute /vanishSurfgirl500 Aug 10
Aug 10 A Positive Announcement ... See original post here: TL;DR: Sharding will be removed from RP realms to help support player-run RP events. A huge thanks to the operators of the Tournament of Ages RP event on Moon Guard for getting this done!Cannibal5 Aug 10
Aug 9 Xal'atath vs Aluneth vs Thal'kiel Between this three artifact weapon that have consciousness, Probably which one is wiser? Thal'kiel must have some 25 thousand years of knowledge, Including eredar wisdoms. Xal'atath appears to be older, before the current azeroth be shaped. Maybe even know the old god plan. Aluneth i don't have idea. so, Xal'atath vs Aluneth vs Thal'kiel is Smartest/Wise?Azantyr7 Aug 9
Aug 9 Goblin Shaman Help The idea of goblin shamans has always struck me as odd, since what we know from orc, tauren and other shamans is that the class seeks to be a bridge of balance between the elemental spirits. Goblins clearly do not care about the preservation of the natural world, so them being shamans struck me as odd. But, I was hoping some folks here could help me flesh this idea out. What if goblin shamans are, more or less, toxic shamans, akin to Shadowrun or Deadlands. What I mean is, the elements around Kezan and other goblin lands haven't become perverted or twisted, though they are very likely polluted in some way and have thus adapted to the goblins destructive nature. Goblin shamans would draw on the power of these more toxic elementals to fuel their power and spells. Just a thought, would like to get some feedback on it.Fuzegrinder3 Aug 9