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1d Giving Attention to Underused Things I had an idea just now. We all know that every expansion the devs are forced to cut content because of development time. This is completely fair. Deadlines are a thing. Budget is a thing. I completely understand why some great content has to be cut or changed to streamline development and gameplay. That's fine. But as a result, there are lots of races and locations that get severely overlooked in favor of more popular things. So here's my proposal. Open up a separate gaming division in WoW, and have them make small rts games to expand upon the story with those races and areas. Everything that happens in those games is canon and affected by WoW, but the stories are isolated enough so they don't interrupt the flow of WoW. Just think about it; a 10 mission mini-campaign revisiting Alterac, or a 5-mission campaign about the belves reclaiming more of their forest. All of the little things we've all wanted to see could be handled this way, and Blizzard could expand their market. I think it's a great idea. Fund it, Blizzard.Shalarin10 1d
2d Helheim Anomalies King Ymiron was an undead serving Arthas when he died his second death in Northrend. Helya reached out and drug him to Helheim. Does this mean she could take people from anywhere worldwide, and even supersede the Scourge/Legion's "dibs" on souls? Also, in Helheim, there are lots of walrusmen. Does this mean they were destined to be truly the greatest warriors in Odyn's armies until Helya snatched them away?Threeslotbag13 2d
2d Lets talk expansions Here's some things that I think may happen next after legion. return of the lich king- this seems to be the number one thing on my mind for the next expansion rather than pursuing ashara after legion. Reason is because bolvar is losing control of the scourge. Sylvanas also needs to further her powers in necromancy in order to stop herself from dieing and save her people. I also think it will be the perfect expansion to introduce the necromancer or dark ranger into the game. As well as giving us a story with subraces like mecha-gnomes and taunka. All said and done, I think we will have to return to help the current lich king. May be they may let us see the underground content that we skipped. the south seas-this will be split into two possible expansions because of the amount of zones and islands. (1)the dark prophet-it would make sense to have the expansion start off with the civil war goin on in the troll empire. Perhaps we will side with the current king of the trolls with voljin returning from the dead in a new form or body. This expanion can introduce subraces for both the alliance and the horde. May be a pygmy,hobglin or even a hozen (some island race). It will also be an oportunity to throw in a witch doctor or shadow hunter class. It will most likely end with the dark prophet zul being the final boss. 2) Queen of the tides-at this point we will be dealing with ashara herself. We will also be taking the fight to her under the water. Perhaps we have to drown ourself or a new Naga/murloc race will finally be available that can change forms like ashara can. Either way under water zone will have to come in, and that swim speed will help. I think they can introduce a new cloth hero class like the Oracle or seer as well. This expansion will probly end with ashara and the release of nzoth. madness-following those three Will most likely lead to nzoth having his own expansion. He is probly bigger than we think and as star augur has shown us in the encounter a planet with a giant octopus thing on it. This is probly the expansion where the help of dragons, keepers, titans are needed. Most of all azeroth. I think it will also be the expasion where we may fight jaina if she goes even more balistic. It may also be the expansion where we finally get a tinker class. We will probly rebuild the titan azeroth in this expansionMore likey we will defeat nzoth and his madness will pass to nozdormu. the end of time- we will most likely deal with the infinite dragon flight after nzoth. Perhaps it will be a time traveling expansion to save the heroes we lost in the past to change the true end time that nozdormu have seen. May be we get to help Arthus raid dalaran. Either way it will be the easiest expansion to add any race or class. void gods or the veil/forbidden sea-from there I think we will move on to other planets or the other side of azeroth. No one returns or knows what is there.Soulreåper18 2d
2d Seeing the Trailer surprised me... Kil'jaeden somehow showed some....charcater growth. In that he's clearly frustrated that all his plans and attempts at conquest against Azeroth have failed. Even going as far as to think that selling out his whole world and people for Ultimate Power mabye was not that great a deal in hindsight. And thinking about it he has a right to be frustrated. He tried to take Azeroth with the Orcish Horde and manipulate them which resulted in the first and second war, initially succeded with the first, but ultimately failed by the second war. Than he tried to use the Undead Scourge and the Lich King, initially successful but ultimate failed with Archimonde's defeat and the Lich King betraying him and the rest of the Scourge turning on the Legion. Than the Burning Crusade happened, and he did entered the world of Azeroth and just when he could have burned it all to the ground, he gets flushed down the Sunwell toilet. Now the current Legion invasion, some initial success with invasions on Eastern Kingdoms and Kalilmdor and defeating the Alliance and Horde on the Broken Shore, now failures and defeats throughout the Broken Isles and losing Gul'dan and the Nightwell. All these years and this stubborn world of Azeroth refuses to heel. Now he is at the moment where basically he thinks "f$ck it". It does make eager to see the Ending Cinematic for the Tomb of Sargeras Raid.Argronak28 2d
2d Chronicle 2 discussion Ayy, it's out! What we think? Anzu x Rukhmar OTPReignac136 2d
2d Does Blizz ever do Lore Q&As? What the title said.Mythelm4 2d
2d So story for 7.2? So what I have played on ptr on my warlock was a short questline to get my new champion for warlock and my class mount. I was wondering is that it for the story for 7.2 because the ptr story seems barren compared to other expansions such as Mist and Lich King.Potterson5 2d
3d Weird out of blue romances by Blizzard Okay i am reading The World of Warcraft: Shadows of the Horde. So far i like it, I thought it was cool Chen and Voljin were buddies and i wanted to read more about their adventures together. But what I don't understand is why there needed to be romance between Chen and Yalia Sagewhisper? I mean yeah romance is nice and I'm a sucker for shipping but i feel is was forced in there. They're most likely not around each other in WoD. Plus in legion they are completely seperated by class hall. Idk it just doesnt feel that Chen would settle down so soon.Temhoi68 3d
3d Try it. Its fun. :) Of the main races of WoW (and a few others of your choice) pick three or so characters who are your favorite and then pick a couple that are your least favorite. If you really don't like a particular race I encourage you to still find one person that you kind of like. Same for a race you love, try and find someone that irks you to no end. Here is mine. Human Like - Varian Wrynn, Jaina Proudmoore, Anduin Lothar Don't Like - Anduin Wrynn, Tirion Fordring Worgen Like - Genn Greymane, Ivar Bloodfang, Darius Crowley Don't Like - Raalar Fangfire Night Elf Like - Illidan Stormrage, Shandris Feathermoon, Jarod Shadowsong Don't Like - Malfurion Stormrage, Maiev Shadowsong, Fandral Staghelm Dwarf Like - Muradin Bronzebeard, Vanndar Stormpike, Kurdran Wildhammer Don't Like - Moira Thaurissan Gnome Like - Gelbin Mekkatorque Don't Like - Millhouse Manastorm, Silas Darkmoon Draenei Like - Yrel Don't Like - Velen, Maraad, Iridi Blood Elf Like - Kael'thas Sunstrider, Liadrin, Valeera Sanguinar Don't Like - Lor'themar Theron, Halduron Brightwing, Aethas Sunreaver Orc Like - Garrosh Hellscream, Broxigar, Grommash Hellscream Don't Like - Thrall, Aggra, Nekros Skullcrusher Troll Like - Vol'jin, Zul'jin, Zen'Kiki Don't Like - Zalazane, Zul Tauren Like - Huln Highmountain, Baine Bloodhoof, Magatha Grimtotem Don't Like - Aponi Brightmane, Dezco Goblin Like - Revilgaz, Noggenfogger Don't Like - Gallywix, Candy Cane, Chip Endale Forsaken Like - Sylvanas Windrunner, Nathanos Blightcaller, Lilian Voss Don't Like - Putress, Alexi Barov, Galen Trollbane Pandaren Like - Chen Stormstout, Li Li Stormstout Don't Like - Taran Zhu, Chon Po Stormstout Dragon Like - Neltharion, Malygos, Senegos Don't Like - Alexstrasza, Ysera, Kalecgos Demon Like - Sargeras, Kil'jaeden, Archimonde Don't Like - Balnazzar, Mal'Ganis, Magtheridon Scourge Like - Arthas Menethil, Kel'Thuzad, Anub'arak Don't Like - Ner'zhul, Dar'Khan Drathir Hope you enjoy, and sorry if something like this has been done before (I must have missed it).Joralf36 3d
3d Faction Class Armour name A little levity here, but let's say you were told to name the armour sets for the next tier the same way the Trial of Crusader armour was, faction based and named after a noteworthy character of that class. Of course, back then there weren't so many characters so we got some weird ones like Kel'thuzad or Zabra Hexx. Now, I think there are enough characters. The only real rules are to try to use actual faction characters (e.g. don't name the Alliance tier after Tirion), and don't reuse ones from the ToC armour. As an example, the Monk sets would be named after Cloudsinger for Alliance, and Firepaw for Horde. Or perhaps for paladins, Horde could get Aponi Battlegear while Alliance get Maraad Battlegear. Just for some fun thought exercise. EDIT: Awesome plenty of ideas, but there's no obligation to remotely follow it. Death Knight- Trollbane's set (Alliance) / Nazgrim's set (Horde) Demon Hunter- Darkreaver's set(Alliance) / Souleater's set(Horde) Druid- Celestine's set(Alliance) / Zen'tabra's set(Horde) Hunter- Feathermoon's set (Alliance) / Blightcaller's set (Horde) Mage- Proudmoore's set (Alliance) / Rommath's set (Horde) Monk- Cloudsinger's set (Alliance) / Firepaw's set (Horde) Paladin- Maraad's set (Alliance) / Brightmane's set (Horde) Priest- Whisperwind's set (Alliance) / Vol'jin's set (Horde) Rogue- Shaw's set (Alliance) / Bladefist's set (Horde) Shaman- Akama's set (Alliance) / Earthfury's set (Horde) Warlock- Ebonlocke's set (Alliance) / Shadowbreaker's set (Horde) Warrior- Bronzebeard's set (Alliance) / Bloodhoof's set (Horde)Ximothy12 3d
3d The Saddest Moment in WoW We've been through a lot in this game, haven't we. We've laughed, we've raided, we've PvPed, we've frothed at the mouth with rage every time a change was made and we didn't like it, and we've also cried at certain moments in the game. It's these moments that remind us that Blizzard can still write a very emotional and moving scene when they put their mind to it. What for you was the saddest moment in World of Warcraft? For me, it was the Crusader Bridenbrand quest chain. It doesn't help that the whole thing was an analogy for cancer, which just made it that harder if you actually lost someone to the disease. You go to all these places, meet all these people, all for the small hope that they'll be able to give you something, a spell or an artifact, to save this one man, but no matter what you try, there just isn't anything you can do. In the end, all you can do is stay by Bridenbrand's side as he leaves this world, making sure that the poor man isn't alone in his final moments. And to top it all off, he goes in peace, free from the conflict and strife that all of us must continue to deal with.Komtarz63 3d
3d Sylvanas Was Rescuing Varian in Stormheim We know a Forsaken in Azsuna said Sylvanas was going to "steal the power of V" in Stormheim. Obviously she had heard Odyn stole the souls of any Warrior that died on the Broken Isles, and she was going to steal Varian back for the Alliance. A show of good faith between the allied Horde and Alliance. She even checked Helheim first to make sure Varian wasn't there. The kindly Helya warned her that Odyn never gives up his slaves, and gave her a lamp to free them. All she asked for her side of the bargain was Sylvanas free as many of her sisters from slavery as possible. Sadly, despite Sylvanas' best efforts, Varian wasn't brought back to us. This means one of two things happened: Genn's attack came soon enough to keep his hated nemesis who had shamed him and stolen Goldrinn's blessing from him dead. Or Odyn thought Varian was honorless garbage and didn't rez him, cause Varian wasn't born a Vrykul. Buncha Titanforged racists...Threeslotbag54 3d
3d Patch 7.2 – The Tomb of Sargeras Trailer I'm assuming the Champion Player is the paladin armored guy next to Velen and Nobundo? I don't see any significant paladin character like Lord Maxwell Tyrosus. UPDATE - Ximothy mentions it's Gryan Stoutmantle and after looking at the NPC on my paladin, it really does look like him so my theory as the paladin being the player is likely debunked. I do find it odd that blizzard picked him since he's one of the more least relevant paladins in Legion. I wonder, how would you guys feel if Blizzard actually decided to destroy/crash Dalaran? Some extra stuff I notice: Kor'vas Bloodthorn is present as the DH representive rather than Kayn or Altruis, perhaps due to Blizzard having yet to decide who is the canon 2nd command out of the two. I find it amusing somewhat that Havi/Odyn is there rather than someone else. I would have thought the warrior player would be in the cinematic but i figured why Blizzard chose the paladin instead (see below). I think they chose the paladin as the 'player' because there would be some confrontation if some other paladin character, particularly if Lady Liadrin was there while Darion Mograine is present as well. Speaking of Darion, certain class hall characters should be pretty angry at him being there. Took me a brief moment to figure the two undead are different characters, Faol and Meryl Felstorm Nice to see KJ is 'kinda'? pissed at Sargeras methods. It seems KJ has some grudge/guilt over Argus's current state. So KJ can spy on them that easily just like that? So much for the disguised demons around Dalaran. For a 'mere pawn' , I feel like Gul'dan has accomplished a lot more than other Legion commanders. God I miss him already. I think this is one the very first few patch trailers that showed no game-play, just full cinematic which quite frankly, I enjoyed heaps.Dreamrider118 3d
3d The shift from red fire to green, lore wise I am a bit... baffled by this. I don't understand it. Kil'jaeden being the most obvious example, especially after this new trailer, Sargeras being another. What is the lore explanation for the legion suddenly being... green? I mean, it looks way better, I agree, but where is the lore? What did I miss? Or is there non, just a retcon?Dradnor11 3d
3d Aman'Thul's Power Over Time I was reading the first Warcraft Chronicles some time ago, and it didn't seem to go much into the full extent and nature of Aman'thul's cosmic powers, other than that he was indeed the one who empowered Nozdormu and the bronze dragonflight. But why couldn't he just use his powers over time to save himself and the others from being destroyed by the Burning Legion? And on another note, would it, in theory, be possible for Nozdormu or another time traveler to visit a "time" when he and the other titans were still alive, or Sargeras was uncorrupted?Belandas7 3d
3d 1 Burnign Legion Across all timelines fix So I think I figured out a way that makes sense for there to be one main legion but still have multiple copies of important demons when traveling back in time. What if, for example, each demon has a "Prime" consciousnesses, and they are able to project that consciousness wherever they seem might be most beneficial. So in WoD the legion saw what was going down and decided to project their consciousness towards that legion's timeline. Basically if you watch Xmen Days of Future pass you'll know what I mean. The same way that the current wolverine went back in time to his old body, but with his future self's consciousness.Anyathorne1 3d
4d Story since 6.2? Just came back and ready to get into Legion. Where's a good place to get the "story so far" of legion?Torroest2 4d
4d Once the Legion is taken care of.... In your opinion what is the most pressing issue in Azeroth that should be dealt with expansion-wise? Is it Horde/Alliance? Is it potentially some other big bad? Like a lost Old God or Void Lord? Is it more grounded and localized issues? A South Seas kind of pirate themed expansion, a break from the epic action that nonetheless has important moments and themes? Or perhaps maybe it should just be one big joke, bigger than MoP. A carnival themed expansion where all the races get together and do non-violent mini-games for a whole expansion, complete with a show off your most famous mount with goblin announcing. Or maybe it shouldn't be anything at all, perhaps there is much to explore in Legion, that the expansion should go on for some time until everyone's finally done every class campaign.Flamelzhia38 4d
4d deathlord potentially the strongest champion? so, from reading the apocalypse lore from the AK book, this random human was able to almost kill aegwynn with it. we know this human probably had some kind of mage power to be a part of the tirisgarde, some type of battle-mage or something. but the deathlord is a death knight. in the deathlord's hands, apocalypse should be even more powerful, since death knights know how to use such evil powers. also, a death knight has many anti-magic capabilities. so, could it be that the deathlord could kill aegwynn? does that make them the most power of all the class champions? where would that even place them against other named people from lore? personally, i definitely think it looks like they should be.Ursilah101 4d
4d C'Thun's Sha? When Y'Shaarj was killed, he cursed the nearby land with the Sha, and when Yogg-Saron died, he (presumably) cursed the nearby land with those Saronite Vapors we saw at Ulduar. So where is C'Thun's version of the Sha?Mythelm47 4d
4d Druid story line So I was doing my Druid campaign quest or story line. and now for some reason theres no where to accept another quest. I know i didn't finish because i didn't unlock the 3rd relic .Dendes3 4d
4d Elune Speculation I don't know if there's a thread or this is already talked about a lot, but what's everyone's opinion on what Elune is? Does it say in any of the Chronicle books what she is? Cause she seems like such a unique entity. I've started to think she's a part of Azeroth, something that got ripped out when Amanthul ripped Yshaaj out anyway, since there's mention of her apparently "sleeping" in the Well of Eternity. What's everyone else's thoughts?Onesia37 4d
5d There must always be a Lich King... Ok, this has been bothering me for some time now. WHY must there always be a Lich King?? I know the lore excuse, that without a LK to hold the Scourge armies in check the Scourge would overrun Azeroth, but that just doesn't make sense to me. The LK's hold on the Scourge weakened for a time before, and many regained their free will and became the Forsaken. So why wouldn't the remaining Scourge regain their free will? I know there are some mindless zombies, but doesn't seem like it'd be enough to overwhelm the planet. I've seen the ICC end cinematic, but is there something else I'm missing? Just seems like a cheap plot gimmick... Also, why couldn't the blood elves have developed the mana bomb earlier, and just nuked ICC into oblivion? (I know, I know, then we wouldn't have had the raid...)Ræyne43 5d
5d Has Chromie had a role in Legion? Hello, just wondering where my favorite of the Bronze Dragonflight has been this expansion.Aluçard19 5d
5d Pitch a Playable Race Story Arc As per the title, where do you the races go after Legion? What should happen next? I want the gnomes be be at the heart of the Alliance's story next expansion. It is ridiculous how little development they've had. Here's my pitch: They have another election (being a democracy and all) and Mekkatorque *loses*. It turns out that dissatisfaction with his leadership has been quietly brewing for some time (not surprising, given that he nuked his own capitol), and many gnomes feel that he has been too much of a follower in the Alliance and not pushing it in a properly gnomish direction. Specifically, Mekkatorque is defeated by a younger, charismatic candidate who argues that, because of their superior technology and intelligence, the gnomes should be leading the Alliance. Make her female. And have her featured heavily in an event where gnomish technology is absolutely unleashed, leading to a massive Alliance victory of some sort - maybe they single-handedly turn the tide for the Alliance portion of the assault on Argus. Suddenly, the gnomes are taking the initiative and leading the next Alliance war effort. A similar scenario could play out on the Horde side featuring goblins, except instead of an election you have typical goblin conniving and infighting leading to Mida or Sassy displacing Gallywix.Carmageddon57 5d
5d Il'gynoth's Cryptic Whispers Far as I can tell there was no datamining previously about what, if anything, Il'gynoth says during the encounter in the Emerald Nightmare, so I can't verify if this is old or new or fake. These are being posted at SoL by user Shadowsong, and he's trustworthy. Anyway, as befitting something Old God-ish, Il'gynoth seems to say some cryptic stuff (apparently when you're waiting to start the encounter). "To find him, drown yourself in a circle of stars. "The boy-king serves at the master's table. Three lies he will offer you." "Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it." "The lord of ravens will turn the key." "The king of diamonds has been made a pawn." 2nd one is pretty clearly about Anduin. 3rd makes me think Sylvanas, but could be someone else perhaps (a part of me thought maybe Azeroth, but I imagine if her heart was "filled", it'd be game over for us already, right?) King of Diamonds being a pawn may sound bad but, well, Magni was pretty upfront about doing Azeroth's will, if memory serves.Cirno373 5d
5d 7.2 Trailer and Kiljaeden My only complaint with the trailer is how pathetic Kil'jaeden was in it. He is supposed to be the supreme commander of the legion forces and not to mention a total badass! Why is his moaning about failing to conquer Azeroth so far? It's not like how I would expect him at all. We never saw this weak side of him before. Ever. I would expect him to be furiously raging but not complaining to Sargeras about "we tried but failed" boo didums. Like seriously where is his backbone? He may be used to other worlds falling rather quickly but this is not like Kiljaeden in any of his other depictions.Kalorea23 5d
5d When will the Exodar fly again? When daddy? When?Yenadin31 5d
6d 7.2 Spoiler Thread 4: Dragons be Here Since the previous thread is about to cap. 6d
6d RP Help: Warriors. Can anybody help out in explaining how Warriors can use the abilities they use, or in a smaller scale, Vrykul, I'll list some of the explanations I've received so far. Avatar Shouts (Commanding, Piercing Howl, Intimidating Roar, Battle Cry, Dragon Roar) Spell Reflection Storm Bolt (Explained through") Explanations given: Used through a form of Shamanism designated to buff your character as opposed to using it as Shamans would through abilities. (No citation, just word of mouth)Areo39 6d
6d Chronicles vs Novels? Hey everyone, I'm currently working my way through the WoW novels in the "recommended order" and so far have gotten through Rise of the Horde --> beyond the dark portal. But now I'm reading up a bit on the chronicles and I'm wondering if I should just be reading those instead? Do the chronicles make the material in the novels no longer canon? Or would it still be beneficial to read both? ThanksValenus16 6d
6d Should a Warchief Lead from the Front? I've always thought it was extremely stupid when Garrosh, Varian, Thrall, etc. led their armies personally. Having your general run personally into danger constantly is a great way to lose a battle and a war instantly due to luck or chance. This gets a little muddier in the case of Sylvanas though. Sylvanas is now the strongest individual in the entire Horde by a wide margin. Thrall and Vol'jin were arguably on her level, but they are both borked now. If in future patches she keeps showing up on the front lines is it foolishness, or just the Horde properly using their most powerful weapon?Threeslotbag67 6d
6d Dalaran Prisoners So why exactly did the Kirin Tor feel the need to imprison individuals such as Anub'esset and Mindflayer Kaahrj, instead of you know killing them?Gornur30 6d
6d Does class specs apply in book lore? Hi everyone, I am writing a novel about my character and I was wondering if in the Warcraft books reference a few things. Do the books ever reference class specs? Like for example - "jimmy was a BM hunter and he could tame beasts like no other" or " Jenny used her holy power to heal Johns wounds for she was a holy priest". I just pulled these examples out of the random but you get the Idea. Also are spells from the game referenced in books? Example - "James casted divine shield to buy him some time from the brutal attack" or "Lucy jumped out of the burning house and moments before she hit the ground she casted levitate and gently glided to the ground". These are bad examples but I just want to make my story as accurate as possible.Keythas8 6d
6d Your character in canon. Been binge reading all the short stories on the site recently, and one thing that bothers me is how whenever something the player did comes up it's adressed in the least descriptive way possible. Now I understand they can't just take my character and plug him into the story, but it's very annoying to see events that changed the whole course of the story mentioned only in passing. So I got to thinking, what if instead of attributing these events to vauge "adventurers" with no identifying qualities whatsoever there where a bunch of PC-like characters who served as stand ins for those events? That way we can still have our game, but the story can be told coherently outside of it. I think it's a much better solution than giving the credit to an ageless, faceless, gender-neutral, culturally-ambiguous adventure person.Phlynch33 6d
6d Updated Chronological order of WoW Novels. Alright after several hours of scouring the web I have tracked down what I am extremely confident is the full chronological order of the WoW Novels for anyone who may wish to catch up on their lore. I am not going to include the mangas,short stories, etc. on the list at the moment this is purely just the novels. (Most people including myself recommend reading them in this order as well) 1. Rise of the Horde by Christie Golden 2. The Last Guardian by Jeff Grubb 3. Tides of Darkness by Aaron Rosenburg 4. Beyond the Dark Portal by Christie Golden & Aaron Rosenburg 5. Day of the Dragon by Richard A. Knaak !! The War of the Ancients Trilogy takes place before Rise of the Horde but it is highly recommended that you read it after having read Day of the Dragon which is why I have the trilogy listed as 6,7,8 instead of 1,2,3. 6. War of the Ancients: The Well of Eternity by Richard A. Knaak 7. War of the Ancients: The Demon Soul by Richard A. Knaak 8. War of the Ancients: The Sundering by Richard A. Knaak 9. Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden 10. Of Blood and Honor by Chris Metzen 11. Arthas: Rise of the Lich King by Christie Golden 12. Illidan by William King 13. Cycle of Hatred by Keith DeCandido 14. Night of The Dragon by Richard A. Knaak 15. Stormrage by Richard A. Knaak 16. The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm by Christie Golden 17. Wolfheart by Richard A Knaak 18. Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects by Christie Golden 19. Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War by Christie Golden 20. Dawn of the Aspects by Richard A. Knaak 21. Vol'Jin: Shadows of the Horde by Michael A. Stackpole 22. War Crimes by Christie Golden Important if you plan to purchase: There are three books that will include 3-4 stories in one book I am adding them to this to help you save money so you can buy one of these rather than purchase each book individually. The name of these are: 1. World of Warcraft: Chronicles of War - Includes Rise of the Horde, The Last Guardian,Tides of Darkness, and lastly, Beyond the Dark portal 2. World of Warcraft: Archive - Day of the Dragon, Lord of the Clans, The Last Guardian, and lastly, Of Blood and Honor 3. WarCraft War of The Ancients Archive - Includes WotA(War of the Ancients): The Well of Eternity, WotA: The Demon Soul, WotA: The Sundering Extra things worth noting Several times throughout the books some of them will reference events in the other books that arent necessarily in the chronological order of which the book was published hence why this list was created to help clean that up a bit for your reading pleasure. However if anyone wants me to add the date published of the books happy to do so. If you have any other info you think I should add in that people should know please leave a comment and I will add it as soon as I can. Happy book hunting and enjoy the reading! :) **Will add the new Warcraft Chronicle series as I get more info on them but they will be added** **Rendford in the Story Forum made a post with this link and figured since this is a novel post afterall why not add it here for you guys to get a taste of the new book Illidan by William King which takes place after the events of Arthas: Rise of The Lich King and goes into detail Illidans plight in Outland. Its the prelude and chapter 1 of the new book enjoy! 6d
6d Unpopular Opinion: Broken instead of Draenei For some time now, I've been bored of Draenei. I thought they had a lot of potential in BC, but since then they've all been incredibly 1-note paladins and "muh Light." And even then, Blizz keeps handing all the big paladin positions to Humans instead. So at this point, just...why? So I'm here to propose an unpopular opinion. The Broken should've joined the Alliance instead of the Draenei. For one, it'd give the Alliance their more morally gray race early, instead of waiting all the way to Cataclysm for the Worgen. And two, the Broken have a much more diverse range of cultures, beliefs, motivations, and classes. They are struggling in real ways like the rest of the Draenei, but they have a wider approach to how they handle that struggle. Some, like Akama's people, turn to more shadowy magics and roguish tactics. Others became shamans like the orcs before the Dark Portal. Still others tried to redeem themselves and turn to the Light, like their paladin brethren. And along with all of this, the race has a compelling underdog narrative, trying to overcome the prejudices they face for being Broken. All in all, I think the Broken would've been a more interesting and compelling race given WoW's demographic. I know I certainly would've maxed one or two by now.Samariyu46 6d
6d Reprise of Wrath of the Lich King? Given how things are going in the DK campaign, it seems more and more of a possibility. And from a business perspective, I think Blizzard is more than well aware that WoTLK was their most profitable expansion. Not to mention that Legion itself is arguably a reprise of TBC.Darthious13 6d
6d The Ebon Blade should be declared enemies After what we did in the ending of our class hall storyline? Don't you think so? We invaded the paladin class hall and attempted to raise Tirion Fordring as a death knight while murdering paladins in the process. What I want to know is how this could even be tolerated by other factions, specifically the Alliance going forward. What the Death Knight hero basically did would be the equivelent if a UN member state decided to send a unit of special forces to capture the UN head secretary during one of their sessions and during it killed many diplomats in the process. For all intents and purposes any rational story would consider the ebon blade a traitorous backstabbing faction and declared enemies of the Alliance (and maybe the horde). Thoughts on this?Kalomonk290 6d
6d Greek God/Goddesses/The Odyssey Parallels ? Which in-game characters remind you of any of the greek gods or goddesses? For example, Illidan Stormrage reminds me of Odysseus because of his tendency to not think his plans through before executing themYeezus13 6d
6d Shamans and Hexing So admittedly I don't know a lot about the schools of magic in Warcraft lore, but I had a question popping into my head today (actually while playing Hearthstone). So Shamans are masters of the elements, but transformation such as polymorph and hex typically fall under the arcane category of magic. I know that Hex has been a staple Shaman spell forever, but I just didn't see any other abilities (besides maybe Purge) or lore implications that Shamans dabbled in Arcane magics. Has there been any explanations?Tevius4 6d
6d Using the appropriate King's name... I wasn't really paying attention to the fact that Blizzard is using only Anduin's name now, not until I switched over to one of my lower level characters. It was a bit of a shock to go to the Hero's Call Board in Stormwind as a level 25 and get hit with a call to Northern Stranglethorn Vale "by the order of King Anduin Wrynn". What? I've always thought of leveling as traveling the timeline starting with Vanilla WoW and going through each of the expansions as you change locations (Outland - Burning Crusade, Northrend - Wrath of the Lich King, etc.) Things in-game support this such as Pandarans can't be Death Knights. Which leads me to the straw that finally broke the proverbial camel's back - my Death Knight - who just went through the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel is told to report to "King Anduin Wrynn" in Stormwind with the letter from Highlord Tirion Fordring. How's that for a head spinner! Blizzard has phased other things, why not the use of a king's name. Lion's Rest is an empty park until you have completed the quest "The Fallen Lion." Only then can you see the memorial. No character who is under level 100 should be seeing or hearing anything about King Anduin Wrynn - it should still be King Varian Wrynn to them. Do you think it is wrong to ask Blizzard to fix this? To phase the use of each king's name to the appropriate level of the character? I'd really like to know what others think about this idea.Kalidas12 6d
6d Xal'atath was an Old God There are still several people who doubt or are unaware of this theory, so I want to make a thread explaining some of the evidence that points to her being a former Old God. 1. In the artifact research it states that one of the more outlandish theories of her origin is that she was a former Old God consumed by his kin in the early days of the Black Empire. In stories, whenever it's stated that a theory is outlandish/crazy/a myth/etc, it usually ends up being true. 2. Xal'atath's quote "We may face some of my brethren in this conflict, a prospect which delights me. Their power will be mine! They will pay for what was done to me long ago!" provides a lot of support to the previous point since it fits perfectly with that theory and doesn't make sense with the other theories listed in the artifact research. 3. Xal'atath hates the other four Old Gods, as shown in several of her quotes. All OG creations we have seen have been extremely loyal to the Old Gods to the point where they might as well be mind controlled by them, so Xal's hatred towards the Old Gods would make no sense if she was just a minion made by one of the OGs. 4. In Xal's quote "It is ironic that the weakest of us my be the ultimate victor. C'Thun, Yogg-Saron, Y'Shaarj, and...well...only one would remain to consume the world that was always meant to be", the usage of the word "us" basically confirms that she was an Old God. By using us, that means that she is including herself in the group (which is the OGs in this case). If she wasn't an OG, she would have used "them" instead of "us".Mythelm29 6d
Mar 22 Farahlon, oh Farahlon! This is mostly for the dev decision makers; We may be in the next expansion, but that doesn't heal major plot holes from before. For those just beginning to learn Warcraft lore, in Burning Crusade, in the northeastern corner of Outlands, there was a zone called Netherstorm, that had been identified as Farahlon by NPCs in that zone. The zone was supposed to be in Warlords of Draenor, and much had apparently been developed, but then, in the sudden cut-off of the expansion, Farahlon's part of the story was abandoned, but the plot hole was never resolved, at all. In a way, it'd be almost like J.R.R. Tolkien never resolving plot issues in the Silmarillion. I know the standard answer is 'Activision investors happened to Farahlon', but does that really have to remain? Since we're still fighting the Legion, still apparently working with Alleria and Turalyon at some point, it could still make some sense to finish the work on Alternate Farahlon and send us there to do some quests to help prepare for the fight on Argus. As demonstrated by the Chronicles Series, the lore of Warcraft is now a literary body of work in its own right, enjoyed by many. Please don't leave it tattered and unfinished simply to appease the whims of those that want to bleed companies dry of cash.Trilha10 Mar 22
Mar 22 Theryn Can we get more story on him please? I thought that story line was really cool.Rhinn15 Mar 22
Mar 22 Val'zuun I was doing the subtlety rogue artifact quest and when you meet this guy he's really evasive about what he is so it got me wondering, what is he? He kinda looks like an Eredar and I guess that would be a good reason to hide yourself but is it as simple as that?Galenar3 Mar 22
Mar 22 Army of Light Do we know any characters who are soldiers for the Army of Light? Are Elune or the Naaru members of the Army of Light?Damuzî35 Mar 22
Mar 22 Faerie Dragons and Spirit I was running around Hyjal, feeding Fey Dragons so the jerks would help stop the Twilights, when I began thinking about them and their place in Lore. Specifically, I remembered a brief discussion concerning a possible Lore issue with them introduced in WoD. For those that do not know, Faerie Dragons are creatures that are tied closely with Azeroth's Emerald Dream, and they police it for strange and out of place magic. Being creatures of the Emerald Dream, it doesn't make much sense that Draenor would also have Fey Dragons. Why would they? Draenor doesn't have a Dream, so why would they have the weird-looking things flying around. I thought about it, and I feel like I found a possibly answer. And that answer is Spirit. Spirit is a strange energy that hasn't really been exposed a lot. We know that Shamans and Monks utilize it in their magic. It's a sort of "5th element" that exists along side the standard 4 (Earth, Air, Water, Fire). But what role does Spirit play in a world? Chronicle reveals to us that Spirit is tied very closely with Life and Nature. Chronicle describes primal Draenor as a world bursting at the seams with Spirit Energy. More so than any other world we know of, Draenor had a large surplus of the stuff. And this ridiculous amount of Spirit energy had a profound impact on Draenor. Mainly, it sparked a rabid and uncontrolled burst of Life. Ancient Draenor was ruled by vicious, wild plant life and threatened to consume everything. And it was only thanks to the passing Titan, Aggramar, that it was held in check. A wild explosion of life? Does that sound familiar? Have we not seen similar things in the Southern Barrens Overgrowth? Or Desolace? When Druids on Azeroth mess with the Emerald Dream in the wrong way, nature can become chaotic and wild. This is what leads me to believe that Spirit is closely tied Druidism and the Dream. Life on a planet ebbs and flows alongside the Spirit energy that fuels it. We know Spirit energy creates life. What is the Emerald Dream if not a construct to measure and manipulate the flow of Spirit energy on Azeroth? Which brings us back to Fey Dragons. We know Fey Dragons are connected to the Emerald Dream. Rather, I think they are connected to the Spirit Energy inside the Dream. Perhaps Fey Dragons are the standard Titan tool to use for regulating a World's flow of Spirit? Perhaps that is why the Draenor Fey Dragons are so large! Draenor Fey Dragons are easily twice, if not thrice times larger than any Fey Dragons on Azeroth. Perhaps they grew larger because of the over-abundance of their favored thing, Spirit? I think it would make sense that Aggrammar, after creating Grond to fight the Sporemounds, also created the Fey Dragons to help "even out" the planet's large pool of Spirit. Which would explain why Draenor has them. Any way, that's the gist of it. No Sylvanas here. Nothing critical or outrageous. Carry on.Hackbrew15 Mar 22
Mar 21 Gul'Dan and Chronicles II *Book Spoilers* So I have been reading through the new book and it has been WAY better than expected, vol 2 has done a phenomenal job of fleshing out Draenor. But when it finally came around to addressing Gul'Dan and the corruption of the orcs I saw what I consider to be a notable change. From what I've read so far(I stress that I haven't found the time to finish reading all of it) Vol 2 has retconned the "Lords of War" and more recent "Harbingers" as cannon over Rise of the Horde. In particular, Gul'Dans Harbinger video is now cannon for MU as well. And I just can't decide if I like that or not. I love Gul'Dan as a character, truly he is one of the best villains we've had the pleasure of seeing. But how his story is now portrayed, it feels almost as if they undercut him. He was born malformed and weak, leading to being hated and exiled. Due to this he became resentful and grew to hate his race as a whole, and as a last ditch attempt he pleaded with the elements, but sensing these emotions they abandoned him as well. Kil'Jaeden influenced him shortly after and the rest is history. But that wasn't what RoTH Gul'dan was about. He lived relatively comfortably beneath Ner'Zhul, but even so, threw him under the rug the moment he could attain more power through the legion. That Gul'Dan feels far better me, power over all else, for nothing other than the sake of power itself. Whereas it almost feels like new Gul'Dan is a bitter man just throwing a tantrum. I've described my issue with it poorly, I'm tired but curious. So I'd like to know your opinions on this, and other aspects of Chronicles that have caught your attention! P.S. Cyrukh the Firelord, that come outa left field or was that just me?Alcapwnd19 Mar 21
Mar 21 Blizzard's Punching Bag What race do you think gets !@#$ on the most? Trolls or draenei are the most obvious ones to me, but Night elves die left and right, Tauren had most of their population wiped out by centaurs and then their home was taken over by the grimtotem and Cairne died. Blood elves were banished from their home, ended up in a war when they made a new one, the horde burned huge parts of the forest, and then the whole thing with the scourge. Every race puts up with a constant crapfest, but which do you think gets it the worst?Anort35 Mar 21