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Dec 13, 2014 Maiev Shadowsong Heresy I was reading "The First Heretic." from Warhammer 40k And I got to thinking what if Blizzard did to Maiev Shadowsong what Warhammer did to Lorgar Aurelian. What if Hakkar or some evil Loa were to enlighten Maiev Shadowsong. To actually reveal to Maiev Shadowsong that the Night Elves were not created by Elune. What if the evil loa Gods were to reveal that Night Elves were in truth, descended from trolls. Now lets go even further. For example Elune has Blood Sacrifice altars in Desolace. A blood elf was shot when investigating these ruins. What if scholars, druids and priests of the Night Elves knew the truth about the connection to the Loa, but chose not to tell the people. What if the reason that there are no Night Elf shamans is because they are afraid what if Night Elves discovered that their ancestors going back far enough, were trolls. Maiev then discovers, that Malfurion and Tyrande both knew about the secret. This leads Maiev down a path to betray Elune for the sake of the Loa Gods. Maiev and a group of her cohorts then go around quietly spreading the word of the Loa among the most upset Night Elves. Elves that died at the hands of orcs, trolls and Tauren. Victims of Ashenvale, and Stonetalon. Even victims of Nendis, the village that Illidan destroyed with his Naga in the frozen throne. If Maiev was jealous of Tyrande because Tyrande was chosen as High Priestess. It could be similar to how Lorgar was jealous that he had to bend his knee to Roboute Guilliman or how Horus felt an inferiority complex next to Sanguinius. Priestess of elune, become Blood Priestesses of Hakkar. Druids start worshipping animal troll gods. When Maiev springs her trap, half of the Night Elf territories join with her and there is a bloody Night Elf civil war. And all of this takes place in an emerald dream expansion where Maiev is trying to bring Hakkar into the dream. The expansion ends with Malfurion in an eternal dream-like state, trying keep Hakkar from invading the Emerald Dream. Hakkar, the Blood God.The Soulflayer.Alexandravi12 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Questions about the Highmaul raid What exactly is the reason for us invading highmaul. Also is it only a couple of people invading or an army. I thought it would be an army but that makes no sense with the first boss and how the raid starts off in the arena. Also who exactly are we killing in highmaul? I thought we would leave the civilians alone like we did in SoO, but then we kill the butcher. Finally is highmaul invaded by the draenei and the blackrock foundry by the frostwolves? I remember that yrel talks about highmaul while duraton talks about the blackrock foundry.Huuruk9 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Game status versus lore Hello fellas. Which lore changes that wasn't applied in game due development or unknown reasons bother you most? My example: I found pretty annoying that after "several years" Exodar, and Bloodmist isle still the same - Even while draenei were working to fix the area as you can see in the quests. Another thing that bother me is, on western plaguelands we can see the environment started to be healed from the plague, but they did nothing about Silvermoon reconstruction and the deadscar in the vincinity. Here's my question: These two places (Exodar and Silvermoon) were already reconstructed lorewise, right?Vestah7 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Question: Watch Commander Branson Ok, so Admiral Taylor's Garrison, still trying to figure out what went down there. Apparently at some point Watch Commander Branson told everyone to hide in the Inn and they would be safe there. ... So.. when I go down to the Larder, the aberration is Watch Commander Branson. So... he told everyone to hide in the inn.. then proceeded to slaughter them all? Was he an aberration when he told them to hide in the inn? I dont reckon people would have followed his orders if he was. Also: bonus points if someone can piece together what happened during the attack. I read his garrison log, but it ends right before the attack happens.Vortdorbrez5 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Issues I have, things I would change. While playing through the recent changes I noticed a few things I would really like to change and issues I would like to address ( as all of us do ) Ashran- This is a big one, and very out of place with the current WoW timeline since of the supposed peace or cease-fire that's occurring between the Horde and Alliance. However one simple tweak would probably fit in a little more comfortably Fix- Ashran being a strategic location for the Horde and Alliance to attack the Iron Horde's main base of operations. Respected leaders, warlords, and generals from each faction discuss and create battle strategies for the upcoming assault. While champions, heroes, and mercenaries are enlisted to practice their skills and test out these strategies in a sort of war games format. This keeps the PvP aspect without the stupidity and clashing that Ashran does to the story of WoD. ( this would also remove the Ogre super weapon, however only from Ashran ) Highmaul- Why are the Gorian's hanging with the Iron Horde? Why are we going in there to stop them? Stop them from doing what exactly? Maybe a bigger threat would do Highmaul- The Gorian empire would still be at war with the Iron Horde since of the age long blood feud with orcs. The Gorian empire also remains hostile to us PCs and our factions due to their intense nationalism and racism towards other "lesser" races. When we find out that the Gorian empire has unearthed a devastating super weapon, we rush into Highmaul racing the Iron Horde to defeat this threat and claim the super weapon, only for it to be destroyed in our assault. Kargath- Instead of being a awkwardly placed first boss, Kargath will be leading the Iron Horde counterpart into Highmaul. We'll find him deeper into the raid and challenge him before he could recover the super weapon. Still killing him in the process. Ok, so now to go into factions and their individual races Horde! Orcs- Should take a break for now, maybe some resolution after Garrosh and where they stand in the Horde would be neat, however we don't wanna overload on big green/brown men would dress like bikers/wrestlers just yet. Undead- Maybe more characters to challenge Sylvana's potential rampage and descent into villainy, maybe a political group or figure not to necessarily oppose her in a all out civil war, but sort of speak out a little against her actions, cause some political strife for the Forsaken. Tauren- See Orcs Trolls- See Orcs, they all need a break. Blood elfs- Some more involvement would be nice. I was glad to see Lorthemar get some spotlight, but I would like to see him interact with the Horde leaders more often just see where he stands among them. Goblins- Since their development of a race is dependent on money, there isn't much to be said. They go where the gold is. I would like more Gallywix tbh. Alliance! Humans- Would like to see Varian step down from High King and treat the Alliance like a well...alliance. Each leader should have equal power, instead of copy/paste horde politics with a blue paint coat. Humans are supposedly a young race compared to Nelfs, Gnomes, Dwarfs. So putting them is this huge seat of power is kinda silly. Dwarfs- I like the development so far, however where are the other council members? Seems like Moira is the only one making noise Nelfs- This is weird and tricky, however I don't like the human in the night elf clothing some of them act like. The Nelf from S:17 is basically a human, with no Night Elf cultural ties within his speech, skills, or actions. I think they should be more distant with the Alliance. Only having a few NPCs with great importance helping the Alliance, rather them becoming homogenized into their ranks Gnomes- Can't say much really. Maybe some Gnomeragan progression? Draenei- I'm glad WoD gave their culture a shine. However still doesn't excuse little-no MU development. Worgen- Like Blood elfs, a little more interaction with The Alliance, maybe some in game info about Gilnenia. Neutral! Pandaren- I would like SOME info on wth the pandaren racial leaders for each faction are doing. Are they leaving? Helping out still? What do they bring to the table? It's been a sore thumb since MoP Well that's all I have. include yours down below! Be civil! And have fun! #1 17 hours agoLittletoke12 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Rexxar The Rexxar we meet in Gorgrond and SMV... Is he MU Rexxar or AU Rexxar?Vesiana7 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Why? (spoiler) I'm just curious as to why blizz thought it was a good idea to kill off our Maraad and Taylor? What good did that do to progress our story? I mean sure what went down with Maraad helped out with progressing Yrel's story but who cares about a character when the expansion is done we wont have anything to do with anymore? Am I missing something here?Renic26 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 What makes the titan's so hard to meet? I understand who they are, but are they even there? Why does there need to be a reorigionation message to be sent out, and if it can be sent out why is there no way of talking to the titans?(Im basing this off of ulduar)Gizellinnith39 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 the nagrand cutscene(SPOILERS) this cutscene really bothers me. if there's one thing i hate, its when heros say "you chose your own destiny". thats such a cop-out from the responsibility thrall had in what garrosh became. Garrosh made some very good points. As soon as the cataclysm happened, and the world was in tatters, thrall leaves garrosh to lead the horde. Garrosh was NOT ready to lead the horde(he even said so himself), and while he led the horde well for a time, it became obvious in MoP that he did not have the maturity, foresight, or wisdom to lead a nation(whatever the horde is). Garrosh did not lead the life thrall lead, which was a life of servitude, followed up by shamanistic training. Garrosh was a warrior. War was all he knew, and even letting him command his own forces, even while under Saurfang's guidance, was a terrible idea. He was not ready. Thrall forced Garrosh into a position he was not ready for, and then tries the lame copout of "you chose your own destiny". no, thrall. his destiny was chosen by you, when you appointed him leader of the horde in a cataclysmic world, with an alliance who was(and still is) hostile towards the horde. Everyone acts like Garrosh was some terrible guy, and sure. he did some pretty terrible things. but not a few years before he was living on a world hostile to orcs, believing his father shamed his whole race and corrupted them, to come to another world also hostile to orcs. Thrall should have left command of the horde to a more capable leader(baine, vol'jin, or saurfang). so yes, garrosh was right. thrall made him what he was. by forcing him into an impossibly difficult situation without the necessary experience.Urklegru12 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Garrosh's age in WoD Assuming Garrosh stayed on AU Draenor for the several decades between the killing of AU Mannoroth and the Iron Horde invasion in the Blasted Lands, why is he not an elderly Orc by the time we encounter him on Draenor? He doesn't appear to have aged one bit from MoP.Theodisca10 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 11, 2014 Cultures of the human nations What kind of cultures do you think the 7 human nations are based off of? Like I think Stromgarde kinda has a slight medieval Scottish with a hint of Sparta feel almost. Gilneas is obviously Victorian England with a hint of Russia. Kul Tiras I think would have a Renaissance Italy maybe even Renaissance Spain feel. Alterac maybe medieval Russia. Lordearon has a Holy Roman Empire kinda feel. Dalaran either medieval Italy or a byzantine empire feel, maybe middle eastern. Stormwind is hard, It's got a little of all renaissance and medieval western Europe. If I had to pick one for Stormwind I would say France. A lot of orchards and the amount of farmland. Feels a bit like Renaissance/Medieval France. What do you guys think?Heremus16 Dec 11, 2014
Dec 11, 2014 Does the Draenei owe the Orcs reparation Edited : Ilumina wins! Draenor was already found in spite of the Draenei being there. Orc and Ogres were dead from the get go.Phelios86 Dec 11, 2014
Dec 11, 2014 The Azeroth Archival Society! Greetings, friends. As some of you may or may not know, I'm Lorelai, and I don't give a damn what anybody thinks about anyone. How I see it is we're all Warcraft players, we all post here because we love(d) the story of WoW and we enjoy discussing it with fellow lore nerds. Throughout my time here, I've seen Kings and Queens come and go, I've seen the Fall of Lordaeron threads and the rise of Sylvanas. I've seen Elimination Games and Warlords leaks. I've seen Mustrum leave and people get banned. I've witnessed the birth and deaths of many lounges, and created the Archival of all our bickerings. However, throughout it all, we still complain together. We still strive for a better story for everyone. With that said, a few of regulars and I have banded together and created the Official Guild of the Warcraft Story Forums - The Azeroth Archival Society - on Wyrmrest Accord! Together, we aim to play the game through whatever means necessary, whether that be lore, quests, dungeons and potentially raiding and pvp (I'm open to anything). Of course, we're on Alliance because well, I was Alliance and I told them to come play with me and they listened. What can I say, I have a way of annoying people into doing what I want. Anyway, I'd like to invite all of you to join us! Whether it be on an alt you're wanting to level, transferring off of a bad server, or looking for a new start. I'd also like to ask that we sticky this thread. We are a community here on the Story Forums and I'd like to expand this community from the depths of this website into Azeroth and the savage lands of Draenor. In addition to all this, if people are wanting to band together on Horde as well, I'm more than happy to create a Horde guild as well. Please note, a lot of our current members are not Story Forumers. They're people I randomly invited to have more people to do things with. Turns out, they rather just be quiet and ignore my attempts at chatting. If you have any questions, post them here or add my battle tag, Lorelai#1486 (And yes, I know this is the Story Forums, not the guild recruitment or WrA forums but I feel like this belongs here/)Lorelaî7 Dec 11, 2014
Dec 11, 2014 Cho'gall and Teron'gor (spoilers) So in the intro quest line for WoD, you free Cho'gall and Teron'gor from being used as power conduits (or something) to power the Dark Portal. Since they were presumably Gul'dan's minions before this point, it was a little unclear to me whether Gul'dan was okay with them being used this way, or whether it was at Grom's command that this was done. Anyway, when you free them, they're both grateful and say that you should come talk sometime, before portalling away. However, the next time I encountered either Cho'gall or Teron'gor, they were trying to wreak havoc and destroy things, and were straight-up antagonistic. Did I miss something? Or were they just being polite before running off to wreak their own havoc? Cho'gall is no longer following Gul'dan's orders, as we see in a mini-cinematic in Nagrand (underneath Oshu'gun), but Teron'gor has shown up as the last boss of Auchindoun and apparently IS still working for Gul'dan. If there was some connective tissue that explains what happened between freeing them and encountering them later, did I miss it?Athria9 Dec 11, 2014
Dec 11, 2014 Mistaken forum post! Ooops. .Phyrevixen0 Dec 11, 2014
Dec 11, 2014 Meanwhile on Azeroth -Mannoroth was not prepared -Kil'jaeden is whining about Draenei -Archimonde is bored and wants to kill stuff -Gul'dan isn't returning phonecalls -AU Medivh is wondering why his Dark Portal isn't working. Anyone else wondering what AU Medivh-Sargeras is doing, while we're mucking up on Draenor? Surely he's aware of the situation going on. And even though he's on AU Azeroth, being a Titan and all, wouldn't he realize that we're from MU Azeroth, the prize he's been craving for millenia?Vesiana21 Dec 11, 2014
Dec 11, 2014 <Spoilers> Samaara's Fate... That whole sequence at the altar got to me... well... it certainly was it's moment. I'm not really used to that kind of genuine tragedy in Warcraft. There's always that "I'm alive! It's ok, I'm back from the dead." I was thinking it's cool to see kind of just it really hit the fan every once and awhile. It wasn't like a big major part of the whole story or anything, but it didn't seem to diminish the impact too much.Alistreia0 Dec 11, 2014
Dec 11, 2014 Gorgrond Gorgrond is an interesting place that I would love to describe: The West Half Blackrock Foundry A place filled with Fire and Iron ruled by the Blackrock Clan. 1. Heart of the Mountain: A massive Fire Fury more powerful than any I have ever seen. What’s more it’s used to forge the Blackrock Clan’s weapons and is the source of both the Doomhammer and Blackhand’s Fire empowered state. 2. Iron Horde beasts: The beasts of the Iron Horde have all clearly been empowered by Fire Furies like Blackhand. 3. Cinder Wolves: Fire Elementals in the shape of Wolves. 4. Blackrock Orcs: They serve the Iron Horde and always seem to use fire attacks. 5. Blackfuse Co.: The Goblins that served Blackfuse. After Blackfuse’s demise they joined Warlord Zaela and when the Iron Horde showed up they joined them and Garrosh. 6. Oregorger: Largest of the Goren due to gluttony. 7. Gruul the Subjugated: Greatest of the Gronn. This Demigod is differentiated from the others by the hook that replaced his hand. 8. Kromog: The most powerful active Magnaron. The runes on his body glow red. 9. Blackhand: Leader of the Blackrock Clan he is infused with the Fire from the Heart of the Mountain. Gronn Canyon A land filled with Gronn and Land of the Lost rock formations. 1. Goren: The lowest of the Breakers. They eat rocks and Elementals to gain power and Oregorger from Blackrock Foundry is the largest of them. 2. Ogron: The between the Ogres and Gronn in the Breakers. 3. Gronnlings: Adolescent Gronn. They are less common than Goren which they are commonly found alongside. 4. Gronn: The first set of Demigods in the Breakers. I was quite surprised to see them as common easily killed enemies in Gorgrond. 5. Magnaron: The second set of Demigods. All of them are Elite and practically Bosses. 6. Charl Doomwing: A powerful Rylak. He roosts on Land of the Lost style rock formations 7. Drov the Ruiner: Most powerful Magnaron walking around out of doors unlike the perpetually indoors Magnaron Kromog. Gorgorek's Fall The place where the most powerful known Magnaron in existence fell. 1. Gorgorek: The most powerful Magnaron known to exist. Sulfur Basin A land of Sulfur Pools. 1. Sulfuric Ooze: A bunch of Sulfur Elementals that have different colors depending on where in the pools they are. The ones on the edges are colorless while the ones in the center are Blue. The rest are Orange, Yellow and Green. 2. Turbulent Steamfury: Water Furies embodying Steam. 3. Rippling Steamfury: More Water Furies embodying Steam. 4. Lesser Brimfury: Sulfur Furies embodying Sulfur. They look like Yellow Unbound Air Elementals(thanks to ingame tinting since they couldn‘t be bothered to make a new skin). 5. Grievous Depthworm: Worms that have encrusted and engorged themselves on Sulfur attaining a sulfuric coloration. 6. Dessicus of the Dead Pools: Leader of the Sulfur Furies. He looks like a sulfuric version of Immerseus. 7. Earthen Fury: The Earth Furies of Gorgrond. Furies are Elemental Spirits that haven’t been corrupted by the Void into Elementals. 8. Crater Lord Igneous: The leader of Gorgrond’s Earth Furies. Steamburst Caldron A Geyser Mountain 1. Erosian the Violent: A Steam Elemental created by Water and Fire Elements combining. He is in the center of Steamburst Cauldron. Stonemaul Arena An Arena for Stonemaul Ogres. 1. Ogres: Second lowest of the Breakers(between the Goren and Ogron). They rule the Gorian Empire from Nagrand. Now for the East half of Gorgrond Ruins of the First Bastion An ancient Ogre Ruin. 1. Podlings: The lowest of the plants known as the Primals. Unlike the Goren there are no large boss sized ones to be found. 2. Ravager Crawlers: Ravagers that resemble Silithid of Sarinexx, Kurinnaxx and Fankriss the Unyielding’s kind are seen within the Ogre ruins. This is clearly evidence of an Old God style Insect Empire somewhere on the planet. Tangleheart A Jungle of vines and pools 1. Salt Elemental: Located on the mountain next to the central pool of Tangleheart. They are Grey Sand Elementals(turned grey through ingame tinting since like the Lesser Brimfury Blizzard couldn’t be bothered to make a new skin). 2. Botani: The druids of the Primals 3. Wasps: They are wasps. 4. The Ancients: The first set of Demigods in the Primals. They are as common and as killable in Tangleheart as the Gronn in Gronn Canyon. The Razorbloom A jungle where the Botani infest Orcs and other people. 1. Infested Orc: An Orc converted into Primals by the Botani. 2. Infested Ogron: An Ogron turned into a Primal by the Botani. 3. Liquid Life: A Liquid Life Elemental created by Water and Life Elements combining. 4. Utrophis: Leader of the Liquid Life Elementals in Razorbloom. Affliction Ridge The Battlefield between the Breakers and the Primals. 1. Genesaurs: The second set of Demigods in the Primals. They look like Plant Magnataur. Crimson Fen A place of Red Mushrooms in Draenor. The lighting, glowing Fungus and music gives the place a Plaguewood feel…. 1. Fungal Ooze: Weakest of the Fungus monsters. It is an ooze of Fungus tainted Water. 2. Fungal Lurcher: Second strongest of the Fungus monsters. 3. Fungal Stompers: The strongest of the Fungal Monsters equal in power to both the Demigods of the Breakers known as the Gronn and the Demigods of the Primals known as the Ancients. Please discuss. What interests me the most is the Sulfur and Salt Elementals.Yvenathilm0 Dec 11, 2014
Dec 11, 2014 Shattered Hand question. Is Gordul the MU Shattered Hand clan leader the same guy as Gardul Venomshiv?Goruug2 Dec 11, 2014
Dec 11, 2014 Shadow Magic From my understanding Shadow magic is a replica of void, usually trying to use void magic without completely going all out, and the result is interestingly different from the void. Usually shadow is twisted light magic, but could also be twisted nature magic. But I've seen some in the forums saying that shadow is actually void magic, but I'm not so sure if that's true. Is there evidence leaning either way? I would like to know.Murphio7 Dec 11, 2014
Dec 11, 2014 Khadgar questions.... I have a couple of questions about WoD Khadgar... 1. Is this alternate timeline Khadgar (seems unlikely since he has present day Kirin Tor with him) or, in fact, the Khadgar we met in Burning Crusdade? 2. He has (what looks to be) Atiesh and is turning into a raven.... is it safe to assume he has the actual Atiesh and is the de facto Guardian of Tirisfal?Kurannan36 Dec 11, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 How large is Azeroth? How large exactly would Azeroth be lore wise? Obviously they have to shrink it down in game or else it'd take ages to get anywhere, especially levels 1-20 when you don't have mounts. From what I'm guessing, since humans seemed able to walk around perfectly fine, and they aren't extraordinarily stronger than real life humans the mass of the planet of Azeroth is about the same as Earth. Knowing the size of Azeroth would also help us figure out how many people it could actually support as well.Taraam57 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 Ner'zhul So Ner'zhul and his Shadowmoon Clan in the WoD universe are primarily shamans. And Grom demanded more power from them or else he'd kill them all. But aren't shamans powerful spell casters? Wouldn't they provide a useful asset to the huge number of warriors in the Iron Horde? Does Grom just not like shaman spellcasters or something?Taraam11 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 List of Disbanded Draenor Clans So it's been a while since we came throught the Dark Portal and so far we've been making quite a nice progress dealing with the Iron Horde and decided to post a list of the disbanded clans so far. Warong Clan - Grommashar razed and their Warlord Garrosh Killed, currently holding one outpost in nagrand. Thunderlord Clan - Iron Wolf killed and almost their entire clan was killed, currently have no hold on Frost Fire ridge or anywhere else. Shattered Hand Clan - Kargath was killed in Highmaul and his entire clan was decimated by Terokk. Shadowmoon Clan - Ner'zhul was killed in the burial ground and the Iron horde loyalist were decimated by the Alliance and the Draenei. Laughing Skull Clan - They were disbanded by the botani, only a few survivors left. Blackrock Clan - Not really disbanded but they are being under constant attack by the Horde and Alliance, and by the time the Blackrock Foundry Opens Blackhand will be killed and his clan disbanded. So far we've dealt with almost the entirety of the Iron Horde, and this left Grommash alone in Tanaan with the Bleeding Hollow Clan. Feel free to correct me if I missed any of the clans.Faeria9 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 WoW lore I want to read up on WoW lore. I would like to start with the WoW game from the beginning up until now. I think the Warcraft games lead up to WoW but for now I would just like to stick with WoW. Anyone know a good place to catch up on the lore? Reading materials? Videos? Movies? After I am caught up with WoW lore I would like to start reading some of the books. Where should I start? I posted this in General and in Story. Thanks for the help!Monkeytown8 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 WoD time stream Azeroth...doomed? thinking back to War of the Ancients and the sundering, i think Kairozdormu and Garrosh have single handedly smited Azeroth. with their tampering, this time streams horde turns into the "iron horde" and invades our azeroth, leaving the azeroth in their time stream alone. sounds pretty nice, huh? well, there's a bread-crumb turn of events that bones everything. without ner'zhul creating multiple portals, dreanor doesn't explode into outlands and the dranei don't evacuate to azeroth. so by the iron horde and dranei skipping their time stream, their azeroth (short terming to IHA, iron horde azeroth), IHA never gets orcs or dranei. this wipes out the lich king, so IHA has that going for them. BUT... no orcs mean no Broxigar the Red (please please PLEASE make him a noteworthy NPC in this xpac), without Brox going back to the WotA to eventually dive head-long into the portal and stall sargeras himself for the few precious seconds needed to close the portal...Sargeras would open the portal and step through, as the Old Gods that were manipulating everything twisted the portal spell and the dragon soul and unleashed themselves. boom, IHA lost a precious few seconds with lacking one person from draenor and no IHA and the burning legion have been slapped into oblivion by the Old Gods.Tehrotz40 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 Once we kill Gul'dan... Once we kill Gul'dan why would we stay in Draenor? He is the only one that is still alive who knows how to make the Dark Portal with the possible exception of Cho'gal. With Grommash being the final boss of the expansion what reason would we have for killing him? (I don't see Blizzard putting both him and Gul'dan in the same raid). Why don't we just offer sanctuary to the allies we made their in our Azeroth and leave?Oakenshield15 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 Sargeras and hopelessness Sargeras turned into the legion ruler due to seeing the hopelessness of his cause while he was still aligned with the pantheon. how come there is no mention of his reaction to the possibility of infinite universes, that he certainly would now know about due to the events unfolding in WoD. he was stricken with grief and despair from fighting endless waves of void creatures as a Vanir. Would he now see and realize the hopelessness of his new cause because there is an infinite count of universes with both good (draeni,Naaru) and evil (Void creatures, Old gods). It would be interesting if he realized this and becomes chaotically neutral. or maybe that is his goal, assemble and command the void to wipe out all life, then dismantle the Void and have the universe become perfectly neutral?Doomgard13 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 Ogre women. We've been in the ogre's capital city. Why haven't we seen any?Delurk20 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 Just curious... Ik alot of places I've looked dks were heroes of their faction that died in battle and were brought back by the lk to do his bidding, but im just curious are we actually considered dead now in the sense of the scourge? or are we considered undead sorta like vampires from their lore? I've also been wondering if we are actually alive but because we were brought back by the valks magic. anyone know the answer to this?Renic6 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 Future of WoW Lore I originally posted this on the general forums. Didn't realize there was a story forums till literally a minute ago. I'm going to post it again here because you guys probably care more lol. Here's what I think. Since Broxigar never went to AU Azeroth, it is a Burning Legion playground, where all the doomlords walk their felhounds around in peace for the most part. During the Battle for the well of eternity the demons won and took over, and Illidan had his vials of super well water. He and many other night elves hid from the demons after Sargeras got through the portal and into Azeroth. They all became Demon Hunters to survive in their new demon-filled world. Demon-Hunters become a new hero class that starts on AU Azeroth. You help Illidan and his army of Demon Hunters fight back the demons by going to the temporal anomaly in Stonetalon Mountains that Broxigar was SUPPOSED to go through and stop the highborne from bringing demons to AU Past Azeroth. After this OUR Queen Azshara sees her chance for bringing Sargeras back, we must find Nazjatar in OUR Azeroth and we then uncover the Naga's plans. Their plan is to either steal the vials from AU Illidan to make their own portal for Sargeras, or to try and use OUR Mount Hyjal to summon him. We must stop the naga and get new races Murloc and (Good) Naga. Unlike all the other expansions, we did not win this time. Azshara was successful in summoning Sargeras to OUR Azeroth. After we kill Sargeras, with his final breath he tells us who corrupted him (Since it was the Nathrezim's fault he became corrupt) he then opens a portal to the Nathrezim's homeworld with the little bit of good still left in him. We discover Sargeras was never really in charge. It was Nathrezim controlling him behind the scenes the whole time, using him as a decoy. We go to their homeworld and kill their leader. After that I don't know what else they could do for expansions.Verzpally2 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 Colossi, Old Gods, Titans, and More! We have heard from a few NPC's that Gorgrond is supposedly the body of a massive colossal that died long ago. I believe that Nagrand is a similar case. I think this because if you enter the waters south of Grommashar, you will notice that there is a sub-zone called Colossal's Fist. If you look at the sub-zone on your map, you will see that when you trace the outline of Grommashar against the waterline, It traces out three knuckles, and a thumb that I believe is wrapped around the fourth knuckle (which happens when you make a fist) which is obscured from view. If Gorgrond IS the body of a colossal, then I don't think that it is out of the question that this is indeed the left hand of a colossal clenched into a fist, and that Nagrand is also the body of a colossal. Also, the names "Gorgrond" and "Nagrand" have similar structure in that the placement of the vowels and consonants is similar and that they both end in "nd." Further, Kadghar and other sources seem to hint at the fact that Draenor is a planet that is in a much younger stage of its life than Azeroth. There is also evidence that the titans visited Draenor. If it is a younger world that the titans have already visited, why is it so chaotic? The forces of the Everbloom have been battling the Gronn in Gorgrond for ages according to some members of the laughing skull clan. I have a hunch (only a hunch) that the titans encountered an extremely powerful old god(s) that they failed to defeat or imprison. The battle between the Gronn and the Everbloom is a remnant of the battle between the titans and old gods, where the Gronn fought along side the titans (evidenced by the titan disc that controlled the Gronn found by the player character and Rexxar), and the ***Everbloom fought along side an Old God(s)***(see edit)***. Further, COULD THE COLOSSAL BODIES GORGROND AND NAGRAND (assuming it is the body of a colossal) ACTUALLY BE TWO TITANS THAT DIED AT THE HANDS OF THIS OLD GOD(S)? **EDIT**: Its come to my attention thanks to contributors to this thread that if you choose the lumber mill as your garrison outpost in gorgrond, you learn that there is a titan artifact that controls the primals. Therefore the Primals of the Everbloom are more likely constructs of titans and could not have been servants of old gods. I do still hold that gorgrond and possibly a colossal called nagrand are actually titans.Gahnj29 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 Light aligned creatures? Here's a question: We have a truck full of demons and dark aligned creatures. Voidwalkers, Wrathguards, Succubi, Observers, Imps, Felguards, Pit Lords... But coming to the light side...aside the Naaru's, which other "light creatures" we have? Should we consider the playable races as light aligned? (Yes warlocks have love in their hearts too)Vestah14 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 What classes were Warcraft 3 units? For those of us who aren't totally familiar with the ins and outs of the lore, could anybody tell us (or at least speculate on) what classes and specs some of the Warcraft 3 units are? Some are pretty obvious(Footmen->Prot Warrior, Grunts->Arms Warrior), but others are not. What would.... Spirit Walkers Witch Doctors Shadow Hunters Tauren Chieftain Priestess of the Moon Warden Beastmaster Spell Breakers Blademasters Be? Some of them seem to have traits of two or more classes, and some like Spirit Walkers just seem to me like they aren't any class.Taraam5 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 Rewrite the story of WoW If you could rewrite the story of WoW, beginning from Warcraft 1, what would you change, what would you keep as is, and why? I'd personally keep the Horde as the evil faction, rather than attempting to make it seem more grey.Taraam43 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 Questions about WoD How are bronze dragons able to affect a world other than azeroth. How can they open an alternate reality draenor. I mean azeroth might make sense but how draenor. Also if alternate dimensions are real than what is stopping sargeras from uniting 100 sargeras.Fogan3 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 Daugher of Daelin. (Not Jaina) Seems like a pretty interesting character. Too bad Metzen de-canonized her. Thoughts?Delurk20 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 Confused @Garrosh To be Horde quest line ^ So...why did we make him into a villan? He seems to be contradicting himself, seems to have a lot of morals vs end of MoPBrrox4 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 Possibility of Medivh ? So as we are looking at the current WoD timeline it is before the opening of the Black Morass Dark portal. Could it be possible that this expansion will feature us killing Medivh by the end of it? Currently Guldan is still working with his Shadow council and talking to demons so with this going on i can totally see us end up fighting Medivh with WoD Lothar and WoD Khadgar , reliving one of the most epic part of WoW history. Also they did clean up Kara sooooo.......Åsûrå0 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 [SPOILERS!] Loved the conclusion in Nagrand! I just completed the final quest in the Nagrand story line, and I loved it! I love the way everything with Garrosh was ended. The battle where Thrall killed him was pretty epic. I was hoping at some point Garrosh would redeem himself like Grom did in Warcraft 3, but that sadly didn't happen. One question I would like to ask though, did Grom know who Garrosh really was or did he simply think he was the stranger who had no clan. Also, I wonder what Grom would do if he ever saw Outland. Freak and go even deeper into the Iron Horde I would imagine. Or would there be a grudging truce so we could fight the legion with him again.Kamon16 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 Alternate Azeroth, the elephant in the room? Ever since Warlords release the concept of an Alternate Azeroth has been a topic of great interest. Discussion has ranged from whether AU Azeroth is our timeline, or if it is similar but with key differences, like the Azeroth depicted in one of Thrall's novels where an uncorrupted Arthas and Varian are bros. People are split 50/50 on whether without the threat of any form of the Orcish Horde, the Human Nations would go to war with themselves. Some say that they would, and thus the Legion Invasion would play out similarly but without the Orcs' role. Others say that the Human nations wouldn't devolve into civil war, and even if the Legion invaded, the human nations would push them back. Pretty much everyone agrees that the Cataclysm is an inevitability. There's no getting around that. Other events, like the planet-blowing-up device in Ulduar, are really iffy. Like, it's very unclear if the Titans would try to purge Azeroth without the Adventurers intervention. Then there are other topics of discussion that acknowledge the fact that the Main Universe's humans are more-or-less diplomatic, cool, and willing to make allies with various races. However, this was not always the case. Bigots like Garithos and other human supremacists were very much prevalent as late as the Third War. If Alternate Azeroth does exist 30-40 years in the past, then one would assume that generation of humans would be far more xenophobic than anything WoW players are used to. Will Blizzard ever give any confirmation onto this Alternate Universe's iteration of Azeroth? There's a lot of potential for story there.Detrik5 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 Are we really the good guys? I think I've killed more people than the Iron Horde. Heck, I think I've burned more villages as well! Wasn't our first quest in Draenor to burn and pillage mud and straw huts in the jungle? What is wrong with us believing that Garrosh, Daddy Grom, et. al are the bad guys?Princëss34 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 AU Orcs and Draenei should not Join The Alliance and Horde, for a few reasons. It would given an unfair advantage to the Alliance, since right now, the majority of AU Draenei are not hostile to the Alliance, while most of the AU Orcs it seems are quite hostile to the Horde. If the AU Draenei become actual members of the Alliance, instead of just simply allies, it would cause some kind of "unification" with their MU counterparts. I believe that would sort of "blur" the differences/uniqueness between the two groups. I prefer the Draenei that are part of the Alliance, to stay being the ones who are survivors of Outland, who faced close extinction of their "race", who fought the Old Horde and also the Modern Horde, and other enemies of Azeroth. If the AU Draenei should with the Alliance, they would become enemies of the Horde, and I prefer if these Draenei remain neutral, and do not get involved in the Alliance vs Horde conflict/politics. This is a good chance to give us Draenei that are not apart, nor have strong loyalties to the Alliance. Now onto Orcs...... This is a good chance to have Blizzard keep presenting Orcs who are not Horde, while also not enemies of the Horde and Alliance. I also don't think the Horde needs more Orcs. One of the things I like about this Horde, compared to the Old Horde, is that there is so much more diversity, and over time, it seems to be getting less and less Orc centric. Green Orcs should also stay the majority in the Horde orc number, with their only being a minority of MU brown orcs. It helps to symbolize the evil's, or mistakes, of the orcs of the past, a "scar" that still lingers. But if you start adding a whole bunch of brown orcs (who already outnumber green orcs, AU included) into the Horde, it sort of takes away from the fact that the majority of Orcs were corrupted by fel magic if you add so many orcs who are brown and don't know anything about MU Orcs different past/experiences. It of course also would blur their separate/unique histories. Especially if the AU Frostwolves combined with their MU counterparts. They look different, have different histories, live in different areas now, and I think those differences should keep them from not unifying. Let them keep their uniqueness. I still want AU Orcs, that are not evil, to be working with the Horde against a common enemy, vice versa for the Draenei when it comes to the Alliance. However by keeping them not official members of the Horde and Alliance, you can keep their uniqueness from their MU versions, while giving us more situations of AU Draenei helping out the Horde, or AU orcs helping out the Alliance, without resorting to Horde and Alliance working together. Do you think they should become members of the two factions, or should they somehow remain separated?Jadonie22 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 9, 2014 Prime Rexxar should visit Draenor. He and Alternate Rexxar could hang out and sing songs and have their pets battle each other... good times.Aaronomus8 Dec 9, 2014
Dec 9, 2014 A question about Arthas. Okay so I finished Rise of the Lich King and if im not mistaken, in the book it says Arthas has some consciousness battle with Ner'zhul and slays him (or rather, just sucker stabs him) and that would suggest that Arthas was the sole entity behind the Lich King persona, no? But what of Arthas' death in Icecrown Citadel, it would appear that when he addresses a clearly not bitter Terenas with some morsel of leftover humanity. Didnt Arthas kill the last of his humanity in order to fully embrace the power of the lich? Also, the belief that there must always be a Lich King due to the chaotic nature of the undead is a bit odd to me. The defense here is, if there was no Lich King the massive army of undead would run around aimlessly killing but isnt that kind of what they already did, only in a somewhat organized manner when Arthas needed them to do something (kill a couple of night elves, burn down a horde encampment etc) ? How could not having a Lich King possibly be worse for the world, because then wouldnt that mean the dead would stop being raised and the scourge would be easier to fight because they wouldnt have a tactician behind them, ordering them around as an organized body? Thanks for reading, sorry for the textyness.Imbalance36 Dec 9, 2014
Dec 9, 2014 The Fall of the Last Colossus. So when exactly did the Thunderlords kill the final Colossus? Does anything like archaeology state whether it was before or after the Draenei arrived and the Gorian empire started to crumble? EDIT: I need this for my crazy Shadow Of the Colosus meets Mount and Blade meets Monster Hunter Thunderlords game idea.Dantels2 Dec 9, 2014
Dec 9, 2014 Metzen's Voice Acting... So... how do people feel about it...? He certainly has a good voice. Thoughts?Felendren44 Dec 9, 2014
Dec 9, 2014 Question about the status of Blood/high Elves My question on their status is firstly towards the blood elves will we ever see lor'themar or Rommath crowned king of quel'thalas. Mainly because it seems things are just not right there with no real monarchy and would be very interesting to see a new blood line of royalty begin. My second question is on regards of the alliance high elves ( The Silver Covenant ) how would this affect them would this make them completely banished from their homeland of quel'thalas. I personally think this would make a great story and possible introduction of the remaining high elves joining the alliances playable ranks and gaining a home in stormwinds rebuilt park area should that ever happen. But yeah let me know what you guys think thanks. :-)Tireal8 Dec 9, 2014
Dec 9, 2014 Thrall - Chieftain of the Frostwolves? Assuming Durotan dies by the end of Warlords of Draenor, is it possible that the next step in Thrall's story brings him full circle, with him returning to the Frostwolves as Chieftain and coming home to Alterac to unite the Frostwolves of Azeroth with those of Draenor? I actually really dig the idea for multiple reasons, number one it brings the Frostwolf clan nto the main story, gives them a renewed purpose, gives Thrall a home to raise his family and then overall is just a great place to leave his character open for future storylines. Thrall has led the Horde as Warchief when he had to, been World Shaman when he had to, put down Garrosh to fix the mess he made because he had to... Perhaps it's time for Thrall, Son of Durotan, to return home and lead a united Draenor-Eastern Kingdoms Frostwolf Clan into a new era? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As always, leave your thoughts and opinions, but keep it civil. -WickhamWickham19 Dec 9, 2014
Dec 9, 2014 Which is more Vikingesque? I'm going to complete rephrase the question in this thread. I'm well aware there are ginormous gaps between Viking/Scandinavian culture, and those cultures loosely related to them in WoW. I enjoy playing the Viking/Scandinavian/Cold and snowy barbarian archetype. For transmog/racial purposes, for me, its down to Dwarves, or a "Frostwolf" themed orc, which embodies that archetype better?Kohgron41 Dec 9, 2014