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Aug 20, 2014 Garrosh Must Be Older Than Thrall I'm not sure if this is something people already know, but after thinking about the cinematic I came to the conclusion that Garrosh must be older than Thrall. I say this because Thrall is green and Garrosh is brown. Garrosh was born before the orcs drank the blood of Mannoroth and so he was never corrupted. However, Thrall was born after Durotan drank the blood, and following the cinematic it appears Grommash Hellscream would have been the first orc, apart from Gul'Dan, to drink the blood. So Garrosh is born, Grom drinks the blood, Durotan drinks the blood, Thrall is born. It had to happen in that order assuming Thrall is only green because his father was corrupted.Neoxide21 Aug 20, 2014
Aug 20, 2014 Azeroth ''B'' is doomed. from /r/wow Hello all i have just finished reading something pretty awesome I saw over at Thoughts?Thunercloudz62 Aug 20, 2014
Aug 20, 2014 Whispers Will the work of the timeless unravel the chains? They grasp at the light, but stumble into the forest. The black light wakes the fallen. Iron rusts. Flesh dies. Nothing remains but the madness -------- The idea here is to try and create Old God whispers themed around the Iron Horde. Typical Old God-style foreshadowing, things they might whisper in regards to the Iron Horde. Give it a shot, see what comes out. And don't give goofy responses, I want to see real effort.Dathrel8 Aug 20, 2014
Aug 20, 2014 WC3 Hero Names Lets track down all the NPCs that use them ingame, and figure out what hasn't been used yet, and how best to integrate them into the story. Ingame: Aug 20, 2014
Aug 20, 2014 "Players may not go to Farahlon.. during this expansion, it depends on if the content is relevant to the expansion." Assuming this is not just because they don't want to develop Farahlon, it could mean that the two universes converge. Many have stated that this expansion feels like "filler" material and that going forward, we should forget it ever happened because of all the wibbley wobbley timey wimey. I can't think of any other reason we should have to go back to a conquered planet that doesn't even exist in our dimension. Interesting choice to continue development on WoD material through it's successive expansion though, if that's the statement Chilton is trying to make. Another theory is that one does not simply leave Draenor. Maybe things got too real back home while we were gone. Azeroth might not be the place we know by the time we get back and Draenor will have to be the staging ground for our final stand against the legion. Starts at the brief discussion of Farahlon.Dayfall26 Aug 20, 2014
Aug 20, 2014 All World of Warcraft Lore - In chrono order So... I have been a WoW player ever since vanilla, but I find myself falling behind in terms of Lore - every time a new expansion releases as I'm rushing to hit level cap and explore end-game content. What I would like to get out of this topic is: A list of ALL Warcraft / World of Warcraft Lore books (No comics, please,) in chronological order. I've also heard to throw in Day of the Dragon before the others as it shifts timelines and it would make more sense... So, ANYONE who has read ALL the books, or just has GREAT knowledge of them, could you please provide me with an UPDATED list? As I cannot find and updated list anywhere on the web... A list, or a link to a list that is completely updated to this very day. I would so greatly appreciate it if someone included Warlords of Draenor Lore books so I can be all caught up before the release of the new expansion. Thank you, and have a wonderful day! ~NickRèshákä2 Aug 20, 2014
Aug 19, 2014 Gul'dan I posted this in the warlock forums as well, but then I realized I might have posted it in the wrong forum so I am going to post it here too. I've been doing quite a bit of reading on Gul'dan. I knew a little bit about him from playing WC and WCII back in the day when it was released but I wanted to learn a bit more about him and his history and whatnot. One question I still have: If Gul'dan subscribed to a particular spec...what would he be? Destruction or Demonology? I ruled out affliction cause there really seems to be no evidence that that would be his forte but I could be wrong.Archaon2 Aug 19, 2014
Aug 19, 2014 So will any of this matter after the expack? Honestly, if nobody comes back with us to the main universe, and lets be honest something dumb like that will probably happen where the BDF says "hurr durr we can't keep them in our timeline or else some other time related garbage will happen that will ruin the lore more than it already is." Which raises the question: if we don't come back with anything of significance, then what is the point? I'm not trying to get all meta with you guys, I know its a game none of this really matters. But in the in-game perspective what is the point? What could they possibly do to make the other timeline significant to us after this expansion? I doubt they'll let us bring back Durotan and Grom and reunite the super friends just in time for us all to have a big cross dimensional hug and defeat the legion. Because blizzard likes wasting lore potential like that. With that being said, what other things could they write in to make this universe matter? Or are they thinking that they're blessing us with the grace of garrisons and that's why we should care, because we built up our little farmville houses and that's important to us?Medipimp6 Aug 19, 2014
Aug 19, 2014 Fate of Gorehowl? So what happened to Gorehowl after Garrosh abandoned it in the Vale? Since "someone smart" took Frostmourne "somewhere safe" could i similar thing have happened to Gorehowl too? I might have missed Jaina or Lor'themar picking it up after we defeat the Sha.Mungard14 Aug 19, 2014
Aug 19, 2014 Should the AU Legion ever be shown post-WoD? When WoD is finished, should that be the end of us seeing/encountering the AU Legion? Or should these alternate versions of our mortal enemy show up again sometime in the future? Should there be any interaction with AU Legion members in the MU universe, or should they only stay in their world? What do you think of interaction between members/followers of our Burning Legion, and the AU ones (I do wonder how either side would react if they found out an alternate version of their faction did exist)?Jadonie11 Aug 19, 2014
Aug 19, 2014 Compare each Sha with a lore character! Read the title. I'll go first. Pride: King Varian Wrynn Anger: Grommash Hellscream Despair: Sylvanas Windrunner Fear: Deathwing Violence: The Lich King Hatred: Illidan Stormrage Doubt: Garrosh Hellscream (In Garadar)Engosh7 Aug 19, 2014
Aug 19, 2014 Wrathion. I don't like him Is it me or does this guy rub you guys the wrong way.Sooyungwu73 Aug 19, 2014
Aug 19, 2014 Where was Hellscream? I just finished rereading Tides of Darkness but I didn't see any mention of Grom Hellscream or the Warsong Clan. Where was he during all of this? Was he with Doomhammer? Was he helping out against Quel'Thalas? Aerie Peak? I ask because I'm a roleplayer and my Orc Warrior is from the Warsong Clan, he fought under Hellscream throughout all the crap up until Grom died, but I feel like it would leave a big gap in my warrior's story during the time of the Second War if I have no idea where my own character was.... I have a feeling the answer is somewhere in Warcraft 3 Orc campaign, but I don't remember much. Also, were there only 13 Paladins at the time of Lothar's death or were there more? Because in the book it says there were the 13, but I don't know if Uther expanded the Order of the Silver Hand throughout the Second War.Canjin3 Aug 19, 2014
Aug 19, 2014 Can the Orcs ever be likeable again? I liked the Orcs in WC3, but somewhere in the middle of Wrath they turned into short-sighted racist dirtbags. From the Broken Front to WoD, we've had 4 expansions in a row where the Orcs seem to be pretty much the worst people in the world. Watching the WoD cinema almost gives me hope, as they seem thoughtful and heroic in it. Sadly, I've played through WoD beta, and the Orcs in it are stereotypical honorless monsters for the most part. As people have said in other threads, I wish Garrosh had travelled back to Draenor with pure intentions of saving his father's honor, and redeeming the Orcs. The "Cinema Garrosh" seems like a cool Orc that I could actually like. Instead we are just going to kill them all.Threeslotbag95 Aug 19, 2014
Aug 19, 2014 Most Orcs Fought For the Rebellion: Confirmed ... From Bashiok, 14 minutes ago, general forum. ^ ThreadMakazi173 Aug 19, 2014
Aug 19, 2014 Ideas/Suggestions for future expansions, Here is the link from the old forum, Just wanted to keep this conversaiotn up :P Aug 19, 2014
Aug 19, 2014 The Church of the Light and Magic What exactly is the Church of the Light's opinion on the Arcane? I have heard mixed ideas upon the general view point of the Church and Magic in general. Is it hate? Acceptance? Anyone got a solid idea?Aureá0 Aug 19, 2014
Aug 19, 2014 WoD Beta Thread 6 (spoilers) Alpha Threads First thread: Second thread: Third thread: Fourth thread: Beta Threads First Thread: Second Thread: Third Thread: Fourth Thread: Fifth Thread: Aug 19, 2014
Aug 19, 2014 Lords of War spoiler indication? Is it just me or this new animated series is showing major indication who of the main orcs in WoD will survive or at the very least LAST much longer than the others. My first reason being why they will last longer than the other warlords is obvious, screen time. Hence the reason why the animated series is only for and not the other warlords: Kargath Bladefist Kilrogg Deadeye Grom Hellscream Durotan While Grom and Durotan always had screen time, considering their major importance (one being a final boss, the other being the father of the most well-known green orc), its understandable they can't be killed off easily otherwise people would get pissed, especially when people are already ticked off Grom is the final boss. As for Kargath and Kilrogg, since they were always minor characters (they still played some role in the original timeline of course), it would be fair they get more time to live and perhaps end up joining the Horde as respectable orc leaders. There is already proof Kargath does not die in the raid he is in and Kilrogg doesn't play any major roles yet. Perhaps Blizzard is figuring out a way to make Kilrogg more interesting like bringing that SON of his (Jorin Deadeye) who has been standing at the same place since BC do something? Now in terms of the 'warlords' or other orc figures who aren't mentioned is probably due to several reasons. I also believe these orcs that weren't mentioned in this animated series will likely die sooner due to the fact that Blizzard wants some orcs to die to make Alliance happy and some orcs live to make Horde happy. Now if we look at each of these orcs: Blackhand - Now this is strange for Maraad not to mention the orc who was the probably the main figure as he was Warchief during the original time-line. We do know however, he is very likely to be dead in the first raid (there are these quest items that indicate he is dead for good). Orgrim Doomhammer - This guy wasn't a major figure back in the original time-line to the Draenei to begin with but he did play a major role later in Azeroth. Its already confirmed that he dies early due to the irony of him and Blackhand. Gul'dan - This guy in no way would be considered as a warlord in the original time-line as he was that 'shadow' that controlled the warlords such as Blackhand, hence Maraad not talking about him (its likely Varian already knows crap load about Gul'dan anyways). I strongly believe this guy will be that hidden 'boss' with Grom that we might end up killing since he considered dangerous always. Nerzhul - Last time i checked, he wasn't really a warlord during the original time-line due to Gul'dan screwing him over and he only made his move much later in the story, ending up being the Lich King. There is no way Maraad would know Nerzhul or Gul'dan because they weren't the major threatening figures who showed themselves. Its unknown if he actually dies but we do know near the end he isn't considered a warlord due to his failure against the Alliance therefore he won't be a major role compared to his counter-part. Azuka Bladefury - Perhaps she never played a major role in the original time-line hence there is no mention of her. I believed it would of been good for her to be in the animated series since we have no idea what she is about. Perhaps she is Mankrik's mother or something lol? Out of all the warlords that weren't shown , it will be a shame if a female character only came once in a expansion and then just dies. Keep in mind Maraad is basing these stories from the original time-line, so things may be slightly off. But what I am saying is that these characters who are in the animated series will likely live to get approved by the Horde players while others such as Blackhand will die in order to make the Alliance happy that they get to get some good old revenge.Kelsaki4 Aug 19, 2014
Aug 19, 2014 AU Grom in the new trailer Does he seem too big and too buff to anyone else? He has always been described as being fairly small and thin, so much so that when he makes one of his trademark war cries, the volume and power are extra shocking. He also seemed to be too old. When he drank the demon blood in the Rise of the Horde book he was in his late teens or early twenties if my memory serves. The AU version seems to be in his late twenties or early thirties. anyone else get that feeling?Juibloc6 Aug 19, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 Alliance reclaim Stromgarde. We need a sub plot that involves the Alliance players making a dedicated push to reclaim the "origin" of the human nations on Azeroth in the reclamation of their Ur Kingdom Strom, later Stromgarde. It would be a simple matter have Danath return to Stormwind and learn the full effects of the wars after Beyond The Dark Portal had on his home kingdom and the fate of his relative Galen. He would rally an army, likely with much resistance from both Wyrnn's because reasons, and sail to Faldir's Cove to act as the initial staging area to push for the Refugee Pointe and then Stromgarde itself. Rogers would take the Skyfire in a moment of "Screw the Rules I'm Doing What's Right", despite orders to the contrary from Varian. And she would get rather zealous in her securing of Arathi by destroying Ogre Hold after Ogre Hold and demolish every Witherbark Troll settlement on their maps. Halford Wyrmbane would lead a brigade to assault Hammerfell and destroys the settlement utterly, many named NPCs survive, Gor'mul and the Black Bride are not among them. Faced with annihilation the Ogres, Witherbark, and Defilers unite and regroup at Thoradin's Wall to mount a counter-attack. Meanwhile Danath is busy contending with the various criminal groups all vying for control of Stromgarde when the Forsaken make a dedicated push into Arathi from the West now supported by Ogre's, Trolls, and their own troops. The counter-attack is halted, at great cost, and the Thoradin Wall is still controlled by the Forsaken but a no-mans land exists between the two sides as no one faction has the manpower to push trough and hold the line with enough force to make any gains worth the cost. Alliance reclaim Stromgarde, creating a port city in the north of the EK and continue to weed out the undesireables while securing Arathi, from Forsaken spies to common bandits, and the Forsaken gain a massive army in the Ogre warbands and Witherbark Tribes (Those remaining in Hinterlands join out of desperation for protection from the Wildhammer) and are now a credible threat without the writers having to rely on Idiot-Balls and Deus Ex to explain their continued existence. AB goes to the Alliance and exists in BGs as non-canon. Forsaken continue to hold their gains in Cata. Everyone wins.Nalithen291 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 Can Jaina and Kalec have kids? What the title says. The dragons lost their immortality and the two have shown former aspects can date mortals. So is it possible?Dranath49 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 How did Iron Horde bridge OUR Azeroth? One aspect of the WoD events that I'm curious about is how exactly the Iron Horde was able to reach us from AU Draenor. 'Duh, the Dark Portal!' Yes I know that part, but how exactly were they able to synch theirs to ours? Was that ever explained?Andarin1 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 Will we tell Draenor about Outlands? As we enter the Draenor, will we tell the people we encounter about their alternate history. - Hey Ner'zhul, you become the lich king - Guldan, you get torn apart by demons - Watch out for that burning legion, they cause trouble Will any one from Draenor come to Azeroth and then go to outlands to see an alternate version of their future?Vivax35 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 Wrathion risks bringing Legion to US? Okay, so while it's mostly speculation, most signs based on the War Crimes book and events of 5.4 is that Wrathion is the one that has planned the Iron Horde's invasion of Azeroth. Wouldn't a plan such as this be incredibly risky considering the big Burning Legion influence on the other side? I mean, here we have Wrathion, whose life goal is to stop this incoming Legion by any means necessary and he opens up a portal to a land ripe with Legion influence. Wouldn't it be ironic if someone like Gul'dan stepped through to OUR Azeroth from Alternate Draenor and began spreading demonic influence in this side of the fence, when Wrathion's goal this whole time was to stop something like that from happening. I mean I guess it would create quite an interesting scenario, but I'd like to think Wrathion would be smarter than to put our world in this situation.Chackiejan25 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 War, Peace and..Wut? The Sylvanas portrayed in War Crimes seems to be headed down the path of another former Horde racial leader and I wonder how many times we can use this dynamic to perpetuate a war. Let's backtrack a little. The Alliance was originally formed to combat an evil alien threat. The Horde we know today, aside from a fascist leader here or rogue sub-faction there, is not evil. The Horde formed out of necessity/survival. They succeed in that regard unless a previously mentioned fascist leader or rogue sub-faction ruins their day. For the most part, each side has little to worry about from the other. I ask then: What do you, as a member of your faction, require from your "enemy" to attain true peace? If that's too absurd, then why should we remain at war? (In b4 cuz pvp is fun) Let's identify the nature of the dividing force between the Alliance and Horde. Is it philosophical? Cultural? Political? Perhaps it's a wound from a prior war that's simply too deep. Hopefully in the process we can help reform each faction's mantra. It's long overdue.Dayfall0 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 Love the Ogre architecture Seeing the architecture of the Gorian empire, even in some decline, is really awesome. The huge, rough-hewn stones laid together really looks like something built by a massive concerted effort, but also by creatures who are giant and somewhat imprecise. Reminds me a little of Cyclopean masonry ( which is an ancient Mycenaean style with a lot of similarities, named so because strength to raise stone towers was traditionally ascribed to Cyclops. That's a really cool inspiration the art team took, even if not directly :)Applebomb1 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 The Infinite Dragon flight? So, I've been wondering ever since the end of cata, now that the aspects lost their powers, how can nozdormu become murozond? he wouldn't be able to change the future to escape his death because he doesn't have power over that anymore so i'm curious as to what he meant "One day, I will fall to madness, and you, heroes, will vanquish me."Rafas4 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 Battlemages Where are they. I want one. I love the whole Wielder of The Arcane bit, but mages are too squishy. Can't we get some plate wearing mages up in here? They can't be like pallys but with a purple theme and Mage-type powers. I'm not a lore expert so tell me if they'd be lore breaking. I just thought they were a thing and with the Kirin-tor being a squarely alliance allied organization shouldn't they be an option? The same goes for the Sunreavers.Glandin8 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 Thoughts on Cinematic Trailer Making this thread for people to post their thoughts on the trailer. Disappointed truthfully. Was hoping for it not just to be a redone Grom vs. Manaroth, and to have some Draenei involved in it but oh well. It looked nice.Bachí196 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 this could be the reason why subs are droping IMPO I think wow vanilla was just a playground after ww3 and TBC, WOTLK, and CATA were in some ways a clean up job, cleaning up lose ends and getting an ending to some villains and heros. Maybe why MOP failed (sales wise) is because people didn't want to have a new developments in story, creating new Heros and villains. I mean just looking at the box art for MOP can tell you the story telling is moving on. But I'm not saying MOP killed wow, do I think its the worst? No, I believe if you look at each xpac by itself, they all have there faults, and pros. No xpac is the worst. All I'm saying is. MOP I'd so different from cats, wotlk, tbc, that maybe those would quit at the tail end of cats and didn't resub for MOP wad simply do to the story changing its focus from dooms day end bosses, to IMPO a warcraft 3 story of horde falling apart and the alliance defeating the "true horde" Those are my thoughts, but I'd love you hear yours and I just want this to focus on lore over game play. So, gimmie your rebuttals!Zantaclaws7 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 Mammytwink interview (spoilers) Timey wimey - Kairozdormu wanted Garrosh to be a hero and use the Iron Horde to help against the Burning Legion, but he is betrayed and Garrosh uses it for revenge - The Iron Horde is the main threat for the entire expansion, but it will change over the course of it like becoming more legion influenced by the end of the expansion - They may expand on the AU Draenor like the Ogre continent but they don't seem to have any plans right now for it and they don't feel the time stuff won't be common for their expansions - No AU Azeroth, too complicated, maybe if they ever did a WoW2 - Tanaan is where the final raid of the expansion is with Grommash Hellscream So it looks like Wrathions plan with Kairozdormu gets out of hand. We see Kairoz's dead body in beta but we never know why, it could be Garrosh killed him. Then we kill Garrosh, now we're basically cleaning up the Iron Horde/Legion in the eventual final raid which I would guess is the Citadel in Tanaan.Vicara43 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 WoD AU Space/Time error. This is where time-travel stories become an issue and convoluted to the point where things just are stupid. If AU Draenor connects itself to our Dark Portal of Azeroth and the Burning Legion of our world is basically in shambles and due to time and space (considering that the Twisting Nether acts the same way as spatial travel) then AU's Twisting Nether would meld in with MU's Twisting Nether. Thus empowered the Burning legion from their losses from MoP all the way up to Pre-Warcraft 1. Wrathion's tampering of the timeways to "strengthen" us is actually spelling our doom. Which makes WoD just seem like an even stupider idea than it originally was.Ephyre9 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 strongest army Which potential villain has the greatest army old gods or burning legionDoglegged26 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 Revision to the ending of "Rise of the Horde" I didn't think it was very climactic. I know the siege of the last Draenei city was supposed to be the climax, but to me the opening of the portal at the very end of the book was a lore moment that needed more focus. And that Draenei girl that was mentioned twice didn't get to play a part in the story. I name her <name> for this revision, and I write with her character a relevant one in mind - a friend of Durotan and possible romantic interest/sister character for Orgrim, because Orgrim needs to be important too. (I'll save that for another time, Garona theorycrafts will have to wait...) Orgrim kinda does the white knight thing in this version and that pisses off Blackhand, but I'm sure Blackhand wouldn't want to lose his personal bodyguard and most-prized general from minor emotional moments. Ok, my revision: (disclaimer: it's not what I would write word-for-word if I had the honor) The day of the opening. Towering on the side of a scorched-red mountain lies a monstrous construct. The Dark Portal. A green sea of the orcish clans approach the base of the massive stairs that leads to the portal. Behind them all stands the last uncorrupted clan - The Frostwolves - refusing to pioneer destruction and genocide. From the point of view a titanic staircase above, Gul'dan gave the infidels an uncaring gaze before howling to the entirety of the Horde: "Kil'jaeden!" He called to the sky. "You have forsaken us! Forsaken us to hunger and depravity!" The crowd below thunders with distant fury. "Our own steal and ravage one another from your curse and calling!" The cries of the Horde raise to a rumbling firestorm. "You have enslaved us to leave us to the claws of death!" And storm has peaked, violence is imminent. "But know this! Your crusade against the Draenei has yet to finish you traitorous hound! ...As I bring to you..." Stormreaver acolytes emerge from behind the Warlock, struggling to carry an obscured prisoner. "To the Horde..." The roarings silent... "The last... of the Draenei Race!" "No." Durotan's face pales. His eyes squinting, barely seeing... <name> as her limbs are bound by wires of thorn, her skin bound with dark mutations, her eyes bound with tears long shed. Alas, her neck bound to the pulsating grip of Gul'dan. "How has this happened?" Durotan's words trembling with despair. "<name>!" Orgrim's call barely left his chord, the heavy Doomhammer slowly escapes his hand. Blackhand - who stands beside Orgrim - notices him and gave a quick glance. "He'll kill her!" Orgrim roars out! The Blackrock orcs and the orcs around them follow him in sound but also in bloodlust. "Where you have failed, Kil'jaeden..." Gul'dan reaches his free right hand within his demonic robe and brings out a twisted dagger. It is the dagger that enslaved the orcs, that brought them the blood of Mannoroth. "We will thrive!" <name> is barely breathing between the mighty clutches, her face wrought with pain and hopelessness, her body shaken with disease and infection from Gul'dan's "experiments" the night before, her bony chest desperately squeezing for air. Little air that the Warlock grants her for his next act... "And with the blood!..." Gul'dan outstretches the dagger in his right hand. "Aaaaahhhh!" Ogrim screams from within the crowd. Blackhand and his subjects looks at him. "No! Orgrimm!" Durotan beckons. The Doomhammer returns to Orgrim's grip, he bellows a cry that matches Hellscream, orcs around him throw themselves back in it's might. The Doomhammer is thrust skyward! Orgrim charges, screaming and backhanding the obstructing orcs violently as he carves a bloody path through his armor-clad clan. "Frostwolves! To battle! Lok'tar O'gar!" Durotan cried. Draka and Drek'thar both gave a commanding shout that puts their warriors on wolfback. The clan begins to ride like a raging current then separates both ways to encircle the entirety of the Horde with axe and spears raised for combat. Blackhand gave a rumbling growl and sends his sons to allign their troops: "Protect the master Warlock." He barked. "Destroy all opposers!" The sons spread his command to the Blackrock army - and then the entire emerald Horde - roars in unity, their weapons are drawn up high. The green mass expands in all direction, kicking up a storm of dust and thunder in it's wake. "Of this slave!..." Gul'dan oustretches <name> in his left hand. As Orgrim reaches the steps, the Frostwolves arrives behind him. The rider's circle form a line against an enemy force ten times greater, their ranks wielding the strength of demons. Leading this last stand, Durotan faces his people: "Frostwolves! Today we face the extinction of our way of life! Today we sacrifice each and every man that we have! But in our defeat, Orgrim Doomhammer, my brother eternal, will destroy Gul'dan! And with his death, so shall his corruption upon the survivors of this battle!" The Frostwolves roars and roars like a single beating heart. Their wolves howl in unison, heralding the imminent bloodshed. The broken red ground quakes and breaks. The epic army approaches. "We end OUR enslavement!..." Gul'dan grins as he brings his items together, one upon the throat of the other. His left hand now grips the remaining hair of the last Draenei. <name> closes her eyes and let her tears roll down to her lips. And her lips silently call her charging savior. Orgrim throws himself upward to ascend the stairs, each mighty leap after the other, higher than two, no, three orcs! Draka commands and a volley of spears jumps from behind the Frostwolf line and brought down the front rank of the approaching army. But that army now only strides from the barricade. Orcs of brown heave their weapons, their knuckless white, their jaws clutching. "FOR THE HORDE!" Blue blood sprayed forth! Gul'dan ends the motion with arms spread in the image of a crucifix. A green light explodes between the gargantuan pillars of The Dark Portal! The construct quakes and rumbles as does the earth! The sky darkens and twists, arcs of lightning pierces the clouds! The tide of war and the defying shore halts to behold the titanic event. Durotan's eyes are upon Doomhammer. "NOOOOOOOO! <NAME>!!!" Orgrim now soars as if his legs no longer matter, but the higher his ascension, the bigger the ripples of blue grow over the cascading steps. Gul'dan flicks his dagger to rid it of stain. His left leg simply tosses the remain of <name> down the steps. He turns around, dropping the head of <name> without a care. Nothing can possibly occupy his mind and his senses now except for the powerful gateway arm's-length in front of him, dwarfing his mortal existence. He whispers to himself: "Azeroth..." DOOM! Godly did the Doomhammer strike! Gul'dan flies to his left and lands rolling. DOOM! Again, struck the hammer! The puny Warlock rockets back the way he came. DOOM! The Great Betrayer skids to the edge of the steps. The blue that paints the stone floor is now pervaded with seeping red. His lips begin to incantate but a great brown fist quickly constricts his neck. "MONSTER!" Raged Orgrim. "MURDERER!" He raises Gul'dan above the ground and flings him in a mighty arc, over his head and into the ground behind him, breaking it, where space is applenty for bloody retribution. FLASH! A bolt of darkness strikes Orgrim! FLASH! Another launches, but hits the air. Orgrim has already sidesteped and now lunges at his enemy. Gul'dan raises a living mass of dark mist to shield him, but such is insignificant. The mist dissipates upon the thunder clap of the ground-struck hammer. Gul'dan quickly channels a ray of corruption that beams from his right hand to Orgrim's chest, Orgrim grimmaces as his insides twists and tightens. The legendary axe Gorehowl splits open a Frostwolf's cranium and flings it away along with the rest of it's owner. Blackhand's quad-bladed axe cleaves left and right, slashing wolves and orcs of any allegiance. Kargath's blade-fist maims and slices the pure orcs into wads of flesh. The defensive line of Durotan is thinning at a pulsing rate. "To the steps! We'll funnel them there!" The orcish riders turn their wolves - still biting and ripping - towards the Portal and begin to climb. The drums of thunder echo within the clouds. Blinding forks of energy race from the sky towards the draconic head statue atop the Portal. Below the serpent's gaze, the two betrayers still wrestle for victory. Spells of blazing fire and infinite darkness flies towards Orgrim. A few blasts seared Orgrim's skin but he retaliates with vengeance and brutallity. Fatigue is invading Gul'dan, so he begins to whisper in ancient tongue, a whisper that magically echoes into Orgrim's soul, imbeding his mind with visions of unfathomable horror. Orgrim goes berserk, swinging his hammer with reckless abandon, the wind shrieks from the force of his attacks. Gul'dan does not risk dealing a few measly blows, he quickly turns towards the Portal's threshold and sprints. As the Doomhammer almost slips Orgrim's grasp from his relentless swings, he snaps back to reality in time to see the mighty Warlock disappearing into the green-lined blackness. With a furious roar he too heroicly leaps into the unknown. Doomhammer floats weightlessly within a gigantic mystical tunnel that constantly twists and stretches in ways that would utterly collapse a pure mind. Gul'dan was nowhere to be seen but suddenly a puny "imp" enters his vision and sent a globe of flame towards him! He cannot dodge, he cannot move, Orgrim takes the heat in full, and again and again. Before the final blow was struck, he brings his hammer to shield him. The fireball was deflected and it devoured the imp whole. Orgrim brings his hammer away from view, but now confronting him is a bat-winged demoness. She taunts and seduces him at the same time, her whip cracks in excitement. Her sultry lures disgust Orgrim, he pulls off the band that binds his right boot and wraps it around Doomhammer's hilt. The demoness realizes his tactic and begins to swoop in to make a pre-emptive attack. The other end of the band Orgrim ties to his right forearm. Gripping the hammer, he hurls it at the incoming witch. The demoness banks but the hammer destroys one of her legs, she shrieks like a banshee and banks back for the retaliation. The hammer returns to it's master and departs again. The demoness now twists and safely avoids the attack, she snaps her whip and it grips Orgrim's left wrist. But Orgrim spins his torso left, pulling the hammer back. The band catches and wraps around the good ankle on the witch. Orgrim spins himself the other way and the witch spins with him. Before she could stabilize the hammer arcs and prints itself right into and through the demoness's stomach, splitting the vile creature in half. As the hammer continues to fly back, it lands on the hand - not of Orgrim's - but of a collosal beast in armor, it in the form of the demoness but skin deep red, muscle stone-hard and a pair of dark horns grown out it's skull. It pulls the Doomhammer up and Doomhammer with it. He flips himself to stand on the monster's green crystal imbedded into it's massive belt. The beast quickly grips Orgrim's tiny head, but the orc cannot be defeated now. Orgrim opens his lower jaw and stab the beast's palm with his mighty tusks. The beast disengages it's bloodied grip and the orc runs up his torso and constricts the beast's neck, left arm locking one of the horns. The beast releases the tiny hammer, both hands now moving towards his captor. Orgrim pulls the hammer back into his possesion and fends himself from the encroaching hands of the beast. As the hands fail it, the beast spins it's head furiously, Orgrim barely staying atop it. Finally, the undominable head of the beast sends Orgrim flying into it's demonic right horn. Orgrim lets out a roar of agony as the horn punctured deep into his right shoulder. The beast takes advantage and grabs Orgrim's legs, pulling him down so the puncture would skewer him more. Orgrim panics as his lifeblood is forced out of him, the wound widening, the pain unbearable. But alas the Doomhammer came before him, gave him a vision of victory from the shine of it's iron: The visage of the monster, revealed on the hammer's head. Orgrim knows now the answer, he grabs the Hammer of Doom backwards with his left hand and sends it straight to the beast's nasal bone! The beast releases him in a painful cry. Orgrim lifts himself to free his shoulder. With his right arm now his he takes hold the mighty hammer and swings it both ways, braking the demon's horns! And with a single final blow, plants the hammer down through it's skull and into it's demon brain! Fiery liquid flesh flying and spilling out from the wound, some scars and burns into Orgrim's skin. The prevaling orc gives a terrifying victory cry. ...One that terrified the hidden Gul'dan into form. Orgrim hesitates not to launch himself from the collosal carcass into his prize. "Your head is MINE!" They both flies towards and through the end of the tunnel, landing with a great gloppy splash into dark swampwater. Throngs of green orcs tumble down to a rumbling mass of the ascending Horde as the few last of the Frostwolves hold their line, a line moving ever closer to the peak of the climb. "DREK'THAR! The elements! We need them NOW!" Durotan desparately commands as he watched one of his finest taken away and torn asunder. "Chieftain! They won't head my call!" Drek'thar's words lost among the screaming of his enemies and his comrades. "We will die RIGHT NOW if something doesn't HAPPEN!" Boom! Did the sky answer! A mighty shower enraptures the surviving Frostwolf, they've nearly forgotten of such a phenomenon. It blinds and blurs the eyes of the climbing green army. The ranks of the Horde breaks in an instant, hundreds fall and land upon their brothers, hundreds more slip and plummet from the edge of the steps! Seen from afar, the Horde resembles a stain upon the base of the epic structure, numerous droplets of black and green spill outward and downward from the face of the titanic staircase. The air, seconds ago reeked with the steely smell of blood and sweat, is now purified with the cold and holy water. "Drek'thar. The elements did not abandon us!" Durotan proclaimed with still, a voice of wonder. "I cannot say, my chieftain, but surely, our sacrifice is not in vein!" Answered Drek'thar. "Brace yourselves!" Interrupts Draka. "The enemy does not relent!" Beyond the Dark Portal, Orgrim rises from the muddy water of the dank swamp, gasping for the putrid air. His arms still hold Gul'dan under the liquid's surface. The warrior clenches his teeth, forcing all his strength into ending Gul'dan miserable existence. The water between his arms ceases to bubble, Orgrim finally relaxes his muscles. But suddenly, bubbles appear in the millions around where he stands. The water boils in an instant, driving the victorious orc back with a tormented scream. The water in front of him explodes! A dark figure flies out of the roaring splash, lingers in the air with wings flapping, then decends, hovering above the wetness of the swamp. It is a monster of complete darkness in the shape of the beast before, perpetually immolated by purple fire. But it cannot be anyone else... "Gul'dan?" The demon speaks: "Formerly, as you can see. But I must thank you, for long have I sought the method of this transformation. As it turns out, my exhaustion from meddling with you have allowed my mortal vessel to finally accept the greatest gift of Sargeras, the true god!" "Keep your master, slave! No being can stay my WRATH!" With a flick of his arm, Orgrim summons the Doomhammer. He leaps towards the demon and it leaps towards him. The orc hurls his weapon towards the Gul'dan's demonic face, it struck but only to tilt the demon's head. Gul'dan answers with a great chaotic bolt. It strikes Orgrim, destroying the cells of his body and twisting his innards ever more severly. Orgrim stumbles, but quickly uses his posture to jump into the demon, cleaving wildly with his right arm and pummeling exhaustively with his left. Gul'dan, still in control, summons again a chaos bolt, that which upon burning Orgrim, summons by itselft a dark green imp on a dry tree's roots. The imp casts firebolts, the demon wraps Orgrim in hellfire, Orgrim constantly submerges himself and emerges to survive the fiery onslaught. Each time the fires break rhythm, he leaps from the water, throws his bound hammer towards Gul'dan, each hitting the careless demon harder and harder. Harder and harder does the orcish Horde corners the Frostwolves. Their footing slippery, their armors rust, but they claw and heave their way up and up the massive stairs, pulling down and devouring any brown orc or great wolf they can reach in their climb. "The Portal is upon us. The path will end soon! We must retreat into it now!" Drek'thar pleaded while fighting off the Horde with only his ears to guide him. "Has Orgrim succeeded? Is Gul'dan dead?!" Durotan barks as both of his axes finally break from a battle that lasted far too long. Draka hears his words and races up the few remaining steps and back down to inform him, her face pales as she speaks: "There's no one there! They've disappeared!" Durotan gave a her a look of disbelief and then turns to the battle: "HOLD, YOU SAVAGES! Your dark idol and your betrayer has vanished! Disappeared!" The Horde halts in bewilderment. Their iron-clad commander wades through the thickness of his army to address the matter. "Then no one can save you now." Grins Blackhand. Splash! As the wretched demon tumbles into the water. This time the water does not boil. Orgrim approaches the rippling circle, and within it an orc now emerge, horns shrunk and fel fire dwindling. Gul'dan is left a shriveling husk, more withered and lined then even before. His reddish eyes - held in place by bloated linds - looks up to see his grim executioner. "My... magic... can bring her... back..." The spoiled warlock spake between vomits of blood. Doomhammer says nothing. He now grips his hammer with both hands and lifts it's enormous head up high. "My... magic... " With a fearsome bellow, Orgrim Doomhammer brings the weapon of his lineage arcing down upon the dome of the warlock. His fate is sealed... ...but not for today. A sudden explosion of arcane energy sends Gul'dan hurling backwards, seperating the water with unprecedented force. The blast shook Orgrim's stance and his hammer comes crashing down on the water. But Gul'dan is still in his sight! He cannot escape forever! Orgrim charges at the wailing warlock but suddenly the water freezes into a cold hue of blue! His entire lowerbody incapacitated in a blink of an eye! The rest of his body violently smacks against the solid water from the momentum of the charge. His stomach near torn apart! "And to think you would be my peer..." A soft voice - in orcish tongue - emenates from the darkness of the swamp... "Disappointing. But nevertheless, entertaining..." The voice materialized into a cloaked figure, hovering above the water. Gul'dan comes to his senses and sees from eyes barely above the water: "Medivh!" "Drink up, whelp, for you will serve the master trully." Medivh softly disgraces the defeated warlock and tossed him a large flask full of a purplish subtance. Gul'dan quickly chokes on the potion and the colours quickly return to his skin, it stretches, barely containing the flesh regrowing within. Orgrim spits out clots of blood while shivering endlessly as never in his harsh life did he experience such unimaginable cold. "Who.. What are you?..." With a flick of Medivh's old hand the ice melts away. "Your deliverer." He answers Orgrim, silently hovering above. Suddenly Orgrim gives a shriek of pain, a pain so tormenting it brings his low-toned cry to a deafeningly high pitch! The Doomhammer drops into the water as Orgrim squeezes his head with a deadly force, ready to tear it out at a moment's notice! "You will do no such thing." And just like that, the shrieking ends. Orgrim releases his head but his face is still twisted with agony. Medivh lifts his amused gaze upon the watching crocolisks - hard-skinned reptiles which fled from the terrifying orcish battle - and sent them gigantic spheres of flame and showers of piercing icicles! They are destroyed instantly and utterly, the vegetation around them disintegrated. The burnt and pierced bodies of the serpents begin to hover and approach the powerful cloaked creature. "Give your people some nourishment, give them the good news, then bring them to me." Medivh places the fresh-killed beasts into both of Orgrim's hands. His body complies and takes the crocolisks towards the simpler, but similar portal. The Doomhammer follows by the band that binds them both. As Orgrim enters the Twisting Nether, Gul'dan approaches Medivh: "And what of me, sorcerer?" Medivh opens his hand and a folded magic robe grows from his palm. He offers it to the naked warlock, belly deep beneath the swamp. "Return to your council, and never again emerge from that council. Your work requires your unpresence. Fail this, and you are not to be." "Will the Doomhammer stay compliant?" Gul'dan asks as he covers himself in the robe, half of it floats but does not seem to drink in the water. "No. The orcish mind is mysterious still, but he is of great value - as you have experienced. He is not to be touched. As for you: leave when I command it, or else I'll use YOUR mind for extensive disection." "My life is yours..." Says Gul'dan as he silently retreats to Medivh's Dark Portal. "Food! FOOD!" A Horde grunt signals as he catches the glimps of the crocolisks. The slaughter slowly cease as all eyes direct toward's Orgrim Doomhammer's magnificent prizes. The mighty rainstorm fades into trickles. "And MORE beyond this gateway!" Orgrim shouts, his face has returned to it's strong-jawed form. "But the battle ends NOW! Without the Frostwolf's defense you all may not HAVE your precious meat. Do you abandon honor?!" Durotan, Draka and Drek'thar beholds their most important survivor. The grunts and warriors of the Horde one by one releases their heavy weapons and armor, their maws salivating from month-long starvation, their knees drop to the stone floor in complete exhaustion, their eyes teared in joy unspeakable. Blackhand - though his stomach boils for meat - does not submit to this offense: "You traitorous hatchling! I am in command of the Horde! I'll have your HIDE for your insolence!" "And sacrifice the dominator of Gul'dan? The most powerful of the warlocks? More powerful than any shaman in our lifetime? Sacrifice the general that won YOUR battles against the Draenei? Come. Prove your wisdom as the leader of the orcs!" "And what says you have bested the great Warlock?" "I say." The creeping voice utters from within the Portal. Gul'dan steps out, limping fakely under the magical robe. "The true master wishes Orgrim well, for he is a warrior to match your cunning, chieftain of the Blackrock clan." Blackhand growls as he withdraws his looming quad-axe. "Do not defy me again, general!" "I cannot see the future, my Warchief." Orgrim drops the crocolisks and immediately the taitned orcs crawl towards the sweet scent of roasted meat. "Hold your jaws you insuferable maggots!" Commanded Blackhand. "The chieftains will have this feast! You mongrels hunt for your own! Doomhammer, bring the meat to the heads of the clans." Orgrim complies and drags the long-sought feast to the circle - lit by the green fel fire from the Twisting Nether - of the most powerful commanders of the Horde: Blackhand the Destroyer of the Blackrock Clan, Kargath Bladefist of the Shattered Hand clan, Grommash Hellscream of the Warsong Clan, Killrog Deadeye of the Bleeding Hollow, Gul'dan of the Stormreaver and finally Durotan of the Frostwolf clan. "Save the best for last." Durotan slyly jokes - masking his woe for the death of his people - as he tears the meat and offers it to his mate Draka, who eats her part and brings the rest to his advisor Drek'thar, his remaining warriors and wolves. "I am last." Orgrim smirks and picks out a piece of flesh on the bone. But this is not the time for rest and revelry. Thousands of orcish brothers and sisters still writhing in soul-rending hunger and fatigue. Hundreds may have died in this battle from depravity alone. It is time to deliver these people. Orgrim leaves Durotan and approaches the feasting Warchief. He kneels and whispers: "My Warchief, our people are dwindling and hungry, they need nourishment now or else we won't have an army to lead." "Take them... to the promised land then... general. Show... them how to hunt... these strangely... good game." Blackhand orders between his repulsive chewing and swallowing. "But your gathering obstructs your people's way." "No chieftain moves for his subjects!" Orgrim stands and backs away from the elite gathering. Durotan is already with his peole. Kilrogg acknowledges his clan's needs and stands to back away also. Grommash follows suit, then Gul'dan, then Kargath. Blackhand finally finishes his meal, sitting like a child amongst his standing officers. He tosses the bones away and rises to his full height, towering above the other chieftains. "What are you waiting for?" Blackhand to Orgrim in a condescending tone. Orgrim nods and walks toward the edge of the highest step while Blackhand rallies the chieftains to enter the portal. Durotan refuses and stays, choosing to personally lead his people instead. "Are your people prepared?" Asks Orgrim. "You don't have to worry about that." Durotan looks at his riders, finally fed and spirit returned. "You've done well." "Likewise." Orgrim eyes move downwards in content, but it's not the Horde he sees, it's the dried blue blood of the last Draenei on which the other chieftains happily feasted. "Likewise." Orgrim Doomhammer now faces the rest of the orcish race atop the epic staircase of the Dark Portal. He raises his Doomhammer up high, it's glory shine towards even the base of the Portal stairs far below. "HORDE! WE STARVE NO MORE!" Scattered faces among the tired throng looks up. "A FEW STEPS MORE AND YOU WILL HAVE MEAT AND WATER INFINITELY PLENTY!" The promise of nourishment raised more heads, now hundreds. "THE WARCHIEF COMMANDS YOU TO TAKE IT ALL, AS HE HAVE TOOK!" Thousands begins to direct their attention to their herald. "FOLLOW ME, AND I WILL SHOW YOU..." Millions of orcs rises and millions more follow... "YOUR DESTINY!" ROAR! Did the Horde cry! The earth quakes again! Orgrim turns and runs into the waiting Portal. Durotan and the Frostwolves follow, their mounts howl in excitement. The emerald tide ascends the stairs again like a climbing carpet of doom. The pillars and floor cracks and dents at the stampede of millions of orcish warriors all rushing through the threshold of The Dark Portal. We, the ethereal watchers, follow the last hundreds as they cross the gateway. And we too, are engulfed by the darkness unknown. END If this ever makes it into a movie, I'd like to screencap the part where Orgrim flies up the steps but the steps are painted with columns of blue. Tell me what you liked or didn't like. I spent a lot of - maybe too much - time on this to not get something out of it :PPriestlowe3 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 Did the naming of Draenor... Help the Burning Legion find the Draenei? Like, maybe the Draenei shouldn't have named the planet they were hiding on after themselves. "Sir, we've found a planet called Draenor", a legion spy would report. And then Kil'jaeden does his thing. If they'd called it like, "Orcnor" (oh no Horde favoritism), perhaps the Legion would have passed it by? I dunno, just thought of this today.Gollith35 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 Orgrim Doomhammer... Where is he?Dunkai22 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 17, 2014 What's Ai-Li talking about? When you fight the Pandaren rare Ai-Li Skymirror, she says, "My training was for nothing, because of you!" What is she talking about? Is it a reference to something in a quest line somewhere? I have a vague recollection of something to that effect, but I have not been able to find out what it is. If the poor thing is going to try to get her revenge on me, the least I could do is know what she's talking about.Astrinela2 Aug 17, 2014
Aug 17, 2014 Garrosh' axe 5.4 cinimatic I just noticed in the cinematic for 5.4 garrosh is using what looks like the warsong howling axe as apposed to his regular model found in kazaran. Im certainly no expert on WoW lore but is there a reason behind this? Aug 17, 2014
Aug 17, 2014 Nerzhul's Story in WoD? Okay so, did Garrosh going back in time and changing the events create the different timeline, or did Wrathion/Kairoz specifically send him back to a different timeline where different things had already happened? Please correct me if im missing anything here, but in WoD, Nerzhul's story seems to be different before Garrosh coming back. -It seems like Nerzhul was never contacted by Kiljaeden, and they just went straight to Guldan? -Nerzhuls wife is alive -The whole story with the dark star and void magic. Am i missing something? Because i feel like its focused on everything being the same except for what garrosh has changed?David9 Aug 17, 2014
Aug 17, 2014 AU Burning Legion must be pissed... A primitive race that were supposed to become slaves of the legion just wiped the most powerful known Pit Lord. I'm surprised I haven't seen a thread on this actually. Can anyone say "6.1/6.2 Revenge of the Legion"? I feel like Archimonde will be coming down to AU Draenor soon with a vengeance. Opinions?Xyzoth12 Aug 17, 2014
Aug 17, 2014 Draenor storyine? I hope im posting this in the correct area....... Anyway, help me out here if i get something wrong: So from what i got, years ago guldan tried to make orcs drink the blood of the monnoroth, thus enslaving them to nerzul.... but grommash refused and then sacrificed himself to save the horde. So garrosh uses the caverns of time to go back and save grommash... he creats the iron horde..... then what? Whats garrosh's plan/ whole reason for going back in time? Does grommash know garrosh is his son? And many other details, please. If i got something really wrong, correct me nicely XD Thank you!Luctus7 Aug 17, 2014
Aug 17, 2014 Lords of War (Intro to the warlords) Does anyone find it weird how Varian has not declared war on the orcs invading through the Dark Portal yet and Maraad has to convince him?Renrashin35 Aug 17, 2014
Aug 17, 2014 Who will the orc leader be? Simple question. Who will the orc racial leader be in the horde now that vol'jin is the warchief? I just dont see anyone as the "next in line" for that title.Recbra4 Aug 17, 2014
Aug 17, 2014 What was the point of the Sha of Fear? This isn't really a rant, I just wanted to get other's opinions on the subject. The Sha of Fear was more or less the final boss of the Sha's story arc, before Pride in 5.4. Following all questlines in the proper order would lead to him being defeated last, at the Terrace of Endless Spring. Yet, I can't help but think Fear wasn't handled very well for a major boss. All of the other Sha seem to have a moderate level of lead-in, even if most are defeated in dungeons or questlines. Fear just... sort of pops up at random near the last zones, and is revealed to be the driving force behind why the Mantid began their swarming early. Except that it was sort of odd progressing from the Mantid's main headquarters and defeating their empress, then going to the Vale's spring and destroying the Sha of Fear there. Added to that, his fight and defeat are both pretty anti-climactic. I know this is hardly the first time a major boss is kind of a let-down and doesn't seem all that significant to the overarching story of the expansion, but you'd think the Sha, who were supposed to be one of the primary threats of MoP, would have been done better than Fear was. Although, it doesn't help that the Mantid had to share the spotlight with this particular Sha. I mean, even the Sha of Violence makes more sense in the story, despite having about a minute of screen-time at best, no lead-in, and is never mentioned again after Shado-pan Monastery. Beyond Fear acting as a foil to Fortitude, it seems like Fear's place in the story was shoehorned in. Especially compared to Shek'zeer and Lei Shen. Any thoughts or deeper insights about the Sha of Fear, and it's place in the story, that I might have missed?Laranel3 Aug 17, 2014
Aug 17, 2014 Interesting Details: Class Quests (spoilers!) Following the reveal and recent interviews of Warlords of Draenor. This stood out to me: ... Blizzard is open to the idea of creating Class quests much like what they did with Warlocks and the long-requested Green Flames. The difficulty on that quest alone shows what lengths they will go to put your classes' skills to the test. But how they worded the idea of class quests worries me immensely. _______________ Warlords of Draenor currently focuses entirely on the Iron Horde's threat. While we have minor dungeons with the Sargerai and other lifeforms on Draenor, not all quests are represented. Death Knights are still stuck on the thought of the Lich King. If Ner'zhul is killed off too early. The only attachment to Death Knights is severed. Priests are stuck with the Draenei. There are currently no known orcs who are priests. As well as with Velen dying so early into WoD, it ruins any possible chances here. If K'ara does not make another appearance after being purged of being the Black Star. Priests will lose a chance on their class quest. And Shadow priest lore only stem off warlock influence. Unless we see more of the warlocks and their influence of shadow priests. They'll likely be forgotten. Rogues are mostly just assassins with the ability to manipulate the shadows. Wrathion gave them a legendary all to themselves, however we've yet to have a more difficult questline for them. Garona is seen in WoD, so she may be a good start. Warriors will likely have a huge influence as orcs are so very traditional in the art of war. Swordplay will be key for Warriors. Likely they'd be the best to fit the lore and get their own quest to fit along with it. Paladins: Again, stuck with the draenei. If the draenei don't get enough focus, they will be tossed aside. Hunters: We run into alternate Rexxar in Shadowmoon Valley. As WoW's titled hunter representative, he'd be the most reasonable option for any sort of class quest to be associated with. Warlocks: Oh boy. With Gul'dan presumably having a bigger focus in WoD. It would be pretty safe to say that any warlock lore will involve him in one fashion or another. A class quest might be stretching it considering you've already gotten the green flames questline. But we shall see. Mage: Khadgar, the apprentice to Medivh is a huge opportunity and an option. A mage character taking the lead role can also pass his knowledge to the player characters. Possible options there. Monk: Much like Death Knights, monks are really stuck to the expansion they were introduced in. Since pandarens have little to no influence in WoD. It's a possiblity that Monks will receive no love to challenge their skills being the youngest class to play by far. Druid: Druids have a lot of options in Warlords of Draenor. Already receivng the ability to change into the half man/half cat form. Blizzard can play more into having the denizens of Azeroth adapt into the Draenor habitats. Shamans: Draenor's older elements are going to be in their pure forms. Much like Azeroth's elementals, they all have their own powers. Shamans are more than likely welcomed into Draenor, and Thrall doesn't even need to be involved with the amount of content and options running for Shamans. _________________________ But with Class quests. Come challenges, and in an MMO a challenge often leads to reward of some kind. a piece of gear whether it be flavor items or an upgrade. Warlocks got their entire spell book graphically changed to fit Fel flames. What is to say Blizzard will not do the same to the other classes? What can they do with the other classes to make them more pleasing to the eye? Green flames fit lorewise and further opened the gap between a fire mage and a destruction warlock. But what could they do? Priests: Shadow/Light spells change the looks of their spell books. Priests should be able to choose between having their disc/holy spells transformed into shadowy variants of their current forms. As we currently see, we have other color variants of Divine Aegis, power word: shield, archangel. They could certianly play off making shadow mending a graphical option. Shadow priests can turn their shadow spells into holy variants as an option as well. Devoting themselves to either the shadows or to the light. This is something they could play off of if they chose priests as the class for the designated quest. But what options do you think? What lore, that we know of could hint at the fitting class in Warlords of Draenor to receive it's own challenge?Kinria10 Aug 17, 2014
Aug 17, 2014 Murmur Just how strong is he? I mean it is hinted that the Murmur we fought Shadow Labyrinth was a at a fraction of his full srength. It is also suggested in the Codex of Blood that Murmur has the potential to rival Sargeras in terms of power.Gàborn13 Aug 17, 2014
Aug 17, 2014 Read The First Post (Yes, a High elf thread) So, I have a few ideas about playable High elves, and I just wanted to see other people's reactions. I do not expect playable High elves, I just really hope that they one day become playable. 1. High elves as a main Alliance race Northern Lordaeron: the land known for its ironwood tree forests, torrential storms from its frozen mountains, its ominous foreboding peaks and its jagged ice cliffs. A land untouched by the Scourge; a refuge for High elves after the invasion of their beloved land of Quel’Thalas. This land has been inaccessible since the Cataclysm expansion since flying in Azeroth became a possibility. However, through exploits, we have seen the abnormally flat terrains, messy paint job, the uninstanced Stratholme, and above all, the Elven ruins that lie near the edge of the sea. The Silver Covenant is most likely not the largest faction of High elves no matter how prominent they are. There can be a larger group of them somewhere. Northern Lordaeron could be this area and with Alleria’s return, she could gather all of the High elves up into a single faction like how Kael’thas tried to do before his imprisonment in Dalaran. So, through this scenario, Northern Lordaeron would be where the High elven racial capital is. They’ve had over 10 years to create a new city, how big of a city that is, however, depends on how many High elves the devs want to say live there. The starting zone could be in Northern Lordaeron as well, unless we want to get all crazy with the phasing technology, then I have a different idea that could work for them as well as the Blood elves. You start in a phased (blue) Quel’Thalas right before the Scourge Invasion, you fight some undead, witness Sylvanas’ and Anasterian’s deaths, fight against the undead Sylvanas, and ultimately flee to Northern Lordaeron to take refuge. The same for the Blood elves, except they’d probably flee towards Sunstrider Isle, one of the few places in Quel’Thalas that was not ravaged by the Scourge. Now for the differentiation between them and the Blood elves. From what we know, some Wildhammer Dwarves live in the area of Northern Lordaeron. Seeing as how they are a shamanic race, some High elves may have adopted this philosophy of shamanism. On the other hand, they most likely despise fel and dark magics. This could lead to the High elves having the Shaman class and not the Warlock class, and altogether would allow every elf race to have an exclusive class. Druids for Night elves, Shamans for High elves, and Warlocks for Blood elves. The High elves could also have different racials. Character models! If two members of the same race have different models, are they not the same race at all? They are. So, overall, giving the High elves a new model is feasible and would allow for every non-neutral race to have a unique model. Some people have told me this is unnecessary, but it all goes down to the developers. However, as High elves are not just subjected to blue eyes, a new customization feature could be different colored eyes (all except for green and red for obvious reasons). Unicorns were the symbol of the High elves before the Scourge Invasion. As a testament, they could have adopted this symbol again! We have not seen Unicorns in the wild before, so maybe Northern Lordaeron is where they actually lived before the Scourge takeover in the surrounding areas. 2. Neutral Thalassian elves In this scenario, Blood elves would move to the neutral faction with the Pandaren and are replaced with Ogres, or another race for the Horde. The starting zone would be what I addressed above: the Scourge Invasion of Quel’Thalas. It all ends the same as well unless you want to go through the details of the High elves’ exile which would be a cool and interesting factor. The same could be done for the previous scenario as well with the High elves being exiled and traveling down into Northern Lordaeron. Obviously, the “new model” plan would not work too well in this case, so both High elves and Blood elves would have the same models (aside from eye, underwear, and nail color), classes, and racials. However, everything else from the first idea can still apply. 3. High elves as a sub-race or sub-faction Many among the community have discussed about the sub-race idea. High elves could very well fit the bill in that as well. The High elves could have the same model as the Blood elves, or they could use an edited version of the Night elven model similar to Nozdormu’s model or the original Blood elven model shown in their reveal trailer. So, they would be a sub-race to the Night elves. Likewise, they could also be a sub-faction to the Humans which makes more sense lorewise. Besides, what sub-race would you give to the Humans? I don’t know how the sub-race system is going to work, but I assume every racial and class/race combo stays the same for the sub-race that’s taking the place of the main race. 4. High elves and Ogres as 10th Anniversary Presents I have seen this idea pop-up many times on various forums. For the 10th Anniversary of WoW, we could have High elves as an Alliance race and Ogres for the Horde race. This would be a dramatically different way of introducing two new races to the game, as they are usually released with an expansion. You may be asking, why High elves and Ogres for an Anniversary present? Well, both races finish out the WCII racial lineup for their respective factions! You may call it nostalgia, but nostalgia sells! Blizz could even have them available for a limited time, and then release them onto the store for a one-time purchase. All previous ideas apply with this. ~~~~~~~ ... Because I don't want to be a Blood elf, I want to be a High elf. High elves aren't members of the Horde, and they didn't siphon demonic energy. Plus, they are one of the original Alliance races that were available in Warcraft II which is another reason why I also advocate Ogres as a playable race to the Horde. ... I don't want to only look like a High elf, I want to be one. Besides, I also don't want to be limited to one class. If Vereesa hates me, if I'm not allowed into the Silver Enclave or Allerian Outpost, etc., then I'm not a High elf. ... I'm debating a point; there's a difference.Aloralune264 Aug 17, 2014
Aug 17, 2014 Thank you for Garrosh [Spoilery] I have to say Garrosh has become one of my favorite lore character of all time with how Blizzard built him up in Cataclysm and MoP. I love the fact that Garrosh wasn't turned evil by some mysterious force. Garrosh is just a legit bad guy and he does so good at playing the role. I'm glad he will play such a pivotal role in the things to come in WoD and getting things rolling. It will be a bitter sweet day when he dies by the hands of Thrall.Isareth20 Aug 17, 2014
Aug 17, 2014 Is this lore of the Brone/Infinite DF correct I was trying to explain the Bronze/Infinite Dragonflight and why time travel in WoW was important to somebody but I want to make sure I'm 100% right and don't give misinformation. I was wondering if anyone could read this over and tell me if anything is wrong or if I'm missing anything. Also, I coudn't fit it into the title, but I was wondering if the information on my examples are correct. And excuse my grammar, whenever I write a lot I tend to mess it up a bit. "Nozdormu, the Timeless One, leader of the bronze dragonflight (BDF), granted his powers by the titan, Aman'thul, to watch over time in Azeroth and make sure time flows normally and events happen as they are supposed to. And then you have the hooligans in the infinite dragonflight (IDF) led by Murozond. When Nozdormu was given his powers by Aman'thul (AT), AT showed him how and when he was going to die. So in a possible future timeline, the old gods trick Nozdormu and make him abuse his powers so he can avoid the death shown to him by Aman'Thul. This causes Nozdormu to become corrupt, he turns into Murozond, and the infinite dragonflight is born. Basically the whole point of the IDF is to mess up the time and alter the present Azeroth. Examples The opening of the Dark Portal -- The IDF is trying to stop the corrupted Medivh from opening up the Dark Portal so the Orcish horde never invades Azeroth. Sounds like a good thing right? Wrong. W/o the Orcish invasion the Orcs would've perished since they drank the blood, became absolutely insane, and were killing each other like crazy. Also, the races of Azeroth would've been extremely unprepared to fight when the Burning Legion invaded. We have to let the Orcish invasion happen so that the Alliance is actually formed. Plus the Horde and Ally would never team up and defend Azeroth from greater threats (Yogg, Deathwing, ect). Escape from Durnholde -- Keep The IDF kidnaps Taretha Foxton, this means she does not let Thrall escape from his prison, and that means the new Horde is never formed and you can probably guess what happens after that. The Culling of Stratholme -- This is where Arthas goes to Stratholme. Arthas finds out that the citizens of Stratholme are infected by Mal'ganis. Arthas orders Uther to purge the city but Uther refuses. Arthas takes it upon himself to see that every human in Stratholme is dead so the plague will not spread. This is a key point for Arthas as this begins his decent into madness, making him the greatest Death Knight of the Lich King and then the Lich King Himself. So far so good right? Well yeah.... Until the IDF gets involved. The IDF are trying to prevent Arthas from purging Stratholme. If that happens then the citizens of Stratholme (a very populated place btw) turn into the scourge. Arthas' forces were already having trouble with what scourge that wasn't from Stratholme. SO everyone in Stratholme is screwed. What does this mean? Well it means all of Lordaeron is swept away by the scourge. Lordaeron is the Eastern Plaguelands, the Western Plaguelands, Tirisfal Glades, Hillsbrad Foothills, most of Silverpine Forest, and part of the Alterac Mountains...... That's a lot of scourge. Now I'm not exactly sure about this next part but I think this is how it would've played out. No Arthas to become Lich King -> No reason to go to Northrend -> Nerubian and Faceless ones help Yogg'saron escape his prison -> Yogg'saron (an old god) destroys the world -> GG"Nargacuga0 Aug 17, 2014