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Nov 20, 2013 You'd know what I'd love? Younger heroes doing stuff. There's Mograine and Anduin, but Mograine is stuck leading the Ebon Blade so he gets no lore. And Anduin is what? One guy out of how many people pushing 40?Lansuer26 Nov 20, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Sylvanas vs Vol'jin So with Vol'jin soon to be in charge, any clue as to how he plans to handle Sylvanas? She's still kind of a loose canon and, crazy as it is, Garrosh was about the only thing holding her in check. Any thoughts? Has this already been addressed somewhere?Saedri22 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Any other satisfied Alliance players? Hello, forum. It's been a while. I recently came back to the game now that IRL has cleared up significantly, and found that a major worry of mine was laid to rest upon my return. I left about a year ago, thinking the Alliance had become inconsequential. Ultimately, our purpose was to provide a bigoted, racist counterpart to the Horde, who just wants a place of their own to live, right? That, coupled with losing our land claims in droves, left me a very bad impression of the handling of Alliance story. Yes, Hordeclysm was a part of that decision, but I think Theramore was kinda my "last straw". Maybe I lowered my expectations, but after seeing the Siege of Orgrimmar's ending cutscene, I have some restored hope. If you haven't seen it, here there be spoilers. Varian, at the beginning of the scene, stops Thrall from delivering the coup de grace to a kneeling Garrosh, saying that punishment was not Thrall's to exact. When Garrosh was taken away, Varian got a strong foot down when he stood straight up to Vol'jin and threatened to "end" the Horde if they failed the same way, twice. For me, a lot of hope was restored, here. No, we didn't raze Orgrimmar to the ground or retake the massive loss of land that the Horde reamed from us, but I don't think many players honestly expected that to happen. What did happen was that the Alliance, or at least Varian, was shown not to be a weak faction with a weak leader. I can finally say that the game reflects that the Horde is not the only major power on Azeroth, and after several years of not doing so, I look forward to the next expansion.Almark11 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Upcoming Lore First time posting anything... Im very curious to find out who will be in charge of the Iron Horde. Will Blackhand still be the Warchief with Guldan running the show from the Shadow Council? Or will Garrosh completely change how the Old horde was run? By looking at Guldan, i would assume he is still communicating with "The Beautiful One" Kil'jaeden. Will that mean Kil'jaeden has his hands in all of this? Will he use this Iron Horde to finally get back at his old friend Velen? I know these are alot of questions but I cant stop eating it up. Thank you Blizzard for the next expansion. I cant wait to see the old horde clans. Another note: It would be so awesome to see at the beginning Durotan locked in battle with Thrall because he is wielding Doomhammer. To see Durotan thinking Thrall killed his old time friend and took the legendary weapon for himself, while Thrall has to convince his father the truth while trying to stay alive and not hurt Durotan. Alot of potential for some really cool lore and some really cool battles are coming with this expansion! I cant wait!Edgewater4 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Bring back Broxigar! So i have to say that with the conclusion of blizzcon and seeing all the new stuff and all the awesome old lore character that will be coming back in WoD. I'm kind of disappointed that we see all these awesome old horde warchiefs one of my favorite Characters in all of warcraft lore isnt mentioned. that is Broxigar. If we are to meet and square off against the baddest of the bad, toughest of the tough orc wise in WoD he is hands down the Orc to bring in. with all the time traval and time paradoxes what better time to bring one of the strogest baddest Orcs to live in this great story line? plus with all the crazy Orc bad guy stuff that the horde is getting why not bring in the one Orc that is probably the most charished (outside of thrall) by the horde? knowing a lot of the lore behind Warcraft i just feel this would be a great addition that would send WoD over the top.Doomolisher22 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Draenei Hunters (Originally I posted this in the wrong forum) In light of the new expansion pack, I have decided to make a draenei hunter (I was planning on making a hunter anyway, but only until I saw the battle scene between a draenei and orc did I decide to make him a draenei) however, the amount of lore I found on them was minute. All that I found was that draenei did indeed have "hunting parties" and these hunters were targeted by the orcs. However, as a race the draenei do not seem inclined for the hunter lifestyle. I'd believe the draenei would be farmers at the least, so where do hunters fit in? Certainly a race as advanced as the draenei would still not be in the hunting/gathering stage, especially if they want to provide food for more than a hundred fifty people tops. Although the actual class could be rationalized away easily as relics from a bygone era or more akin to "rangers," it doesn't explain why draenei had to hunt instead of keep livestock or farm mushrooms. What do you think?Gilaras25 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 So the name Iron Horde Okay so after looking on the wiki it seems the Iron Horde will be created by Garrosh Hellscream after he escapes and goes back in time. So I was immediately reminded of that story about the Orc of the dragonmaw clan that raised a cloud serpent at the Arboretum. I don't remember the whole story very well but I remember there was one Pandaren that kept asking him what was stronger "Iron or Steel" and that eventually turned out to be a metaphor about how Garrosh was running the Horde. So I'm wondering do you think the name Iron Horde has anything to do with this, or is it simple a cool sounding name? Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 What makes the Forsaken blight so special? I mean, I know it's nasty - it's essentially weapons grade toxic goo and gas. But it doesn't actually seem to cause contagion, which is what would make it truly terrifying. It's got nothing on the original Scourge infection. I'm not impressed by it as the uber-weapon that the apothecaries have been working on forever. It doesn't seem that incredibly sophisticated. The gnomes could come up with a nuke in half that time. It's totally overrated.Carmageddon33 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 What happened to Cdev Q&As? Bit curious as to what happened to the Cdev Q&As, will they ever do them again? Or have they stopped permanently?Haldred12 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 The Burning legion I wonder if the burning legion has ever faced a planet as resilient to them as azeroth maybe there have been planets that the legion wasn't powerful enough to engulf just as they failed to get azeroth would be interesting since they have visited countless planets maybe there are some like azeroth that are put on hold for a later time.Flourence6 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 The Invasion of Quel'Thalas and more. Hey there, I've come to really love the warcraft lore and I'm still learning quite a bit about it so forgive me if I mess something up here. I know there are a ton of people on the forums who talk about how Sylvanas needs to be put in line or put down. Sylvanas is one of my favorite characters in the game, but there isn't a ton about her. Yes much more than leaders like Baine, Mekkatorque or most of the Alliance leaders but she's not mega like Thrall, Jaina or Garrosh at the moment. But I was thinking, Blizzard should make a scenario or dungeon about how Sylvanas was turned into a Banshee. I know that they said Alleria doesn't return any time soon but when she does I'm sure she will be wanting to know how her sister was turned into a banshee. She could ask someone from the Bronze Dragonflight to show her how it was done and voila, turn it into an instance. From what I've gathered Sylvanas was a very noble and good person before she died, she tried everything she could in her power to save her people from Arthas. Another character I think needs to be brought up in the game is Tiffin, who is that you may ask? That's Varian's wife who really has never been mentioned in game other than her grave. If some crazy stuff with Sylvanas happens in WoD she should bring back Tiffin as part of her plan for something. It would be nice to just have her come up in the story in the game other than her grave sitting in the back of Stormwind. What do you guys think?Bertha31 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 World vs Garrosh *We enter a scene of a courtroom. Taran Zhu is the judge, the Deputy Clerk of Court is Cho, Garrosh is at one table, with his attorney (Random Goblin name here). At the other table is Varian Wrynn, Jaina Proudmoore and Tyrande Whisperwind. The jury consists of Velen, Genn, Gelbin, Baine, Vol'jin, Moira, Malfurion, Gallywix, Aysa and Ji, Sylvanas, Lor'themar Theron, and Thrall. Zhu: Honorable judge Zhu presiding in the case of world vs garrosh. Cho: All witnesses, prosecutor, and defendant swear to tell the whole truth. I'm not really sure what they're swearing to though. I'll write something up real quick if you want me to. Velen: Um, I'm not really sure what's goin------ Zhu: OH I SEE! THE OUTSIDER OF THE OUTSIDER WANTS TO SPEAK! WELL THEN, TWO OUTSIDERS MAKE YOU A DOUBLE OUTSIDER, NOT AN INSIDER! LEAVE THIS COURTROOM AT ONCE! Velen: Um ok, that's kind of what I wanted to do anyway so--- Zhu: DON'T GIVE ME THAT SOB STORY! YOU HAVE ONE MORE CHANCE TO REDEEM YOURSELF! NOW SIT DOWN DOUBLE OUTSIDER! Velen: ugh...... Random goblin name here (now abbreviated rgnh): My client! Garrosh Hellscream, has been accused of destroying places, lives, and souls. I believe it is all just a big overreaction. Tyrande: Objection your honor! Zhu: Oh come on Tyrande, I was even embarrassed for you in A Little Patience. Now sit down before you embarrass yourself again. Tyrande: *mumbles something expletive under her breath* Malfurion: Yeah, it was pretty bad honey Zhu: Don't even get me started pretty boy. Now continue. rgnh: We have reason to believe that my client did this to create economic competition and fairness! Before the explosion on theramore. Arcane missiles were selling for a ridiculous 10 gold per missile. After the explosion, they're now going for a respectable 6.75 per! Gallywix: *single tear of joy runs out of eye rgnh: Before the explosion on Pandaria, chi drinks were going for an absolutely insane 12 gold per bottle. After the explosion. They're now going for, wait for it, only 3 GOLD per bottle. *The courtroom and jury begin murmuring Varian: Objection your honor! Zhu: Objection upheld. Varian: Can I meet with my clients? Zhu: Ok, but do it OUTSIDE. Varian: Oh, I see what you did there! Haha, that's a good one. Zhu: Yes, I have been waiting a long time to say that. *Jaina tyrande and varian huddle up Varian: Damn, they got us. Tyrande: Maybe we should point out all the innocent people he's killed!? Jaina: Seriously, why are you even on this team. What the arcane kind of suggestion is that? (INSIDE THE COURTROOM) Genn: So, how is everyone's weekend going. Gelbin: Going good! I think I might finally have the technology to equip a Sanitation device to our robot walkers! HERE IT IS! Genn: Gelbin, you've been working on that freaking sanitation device for 9 years. And all you've came up with is a bar of dove soap and some febreze? Gelbin: ....... Baine: My weekend is going good. After we convict Garrosh and execute I can finally not feel guilty about my Cairne's death. He was such a good man--- Vol'jin: Oh not dis again! Dat's all you talk about, mon! Cairne dis and Cairne dat! Grow some balls and do sometin on yur own for once! Baine: But my Dad was such a great figure Everyone: SHUT UP! Baine:...... Sylvanas: My weekend's been going good. Finally got to that voice counselor i've been telling you all about. Finally plan on fixing my that nasty crook in your voice. Everyone: AHHHHHHHHH!!! MY EARS HURTT! Sylvanas: Sorry! I'll stop! Vol'jin: My weekend bein good, mon. Since, ya know. I LEAD THE EFFING HORDE!!! Everybody else: *rolls eyes* Gallywix: i've made a lot of money this weekend Genn: Seriously, this is World of WARcraft, who cares about the economy!? I mean honestly, haven't you thought about getting healthier!? I mean, we're sitting on the ground. YOU OCCUPY THE ENTIRE JURORS STAND! LOSE SOME WEIGHT YOU FATTY! Gallywix: Says the person that took a camping trip to Grizzly Hills during the Siege of Orgrimmar. TALK ABOUT LAZY! Genn:.......... Malfurion: My weekend has been--- Everyone else: SHUT UP!!!!! Gelbin: Goshdang, how long have Ji and Aysa been making out for? Velen: You can say that again, I'm sitting right behind them. They've definitely done some things that are WAY against the light. Anyways, my weekend has been going good. I've just been practicing some..... priest things. Baine: OH REALLY!? THEN WHY DON'T YOU SHOW US VELEN!? Velen: Pssshh, but I'm the most powerful priest of all time, I don't want to break anything. *starts sweating profusely* Genn: Oh come on! Just one spell! Surely you would want to show us if you were a true priest. Velen: I AM A TRUE PRIEST! MY MOM SAID SO YESTERDAY! *Runs out of courtroom crying* Zhu: I took a visit to Loch Modan over the weekend, it was a very nice place. Everybody: umm what? Zhu: I took a visit to Loch Modan. Is there anything wrong with that? Everybody: So you went outside Pandaria? That means you're an outsider now. You do realize that right? Zhu: Huh, um..... Wow, it kind of sucks being on the other side of this doesn't it. Theron: Sucks doughboy doesn't it? Zhu: Hey Lor'themar. I think you should stick to advertising Chanel perfumes and stay out of big man's business. Everyone except for Theron: OHHHHHHH NO HE DIDN'T! Garrosh: Wait, nobody is even paying attention to me. Why am I even here? *Garrosh walks out the door* *Everyone starts arguing with each other, it eventually turns into a huge fist fight.* (BACK OUTSIDE) jaina: What the hell is going on in there? Varian: Don't pay attention to them, we've got to come up with a good argument against Garrosh. Tyrande: What the hell, there's Garrosh!!! HE"S GETTING AWAY! WE'VE GOT TO GET HIM! Jaina and Varian: PATIENCE TYRANDE!Movalon4 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 I hope Bravo Company joins us in WoD Or atleast John J. Keeshan. He's the man we need for a suicide mission through the Dark Portal.Asharis11 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 So what's the deal with Garrosh's eyes? Have Garrosh's glowing yellow eyes ever been addressed in canon? I'm pretty sure he isn't secretly a druid or a Sith lord. Are glowing yellow eyes just a thing orcs occasionally have? Do any other orcs canonically have glowing yellow eyes?Vashtanerada6 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 So, Duke Lionheart This guy: Let me sum it up for you: in the Night Elf Campaign of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, titled "Eternity's End," during the first mission ("Enemies at the Gate") the Night Elves attack and destroy a human and orc base of Jaina's forces in Kalimdor on the grounds they are "outlanders." From a Human standpoint this is an unjust, unwarranted act of aggression. On the Night Elf standpoint, however, the humans are collaborating with the orcs. The tension between them doesn't mean anything; they're still working together towards a common goal which includes colonizing (read as: invading) their lands. The forests of Kalimdor - Ashenvale in particular - are sacred to the Night Elves. From their standpoint, it makes 100% perfect logical sense to shoot first and ask questions later. From a completely gameplay mechanics standpoint, Blizzard is trying to showcase the effectiveness of the Night Elves against the other two factions - Orcs and Humans in this case - by having the player control them against the other two factions. But this is the Story Forum, and if I let myself I could write an entire series of threads on how Warcraft III is an example of genius game design. But here's the main point I'm making here: when the Night Elves joined the Alliance after the Battle for Mount Hyjal (at some form of political summit I guess that I assume happened off screen), did the assault on the Human Expedition base in Ashenvale and the murder of Duke Lionheart ever get brought up? Did anyone even care that he was gone? He seems to be a good paladin; he's not racially bigoted, that's for certain. If he was he at least put that aside for a more pressing and urgent threat. That alone deserves quite a bit of commendation; I don't think most other Silver Hand Paladins would've handled a post like his half as well as we're indicated he was through the short dialogue sequence when he's introduced. The Silver Hand were a dying breed at this point, and every single one was a war-hero in some fashion or another. Did the Grand Alliance really just let slide the fact that Duke Lionheart was killed in cold blood by these nearly-completely alien beings for reasons of what amounted to xenophobia and religious/nationalistic extremism (to use some human terms)? Furthermore, he carries the title of Duke, indicating he's the leader of a duchy. Duchies are hardly small potatoes in the world Feudal Monarchies. They were generally wide tracts of economically and militarily-speaking critical locations, to such a point that most of them were considered sovereign and independent and only subordinate in the general sense. Basically in a society like that of the Seven Kingdoms in the Warcraft Universe, three things equal power: land, the ability to turn a profit from it, and being able to invest that profit into a military to defend your economy in your fiefs/kingdoms. Influence and all that generally comes from those three things and duchies had all of that going for them in most cases. In essence: Duke Lionheart, by virtue of being a duke, was an important individual in the Kingdom of Lordaeron. He's right below the Royal Family in terms of influence and power. In essence, the Night Elves killed off not only a Silver Hand Paladin but possibly the last and only on-record surviving member of Lordaeron's Upper Nobility - a possible contender for the throne, even. Let's not kid ourselves about this guy being unimportant; logic and what we know about how things in the Warcraft Universe dictate he was a pretty important fellow. I hope (most likely in vain) that we'll ever get an answer for this sort of thing; maybe we will, maybe we won't. Have I missed something from the campaigns? I went back and read the transcripts for the missions again; at no point does Jaina bring up Duke Lionheart. In fact, he just sort of vanishes after he's killed and its as if he never existed. Assuming we can't find anything, anyone got any theories? Oh, I'm back, by the way. Yeeeep; kinda humbling to realize WoW is the only MMORPG with a stable community and an established lore that's easy to get your hands on.Aelamdor46 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Tomb of Sargeras. What is it? I've heard about it several times throughout the lore of WoW and wanted to know. Is it some special room somewhere or is it an actual tomb? Please enlighten me. Thanks.Dangercløse3 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Flying mounts in Warlords of Draenor So what do we know about potential flying mounths for Warlords of Draenor? Gryphons, hippogryphs, wind riders and dragons are all from Azeroth. They're all options for factions from Azeroth, but what about the locals? Chimaeras There's been some rumours flying around about in iron chimaera mount, and Outland has chimaeras in Shadowmoon Valley and the Netherstorm. Fireflies Supposedly, this was mentioned in one of the BlizzCon panels. Nether Rays? I know the Sha'tari Skyguard rides them, and the Nether Ray Fry pet description says they're native to Terokkar Forest (I didn't see any wild ones, guess they migrate elsewhere when it isn't spawning season). On the other hand, since Draenei outposts like Telredor, Orebor Harborage and Telaar have hippogryph masters, and Nutral has gryphons and wind riders, I think it's safe to assume that nether rays won't be the standard flying mount of WoD (Although I think there's a decent chance that we might see them as rep mounts or something.). Anything else?Ifrita1 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Is Tirion carving a new kingdom up north? Seems to me base on the position of his base of operations. Hearthen glenn, the crusaders towers, the base at lights hope chape and whatever that place ia in tyr hand, even sfratholme getting taken back. So could the next step be Tirion consolidating his powerback and make it North Lorderaron(Tirion land) and south Lorderaon (Forsaken land) and declare his own sovereignty? Would you guys be okay with that? And new nation emerging from the remnants of the Lordearoni people.Phelios82 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Wrathgate Never, not once have I ever been so enthralled in a guest-line as much as I was with the Dragonblight story. It was an overall exciting experience; with an amazingly satisfying ending with Return to Angrathar, followed by a really sad and angering cinematic! I know I'm a little late on this one. :P But all in all I loved this zone! :)Nitrøgen6 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Worgen vs. Forsaken Anyone else want to see this expanded? I really love the quests in Gilneas and Silverpine. I think it's some of the best Blizzard has done. And I think these two races have a really cool rivalry going.Greenshocker17 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 WoD and Orc skin color. After seeing the reveal trailer for WoD I noticed that all the orcs from the Blackrock clan appear to have dark gray skin tone while the other clans do not, they have the brown color which is what the original orc skin color was supposed to be. Though Kargath does have gray skin as well, I'm not sure if this is a reflection of his whole clan. The other orcs, who all had brown skin turned green through demonic corruption/drinking of the blood of Monorath. However the Dragonmaw as well as the Blackrock, of our Azeroth, all still have gray skin! How is it that these orc's (Blackrock) skin color did not change despite the fact that every other brown orc did? They retained their dark gray skin color from before the demonic corruption while every other orc turned green.Derres12 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Will there be a lore reason for no flying? Was just curious if there was going to be a reason for being unable to fly lorewise in Draenor (at least until 6.1), or was it just ''cuz mechanics.''Delurk26 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 What are Horde priests? I understand undead are their own little cult type thing or still followers of the light and tauren are sunwalkers, but what are troll, goblin, and pandaren priests? I'd figure a troll druid would worship the loa, does that make priests also some form of loa worship? Some for goblins, what do they worship, or are they just some form of potion doc but labeled priests for gameplay. Then pandaren, what do they worship? It might just be me, but none of these really make sense other than undeads. :pBullockboy16 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Defining Factions Okay, so the title may be a bit vague, however I have some ideas. First off, I think that the Blood Elven race in the horde is becoming more and more worrying. The Blood Elves don't need a risky position, if the Horde screws up again, they would be without any allies with no sympathy from the Alliance races. Lothe'mar recognizes this, as we have seen in the past, during this upcoming expansion the horde will likely be focused on trying to kill(or reclaim) those other orc tribes. This doesn't deal with the Blood Elves in the slightest, and would they really want to send more soldiers off from their still wobbly held lands? That is why I think they should declare themselves neutral, like the pandaren, and allow players to chose wether to help the Alliance and try to prove themselves of their trust again, or join the Horde and fight alongside them. This would allow them to not be on either side in a conflict, and allow their race to flourish once again. This seems to be an easy solution, but however provides unbalance. Alliance now has one more race than the Horde, this is remedied by my next proposal: The Night Elves split from Alliance. Malfurion could be the leading force in this, advocating that the night elves should prepare for any higher threats and defend the world from domination.(this could be possible after say the night elves get their immortality back, which would lead for many of them to want to simply rebuild themselves and their society.) Perhaps this could be assured through something the Horde does as an pact saying they won't invade Elven land. Why else would the Night Elves need to stay with the Alliance? Remember that this is just a rough-sketch and in no way my only stance. There are many variables that could go into their dissent, and many ways the two races could divide from their factions. I would like to hear your thoughts on this subject, because as of right now I think the reasons why some of the races are in these factions are unreasonable at best.Edred11 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Who else is hoping the draenei be vindictive? Maybe its just me, but I want to see the "darker" side of the draenei. The side that is only alluded to every so often but I know is there. The kind that would take pleasure in knowing the orcs ultimately would suffer from drinking demon blood. The kind that would be unmoved even by Velen's words. The kind who would give no quarters to the orcs(maybe not necessarily kill helpless kids and women, but the kind who would not show mercy to orcs who raise blades against them) True vindicators that will stop at nothing to punish the guilt.Zerde96 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Vindicator or Exarch? A bit confused over the term fro Draenei paladins. Are they called Exarchs or Vindicators? Exarch is a title for religious leaders and is part of the Draenei paladin mounts name, but Vindicators seem to be the basic Draenei paladin name.Nathanyel48 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 18, 2013 Interesting map of Draenor... I've only now seen this one. It looks like the Horde have their own town in Nagrand, and what's this Chronal Spire? It also looks like Faralohn (Netherstorm) was originally going to be at the star of the expansion. I have no idea what kind of information here might be valuable, but there are several names, but it's also a little strange that big line between Shattrath Raid and Auchindoun. Yeah, just posting, because I haven't seen this one on the forums. No idea where this picture is from though. EDIT: Apparently it's a screenshot from the art panel at Blizzcon EDIT AGAIN: This is also pretty old... While much has changed, it still leaves an outline as to what Blizzard was planning.Aetherspirit15 Nov 18, 2013
Nov 18, 2013 I'd like a Thrall-free expansion My understanding (correct me if I'm wrong) is that Thrall is involved in the Horde questline in WoD, accompanying us to Draenor, meeting his daddy, etc. I used to really like Thrall. But since Cataclysm, it's become the Thrall show. I want to feel like these are my adventures, but with everything becoming the story of Thrall, I often feel like I'm just a sidekick, nameless hero #137057B. It's bad enough we get another expansion focused on the Orcs and their squabbling, but we have to once again do it as a lackey. Seriously, Blizzard, you are ruining this guy by shoving him down our throats. Let him sit for an expansion or two, and then just bring him out at a few choice moments, so that we are excited to see him but still feel like we are having our own adventures. Thrall, buddy, it's tough to miss you when you won't go away.Carmageddon84 Nov 18, 2013
Nov 18, 2013 Aggra and the Characters We Want in WoW So this story from WoW Insider pretty much sums up what I'm feeling right now, but, despite the fact that you really should just read it and think about what it has to say for yourself, and the fact that I rarely post, I'm just going to add in my two-cents as well. World of Warcraft is full of strong female characters; in fact, a good portion of the player base is female. We have characters like Shademaster Kyrin, Alexstrazsa, and Aggra herself, all badass and strong, ready to take the fight to whatever enemy happens to be threatening the Horde, or the world, or her family. So the quote that Draenor would be a "boy's trip" irks me. We live in a world (the real one, not just Warcraft) were the social norm isn't just the wife stays at home while the husband goes on a "boy's trip;" at least not where the CONSEQUENCES of that trip have solid repercussions for BOTH of them. Aggra wouldn't be going just to be with Thrall, to continue the "honeymoon." She would be going for HERSELF as well, and for her child. She should exist as more than just "Thrall's love interest." It's demeaning and wrong for it to be any other way.Rowsdowa83 Nov 18, 2013
Nov 18, 2013 wtf lich king ending DAE thik tha lihc king endig waz terribul i waz al lol hez gunna gt up n kik all ur azz bt wtf two xpacs adn no lihc kign so i delibr a warnig 2 bliztard brig bak teh lich kign or els lol wassup norfredn repezetArthars5 Nov 18, 2013
Nov 18, 2013 Cool, Horde is evil!! ... Or not. Dale Carnegie writes on the true account of Francis "Two Gun" Crowley: On May 7, 1931, the most sensational manhunt New York City had ever known had come to its climax. After weeks of search, “Two Gun” Crowley — the killer, the gunman who didn’t smoke or drink — was at bay, trapped in his sweetheart’s apartment on West End Avenue. One hundred and fifty policemen and detectives laid siege to his top-floor hideaway. They chopped holes in the roof; they tried to smoke out Crowley, the “cop killer,” with tear gas. Then they mounted their machine guns on surrounding buildings, and for more than an hour one of New York’s fine residential areas reverberated with the crack of pistol fire and the rat-tat-tat of machine guns. Crowley, crouching behind an overstuffed chair, fired incessantly at the police. Ten thousand excited people watched the battle. Nothing like it had ever been seen before on the sidewalks of New York. When Crowley was captured, Police Commissioner E. P. Mulrooney declared that the two-gun desperado was one of the most dangerous criminals ever encountered in the history of New York. “He will kill,” said the Commissioner, “at the drop of a feather.” But how did “Two Gun” Crowley regard himself? We know, because while the police were firing into his apartment, he wrote a letter addressed “To whom it may concern.” And, as he wrote, the blood flowing from his wounds left a crimson trail on the paper. In his letter Crowley said: “Under my coat is a weary heart, but a kind one — one that would do nobody any harm.” A short time before this, Crowley had been having a necking party with his girl friend on a country road out on Long Island. Suddenly a policeman walked up to the car and said: “Let me see your license.” Without saying a word, Crowley drew his gun and cut the policeman down with a shower of lead. As the dying officer fell, Crowley leaped out of the car, grabbed the officer’s revolver, and fired another bullet into the prostrate body. And that was the killer who said: “Under my coat is a weary heart, but a kind one — one that would do nobody any harm.” Crowley was sentenced to the electric chair. When he arrived at the death house in Sing Sing, did he say, “This is what I get for killing people”? No, he said: “This is what I get for defending myself.” The point of the story is this: “Two Gun” Crowley didn’t blame himself for anything. So here we have someone that, despite everything going on around him, despite the fact that 150 policemen were surrounding him, and if you had gone up and asked any citizen on the street, they would confirm that “Two Gun” Crowley was a cold-blooded killer, there was nothing that would ever convince Mr. Crowley that he did anything wrong. He was simply incapable of being honest with himself and one who lies to himself can never be honest with others. There are many people in this world who go about their day and their life trusting in their own PR and believing anything and everything to avoid at all costs ever admitting that perhaps, just maybe, they had something to do with the circumstances they find themselves. Look the age old fight of horde are evil or they are good has grown old and stale. You cannot convince alliance you are good, and you cannot convince horde that they are evil. So why not stop the age old fight, and move on. Because of showing your side, you instead are showing your stubbornness and willingness to move on.Sinnermon5 Nov 18, 2013
Nov 18, 2013 Will our Sporeling friends be back in WoD? If present day Zangarmarsh is the Zangar Sea on Draenor, where did the Sporelings come from? Just hoping we will see the little guys again in WoD.Syrupy27 Nov 18, 2013
Nov 18, 2013 Most Powerful Warlord How do you think who is most powerful Warlord of Draenor? (Iron Horde) You can write it as number line from most powerful to least powerful And explain why, if you want:) There are Kargath, Blackhand, Kilrogg, Nerz'hul, Gul'dan, Grommash and Durotan Im interested what do you think. Ill write what do i think later maybe. P.S. I didnt write Alliance leaders such as Velen, Khadgar or Maraad because im not think that they are Warlords.Overlordus21 Nov 18, 2013
Nov 18, 2013 A story I would absolutely love to see I really want to see something.. be it story, graphic novel, comic book, whatever, of Wrathion spending some time after MoP in Outland. Seriously, I would delight in it. I think Wrathion could certainly do with a little more emotion to his story. Meeting his brothers and sisters in the Netherwings, seeing the impaled black dragons of Blades Edge, maybe even meeting with Uncle Sabellian. Would be a very neat way to expand the character, I'd think.. I'd really hate for him to just show up an expansion or two from now as a cackling bad guy with nothing else in between, you know? And I've always had a soft spot for the Netherwing dragons.Devonna1 Nov 18, 2013
Nov 18, 2013 How does Gul'dan join the Iron Horde? Or does he join it? Not sure at this point. If he does join the Iron Horde then I need to ask why would Garrosh not attempt to kill him on the spot? A possible theory is that if Gul'dan is a part of the Iron Horde it is due to the same reason Gul'dan kept Doomhammer from killing him when Doomhammer became the Warchief; because there were no longer any powerful spell caster within the Horde at the time. Gul'dan could offer the services of some very powerful magic wielders in exchange for a place in the Iron Horde. As for why Garrosh would accept that, I think he's just arrogant enough to think he can control and manipulate Gul'dan (have fun with that). Any thoughts?Danseis19 Nov 18, 2013
Nov 18, 2013 Chain of Events - Draenei - Illidan and the Blood Elves arrive on Outland and aid Akama and the Lost Ones against the Orcs - Blood Elves find out about the Tempest Keep. - Draenei come out of hiding and try to flee via the Exodar, a wing of the Tempest keep. - Blood Elves sabotage the engine Exodar's transdimensional drive. - Draenei attempt to use the drive and are hurtled through the Twisting Nether and crash on Azeroth due to the engine being sabotaged by Blood Elves. - Draenei come into contact with the Night Elves and Humans, and then proceed to attempt to heal Bloodmyst Isle. - All is solved on Bloodmyst and the Draenei are suddenly members of the Alliance, with no explanation or coronation. *This next part is where I'm confused.* - Dark Portal opens and the Draenei go back to Outland, after having just fled. or - Draenei discover that the Dark portal is working and go through as reinforcements for the Alliance/Draenei that stayed behind. I'm a little confused as to which it was. They immediately join the Alliance and then they go back to Outland? I understand they were looking for allies, but that's a little soon.Lorelaî4 Nov 18, 2013
Nov 18, 2013 Monks and the Draenei While I am sure that this is applicable to all non-pandaren monks, Draenei are the most notable for me. For the most part, Draenei are quite rigid in their philosophy regarding the Light. Almost all Draenei are devout practitioners of the virtues of the Light. When Shamans were introduced to their people, they were highly distrustful and perhaps even hostile to the change, regarding shaman as a distraction from the ways of the light as well as associating it with the Orcs. Monks, for the most part, practice a philosophy that differs from the Light, with emphasis on the veneration of the 4 celestials of Pandaria. This goes against the common views of the Draenei, who venerate the Naaru instead. So my question is: how does one reconcile the philosophy of Monks with the Draenei's general belief in the light?Haldred10 Nov 18, 2013
Nov 18, 2013 Shouldn't the Horde be the complainers? This whole forum is filled with Alliance fans that have been complaining non stop about "Horde favoritism" and all that. After playing some Alliance, I am in absolute shock. From Cataclysm-MoP the Alliance is worlds more fun to play story wise. You actually feel like the good guy, you feel like what you're doing matters to your faction. You're stopping a bad organization that wants to eliminate you. For most of us Horde fans it sucks, while you guys get to be the helpful heroes were stuck doing !@#$ty evil quests we don't want to do, stuck doing stuff that hurts our faction more, and it's been pounded in our heads since Cataclysm that we're evil and deserve to get our %^- kicked. I know it might sound cliche, but myself and a lot of people I know joined the Horde to get away from the typical fantasy stereotypes. The orcs and trolls who aren't mindless savages, the zombies who, yes are very dark and borderline evil, but still want to do some good, that is what made the Horde great. A band of misfits trying to survive and also doing some good to help Azeroth while we were at it. But no, from Cata to Mists we have been forced to be the villains, the mindless killing machine orcs and forsaken. While you Alliance have been able to proudly ride your horses and slay the evil enemies who threaten Azeroth, while you get to help your faction, we have been forced to quest knowing that the end result is evil and we're just as responsible as Garrosh. It absolutely sucks and you guys have no right to complain, the Horde may have gotten more focus, but not very many wanted this BS.Jiinto357 Nov 18, 2013
Nov 18, 2013 What's in a name? - Oshu'gun With more and more speculation about Draenei happening, and the sweet, sweet anticipation that comes from desperately hoping we get more good lore, I have to ask: What is Oshu'gun called? No, no - I know it's called Oshu'gun NOW. But Oshu'gun is an orcish word. From the orcish language. And we know that this is the ship the Draenei traveled on for all those long and lonely years since they left Argus. It's pretty unlikely they coined an orcish term for their Naaru-guided vessel almost 25000 years before they met any orcs. So, what are your thoughts? Speculations? I've looked through all the limited resources I can find and there just doesn't seem to be anything recorded about the name of this ship prior to the orcs giving it one.Khaixur5 Nov 18, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 Seeking a comprehensive & reliable chronology Hello everyone! I'm very much interested in getting into the Lore of the game, but everywhere I look online it's piecemeal - I can't seem to find a list that outlines every novel/book let alone in a correct order from past to present. Even the sticky in this forum only covers a few books... and as I'm the kind of person who enjoys reading a series in order from the beginning to end - it would be a goal of mine to accomplish this at some eventuality. However, despite my best efforts in seeking the forums here, Blizzard themselves doesn't seem to have an official listing (which I wish they did) and as I stated earlier - everything found online through 3rd parties seems to differ from one another and isn't always in order according to the "disputes" I see amongst the comments. In any event, I'd much rather not read and then come to find out I missed a book in sequence etc, so I was wondering if you knowledgeable individuals might be able to help me out - which may then perhaps become a sticky for some other folks like me who are seriously interested in catching up on the Lore in the order it was meant to be digested. Thanks everyone in advance! EDIT: I failed in my original post to specify that what I was actually seeking was a list of the fantasy books/novels to buy. For example, my Wife played Old School DOS and Vanilla and now WoW - and she's told me that there used to be books you could buy at the bookstore etc. That's the kind of list I'm looking for.Kuthbert7 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 Aren't we dooming alternate Azeroth? By stopping the Orcs on Draenor, the Horde doesn't cause the Alliance to form. Likely the seven human kingdoms duke it out. The Night Elves have no support against the Legion and likely lose. Azeroth ends up destroyed. So...we save the Draenei and our version of Azeroth, but everyone else is screwed?Kàtarn76 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 Does anyone feel like... ...Going into the future would be more exciting than going into the past? Firstly, there'd be NEW characters to develop, and we wouldn't just be covering old lore and rehashing old zones. Secondly, we wouldn't have to deal with all this ''alternate reality'' mindbombing garbage. Thirdly, it'd be interesting to see what happens in the future. Varian would be very old, probably too old to lead and certainly too old to fight. ANDUIN BECOMING KING? I CAN DIG IT. What do you think?Delurk22 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 If YOU were Velen in RotH... ...what would YOU have done in the face of the Orcs suddenly attacking your people seemingly without any reason or provocation? Personally I wouldn't have authorized military action either after the first hunting party was attacked, though I would have insisted on a proper explanation. If the messanger was butchered after that, I would have ordered my generals to send a detachment of troops to the source of the raiders and demanded an explanation and that the guilty parties come forward, resorting to force if necessary and in particular to attempt to ascertain the reason behind the Orcs aggression. If other hunting parties began to be attacked after that by more than one Orc tribe, I would begin bolstering the defenses of settlements/cities, have the military call up the reserves and begin training more troops while toughening their training regimine. Hunting parties would be significantly reinforced from then on in terms of numbers and defensive power while other Draenei would be advised to give Orcs a wide berth if possible. If attacks persisted and increased in number and potency, I would do all in my power to meet with the Orcish leaders or thru an emmisary empowered to represent them and demand that they explain their aggression. If they refused to stop after an honest recounting of our lack of interest in their affairs, I would issue an ultimatum that I would no longer tolerate Orcish attacks upon my people and that I will begin aggressively countering them at the source if need be, that if they cannot control their warrior I will do so for them and I would not be gentle. After that, if attacks continued, I would begin despatching scouts to keep a close eye on Orc movements and settlements while aggressively bolstering defenses and increasing the size of our armed forces. Any direct attacks on the Draenei people or our settlements/cities would see a retaliatory attack on the source with full military power, with special care given to only defeating those who take up arms, caring for the wounded and prisoners to the best of our ability, and alleviating suffering as best we could. I would seek to bring out the ringleaders such as Blackhand and Gul'dan into battle and crush their commands entirely, weakening the Orcs will to fight and destroying the impetus to continue the attacks upon our people. I would try to keep open dialog with the more moderate Orcs such as Durotan to come to a mutual form of non-aggression in hopes of preventing further bloodshed and spreading the potential for peace thru mutual strength and respect.Valaarad41 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 Not understanding the WoD timeline here I watched the lore panel and they said it was something like 2-3 years before the Orcs drank the blood, even though Gul'dan went ahead and drank it before everyone else anyways. They also say it takes place before Rise of the Horde(I think?) But Rise of the Horde starts before the Orcs even made contact with the Burning Legion, period. When Ner'zhul was a good person, when the clans put aside their differences once in awhile to revere Oshu'gun, and when Durotan was a child. I understand Rise of the Horde takes place over the course of many years, but how many? I'm more or less concerned that one of the better novels written--one that is a prime reason Metzen wouldn't revert the Draenei retcon, at that--is now going to become a huge, gaping plot hole.Draile20 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 Why are the Draenei in WoD being attacked? The Horde/Iron Horde has been informed by Garrosh that the ancestors don't want the Draenei dead, only Velen's brother does. They aren't even Alliance, why keep attacking them?Threeslotbag68 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 Will Landfall storyline be removed in WoD? **STORYLINE SPOILER ALERT, if that means anything in this game haha ** :P I'd like to ask if the "Landfall" (Patch 5.1) storyline quests will be removed in WoD. The reason why will reveal a spoiler about one of the quests, if that means anything for anyone who might not have done the quests. The Alliance side of the storyline, the Operation: Shieldwall quests, will not be affected by the expansion. But the Horde side, Dominance Offensive, will. Late in the storyline, Horde players get offered the quest, "The Darnassus Mission," where they have to sneak into Darnassus and tag the Divine Bell so the Horde can steal it. Wowpedia notes about the quest: "Warning! You will have to navigate through the actual, main-world Darnassus, not an instanced or phased version. You will see any Alliance players that happen to be there, and if you drop out of stealth, they will see you too — with predictable results, as you are PvP flagged." However, in WoD, enemy players will not be as big a concern as the NPC guards. They will be buffed to level 100 in WoD, which means they will be "level ??" to level 90 players, with a vastly increased aggro radius, and probably able to instantly one-shot level 90 players. This will make it next to impossible to complete that quest, at least at the given level of 90. Anyone who wants to know why someone would do Pandaria quests of any kind during WoD, well, this is the STORY/LORE forum. Someone might want to catch up on storylines they skipped during MoP. I've already completed the storyline on both factions (alliance and horde), but if anyone else hasn't, you might need to get at it right away. The fact that it would be near impossible to do the Horde quest, "The Darnassus Mission" in WoD, at least "at level," might mean it would be removed once the expansion hits. If none of the devs read this forum, then what do the readers here think? You think the storyline will be removed? This is not a complaint, it's a question. If the answer is yes, anyone still interested in the storyline on either side will need to hurry and finish up.Donatienne18 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 Paladins and Stormwind Going to specifically talk about Human and Dwarf paladins here (Seeing as Dwarven paladins are part of the Church). Draenei Vindicators are a separate group in my eyes. Paladins have always been one of the iconic aspects of Humanity and the Alliance to me. Since Warcraft 2, they are been a big part of the defining theme for humanity and the primary reason why the Warcraft setting interests me. However, lately it feels as if Paladins are being "Phased out" of the Alliance. There aren't any Human paladin heroes any more. No one knows whats up with the Silver Hand. And there has been so little activity from the Church/Paladins that paladins simply dont feel relevant to the Alliance story anymore. Its been a long while since Paladins actually played a roll in Alliance affairs. While the Argent Crusade exists, they are Neutral to the Alliance, maintaining their own kingdom and have their own agenda. 1. Stormwind/Ironforge paladins are in a state of Limbo No one really knows what is going on with the Stormwind/Ironforge paladin organization. Before wrath, it was assumed that the Silver Hand was the Order that was active in the Church of Light. However, Wrath changed all that when Tirion decided to "reform the order" and merge it into the Argent Crusade. That is where the problem started: No one knows what that means for Alliance paladins. Are they now neutral and officially part of the Argent Crusade? Is there a separate chapter of the Silver Hand still running in Stormwind? Or are Stormwind and Ironforge paladins just disenfranchised and aimless? Starter quests for paladins in Northshire and Anvilmar have text that indicate Human and Dwarf paladins belong to the Order of the Silver Hand, but that quest texts dates to vanilla. Its unsure whether it still is considered current or if the Devs simply forgot to update it. On the Other hand, the Ultimate visual guide, which provides the latest word on lore, states that the Silver Hand is neutral now. The author states that its due to it being merged with the Argent Crusade, and while the Silver Hand does train new paladins, it doesnt mean that the Paladins they train are neutral or members of the Silver Hand are neutral. However, she did later go on to clarify this is her opinion. Finally, there simply has been no in game indication as to what is the actual state of affairs. Human and Dwarf paladins rarely show up, and when they do they are often background characters that say nothing and have no signs as to what order they represent. There simply is no ingame evidence that supports one or the other here. Bottom line: It is unclear as to what Organization Stormwind/Ironforge paladins belong to. Its hazy as to whether the Silver Hand still exists within the Alliance or if it doesnt. If it doesnt, then perhaps its time to give Stormwind and Ironforge a new paladin order. 2. No leadership or Iconic characters. The Other paladin orders have some obvious leadership in game. The Sunwalkers have Aphoni and Dezco, the Blood Knights have Liadrin, and the Draenei, while having no obvious leadership either, at least have Maraad (and Yrel soon). Human and Dwarf paladins (within the Alliance) have no leadership or Iconic characters. While Tirion is around, he represents a neutral party that is uninterested in Alliance affairs. Many people state that Shadowbreaker is the leader of the Stormwind/Ironforge paladins, but this is mostly fan speculation rather than solid evidence. Barring the return of Turalyon (If he is even going to turn up and Alliance aligned), there is no real character that represents Human/Dwarf paladins in the game. Without any Iconic Human or Dwarf paladin heroes, it seems that paladins are not relevant to Alliance affairs. This will of course be remidied if Turalyon makes a comeback as an Alliance hero. Bottom line: an Official leader for the Paladins in Stormwind and Ironforge needs to be made clear. While I like to think its Shadowbreaker, there needs to be some official indication that he actually is. At the end of the Day, Paladins simply have no presence in the Alliance. While I certainly don't expect every alliance operation to have a Silver Hand presence, or for a paladin hero to spring up all the time, It'd be nice if there were some indications that Paladins were still relevant to Stormwind and Ironforge. It could be anything from a Paladin NPC hanging out at an Alliance camp wearing a Tabard of the Silver Hand or gossip text indicating who leads the Paladins. Something. I certainly don't expect Human or Dwarf paladins to have a major development in WoD (since that is the Draenei's show), but I would certainly like it if Blizzard considered expanding/updating/rebooting the lore around Human/dwarf paladins, clarifying if there is still an Alliance chapter of the Silver Hand and who leads them, or redefining Stormwind/Ironforge paladins by giving them a new order.Nathanyel49 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 6.4 thru 7.0 So given that the developers love the Horde and that we've been lacking a major villian making a turn to goodness here's what I see happening throughout WoD and onward. Garrosh and Grom will have a clash of personalities and goals that eventually forms a rift between them. Garrosh will do something typically Garroshy to one of Grom's friends, Thrall's daddy, or Thrall himself that furthers this rift. The more "honorable" clan leaders will also begin to separate from the more bloodthirsty clan leaders. Our totally awesome selves will eventually turn the tide against the Iron Horde. This will cause a large part of the Iron Horde to turn away from Garrosh, seeing him leading them to defeat. This will open the door for Ner'Zhul to seduce a large portion of the alternate Draenor orcs into drinking the Demon Blood. This will likely culminate in the last patch/raid tier of the expansion as we battle Ner'Zhul and the Fel Orc horde. Seeing the truth of the demon taint first hand, as well as the threat of the Legion in a new light, Garrosh will do an about face and commit a truly heroic act. He will likely sacrifice himself to save one of the "good" orcs, or Thrall, or perhaps the player characters at the end of the raid. We will emerge victorious, with the Legion held slightly in check once again. We will find a way to return through the portal with large contingent of Draenei, Gronn, and Orc allies. Upon returning home we will discover that the Legion has arrived in force and that all of Azeroth is beseiged. Kairoz's rescue of Garrosh was in fact a trick on the part of Kil'jaeden to lure Azeroth's greatest defenders away, and possibly into utter defeat. Gameplay wise, we'll have the "original" Azeroth with it's mishmash of timelines and expansions. Then the "alternate" Draenor leading to an "altenate" Azeroth under invasion. Thus keeping the leveling process the same and avoiding overwriting all the previous expansions.Hatauri15 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 What I'd like to see at Garrosh's death. ((While Garrosh Hellscream is not the ultimate "big bad" of this expansion, I have no doubt we'll encounter him (and most likely end him) in Warlords of Draenor. With this taken into account, I decided I'd write out how I'd wish his final scene ends )) Garrosh lies broken and battered on the the dry sands of his desert home. His body had withered to that of an elderly Orc from his time spent on Draenor. He looks up at the victor, Thrall, and spits. Garrosh: "Heh... and so -this- is how it ends, bloodied and crushed on the battlefield. I'll be dying like a true Orc, Thrall. Can you say -your- death will be the same? Cowards like YOU are not worthy of even calling themselves and Orc! You should be--" His patience worn thin, Thrall barks a command to Garrosh, thunder roaring as he speaks. For once Hellscream is obedient, shutting his mouth immediately. Thrall: "SILENCE GARROSH! I've tried teaching you honor, I had given you advisors that I hope could temper you into a true Orc. But I see now why I've failed." He leans down, lifting Garrosh by his neck. Thrall: "You do not know what it MEANS to be an Orc, Garrosh! You fight, you scream, you gnash your teeth like some petulant child! You roar and yell, about 'honor', and tout death and killing as the ways of my people. You. Are. Wrong." He tosses Garrosh back onto the ground, standing over him with Doomhammer in hand. Thrall: "We are WARRIORS Garrosh Hellscream! We fight because that is what life demands for our kind. We must rip every breath from the maw of destruction, or we will die. We conquer when our enemies threaten to conquer us. We kill when our enemies threaten to kill us. We die when our enemies threaten to overwhelm us, and subjugate all those we call kin. But you. You kill, fight, and die all for your own glory! You charge like a screaming animal into the sword of your foes because you see death itself as another trophy to tout and boast in the afterlife!" Thrall lifts doomhammer, it crackles with electricity as he brings it down. Thrall: "Garrosh Hellscream, you are no true ORC!" There's a sickening crunch as Thrall brings the hammer down, followed by a spark of lightning in the distance. He turns, glancing back at Garrosh's off-screen corpse. Thrall: "You disappointed me, Garrosh."Callet33 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 To this day I would love to haves seen the Reaction from when the Draenei discovered that there was a an army that not only kicked the !@#$ out of the vaunted Horde Army but disbanded them, crippled them and then sent them packing. I always thought that the Alliance would get to see that first meeting someway some how as an Alliance member...but nope. Here is hoping I get to see it in WoD. Like when TBC first came out, they wield light longer then the Alliance paladin did, yet, we somehow wield it without any Naru on our planet. And of course the reaction to when they found out that yes, we met the Burning Legion before and not only that sent their %^- packing back to the twisting nether including taking out Sagearas AND Archimonde, Velen long time friend.Phelios2 Nov 17, 2013