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Feb 2 Trolls. Ages and Timeline So, I'm working on my trolls TRP (Druid) and I wanted her to be young. I was using as a kind of guide, where it says 17 was adulthood. If I were to go along with that, make her 18, where in the timeline would she have grown up? I'm assuming the Echo Isles? Since the Darkspear took that back (She's a Darkspear Troll). Or would she have been born before that? And would her learning Druidism from a close Tauren friend of hers work? Something she's been working on, and studying hard to master, even to this day? Sorry if I sound clueless, trolls are new to me and I've fallen in love with them, just wanting to get things right.Ilaexia8 Feb 2
Feb 2 How can you play a Darkfallen I saw a character playing as a Darkfallen and it was cringe worthy He wasn't even a blood elf he was a night elf. Plus all Darkfallen are dead. Plus only a few Blood elves were Darkfallen. I know, i play as a vampiric blood dk, but i make it work. But in my opinion it's nearly impossible to roleplay a DarkfallenVikctoria7 Feb 2
Feb 2 Blood Elf Engineer Questions I'm trying to learn more about blood elf engineers and their history. All I currently know is that they built Dalaran's original defenses. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any additional information. I'm mainly hoping that someone can point me in the direction of resources I can read for myself, but here are a few specific questions: Who are the most prominent blood elf engineers? Whose authority do blood elf engineers operate under? Lor'themar Theron? Did blood elf engineers have a hand in building any other prominent structures, similar to Dalaran's defenses? Any help or useful information will be appreciated.Pseudocool3 Feb 2
Feb 2 Fashion Battle Streaming Fashion BAttles is now streaming! Watch all the fun!Namine1 Feb 2
Feb 1 Corrupted Souls She was a ten year veteran when something happened that changed her life forever and ever, amen. She absolutely enjoyed her job, looked forward to it, in fact. So much so, that she married a co-worker, Sydney. Her specs, 5'6", 135 (really 145 truth be told but you would never tell it), absolutely built like a red brick house, jet black natural hair with black eyes to boot. He called her, his raven, his pet name for her, which she liked. "Dang, IT," he had just gotten pked again, by the same dude. 10th time is the charm, he reckoned. "That damn ganker giving you trouble again?" "Yes." And drew the s with a long, almost tortured hiss. "That's what you get for playing on a, pvp server," came his roommates almost teasing appraisal of his situation from across the room. "Ehhhh, I should just log, this guy is camping me," he said with like a disgust, at the same time turning his chair semi around to look at his roommate. "Yep, pvp server for ya," followed with the raspberry of which his roommate did not like it. He walked down the hall from getting coffee. He knew of his wife's power in her looks. He had used her many times to get raises and promotions. 'How he had won her,' his co-workers always wondered about. "He is rock solid," she would say as in answer when the question would be dared voiced aloud when they were together in the office. And indeed he was at that, 6'2", 310 and none of it fat, well, 3% body fat the last time he was at the gym and had that done. He worked out tremendously. The one time he had allowed himself to get a little loose and floppy, he had been up above 400, and his wife did not like it, at all. So he whipped himself back into shape, pronto. He was just naturally strong and naturally wide, his girth have him an advantage in his job, when he had to atcually indeed go out into the field. 'But not in the house,' she would sometimes think having to share the bathroom, and closet with his wide body. Such was their life and times together as police officers, ICD, Internet Crime Division. And what they got paid to do? "Play the best game ever freakin made in the world," Sydney would say every chance he got! The higher ups learned they had to put the ICD into a separate building, mainly because their co-workers didn't really appreciate the two of them, basically playing a game every day, while they had to go on patrols, outside, with the perils of dealing with the public. Brawshey, Sydney's wife's name, played his healer. Shey was her characters name, while his was Sydtehsquid, using different versions of the name, while playing a rogue, and a tank, sometimes moonlighting as a shaman. Shey was almost always in the healing position although she switched off playing as a gnome warrior tank she liked to play around with, from time to time.Oreohhs3 Feb 1
Feb 1 How many characters do you rp? I RP Vikctoria and once she is fully leveled and geared, idk if i'll make another rp char but if i'll do it'll be a night elf frost mage(kinda like a Ice queen feel) maybe make here Vikctoria's mother, idk yet tbhVikctoria13 Feb 1
Jan 31 Can DKs be rezzed? In my head-lore, my ret pally died and became a DK and I'm wondering if having her be raised as a paladin would make sense withing the established lore.Remox10 Jan 31
Jan 31 Can Draenei move their tentacles? If they can is it something that they are born knowing to do or do they have to learn how to move them?Vivekaa14 Jan 31
Jan 31 How's the weather on WrA? My guild and I are intending to transfer to WrA in a week's time. We're coming from ED, (reluctantly participating in the great migration...) and already we have been greatly impressed by WrA's RP community. I've thought about posting this to the WrA forums, but of course I'd get some biased answers. So I'm coming to you, RP forums, to ask about what you think of it these days, both from those on WrA and those not on WrA. Why are you on WrA? Why aren't you? Do they follow lore more accurately and take it more seriously than on ED? Does RPPvP happen regularly with those guilds interested, or is the server mostly just RP and PvE? How do they settle IC disputes? On ED, it was either PvP duels or "/roll 20" battles. Is this the practice on WrA as well? I keep hearing the word "Friendly" almost overused when I ask about WrA, I have heard IC disputes are few and far between, and "bigots are shunned". Is WrA oversensitive? My character is quite barbaric, and has been known to get into brawls and/or bark racist remarks about elves or undead, ICly. Would that get me shunned OOCly? On ED we had a "Guild bases" thread for knowing where each guild was stationed so we may know where to find them and find people to RP or WPvP with. Is there any such thread on WrA? I couldn't find one.Raedolf29 Jan 31
Jan 31 Night spire and Font of Night; Naming Hello, Today my guild and I were fighing Guldan and what happened is after we wiped we didn't know which of the two areas to teleport to because they both have names that are very similar. Furthermore, Guldan is on top of a tower, aka a spire so it really makes more sense for the final area to be called Night Spire and the other place to be called something different, like maybe middle tower area? Anyway this is just a suggestion. Please respond.Milktit3 Jan 31
Jan 31 Neural silencers need a major overhaul And I mean this in a good way. RP-ers are susceptible to a lot of grief from toys. The Neural Silencer is a good start in shutting down that grief, but very mildly. It needs to be updated to: Include denying effects from all toys, and Be craftable by an engineer instead of dropped by BlingtronNo more cheering for the Argent. No more molting from moonkin feathers. No more dancing because someone has a piccolo. And for that matter-- if it's possible, I want the visual effects from all toys to be invisible while the Neural Silencer is engaged. This is a potential out from griefing, and after so many years, I want to think it can be done.Clawmane4 Jan 31
Jan 30 W.E.T Community Lounge #79 I'm just opening a new thread since the old one is at capacity :) Greetings, fellow travellers! Welcome to the World’s End Tavern Community Lounge. As the name suggests you have arrived at the World’s End Tavern where all walks of WoW-game-life come to discuss RP, share stories, or build adventures together, and the Community Lounge is where we come to hang-out when we're not doing that. In the previous and future pages you will see a variety of randomness: idle hang-out emotes, chit-chat about this game and others, what people had for breakfast, fashionistas flaunting their latest ‘mogs, someone’s latest fascination in music, film, or interwebz, mildly zany, and hopefully amusing antics from regulars and new comers alike, in-character, out of character, and sometimes somewhere in between. Almost anything goes, -within the already established Code of Conduct Blizzard has set down (although, some flirtation with those boundaries may happen from time to time, we are careful about crossing lines). Here, the drama-llama stable is out back, so please park it there, and maintain respect for all attending. If you want a bit of a glimpse to what the atmosphere is generally like, visit the previous Lounge thread here: and past threads in the archive here: Step up to the bar, or take a table, curl up on a pillow pile, or stretch out on a chaise by the hearth. Relax and make yourself at home. **Membership fees are due at the end of the month, and damages to the property will be billed to your accounts.Trenaris500 Jan 30
Jan 30 I need help finding a suitable rp realm Hi! Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this. I'm a returning player who stopped playing due to switching to a night shift job. This made it difficult for me to be active when I was off as my availability time became 8am - 2pm EST. I then realized that maybe I could look into switching to a EU server to better suit my availability. But fear there i would be mixed in with less English speakers. Another preference but not more important than the timezone concern. Is that I would want a realm with a high border population. Long story short the character I play is a preacher for a divine unity. Instead of preaching to people of the same faction I would go out to horde areas and preach there ( chat is a good loophole to get past the faction barrier). So can anyone help point me in the right direction? ._. I will give sneks as a rewardAlrua8 Jan 30
Jan 29 Disguised Demon Hunter Had an idea, and was wondering what other people think. A Demon Hunter that doesn't have horns, has covered up their tattoos, and goes around as merely a blind swordsman. I'd imagine that they're still not the most welcomed people in society so it makes sense to me that they'd try and keep a low profile, if not outright lie about who they are.Aberion7 Jan 29
Feb 9 [A] Ashen Contingent Recruitment {WrA} The Alliance isn't doing enough. Clawmane's passable writing stared back at him for several moments before he averted his gaze, overlooking Lion's Rest. The very statement could be scrawled in graffiti across his monument, and be true. The Alliance, and the Horde for that matter, were fool hearty and the death of many great people culminated as a result. "The Alliance won't change because Varian is gone," Clawmane heard a man say to his friends. "The Alliance will be the same, and we will come through." At what cost? Clawmane thought. The Alliance were too busy with showing an honorable, and human side. These days, they wanted to do things the decent way-- and not stoop to subversion, or dirty deeds, to get the job done. The contingent, Clawmane thought, needed to be a first-in, heavy-handed operation that would work to secure victories both in the light and in the dark. Questionable means would be taken, but it'd ensure that lives were saved from whatever threat was present-- the Horde, the Legion, or whatever evil was dredged up from the depths. Clawmane looked down at the paper again. He knew how he needed to start this petition, and so he scratched out one word, and with a nod of satisfaction, he set his quill to the paper again: The Alliance isn't enough. --------------------------------------------- Ashen Contingent on Wyrmrest Accord is a roleplay-centric guild that will build into PvE activities, and possibly later on, PvP activities-- though neither PvE or PvP are a requirement for membership. All PvE activities will be led up to on a guild-official level through various actions in-character. Your character will be able to work on any of the following: Recruitment Intelligence Gathering Scouting Combat trainingRequirements: All characters must be playable characters. This means there cannot be bronze dragonflight Night Elves, or half-orc, half-goblin Alliance defectors. This is to ensure that your character can participate in the story arcs that will parallel World of Warcraft's current story arcs, and also ensures that there is no room for a character who is "more powerful than thou." Your use of in-game skills should reflect such. There are no current PvE requirements, though this is subject to change. At our current stage of growth, we will simply be focusing on RP, recruitment and starting into mythic dungeons as we build our community and gear up. You are also welcome to run with others outside of guild-organized events or groups. All recruiting is done through roleplay! That means your character should seek out the Ashen Contingent, befriend them and then ask about joining as they would in character. Above all else, this guild is roleplay-centric, so that means you must be a good roleplayer.Scheduled events will evolve and change as membership grows and changes. Your attendance at any events, whether it is RP, PvE or PvP will not be required, but RP is the crux and door that will open for other opportunities for your character! Seek us! ~Clawmane Harbinger, Ashen ContingentClawmane2 Feb 9
Jan 28 Blood elf age confusion. I'm sure this question has been asked many times but i'm still confused on this guys age. I wanted him to be 25 when Arthas sacked Silvermoon. Which if im remembering right was in year 20 so how old would be in legion?Dryian2 Jan 28
Jan 28 RP Story(long) Fury of the Forsaken Prologue General Thitus sighed in relief when he saw the column of Lordaeron Crusaders advancing through the early morning gloom to reinforce his beleaguered troops. Thitus and his men had fought unceasingly for five days to hold the advance of the Scourge’s undead legions at Corin’s Crossing and give the returning Prince enough time to prepare Lordaeron for the inevitable attack of the Scourge, and now, it seemed he had succeeded. Thitus smiled in greeting to Knight-Captain Coston as the warrior reined his horse in beside the general. “It’s good to see you Zeerion.” Thitus offered his hand in greeting to his son’s oldest friend, “How many of your Crusaders have you brought with you?” Zeerion’s face was a grim mask as he shook Thitus’s hand, “Five hundred.” “That’s all?” Thitus could not keep the astonishment from his voice as he responded, “by the Light! We’re about to be overwhelmed here and all Prince Arthas saw fit to send us for reinforcements was just five hundred troops? Granted they’re Crusaders, but even they will make little difference he. . .” “Prince Arthas has slain the King and sacked the capital. The traitor is corrupted by the Scourge.” Zeerion interrupted quietly. “The remainder of my Crusaders have led the survivors to the monastery and will defend it against attack as the survivors of Lordaeron make their way down the cliffs to ships waiting to carry them to safety.” The general’s face went slack as he heard this dire news and his mouth worked to ask a question, but no words would come out. “Your family is safe in the monastery, Rolund and Kirana are with them. I was not able to save my sister and her husband however, so I left my children with your wife.” Zeerion swallowed nervously, an uncharacteristic action from the normally unshakable warrior, “I would ask that you take care of them if . . . until I return.” Thitus heard this and realization dawned on him, “You’re not here to reinforce my position, you’re here to cover my retreat.” It was a statement not a question and when Zeerion nodded his confirmation, Thitus laid a hand on the younger man’s shoulder, “I can't allow you to throw your life and the lives of your men away, we will conduct a fighting retreat, all the way to the monastery if need be, and you will see your children onto one of the ships yourself and we will all sail to safety. Surely we can send word to your remaining Crusaders at Tyr’s Hand and Hearthglen and have them assist us.” Zeerion shook his head, “That will not be possible, both contingents are cut off, Andorhal is lost, I have heard no word from Stratholme in over a month and must assume that the contingent there has been slain. Your retreat will be difficult at best as you will have to fight most of the way to the monastery and still move quickly. I have left markers to show you the path of least resistance and I will be sending my best scout with you, Utlan will be invaluable as he knows the route and can help you avoid most of the Scourge forces. My Crusaders and I will hold the Scourge forces here at bay as long as possible so that you are not attacked from the rear, you will need as many soldiers as possible to defend the monastery until the remaining refugees have been evacuated. I have left Commander Mograine and one thousand Crusaders at the monastery to hold it till you arrive, I have every confidence that they will hold till you can reinforce them, if you leave immediately.” “What of the Royal Guardsmen?” but Thitus suspected he knew the answer and his shoulders slumped when Zeerion confirmed it. “Lothos ordered me to escort the survivors of Lordaeron to the monastery. He took command of the Guardsmen and held Arthas’s forces at bay to allow us the time we needed to get the refugees to the monastery. Halfway there, I took these five hundred and went back to assist him.” Zeerion’s voice shook slightly, “I was too late, and Lothos and the remaining Guardsmen were slain to the last man.” Thitus’s hand shook slightly as he wiped tears from his face. Lothos was his only son and Zeerion’s closest friend, Thitus looked up at Zeerion and the pained look on his face was almost more than Zeerion could bear.Zeerionjax13 Jan 28
Jan 28 Blood elf age Ok so this is the character i'm roleplaying in moonguard on horde and I said he was born nine years before the first war how old does that make him before he died?Aelirian7 Jan 28
Jan 27 How to be a good role player Once I get her <---- to max level and get the transmog i want i plan to role play her But want her to be taken seriously She's a vampiric dk (yes blood is vampiric, just look at it's animations) not a little gnome warlock Also any good add ons and how to install it(new to add ons)Vikctoria3 Jan 27
Jan 27 Ley Walker Spells I made this mage sometime last year, in part wanting to portray an interpretation of a Ley Walker in vague accordance to the info on the tabletop game's Prestige Class. I have a couple spells harkening to this aspect of the character already however I wouldn't mind listing a few more. I figured I'd seek out some suggestions. Any ideas...?Phontine3 Jan 27
Jan 27 What is the The Stars' Design skin made of? Well today I got the The Stars' Design Fire Mage hidden artifact and I just want to know lore wise what's it made out of, what I think it's a combination of arcane and some sort of Titan engineering.Vivekaa1 Jan 27
Jan 26 How viable is a vampire esk character I had an idea for a death night with a vampiric rune blade. He would be blood obviously and manipulate the blood of his enemies to use as a weapon. His sword would need a steady supply of blood as well, this would play in to his addiction to cause pain and suffering. I am wondering if this would be viable in the lore.Moskege14 Jan 26
Jan 26 Neorionsbelt the Mighty More Augustus and Tiffany adventures. _________________________________________________________________________ He had found it finally across many battles and many tries had he finally found it and much was he pleased which he shared with everyone present and they with him. "This shall increase my worth and value by many times," almost absently holding it aloft for all to view in its awesome glory. The final AP fell deftly but certainly not silently into place. Everyone ewwed and awed outwardly and whisperingly spoke of its power, that along with the Neor knowledge, hands on experience and power their 4 vs 4 would indeed be a force to be reckoned with. He stopped momentarily to mine ore, pyrite. He looked about wonderingly admiring the beauty, majesty and grandeur of his surroundings. One of the beasties happened along and aggroed. He would usually run from such beasts of the field, they were only protecting their territory they knew no better, his FD was still on CD so he raised his gun and fired one shot, it was done, looted it. "Tiff, here is another you can skin," sending out a call on vent to HIS healer. "Coming dear." She would not ever take off the ring he had surprised her at new years with. It was such a perfect setting, perfect situation which she had responded with a whispered, "yes," how could she not? She mounted and rode to his dot on the screen dismounting by clicking /skin then pocketing the resource in the process. "I thought you were trying not to kill these local beasties, my dear," reaching for her water bottle to quench her thirst? Actually she was kind of tiffed about it, 'He expects me to come running and skin these things? Why doesn't he just bring his skinning bot along and spare her the trouble?' She thought draining the bottle of her water. "Tiff, you know I don't prefer alt-tabbing anymore," holding his mic button longer than needed creating an annoying squeltch feed back, it was almost as if he had read her mind such was their familiarity with each others thoughts, habits, and actions. Wincing, 'that was damn mean,' she thought! "Why did you do that? You know I can't stand that noise" "Sorry," and he meant it.Oreohhs51 Jan 26
Jan 26 Best Lore Class and Race Combos. Hey guys I want facts on what races suite what classes. Can you put top 3 classes for each race down so I know label from 1 to 3 best to worst! Thank you! And maybe a little bit of a back story for each. :)Kalunar14 Jan 26
Jan 26 DH Joining Guild Question Alright guys it's time for a game of "This guy is writing his character's story and is stuck on something and needs help". The question is, what could drive a DH to join a mercenary guild. I haven't found even a remote answer. And I know that reasons could vary from character to character but what could be a vague reason that a DH would join one. Thanks!Rahlaeth3 Jan 26
Jan 25 RP Skills (A NEW RP SYSTEM) Okay, okay. Now let's get a few disclaimers out of the way. First, people will RP situations however they like. Some people prefer emoting, rolling, or even PVP. This post doesn't mean to disrupt that at all. I'm simply sharing a system that I've been working on in hopes of critique and opinions. This RP system has absolutely nothing to do with the combat talent of the character (mostly,) but rather their skills outside of combat. What do I mean? I mean their ability to perceive things, hide, steal, persuade, etc. It's based off of D&D 5e and it's incredibly simple. Why did I make this system? Well, I found there were some situations that left me or my friends feelings slighted, and I wanted to address this. If you've experienced any of the following situations, then maybe my system is right for you, feel free to use it. Have you ever been sneaking and someone determines that you're seen? Have you ever told a brilliant lie only to be seen through because someone had OOC knowledge? Have you ever grappled someone much smaller than you only to have them slip away with little effort? Have you ever ever cast an illusion that someone automatically saw through? Have you ever disguised yourself as someone else only to be metagamed?Now, there are many more examples, but if you've said yes to any of these, I encourage you to give this system a look over and tell me what you think. Note: I'm not trying to make anyone RP in a way they don't want to, I'm simply putting out an idea that I think could help some people struggling with common issues.ñdrìa2 Jan 25
Jan 25 Best alliance RP server? What's the best server to join if looking to rp on the alliance side of things??Frienzee15 Jan 25
Jan 25 Where to go for more active roleplay? As someone who has loved roleplaying for 10+ years, I'm kind of disappointed at how little actual roleplaying I've seen both in-game, and on this forum. I love writing and character building, and I'd like to delve more into that. Are there other places — such as proboards forums, tumblr pages, etc. — where there is more active roleplaying?Kaehira7 Jan 25
Jan 25 Cenarion Lunar Celebration (8M FREE RAFFLE!) Once every year, the Druids of Nighthaven host a grand festival to commemorate the triumph of the mortal races over the Burning Legion during ancient times. Crowds of heroes, adventurers, and persons from different walks of life gather in celebration to eat, drink, shoot fireworks, and receive the blessings of Elune. This year, The Cenarion Council is sponsoring a one-day server-wide event to coincide with the Lunar Festival that will feature a slew of unique activities. Featuring: -A raffle with over 6 MILLION GOLD in prizes!! (Alliance only) -Cross-faction RP by Stonewind Tribe!! -Catering by Om Nom Noodles!! -Firework Show by Dwarven Vanguard!! Event Info: WHEN: January 28th (Saturday), starting at 6:00PM WHERE: Nighthaven, Moonglade (Moon Guard) Who to contact for more info: Arrowshifter (Alliance), Taeana (Horde) Schedule of Events 6:00 PM - Opening Ceremony 7:00 PM - Prayer 8:00 PM - Historical Session 9:00 PM - Declare Winners of Raffle 10:00 PM – Fireworks Show Raffle Info (ALLIANCE ONLY) Raffle prizes are generously provided by Arrowshifter, Eclo, Clena, Enalis, Arcanol, Amyren, Elenya, Varania, Gyah, and Zalgrand. 118 Opportunities to Win! Tickets will be given one per-person free of charge. Raffle Requirements: In order to be eligible for your FREE raffle ticket, you must: -Register for a raffle ticket in-character during pre-registraction week in the Stormwind Park, January 23-27 from 6pm-8pm server (one per-person). -Be an Alliance character. -Be at least level 30. -Your character must be armory-able. -Have some form of MRP/XRP/TRP filled out and visible. Dislciamer: We reserve the right to remove disruptive and/or disrespectful parties from the raffle at the event. PVP IS NOT ACCEPTABLE DURING THE EVENT IN NIGHTHAVEN. To Receive Your Prize: -You must claim your item(s) before midnight server the night of the drawing. --Finished Prize Pool-- Mounts - 1 per winner 5 Steelbound Harness 10 Jeweled Onyx Panther 10 Sunstone Panther 10 Jade Panther 10 Ruby Panther 10 Sapphire Panther 5 Depleted-Kyparium Rocket 5 Geosynchronous World Spinner 11 Sky Golem 10 Vial of the Sands 5 Minion of Grumpus 10 Mekgineer's Chopper Bundle/Misc Prizes 10 Elixir of the Rapid Mind 10 Elixir of the Rapid Mind 10 Elixir of the Rapid Mind 10 Elixir of the Rapid Mind 10 Elixir of the Rapid Mind 5 Pocket Fel Spreader (given individually) 1 10/10 Crafted of Winner's Choice 1 10/10 Crafted of Winner's Choice 1 10/10 Crafted of Winner's Choice 2 sets of 21 Medallions of the Legion (Neutral to Revered) 1 lvl 25 Son of Animus 1 lvl 25 Viscous Horror Prize List AH average - 8,046,200g For more about the Cenarion Council, please refer to our site: Raffle Ticket List and further raffle info can be found at Jan 25
Jan 24 DH vs DK Which one is easier to roleplay as?Aelirian11 Jan 24
Jan 24 Monk rp help So I wanna create a night elf monk and I don't know how I could explain why he became a monk instead of a druid can you guys give me some ideas?Aelirian3 Jan 24
Jan 24 Introduce Your Character! Since the "Introduce Your Character to the World" topic is full, I thought I'd make this open forum for anyone looking to do just that. Just follow this template to get started: Name: Age: Class: Home: Profession (Job): Brief Summarry of Backstory: Random Quote: Name: Damian Deathwalker (Don't call him "D.D.") Age: Mid-thirties around time of death. Actual age unknown. Class: Warlock Home: Cart Profession (Job): Traveling apothecary. Brief Summarry of Backstory: A lone apothecary who travels Azeroth in his dreadsteed-drawn cart with his summoned demonic minions, hoping to sell the wares he's concocted using his grade A alchemical equipment… Most of which he acquired via breaking into Former Grand Apothecary Putress' private study, soon after the former's demise, and taking everything that wasn't nailed down. Random Quote: "Why does most of my equipment have 'Property of Putress' inscribed on it? I don't know. Why are YOU so nosey? Now, are you gonna buy something or what?"Damiandeathw44 Jan 24
Jan 24 Gnomlins, Realms, Tiamat oh my Continuation of the epic battle which created Hermits Summit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Gnomlins Backstory Far below, very far almost too far for even their technology, if a depth that far was even possible. So far as to almost be unimaginable to most, the tiny occupants of one of the few thousand remaining Titans (which stands for Tactical Initiative Toward Analytical Neutral Surveillance) the machines, giants to most as they are massive robotic revolutionary science, serves as both homes, sanctuaries, defensive and offensive but mostly just evasive and invasionary purposes. The Gnomlins were a pure neutral race except when it comes to exploration and acquisition of knowledge which they view as paramount above all else. They, themselves being small in stature only standing 1.5 feet high at the very max height and that is an atypical example very few of them has been able to achieve. Extremely bright, energetic and intelligent in technological productivity, this being one of the main reasons they choose to build such awe inspiring machines to proclaim their dominance wherever they choose to tread. Their technologically advanced superiority being played out on their own world subduing and “domesticating” their fellow denizens they had only one place to go and that was beyond. They developed and mastered inter-dimensional travel as well as space exploration. Colonizing outposts and creating a lasting thumb print whenever they chose to become involved with the local systems as well as here to fore unknown worlds. (unknown except to them and those of the arcane) You cannot travel so many worlds; create so many outposts without acquiring powerful allies as well as enemies. And in their many, many travels they would happen upon beings of tremendous almost infinite powers/strengths. Many they sought to become allied with if they found they couldn’t “domesticate” them. Others they found they could not defeat or align themselves with so battle was brought. One such being they frighteningly came to know by many names across many realms but the one she prefers, they found, was Tiamat. They had both been defeated by and stood victorious of across many worlds. Some she pursued them, others they pursued her but battle was indeed brought by the dragon almost too any realm, they found, the dragon would choose to occupy. Their natures indeed clashed. They began as pure neutral and indeed many a world totally dominated by the “queen” if indeed she ever was one, they would choose not to interfere with but more times than not they would clash. And there had been talk of going back to some of those now dark worlds and ‘exercising’ the old dragon. In other words their beginning neutrality over the eons became increasingly skewed to the lawful good alignment. For time they found was very fractured from place to place where they roamed.Oreohhs10 Jan 24
Jan 24 Defias Brotherhood in Legion For RP purposes, what exactly is the status of the Defias Brotherhood in legion? Is it safe to assume that the Brotherhood that we knew and fought when they were under Edwin and Vanessa doesn't exist anymore? (When the main purpose was overthrowing the Stormwind house of nobles) They have no known leadership or organization and haven't done anything other than petty theft since Vanessa's "death", so would it be fine to say that it doesn't really exist anymore?Stryder6 Jan 24
Jan 24 Shadow fiend? Hey I'm trying to find any lore on them. Got a idea for the twilight fiend battlepetNaadir1 Jan 24
Jan 24 War with a Vision (Short Story) Making his way through a forest in Suramar, Whuteng Elderleaf soon found his way out of the forest, into the city itself. He stealthfully rolled past a guard, and hid in a bush, peering out of it, to see below the edge. To his horror, he saw a group of Nightborne civilians about to be executed by two Felguard demons. Whuteng lept out of the bush, but to his bewilderment, as he was falling through the air, one of the two demons pulled up his two tonfa fist weapons and assaulted the other demon, whose axe was held high to strike at the civilians. Whuteng landed, and tripped the axe-wielding demon, and for the last few moments of the axe demon's life, Whuteng and the tonfa-wielding demon worked together to execute the executioner. Whuteng wiped his brow, and looked at the Felguard. "You attacked your own. Why do you do this?" Letting his arms rest, the Felguard returned Whuteng's stare. "Walk with me, Pandaren. You must pretend to be my prisoner." Narrowing his eyes, Whuteng felt that perhaps, even though the idea was madness, he should hear this demon out. He walked with the Felguard as they made their way down a street. Whuteng kept his hands held behind his back, as if they were chained, and the Felguard kept close. "I am not a part of the Legion. Not any longer." Whuteng raised an eyebrow. "Who are you with, then?" Nodding towards a passing Nightborne guard, the demon turned his gaze to Whuteng once more. "I am not with anyone, not yet. I plan to present myself to the Illidari, though. Perhaps they will accept me as they do other demons." "You would betray your friends?" The demon shook his head. "I have no friends. I will betray the Legion, if it means innocent lives will be saved." "I see. Perhaps we should sneak out of this city, and deliver you to the Illidari, then?" Whuteng suggested. Another shake of his head, and the demon looked forward. "There is one thing I must do before I leave this city. There is a Fel Lord who gives out execution orders - He was my superior in the Legion. We must kill him, so that planned executions will be in disarray." Whuteng nodded his head. "This prison up ahead, it is where he is?" With no words, the Felguard nodded. He walked into the prison with Whuteng at his side, and looked towards the menacing, huge Fel Lord at the back of the room.Whuteng1 Jan 24
Jan 27 Botanist fight: Does it really make sense? Hello, I am posting because tonight we just did the botanist fight. It was very bad. The problem with the Botanist is that it breaks immersion because the Botanist splits in half and he does not use any plant based spells. I think it would be better if there were more plant based spells, because Spores are not plants they fungus. Also I thought the fight was too confusing and really, why is there a Botanist in the night hold? Plants do not grow at night. It would be better if instead of a Botanist he was a Mycologist who is someone that grows Mushrooms. Anyway we wiped 9 times and that is too much for our average item level which is 883. Boss might need rebalancing. Please respond! -PatienceMilktit8 Jan 27
Jan 23 Shadowmoon Orcs Lets face it. These guys have been through some crap. But I do have a question. How can they be roleplayed? Can my green skinned Orc warrior be a Shadowmoon Orc? Or would he have to be just slightly of that bloodline?Adonelm5 Jan 23
Jan 23 Shado-Pan RP Question - Shado-Pan Leave? Need some help figuring this out. For a while, I've been RPing an Ex Shado-Pan which I've come to realize is kind of stupid on the service since Shado-Pan members basically take an oath to serve the Shado-Pan for life and really can't leave for the reason "I wanna see the world" or something along those lines, HOWEVER COMMA, is it possible for a Shado-Pan member to retire/take leave after an injury that prohibits them from doing their work, such as being paralyzed from the waist down or losing an or a leg, etc.? Or would they somehow continue to lend whatever service they can to the organization? No flame please! Thanks!~Izaríah3 Jan 23
Jan 23 GROUP RP Hello fellows, I am here looking for a forum based group rp. I noticed there are not many here in the forum section and wanted to know if anyone would be interested in starting one or could direct me to where WoW based forum rp takes place.Maeza1 Jan 23
Jan 23 DH Background Lore Check Hey, was wondering if I could get some help in double checking my guy's background for any glaring lore inconsistencies. Or any other tips or comments anyone sees. It's going to be in bullet point version, cause, I like bullet points. Born before the War of the Ancients (No real exact time set, but early enough to be an adult in the War of the Ancients) as a Highbourne in Zin-Azshari. Has a big sister who is a priestess of Elune. Showsarcane aptitude and trains as a sorcerer, becoming a member of the Moon Guard. War of the Ancients starts, Elidyr and sister fight against the Legion. Their parents are loyalists to the Queen and the Legion. During the war, Elidyr hears of Illidan's use of fel magics against the Legion in Black Rook Hold. His sister freaks, seeing it as Illidan falling and betraying the Night Elves. Elidyr sees it as another tool to use. Fight fire with fire, etc. etc. Elidyr also begins to use fel magic against the Legion. His sister sees him as a fallen elf, and cuts ties with him. After the repulsion of the Legion, Elidyr's parents are presumed dead with the sinking of Zin-Azshari. Elidyr's sister reports him for his fel magic usage, and he is locked up in a similar tomb/prison as Illidan.(Here's where my questions of lore checking are strong. Were others locked up as well? Or was Illidan the only one, and all the other surviving arcane users simply banished to become the Quel'dorei?) Fast forward 10k years. In Tyrande's jailbreak of Illidan, Elidyr is also freed. Following his release he again helps his people, like Illidan, but uses the arcane and fel magics he knows to defeat the Legion once again. During the assault on Mt Hyjal, Elidyr's sister dies. This and the destruction the Legion causes again has Elidyr search out Illidan. Finding Illidan, and following him to Outland, Elidyr swears fealty to the Demon Hunter, and follows suit, becoming a Demon Hunter himself. And, the rest, is the starting zone for the Demon HuntersLet me know what you all think, if there are any glaring inconsistencies with lore, or any areas that seem too hokey or lame. Thanks! Elidyr.Elidyr1 Jan 23
Jan 23 New to RP! Moon Guard Hello, so I am really curious about Role Playing and basically becoming my character. I know that there are a lot of people who do it and have fun with it. If you can, please help me out :) I would really appreciate it! Have a good day!Teremick7 Jan 23
Jan 22 Let's Play? If I were to start a Let's Play video series, would anyone be interested in watching it? It would be Horde-side, and I would mostly likely be playing a Shaman (though if people would really rather see me play a different class, I'd be open to suggestions). Also, as it's the only content I would be creating, I would be able to do several episodes per week. So, interest? Questions? Let me know!Nyxomenia10 Jan 22
Jan 21 Undead rp I was wondering if all undead were risen from humans or if other races could also be risen but look the same as in game undead. Basically can me gnome Mage become an undead Mage upon ressurection?Maverïck9 Jan 21
Jan 21 Fan Fiction So I wrote up this piece of Fan Fiction and I hope you guys like it. It's a little short but it's like, my ultimate fantasy. Here goes. One day the developers won't suck at their jobs. People will be happy. And subscribing to WoW will actually be worth 15$ again. PVP will be balanced and ranged won't be relegated to being a melee target dummy in BGs. Warriors will be nerfed properly in PVP. Oh, and loot won't be designed like the 5 Year old who got the Monster Trucks movie was in charge of gear. Reforging will return, and Versatility will finally be removed from DPS gear. The End.Sherrimayim7 Jan 21
Jan 21 (Spoilers) Hyping up races for Legion To start this off, I take absolutely no credit for this. This list was made by Ballawas on /r/warcraftlore, and I highly reccomend you check out the subreddit when you get the chance. Humans Lets start with the obvious. Making up much of the Alliance's army and wealth, you are what people first think when they hear "The Alliance". Your kind was planted on the planet to serve the titans. With the loss of the titans, and effects of the curse of flesh, you became a tribal race known as the Vrykul. After families sent their children away to be spared from execution, you evolved into a race that was not hindered by it's "small and fleshy mutation." You formed seven kingdoms and rose to be a powerhouse of a race. You are what the alliance is built upon. Are you a wielder of the light? A soldier? A marksman? An assassin? A spell-caster? A Death knight?? Humans fit into any of the playable classes with ease. Being very numerous, you should have no problem feeling in place as a Human. You're meeting your ancestors (Vrykul), avenging your former king, and putting an end to the Legion that threatens your world. Dwarves Your army is like... strong. Very, very, very strong. The might of the Bronzebeards would be a strong force on it's own. But add in the Dark Iron and Wildhammer clans... boy. Numerous and united, the Dwarves are set to take on the Legion. Did I mention King Magni is back?!? And he's speaking for Azeroth, which is a titan! Formerly being servants of the Titans, your Dwarf is surely to be interested in whats going on. Paladin of the light? Warrior of the mountain? Sorcerer of the Dark Iron? Shaman of the Wildhammer? Icy Death Knight of vengeance? Dwarves are a numerous and strong race. Who wouldn't follow one into battle? You stand as tall as Thrall on the battlefield. Gnomes Formerly being servants of the Titans, you evolved into intelligent beings capable of building technological wonders! Sure you're not the tallest person on the battlefield. But hey, a Human is a Gnome compared to the Demons we are fighting. Demons dwarf all races in size! Use your intelligent minds to learn vast arcane knowledge. Use your size to sneak past enemies to strike them down before they can say "Sargeras". Snipe them from afar with a powerful sniper. And we're not talking pellets here. We're talking bullets that would bring the strongest brute to his knees. Stand up and show the Legion that it's not the size of the dog in the fight; it's the size of the fight in the dog. Night Elves You and the legion have a long history. The Emerald Nightmare is back, while lands you thought destroyed have shown themselves to be alive. Journey back to lands seemingly forgotten. See relics of your past. Stop the Emerald Nightmare. Stop the Legion. Are you a Highborne, looking to make up for the past mistakes of your kind? Are you a druid, looking to stop the Nightmare? A warrior, rogue, or Demon Hunter looking to bathe your blades in demon blood? A marksman who will stop at nothing to empty his quiver on the hordes of monsters? Now is the time to put an end to the greatest threats to your people. Draenei Nobody knows the Legion like you do. Rise up and make this your final vengeance. Your people have suffered greatly. Your race will use the Light, Magics, blades, fists, what have you. You know why you fight. End your arch enemy. End the Legion. Worgen Follow your king into battle! Are you angry at Sylvannas and the Horde? Are you willing to put hatred aside to defeat the legion? Apart of the world now, you fight to preserve whats left of your people. Oh and you know, to not die. Show the legion the might of the worgen! The might of Gilneas! Teach them that this "curse" is their worst enemy. Like the humans, you have a vast array of ways to dispatch the Legion. If you're a druid, then you may feel similar to Night Elves regarding the Emerald Nightmare. Go out and show them your fangs. Your king will be active in the upcoming battle. Do him proud! Pandaren Why do we fight? To not get obliterated into green fel dust. Step out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Show the legion that your fists can break any steel they swing at you. Punch Kil'jaedan in the dang throat. Show the Legion your race is nothing to mess with! Chug a beer, then shatter a Dreadlords face with the mug. Your people need more heroes outside of Pandaria. Show the world the might of your people. Be a paragon.Gizholm1 Jan 21
Jan 21 [RP] Down the Dark Path ((I didn't proof read and I felt like writing something up, *shrugs* its !@#$ty i know but I'm tired and whatever. ENJOY THE EDGE)) With a slam the door Arkeas closed the door to his empty house, as walked through the dustily halls through his library into his bedroom where dark burns covered the room. Arkeas let out a soft sigh as he slowly undid his armor, not having worn any real armor since his time in the military. Thinking back Arkeas wasn't very helpful there either, he barely did anything before the legion invaded and then when they did he was wounded badly. Arkeas dropped his sword tip down into the wooden floor boards as he walked over and fell backwards on to his bed, "well got a lot accomplished today" the young mage muttered to himself, "set up the communications network for the Spellguard, started grinding a piece of the stone to dust" Arkeas winced a little as he pushed himself off his bed and began walking toward the door at the side of his room, "beat Halt in a sparring match, got one off my bosses to hate me." Ark continued to mutter as he pushed open the door to the room. The dark closet was barely lit, it was covered in sketches of weapons like his old war staff, each a long polearm ending in a double sided axe, carved with intricate runes. Arkeas slowly approached his desk in the far side of the room as he lit the small lamps on his way lighting up the once dark musty smelling room. "These will hopefully change everything." Arkeas muttered as he brushed through several papers one was the old tattoo he once had on his left hand used for his basic spell casting, the other was a small circle filled with runes that seemed to be touch activated, and the last a strange scrawling of runes in what appeared to be a necromancy inscription in the shape of a hand. Arkeas shook his head as he moved the final page out of the way, flipping past his prototype lightning bolt rune and his wand design to see a sketch of what seemed to be a sphere the size of a fist labeled control stone imbedded into the chest of a person with various runes circling it around the chest, each marking spiraling around it and twisting, "this will fix it if Borios doesn't fix me." Arkeas mumbled as he reached into his bag and pulled out a black rock the size of a fist with a glowing orange runs embedded into the center of it. Arkeas let out a sigh as he turned away from the sketches to look at a chalk board in the walk covered in yarn and pictures with notes scrawled all over it all leading up to a single picture of what appeared to be Arkeas himself, labeled Shex, "your time is numbered." Arkeas mumbled, "I have Allies that are powerful and O am coming for you pretender!" Arkeas looked away from the board with a deep frown etched into his face, he had seen Nyamine, Borios, Faynar and countless other people he was meeting all here for the sake of learning and here he was using them to get revenge. Arkeas turned and punched the chalk board looking at the ground, "hopefully once this is over I can try to make it right with them. I'll share my research. I help them in anyway I can" Arkeas tried to justify his actions, he had betrayed his last group of friends to try and get his revenge. The young mage looked at the ground as his black hair fell forward and his shoulders started o shake, "I'm sorry Tavs. Kel. Saryn. I had to do it!" The boy yelled into the empty home. Arkeas sat there for what seemed like hours before brushing his hair back and tying it back into a ponytail the young mage went and sat at his desk, eyes red and swollen as his pencil moved across the pages. Arkeas could only shake his head as he realized looking at the sketch he was making of a sword coated in saronite inscribed with various runes, he was going down a dark path, he just had to make sure he didn't drag everyone else down with him.Arkeas1 Jan 21
Jan 21 W.E.T Community Lounge #78 Ahhh that's better Elune hasn't blessed this humble stealthy with the right words, so if I can borrow the opening from a favorite gnome :) As the name suggests you have arrived at the World’s End Tavern where all walks of WoW-game-life come to discuss RP, share stories, or build adventures together, and the Community Lounge is where we come to hang-out when we're not doing that. In the previous and future pages you will see a variety of randomness: idle hang-out emotes, chit-chat about this game and others, what people had for breakfast, fashionistas flaunting their latest ‘mogs, someone’s latest fascination in music, film, or interwebz, mildly zany, and hopefully amusing antics from regulars and new comers alike, in-character, out of character, and sometimes somewhere in between. Almost anything goes, -within the already established Code of Conduct Blizzard has set down (although, some flirtation with those boundaries may happen from time to time, we are careful about crossing lines). Here, the drama-llama stable is out back, so please park it there, and maintain respect for all attending. If you want a bit of a glimpse to what the atmosphere is generally like,As the name suggests you have arrived at the World’s End Tavern where all walks of WoW-game-life come to discuss RP, share stories, or build adventures together, and the Community Lounge is where we come to hang-out when we're not doing that. In the previous and future pages you will see a variety of randomness: idle hang-out emotes, chit-chat about this game and others, what people had for breakfast, fashionistas flaunting their latest ‘mogs, someone’s latest fascination in music, film, or interwebz, mildly zany, and hopefully amusing antics from regulars and new comers alike, in-character, out of character, and sometimes somewhere in between. Almost anything goes, -within the already established Code of Conduct Blizzard has set down (although, some flirtation with those boundaries may happen from time to time, we are careful about crossing lines). Here, the drama-llama stable is out back, so please park it there, and maintain respect for all attending. If you want a bit of a glimpse to what the atmosphere is generally like, visit the previous Lounge thread here: and past threads in the archive here: Step up to the bar, or take a table, curl up on a pillow pile, or stretch out on a chaise by the hearth. Relax and make yourself at home. **Membership fees are due at the end of the month, and damages to the property will be billed to your accounts.:Surfgirl500 Jan 21
Jan 21 Shaman Titles/Prestige Class Questions Hey there, I'm new to the forums for the most part and not as familiar with Horde lore as I'd like to be. I've made a Tauren Shaman and I've done some research on different titles or 'prestige' classes, but haven't found as much as I had hoped. Essentially I'm looking for any ideas/information on specific titles or prestige classes for Shamans that would work well with Tauren (Think Astral Walker or Dreamer for Druids). Thanks for reading :).Raksharan0 Jan 21
Jan 21 (RP-Story) Ranger of Lakeshire Lakeshire: Part 1 A thick fog settled on the town planted between the mountains and the lake. The sun was just breaking over the peaks of the mountains as the villagers were heading to their shops. The fish were jumping out of the lake grasping at the bugs hovering over the water. Just above the town sitting on the hill side a makeshift camp site sat quietly, awaiting for the ranger inside to awaken. His eyes broke open, revealing the icy blue hue beneath the lids. He stretched his foot peeling back the dingy flaps of his tent. A ray of light burst into his small "home". Mumbling under his breathe, "Damnit, I better get up before she barges in here aga..." Frantically scooting to the corner of his tent to avoid the massive roc that burst her way into his tent, thrashing and tossing everything around in her sight. She finally settled down once she realized her master was awake and staring at her with an unamused grimace across his face. "Argh, every damn morning.", Phatori remarked as he emerged from the tent and stretched. The fog was still thick and his vision of the town below and the landscape ahead of him was unclear. Turning to the giant dark blue roc, who was not of this world but one beyond ours, Phatori softly said, "Sorry ol' girl, I don't think we will be able to hunt this morning. Go and grab the left over jerky won't you Tara?". Sitting on an old stump, Phatori bit into his jerky as Tara tore into hers. His vision of his surroundings was clouded, but the sky was clear to him. One by one flocks of birds could be seen clearing from the tree tops to the east. Quawking and screeching as they took to the sky. Phatori stood and took two cautious steps forward as he tried to listen and see what was scaring the birds. His eyes widened as he heard the unmistakable whistling of arrows peeling through the air heading towards the town below. Like rain pouring from the heavens the arrows littered the ground. The town was completely caught off guard. The militia quickly scrambled from their homes and began to set up a wall of men just next to the bridge. Phatori knew the fog would not play in the villagers favor. He had seen this before, the Orcs have returned. Dropping what was left of his jerky Phatori reached back into his tent and slung his quiver and arrows over his shoulder and with bow in hand he ran for the town! As he got into the town the orcs broke through the fog and came crashing into the wall of men with a savage clanging and crunching of armor and bones. The battle waged on for what seemed like hours to the militia men. Phatori was in his element however. A trained archer and master of the bow he picked off the Orcs as quickly as they appeared. Fifteen...twenty....twenty-five, the toll kept rising as Phatori launched a volley of arrow after arrow at the invading Orcs. Slower and fewer the Orcs appeared out of the fog. Phatori pinning them down as Tara caught the Orcs mid field in the fog launching at their throats. From the bridge Phatori heard a sound that made his heart shatter. As he closed his eyes the sound became louder. A cry from a little girl could be heard over the cries of battle. Coming back from her morning walk with her mother they were caught in the attack. Phatori opened his eyes and pushed past the militia men making his way to the bridge. When he arrived he saw the mother pinned down by arrows as her daughter cried over her body. The girl looked at him with such fear in her eyes. "I'm going to get you out of here", exclaiming Phatori to the little girl. But as he reached to grab her he heard the heavy footsteps of an Orc berserker behind him. Trying to draw his bow as he turned the Orc came down upon Phatori with a massive club knocking him to the ground. When he looked back up at the Orc, he saw the massive club raised high again about to come down for the final blow. But in that last second the fierce talons of Tara tore from the fog and into the Orc's back. As Phatori sat there going in and out of consciousness he watched Tara combat the massive Orc berserker. As he faded he helpless witnessed the Orc's club come down on Tara. His eyes opened, laying on a cot in the infirmary. His head felt like it had split in two and every breathe he took felt like knives digging into his sides. Slumping out of the cot with one thing on his mind, where was Tara. As he walked out of the infirmary and down the brick street he saw something that stopped him dead in his tracks. In the stable pen was Tara, bandaged and hobbling around. As he approached her she tried to embrace him as if she wasn't injured, but collapsed from the pain. After holding her tight Phatori began to look around and examine her injuries. She would live, but her wounds are severe. With a tear in his eye Phatori looked deep into her eyes and apologetically and affectionally cried to her...Phatori3 Jan 21