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Jan 25, 2015 some gnome help plz I have been searching for stories about gnomish society. what happened to gnomeregan? The gnome back story. why are they so cute? Can anyone direct me/link me a valuable source? I heard they nuked their own city because of the leper plague. I would love to read up on this.Kazas9 Jan 25, 2015
Jan 25, 2015 Are there any evil Pandaren? Evil is a relative term but it seems each race has one or more villainous representations. Humans have the defilers, Goblins have the Venture Co, Orcs get the Burning Blades, etc. I'm relatively sure almost every playable race in the game has an evil version that the player has to fight at some point. Pandaren seem to be exempt from this rule though, not counting a few quests and dungeons where you have to fight Pandaren that have been possessed by the Sha there are no genuinely wicked Pandaren.Just55 Jan 25, 2015
Jan 24, 2015 Hunter Lore After a long, long break I'm going back to my first love. Hunter. I've been playing druid for a very long time for more so RP reasons like I love the night, eclipses, animals, storms, organic eating and I see myself as a jack of all trade guy. However, I don't like the direction Druid is going in. So, I was like but Hunter is so similar to Druid? Going on adventures in the storm, I LOVE animals, I want to protect them (who says I can't do that as a hunter?) I can go on night missions at night. I LOVE James Bond 007. I also always loved Legolas. I'm an Aries and I saw this quote and it made me smile... "The Aries man is a hunter, always in pursuit of his desires." and that's very much so me... being a dream chaser. While, I hate hunters in real life (the whole red neck thing) I feel hunter is very symbolic of my life. I ain't about Balance... I'm about the adventure! Also... I ain't about Mana... I'm about focus because whenever I do .. I get sh!t done! (Also Matrix ;) I can't wait to go beast master. It feels good to be back. Missed you guys!Zinger4 Jan 24, 2015
Jan 24, 2015 Azeroth in 100 years Let's assume both sides remain stable for this amount of time, and threats that pop up continue to be taken care of. Where do you see Alliance and Horde in 100 years? Still sworn enemies? Allies? Maybe a super empire of combined Alliance/Horde races?Bronzetooth26 Jan 24, 2015
Jan 24, 2015 Where did Thrall's parents die? So, I was looking at maps today and thinking bout the history of warcraft, and it hit me as odd about when thrall's parents died. If one looks at the map, the frostwolves clearly aren't far from Durnholde, making his parents' assasination and subsequent discovery by blackmoore logical. However, wowpedia seems to mention he was found year 0 by Blackmoore while out hunting. This seems odd as unless the Frostwolves went north long before anyone else (even before the sacing of SW) Blackmoore was randomly hunting in southern eastern kingdoms, found a baby orc, and managed to get him all the way back to durnholde keep without anyone finding it odd.Myrannia13 Jan 24, 2015
Jan 24, 2015 How was Dalaran actually moved? I've been doing a lot of Northrend stuff lately, and I thought about this tonight: Has an explanation ever been given as to HOW Dalaran was moved and HOW it's actually kept in the air? I know "magic" is the go-to answer, but it must take a CRAP-TON of magic to do what they did (and are still doing). I know all of the lore about when and why it moved, but I can't find any information about HOW.Vaindil9 Jan 24, 2015
Jan 24, 2015 Maiev Saved Illidan, AKA 'Khadgar' #Spoilers So after watching the end of Chapter 2 of the legendary quest, I have no choice but to believe that Khadgar is Illidan. I didn't want it to happen, but there are just too many dots to be connected. 1. Gul'dan said 'Khadgar' in quotations and mention a 'history'. WHY? Why would this happen if it's the real Khadgar? Furthermore, who in the worlds could Gul'dan been talking with to inquire about Khadgar?? At -2 year (which is when we are), I don't think even AU Medvih met Khadgar yet. I'm pretty sure that Khadgar was sent to Medvih AFTER the portal was completed, and orc scouts are already here. The only thing that makes sense to me, is that Gul'dan recognized traces of his own brand of magic from Khadgar/Illidan. I have mentally gone through every other scenario, but this is the only one that makes sense. Because Illidan was empowered by the Skull of Gul'dan, there has to be some residual trace of Gul'dan's magical signature. It can't be our Khadgar, because there was NO personal history between the Gul'dan and Khadgar. 2. The warden guards. It makes so much sense if Maiev, in her mental instability, saved Illidan ( remember their last words with each other?) and then placed him under constant warden guard. These two have their own little weird, twisted relationship if you ask me. (not necessarily sexual btw) This could also explain Maiev's increasing hostility toward Malfurion in Wolfhear( if you count that as cannon). Illidan couldve told Maiev his version of the story and won her to his side. It can't be our Khadgar, because there was NO history between Wardens and Khadgar. 3. Khadgar refused outside help, and by outside help I mean people that are not the player character and his Wardens. Super shady imo. So why do this? Why would Ilidan come tag along with us? What really happened behind the scenes? I think it's because when we beat him atop the Black Temple, the vast majority of his demonic powers were spent. He lost the Skull to us(it became a trinket) and reverted to his NE form as Maiev nursed him back to health.(warlock green fire quest has interesting info here) In this form, he was visited by a certain black dragon with visions of the returning Legion. Wrathion, Illidan, and Maiev then concocted this plan to travel to Dreanor together. But knowing that we would never accept help from Illidan, they went to our real Khadgar, who actually went on board with this crazy plan/charade, because A'dal said so. I'm actually kinda serious here. Ironically, Wrathion, Illidan, and A'dal want the same thing. To defeat the Legion. Wrathion wants to save the planet; Illidan wants to save Miranda; and A'dal cuz reasons. And so Khadgar teachs Illidan a few signature tricks, raven form and stuff, to pass off the charade. It finally makes sense why 'Khadgar' is so hellbent on Gul'dan. Because he needs to kill him, take his skull to regain the power needed to combat the Legion.Ultimateh49 Jan 24, 2015
Jan 24, 2015 History of Behsten. Twink NPC If anyone knows his story, please post it here. I am working on a 19 twink rogue (Behsten-kel'thuzad) and I am trying to Mirror the NPC 100%. I have his name, his guild name, his Xmog (its my off set) But I just need to know all about him for the Roleplay. Any help would be appriciated...I cant find much on twink info forums :/Jwlpms2 Jan 24, 2015
Jan 24, 2015 deleted and reposted to the appropriate forum sorry Jan 24, 2015
Jan 24, 2015 Random quibble As shown on screen several paladins shown easily handling outland B orcs and demons. Yet those same paladins don't seem eager or willing to reason with a few orcs and demons- Another, or possible the same paladin as shown on screen is fluent in several languages can hold a full conversaion with first goats, orcs, humans and tauren. Yet doesn't want to reason with guld'an and asks the player a random person she doesn't know, and has no reason to believe is has skills or disposition address him somehow. Also as shown on screen quite a few horde and aliance members before we even go to the new outlands are on hand: Why didn't we somehow undermine the shadow counsel then? Though I supposed it'd make for a short xpac of we're permitted to thump guldan before he gets more delusional. More importantly: Wouldn't have been (relatively) better just to close the portal on our side, and not care what Garosh is up to, being as he'd then be in his dimension and thus life on this azeroth could continue? Why isn't Terangor running around pwning players with life draining rituals? I thought he was supposed to be a Death Knight. And there's also a few quests where a NPC tells you about how his friend is about to keel over, or has. Yet if you have a rez spell they don't ask you to try using a rez. For example one in Terakor a little outside of Auchidaun(however that's spelled) there's drainai, his friend is sick and dying. You aren't given the option to try using a res spell, should you have one. Thoughts?Cedartusk12 Jan 24, 2015
Jan 24, 2015 How much do the leaders of Draenor know? By this time, Durotan, Yrel and Grommash have been dealing with the 'future people' for some time. Gul'dan would certainly be investigating us. So does Durotan now give Thrall that look that a Dad would give to his son that got into the green paint? Does Gul'dan get a thrill of knowing how his skull ends up?Trilha10 Jan 24, 2015
Jan 24, 2015 If Arthus is presumed dead... And there's no known sign of Nergle Then where on earth are DKs coming from then? It was my understanding Nergle, Arthus, and a handful of the Vrykul, possibly Rune Caster Iron Dwarfs are the only races that had any acceptance and therefore likely mastery of Necromantic knownledge.. Though I suppose Orcs could be liches if they can use magic, but Orcs are native to Outlands. Yes I know it's as likely a pragmatics issue because deciding no new DKs till they go back to Northrend would iritate new and old players, not to mention cause them to have to re-iterate there making it up as they go something that irks the Lore Department and there writers no end.Cedartusk10 Jan 24, 2015
Jan 24, 2015 Blood elf I would love to see the blood elf land redone with interactive and zoning quests much like what has been done for the other races. I have been playing through the undead lands lately and and very much enjoyed it but I want that kind of experience with the blood elf as I feel like I know nothing about them.Bloodflash3 Jan 24, 2015
Jan 24, 2015 Drek'Thar I just did the Garrison Campaign Mission for Magnarok and I noticed something interesting. Drek'Thar infuses himself with a fury of fire to save it. After doing so, he says that he can see again. Not in the traditional sense, but he can view all the elemental spirits in the earth, moving around. He also seems to be empowered by the fire. So my question is, has Drek'Thar become some sort of Elemental Hunter? Like a Demon Hunter, but with the elements. The traits seem very similar to those of demon hunters and he already has the bandana to match. I was wondering if anything on this came up afterwords in the campaign, Highmaul, Ashran, or wherever else.Urók2 Jan 24, 2015
Jan 24, 2015 Difference Between Elemental Disciplines Something's been crawling in my noggin' today. What exactly is the point and potency of all the various elemental disciplines? For instance, we have Shamans channeling highly volatile bursts of lava, Warlocks mix and matching shadow and fel energies alongside fire. Yet we still encounter the occasional mage that styles himself as a pyromancer or specialist in fire magic. A few explanations I can think of on the top of my head is that the potency is roughly equal all-around, it's just the source that changes. Though what about arcane versus fel fire potency... Shamans just get a free pass I suppose. Might also be that Shamans and Warlocks sacrifice potency for versatility using a variety of different spells or elements as opposed to just flinging bigger fireballs. This bring me to my next point, where exactly does pure arcane energy stands as opposed to frost and fire. The distinction between the latter is easy, you either chill or burn your target. I'm guessing arcane energy is just supposed to be straightforward or somewhat gimmicky, playing around with the target's resistance to it, etc... Are there any material out there that explains these phenomenons more in-depth? And what's your personal opinion on the subject?Mugtha11 Jan 24, 2015
Jan 23, 2015 Are mages more prone to corruption I was laying in bed trying to sleep and something dawned on me. Mages in wow seem to be more susceptible to corruption then any class . Now there may be some 6.1 spoilers in here and i will give warning before i post them . If we look at a good chunk of the mages threw out the lore we can see alot of them have at one point become corrupt . What causes it to happen more so in this class then any other? Is it the power it the knowledge ...or is it something else? Lets look at a few before i go into some spoilers . Queen Azshara ,Kel'Thuzad , Medivh , Illidan Stormrage , Kael'thas Sunstrider Jaina Proudmoore All of them at one point or another went mad with the surge of arcane power . Some split off into other schools of magic such as Fel and Necromancy , wile others like Jaina with the help of a blue dragon were able to be talked back from the brink of madness. If we look at the blue dragons even the old aspect malygos went mad. Why is this? Is arcane just as bad if not worse then fel magic? Now time for some 6.1 spoiler talk -WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD**************************** This is a quote from another thread but gives the idea of what is ahead (K) This is a fortified high-security bastion. Only a fool would go into there without an army.$b$bI mean... good luck, Champion.$b$b (K) Come with me. This is exactly what I need to undo Gul'dan's hold on Garona. (K?) We're using the tools of our enemy against them. (K) Not 'til my dying breath. I will end your torment, Garona. (K) Om na ka om, Fel na om kal... (K?) Quickly, destroy that thing! (K) Awaken, Garona. You are free at last. (K) Come with me, Garona. Together we will plan for Gul'dan's downfall. (C) Archmage. That is dark magic you're working with. (C) You are using the tools of our enemy! (C) I don't like this. (C) Give me that orb, Khadgar. I will destroy that hideous thing. (GD?) Haven't you given up already, mage? (G) %s gasps in pain. (G) Gul'dan... he's not in my head anymore... (G) I owe everything to you! To both of you! (G) I will do whatever it takes to stop Gul'dan. Wherever you lead, I will follow... commander! Kadgar is useing tools of his Enemy , Dark magic . If history is any indication we may very well see Kadgar go down a very dark path. Knowing all this and the history of other mages , why would the six , or Janina let this happen? Some could argue he is on another world in a different time so they have no control over it. Or maybe we are seeing a parallel here....maybe on this world he will suffer the fate that his former master did . If that is true will we see garona kill kadgar and have guldan be the savior? I Hope not....What are your thoughts. will Kadgar go mad with power only to become a loot pinata or a kill off screen or am i over thinking this .Sándslásh32 Jan 23, 2015
Jan 23, 2015 Draenei who follow sargeras? So the word Draenei basically just means "exiles" or something, because they refused to follow the majority of their race down the path of evil and all that good stuff. So why all of a sudden after thousands of years of being on the run from kil'jaiden and sargeras would they decide to up and join a cult worshiping the legion? Not to mention the fact that if they were worship demons wouldnt they have alerted Kil'jaiden to the world of draenor? instead he just happens upon it and gets lucky. this all seems very contradictory to the lore that ive read in the books.Lenluv19 Jan 23, 2015
Jan 23, 2015 Will Gineas Rise again? Has Blizzard forgotten about Gilneas altogether?Sanguinis26 Jan 23, 2015
Jan 23, 2015 Potential Paladin Races Hey all. Relatively new to this forum, hope you're all doing well. Anyways, point of this thread, had a lore-related query. Specifically, pally related. My question is: What is stopping Worgen and Night Elves from being Paladins? Paladins predate Gilneas' separation, and they seem to be followers of the Holy Light. The only thing I can think of is the Worgen curse preventing fully focusing the Light, much like Forsaken, but has that even been hinted at? As for NE, "Paladins" makes a lot of sense to me. Basically, militarized followers of Elune. Tyrande and the Sisters already combine divine powers with physical combat. All they need is plate armor, and a bit more holy magic. In addition, the NE proximity to so many Paladins (including potential Gilnean ones) would make it more likely. Sunwalkers show you can have non-Holy Light Paladins. In a nut shell, what Sunwalkers are to Seers, NE Paladins would be to Elune Priests. So, is there something I'm missing? What roadblocks would these two face? Sidenote: I understand that there are gameplay obstacles. Making Worgen/NE Paladins could oversaturate Paladins. *But*, this would balance each faction's respective "icon class". Two Ally races, Gnome and Panda, couldn't be Paladins, while two Horde races, Undead and BE, couldn't be Shamans. Mostly focusing on Lore reason though.Sunfeeder81 Jan 23, 2015
Jan 23, 2015 Am I the only one... Who actually really, really liked Garrosh? Intention-wise, he wasn't actually a bad guy. He was a hot-head, yeah, and had some issues, but it was Thrall who dumped Warchief on him and said 'See-ya! Off to play with the elements now. Have fun managing a Horde as an inexperienced leader and hot-headed warmonger. Also, my buddies don't trust you. Love, Thrall.' Not to mention that everything he did in Pandaria was a result of the cruddy start in Cataclysm. Honestly, he waged war against the Alliance because that's all he knew to do. He was a bloody WARRIOR, a hero of BATTLE. The Horde devolved into 'Orcish Horde' because of the problems Vol'jin and Cairne had with him. And honestly, if they'd taken the time to work with him instead of saying 'Naaaahhh, he's a little r00d, better try to kill him!' it would have turned out better for everyone.(Yes, I read the Cataclysm books.) His bid for the Heart of Y'shaarj was stupid, yes, but he was trying to do right by the Horde in the best way he knew how, and nobody was there to stand with him and correct him. He spiraled into powers he didn't understand and ended up worse for it. I'm honestly so SICK of Thrall in EVERY WAY. He used to be a wise, powerful orc leader, and he devolved into a Gary Stu that I REVILE. Am I the only one who was cheering IRL for Garrosh and the rant he had against Thrall? I really empathize and feel like Garrosh really got a bad rap, and his writing could have turned him into a Horde character we could have been proud of. His final corruption was, as he said, a product of Thrall's carelessness. Also, Thrall BLOODY CHEATED on the Mak'gora. Sorry, spoilers, but SERIOUSLY? Once again, Metzen won't let precious Thrall be taken down by a better character. I mean really, GARROSH WAS WINNING. I was hoping he did. Seriously, I feel really bad for Garrosh. They ruined a great character.Snuffle85 Jan 23, 2015
Jan 23, 2015 To you long time lore forum Veterans I am curious. Which ingame WoW/lore event/change created the most ruckus on the forum? All I remember was the outrage in making Warpsear and Stormshield Faction Capitals. But to the long time forum goers. Which event created the most ruckus?Biraelenn94 Jan 23, 2015
Jan 23, 2015 *Spoilers* Primal Fury It starts out by going to Gorgroek's Fall in Gorgrond to meet with Thisalee Crow. Azuka is already there and uses the heart to rez a ton of gronn. She leaves a small gronn to fight us while taking the rest with her. After that you are sent to the gates of Tanaan to meet up with Bodrick Grey and an army. That army includes a bunch of human footmen, dwarf riflemen, NE priests, and your followers. The draenei exarchs are there as well. Bunch of gryphons weakened Gorgorek and you are sent to kill it. Gorgorek dies like a chump. Azuka dies in a very anti-climatic fight. You get her sword which is a 655 follower weapon, so pretty much useless if you've been keeping up with your followers. The draenei Exarchs challenge Grommash. Yrel calls him out and tells him to give up. He goes scurrying off to Tanaan and Yrel says we'll come for him then. The Iron Horde is officially pushed out of Talador. Azuka's command is conquered. Thisalee Crow is rewarded as a follower at the end along with an item that instantly makes a follower epic.Lena95 Jan 23, 2015
Jan 23, 2015 AU Saurfangs & AU Garrosh What happened to them? Where are they at? Has AU Garrosh not been born yet? I thought they would have been, since we were not time travelling, just going to a different dimension. AU Saurfang should be around though, as should his son. Saurfang already had a son when he drank demon blood in our dimension, so he should be around now. You guys think he may be part of the Iron Horde? What clan could he possibly belong to? Should Saurfang the Younger still be around? After what happened to Young Saurfang in our time, I'd love to see him make a come back. His death to the LK felt almost unfair to me. Anyway, thoughts? Am I missing something?Icemist13 Jan 23, 2015
Jan 23, 2015 New Class/Spec Idea... So this is all though out in the span of a few bored hours. Just an idea. Any issues with functionality is a result of rushed oversight and lack of throughput. So the class is Technician, I am working on just the healer spec of it at the moment. One of the biggest ? is a resource generation/usage (such as combo points, Holy Power, Chi) and how to integrate them. So far I just have the passives and base abilities. But please critique... Medic – Intellect most beneficial stat. Uses Energy. Uses ingenious devices to aid allies in combat. Medmats, Turrets, and T.A.D.s (Tactical Action Device) Mastery: Master Inventor – Increases the effectiveness of all repair Medmats, Turrets, and T.A.D.s by X%. Abilities- Gravity Pad – X Energy. 1.5 Second build time. 2 Minute Cooldown.Throws pad on the ground that slowly pulls nearby enemies to it for 5 seconds. Medmat – X Energy. 2 Second build time.2 minute cooldown. Place a mat on the ground that heals allies within/on top of it for X for X seconds. T.A.D. Launcher – Shoots T.A.D.s at enemies/allies within 25 yards. Timed Repair T.A.D. – X Energy. Deployed Instantly. 5 charges/ 1 minute recharge time. Placed on a friendly target. This device injects health serum into its wearer after 8 seconds healing for X. Up to 5 T.A.D.s may deployed. Remote Repair T.A.D. - X Energy. Deployed Instantly. 3 charges/ 1 minute recharge time. Placed on a friendly target. This device injects health serum into its wearer after Remote T.A.D. Detonate is triggered. Heals for X. Up to 3 T.A.D.s may deployed. Demo T.A.D. – X Energy. 30 second CD. Shoots a highly explosive charge at the targeted enemy that sticks to them and detonates after X seconds and dealing X damage to the target and X to nearby enemies. Cleaner Bolt Gun (name?) – X Energy. Instant .2 Charges/X reload time. Fires a cleansing serum at the ally dousing them in the serum and removing all poison, diseases, etc. Repair Turret – X Energy. .5 second build time. 2 Charges/30 second recharge. Places a turret at the targeted location that oscillates on a 180 degree, semi-circle rotation and heals an allies in its beam by X. Lasts for X seconds. 2 Repair Turrets may be placed a once. Detect Turret (name?) – Instant. X Energy.60 second Cooldown. Places a turret at the targeted location that sends out pulses to detect movement, even stealth. Movement detection is displayed by the turret light and color is based on proximity to turret (Similar to Archaeology Survey tripod). Lasts 30 Seconds. Passives • Triage – For each player standing on a Medmat reduces the cooldown of X by X seconds. • Chain Reaction – Each time a Repair T.A.D critical heals, it increases the following Repair T.A.Ds critical heal chance by 15% up to a maximum of 5. • False Alarm – Any overhealing done refunds energy at a rate of 5 Health Points to 2 energy. (Every 5 HPs of unused healing due to the player being at full health returns 2 points of energy.((Values?))Demostroyer84 Jan 23, 2015
Jan 23, 2015 Blood Elves and High Elves. What exactly caused the race to split? I mean there was the whole arcane addiction but was there anything else involved? If that was the only reason, then it seems kind of scumbag ish to alienate an entire population from your race instead of trying to help them overcome the addiction. Discuss?Heartofeden266 Jan 23, 2015
Jan 23, 2015 What would be your ideal future-lore? By ideal, I mean lore/developments you want to see in the Warcraft Universe, even if those developments would mess up faction balance/racials/etc. (Not "ideal" in the sense that your headcanon ends with Varian and Thrall punching Sargaras in the face, and killing all evil everything.) For me, in order of priority, it would be: >AU Draenei joining the Alliance and AU Orcs joining the Horde. >Arathi Highlands and Gilneas being relevant again. The stories for those zones should end with large swaths of those territories being fully controlled by the Alliance/Forsaken. No more "contested" nonsense, not when you have this Fortress City Stormgarde and this amazing Victorian city Gilneas just taking up space. >The rise of a Forsaken faction rebelling against Sylvanas's increasingly evil actions. Moral Forsaken, Forsaken that view themselves as more than tools of The Dark Lady, or Forsaken who have rebelled after seeing their family members "charmed" into supporting the Dark Lady. >The Blood Elf faction removing itself from the Horde. Whether they switch factions to the Alliance is irrelevant. They could be full-on independent, but not with the Horde. >The Worgen having Worgen offspring, and their feral and primal race continuing to influence and change Alliance/human culture for many decades to come. (I'm aware of the Lore post regarding Worgen offspring, I refuse to accept it. The poster was probably trolling anyways. Either way, I'm counting his explanation as non-canon.) >Anduin going those extremely difficult times that force him to use violence, rage, bloodlust, anger, etc. to survive. If he is ever to make a good king, his compassion and diplomatic nature must be balanced out by strength, brutality, and a bit of savagery. That's why Varian "Lo'gosh" Wrynn's overall character arc has received a lot of positive feedback; Varian was forced to go through Hell and back many times over before he became the effective leader we know. >The Orcs getting better writers. As much hate as Thrall gets (after Cataclysm rightly so), he still remains one of the most civilized and progressive orcs out there. Judging by the current state of The Horde's Orcs, that progressiveness and civilized manner might very well die with Thrall, unless the writers decide to progress the orcs, instead of putting them in this endless loop of self destruction. >Kul'tiras and Kezan need to be a thing. Many people have been calling for a major human faction(that isn't Defias) that isn't part of the Alliance, and poses a credible antagonistic threat to the world. As for Kezan.....well, I just want to see Kezan, to be honest. Anyways, that's my wishlist. Maybe those things will happen, maybe they won't. What future-lore would you want to see added to the Warcraft universe in the near-future/future?Orcash36 Jan 23, 2015
Jan 22, 2015 Chronalis & Khadgar Does anyone thing its strange that Chronalis, a guardian of the cavern of time is secretly watching khadgar's tower? the NPC is half way up Mt. Volwrath (not sure if thats how u spell that mountain), his body facing that direction. hes in dragon form.Darrma22 Jan 22, 2015
Jan 22, 2015 The Curse of Flesh So as we know, the Titans created Seed Races on Azeroth that were stone-like, and the Old Gods caused the Curse of Flesh. This makes sense. What DOESN'T, is the fact that Alien races are flesh-based. Orcs, Draenei, etc. Anyone have an explanation?Robe22 Jan 22, 2015
Jan 22, 2015 Its spoilers, but that Hellscream. The older one. Grommash Hellscream. His appearance in the Garrison Campaign. This is an orcish man who arm wrastles with Pit Lords and wins. Twice. This is an orcish man who conquered an entire planet. Mr Unbroken Iron Will himself who when presented with the heads of his former clansmen while strapped to a tree and starving to death bites off the ogres head and escapes. The entirety of Grommash Hellscream is to never surrender and fight to the end. So what in nebulous blue draenic tails is he not only admitting defeat, not only running away from defeat, but from a hardly tested minorly accomplished newfangled Draenei Vindicator. Did Grommash get dumped by his girlfriend and became a namby-pamby wussified noodle armed vagrant only in power by unfortunate circumstance. This isnt a warlord. Its a coward. He ran away from a fight because his new and weakest Warlord got punked out in a duel she'd ran from for months. I could see a lot of ways I survive an encounter with Gorehowl's most famous owner, him saying he's taking his toys and running behind an invisible wall around Tanaan Jungle is not one of them. And dont get me started on Bladefury's serious armor of the plot that let her run from that duel for months. Whats with the Iron Horde and just running away from me all the time. So much for blood and thunder, victory or DEATH. These orc leaders run more often than peons.Vonwheeler21 Jan 22, 2015
Jan 22, 2015 No no priest! Spoilers Why would Khadgar refuse the help of a priest.....? Seems shady......? Any ideas besides the old Khadgar is Medvih??Ultimateh63 Jan 22, 2015
Jan 22, 2015 Night Elf Mages Can they be arcane users, and good at it, without being a highborne?Lyccan10 Jan 22, 2015
Jan 22, 2015 <Spoilers(?)> The Void First of all, I'll link what I know so far: Q&A #25 "The Void Hungers" [Lore]: So I just watched Nobbel87's latest Q&A video and he brings something up that I have to ask here. I say "Spoilers" because the topic I wish to ask about comes from the end of his video. What exactly do we know about the Void? What is it? I know Warlocks and Priests dabble in the stuff, but are there any other points in Azeroth's history where we come across this? Finally, what if this Void is the final thing we come across in this expansion? Could Garrosh, by coming to this timeline and messing it up, be the cause for this entire world to be consumed and/or obliterated by the Void?Hkfortyseven10 Jan 22, 2015
Jan 22, 2015 Chances ending up as us not killing Grom? Just a random thought. What do you guys think are the chances we end up not killing Grommash? I think it could be a good possibility being as maybe Thrall wont have the heart to see his old friend die once again and he tries to convince him that Garrosh fooled him by cutting the vision he saw short and maybe showing him what really happens. Then he could see how the Burning Legion were the ones really trying to enslave the orcs and give him purpose to come back to the MU to fight with us against the attack that Wrathion has seen. This would work out well for wrathion (and might be the reason he wanted us to go there in the first place) as they gain a strong ally with him and possibly the remaining forces of the AU warsong clan and any other of the remaining orcs of the other clans follow him being as they have no where else to turn to. So you would have Durotan and the frostwolfs, (or this just came to as to something else that could happen. Unless Grom ends up killing Durotan which puts thrall into a rage and is alright with killing Grom because it isnt really the Hellscream he once knew) Hellscream and the Warsong, Laughing skull(maybe), ETC. But anyways just a thought. What do you guys think? Also if they did come back maybe we could play as Tan orcs? which I would love because thats really the only way I could see myself playing an Orc now.Bèemo69 Jan 22, 2015
Jan 22, 2015 What exactly are Druids and Hunters? So I'm kind of going back and fourth with what class I want to main. Lore wise... What EXACTLY are druids and hunters? Are hunters basically what they are in real life? Are they just marksman with pets? Are druids just like hippie guys that love nature? Is there more to Hunters than just bows? I like the adventure, night, stalker and pet thing they got going on. I love animals and I love spys such as James Bond. However, I also like storms and animals and organic eating so that would pertain more to Druid. All I'm asking is if someone can just explain to me lore and even real life wise what hunters and druids are?Zinger13 Jan 22, 2015
Jan 22, 2015 Harrison Jones: Dangerous Traitor The war in Ashran exists because Harrison Jones convinced the Alliance that there was a super weapon there they should hunger for. In 6.1 Harrison leaves the Asharan apocalypse he created to become a Garrison follower for the Horde (and alliance). One would think with there being achievements for killing him in Ashran for the Horde he wouldn't be so excited to be taking missions from them to kill the Alliance: "Slay our Alliance adversaries for the glory of the Horde! Go forth to victory!" Regardless, I guess the only other option would be to give the Horde Belloc Brightblade, the Nasi-loving villain.Threeslotbag26 Jan 22, 2015
Jan 22, 2015 Forsaken emotions Can forsaken feel? I know they can feel darker emotions but i was always under the impression they could feel every emotion but chose to hide such feelings. my reasoning for this is becoming a undead hurts a lot in the banshee queens short story she describes being turned into a undead as the most painful experience ever... and she clearly shows positive emotions in the book war crimes, and other arrays of emotions touching allerias locket. I always believed undead "don't" feel emotions because emotionally is the really only way to hurt them anymore.... you can stab them sure but they may not die, they cant get sick, they cant drown and any pain from such actions still wouldn't compare to the pain of becoming an undead... so if emotionally is the only way you can be hurt it would be wise to try and not feel... If a forsaken fell in love and his lover died it might send the forsaken into insanity(aka loving would be dangerous). I have been roleplaying a forsaken who can feel but, only the closet of his companions actually know that... they hold the knowledge of his greatest weakness.Raveintis26 Jan 22, 2015
Jan 22, 2015 Draenei Roleplaying So I've been wanting to Roleplay as a Draenei once I get the appropriate gear for quite some time now. I am however quite negligent on the subject, and spending hours researching and finding the strangest bits of information to piece together is not really my sort of pass time. (well maybe it is) Even if I wanted to, most of the stuff on the Draenei that i find, and how to roleplay them, is from TBC. I don't really know how accurate most of it parallels to WoD, I'm not quite as far as I would like to be, but still, I wish to know perhaps a guide or an nice little bit of information about Draenei society. I know the basic stuff, but what more is there? what inner-layers and subplots do Draenei archetypes have going on with them? Mostly I wish to know how Draenei society works, and where would a Mage most likely fit into it. Perhaps some regional history as well? Most of this stuff interest me, but I have trouble finding lore about it besides "Elodor is a Draenei city" and stuff like that. Help?Valuelle73 Jan 22, 2015
Jan 22, 2015 One person knows we are AU time travellers... ...and it's Gul'dan. Archmage Khadgar says: ...there! Gul'dan! He is - Gul'dan says: You! The human mage from Tanaan... Gul'dan says: I've been inquiring about you, "Khadgar." It would seem we have a history. Archmage Khadgar says: Then you know how this ends. Give yourself up. Does anyone else know who we really are yet? One would think the Draenei would, but I don't remember seeing any indication of it. No one on the primitive "Draenor caveman Horde" seems to have the slightest clue, not that they would understand anyway.Threeslotbag44 Jan 22, 2015
Jan 22, 2015 TANAAN JUNGLE OK so here is what I got so far... The docks we escape after blowing the dark portal are not at the left bottom corner, instead they are almost at botom RIGHT corner. What does it mean? We explored only 1/6 part of the map. There are also docks at the north part of the zone. We may be looking into invasion of the zone from both north and south, where we atack a base of Gromash which is....your old favorite HELLFIRE CITADEL (idk how it was called before burning crusade), where as horde finds they hubs somewhere at the north, most probably at the throne of kil jaiden, and alliance at the place where old first war base was at in the south. What does patch 6.2.o holds idk but guessing from lore so far we will see Killrogg and GromashDupak10 Jan 22, 2015
Jan 22, 2015 Souls and arcane energy. Figured this was the best place to ask. Warlocks use the arcane magic by channeling souls which are made of arcane?? I'm confused on that. If warlocks and demons eat souls because it's arcane energy and the legion is using fel energy what is fel energy? Is it like arcane? Is it something's soul? Was the well of eternity a soul or did the well give life souls. Do Titan constructs with the curse of flesh gain a soul from the curse or just get one because it's a spark of life. So many questions... Do things that consume would become one with it or fully consume it into nothingness? Is mana itself fragments of souls? Any info is helpfulPawshock22 Jan 22, 2015
Jan 22, 2015 Beastlord Darmac Helmet? I might be looking into things too much, but where did Beastlord Darmac get a Riftstalker Helmet?Crosell5 Jan 22, 2015
Jan 22, 2015 o.o ?what is this? o.o i found an ancient tauren stone drawing o.o... was this (in lore) how tauren were at some point??? if so, I wish they still looked like this, tauren are my favorite race because moo moo cows!! Jan 22, 2015
Jan 22, 2015 Draenor Regions to Outland So preface this here by saying i am a bit of a lore novice but have been trying to catch up. Also I didnt begin playing until halfway through Cata so I was massively behind. That said I have leveled through outlands and see some of the zones and I was wondering what zones are what in Draenor compared to MU outlands. I know that the lands got destroyed by the orcs after drinking the blood of manaroth and they warped them using warlock fel magic? (correct me anywhere i am in correct or missing details please) but looking at a map of the two: There seems to be some questions i have about them/inconsistencies maybe. First is that spires of arak and talador get merged together, but in outland it seems like this wasnt the case? it seems much flatter if i remember correctly on the south of Terokkar forest. Second is how would Gorgrond become Netherstorm? That seems like the biggest change of all. If anything I would see gorgrond becoming Blade's Edge but the maps presume that Frostfire would be there. Third does Ashran just completely get blown up or what? And my last point is more of a question, how did outlands like "enter space"? if you go to the edge of hte world it is just open space you can fly into until you hit the ol invisible wall, but in Draenor isnt water surrounding the entire continent? how does it just become a space colony and nobody died?Cdtinvisible24 Jan 22, 2015
Jan 21, 2015 The Victory of the Legion This is set after WOD and even after the events of the next xpac, whatever that may be. At this point we, the champions of Azeroth have become very strong. We have rebuffed invasions from across time and space and we are together in our resolve to finish the Legion. We begin making preparations and you, the champion, are sent to Outland to check up on the degradation that is still occurring. What we find is horrifying. The Sporregar are slaughtered. There are no survivors and what’s worse; their village is being consumed by the degradation and falling away into the nether. We report back to our faction’s closest base and we are told to head towards Oshu’gun in Nagrand. The Legion is attacking. All the beasts are dead. The ogres are being massacred and Halaa is blown to bits. The Orcs, Drenai, and their Horde and Alliance allies are mounting a defense that is not holding. You, as a general attempt to hold a defense while all civilians get to Shattrath City. Throughout the entire defense you see the last bits of Nagrand crumble away until even the Throne of Elements is decimated. The Naaru of Shattrath are already teleporting civilians and soldiers alike to the repaired and functional Tempest Keep and its satellite ships. While the Naaru would love to fight the Legion they say it is not the time to fight as we have already lost. The Military leaders of the Scryers, Adal, and other factons present have now informed you that Blades Edge, Shadowmoon, and Zangramarsh are suffering the same fate of Nagrand and Auchindun is sinking, indicating Terrokar Forest is falling as well. While the Naaru focus on the survivors that they can help you are charged to organize the defense of the Dark Portal. Quest givers, Followers from your Garrisons, and a few faction leaders are present to help you along with a significant Alliance and Horde force. You give the rallying call and prepare to fight the good fight. That is when the rain begins. Infernals hail from the sky. Imps portal in at ground level. Seccubus, Hounds, Wrath Guards, Legionaires, and more flood the scene. Thrall is present. Rallying the surviving elemental forces of Outland. A few Pit Lords later many of your forces are dead. Honor Hold and Thrallamar, two breakwater bases for the legions advance have now been lost. The stairs of the portal and the small bit of land surrounding it are all that remain of mainland Outland. Thrall gives the order to retreat. The Legion has won. You and a few others remain as you notice Thrall does not move. A large mass of fire approaches. “It’s HIM,” Thrall says, “Sargeras” Spirits appear. Orcish ancestors, Drenai priests, Azerothian Heroes, some telling you to flee. Some delighting in a final fight. Thrall pushes you through the portal as the Dark Titan arrives and unleashes hell upon the spiritual and elemental army. Thrall unleashes a beam of energy encompassing the last will of Draenor. Your group is the last through before the Dark Portal turns off. No residual energy, no rift. It becomes apparent that the link is broken because Outland no longer exists. This is now the xpac starts. The Army of Light is together. The factions unite (for all intents and purposes) and you use the dark portal to take the fight to the Legion itself. Be it to the Etheral Homeworld, to Argus, maybe even another planet that we know nothing about.Paktu3 Jan 21, 2015
Jan 21, 2015 Garona (AU) is an incompetent assasin pt 2 If you havent seen pt 1 its basically why she was carrying a clearly labeled antidote bottle with her. I mean there is no reason to clearly label it in common. It could hve been written in code or whatever. Garona gets a free shot at khadgar and doesnt go for anywhere vital like the neck. She decides to go for a completely nonvital point allowing khadgar to survive. Now you can say that she was sure the poison would do the trick, but she was also clearly carrying a labeled antidote with no special tricks to it. At least MU Garona killed the SW King quickly. AU Garona seems prone to pointless boasting.Biraelenn1 Jan 21, 2015
Jan 21, 2015 6.1 Iron Docks Went to check out the Iron Docks on the PTR and found a rangari camp there. Several of the NPCs are definitely placeholder since they're called "Draenei Earthworker" and your garrison flight master is pulling double duty since he's out here too as a place holder. Thaelin Darkanvil is here as well, I'm assuming he is not a placeholder. Probably there to make Iron Horde stuff blow up. The rangari once again prove to be the best rowmen every as all of them came in this boat: Horde base is on the other side of the docks with a couple orc tents and some very unfriendly goblins. Also the garrison flight master. I assume the goblins are placeholder for Laughing Skull. I think those are Laughing Skull tents and it makes sense as they're the counters of the rangari. It looks like the draenei and goblins(?) have set up bases on the edges of the docks, everything else is still held by the orcs. I'm hoping this will be something like the 5.1 dailies where you push further in over time eventually taking the whole thing. I really want to see draenei ships involved. This is clearly a draenei operation so it'd be nice for Blizzard to bring them out at this time. Draenei going everywhere in row boats is a bit silly. I do hope Yrel and Durotan show up here, they have a score to settle with Blackhand. And finally, as if there was any doubt: Jan 21, 2015
Jan 21, 2015 The controversy over Garona as a follower... ...over in General makes me want to hit my head against the wall. Why must people constantly cite lore reasons for having a bee up their butt about something, when they have no clue about the actual lore? Most of the folks in that thread don't even know that she's half-Dranei, let alone Maraad's niece. Or that she was mind-controlled by Gul'dan. Or that this isn't even the same Garona as the MU one. /end rant.Carmageddon58 Jan 21, 2015
Jan 21, 2015 Grommash's true plan (Insight of HM) So we all know that Grommash watches us kill Kargath and then just leaves. We also dont see much retribution for us killing the other Warlords (Thunderlord, Shadowmoon, Burning Blade, and Shattered Hand) atm. What if his plan was for us to kill the other Warlord's so all the orc clans would truly unite under him. As of now, most of the clans still swear loyalty to their respective Warlord. For example, if Nerzhul would rebel against Grommash after getting the Dark Star most of the shadowmoon would support him. Same with the others. By having us eliminate all the Warlords except him, the whole Iron Horde would truly unite under him and swear loyalty to him and not their respective chieftens / WarlordsBiraelenn15 Jan 21, 2015
Jan 21, 2015 Trolls and Blood Elves Are Blood Elves related to Trolls? Are trolls their ancestors?Gurutikka7 Jan 21, 2015
Jan 21, 2015 As the Draenei Monks are in the lore? Hi, I have a doubt about what is to be a monk draenei ... In Auchindoun can see several Draenei followers monks of Light, unlike the panda monks where the focus is in Heaven. In Gorgrond can catch a follower draenei monk but his skills are similar to panda monk, even though he lived on Draenor. Where do I fit in as a monk? My faith is in the light of the Naaru, so my skills actually comes from a different source, but due to the "gameplay" they are represented with the same effects and ratings that pandas?Akyell12 Jan 21, 2015