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Aug 29, 2014 The Iron Horde is coming I will be waiting at the Dark Portal to send them back to where they belong ! You would be wise to do the same, and defend our Azeroth No more "for the Horde" or "for the Alliance" From now on, its "FOR AZEROTH"Malaor49 Aug 29, 2014
Aug 29, 2014 Garrosh: Savior of Pandaria I'll keep it short, but consider! -Pandaria was in a state of perpetual stagnation. Their world hardly changed. Their traditions were locked in place. Every few hundred years, the mantid attacked. The cycle repeated itself. Had a true, world ending crisis beset them, the Pandaren may well have been utterly unable to cope with it, but the faction conflict is hardly such a thing. By bringing it to Pandaria, Garrosh shocked the Pandaren into adaptation. -The Sha had been the constant threat in the shadows for centuries. Due to Garrosh's arrival, they were exposed, confronted and dealt with. Like a surgeon cutting open a patient to remove a cancer, Garrosh taking the heart freed Pandaria from the malignant presence the Sha represented. -The Klaxxi have been severely weakened, and are not likely to pose a threat to the rest of Pandaria for a very long time, if ever again. If the circumstances resulting from the Sha infestation were not enough, Garrosh managed to get most of the Paragons slain. -While Garrosh was not directly involved, the war against the Thunder King came about in large part due to the Blood Elves and Jaina seeking to prevent Garrosh from gaining power, and/or to acquire a weapon to use against him. As a result of this conflict, the greatest strength of the Mogu has been shattered. Additionally, the Zandalari bid for the island was broken. While Garrosh certainly didn't mean to do these things, Pandaria is arguably far better off in the long term for being dragged into his path. Had he not arrived, the Pandaren would likely still be in the shadow of the Sha, at best. The Mantid would always be a threat on the horizon, and perhaps worst of all, the Zandalari and Thunder king would not have met significant enough opposition to put an end to their conquest. There is every chance the Pandaren would be broken at the feet of the Zandalari/Mogu, used as fodder against the Mantid, and always know the sha were simply waiting for the right conditions to manifest. So er... good work, Garrosh?Caedmun5 Aug 29, 2014
Aug 29, 2014 Garrosh has been saved by How many Alliance leaders now? And maybe somebody can tally up how many other characters such as the Grimtotem that have interfered and saved his life? The plot armor is so thick it made him buff walking around. Because he certainly hasn't made any major accomplishments with his own hands.Maddawc12 Aug 29, 2014
Aug 29, 2014 I believe that there will be a plot twist I don't think that we are going to fight the Iron Horde just to kill Garrosh. I think that Garrosh Hellscream will become a good guy. With the guidance of a "perfect father" he will realise his mistakes and possibly serve as a foil to Grommash? Then possibly there is a new enemy that we, the Iron Horde, and all the races of Azeroth will have to fight! Maybe that's just me IdkKaitilyn22 Aug 29, 2014
Aug 29, 2014 Lore decided through BG's? Howdy folks. Its come to my attention that many BGs have no canonical solution. For instance, which faction gained control of the powerful Kotmogu relics? Which side conquered Arathi Basin? Did the Gilneans completely reclaim and secure Gilneas, or did the forsaken overrun them and take it as their own? How can these questions of lore be solved? Well, I have a suggestion. Every month, Blizzard makes a lore BG (Alongside the regularly scheduled CTA). The factions who have the most wins in the lore BG by the end of the month win it in the story. For instance, let's just take Silvershard Mine as an example. This month, the Horde won 153,000 times compared to the Alliance's 127,000 (just random numbers). As a result, the Horde would gain Silvershard Mine, and perhaps be able to visit it in-game as a capital city (maybe?) or a place to get more ores than you'd regularly find out in the world. Additionally, it'd be canonically mentioned that they've won it in the story. Tell me how you like this idea!Delurk17 Aug 29, 2014
Aug 29, 2014 The Human Kingdoms, why civil war? One thing I've always seen, time and time again that justifies the Horde's entrance into Azeroth is that, if the Horde hadn't appeared they would've supposedly fallen into some kind of civil war that would've lead to their destruction when the demons rolled in. How and why? I don't recall ever reading about any kind of political tension in the time before the first war. Every kingdom seemed to be doing their own thing before the Orcs popped through the portal.Kantia32 Aug 29, 2014
Aug 29, 2014 Garrosh killing Cairne Hi Guys, I was just wondering whether the story of Garrosh killing Cairne is in game or whether it's in a book. If it's in game do you know where? I would love to play it out. I hear people all the time saying that's what happened but have no idea where it's written / told.Renova11 Aug 29, 2014
Aug 29, 2014 Full on Legion Invasion of Azeroth? Will we ever see a full on Burning Legion (even if it takes more than one expansion) invasion of Azeroth? I'm beginning to wonder if it is in the cards for us. In my opinion, it is the ONLY way WoW should go. I sincerely hope the game does not end without us witnessing the full might of the Legion at our doorstep.Kanebel5 Aug 29, 2014
Aug 29, 2014 Dalaran Not sure if its done already, but is Dalaran going to be completely Alliance only when WoD launches? Or are they going to keep in in northrend as a neutral city?Kryimsson11 Aug 29, 2014
Aug 29, 2014 New Dark Portal Okay guys, I'm a long time wow player and lover. I read all the books and story lines and stuff but I haven't done too much on Warlords of Draenor yet. Back when the Dark portal was originally opened, sargeras(through Medivh) help the orcs cross to Azeroth because the orcs were being used by the burning legion. So my question is how was the portal opened without Sargeras/Medivh helping because they arnt demonic.Secretkeeper9 Aug 29, 2014
Aug 28, 2014 Prince Anduin Wrynn I am not an Alliance player whatsoever (For the Horde!), so I don't know so much about the Prince of Stormwind. But in the questlines for Mists of Pandaria, Anduin plays a pretty big role there. I never knew so much about the guy because I never see him, but I get the feeling that he could play a bigger role some time in the future. I have recently looked into his background, and because he is fairly young, he doesn't have too much behind him. But I really do enjoy seeing his character, since he reminds me a little bit of Jaina Proudmore (before she lost it after Theramore's fall of course). I would like to see this little guy play a bigger role in the next expansion hopefully. Any thoughts about him? Anyone know if he has any significant roles anywhere that gets overlooked? (He is my favorite character in the Alliance)Boilingheart59 Aug 28, 2014
Aug 28, 2014 How would you describe Wildhammer Dwarves? I am curious to hear the community's take on how to describe Wildhammer Dwarves. Present your explanation as though your were describing the clan to someone unfamiliar with Warcraft Lore. In addition, I would like to hear your take on what real life cultures and sources influence the Wildhammer dwarves.Githnji6 Aug 28, 2014
Aug 28, 2014 A Strange Brew The Stormstout Brewery is on the Yan-Zhe River, but what if they made a special batch with water from the pools of eternity? It changed Murlocs into Jinyu, so what ingredients would be worthy, and what effects would it have? On a side note, what style would you prefer, and would they have different effects because of other ingredients and the brewing process?Yiffi3 Aug 28, 2014
Aug 28, 2014 Other Worlds, Legion, and Titans Many worlds that were seeded with life by the Titans were destroyed by the Burning Legion. Each world that survives could have its own strengths and insight into the Legions weaknesses. Do you think the Titans themselves are the most likely to finish of the Legion because of their power, or will their creations (us and unknown others) outpace our Titan creators because our mortality makes us creative and flexible, unlike some of the Titans who are eternal which can make them complacent, arrogant, and stuck in their ways. The Titans and a coalition of mortal worlds (starting with Azeroth and Outland) race to find the answer to the Burning Legion, who will get their first?Yiffi14 Aug 28, 2014
Aug 28, 2014 Richard A. Knaak.... How was he allowed to write so much !@#$? I have put down the books, I can no longer read them anymore. I thought I could get through the War of the Ancients Trilogy, I surrender. Every sentence I roll my eyes, every description, I gag. I could piss on a type writer and get a better story. I'm going to go read something else...Shaedune91 Aug 28, 2014
Aug 28, 2014 Old gods destroy azeroth? So my question to anyone who can answer it is when an old god dies does he destroy azeroth or destroying them releases creatures to do it? Because when the titans killed Y'Shaarj he released the sha.Damorick23 Aug 28, 2014
Aug 28, 2014 Pandarens in the Horde Is there a lore reason Pandarens are in the Horde anymore?, I mean our homeland was devastated,our military leader (Tarun-Zhu) almost killed,our representative (Ji Firepaw) almost killed... It seems like any Pandaren on the Horde would rush to join the Alliance as fast as possible. I will stay with the Horde because I believe it can become something more than it is now. So why would a Pandaren stay with the Horde? And if you are pandaren,explain why you will stay with the Horde.Malaor34 Aug 28, 2014
Aug 27, 2014 The Abridged Life of Thrall Draka: Durotan, my love, this is our son. I named him "Go'el" after taking the names "Goku" and "Kal-el" in a blender and hitting "Liquify". So, the name basically predicts he'll become a world-shaking hero, but raised by humans in a humble environment first. Durotan, Chief of the Frostwolf Clan: The only way my son will be raised by humans is over our dead OH NO DEMON ASSASSINS urk. Aedelas Blackmoore, Lord of Durnholde Keep: Aww, man, it's a shame when people throw away a perfectly good orc baby like that. Eh, I'll throw him in the internment camp I run. Name him "Slave". No, that's too obvious. How about "Thrall"? Yeah, that's better. Now fight in my arena, adopted son! Also I'll beat you daily. Have I mentioned that I'm evil yet? Thrall: Eh, whatever. Oh hey, conveniently compassionate blonde woman Number 1 of 3! Taretha Foxton: Despite Blackmoore's savage treatment of all the orcs, I choose to help you, the only one that seems like he could basically rescue himself. Now run, but don't get recaptured by-- Thrall: I got recaptured. Old Orc Prisoner: Well, it looks like being a warrior isn't your best move. Wanna re-roll shaman? Also you should find Grom Hellscream. Thrall: Wait, his actual name is "Hell Scream"? Pass. I'm gonna find the Frostwolf Clan in Alterac Valley. Vanilla PvP is the BEST! Frostwolf Clan: We shall teach you the old ways of the pre-corrupted orcs, let you embrace the elements, and make you the first shaman! Thrall: Wait, I became a shaman, without being taught by a shaman? So, basically I can make up random powers now? That's convenient. I think I'll use these new powers to challenge this mysterious stranger. Orgrim Doomhammer: By defeating me, the Warchief of the Horde, you have proven your worth. Become my second-in-command. Thrall: So, beating the Warchief in honorable single combat makes you SECOND in command? That's lame. Soon as we liberate all the orc internment camps, we're changing that rule to "whoever wins is Warchief". Doomhammer: No way. Some violent sociopath with fighting skills could end up in charge. The only way that rule is changing is over my dead OH NO LANCE IN THE BACK urk. Blackmoore: Yep, me again. I got wasted and beheaded your old girlfriend Taretha, who has been my "unwilling mistress" for years. Thrall: You know, when writing a character, you're not supposed to just hold down the Evil Button. I mean, you don't have a single redeeming quality, do you? Oh look, a convenient epic weapon. THRALL SMASH! Blackmoore: Wait! I'm proud of who you've OH NO DOOMHAMMER TO THE SKULL urk. Thrall: You, human second-in-command: Tell the Alliance to let my people go! Lord Karramyn Langston: What, adding "Moses" to the list now? Might as well call you "Green Je--" Thrall: Shut up. Well, time to form the Justice Lea...I mean New Horde! I'll save the Darkspear from murlocs, the tauren from centaurs, the Warsong Clan orcs from Theramore soldiers, and the wyverns from harpies. Basically, anyone who is threatened by the B-team of fodder monsters can join. Sen'jin: Ok mon, but ya be in charge. Da only way a troll gonna rule the Horde is over my dead OH NO MURLOC TO THE FACE urk. Thrall: Son's in charge! Grom Mother-Freaking Hellscream: Look, see those humans we can totally sneak by with no loss of life? I'm going to attack them FOR NO REASON! GAAAAAH BURN ALL THE BODIES! Thrall: Huh, Doomhammer was totally right about sociopaths with fighting skills making really poor leaders. I should remember that lesson forev...oh hey! Zeppelins! What was I saying again? Oh hey, conveniently compassionate blonde woman Number 2 of 3! Jaina Proudmoore: Orcs, here? I'll blast you into-- The Oracle: I call you three, Thrall Cairne and Jaina, as you are the most calm, rational, level-headed people in the entire Warcraft universe, to stop the growing threat of Grom's corrupted demon army. Only by joining forces can you stop them. Thrall: Let's punch our way through waves of orcs and demons to end this nightmare! Grom: I'M EVIL NOW. Thrall: *bonk* Grom: I'm good now. The Legion will rule the Horde over my dead OH NO DEMONFIRE TO THE EVERYTHING urk. Thrall: Well, after that and the Battle for Mount Hyjal, I think it's time to settle down in Durotar. With Jaina restraining our human neighbors, I'm sure this will be lasting peace. Rexxar: Proudmoore's forces are attacking! Thrall Son of a...oh wait, you meant ADMIRAL Proudmoore. Man, what is it with military humans named Something-moore? Hey Jaina, is it ok if we kill your dad? Jaina: Fine, if it makes you happy. (sobs uncontrollably) Thrall: Hey Broxigar, go check out that magical wierd stuff over there. Broxigar: Ok, but I hope it doesn't send me back in time because that's a completely stupid OH NO THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED! Thrall: Eh, there's no way that'll happen twice. Well, time for some peace and qui-- Sylvanas Windrunner: Hi! Thrall: Gah! Sylvanas: We're joining the Horde now. Thrall: I'm not sure this is a good idea. You seem like a sociopath with fighting skills. Something about that sounds familiar... Hamuul Runetotem: I, a druid, think you should let these Forsaken, who are in no way natural, into the Horde. Thrall: Ok. Oh hey, conveniently compassionate blonde woman Number 3 of 3! Lor'themar Theron: You know...that joke's REALLY starting to get old. Thrall: Well, time to check on Hellscream Jr. Hey Garrosh, turns out your father wasn't such a compl-- Garrosh Mother-Freaking Hellscream: I HATE HUMANS! KILL THEM ALL! Thrall: Ah. You shall be my most trusted advisor. Now go deal with Northrend. I kind of want to phase out the whole "Thrall does everything" bit. Garrosh: Turns out, while I spent all my time and effort trying to kill all humans, a human killed the Lich King. Also got a lot of our best forces murdered. Total failure across the board. Thrall: Then clearly you are the one who should lead the Horde. Son's in charge! Cairne: What? That sociopath will rule the Horde over my dead OH NO POISONED urk. Thrall: Son's in charge! The Dragon Aspects: We need you to fight Deathwing. Use this Dragon Soul, which Deathwing used to steal our power, to blast him with a giant anime beam made out of revenge. A "Karma-hame-ha" if you will. Thrall: We defeated Deathwing, and my wife's pregnant! Finally I can retire, and get some much needed pea-- Garrosh: I'M EVIL NOW. Ok well...more so. Thrall: FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Ok fine, I'll help with the Siege, but only as a backup member, ok? It's time for someone else to do the heavy lifting around here. Garrosh: Face me one-on-one, Thrall! While I am an Arms Warrior and you are an Enhancement Shaman, I still think my odds are good! Thrall: Yeah, shows how much you know about class balance. Now die. Garrosh: OH NO DOOMHAMMER TO THE-- King Varian Wrynn: No! You don't get to execute him, I do! Thrall: Because he'll somehow be LESS dead if I do it? Taran Zhu: No! We'll put him on trial! That way, he'll be even LESS dead than if EITHER of you had executed him. Thrall: That's almost as stupid as "Time Travelling Orcs". Garrosh: Sucker! *BAMF* Thrall: know what? I'm done with this. Really. It's time for someone else to raise a damn finger to solve the world's problems for once. I have done just about EVERYTHING for TEN DAMN YEARS. I have a wife, I have a kid, and I'm officially done with this. You hear me? Durotan: Son! I'm through the portal! Come through, and you can meet me! Grommash Mother-Freaking Hellscream: I'M EVIL NOW. Thrall: ...typical. Durotan: Heh. Son's in charge!Breccia12 Aug 27, 2014
Aug 27, 2014 Solved. Uh, I'm not used to the changes on the website yet, haven't used it much since returning. But the question in my post was answered! Thanks!!!!Aangra2 Aug 27, 2014
Aug 27, 2014 Fan Hypothesis: Is Draenor an Azeroth Moon? Here's the hypothesis quickly: the smaller moon of Azeroth at one point vanished. About the time this occurred, Draenor could have underwent the planetary cataclysm that ruined it as an orbiting body. Well, light takes time to travel large distances. One of three possiblities that immediately come to mind are following... 1 - Azeroth's Little Child moon is/was Draenor 2 - Azeroth and Draenor are in the same star system, thus the time it took for the planet to be lost. 3 - Something other than what is described here is going on. If it's one or two, then what exactly is going on here? It's possible that Draenor is one of Azeroth's moons, or, the two share the same star. What do the Story Forumers think?Relesa11 Aug 27, 2014
Aug 27, 2014 Black prince after quest line spoilers Where does he go after you complete his legendary quest line? he just flies away all angry. will we see him again?Lórdciaran8 Aug 27, 2014
Aug 27, 2014 Aysa and Ji should've died in Siege. I mean, they're never going to be seen again, and it would've given the Kor'kron a bit more credibility beyond ''Garrosh's bumbling mook stormtroopers.'' (Who are apparently a minority of the orcish populace) I really feel that one of Siege's biggest problems is that no one true lore importance died (except Nazgrim, Malkorok, and MAYBE the paragons?). Hell, aside from Nazgrim, no one outside of MoP died. Anyone agree/disagree? I mean, Ji/Aysa are never going to be seen again in lore, anyway. How awesome would it have been if they died holding hands as an oncoming volley of arrows impaled them 300 style? Final note: Vol'jin: ''We ain't all gonna make it outta dis alive.'' It's funny, because they did.Delurk9 Aug 27, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 Elune and Outland/Dreanor Random question came to mind today: Would Night Elves (Tryande and the Priestess of Elune specifically) be granted blessings and powers from Elune while on Outland or Dreanor? She grants them blessings while on Azeroth but from my understanding she is Azeroth's Moon Goddess. Would her powers reach that far? There are Moonwells in these locations so I assume at least some amount of her power is able to get through. Anyone have any thoughts?Darkmagigirl22 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 What's the deal with draenei souls? spoilers The draenei built a massive complex to house the bodies/souls of the dead. Auchindoun has a massive defense system to protect the dead. There's a priesthood specifically dedicated to caring for the souls and an multi-class organization to protect Auchindoun. Protecting the dead was so important that the draenei apparently carried the dead with them on the naaru ships. One of the Legion's main goals in WoD is to get into Auchindoun and eat all the souls to gain power. Teron'gor also was trying to eat souls for power. Ner'zhul was sacrificing draenei souls in order to summon the Dark Star. But with all this draenei soul business it's never really explained why draenei souls are so special.Lena27 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 Question about bronze dragons Would it be possible that we ever see in our current time a bronze drake from the future travelling back to OUR time??Darkeybank8 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 The Assassin's League [Lore question] Now that Wrathion has taken over Ravenholdt (The Assassin's League), will Wrathion continue to be the master of this faction going forward to Warlords of Draenor?Starbûck8 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 Medivh's portal and Gul'dan's portal- WOD So, I do not if it just me but how do wod-Gul'dan know about the portal in Azeroth? they did not know about the existence of Medivh YET. Quote: we won't b slaves but we'll conquer ~ Big portal being builtLying13 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 Iron Horde and Dark Shamans In the Hellscream story, part of the reason Grom is so distraught is because the elements are freaking out just as much alongside him and he sees what they go through when the world is twisted around them. When the Elder tells him Garrosh can't come with because the spirits are freaking out Grom tells him to wait and respects that. However Garrosh has a very take what you want mentality to power. How similar is he going to try to make the Iron Horde to his 'True Horde'? Have we heard/seen anything in beta about this? Will the new, uncorrupt Iron Horde be accepting of Dark Shamans or will they be more respectful, like they were before Garrosh?Avaliss5 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 Military Ranks In the Human and Orc starting areas you get deputized. I think it would make the game more immersive if you moved up the ranks. You could still be given a measure of freedom given your heroic status, the heat of battle, and the remoteness of some regions. You could be on detached service, and after you do your required time you could volunteer, so it would still be like adventuring. And some officers may be cool with you doing things your own way, as long as you get the job done.Yiffi4 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 Mannoroth's last words panning out Mannoroth-Prime's last words about Grom seem to be panning out in the long term, in a sense. "When in your heart, you know, we are the same!" Ignoring the relevance to Grom-Prime; those words are rather fitting for both Garrosh and Grom-2. Just a tidbit I found interesting.Dathrel9 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 Garrosh is similar to Gul'dan I find it quite sad that Garrosh can not see that because he is creating the Iron Horde for his own selfish/power hungry purposes, he has basically become like another version of Gul'dan, who like him, wanted power for selfish reasons. Sure he is not enslaving them through demonic blood like Gul'dan and the Burning Legion did, but he is still manipulating (and using deception, such as not allowing Grom to see the entire vision) them by using another kind of "gift", advanced war tech, that will make the Horde "stronger" and "fuel" their love of war/conquest. Sure its not exactly like the blood lust of the old horde, but he is still using the horde and giving them something that will further align the horde's actions to his will. I do hope that sometime before Garrosh dies, some character tells hims that he acted like Gul'dan in using the other orcs as a tool for his own gain.Jadonie9 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 Regarding Garrosh and the 'True Horde' So while doing SoO the other day I got to thinking....despite Garrosh's narrow minded ideals (and some would say suicidal warmongering), he was able to build a formidable and well equipped army. Which begs the question: Has anyone else wondered just how powerful the horde might've been if instead of alienating the other horde races Garrosh somehow managed to keep the entirety of the horde intact and joined to his cause? The brute strength of the orc clans, the Forsaken's plague and val'kyr, the druidic and holy powers of the tauren, the troll voodoo, crazy goblin engineering, and the arcane prowess of the blood elves, all with the power of the Heart of Y'shaarj at their backs would've given Garrosh a much better shot at taking down the alliance and if he still had an orc supremacy mentality he could've dealt with the others after taking down the alliance. Personally I'm not much of a Garrosh fan and I'm glad nothing like this happened cause I hated being a part of his horde in Cata but I figured it would be fun to play devil's advocate and see if anyone else thought a united horde stood a much better chance of succeeding instead of an orc only horde.Aleselis14 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 Grey Orcs? Ok, so I understand that the brown orcs from Draenor are uncorrupted by the Legion. The green orcs were the ones corrupted by fel energy, and the red orcs (fel orcs) were corrupted by the blood of a Pit Lord. That doesn't, though, explain the grey orcs like the Dragonmaw Clan and Kargath. Is that just another form of uncorrupted orc, like how people have different skin colors, or is there something different there?Horsepuncher12 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 The Mongrel Horde There was an idea in the conceptual stage of Warlords involving a Mongrel Horde, which is the gnolls, troggs, kobolds and centaurs united into an army. Yes this obviously ended up on the cutting room floor (to put it lightly), but I find the concept fascinating so I want to discuss the possibilities of a Mongrel Horde. Not whether or not it could happen in the course of the games, just how it could unfold. Let's go with the multiverse and have an Azeroth where the Mongrel Horde formed. How did it form? Who does what roles? Do they have a particular MO to them (Orcish Horde had demons, Iron Horde has steampunk tech, New Horde has shaman, Dark Horde had black dragons, etc.)? Who'd be in charge? Here's my thought, and I know people will want to laugh here, but I think the Warchief of a Mongrel Horde would be Hogger. The reason I say this is because he was a particularly vicious and intelligent gnoll, intelligent enough for the Defias to make him a lieutenant. Maybe in this universe Edwin never had a daughter, so instead he trains Hogger as a successor.Dathrel16 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 Pre-corrupt Sargeras Army? I recognize that Sargeras is the champion of the Pantheon but in the short stories about him I've read they claim he solely by himself defeated legions upon legions of demons over several thousands of years. What leads me to my biggest question though is that the Old Gods fought against the titans and the titans struggled against them. So if Sargeras conquered these worlds did he do them solely by himself or did he have help as far as titan constructs and an army that he commanded and led to victory and imprisonment of these demons? It'd be interesting because if he did have an army it would make some great exploration of other corrupt titans under Sargeras and possibly over Kil'jaeden.Ephyre2 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 25, 2014 Who will be the hero of the final xpac? At some point WoW will have to end. Whether that be in 1, 2, 3, etc expansion packs or 20 more years from now via a WoW2, Project Titan, Warcraft 4, etc, it will inevitably have to end. I would assume the ultimate end game boss would be defeating Sargeras, but that presumption could be wrong as well I suppose. Supposing it Sargeras and the Burning Legion, who do you think will be the most likely candidate to lead our forces into battle and get the final kill? Would it be Blizzard's go to favorite of Thrall? Maybe it will be so far down the timeline it would go his son Durak? Could we see a revitalized Jaina? What about Medivh coming out from wherever he is? Maybe some combination of the 3 as we saw in the Third War? Maybe Wrathion's plans are earnest and his end goal is really to save Azeroth from destruction? Speaking of dragons, maybe our Aspects get their power back somehow? Maybe the story goes full circle and Velen leads the charge? Maybe Anduin is involved heavily after all his training under Velen? He is always pushing for peace, maybe he could eventually become the leader of a united force of the leaders of all the races (kind of like SoO) since Stormwind seems to be the hub of most Human lore (and thus Alliance lore). I know it will probably be very far down the road and it is probably useless to speculate. Just wondering if anyone else has ever thought about this. I browse the story forums often, but rarely post. I tried searching to make sure this topic hasn't been discussed before creating this, and I did not find anything, so hopefully I am not duplicating a topic (my apologies if I am).Exincendia26 Aug 25, 2014
Aug 25, 2014 At what time period does a new toon start in? I recently finished reading all of the novels and main comics. I'm about to create a new character so that I can appreciate the game from the perspective of the story. My question is about how the current game relates to the history outlined in the books. Does my new character start at the point in the timeline that vanilla WOW started in, or does my character exist in the timeline that is current with the Pandaria expansion. For example, if I interact with the Jaina NPC at level 50, will it be the Jaina from an earlier time period, or the current post Theramore Jaina? I'm just trying to understand the context and history for each place and character that I encounter as I level my new toon. I hope that my question makes sense, and I appreciate your input.Goldsnow14 Aug 25, 2014
Aug 25, 2014 Peace in Azeroth? Has there ever been a time in Azeroth lately when !@#$ hasn't hit the fan? It seems like it's be constant battle after battle after battle. I mean, the moment we defeat the Lich King, Death Wing rears his ugly head. After the cataclysm it seems like we immediately discover Pandaria and go to all out war with the opposing faction. Is it just me or does it seem like the pace is a bit fast?Lumen28 Aug 25, 2014
Aug 25, 2014 **SPOILERS** Garrosh's fate? Seriously? Let me preface this by saying that I am one of few who is a HUGE Garrosh Hellscream fan (Up to MoP). I've said in previous posts that his character was extremely poorly written and he went through a bunch of personality changes. I think they got ridiculous in MoP when he went from all "Honor, Krom'Gar, never forsake it. No matter how dire the battle." to "Nuke Theramore! Kill the women and children! WOOO!" He had alot of contradictions within his character, and I think Christie Golden, though a great writer, is just so anti-Garrosh biased and she really paved the way for him to become the pure !@#$%^- we see in MoP. In BC, he was a shattered youth who was afraid of leading until he's inspired by Thrall. In Wrath, he's a hothead and is too rash in action, but is learning how to be a leader from Saurfang, whom he admires. In Cata, we see him grow into a warchief who still has much to learn, but takes the lessons from Saurfang to heart and is truly trying to pave a good future, no matter how brutal, for the HORDE as a whole. In MoP, he becomes a power-thirsty, hate-mongering, mustache-twirling villain who stoops so low as to use sha energy to get what he wants and also tries to systematically wipe out all non-orcs? Something doesn't add up. In truth, Garrosh's tale is a sad one. When we met him, he feared that power would consume him and he'd damn his race just as his father did. In the end, his fears came true. This is where SPOILERS start. Onto my topic, I am in the middle of War Crimes (AMAZING book!) and throughout the novel, I've begun to notice that Christie Golden, the one who alienated Garrosh and made him into the monster he is to begin with, actually seems to give him a humane side. In his conversations with Anduin, the few characters like Saurfang and Anduin who keep saying that Garrosh can regain his honor, and when Anduin notices his facial expressions aren't full of pride when he sees the visions of what he had done as warchief, I truly began to think that maybe--just maybe, Garrosh was being steered in the direction of redemption. That the orc who had fallen so far from his ideals would make a comeback. Now, I didn't expect him to walk triumphantly into Orgrimmar, with a cheering crowd, and Vol'Jin just handing him the title of warchief. But, it would have been nice to see my favorite character regret what he did in MoP and try to make amends for it. Even if those amends were a final scene of him sacrificing himself for the greater good. Maybe killing Magtheridon (Since Mannoroth is dead) or dying to give us a chance to defeat Kil'Jaeden or something like that. I was so pumped, and I was gearing up to write a topic about his possible redemption after I finished War Crimes. My hopes were crushed. As I searched Google intently for someone that agreed with me, I came across a topic that described Garrosh's death, and a source to confirm it. I felt heartbroken and sad that my favorite character had such an un-climactic ending. Let me elaborate; Thrall, the same orc who saw the good in Grom Hellscream and went to insane limits to redeem him even after he drank the demon blood a second time, challenges Garrosh to mak'gora and kills him. The end. Goodbye Garrosh. Five expansions with Garrosh; BC, Wrath, Cata, MoP, and now WoD. Constant foreshadowing about how he'd become a better leader with experience. All leading up to Thrall killing him. What was even the point of Varian stopping Thrall at the end of SoO?? So that they could squeeze in one last minute of him being an *!@ only for Thrall to kill him anyway!? Wrathion could have easily went back in time and done it himself! I get that the orcs would only trust one of their own, but Blizzard has half-assed other stories, just ending Garrosh at SoO and pulling something out of their asses would have worked just fine. What really gets me, though, is how between War Crimes and the trailer for WoD, I was getting the foreshadowing that Garrosh, even if still a villain, had bigger plans and would at least regain his honor before he died. Instead, Blizzard just extended his life as what seemed to me like a disposable razor; He shaved away the stubble that was the orcs being corrupted, served his purpose, then was thrown into the garbage. I, for one, am very upset with how Garrosh's fate turned out. I hope Blizzard will reconsider this unfitting end for a character we've dealt with, for better or for worse, for 5 expansions. Your thoughts?Kikuchiyo49 Aug 25, 2014
Aug 25, 2014 Stormwind Silverhand I've always assumed they still exist right? I know Tirion was banished from the old Silver Hand, and reformed his own that united with the Argent Dawn. The one in Stormwind still exists, right?Lumen15 Aug 25, 2014
Aug 25, 2014 The Garrosh Encounter Google sucks, but where exactly does the Heart of Y'shaarj take you during the Garrosh encounter? Visions of things to come, just a fabricated realm, or something else? I understand the Stormwind thing is a future where Garrosh wins, but the intermission heart phases don't really get specific unless I'm mistaken.Unggoy3 Aug 25, 2014
Aug 25, 2014 Scarlet Crusade based on real world Crusades? Ignore this post. Forgot how touchy feely some can get when discussing religion. It wasn't my intent to start a religion debate on a game forum.Larsardion37 Aug 25, 2014
Aug 25, 2014 Does Grom have to die again? Think maybe we won't have to kill Grom and everything gets revealed to him and comes to his senses and maybe even come back with us to our Azeroth with all the Orcs who followed him to help fight the Legion.Dénarius181 Aug 25, 2014
Aug 25, 2014 The future of the Eastern Kingdoms Currently, there are many unfinished lore in the eastern kingdoms. Do you think Blizzard intends to use it in a future expansion? I think the human kingdoms need more "love", like they are doing now with the Orcish clans in WoD. What will happen to Tirion and Sylvanas? Will the Argent Crusade coexit peacefully with the Forsaken? Will Dalaran return to its crater now that the Lich King is gone? What happened to Koltiras? What's the current state of Andorhal, Stratholme and the others towns occupied previously by the Scourge? Will Gilneas be recolonized? Will Danath return from Outland and start a war against his undead nephew Gallen for Stromgarde? And when will we hear something about Kul Tiras? I think the Eastern Kingdoms have lots of opportunity for lore... what about you?Galiran13 Aug 25, 2014
Aug 25, 2014 Maybe insignificant question? Hey, this seems kinda stupid, but how come when Grom asked what they had to give in return for ultimate power Gul'dan replied "everything", i realize that Grom was already aware that the demon blood would make them slaves because Gary told him, but wouldn't it make more sense for Gul'dan to not imply that they had to give everything for this power (hinting that they wouldn't be in control). Because at that time he still had to talk the orcs into drinking.Medipimp6 Aug 25, 2014
Aug 24, 2014 Walking a mile in a Warlord's boots. You have been guided by this prophet from a strange land who has given your people the power to be great and saved your people from being slaves to demons. You invade this foreign land and take the battle to the Draenei based on this strangers guidance. *Time skip* Your fellow warlords are being slain, Highmaul razed and your Foundry burns. The presence of the legion and the two super powers from Azeroth presence is only getting stronger. What do you do? Do you run? Do you seek an honorable death in combat? Do you become slaves to the legion? Do you give up?Xoroth12 Aug 24, 2014
Aug 24, 2014 Why didn't Mannoroth kill the Frostwolves? In the original time line we all know that the Frostwolves did not drink the blood of Mannoroth. But in the cinematic Mannoroth throws a massive tantrum when Grom refuses it. So how come the Frostwolves didn't get rekt for refusing the blood in our time line?Razorscale8 Aug 24, 2014
Aug 24, 2014 Andrestrasz - Who is he? I don't know if anyone has confirmed anything about this guy yet, but he lives in the bottom of Silithus (off the coasline, in an abandoned cave) and was apparently added in 5.3. Do we have any concrete info on who this is? Side Note: freaked me out seeing a dragon there when, in wrath, there was none (nor in cata..)Razorwulf3 Aug 24, 2014
Aug 24, 2014 MU velen What is he exactly doing while the alliance is on dranor? Did he know these events would take place and what roll will he play? Since we have been told the last raid will be legion influenced I could see him playing a major roll here and into the next expansion.Orlandõ5 Aug 24, 2014
Aug 24, 2014 Stable Time Loop for WoD? So in WoD (as can be told from the new cinematic), Grom and Garrosh say "f*ck you" to Gul'dan and the Burning Legion by refusing the Blood of Mannoroth and killing Mannoroth before WC1 happened. Now here's where it gets complicated. Because Durotan, Gul'dan, and Grom are in the know about any outside influence obviously being a bad thing, wouldn't that mean that Ner'zhul wouldn't be able to pull the things that'd blow up the entire planet? Even further still, because Ner'zhul doesn't become the Lich King through this, doesn't that effectively undo about a good third of the game worth of background mess? Remember, the Lich King is responsible for the Scourge (sort of), an entire expansion worth of trouble, as well as various other things in the lore (the fall of Lordaeron, the formation of the Blood Elves, etc.) Considering that Blizzard doesn't like to start retconning until everyone makes a point of it (the Park District is STILL a crater as of MoP), how would they deal with the snowball effect lore-wise of the changes from the past that happened into the present?Kelvyan13 Aug 24, 2014