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Nov 9, 2010 Meet Creative Development What is Creative Development? Creative Development (CDev) is a "hub" within Blizzard, facilitating the development of ancillary products and services that tie into Blizzard's game universes. While there are several different divisions of CDev, this Warcraft Story forum focuses on the efforts of the Publishing division. What does Creative Development's Publishing division have to do with Warcraft's stories and lore? The Publishing division within Creative Development is the driving force behind every published story you've seen outside of the game: short stories, novels, comics, and manga. Who comprises the Publishing division of Creative Development? Publishing is made of two groups: Story Development: This group focuses on story idea creation, story outlining, and story development for licensed fiction, as well as for internally-written stories. Historians: This group is the repository for all Blizzard lore, providing counsel for the game development teams and the CDev Story Development group. What is the Publishing division's usual process for developing a story? Idea Generation & Outline Creation: Working with Chris Metzen and the designers on the respective game's development team, the Story Development team generates an idea and an outline for a story. The writer on the project is typically invited to our offices at this point in the project, so that they can be in on the ground floor of the story's creation. Story Development & Lore Checking: Over the course of the project, the Story Development team talks constantly with the writer, as well as with Chris Metzen and the game developers, in order to help hone the story into a Blizzard-quality tale. At the same time, our Historian team combs through the iterations of the story in order ensure that the story adheres to the universe's established canon. * Please note that the CDev Publishing division has only been fully staffed since early 2009, allowing for more resources and manpower to dedicate to each published product. What does the Publishing division hope to accomplish with this Warcraft Story forum? We'd like to give the community a chance to influence the development of our upcoming stories, so we're trying something new; this forum will serve as a direct line to our story developers. Please note that we're not looking for fully-formed stories - save those for the Global Writing Contest (which we operate and judge) - but rather we're looking for specific examples of what people like, don't like, and what they would like to see (story-wise) from us in the future. Lylirra0 Nov 9, 2010
Nov 9, 2010 Story Starter Guide Looking for more Warcraft information, but don't know where to start? Whether you've played Warcraft I, II, or III, these books will showcase the people and events that have shaped the Warcraft universe over the last few (in-game) decades: Rise of the Horde by Christie Golden - Set before the orcs invade Azeroth for the first time, this story explores what the orc race was like before its clans were forged into a single savage Horde under the influence of the demonic Burning Legion. Part of the novel focuses on the orc Orgrim Doomhammer and his childhood friend, Durotan (who would later become Thrall's father). Other parts of the story depict the aging shaman Ner'zhul; his ambitious apprentice, Gul'dan; the mighty Grommash Hellscream; the wise draenei leader, Velen; and several other significant characters. The Last Guardian by Jeff Grubb - This is a good introduction to older human history in Warcraft, with emphasis on the events of the First War (Warcraft I). Medivh, the Guardian of Tirisfal, decides to take on an apprentice: the young mage Khadgar. As time goes on, Khadgar learns that a half-orc named Garona is acting as a secret emissary to the nation of Stormwind. While he and Garona try to reach an understanding, Khadgar realizes that Medivh's behavior is growing increasingly erratic. Ultimately he and Sir Anduin Lothar, the childhood friend of both Medivh and King Llane Wrynn of Stormwind, reach a terrible realization: Medivh, an incredibly powerful wizard, is under the control of Sargeras, Destroyer of Worlds, creator of the demonic Burning Legion. This novel is also in print as part of the Warcraft Archive. Beyond the Dark Portal by Aaron Rosenberg and Christie Golden – Currently Out of Stock in Blizzard Store, but can be found on here: This is a good introduction to Alliance and Horde history during the events of Warcraft IIx. Instead of starting a new war, the shaman Ner'zhul has decided to open dimensional rifts from the orc homeworld of Draenor into fresh new worlds to conquer. Horrified at the possibility, Sir Lothar's former lieutenant, the human paladin Turalyon, leads an Alliance expedition into Draenor to stop Ner'zhul. With Turalyon are the mage Khadgar and the ranger Alleria Windrunner (the older sister of Sylvanas and Vereesa). Alleria and Turalyon began falling in love with one another in the Second War, but Alleria turned her back on Turalyon after the Horde invaded Quel'Thalas and killed many of her people. In the midst of battle on an alien world, can their relationship be mended? And can the Alliance expedition reach Ner'zhul in time to stop the Horde from bringing death and destruction into new worlds? Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden - This story depicts the life of Warchief Thrall, starting only a short while after Thrall was born. Raised among humans as a slave, Thrall became a master gladiator before deciding that he would escape his slavery. The story depicts Thrall's subsequent friendship with Grom Hellscream, as well as Thrall's journey to rejoin his clan and master the shamanic arts. When a disguised Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer provokes Thrall into a challenge to single combat, Thrall fights his first truly momentous battle: a fight whose consequences will change the course of history. This novel is also in print as part of the Warcraft Archive. Arthas: Rise of the Lich King by Christie Golden - This story explores the life and character of Prince Arthas Menethil leading up to the events of the Third War (Warcraft III) and Warcraft IIIx. As the plague of undeath ravaged Lordaeron, fear and desperation drove the prince to more ruthless measures until he had utterly lost his way. The story also explores the romance he shared with Lady Jaina Proudmoore, in addition to the unrequited love that the high elf prince, Kael'thas Sunstrider, bore for Jaina. The above stories are but the tip of the iceberg. Lylirra0 Nov 9, 2010
Sep 10 Read This Before You Post For whatever reason, this forum is seeing a massive influx of new posters. Whether it's due to the imminent launch of an expansion (and the tidal wave of lore accompanying it) or just a surge of passion, I feel like I need to reiterate some ground rules and common courtesies. 1). Be Objective! Do not come into this forum and make threads that begin with "So and so is such a terrible character" or loaded questions with heavy bias, i.e. "Why is the Horde so evil?" Doing so is just going to incite other posters an inevitably turn the thread into a flame war. On certain occasions this can also be grounds for disciplinary action. Play nice and keep an open mind. We're here to discuss story elements, not argue over opinions. Try to think like a writer. This is especially true for highly controversial topics like the Forsaken. 2). This Forum Is Not For Fan-Made Fiction! Despite what the name may imply, the Story Forum is not for sharing or discussing fan-made material. It is for discussing officially sanctioned lore/stories only. In short, if it doesn't have a Blizzard logo, it doesn't belong here. That doesn't mean you're forbidden from linking any fiction you may have written (it can be useful in explaining your position on a topic, for instance) or posting the odd paragraph; however, copying large amounts of text or creating threads specifically for any fiction you've written will be deleted or moved. If you want to discuss your own material please take it to the fine folks at the World's End Tavern Forum (otherwise known as the RP forum): 3). If You Have A Question, Chances Are Someone Else Has Already Asked It World of Warcraft has a lot of content, and the expanded universe of Warcraft as a whole has even more. However, there are several very popular topics that get addressed again and again. Before you create a new thread please check through the past few pages to see if there's already an existing thread on your topic. Not only does this keep the forum nice and tidy but it benefits you as well. Long threads tend to already have a very healthy discussion of its topic, and you may find through reading it that your particular insight has already been brought up, discussed, and concluded. If not, it's always better to stimulate an existing discussion than to try and start a new one from scratch. Don't worry, those of us who frequent this forum do carefully read each others posts. You don't need to start a new thread to draw attention. Furthermore, the regulars of this forum get very sick of answering the same questions all day long. I know the Search function hasn't always been the kindest tool, but again please take a few moments to quickly browse through the first few pages. 4). We Are Not Your Personal Encyclopedia On that note, this is not a Q&A forum. 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Potentially confusing points in the story of Warcraft can seem much more approachable when you realize it's all just part of a larger plan, and many posters on this forum like to reference popular tropes. Be warned, this website will devour countless hours of your time: That said, if there's something that's notably vague or unclear, by all means bring it up! Just avoid questions that can be solved easier and quicker with a search engine than a forum post. 5). Back Up What You Have To Say Be clear and concise with what you're trying to say and provide as much source material as is helpful. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for others to understand and respond to what you are trying to say. This is especially true for potentially obscure in-game quests. 6). This Is A Warcraft Forum Blizzard has many successful franchises with many rich, engaging stories. However, this is a Warcraft forum. 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Just be mindful of the rules and common courtesies, and above all else, have fun geeking out. Oh, and the Like and Dislike buttons exist for a reason!Odok110 Sep 10
Dec 22 On Sale Now! World of Warcraft: Chronicle I'm sure you've seen this by now, but I wanted to make sure since there is so much juicy info in this first volume to sink your teeth into. ... You can read the full blog post and watch the video with Chris Metzen (among others) talk about it here. For those that have it already, we'd love to hear how you're enjoying it.Nethaera21 Dec 22
Dec 10 World of Warcraft: Traveler Book Series Coming soon! We’re pleased to announce a new collaboration with Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books on a new book series for kids ages 8-12 —World of Warcraft: Traveler! Read the blog post (which includes introductory video) here.Nethaera12 Dec 10
8m 7.2 Spoiler Thread - Kicking the Legion out! So yeah, this is a thread for us to discuss all the tidbits of Lore and models and things from 7.2 - The Tomb of Sargeras. Will try to be vigilant/diligent/whatever in editing new things in. Have fun talking/arguing! First up, Gallywix has a model - What I assume is the Avatar of Sargeras - Demon Skrog - Anduin Wrynn Disguised - Leywoven Flying Carpet (Basically a Nightborne version of the regular ones) - Updated Ghoul models - Kil'-freaking-jaedan - 8m
10m Forget Vereesa, Lady Liadrin is the problem! I've been reading about the Suramar questline and it really gets my goat how Lady Liadrin questions Tyrande's and the sentinels skills agains the burning legion. Newsflash Lady Liadrin, Tyrande and her people already defeated the Burning Legion while you were too busy stealing from the Naaru. Lady Liadrin and the blood knights are so insufferable and a disgrace to other Paladins everywhereHelena64 10m
15m Your Toon's backstory Where is your toon from? Who are they related to? How did they get to the starting zone? Etc. Sam was from a small community south of Agamand Mills and north of Calston Estate. She ran a little tailoring business with her husband, Terrance. Not long after her daughter was born, the Scourge came through and ransacked the area. Her baby was ripped apart by ghouls and she was cut down by a skeleton warrior in her own home. To this day, she has no idea what happened to her husband, since he was in town during the attack. Oddly enough, she wasn't raised by the Scourge. Instead, they just threw her body on a meatwagon to be used as fodder later. But while travelling near Deathknell, the wagon hit a ditch and her body fell off. It got trampled into the mud and went unnoticed by the mob of undead. And there it stayed for years to come, rotting under a layer of dirt. Fast forward to Cataclysm, and the Forsaken dug up her body and rezzed her. After getting reoriented, she found a talent with shadows and began training as a rogue, channeling her pain into hate for her enemies, and mourning her previous life in her own way. After failing to find her husband amongst the Forsaken, she eventually traveled to Northrend to search the mass of Scourge for him. Still unable to find him, she put her past completely behind her. Now, years later, she's almost entirely unrecognizable both in form and attitude from her previous self. Undeath has that effect on people. However, every year around the Feast of Winter Veil she can't help but mourn her old life, trying (and failing) to get black-out drunk. Because that day marks both her marriage to Terrance, and the birth of her daughter (not in the same year, of course). What a wonderful coincidence, no?Samariyu82 15m
52m What would you name the next expansion? *spoilers* also *Right forum?* Il'gynoth says a mouthful in his Emerald Nightmare fight, giving listeners pieces to a prophecy puzzle. What the heart of corruption is talking about is yet to be seen, but many fans and loremasters have interpreted his sentences to mean Odyn is going to somehow use the five Pillars of Creation to release the Old Gods. Blizzard has focused on three of the four known Old Gods and I don't think it would be out of their scope to build an expansion around the last. "N'Zoth...I Ny'Alotha." - Il'Gynoth upon his death (or whatever they call it) Ny'Alotha would be a really cool map and I think a deserving destination for our heroes in the next expansion. It shall be called World of Warcraft: Tides of N'Zoth ("ToNZ" as someone pointed out when I spewed the idea in LFG.) But who knows, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Blizzard is wrong. Where do YOU think the story is headed and - in accordance with the title of this thread - what would YOU name the next expansion?Osas26 52m
1h Where is Odyn? So... I freed Odyn. Where is he? Why didn't he turn up to help me in Nighthold? Am I going to see him in the next raid? Or is Blizzard just going to forget about all that?Gärithos11 1h
1h Why was Gilneas left alone for so long? The Horde (or at least Garrosh) wanted Gilneas as a port for Horde use. They made some attempts to enter Gilneas, but they could never get past the Greymane Wall; that is, until the Cataclysm event opened it up. My question is: why did the Horde not simply fly over the wall? We've seen Horde aerial warships as early as WotLK, with wind riders and zeppelins long before that. Is there a lore reason that Gilneas was not successfully breached until the Cataclysm took out the Greymane Wall? Was it simply due to a change in Horde leadership from Thrall to Garrosh?Hyperium57 1h
1h Malfurion VS Tyrande Malfurion and Tyrande supposedly love each other. But as they have both shown time and time again, they love their jobs even more. Mafurion abandoned Tyrande for decades at a time, leaving her to lead their people completely alone, and rarely acted to protect her or her people when he was awake anyways. Tyrande broke out Malfurion's brother who he really, really hated and left him in the hands of a maniac. So the question I have is, if and when Malfurion's obsession with the will of non-sapient weather systems clashes with Tyrande's devotion to elune and the safety of her people, would their love of their jobs cause them to fight each other? And who would win, in this hypothetical battle?Phlynch14 1h
1h What is Yrels Dark Secret? ?Lavishpapi15 1h
2h NPCs react to Artifacts I thought it was neat on how Sylvanas reacted to Thas'Dorah. However I find myself curious how on how other NPCs have reacted to artifacts weapons. So what have reactions have you received when carrying your artifact?Gornur203 2h
3h Story Forum Community Lounge 127 Because we capped. Again. By talking about 40K. Again. --- Link to the Archive: Link to the last lounge: 1) The thread must be called "Story Forum Community Lounge" followed by its number. 2) No serious lore discussion. 3) No hating, flaming, or serious debates unless all sides wish to engage in the talk. 4) You must post these rules in the Original Post, so all can see the rules in future lounge.Vaethria356 3h
5h King Wrynn Blizzard killed him off far too soon. His story had so much left to tell. Now, I like Khadgar a good deal, but I think he should have been the one to die at the Broken Shore (he really should have been there considering he was the one who made it aware that the Legion was back). Khadgar has been in Warcraft's lore going all the way back to War 1, Varian on the other hand, made his debut as late as WotLK, not very fair. Also, with all of lore from WoD to consider, Gul'dan killing Khadgar would have been so much more personal. Varian should have survived that cinematic. He would not have been overwhelmed by so few demons. Not only is he a man of great strength, skill, and intelligence and one of the best warriors in Warcraft, but he had the blessing of a Wild God with him. His "spirit" seems to live on, favoring and inhabiting the human king, Varian Wrynn. It is suspected that Goldrinn not only admired Varian's ferocity, but also his ability to tame it; something he himself was never able to do. Whereas Goldrinn's noble heart was overshadowed by his desire for bloodlust and vengeance, Varian's ferocity was tempered by his desire to protect and uphold justice. His choice to champion Varian seems to be another last redeeming act to Elune. This quote is from wowpedia. Seems to me Goldrinn's blessing wasn't a onetime thing. Goldrinn saw not only himself in Varian, but a purer version as well. A lot of folks say that Goldrinn should have blessed Genn and the worgen, or even the orcs before a human. Well, the “curse” of the worgen is really Goldrinn’s blessing, and Goldrinn doesn’t have to bless a race that is alien to Azeroth. Orcs have a bond with the wolves (worgs) of Draenor that they brought with them, not necessarily the wolves of Azeroth. A Wild God can choose who they want to favor, such as Ashamane, Malorne, and Cenarius favoring Night Elves, Ursoc and Ursol favoring furbolgs, Agamaggan favoring quilboars, Aviana favoring all flyings creatures, etc. Goldrinn chose to favor Varian(/humanity?) and worgen. He does his own thing A great character's death can really affect the players. Kael and Illidan dying in BC and Arthas dying in WotLK nearly made me quit. That was about when the character I have wanted in this franchise since Warcraft 2 came along. Varian was the best. Too bad they gave him such little development in WoW. People complain (I'm one of them) about the killings of Kael, Garrosh, Vol'jin, etc, but they have been in the lore far longer than Varian. Varian was the face of the human race and one of its best characters. The humans (along with the poor dragons) have lost the most characters. Gone are Lothar, Uther, Arthas, and Rhonin. Gilneas will only be connected with worgen from now on. Bolvar is undead and likely crazy and Jaina is the next Kael'thas (her heart is crater and we have filled it). Khadgar, Turalyon, and Anduin are what's left and I don't see much interesting development with these three. Turalyon is the lord of neutrality, ahem, exarch of the army of light (same as the other two). Khadgar is likely to not live past Legion and Andy is just an Arthas who won't turn evil. We don't even have to fear for his life for the next 50 or so years thanks to the crappy Son of the Wolf comic. Blizz made a big mistake with Varian's death. I only hope that a Warcraft 4 game starts off before WoW begins and gives all these butchered heroes and lore another chance. Varian did have an awesome death, but that doesn't mean he should have died in the first place. Compare him to all the heroes from Warcraft 3 and shows how he had so little time in game. Even less than Garrosh and his own son. Complete waste of a character with so much more potential. I still think he is alive, but no, everyone says he exploded!!! Just look at Bolvar. He was BURNED by DRAGONFIRE and then later Blizz waves their magic wand and says the dragon fire rezzed him! Anything can happen. Now that Illidan is more likely not to be Sargeras' avatar, I badly want it to be Varian. We defeat Sargeras and save Varian. Now the possibilities are huge as to where Varian's story can go. He should become the first human DH after his demonic corruption. Illidan and the Illidari couls take him in and train him to overcome the fel corruption. That would be a great story. I'm sick of hearing his story was done! No character's story is ever done. If he ever does come back, I think it would be a good idea to keep Andy as king of Stormwind. Let Varian do his own thing and appease the haters who say he steals the spotlight. Hopefully, he will one day become the husband that Jaina has always deserved and thus be the progenitor of two great dynasties (let Jaina’s children keep the name Proudmoore). I thank you all for reading and Blizzard for any attention they pay. Kindly please keep the hate speech to a minimum. :)Amaroq33 5h
8h Holy demons and their mortality Hello everyone! I run a spooky legion-loyal RP guild and was hoping to do an event campaign or two involving the Army of Light and holy demons, however upon pondering the logistics of such a thing I began to realize how very little we know about them. So, obviously, this is all speculation. I think it would be fair to assume that Lothraxion, High Exarch of the Army of Light, isn't the only "demon" that's infused with holy energy. Unfortunately we don'thave really any information about how he came to be such a thing, however I believe that at least in relation to my question that's not important. What is important, however, is if they still have a connection to the Twisting Nether. Now what initially made me wonder about this was a thought process I had. I questioned if, in a campaign, these "demons" could be destroyed and at first I was like "Of course not because of the Twisting Nether" however then I took a step back. Wowpedia states that the Grand Army of the Light is "an organization born from the survivors of worlds ravaged by the Legion and led by the naaru" which implies that Lothraxion and other "demons" are really demons as we know them, but other sentient races that joined up with the Legion or were created by it. We already knew this, but it also implies that Lothraxion never took such an offer, or that there are Nathrezim who haven't been with the Legion at all. So, if this is true, then are these individuals tethered to the Twisting Nether like the demons of the Legion are? If you think so, then how is that such a thing considering that they are just other races, very little different than the races of Azeroth (Which aren't tethered to the Nether)? Am I looking too far into this? HAVE I GONE MAD?Spookmaster8 8h
8h Gallywix Spoiler. If Gallywix is getting a new model in Tomb of Sargeras patch: Than that means both or either 2 things. 1. Gallywix is gonna have some relevence in the next patch. And/Or 2. A sign that Goblins and mabye Worgan will finally get model updates aswell.Argronak28 8h
14h Sylvanas is a really terrible person. Ran Pit of Saron yesterday. Did anyone else remember how she mocked the death of her own subjects and relished the death of a Horde commander for giving a victory speech to a group of freed slaves after they just helped slay Tyrannus? Y'know who wouldn't have done that? Vol'jin wouldn't have done that. I really hope the Loa picked Sylvanas knowing she'd somehow open a bridge to the Shadowlands in search of more power, but out pops Vol'jin and an army of revenant Shadow Hunters to tell her she's fired.Yagarr76 14h
16h Old man Anduin, and the assault on Argus? So in the comics before legion we see an old man Anduin preparing for an assault on Argus. However in 7.2 we are assaulting Argus.... What did I miss here?Savianis10 16h
18h Vareesa and Sylvanas: A thought Ignore me if this was a thread already. But this is what Vareesa tells the Horde player outside of Suramar: "For the record, I counseled against trusting any Horde in this campaign. I have lost a husband and a King to the treachery of the Horde. I see no reason to trust you now or ever." So uh...It's a little awkward that the sister she looked up to her entire life is now Warchief. And from what I can tell, the Alliance blames Sylvanas in particular for Varian's death, an event Vareesa specifically refers to. So does Vareesa hate Sylvanas now? UGH, BLIZZARD. THERE'S SO MUCH POTENTIAL DRAMA HERE THAT YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON. Edit: Side note, is Blizz intentionally trying to make me dislike Tyrande? She's kind of an unnecessary d!ck to the nightborne.Samariyu55 18h
20h Final Leyline Feed, Shal'Aran I did the Leyline Bling achieve but there is one pillar that hasn't lit up. This is driving me up the wall. Why isn't it lit up? Would the feed look any different if it was? Is it possible to light it up? Am I dreaming? Am I losing my last marbles? Is it a bug? OR (please god let it be so) Is it important to later storyline? Does anyone know?Vanelm6 20h
22h How evil was Garrosh really, scale 1-10 I'd say a 7Erzhikal62 22h
23h A new future for the Horde? I felt like after watching this that the Horde is about to turn the tide once more for themselves. There's this dark and emotional tone to it all that is usually used to portray a low-point, the darkest of times and yet there is hope to it too. After the defeats the Horde suffered under Garrosh due to inner strife and then the losses at the Broken shore it feels like now for the first time in some time the Horde is on the road of recovery again, of finding new strength under a new Warchief and to rise to greatness. Because truly, the Horde is never beaten into submission. Despite the heavy burdensome losses, they have always been about fighting through their difficulties and rising above, and fighting to the bitter end if need be. Nothing shall ever stop the Horde, even where some die others will live on and they shall carry the Horde to a new tomorrow. By the end of the cinematic I felt there was that really strong and emotional message of hope for that new tomorrow with all the various races chanting for the Horde with renewed vigor in their hearts. What did you all think of it? Was this the moment where matters shall be turned in favor of the Horde? Shall we see a rise to greatness under the banner of Sylvanas and our other leaders?Athirius96 23h
1d Does the legion actually want Azeroth? As in, to take it, corrupt it's races, and command the world, or do they simply want to just break it?Huoia20 1d
1d Elisande's Fate So with the Nighthold out what happens with Elisande? I know the PTR had her survive through some past version of her or something, but PTR can change as seen with Cho'gall not saving Kargath in live Highmaul. So did Elisande die or survive in some manner? If she did survive do we get the perspective on the Resistance about her continued survival?Gornur59 1d
1d The exact origins of the Trolls/Elves? So... were Trolls and by evolutionary process Elves, Titan creations? Or were they some type of native creature of Azeroth? Maybe even from another world?Shiida176 1d
1d Intro to next expansion theory They've established with Turalyon and Alleria that time moves differently in the nether. It may be early to make these judgments but its been hinted at that the Old Gods would be next. I think an interesting way of doing so would be as such. Similar to Cataclysm, we were off fighting a big bad guy so another, more powerful one has more or less set in. Only this time, with us fighting on Argus, the fight may have years, or even centuries without us even knowing it. As we return to Azeroth, N'Zoth has been free for that time and has been running amok for all that time. That's where the expansion starts. Just tossing possible ideas out.Xuchilbara14 1d
1d So is the Avatar of Sargeras pretty much... ...The same as the Titan-Forged Keepers in concept? The Titans created the Titan-Keepers with thier specific likeness. Aman-Thul made Odyn and Ra. Eonar made Freya Khazgoroth made Archeadas. Golganath made Hodir and Thorim Norgannan made Loken and Mimiron Aggramar made Tyr. So Sargeras created his own Titan Keeper in the form of the Avatar but in this case he took full control the Avatar?Argronak2 1d
1d Il'gynoth's Cryptic Whispers Far as I can tell there was no datamining previously about what, if anything, Il'gynoth says during the encounter in the Emerald Nightmare, so I can't verify if this is old or new or fake. These are being posted at SoL by user Shadowsong, and he's trustworthy. Anyway, as befitting something Old God-ish, Il'gynoth seems to say some cryptic stuff (apparently when you're waiting to start the encounter). "To find him, drown yourself in a circle of stars. "The boy-king serves at the master's table. Three lies he will offer you." "Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it." "The lord of ravens will turn the key." "The king of diamonds has been made a pawn." 2nd one is pretty clearly about Anduin. 3rd makes me think Sylvanas, but could be someone else perhaps (a part of me thought maybe Azeroth, but I imagine if her heart was "filled", it'd be game over for us already, right?) King of Diamonds being a pawn may sound bad but, well, Magni was pretty upfront about doing Azeroth's will, if memory serves.Cirno342 1d
1d Negative traits of each race Lorewise, what are some of the more...less than stellar traits that each race possess? What traits would make players look at these races unfavorably?Kromtarn46 1d
1d So I have seen the post Nighthold quests. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS After beating Gul'dan you get the Eye of Aman'thul, I tried talking to the other people, including Illidan who was standing there: But none of them can be talked to with no dialoge, heck Tyrande did not comment on anything. Khadgar Teleported me back to Dalaran to place the Eye of Aman'thul commenting on he will use it to seal the Portal at the Tomb of Sargeras. In the Pillers of Creation room he merely just placed the Eye symbol of the Kirin Tor on the 2 empty pedestals and just leaves. Then when I came back to Shal'aran Oculeth gave me a quest to teleport me to the Nighthold with Thalyssra and the other Nightborne Elf and said without the Eye of Aman'thul the Nightwell will surely fade away and die. Thalyssra decided to let it die, and to forge a new future for the Nightborne Elves. Tyrande and Liadrin was there commenting that it was the wise choice with Liadrin mentioning the parallels between it and the Sunwell. So yep this is gonna be it for the story until Patch 7.2 Tomb of Sargeras arrives. Hopefully with a Trailer Cinematic featuring Illidan being re-united with everyone, Tyrande and Malfurion and Maiev especially.Argronak17 1d
1d Ages by Legion's time. I have always been curious as to what the ages of some characters are by the time of Legion. I am also curious as to what others think they are. Characters like, Anduin Wrynn (I think 18, 19, or 20) Tess Greymane (I think 19, 20, or 21) Baine Bloodhoof (I don't really know what to think...) Calia Menethil (Also don't know...) Jaina Proudmoore (Old, that is what I will say.) Etc. What do you think?Ceiyla47 1d
1d What was WoD ultimately? Sorry for such a general question... I just mean... because of the time travel, what was actually kinda of "real" about that situation? I mean, for example, Upper Black Rock Spire clearly happened, because those were orcs on the other side of the Dark Portal. Like, Zaela's definitely dead right? And yet everything on the other side... like is Yrel even in Azeroth currently? I assume she's just part of this alternate universe. Also I never got to the last raid so I never even saw what happened there, it looks like a bunch of people got actually involved, but again, no idea. I feel like in real world Azeroth terms it was "Ok there's a huge potential problem if we don't fix it" Then 3 seconds later everyone comes back out the Dark Portal "Ok we're good" The only major difference is that Garrosh and Zaela died... I think.... My other alternative explanation is that Draenor was "fixed" which means TBC didn't happen and now those zones are just Draenor so you can basically just say Draenor is there and it's all pre-Burning Legion.Alistreia52 1d
1d Why does everyone suddenly hate Jaina? Now this is something that gets me really down. Why is everyone suddenly hating on Jaina Proudmoore? It's as if she went from being one of the most loved Warcraft characters, to one of the most hated, just because she's in grieving and is taking her losses dramatically. People say she's went crazy, and I "somewhat" agree with you, but just look at what's happened to her, it's only logical she'd react in the ways that she did. What makes it so sad it's as if nobody can recall all the sacrifices Jaina has made up until this point. She even sacrificed her own family in order to protect the Horde. Even after witnessing the horrors of Undercity, she still gave them support. It's like watching people spit on a friend whose lost their way, instead of supporting them and hoping for the best lol. I mean, the girl's city got mana bombed, she was the sole survivor, she saw Rhonin turn to dust right before her eyes. She asked Thrall for help, then Thrall practically denied her, then he goes and helps Vol'jin later lmfao. She saw her friends and even felt her apprentice get turned to dust lol. She got betrayed by the bloodelves twice basically, and second betrayal being involved with the neutral Kirin Tor. Plus if you recall those guys in Theramore, the people who'd be spreading bad propaganda, Jaina also had to deal with them. She'd already watched her BF/Lover turn into one of the most vile people the world has ever seen before this lol. If you ask me, it was only a matter of time before she snapped. Either way it's just sad to see a lot of the community immediately turn on a character just because she's become more spiteful towards the ones who hurt her lol. Even before getting more dramatic a lot of people just referred to her as Thrall's squeeze rofl.Michita454 1d
2d Question about Shadow Priest and Troll lore For Orcs, there are varying skin color options and we accept that this is based on their overall exposure to or consumption of Fel energy or demon blood. Is there any connection to skin color for the trolls? Do certain tribes have different skin colors, tusk sizes and orientations, markings? Did all of the tribes have Shadow Priests? I'm wanting to make a Troll Shadow Priest that is immaculate as far as lore goes.Malphage3 2d
2d Illidan, yeah not buying it. So Ive noticed as Im sure others have the retcon currently going on in this expansion trying to make Illidan a sympathetic character and I keep coming back to not buying into the new Illidan. They've tried to make it come off like Illidan main goal has always been the downfall of the Legion. In my mind Illidan has always been a character full of jealousy and greed who's main goal has been getting back at his brother for taking his girl and proving to everyone that he's the better Stormrage brother. He's now being portrayed as a selfless figure who's just trying to save the world and no one agrees with his methods. This just doesnt jive with what we've always been lead to believe about Illidan. If at the end of this expansion he sacrifices himself heroically I wont mind that. I like a redemption story but I just dont like that we're trying to make him out to be this misunderstood patriot.Xarca71 2d
2d Order Halls after Legion? Anyone else wonder if any of our order hall assets/champions might carry over after Legion? Or will that entirely depend on whether or not artifact weapons remain with us as well? Personally, Idk how I feel. I'm indifferent about garrison table quests. They aren't needed, but I don't MIND them existing. I did enjoy gathering our class-related armies/champions and fulfilling that fantasy though. It would be a shame for all of them to just piss off because "Yay. We did our job this expansion. Good luck, boss." I mean, we did become the leaders of these organizations. It made sense when our WoD garrisons basically became null because it was in AU (and a crappy xpac imo). But these organizations exist in our universe, so unless they simultaneously implode, I don't see any logical reason for them (or the champions tied to them) to disappear.Braywick21 2d
2d Question about Helya (Spoiler) Since she's dead at the end of ToV. And by that the curse that imprison Odyn and his army lifted. Is that the same power that create elemental realms and old gods prisons? So the barrier that prison elementals got lifted too? Or worst the old god prisons.Kroxis5 2d
2d Anduin and Wrathion So, when are they hookin' up? They'd be so cute together. They can bond over dead dads and studying crap. It'd be perfect. A celebrity couple for the Alliance, presenting a peaceful face for a new future. Ship it, Blizzard.Caelus37 2d
2d What's going on with Illidan's story? So, I'm reading the WoW: Chronics and Illidan's story seems different from what Legion is telling us... * MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS * So, in the game, Illidan is so obsessed fighting the Legion that he sacrifices his loyal guards to get more and more power, all in name of justice and protect the innocent. Sounds cool, he's an anti-hero, someone who sacrificed everything for a greater good but was misjudged by others. But in the book, he's fighting the Legion, but doesn't matter what feats he accomplishes, he's always obscured by Malfurion. He also reveals his love to Tyrande and gets rejected. So, Xavious sees an opportunity to mess with his mind and emotions. Illidan wants glory, be a greater hero than Malfurion, so people will love him, as would Tyrande. Seduced by power, he joins the Legion. With a plan to steal the Dragon Soul (in the hands of Neltharion/Deathwing), he met Sargeras, who decide give him unbelieved power. He gets his marks all over his body, his eyes burn out (giving him the ability to see magic) and he becomes the person he is well known. He steals the Dragon Soul, gives to Sargeras, so he can open a portal to Azeroth. Soooooo... After becoming powerful, he goes back to the night elves' rebellion and says "oh, I joined the Legion just to know how they work and exploit their weakness". Seriously Illidan? Now, I'm confused. In the game, he's this anti-hero who sacrificed everything to protect others. In the Chronics, he's an !@#$%^- with greed for power, so he can be the "hero" and get the girl. Which one should we take as the true Illidan? The good guy who is miscomprehended or the bad guy we knew from The Burning Crusade, who kicks *!@?Barph7 2d
2d DH Story I really enjoyed the class quests and would like to know what people are thinking as to the direction they will be taking the next part of the story?Nikko18 2d
2d Nighthold Cinematic (Spoilers) Now that the raid's out, I think it's a good time to revisit this: The one leaked months ago has turned out to be legit, and I think it should be revisited now. It feels good for Gul'dan to die at Illidan's hands.Engosh17 2d
2d DH Creation Alright guys I'm designing my characters rp story, and I'm finding conflicting stories as to how a blood elf would have become a demon hunter, can someone please explain to me how the process of a Belf becoming a demon hunter would have worked. Thanks!Rahlaeth2 2d
2d What do demons do in the Twisting Nether? Kinda curious about this. Do they go unconscious when their souls enter Twisting Nether? Or do they train and prepare to invade? Or do they just chill out with their demon buddies?Ralivia4 2d
2d Who's your favorite character and why? Hey everyone! I posted on another post and was suggested that I make this post, so I'm making this post. I'll start. Garrosh. I love him. I know of a larger community of people that still love Garrosh. Regardless, I think he did far more good things for the Horde than people give him credit for. Plus, he's the only leader of the Horde that didn't just let Sylvanas run rampant and do her own thing. He told her how it was, and it's a shame he didn't get the chance to kill her. He's given a lot of flak for his earlier stuff, which is a shame because no one seems to take notice of the fact that Vol'jin and Cairne, his two primary advisors, pretty much immediately turned their back on him. The latter wrongfully blamed him for an even in Ashenvale and then was killed by him with the aid of Magatha Grimtotem. This aid was unknown to Garrosh and upon learning of it, he hated himself. His storyline was so poorly handled, and they could've given him an interesting arc in WoD where he explores the side of him he showed off in War Crimes when speaking with Anduin. Unfortunately Blizzard wanted Thrall to cheat in a Mak'gora. The unfortunate thing about all of this is that Garrosh had potential. He was a great warrior, strategist, and Orc. So much that even Varian had to admit that he was unsure if he would've won their fight in Ashenvale during Wolfheart (He admits this on the podium during War Crimes). He led the Horde to many victories through out Kalimdor and, as controversial as these victories might've been, ultimately strengthened the Horde's grasp on the continent. He only really got to be a bad guy when he started suckin' at the Old God heart, but even then I think he was mostly doing that for the Horde. I mean, he was just harnessing a new power. It's similar to how the Horde harnesses newfound technology and magics as they come. Inb4 I get 100 downvotes for favoring a character that everyone thinks was a ###*@%*#.Ganarok33 2d
2d Who is leading the Church? So something that has really bothered me when rping a Human or rping a Human Priest or Paladin is the lack of Leadership in the Church, I would think after 5 years the Church would have crowned another Archbishop yet they have yet to do that. So in the role-play community of Moon Guard a lot of priest role-players have tried playing the role of Stormwind's Archbishop. With that said..who is leading the Church? It seems like an Order that requires are some Bishops somewhat in charge or?Gariön62 2d
2d DH and Orgrimmar So I have a small lore question: (My knowledge of lore could be a little off and please correct me if it is) So Quel'thelas was sealed off for many years before the scourge attacked silvermoon and was resealed after the scourge was repelled. Orgrimmar hasn't been around very long in the history of Azeroth, only being created during the 2nd War (I believe after Thrall rallied the orcs and went to Kalimdor?) And since the blood elves who would become demon hunters left in between the attack of the scourge and the reopening of Quel'thelas, wouldn't all, if not most, of the blood elf demon hunters, not have seen or visited Orgrimmar until Legion started? My memory of all of this could be a little screwy but an answer would be most welcome. Thanks!Gromzardok1 2d
3d Why are Trolls portrayed as Jamaican? Going by the various Troll structures, to me, they seem more Aztec or Mayan influenced. To my knowledge, the Taino people of the Caribbean didn't participate in ritual sacrifice, nor did they build immense ziggurats. The major jungle theme also appears to be more Aztec and Mayan than Caribbean. I just always found it a bit odd.Roanoke43 3d