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Nov 9, 2010 Meet Creative Development What is Creative Development? Creative Development (CDev) is a "hub" within Blizzard, facilitating the development of ancillary products and services that tie into Blizzard's game universes. While there are several different divisions of CDev, this Warcraft Story forum focuses on the efforts of the Publishing division. What does Creative Development's Publishing division have to do with Warcraft's stories and lore? The Publishing division within Creative Development is the driving force behind every published story you've seen outside of the game: short stories, novels, comics, and manga. Who comprises the Publishing division of Creative Development? Publishing is made of two groups: Story Development: This group focuses on story idea creation, story outlining, and story development for licensed fiction, as well as for internally-written stories. Historians: This group is the repository for all Blizzard lore, providing counsel for the game development teams and the CDev Story Development group. What is the Publishing division's usual process for developing a story? Idea Generation & Outline Creation: Working with Chris Metzen and the designers on the respective game's development team, the Story Development team generates an idea and an outline for a story. The writer on the project is typically invited to our offices at this point in the project, so that they can be in on the ground floor of the story's creation. Story Development & Lore Checking: Over the course of the project, the Story Development team talks constantly with the writer, as well as with Chris Metzen and the game developers, in order to help hone the story into a Blizzard-quality tale. At the same time, our Historian team combs through the iterations of the story in order ensure that the story adheres to the universe's established canon. * Please note that the CDev Publishing division has only been fully staffed since early 2009, allowing for more resources and manpower to dedicate to each published product. What does the Publishing division hope to accomplish with this Warcraft Story forum? We'd like to give the community a chance to influence the development of our upcoming stories, so we're trying something new; this forum will serve as a direct line to our story developers. Please note that we're not looking for fully-formed stories - save those for the Global Writing Contest (which we operate and judge) - but rather we're looking for specific examples of what people like, don't like, and what they would like to see (story-wise) from us in the future. Lylirra0 Nov 9, 2010
Nov 9, 2010 Story Starter Guide Looking for more Warcraft information, but don't know where to start? Whether you've played Warcraft I, II, or III, these books will showcase the people and events that have shaped the Warcraft universe over the last few (in-game) decades: Rise of the Horde by Christie Golden - Set before the orcs invade Azeroth for the first time, this story explores what the orc race was like before its clans were forged into a single savage Horde under the influence of the demonic Burning Legion. Part of the novel focuses on the orc Orgrim Doomhammer and his childhood friend, Durotan (who would later become Thrall's father). Other parts of the story depict the aging shaman Ner'zhul; his ambitious apprentice, Gul'dan; the mighty Grommash Hellscream; the wise draenei leader, Velen; and several other significant characters. The Last Guardian by Jeff Grubb - This is a good introduction to older human history in Warcraft, with emphasis on the events of the First War (Warcraft I). Medivh, the Guardian of Tirisfal, decides to take on an apprentice: the young mage Khadgar. As time goes on, Khadgar learns that a half-orc named Garona is acting as a secret emissary to the nation of Stormwind. While he and Garona try to reach an understanding, Khadgar realizes that Medivh's behavior is growing increasingly erratic. Ultimately he and Sir Anduin Lothar, the childhood friend of both Medivh and King Llane Wrynn of Stormwind, reach a terrible realization: Medivh, an incredibly powerful wizard, is under the control of Sargeras, Destroyer of Worlds, creator of the demonic Burning Legion. This novel is also in print as part of the Warcraft Archive. Beyond the Dark Portal by Aaron Rosenberg and Christie Golden – Currently Out of Stock in Blizzard Store, but can be found on here: This is a good introduction to Alliance and Horde history during the events of Warcraft IIx. Instead of starting a new war, the shaman Ner'zhul has decided to open dimensional rifts from the orc homeworld of Draenor into fresh new worlds to conquer. Horrified at the possibility, Sir Lothar's former lieutenant, the human paladin Turalyon, leads an Alliance expedition into Draenor to stop Ner'zhul. With Turalyon are the mage Khadgar and the ranger Alleria Windrunner (the older sister of Sylvanas and Vereesa). Alleria and Turalyon began falling in love with one another in the Second War, but Alleria turned her back on Turalyon after the Horde invaded Quel'Thalas and killed many of her people. In the midst of battle on an alien world, can their relationship be mended? And can the Alliance expedition reach Ner'zhul in time to stop the Horde from bringing death and destruction into new worlds? Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden - This story depicts the life of Warchief Thrall, starting only a short while after Thrall was born. Raised among humans as a slave, Thrall became a master gladiator before deciding that he would escape his slavery. The story depicts Thrall's subsequent friendship with Grom Hellscream, as well as Thrall's journey to rejoin his clan and master the shamanic arts. When a disguised Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer provokes Thrall into a challenge to single combat, Thrall fights his first truly momentous battle: a fight whose consequences will change the course of history. This novel is also in print as part of the Warcraft Archive. Arthas: Rise of the Lich King by Christie Golden - This story explores the life and character of Prince Arthas Menethil leading up to the events of the Third War (Warcraft III) and Warcraft IIIx. As the plague of undeath ravaged Lordaeron, fear and desperation drove the prince to more ruthless measures until he had utterly lost his way. The story also explores the romance he shared with Lady Jaina Proudmoore, in addition to the unrequited love that the high elf prince, Kael'thas Sunstrider, bore for Jaina. The above stories are but the tip of the iceberg. Lylirra0 Nov 9, 2010
Feb 6 Read This Before You Post For whatever reason, this forum is seeing a massive influx of new posters. Whether it's due to the imminent launch of an expansion (and the tidal wave of lore accompanying it) or just a surge of passion, I feel like I need to reiterate some ground rules and common courtesies. 1). Be Objective! Do not come into this forum and make threads that begin with "So and so is such a terrible character" or loaded questions with heavy bias, i.e. "Why is the Horde so evil?" Doing so is just going to incite other posters an inevitably turn the thread into a flame war. On certain occasions this can also be grounds for disciplinary action. Play nice and keep an open mind. We're here to discuss story elements, not argue over opinions. Try to think like a writer. This is especially true for highly controversial topics like the Forsaken. 2). This Forum Is Not For Fan-Made Fiction! Despite what the name may imply, the Story Forum is not for sharing or discussing fan-made material. It is for discussing officially sanctioned lore/stories only. In short, if it doesn't have a Blizzard logo, it doesn't belong here. That doesn't mean you're forbidden from linking any fiction you may have written (it can be useful in explaining your position on a topic, for instance) or posting the odd paragraph; however, copying large amounts of text or creating threads specifically for any fiction you've written will be deleted or moved. If you want to discuss your own material please take it to the fine folks at the World's End Tavern Forum (otherwise known as the RP forum): 3). If You Have A Question, Chances Are Someone Else Has Already Asked It World of Warcraft has a lot of content, and the expanded universe of Warcraft as a whole has even more. However, there are several very popular topics that get addressed again and again. Before you create a new thread please check through the past few pages to see if there's already an existing thread on your topic. Not only does this keep the forum nice and tidy but it benefits you as well. Long threads tend to already have a very healthy discussion of its topic, and you may find through reading it that your particular insight has already been brought up, discussed, and concluded. If not, it's always better to stimulate an existing discussion than to try and start a new one from scratch. Don't worry, those of us who frequent this forum do carefully read each others posts. You don't need to start a new thread to draw attention. Furthermore, the regulars of this forum get very sick of answering the same questions all day long. I know the Search function hasn't always been the kindest tool, but again please take a few moments to quickly browse through the first few pages. 4). We Are Not Your Personal Encyclopedia On that note, this is not a Q&A forum. 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Potentially confusing points in the story of Warcraft can seem much more approachable when you realize it's all just part of a larger plan, and many posters on this forum like to reference popular tropes. Be warned, this website will devour countless hours of your time: That said, if there's something that's notably vague or unclear, by all means bring it up! Just avoid questions that can be solved easier and quicker with a search engine than a forum post. 5). Back Up What You Have To Say Be clear and concise with what you're trying to say and provide as much source material as is helpful. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for others to understand and respond to what you are trying to say. This is especially true for potentially obscure in-game quests. 6). This Is A Warcraft Forum Blizzard has many successful franchises with many rich, engaging stories. However, this is a Warcraft forum. 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Just be mindful of the rules and common courtesies, and above all else, have fun geeking out. Oh, and the Like and Dislike buttons exist for a reason!Odok111 Feb 6
Dec 22 On Sale Now! World of Warcraft: Chronicle I'm sure you've seen this by now, but I wanted to make sure since there is so much juicy info in this first volume to sink your teeth into. ... You can read the full blog post and watch the video with Chris Metzen (among others) talk about it here. For those that have it already, we'd love to hear how you're enjoying it.Nethaera21 Dec 22
Dec 10 World of Warcraft: Traveler Book Series Coming soon! We’re pleased to announce a new collaboration with Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books on a new book series for kids ages 8-12 —World of Warcraft: Traveler! Read the blog post (which includes introductory video) here.Nethaera12 Dec 10
12m Change in Stormwinds throne room Anyone notice the grand admiral in Stormwind's throne room? And the tabard they wear? (Hint: it isn't a long lost admiral from theremore). Could the island nation of Kul Tiras be making a big move with the Alliance?Reyn12 12m
19m Are Archimonde and Kil'jaeden Giants? I mean seriously how are these guys so large compared to Velen? I mean shouldn't Velen be as humongous as them? And don't say because Fel Demon powers, Gul'dan was chalk full of it and he is not a giant.Argronak26 19m
24m Sylvanas vs. Genn. Where is this going? There hasn't been much development of this story line. So far in the 7.2 build, the focus is more on Sargeras and Legion forces. Traveling to Argus and Anduin will be a big part of 7.3. So what do you guys think Blizz is doing with this story line? Is this a big part of the next expac? In the horde cinematic in the beginning, she says "death comes for us all" when talking to Vol'jin which made me think it's foreshadowing to her own death. BONUS QUERY: Where the hell is Thrall?Zavandrimm80 24m
45m Was Kil'jaeden truly on Azeroth in Warcraft 3 Just wondering if the demon lord Kil'jaeden was truly on azeroth during the time of the third war when he gave Illidan the Orb of Kil'jaeden when what I've read says he wasn't summoned to Azeroth until The Burning Crusade expansion when he was summoned (kind of) through the Sunwell so how was he there at the time to give Illidan the orbFeronis0 45m
46m Bolvar has been Lich king longer than Arthas. Found this really interesting thread on the wow reddit. Though it would be a great discussion topic for the story forum :D The 1st thread is really interesting. 46m
48m Her heart is a crater and we have filled it Has anyone brought up "her heart is a crater and we have filled it" to mean that 'Azeroth' itself is a she and the crater could be the well of eternity/malestorm. And by 'filling' it they mean they have corrupted her. Especially since N'Zoth is supposed to be in the ocean...Killidari5 48m
1h Ashbringer VS Scythe of Elune. The other day I got into an argument (with a Druid) as to which artifact weapon has the best story, I was personally for the ashbringer (I am not a paladin) while she argued that the scythe of Elune was infinity times the most important thing in existence. Now I will not argue it has been around longer within the Warcraft universe, but my argument is that age does not mean importance. Thoughts?Frophy12 1h
1h 7.2 Spoiler Thread 3 Creating this since Thread 2 capped.Gornur1 1h
1h Does poverty and hunger exist in WoW universe I mean, we're talking about a world where the edible animals are giant, where fields can grow enormous vegetables, not to mention that magic can spawn food out of thin air and can also do heaps of other stuff (blood elves even have magically-automated brooms cleaning everything so presumably a lot of menial labor can be avoided).Deandeyvia35 1h
2h Jaina Proudmoore is a servant of the Old Gods During the Il'gynoth encounter, one of his whispers is "Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it". Based on the usage of the word crater, referencing what current Theramore looks like, it is likely that Il'gynoth was talking about Jaina. After the Theramore bombing, the Sunreaver's betrayal, the Broken Shore, King Anduin choosing to not go to war with the Horde, and the Kirin Tor allowing the Horde back into Dalaran, Jaina felt mad, confused, and alone, which made her easy prey for the God of the Deep. Looks like Jaina is actually only a servant for N'Zoth and not a Dreadlord like some predicted, unless...Mythelm149 2h
2h Story Forum Community Lounge 128 Capped because Warhammer is Life and GIRLYMAN AND THE EMPRAH IS BACK! --- Link to the Archive: Link to the last lounge: 1) The thread must be called "Story Forum Community Lounge" followed by its number. 2) No serious lore discussion. 3) No hating, flaming, or serious debates unless all sides wish to engage in the talk. 4) You must post these rules in the Original Post, so all can see the rules in future lounge.Zøgwort313 2h
2h Warcraft Novels - chronological order I was wondering if anyone out there had an actual list of every single Warcraft novel, and in chronological order?Mabrito1 2h
4h Favorite Gay characters! Hey all, Let's celebrate the gay characters in WoW! My favorites right now are the blue dragon and nightfallen who are obviously dating.Cuddlefist58 4h
4h 7.2 Spoiler Thread 3: Mud Wrestling Here's the last thread. There was lots of stuff in it, but the important part is that it ended on a discussion of nude wrestling. edit: There are two spoiler threads now. I blame Sam for killing the last thread without posting its successor. There can be only one! 4h
4h End time expansion So I did time walking and did the end time dungeon once again. Something that struck me was that 2 of the bosses you fight in here Jaina and sylvanas are already going crazy. Will bane and tyrande be next? Also at the end of the dungeon nozdormu say that it will come to past that he will eventuall fall to madness. This just means it's unavoidable. What do u guys think?Scarletråvën1 4h
4h Marcus and the Tauren Couple I don't remember where I was... High Mountain maybe? There was a treasure chest on my minimap. This led me to a tent... As I entered the tent a human named Marcus is laying in bed with a male and female Tauren couple. Marcus rises from the bed and exits the tent while saying to himself, "Well, that was certainly unexpected." He he he, he obviously had unexpected threesome with the Tauren couple... does anyone know more about this? I think it's hilarious.Damuzî2 4h
8h Who will reign in the Ebonblade? The Illidari have a divide in opinion that I have always found interesting. Some believe you should sacrifice everything to get victory over a foe that would see your world in destruction. Others believe if you sacrifice everything, to include your morals and the lives of innocents, then you are no different than your foe. Have the Ebonblade gone too far or are they sacrificing everything for victory? I think they have pushed things beyond acceptable limits. They're setting this prescedent that they can and will raise anyone they want. Shouldn't some people stay dead? Once we've defeated the Legion, who keeps the Ebonblade in line?Anadorei56 8h
9h Couple in Karazhan... I decided to go mess around in Kara, and in a room near Maiden I found a couple, laying in bed, as skeletons, with flowers holding hands. Who are they? I looked all over google to no avail :( Thanks!Ghostsap5 9h
12h The first Paladins A few days ago a debate started between me and my guild leader on the topic of wich race were the first paladins. I say it was the humans and she says it was the dreani.Am i right or is she?Tibérius109 12h
13h DK Campaign I am totally confused.... I haven't completed it, but watched it on YouTube, because I dont really enjoy that class's play style, but I understand the four horsemen and all. However The Ebon Blade attacks the Undercity They attack Light's Hope Chapel to try and raise Tirion as a DK Wouldn't this infuriate Sylvanas and the Paladins to pretty much go to war, with the Ebon Blade again?Malëficent24 13h
17h Favorite black WoW character Which is your favorite? I'm excited by the new character they introduced in the Traveler series. I hope that someday we can even get black character models in the game.Cuddlefist19 17h
17h Even up to Legion Stratholme is still burning Even after all this time, the ruined city of Stratholme is still burning when we Paladins go on our quest to get our Class Mount: Also a bit off topic, but the horse mount is just....beautiful: 17h
19h NPCs react to Artifacts I thought it was neat on how Sylvanas reacted to Thas'Dorah. However I find myself curious how on how other NPCs have reacted to artifacts weapons. So what have reactions have you received when carrying your artifact?Gornur219 19h
20h I think Horde/Alliance thing is over.. Like... Jaina still has her thing. Genn and Sylvannas have their things. But like. Everyone fought the Legion, more or less together. Like if you think about it the Broken Shore and everything about it was as united as Azeroth has ever been. I mean we still have factions, and PvP, but I wonder if that central pillar of Warcraft has finally exhausted it's run... Not that game-wise I now think PvP should be removed or something, not even remotely, I just mean narratively I don't know how you keep dragging them into conflicts at this rate. It's so transparent that the central problem is the Legion.Calistera137 20h
21h Wheres Wrathion? Im wondering where our favourite Black Dragon is. Wasnt his whole purpose to you know...protect Azeroth and stop the Burning Legion? Now that the Legion is here he just kind of disappeared and hasnt made an appearance. Blizzard cant just drop a character like this, especially one that theyve been building up for years on his storyline. I want to see what happened to him, I want to work with him again maybe,or maybe we get a redemption type arc or something for him. I mean im pretty sure everyone on Azeroth aside from Anduin would want to kill him and even then hed still be a bit miffed at him, but maybe they could start Wrathions redemption arc that way? Like involving Anduin in helping his redemption? I just want to see my beloved wrathion back in the story, especially considering the whole past three expacs built up to this.Painkillerx2 21h
21h Varian: For the Alliance So, at a certain point in the cinematic, Varian says "For the Alliance!" Both the Horde and Alliance get to see Varian's epic battle and his ending it with "For the Alliance!" is for once a great use of what I have otherwise thought of as horrible copycat battlecry. Its stated deliberately, willfully, defiantly, and it celebrates the Alliance, rather than just the humans, and more than that, it celebrates the Alliance, not the alliance and the Horde. (Note that he did not say "For Azeroth!") Blizz got that right and did that right. Should we consider that an apology for "Have Mercy!"? ... When I saw the Legion annoucement a year ago, I was shocked that there was hardly an orc to be seen. I've thought for a while that a couple of years ago, someone sat down Blizzard management and explained in clear detail with multiple studies, just how many millions of dollars their incessant horde/orc fanwankery has cost them. And the hard turn in faction balance -- and that cutscene in particular -- is clear result of that conversation.Wreave32 21h
22h Where do the Mogu live? Where do the Mogu live in Panderia? Do they have hidden settlements here and there or are they mainly confined to one location? I haven't really gotten into Panderia.Kisin2 22h
22h Whats the reason for no horn DH? If I remember right, the Demon Hunters who weren't Illidan before WoW Legion did not have horns and unnatural skin colors. There are also options for DH characterization to look almost like a normal elf (besides no eyes/blind fold and armor). So why do some DH have horns and mutated skin while others lack horns and can also have normal skin? Is it a progression thing? DH that look more normal will eventually look more demonic?Daballa35 22h
22h New Xal'atath Quote My Shadow Priest friend was perusing his map. He received a previously undocumented whisper from his artifact when he clicked on Mount Hyjal. (for proof purposes) "The Nearness of the Void here is comforting. I was used in the sacrifice of many creatures in a place like this. Every death brought us closer to the complete corruption of this world." -Xal'atath What sort of connection does The Void have to Mount Hyjal, since the bulk of interactions there are related to the Wild Gods, Legion, and Elements? (Additional theory in case anybody wants to discuss this, he was currently standing in Stormwind looking at his map when he received it)Halestorms8 22h
23h Chronicle 2 preview from IGN Click download on an individual slide to expand the image.Reignac44 23h
1d My Zones idea for the "Island Hopping" xpac. I asked to before but never got a direct response to these Zone ideas for a Naga/Old God/Island Hopping expansions, yes I know that may never happen, but still if it does what do you guys think of these Ideas I have of what the Zone islands in the South and Great Seas would look like? The known places we have not seen before are Kul'tiras and Crestall, Tel Abim, Plunder Isle, Dark Spear Islands, Zul'dare, Zandalar, Nazjatar, the Abyssal Maw, and possibly Nya'lotha, the place we have already seen are Kezan, The Lost Isles, and Vash'jir. These are my ideas for these zones. Kultiras should be the Alliance capital city. Its does not have to be as big as Stormwind so who knows how big the City in Kul'tiras will be. Crestfall no idea how to implement it, the only thing I can think of is an introductary zone. Or mabye an instanced Dungeon. Kezan recaptured and rebuilt should be the Horde capital city, since Patch 7.2 updated Gallywix's model and mabye will have relevence in the patch I think it would be a good opportunity to have him desire to re-settle Kezan. The Undermine could be a Dungeon. The Lost Isles revisted is an interesting one, showing the aftermath of it where the island is stil charred from the volcanic eruption and deals with Naga/Old Gods activity there since that did happened in the Cata version of the Zone. My idea for Tel'Abim is this, a Fun Beach Summer Time Tropical Resort island runned by Goblin cartels and buisnessmen who makes a profit of selling the popular Tel Abim Banana, but thier buisness is hamperd by Naga and Pirate incursions. This will be the funny zone like Uldum where you can have all the Jaws and movie references. Plunder Isle is entirely Pirate themed. Dealing with the Bloodsail Buccaneers, heck the dungeon will be the Bloodsail Hold. And it will introduce the characters from that World of Warcraft Travelers book. Dark Spear Islands, full of Dark Spear Troll lore and perhaps utilized to introduce the new faction leader for Horde Trolls since Vol'jin died. Heck the Dungeon could be where Thrall fought the Sea Witch. And Zandalar will be the Suramar of the xpac dealing with a Naga/Old God invasion of Zandalar. And the Zandalari trolls humble themselves for aid from both the Horde and Alliance. The only one I can't think of right now is Zul'dare, the only thing of note is that it must be Troll themed as to the name and it was relevent during the Second War of Warcraft 2. So what do you guys think of these Zone ideas as is?Argronak25 1d
1d Can dragons get drunk? Have we ever seen a dragon under the effects of alcohol? Just curious. It'd be quite funny (or dangerous) for an uptight and prideful dragon to hang out with a dwarf and get wasted.Caelus19 1d
1d Where are we getting all these soldiers? In the past few years, the factions should have used up all of their soldiers by now. First, there were the events of WC3, which caused a lot of death for most races in WoW, like the humans, high/blood elves, night elves, etc. Then in Vanilla, we fought the Dark Iron Dwarves, Ragnaros, the Dark Horde and Nefarian, the Qiraji, and Naxxramas. Then in TBC, we fought the Illidari and the Legion. Then in WoTLK, we fought the Scourge, Yogg-Saron, and the faction war started. Then in Cataclysm, there was worldwide catastrophes and we fought the Twilight's Hammer, Black Dragonflight, Twilight Dragonflgjt, fire elementals, Deathwing, and each other. Then in MoP, we fought each other, the Sha, the Mantid, the Mogu, the Zandalari, and the True Horde. Then in WoD, we fought the Iron Horde and the Legion. Then in Legion, we are fighting the Nightmare, the Nightborne, a full-scale invasion by the Legion, and we are still going to have enough forces to raid Argus. How do the factions still have enough soldiers left to fight off the Legion and other major threats?Mythelm60 1d
1d Horde has lost every Capital City Just realized every Horde race has lost their capital city DURING WOW. Orcs: SoO Forsaken: Wrathgate Blood Elves: Sunwell patch Trolls: Zalzane, MoP to Korkron Tauren: Grimtotem in Cata Goblins: Kezan, Lost Isles Most Alliance races have lost their capitals once or twice in the past, but the Worgen are the only ones to do it during the game (Draenei are on the line).Threeslotbag68 1d
1d Jaina's whereabouts? Has anything been hinted at in regards to what Jaina is up to in all this? Besides wringing her hands in the dark and blaming the Horde for everything, I mean. Jaina stubs her toe. "OW. CURSE THIS HORDE BETRAYAL!" Jaina spills coffee on her robes. "DAMN HORDE!"Cantaloupe43 1d
1d A little story about Arthas. Arthas went to the north to Arthas to save Arthas from the threat of the Arthas. There, Arthas found the blade named Arthas. With Arthas, Arthas gained the power of the Arthas. Arthas went back to Arthas and killed Arthas, the king of Arthas. After Arthas, Arthas went to stop Arthas once and for Arthas. But Arthas failed at killing Arthas. Then Arthas met Arthas Stormrage and fought until Arthas. Arthas then went back to Arthas and met Arthas Stormrage who tried to stop him from getting Arthas. Arthas defeated Arthas and then became the Arthas, king of all ArthasesErexxigg8 1d
1d King Wrynn Blizzard killed him off far too soon. His story had so much left to tell. Now, I like Khadgar a good deal, but I think he should have been the one to die at the Broken Shore (he really should have been there considering he was the one who made it aware that the Legion was back). Khadgar has been in Warcraft's lore going all the way back to War 1, Varian on the other hand, made his debut as late as WotLK, not very fair. Also, with all of lore from WoD to consider, Gul'dan killing Khadgar would have been so much more personal. Varian should have survived that cinematic. He would not have been overwhelmed by so few demons. Not only is he a man of great strength, skill, and intelligence and one of the best warriors in Warcraft, but he had the blessing of a Wild God with him. His "spirit" seems to live on, favoring and inhabiting the human king, Varian Wrynn. It is suspected that Goldrinn not only admired Varian's ferocity, but also his ability to tame it; something he himself was never able to do. Whereas Goldrinn's noble heart was overshadowed by his desire for bloodlust and vengeance, Varian's ferocity was tempered by his desire to protect and uphold justice. His choice to champion Varian seems to be another last redeeming act to Elune. This quote is from wowpedia. Seems to me Goldrinn's blessing wasn't a onetime thing. Goldrinn saw not only himself in Varian, but a purer version as well. A lot of folks say that Goldrinn should have blessed Genn and the worgen, or even the orcs before a human. Well, the “curse” of the worgen is really Goldrinn’s blessing, and Goldrinn doesn’t have to bless a race that is alien to Azeroth. Orcs have a bond with the wolves (worgs) of Draenor that they brought with them, not necessarily the wolves of Azeroth. A Wild God can choose who they want to favor, such as Ashamane, Malorne, and Cenarius favoring Night Elves, Ursoc and Ursol favoring furbolgs, Agamaggan favoring quilboars, Aviana favoring all flyings creatures, etc. Goldrinn chose to favor Varian(/humanity?) and worgen. He does his own thing A great character's death can really affect the players. Kael and Illidan dying in BC and Arthas dying in WotLK nearly made me quit. That was about when the character I have wanted in this franchise since Warcraft 2 came along. Varian was the best. Too bad they gave him such little development in WoW. People complain (I'm one of them) about the killings of Kael, Garrosh, Vol'jin, etc, but they have been in the lore far longer than Varian. Varian was the face of the human race and one of its best characters. The humans (along with the poor dragons) have lost the most characters. Gone are Lothar, Uther, Arthas, and Rhonin. Gilneas will only be connected with worgen from now on. Bolvar is undead and likely crazy and Jaina is the next Kael'thas (her heart is crater and we have filled it). Khadgar, Turalyon, and Anduin are what's left and I don't see much interesting development with these three. Turalyon is the lord of neutrality, ahem, exarch of the army of light (same as the other two). Khadgar is likely to not live past Legion and Andy is just an Arthas who won't turn evil. We don't even have to fear for his life for the next 50 or so years thanks to the crappy Son of the Wolf comic. Blizz made a big mistake with Varian's death. I only hope that a Warcraft 4 game starts off before WoW begins and gives all these butchered heroes and lore another chance. Varian did have an awesome death, but that doesn't mean he should have died in the first place. Compare him to all the heroes from Warcraft 3 and shows how he had so little time in game. Even less than Garrosh and his own son. Complete waste of a character with so much more potential. I still think he is alive, but no, everyone says he exploded!!! Just look at Bolvar. He was BURNED by DRAGONFIRE and then later Blizz waves their magic wand and says the dragon fire rezzed him! Anything can happen. Now that Illidan is more likely not to be Sargeras' avatar, I badly want it to be Varian. We defeat Sargeras and save Varian. Now the possibilities are huge as to where Varian's story can go. He should become the first human DH after his demonic corruption. Illidan and the Illidari couls take him in and train him to overcome the fel corruption. That would be a great story. I'm sick of hearing his story was done! No character's story is ever done. If he ever does come back, I think it would be a good idea to keep Andy as king of Stormwind. Let Varian do his own thing and appease the haters who say he steals the spotlight. Hopefully, he will one day become the husband that Jaina has always deserved and thus be the progenitor of two great dynasties (let Jaina’s children keep the name Proudmoore). I thank you all for reading and Blizzard for any attention they pay. Kindly please keep the hate speech to a minimum. :)Amaroq104 1d
1d Class Hall idea for next xpac Mechanics aside i enjoy the lore associated with class halls. So how about switching it up and change it new race halls... AKA the racial capitals. Have the stories and lore be focus on the races. One things i think WoW should focus on is the current story and how it effects the people today. Its nice to see history discovered and the major players reaction , but what about the little guys? How does the population in Stormwind, or Thunderbluff feel about everything and what stories can be told? Edit - I was trying to be sly when i said racial halls, All i really meant is using the existing racial capitals as the center to racial campaign.Luicas8 1d
2d Illidan/Maiev Thread So another thread concerning my favorite love/hate ship. We could talk about their history, their roles in Legion. If they could actually get along this expansion or the distain will just fester again. If their groups, the Illidari and Wardens will work more closely in the future and all that fun stuff. Here are some image links from various posts regarding patch 7.2 about the two. The Broken Shore Cathedral of Eternal Night Edit (02/15/2017): Voice Acting for 7.2 Maiev: Illidan: 2d
2d Faralon in the future of wow. It is inevitable that we will confront and deal with the legion. However the void still lingers and will need to be handled eventually. So why not make a content patch where travelers will journey back to alternate draenor to explore Faralon to uncover secrets in order for them to fight the void and it's forces. We could even start in netherstorm where one of the npcs tell us of the majesty of how faralon used to be and the secrets it held and that if we only could see it maybe we would have a chance. This would allow us to visit those zones and allow us to go back and visit this beloved zone that got scrapped!Gïngër4 2d
2d Crumpled Note North of Stormwind's Mage District overlook where the Deathwing devastation used to be, there is a crumpled note with a sword, shield, and supplies with the Horde insignia. "I've been patient. Snuck in under their very noses. Soon I will avenge you, father. Blood for blood." is what is written on it, does anyone have any clues for who might've written it? ((First forum post, apologize if I put it in the wrong spot :p ))Shelno29 2d
2d Gul'Dan Mythic phase So in mythic guldan wakes up illidan and then you fight him and what happens? Wait what?Vanorstus19 2d
2d magtha grimtotem 7.2 spoilers Well here is a slap in the face to those of us who want her dead. Magtha grimtotem shaman follower**may-contain-spoilers** 2d
2d Why are the Titans all dead? Seriously, what a waste. Could have an expansion of their flying ships coming to Azeroth to 'reorder it' but nah they dead. Wasted expansion, just like Emerald Dream, Elemental Planes, Argus, & soon-to-be The South Seas (looking at you, Broken Isles). Given all the expansion ideas since WotLK, I fully expect au!wc1 or Zandalar to be entire expansions. Remember the original idea of WoD was Outland with resurrected warlords and the "Mongrel Horde."Jailorswift36 2d