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Feb 22, 2015 Strategic appraisal of Draenor enemy forces This is something I'd like to do mostly for fun. Feel free to chime in with your own thoughts if you like - I'm just posting how my character would analyze the situation thus far. IRON HORDE FORCES Shattered Hand Clan Land of Origin: N/A (mainly residing in Spires of Arak) Leader: Kargath Bladefist Status of Leader: Deceased (killed during invasion of Highmaul) --- Encounters with the Shattered Hand clan have been unsettling to say the least. From what intel I could gather, they were, as a whole, slaves in Gorian combat arenas until Kargath Bladefist managed a escape via brutal, desperate means; severing his own shackled arm off, encouraging his fellow slaves to follow suit, replacing the fallen arm with a weapon and leading a riot against their captors. This would help explain their strange, masochistic fascination with pain - they won their freedom through what I imagine would be terribly painful self-inflicted dismemberment. This is not all that makes them dangerous, however. A lack of common heritage and history means their means of living and fighting will likely be dictated by necessity rather than honor, and what history they do share ensures that their means will not be gentle. Indeed, they seem to be masters of various poisons, toxins and blood magic among the Iron Horde, and are not at all above torturing captives to death just for their own sick enjoyment. Fortunately, their lack of heritage could just as easily be a drawback for them. Kargath Bladefist won the loyalty of his 'clan' by enabling their escape from the ogres, and to my knowledge no second-in-command has come forth from his followers. With his death, their unique origins make it less likely for the Shattered Hand to find a replacement to lead them among their own kind, and their tendencies towards sadomasochism and gladiatorial combat mean finding one could be a long and bloody affair. While they still remain loyal to the Iron Horde, without a leader of their own the Shattered Hand orcs are likely to either fall upon each other to find a new leader or slowly be absorbed entirely into the Iron Horde as a whole, removing them as a threat in their own right. ----- Current Recommendation: Elimination should be unecessary for the time being, but the situation is likely to change in time. Recommend working with our arakkoa outcast allies in the Spires of Arak to observe Shattered Hand movements and disrupt operations when opportunity arises. Missions against them should focus on pinning them down in the Spires, keeping them from joining with Iron Horde forces if at all possible, and gathering information on their poison-making processes in order to develop counteragents. While still violent and dangerous, without a leader their attacks will be disorganized at best, but pushing them too hard may galvanize them into a coordinated retaliation or cause them to go to ground. Better to keep them where we can see them.Benemus1 Feb 22, 2015
Feb 22, 2015 Warlords of Draenor: Timelines I dont know gameplay wise its so perfect, very smooth questlines, garrisons are a cool mechanic. But the Lore just kills me, I get it, time travel. But where are the Bronze Dragons are they only concerned with Azeroth? If thats so wouldn't this by proxy make it to where they would have to travel to Old Draenor because this would alter the time line heavily? Why hasn't it altered old azeroth (aside from the fact that it would take a lot of time and resources for Blizzard). There are a lot of holes I see in this but perhaps ive missed something. I can't stand time travel expansions because the plot holes are so large. Can anyone elaborate on this for me?Caeius1 Feb 22, 2015
Feb 22, 2015 Unholy Venom & The Old Gods As seen in action here Eneas is looking over the body of his dead comrade. But...they didnt die in battle, he killed them out of 'mercy' when the spiders venom 'took hold of her'. The spiders were created by the Shadow Council. Now, if you look at the others in Light's Rest.... All of them are still alive, but it seems they weren't as badly affected. Notice how they all look normal except for color effects. Compare to the "New" Eredar model in the gallery below. From Eneas remark, I take it that the venom can at least turn Dranei if poisoned long enough. But is this what really happened to her? And What I'm wondering is, why Gul'dan hasnt tried alchemically reproducing the venom and infusing it with Fel power and pulling a Wrathgate event. In the old mine nearby in Deathweb hollow, you can see unfel spiders both smaller and giant versions. You also see a demon proclaim this: What I'm also wondering too is why it doesnt affect our characters. That aside it also brings up another question. So um.........why ARE there spiders on Draenor-including some that use the Nerubian model? Or moths? or Snakes? This is an alien planet to Azeroth, but then again we see humanoids like the Dranei of Argus. The Makers or Titans have been to many worlds. It makes sense they would reuse some designs. But as to arthropods, insects and arachnids my understanding was that these were descended from creations of the Old Gods (the Aqir). The named mob in my screenshot is called Klikixx, a fairly Old-God sounding name though it lacks the gratuitous ' marks seen in the Qiraji, Mantid, and Nerubians. Feb 22, 2015
Feb 22, 2015 Missing Vials 7 vials were taken from the Well of Eternity's water. 3 vials to create the well at Mount Hyjal. 2 vials to Illidan's lieutenants, Lady Vashj and Kael'Thas. Another vial to create the Sunwell of Quel'Thalas. And one vial remains, one vial to rule them all and- ok. Actually, what DID happen to the seventh vial? Was it ever found?Dreamspitter36 Feb 22, 2015
Feb 22, 2015 Maraad Lord of War Retcons Unbroken? In Unbroken, the idea was the Draenei were leaving ppl behind in Shattrah to be massacred so that the Orcs would think All the Draenei were dead. It was implied that they knew in advance that Shattrah was going to be attacked which was why they left behind just enough draenei to convince the orcs that they succesfully wiped out the Draenei. So why is Maraad being ordered to lead refugees out? By this point (the orc attack), everyone who wasnt suppose to be in Shattrah alrdy should have left, leaving behind only the sacrifices. Having Vindicators lead out ppl from Shattrah seems to jeopardize the whole plan. If the orcs notice the Draenei escaping then the plan is a failure.Biraelenn14 Feb 22, 2015
Feb 22, 2015 Farseer Drek'Thar Can anyone shed light on why he is blind? I couldn't really find any explaination. :3 thanks!Kenmasters23 Feb 22, 2015
Feb 22, 2015 Future of Followers What is 1 follower you would sacrifice in the Garrison Campaign in order to keep 3 followers in the story for future expansions? I would sacrifice Qiana/Olin because they were our very first and loyal companions from Tanaan. Then I would decide to keep Soulbinder Tuulani, Shelly Hamby, and Kimzee Clutchpop w/ her cartel. Honorable Mentions: Ghost of Admiral Taylor Fiona PleasureBotBlurfal18 Feb 22, 2015
Feb 22, 2015 Change the Blood Elves Back i'd like to see the blood elves go back to the way they were before they got the sunwell back. Right now they are basically just green eyed high elves who are with the horde.They were much better off when they were mana vampires in terms of story intrigue and in general. They were the quintessential nemesis of all magic users because if you used magic, it meant you had energy for them to take. They harnessed both dangerous and benevolent magics in order to fight demons, undead, and anyone else that got in their way. They also fitted well alongside the forsaken because they did controversial things in order to survive. They were just better than they are now. Anyone else agree? If you don't agree please state why.Felendren201 Feb 22, 2015
Feb 22, 2015 Where are the Iron Draenor Stormreavers? Where is the Stormreaver clan on Iron Draenor? Also, where is the original Twilight's Hammer clan? It's odd that we haven't seen them since Cho'gall was around. Discuss.Urthog18 Feb 22, 2015
Feb 22, 2015 The Iron Horde's plan for the Draenei. Were they just gonna wipe them all out again, or just simply Subjugate the Draenei? Because without the demon blood and Kil'jaden's Manipulation, I find it hard to believe Garrosh could convince the orcs of Genocide.Dénarius31 Feb 22, 2015
Feb 22, 2015 Thalen Songweaver Think we'll see him again? I'm honestly surprised that (along with Shokia and Harrowmeiser) he hasn't even been mentioned yet. Rereading War Crimes makes me intensely curious as to what exactly happened to the infamous blood elf Garrosh loyalist.Tiycreaux22 Feb 22, 2015
Feb 22, 2015 Roman Themed Race Ideas Now obviously Ogres are Roman themed, but personally I think we could do better than ogres for a Roman themed race, plus Ogres represent late imperial Rome, what about the early Republic? This thread is for you guys to list ideas for a race that could be roman themed whether it's a race that already exists or one that you've made up and wanna pitch.Felendren37 Feb 22, 2015
Feb 22, 2015 Worgen and Forsaken working together This is something I do want to see, in a future story in the warcraft franchise. Whether it be between two groups, or simply two individuals, I would like to see them work together against a common enemy. What do you think?Jadonie78 Feb 22, 2015
Feb 22, 2015 BETA vs LAUNCH! Questions about quests. So, I am getting ready to invade Blackrock Foundry and I noticed a Village nearby. Upon touching down and looking at the odd buildings, I found out that it is infact a Laughing Skull Village that has so far had NOTHING to do with the game so far. As I feel that Gorgrond was the weakest in the story with it going from 'Let us see what we can do here. Oh there are Giant Plant monsters and Giant rock monsters' followed by them not telling us we are stealing an artefact to control one of these forces to attack the Blackrock for whatever... It was somewhat confusing. Is there any other content like this that is left to float in the void of development? This and the rash attack against the Shattered Hand in Spires felt so disjointed and missing in important plot points.Zyliee4 Feb 22, 2015
Feb 21, 2015 Oshu'gun Is....? Well that's pretty obviously not a mountain. Now, after Draenor exploded and became outland, I can see how more of it would have been buried and maybe people could have mistaken it for a mountain or even a space rock.Dreamspitter27 Feb 21, 2015
Feb 21, 2015 Old God Worship? So, like my recent posts on the forums, this idea popped into my head due to the intense desire to RP something new. I realized that Moon Guard has absolutely no Old God worshipers that I know of and I pondered that for a while. I only have a few questions on the subject. What would someone classify as Old God worship? Sacrifices made in the name of a patron Old God or simply to all of them? Do you pick a patron or are they all worshiped as a pantheon? Does someone have to be down right insane to worship an Old God or have there been people that aren't incredibly insane and simply want the end of the world? What race/class combination would be best? I always considered turning my Orc Shaman into a worshiper/dark shaman.Azarm6 Feb 21, 2015
Feb 21, 2015 Alas, Arathor. So. We all know of the great Trollbane family and how we only have Danath and Galen left in our sights. I don't much consider Galen a true heir to the throne, mainly because he's Forsaken, but when I quested through the Arathi Highlands it really sparked the desire to play someone from Arathor. I know, I know, Arathor is long dead but perhaps a Human warrior with the blood of Arathor running through his veins or something. I'm not sure. Anyways! I only have a few questions. The first one is rather simple one. We refer to Arathi or Arathor as both and kingdom and empire, I think, so which would be more accurate? Arathor had a King but was he more like a dictator or emperor rather than a just and righteous king? Were the warriors of Arathor decked out in wicked roman-esque armor and threw prisoners into an arena to fight for their life? Is that just me being really hopeful? Furthermore, what do you all think will happen when blizzard removes the incredible plot armor from the Forsaken and actually has Danath return to Arathor? Will Galen and Danath go to war, and if so do you all think it would be expansion worthy? I think it would be a really awesome expansion to see the Horde and Alliance war over Lordaeron ( The sub continent above Khaz Modan, not the actual kingdom) in which they use updated phasing technology in order to represent the zones. Or... We could just do what the Battlefield: Barrens did and simply update the zones and have designated areas for lowbies to quest while the higher levels quest about. I'm a little off topic... In RP I've been told that characters can CLAIM whatever they want, as long as they have a group to back them up. This is true in real life, so I was wondering if you all would consider it in bad taste to find someone who claims to be the rightful monarch of Arathor. Of course, this person wouldn't be a member of the Trollbane family, but they would simply be someone demanding power over the old empire. It's a concept, I suppose. Some food for thought. Any thoughts? Am I insane and do I not know my lore on the subject enough to make a forum post?Azarm28 Feb 21, 2015
Feb 21, 2015 Worgen Death Knights Hello Story Forum people! Now, I know what you're thinking. Yet another question about Worgen DK's... However, this one is different! In a recent Lore Q&A, it was stated that the worgen curse is transmitted not through any swapping of bodily fluids like blood or saliva, but in the actual -act- of a worgen biting a non-cursed individual. Now, I'm wondering... (And please excuse my ignorance if I'm totally missing something here) Could a Human Death Knight be bitten by a worgen and thus receive the curse? Or is there some way that being a Death Knight renders you immune from such things?Bramison17 Feb 21, 2015
Feb 21, 2015 Can the Worgen be salvaged? They were never really given their due and everything they've been involved with has left them on the side lines, they've done every conceivable thing to make the Worgen indistinguishable from their Stormwind peers aside from the fur. Curse? No drawbacks! Children? Not genetic! Tied to nature? Varian's your god now! Notable characters? Genn hasn't done anything since the newbie starting zone, Crowley betrayed Gilneas and disappeared to forgotten character land and Ivar Bloodfang hasn't done anything since Shadowfang Keep. Two of those characters you wouldn't know what happened unless you played the Forsaken opening. Notable plot? They were entirely tied to the faction war, there's literally nothing else that defines the Worgen because every other plot point was resolved except for the fact that the Forsaken claimed Gilneas. When Genn vows vengeance against the Forsaken, it's a cool moment which is never touched upon throughout all of Cataclysm and you'd expect the Worgen to have atleast some resolution in Mists of Pandaria but they served no purpose to what was essentially their entire plot. Architecture? They've done nothing with the Gilnean architecture. Gilneas cannot be used as a city because it's too tied to the faction war plot of Cataclysm and the Worgen starting area, the only other Worgen town is Surwich and you'd be hard-pressed to explain Gilnean architecture anywhere else because it's much easier to slap on the Stormwind textures due to how much they love re-iterating them every damned expansion. Niche? While every race has a niche they fit in which the writers lazily slap characters in, what niche does Worgen serve? Druids? There's no difference between Night Elf Druids and Worgen Druids because they're both learning from the same source. Vengeful? Nope, they'd rather make a human or dwarf or whatever want revenge against whoever wronged them. I'm assuming we've all seen the not-implemented quest chain involving Worgen and Tess Greymane but that was simply retreading the story which was already resolved in the opening. While you could argue it wasn't implemented and it doesn't count, it shows they've written themselves in such a corner that the only idea they had to implement for Worgen was simply reopening a door which they closed two expansions ago. Can the Worgen be salvaged or do you think they'll just stay on the bench until they can hamfist them into more plots? Do they need their own version of Warlords of Draenor which we visit alternate Azeroth and interact with AU Gilneas to salvage their lore, similar to what they did with Draenei?Tewdee58 Feb 21, 2015
Feb 21, 2015 Maiev Do you think its possible for Maiev Shadowsong to be forgiven for trying to poison Furian? i'm not talking about "cutting her teeth", but bringing her back into the night elf narrative that doesn't have her being a villian?Steppenvwulf13 Feb 21, 2015
Feb 21, 2015 Shadow People in Game I swear Im seeing shadow people in game ... sometimes in my garrison out the corner of my eye and then I turn around to look at them and their gone! Sometimes they fly into the air sometimes they run really fast like the Flash but I've seen um. Who are they, where do they come from?Barnabas40 Feb 21, 2015
Feb 21, 2015 Trolls are actually Mantids While totally impossible and a heck of a retcon on Blizzard's part. Mantids shares a suspicious amount of traits with trolls. For one, we know that the elementals raged unchecked upon Azeroth before the Old Gods arrived. Following that, the Old Gods battled among themselves with great armies formed of all kinds of things like the Aqirs, Mantids, Elementals and Faceless ones. Following that, they were imprisoned by the Titans and Azeroth ordered. However, suposedly, the Aqirs were allowed to run rampant and fought a bitter war against the early troll empires, who succeed to split them into the kingdoms of Ahn'Qiraj and Azjol'Nerub. Plus, if you have a look at the Mantids' posture, mandibles (tusks), their equipment and architecture, they all are kinda reminiscent of trolls and the Aztec-inspired culture of the Zandalari. I can well imagine trolls being some sort of mutated offsprings of the Mantids, kinda like the elves to trolls.Mugtha12 Feb 21, 2015
Feb 20, 2015 So one question stands out (SMV Spoilers) When Past!Velen goes to deal with The Dark Star, he gives something to Yrel, that weird zig-zag line that he has. What is it? The theory I'm hearing is it's the gift of prophecy, but so far I've not seen any signs of it.Fiorala2 Feb 20, 2015
Feb 20, 2015 Worgen Curse? So I recently made a new Worgen character (Pfff. Who does that anymore, anyways?) and I was just wondering about the worgen curse. I remember reading somewhere that prior to the curse Genn Greymane was a feeble old man that could barely walk on his own, much less stand up and face Forsaken. During the cataclysm, however, and after he was afflicted we see Genn running around and sprinting about like his youthful self. I think I even remember there be a short story or something where he makes such comments. Furthermore, I remember hearing rumors among certain groups of people that the Worgen curse makes the afflicted immortal? Is that true? I would imagine it isn't, because if so everyone and their mother would be after it but still... if Genn is any proof, perhaps it's a possibility? If anyone has any knowledge on this subject I'd love to have a proper answer to what the curse does to someone who would be, say, terminally ill and whether or not it grants immortality/ prolonged life.Aulgrenn9 Feb 20, 2015
Feb 20, 2015 Nesingwary Expedition Faction Alignment I'm leveling new toons in order to play through each faction and see which side has an edge in each zone. Basically, I'm trying to find out who is winning the "Alliance vs. Horde War." In Northern Stranglethorn I have run into a dilemma. Nesingwary's Expedition is a neutral zone in which both Horde and Alliance can quest. My question to you is whether or not that camp fits into a faction? Personally, I believe it is more of an Alliance "base" seeing as most of the NPCs there are Alliance races (Dwarves and Humans). More evidence to support this is based upon quest dialogue that stated Hemet Nesingwary was a hero of the Alliance during the Second War (I'm not too certain if it was Second or Third..). Even further, upon researching the NPCs it seems Sir S. J. Erlgadin was once in the Stormwind House of Nobles. What do you guys think? Is it more of an Alliance base? Or do you consider it strictly neutral? And I'm not judging this based on what Blizzard has placed it as. Obviously it's neutral since both factions quest there. Think more outside the box.Freeside18 Feb 20, 2015
Feb 20, 2015 The Whispering Forest What drove the elves mad? Is it's power dead, or is it still there? If active why arent people affected today? Will we ever see it? ... So if not that...................then..........what???Dreamspitter22 Feb 20, 2015
Feb 20, 2015 The Hidden War It seems like several key battles are happening completely off screen. 1 major one is the battle for Shattrath against the Legion. We pop in for the major kill, but the draenei and blood elves handle the rest themselves afterward. Another one is the draenei and Iron Horde fighting in Talador according to the Operator Thogar entry in the dungeon journal: ... It's interesting that there are on going battles in the world that the player isn't a part of, but it would be nice to have more indication of what is actually going on in those battles. It'd be nice to get a short story or even just some NPC dialogue about what's going on.Lena18 Feb 20, 2015
Feb 20, 2015 Mist Lurkers What are they? They appear in Pandaria and seem to be made of Mist.... Said Mist seems to be made up of Spirits even(you can see ghostly faces in the Mist flowing off them) so I ask again what are they!?!Yvenathilm4 Feb 20, 2015
Feb 19, 2015 Draenei in Draenor? Please forgive me if this is in the wrong area or has already been discussed, but... The Draenei (the ones in the Exodar and starting areas) they know about Draenor? I mean, there are humans, gnomes, et al. in the "original" Draenei know/care what's happening?Robvious13 Feb 19, 2015
Feb 19, 2015 The Alliance High Council Upon reading the current Varian thread it has come to my attention that people are unsatisfied with the development of the Alliance's leadership, and rightly so. The term alliance is defined by the oxford dictionary as "A union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organizations". So why isn't our Alliance being represented as such in the current state of the lore. The last time I recall all the leaders of the Alliance getting together and discussing how to handle matters was during Wolfheart and the pre-Cata events where they all stood around in Stormwind's throne room talking about earthquakes. Currently the leaders of the Alliance just stand behind Varian and let him make decisions for them as seen here: So why isn't the Alliance run by a High Council similar to the Council of Three Hammers and the Council of Six? Each member nation would have one council member and they would vote on matters that concerned the Alliance. The Council would consist of: Varian Wyrnn representing the human nation of Stormwind Genn Greymane representing the exiled nation of Gilneas Tyrande Whisperwind representing the Night Elves Gelbin Mekkatorque representing Gnomeregan Whichever Dwarf is in the mood to attend representing the united Dwarven Clans Velen representing the Draenei Jaina Proudmoore representing Dalaran When conflicts arise such as the Iron Horde whichever leader is chosen to represent the Alliance in the conflict is spearheading it. This way we don't always have an overload of Varian, it allows development within the Alliance (both progress as a unified front and any internal issues such as the Dwarven Clans bickering) It would also give screen time to some of the more lesser developed leaders such as MU Velen, Genn and Gelbin. Honestly, the council could be established in a short story fairly quickly and it wouldn't come off as strange to see other leaders spearheading campaigns if they are representing the Alliance. This could also be used to replace the "High King" thing we all aren't fond of and allow the council to choose a Supreme Alliance Commander if they see fit.Lorelaî45 Feb 19, 2015
Feb 19, 2015 Gnomish Shrink Ray and Mountain Giants Imagine, a Mountain Giant the size of a Tauren. Think how awesome it would be to finally be a playable giant. The Mountain Giants aided the Night Elves in the Frozen Throne. Now they can aid us once more. How, the gnomes have the answer. The gnomish Shrink Ray would help the giants fit into dungeons and raids. Lore: The Giants who were once tasked with the shaping of azeroth and later helping the night elves, are thrust into a shrinking world. The growth of civilization has forced the giants to seek out a new path if they are to survive and do the work of their Titanic masters. Once again communing with Night Elves and sharing their heritage with gnomes and dwarves, the giants have found a place among the people of Azeroth. Thanks to the gnomish shrink ray, they have become more mobile and can aid their allies whenever they are needed. Classes: Warrior. With bodies made of rock, few warriors stand a chance against the Mountain Giants. Now they are reinforced with armor and weapons. Tauren warriors wield totem's into battle, mountain giants wield trees. Shaman: Mountain Giants were charged with the shaping of the earth. They are earth, their duty has not changed, they will shape it in new ways. Hunter: The giants have an affinity for birds as shown by concept art Yes, I know that rats scare them from azshara questing. Druidism: The giants are made of stone and stout fauna. It grows on their bodies. Stone bears, stone cats. Mages: They are ancient people, but they were made by the Titans. The dwarves can show them the ways of Norgannon Monk: Giants are a quiet and solitary people. They now shape their bodies just as they had once shaped Azeroth itself. They learn of the power of brews from their titanic brothers the dwarves. Paladin: The Titanic Watcher, Tyr is believed to have shown humanity the way to the Light. The giants emboldened, use the Light to banish evil fel from this world. A solitary people losing their place in a world on the brink the giants are here to rise for the occasion once more. They join their former allies the Night Elves. They join their fellow Titanic creations, dwarves, gnomes and humans. They will once again shape the face of Azeroth, figuratively speaking. Jokes: Its clobberin time Heavy metal, I'm more rock and roll Don't take a giant for granite Was that a gnome, oops Flirts: Break yourselves upon my body Mountain...rising Want to see my rock hard abs I'm so rigid umm...female: People say I'm to heavy, you should see me before the shrink ray I just chipped a nail, I need a stonemason These pants make me look big When I wear a necklace, I'm a rock wearing a rock I talk like treebeard, Death by snu snu Do you like heavy girls I have giant everything Want to see the gaping chasm. They will shape a new home for themselves under the mountains of Feralas. It gives the alliance a power fantasy race, without the horror and macabb of the werewolves. They are a throwback to Warcraft 3. The gnomish shrink ray would be an excellent plot device to make them playable. Like an unused chekhov's gun. They could tell tales of the night elf civilization, pre-azshara. They have an ancient and earthy feel. I can finally feel like Benjamin Grimm from the Fantastic Four. They have a connection to the titans.Alexandravi2 Feb 19, 2015
Feb 19, 2015 Possible New Alliance Races? So some people think the Alliance doesn't have many viable options for new races. Lets list some possible viable races. Of course what makes a race viable will be up for debate but lets keep it civil and reasonable.Felendren313 Feb 19, 2015
Feb 19, 2015 WoW Zones are like seperate TV Shows! As people mentioned Westfall is like CSI and how Redridge Mountains is like Rambo. Each Zone seems to be a TV Show and each questline in said Zones is an episode of that show... Considering How Westfall was a Western CSI show and how Redridge Mountains is like a TV Show version of Rambo how would you describe each of the other shows? Eastern Kingdoms: 1. Elwynn Forest: Like a medieval fantasy featuring [[something]]shires and other medieval forest towns. 2. Duskwood: It's like every medieval fantasy TV Shows' episodes featuring dark woods brought to life as a TV Show in of itself. 3. Northern Stranglethorn: It's like a safari TV Show. 4. Cape of Stranglethorn: Like the movie Hook(featuring Peter Pan) as a TV Show. 5. Swamp of Sorrows: The Ewoks TV Show. 6. Blasted Lands: There was a slight sense of familiarity when I saw the place... I wonder which show or movie it reminded me of... 7. Deadwind Pass: It's like every medieval fantasy TV Shows' episodes featuring dark mountains brought to life as a TV Show in of itself. 8. Burning Steppes: A Medieval Fantasy TV Show set right in the villain's volcanic realm. 9. Searing Gorge: LotR's Mines of Moria as a TV Show. 10. The Badlands: The Droids TV Show(as in the one featuring C3PO and R2D2). 11. Dun Morogh is like the old Hobbit Cartoon Movie in the snowy scenes. 12. Loch Modan is also like the old Hobbit Movie this time near Lake Town. 13. The Wetlands is Medieval Fantasy TV Show in the swamp areas. 14. Twilight Highlands is Hobbiton from LotR as a TV Show. 15. Arathi Highlands is like a Medieval Fantasy show featuring the highlands. 16. Hinterlands is the old Hobbit Movie near Rivendale. 17. Hillsbrad Foothills is like a Medieval Comedy show. 18. Silverpine Forest is a Medieval Adventure show featuring adventures in dark lands. 19. Tirisfal Glades is a Gothic Horror show. 20. Western Plaguelands is a Medieval Fantasy featuring knights rather than peasants like the show Elwynn Forest seems to represent. 21. Eastern Plaguelands seems to be a Medieval Fantasy featuring the adventures of knights in sickened lands. 22. Ghostlands is like the realm of the Wicked Witch of the West in Wizard of Oz. 23. Eversong Woods and Quel'danas both seem to be the Emerald City of Wizard of Oz. I will describe how the Zones of the other continents remind me of TV Shows later. Discuss and come up with any other shows that would describe the Zones I described above until then.Yvenathilm0 Feb 19, 2015
Feb 19, 2015 Where is the real Velen / MU Draenei? In Wolfheart, Malfurion and Tyrande are surprised Velen is still I'm Draenor because (spoilers) Why wouldn't the Draenei give up on rebuilding Outland and just go to AU Draenor in order to live there? No need to rebuild, with a safe and fast way to still be connected to Azeroth once the conflict is resolved. Shatt is still much more intact, Karabor wasn't destroyed, Shadowmoon is still relatively uncorrupted. It would make sense for them to throw their entire faction into the situation on AU Draenor, it'd double their strength and save their old world. Even the Scryers, and other Naaru friendly races like the Arrakoa, Mag'har, Cenarion Circle, Earthen Ring, Broken, and the MU Frostwolves would have a huge investment in doing so. I know "supposedly" we have no Canon connection to the outside world, but I mean... Khadgar teleports an entire castle and a huge group of mages to Draenor. You're telling me the Alliance / Horde wouldn't be able to do the same with a significant portion of their followers? I don't really get it, maybe it would be confusing for the player, but it still doesn't make much sense why they seem so aloof to it all. As far as the MU Draenei are concerned, only Maraad comes... WeirdFurminator17 Feb 19, 2015
Feb 19, 2015 Hypothetical Draenor Reboot Assuming that some catastrophe permanently closes the link between MU Azeroth and AU Draenor and Blizzard somehow decided to reboot the franchise by having us stranded permanently on Draenor. How do you think that would play out? And what would you like to see happen? Me, I'm thinking the Draenei will suddenly have a lot of pull over what's going on in the world. And assuming that AU Azeroth doesn't exist, we would pretty much have to explore entire new continents by crossing the Barrier Sea... Bad news, we're still stuck with Thrall...Mugtha6 Feb 19, 2015
Feb 18, 2015 Forsaken and Ravenholdt relationship? Title wouldn't fit. Essentially, what's the relationship between the Forsaken and Ravenholdt? Is there some sort of treaty going on? The Forsaken are allies with them and as a result they're still allowed to stay within their lands? If there is no available lore on the subject can you speculate about its relationship?Vynathlon31 Feb 18, 2015
Feb 18, 2015 Questions about Ban'dinoriel Sorry for the messy writing, I have a hard time typing/editing texts on my tablet, and to make things worse I had to write my post all over again because it all disappeared when I hit "preview" I was wondering about the Ban'dinoriel the magical barrier/shield, that protects (or protected?) Quel'thalas from enemy attacks. According to some sources, the barrier only protects Silvermoon City and Quel'danas. According to other sources the runestones that border Eversong are the ones that protect the kingdom (only half of it?) In WC3 Arthas uses the key of the three moons to destroy the last Elf-gate that is under some enchantments, this last Elf-gate leads to the "inner Kingdom", I don't know i that means Eversong or Silvermoon & Quel'danas. The loading screen right after Arthas destroys the gate says "The outskirts of Silvermoon" that could be Eversong though... Really confusing, now I know the Mooncrystals are supposed to lay outside the barrier and In-game they are all located in the Ghostlands. So the barrier either protected all of Eversong or just the city/sunwell. Really confusing. Again sorry for messy typing.editing, I hate writing long texts on tablets. :(Relfthra2 Feb 18, 2015
Feb 18, 2015 Should there be Ex-Burning Legion? Is it possible for some members of the Burning Legion, to break away for various reasons, and turn on their former allies? Example, some Man'ari (or other demons) breaking away because being apart of the Legion is not benefiting them? Would you like to see some betrayal in the ranks of the legion? And if so, which Legion (AU or MU)? Or do you think its a really bad idea? Though if we ever got back stabbing members, they should not become "good", but still evil, just no longer on the Legion's side anymore. EDIT: Well looks like this already happened in BC.Jadonie8 Feb 18, 2015
Feb 18, 2015 IH and Grom becoming future allies? What if.... (puts tinfoil hat on) Thrall is killed, or Agra (please) in battle against the inevitable legion incursion, and Grom becomes a faction lead. It would honestly be a lot better than having a pretty "normal" orc NOT be a raid boss. Maybe he sees the error of his ways and gets redeemed again? I really liked Grom in WC3, he had that excellent anti-hero feel... I'm not opposed to killing him now, because I absolutely hate his WoD character. But, I'm honestly kind of tired of the Orcs getting Mary Sue characters. I like Varian a lot, but why is he the ferocious and proud warrior whereas Thrall is a punk 9/10 times until he decides to "get mad". I'm ready for the Alliance / Horde conflict to be over, personally. I don't think it makes sense anymore, resources aren't even an issue when there are apparently infinite worlds Bronze dragons can take you to. What if during the Legion invasion, Grom and the IH join forces with Azeroth? It would've been more plausible if Grom had something to lose, like Garrosh or his mate.Furminator20 Feb 18, 2015
Feb 18, 2015 Stuck in the World of Warcraft I present to the Story Forums a hypothetical scenario. By some manner of sorcery you find yourself in the World of Warcraft. The only things you have are yourself, your physical capabilities, the clothes on your back, and your extensive knowledge of the Warcraft universe to guide you. Game logic doesn't apply; this is the lore-specific universe you have found yourself in. What is the first thing to go through your mind? Where did you most likely get dropped off? What is your first course of action? What are your short and long-term goals now that you've found yourself a denizen of the Warcraft Universe?Aelamdor65 Feb 18, 2015
Feb 18, 2015 Fel Orcs in the Horde? Now there are two types of Fel Orcs. 1. Orcs that are just red skinned. 2. Orcs that are red and have spikes (and other demonic mutations). I remember there is at least one Orc (of the 1st type) guarding the Dark Portal and is apart of the horde. Though I don't remember in Outland, fel orcs joining the Horde. Then again I have not done all the questing on the Horde side on that world. So how did that fel orc join the horde?Jadonie5 Feb 18, 2015
Feb 18, 2015 Will there be any new lore in 6.1? Aside from the last part of the legendary quest, and us killing everything in Blackrock Foundry will there be any lore before 6.2 that anyone knows of? 6.2 could be a year from now for all we know.Threeslotbag35 Feb 18, 2015
Feb 18, 2015 Favorite In-Game Reference WoW is full of pop culture references. Which are your favorites? Which ones would you like to see? My favorite are the three Ogron in Spires of Arak. They have a treasure nearby that includes twelve dwarven rings and a small vest; Hobbit reference. One I wish they would've added was a Saberon The Lion King reference. They have models for all the available main characters already in game, and let's be honest, of all the many references out there already, The Lion King would be one of the most popular and recognized.Vesiana32 Feb 18, 2015
Feb 18, 2015 Questions about DK's lore... So, basically, unless I'm mistaken. I play a malevolent knight who originally was controlled by the lich king? After killing hundreds of innocent npcs, Mograine and the DK crew surrounding him realize they were moppets sent to their death and then that's it? Is that how we simply 'recover' our free will or is there something I missed? Because we've been screwed we suddenly feel bad about what we did and allie ourselves with our former enemies? Wtf? I was expecting something much more theatrical, a super powerful paladin cleansing us of some curse or something... I must've missed something :/Thalion10 Feb 18, 2015
Feb 18, 2015 How come the Kirin Tor... doesn't have more Dwarves, Draenei, Night Elves and Worgen members? We see plenty of High Elves and Gnomes, despite their relatively low population and mind you, I'm aware that its origin is still grounded in the old magocracy of Dalaran. But when you look at organizations like the Cenarion Circle, Trolls and Worgens were brought in almost immediately. I guess what I'm saying is, this is really strange...Mugtha127 Feb 18, 2015
Feb 17, 2015 Is there a problem with Orc and Human lore? There's been enough content in the past few expansions to make me believe poor story/character/faction development isn't a "Horde and Alliance" issue, and more of a "Orcs and Humans" issue. Worgens---however erratic and contradictory their lore might be at the moment---have had development. Taurens, Night Elves, Dwarves, Draenei, Blood Elves, Forsaken-----they've all had their stories pushed in some way or another. But Humans and Orcs seem to be in this weird maelstrom of no lore developments, or developments that make no sense. (Perhaps because there are a lot of Gary Stus and Mary Sues from Blizzard that predominately play Orcs or Humans?) For example, Thrall was a reformist, noble orc that, by the end of WC3, would very well have redeemed the Orc race loyal to him. Yet we see throughout Cataclysm and Pandaria, that all of the Orc stories involve them reverting into their old bloodthirsty ways, murdering their enemies and allies alike because they're all Edgelords, and getting another last minute redemption arc during Siege of Orgrimmar. And then when that's finally done with, and some actual Orc lore that does not involve Orcs being written as Stupid-Evil could happen, we are immediately confronted with an entire expansion dedicated to killing evil orcs, because they're all an army of Edgelords, 2evul4u orc characters. It's like the writers are addicted to !@#$%^, and every time they try to stop and get clean, another dealer comes around and convinces them to try -*!@#$ one last time. And the cycle repeats, just replace "%^-*!@" with "Stupid-Evil orc lore". The humans have the reverse problem-------they're almost always written as Lawful Good, and they're always reactive to problems. The Alliance campaign in the Southern Banners are the exception, not the rule. Every time I look at the human lore, I see character development that never really changes, (Lawful Good bland human character), and with the exception of Jaina and Varian, I can't remember a surviving character (since Blizz had the stupid idea to kill off Admiral Taylor) that has any memorably personality. So while the Orc story suffers from being too contradictory lawful-stupid, the Human story suffers from being to stagnant and reactive. Is anyone else noticing this? It's kinda frustrating.Toraam44 Feb 17, 2015
Feb 17, 2015 Cataclysmic Pandaran Flood? Could someone clear this up? As i traveled all over Pandaria it appears to me that the landscape has experienced a major flood at some time in it's history. For instance: Thunder Island was connected at one point and dread wastes had to extend alot more west for the Klaxxi civilization to last as long as it did. And finally Timeless Island also had to be connected. look at the drop off of land in Krasarang wilds and Valley of the four winds. Is this explained in a book?Nippon3 Feb 17, 2015
Feb 17, 2015 Association of Pandaren and Monks I love both Pandaren and Monks, but I feel as if they are too closely associated. In my opinion, it was a bad decision to introduce a class and race together in an expansion. 90% of present and future Pandaren NPCs and lore figures will most likely be monks and vice versa. The exceptions I can think of are: Some members of the Shado-Pan (not monks) Healing Proving Grounds Party (not monks) Gorgrond Gladiator's Colisseum Draenei/Orc Monk FollowersBrewnbone15 Feb 17, 2015
Feb 17, 2015 True or false statement? "Orcs are more (earth) human than any other Warcraft race"Bronzetooth21 Feb 17, 2015
Feb 17, 2015 6.X, WoD's Final Patch/Next Expansion Intro Farahalon, a mysterious island part of Draenor we all want to see. It's been teased to us since WoD launched, it was included on the initial Blizzcon slides and there's still maps in our garrison that show Farahlon. We know it's there. So what if the Iron Horde never touched Farahlon due to its isolated location from the rest of Draenic society? We know that in the MU the Laughing Skull clan had a settlement here, as did the Draenei so both the Horde and Alliance have reason to come to their aid if attacked. So, in come the Naga. They have been sitting idle for far too long, they sought to control the water sources of Outland in TBC. Well, Draenor has an abundance of water and a strange mushroom effect from the oceans. So here's my proposal. After we defeat the Iron Horde in Tanaan, Grommash is defeated (preferably dead, but whatever), Gul'dan is still alive and kicking and searching for a route to Azeroth. So using wibbly wobbly timey whimey magic he gathered from spies of some sort he contacts Azshara. He promises her glory and dominion over the seas of Azeroth and Draenor in return for her allegiance and her armies. So, another portal of some sort is opened and the Naga invade the seas of Draenor to use as a launching ground for an attack on Farahlon. Spearheading this assault is the Battlemaiden. You all remember her as our avatar for seeing what the Naga were up to while leveling in Vashj'ir during Cataclysm. The reason the Naga and Gul'dan are set upon Farahlon is some titan artifact of sorts that will aid Gul'dan and Azshara in their plans (which we still don't know what Gul'dan is up to). We quest through Farahlon similar to the Isle of Thunder/Krasarang Coast through a series of dailies/progressive story content. This provides a tie in to the next expansion, introduces Farahlon for us to see in Draenor, we finally get to take the fight to the Naga, a loose end from Cataclsym can be tied up with the defeat of the Battlemaiden in Farahlon, and it provides for a great mini patch that actually provides some basis and teases us for expansion 6. I wish I had more details, but it was a random thought I had in class today and I wanted opinions on it. I want Naga, I want Farahlon, and I want actual story content and something to do at max level besides rep grinds and raiding.Lorelaî2 Feb 17, 2015