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Sep 27, 2014 Meanwhile, in Orgrimmar... Messenger: "Warchief, we have reports that the Old Horde is invading Azeroth! Our base in the Blasted Lands has fallen, and the Ogres are gone over to them. Grom Hellsream from the past leads them!" Vol'jin: "...da fu-? I did not see dat comin'. Stupid loa." Messenger: "There's more, sir. Thrall is on his way. He says he wants to give you a sympathetic and rousing account of our foes before finishing with an intimate story about himself, so you will be inspired to declare war! He says you need to keep it together and not dwell on the past!" Vol'jin: "Dwell on de what, now?" Messenger: "You know - obsess about past losses so that you become paralyzed and unable to act!" Vol'jin: " Nope, dat not gonna be necessary. Tell Thrall thanks and all, but I got this. I'm...uh...sure his inspirational stories woulda been great, though." Messenger: "But Warchief, the Narrative demands..." Vol'jin: "We good. New New New Horde (tm) gotta fight de Old Horde. Got it. Spread de word and, uh, offer de usual trinkets to de mercenaries."Carmageddon12 Sep 27, 2014
Sep 27, 2014 Lords of War 5: Maraad Oh it's up folks. Get hyped as we hear the tale of Maraad, Vindicator of the Draenei.Imperialis3 Sep 27, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 Blood Elf, to Celestial Elf Mutation ? So, Trolls Touch the Moon well, they become Night Elves, the Night elves touch the Sunwell, and they become High Elves, (something happned they also became the Naga) High Elves touch Demons they become Blood Elves, now that your Updating the Game designs, and you decided not to Touch the Blood Elves this Patch, I had a Idea! The Alliance Wants High Elves on there Team, but if doesn't make sense to have em on the Horde screams 100's of people (i'm not one of those People) so I'm thinking why not satisfy them ? here's The Idea. at the End of the B.C Expansion The elves bound to a New source of Magic, Holy. it was said over time it would Possibly remove our Taint (so like a Flag Capture after we become Normal Elves again, we should begin to Mutate as we continue to Use that Well. I think this could be a Unique time to Make World of Warcrafts first flying Race, turn the Elves into Winged Creature with a power Balance between Holy and Unholy Magic, having Now Drawn from Arcane/holy/Daemon/nature/Old God-Elemental) aspects and absorbed the properties of each Elemental into their own bodies. I vote for a Permanent Mutation. (I personally like the Animation effects in Diablo 3 for Wings) Upon seeing this Fowl Transformation upon there people, the Few who bound to the Well Later then Others Break apart to Reclaim there Lost Arcane Magic with the Deserters of this new age, so I propose you Have them succeed and Join the Alliance, they would no doubt want to Retake there old Home, so you could make there new one close bye I'm thinking that Unmarked landmass (where I presume an Old God) is Lying beneath the Land near the Western Plaguelands. Then you could have a Unique Quest line between the High Elves/Blood Elves kind of like the Death knights where they have to Decide to allow the Mutation to Take place and become Celestial Elves, or Retreat to the Old ways and join the Alliance. (of course make the Mutation Look Uniquely Different but Humanoid, with the Beauty that Elves hold.) the Raid/scenario/dungeon for the New well, could take place in the Ruins of Dalaran, where the Elves take samples of the Arcane Energy there back to there new City to Spark the wells creation.Myriadeis3 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 Burning Legion In Warlords of Draenor It looks to me like the burning legion might be making an appearing in the next wow expansion. I'm going to recap briefly. So far, we know: 1 .Wrathion expects a Legion invasion 2 .Garrosh has gone back in time and is preparing an army to invade Azeroth 3 .Gul'dan will appear in the expansion, is leading the Stormreavers (who are fell orcs.) 4. Garrosh wil be featured in a raid/dungeon, but is not the end boss. Some one else is pulling the strings in some way. Given this information, I was intrigued when I read the short bio on Gul'dan on the official WoD website ... I want to focus on one line in particular. ... Lets go over the facts. A powerful army of orcs has been assembled for the invasion of Azeroth. A powerful warlock, who in our timeline, was the founder of the Orcish Horde, seeks to corrupt them with the power of the burning legion, who's invasion of the same place is expected. Meanwhile, an unknown being is overseeing the entire thing. Let me know what you think.Walrusbeef12 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 northrend story Can I have a summary of what happens at northrend? what happend in each zone? Wrath of the lich king.Alyeth3 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 Regenerating the Vale: An idea Earlier this week, I was combing the desert of Uldum to locate those tiny little camel figurines. As I flew over the Cradle Of Ancients, I remembered that it was a barren area at first and now was teeming with all sorts of plant-life. That's when it hit me... why can't we move the Coffer of Promise to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms to restore it to its original beauty? After all, it's now right next door to one of the Titans' original biosphere laboratories, Un'goro Crater, so why not move it to the one that now is devoid of water and original vegetation?Felinia14 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 Will Arator ever do anything He has been chilling in outland for some time now..Qualkehk5 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 ''He fights like Hellscream'' It's not hard to spot blatantly overdramatic writing. In fact that was just bad. But seriously. Since when does Grommash fight on his back with both hands shackled? kinky...Vendetta8 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 How will Thrall react when he sees Grom? Just what the title says. Will he try to bring grom to justice, just like how he tried to convince Garrosh to end the bloodshed in orgrimmar? Will he be to sad/whatever because he has not seen his best friend since he died? What if he tried to be friends with grom again, but Grom became a huge jerk and basically shunned thrall. That would be HORRIBLE!(Since thrall wasn't even alive at this time) What do you think?Tlacotl27 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 Do you prefer bad lore or no lore? For your favorite race, would you prefer they are given no lore, or lots of lore that makes them look bad or changes them in unexpected ways? For example, in WoD there were files datamined that the Worgen curse was making them sick and killing them. Genn has been AFK recently because he's been on his deathbed dying of Worgenism. This questionable Worgen lore update has apparently been removed, but no Worgen content has replaced it. Another example would be the how the Forsaken got tons of lore in Cata, but went from cornered pragmatists who loved free will to mustache twirling aggressors who want to mind control everyone. As a WC3 NE fan, I wasn't enthused by them being neutered for WOW, but since then they haven't been abused too much. I'm quite happy with their town and role in WoD so far.Threeslotbag51 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 Taylor is undead? I thought he just died. He is not going to be forsaken?Qualkehk47 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 Garrosh ''Hatemagnet'' Hellscream My god, everything Blizzard does from MoP onward with this character is only to try to make the PC hate him even more. It's repugnant, especially considering how much they've twisted and broken the character to do so. ''Whatchu talkin' bout Delurk'' some may ask. Well, let's take a look. In Catacylsm, Garrosh admires and respects the tauren as bold, strong, proud warriors of the Horde. Additionally, he uses every race of the Horde in his wars. In MoP In Catacylsm, Garrosh hated warlocks and refused to use them under any means, EVEN if it meant total defeat. He actually kept this personality traite in 5.4, if not just to make the players hate him even more (warlocks in particular) And then. Hell, even in MOP And then, he changes his mind in like, literally 2 patches. ''SCREW THE TROLLS AND ALL THOSE OTHER LESSER RACES, REAL ORCS WIN BY OURSELVES'' Again, another move made to piss the player off. It's just disgusting how they've slain what could've been a good character in favor of ''THIS GUY IS THE VILLAIN. DO YOU HATE HIM YET? DO YOU HATE HIM YET? HOW ABOUT NOW? WHAT IF HE COMPARED HIMSELF TO ARTHAS? WOULD YOU HATE HIM THEN?' Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 Just something it say about Lords of War They did a very good job, I think, of making the villains of WoD seem like sympathetic characters. Personally I appreciate the lengths Blizzard us going to for the sake of adding depth to the story and characters.Erech5 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 Pandaren Players in Pandaria Hi Story Forum I have just made 85 on my panda monk after a few years putting it of. However I was incredibly disapointed to find that the pandaren NPC treat the pandaren character no different to a non pandaren. I thought that the turtle pandaren were known among the pandaria pandaren what is going on? Is blizzard just incredibly lazy? Its incredibly disapointing to see my pandaren being treated the same as a troll! Is there some story thing I missed out on in a book that no one reads anyway that caused pandaria pandas to forget about turtle pandas?Gartekah6 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 Can Netherwing Drakes go humanoid. I was thinking of rolling a new toon that back story would be he is a Netherwing in humanoid form.Now my question is that possible?I know that a nether dragon can.But im not sure if he can have the ability as drake.Please help if you can.Spidergarr12 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 The Corrupted Dragonflights Everyone know that Blizz is never going to have us fighting the Burning Legion again or at least not fighting the big boys in it. 1), To paraphrase Jesse Cox: 20 level 100s take down the WoW equivalent of Satan, yeah right. And 2) why would Blizz give us that when they can keep dangling that carrot in front of us indefinitely? So since we know this I have predicted the next direction the story is going to go. Corrupted versions of the remaining dragonflights. By remaining I mean those flight who's numbers are currently greater than one. Now I'm not saying the entire flight but maybe a small or large faction inside each flight decides that they want to return their power to its previous level and they don't care how they do it. We have kind of seen this already if you have read 'War Cimes', and the way that Kairoz has been acting in game and acts in the book, leads me to believe that, regardless of what Nozdormu does, he is intent on getting back to his previous glory no matter the cost. And yes I have seen what happens to him apparently in WoD, but just because he 'failed' doesn't mean that the idea is gone and that others in his flight won't follow it through. And since I can hear the question already: We know what the Infinite flight did/is doing but what would the others do. So I'll shoot out a few examples. Red: They steal all the Mogu knowledge on creating/shaping life and use it. They create twisted perversions of life and try to reshape everyone into what they think is best. Blue: This ones can be easy: We already know that there is a divide among them, some want to continue Malygos' ways while others follow Kalegos. One group splinters off and trys to control magic again. But this time they don't stop at just Arcane they go for all of it. they cant get the Light because it comes from the Naaru or from Titans or whatever but they do get Fel magic and are corrupted by it and we get Fel Dragons. Bronze: Blizz took care of them already. Green: 1) could do something with emerald Dream going back into a nightmare thereby giving you the Emerald Dream expac. (Not that I want one I think and Emerald D xpac would be lazy) or even simpler: Green dragons are also closely tied to nature, so corrupt greens would be nature goes berserk. Now doing this could be boring as well as it wouldn't create new land to explore. Well let open our maps in game and pull out till we can see all 4 continents on Azeroth. What do we see? A big area of open ocean surrounding the Maelstrom. So we have the Dark Dragons make a few islands in those spots. Say one island in each of the 4 corners between the continents (not literally between them more towards the center) Each island can be as big as Outland probably (BC Outland not WoD) or at least half as big consiting of 2-4 zones on each island. How did they do this. This world has magic and that magic isn't all the well defined: make something up! Or heck get Wrathion in if you really want to and have him build the island he is from the earth aspects flight after all.Cliodhna2 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 Our PC should have a Rival character subplot So I feel like our character should have some sort of a rival. Think red vs blue in pokemon. We need a Garrosh to our Thrall. A Moriarty to our Sherlock. Something that will chase us through several expansions. But I'd like everyones input into how this would work. Perhaps designed in a generic way to save on blizz resources. the character's race and class may change depending on your own. Maybe mine may be a rival death knight like Thassarian and koltira or perhaps it would be a paladin, a warlock player may have a mage etc. Perhaps it would be an orc to my draenei, a worgen to a forsaken etc. Should this be a thing? How would it be a thing?Amathyst19 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 Timewalkers Introduced with Timeless Isle was the faction of The Timewalkers, elves and humans that are somehow associated with The Bronze Dragonflight, complete with their own tabard and everything but who are the Timewalkers exactly? They have what look like paladins, warriors and mages who specialize in Chronomancy, magic rarely seen used outside of the Bronze Dragonflight. Do you think they'll serve a purpose in WoD we just haven't seen yet or are they just there as flavor to give a "background" and purpose for the Isle?Tryon8 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 Lady Liadrin in WoD Wasn't she supposed to be one of the first people through the Dark Portal? She's nowhere to be seen in the cinematic. Hell, all the Horde troops behind them seem to be orcs and trolls, there arent any Blood Knights, let alone Blood Elves present.Ratham32 Sep 25, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 Khadgar in Warlords of Draenor? I've come to terms with the whole time travelling/alternate universe thing...but there's one thing im held up on. How is Khadgar in Draenor? Correct me if im wrong but Khadgar went to Draenor when the green orcs first invaded Azeroth. In this alternate universe that hasn't happened yet/will never happen so how did Khadgar get there? He's not in our current universe of Azeroth. I'm just really confused how he just showed up... I'm not in the beta so maybe theres a story there that I don't know but I just don't understand how Khadgar just shows up...and if he is already in Draenor when we arrive, how did he get there? the invasion hasn't happened yet that lead him to go there in the past. Maybe im missing something, someone please explain it to me. *brain explodes*Rexxielol8 Sep 25, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 Illidan theory and ideal of his redemption I beleive Illidan isn't dead but trap in twisted nether. if he does return what will maiev do about him. Hear me out Like i said that return for illidan shouldn't grandose I love see people run in Illidan and maiev as simple farmers. If you take in facts that both they lives where complete a mess. Both them went almost insane. Give them simple life would give them time have something for they live like normal people. They mental sane was damage. bring Illidan back someone farmer restore his mental sane. same with maiev. Most heros in world of warcraft never really where allow a normal lifeLuthria10 Sep 25, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 Orc anatomy question. So I was tallking to my friend and he insists that orcs reproduce through spores. I am kinda new to this whole lore thing, can you tell me if he is right?Yaocuicatl29 Sep 25, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 Dragon X Mortal So, can dragons breed with mortals like humans dwarves gnomes elves ect? And no, I am not going to RP as a half dragon. Boris has a far more complicated and rarer history than that.Boris30 Sep 25, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 Why blame the Horde for Garrosh, but not... the Alliance for Arthas? Essentially it's another faction leader that became corrupt and ended up being a threat to the entire world. Sure, Arthas didn't name his army of Undead the Iron Alliance, Frost Alliance, etc. like Garrosh did the Iron Horde, but the Alliance was as much opposed to the Undead Scourge as the Horde was to the fully realized Iron Horde. And what about Illidan? The same argument applies to him. The fact is the first two WoW expansions revolved around two Alliance leaders who became corrupt and threatened the entire world. The way I see it the Alliance is just as susceptible to becoming corrupt and evil.Ironghost234 Sep 25, 2014
Sep 24, 2014 Warcraft 2 digital download? Anyone know if theres a place to download wc2 anywhere or do i need to find a physical copy? As far as i can tell it's not on battle net site and I want to catch up on my orc lore for WoD.Bahthalend5 Sep 24, 2014
Sep 24, 2014 Nagrand Finale, what should have been So this is how I would have liked that ending confrontation to happen, it just would have felt so much more emotional and not had Thrall be hollier then thou. Spoilers: Thrall vs Garrosh (Enter Thrall and Garrosh) Thrall: You must answer for your crimes Garrosh… (Shot of both their faces) Garrosh: And who would you like me to answer to?! YOU?! (Garrosh lets out a war cry and charges Thrall and the fight begins) Garrosh: YOU, WHO LEFT ME IN CHARGE?! (Clang) YOU STARTED THIS THRALL! (Thrall tosses Garrosh who rebounds quickly and swings Gorehowl, slicing Thrall lightly across the chest) Thrall: Your actions were yours alone Garrosh! You cannot blame me for the things you have done! (Thrall punches at Garrosh who grabs his fist and head butts him. Thrall drops the Doomhammer. Garrosh throws Gorehowl onto the ground and charges Thrall, a fist fight ensues, trading blows and banter) Garrosh: I never asked to be Warchief! (Garrosh blocks a punch and tosses Thrall on the ground and slowly walks toward him) Garrosh (whispers): Cairne was right…. (Thrall looks up wide eyed and Garrosh’s expression turned to painful anger and he yells) I never wanted to lead! (Garrosh pins Thrall from getting up and, with eyes burning with tears that refuse to fall, punches Thrall repeatedly in the face) Garrosh: You abandoned me!(Punch) You took me in and then left me to pick up your mess! (Punch) I did what I had to (Punch) FOR THE HORDE! (Punch) (Garrosh stands and picks Thrall up, lifting him above his head) Garrosh: You are the one who failed me! (Toss) (Thrall, now bruised and bloodied, looks up to see Garrosh, now with a single tear shedding down his face) Garrosh: You were like a father to me! (Garrosh walks towards Gore Howl) You showed me what it meant to have honor, but then you left…. (He walks towards Thrall who is now kneeling on the ground) And I see it was just cowardice. (Garrosh stands above Thrall, his voice now shaking) Garrosh: And you dare tell me I disappointed YOU?! You cannot see that you caused this Thrall! (He motions all around him) You are weak! (Garrosh raises his axe) Thrall: I do not rely on strength alone Garrosh… (As Garrosh swings Thrall blasts him with lava before lifting him into the air on a tornado) Thrall: My power, is all around you! (Thrall slams Garrosh on the ground and a hand of rock rises from the ground, tightening around Garrosh) Garrosh: GO’EL! (A stunned Thrall stops his casting and stares at Garrosh) Garrosh: You made me what I am. (Thrall looks away in thought for a moment, not looking at Garrosh) Thrall: You are right Garrosh, I am sorry. (All is quiet for a moment before Thrall turns a now tear ridden face back to Garrosh) Thrall: But I cannot allow you to live after all the chaos you have wrought. (Thrall begins to cast his spell as a storm now weaves above them, Garrosh’s face turns from hurt to calm as he looks to Thrall) Garrosh: Then finish it. (Lightning strike, screen cuts to black) (Cut to Thrall picking up the doomhammer and walking into the sunset, panning out on a makeshift grave of stones with Gorehowl placed on it)Beijingbeef13 Sep 24, 2014
Sep 24, 2014 PC= Eventual Guardian of Azeroth? Anyone hip to the idea that at some point in time, likely the final expansion or so, the story will involve your player character becoming the real last guardian of Azeroth? Time and time again your character is built up to be an excellent tactician, diplomat, fighter, mage, voice of reason, open to learning, etc. etc. etc. Clearly these qualities are result of general MMORPG character format, but the nature of your character's epic journey helping literally the whole of Azeroth would seem to correspond well with the duties of its Guardian. What do you guys think? Will there ever be a Oprahwindfury, Critmypants, or even Sirmoosalot, [Actual] Last Guardian of Azeroth?Steviee12 Sep 24, 2014
Sep 24, 2014 Grand Magister Rommath>Lor'themar I love Grand Magister Rommath. I think he has a lot of potential as a racial leader, far more than Lor'themar. He's iconic. Rommath has awesome arm tattoos and a face mask, with raven black hair. Lor'themar? Uh, he's blond. You could dress him in several different outfits and he still be as generic as the outfit before. Blood Elves should have a caster as their racial leader. Of all of WoW's races, they are THE magic race. That's their shtick. That's their defining trait. A racial leader should really represent the epitome of the race. Rommath is that. He's power hungry, cunning, manipulative, and immensely loyal to Quel'thalas. Please make Rommath the main Blood Elf leader. Get rid of Lor'themar. The triumvirate should represent the three iconic parts for Sin'dorei culture: Mages, Rangers and Blood Knights. look like this: Grand Magister Rommath: Mage or Warlock Ranger-General Halduron Brightwing: Hunter Lady Liadrin: Blood Knight Also, how badass would it be if Rommath summoned a phoenix?Gwyzlin26 Sep 24, 2014
Sep 24, 2014 If You Could Replace... Any Leader in the game with you're character who would you replace and how would you run things in their position? I personally would replace the The High King of stormwind and force all my subject to join the Forsaken then slowly but surely take over the world. Since I'm High king the other alliance leaders have to obey me >:D then after I take over the world we can all go for the burning legion :DBlazinvenom41 Sep 24, 2014
Sep 24, 2014 If Gul'Dan survives WoD, then? Could he conceivably come to Azeroth and summon Sargeras again?Goredeth19 Sep 24, 2014
Sep 24, 2014 Paladin Arthas vs Grommash Hellscream Pre demon corrupted Grom ( WOD version) Paladin Arthas with all his holy powers Who wins?? My vote is on... Grom!Qualkehk8 Sep 24, 2014
Sep 24, 2014 Thrall and Garrosh [WoD spoilers] So the relationship between Garrosh and Thrall is one of the more interesting ones in Warcraft as far as I'm concerned. Seeing the cutscene of Thrall offing Garrosh just seemed wrong to me. Garrosh's fall from grace is attributable to both Thrall and Garrosh; Thrall saying "lol nope" and coldly offing Garry seems uncharacteristic. I started to wonder if the idea was to show how Thrall's a flawed character. He gets everything right, everyone likes him, etc, we all have an idea of what he's like. Using his super powers to slaughter Garrosh when he's weak and crippled strikes me as him trying to remove himself from fault. Thrall is right in that he didn't make Garrosh do anything, but he certainly has a hand in what happened. Starting in The Burning Crusade, he hypes Garrosh up on how great Grom was. Then in WotLK, he lets Garrosh loose where he gains a big following among the younger orc crowd. Cataclysm is a bigger event. Many people, including Garrosh himself, advised against giving Garrosh the reins as head honcho of the Horde. While Thrall's not to fault for Garrosh going full Hitler, he's the one who put Garrosh in such a position unprepared. With this in mind, I wonder if his killing Garrosh is going to be a set up for a later point. How would Garrosh's old power base respond? If WoD-Grom finds out about what happened, what would he think? With the whole Pride thing Garrosh had going, it could work for Thrall too. Or am I giving Blizzard too much credit with their writing?Nerothos8 Sep 24, 2014
Sep 24, 2014 I require the assistance of a skilled player I would really appreciate it if someone can run me through Black Wing Lair on this level 60 Warlock of mines. Add my battletag if you can assist me. Nickhomie#1325 please and thank you,Northside3 Sep 24, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 Scholomance and Scarlet Crusade dungeons Normally, when Blizzard revisits existing dungeons it's because some element of the current story in WoW touches on that content (e.g. 4.1 with the Zul'Aman/Zul'Gurub revamps), but it doesn't seem to be the case with the Scarlet Crusade dungeons and Scholomance being revamped with 5.0 - not one patch in MoP had a quest that involved these areas or factions; what was the point?Theodisca7 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 OMG Lor'Themar and Kilrogg Okay, if they made it so that somehow Lor'Themar Theron kills Kilrogg, that would be soooooo fitting. No eye vs no eye. Unlikely though since the beta is almost over and they may or may not have shown how kilrogg dies, but in his vision he does die on the battlefield, I just hope it was at Lor'themar's hand. Plus it shines some much needed light on the blood elves in WoD~Kazezoku16 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 How old is Varian? In the comic they show him as a young boy. IN the novel they stated he was old too, yet in the wow wiki they said Varian was born 10 years before the first war. First war + Six years = Sixteen year old varian. Second war is one yearh Varian is now 17 Per Warcraft 3 15 years have passed since the second war So that means Varian should be 32 32+ 4 Wow years = 36 36+ 1 TBC + 1 WOTLK +2 Cata and now 1 mop= 41 years of age?Phelios24 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 Will there be a throwback to panderia in WoD? Vanilla had wc3 reference, TBC had night elf and gnome bases, wotlk had Dranei in Valiance keep, Cata havethe death knight and Andorhal fisaco, MoP had tb whole Horde and Alliance war. Will we see some Shado Pan bases in WoD? For some reason Chinese theme pandas battling against the asianic jungle orcs , feels thematically pretty cool.Phelios9 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 In retrospect, was thrall really a saviour? For the orcish race that is.... knowing what we know now. What Orcs did the Horde actually save? The Blackrock was shown in to be in the redridge mountains and Blackrock mountains. Thr Dragonmaw wasin grim batol or the wetlands. Warsong Orcs were leading raids in Alliance lands lead by grom. The Frostwolves were living happily in Alterac Valley. The only clan unaccounted for is the the Bleeding Hollow and maybe part of the Blackrocks. Most of them were already free, if anything he saved a smaller percentage of the Orcs...Phelios8 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 Where was Aegwynn during Last Guardian? While Khadgar and Medivh were doing their thing, where was Aegwynn? I don't believe she was dead? If she was, how did she die? Also, at the end of the Last Guardian, Medivh sucked all the energy out of the tower and turned into a bird. When reading into Kharazan (raid) lore, it is said that Medivh's energy still lurked around the tower, causing the raid to be possible. Is that not conflicting? Or am I misunderstanding?Aleezy2 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 Titans: AU and MU So a question about the Titans. They shaped and/or created existence as it currently stands. Gave the aspects their powers (like the ability to see control and travel time). They had the ability to travel realms from different planets to other planes of existence like the twisting nether. So the question is: are they limited to one reality? Does AU Dranor have different Titans than our MU, or are they the same Titans, aware of and able to move between the different universes.Erech6 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 How powerful is Anduin? So, I'm slogging my way through War Crimes atm, late to the party I know, but I just read something interesting. Without giving too much away hopefully, during the trial there is an anti-magic field in place to avoid any magical assault, and it is specifically stated this applies to holy magic even. Now, there is a point where Anduin, in the courtroom, casts a heal spell on himself. Is he strong enough to just by pass such restrictions? I mean, it surely couldn't just be a gross oversight by the author right?Dakkon44 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 If Malfurion and Tyrande had a son... Do you think they'd name him after Illidan? Even as much wrong as he had done Malfurion was still took his death pretty hard, so it might be a fitting memorial to the good he HAD done. On the other hand I'm not so sure the other night elves would like the idea, still being the child of the head honchos might offer some protection. So what do you guys think.Richforce21 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 Can we more Mortal paired with dragons aspect I become fan Varien and Alexstrasza. both them seem have horrible luck in love department. sorry if look at both live. Varien lost his wife right his son was born. Alexstrasza lost her last 3 consort. these two seem like good match for each others all fantasy game deserve a good love story. I like Jaina proudmoore with Kalecgos. I thought cool seem more dragon aspect romance in wow. what you guys thinkLuthria43 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 **SPOILERS** Mok Garak in the ending cinematic to nagrand where garrosh is killed by thralls shaman powers, is that breaking the rules of mok garak. im rather interested to know moreMorgnarak17 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 22, 2014 Cloud Serpents Only making this because of the 2013 blizzcon video I saw. The devs said they didn't exactly plan out what the Astral Cloud serpents were, so I thought I'd post a theory. Much like Titan watchers elsewhere, the Astral Serpents were creations to assist the Mogu perhaps with the Titan duties they were tasked. With the Curse of Flesh, they turned into the Cloud Seprents we know, but because they were not already metal or stone, retained the mystic ability to fly without wings, and in some cases even some latent energy (thundering and heavenly variants). Thoughts?Jénnifér7 Sep 22, 2014
Sep 22, 2014 on the topic of the Nagrand finale (spoilers) I've been thinking about it, and my viewpoint of the ending bit has changed slightly. When Thrall responds to the comment," YOU MADE ME WHAT I AM!", and it showed the reflection of fire and/or super saiyan shaman energy in his eyes, did anyone else think he looked quite upset? that the reflection almost looked like tears? Did anyone else feel that his response wasn't meant to be telling Garrosh that he was wrong, but trying to convince himself Garrosh isn't right? his response after the cinematic is one of someone going through some serious emotions. My personal take on it is that he understood Garrosh was right, and he was doing his best to continue his own denial. I think it's a much better take than the whole perfect hero is never wrong and tells everyone so approach.Demondante4 Sep 22, 2014
Sep 22, 2014 Transplant If the Lore of WoW was placed inside a RTS setting similar to warcraft 3 would Lore be better crafted ? Personally if Blizz made warcraft 4 this and maybe added some lore hints I would probably buy that. What do you all think?Vyerra2 Sep 22, 2014
Sep 22, 2014 Episode 8: The Shaman and The Warrior Episode 8: The Shaman and The Warrior (The Original Script) Thrall and Garrosh appear in the grassy plains of Nagrand. Thrall smirks. "Do you remember who I am?" Garrosh charges violently swinging his axe, "SOME DEAD ORC!" Thrall parries the blow before sliding back. "I was a friend, of Cairne Bloodhoof. And you wanna know why I came to this stinking dung-pile of an alternate universe?.....For you!" Thrall goes on the offensive, striking at Garrosh and causing him to stagger back a bit before Garrosh reacts in suit, swinging gorehowl and causing Thrall to dodge yet again. "I'm going to hear you repent before you die. You murdered Cairne. You bombed Theramore. You took their children. Repent now and we can make this quick." Garrosh roars before charging Thrall yet again, swinging gorehowl wildly as Thrall masterfully parries each oncoming blow with the doomhammer. Garrosh snarls as he peers into the eyes of his old friend. Thrall simply states, "Say it." Garrosh charges yet again, desperately attempting to hack off Thrall's head as he swings gorehowl, each attemptive swing failing as he tirelessly goes on the offensive. Thrall absently backs away, parrying each blow. "You killed Cairne! You bombed Theramore!" Thrall parries once more only to give Garrosh a drawn on piercing glare. "You took their children." He backed away, creating some distance while doing fancy flips. Garrosh goes on the offensive yet again, not letting up in his attempts to hack Thrall to pieces. Thrall continues to parry, "You killed Cairne! You bombed Theramore! You took, their CHILDREN!" But as Thrall struck with his free hand, Garrosh simply catches his fist before kicking him back. Thrall stands, now taking the offensive to Garrosh as he strikes and Garrosh is the one to parry blow for blow. However, as their fighting, Garrosh manages to knock the Doomhammer from Thrall's hands, and Thrall stumbles. Garrosh attempts to strike him while he's down, but Thrall masterfully dodges. Thrall, even without the Doomhammer, continues to go on the offensive, now resorting to his shaman prowess. Thrall first strikes Garrosh's exposed shoulderblade with a molten fist. "YOU MURDERED HIM!!! YOU BOMBED THERAMOOOOOORE!!!!" And as Garrosh violently attempts to strike back yet again, Thrall simply sidesteps him, before smashing his knee in with another molten fist, causing the massive orc to crumble. Thrall creates some distance between himself and Garrosh. "YOU TOOK THEIR CHILDREEEEEEEEEN!!!!" And Thrall leaps in the air elegantly before smashing Garrosh's chest in with a final devastating molten fist as the player crowd and npcs roar in cheers. As Garrosh laid on the ground defeated however, Thrall begins to trail around him. "No no no, you can't die yet, you haven't repented!" Thrall angrily continues to circle Garrosh. "Say it! Say your crimes! You killed Cairne, you took their children. THERA, MORE!" Thrall then points to the crowd. Garrosh and the crowd raise their brows confused by Thrall's actions. Thrall continues to point to the crowd. "WHO GAVE YOU THE ORDER!?" Garrosh couldn't help but mutter. "What?" Wrathion is standing in the background with a shifty gazy before whistling and walking off hurriedly. Thrall continues to trail around Garrosh. "Say it, say his name! Cairne Bloodhoof!" Thrall takes a moment to look at his beautiful wife Aggra who flashes him a smile from the background. Thrall then looks back down at Garrosh before practically commanding him, "SAY IT!" But Garrosh with his massive beefy biceps knocks Thrall off his feet with a knockback. Thrall lands on his back with a grunt, "EEEK!" Garrosh benchpresses him overhead and then whams him in the face, knocking out Thrall's teeth. Garrosh then tosses Thrall aside, before climbing atop of him and grabbing his head, thrusting his massive sausage fingers into Thrall's eye sockets as Thrall wails in agony. "CAIRNE BLOODHOOF! I KILLED HIM IN A MAK'GORA! THEN I BOMBED THERAMORE AND TOOK THEIR CHILDREN! And I did it all, FOR THE HORDE!" And Garrosh finishes by smashing Thrall's head in. Aggra lets off an agonizing cry of horror as she watches her husband's head get crushed. (END SCENE) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chris Metzen finishes reading with wide eyes. "...................." Tom Chilton smirks as he places a hand on his hip. "So what'cha think Chris? Pretty good eh?" Chris Metzen gives Tom a long dead stare, before lighting the script on fire.Michita6 Sep 22, 2014
Sep 22, 2014 Garrosh is blame for all his horrible choice first the writer doesn't realize garrosh chosen to follow thrall back to arezoth that was garrosh choice not thrall choiceLuthria19 Sep 22, 2014
Sep 22, 2014 Tauren Priests and the Sunwalkers. So are Tauren Priests part of the Sunwalkers? Or are Sunwalkers only Paladins. If that is the case, what exactly are Tauren priests then? Seems like they are kinda wasted since Tauren paladins are getting screen time yet priests are not. Thoughts?Makkizz8 Sep 22, 2014