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Jun 12, 2014 Why does the Iron Horde need a huge navy? It seems like they have put a tremendous amount of resources and effort into making a ton of the Dreadnoughts. They can't take the ships through the portal, and it doesn't seem like the Draenei have any navy, although they do have docks on several cities. Are Ogre navies a major threat? Are the Mechanar, Botanica, and Arcatraz tooling around in the ocean taking pot shots at the Iron Horde? Is the best way to kill a Gronn to fire cannons at it from deep water?Threeslotbag90 Jun 12, 2014
Jun 12, 2014 Draenei Warrior & Paladin Is there any real difference in the way these classes revere the light? I know the paladins use the light as the force but I would suspect the warriors of the draenei are just as deeply affiliated with the naruu and light.Qualkehk61 Jun 12, 2014
Jun 12, 2014 The plague lands Who gets the plague Lands and Stratholme once there back up and alive again ? Only person i can think of who could maybe lay claim to it is Tirion Fordring only cause he use to run the place and hes a hero to ever one but then that would mean he would have to do stuff and plus hes a human who is not Varian. The Alliance seems to be making a push which seems dum as the dont have any safe supple routs in Athari highlands and it sandwiches them between 2 Horde Nations. what are your thoughts ? mine: Would like to see Stratholme up and running again be a neutral trading hub in lore or some thing I am a merchant at heart.Razzputin80 Jun 12, 2014
Jun 11, 2014 Val'kyr Slowly Taking Control of Sylvanas? So I was just reading another thread about the Val'kyr and Sylvanas and it made me think back to her short story. It has been awhile since I read it, but if I remember the Val'kyr don't go too into detail about why they want to voluntarily sacrifice themselves for Sylvanas. I came up with a little theory after reading it, it could be wrong but it is fun to speculate. After the Lich King was dead Sylvanas thought her job was done so she jumped off ICC and was saved by the first most powerful Val'kyr after making that pact. Then she returned to her people with the Val'kyr as a new source of new Forsaken and began war on the Alliance. She disliked the Alliance and she was a jerk somewhat before anyway, but she suddenly was much worse. That is where my theory comes in. What if the Val'kyr are slowly taking over Sylvanas' mind and corrupting her thoughts for their own gain. After the first Val'kyr sacrificed herself she began going down a darker path in Cata. Then after Silverpine's storyline where 3 more sacrifice themselves for her, the next time we saw her was in Andorhal where she acted with less and less emotion and eventually just took Koltira in against all of her own personal morals for the Forsaken. Then maybe perhaps in War Crimes(Spoilers for the rest of this single paragraph), when she started to feel emotions again and love her sister, that caused some their control to be loosened... Until of course she got pissed off and swore to never love again. I am not trying to white wash everything Sylvanas has done and say it's the Val'kyr, I am just saying that maybe she is being influenced by them. It is a fun little theory that popped into my head, and it probably isn't true but speculation is fun :) TL;DR: What if Sylvanas is being taken control of slowly and influenced by each Val'kyr that sacrifices themselves for her.Zetrin25 Jun 11, 2014
Jun 11, 2014 shadow pally? So my question is this: Can a pally learn to use his paladin powers with shadow magic instead of light? I mean if a priest can do it why not a pally? Is it even possible in the warcraft universe?Luigisdruid65 Jun 11, 2014
Jun 11, 2014 The orc clans in WoD So, so far we know the Frostwolf, Blackrock, Shattered Hand, Shadowmoon, Warsong, Thunderlord, and Bleeding Hollow clans will be present in WoD. Also according to WoWheads' datamining the Bonechewer, Burning Blade, and Laughing Skull clans will be there too. But what about the other less fleshed out clans like the Whiteclaw, Redwalker, Bladewind, and Lightnings Blade? There's also no mention (that I know of at least) of the Dragonmaw and Mok'Nathal. So what do you guys think Blizz will do? I hope they include these other clans and flesh em out and give out some new lore although I'm kinda doubtful but it would be cool. What are ya'lls thoughts? would you like to see new lore to the clans? (and please don't say "no because horde bias" or anything of the kind please, lets keep this non-ragey)Cranick29 Jun 11, 2014
Jun 11, 2014 The mysterious final boss of WoD There are a lot of these threads, mostly because it is an awesome subject. So far, these are the big bads of draenor that they could use. Mannoroth/Gul'dan- Most people guess that this will be patch 6.2/6.3. Legion will come after we've finished off the Iron horde. Mumur- At full power, we still wouldn't stand a chance. However, given that elementals slowly increase power and such, we fought him at about 1/100,000th of his power in shadow labyrinth. A mere fraction of his power would still make the sound lord a suitable final raid boss. The old god in Draenor- No one said that old gods had to be limited to Azeroth. This allows us to slay another old god without having to deal with the pantheon of 5 on azeroth. Plus the ARAKKOA summon him, and we've never had an Arakkoa raid before. Could be really awesome. Norzdormu- The bronze dragonflight is slowly corrupting throughout this expansion. If they go with the corrupted time-lines theme, then this would be the sensible final boss. So far, that's all I got. Which ones do you think they'll use??Quorin50 Jun 11, 2014
Jun 9, 2014 Azeroth World Map Heya! I just made an Azeroth map by adding the islands that we could see on the world map over the last expansions. I added another map with interrogation marks maybe some of you guys can help me figure out what are these islands and if you think they might come back one day as full zones. And that red spot is where I think the Darkmoon Island is, based on the forest that looks like Gilneas maybe or the rest of the zones of Northern Lordaeron. :DScratchi12 Jun 9, 2014
Jun 9, 2014 Notes from the Beta(Totally not the Alpha) #2 ... Anduin got to himRenrashin52 Jun 9, 2014
Jun 9, 2014 The Reclaiming of Gilneas, among other things Greetings everyone, I decided to make a thread detailing my thoughts and opinions on what could happen next expansion. With the possibilities of there being a inkling of information at Blizzcon(Entirely speculation. I somewhat doubt that myself.), it could be interesting to see where the Blizzard Team will take us next! Personally I feel that now is the time to give the Trolls and Gnomes their own cities. I feel this can be best expressed though scenarios, specifically ones released before the next expansion. They could be like the Theramore Scenario, which is quite wonderful, in the fact they appear shortly before next expansion hits. It could give us a taste of what is to come, and what perhaps will be expected. Gnomes would obviously reclaim their beloved Gnomergon. I see it going down as we infiltrate the city with High Tinker Mekkatorque spearheading the attack. We go throughout it, killing troggs and any infected gnome citizens, along with their machines. We could implement some defense systems along the way. The final battle will be a battle with Thermaplugg. Once he is defeated, the gnomes can cleanse Gnomergon so to speak. They can use some sort of cleansing device to get rid of the radiation, and take back their city once and for all. We get rid of a dungeon most don't like and add a neat scenario and a city. That's a plus on all sides to me. The trolls are a more interesting case. I think they could potentially take root in Zul'Gurub. I think with Vol'jin becoming the warchief some of the jungle trolls would attempt some sort of diplomacy towards him, while others don't want to collaborate with him. The diplomacy is reached due to Vol'Jin seeing this area as a possible place to gain ground against the alliance. They can have a zone that's much closer towards the alliance and give possible grounds for war. The scenario I have in mind would be that Vol'jin takes fight towards the Jungle trolls within Stranglethron, and officially takes over Zul'Gurub in the process. (Again taking out a dungeon in this process, but not many really like Zul'Gurub to begin with.) Both races would have a much needed city, and the factions would open up to more realms of possibilities. Vol'jin can even rule from there, whilst the new orc leader takes up mantle in Orgrimmar. I also believe it's high time Gilneas became it's own nation once again. They can still remain part of the alliance, but have their city back. They need this city, and Genn would definitely be fighting for it lore-wise. The opposite of what he is doing right now, which is sitting in Stormwind playing second fiddle to Varian.(If you can even say he's doing that.) The goblins can also get their own city, so to speak. They can build a giant floating boat (The names of these escape me). They can get their own capital city that amounts to something, unlike Galywix's Pleasure Palace. The City can be built by the Goblins and can be used for their leisure, but one that could also defend itself ,should it come to that. I also think that with the reclaiming of Gilneas we could also use it as sort of base to take the fight to the Naga for Kul'Trias. (I am expecting a South Seas themed Expansion.) Jaina could turn her anger towards there and reclaim the islands surrounding it, and then move towards the mainland island of Kul'Trias. New Class: I also think this expansion would be the perfect time to Introduce Tinkers. With Goblins building a giant boat city, and Gnomes retaking Gnomergon, I think it's the perfect time to introduce a hero class based upon the Tinkers. They are the last remaining hero class from WC3 that has yet to be introduced.(If my memory serves me correctly.) They can hone their skills and even take in some of the other races under their wings to teach them the Tinker ways. I think Gnomes, Humans, Dwarves and Draenei for the alliance. Goblins, Forsaken, Blood Elves, and orcs(Really don't know a third race to implement here.) for the horde. They would fit well into the story aspect and thus be a great addition to the game. I also think that we could take the fight to the sea-dwelling creatures within this(Hopefully) south Seas expansion. *Side note, South Sea Pirates on Timeless isle I thought could be a indicator of this.*We can explore new, different areas of Azeroth and perhaps even meet a few new creatures, more friends, and have more adventures along the way. I think a South Seas Expansion would be worthy to be added next while the Horde and Alliance recover from their wars. They could focus on gaining new territory and subsequently have some skirmishes here and there, but nothing too major. It won't the full-scale war that was seen within Mists of Pandaria and parts of Cataclysm.Xanleth36 Jun 9, 2014
Jun 9, 2014 My current shtick with Warcraft I've been thinking a lot about this question, and it's sort of breaking the game's lore for me on many levels. Why do knights, archers and footmen still exist if there are tanks, air ships, machine guns and the equivalent of a nuke present already? By all rights the Stormwind Military should be entirely composed of tanks, airships, riflemen, machine gunners, laser gunners and other advanced technologies. Or at least rearming itself. The knights, men in plate armor and archers in real life faded from the world when muskets and later cannons were invented. The plate did nothing to stop bullets and new tactics for arming soldiers were required. But in this universe somehow we have tanks, planes, nukes and other highly advanced technologies and still the predominant method of warfare is melee combat with blade, axes and the like, with men/women in plate armor. I understand it's a fantasy universe, but I prefer my fantasy to be at least slightly plausible. I would be alright with swordsmen/archers and the like being completely phased out, with warlocks/mages/priests still around because magic's power is near infinite and has many applications, even with technology advancing. In fact, it can help technology advance and be integrated into it. That would be fine. That would actually be pretty cool. But that's not how it is, and will never be unless there is a WoW 2. So is there some justification as to why this universe is like this? Why people still use swords and melee weapons when other, far more effective killing devices exist? Is the armor in this universe just incredibly durable, standing up to machine guns, lasers and other devices like that? Should I just assume the entirety of Stormwind's military is equipped with enchanted, super durable plate, whose metals come from.. somewhere? And somehow the only way of defeating it is with swords, since bullets are ineffective? Halp. Minor edit: Using Stormwind as the example because they're the best example, but the same goes for all the factions.Fielton25 Jun 9, 2014
Jun 9, 2014 Notes from the beta (potential spoilers) It's started, people are streaming, others are noting things down. At the moment only Frostfire Ridge is available. Lore -Khadgar is "Thrall neutral"; he's Alliance-aligned but working with the Horde out of necessity. -You start at the Garrison right away. Familiar faces there include Rokhan, Saurfang, and Gazlowe. -Draenor's elementals don't respond to Thrall as well as Azeroth's do, so he's not super OP. He sits out a bit on the Bladespire Citadel fight because calling up a tornado exhausted him. -Thrall calls you "Commander." -The "agronn" model is called an Ogron. The "lesser gronn" model is a Gronnling. -After capturing Bladespire Citadel (the Horde's main city), the Thunderlord clan attacks the Frostwolf's town, Wor'gol. -The new tauren character is named Olin Umberhide. -According to Lady Liadrin, Ga'nar (Durotan's brother) was their navigator from Tanaan to Frostfire. She hopes "his combat skills are better than his navigational skills" as he crashed their ship. -Draenor chimeras are called "rylaks." -Drek'Thar has been "scarred" by the Warlocks and can't hear the spirits. -Familiar Shadow Council names: Grandmaster Vorpil, Blackheart the Inciter, Razuun, Giselda the Beautiful (Giselda the Crone), Jugkar Grim'rod, Tagar Spinebreaker. -There's a bunch of Infinite Dragonflight NPCs, but interestingly enough no Kairoz or Wrathion. As for good dragons, there's Chromie, Tick and Chronalis from Tanaris, Brazen from Old Hillsbrad, and interestingly Koristrasza from Razorfen Downs. -Anzu's showing up, and is using his BC model. BC told us that "the raven was struck down once for flying too high, unready. The eons have prepared the Dark Watcher for its ascent, to draw the dark cloak across the horizon." Maybe at some point he'll "ascend" and get the Dread Raven model. -Sethe, who I'm pretty sure is the Draenor Old God, is listed as Undead instead of Aberration. His model (probably PH) is a skeletal wind serpent like the Avatar of Hakkar or Tharon'ja. -The ogron were wiped out in the MU by the Horde. -The Laughing Skull clan wears masks. They also collect the skulls of their dead and decide which to keep and honor, and which to get rid of. Game -Mounts are getting minor lore stuff like pets have. -Shaman Ghost Wolf has been updated with the new wolf model. -Garrison missions you send followers on cost Material, the same resource used for building stuff in the Garrison. Material can drop from mobs and also builds up over time. -Targeted NPCs now have a colored outline in addition to the circle under them. I don't like it personally. Example: -It looks like you can't mount in Bladespire, even in the outdoors parts. That may not be intentional. -If you can't ride a mount (like a flying one in a no-fly zone), its icon is red on the mount page. -The 10th Anniversary prize seems to be a baby Hogger pet.Reignac499 Jun 9, 2014
Jun 9, 2014 Lore clarification So I just came back to WoW (I quit before the release of Throne of Thunder) and I have been reading all about the lore that I have missed along with lore of the upcoming expansion. The one thing that has me confused now is why would the Paragons kill their Queen who was under control of the Old God they worship?Setback6 Jun 9, 2014
Jun 9, 2014 Blood Elf and Draenei Starting Zones I think it is obvious that Blizzard doesn't want to update either of these. They are in sore need of an update to reflect current lore. It could be that Blizzard also doesn't know what to do with them. I myself am also at a loss. I've only done the Draenei zones once, but I've done the Blood Elf zones many, many times on many alts (In quiet contemplation, Koryn mourns the deletion of his Sin'dorei Warblade in BC). Are all the threats in the Draenei zones taken care of? I can't remember. The Scourge seems to still be up and running in the Ghostlands as of War Crimes. Dar'Khan Drathir has been killed for the fourth time by Blood Elven adventurers, but is described as more of a Lich than an elf, and Lich have phylacteries. These phylacteries act like Horcruxes from Harry Potter. Dar'Khan could still be around. What do you people think Blizzard could do with the Draenei and Blood Elf zones, if they found the time and resources to update them without "giving up a raid tier?"Koryn58 Jun 9, 2014
Jun 9, 2014 The whole point of Worgen... Carried over from... ... Because you are making up assumptions about what that entails. To me, it entails an amoral monster race that hasn't completely lost their Gilnean sensibilities, yet isn't far from being anything less than absolutely unscrupulous to their foes, be they Horde or other enemies. Not only that, but I would like them to be one of the more alchemy-inclined Alliance races and there's plenty of precedent for that since they actually have royal chemists. So essentially an anti-heroic monster race with savage and scientific capabilities to put a fresher spin on the werewolf trope. ... Honestly, Gilneas had some Worgen but when you really think about it, it was entirely a Gilnean human zone. I don't really complain about it much though since it was better than not questing through Gilneas at all. ... In your opinion at least. To me it would be interesting to see certain Worgen cling to their humanity, whereas we see others dabble in the darker aspects of it. You know... some diversity ... I am not upset, do you think maybe we can carry this without you trying to insult me or exaggerate my position? Because that seems to be what spurs my dislike of you.Grimroar6 Jun 9, 2014
Jun 9, 2014 So Undead CAN become living again....,_Ras_Frostwhisper That's.....interesting.Vanargyros20 Jun 9, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 Lore of Warcraft Machinima - MUST SEE This guy is awesome. With the use of a private realm, he made a machinima of all of Warcraft 3, and he is up to the third chapter of the Night Elf campaign of Frozen Throne. They are very well done, and deserve so many more views than they have at this point. Each individual chapter is usually 7-10 minutes long. He is great at adding little snippets of lore that didn't occur in Warcraft 3, but were added into it during the course of WoW, like Uther being buried in his tomb, built by the Scarlet Crusade under orders from the Ashbringer (while not entirely accurate lorewise, it is still really cool). He does great fight scenes, and one of my favorite chapters is the one where Arthas fights his way through three paladins to get to Uther. Another great one or group of great ones are the Quel'Thalas invasion. They are a wonderful way to experience the lore of Warcraft 3 if you aren't in the mood to play it or don't have a lot of extra money to buy it. He has hit a snag with the loss of the realm that a person was letting him use. The process has since screeched to a halt. I promise you that it is well worth the watch. We need to spread the word and show him how awesome his stuff is so that he might start back up if he gets a realm. Share this with friends that don't mind being nerdy. Link to it if someone asks what the story of Warcraft 3 is. It is a great way to show them in a familiar manner to WoW. Koryn whispers: And if anyone has a private realm, they should contact him and ask if he would like to use it.Koryn14 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 Help me, Professors of the Story Forums! I hail from good old Wyrmrest Accord and I've discovered an irritating trend within my choices in character: I gravitate toward the human male almost every time. I'm not sure why this is; maybe because I'm lazy? Either way, I want to get more diverse in my class/race selections, instead of taking the easy way out. How to go about it? Do you have any suggestions for concepts that aren't just generic humans?Ironfield19 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 Stormwind being repair in 6.0 @mumper Does Stormwind stand even a little chance of being fixed within the next 2 years.? @Vigilate_MW We hope to get to it during 6.0. If we end up getting a Gilnean/Drenaei or just a general Kalimdor District I will be a happy Alliance.Zerde157 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 What should garona look like? She was pretty messed up by magic from the moment she was born. Do we have any other half-orc half-draenei characters in the story or game? In comics/fan-art she looks like a green high elf with short ears and normal eyebrows. In the game she has a generic female orc model.Uriél15 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 what was the duskwood story i did not complete all of this zone, so i did not get to see all of the story. what was it?Annanton3 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 Lore items in WoD I want to know what kinds of weapons and armor and stuff we can be expecting as legendaries in WoD. I've been looking around the internet and found a very interesting orc by the name of Broxigar and his wooden axe that killed thousands of demons and even wounded Sargaras. Wouldn't that be a nice legendary? what kinds of items do you think?Nôtworried22 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 Why was Anduin on the Boat? I mean, couldn't he just have a mage port him to wherever he was going? It's not like he was supposed to be going into battle or anything. All of MoP could have been avoided if mages weren't lazy.Lena115 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 Cult of the Damned So, with the Death of Arthas the scourge splintered into many factions: the vast majority of the Mindless Undead were bound by Bolvar, the Forsaken recruited many, the Knights of Acherus, and many rogue intelligent undead fled with whatever forces they could wrest control of. Then there is the Cult of the Damned. This is probably the strongest scourge splinter faction, having not only the largest number of necromancers, liches (Lichi?), and hostile Death Knights in their ranks, but also may actively recruit and train new necromancers and Death Knights, replenishing their ranks. In MoP, blizzard says they will redo Scholomance (and hopefully Stratholm in the future) as a Heroic Instance, hopefully updating the lore. But can the Cult of the damned really be a threat to azeroth anymore? They are a shadow of their former power without Arthas and the Scourge proper to assist them. They have no means to raise meaningful number of undead to serve them, nor any godlike being to exert control over those legions. Instead, they can only raise mindless undead to the extent of their power like any mortal creature, which would be a handful compared to the past. On top of that, they Have the Argent Crusade, The Forsaken (And by extension the Horde), the Alliance, and the Knights of Acherus breathing down their necks, and their holdings are rapidly dwindling. My theory is that the Cult of the Damned will turn to the Burning Legion again, serving them again as agents of the Legions, just like the scourge before the Destruction of Dalaran, and without an "overmind" to have complete authority over the undead, the Cult will have no centralized power that could rival and perhaps wrestle power from whatever demonic overseers the Legion sends to control them. Thoughts?Arieus34 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 Why does the Turalyon statue have long hair? I'm talking about the big one right in front of Stormwind. I know it's just hair, but why? He's always been shown with a short hair cut, so why did the sculptors decide to give him long hair for the statue? Is it just for image reasons or is there something that we don't know yet that has been planned since the statue was designed? Maybe someone HAS seen him (through a vision possibly?) and had the sculptors sculpt him that way and covering the actual truth up with the lousy excuse of image reasons.Kyalis15 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 RP IC Question for Warlocks I was wondering for RP IC purpose, since warlocks CAN use swords, would they be able to know how to fight with a sword and actually be good? Instead of just flailing it around while casting a spell? And by actually being good, I mean standing up to a paladin or a death knight.Árimm25 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 Sunreaver Anima. So what ever happened to it? Was it ever mentioned again? Didn't the Alliance get a staff instead and was that ever mentioned again? Sorta seems like they should of been a bigger deal.Makkizz73 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 7, 2014 WoD Storyline Question Is it just me, or does this new expansion set up a dangerous Alliance-centered storyline where King Varian realizes that he can act to prevent the Horde invasion of Azeroth itself and potentially save both Stormwind and his father? Or perhaps he deploys the SI:7 to kill Garona Halforcen and save his father? Or he might not, and Blizzard will focus primarily on the actions of the Iron Horde. Is this the proper forum to posit a question like this? If not, I apologize.Airpanda16 Jun 7, 2014
Jun 7, 2014 Can Azuremyst be considered its own Kingdom? A Draenei Kingdom (or whatever they would call it)? or at this point, is it still just "the place where The Exodar crashed"? do you consider the Draenei to be a sovereign nation now, or are they still just wayward visitors?Korlen12 Jun 7, 2014
Jun 7, 2014 Goblin Classes and their Lore Hello! I have a few Goblin questions regarding the classes they can be: How are Goblins able to be Shaman? How are Goblins able to be Priests and what's Holy to them? Money? Why would a Goblin choose to be a Hunter or any type of a military class for the Horde at all? If Demon Hunters ever come (please Blizzard), why would they become one? I thought the Goblin player knocked Gallywix off his throne(?) at the end of the Goblin starting area with the player as the leader, how come Gallywix is still Trade Prince? I probably missed something huge lol, but... Thank you!Vardrid10 Jun 7, 2014
Jun 7, 2014 What do we want for WoD. Unfortunately, I have a really bad feelin' about Blizz's fiendish plans. It all started when I saw "shattrath raid" marked on the concept map. This is how I be seein' it play out. Horde: Yay!!! Frostwolves so invincible in Bladespire fortress. A frost wolf never died.... ever... Go horde!!!! Alliance: Dranei DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE....... There is nothin' you can do about it. As far as the Shattrath raid goes, we either A: (good scenario.) Defend the walls of Shattrath so that tons of dranei do not die (which is depressing.) or B: (bad scenario.) Raid through and Iron Horde occupied shattrath so it is more "immersive" and look at the corpses of tons of dranei. I am on the "I-am-sick-of-orcs. Lets-do-a-dranei-expansion-please." wagon. The only thing that would make me even possibly accept scenario B is if the frostwolves, including Durotan, died too. That would make things more even, but wait. Blizz can't do that. Durotan needs to live. I know! Let's kill the dranei off. They are not only expendable; they are alliance. You "can't defy the highways of time" (That is exactly what we are doing with this expansion.) So.... make life rougher for the frostwolves..... Killing off our newest members of the alliance is not a morale boosting plan.Quorin24 Jun 7, 2014
Jun 7, 2014 Lore update please! Alright so I've been out of the loop, will anyone care to update me on the lore during MoP? I mean all the important things that happened, like Yogg-saron, faction relations, etc. Just anything that's note worthy!Cranick33 Jun 7, 2014
Jun 7, 2014 Orcish Redemption So, yeah, this is being brought up. Yes, I play an Orc. Yes, I like Orcs. No, I don't like what they did, nor do I believe they're excused from it. I can completely understand the Human's and most other Alliance race's logic behind hating the Orcs. Getting drunk and running over a few dozen children while drunk driving, then sobering up and blaming the alcohol only after you escaped the cops and moved to another country isn't right. (credit goes to Jere for the analogy.) But now I'm curious... Since I know not every Orc would agree to this, I'm just going to use my character. Cannibal is an old, peace-loving Shaman. He participated in every Orcish war there was (excluding the Blood River War) and he isn't necessarily proud of it. Recently, let's say he's started a journey to try and make amends and atone for the pain he caused. How would Humans want him to do that? Can an Orc that's done so much evil make up for what he's done? Would some sort of community service be accepted as atonement? I'm just curious if speaking from the perspective of other races if there's some way he can atone. Maybe something different from each race?Canniibal81 Jun 7, 2014
Jun 7, 2014 "A Night Elf Missing" 4 expansions later Maiev Shadowsong my personal favorite hero class in "The Frozen Throne" After the battle with Illidan StormRage atop Black Temple, She is left to wounder Shadowmoon Vally and Akama is garding her prison, we will almost be 4 expansions later and she is sill there, Can't she return back to where she belongs. A Maiev and Taranda reunion to cast old hatreds aside and aid the Night Elfs.Jalenza48 Jun 7, 2014
Jun 7, 2014 Guess who's back? So shortly after blizzcon, my gaming-capable laptop died on me. Figuring I was in the last semester of my college career, I ended my Warcraft subscription until I graduated and had a computer that could play the game again.<br/><br/>Well now I can. I've re-upped my subscription and I'm ready to dive head-first into WoD's lore once more. What're you guys arguing over these days? Do you still hate the Forsaken?Omacron24 Jun 7, 2014
Jun 7, 2014 What is good about the WoW Story? What parts/aspects/characters/places do you enjoy, in regards to Story? what would you consider to be "must experience" story-based content for a new player? or is all of it basically crap?Korlen18 Jun 7, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 Azeroth Choppers - And why it matters So, I learned something today. Apparently Arizona is a hotbed of pro-Alliance sentiment. Or it was just selected in that odd graphic to represent us. But anyway, the results are in, and the results were predictable. Who won? The Horde won, of course. I've maintained from the beginning that this was never about the bikes, but that it was a popularity contest between the Alliance and the Horde. The vast majority of the comments on the final episode page appear to concur with this assessment, so I would say that this issue deserves some discussion. Many of us are familiar with the BG situation. The Horde complains endlessly (and rightfully so) about long queue times, and many will take to the BG forum to advocate for same-faction BGs to ease them. You will find virtually no Alliance players calling for the same because it is generally understood that more Horde are queuing for PVP than Alliance. MMO Champion posted numbers back in January which found that apart from AV and Isle of Conquest, which most Horde players blacklist, the Horde wins random battlegrounds by at least a ten point spread, with exception given to Warsong Gulch. (Note: I am aware of the study's limitations and I do not consider them strong enough to invalidate the result) Walk into a random battleground and its clear to see why. These are usually contests between the more prepared, better geared faction, and the chaff of undergeared Alliance players who are three losses away from quitting and rerolling, interspersed by one or two dedicated individuals who have to readjust to learning how to play with a team which evaporates around them. This is a function of effort, it is a function of incentive to put that effort in. This is a function of pride. I know, Blizzard has had this eternal problem with pride, but that doesn't make it not a human emotion that drives decisions such as "which faction should win this contest?" Trying to bludgeon the Horde with shame also didn't work, it made them upset, and it made the Alliance upset. It's like an insurance policy which sends a mafia bruiser to the home of the person who struck your car to bash their windows in. Your car remains a heap of scrap, and the same can be true of the Aliance's characters, its quests, its purpose in the game, its themes, and its overall brand. Some are claiming that the vote was rigged - I'm not one of them. I believe firmly that the vote was legitimate and that the result was a much-needed metric to measure relative pride. Now the time has come for Blizzard to act on it.Kyalin101 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 How much older is Khadgar compared to Jaina? The timeline confuses me a bit, and I see an experience vs raw power debate between the mages a lot...but how much older is Khadgar really? The timeline + being aged makes it a little confusing for me.Ripslash31 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Why "High King" Varian? So, apparently Varian isn't going to be supreme ruler of the Alliance. If that's true, why use the title "High King"? ... Because that's what a High King is, unless we decide that it needs a new definition. Why not "Supreme Allied Commander" to succeed Lothar and Turalyn or "High [Military rank]" if Metzen doesn't want to replace him since he might be coming back? Why use something that by established definitions would make him a Blue Warchief? This is just...frustrating.Lilendae57 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Dark/Iron Horde portal-thing Okay.. so.. currently in lore the dark portal is still open but when Garrosh goes into the alternate timeline he uses the Dark Portal to do it ( I know the devs said that access to Outland would be in the Caverns of Time or something like that ) but lore wise wouldn't that cut off Azeroths connection to Outland since the Caverns of Time connection is just a game mechanic and the Dark Portal is now connected to Draenor instead of Outland??Cranick19 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 The power of the Nine Valkyr So if the 9 Valkyr can somehow ress Sylvannas by sacrificing their lives. Why did they not do it to Arthas?Renrashin36 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Was TBC good lore-wise? So I realized I don't know what to make of that expansion, on the one hand, it felt like a lot of really cool characters and compelling ideas came up, but on the other hand it feels like a lot of it was surface level and if you look closely there were a dozen highly confusing ideas or butchered characters amidst everything. On the pro side, I felt like there were a number of unique takes on typical fantasy conventions. Elves were resurrected as a race but turned into uncontrolled mana addict/narcissists. Illidan made his return appearance (I was a fan in WC3). The bloodthirsty orcs were shown to have a non-violent earthy connection to the universe (Also continuing a theme from WC3). The broken, the Black Temple, the blood knights; it just felt like a lot of zany and unique storytelling amidst the sea of generic fantasy story-telling. On the negative side, did any of those things actually materialize beyond the promise of this kind of excitement? I never understood why Illidian, Kael'Thas, and Vashj all were suddenly made into enemies. I never really saw the blood elves develop beyond their initial premise and starting zone, and so on. Anyway, I enjoyed it when I played it, but I haven't really delved deep into the lore behind it and I'm willing to bet someone in the story forum has and can describe this expansion better than I can...Trinias42 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 Bubble City? In Shattrath, A'dal is floating above a glass hemisphere which covers a city. What city?Dhallben3 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 5, 2014 Zandalari Trolls So during Cata the Zandalari look like the other jungle trolls, small and lanky but then during mists its like they fell into a bucket of radiation. did they change due to lore reasons or just to show off a new model? even if it is just a game mechanic it still really bothers me >.<Cranick9 Jun 5, 2014
Jun 5, 2014 . wrong forumCarrie3 Jun 5, 2014
Jun 5, 2014 I see a serious flaw with Wratharion's plan So with Wratharion helping Garrosh escape so that he can build an army to fight the legion by creating the Iron Horde over in AU Draenor I realized something. The Legion also exists in AU Draenor, though it doesn't have as strong of foothold on Draenor as MU it is invading. Wouldn't it be a bad idea for the Legion of the MU and AU to combine? What's to stop them from going through the magical dimension portal we're opening up? If you think about it opening up this portal means we'll have to deal with two burning legions, which kinda makes protecting Azeroth even harder. I dunno maybe I'm off base, just seems like a bad idea.Bachì33 Jun 5, 2014
Jun 5, 2014 Alpha live feed of Warlords of Draenor! Watch this but beware SPOILERS! Already interesting and deserving of watching for any lore hound.Velen0 Jun 5, 2014
Jun 5, 2014 Is Tirion the worst Paladin in WoW? His first real act in his backstory was to assault Alliance soldiers who were apprehending an Orc of the Second War so he could stand trial. Why? The orc saved him once when they were fighting long after the War that said orc took part in. Even though lawfully the Orc should have stood trial and likely been sent to the internment camps and not executed, especially if Tirion vouched for his imprisonment and not execution. Instead he gets exiled and doesn't do much until his son is killed by Scarlet Crusade politics and makes a vow... Too long have I sat idle, gripped in this haze... this malaise, lamenting what could have been... what should have been. Your death will not have been in vain, Taelan. A new Order is born on this Order which will dedicate itself to extinguishing the evil that plagues this world. An evil that cannot hide behind politics and pleasantries. This I promise...This I vow... Remember that because that part is important. So Wrath comes along and things are going smoothly, when they really should be a nightmare, the Scourge were complete pushovers that whole time. And once we get to Blue Mordor things start to get questionable. It is understandable that Tirion doesn't want to fire on his own captured soldiers (Most captured troops are being held in webbing in an outpost out of sight and are Scourged by the time the Crusade gets there in force) but this allowed the Scourge to attack his position with impunity. Had it not been for his magical IWIN cannons of Deus Ex Machina we wouldn't have been able to circle around the Blue Gates of Morcrown. Then he organized the Tournament, the single pinnacle achievement in his acts of blazing stupidity. The tourney was supposed to be in Crystalsong but due to lag issues it was moved to Icy Mordor so we won't fault him for that. Instead let's fault him for organizing an arena where the best of the best of Azeroth would gather and kill each other right on the doorstep of the strongest Necromancer in the world, because aparently Tirion can't or will not raise the fallen given his dialogue. Then they send out tiny groups to assault the Citadel itself on horses....because I guess Arthas didn't mind. Then in the end he just zerg rushes the Citadel with what looked like a few hundred troops in the cinematic.....which made the entire tournament a waste of life and resources. Then we get the lovely debacle during the final fight against Arthas when we are killed by a lazy writing habit of giving powerful enemies easy one hit kills with no save to establish a big bad because its easier, only to be saved by a convenient plot device fit for an episode of DBZ. Now Tirion sits in Hearthglen, Ashbringer collects dust, and the Forsaken act like Scourge. Because I guess evil CAN "hide behind politics and pleasantries." Heck I just want him to waltz up to the Valkyr and blast them all to nothingness, look at Sylvanas and say "Don't try that again". Not eradicate the Forsaken, we need are unambiguous bad guys that we can eradicate by the hundreds with prejudice and not have a single moral quandary over. But hey isn't that sword cool.Vanargyros299 Jun 5, 2014
Jun 5, 2014 Is Trisfal driving Sylvanis mad? So was talking in another thread about options for the high elves when they got to the eastern kingdoms and got into why they couldn't stay in Trisfal. It was because something in the area was driving high elves mad, and yet humans can stay in the area just fine. Now, Sylvanis is undead, but before that she was a high elf. She also went back to Quel'thalas and got her original high elf body back so physically she is still a high elf. Now, lets say that whatever causes this madness does not do so to humans but will to elves, which might mean that Sylvanis's original body would be vulnerable to it. It might explain some of her current actions.Sparks53 Jun 5, 2014
Jun 5, 2014 Game over I'm sure there will be plenty of people who disagree but I'm still going to say it because the other option is to just say nothing. I'm done, game over. Most people quit cuz you butcher their classes. Some because you made the game too hard and they can't handle having to use more than 4 spells, or not stand in the same place for an entire encounter. I love game theory. No matter how you abuse my class or introduce unfair mechanics, I just see it as a challenge. I'm quitting because this is not the adventure I signed up for. I will not pay for WoD. I would not even take it for free. I could go into a long explanation of how I remember installing Orcs vs Humans in 1994 but I couldn't get the &*$#@*! mouse to work at first. Or how much I loved exploration during the great levitation glitch.Or even how I almost teared up when A'dal carried Bridenbrad away. Needless to say after a while the lore started to matter to me. SInce the end of WOLK you have played fast and furious with the lore. Bending it to whatever misguided means you saw fit (i.e. stealing ideas from an animated Jack Black vehicle). To the point I can abide no longer. I have waited long for The Dream. Since you can not provide I will not continue to pay. There are far more important things going on in Azeroth than your non cannon alternate histories. Don't take this as malicious. I appreciated the experiences I had, and wish you well in future endeavors. But you can't have any more of my money.Sveed21 Jun 5, 2014