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Sep 17, 2014 Malygos's sanity We know that Malygos after supposedly regaining his sanity declared war on all Mages not affiliated with the Blue Dragonflight and made a plan to gather all of its energies into the Nexus for Blue Dragonflight use only. Judging from the game it would seem that the plan would leave Azeroth in a terrible state due to the Arcane emanating cracks in the earth causing mass deaths and Arcane madness (as seen by what happened in Winterfin Village, Lothalor Woodlands and Indu'le Village). Malygos of course had once been exceedingly arrogant as seen in Dawn of the Aspects and judging from what we have seen he was just as arrogant now! He's so arrogant that he couldn't care how many people go insane or die from ley line redirection... The only side effect he would be worried about is the one it would seem he took steps to fix once it started: All the Arcane Energies entering the Nexus created a rift into the Twisting Nether unleashing alot of Mana Serpents and Arcane Elementals upon the Blue Dragonflight.... What happens in the quests taking place after the Nexus dungeon(the level of the Dungeon is lower than the Dragonblight leveling zone)? The Blue Dragonflight is now redirecting the Arcane Energies to the Blue Dragonshrine near their enemies! Better the enemies be slaughtered by waves of Mana Serpents and Arcane Elementals than the entire Blue Dragonflight.... The fact that Malygos wanted a rift into the Twisting Nether to open in an area controlled by them near the enemy's territory shows that he is sane enough to realize the damage he's causing than take inspiration from it to use on the enemies in a controlled situation! His forcing Keristrasza into being his consort is the only sign of madness though considering he was once a protodrake and male protodrakes in all likelyhood force themselves upon females like other reptiles this might be commonplace for Dragons.... I say that he indeed sane..... Sane and insufferably arrogant! Agree?Yvenathilm22 Sep 17, 2014
Sep 17, 2014 The Aliance/Horde Conflict What they Aliance/Horde think it is ....... What it really is........àborn7 Sep 17, 2014
Sep 17, 2014 Elune sharing powers of the Light? I saw this somewhere and I'm trying to find a source for it if one exists. Basically there was something saying that the Naaru, Elune, The Light, and other holy energy were all based on The Light itself.Krátøs9 Sep 17, 2014
Sep 17, 2014 WoD isn't actually gritty and dark The last... no... for some time, warcraft has been drained of conflict and edginess. A fluffy panda was on the cover of the previous expansion, before that, a completely aimless black dragon gener O villain, and really Arthas was made pretty one dimensional in Wrath, although that still had stuff like the Death Knight quests and so on. I'm told WoD is a return to gritty and dark, but honestly, it looks more like a hello kitty adventure. Actually, that might be an insult into Hello Kitty. For starters, the whole expansion is set in an alternate universe where nothing really happens, so technically right off the bat it has less intrigue and grittiness than most other stories out there, because it's all just supposedly fake anyway. Rather than escalate the horde vs. alliance conflict, the uber hero Thrall is tasked with defending the world from a bunch of time-traveling orcs, who again, couldn't really be more generic. What makes Kargath and Ogrim and all these guys so tough and scary exactly? He sawed his arm off? That sounds more stupid than scary. Did anyone even die in the trailer? Gul'Dan is fine, I guess, Garrosh is still kicking even, same with Grom. Mannoroth ate it but he already did so in WC3. Did any soldiers even die? Did anyone even get injured? Where's the grim and dark exactly? Why is this Iron Horde savage and aggressive exactly? What are they savaging? Oh no, that's right, they're actually just reclaiming the fertile land for their Orcish people, uh, ok, well who can argue with that. They're just noble warriors all banding together under their great savior to plant trees and obtain crop yields. Not to mention the whole neutrality thing, the actual potential conflicts between alliance and horde heroes is gone since they're all fighting as avengers against these other orcs who are all supposedly good. Once you wipe away the texture big orcs with big bad axes, it actually looks pretty soft and wimpy. Just saying, wish the 'real' warcraft of old was back.Kelastir15 Sep 17, 2014
Sep 17, 2014 Dailies in all zones? The one thing I hate about most expansions is that almost all of the story takes place in one particular place. With the exception of Cataclysm, there are no updates to any zone and no story progression. Logically, this doesn't make any sense. Wouldn't the discovery of Pandaria bring Pandaren in to mingle with the rest of Azeroth? There should be elements in each zone to reflect each expansion. This would give life, not only to the expansion, but the whole of Azeroth. Why wouldn't there be Pandaren having a kegger with a bunch of Dwarves in Loch Modan? Why wouldn't there be a Pandaren trying to figure out what the heck goes on in Thousand Needles? How about a Pandaren links up with Nesingwary and gives dailies with him? Perhaps Worgen players halp a lost Worgen find a new home in a different world of Azeroth. Perhaps a player helps a Goblin start his own cartel. Placing dailies in zones of Azeroth would give players a purpose to explore and rediscover. Add some flavour to each zone by having every zone take part in the expansion, not just one insular portion of Azeroth.Goredeth10 Sep 17, 2014
Sep 17, 2014 What if Thrall was wrong? I've been reading a lot of comments regarding the roles orcs played recently and most of them are complaints about Blizzard making them savage, brutal and prone to corruption all over again. So I thought about it using a different perspective: What if Thrall was wrong all this time? Let's cast Alter Time and go back not 6 seconds but 20 years in the past: Warcraft 1 and 2. Back then the orcs (and the Horde, since other races had little influence in it by then) were extremely aggressive, brutal and violent. So in WC3 Thrall was introduced and we were presented with a whole different version of orcs. According to this version, orcs were originally spiritual-minded and shamanistic. The demonic corruption brought by Gul'dan made them so belligerant and bloodthirsty. Based on this conceptions, Thrall strived to build the so-called New Horde and bring the orcs back to their true nature. He failed miserably. Even the "new age orcs", free from demonic corruption continually show an aggressive and bloodthirsty nature, hell-bent on destruction and slaughter. And I'm not talking just about Garrosh, go play some of the post-Cata, low level quests if you don't believe me (like Stonetalon Mountains). Then came WOD and I thought I finally would have the chance to see these pre-corruption, tribal, spiritual, shamanistic orcs that Thrall talked so much about. And what do I see? Savages with nothing but war, pride and violence to drive them. The short story "Hellscream" kinda sets this on stone, no use arguing against it... So what if this was really the true nature of orcs all the time? Maybe the demonic (or sha) corruption was just a catalyst for their hunger for bloodshed, never its true cause. What if this stories of pre-corruption orcs were all a farce, a sham Thrall invented, or something he just chose to believe? Let's not forget that Thrall was raised and educated by humans (ain't that ironic). Maybe WoD means the end of the Horde's "orcracy".Foxstride20 Sep 17, 2014
Sep 17, 2014 based on King arthur? can someone explain a part in this game that is a parable on king arthur?Onyxzyv6 Sep 17, 2014
Sep 17, 2014 What if you could travel back like Garrosh? Lets just say you're able to go to Azeroth when Garrosh went back in time to Draenor. How would you save that world from devastation and make things easier for the population? Timeline for them is already messed up, so now you have to fix it. Heres what I would do: - Kill Kel'thuzad and burn his body, no summoning of Archimonde. - Kill Garithos, no Silvermoon deflection. - Go to Kalimdor and tell the night elves to make contact with the human kingdoms, they'll need help later. - Inform the dragonflights of where deathwing is hiding or his aliases he uses to hide with - Let people know what ups with Medivh, might be different to knock him out however. Get khadgar to poison his drink perhaps? - Just kill Pernolde, I hate that guy. Edit: I notice a lot of people saying "lol ill just help the horde, cause alliance are dum XDDD" You're going to ALTERNATE Azeroth's past at the same point garrosh went to the past in hopes of SAVING that world from the catastrophes in their future, but in our past. There is no horde, no orcs, no alliance, no lich king.Defiant43 Sep 17, 2014
Sep 16, 2014 Warcraft Characters Discover the Story Forum. What happens next?Danseis26 Sep 16, 2014
Sep 16, 2014 Lord of War <Horde Version> Part One: Kargath (Scene Open: Eve of the suicide mission, Alliance banners could be seen int he distance on the opposite side. Pan to Thrall looking pensive at the red portal.) Thrall: How could I have been so wrong, I was told our people were a peaceful race, a race of warrior and that it was only due to the demons that we became battle frenzy. <Wizen Saurfang look at the red portal with a neutral look, feeling that he would finally get to see his beloved home once more. Intact and untouched. Looks at Thrall.> Saurfang: Thrall, the demons gave us the excuse to abandon all pretense of Honor. We have always had the blood lust. Thrall: <Looks surprised by this fact> Surely not? Saurfang: <Nods> Let me tell you of Kagarth Bladefist, of how he was before the demons blood took over <See Lord of War Episode 1> You see, even before the demons we were ruthless and we always paid our enemy back in kind. Part 2:Hellscream <Scene pan to the Horde breaking camp and Thrall looking out at the sun looking pensive, Saufang see this> Saurfang: <Approach Thrall> Are you still mulling over Kagarth blade fist tale? Thrall: <Nod once.> So savage, so ruthless even before the demon blood... Grom once told me he took the demon blood willingly. Was he like the other? Saurfang: <Has a far off look before nodding> Let me tell you the story about Grommash, the one you knew and the one I knew were quite different. Let me tell you about his will of... Iron. <See Lord of War Part 2> Thrall: <Look down cast> Grom... Saurfang: <Pat Thrall on his shoulders and turn to order the other Orcs to break camp> Part Three: Durotan <Pan to the Horde army watching the Alliance Army marching into the Dark Portal, Pan to Thrall looking grim face at the procession.> Saurfang: Thrall. You did not look like you got a good night rest. Thrall: <Angry> Of course I didn't, I had always thought Grom was the best of us! He was my friend! My... brother. I was wrong, so wrong about our race, so wrong about our people. Saurfang: <Smile sadly and shake his head.> You were not completely wrong. Let me tell you about your father Thrall, Let me tell you about Durotan, <See Lord of War 3> Thrall: <Looking surprised and amazed.> My father resisted our blood lust? Saurfang: <Nod> Him and the Frostwolves pride themselves on doing so and were still some of the most ferocious warriors I have ever known. Your father lead with Honor, he was not like the others, he did not give in. You have his blood in you Thrall , you are your father's son. Thrall: And Garrosh is his... I was too blind to see it. <Look at Saurfang.> Thank you... friend. Saurfang: <Grin as the Horde army start to move> So...yeah that's how I see how it SHOULD have been out and should have been. Would have made more sense to me at least.Phelios35 Sep 16, 2014
Sep 16, 2014 Calia Menethil Okay, so I know that the, "Where's Calia?" question has been asked a million times, so bare with me. I was re-reading Arthas: Rise of the Lich King, and I saw something that made me wonder. He was going through old passageways in Capital City, and it says, "He, his parents, and Calia each had one...known only to them, Uther, and the bishop. All were gone now, save he..." This implies that Calia is dead. Everyone else he listed was at that point. Either that or he just assumed she was. She could very well be dead. Unless she was married and moved out of Capital City, she certainly would've been there to celebrate Arthas' homecoming. It makes sense that Falric or Marwyn killed her while tearing the city apart. But I think that that is something that would've been mentioned. "Dude, I just killed your sister." "Okay." Plus, Arthas still felt a bit of guilt and love for those he hurt. He cared for his sister before like he did the others, so if he knew of her death, I think his guilt or remorse would've shown up in the story like it did with Jaina and Terenas.Shaice61 Sep 16, 2014
Sep 16, 2014 how gul dan know the location of sargeras tom how does gul dan know the location of tomb of sargeras?Modeldwarf4 Sep 16, 2014
Sep 16, 2014 [Spoilers] Orgrim's role in WoD. Now that's just damn shameful. He gets like four lines of poor, cliche writing were he criticizes Durotan's actions, defends his own, and rallies his troops. Then he get's punted off a boat by Blackhand. Within about 30 minutes of gameplay you are reintroduced to one of the greatest Horde characters that ever lived, only to watch him be one-shot by the guy he was supposed to have stolen the reigns of the old Horde from. Honestly, could he have not even become a Garrison follower or something?Yagarr68 Sep 16, 2014
Sep 16, 2014 "Tyrande has no idea how to lead our people" Was Fandral wrong? I'm not convinced at all. Tyrande has become a horrible leader. At the end of the Siege of Orgrimmar, talking to her reveals that she's given up Azshara to the Horde on the "condition" that they leave Ashenvale. So, she easily parts with her ancestral homeland that easily? It's sad that she's been written this way as of late, especially with her personality flip in "A Little Patience." Just my two cents on it...Erandris172 Sep 16, 2014
Sep 16, 2014 Lei Shens Mercy... where is the Mercy for Lei Shen? Why is Garrosh offered mercy by the celestials and not lei shen?Steppenvwulf37 Sep 16, 2014
Sep 16, 2014 Describe a Race/Class combo If you could take a particular class, and describe each of it's race's variants of that class, what would you make up? Go deeper than, "Draenei Hunters are Rangari, Blood Elf Hunters are Farstriders". I'll give an example, for Horde Mages. Blood Elves: Emphasis on Fire magic and summoning phoenixes and other magical constructs. Blood Magic as well, using the power of Blood to fuel spells and golems. Trolls: Astronomers, equal emphasis on all the Mage elements, using the power of the stars, making star maps, and religious myths surrounding Loa constellations in the stars. Could be why they were supposedly good sailors. Goblins: Uses magic for more 'mundane' stuff, like using magic to keep drinks cool. or light up a forge or campfire. Small emphasis on Frost magic. Orcs: Emphasis on Arcane magic with a minor in Fire, emphasis on instilling magic within Orcish Runes to enchant equipment and armor, and create things like explosive wards. Forsaken: The "Spark of Life" from the RPG - using Arcane magic makes Forsaken Mages feel alive again, adding to the addictive qualities. Equal emphasis between the Mage elements. Pandaren: The Huojin philosophy places an emphasis on very active magic, mostly Fire, may or may not be inspired by the flames wielded by Yu'lon, and uses magic for more whimsical things like making floating lanterns and everburning torches with different colored flames.Rokugan14 Sep 16, 2014
Sep 15, 2014 Was there any sense of urgency to SoO plot? Like was there a real rush against time to stop something from breaking free or spreading like a zerg infestation? We technically took care of the Sha problem in panderia with Lorewalker cho, should have been easy to take our time and start starving Garrosh, make them eat each other from hunger.Phelios11 Sep 15, 2014
Sep 15, 2014 Vale of Eternal Blossoms So with the downfall of Garrosh and his associated Sha, does anyone know whether or not the Vale will be returned to it's former beautiful state?Majicor6 Sep 15, 2014
Sep 15, 2014 The Problem with Pandaria Races Years ago I made a thread titled "The Problem with Dragons", detailing what was wrong with them in their respective "featured" expansion and opening the door for discussion into how they could have been better. Granted, before Cataclysm I actually enjoyed draconic lore, but I digress. This topic is about the Pandaria races, more specifically, their lack of depth. It made them less interesting, in my opinion, to fight for, against, and beside. Let's take the reason why. Every race on Pandaria is either evil or good. There are some minor instances where the races show motive, though what I'm referring to is the fact that each race, in its entire population, is either entirely good or entirely evil. There are no Pandaren villains, obviously because Blizzard wrote themselves into a corner that magically disappeared as the expansion progressed with the Sha, but conversely there are also no Mogu heroes, either. So you have two races that are entirely either morally white or morally black, with no in-between. This goes for the other races as well. Name me one Yaungol hero or faction we quest for. Name me one Pandaren that hasn't gone mad from the loss of their loved one/is possessed by the Sha that is an antagonist. Going beyond that, name me any race from Pandaria that has an affiliated tone they deviate from beyond the Jade Forest? Sure, the Hozen and Jinyu aid the Alliance and Horde. What I'm talking about here though is the depth the of individuals for the Pandaren, Mogu, Klaxxi, Yaungol. It's not realistic that every member of a race has the exact same characteristics, and it robs them of having any racial complexity. They're all either inherently bad or inherently good-willed. To me, that makes for some very boring storyline, and maybe that's why Pandaria suffered, though I feel the backstory it provided in world building was still exceptionally well done. Thoughts? Opinions? Anyone else feel the Pandaria races would have been better served with some variety? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As always, leave your thoughts and opinions, but keep it civil. -WickhamWickham6 Sep 15, 2014
Sep 15, 2014 Does anyone actually like Baine? Question is in the title. So yeah does anyone actually like him as a character? See plenty of bad talk about him but not much good talk.Falhew51 Sep 15, 2014
Sep 15, 2014 Dranosh might have been the best Horde leader If we think about his, Garrosh attitude reflect his style of war. He's cunning, crafty and ruthless and his Horde fought like that. Dranosh, however is a go getter and would do what is right. I kind of picture something like this with Dranosh as Warchief. (Meeting with Night Elves about the Warsgon lumbermill) Night Elves: So as you can see, if you would agree to pull the Horde back I will gladly provid- Dranosh: Enough talk! Let it be FINISHED! <Charges in and sign the peace treaty> (During the Tauren rebellion) Carine: Damn it magatha is acting up again we need some rein- Dranosh: ENOUGH TALK! Let it be FIN- NISHED! <Charges in with Orcs warriors and boot Magtha> (During Thrall Wedding at Mount Hjyal) Malfurion: And by the power vested in me by Elu- Dranosh: Enough talk! Let it be FNISHED! <Charges in and put the ring on both couples fingers and send them off on a honey moon via the Orgrim Hammer> Thrall was right. Dranosh was the man for the job!Phelios8 Sep 15, 2014
Sep 15, 2014 Anybody think Cairne will magically comeback? We've had Sylvanas die two or three times already. And she is only of the only characters who should've died expansions ago. Literally.... In Wrath we had Muradin come back and with Cata Cenarius appeared. So who wants to take bets on who is coming back to life to be a quest giver between Thrall's adventures this time around? (More Azeroth Trolls and obvious warlords excused from this)Vendetta17 Sep 15, 2014
Sep 15, 2014 Tier 17 - Warlords Theme So from what's been released about Tier 17, we can gather that the warrior and warlock sets specifically are themed almost directly after Blackhand and Gul'dan's in-game armor. This goes as well for the Paladin gear, themed after Maraad. Below you'll find the links. - Warrior (Blackhand) - Warlock (Gul'dan) - Paladin (Maraad) You could even say the hunter set was loosely based off Durotan, though it's more Thunderlord than anything. The question is, why did they only use less than a handful of the Warlords as armor inspiration? The other sets (imo) suffer because they are lacking the same charisma that the above sets have. For instance, why in the world wouldn't shaman armor be themed after Ner'zhul, or in the least the Shadowmoon clan? Why wouldn't rogue tier 17 be stylized to reflect Kargath? Etc. The Warlords are epic, each clan having its own unique style and art. Why Blizzard would neglect to utilize them all for Tier 17 makes no sense to me, especially when the armor they did stylize in their image turned out really well. Thoughts? Opinions? Do you feel Blizzard is missing the boat here with armor design? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As always, leave your thoughts and opinions but keep it civil. -WickhamWickham19 Sep 15, 2014
Sep 15, 2014 What was Kairoz's Endgame? Whilst one could understand the possible motivations of Wrathion aiding in Garrosh's escape, seeing no justice would happen with the idiot Celestials and such a threat could forcibly unite Azeroth for example, I still do not fully understand what Kairoz's full motives were for building a new Horde under his control. What exactly did he hope to achieve had his plans gone uninterrupted and Garrosh had not pin cushioned him with that shard?Andarin6 Sep 15, 2014
Sep 15, 2014 Sands of the Infinite, What If...(Volume 1) Hello all and welcome! I am beginning a new what if series that, if successful, I will attempt to update as time goes on. In a world of danger, intrigue, and destruction, how many times have we wondered: what if? What if a certain blow was turned thru a twist of fate? What if a destiny tragically cut short was avoided? Through the Hourglass, we can see not only the past, present, and glimpses of the future, but also what could have happened as a slight change creates a new timeline, a new universe. And so we turn our sights not on what may be, but what could be... Volume 1: What if Illidan defeated Arthas at Icecrown? Arthas skidded backwards on the treacherous ice, breathing heavily. Catching his breath, he barely managed to raise Frostmourne before his foes blades descended once more, the impact jarring his arms and further tearing at his wounded shoulder. Arthas cursed with feeling. If he had been just a bit faster in that blasted tunnel, he thought, that damned icicle would have impaled the cavern floor rather than his shoulder, making Frostmourne feel like it was a hundred pounds and slowing his already weakened reflexes. Looking into his opponents eyes, or more accurately what passed for them, he saw no hint of weariness or weakness, only a burning desire to end his life. Pushing back, he was surprised when his opponent suddenly gave ground and unfurled his wings, gaining both height and distance. Raising his glaives as if to ready another crushing blow, he seemed not to have noticed that his bare torso was now open to an attack. Arthas' eyes narrowed. He knew he didn't have much strength left and he might not get another opportunity... Coming to a decision, Arthas suddenly sprinted towards Illidan. Coming under his guard, Arthas' heart leapt as he swung Frostmourne towards Illidan's midsection with all his might, anticipating the slicing of flesh and the end of their murderous duel... ...only to gasp in surprise as Frostmourne cut nothing but air as Illidan suddenly flapped his wings mightly and flew over his head. A faint tremor behind him alerted him to the destination of his foe and Arthas' heart filled with dread. Turning desperately, he attempted to weave a defensive pattern but a tremendous impact stopped his movement cold. Confused, he looked down slowly to see his opponents' burning blades protruding from his rent breastplate followed by a steady flow of what he dimly realized was his own blood. Looking back into his opponents eyes, he saw Illidans' lips twist in an expression of fierce triumph. Any other thoughts he was attempting to form died as Illidan twisted the blades, turning his legs to water and causing Frostmourne to fall to the drifting snow below. Wrenching the blades free, Illidan breathed deeply and rolled his shoulders, his nerves and mind alive with vindication. He had done it! The meddlesome human was finally dead and his path to the Lich King was clear. With the deed done, he would finally be free of Kil'Jaeden and pursue his own path. As for his reward, he grinned as he imagined Tyrande's infatuation with his prowess. After such an impressive victory, even she could not deny he was his hateful brothers' superior, and even if she did, doubt Kil'jaeden could change that particular mindset for him. His reverie was broken as he heard a slight scrapping of steel across ice. Looking down, he was surprised to see the wretched human was not dead as he first thought, though he could see he would not last much longer as his fingers moved feebly towards his sword. Illidan's lips peeled in contempt and he was about to raise his blades to finish the persistent human but stopped as he saw Prince Kael amongst the gathered throng of his followers, his eyes burning with fierce desire. Deciding he could be magnanimous after all, Illidan smiled and beckoned him forward. 'Young Kael, this human destroyed your homeland and put your people, your family to the sword,' he said, stepping back. 'Your service has pleased me greatly, and for that, his death is yours.' Prince Kael'thas smiled a predators grin, and moved towards the still twitching body of his hated foe with murderous intent. Kneeling beside Arthas in the snow, Kael spoke softly into his ear. 'For what you have done to me and mine,' he grated between clenched teeth, 'no amount of suffering would be sufficient for your crimes.' Drawing a jeweled dagger from his robes, he leaned in close. 'But while this will not bring them back, consider this a preview of things to come you murderous filth!' he snarled. Bringing the dagger up, he brought it down with a howl of anguish and vindication. Wrenching the blade free, he brought it down again. And again. And again. Illidan watched as Kael trudged thru the snow to join him and Lady Vashj at the entrance to the Frozen Throne, seeing the criss-cross patterns of slowly freezing blood decorating his face and brightly colored robes. Besides the physical attestations to the deed, he seemed if anything to stand taller than before, as if a great weight had been removed from his shoulders. Joining his lord, Kael smiled and bowed slightly, his blood-streaked face making him look even more savage than before. Illidan smiled inwardly. Ever the devoted servant this one, he thought, but what would he do with him, with them both when his task was complete? His smile faltering slightly, Illidan mentally brushed the question aside in irritation. Plenty of time to decide one's fate when the task is complete, he thought. 'We have looked into the face of death and found it wanting,' he said, not looking at Kael or Vashj. 'Now the final step remains: to face it's beating heart and tear it asunder! What we do today will echo throughout eternity, and you will both have the privilege of seeing the dawn of a new era! Come, the Frozen Throne awaits and the Lich King's doom has come!' Shaking his wings slightly and dislodging a small flurry of snow, Illidan, Kael, and Lady Vashj entered the darkness beyond. Climbing the icy stairs that seemed to stretch on forever, Illidan craned his neck upwards. With his enhanced eyes, he could make out a veritable nexus of raging power sitting atop the frozen glacier. The sheer magnitude of such power staggered him, having only felt its like in the presence of his master Kil'jaeden. For a moment, doubt flooded him. Surely the Lich King would not be defenseless, its existence dependent on the lives of its devoted servants to keep it safe? He grew more uneasy as further questions sprouted from this conundrum. Is the Lich King truly helpless without his servants? Could this be an elaborate trap? He didn't have time to ponder his thoughts further as he reached the final step to ascend to a large platform. There, before him, stood the Frozen Throne and upon it, the Lich King. Or did it? He could see a storm of magical energy within the block of ice before him, but where was the Lich King himself? Stepping forward cautiously, he came to a stop before the icy block and peered deeper. Was that...armor inside? Moved by a compulsion he didn't quite understand, he brought up his hand to touch the icy prison before him. 'My lord,' he heard Kael say vaguely, 'is that wi-' He didn't hear what else Kael may have said as he felt a monstrous consciousness spasm and his world became white. Falling to his knees and gasping fiercely, Illidan gripped his forehead as a powerful headache wracked him. Breathing thru clenched teeth, he started to relax as the pain slowly receded and for the first time took notice of his surroundings. Instead of the platform he stood upon only moments before, he found himself in a richly appointed drawing room where ice covered the walls and a fire burned dimly in the corner. A massive table dominated the small room, but Illidans' eyes were drawn to the figure seated at the head thereof. Illidans' senses narrowed as he recognized the same nexus of power emanating from the Frozen Throne only moments ago, but was puzzled as the figure seemed to be that of an Orc from what his followers described. And not just any Orc, but one clearly infirm and advanced in years. What stood out most was the peculiar painting that dominated his gnarled face which seemed to take the shape of a skull. Seeing the power in this Orc who was at the same time not an Orc, Illidan carefully kept his hands away from his blades. 'Who are you?' He stated. 'What is this place?' The Orc smiled in a way uncomfortably reminiscent of a spider finding a fly in its web. 'I am the Lich King, master of the Scourge, though you may call me Ner'Zhul.' He waved around him. 'As for this place, consider it a meeting place of sorts. A quiet sanctuary where we can converse undisturbed.' Getting up, the Orc slowly began to pace near the dimly burning fireplace. Wiping at a small spot atop the mantle, he smiled faintly and turned back to look at Illidan. 'I know why you are here and that your master Kil'Jaeden commanded my destruction.' Illidan tensed, wanting to reach for his blades but slowly curling his fingers away from them. For all his appearances of frailty, this being was anything but and could likely crush him on a whim. Patience, he willed himself. If he had wanted you dead, you would be. He wishes to talk, so let us talk. 'Did he happen to tell you why he wished my destruction? No of course not, he would not dare admit such weakness to those he deems his inferiors.' he said with a chuckle. Looking directly at him, Illidan could feel his mind boring in on him. 'He ordered my destruction not because I outlived my usefulness in his grand scheme, but because I began to eclipse his own power.' The old Orc smirked. 'Why do you think it was that he sent you? He knew he could not match my power himself and feared to face me! ' The smirk disappeared and he looked hard at Illidan, the skull face seeming to take a life of its own. 'He sent you to your death in hopes your efforts would weaken me enough to bring me to battle on his terms and vanquish me himself. Did you truly believe he intended to honor his bargain, much less reward you?' The Orc spat contemptuously. 'What did he promise you hmm? A fortune unending, power beyond your dreams?' Unbidden, Tyrande entered his thoughts and the old Orc smiled grimly. 'Ahhh, the woman who spurned you yes? Such a prize to be had...' Stepping closer, the Orc looked at Illidan intently. 'What if I were to tell you I could offer you your hearts desire and more? Wealth, power, the woman you love, it can all be yours...' the Orc whispered, 'Join with me, and gain the power to destroy your enemies and take that which you desire most!' 'Power to destroy my enemies?' Illidan said. 'Such power singularly failed to save your pawn who now lies dead in the snow!' The old Orcs eyes narrowed dangerously, but Illidan continued with growing confidence. 'And as for what I desire, you singularly failed to keep me away as you desired so what worth are such promises?' At this, the Orc growled and raised his hand swiftly towards him. Before Illidan could muster a spell to shield himself, he was hurled across the room and pinned to the wall. Fluttering his wings and thrashing feebly, he swiftly gave up as the sheer power behind the spell was insurmountable. The Orc stalked towards him, eyes blazing. 'Do not make the mistake of assuming because you were able to best that pathetic whelp Arthas that I am helpless! I could crush you like a bug...' he said, twisting his fingers and causing Illidan to cry out as he felt his heart slowly tightening in his chest. 'I had hopes for Arthas, but he proved useless to me! But you however...' he slowly unclenched his hand and Illidan fell to the floor gasping for breath. Ner'Zhul leaned forward over Illidans gasping form. 'You proved your strength in ending his life and now stand on the threshold of immortality. Will you falter as he did, or will you ascend to become that which you were always meant to be?' Sensing Illidan's hesitation, Ner'Zhul kneeled beside him and placed his gnarled hand on his shoulder. 'Join with me,' he said, 'and your reward will be endless! Seal the pact and embrace your destiny at my side!' Moving hesitantly, Illidan slowly raised his hand. It hovered for a moment, before resignedly clasping the outstretched gnarled hand of Ner'Zhul. The Orcs eyes blazed triumphantly. 'It is DONE then!' Ner'Zhul grinned fiercely. 'Come young Stormrage, embrace your immortality and ascend to the power of a go-URKK!' The Orc stopped suddenly in mid-speech and coughed blood. Looking at his bloodied fingers in shock, he looked down to see Illidan gripping his blade fiercely with his offhand, the weapon almost fully imbedded in the Orcs chest. Getting up, Illidans' face twisted with contempt and naked avarice. 'Why should I take my place at your side you old fool...' he said as he lifted his hand, now burning with parasitic power, towards the staggering Orc, '...when I can simply take your power for myself?' Searing fingers burning into his skin and Ner'Zhul screamed as his power was pulled from his body. He knew pain as never before and his scream reached new heights as the world exploded around him. 'Anything?' Kael said as Lady Vashj murmured an incantation with her hand resting upon Lord Illidan. 'It is hard to describe,' she said, concentrating. 'It's as if he is somewhere else, but not gone...' 'Where is he then?' Kael exclaimed. When he saw Lord Illidan touch the ice, SOMETHING happened and no matter what they tried, they could not seem to get any response from him, not even break his contact with the ice. 'Wait...' Vashj said, narrowing her eyes. Her eyes suddenly widened in shock and fear. 'He is com-' With a thunderclap, the Frozen Throne exploded, showering the scene with deadly missiles of sharpened ice. Forewarned, Kael barely managed to throw a shield up in time to deflect one such missile from impaling his chest. Gasping from his brush with death, he looked up and started, stunned at what he beheld. Vashj was apparently not so lucky as a shard of ice had lanced her through the abdomen, her reptilian eyes still wide with shock as a slowly growing pool of blood began to form around her. Behind her, the Frozen Throne was a shattered wreck, pieces lying everywhere. Standing before it was Lord Illidan, remarkably unscathed by the devastation and looking intently at something on the ground. Was that...a helm? Stooping down, Illidans' clawed fingers gripped the ridged surface of the helm and raised it to his eyes. He smiled as he worked his power into it, reshaping it to contour itself around his horns, making it his. 'My lord?' he heard Kael say hesitantly, 'Are you alright?' 'Indeed young Kael,' he grinned as he lifted the crown to his head, 'I feel...' as the crown rested upon his head, 'Like a new man...' Kael felt a twinge of unease as he watched Lord Illidan place the crown upon his head. What was he doing? As soon as the crown rested upon his head, an abrupt seizure seemed to take hold of him, his back straining and shoulders arching from some unknown force. Finally the seizures stopped, and Illidan sat stooped, his head bowed low. 'My lord...' Kael began to say, but stopped as Illidans head came up slowly. A flash erupted from the helm and Kael raised his arm to shield his eyes. As the light died, Kael slowly lowered his arm and spasmed in fear. Lord Illidan now wore a nightmarish simulacrum of the helm he had placed upon his head, spiked and molded perfectly around his horns. A crystal that once glowed blue now burned with a fierce green light that matched his lord's eyes and burning tattoos that now seemed to swell with terrible power. Illidan smiled as the glacier around him began to shiver and collapse, answering his summons for a view of his new realm. He had never felt such power as he had now, not even when he drained the Skull of Gul'Dan of its magic. In comparison, that pathetic trinket was akin to a childs' toy to the power he now commanded. Stretching out his senses, he could feel ever single mind connected to his power, his loyal servants answering his summons across all of Azeroth. The feeling was indescribable, the power to create and destroy without limit. 'Lord Illidan!' Distancing himself from his realm with a thought, Illidan turned his gaze back to the present and the shocked blood elf standing before him. 'Wh-what have you done my lord?' Illidan laughed. 'Isn't it obvious young Kael? The Lich King is dead and his power is now mine.' Illidan stepped closer as Kael slowly backed away. As he stepped forward, he spared a glance towards the still body of Lady Vashj. Death was no longer a hindrance, he thought with an amused smile, and gently reached out his mind, reconnecting her severed threads and infusing her with new life. Eyes that were once serpentile yellow now snapped open with burning green light, and Lady Vashj slowly raised herself from the now frozen pool of blood that surrounded her. 'I am yoursssss to command my kingggg...' she rasped, taking her place at his side. Seeing Kael's horrified look, Illidan chuckled. 'Oh come now young Kael, death is not so bad...' He stopped and raised his glaive towards Kael. 'You now stand at the precipice young elf. You can rule by my side, or you can serve as a slave. Choose wisely my young friend...' Kael's eyes slowly hardened. 'I choose...' reaching into his robes, 'None of them!' he spat, disappearing with a flare of teleportation. Illidan shook his head. Fool, did he truly think he could escape his wrath? The power he now commanded would not be stopped by borders or by force of arms. 'My lordddd, shall I punish him for his insolence?' queried Vashj. Illdan shook his head and turned back towards the Frozen Throne. 'Not yet Vashj, his treason is immaterial and will be punished at a time and place of my choosing.' 'Assss you command, my lordddd.' she said, bowing and falling in behind him. 'Fear not Vashj, for I have a greater task in mind for you,' he said, ascending to the throne. 'I think it's time...' seating himself and grinning fiercely, '...that we paid Darnassus a little visit. There's someone there I would very much like to see...'Andarin3 Sep 15, 2014
Sep 15, 2014 Forgotten Orc Clans?? Currently not in the beta, so for anyone who knows please help me out here. What are the current situations of the Twilights Hammer, Bonechewer, Laughing Skull, and the Dragonmaw clans? As far as I remember all these clans were present on Dreaneor during the First War. Any clarification would be greatly apprenticed.Zulren6 Sep 15, 2014
Sep 15, 2014 I would like to see more "good" undead I do think that it would benefit Warcraft lore, if we got a new character(s) that is undead but also in the minority of the morality scale when it comes to people with their condition. If we ever did get a new undead character, what species would you want he/she to be? What faction? I personally would like to see a female draenei death knight.Jadonie22 Sep 15, 2014
Sep 15, 2014 [WoD spoiler] Vision of Time Error? In the final vision of the future in which we help Kairoz with on the Timeless isle we see Soridormi, the prime consort of Nozdormu lying and Kairoz walks away from the body. Given that he betrayed everyone so he can become "infinite", it's likely that the vision meant that he will kill her. However since Kairoz was killed shortly after arriving on Draenor this can't happen. Is he supposed to come back in some way or are we assuming that maybe he killed Soridormi off screen the day of Garrosh's escape?Bionìx6 Sep 15, 2014
Sep 14, 2014 What if the tauren enslaved the orcs...? Can anyone just imagine, a tauren headlocking an orc force feeding him fel blood? I think its kind of an awesome concept, and can anyone possibly make an art piece on that.Imuglyirltoo18 Sep 14, 2014
Sep 14, 2014 What was Lady Vashj doing during TBC? Aside from draining Zangarmarsh, that is. I mean why was she doing that? And was she still allied with Illidan?Raltar14 Sep 14, 2014
Sep 14, 2014 As the years go by... Do you RP or write your stories with Blizzard's time-line set in stone? The reason I ask this is because our characters have aged considerably since vanilla and it doesn't feel right to me. I'm going to lay out the timeline as I understand it in terms of year progression. Any help understanding it or fixing it would be appreciated. Vanilla WoW > The events of Vanilla last for two years > My human character is 25 years old and has been enlisted in the Stormwind Army for at least a year. Burning Crusade > There is no break between expansions. As soon as the threat of AQ and the Black Dragons are quelled for the time being, the Legion rears its ugly head > My human is 27 at the start of BC and has enrolled in the paladin Order. Lich King > Two years have been spent in Outland. > Again, there is no break between expansions. We go directly from Outland to Northrend. >My human is 29 at the start of Lich King. Cataclysm > We spent two years in Northrend and another two years have passed since the Lich King's defeat. > This means my human would be 33 at the start of Cataclysm. Mists of Pandaria > Two years were spent fixing the Cataclysm's mess. Another two years have passed since Deathwing was put to rest (noticing the theme yet?) > My human is 37 now at the start of MoP. Warlords of Draenor > We spent two years on the island of Pandaria. Another two years have passed since Garrosh disappeared from the world and has been building the Iron Horde. > Now my human is 41 at the start of WoD. So fourteen years have passed since Vanilla. I feel this is just wrong and my human should still be in his early-mid thirties. Do you write your character's stories keeping all these passing years in mind or do you just kind of throw that timeline out the window? I'm really curious how people fit this timeline and ages of their characters into their stories.Derick21 Sep 14, 2014
Sep 14, 2014 Druotans Bloodlust. Chekhov's gun. Is it possible that duraton will loose control again, or maybe even thrall succumbing to bloodlust. Has anyone in the Beta seen evidence of this?Steppenvwulf9 Sep 14, 2014
Sep 14, 2014 Five Truths We Have to Accept After MoP 1. Lorewalker Cho is the Only Zen Panda The moment we arrive on Pandaria we are approached by the mystical, mythical figure of Taran Zhu who lets us know that if we are not Zen we will be engulfed by the Sha. Why? Because Pandaria is different, it has different rules about emotional acceptance and all the kinds of things we learned on Lifetime when we got home from school. Here if you hold a grudge, it becomes a sapient being that tries to kill everyone around you, so think twice. Then the story unfolds itself. It's true that if you are in Pandaria and you let yourselves fall to your negative emotions you are going to awaken the conveniently placed boss mobs but there's more to this fact, the Pandarens have learned how to channel their emotions, their energies, to positivity so they don't awaken the Sha. Well, kind of. More often than not we find out that the people most sworn to Zen are the most susceptible and the rank and file Panderans probably just don't give a !@#$. Chen Stormstout is on the verge of giving in to anger and despair but there is no appearance of Sha, as perhaps the most telling example, and Panderans are full of relatively meaningless squabbles. There seem to be only two extremes: Taran Zhu never succeeding in upholding his vows and Lorewalker Cho as being the sole example of serenity in Pandaria. Lorewalker Cho essentially embodies the Asian concept of Zen. He is perpetually in pursuit of knowledge and the only time he has ever shown a negative emotion was when he accidentally awakened an ancient evil that could likely kill everyone in the universe. More often than not the players turn to him in one way or another to learn *how* to be Zen, as he sits back happily and explains how to be a better person. The people we learn about the threat of the Sha from? They're idiots like Taran Zhu, who has no idea how the world works at large and spends the vast majority of his time giving in to fear, xenophobia, anger, rage, and literal Sha possession. Good thing we let him decide the fate of Garrosh. 2. The Horde and Alliance finally fought - And the Alliance Won We've been speculating about this for years and we finally got our chance in Cataclysm. The entire ordeal wraps up in Mists and what do we find out? Pretty much what we suspected: the Horde doesn't have the infrastructure or internal politics necessary to take on the Alliance. It was a daunting task. The horde has consistently been at war with its own identity. What are we? An empire? A confederation? An alliance? Well Garrosh had an opinion and it turns out its client states didn't agree. The Blood Elves and Forsaken were in near open revolt, the Trolls abandoned the cause, and before long the Humans and Night Elves rolled right up to the borders and imposed terms upon them. We've wondered for a long time and perhaps it isn't surprising that the Alliance won with a nominal White Peace, suggesting Alliance gains. It would take a fool to suggest that Vol'jin won't make concessions in Ashenvale, and it seems obvious that the Alliance will tolerate "pre-war" alterations in lieu of total domination, but we got to see the two factions fight, and we saw a victor. 3. The Writers Had No Idea What They Were Doing With Garrosh "Am I a murderer?" Garrosh asks one of his generals after an attack that seems suspiciously like something Garrosh would order. He then hoists him by the throat and throws him off a cliff. Because Garrosh would never do anything like indiscriminately bomb Theramore and kill everyone inside. Here's my theory. My theory is that the writers had an idea to create a dynamic, conflicted character, with ups and downs but weren't entirely sure how. When fan response was against Garrosh they tried to fix it with an arbitrary attempt to show his compassion, but before long it became obvious they simply wrote him as a brute, so they kept on with that course and made him a raid boss. Which is fine, if Garrosh is supposed to be a brute, make him a brute, that happens, and it's perfectly okay. The issue, however, is inconsistency. For all of his flaws as a character, Garrosh's defining trait has been an opposition and a disgust with his father's giving in to demon blood. This isn't a *specific* opposition, it's an abstract opposition. Gromm gave in to a higher power in a desperate gambit for personal glory and murder. Garrosh has had a long time to think about this, he knows this. So his response is to basically make his people drink Sha smoothies? No, this isn't okay. Garrosh should be smarter than that. But the writers decided he wasn't, so here we are. "My father was so evil for selling our souls to the demons, I'm going to sell our souls to the Sha". That's not family consistency, that's sloppy. 4. The Celestials Are Morons According to War Crimes by Christie Golden, the Celestials, who were chosen as judges because they were not mired in politics and predispositions, decided to participate in the trial so that they could offer a fair judgment. The issue, however, is that they had already decided their judgment before the trial, which was not guilty on the grounds that other people might have done the same, so why punish Garrosh? This is completely irrelevant of laws, international codes of conduct, precedent, anything, it's a completely arbitrary decision imposed upon the people because they watched too many after school specials. When you come to a verdict before a trial, you are supposed to recluse yourself. Garrosh committed crimes, there's no ifs ands or buts about this. He tried to genocide the Trolls. He waged a war of aggression on the Alliance. The Stonetalon bombings are on his hands. He corrupted the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. He murdered Cairne Bloodhoofe. He nuked Theramore. He enslaved the Panderans. His agents tried to murder Ji. It goes on and on and on and on. But we are supposed to arbitrarily accept that none of this is bad? The fact is, we killed Edwin Van Cleef over a pay dispute. He had no judge or jury, we just offed him. We killed Victor Nefarius because he had a peculiar name. We determined that in spite of old god corruption the Aspect of Earth must die. There is a legal precedent here that was solely ignored for either the convenience of plot or the convenience of unfathomable stupidity, and we have to accept that with the current story the Celestials are absolute, unforgivable morons. 5. Thrall is Impulsive Thrall isn't a good leader. Let me just get that out of the way. We all know how Metzen writes him but let's look at the facts shall we? He's impulsive and emotional. He gives in to concepts that make him feel good WAY before he actually thinks them through. He trusted Gromm Hellscream on the grounds that he posed a revolt against the Internment Camps. He did not think at all about his father's opposition to Hellscream's own policies, he did not look into his character, he even made him head of his Kalimdor invasion on the simple fact that he knew of his war prowess in the past. The consequence? Murder and mayhem at Gromm's hands. He accepted the Taurens and the Trolls and waged a war against a local populace on their word. He turned out to be right, but this is consistent with Thrall's character. Someone made a plea and he did not bother to look beyond their plea: this story is good enough, let's go to war. He made Garrosh the Warchief. There were a ton of particularly valuable potential warchiefs, but he felt a certain obligation to the Hellscream legacy and made Garrosh the warchief. The results have been disastrous. He abandoned the Horde to pursue Shamanistic visions. Does that need to be elaborated on? Thrall is a character who does not judge the depth of his decisions or the consequences, he makes impulsive, hearted decisions without weighing the potential consequences, and as often as he guesses right, he also guesses wrong. I do not believe this is Metzen's intention, but it IS the outcome, that Thrall is naive, caring, and impulsive. And usually Azeroth pays the price for the fact that he will not see the teeth in the crocodile's smile.Vromrig53 Sep 14, 2014
Sep 14, 2014 It's all about the ORCS because... they, and humans, are the foundation of Warcraft. All other races, as significant of a role they may play, are along for the ride. Blizzard chose Orcs and Humans to be the most important, and that's simply why WoD is mostly about Orcs - because it should be (they are the ones who created the game, after all). I say this with the utmost respect and kindness. I'm not trying to start anything, I just get confused when people get mad that the next expansion isn't about gnomes. Disclaimer: I admit that I wish the other races/all races got more spotlight time. An expansion about them? No. But more prominent, certainly. I'm not sure if the story will become stale if this trend remains. Certain expansions may not be providing the monumental changes some are looking for, but I trust that Blizzard is slowly but surely setting us up for a spectacular finish. These expansions in the middle are going to be crucial stage setters for what's to come.Aleezy22 Sep 14, 2014
Sep 14, 2014 Dwarf Monk Lore? Is it against the lore to have a dwarf monk? Would it not be possible for a dwarf to become one due to their love of ale?Flostar19 Sep 14, 2014
Sep 14, 2014 Who would win: the Warcraft edition Yep, another one of these Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny threads. This time, pick any character from Warcraft and match them up with another character (from a reasonably well-known work, or also from Warcraft). The matchup does not have to involve two Warcraft characters but please try not to make the other franchise too obscure. Next poster will say who wins, preferably with a short explanation. Starting off with... Grom Hellscream vs Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane (from Game of Thrones)Tamashi8 Sep 14, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Rewatched the SoO Ending Cinematic... ...after a thought occurred to me: When Taran Zhu first enters, he's already got the chains in hand, and he seemed to be close enough that he was only a few steps away when he starts to speak. If Varian was aware that Taran Zhu was there, chains for Garrosh ready and waiting to be taken back to Pandaria for a trial, then his stopping Thrall from killing Garrosh actually makes sense. He says "His punishment is not for you alone to decide," which I always took to mean "The Alliance should get to help decide his fate," and Taran Zhu's appearance Deescalates the situation. But the more I watch it, the more I think he knew of Taran Zhu's intentions, and was basically saying "The Pandaren will take him back home where he will stand trial and we will all decide his fate," but he had to say it in such a way that it heightened the sense of a potential for conflict, just for a moment, for the audience's sake. Maybe not the best way for it to have been done, but I think that makes the most sense as to why Varian did not just let Thrall kill Garrosh. If by some chance that wasn't Blizzard's intention, I'm going to take it that way anyway so he doesn't seem foolish. Especially with Anduin present though, who nearly died trying to save Pandaria and honor the Pandaren's ways, I think it would be more in line with his character's growing tendency to put his trust in Anduin's judgment, than as a character who suddenly has a problem with killing a tyrant, when he had none before.Lightbrand28 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Lords of War - Grommash Time to see the details on what exactly happened to Golka and stuffVicara246 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 So after the Horde Civil War.... Where Garrosh gathered all Orcs in Azeorth under his banner or destroyed those that were against him. Are the Blackrock mountain free of the Black rock orcs? (Sub Question: Was it called the Blackrock mountains because the Black rock moved in there or it's just a coincidence?) Are the Dragonmaw clan shattered forever, did we destroyed the last of their remnant in SoO (Subquestion. Did they even HAVE dragons in Draenor or was that clan formed after Azeroth invasion) What about the Wetland Orcs? Are they also gone?Phelios9 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Bringing back our new friends. So one thing I'm seeing a lot of lately is people saying we will be bringing back the Draenei from AU Draenor. Haven't seen many people say the same for the Frostwolves but we'll include them anyway. I personally love this idea as from what I've seen of Yrel she is pretty cool and would love to see her in future content. It'd be sweet to have Durotan back too. My question. Has it actually been stated anywhere that we will be bringing them back to our universe or is it just wishful thinking? Also is Draenor going to stay around after we are done there or are the Bronze going to "fix it"/remove it? If they do remove it shouldn't that also cause the any Draenei or Orcs we bring back to cease to exist? Thoughts?Mjorni9 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 I think, the Alliance have always been weaker The whole thing with Parity about Alliance and the Horde, re watching the Blizzcon and how Chris Metzen introduced it, the Alliance , is portrayed to have been the weaker of the two faction from the get go. He clearly state in his opening intro that the eastern kingdoms do not like each other but yet in the face of this "Unstoppable threat" they banned together to try and take it down. But before that he prefaced it by saying that the Horde was unstoppable, unbeatable, badarses all around. The Alliance even in the Tide of Darkness novel is portrayed to only had a puncher chance of beating the orcs. That it is only if the Orcs really shot themselves in the foot could the Alliance make any significant victory. This is further reinforced by Warcraft 3, where Uther was having problem tracking down the "New Horde" and lost all of the Orcs in the interment camp. Another reinforcement of this fact is how Aedelas Blackmoore is shown to have been able to over throw Lordaeron and make Arthas flee south to Stormwind with the army of Orcs at his back. He wiped out the Alliance, Gilneans, Stromgrade, Dalaran with leaf over Orcs prisoner. And now we come to Panderia, where the Alliance is shown the reason why they are weaker compare to the Horde. Varian have to ask for more troops from all the leaders, while the Horde always give 110% of all their troops to their warmachine. It's like we Alliance have always been constantly the underdog and we could only slow the Orcish advance down, never halt it in it's track. More proof of this is in Cata, Forsaken vs Alliance. Barren Offensive Stalled, Ashenvale forces on the defensive. Sure we band together in an Alliance but the Alliance members never contribute 110% to the war effort. Even Stormwind only can contribute his army from Stormwind City, Westfall troops, Duskwood Troops, Red ridge troops all seem to have the options to opt out of giving soldiers if they wanted. Proof that they could act independent as another arm forces could be found in Northrend. I would venture to get that the 7th Legion is the only unified and uniformed combine Alliance army while the rest of the Alliance member hold back the majority of their forces for their own interest and that is why we could not have ended the Horde in Orgrimmar. Simply did not have enough soldiers to do so.Phelios47 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Burning Legion Civil War Lets say that Sargeras starts returning from wherever he got trapped but Kil'Jaeden decides he likes to be the one running the show and tries to block his boss from coming back. But some of the demons are loyal to Sargeras and fighting ensues. Which demons would side with KJ or Sarg? I'm pretty sure the Eredar would back KJ and I think the Nathrezim are a safe bet for Sargeras. But what about the pit lords, Sayaad and others?Weasy15 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 MoP raid dungeon lore Where can I find any kind of lore for all the raid dungeons in MoP? from Mogu'shan Vaults to Throne of Thunder. I've looked on Wowhead and Wowpedia, but they dont have much. I've also checked out Nobbel's Youtube channel, but he only has a Siege of Orgrimmar lore video. With Warlords of Draenor around the corner I'd like to experience the MoP raids before they are irrelevent and hard to find a queue for in LFR. I'm a pvper and don't raid so I've never done any of the current raids. I'd like to use LFR and 'tour' them and see the lore play out. I like to read a book and then see the movie. Or in this case am I better off just going in to the raids blind? Does Lorewalker Cho clearly explain why you are in Mogu'shan Vaults? Do you have other clear and well spoken guides that lead you in a definite direction in the other raids? Thank you for your time.Itadakimazú3 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Non-game methods of storytelling = bad? So, I read something the other day that was about League of Legends re-writing all their lore, however, when I asked whether this was going to affect the game in any way, they said no. It occurred to me that this is seemingly a trend (or rather, has been, I just haven't noticed) in WoW also. They get a bunch of people to write books and stuff, and they put out series, but ultimately, the game is practically a separate thing. Why can't they all be together like they were back in the WC3 days? Have half those authors even played Warcraft? It seems like a pointless exercise to improve the game, although I guess for people really interested in the franchises it can be a way to get even more time with your favorite characters etc, just in a different medium. I'm just worried about the game part though, it's already bad enough that most of the interactive methods of storytelling were reduced in places like Cataclysm and so on, but it almost seems like they are giving up entirely. I think the dialogue/text/cutscenes in games is really the best way to experience the Warcraft universe, and I don't want to see it emphasized in all these novels and novellas and things outside the game world. Has anyone played the WoD beta and can comment as to whether there is a sufficent amount of material for a person unaware of any of the background lore to enjoy the game fresh? I suppose that would be what it comes down to ultimately.Trinias46 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 The World Of Warcraft movie! So I've been reading they've actually wrapped up shooting the movie, and are now in post production. Even though it's for like 20 months or, so I see his as a good sign it means they're taking their time with all the CGI effects, developing characters etc. I'm looking forward to this, especially since Legendary put their hands in on it.Kurzdan27 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 New attractive characters, and females Hey, so, one thing that I've failed to understand is why there is such an obsession with super beefy male characters in most games these days. Like, for instance, League of Legends, but also Blizzard. The Warlord's cinematic was just like a bunch IM THE MAN NO IM THE MAN, LOOK AT ME, IM TOUGH. It's like... ok.... and? The only female character was basically Yrel who genuinely seems pretty exciting, but it's like that Warlords of Draenor page, the characters just were 10 men, actually, technically it's one man (Khadgar), and basically 9 aliens. I'm not saying just put them in there either, I just think some characters are interesting because of how peaceful or calm they are, all these men getting psychotically stressed about every other thing is just plain uninspiring after awhile. I was envisioning like just a super hot elf female general/leader as the face of the next expansion, but not only is it not that it's like just a pile of men, men, and more men, with big axes, and so on and so on.Clarist72 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 So about Gallywix Or however you pronounce his name... Where in the world is he? What happened to him? After the Goblin starting zone he disappeared then showed up briefly in Siege of Orgrimmar. Not a fan of goblins but for nearly 2 expansions he's been missing.Xalefor20 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 WoD Beta Thread 10 (spoilers) Alpha Threads First thread: Second thread: Third thread: Fourth thread: Beta Threads First Thread: Second Thread: Third Thread: Fourth Thread: Fifth Thread: Sixth Thread: 7th thread: 8th thread: 9th thread: Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Alliance observers. Should the Alliance leave dignitaries in all current and future horde establishments on Azeroth to monitor their adherence to honor? I'm not saying they should all get deluxe suites, each dignitary should have accommodations representative his/her ward's means. Would it not be prudent to display, in game, the Alliance's preeminence on Azeroth? Just a thought.Turntech92 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Major RP problems in WOD Iron Horde timeline. After watching the WOD opening cinematic, myself and a friend were in game and messaging each other when we stumbled upon something. The horde won't exist in the WOD grommosh/garrosh dimension. Because the orcs killed mannoroth, they didn't become slaves. This means that thrall would never become warchief, and since he was never warchief, the orcs wouldn't have found kalmidor, carine bloodhoof would be alive, and garrosh would not be warchief. Now also, the legion also does not exist, so Nerzul could not be turned into a piece of armor, so arthas would not become the lich king, Lordearon would never become the undead, the worgens would never be created and gilneas would still stand. All the trolls would be killed, the draeni would never come, so the Ashes of Alar mount would never become a mount, the goblins never moved, so they were most likely destroyed, and the pandarens were never found. Since the orcs came through the dark portal, the 11 human nations, the High Elves of quel'thalas, 3 dwarve nations, the tauren, and the gnomes, who gave the alliance a tech power advantage, could easily overpower and kill the iron horde when they came through the portal. The conversation was much longer and harder to read, so I tried as best as I could to simplify it here. Basicaly, the iron horde is killed, and the alliance rules azeroth. I would like to know your opinion on this or if you have noticed anything else tat might be wrong with the alternate timeline. EDIT : Sorry, the burning legion DOES exist in this timeline, but as they could not turn the orcs, I doubt that they would try for the lich king either. Sorry for everyone who got mad. ALSO, Blizz has given us what, 5 or 6 stories? Of course I am confused!Fawslin37 Sep 12, 2014