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Nov 14 Sylvanas ordered Wrathgate to happen? "I've heard these discussions on the internet about 'she's going off the rails', but is she? I've been writing Sylvanas personally since 2006, and this is pretty much - the Wrathgate and the Blight and the Forsaken - in character. Those were all under Sylvanas' orders." Via Alex Afrasiabi in a recent interview.... He pretty much just comes out and says Sylvanas ordered the Wrathgate. Did he just, not know the lore behind it or did we reveal this in a weird way?Baljin178 Nov 14
Nov 14 Anything for Horde in 8.1? This is something I am mainly just curious about. Aside from those who greatly desire to join Saurfangs rebellion, is there anything to look forward to in 8.1 if you are a Horde fan? This isn't completely intended to be a passive aggressive critique, I am genuinely curious what others may be looking forward to in 8.1. Primarily from a story perspective, although you can add in other perspectives if you desire. For me, there is nothing story wise to look forward to at all, and honestly I find that very disappointing, and it is probably why I have been whining about it more than usual, lol. For gameplay, I am interested in getting the forsaken warfront armor, but other than that there isn't much that interests me on that front either. This thread is primarily aimed at Horde players and fans, but feel free to chime in regardless. Just please try to keep derailing to a minimum :P.Verlius65 Nov 14
Nov 14 Elune in BFA? I don't play Alli so I have no clue whats going on lore-wise with you beautiful Night Elves and your Goddess. Has there been Elune activity in BFA? I would assume after the burning of Teldrasil (sorry for that) Elune would have provided a sign to Tyrande or something? Anything? Also, have we confirmed that Elune and Azeroth are one and the same? Seems painfully obvious at this point...Damuzî95 Nov 14
Nov 14 Showdown in Stormsong Alright. We all know that Rexxar is back in the fight to finish off Jaina, right? And I hope we can all agree that a showdown between the two would be boss AF. However, there's also the issue of power level. I'm pretty sure every Alliance fanboy would be butt-hurt if Jaina got whooped by a half-ogre and a bear, and while I am a biased opinion, I agree that if Rexxar and Misha attacked Jaina, she would end up winning. However, what if Rexxar wasn't alone? And I'm not talking about Misha (though she would be there). What if Rexxar got the old WC 3 crew back together! I like to think that with Rokhan, Chen, and Samuro backing him up, they could defeat the not-a-dreadlord Jaina. AN: I know Chen is "officially" neutral, but I'm pretty sure he'd help an old friend beat up a wizard that was trying to kill him. As for everyone else, it thematically works because their already part of the HordeKrogac25 Nov 14
Nov 14 Forsaken: Paving a Way Forward This thread is mainly to discuss what should be done in the future for the Forsaken.This thread is mainly for those with an interest in the Forsaken. All opinions are welcome, but please try to not derail too much into a different topic, if you can. The Forsaken have been going through very tumultuous times in terms of story development since about Cata. They have been being used primarily as a replacement for the Scourge in the story, and it has had drastically negative effects on the lore, stories, and themes of the race. As of Before the Storm, these problems got even worse, as that book involved a series of severe retcons towards the themes and lore of the race, as well as further villainizing their leader. During this expansion, the Forsaken have continued to become more and more similar to the Scourge, and still do not realize or notice this fact. This is compounded by the Forsaken being put in a major role for the Horde. They have become such villains in the current plot that many players wish the race could just be killed off like a villainous group, such as the Burning Legion or the Twilight Hammer. The Forsaken were originally sold as a race of outcasts, of people that were turned into monsters against their own will, and shunned upon regaining themselves. They were always dark, but they retained a sense of who they were. They didn't exist solely to cause death and destruction, they wanted revenge on the man who turned them into monsters, and to fight for their right to exist in a world that despised them for who they were. What I would like to discuss here is...what would you like to see done about this? How do you think the forsaken could be returned to their original themes, the themes that were unique and gave them their fans? Because honestly it can be difficult for me to see how we can get there.Verlius26 Nov 14
Nov 14 Where's Darnell? Hi. Basic Human Male Paladin #2710 here. Where in the world is Darnell. I feel as though the Forsaken really needs him right now. He's the type of balance and Forsaken the race needs but I haven't heard hide nor hair from him despite him being wonderful and an amazing example of undeath not defining you as a person. Again. Where the hell is Darnell?Zekedias15 Nov 14
Nov 13 If Sylv Got Mak'gora'd, Would She Mak'gora? When Saurfang finds out she killed his son at the Wrathgate, and he kills her in a Mak'gora...think she will challenge him to a Mak'gora 10 seconds later when she respawns?Hahahahahaha70 Nov 13
Nov 13 To Writers: From a Nelf fan First things first, 8.1 Spoiler Warning. Hi there. Fully knowing the dangers of posting an opinion in a public forum (ignominy, scorn, trolls, etc), I still do this in hopes it can reach its intended recipients. I hope the readers can understand this intends to share my feelings and experiences, instead of minimizing your enjoyment or concerns, if any, on the game's story. If you happen to agree with any of my points, I do like the idea of more voices adding their similar experiences that the Devs can attribute more weight to them. I sadly won't be able to keep a lot of track on it. Now then... To the Warcraft Storywriters I am writing to connect with you as a long time player, and fan. I admit, I have always identified with Night Elves above all others, ever eager to learn more about their lore and see them represented in game. In the past expansions, however, I’ve begun to feel like I'm being punished for that love. It was in Dolanaar, during that quest with the Satyr who tricked you, where I remember feeling like the cleverest person in the world for comboing Gouge and Backstab during a tough spot. Falling from the giant tree, Aldrassil, was my first experience dying in the game. I felt so privy to the world when I discovered the secret romance of the Rogue Trainer in Dolanaar to the one under the boughs of the Darnassus’ Cenarion Enclave. I spent so much time learning to use about Thottbot just to complete the quests of Gwyneth By’Leggonde to find those washed up monsters on Darkshore. And who can forget that damned gnome’s quest to get smashed? Or that jumpscare moment when you were roaming Ashenvale and had your first meeting with the enormous wolves and bucks that roamed the northern border of Felwood? Through all of those quests and so many others, I fell completely in love with the Night Elves: they introduced me to the World of Warcraft. Then, the story destroyed all that connection in a manner as ignominious as possible. Killing all the above NPCs and places in a manner as contemptible as it's been handled is not empowering, or rallying at all. My concern with the current state of the game is the ignominious sacrifice of characters and stories in the service of a defunct plot. And it's not the first time. For Night Elves, Deathwing’s passing through Darkshore causes havoc and tragedy (compare the tragic questlines on Darkshore to...claw marks on Stormwind). But it serves no purpose other than to say how sad and beaten Night Elves are and then they do nothing about it. I can understand the use of tragedy as a rallying point – but not when it leads to nothing. This repeats itself later, only a few steps away from Darkshore. All through Ashenvale, Hellscream’s rampage destroys a people who’ve fought for that forest for so long, and none of the questlines gave any sense of closure. There was no feeling of having earned them any sort of reprieve. And at the very end, Tyrande’s appearance in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid felt brief and unfulfilling, and paled in comparison to what was lost. At the end, it felt like the Night Elves had no part whatsoever in bringing them down. It was at that point that the writing for Night Elves began to feel not as a series of blunders or part of the inherent difficulties of in-game writing, or wording mistakes, but as active malice. Outside of the game, it was even worse: “The Shattering” had one of the coolest Classic late game NPCs slaughtered ignominiously: the druid who summoned the Ancient in Alterac Valley (She later returned as another monster to kill in Legion). In “Wolfheart”, the Night Elves are out-ambushed by orcs. At night. In Ashenvale. "Silly" is just the kindest description of it. In “Tides of War”, Pained becomes nothing but sentimental fodder to be killed for Jaina’s grief. In "Before the Storm", there is a brief, cool moment where a lovely gnome character seems to have a crush on a Night Elven captain and...the elf dies paragraphs after that. A night elf poking their head in a Warcraft written story is like poking into a guillotine’s lunette, the writers stepping into the role of the uncaring tricoteuses peddling hasty product nearby. I’m not calling for revenge. It’s not about retribution. It’s not about making The Horde pay or suffer; I actually despise the idea of enjoyment in this story being based on a zero sum Schadenfreude game. It’s about vindication. It’s about validation. It’s about what the Night Elves are and fought for; every life in Darkshore, every death in Ashenvale, their values and what they stand for, to be shown having some worth to the story. Something where their way of life is shown to be good for something more than just fodder for The Horde, or new models to be corrupted/burned/in need of rescue, as was Hyjal, Val'sharah, The Wardens in Aszuna, and Vordrassil in Grizzly Hills (which are all storylines about how the Night Elves can't defend squat unless big heroes come and help them. It's not uplifting for any Night Elf fan to see them fail ubiquitously). Now we have the new Battle for Azeroth Cinematics, quests, stories, the Warbringers, and 8.1, and as ever, the Night Elves are just shown crying, burning, trying and failing, losing everything shown before for no reason whatsoever other than to serve as a module for the story of others. For example: Delaryn, and Sira all serve as an extension of Sylvanas' story building her paralel to Arthas. But for the Night Elf story, they're just hope, killed, raised and used to mock them. They're just monsters that reflect Sylvanas. Being empowered by a deity, and earning the power to bring ancient lands to...a standstill that logistically cannot have any victor does not feel like an empowering victory in any shape whatsoever. Everything there is about them is systematically stripped, literally burned, ignored, and it's nothing a new eye color model update makes one feel rallied for. The savage and sometimes melancholic Night Elves one quested with so long ago feel like punishments for having ever empathized with their stories and values. The people who had the ‘Icon of Wisdom’ as a symbol of what they strived for; those who learned to treasure wisdom from the follies of the past and thus strove for a better future in fixing their mistakes and working with nature become proxies for someone else to shine. As it stands, I'm dejected, dissapointed, even angry and sad. It's not just because of a recent thing, it's a pattern. The promises for fulfillment in the past have been hard at work earning mistrust. It was claimed last expansion was a love letter to the players, but to Night Elves, it feels like a creepy love letter Charles Manson would write its victims. And the future writing just feels like a looming threat. When it comes to Night Elves, Blizzard's writing turns into a Grand Guignol play written by a vindictive, drunken ex. I don't demand anything out of this. I just want to expose the feelings WoW's story once brought for me. I am sure anyone who's read this far can remember their first levels in their game, their first NPCs and quests and how and when they learned the tricks of the trade of their class. But only for one race in the game, have those memories been replaced with slaughter for the purpose of mockery, contempt and 'empowerments' made fruitless by logistical stalemates for the sake of a story that, going by precedent, your people will never have a place in. If you read it, thanks for your time and understanding.Ilthen158 Nov 13
Nov 13 [Spoilers] About the Forsaken: Which is it? Perhaps the weakest story beat about the Forsaken is that many of them appear all too willing to take up arms against the Alliance if slain by the Horde and reanimated, which has generated speculation about coercion, charming, and other such magics. This was at least partially addressed somewhat as Lilian Voss consoled newly-slain-and-animated Captain Amalia Stone as she adjusted to what it was going to be to be Forsaken and was deeply conflicted about it. She's told she won't be accepted as a reanimated corpse. Seems to be convincing, even though I don't remember seeing her act in any meaningful way against the Alliance yet apart from collaboration. The risen Tidesage, Thomas Zelling, was more willing to become Forsaken but experienced rejection from his family, as Voss predicted. The preceding cases are why it's strange to me that Sylvanas thinks that Derek Proudmoore will actually be taken back in. We're dealing with two conflicting notions that are spoken as a given, which begs the question: Are Forsaken likely to be accepted by their former nations, or turned away? Why does Sylvanas presume Derek Proudmoore will be accepted by his family again when most Forsaken are told, some by Sylvanas herself, that they will only be turned away as monsters for their transformed, decaying states? She seems to be banking on different rules for royals. The realities of faction loyalties in newly-risen Forsaken individuals is so wildly inconsistent that it really shows whenever it's brought up. I'm surprised no one thought this plotline needed some serious refinement.Dayon10 Nov 13
Nov 13 Rise of Azshara ... from the Wowhead interview with Ion Hazzikostas and Chris Robinson Azshara will raise Nazjatar from the depths no doubt what else might she raise? edit: endless replies such as "new content", "hell" or "eyebrows" not welcomeCreeks16 Nov 13
Nov 13 Dwarf Maxium lifespan estimate? I know there is no set in stone written lore about this, but does anyone have a decent estimate for how long a dwarf can live?Salandil2 Nov 13
Nov 13 Sylvanas in Orgrimmar during early levels? Hello, I have a newbie question for you concerning the lore of WoW and its development through the game. I started playing casually WoW when Cataclysm came out (long time ago), and then stopped for a very long time. However, I just started playing again now that Battle of Azeroth came out. I've never played an Horde character, so before starting to play I read about the general lore and history just to have an idea of the past and the present. In my mind, since I was playing with a brand new character (my tauren), when I arrived in Ogrimmar I was expecting to find one of the past warchief. With great surprise I found Sylvanas Windrunner in there. Why is she already there if I'm not even at the "burning crusade" point (I just entered Ogrimmar for the very first time). I thought that playing from the beginning would have allowed me to go through the history of the game (experiencing the changes through the levels, from the geographic ones to the changes in the ruler position), but instead it seems l was completely wrong. Does it mean I will play trough a "static" storyline all the way to the end? Thanks.Kabaliatos3 Nov 13
Nov 13 tyrande cutscene enjoy also where did genn and mia come fromWithpuppys42 Nov 13
Nov 13 How long has Vol’dun been a desert? Did Mythrax make it into a desert before his imprisonment, or after he was released?Roxanewatson11 Nov 13
Nov 13 Zandalari Warlocks > Zandalari Monks True story.Vinetremus17 Nov 13
Nov 13 Terror of Darkshore Cinematic Interview Another from Finalboss TV, again not much Lore dev for amount of time the episode is, but does go into how they developed the scene. Biggest end point: (from Terran Gregory): Tyrande's armor update is "Sentinel and Warden inspired, and wardens as we know are the Keepers of Vengeance, and while they were created very specifically they still at their core are a night elf institution. The concept of weilding Vengeance as a weapon. And I felt that that actually factored into this, (this was just his feeling in putting together the story for ToD) ig they are capable of being empowered by vengeance, then that means they are more powerful after they lost Teldrassil than they were doing the fight of Teldrassil."Saiphas16 Nov 13
Nov 13 Why doesn't Bwomsandi confront Sylvanas? Is there a reason this doesn't happen when she visits Zandalar? I can't think of a reason for why he can't visit her, especially after all he does in 8.1 Not saying he needs to start a fight with her, but simply chew her out or something.Kurogasa7 Nov 13
Nov 13 Ji Firepaw in BfA This is why the pandaren tolerate Sylvanas.Tremac36 Nov 13
Nov 13 Is Azeroth the Earth Mother? Title. Did the Tauren figure out they were living on a sentient planet before any of the other mortal races? Or is the Earth Mother suppose to be a separate entity?Azutaaro7 Nov 13
Nov 13 [SMALL SPOILER] Tyrande confronts Anduin I usually don't watch or post about spoilers, but I'm done with the war campaign and I don't feel like doing high level mythic+ or a raid yet. So frankly until 8.1 comes out I'm bored off my @ss lol. That said I only want to talk about this scenario, please don't spoil anything that comes next please and thank you. I LOVED this. Finally we get to see Tyrande act like not just one of the Alliance leaders but the leader of her people. We have rarely seen that from her in game, so this was very satisfying. Anduin being confronted by not just Tyrande but Sira, (I assume that is) Maiev, and Shandris must be intimidating, seeing that they are thousands of years his senior. Things that I loved besides the confrontation itself... 1. Maiev's righteous fury. In the past she's been a bit unhinged, but here she is totally in control and pissed! 2.Shandris FINALLY got a custom voice model. Now if she got a new character model to match because this one is bland. 3. People give Tyrande (or blizz) grief about Tyrande's accent. Tyrande sounds like a wise black woman straight out of the Motherland and I AM HERE FOR IT!!! Also I loved how she strolled out of that room like Naomi Campbell lmao. 4. Genn is the MVP, I'm so glad he stepped up the way he did. I understand Anduin's point here. Trying to stop Sylvanas is really testing him as a leader. The toll of this war is rising on both sides and he doesn't want to spread out too far for risk of stretching valuable resources and soilders. So objectively his point is totally understandable. That said, I thought I heard that at the end of the raid (that I haven't done) the Alliance dealt the Horde a large blow? However, Tyrande and her people have lost everything, in service to the Alliance. They have been in Stormwind, for what I assume is a few months at this point. With the war going the way it is, there is no telling when they will receive help to reclaim their home. Tyrande's decision may seem rash and it may be, but her people are owed and if the horde remain there too long they might not ever be able to take it back. I do feel bad for Anduin though,he is trying to juggle the all of this while still feeling responsible for Teldrasill which honestly isn't fair. I've never blamed him for Teldrasill. Both he and Tyrande acted in what they assumed was good intelligence. The real person responsible is Matthias Shaw his stupidity cost the Night Elves everything.Kaileena49 Nov 13
Nov 13 Would Maiev or Farondis be better leaders? I was just thinking, since lots of people on both the Alliance and Horde side seem upset by many of Tyrande and Malfurion's actions (or lack thereof), if someone were to one day replace them, would Maiev Shadowsong or Prince Farondis be good options? Maiev has been in the lore since Warcraft 3, and is both a powerful and a very determined character, formal leadership could give her new purpose now that Illidan and the Legion are both gone, and give the Wardens new spotlight as well. Farondis is less likely by far, but he has also proven to a a formidable and virtuous leader who defied Azshara not once, but twice, and it's clear he cares deeply for his people. He also seems to be generally well-received by the playerbase. And it would at least be better than him and his people slowly fading into forgotten irrelevancy.Belandas50 Nov 13
Nov 13 Races and Specs So what specs do you think each race would and would not be for their classes. I personally can never find myself playing a Sub Goblin Rogue, Assaination and Outlaw seem to good for the race.Reallyhappy29 Nov 13
Nov 13 Questions about the Lich King Why so many characters know that the Lich King still exists? Isn't that supposed to be a occult information that only Tirion and Sylvanas know about? Also, does anyone besides Tirions know that Bolvar is the current Lich King? I mean, Vol'jin and company by logic shouldn't be able to recognize him.Mowachassa12 Nov 13
Nov 13 Where's Lirath? If Sylvanas is so big on family and her siblings, why has she never sought out his body and raised him? Does he have any presence in death? A ghost, a soul, something Sylvanas could communicate with? What was the deal with the memories in the comic? They first appear on the same page Sylvanas shows up. As the sisters were finishing their game, it seemed like Lirath and Sylvanas were in on something the other two weren't aware of. As the three sisters fade, he reaches out for Sylvanas and looks back at the three as they leave. Was Lirath looking forward to his sisters joining him in death? Or i'm just reading too much into all this...Maxkrist17 Nov 13
Nov 13 A request to the Story Forum Can we actually start discussing lore instead of having faction partisan bickering over who's the favorite or why Blizzard is literally Satan. Let's discuss the Troll Wars.Demontê36 Nov 13
Nov 12 Afrasiabi Sylvanas interview Let me just start with just in case you were still in doubt, it’s now been further confirmed that Wrathgate was indeed planned by Sylvanas herself.(this was confirmed in chronicle 3, i believe, but this further supports it) ... I know that there has been more than enough Sylvanas threads over the course of BfA, and i’ve done this song-and-dance many times already, but by god this is annoying. Like, why do they WANT the Horde playerbase divided?! Who the hell WANTS to be divided? We’ve been divided for years!!! I want to be a UNITED HORDE! Have the Alliance be divided for once, i want to feel like my actions are for a good cause. Not because an angsty, paranoid, Warchief wants us to. It’s literally been said by almost everyone on this forum but NO ONE wants another civil war arc, if we didn’t do this arc literally 2 expansions ago, no one would have such an issue with it. Yet, unlike with Garrosh, not only do we have almost no choice in the matter but we’re actually being forced to be even MORE evil than him. Seriously, Garrosh could resseruct himself and re-join the Horde without question if our standard has become THIS low. In fact, this is literally the same thing that Marvel did. For those who are unfamiliar, does anyone know about the Civil war arc? They based the second Captain america on the story as well as the Ultimate Alliance games. Well Marvel tried cashing in on the popularity if this story and created a Civil War 2 arc. Let’s just say it wasn’t very well received. However in this case, the civil war arc, while mixed, was still relatively well executed all things considered mostly due to Vol’jin having a great character arc. While people still have mixed feelings due the blatant villain batting of Garrosh, most people agree that Vol’jin was the highlight of the expansion. So it was unsurprisingly well received when Vol’jin was declared the new Warchief at the end of it all. A fitting payoff for his arc and a great way to move the Horde foward as a faction by having the first non-orc warchief. So of course, at the start of Legion, they had to throw all of that in the garbage cuz Kosak couldn't keep it in his pants, and they decied to start this divisive story by making the controversial decision of making Sylvanas Warchief. A decision that i believe is what got him booted from the WoW team and put on Hearthstone instead. Now, i love Kosak, he’s truly a nice guy and is very passionate for Blizzard games and he is been the best thing that’s happened to hearthstone(especially since Big B. Left), but he totally fuked the whole story with this one decision. And now here we are. I just don’t know what i can say that hasn’t been said before, but I’ll do my best. How come they didn’t at all cater to Garrosh fans but they’ve gone so far out of their way for Sylvanas fans?? I mean wtf, looking back, the only difference between him and Sylvanas is that Garrosh was biggoted and racist while Sylvanas is manipulative and outright cruel. I don’t get how ANYONE is supposed to be able to follow her other than dedicated fans of the character, which i get, you’ve known a character for over a decade people tend to not want to let go. But for anyone else, she murders a field full of her own civilians for wanting to be with their living families and then reveals she needs her people to be miserable so that they’d stay loyal to her, mocks Saurfang about his dead son, kills and raises horde troops, burns an entire world tree full of unarmed civilians, the list goes on. How the heck am i supposed to call myself a hero following someone like that, or even an anti-hero for this matter? It’s absurd how they think they’re being clever when in reality they’re just pissing people off on both sides.Pyrogar63 Nov 12
Nov 12 Battle For Darkshore Horde Warfront Battle For Darkshore Horde Warfront- I'll be back when I awake from my coma and can properly think.Deathisfinal82 Nov 12
Nov 12 I thought Azerite mattered? If you read Before the Storm or paid attention to one of the early cinematic shorts, you were told of the immense power of Azerite. How it gave the beholder such clarity and power; a weapon of mass destruction in the wrong hands. There's a giant sword plunged into the planet. Here we are approaching Patch 8.1, with knowledge of Patch 8.2, and Azerite is an afterthought. Sylvanas and Anduin made such a big deal about collecting Azerite and stopping the opposing faction from farming it, but neither faction seems to give a damn about it other than a few world quests and a couple of bosses in MOTHERLODE!Boraby22 Nov 12
Nov 12 Val’Sharah was a letdown. I resubscribed after several years away. I know I’m a few years late on this, but I’m experiencing it for the first time. I’ve really enjoyed the story lines in Legion, except for Val’Sharah. I was totally stoked about the opportunity to play a Malfurion Stormrage centric story line, because he’s objectively badass. Unfortunately the story line disappoints, because Malfurion is completely inept the whole way through. I get that you need variety of storylines, and sometimes you need a thread where things start out looking good and go sour, but Malfurion spends a good 85% of the time doing next to nothing to move the story forward and the other 15% being a complete idiot. Disappointing.Justheoa7 Nov 12
Nov 12 Class specific storylines With the success of orderhalls from Legion, how viable would it be for an expansion storyline to be told from multiple angles per class? I am not talking about a class specific quest line, but the primary content. I figure a rogue would take a different approach from say a Paladin in tackling a situation. Or it wouldn’t be viable seeing you would need to level all classes to get the full lore of the expansion?Primalshock5 Nov 12
Nov 12 Why Stormheim is enough reason for War Let’s take a quick hypothetical here, and say Genn really got the drop on Sylvanas, rather than having to take an arrow just to grab the lantern. He kills her then and there, making his escape from and/or incapacitating the Horde PC. Meanwhile, in the Sanctum of Light, Heart of Azeroth, etc... word comes in as the Highlord, Farseer are in Council with their champions: “The Warchief is dead! She was assassinated by Alliance forces lead by Genn Greymane in Stormheim not a few hours ago!” Everyone is shocked. “What?!” Questions the Archmage/Grandmaster. “Surely King Wrynn could not have endorsed this! Especially not during a time of crisis. How did this happen?” *Further Explanation* “You mean Anduin has said nothing? ..... Greymane was seen just this morning at Anduin’s side, with a look of satisfaction on his face?” I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I was an older Orc Farseer, I wouldn’t be trusting the Draenei under my guidance to be forgetting Shattrath right now, even in the face of the Legion.Khazlei81 Nov 12
Nov 12 How familiar are the Zandalari with titans? How familiar are the Zandalari with titans and titan technology? On the one hand, they not only don't know what the great seal is, but also don't know what all the portal network triangles inside of it do (the guy showing you around even comments on this). On the other hand, Talanji doesn't come across as phased or really impressed by anything she finds in Nazmir or Uldir (especially the constructs). She's even able to use the titan control panels in Uldir without any issues, which in some ways puts her above Brann in titan familiarity. (Another odd note about her in Uldir - her reaction to Fetid Devourer seems a bit underwhelming, since it's made up of dead loa. Seems like she'd be a lot angrier about this than she actually is.)Kurogasa3 Nov 12
Nov 12 Are the cinematics even canon? ... ... ... How can the cinematics be canon if our eyes aren't canon? But seriously, this is where we're at now. If we cannot even agree on WHAT WE SEE being canon or not, how can we agree on anything because at THAT point we're operating in two different realities, not over just one questline, but the entire story itself.Darethy277 Nov 12
Nov 12 The Masterplan for Sylvanas There's already a thread about how Alex Afrasiabi (accidentally?) says she planned the Wrathgate, but there's lots of other surprising stuff in the article, so I figured I'd make a second thread for the rest of it. Some tidbits (all quotes are from Alex Afrasiabi): *** "I've heard these discussions on the internet about 'she's going off the rails', but is she?" *** "Any time we get a player base that's divided in their support for a character, I feel like we're doing our jobs. Any time it's one-sided to the point of 'this is clearly the right direction', it's not as interesting. That was really our goal with Sylvanas, to create enough plausible deniability in the actions she's committed where she can still have a fanbase, where she could still have people supporting her actions and saying, 'Well of course she's doing that for the Horde.'" *** On the choice whether to support Sylvanas or Saurfang: "Once you play a choice like that, you have to follow it through, so in subsequent quests that come out, you're going to be on the side you pick, and we'll see what comes of that, if you're right or wrong." *** "Sylvanas' destiny is to be found out and discussed by the player base, but it would be dismissive to think she'll just go down as another raid boss, because she's a little bit more than that. Does that mean you will not fight her? Not necessarily true either. The reality is you can fight her every day of the week in Grommash Hold, in a raid, right now. But I do think there's a lot more to Sylvanas' story that hasn't been told yet." *** Thoughts?Pellex178 Nov 12
Nov 12 Can't Believe I let myself get Suckered A faction war expansion? A real return to the heart and soul of this franchise, the Alliance and Horde conflict for dominance of this world? Who was I kidding. I called it after MoP, WoD, and I didn't listen to myself. We're never gonna get this game back. The people in charge right now have no clue what the universe is supposed to be. They're doing whatever they want to make content and raids. It doesn't matter what fan-favorites for twenty years get sacrificed for progression. Unsubscribed and I'm not looking back.Aelamdor38 Nov 12
Nov 12 Multiple cutscenes put up by wowhead These went up in the last couple of hours. Sylvanas at Tol Dagor. Escape from Zandalari treasury. Tyrande’s ascension These aren’t long and not super groundbreakingNiingdorei35 Nov 12
Nov 12 Stealing the Tide Scepter cutscene Indiana Jones reference without Harrison...bold move. Kinda meh without the music, roar, or most of the sound really.Saiphas15 Nov 12
Nov 12 Whispers of K'thir I've noticed certain things while on WoWHead. From the Quotes: Abyssal Corruptor says: I sleep... only to wake... Abyssal Corruptor says: In the end... you will know the truth... Abyssal Corruptor says: Your soul will know only hunger. The first two are clearly death quotes... This reminds me of what that Faceless One Vol'zith the Whisperer states as he dies: Vol'zith the Whisperer whispers: I will await you... in the dark... Is the Tidesage corruption simply them going mad or are the Faceless straight up mentally hijacking them from their containment cells made by the Titans? Samuel Williams even changed his name to Azshj'thul the Drowned once he became a full N'raqi! Or... were they unaware Faceless avatars the whole time? A couple of acolytes in the Shrine of the Storm turned out to be N'Zoth's tentacles that were unmasked by the Reveal Darkness spell used by the K'thir! And what about us?... What does the K'thir mean by "Your soul will know only hunger."? Clearly it's a reference to the Ghostly Follower in Barrowknoll's statement: "The Master waits for you to join him..." but how will joining N'Zoth make us like hungering Voidwalkers?Yvenathilm0 Nov 12
Nov 12 Bloodmoon Rising Zandalar Raid Cutscene So, Rastaman calls out to Bwon and a MASSIVE FREAKING UNDEAD ARMY appears. Good stuff, pretty awesome at showing Bwon's power off.Saiphas52 Nov 12
Nov 12 Sylvanas-raised undead getting brainwashed? Ok we are getting hit with more an more examples of Sylvanas or her minions raising their enemies as undead who straight away without hesitation now fight for the dark lady with a fanatic zeal against their old allies... What is the deal with this? It makes no sence. Sylvanas claims to give forsaken a choice and knows that raising people damns them for a nasty afterlife, yet she raises people for her cause like it is nobody's business. All her raisings follow her straight away without any thought. This suggests she in some way or form mind controls or brainwashes the people she raises. No one serves their people faithfully for years or a lifetime and then suddenly once they are raised, turn on their allies with such radical zeal. This is just too fishy and unnatural... I don't want this to turn into a Litch Queen thread, but that is exactly what Sylvanas is doing, down to the last detail. She is straight up building herself a scourge army at her victims' expense.Greenmagexx24 Nov 12
Nov 12 Sylvanas is the most moral leader on Azeroth She knows that war is suffering, and thus, the most moral thing to do would be to end it as quickly as possible, as efficiently as possible to reduce that suffering, by whatever means. She thought burning down Teldrassil would accomplish that goal, but the war hungry alliance wouldn't allow it to end there -- they had to attack Lordaeron, and continue this war. If Anduin truly wanted peace, why not surrender to the Banshee Queen? Fact: he doesn't.Bokazgrum85 Nov 12
Nov 11 How did Sargeras get to Azeroth? Did Sargeras journey across the universe to find Azeroth at the end of Legion, or did Illidan's portal open right up on his doorstep and he walked through?Tinuvien2 Nov 11
Nov 11 What race do you want? Here are some. alliance 1-Azotha 2-pygmy 3-vrykul 4-jinyu 5-sethrek 6-meckagnome 7-wildhammer dwarf 8-silverpine Furbolg 9-broken 10-high elf-not as a customization horde 1-ogre 2-hobgoblin 3-vulpera 4-darkfallen 5-ogre/orc hybrid 6-taunka 7-hozen 8-mogu-zandalari allies 9-forsaken elf/darkranger 10-gnollChåoslord65 Nov 11
Nov 11 Bwonsamdi's a fraud In a sense. From everything I've seen of Bwonsamdi, he's no more a 'ruler of the dead' than the Lich King, Sylvanas or Helya. He's a hijacker of the dead, diverts the proper flow of souls by dragging them to himself. His methods are more genial than the other two; honey over vinegar, but all I've seen of him suggests he's ticking time bomb of a threat and, despite his glamour and pomp, is just another warlord of undeath with plans of domination. That's the sense I've gotten from him anyways. Apparently he's even hijacking the souls of Wild Gods, since those are supposed to go to the Emerald Dream, and instead he's taking them to his domain if he can grab them.Dathrel14 Nov 11
Nov 11 Wow classic ideas What if blizzard did something different to go along with wow classic. What if they brought in 2 new factions to the game. As well as add some allied races that we wish we had back then. alliance 1-humans 2-dwarf 3-gnome 4-night elf 5-Hight elf-led by varessa, theramore home.unlocked later on. horde 1-orc 2-tauren 3-troll 4-undead 5-mok'nathal orcs-unlocked later on scourge New 1-cult of the dammed 2-geist 3-abomination 4-wight 5-qulboar-unlocked as an allied race. legion 1-nethrazim 2-manari 3-satyr 4-Gan'arg 5-xorothian-unlocked later on. Just thought it would be perfect for a reset if its going to be a different game. Possibly even throw out expansions in +5 to levels to add a little extra story if they keep the talents the way it is in classic. As well as allow the legion and scourge to join bgs as mercenariesChåoslord8 Nov 11
Nov 11 Dalaran: Alliance or Neutral? I believe there are arguments for both. Alliance fans hate having themes go neutral. Likewise, Horde fans would rather have their own thematics. There’s also bad history between Dalaran and the Blood Elves. On the other hand, Khadgar is adamantly neutral. Dalaran will never be shown as an alliance city in game, and can’t be used in a faction war. I personally believe that having it join the Alliance will overshadow the magi from other races and cities.Arlifrex93 Nov 11
Nov 11 if Uther Went to stop Arthras in Northernd ? Like what if Uther Went to Northernd to stop Arthras on his mad quest for revenge and bring him back ?? Or what if Uther and Jaina arrive after the culling of Strath and are horrfied And Uther and Arthras fight or jaina can hop in as well.Lizzyon11 Nov 11
Nov 11 hall of sanitation in uldir So are the people that did this encounter purged of remaining old god corruption or at least brought to such low levels that they get more powerful? Lorewise obviouslyZharshoul11 Nov 11
Nov 11 Alliance characters out of stories? While a lot of emphasis is given to the Horde running out of characters, I feel like the Alliance on the other hand is running out of stories for their characters for the most part. What chapter is Anduin working on? Genn? Jaina and Katherine? The Dwarves? Just about the only Alliance characters that can really be said that you can say “ooh what’s going to happen next?” Is Tyrande and the Night Elves. While that’s great, I feel like the Alliance overall is lacking even though they get a lot of face time. Horde on the other hand has, in terms of “what is their next action?”: Baine, Sylvanas, Talanji, Vol’jin, Saurfang in major roles and then a bunch of other Horde characters who offer negative commentary on Sylvanas.Niingdorei37 Nov 11
Nov 11 Hello everyone how to properly RP a DK ? I started getting into RPing more and just wondering best way to RP a DK and what are the dos and donts about RPing the class.. Just curious so I dont accidentally start god moding... Any help would be appreciate Thank you for your time Sincerly ClasClasmenethil10 Nov 11