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Nov 9, 2010 Meet Creative Development What is Creative Development? Creative Development (CDev) is a "hub" within Blizzard, facilitating the development of ancillary products and services that tie into Blizzard's game universes. While there are several different divisions of CDev, this Warcraft Story forum focuses on the efforts of the Publishing division. What does Creative Development's Publishing division have to do with Warcraft's stories and lore? The Publishing division within Creative Development is the driving force behind every published story you've seen outside of the game: short stories, novels, comics, and manga. Who comprises the Publishing division of Creative Development? Publishing is made of two groups: Story Development: This group focuses on story idea creation, story outlining, and story development for licensed fiction, as well as for internally-written stories. Historians: This group is the repository for all Blizzard lore, providing counsel for the game development teams and the CDev Story Development group. What is the Publishing division's usual process for developing a story? Idea Generation & Outline Creation: Working with Chris Metzen and the designers on the respective game's development team, the Story Development team generates an idea and an outline for a story. The writer on the project is typically invited to our offices at this point in the project, so that they can be in on the ground floor of the story's creation. Story Development & Lore Checking: Over the course of the project, the Story Development team talks constantly with the writer, as well as with Chris Metzen and the game developers, in order to help hone the story into a Blizzard-quality tale. At the same time, our Historian team combs through the iterations of the story in order ensure that the story adheres to the universe's established canon. * Please note that the CDev Publishing division has only been fully staffed since early 2009, allowing for more resources and manpower to dedicate to each published product. What does the Publishing division hope to accomplish with this Warcraft Story forum? We'd like to give the community a chance to influence the development of our upcoming stories, so we're trying something new; this forum will serve as a direct line to our story developers. Please note that we're not looking for fully-formed stories - save those for the Global Writing Contest (which we operate and judge) - but rather we're looking for specific examples of what people like, don't like, and what they would like to see (story-wise) from us in the future. Lylirra0 Nov 9, 2010
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Potentially confusing points in the story of Warcraft can seem much more approachable when you realize it's all just part of a larger plan, and many posters on this forum like to reference popular tropes. Be warned, this website will devour countless hours of your time: That said, if there's something that's notably vague or unclear, by all means bring it up! Just avoid questions that can be solved easier and quicker with a search engine than a forum post. 5). Back Up What You Have To Say Be clear and concise with what you're trying to say and provide as much source material as is helpful. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for others to understand and respond to what you are trying to say. This is especially true for potentially obscure in-game quests. 6). This Is A Warcraft Forum Blizzard has many successful franchises with many rich, engaging stories. However, this is a Warcraft forum. 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Nov 9, 2010 Story Starter Guide Looking for more Warcraft information, but don't know where to start? Whether you've played Warcraft I, II, or III, these books will showcase the people and events that have shaped the Warcraft universe over the last few (in-game) decades: Rise of the Horde by Christie Golden - Set before the orcs invade Azeroth for the first time, this story explores what the orc race was like before its clans were forged into a single savage Horde under the influence of the demonic Burning Legion. Part of the novel focuses on the orc Orgrim Doomhammer and his childhood friend, Durotan (who would later become Thrall's father). Other parts of the story depict the aging shaman Ner'zhul; his ambitious apprentice, Gul'dan; the mighty Grommash Hellscream; the wise draenei leader, Velen; and several other significant characters. The Last Guardian by Jeff Grubb - This is a good introduction to older human history in Warcraft, with emphasis on the events of the First War (Warcraft I). Medivh, the Guardian of Tirisfal, decides to take on an apprentice: the young mage Khadgar. As time goes on, Khadgar learns that a half-orc named Garona is acting as a secret emissary to the nation of Stormwind. While he and Garona try to reach an understanding, Khadgar realizes that Medivh's behavior is growing increasingly erratic. Ultimately he and Sir Anduin Lothar, the childhood friend of both Medivh and King Llane Wrynn of Stormwind, reach a terrible realization: Medivh, an incredibly powerful wizard, is under the control of Sargeras, Destroyer of Worlds, creator of the demonic Burning Legion. This novel is also in print as part of the Warcraft Archive. Beyond the Dark Portal by Aaron Rosenberg and Christie Golden – Currently Out of Stock in Blizzard Store, but can be found on here: This is a good introduction to Alliance and Horde history during the events of Warcraft IIx. Instead of starting a new war, the shaman Ner'zhul has decided to open dimensional rifts from the orc homeworld of Draenor into fresh new worlds to conquer. Horrified at the possibility, Sir Lothar's former lieutenant, the human paladin Turalyon, leads an Alliance expedition into Draenor to stop Ner'zhul. With Turalyon are the mage Khadgar and the ranger Alleria Windrunner (the older sister of Sylvanas and Vereesa). Alleria and Turalyon began falling in love with one another in the Second War, but Alleria turned her back on Turalyon after the Horde invaded Quel'Thalas and killed many of her people. In the midst of battle on an alien world, can their relationship be mended? And can the Alliance expedition reach Ner'zhul in time to stop the Horde from bringing death and destruction into new worlds? Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden - This story depicts the life of Warchief Thrall, starting only a short while after Thrall was born. Raised among humans as a slave, Thrall became a master gladiator before deciding that he would escape his slavery. The story depicts Thrall's subsequent friendship with Grom Hellscream, as well as Thrall's journey to rejoin his clan and master the shamanic arts. When a disguised Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer provokes Thrall into a challenge to single combat, Thrall fights his first truly momentous battle: a fight whose consequences will change the course of history. This novel is also in print as part of the Warcraft Archive. Arthas: Rise of the Lich King by Christie Golden - Currently Out of Stock in Blizzard Store, but can be found on here: This story explores the life and character of Prince Arthas Menethil leading up to the events of the Third War (Warcraft III) and Warcraft IIIx. As the plague of undeath ravaged Lordaeron, fear and desperation drove the prince to more ruthless measures until he had utterly lost his way. The story also explores the romance he shared with Lady Jaina Proudmoore, in addition to the unrequited love that the high elf prince, Kael'thas Sunstrider, bore for Jaina. The above stories are but the tip of the iceberg.Lylirra0 Nov 9, 2010
5m Lightforging a Broken. What would happen if a Broken underwent the Lightforging process? Would it work? Broken are cut off from the Light, but since even demons can be redeemed by the Lightforging process (Lothraxion) might it work on the Broken?Jerillin5 5m
9m Odyn and Helya: The Truth One of the most hated characters in Legion, aside from the Lich Queen Sylvanus herself, is Odyn. People claim that he's evil for what he did to Helya, but in reality, we know that the story of Helya is just propaganda to make Helya look good so fanboys can pretend their waifu didn't make a deal with the devil. The real truth is given to us by Odyn, as seen here: How did the first Val'kyr come to be? Take care not to ask this of Odyn unless you seek his wrath. Only once has the keeper answered this question, and the skies turned black and the seas churned and frothed under the weight of his words. Not long after the sorceress Helya lifted the Halls of Valor into the heavens, Odyn decided how he would bring the souls of worthy vrykul warriors to his domain. He would call on living vrykul to help him. These servants would sacrifice their mortal lives to become something greater, creatures called Val'kyr, who would walk between life and death to guide the souls to the halls. Well, Helya was not keen on this idea. The thought of transforming living vrykul into such beings was too much for her to bear. She demanded that Odyn reconsider his plans. If he did not, Helya threatened to bring the Halls of Valor crashing to the ground in fire and brimstone. Where had such ire come from? Not even Odyn was sure, but he had his theories. Perhaps Helya was jealous he had not asked her to become the first Val'kyr. Or perhaps something truly dark and sinister had taken root in her heart. After all, Helya had studied the Shadowlands and their powers. Had an unknown force from that cursed realm reached out and poisoned her mind? Odyn pleaded with Helya to change her mind, but she only slipped deeper into rage. She howled a song-spell to cast the halls from the sky, and the keeper had little choice but to take action against her. Oh, what a terrible battle it was that followed. You might be wondering how any creature could stand against great Odyn. Well, Helya was a force of reckoning. It was not Odyn who defeated the sorceress, but her own arrogance. So desperate to win was Helya that she reached into the Shadowlands to grasp that domain's power for herself. And in return, she was sucked into that dread realm. She would have been lost forever had Odyn not put his own life at risk and pulled her to safety. When he brought her back to the realm of the living, he was stunned by what he saw, by what had become of dear Helya. Her body had crumbled away, and all that remained was a twisted wraith. Odyn was heartbroken. He could not send her back to the Shadowlands to dwell in eternal torment, nor could he let her roam free on the physical world and terrorize mortal-kind. The answer to this problem came from Helya herself. Her journey into the Shadowlands had humbled her. She apologized to Odyn for what she had done, and she pleaded with him to make her into a Val'kyr. It was through service to the Halls of Valor that she sought redemption. Though his heart was heavy, Odyn granted Helya's wish. And so was born the first of the Val'kyr. Now, there are many tales out there that claim Odyn forced Helya to become Val'kyr against her will. Only a fool would believe such things. This story comes from Odyn himself, and how could anyone hold another's word above his? As you can see, it's clear that Helya's position is her own fault, and it tells us right there at the end to avoid any other false narratives suggesting otherwise. Listen and believe, friends, for Odyn is a hero in the fight against certain individuals who would spit on TRUE honor.Gróx62 9m
11m Darker side of the Horde I love the horde, and how almost every race in the horde has some morally ambiguous parts of their past. Forsaken with their use of the plague, trolls with a past of cannibalism and sacrifice, orc veterans being slaves to demon blood, blood elves draining a naaru etc. Even us as adventurers took part in the bombing of Theramore. And there are many more examples of this. It's fun playing the darker side, and with this new expac coming up I feel like they will really have a chance to explore it deeper. Is that really a problem? Sometimes it feels good to be bad.Maivasha31 11m
16m Brotherhood of the Horse Resurgence? After seeing the concept art for the new Alliance plate armor in Battle For Azeroth, I started wondering if Blizzard might be considering reviving the Brotherhood of the Horse (Similar to what they did with the Silver Hand) in BFA.. - The armor looks like something Anduin Lothar would've worn. - Lothar was a member of the Brotherhood before his death 27 years ago. Most of the knights were killed fighting in the last battles of the First War. Today the First War veterans would be around Turalyon's age. Their squires, now knights themselves would most likely be the order's main fighting force. ..Assuming they haven't all been killed since the end of the First War of course.. I want to believe they've been busy training and rebuilding their order in a remote castle somewhere in the Eastern Kingdoms or Kul Tiras all these years, but thats probably just wishful thinking. What do you think? Do you think Blizzard will bring back Stormwind's knights?Jax2 16m
17m Void Elves; Silvermoon not explored I think it's an oversight that Void Elves, when you look on the world map, do not have Eversong Woods and the Ghostlands explored. Lore-wise I presume I levelled there from 1-20 and then joined the Alliance. At least I should have Silvermoon explored if I was exiled from it? Also, not sure if there's a better forum for this.Kyux10 17m
43m Cairne Reincarnation - Future Warchief FOR THE TAUREN!! As you all know, in Warcraft 3 Cairne's ultimate ability was 'Reincarnation' (like every Tauren Chieftain hero). So here's the sell and how Blizzard will make it happen, We know Baine x Mayla is getting shipped by Blizzard. Mayla ends up getting impregnated by Baine and they both end up going to visit the new Zandalari for diplomacy. Magatha tags along and poisons Baine or something but they catch her. The Zandalari can't save Baine but they offer an alternative blood magic ritual. The Zandalari sacrifice both Magatha and Baine to their blood gods and through this blood magic ritual, Cairne is reincarnated as his own grandson in Mayla's womb. Few expansions from now an adult Cairne finally asumes his rightful mantle as Warchief of the horde when he overthrows Gallywix in a 1v1 and smashes his robot. Cairne is the ultimate Warchief we deserve and his character was wasted with such a pointless death. Some extra spice Blizzard could add to make this even better - turns out Cairne knew Magatha had poisoned Garrosh's weapon all along and went along with it. This was all a part of Cairne's plan so that he could be reincarnated as none other than a direct descendant of Huln Highmountain himself. He knew his son would go on to mate with Mayla. With the combined strength of the Highmountain and Bloodhoof bloodlines, nothing can match him in battle. Cairne Bloodhoof, heir to Thunderbluff, heir to Highmountain, descendant of Huln Highmountain the great, rightful ruler of the Horde kingdoms, first of his name reincarnated as the bull that will mount the world. Let's make it happen. FOR THE TAUREN!!Hulne24 43m
52m Thrall is not a Mary Sue/Green Jesus. If you even know the story this dude began as a slave and he had to work his way from the dirt all the way to the mantle of Warchief in the span of years and need the aid of 3 great orcs to train him. Grommash training him to be a warrior, Drek'thar training him to be a Shamn, and Orgrim training him to be a leader. This is the guy that helped liberated the Orcs from their enslavement and stupor, this is the guy that rekindled their ancient heretige. And this guy wasn't the one that killed Mannaroth in the end, Grom did. So he's hardly this Mary Sue, Green Jesus everyone makes him out to be. Heck even in Cata where is Green Jesus status was established, he needed the help of 4 practically-unto-gods Dragons to help him kill Deathwing. And all he did was the finishing blow while the dragons and the heroes of Azeorth did all the work. All I can say is this guy wasn't born a godly Orc.Argronak37 52m
2h Saurfangs and the Wrynns Spoiler warning So with all the tension between Sylvanas and Saurfang Do you think Saurfang will return back to Kalimdor with the horde at the end of the scenario? We know that he demands the guards take him to Anduin so he can speak with him. Saurfang owes the Wrynns a solid already for the incidents during ICC. Varian Stepped in and let him retrieve his son and also spoke highly of Dranosh. The Wrynns also kept him alive, Instead of killing him, they captured him. Which I am going to assume was 100% Anduin's (First) decision against Genn's and most likely the rest of the alliance. Since the Cataclysm The alliance has shown him more Honor and respect than his own people. Varok lost his only son, and Anduin lost his only father. I believe these two will become close during their words...Much to Greymane's dismay as he seems to think himeself the godfather. This could lead to a lot of tension the Alliance has needed for a long time. What do you guys think? Could Varok Defect to the Alliance? Also here is a bonus thought to just throw in your head. Could the light purify the fel blood in the orcs?Nowaru40 2h
2h Wild Gods you'd Like to See In the world of Azeroth, there are many, many, many magical god animals worshiped by Troll and Elf alike. Some are benevolent, some are nasty, and some spawn animal/humanoid hybrids like they're going out of style. We've seen and heard of so many Loa/Wild Gods, and even killed a few. With BfA focusing on Zandalari and more Loa Gods, I was wondering if there was any potential new animal gods you may like to see. What animal are they and what sort of personality might they have? I was thinking of a Fox Wild God not too long ago. Not sure if one has ever been mentioned, especially with the introduction of the Vulpera. I'd like to imagine it as a mischievous trickster who lures people into forests and uses their Nature powers to screw with them for entertainment. It might even be childlike, to a degree. A Loa/Wild God that really capitalizes on the cleverness of foxes. Imagine seeking out the legendary Fox god in the mystical forest. The deeper into the forest you go, the stranger things get as the environment warps around to like a bad acid trip. What about you? Want a Gorilla god named Kong? Or an Alligator Loa? What would you like to see?Hackbrew44 2h
2h Mag'har might join the Alliance Stormwind scenario spoilers. As anyone who has read or watched the scenario knows, Saurfang did not leave with the rescue party. He left to go speak with Andiun. Varok is an old orc, seen a lot of !@#$. Lived his life with honor and dignity, and has had to deal with two evil Warchiefs in the span of a decade. The Horde turned out not to be what he signed up for. He might want to switch sides, and in doing so, bring the only branch of still honorable orcs with him -- the Mag'har. We know they're coming as a playable race, it's just assumed they're joining the Horde. I don't see how that could be possible story-wise right now, considering the current state of the faction.Cemesh68 2h
2h Becoming Demon against your will. Can you be forced to become a Demon against your will by some one simply infusing fel magic into you? Or injecting you with demon blood as seen in blood furnace.Jerillin12 2h
3h Third War Alliance Captain Hero? I am working on an Alternate Universe WC3 TFT Alliance Campaign. Links at the bottom if you want more details but I won't elaborate here. It's a custom campaign, you get the idea. Other than Grand Marshal Othmar Garithos (GMOG) and Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, I am also adding the custom heroes Archmage Modera and Captain Ironhill. Today I decided I was going to add another hero to this campaign. A human Captain Hero. As with Modera and Ironhill, I prefer to give further life to existing characters before inventing my own. I have always loved certain minor characters like Captain Doren, but I am at a loss for what named character could fill the boots of my Captain Hero in this campaign. Does anyone know of a suitable character I could use? Captain Doren, Sky-Admiral-Rogers, and Admiral Taylor are all examples of characters I love, but none of whom fit the bill in terms of timeline or location as they are all Stormwind characters who came later in WoW. Anyone have any ideas for a character from, say, Lordaeron, Alterac, or Stromgarde who was alive at the time? Vanilla Scarlet Crusade members could feasibly be survivors of the Lordaeron Corps under GMOG form the Third War. I haven't come up with anything solid yet. Any suggestions? Links below if you are interested.ärithos7 3h
3h Loreology is back 3h
3h What about the Titans? *Antorus spoilers* I'm a little foggy on one of the story aspects in Legion, specifically the final boss of Antorus in the Pantheon. I thought the Titans were all dead? We had to fight and defeat aggramar previously before, so why are they fighting with us against Argus? Would someone mind clearing this up for me? Another bonus question, what exactly happens to a planet when it's Titan dies? I try and pay attention to the more, but some of it goes over my head. Thanks all.Barryfizzle7 3h
3h Story Forum Community Lounge 139 Link to the Archive: Link to the last lounge: Story Forum Discord: 1) The thread must be called "Story Forum Community Lounge" followed by its number. 2) No serious lore discussion. 3) No hating, flaming, or serious debates unless all sides wish to engage in the talk. 4) You must post these rules in the Original Post, so all can see the rules in future lounge.Mysteries310 3h
4h If Kael Could Somehow Be Brought Back... How do you think it would happen? What would have caused it? What would the consequences be? No. No "just couldn't/wouldn't" answers. This is about hypotheticals that might strain credulity, yet without breaking it (too much...). I want Kael back honestly, and have thought up ways that not only could it happen, but that he would be redeemed! But I want some of your answers before I throw mine into the mix.Leotheras51 4h
5h The Way to deal with Sylvanas. Take her to the Sunwell, throw her in and hold her down. Either she comes back as Lightforged Sylvanas, or she comes back as a pile of ashes.Jerillin30 5h
5h Are Aysa And All The Tushui Failures? The Tushui philosophy: Discipline is not a war that is won. The way of the Tushui is one of a principled life. Followers of this discipline believe there is a moral certainty to the world: one correct path of right and wrong. These Values are immutable, and must be preserved no matter what the cost. Even if it means self sacrifice, or painful losses in the pursuit of a higher ideal. The leader and paragon of all Tushui is Aysa Cloudsinger, but when tested in the SoO she appeared to fail at following it's most basic tenants. If the boy she likes (noted sexual harasser Ji Firepaw) dies in SoO, she screams "I'LL KILL YOU ALL" and then immediately commits suicide by throwing herself on the sword of an Orc and dying in 1 hit. Yes, it was a trying situation, but shouldn't the leader of a philosophy of "inner peace in the face of painful losses in the pursuit of a higher ideal" not lose their bananas and commit suicide the instant things get tough? Wouldn't this indicate that their entire philosophy is BS?Mysteries22 5h
5h Burning Teldrassil = Good Warchief We don't know much about Azerite yet but from the bits and pieces we do know, it will change warfare on Azeroth completely. In other words having a hostile force of purple elves on the western side of Orgrimmar may no longer be in our best interests. Remember that Vol'jin removed all Horde forces from Ashenvale as part of the treaty signed after the Siege of Orgrimmar. So Sylvanas made it her first priority to eliminate the threat BEFORE Orgrimmar was under siege (again). "What does that have to do with her being a good Warchief?" you may be asking. Well from the sampler of Before the Storm Sylvanas discusses with Nathanos that she wants to attack Stormwind. Presumably to bolster the ranks of the Forsaken from the corpses of the Humans there. But attacking Teldrassil first completely ruins that plan because you don't have to be a politician to realize that burning a major Alliance capital will provoke them into action and they will probably lead a campaign to the north in Eastern Kingdoms, plus Stormwind's defenses will be bolstered with angry Night Elf refugees. So this means Sylvanas put the Horde's safety BEFORE her personal agenda, which by default makes her better than Garrosh. Whatever her true motives are is irrelevant as long as she keeps prioritizing the Horde's well being before her own goals.Orhato74 5h
5h Alleria Hypocrite I help her absorb shadow into her body, which she has difficulty controlling (anyone else see the similiarities between her and orcs or just me?) I also save her and her husband, and help them banish Sarg.. And she still acts like the Horde and orcs are savage people beyond redemption. Should have let her die to the void.Thundro93 5h
6h Ji and Aysa: Question Why are both these pandaren still fighting for their factions? I don't hate them or their character, honestly, it just seems out of place they are going into another faction war. I mean, I kinda figured Aysa and Ji would drop out of the faction war for awhile after the SoO arc. I know neither are doing much anyways, but...I just find it weird.Rabirius25 6h
7h Interesting... Found this on mmo champ... What do you guys think? 7h
7h Blood Elves, High Elves and the Arcan'dor Given that High Elves and Blood Elves are basically addicted to magic, as were the Nightborne... Eating from the Arcan'dor wouldn't technically cure Blood/High Elves as well?Xhara17 7h
7h Khadgar Statue There's a statue in Stormwind of Archmage Khadgar and it says he's deceased but...Am I missing something? Is it a future hint, assuming it isn't old and not updated?Dungeonman21 7h
7h Race Ideas + (Goblin Lore!) I've been drooling over the possiblity of having a Goblin on Alliance-side (possibly the Blackwater Raiders partially splintering from the Steamwheedle after a Horde attack on Booty Bay) but I'm having trouble thinking about what we'd give the Horde in return. I've thought of a few possibilities. Naga Ogres Tol'vir I've italicized Ogres and Naga because I think they would be the most likely of the races out of the four listed, though the Tol'vir come in a close third because they inhabit Kalimdor and thus would make prime recruits for the Horde. Even more importantly, they border Silithus, home of the largest deposit of Azerite. Ogres seem great for us because... well, they're in nearly every location that has anything to do with the Old Horde and they're one of the race I think that many have come to mind when they think of the modern Horde but don't happen to actually be present. Naga would also be a good fit, as the Horde has seems to more bestial-themed races (Orcs and Trolls with their tusks- the Tauren and Highmountain) not to mention Tyrande would never allow such a race to as much as think of walking alongside her. Their theme also fits with the Nightborne, and I think with the way that the BFA expansion is shaping up they'd make prime canidates to show up at the end. The storyline would involve both factions of Goblins going to recover Kezan with the Horde and Alliance on folllowing behind them. It could be a short snippet in a future expansion or something larger. As a player in general, I've been dying to visit Kezan and behold its glorious cities along with Undermine. There's still a good chunk of Goblin lore that's been left unexplored and I think it should get some love.Nosk46 7h
8h Witch hunters are they a thing? Wondering if there has ever been an example of a witch hunter in lore. Not going as far as a "witcher" but more like a dark magic hunter/monster hunter among the humans complete with dueling pistols and crossbows and sabers. Similar to Warhammer fantasy witch hunters.Atana13 8h
10h Jaina deserves to die She is the greatest enemy to the Horde. So it stands to reason that she should die by the Horde player’s blade.Bullwinklë82 10h
10h Draenei+BEs vs. The Void Elf Menace! The Draenei and Blood Elves have a long history of friendship and mutual sacrifice in service to The Light. A new threat looms and maybe it's time for them to start a new subfaction to hunt and kill all who would give aid and succor to The Void. With the Burning Legion gone, the allies of the Light can now persecute The Void fulltime without reservation. For those allied with the Naaru or blessed by The Light of the Sunwell, the time to strike is now!Mysteries19 10h
12h Random Question about Petrification So I've been thinking about the lore of Warcraft for a bit and the question popped into my head... Is petrification the process of TURNING a person into stone... or the process of REMOVING the curse of flesh in the Warcraft universe? Thoughts?Sasskei7 12h
12h Favorite Orcish Clan? Warsong, Frostwolf, Blackrock, Dragonmaw, Burning Blade, Shadowmoon, Shattered Hand, Bleeding Hallow, and more. Me, I am gonna go with the Blackrock Clan, and not that Iron Horde one from Warlords of Draenaor where they built tanks and guns and aircraft carriers and factories. The Main Universe one. Because Blackhand is an underappreciated badass and the movie made a mockery of him. And I like the idea of Orcs living in rugged volcanic mountains and making Plate Armor that Orgrim wears. My Horde Main is an Orc and I role play him as a Blackrock Orc from Blackrock Moutain wearing the hide of Deathwing as his armor and weapons: 12h
12h Wild God Response to Horde Attack (Spoilers) Hello, All So we know that the Horde will be attacking Malfurion and burning down Teldrassil (pictures, Sylvanus dialogue from Before the Storm book sneak peek, data-mined dialogue). I'm curious about the response from the Wild Gods. Lore-wise Cenarius and others have always been strongly aligned with the Kal'dorei, even viewing them as their children. Will this act turn them against Sylvanus's horde? And how would this affect Horde druids? I suppose they could just say screw the wild gods and replace them with loa. I am not trying to attack horde players with this post, I am simply curious.Fancyfred59 12h
13h Non Combat Faction Conflict While war between the two factions seems to be inevitable at any given time. There are other ways to have conflict without sending hundreds of soldiers to their deaths. For all the mistakes the Argent Tournament Had, it did allow the two factions to interact and show dominance in a much more controlled environment. While also giving a better reason to grind racial rep. I made a thread about using professions for this reason before Legion came out and with BFA on the horizon do you think there’s potential in that area? Like for example, having blacksmiths and tailors making arms and armor for Warfront soldiers, or enchanting boats so they can sail faster with less wind. What do you guys think are good ways to show that there is a conflict on a smaller scale?Gryymvar5 13h
14h Sylvanas Coulda Invited NEs To The Horde. In a perfect world, Sylvanas would have used diplomacy and invited the NEs to join the Horde. A much cheaper route than blowing up Teldrassil and driving them off the continent. They have more in common with the Tauren and Trolls than any other race and fighting the Orcs over trees for the last 15 years is contrived and stupid. Anduin (the only voice that matters on the Alliance) might have gone for her plan even though it gives the Horde Silithis. Peace is worth any price, even the future, right?Mysteries88 14h
15h Forsaken Crypt Fiends For anyone who played Warcraft 3's expansion, The Frozen Throne, you probably remember that during the Undead campaign, Sylvanas's forces had undead Nerubians AKA Crypt Fiends amongst their ranks. However, during all of WoW I don't think we've seen a single Forsaken Nerubian. So, what happened with all of them? They couldn't have died out before Vanilla even started.Jozari27 15h
15h No, Void Elves *are* High Elves. That's because, say it with me now, Blood Elves are High Elves.Gromtar116 15h
15h Anyone feel like legion ended abruptly? I really did like everything about this expansion. The story, soundtrack, mini stories with in the zones and over all story were pretty good, as well as the game play elements like new classes and mythic plus. But did anyone feel like the story just sort of ended? It just felt like from the time we were on argus to when we invade antorus was 0 to 100. It felt almost random, and i still do not understand the idea behind sargeras randomly hiding in a cloud. I felt like there was no parts in the story where sargeras is wondering why the hell azeroth is suddenly right outside his door step. The whole thing started strong but ended sort of like "and then illidan did a thing the end" All that build up for Illidan doing a thing. I felt like it didnt do a lot of the characters justice and in my mind argus should of been its own expansion in the far future. Valen coming back to argus to hang around for only an hour worth of quests and then to literally just walk into antorus felt weird and then i feel like nothing was really resolved, its not clear how much damage we did to antorus, did we just cut a path with a strike team or did we siege the place in a massive battle? And then illidan and Sargeras were just sorta put in a back pocket for maybe a later date. That's my opinion any how. Anyone else feel this way?Atana18 15h
17h Taunka should be a playable Horde race Taunka lost alot during the Northrend campaign. In a quest in Dragon Blight, the Taunka chieftan officially takes the blood oath and jions the Icemist Tribe to the Horde. Plus the quests before that you get a quest to go get random Taunka to jion the horde as warriors. This all happens from Agmar's Hammer. If you just go there you see Taunka constantly streaming into the base to jioon the Horde's fight. Taunka warriors can also be found at the Kor'Kron Vangaurd at the Wrathgate. Taunka should be a playable race of the Horde! Dvkenobii40 17h
18h I want to see round two on Anderhol That little dues ex machina loss from Catacylsm has always annoyed me. I am hoping with the renewed faction war Andorhal becomes a hotspot again and we reverse that loss. Time to change that quest from "Alas, Andehol" to "Finally, Andorhal"Zerde23 18h
19h Odyn in BfA Hero- you must prove your valor to me. Defeat these foes and prove your self worthy of a feast with me. Me- You son of a f..... piece of s.... I killed a motherf..... titan. NO ODYN YOU NEED TO PROVE YOUR SELF TO ME NOW. " Smacks Odyn off his throne" Me- Odyn, if you wish to re-enter the Halls of Valor, you must first bring me 2,500 pieces of the greatest dino meat you can find. You must travel to Argus, and get me the plating from the Burning Throne to use as my plate. Than you must dive into the depths and slay 5000 murlocs. Do this and i shall see you worthy of entering the halls. However, if you wish to have an audiance with me, you must do much much more to prove your valorIronwall0 19h
20h The Warcraft RPG Why didn’t Blizzard continue updating it to fit current lore? Did it become too much of a hassle? It just seems like a good way to flesh out the world in little details.Gryymvar8 20h
21h What will Malfurion do? He is the most powerful druid in the world, more powerful in some ways than Ysera (thanks to the books about Malfurion), so what then will he be doing in BFA when Teldrassil burns? I hope he unleashes some epic storm and flattens the horde...Barkfeather53 21h
22h Lightforged Symbolism Alright, second question of the day: Tabard crests. So I'm going around rping, and I've noticed the Army of Light seems to be using two crests these days. The tabard, which I'm wearing now, and the Army of Light from Argus. It makes me think, is the new design faction themed? Is it just another logo like the other? Is the person making this thread looking to much into things? What your thoughts?Rabirius0 22h
23h What happens after death in WoW? I was thinking about life after death in WoW and realized I have no clue what happens. Sure, we have an immortal soul and we rez at a graveyard, but I'm asking about cannon lore. Is there an afterlife? Is there nothingness after death? If you're good, do become one with the light? If you're evil, do you become one with the void? How about immortals? Titans and Naaru have died... what happens to them? Void Lords are alive... can they die like other immortals? What happens to them?Damuzî16 23h
23h Void elves being monks So for a void elf monk what would there back story be. As in say one was a blood elf monk before he became a void elf, what would be his reason for even following the group of exiles?Amadeus40 23h
1d Void elf holy priest How does this happen? Can the void elf actually use light without imploding?Azhalar9 1d
1d kul tiran armor this looks like heritage armor, does this confirm kul tiran as the next alliance allied race alongside draenor orcsWithpuppys30 1d