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Dec 5, 2013 You are now part of the World Design Team You and a small team are put in charge of making some flavor changes to the game. You are not in any position to make big storylines or major changes, just small flavorful things and maybe a bit of phasing here or there. What do you do? For me: Eastern Kingdoms -Phase Westfall once its quests are done, mostly around Sentinel Hill. -Give Raven Hill in Duskwood some Gilnean architecture. I'd also add some flavor text in Darkshire about the locals distrusting the worgen. -Add something in Alterac. Maybe even just a few flavor NPCs who talk about its fall in the Second War. -Give Gilneas a steam train that players can ride :D -Give Stonard services so it's equal to Theramore. -More Widlhammers and Dark Irons in Ironforge. -TwiHi Wildhammer buildings at Aerie Peak. -Undercity's orc guards replaced with Forsaken. Kalimdor -Make the Howling Oak bigger and put more under it. Add some Gilnean buildings around the outside. -Update Forest Song with WoD draenei buildings. -Add Gallywix to his palace and make an easy land path up for any Alliance players who want to kill him -Trolls and worgen in Nighthaven. -Org's orc guards replaced with trolls. And on both continents I'd add some wandering Pandaren, maybe at the quest hubs or just out in the wilds, I don't know. Integrate them somewhere. Stormwind and Orgrimmar would also both have Horde/Alliance ambassadors, respectively.Reignac29 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Orc Warchief? Now that Vol'Jin is the Warchief of the Horde, who will represent the Orcs? Is it Thrall or Saurfang? Even when Thrall and Garrosh were Warchief, Vo'Jin was still in charge of the Darkspear, so who will take the mantle for the Orc Race?Taronos32 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Time for a Horde vs alli break Darkmoon faire conspiracy theories ill go first Silas is planing to take over all of Azroth and could be one of the most powerful lifeforms on the planet.Gaunt2 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Stormwind shold be falling apart I have played a small part of the Alliance quest in Westfall and read Blood of Our Fathers and Prophet’s Lesson. The do not paint a pretty picture of Stormwind and its current state. The money needed to fund the war in Northrend was not cheap to start with and then Deathwing trashing the city and huge military expedition to Pandaria did not help the royal treasury. Varian Wrynns lack of tact with the Nobles of Stormwind is not wining Varian to many friends (rich friends with power). Letting the Horde go after SoO is not going to help Him get any clout with the Nobles or the common people. The people of Stormwind have to be sick of the wars by know how many loved ones do the have to give up to there king and country.Gaunt34 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 How will WoD end? I acknowledge that I'm getting way ahead of myself seeing as how there hasn't even been a WoD Beta yet, but having said that how do you guys think WoD will end? I'm personally hoping for a tragic ending where Grom and the horde end up drinking the blood of Mannoroth anyway (unable to escape his fate regardless of whether or not he's an alternate dimension counterpart) and after seeing his father doom the orcs again Garrosh is defeated spiritually and emotionally. and we seal up the alternate reality with Garrosh and the demon hordes stuck on Draenor. PS - (I also acknowledge that Draenor would still be available to us for gameplay reasons after the xpac even if it's sealed off lore-wise) PPS - (I also acknowledge that the dark portal being sealed off and the orcs falling to demons blood is something we've already seen) PPPS - I hope this made sense it's late and my thoughts are scrambled.Kòò12 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Humanity and Draenei I'm interested to learn what is going on with the humans (basically, us) and with the Draenei who seem to have a rather major part to play now in the future of our Azeroth and Draenor of the alternative timeline. It seems that the humans for a long time now have been placed in a sideline but presented as the front of the line for the Alliance war effort for the last 2 or 3 expansions. I want to know exactly where things stand right now because, next to Ironforge, Darnassus, and even Orgrimmar really, from what I've seen personally Stormwind stands as the largest hub of activity and culture on Azeroth. It seems that humans stand to take their place as the strongest force on the Eastern Kingdoms, if not on Azeroth as a whole. Do you agree? What do YOU feel about humans from a story perspective? As for the Draenei, it seems that this next expansion might be their time to shine, (literally even). With the opportunity to see to the peace of Draenor in another universe, how will this affect us Draenei in this time line? With Outland being an irreparable and shattered ruin, and Azeroth our new home as declared by Prophet Velen, will we be simply arbiters to this revealed Draenor or will there be opportunity for us here as maybe a place to stay? It's up to Blizzard of course, but what do you feel about it? I personally would like to see the Draenei be allowed to stay there and live a new life among their culture and people without having seen the strife and ruin of the destruction of Draenor. And as for our people, the humans, I'd like to see Varian retire to ruling quietly in Stormwind and Anduin leading us into a new future, since the Light has become a key plot device in the ongoing story of Warcraft. Until Anduin is crowned Priest-King of Stormwind, I see no reason for him not to get his hands dirty in a crusade against the Burning Legion which is undoubtedly coming with all haste for Azeroth as we dabble in Draenor.Jakaelos16 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Has there been a Timeline of Horde/Alliance.. being allies?Iirontooth8 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Why are people mad about Theramore? Is it because the Horde didn't take a loss in turn? Because that is a little understandable, not because of "balanced gameplay should be about this for that" but because so much done by the Horde is ignored or scapegoated that it is grating on the nerves. Is it because Theramore held civilians? It was the primary staging area for a major campaign into Kalimdor, that civilians and non-combatants are there is irrelevant to the fact that destroying the main base is the most sound way of ending conflict in Kalimdor, in Horde favor of course. In fact it could be argued that assuming an enemy will stave off direct attack on the base because of the civilians is a coward's tactic. And yes that means Orgrimmar is a completely viable target to mass destroy with civilian casualties expected. That does not mean intentionally hunt down non-combatants, but to shy away from using something you know will achieve victory because it might hurt someone who is merely accessory to your enemy is silly. Was it because the Mana bomb was too horrific or too effective? Now from a narrative stand point yes nukes are VERY boring unless you have a situation that is presented where the protagonist needs to stop the bomb or something. Or if the power is only held by a powerful third party antagonist, something Garrosh does not become until much later. Otherwise if you have the means, use them to their utmost. But being crafty makes for a much better story rather than "RAWR ME MAKE BIG POWAH!" Was it because Jaina helped the Orcs and was repaid with destruction? Well that sounds like she was played like a fiddle if you ask me. Used until she was no longer needed and thrown aside, that the weapon was left behind to be abused by an angry mage was a mix of bad writing and complete lack of foresight after a slight display of pragmatism (in-universe). It was mean to be sure, but still sound tactics, again until leaving the bomb behind to be used by the enemy becomes a thing. So why are people mad about Theramore? I don't like it because it was just bad writing ending on a kind of Deus Ex Machina that should never be coupled with a terrible scenario on top of it. But are people actually mad for another reason?Kenthil201 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Garrosh... isn't a bad guy. So I just finished rereading Tides of War, and I have come to the above conclusion. Garrosh isn't, and never was, a bad guy. Sure, he was a villain and did terrible things and he had no place being Warchief... but he's not evil. He's just weak. In a lot of places in Tides, whenever we get a view of what Garrosh is thinking, it shows pretty obviously that he doesn't want to be a dictator. He wants the love of all the peoples of the Horde. He wants to be like Thrall (minus the peace part - he totally wants war with the Alliance, but that doesn't make him a villain) He regrets and feels ashamed of what happened to Cairne, and that he allowed the Grimtotem to take over Thunder Bluff. He believes that bombing Theramore is the victory that will bring him the respect of Baine and Vol'jin and all the others, and seems genuinely surprised then it doesn't. Most of his rudeness comes essentially from his lack of tact in personal conversation, not most of his malevolence. The entire reason for his war with the Alliance is that, the way he sees it, the Horde is struggling to get by in the desert, beset on all sides by foes, and the Alliance has all the nice stuff and won't share. Like, to an outsider (like Garrosh - remember, he hasn't been on Azeroth long) who doesn't understand fully how sacred the forests are to the Night Elves, the elves killing lumberjacks in Ashenvale over a few trees seems completely ridiculous. He gets a little overzealous with the Alliance hating (another flaw of his - he can't do anything halfway) but most of his position is 'I want my people to be great, and I want them to love me'. Sure, he steps into the casual (and not so casual) racism boots every so often, but I think that's just a matter of having Malkorok whispering into his ear all the time. That's why he was all 'honor' and 'wisdom' back in Cataclysm - because he was hanging out with Saurfang and Eitrigg and co. all the time, but now that he has all the Blackrocks and Dragonmaw around telling him about war and orc supremacy, he's sort of caving to them - because he agrees with those around him, because he wants their approval. And, (ignore this sentence if you don't like utterly untrained Freudian pseudo-psychology) one of the biggest reasons I think he wants approval so much was that his dad was a) absentee and b) Grom !@#$%^- Hellscream. Daddy issues, much? I think this is an interesting lens through which to view the character, because it turns Mists of Pandaria into a sort of fantasy Macbeth, starring Garrosh. And like Macbeth, I won't deny that Garrosh suffers a MASSIVE mental breakdown and does a lot of wholly inexcusable things - but in the beginning, he's not a terrible guy. Thoughts? Comments? Hatred?Kaspeller84 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Who is the Emperor? So I saw the Will of the Emperor encounter today, but I still don't know who the Emperor is! Could someone clarify, please?Valithyria45 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Create a Legendary Quest Chain With the up coming expansion one element that has not been discussed to my knowledge is the inclusion of a legendary Quest Chain. So this thread is meant to speculate on what such a chain might be or invent a legendary quest (for this or another expansion).Danseis5 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Pime Taradox So, with WoD, how is alternate azeroth going to fair? Its going to be quite difficult for them to make a version of it because so much will have changed. For one, no orcs coming to azeroth, which also means no lich king, which also means no scourge, which also means no Archimonde. Maybe medivh summons archimonde, but the battle of hyjal will probably be fine even without the orcs because the alliance is unbruised. Also illidan might be set free but doesn't take the skull of gul'dan so hes non-wings horns hooves illy. I think it'll be quite confusing, but also really interesting to talk about how things would have changed.Pheight47 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 Factional Memorial Day? I've read something just now that made me wonder if the game couldn't benefit from having a "Faction Pride" day to help players get a true sense of what it means to be Alliance/Horde and to remind them of what they've lost. I mean, we have the Harvest Festival where they send up to Grom's memorial and the like, but is that really enough? I mean, there could be a day where the Alliance go to the Ruins of Theramore to honor those who have fallen to the Mana Bomb, the Horde could go to Camp Taurajo and do something similar. The Alliance could go to Frostmourne's Cavern and the Path of Glory, while the Horde could go to Garadar, the Isle of Quel'dana monument and Thousand Needles/Camp Narache. Just to you know, remind us of pivotal moments of each faction's history and get a neutral account of what went on there to players who haven't been through those. What do you think, should Blizzard take a moment once a year to help us remember what it means to be Horde/Alliance?Mugtha5 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 Best places to quest Been playing WoW since 2005. Don't know if any prior threads exist regarding this topic (I imagine there are but likely they're closed for comment by now). I thought it'd be fun to get everyone talking about their favorite zones from each xpac....specifically focusing on places with the best overall themes and quest chains. Music, art, mobs, and story lines/intrigue come together as a whole experience and it's really not easy to pick the best from each area/Era. Starting with the most recent - Pandaria - Dread Wastes would be my fav. Waking the paragons and the intensity of mobs/quest difficulty is just perfect. So is the story and the overall feel of the zone. I look forward to hitting 89 with all my alts just so I can go straight to DW and finish off the cap in one of the wildest looking places. I love it so much the time flies by and I'm always bummed I've hit 90 before I finished the zone (which I do anyway because well, I have to). For Cata it would be Twilight Highlands for sure. The dwarf quest lines have to be the most hilarious and clever lore I've played through in years. Lich is a tough call, because honestly I loved that Xpac so thoroughly, picking one place is almost impossible. I'd probably punt and say Argent Tournament though......just for the novelty it provided at that time. Oddly one of my favorite zones art/music wise is Crystalsong. It's just so well.......pretty. And empty. LOL Gathering carrots was never so fun. BC would be a toss up between Netherstorm and Nagrand. Hard to pick one over the other...both had so much to offer in their own way. The Kirin'Var Village quest line was my favorite part of Netherstorm. The entirety of Nagrand, start to finish rocked. (Halaa was my first real intense jump into pvp and really some of the best pvp experiences I've ever had). Classic wow, pre cata devastation - gotta say Tirisfal Glades. Old school undead areas just plain sullen, so moody, so forsaken. ;-) What are your top zone picks? And why? Again, focus would be on theme/quests/lore/mobs/art/overall experience.Asereht4 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 Tracking Humanoids Every I clicked on the tracking button attached to the mini-map, I uncheck the 'Tracking Humanoids' button, and about a minute later, I notice that the 'Tracking Humanoids' has came back on, idk what im pressing for that to happen. Anyone know the button(s) to press to Track Humanoids and un-Track Humanoids? Thanks ~ Sticky Key??~Yoktic5 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 still a better love story than jaina/kalec Koltira and Thassarian are obviously madly in love.Solister77 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 Monk Lore: Spec Discrepancies I recently made a Monk to level because I've fallen utterly in love with the lore of the class. Specifically I love that they were given a unique flavor through the August Celestials. I adore the idea behind them, how they embody specific virtues, each have diverse, interesting personalities, and how they're based on real Chinese legends and mythology, even if they did decide to go with an ox instead of a tortoise to complete the Celestial roster. As I'm a fan of the Celestials, it was clear to me that something was very off about the lore and flavor of the Monks we as players have access to. But first, to better understand the problem, we have to know the roots of the Monk class; the Celestials themselves. As such, let's take a moment to look at them in detail. Niuzao the Black Ox, embodiment of Fortitude Famous for his bravery, strength of will, and above all his fortitude, Niuzao's disciples are known for their durability and their ability to withstand mighty blows. They are dubbed 'Oxes' and nimbly defy death as they drunkenly sway out of harm's way. He is the patron saint of the 'tank' archetype, not just for monks, but for all children of the battlefield. Niuzao's teachings are embodied perfectly by the Brewmaster specialization's emphasis on avoiding harm and outlasting your foes. While I don't know Niuzao's stance on ale, the Brewmaster's emphasis for staying on their feet and braving the storm (no matter how drunk they might be at the time) makes Niuzao a Celestial that is prominently and correctly represented within the Monk class. Xuen the White Tiger, embodiment of Strength Known all across Pandaria for his ferocity, strength, and wise sense of restraint, Xuen's disciples are known for their swift, decisive strikes, and their overwhelming combat prowess. They are dubbed 'Tigers' and utilize powerful, excessively practiced blows to combat their enemies. He is the patron saint of the 'fighter' archetype, not just for monks, but for any who would strike against adversity, be it with weapons or their bare hands. Xuen's teachings are embodied perfectly by the Windwalker specialization's emphasis on swift, mighty blows, and having the strength to do what needs to be done. The Windwalker's emphasis on fierce, meaningful combat is a direct manifestation of Xuen's guidance, making Xuen a Celestial that is prominently and correctly represented within the Monk class. Yu'lon the Jade Serpent, embodiment of Wisdom Praised far and wide for her compassion, intellect, and above all else her wisdom, Yu'lon's disciples are known for their expertise in the mystical arts, such as conjuring jade lightning and weaving Pandaria's mists to create a healing effect. They are dubbed 'Serpents' and wield potent mystical arcana to combat enemies and aid allies. Yu'lon is the patron saint of the 'caster' archetype, not just for monks, but for any wise enough to master the mystical arts. Yu'lon's teachings are awkwardly portrayed by the Mistweaver specialization's emphasis on healing and supporting one's allies, which is typically the domain of Chi-Ji, the Celestial embodiment of Hope, while Yu'lon, the master of jade fire (and possibly jade lightning) holds domain over offensive magic. While she does occasionally appear to have healing properties, this is by no means her specialization. In most instances where Yu'lon's likeness is ingrained into an item it is to be given to a caster class, such as a mage or a warlock, where items given to classes with a healing focus, such as priests, druids, and shamans bare Chi-Ji's likeness. This leads me to find Yu'lon as a Celestial that is prominently but incorrectly represented within the Monk class. Chi-Ji the Red Crane, embodiment of Hope The living personification of hope, Chi-Ji is known across the land for uplifting his allies' spirits, providing powerful healing abilities, and offering his services as a pillar of support to whomever might need it. His disciples however are remarkably absent both from the battlefield and the populace as a whole. Dubbed 'Cranes', the few disciples of Chi-Ji that there are to be found seem content to spend their days bent over scrolls in the Cave of the Crane atop the Peak of Serenity instead of going out into the world and spreading Chi-Ji's message of hope. Chi-Ji is the patron saint of the ‘support’ role, not just for monks, but for any bearing a will strong enough to project their own hope into their allies. Chi-Ji's teachings are, ironically enough, embodied perfectly by the Mistweaver specialization, even though the Mistweavers seem to have incorrectly identified themselves as Serpents instead of Cranes. The Mistweavers' focus on healing and rousing the spirits of their allies with spells such as Uplift lines up perfectly with Chi-Ji's message of hope, as well as how we've seen Chi-Ji use spells such as Tranquility. While I'm of course not suggesting Mistweavers use druidic magic, I am suggesting that Chi-Ji could be drawing his healing powers from the same source as the Mistweavers. This leads me to believe that Chi-Ji is a Celestial that is underutilized but has the potential to be correctly represented within the Monk class. As you can see, while Xuen and Niuzao are represented wonderfully by the Tigers and the Oxes respectively, Yu'lon and Chi-Ji are confused and muddled, hurting them both in terms of their significance and flavor. It is my belief that Chi-Ji was meant to be the patron Celestial of the Mistweavers, and that the Monk class as a whole was intended to have four specializations, with a Balance Druid/ Elemental Shaman/ Shadow Priest caster class to represent Yu'lon, utilizing spirit leather, jade lightning, and possibly even jade fire to combat enemies. As things stand now, Mistweavers are represented by the wrong Celestial and Yu'lon has no true students to tutor in the ways of her mystical jade magics. I see this as a problem, but it's not a hard one to fix. Mistweavers simply need to fall under Chi-Ji's domain, and the jade lightning aspect of the Mistweavers needs to be divorced from the specialization and given to a caster specialization dedicated to Yu'lon (one that would use the same gear as the Mistweaver monks, through a spirit-hit conversion abillity.) As things are, the Mistweavers feel like a confused bunch that don't understand their own patron deities. I simply want to remedy this in order to bring out the full lore potential of the Monk class. I know what some of you out there are saying. "But Chi-Ji's red! We can't have red healing abillities! That would just be silly!" The mist that the Mistweavers might be green, but it doesn't make any less sense for Chi-Ji than it does for Yu'lon who I've never seen conjure any form of mist magic. Keep the green color, assign it to the Celestial with the thematically correct domain, and if it's not asking too much, give Yu'lon an interesting caster monk specialization to call her own. The Mistweaver specialization feel like the new old-Feral specialization for Druids, where it feels like two flavors of a class hastily slapped together into one discordant mess. This is the most elegant way I can think of to fix things, and I hope it's taken into consideration.Jenla27 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 What seperates Yrel? (spoilers) Of course, everybody knows that a draenei female by the name of Yrel will be starring in this expansion. I've heard some say that she's just a regular draenei who stepped up to the occasion. I don't believe this is true. Certainly Yrel has to have an ability of some sort that makes all the others say "DUDE, I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE JUST DID THAT!" I really hope she does too. What would you guys rather see? A regular draenei who separates herself from the group by her leadership or a draenei who separates herself from the group with a BA ability?Movalon72 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 Diablo and Kerrigan vs Demon Illidan and LK Explain why and explain your counter arguement. EDIT:Added Three characters. EDIT:Removed Aman"thul added Illidan.Eliysa7 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 Re-paint blood myst isle? Naaru get the boot? Will Bloodmyst isle ever go beyond. Starting as if someone either was fail at summoning. And/Or look too drunk to mis a planet? Can we please give the naauru a boot--to-the-head and out of lore?Sproketz18 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 Theory about the Growth of Anduin and Varian So if you don't know the new book for WoW is written by Christine (insert last name i cant remember). And a youtuber who does lore videos who Im sure most of you are aware of (Nobbel87) asked her if Anduin would have any growth in the upcoming book which could detail info about the expansion, she said yes he would have a lot. And we all know that Anduin is very passive and peaceful, hates wars and fighting with the horde. And for him to ever become leader of the alliance we would need someone more Varian like, who knows when to be peaceful and when to fight. And since we are going back to the days of Draenor in the upcoming expansion the tension between the Iron horde and alliance will be very high. So here comes my theory. What if Varian was to be slain in combat against the Iron horde. Anduin is enraged upon seeing his fathers death and vows to take revenge. Possibly leaving his less peaceful ways and becoming more of a paladin type character. And Velens prophecy of him leading the army of light would be true. So what are your thoughts on this theory? I personally love the storyline of this and think it would be a great thing to happen (as much as I love Varian this would be great to see).Achlÿs3 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 Alternate theory on Kairoz being a "traitor" Thought this was an interesting theory from the EU forums: Basically, we know that Zaela will be in WoD. If she still has the amulet to control dragons could she use it to enslave Kairoz? To me that would make a good amount of sense. Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 Class Specs in Lore You ever notice how we only ever see Elemental Shamans when it comes to lore NPCs or that all most Warlocks are Demonology or Destruction? I've been wondering about how some class specs just don't seem to be represented in-game. I mean, we don't see that many Enhancement Shamans or Holy Paladins, probably because WoW is more or less axed toward combat, but sometimes I'd like to have say a Restoration Shaman tag along for a quest or an Affliction Warlock that's more interested in harnessing the power of the void rather than focusing strictly on demonic lore. I mean, maybe it'd be nice to see some Goblin Discipline Priest, a Death Knight that's not Unholy or an actual Shadow Priest every once in a while. What class specs would you like to see get more lore/representation in-game? EDIT : Various plot-hooks : Enhancement Shaman : X person is trying to bind a powerful elemental for his totem or needs a specific offering to bind a specific element to his weapon. Discipline Priest : X person needs help to improve the morale of her flock/squad or wishes to convert a stubborn person to her religion. Maybe it's a goblin priest who's owed money and needs an enforcer? Protection Paladin : X person is busy defending camp against raiders and is afraid for the fate of her companions. She tasks the players to find them and deliver a holy talisman to help protect them. Combat Rogue : X person is a consummate duelist, but is also a bit of a coward, she hires the player as a bodyguard to ensure her quarry's friends don't jump in or to ensure her opponent isn't up to any dirty tricks.Mugtha13 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 About The Five Sorcerers What do you guys know about The Five Sorcerers? Dec 4, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 Anyone else tired of retcons? Is anyone else tired of all the retcons and complete lack of consistency and rules of what can and can't be done inside the narrative without something to make it more believable. Instead of ending with some plot device that falls flat on its face when analyzed (sometimes immediately spotted). While others that try to instill emotion will fail utterly (Healing and resurrections not working when they should because loldrama). Not to mention the changing of how things happen in game to how they instead happen in a book at some authors discretion. Usually in most games the way the player most commonly handles a situation is the canon ending. (Except for the fate of a certain Demi-Lich who was stuffed into a bag and thrown into an error in existence; D&D)Kenthil42 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 Why do Shamans have bloodlust? Isn't it like a bad... thing? It seems like an out of character spells for shamans.Kortezius24 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 Lore: Tauren Paladins Hey guys, I also made a video about Tauren priest and paladins! Again, let me know what you think!Seiben0 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 Uh... Why is Thrall green? "The Frostwolf clan (otherwise known as Frost Wolf clan) is one of the original orc clans from the planet of Draenor, and one of very few clans not to partake of the Blood of Mannoroth which corrupted the other clans." - Wowpedia "Shortly before the attack on the draenei capital of Shattrath, Gul'dan called the clans to a mountain he named the Throne of Kil'jaeden in what is now Hellfire Peninsula, to partake of Kil'jaeden's 'gift' - the blood of Mannoroth. Durotan—having been warned by the now-subservient Ner'zhul - refused to partake, as did his friend Orgrim...causing both to fall under the suspicion of Gul'dan." - Wowpedia Effectively, the only green orcs in the Frostwolf had to have been the shaman of the clan, whom turned to warlock magic.(Which, I would assume, is enough fel-corruption to turn an orc green, though that might be questionable) "During a battle in which they were defeated by Restalaan's forces, the Frostwolf shaman realized they had been cut off from the spirits. Durotan and Draka took this as a sign that something was seriously wrong, even though Ner'zhul had told them the ancestors had told them that this was a just war. It was at this time that the orcs - under the guidance of the ambitious Gul'dan, Ner'zhul's apprentice - began to take the path of warlock magic. Durotan, not seeking to bring attention to himself by opposing the official stance, allowed Drek'Thar and his shaman to receive the warlock training." - Wowpedia Now, why in poopity doop lee doo is Thrall green if neither his father, or mother partook in the blood of mannoroth, therefore never turned into green, fel-corrupted orcs? Just an interesting question.Spröckamite11 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 Humans and The Light I was wondering where Humans get their light powers. Like dont the night elves get it from elune, blood elves the new sunwell, the tauren their sun god, and trolls the loa but where do humans get their light from?Chexmixer12 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 WoD will have 2 Doomhammers??? We all know that Thrall carries Orgrim's legendary hammer which was passed onto him by the mentor. In Draenor, Orgrim will be carrying the Doomhammer, which prophisizes that one of the Doomhammers' bloodline will be the downfall of the people and one will be its redemption. So......when Orgrim sees Thrall with his hammer, wont he figure out that something bad will happen to himself and for the orc race? Orgrim, never knew this and tries to bring back orc honor in the 2nd war. Isn't that sort of altering the course of time?Charlymorphy18 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 What point in time is this happening? I know and enjoy most of the lore and history of warcraft, however I am somewhat confused on a point with this new expansion. When Gul'dan joined the Burning Legion the orcs ceased being a peaceful shamanistic society. This also lead them to being fel orcs, but my question is how does the horde exist prior to these events in the form that it became. When it was completely different prior to Gul'dans betrayal of his people. They did not start wiping races out until they came under the control of the burning legion. Or is this time set for the moment that the burning legion arrives and turns the orcs into fel orcs? Oh and this forum is for discussing the story of warcraft, and that is exactly what I am doing.Swor5 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 Tyrande The....Lawyer anyone thinking this is an interesting choice.Vyerra130 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 The Warlock's Role in Azeroth This subject tends to come up a lot for me in lore discussions and role play a lot, and I thought I would create a discussion here to see what my fellow loremasters think in regards to how warlocks fit into each faction. With the coming tide of Dark Iron Dwarves into the Alliance and a new troll Warchief of the Horde, do you think it will become more socially acceptable to be a warlock? Couple this with the fact we have not seen much from the Burning Legion in recent years therefore making the benefits of having warlocks outweigh the negatives in people's day to day minds. And finally, are warlocks a boon to their respective factions? Should they stay the hidden away necessary evil or perhaps be given the Death Knight treatment and openly considered heroes?Klauth78 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 Alternate Draenor = Alternate Azeroth? Okay, we know with the coming expansion we'll be going to an alternate draenor created by Garrosh, but you know that by doing this, Garrosh has created an Alternate Azeroth as well, hasn't he? Imagine what Azeroth would be like if the Old Horde didn't show up. -Anduin Lothar not dead -No such things as Paladin -Razing of Stormwind never happened -Arthas may still be alive (and possibly a warrior, since No Paladin) -Lordaeron still in one piece and not homeland to zombies -And we mustn't forget this, No Alliance! (remember, the Alliance was created as a response to the Old Horde's invasion) -And i'm sure you guys can think of a hundred other things. Now I'm sure it's entirely possible that Sargeras/Medivh found some other way to bring his forces to Azeroth, but it's also possible that he's still trying to come up with a way (and do the Titans and Legion exist in alternate timelines? Or are they one of those "Multiversal singularities?"). I wonder if, at some point in this expansion, we find ourselves in desperate need of reinforcements and need to take a more creative approach to getting them. Could be interesting to see.Baldris44 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 Dalaran back on the Alliance Team It's nice that Dalaran is now back on our team once again but for some reason it feels wrong even tho Jaina imprisoned or made the Sunreavers flee after they betrayed her not once but twice. Anyone else get that feeling? We have Dalaran back but it feels weird. At what cost?Faendel306 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 Why does the Argent Crusade tolerate Sylvanas I think this question has possibly been asked and answered, but using my own knowledge of the Warcraft story, I can't come to the solution on my own. The Argent Crusade was formed to fight the Scourge and the Lich King as far as I know, but even Sylvanas has admitted that there is little difference in principle between what the Forsaken have become and the Scourge. The main difference is its leadership and (arguably) its goals. But what was the Lich King's goal? World domination? Converting all the living into controllable corpses? I've heard similar aspirations from undead quest-givers as I've gone through Tirisfall, Silverpine, and Hillisbrad on an alt. You would think that, as a reasonable, good-guy faction, the Crusade would tolerate a bunch of Undead who were forced to go on as they are, but wouldn't a faction that serves the Light be horrified by what Sylvanas is doing now? She is killing innocent humans only to make them undead servants. Why isn't the Crusade doing anything about this?Delrendis113 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 What out-of-lore stuff would you like to see? First of all, before anyone posts, I just want to clear up what I mean by out-of-lore. In the strictest sense, I mean fantasy themes or ideas that have not been featured in World of Warcraft, but would be a unique and cool implementation that you think would fit well in the Warcraft universe. I know there's a lot of lore that still needs to be addressed before we start adding completely new concepts and a lot of purists will scoff at the idea as being bad fan-fiction, but I've seen some pretty cool ideas pop up on the forums now and then. One thing I'd really like to see is an artificial/robotic race. Now, it's no question that Warcraft often blurs the lines between scifi/steampunk/fantasy with its inclusion of Gnomish, Goblin, and Titan technology. I think the inclusion of a race of artificial humanoids/constructs, akin to the Warforged from D&D, as playable characters would be pretty cool. One idea I had was that maybe the gnomes create them as automaton/soldiers for the Alliance army using recovered Mogu/Pandaren artifacts and they end up having their own consciousness. Some rebel against their creators and, with nowhere to go, join the Horde, while some stay loyal to their makers and the Alliance. I think this would add a cool dynamic of the Alliance "playing God" (maybe adding a cool cross-faction comparison with the Gnomes and the Forsaken) and would also get the gnomes involved more in the lore. It's not a 100% rock-solid idea, but I think it's workable if the writers could figure out a way to implement it better. My other thought was an underground expansion. With the Old Gods supposedly being buried beneath the earth, surely their influence must have spread to whatever races or creatures might be living down there. Exploring the deep realm of a new, underground world could be pretty exciting and a great opportunity to introduce a number of cool new creatures/races. Maybe we could learn more about the Faceless Ones and their origins or be introduced to an "under-kingdom" of Troggs or Kobolds that are far more powerful and imposing then their relatives on the higher levels of the earth. I don't know, I always like seeing cool wishlist ideas that fit the spirit of the game. Share some of yours!Outnumbered1 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 2, 2013 Shadowsong Shrine I've only JUST noticed (I know right?) That Cata removed all signs of Shadowsong Shrine and devoted it into a new alliance base. I'm not sure how I feel about just snubbing Jarod and Maiev like that after all they have done, and I'm Forsaken!Vossaire5 Dec 2, 2013
Dec 2, 2013 Nonsense: The Jury Let's All play a game... Garrosh needs a fair trial and a jury must be selected. To make it fair Defendant Baine has asked for races not directly affected or affiliated with the SoO. Go ahead there are eight seats. Fill themVyerra21 Dec 2, 2013
Dec 2, 2013 Warlords of Draenor Lore Questions? Although I do like the idea of the seperate timeline so we can go to draenor, I'm a little curious about a couple of lore issues. 1) My main issue/question. The orcs were originally a peaceful shamanistic race before drinking the blood of Mannoroth. They had been trading with the Draenei and all things of the sort like that. Not until they actually drank the blood of Mannoroth was when they became so bloodthirsty and started all the fighting until they thought they killed all the Draenei, then led to fighting amongst each other until they invaded Azeroth. Then they were finally free when Thrall and Grom took down Mannoroth. is Garrosh supposed to make the "pre-blood drinking" orcs want to invade when they're still supposed to be this peaceful shamanistic race? How are they going to re-write such a big and crucial part of the lore? 2) The Azeroth from the "Iron Horde" Draenor timeline that doesn't get invaded like ours did and brought the orcs over. Will that Azeroth be doomed because there are not both factions there to fight off old gods/scourge like they needed after the orcs had arrived? Maybe one of those "expansions galore" they were talking about in the panels... Finally 3) How exactly are they going to deal with a double up of people like Sargeras and Kil'Jaeden? I know they said on the panel they're trying to focus on Draenor, not paradox's. But these things can't exactly be swept under the rug when you wanna know if the Gul'dan in the "Iron Horde" Draenor has been talking to the Kil'Jaeden of their world, so what will the Kil'Jaeden of our timeline do about it? Just a few questions, feel free to fill up and holes that have been left if you're able.Schutzstaffl21 Dec 2, 2013
Dec 2, 2013 The abombination's upper back hook What on Azeroth would an abomination use the hook on his upper back for? It doesn't even look like it can bend. Anyone clarify this for me?Delurk9 Dec 2, 2013
Dec 2, 2013 Arcturis - Kill for not reason :/ Hello guys I'm posting this thread hope in the right place, I need to tell my story even if it is a sad one :/. As many Hunters on this game it is a cool thing to be able to obtain a Spirit Pet. So after I reach level 74 I went straight to Grizzly Hills and camp Arcturis for 12 hours straight. After the 12 hours mark my NPC pop out and DANG!!!! ARCTURIS was there, I couldn't believe it so I straight start taming and then, this player ( A girl btw IMADORABLE - BAELGUN Level 90) kill it for not reason. I couldn't screen capture it but I took the chat I had with her after this happen. Chat: [19:51:13] _NPCScan: The following unit(s) are already cached. Consider removing them using “/npcscan”'s menu or resetting them by clearing your cache: “Arcturis”, “Death Howl”, “Grocklar”, “Skoll”. [W:To] [Imadorable]: Hey :) [W:From] [Imadorable]: hello [W:To] [Imadorable]: Sorry Im the hunter Aetherblood [W:From] [Imadorable]: Lol oh [W:To] [Imadorable]: why you kill Arcturis [W:To] [Imadorable]: I was camping him for 6 hours bro [W:To] [Imadorable]: man that was bad seriously [W:From] [Imadorable]: & I been camping it for months and wasnt letting someone else get it before me [W:To] [Imadorable]: not respect or what so ever were there too [W:From] [Imadorable]: im not a bro [W:From] [Imadorable]: im a girl [W:To] [Imadorable]: sorry my lady [W:To] [Imadorable]: I know your feeling [W:To] [Imadorable]: but that was a little rude [W:To] [Imadorable]: dont you think? [W:From] [Imadorable]: Nah it's a game [W:From] [Imadorable]: it respawns [W:To] [Imadorable]: if you say so [W:From] [Imadorable]: yeah [W:From] [Imadorable]: sorry but its how it goes with horde and alliance [W:To] [Imadorable]: like you say is a game but more importantly is about ppl been nice or not [W:To] [Imadorable]: seems you are not but ok [W:From] [Imadorable]: im nice [W:From] [Imadorable]: not to alliance but to horde [W:From] [Imadorable]: took 6 hours to respawn? [W:From] [Imadorable]: thats fast [W:To] [Imadorable]: nope [W:To] [Imadorable]: took 12 hours [W:To] [Imadorable]: I was 6 straight [W:From] [Imadorable]: usually 24 hours to 72 [W:To] [Imadorable]: really ok didnt know that [W:To] [Imadorable]: Anyways take care btw [W:From] [Imadorable]: you too [W:To] [Imadorable]: I'm posting this on the FORUMS so you know that in advance [W:To] [Imadorable]: take care [W:From] [Imadorable]: ok Well many ppl will tell me that happens, I know it happens but I found funny why someone just for the joy of making someone else sad, just do things like this. Take care everyone, happy huntingAetherblood9 Dec 2, 2013
Dec 2, 2013 About Ner'zhul in the new timeline As we know that Ner'zhul how he was killed. ... My question is if Ner'zhul know that he will be killed by kil'jeaden in the future, will there be a new lore for him in WOD?Raiserzeon9 Dec 2, 2013
Dec 2, 2013 Shadowmourne Lore Question Does anyone know if in canon lore Shadowmourne was used in the final battle with the Lich King?Aløcer2 Dec 2, 2013
Dec 2, 2013 Sylvanas, Gilneas, and Varian's Containment I was playing through the Worgen starting zone the other day and I suddenly got a very sick feeling. More of an instinct really, an inkling of something that may come down the road that will spark Varian's containment campaign against Sylvanas and may actually threaten her position within the Horde. What if she raised Prince Liam as a Forsaken and used some kind of magic to control him? There was never any evidence that the Prince had become a Worgen. He remained human throughout the whole story. Imagine what that would do to Genn and the Alliance. Varian would go ballistic over it and see it as a perversion and Genn would want to lay waste to everything in Lordaeron. All the while Vol'JIn would be in the position of either throwing Sylvanas to the wolves or appointing an interim leader of the Forsaken so that the matter could be investigated by a neutral third party, like Tirion Fordring or the Argent Dawn. Honestly that little scenario could very well lead to a push by Sylvanas to control the whole area with Liam by her side, in the role formerly held by Varimathras and I can see her being cruel enough to do it too.Belicore130 Dec 2, 2013
Dec 2, 2013 Just wanting some confirmation here. My question: The Blood Curse was contagious, and spread from orc to orc until the entire race was afflicted (save for the victims of the Red Pox), even though only the twelve clan chieftains drank the blood of Mannoroth, correct? Why I'm asking: Starting up this orc shaman, and was trying to decide upon his clan. According to WoWpedia, the orc clans in Thrall's New Horde at the beginning of wow were remants of the Warsong, Bleeding Hollow, Blackrock, Shattered Hand, and Burning Blade clans that were in the Alliance internment camps, as well as the Frostwolves that had hidden in the Alterac mountains through the first two wars. Burning Blade clan's orcs became the blademasters, Blackrock was out as Grokin here as bright green skin, not gray, most of the Shattered Hand make up the orc rogues, and I can't take bleeding hollow seriously since my GF pointed out that it sounds like a period joke, leaving me with Warsong and Frostwolves. I'm leaning Frostwolves, as Grokin would have then grown up within a strong shamanic tradition, but I was confused as to why nearly all the Frostwolves have the green skin and red eyes of the blood curse if Durotan never drank of the blood.Grokin7 Dec 2, 2013
Dec 2, 2013 The Night Elves should work with engineering Earlier this year, I ran into an interesting RP concept that has occupied a spot in my mind ever since seeing it. It was a druid versed in engineering concepts, whose concept was to blend the two. It reminded me of this guy ( who did something similar but in a PVP context. We know that the Night Elves bring a unique means of extraction and construction to the proverbial table. We know that it extends to wood, stone, and possibly metals (metal parts for glaive throwers, gold harvesting by wisps). We also know that while the Night Elves have expressed discomfort with technological creations, they've expressed no outrage, and have been more than happy to accept the help of the gnomes, and their creations in Ashenvale and Stonetalon. The Draenei also bring no shortage of engineering know-how to the table. Why these concepts haven't crossed over therefore is mind boggling to me, especially when we consider the potential applications. Let's address this topic at its most basic with an Alliance Helicarrier. If it were constructed with wisp culled wood, and complimented with a number of druids or wisps, it should theoretically be able to heal battle damage rendered to the outer structure. I'm not quite sure if the same could be said of intricate devices such as the rotary engines, but the repair work would give it more time to hang in a fight, and possibly succeed in an engagement where they otherwise would have failed. That same concept could easily be applied to Alliance vessels. We have Night Elven ships with onboard wisps, and Alliance ships made from traditional wood with cannon. Why haven't these two ideas come together? The Night Elves could also construct devices and machines of their own to shore up their borders, and ensure that they'll be better prepared for the next confrontation. Blizzard has sort of hinted that this might be happening already, with distinct engine sounds now coming from Glaive throwers to make them self-powered. Whether that's canon or not isn't the point I'm focusing on. If it's not, the Night Elves should move in that sort of direction, possibly even using Draenic/Naaru technology to create engines for their own variant of capital ships like the Skyfire. These could be the steps toward industrialization, which, in a world as steampunk as World of Warcraft is, would be the next logical step if the night elves wish to stay relevant. It would also be a direction that I don't think anyone has ever taken with elves, and would be interesting to see. Just a thought. Let me know what you all think.Kyalin59 Dec 2, 2013
Dec 1, 2013 WoD retcon? From the quest Menacing Marshfangs ( ) ... But in the WoD map we can see that Zangar is not a marsh, but a sea, and Telredor is on a mushroom, so there could be no Telredor... Thoughts?Sulblaka24 Dec 1, 2013
Dec 1, 2013 When did the Orc Clans unite? Me and a friend were mulling over this: How (and when) did the orc clans unite? I ask because neither one of could figure out if in wc2 the clans were united--or if that happend a little latter when guldan convinced the clans to drink demon blood. Part of that came from pondering how thrall type of horde(now zuljins) would blend in and not demolish what little consistance there is left in the timeline On that note: I read a post claiming zuljin might toss the title to someone else. Is that true? or was the poster starting unfounded rumours?Cedartusk6 Dec 1, 2013
Dec 1, 2013 So, the timeless isle is a turtle, right? I'm not losing my mind here, am I? At certain parts of the island, under the water, I get the impression I see turtle leg thingies sticking out, like you see on the wandering isle. Do you think the timeless isle is in some way Shen-zin, in the future or stopped in time? It also is oddly circular... much like the wandering isle is, as well! (I'm probably nuts. But it's my theory!)Hunneybunny19 Dec 1, 2013