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Jul 13 RP Guild Pandaren and Monks. Emerald Dream Greetings. I invite you to my guild Celestial Monastery in the server or realm Emerald Dream, specifically for pandaren (any class) and for monks (any race). We are beginners but I expect we grow to be one of the best role play pandaren guild (I know there are almost none because before creating this guild I looked for some RP pandaren guild and I didn´t find any) Also I´m looking for PvP and PvE organizers, because even if Role Play will be our main propuse, all in-game activites are welcome. I wait you to become all balance bringers!Chigu0 Jul 13
Jul 11 4th Generation DKs What do we currently know about them? I'm a bit curious about the details and I am thinking about having Loranaris here being one. So here are my questions: Are 4th generation death knights under direct control of the Lich King, seeing as he has taken over the Knights of the Ebon Blade? Who is doing the raising of these new death knights? Is it specialized death knights or can/would they have any one of them do that? Are they raising only a specific group (I.E., fallen Horde and Alliance)? Are there any motivations behind this outside of bolstering their ranks to help defeat the Legion? Somewhat related to the first question, do these new death knights have any connection or servitude to the death knight who raised them? Any answers are much appreciated!Loranaris5 Jul 11
Jul 11 IC Knowledge This is something I've been thinking about for a while... How much is too much lore knowledge for a character? I've seen numerous players (and probably myself included) cite lore icly, often leading to arguments over history. How often would this realistically happen? Would every character seemingly know almost everything regarding WoW's lore? I'm not sure where the line of "common" knowledge and "obscure" knowledge is, and where on that spectrum a typical adventurer's knowledge would fall.Aennai7 Jul 11
Jul 10 Death (Short Story) It had been thirty-six years since Ni'hilar had wiped out his birth-village. He believed for a very long time afterwards that it would be the only destruction he would ever have had to have wrought. But he was wrong. He was staying in a small village for some time, and when the village's chieftain approached him and told him he felt a power within him, Ni'hilar initially thought all he was receiving was a compliment. It shocked him when the chieftain fell to his knees and begged him to deal with a local ogre village that had been attacking them. He agreed, and left the village the next morning. As he walked, he spoke to his friends - Carrion birds who followed him faithfully, and had done so for thirty-six years. His only friends that would never leave him, he knew. He engaged in a one-way conversation with the dozen birds about his plan to try and work out a truce and perhaps even an alliance between the two villages, to which the birds listened intently. When he arrived, he presented himself as an emissary from a nearby village that wished to negotiate. The ogres accepted him in, and for the rest of the day and night, he spoke with their leader of the benefits of an alliance, to which the ogres' leader agreed. He was allowed access to a guest hut, and slept for the night. When he woke, he emerged from the hut and was beckoned by a group of ogres who were around a campfire eating something. He sat next to them, all but one bird out of sight. Eventually he became hungry himself, and asked what the food they were eating was. To his horror, he discovered that they had cooked his birds, believing them to be a peace offering. His horror quickly turned to anger, letting out a terrible scream. A black, blue, and green aura surrounded him as the ogres backed away, scared. He felt an anger he hadn't felt since he'd destroyed his birth village over thirty years ago, and proceeded to summon forth a magic unknown to him to kill the ogres one by one, until finally he exploded with a blast of the energy that not only killed every last ogre in the village, but decimated all structures in it, as well. After viewing the chaotic end he had brought onto the ogres, one single bird landed on his shoulder. He walked away from the village as he petted the bird. When he returned to the orc village, he informed them of the ogre tribe's destruction, and was offered a feast, though he declined. He left the village, and went on his way. He knew not what magic he had wielded, but he knew what it brought upon those who fell victim to it. Death.Nihilar1 Jul 10
Jul 10 Need some help with Dwarf Paladin RP. I have recently started my first RP character and don't want to fail. What i really need help with is the story, if some people would be kind enough to share their stories I promise not to steal them I just want to read a few and get some ideas. Any other general tips you have would be appreciated. -Thanks.Ðren11 Jul 10
Jul 10 New here! Character info inside Character's Name: Gladiodor Realm: Wyrmrest Accord Level: 4 Age: 110 Alliance Current Residence: Nomad Short Back Story: (Story was in infancy, Please read post 4 for new and complete story to character)Gladiodor7 Jul 10
Jul 9 New and Extremely Nervous Hello, I am very new to both WoW and roleplay, although I've played D&D extensively. I'm just so incredibly intimidated by everyone that I can't initiate any RP at all. It's been about a week of trying. Everyone already seems wrapped up in something or other, and I'm not really sure about etiquette on joining already happening RP. I've not any friends to continually RP with, sadly, and if this keeps up, I'm certainly not making any. I really appreciate anything that anyone can say to help. Thank you.Hushton4 Jul 9
Jul 8 Look For Friends Hi im new to playing wow and am looking for friends i will play on Horde or Alliance and any server add me on battletag maggipie#1614 so we can play together thanks :)Trise2 Jul 8
Jul 8 Prologue feedback! Hi! Just putting in a quick note to say I would love some feedback mainly on what kind of tone this short bit of writing sets. If there is anything else you would like to add I would love to hear it, but I mainly want to know what kind of book you think would come out of this setup. I hope you enjoy it! I palm a mass of undulating darkness in my hand, the hapless soul of a farmhand too far gone from his saving Grace had slipped away in his sleep. Too old to care for himself and too feeble to make so much as a whimper as I bombarded him with the darkness I would welcome him into. I pluck at his soul idly as it reverberates in blissful agony, a concordance of pain and torment that I had learned to manage well over the centuries I had had to practice on wayward nobodies, the souls the masters had not so much as thrown an ounce of pain toward. They only hungered evermore, ever consuming and in want of the whole of creation, all to become as nothing with them. I am a much simpler man, and I hunger for only what I was denied. As the thought stirs in my twisted mass of shadows, the thing that was now more of a host than a body, I wave my free hand into the darkness that envelops me. After a flicker of purples and bright violets a window into the land of the living opens before me, then another, and another. Many lands and scenes play out before me like plays. I see boys play at war, throwing rocks at the sorry lad out. The orc it would seem. I watch a wife scream at her husband, accusations and venom spat in equal beats as I clap along gleefully, then burst into laughter as a younger man loses his footing just outside their rooms balcony. A pack of worgen hunched over a mass of something, dripping fangs and snarled jaws clenching a bit of silken cloth with sewn in lacery. They are deep in the dregs of hunger when something rustles nearby, a young lone survivor. I watch in deep anticipation as the enormous mound of muscles with fangs and claws sharp at the ready crouch low, ready their leaps, when my attention is pulled from the scene to another. A young boy, a young man perhaps, lay still in the middle of a vast forest. His blonde hair was tousled and loose about his face, but I know who he is. Recognize the shape of flesh strewn about the ground. Burning hot coals of rage make me want to tear him apart piece by piece for as long as I can manage to keep his soul intact, but I bury those coals. A smile wins over my face and I crush the soul in my hand, it’s last wails of suffering echoing out as I use it to fuel a tear into the land of the living. Moonlight envelops me as I pass through, hissing against my form as I hover over the boy. I toy with the idea of making him my plaything for a few seconds more, the idea honey on my long forgotten sensibilities. How I would make him suffer…. Then a new idea crosses my mind, a wonderful manic hope grips my black heart and I reach out, my magics racing across the land to the east, the hand of fate spinning her lies in front of my eyes as I grab hold of my target. Ezran Shadowmere lives. I burst into laughter, my shadows wisping outwards and making a multitude of faces to laugh with me, all cruel imitations of the souls I’ve devoured throughout the ages. It comes harder and with fervor, a madness washing over my pure joy. I stop and look down on the form of this lost, hopeless boy. “Abel. My dear, sweet Abel.” Darkness bursts outwards from me, I watch it spin around the boy and wash over the landscape, the few living creatures nearby running or flying away. “I will watch as you stumble and flail your way through this hell.” I raise my arms to the skies, the souls of those I carry swarming around me. “I will watch as you discover hopelessness after the Light has long abandoned you.” I release the darkness, and the souls cry out in gleeful anticipation. “I will WATCH as you fade into a whisper of a being that is nothing but an empty shell!” I open my hands and the shadows explode outward from me, racing to their target. “I will remind you of what suffering truly is, and will relish in your madness,” I kneel, and in a moment of silence I stroke his hair from his face, grin at his form so peaceful in sleep, and prick his temple with a sharpened fingertip. “And when you are nothing but a husk, I will at last welcome you home.” I fade into the shadows that welcome me as a brother, and smile.Ezrael0 Jul 8
Jul 8 Scarlet Crusade RP? I see quite a few Scarlet Crusade RP guilds in my travels, but i'm a bit confused. I thought after their insane losses in Northrend, and The Forsaken and lillian Voss in cataclysm they were simply just destroyed.Lewdlady36 Jul 8
Jul 6 Help fleshing out my Demon Hunter. I just made a new Kaldorei Demon Hunter, and I need help with her =(. I've loved Demon Hunters since Illidan became the betrayer, but sadly I don't know much about the lore behind them..I just have a few questions about them. Are they evil? I sided with Altruis, he seemed the lesser of evil. Would they remember the time before they were Illidari (And would she be an Illidari Demon Hunter, or Kaldorei?) How old would she be? I'm guessing around 10kish? I'm assuming new, younger Demon Hunters aren't being trained.. Could she start her own family at some point? Or does the demon soul inside of her prevent this? How does the Demon Soul inside of her work? Is it a certain demon? Does it need to be maintained / replaced? What happens when the Legion is defeated? Is it possible to play the class, but ICLY not be a Demon Hunter?Alaelee2 Jul 6
Jul 6 Idea: Casual RP Match-Ups As someone who doesn't enjoy guilding or committing to long-term roleplay connections, I was trying to think of ways to balance my desire to engage with other rpers while also maintaining independent play. I came to think of an idea to use social media or some other method to allow players to match-up with each other for short episodic roleplay. This wouldn't necessarily lead to long-term roleplay for the pair/group, but would allow them to indulge in roleplay in short bursts, and roleplay with characters they might otherwise have nothing to do with. I thought maybe having a central hub would be useful, rather than individual twitter accounts for characters. I wanted to float the idea and see if there were other like-minded players who might want to make use of such a hashtag or page, and wondering if is even viable. As well as pick the brain of the community at large to see if there would be any pitfalls to avoid that others have run into in the past. Just a brainstorming session for now, I haven't got anything concrete atm.Jaggedaxle7 Jul 6
Jul 6 Troll Discord Hello. I like talking about Trolls. I've RPed a Troll for many years, and I have led a handful of Troll guilds on Moon Guard. I made a Discord server to talk about Trolls. However, I prefer to talk about Trolls with other people. If you RP a Troll, or just like them in general, feel free to join. Jul 6
Jul 5 New to RP Hello, I am curious as to what goes into your characters as far as what you need to have a complete RP process. I have played DnD before and I'm wondering what you do for your character in WoW. I guess my question is, what does my character need to successfully RP, and what is the RP etiquette?Gunbo3 Jul 5
Jul 5 Would Dragon RP have changed? So looking through all of the dragon rp threads in the stickied guides, I've noticed that all of them are from before the end of Cataclysm, when the dragonflights were still immortal and had some higher purpose. However that is seemingly not the case now. I remember reading in the Twilight of the Aspects that many had scattered and were doing their own tasks, such as members of the blue dragonflight no longer guarding The Nexus, but left to go do whatever. Some of them have shown up in Legion I've noticed due to the presence of the leylines in the Broken Isles, but that seems like a smaller amount. Dragons are now also mortal, they have limited lifespans, limited power, and can no longer reproduce. Simply, they're no longer as OP. Many of the previous complaints about dragons would have been that they're OP, and that they had no use being around mortal people. But now that dragons have no higher purpose and can do literally whatever they want, albeit are now weaker due to the events of the Dragon Soul, would that alleviate some of the hostility? There's also that one "Tauren" in Highmountain who has been hiding there for centuries now obviously, but I'm not talking about the part of "bad dragon rping because you're telling everyone you're a dragon/why wouldn't you be in dragon form then and players can't shift into dragon form", that point can still stand. But I'm curious if perhaps the expectations upon such roleplaying might have lowered with the changes Cataclysm made to the general outlook and personality of dragons.Akatsubaki4 Jul 5
Jul 5 Sargeras - Unicron: A Link to the Past Part 1 What if Sargares becomes weakened due to his constant losses against the Army of Light and the armies of Azeroth and reverts back to "planet form" in order to regain his strength. An entire expansion could be built around us going to Sargeras and battling him on... "him". The point would be to penetrate the planet's surface and make it to the core before he awakens and transforms back into his humanoid form, with the ultimate goal being to destroy Sargeras' world soul. Imagine Unicron from the old 1986 Transformers movie. Sargeras is a living planet and resides within the Twisting Nether in which the passage of time has no real meaning. Entire civilizations could exist on his surface who could have been there for millenia, but because time has no meaning, they would simultaneously be old and new at once. When we first arrive on Sargeras with the Army of Light, we find a beautiful, verdant world radiating Titan magiks. Since Sargeras would be considered "holy ground", he would not have fel magiks scaring the planet's surface. However, what we see when we arrive is only half of the world. The other half lies within Sargeras' "dream". This is very much like Azeroth's Emerald Dream, except in Sargeras' Dream the Void Lords have infiltrated him to his core. From here, I'll make the distinctions between the two realms as the "Light World" and "Dark World", similar in concept to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It is the goal of the Army of Light to penetrate the surface of Sargeras and make our way to the core. Once we make it to the core, we will confront and destroy Sargeras while he is in his weakened World Soul form. Once we arrive, we fight back Demons infused with pure Titan Fire magik, as opposed to the Fel demons we have grown accustomed to battling. This host of demons on Sargeras are his personal bodyguards. Sargeras is aware of our presence and is sending battalions of Titan Fire demons to stop our progress. It is during this initial campaign that we discover a civilization, similar to druids, who can traverse into Sargeras' Dream. They reveal that Sargeras has been infiltrated by the Void and are working to end the corruption. They attempted to alert their Master to the Void's influence, but their pleas have been ignored by Sargeras, who believes that they have gone mad. They hide in the Dark World to prevent Sargeras from sending his Titan Fire demon bodyguards to wipe them out. The Dark World of Sargeras has been nearly fully corrupted by a Void Lord with but just a handful of bastions left free from corruption. The entirety of the Dark World is bathed in Void energies. While the basic landscapes look the same, they are twisted versions not too dissimilar to Val'sharah. But this isn't just Nightmare corruption. This is full Void corruption. Hues of dark purple magik infiltrate every aspect of the Dark World. The Children of Sargeras, as they call themselves, can’t make any ground against the Void Lord's corruption and are slowly losing the fight. They ask for our help, but the Army of Light is hesitant to give aide. Our job is to destroy the World Soul. The Children of Sargeras believe that the "Master" can be saved. If we can end the Void Lord corruption, Sargeras may discover that everything that he has done was the wrong path to ending the threat that the Void Lords posed against the universe. Sargeras, himself, is unaware that he has been influenced. The Burning Legion, his crusade, and the countless worlds Sargeras has destroyed has all happened to make sure the Void Lords were not able to corrupt a Titan. In his mind, a universe devoid of life would be better than a universe torn apart by the Void. However, his hatred of the Void was fueled by the Void. They already had their Titan. It's at this point that we make a decision. Do we help the Army of Light with their campaign to destroy the World Soul, or do we help the Children of Sargeras in their fight against the Void? Choosing our path will lock us into one of the two worlds for the entirety of that zone's story arc. Each zone will allow us to choose who we want to help. After completion of each zone, we then have the option to do the alternate story for that zone.Fangor1 Jul 5
Jul 5 As the Sun Rises - Vynathlon Fanfiction ((Note: This story apparently is 15 pages long, 6,200 words, and obviously goes over the 5,000 character length for this post. As a result, I'll be adding lots and lots of posts here to fill everything in. )) Out in the wide world of Azeroth, a bird flew overhead, swooping down to the ground to pick up a stray worm. The worm was just barely poking its head out of the sand, in the hot and humid section of the land. Uldum, land of the Egyptian-esque, full of Pharaohs, tombs, and mummies. But it also lay one of the more dangerous undead of the land, an undead from a completely different section of the world. Born in the haunted forests of the Tirisfal Glades, Vynathlon Darkblade ruled over the few who lay in Uldum, ruling with an iron fist. Well, he did at first anyway. As a Lich, his primary goal in life was to fulfill all other priorities from his previous lives. Most that consisted of surviving at any cost, and tertiary needs such as gaining new power, gaining status among his fellow undead life forms, and learning new forms of knowledge. Currently, he had fulfilled much of that already, within some definitions of which. To that end, he had died a total of four times. First was when he had been converted into a lowly zombie, second when he had been turned into a death knight, third when he underwent the voluntary transformation into a Lich, and fourth when as a Lich, he felt his connection with the undead weaken and he had been sent into the world-after briefly, forced to endure the sufferings of a Hellish world. If Vynathlon still had feelings, he would shudder. He did not. He did not feel much of anything any more. His soul had been placed within a sentimental piece of furniture that he had used when he was a child. Chairs do not feel pain. Chairs do not feel guilt. Chairs do not feel suffering. In some ways, he was free from the mundane sufferings of everyday life. On the other hand, he had not. He had transcended ordinary humanity, becoming one with the unknown. Though he still likes to consider himself a human, categorically, he was completely different. To that end, he had taken up an old Mogu tradition: Fleshshaping. Fleshshaping worked in well with his old knowledge of Blood magic. It is exactly as it sounds. Using the powers of the Lich, he was able to control the minds of other bodies, that had been infused with his essence. Currently, that number lay in the hundreds, close to a thousand. He was able to place his essence inside of an ordinary human traveler. The Traveler had died, leaving behind nothing but dried entrails. A while back, he placed his essence within this body, and then channeled old runic magic into it. He had effectively created an Avatar of his former self. He looked as he did after his second death: a mere Death Knight, with all the powers of one, albeit in a weakened form. Vynathlon the Death Knight peered outwards at the temple. It was dark, like painted stone, with fire-lit torches surrounding the encampment. He did not feel fear at the obvious. If one of the torches fell onto the chair that held his soul, then he would cease to be. Firstly, the stone around the room was not capable of being set on fire. And secondly, even if the torch were to come into contact with him, it still would not burn, as the torches themselves were made out of soulfire, not actual fire. Soulfire was lit by his very essence, with the power of his very soul. Being a Lich, all he had left was a soul, and by using forbidden magics, he was able to overpower most others with his very being. Vynathlon the Lich reached out with his very being, and felt the body he was inhabiting reach out his fingers and flex. The dark magic running through them. He peered out through his helm. The armor set had originally been made in the Saronite mines of Icecrown Citadel, but after being converted into a Lich, he was able to create a cheap knockoff using his advanced knowledge in mining and blacksmithing. This knockoff was able to materialize around his body whenever he decided to create a new 'Prime' body of himself. ((1/9))Vynathlon12 Jul 5
Jul 4 Want your opinon sire! So for awhile now I've had much much trouble finding rps on Horde I used to have a group of friends I Rped with on horde but sadly they have quit/went in-active or we are not friends anymore so I'm thinking of something like this: People start making group rp's like the alliance does. I love the horde races and would love seeing them get a bit of loving too. So the next time I think about rping I'm thinking of making a horde group rp :) As I do not like most rp servers nor do I have the want to start fresh on a rp server when I Already have horde levelled with gold and outfits to RP in.Adriessa4 Jul 4
Jul 4 Journey to Un'goro #2 (IC thread) (Here is the second part of Journey to Un'goro, and here is the link to the first part, if anyone wishes to catch up and join the story. Jul 4
Jul 4 The Crystal's Shadow ((OOC -- Sign-Ups)) Hello! I tried to start this RP a few years ago, but I hadn't really though out the story extremely well, and I feel like I improved it enough to try it again. I would like to point out this takes place separate of the current events in game. --- A figure stands in the middle of a cavern. They seem to be made of shadows, and it is hard to identify the gender of the individual, but they seem to be female. They appear to be wearing a clock with a hood, however nothing else can be physically noted about the individual. They seem to be staring at the entrance to the cavern. A scarred kaldorei walks into the area and approaches the figure, who turns towards the male. "They are here," he says, his voice rumbling low. He kept his eyes to the floor, not in fear, but respect. The figure appears to nod, turning their head towards one of the torches lining the cave walls. "Tell me when they wake." She turns away from the male kaldorei. He takes this as a signal to leave, and bows, despite not being seen. He turns and walks towards the entrance. The man stops and looks back at the figure, as well as what lays on the other side of the room. He smiled, then turned, walking out of the cavern as a sheet of shimmering shadow covered the entrance. --- This story will be about 8 prisoners of a cult that occupy a cave somewhere in Azeroth. The cult deals with a lot of dark magic, and there is some secret they hold. Whether they plan to take over Azeroth, or just kill everyone remains to be seen. These prisoners wake to find themselves in a small cavern that is lit by torches. The entrance is covered in a shimmery, opaque, black sheet. The prisoners notice that their magic, abilities, and strength is extremely weak. They also are stripped of their armor and weapons, but instead are covered in simple grey cloth shirts and pants with no shoes. The character from the beginning will talk to them, offering them the choice of joining the group. The character offers them power beyond their imagining (Cliche, I know, but there's other stuff going on). I would like some things to remain secrets to add a little bit of mystery to the story. I will use this forum to also disclose some things when it comes time, such as a planned ending. I only plan a general ending. I am looking for 7 people to be a part of this RP. I need 2-3 of those people to join the cult permanently, or even just as a front to destroy it from the inside if you so desire. If someone wants to have a dark character of theirs become a member and work against the rest, this is desired, but not required. I will be controlling the leader and the rest of the cult except for anyone who signs up to join the cult. I may also introduce another character later on, but I will make sure that is alright with everyone before I do. I will not be taking over the story with them, but it is essential I point people in the right direction. The leader is mainly the character you will see post as. I only have a few rules/requirements: 1. Please be active. I understand we all have a life. I work and will be getting surgery soon, but since I control the main part of the cult, I must post often. One post a week is fine, but preferably two or more would be great. 2. Obviously no incredibly strong characters (not just Gary/Mary Sue). The story is designed to prevent immediate escape. The entire story is pretty much going to take place in the cave, but the idea is to escape (unless everyone wants something else). 3. No two sentence posts. Please try for a paragraph. Be descriptive. When I make the first post, I will describe the setting, but there is plenty to describe. I don't want to seem to big on rules or anything. I want this to be a fun experience for everyone involved, so I want to make sure everyone gets the chance to post and participate. This is not limited to just Alliance, Horde characters are welcomed! Also, feel free to add an armor and weapon description, but since your characters will start without them, you can describe them in your first post, or later on. Here is the form to sign-up with: Name: Race: Class: Age: Physical Description: Personality: Short Background: Why or How the Cult Captured Your Character: I will provide more information when everyone is chosen. If you have any questions, please ask! I will try to pick people within three days, but may wait longer. There are no requirements besides that you follow the rules.Madra6 Jul 4
Jul 3 Why Maievidan is better than your ship First of all, holy crap look at this Maievidan fuel <3 They hate each other so cutely! It's like blizzard wants this to happen! But seriously, so this rogue-warrior woman is hunting after a big, muscular, shirtless evil demon-boy who got his heart broken by a priestess chick (Tyrande), and finds him, and captures and imprisons him for a long time... then finally he gets broken free by some old evil dude and the demon-boy and warrior-woman end up working on the same side with all the passive aggression and awkwardness in the world. (of course, there is /one/ thing that would make the ship better, but it would cause this post to get set on fire and be all controversial if I said what it was.) How do you NOT ship that?Trivenom57 Jul 3
Jul 2 Largest orc only rp guild on wow! <Ironfang Clan> is an all orc heavy rp guild! I have looked on every US rp realm in search of an orc only rp guild currently active that is bigger than us but have found none! If you know of one that has several hundred members and dozens online every day let me know! On that note I would like to mention that we are currently recruiting! We have an extensive history on our lore explaining how we were founded, more info on us including our rp centric ranks, an entire page dedicated to helping people learn and master orc rp, our rules, and a forum all on our website! We have many weekly and monthly rp events all centered around the ancestral ways and orcish traditions! We are heavily active in RP WPVP as our server, Emerald Dream, is known for that, we run premades and mythic pluses daily! Please visit our website and let me know what you think! Add me on battle tag if you wish to join our ranks! Rawrberto#1472 Our website is www.ironfang.netKurgosh1 Jul 2
Jul 2 The Frozen Maiden (Open Tavern/Adventure RP) The sky is clear, the sun bright as her golden curtains flowed from the horizon of morning. There is a strong good wind today. But that didn't really matter too much other than to those about to set to sea in a city like Booty Bay. The city of pirates, smugglers, mercenaries and the like. Yes indeed, it is a fine day for sailing! Perfect in fact! Even the sea seemed eager as the tide. The gulls sang their stories. And upon the walls of the tavern, ads of hire for deckhands was needed by the captain of the Frozen Maiden. It read the following: HELP WANTED The Frozen Maiden and her captain Bergspear seek able-bodied adventurers as volunteering Deckhands for our next voyage. The seas of Azeroth hold many forgotten treasures, and it is our life commitment and passion to find them all. All volunteers will share in the spoils that helps us in our indevour. We set sail before noon, see you soon! Upon the crowded harbor of that same Booty Bay, many ships were getting ready to set sail. It was the best weather for it after all, what good sailor would pass such a grand opportunity? Almost no ship looked the same, all of them a personality and origin of their own that it was easy enough to guess what part of Azeroth (or beyond) they might be from. Of all the proud and beautiful vessels stood a peculiar boat of odd design. Such a design that it looked like a misfit mix between Goblin or Gnomish (it was hard to tell which...) design merged with some sort of weird foreign crafting vaguely familiar to Northrend. Though misfit as it appeared, it looked quite cozy nontheless with its quaint appearance. It was a bit round for a boat, at least stout. A pair of propeller-like wheels were attached to the backlegs of the ship like training wheels. Parts of it were made of metal, mostly the back of the ship. The front however was made with... wood? Either way, whatever it was, it was covered in growing seaweed and barnicles like it was picked up from the depths of the sea and reused for a long time. It also had no sails, but had a crows nest. In the back was a long tube-like chimey that spouted white smoke, likely whatever powered the boat. the front of the weird ship had indeed what looked like a beautiful maiden, possibly Kaldorei in origin and merged with the face of the ship herself. ---------- ((Here is a link to the OOC Chatroom and rules :) ))Silvanni93 Jul 2
Jul 2 The Frozen Maiden (OOC Chatroom) Oh my goodness the sea-voyage tavern RP is here!... it's finally here! I've decided to finally kick my own cowardly butt in the anxiety and just DO IT. Here's the Link to the IC RP thread! Y'all can chill here, ask questions, post optional Character profile sheets if ya want. Here it goes, wish me luck, and pray for the sanity of my brain. Behold my RP rules, ta da! ---------- RP RULES Theme: sea voyage tavern/adventure with a crew of treasure salvagers. RP Summary: Captain Bergspear and his small crew of The Frozen Maiden seeks any brave-hearted lad or lass to volunteer as a deckhand for his next sea voyage! Promises of thrilling and dangerous adventure, traveling across the sea to the mysterious beautiful places of Azeroth, and salvaging her forgotten bounty of treasure from the deepest depths of her bosom, await anyone who boards Captain Bergspear's ship. Have ye the sea legs and heart of determination to sail with me? - Open RP: No sign-ups required, anyone can come and go as they please. - Open Faction: Any faction (or lack thereof) is free to participate! - NPC user friendly: Participants are free to RP (or partially RP) no-face NPCs' reactions to their toon's actions. (Such as the reactions of monsters you attack) Note however that your host (me) is responsible for RPing the initial actions of most NPCs you may encounter. If you find yourself in doubt when considering RPing an NPC, feel free to ask me here before taking action in the IC thread. Usually just doing what makes sense works best. - How to jump in and out of this RP: At the start of the RP, you will have the chance to board the ship of The Frozen Maiden, however after it leaves dock and sets sail, it may be daunting figuring out how to hop in at this point, no? Here are some ideas you can consider when hopping in: - You smuggled yourself onto the boat. - caught up with the ship on a flying mount. - we find you stranded on an island that you managed to get our attention from. - You were lucky enough to be found and fished onto our boat by us after you had been shipwrecked in the middle of the sea! - You were rescued/encountered by us during an "Adventure Shift". - You hop on during the next port city we visit. As for when you "hop out", we will simply assume you retired back to your cabin room below deck or that you mysteriously became "MIA" (Missing In Action). Things happen and people get lost all the time at sea, ya know. How the Tavern/Adventure hybrid RP will work: The Frozen Maiden will act as both stage settings for Tavern RP and most Adventure RP. As such, there will be periods of peaceful lazy sailing and moments of exciting adventure time the RP will shift between aboard the Frozen Maiden. - During the "Tavern Shift", the sea voyage on the ship will be leisurely and quiet, making it the perfect time to relax and socialize with the other patrons and crew almost anywhere on the boat. You will even be free to visit the dining hall (Aka, "tavern") where the ship chef will be on duty to prepare meals and serve drinks. - During the "Adventure Shift", there will be occasions when The Frozen Maiden will sail into trouble; which may range from anything like being attacked by pirates, Naga, Gilblin, enduring a terrible storm, strange phenomenons, and on special occasion, stop at a promising location where the crew will want to fish out valuable treasure! - The "Adventure Shift" ends when the encounter of said shift is resolved, which then the RP will transition back to the "Tavern Shift" until the next "Adventure Shift". If you have any questions, let me know! Below is the optional Character Sheet! Enjoy and hope to have fun with ya soon! :D ----- Name: Race: Gender: Age: Class & Sub-Class: Reason for boarding The Frozen Maiden:Silvanni57 Jul 2
Jul 2 Naaru Energy I had an in-character debate tonight as to whether or not the Naaru's energy slowly waned during its long 25k+ year voyage through the Twisting Nether. Does anyone have any sources on this? I thought I read something about it a while back but I can't seem to find anything. I thought it would make sense as the Naaru became sick and one even died if I remember correctly?Aennai2 Jul 2
Jul 1 Community Lounge 89! Welcome one and all to the lounge. I know I rarely participate, but hey this one needs creating and I'm the man to do it. Had a bit of a rough day cleaning myself, but my room is much more organized and clean, so it's worth it. Link to Last Lounge: Link to Archive:ärker500 Jul 1
Jul 1 Are Night Elves serious? I am working on a male night elf rogue character, and wanted to know if male night elves are always serious? I want to create a fun, more light-hearted character, but it seems as though the males are always scowling! The females always seem so serious (*insert The Joker meme here*), too.Kahrou7 Jul 1
Jun 30 DK Guild? I was just curious if there were any DK guilds or RP out there on Moon Guard?Ziluula5 Jun 30
Jun 29 Looking for Rp heavy guild Hiya, returning player here, Been gone for a few months due to computer and money issue. Came back and unfortunately my rp guild disbanded (dawn of the horde) and I have been feeling empty on the rp server. Im new to rp but really enjoy it, made a new character and sent request to join but no one is accepting. I am willing to join a realm and make a Character for said realm. Horde preference. If someone could send an invite to a moderate sized guild (20-50 for rp dungeon and raiding)Am willing to do interview!Demanya4 Jun 29
Jun 29 Less... "Pandaren" Pandaren? Odd combination but eh. How do you all suppose a darker, dreary interpretation of Pandaren might be? Think... combination of it and Bloodborne, with all the blood-magic that comes with it.Jusri12 Jun 29
Jun 29 Balancing roleplay and a desire to level? As a frequently returning player who's never made it too far in game, has anyone experienced difficulty with this? I see a lot of trp OOC notes saying they're leveling their character and not rping until then. Are these people for real? For me and my experience, I like to level and find it fun as someone new to many of the 20-60 zones. It gets to be a distraction and I end up almost never roleplaying, although I enjoy watching others roleplaying around me, for the most part. Does anyone else have trouble balancing roleplay with the game mechanics? I suspect many roleplayers are people who've gotten used to most of it, and are jaded on the game itself, but don't want to speculate too much.Jaggedaxle9 Jun 29
Jun 28 ((Sincerely looking for a LT RP Partner)) (Server: Sisters of Elune, NA, Horde Contact: In game whisper or in game mail) i would love to find someone to rep grind with IC as well as possibly raid with and just DO stuff with. Ideal idea of what type of character i would prefer for her: * a Dominant FERAL male. A Druid preferably. * a Tank. - would increase their bond, and he would be the peanut butter to her jelly. If you have a character you think might work that isn't a tank or isn't a druid that's alright. It's not my -perfect- idea, but it could still work out beautifully anyway if he's dominant. However please note things that likely would NOT work: -Warlocks, Death Knights, Undead peoples > are pretty much on the opposite end of what my girl is about and thusly give her a bit of the creepie weepies. (But at this point who cares!? it would be RP. Please don't be a one line wonder. I enjoy detail and thought. The more you give the more I have to work with and so- in turn the more you will get back. And please do not be a grammar !@#$%. I have no trouble or qualms helping you quest, or run you through wherever for mog gear, just turn it into rp. What i'm hoping to find in a RP Partner - is excited to log on and get the RP started. Be it running around (together) in dungeons, battlegrounds,(maybe raids?) or just getting them dressed casual and hanging out doing whatever is next in your/our characters story lines. - loves to write and might send little 'between the scenes' stories once and awhile. How is their character feeling about things? etc - someone looking for a long-term rp. I love to have a nice in-depth story for my characters; this particular character deserves it. - some ooc banter is ok but would be more interested in role-playing. - who understands real life comes first. Her Description.. the one i have is long and there is a character limit. But it is available upon request. i have MRP in game as well as pictures. __________________ Now if you've somehow made it all the way to here, and you're thinking hey this sounds great, but too bad i'm alliance, i'm open to X faction rp, if your character is a night elf male. Lots we could do there, let's talk about it!Shariadune0 Jun 28
Jun 28 Apostrophes in character names How are trolls supposed to come up with genuine, authentic names when a major piece of traditional troll naming conventions isn't allowed? Huge oversight on your part, Blizzard.Kontrakt19 Jun 28
Jun 28 RP Buddies In-Game Looking for Horde RP buddies. Drop your GT here! :) If not allowed please delete, im new to RP.Zarbaria2 Jun 28
Jun 28 Looking for RP partners? Hi! I'm looking for one or more people to start an in-game RP with. Character: Lyunette, a female worgen feral druid. She has always loved animals, and so was less distraught by the curse that most Gilnean citizens. She has actually come to prefer her Worgen form. Her backstory is much the same as many worgens: she was devastated by the loss of her home, and by the death of her brother in the initial infection. She had no other family, and few friends. She bears less ill will toward the Horde than most Gilneans, due to her druid nature, though she is still rather cold to most. Because of her strong bond with animal kind, Lyunette specializes as a feral druid, relying on the strength of her cat form rather than magic. She stays in one of her animal forms most of the time, outside of interacting with others. Currently, she is just wandering the world, gathering herbs, dabbling in alchemy, and helping those who need it on her quest to find her place in life, and come to quiet terms with her past. RP: A good story is important to me, and I'm more than happy to work out a plot with others beforehand or just see where the story takes us. Romance would be a wonderful component, but it is by no means required. I really would like to make friends to make my whole gaming experience a more pleasant one :) I play Lyunette on the Argent Dawn server. I'm not very far yet, so my location play will temporarily be limited, but I hope that some will bear with me or even play along. Thanks for readingLyunette0 Jun 28
Jun 27 Journey to Un'Goro Knock Knock Knock! The door of the orc's modest hovel echoed loudly jolting him from a deep sleep. "I'm Up-I," He grumbled groggily rubbing his bloodshot eyes before continuing. "I jus-coming hold on. Ugh..what time is it." One could hear the unmistakable rattle of glass bottles as the orc gingerly stepped his way around them to the door, the lock clanking loudly as it unlatched and was opened just enough for his head to peep through. Ahh! Sun! It hurt his eyes as he squinted his adjusting eyes looking for whatever was interupting his slumber..No nothing there. He looked to the right, than the left. "Huh," Gogron spoke to himself. "Damn Ki-" "Down here pal!" a shrill voice squeaked startling the orc as his gaze shot down. No! It was his goblin land lord. "Your Rent's late. Again." The green menace spoke as a matter a fact his arms crossed in annoyance. "I uh..umnm," Gogron stammered thinking of a quick excuse. "I'll have it next week?" He shrugged as if asking his own self if that was believable. The goblin sighed dejectedly. "Look kid I like yah so I'm gonna do yah this favor for free. My cous' has bin making boo ku bucks tradin wit dem there elfs. Some kinda science project or sumthing. Point is there throwin money around left'n'right like its nobody's business!" The landlord looked up at the orc as if sizing his worth. "I dunno how good you is at sciencing, but I'm sure they'd pay for an extra pair of hands." He reached his hands in the air showing Gogron the notice sheet. "It's either that-or come up with three months rent by tomorrow bub." Gogron huffed silently to himself snatching the parchment from the grubby little goblin's hands squinting his amber eyes at the scrawl. The whole thing sounded damn insane to him, but hey miracles happen. So he began to read. Greetings traveler, may a bright dawn shine for you. Ugh. It was elf all right, always a fan of their fancy speech and made up words. He continued. Doral ana'diel. The Reliquary is seeking both mentally and physically able bodied men and woman to undergo an expedition to the primal jungles of Un'goro in the hopes of unearthing titan relics. Even if such is not the case, knowledge is still power and any gained is advantageous for us. A List opened position's are as follows. Archaeologist-Obvious Reasons Botanist&Zoologist-That would be the scholars of plants and animals for our more..rustic horde brethren Pathfinder/Cartographer-A mapped out land is vitally important Laborer/bodyguard-One hopes to never unsheathe your sword, but Azeroth is a dangerous land. Those seeking employment should come to Gagetzan and find myself Shinvelle' Anastandre. P.S. Louts seeking free coin need not aply!Gogron500 Jun 27
Jun 27 The Intercontinental Role-play Discussion. #1 Greetings, one and all! As a player of both the European and America(s) regions i've noticed how vastly the Role-play between both can differ which has lead to the creation of the following thread. I would like to create a bridge between these two otherwise disconnected Communities of World of Warcraft and allow for both communities to interact and engage in dialog with one and other. Sharing differing thoughts and opinions on a subject and cultivate discussion on a wide variety of different subjects in a civil and mature enviroment. Feel free to ask to ask any question you may have for the opposite region below and reply to posts as follows for easier communication between both: @Âmericas The intercontinental Role-play Discussion thread for the European region.Êurope25 Jun 27
Jun 25 How to RP the LFG Dungeon Finder? Hi All, Just wanted to get some ideas on how you reconcile the idea of the LFG dungeon finder feature when you RP? I'm having a hard time figuring out to explain that I am being placed randomly with other players to complete a random dungeon back to back to back to back to..... Plus, how the heck am I supposed to keep my inscription/ herb skills up if I'm in dungeons all day!? #RProblems Thanks!Brewbourne15 Jun 25
Jun 25 ETC Rocks! Where can i download the entire Elite Tauren Chieftains discography? Or is it for sale in some payment i couldn't reach?Guldamit4 Jun 25
Jun 25 What does it mean to be a "Tranquil Master"? What effect does killing all the Sha and mastering the emotions they embody have on the Player characters in-universe? For instance, I think there used to be a Affliction talent for warlocks that let them draw upon Sha energy, manifesting in-game as a DOT placed on the enemy. Could it be that they are now immune?Eviscara0 Jun 25
Jun 23 Black Harvest: Rp-signup(OOC) A goblin is in a major city, he walks up to you handing out flyers, he grins excitedly at the person he handed it too. "Hey pal, this is a one in a life time! Party in a village far in northrend, a group of people have been having a harvest festival, so a human i know decided to up the game and help pay for a party there, he said everyone is welcome, he figured it would be best to celebrate and throw out the worries of war outside the window! Everyone is welcome to come, drink, feast, and party! and more!" The goblin jumps with joy, "All free and all you gotta do is head on out there, theres a village you can get to for a ride towards the place. its all on the flyer! Even the map!" he eagerly goes on about handing other flyers to everyone else before (you) get a chance to respond. The flyer appears to have a map that leads to the Grizzly hills, it also describes the recent changes and that both horde and alliance are allowed... strange indeed. the only requirement that seems to be on the flyer is that you can't raise a weapon at anyone and to bring yourself onto the said party, Something seems odd but being as how the legion invaded, you sure people could use something to relax a bit. Oh look theres a few extra details in saying a paying job for the festival... huh, they need healers, muscle and oddly enough almost anyone is qualified to do this paying job while also promising a good amount of coin. ___________ Hello, and welcome to the sign up thread for Black Harvest, it may seem innocent so far, but looks can be different. Specially if you got a Death knight named Darak on the loose still. If you have any questions on what may happen, feel free to ask in here but edit that said post if you want to join. Name: Brief Description; Reason for being here:Dârak333 Jun 23
Jun 23 My Backstory Good Morning! I decided to write this about my character the other day and had quite a blast doing so. I decided to try an approach to "some blood elves live to be much older" exception to the rule, and though of a pretty cool(I think so) way to legitimately explain why. Hope you all enjoy. Achaikosa Mel’ari has lived quite a storied life in her 1,427 years on Azeroth. In her time she has seen the rise and fall of kings, and the rise and fall of kingdoms. She has witnessed many of her own kin grow to a venerable age and then pass from this plane of existence. In all of this, however, she has remained of the same health and vibrancy that she was at a young 150 years of age. 1,427 is rather long lived for a Sin’dorei, and even for their Quel’dorei forerunners. The concept of being a Sin’dorei, is a badge of honor, but for Achaikosa it has only been a reality in the last 10 years; only a fleeting moment of her otherwise vibrant history as a Quel’dorei. Most of my life since I was a young girl has been spent studying the arts of the arcane like most Quel’dorei. Like the rest of my kin, I was born with an innate affinity for the arts of magic; it is just a normal part of everyday life. This affinity, however, comes at such a great cost. Like all the elvish races that have come before me the Quel’dorei, and subsequently my fellow Sin’dorei, are addicts. The hunger for magic is the greatest fear and the greatest burden for all elves, but any self-respecting elf would not let this weakness show. The Quel’dorei were such a proud people. The towering spires of Silvermoon City against the beautiful forest of Quel’Thalas is but a testament to their power and prestige. This, however, always provoked the ire of the simpletons who call themselves the “Amani Trolls”. These savages have long provoked conflict with our people, but the arcane might of the Quel’dorei is nothing compared to their simple shaking of sticks. Or so I thought. As a young adult, at roughly 150 years of age I was in the woods of Quel’Thalas studying and contemplating the mysteries of the arcane. I probably should not have been out there by myself, but before I could react I was ambushed by a small army of these savages. Obviously cowards, they knew they would never have been able to take me even ten-to-one. While being tied up I tried to understand what they were saying among their incoherent babble, but I heard one word that terrified me to my core. Loa. While these savages didn’t really bring much to the battlefield, ever since I was a little girl I heard terrifying stories about their Loa that they worshiped and the dark powers they were capable of conjuring. It did not take me long to figure out what I had been captured for; the Amani sought to sacrifice me to the Loa! Whether it was to commune with some of their departed spirits, or give them advantage against the Quel’dorei in battle we will never know. They placed me on an altar, and their leader who was a particularly ugly(and foul smelling) troll stood before me. He held in his hand a blood stained dagger with skulls of small animals and strange writing on it as he walked up to me. He began chanting some sort of incantation that caused a searing pain in my head, down into the very core of my skull. I could feel consciousness slipping away as he cut away my shirt and began splitting my chest with this dagger. I thought the pain in my head was terrible, but as I felt every fiber of my flesh being cut I could feel my soul being cleaved from my body. This was absolutely agonizing. As I almost gave up the will to fight and live, I heard a large commotion. It was my people, they were here! They had come to save me. That was the last thing I remembered.Achaikosa4 Jun 23
Jun 21 DK Physioligy What happens to the food and drinks a DK ingests? I know being undead that they don't have to eat but they still can, so does the food simply get absorbed or just sit there? It can't exactly become...well, you know. Any thoughts?Jackob12 Jun 21
Jun 21 The Sunday Cringefic Collection A collection of the cringefics only on Sunday Sunday SUNDAY! Thanks, Mokron, for the idea of a collection thread ---------------------------------------------- "I made it..." He let out a sigh of relief Me'dan looked around, the time machine was a success. He had made it to the past. His goal would not be stopped. He looked ahead in the distance, there stood Hyjal, enlightened by it's own intelligence. He made his way there, slaying any demon he came across. At long last he made it to the clearing on the outskirts of the rebellion's main base. He looked, hidden in the shadows. There he saw her, Tyrande. He blushed, she was even more beautiful than ever. And he knew exactly how to woo her. He stepped out from the forest and approached her. Tyrande looked around at him, surprised. Unsure of what he was. "Who are you? Why are you here?" She asked as she pulled her bow out, ready to fire an arrow. "I wish to help you fight the undead. I- I have watched you from afar...and you are worthy of so much. My loyalty, my future, my power. It is all yours to command." Me'dan kneeled down. "I will be your knight forever on." He looked up at her. Tyrande was taken aback. No one had ever said such things to her. She looked to the side, slightly blushing. "I-, I don't know what to say..." she muttered. Me'dan surprised her by taking her hand and kissing it gently. "Just say you noticed me, senpai." Med'an smiled gently. Tyrande blushed even more, struggling to get the words out. "I- I noticed...noticed.. you.." She wasn't used to saying such things. "Then come, m'lady." Me'dan tipped his fedora. "Let us go win a war against demons." Tyrande swooned. And they lived happily ever after. *closes book*Yzzami73 Jun 21
Jun 20 Journey to Un'Goro OOC/sign ups Hello all! It has bin quite some time since I've attempted a forum rp. This one is admittedly far more light hearted than I usually do, but I thought it a good stepping stone. The basic premise is (Just like the card game) is your character was hired through either the Explorer's League or Reliquary on an expedition to the primordial land of Dinosaurs and the Titan's petri dish to uncover lost relics and catalog the dangerous wildlife. As for the sign up's themselves don't worry to much, I'll generally accept anyone and they are more just for me to see what I'm working with and maybe write in some lil special things that lets your particular character shine. Reasoning's for each character's interest is fairly straight forward as well. And sort of thief/hunter could be hired on as a pathfinder, Mages and the other scholarly types are really easy, and finally those like my lovable lunk of an orc are paid as bodyguards.Gogron500 Jun 20
Jun 20 Let's write a STORY! Who needs a roleplay server when you can make a roleplay yourself on the forums? The way this works is you start where the last person above you left off and, as your current WoW character, write down in a few sentences, an action and/or phrase that you do/say, as part of the story, in response to the person above you. It's a string of actions and words feeding off of one another that becomes a story, basically. Use your character's personality, racial and class lore, and the current geography to your advantage. You can post as many times as you want but it must be after someone else's message, so no spam. Get creative, if there isn't a plot, make one! Example: (Fizzy says) Fizzy frivolously prepared a potion when suddenly... (Edgelord says) Edgelord emerged from the shadows and grabbed the potion from Fizzy's furry feral druid paws. OH, ONE MORE RULE: NO GOLDSHIRE. K, have fun, don't kill eachother unless it's part of the roleplay. I'll start: Asteraea frolicked in boredom through the violet forest, her gaze captivated by the starry sky, when suddenly...Asteraea2 Jun 20
Jun 20 Combat Review [Interactive Short Story] "Too far?" The squire asked, balking. "Yes." The Valarjar responded, "You put too much weight into every swing. It slows your recovery, and leaves you totally open." "But everyone does that." The Ebon Blade initiate remarked. "Of course. If you don't put weight into your swings, you'll never get the warglaive in. And you don't kill demons by making tiny surface cuts." The Illidari remarked grimly. "Shows what all of you know." The Ex-Defias chimed in, holding a bag freshly-pocketed from the Illidari ("What the-- when did you take that?!") "Swordsmanship-- no, armsmanship of any kind, is a fine art, but also a fine science." The rogue turned to the assembly of heroes brought in to aid the Legionfall forces. "Why don't you demonstrate?" The rogue invited. ((This is a little story I cooked up, not designed to be all that big, but at the same time, invite everyone to have a moment to demonstrate their characters' fighting styles in a calmer situation.))Geshik0 Jun 20
Jun 19 Goblin Rogue or Hunter I've realized that earning gold is pretty much what drives everything I do in this game. So I really want to make a Goblin. However, I can't decide if I want to race change this rogue or level a new hunter. It seems to me that the community is pretty unified in the idea that rogue is the class most befitting of a Goblin. Now I understand the sneaky/stealy/dishonest nature of rogues and goblins... but I just struggle with the idea of Goblins being able to compete with other races in melee range. Now hunters, they fire guns... and Goblin engineers love themselves some explosive guns. I suppose a rogue engineer could use bombs and fun gadgets... So I'm not sure. What are your thoughts on the subject?Wormsworth4 Jun 19
Jun 19 A Family Reunited (Pt.2!) The dust was caked heavily in the air. Visibility was low. As those on the beach were gathering their footing, a lone voice broke the ringing of their ears. “Uncle! Uncle where are you?!” Gabriel called out as he staggered to his feet. He held his arm as he limped over to the massive wall of boulders that fell, dividing the beach. He rested his head against it, breathing heavily. “Gabriel. T’ch.. If you keep that up.. You’ll fall asleep.” A battered Sescor hoarsely weakly called out. He was standing against the wall, his head tilted back. He was breathing slowly. It was at this point that the full view of the battlefield would come to the foreground. The two seemed to be on opposite sides. Gabriel and the Admiral, upon the side with the alliance forces. “Vhell vhell vhell. It zeems zhat ve have a ssstranded soldier.” A woman stated. Sescor grit his teeth as he and some of the soldiers on the opposite side of the rock-wall turned around to look at who had addressed them. A rather tall Draenei female stood ahead of the Legion’s forces, swirling felfire in her hand. She had an evil smile upon her lips as she strode forward. The soldiers fell back against the wall, they were way too outnumbered.“Seems the goat is off the !@#$ing farm.” Sescor stated as he pushed himself off the wall. He walked up to meet the Draenei, his fangs bared. As he got closer, he noticed that the woman was holding a medallion. Sescor moved to touch his own, which was draped upon his neck. To his surprise, there was nothing there. The large female tilted her head to the side, swinging the medallion betwixt her fingers. “Zis iz your zon?” Inquired the Draenei as she flipped open the medallion, revealing a picture of a small boy and his father. Sescor clenched his hands to fists. “Give. Me. That. Medallion. NOW!” He demanded, staggering his stance so that his weight was equal between his front and back leg. He was human again, though he was still no comparison to the large space-goat. “I zink I vill keep eet. Ze boy iz cute. He vhill make a find addition to ze Legion.” She cackled as she turned to walk away, twirling the medallion on her first finger. Upon hearing this, Sescor went into a rage. He clenched his fists so tightly that his bones popped. “You will NEVER be within a mile of my boy, you hear me?! I’ll kill you!” He cried out, bolting forward. With a guttural grunt, he brought a kick to the Draenei’s head, sending her sliding to the shoreline. He picked up the medallion, placing it around his neck. “Gabriel!” His voice called out, ringing out across the beach. “Find your Aunt! Make sure she and Michael stay safe! We’ll meet again!” The Draenei stood up, holding her head. “Vhy you leetle..” He snapped her gaze back at Sescor, clenching her hands in return. “Take zhem! Brring zhem to zhe jailers! I vant zhem to suffer! Break zhem!”Sescor1 Jun 19
Jun 19 Storytelling So I've had a few ideas for RP threads floating around in my head, and read the sticky at the top of the forums. However, I'm having issues wrapping my head around how to actually run one. That is, I have a concept of the major events that are supposed to happen, and the rest is generated through RP, but my mind keeps getting hung up on the details still. How to get from point A to point B, keep things running smoothly, and that sort of thing. Anyone have any advice they're willing to share on how to run one of these things?Morician4 Jun 19