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Jan 13, 2015 Illidan and Arthus I have been looking and trying to understand the lore, but man it's just so much. One question I have is I thought illidan was killed at black temple, how did he fight arthus for the frozen throne ? I know illidan survived the fight from arthus but I thought he was dead forever ago. Also the Titan who turned evil(forget his name) and the portal maker nazul, I thought nazul was destined to be the lich king, sent by the burning legion. What happened to that ? Thanks for the help guysOrkgasam2 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 The Horde Airship that crashed in DS Was that Orgrim's Hammer? I mean wasnt the airship the only 1 stationed in Northrend?Biraelenn3 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Aegwynn VS Medivh Both at the peaks of their power, who wins?Sathestrias17 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Paladins making light constructs Is it just a game mechanic or can Paladins actually make hammers/swords, etc out of pure Light? I want to RP it as actually making weapons out of the Light, ala Green Lantern, but I wanted to see what the consensus on this was first. Game mechanic or actual lore?Bronzestone23 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Do you want WoW to change at all? My question is simply, do you want to see new characters or races, different kinds of ideas, crazier characters, things like that, new worlds, or would you rather just sort of deal with all the stuff that WoW has now for whatever remaining life span the game has? For the sake of this question you can assume that newer stuff would in fact be cool (by whatever definition you are using). It might even have all the qualities of Warcraft you like but also.. just.. you know... everything isn't strictly based on what came before or characters that came before or ideas that came before. I of course realize this is a subset of the WoW community generally that visits this forum but I always see so much skepticism and it makes me wonder if people aren't really interested in newer characters/ideas... etc.Alistreia44 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Question on the Ashbringer comic I know this is an older comic, but I just picked it up and it's bothering me. My question is, how much time passes between issue #1 and #2? I noticed in the first issue that Darion looks like he's maybe 10 years old, but in the second issue he has filled out and appears to be late teens - early twenties. Has a lot of time passed that I'm unaware of or were they just sloppy with this? I appreciate anyone's input. Thanks.Oakath2 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Jaina or Sylvannas? Ok, you get to pick one... just in terms of favorite or whatever, Sylvannas Windrunner, the enemy of half the known universe. Or Jaina, Alliance super fan-girl. Ok there's more to them than that, but in terms of a sheer popularity contest I'm curious who would win. I'd pick Sylvannas. Edit: Current total Jaina - 8 Sylvannas - 14 Well now it's 2:1 advantage for Sylvannas, interesting, I actually thought it might be a bit closer.Alistreia25 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Gul'dan Hypothetical Confrontation Let's say Gul'dan and Khadgar face off. During that face-off, there's a lull, and Khadgar shouts at Gul'dan: "Gul'dan, listen to me. I know you're clever enough to know who we are and where we come from. But do you want to know what happened to you in our timeline? You were murdered, Gul'dan! Killed by minions of the very master you serve now! Stop the madness before history repeats itself!" Of course, I don't think Gul'dan would change for good or anything, but how do you think he would react to learning how his alternate self died? Would he make plans to betray the Legion? Would he accelerate said plans if they were already in motion? Or would he stay the course and stay loyal to the Legion? Yes, I know Khadgar wasn't there for Gul'dan's death, but I'm sure sometime after BC he asked around until he found out - he's the type to seek answers, after all. This is just meant as a fun hypothetical situation question: how would Gul'dan (who *probably* knows where we're REALLY from) react to finding out how his alternate self died?Schliemann8 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 The Naga Threat I think we're in for a big suprise after WoD is all wrapped up and done with. I'd make my bet that for the next expansion we'll have to tackle the Naga out in places like the South Seas or Kul'Tiras, since there is unresolved plotlines with the Naga such as the capture of Neptulon and the Abyssal Maw. I'd imagine that the Naga have already started a campaign against the surface world, or atleast an impending one seeing how they now have an immense amount of power as well as an agenda to basically flood the entire world.Garrett6 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Current civilian feelings toward warlocks? So, historically, warlocks were the most despised class in terms of the layman. A regular person living in Stormwind or Orgrimmar would see a warlock and scream girlishly, point swords, throw apples, flee in terror, and so forth. Is that still true today, though? I ask because we have had, in the past few years/expansions, seen warlocks present a more public face. We had warlocks opening practicing their trade during the Argent Tournament, and one was even used as a challenge - that though went rather poorly. Then we had King Wrynn boast of his warlock forces when defending Garrosh's trial. We had warlocks confirmed to be present during the defeat of Illidan, Ragnaros, Cho'gall, and Deathwing. And though Garrosh had most of the ones in Orgrimmar executed, they went down fighting in true orc fashion. So what is the current climate, so to speak, toward demon summoners? Are humans beginning to see them as just another variety of spell-caster? Night elves are only starting to tolerate the presence of mages, so I doubt their feelings on warlocks have changed. Gnomes and Forsaken were always basically okay with it, but what about orcs, tauren, dwarves, and worgen?Tahlavin2 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 just wondering a few things: Is there any story reason Dragons, or Arakoa (for example) aren't in some loosenit neutral faction? By that I meen using that as a technical advantage such that they start neutral with everyone. Yet is there some lore reason they could do that? We saw how Wrathion is just a kid and yet worked out somewhat- What if some dragons get the ich to adventure again?or at all? IIRC in they'res a quest chain not to far from ogrimmar about a blue dragon who decided he'd rather mingle with mortals and started a school of magic humouruslly incuding learn to levitate by getting flung over a pit full of spikes and magic. (For example) Also how on earth is it possible for a Forsake playercharector to die I kind of thought that it wasn't possible for them to do so- As shown on screen there's only a few ways for a Forsaken to be totally completely dead- as such it'd seem like a Zombie would be much harder to kill if it was even possible- And so many NPCs are totally blause about a walking talking skeleton doing everything from day to day chores to making canons, rockets all manner of potions and a scant few become wichdoctors able spells and potions reviling Kirin Tor. Yet we lowly mortal PlayerCharectors as a Zombie can walk off a cliff and go splat. How does that jive with lore? oOCedartusk0 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 What is needed to present an organization? I was reading through a few threads and a question came my mind (yes I know that can be dangerous). What exactly is needed to showcase an organization, order, or large group in World of Warcraft? There are many examples of where adding an organization might be a thing for the story but what exactly needs to be done to present that organization and what it stands for? Just a few npc's standing around a banner with some flavor text talking about smiting evil (paladin's), healing the world (shaman's) or stealing from nobles (rogue's [admit it, it would be fun])? Or on the other end of the spectrum a full expansion sweeping story arc that involves the organization in every aspect of the story and gameplay? Or would a balance between the two be good? Any thoughts?Danseis7 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Shadowmourne and lore So we all know that Frostmourne was destroyed at the Frozen Throne and it's remains are currently being held in an undisclosed location (probably by the Argent Crusade but that's just my opinion). However, what happened to Shadowmourne, the weapon inspired by Frostmourne and created specifically to kill the Lich King? Where is it now lorewise (as players are not considered part of lore)? Is it being held for safe keeping by the Ebon Blade or is it still in the possession of an unnamed hero somewhere out in Azeroth? Shouldn't it be held under lock and key? After all, if the wrong person got ahold of it and knew about Bolvar, couldn't it be used to kill him and steal the Helm of Domination in order to take control of the Scourge? Just something I was wondering.Vyeeria42 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Khadgar's Future - 6.1 spoilers So with 6.1 hitting the PTR, some stuff got datamined: ... I've put who I think is saying what next to each of the lines. K is of course Khadgar. C is Cordana, GD Gul'dan, and G is Garona. Of course, that's only my guessing at some of them, so we'll see for sure, but all the same, it does make it seem like Khadgar is starting to go down some dangerous roads... Cordana, or whoever it is, clearly doesn't approve of what he's doing. So what do you guys think? Will Khadgar go full on evil by the end, somehow keep himself from going fully down that dark path, or what? (Also, unsurprisingly, Garona's the legendary follower)Cirno96 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Unification Theory for Blizzard Universes Foreword: This is a shameless attempt at a grand unifying theory for Diablo, Warcraft, and Starcraft. There is a lot here, sorry; it existed for a long time in my head as a convoluted set of ideas that I have now tried to write down in a relevant order. I have rewritten this whole thing once already for the sake of being as clear as possible, without worrying about stuff like dramatic effects. After all, this is a theory, not a story designed to be entertaining, and I certainly don't think it counts as fan fiction; I'm just making hypothetical connections between dots, and I think the people in this forum would be best equipped to respond to it. It also talks about other Blizzard franchises, but how could it not. For this to make sense, you'll have to know a decent amount of lore from Diablo, Warcraft, and Starcraft. I'm also aware that some people have suggested this before, but I've never seen a very detailed model for it, and they are almost always followed by dozens of responses stating how it's impossible, or that Blizzard has said it won't happen. This is just an attempt to make it feasible. Although, I half-believe that Titan was originally based on this idea, despite Blizzard saying it is a totally different IP. Given how much lore would need to be resolved, it gives an easy explanation for why Titan was rebooted. Alright I'll put away the tinfoil hat. So anyway, here goes... a grand unifying theory for the Blizzard Universe that is as plausible as I was able to make it. Why? Because I love to find connections, subtle hints and clues that point to interesting conclusions... Grand Unification Theory for Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft A Conflict MUCH more Eternal... I – The Beginning of the Blizzard Universe In the very beginning, Diablo lore only speaks of Anu, the ultimate good, and Tathamet, the prime evil (a seven-headed dragon). Their battle destroyed them, and created the universe with Pandemonium in the center. Anu's spine became the crystal arch of the Heavens that produced angels, and Tathamet's body became the Burning Hells. Each of Tathamet's seven heads became one lord of hell- three greater and four lesser. The forces of Heaven and Hell were in the Eternal Conflict since that time, centering around Pandemonium. In Pandemonium there was the worldstone, which was the reason for the Eternal Conflict; it is the “power of creation”. It is unclear how the worldstone came to be in existence, but it's also called "the Eye of Anu, and it is known that many angels and demons used it to create worlds however they saw fit, at least when they were in control of it. We know that control of Pandemonium and the worldstone changed hands many times throughout the conflict, before Sanctuary ever existed. This time period is more significant than any other in any of the Blizzard universes, because so much could have happened during this time that could support a "grand unification" theory for Diablo, Warcraft, and Starcraft. To start, this time period could easily be the origin of the universe described in Warcraft; countless worlds being created by the imaginations of countless angels and demons. This provides an easy explanation for the existence of so many demonic creatures of the void that Sargeras was tasked with destroying. It also explains why all of these demons we see in Warcraft look so similar to the demons in the Diablo universe. It even provides a feasible origin for the titans themselves; it was stated that most of the worlds that were created by the worldstone were “inherently flawed, and doomed to wither and die”. That sounds like an excellent reason for a creative worldstone-user to come up with powerful beings that could shape and watch over entire worlds. Could a powerful angel have created the Titans for this purpose? That would explain their strong desire to "order" things. If so, a clever demon who used the worldstone later (such as Diablo himself) could try to corrupt one of them, which gives a much nicer explanation for the corruption and/or demonic possession of Sargeras. Also consider the Old Gods, contorted and evil like the machinations of a crazy demon with the worldstone. Maybe the Old Gods were a demon's desperate response to counter the might of the Titans. Maybe an angel also conceived the Naaru, beings of light, to try to protect certain races. My point here is that the Diablo games focus on Sanctuary AFTER the worldstone was used to create it, but the Eternal Conflict must have started much, much earlier, and the worldstone was used extensively before Sanctuary. There is also very little lore about how the worlds in the Warcraft universe were created. There is lore stating that the Titans "visited" and "ordered" these worlds, but there are also worlds that are untouched by the Titans, like Draenor, leading me to assume that they are only "shapers", and not "creators" of worlds. This is supported by the in-game WoW book Mythology of the Titans, which states that “no one knows exactly how the universe began” and that the Titans “arose to bring stability to the various worlds and ensure a safe future for the beings that would follow in their footsteps.” (That same source says that the Titans visited a hundred million worlds.) This time period before Sanctuary also opens up a possibility for the origin of the Xel'Naga. They are a super powerful, ancient, highly advanced race with a curious life-cycle; we see them trying to combine traits from two races that they've seeded in order to recreate themselves. Now consider the nephalem; crossbreeds between angels and demons, yet more powerful than both. Couldn't this angel-demon crossbreeding have happened way earlier, before the worldstone was stolen? This would have produced nephalem, not bound by the worldstone as the ones on Sanctuary were, feared and/or sought by both heaven and hell as a tool for battle. Where would they go? They would hide from heaven and hell in a distant corner of Creation, and call themselves Xel'Naga. (Does it say in lore anywhere what “xel'naga” means? The closest I can find is “Xenogenesis- producing offspring very different from the parents” and “Naga- a semidivine race, part human and part cobra in form” ... well that sounds more like actual Naga in Warcraft). Being born from Angels and Demons, maybe they would eventually lose their power over time and have to "renew their species" in its original form every now and then, using actual angels and demons in an endless cycle. The "purity" of essence and form would then actually refer to their struggle to get whatever was left of Angels and Demons (way in the future where we encounter the Xel'Naga in Starcraft) "pure" enough to produce more nephalem; it was definitely a time-consuming and laborous process, especially because they are said to have created countless species that failed to meet their expectations. That would mean that the cycle won't restart this time if they don't succeed (which incidentally allows humanity to survive... phew). We don't really know what Xel'Naga look like, but let's assume they look like the Hybrids in Starcraft 2. Take a look at their long flowy tendrils, like angel wings, and the way their heads get really broad, like Diablo's (especially in the picture of Diablo on the game box). See the pictures below. Visually, not such a far stretch, right? So Xel'Naga... the first-ever Nephalem? OK we'll get back to that in a later section... II – The Age of Sanctuary Let's leave the early universe and skip to the theft of the worldstone, and the ensuing creation of Sanctuary, in a hidden "pocket dimension" of creation, where Heaven and Hell cannot find it. The nephalem (as we know them) are born, but the worldstone is used to dampen their power, leading to the rise of humanity for the first time. This point in history is important for several reasons. Firstly, the question of what was so special about Sanctuary that made it not "inherently flawed and doomed to wither and die" like all the other worlds created by the worldstone? I would say that this is evidence that many other worlds were in fact not simply "doomed to die" as has been suggested, pointing to a much larger universe. Secondly, with the worldstone missing, humanity became of immense interest to Heaven and Hell because they were seen as a corruptible force with potentially immense power, that could tilt the balance of the Eternal Conflict. This will become important again soon. It's also important to take note of the tendency for humans to be contorted into other creatures, such as the Khazra (goat-men). Lastly, it marks the end of the worldstone's use to create worlds; the universe will play itself out with no further interventions or changes from the worldstone. When the worldstone is found, Baal tries to capture it, and he does succeed in corrupting it. The consequences of this are only speculated, but whatever they might be, they are enough to cause Tyrael to immediately destroy the worldstone. There are indications that pieces of it still exist, such as in magical artifacts and soulstones. This also becomes important later on. With the worldstone destroyed, the power of the nephalem increases to all-time highs (because it was restraining them before). Diablo is resurrected, he merges with all the other lords of Hell to become the Prime Evil, and is released into the world after Malthael is killed. At the same time Tyreal comments on his fear of the nephalem's ever-growing power. Also Heaven has been ravaged. While many people think the Diablo franchise should stop focusing on Diablo and finally let him die, I believe that it has been set up for an imminent and cataclysmic end- with the destruction of Sanctuary. When you think about it, it's always been a dark franchise. I think of all the games I know, Diablo is the most likely to end in such a dark way. But in the “grand unification theory” this will mark, chronologically, the beginning of Warcraft. III – The End of Sanctuary There will be a cataclysmic event, probably involving Pandemonium, at the center of creation where the worldstone once resided AND where the black soulstone was destroyed (which would make a good catalyst). This event will be catastrophic, but there will be survivors; there's a whole host of worlds out there to escape to, remember? I envision something like a chaotic exodus; there will be angels trying to get people to portals leading to other worlds, demons offering the same thing to people in exchange for their souls, etc. Ultimately though, Pandemonium and Sanctuary will be destroyed, and the result will be very confusing for everyone involved. The Crystal Arch and the Heavens will be obliterated and I doubt many, if any, angels will survive. The burning Hells will also be destroyed, leaving any surviving demons to wander the Void. Diablo, the only remaining lord of Hell, will escape and remember a very powerful race of world-shapers that he once influenced, the Titans, and he will begin the slow process of corrupting and possessing their champion, Sargeras. Some humans will escape to Azeroth, a world created by an angel long ago and remembered as one where his creations, the Titans, were presiding over. Trolls may already exist there, or trolls will descend from humans or other creatures from Sanctuary; MANY Warcraft races descend from Trolls. Now, there is a hole here; it is suggested in Warcraft that humans are descended from Vrykul, which were originally Titan creations. While this is known to be true for dwarves and gnomes, it is only suggested in-game for humans. It is stated to be true for humans by a Blizzard dev in a pre-WotLK interview - he says "vrykul are almost like the progenitors of the human race in Warcraft lore. They were part of the Titans' early plans for creating the race that ultimately became the humans." I can get around this hole by suggesting that the Titans' were actually trying to mimic the nephalem. They may have been aware of the nephalem's existence and power, and were literally trying to recreate them by carving their shapes out of earth and rocks, and bringing them to life. Then when ACTUAL humans arrive and see walking stone monsters that look like them, they assume that this is where their origins are. Note that this could mean that the “curse of flesh” imposed by the Old Gods on Titan creations might have actually been a bit of demonic mojo that empowered the titans' creations with a shred of actual nephalem power (if we assume that Titans use angel mojo and Old Gods use demonic mojo). Just remember Algalon the Observer, who is forced to reconsider his outlook on Azeroth after we somehow BEAT him in combat; we are unlike anything the Titans were able to create. But enough about Azeroth... some Khazra (goat-men) will also escape to Argus, where they will be guided by the Naaru and become the Eredar. Maybe the Naaru are actually the last surviving angels, mutated with the destruction of the crystal arch, fused with some of its crystal pieces, giving them a more crystalline nature. Maybe even the orcs on Draenor were descended from human refugees from Sanctuary. This is why I said earlier that the tendency for humans to be contorted into other creatures was important. Evolution in this universe certainly does not match evolution as we understand it in real life, and the possibilities really are endless. The point of this cataclysmic transition that I am trying to get to is that the Eternal Conflict will continue. Whatever is left of the angels (Naaru?) or their creations (Titans?) against all those demons and Diablo, who successfully possesses Sargeras and rallies the Burning Legion. IV – The Age of The Burning Legion This is where the interest that Heaven and Hell had in humans becomes important; Sargeras is said to have originally recruited the Eredar because they were magically-inclined tactitions, and that he tried to invade Azeroth because the high-elves attracted him with arcane magic and the Well of Eternity. But my theory is that after possessing Sargeras, Diablo once again began to search for the remaining nephalem so that he could corrupt and use them... ... And he found them! Their scattered descendants, anyway. He was still trying to win the Eternal Conflict by subjugating the nephalem. Eredar, descended from Khazra, (which descended from humans on Sanctuary), living on Argus. He also found the humans and possibly several other races on Azeroth, and maybe even the orcs on Draenor. He didn't send Kil'Jaeden to find worthy races to add to the Legion, he sent Kil'Jaeden to find the nephalem that had been scattered across Creation. Starting with the Eredar, then a failed attempt at Azeroth (war of the Ancients) in which he "ceased to be" after a portal collapsed on him. But Diablo is devious; he tried to kill two birds with one stone. He corrupted Medihv, Ner'zhul, Gul'dan and ultimately all the orcs on Draenor and in turn used them to invade Azeroth through the Dark Portal. When you think of the nephalem as the primary reason for the Burning Legions interest in the Eredar, the Orcs, and the rest of the races on Azeroth, this idea emerges that maybe all playable races in WoW are actually descended from nephalem (as was the case in Diablo 3), explaining how they can “level up” to be so powerful. Perhaps the hardest races to explain are the Tauren and the Pandaren, but then if goat-men are possible... Ok let's pause to consider some things to support where we are right now. The Eredar, (Kil'Jaeden and Archimonde) may have been the first nephalem descendants that Sargeras found. Given how effective they were at commanding the Legion after Sargeras' setback in the War of the Ancients, is it possible that Diablo, having merged with all other Great Evils, allowed Baal and Mephisto to possess Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden? Let's also think about the appearance of demons in Warcraft and Diablo; as previously mentioned, they are strikingly similar. Some seem identical, like the succubus. Azmodan is practically a Pit Lord, and Pit Lords were among the first Demons that Sargeras apparently recruited when he went dark side. There are even Pit Lords in Warcraft whose names begin with "Az" (Azaloth, Azgalor). Also of potentially extreme importance is the existence in Warcraft lore of an artifact of immense power, the Eye of Sargeras that was stated to be an artifact "used by Sargeras", and it had the power to "tear apart the roof of the world". If Sargeras is possessed by Diablo, then the Eye of Sargeras could actually be a shard of the worldstone (the "Eye" of Anu). Maybe even a soulstone that Diablo had in his possession when Sanctuary was destroyed. V – The End of Warcraft At this point in time (in RL), they just introduced Warlords of Draenor, and with it comes time travel. Once time-travel is involved, pretty much anything can be explained by "someone went to that moment in time and did something that caused that". So I'd like to avoid using that to explain any part of this overarching unification theory. What also came out of the talks around this expansion was the idea that the Burning Legion will be the subject of a future expansion, which is the leading theory for why Wrathion wants a united Azeroth at any cost. This leads me to believe, as many do, that the reappearance of Sargeras is inevitable, and that we will have to fight him. Many people have suggested that this would absolutely have to mark the end of the story; he is Warcraft's ultimate villain. Well I agree, I think it will happen pretty much like that. Whether we beat Sargeras and continue on happily, or Azeroth is destroyed in another cataclysmic battle, it really doesn't matter for the next part of this theory... Ultimately, the descendants of the nephalem will defeat Diablo/Sargeras, and it will mark the end of Warcraft, or at least the lore. I think the entire Burning Legion will be destroyed, and maybe even Azeroth but that seems a little dark for WoW. But Diablo will again escape, probably after consuming the body of Sargeras (as he did with his past hosts) and returning to his true form, or maybe his true identity won't be revealed. Regardless, he will escape and ultimately give up on subjugating the nephalem on Azeroth. Now after all that, the ORIGINAL nephelem come back into play; Diablo discovers the Xel'Naga. VI – The Beginning of Starcraft Diablo will corrupt and possess a Xel'Naga, Amon, who will become "the Fallen One" that subjugated the Overmind in its infancy, and ultimately schemed to see the Hybrids come to fruition. If you can believe it, the idea that Amon is Diablo-in-disguise was actually the catalyst for this whole unification theory. Google the names of the Greater Evils- Diablo, Baal, and Mephisto, and you'll find some actual demonology lore. Now google Amon (also Aamon). The names Aamon/Amon, Baal, Belial, Asmodai, and more all appear on the some of the same pages. When you think about it, Amon's "fallen one" story is pretty similar to Sargeras'. Well here's a reason why they're so similar. Now this next part is a head-scratcher; we need to consider the origins of the Zerg, because there are some similarities between Zerg and many creatures in Warcraft AND Diablo that may or may not be relevant. Firstly, In Diablo 3 there are Zerg in Pandemonium. Not actual Zerg persay, but you must have noticed the similarities. Small, swarming creatures resembling zerglings, and worms that pop out of the ground like nydus worms. They had "hives" that we had to destroy as a bonus objective. There was even supposedly a hydralisk corpse in Pandemonium that was reported as an easter egg. Secondly, the Silithus insect creatures in Warcraft seem to spread “creep” and have very zerg-like structures. Lastly, the Ravagers that appear on Draenor in the latest expansion look a LOT like zerglings, hydralisks, or lurkers (specifically their heads). Some ravagers even have a projectile “spines” attack. There are also fungal giants with zerg-like heads, and there's a quest suggesting that a fungus is “infesting” the giant. Then there's the Botani that also infest people, albeit with plants... Where am I going with this? The point is that there are numerous possible connections but I'm having a hard time sorting out which are relevant and how to fit them in. My best idea is that the creatures from Pandemonium may have seeded life elsewhere in the universe somehow (just like humanity escaped Sanctuary), and the Zerg simply assimilated them at some point soon after expanding from Zerus. Maybe Zerus is spatially close to Draenor. Ultimately the Xel'Naga are responsible for the zerg, I just had to point out some of those weird connections. Then there are the Protoss, which are way easier to explain. If the Naaru are indeed the last lingering remnants of the Angels or the Crystal Arch (or both), then the Eredar/Dranei are your proto-protoss, which has been suggested by numerous people before. It just fits too well; the space technology, and the crystals, which are sometimes even called “crystal pylons”. Even the titles they use- Exarch Akama, Vindicator Maraad, vs the Protoss Executor, Judicator, Praetor, maybe indicating an evolution from religeous titles to more "governmental" ones (although they also have Templar). Take a look at the latest trailer for Legacy of the Void (and also note the freaking title) and tell me that the Zealots, in their golden plate armor don't look like Dranei. The Dranei abandoned Argus (“Argus” is also the name of a few Protoss upgrades), maybe some of them founded a new home and called it Auir. Maybe after the Burning Legion is destroyed, Yrel leads her people back to Argus to recreate it, and rename it Auir. “Chosen” by Sargeras, “chosen” by the Xel'Naga... chosen for the same reason both times. Ok, but the Xel'Naga were trying to combine "purity of essence" and "purity of form" in order to eventually recreate their species, in an apparent endless cycle. Well I have already suggested that this actually refers to the purity of angel and demon energies left in a species, which now has more significance because the remaining original angels and demons (if any) are scattered and dwindling. I think it's safe to presume that the Xel'Naga will not be able to renew their life cycle this time around, with the destruction of Heaven and Hell, and the fact that Diablo is possessing Amon and trying to seize control over new nephalem/hybrids. If/when we defeat Amon, the overarching story will conclude with the death of Diablo (assuming he can, in fact, die) and humanity will prevail. VII – Where is Earth? The painful question arises of where Earth fits into all this. If we were limited to the Koprulu Sector it would be easier, but now we have fit-in Earth as we know it (which is where Starcraft lore begins). It's definitely still feasible though, there are a few options: A) Azeroth becomes Earth, but only humans survive. B) earth is just another place where some nephalem took refuge when Sanctuary was destroyed, completely separate from Azeroth, but still with humans. C) Azeroth is destroyed at the end of Warcraft lore and the survivors are scattered; some humans make it to earth and the extraterrestrial origins of humans are long forgotten. D) Sanctuary is earth; it wasn't destroyed when Pandemonium exploded, and (mostly) only humans survived. Regardless of how earth fits in, Starcraft lore talks about humans developing psionic abilities, which could be the result of the nephalems' powers mutating over time. This provides more support for the Xel'Nagas' need for periodic renewal, and some more evidence of common nephalem ancestry of humans and protoss. VIII – Closing Thoughts Consider a few more facets to support all of this. In Starcraft lore, the Xel'Naga became aware of the "voice in the darkness" and actually imprisoned it for a while. That makes sense if they were nephalem that were more powerful than demons; maybe Diablo had a really hard time possessing one. And the slow process of hijacking and corrupting the Xel'Nagas' creations worked brilliantly in the Wings of Liberty future mission "In Utter Darkness". In that mission Amon uses his hybrids to wipe out all life in the universe, which sounds a lot like what Diablo would have done if he had ever actually succeeded in subjugating the nephalem and won the Eternal Conflict earlier. Really, we're talking about the PRIME evil, who fought Anu before the universe existed! We just haven't realized how massive the implications are; how eternal the Eternal Conflict really is. Diablo has actually been fighting in the Eternal Conflict since before the beginning of creation! It is his legacy, The Legacy of the Void. "Older than the universe, more powerful than I can understand. And now, he's alive again." -Kerrigan, about Amon "As I was your beginning - so shall I be... your end." -AmonBurg7 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 So regarding Ogrim Doomhammer (Spoiler) Is there anyone one else out there who is disappointed that he was just killed off without us getting to work with him, or against him? I mean, I know we can only fight against so many "Warlords," but it felt kinda sad to just glimpse him a couple times, then to watch Blackhand kill him.Lag45 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 ner'zhul isnt dead right? well he is but yeah he isnt done as far as the story goes right? .....he needs to be a raid boss (optional) so we can redeem Arthas, have the light grant him one last task to save his soul from damnation so maybe have him fighting against nerzhul's army and give us an ach we can do to save his soul? or something i mean it could be a fight like he brought kargath back from the dead to fight you while he faces his own demons giving kargath one last chance for revenge so all you kargath fans get a real kargath fight rather then that joke in highmaul LOL but yeah, it could do some fun testing for us thogh like having us fight kargath (when hes not showing off to fans >_>) and healing arthas at the same time and having tank take hits from nerzhul to prevent certain attacks that only harm spirits /undead (not forsaken duh) which makes it harmless to us what do you think guys? i know alot wanted more from kargath....and alot want more from nerzhul so.Fangnir13 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Player DKs in Draenor I'm just curious as to why the NPCs in Draenor are not freaking out at the presence of player DKs. At this point in time, in their universe, not even the first generation DKs exist yet. These are unholy warriors of death and destruction that are running around their homeworld and they don't even bat an eye. Are the presence of player DKs giving Gul'dan ideas about creating his own DKs on Draenor? It's not even 6.1 and the guy has lost Teron'gor, Cho'gall is out of the fold, and the orcs did not drink the demon blood. The guy has to be pretty desperate at this point, along with our presence for inspiration, could spur him into creating the first gen DKs prematurely. He'd probably have to find different vessels than the Stormwind Knights he uses in MU. Wouldn't the Naaru and Draenei see the DKs as abominations with roots in the Burning Legion. Or does scourge magic have no residual fel magic at this point? If it doesn't, the Draenei would still be able to recognize them as unholy creatures whose existence is an afront to the light. If they don't oppose them, wouldn't they be extremely wary of these things running around their holy temples and cities.Azrallius27 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 2 Gorehowls in Draenor? When Thrall and Garrosh fight during the cinematic you can see Garrosh dropping Gorehowl when he dies, but how is Grommash also wielding a Gorehowl when he is watching over the Kargath fight? Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't there supposed to be only 1 Gorehowl in Draenor?Dkvaluemenu15 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 I want the real dark lady back I see all these threads about Sylvanas. The one thing i cant stand and isn't talked much about is her voice. I want the original voice of sylvanas windrunner back. OMG when that day came of her new voice back in wrath of lich king I was shattered. The voice was so terrible didn't even sound undead or banshee at all. I loved that wicked, evil,vindictive voice. When that happened my realm was like omg why did they do that. They really killed her, when they changed her voice. Cata they changed it again but, still hasn't been changed for the one in Undercity only for quests. I hope they will bring back that once loved voice of the true, Original Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.Mirandola23 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 garrosh is dead but as we all know... old gods dont give up so easily....just becasue his heart died what makes them think its dead completely? was feeding off garrosh's pride..... it could have gone dormant to hela but that garrosh is dead woldnt that make it take over? in a sense bringing him back one more time.... even if its just a quest i would like the satisfaction of killing garrosh MYSELF ...f-er owes us more then he did thrall ;/Fangnir9 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 I don't want to beat the Iron Horde I want to join them. I want to absorb them. I want the Horde to be whole again. You know how they said Garrosh grew up with stories of the old warlords and how BA they were? So did I ..... a 12, 13 year old kid playing warcraft 2 kicking butt with the heroes of the Old Horde. Now I have to kill them? Hell it already pissed me off that I had to kill Kargath once. Now deuce! DEUCE! The Horde hasn't been whole since the second war. You know? that time when we almost took over the world. Imagine what we can do now if we pull the Horde together. All the incarnations. The Dark, the Fel, the remaining True and with this Iron Horde we would be crazy unstoppable. GAAAAAGH any Horde feel the same way?Lionsbane132 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Azeroth's Monsters (Spoilers) -SPOILERS- So I just finished the quest where Thrall kills Garrosh, and nearby the quest turn-in are a bunch of NPC's that put in their bit about what's happened with Garrosh, and one Draenei named Rangari D'kaan brings up a really good point. "Vindicator Yrel says that we must work with both the Alliance and the Horde from your world. But, if your world created monsters like Garrosh - why should we trust you?" Azeroth has indeed pumped out monsters. 1. The Highborne almost summoned Sargeras into Azeroth. 2. Medivh, to some extent. He may have been possessed by Sargeras, but he ultimately was one of the main reasons the war between the Alliance and the Horde started, via opening the Dark Portal. Whether having the orcs on Azeroth was a good thing in the end, I'll leave open. 3. Arthas. His intentions in the beginning were good, and some might even say he was right in doing what he did even right before he took Frostmourne, but his desire for revenge, in the end, turned him into the Lich King - One of the most powerful evil entities that Azeroth ever saw. 4. Yet again through majorly Arthas, Archimonde was summoned into Azeroth. This was the second time the Legion made a major appearance on Azeroth, and this time one of the Legion's leaders actually got here. 5. Kael'thas and his blood elves, in league with the Burning Legion, actually half-way summoned Kil'jaeden into the world. This is the third time that Azeroth's denizens pulled in the leader of the Burning Legion. 6. Denizens of Azeroth almost brought the entire world to an end, though somewhat indirectly, by allying themselves with Deathwing and the Old Gods. 7. The Sha were powerful, evil entities that plagued Azeroth(Albeit only really Pandaria). While we didn't create the Sha, the Alliance and the Horde's war brought to Pandaria re-awakened the Sha in full force. 8. Garrosh was a major threat to Azeroth in three ways. Firstly, he unearthed the heart of Y'Shaarj, which was extremely wrong to do. Second, he tried to destroy the Alliance and most of the Horde completely with his orcish supremacist views, and without even just one side of the two factions fighting at Orgrimmar, he may have succeeded. Third and final, he was the entire reason the Iron Horde began it's invasion of Azeroth. While we fought them back relatively quickly, they were still a major threat. I may have missed other major events that Azeroth put into play, but these are still good examples as to what the denizens of Azeroth are capable of doing, and making.Sathestrias12 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Most Irrelevant Classes? What do you think are the most irrelevant classes from a lore point of view? Which one's would feel alien in most expansions? I'm thinking Monk and Death Knight.Jivard57 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 I don't understand the time traveling plot. Ok, I just don't get it yet. Garrosh went to the past, met his dad and told him not to drink demon blood because that's terribad. Then they open a portal to their future (our present) to kill and destroy. Is that correct? But according to Dr. Emmett Brown that wouldn't be possible. Because if they travel to the future of a changed past, they would have created a different timeline and would travel to the future of that timeline where no green orcs exists. Anyway, why to go back to the future instead of destroying Azeroth in that past? I mean, that would have been easy right? They were lvl 100 and people of Azeroth were lvl 50-60ish?Evey21 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Gilneas, Nobles and Stormwind For a little background to my question, I come from a roleplaying server. Recently, I have noticed quite a lot of Gilnean characters that happen to be nobility, both lesser and greater. I'm thinking that a noble from another country would surely have next to no power or influence, or am I missing something? Is it different here in Azeroth? Thanks!Zachyriah4 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 Is there any lore behind Beastmaster Trokar?? Is there any lore behind Beastmaster Trokar?? Just curious who he is and where he comes from since I've been using that handle for 7 years now!! =D PS - If a blue reads this, tell me who named him and why! =DTrokar8 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 The Orgrim problem So by now I think anyone that cares about lore in WoW knows that the Orgrim situation was handled pretty badly. Dialogue was cut out, missing quests, missing cut scenes, but then I found this on an alt playthrough. I looked for something talking about the green skin and it seems no one caught it or cared enough to point it out. Green skinned Orgrim, to me it means they either didn't care about the model as well or the story of Orgrim would have been more interesting than we thought.Myrthrall15 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 Races interacting World of Warcraft has, to put it mildly, a lot of races, be they playable or NPC's. Heck, even the classes of gain their powers from different sources, on occasion. There is such a wide variety of cultures in the game, and yet, we rarely see them interacting, or clashing, in any meaningful way. I feel that Blizzard should make it something of a goal to showcase, compare and contrast the races through minor interactions, because there's so much ground that could be covered with just some text. What does a draenei vindicator think of a Silver Hand knight? This being that is barely more than a child age wise, and yet can wield the Light with just as much power as the Vindicator? Show us how a Priestess of Elune works with a gnome priest, or how a Blood Elf magister views an orc mage. Often quest hubs are composed of only one race in majority, mix and match them, have little dialogs and discussions between them. Give the races some definition. Night Elves banned arcane magic for thousands of years, only to have a race of mages at least twice their age as neighbours. How do they feel about that? Did it help get the Highborne back into the fold? This doesn't even cover NPC's. Draenor gives a great opportunity to do this as well. The Adherents use power from the sun. Guess what, so do the Sunwalkers. This must be a huge shock to the bird brains and yet we never see it. What do the Auchenai, protectors of the dead, think about Death Knights? About draenei Death Knights? It's possible to have different text for different race and class combo's, why not implement it? We have so many races, but never really get to see their differences collide or mesh. A quest where a worgen and a night elf argue hunting strategy, or an orc and tauren shaman debate the existence of the Earth Mother, would be a welcome, and very easy, addition to the living lore of the world. I confess, I only started thinking about this after I played Guild Wars 2 and noticed just how many little interactions between races there are. Each race remains distinct, yet works together. It's not all for one, one for all buddy buddy stuff all the time, and that adds to the notion that these races are all allies. And WoW has so many more races, and so much lore, that they could easily match GW2 in this regard. Thoughts on this? Do you think Blizzard should address this notion?Keldora30 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 Your candidate for a "good" warlock What is your candidate for a warlock that may not necessarily be good but generally opposes the evil that faces Azeroth and us the player? My candidate is the strongest magical practitioner in Silvermoon; Grand Magister Rommath. Some may argue that becoming a warlock would guarantee his death because of his cata sound files but the blood elf mage class is now overcrowded because of Aethas Sunreaver and I think that is just or maybe even more dangerous to his life. Why Rommath? Rommath has a strong and heavy history in warcraft lore such as being close to Kael'thas and teaching Silvermoon's elves what Illidan taught them in outlands. I also approve of Rommath creating a warlock order to rival the Kirin'Tor. Out of all of his accomplishments and experience with magic the most important is his loyalty to his people. What warlock would you like to be on our side?Xoroth26 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 Cairne Bloodhoof vs. Grom Hellscream 1 v 1 Who wins?Bronzetooth2 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 So the Doomhammer (The weapon) What happened to it? Will Thrall wield it and become a proper dual wielding shammy?Biraelenn3 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 Thrall Should Die in WoD Who's with me? His story is done. He is a drawn out, boring character. A tragedy where he, Aggra, Durotan and Draka all die together would be interesting and risque. And then we can focus on other characters for once.Jivard73 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 The Sargerai New Faction The Sargerai - Twisted in the service of the Shadow Council, these Draenei have sacrificed much in pursuit of power. Draenei confirmed to be playable as Warlocks, and I'll call GC and ask for my pony he promised the moment it doesn't happen.Seebach154 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 Whats different about the Arrokoa... In Outland than in Draenor?Dagster47 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 Archmage Modera and the Six As you guys know the Archmages of Dalaran are all around Draenor helping the Alliance and occasionally the Horde in order to stop the Legion and other would be threats. In Socrethar's Rise we have this Archmage who boasts she can destroy all the Draenei there in the village of the Sargerai. She chooses not to. She also mentions to be enjoying her time out on the field, but it's odd she doesn't remember the Isle of Thunder... Do you guys think it's a lore oversight. Anyways. Her character is quite interesting and appears to be amongst the most powerful mages alive, but never gets mentioned by most. Of the six mages who rule the Kirin Tor: Jaina, Khadgar, Modera, Ansirem and Vargoth (possible) who do you guys enjoy learning about? Jan 11, 2015
Jan 10, 2015 Cho'gall and Mar'gok What is Cho'gall's relation to Mar'gok? Mar'gok seems to recognize Cho'gall when the latter appears in the coliseum after the players beat Kargath Bladefist. They are both two-headed ogres; and I don't recall encountering many of this breed while questing. Could it be that they were well-matched rivals vying for the throne of the Gorian Empire? Could Cho'gall have been a member of the inner council who was banished for harboring his apocalyptic goals?Leafwarden22 Jan 10, 2015
Jan 10, 2015 Thrall (Go'el) and Durotan. We already know Garrosh and Grommash are going to get along famously, but what about Durotan and Thrall? Honestly, I don't expect some gooshy, father-son heart to heart. I think it would be really cool if they started out very distanced, perhaps Durotan feels his "son" is soft, to kind. And they will have conflicting natures. While Durotan was a very noble Orc, was he ALWAYS like this? Just something to think about! Thoughts?Artoryus25 Jan 10, 2015
Jan 10, 2015 Few Story Questions I've always loved the lore and try to read as much as I can but while leveling (I did go a little fast so I may have missed it) I really didn't see anything about Jaina. The only thing that I remember that even mentioned her is when you're in Talador and take the mage tower outpost and an arcane sentry stops you and says nobody is allowed on Lady Proudmoore's orders. Did they just forget her? Like I figured Jaina would be through the first portal to Draenor to stop Garrosh. He destroyed her city, killed innocent citizens of Theramore and her good friend Rhonin. I just don't understand it, is she just going to fall through the cracks until they think it's convenient to bring her back up? Also, Garona Halforcen! I would love to see her in the story or somewhere involved in our journey to Draenor. When they announced that Yrel was coming and we saved her I figured that she was going to be Garona's mother. But that's out of the window, she was Maraad's lover, not his sister. I find it kinda odd that we get to Draenor and he really doesn't even look for his sister before she is raped by orcs, killed and her child magically aged. From what I understand this happened to his sister during the siege of Karabor but Karabor is still there when we get there. What do you guys think? Also if I got something wrong don't hesitate to correct me, like I said I kinda rushed while leveling so I may have missed something. It just seems they are missing quite a bit of stuff, don't get me wrong it's an awesome expansion but I was just curious.Fiona3 Jan 10, 2015
Jan 10, 2015 Breaking the story of WoW So, I kid you not; I am the first horde human Paladin (i've posted this in the bug report too) I went to the undercity for a stroll, and found something that was quite hilarious - I was able to accept the quest "The Art of War" upon which I am told to go pay homage to my new Warchief. So I did. Went straight to the Valley of Strength. Upon arriving, the MoP cinematic between Garrosh and General Nazgrim (?) plays. On top of that, Vol'jin and Garrosh stand next to each other. Awesome fun. A shame I can't turn in the quest :( :( Me with the quest And me after the quest (note the mortal enemies Garrosh and Vol'jin standing next to each other :D)Adamidius3 Jan 10, 2015
Jan 10, 2015 Bosses saying recycled phrases Vul'gor - "Break you!" Gug'rokk - "It will be a pleasure to break you." Brother Korloff - "I Will break you." Jin'rokh the Breaker - "I must break you!" Krystallus - "Break.... you...." Thaddius - "Break you!" Like i know the Ivan Drago quote is great but damn.. am i the only one annoyed by this?Mirachnis43 Jan 10, 2015
Jan 10, 2015 My first story of my character Goreruk This is the story of how I came to be the Orc I am today. I was born to parents of both the Frostwolves and The Warsong Clan in the interment camps of Hillsbrad. My father, a warrior of the Frostwolves was a proud Orc. Strong and deadly in battle he use to tell me stories of the many victories of our people, as well as to teach me of the spirits and of our ancestors and their glories. My mother was a scout of the Warsong. She was every bit as deadly as my father in battle but used her bow and the shadows to achieve victory over her foes. My mother would also teach me of her people of the Warsong clan and of their ancestors. Being born in the camps my family was unable to teach me how to be a great warrior like my father due to the watchful eyes of the human guards. the yalways watched over us, we could smell the fear they had of us. This is how i discovered my connection with the wilds and the animals that lived in them. A Black hawk that used to feed in the pits of our camp was the first companion I made a bond with. I would later named her Nyssa. She would spend the cold nights with me and my family, grow ever closer to me I cared for her as a member of my family. My mother showed me how to train her to catch smaller wild life in the forrest beyond the gates of the camp to feed my family a little extra to help keep strong and alive. Many years pasted of just living in that camp like caged animals our hopes of freedom fleeing. If not for my parents and Nyssa who knows what would of come of me. It was in the summer our lives would change forever. One warm night we awoke to the sounds of horns blowing. A horn I have never heard before. My fathers spirits was lifted by the noise. He looked down at me and said. " Those are the sounds of our people. Our Horns of war to let our enemies death is on it's way." All the guards attentions was focused on the front gates and the tree line just beyond them. We could see their torches just behind the trees charging into battle. It was then my father seen his chance. He made his way to the first guard he could get to. They had their backs towards us, their eyes fixed on the coming waves of Orcs. He threw the chains that were around his wrist over the neck of the first guard snapping his neck in one quick movement. Picking up the dead guards sword he ran to the next one only a few feet away. My father plunged the blade into the mans neck as my father let out a roar I have never heard before. His face was soaked in the humans blood. He looked alive like I never seen before. With the guards attention now on my father my heart started to beat faster. I feared for him yet was filled with pride. The last thing my father ever said to me will stay with me forever. " Grow strong my son, as a free Orc." I could feel the rage flow over me as my father ran head first into a group of a dozen guards screaming. " LOK ' TAR O GAR" It was then I seen two arrows dig themselves into the chest of the front guards giving my father the opening he needed. I turned to see where they came from to find my mother standing there, blood dripping down her jaw and a bow in hand. At her feet was the body of a man his throath ripped open blood soaking the dirt. She grabbed me by my arm and pulled me into the shadows of the cabin we were housed in. We sat there what felt like hours as she picked off guard after guard, hoping the gates would give way to our people. With a loud crash the gates snapped and came down. The camp was flooded with many orcs charging in. I have never seen such strong orcs before, so full of life. It was then I remembered my fathers words and knew I must grow strong for his sack and the sack of our people. My mother screamed to me over the loud battle unfolding in front of us. "RUN GORERUK MAKE FOR THE TREES!" My legs took off running past the bodies of dead human and orc alike. Nyssa had found me in the chaos and never left my side. As I made it to the gate that's when I seen it. The body of my father. He lay there folded over on his knees. Arrows and swords buried in his body and a grin on his face. It was then I noticed that around him was the bodies of more then a dozen man. My eyes began to burn with tears but my body... my body burned with rage and pride. For my father was a great orc who died for his people with a grin on his face and the death of a warrior.Goreruk1 Jan 10, 2015
Jan 10, 2015 Wheres the logic So Iron Horde charges in through the portal! We push them back and charge into Dranor and blow up the portal on their side! Could we have just blown the portal on ourside? I mean if we dont have one on ourside it dnt matter how manh they build! They wont be able to contact azeroth lol so can someone explain blizzard logic?Ironwall47 Jan 10, 2015
Jan 10, 2015 The Ruins of Xandor One of the quests in Talador, the one leading to the Auchindoun dungeon, leads the PC to a pursuit for Gul'dan and Teron'gor through a portal Teron'gor conjured. When you get to the other side, you find yourself atop a burning mountain with floating rock platforms (much like Outland's) all around it. Then, Gul'dan and Teron'gor summon Magthodon (or whatever the Pit Lord's name is) to kill you. After you kill it, you have to follow the warlocks through their portal. Now, I was curious as to whether or not Xandor was one of the planets the Burning Legion obliterated because when I looked down the mountain side I didn't see a drop to oblivion, I saw a sea filled with red water, most probably a sea of blood, it looked like, accompanied with the cracks of fire in the mountain itself. I know it's some sort of liquid because it had the rippling effect Blizzard puts on water. If it truly was another world it was really impactful because all that was left, the ruins of Xandor, was a mountain and a sea of blood. If one would put themselves into their character they'd be belittled by the Legion's power. When the Draenei said the Legion obliterated worlds and left nothing (usually) they meant it, and honestly that's kind of scary that they can do that much damage (they didn't even leave shades of grandiose lost in time, just nothing). I was in awe, there was nothing. It's just you alone in one planet. Completely alone after everyone leaves and you stay to explore- wow. So... Do you guys think it was another planet or just a remote part of Draenor? I didn't really find anything that suggested it was Draenor or not.Yrala18 Jan 10, 2015
Jan 10, 2015 What if the Alliance found the Tauren first? Throughout the years I've read many people's answers on this. A lot of Hordies believed that Alliance would've killed them out of fear, or at the very least, leave them to be killed by the Centuars. I'm less inclined to believe this the more Xpac's keep coming out. Seeing as the Alliance is willing to work with many of the less-humanoid looking creatures, I feel like Tauren would be in just as good a position under Alliance rule.Bronzetooth119 Jan 10, 2015
Jan 10, 2015 Warlocks summoning Pitlords? Do you ever think player warlocks will become powerful enough *story wise* to summon pitlords? It has been shown that Kanrethad has this ability so why not the player locks? Discuss.Soulestrasza38 Jan 10, 2015
Jan 9, 2015 Future hopes for WoD Time and time again, when a new threat shows up, we, the adventures rise up and save the day. From traveling to Outland, to even defeating the LK, one of the strongest badasses in the game and even the campaign against Deathwing, we seem to have succeeded in every attempt at our goal, no matter what obstacle pops up. I'm really hoping that, during WoD, we get our asses seriously kicked. Where we don't succeed, where we have to retreat and come up with a plan to take out this threat, or we need to recover from an attack that did serious damage. Personally, I think it would add a lot to the story and make the lore more interesting, instead of us winning all of the time. Thoughts?Xasai20 Jan 9, 2015
Jan 9, 2015 [Spoiler] Guldan is horrible at assasination Why would you have your Assassin carry the antidote to the poison that is being used on your intended victim. Esp if said Assassin is disposable and said antidote is the only way to cure the poisonBiraelenn32 Jan 9, 2015
Jan 9, 2015 Broken Isles, Gul'dan, and WoD I was just wondering if there's anything interesting back there after all the visits it had after it was raised by Gul'dan. Will this place, be part of the legendary quest-line of Khadgar in WoD? Phased as another timeline in which the scepter remains in its chamber as a Caverns of Time instance, or as a it stands today, ruins with no value at all for Gul'dan. I think that maybe, it might take this direction on the future, since as I recall, Gul'dan's prime motives to taint the orcs with fel blood, raise an army, open a portal and siege azeroth, was to obtain the relics inside the chambers of the sunken tomb of Sargeras. What do you think?Minîx18 Jan 9, 2015