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Jan 13, 2014 Gryan Stoutmantle's Class and Spec I don't know if this is the correct subforum for this, but what spec do you think Gryan Stoutmantle(of the People's Militia and Westfall Brigade) is? I know he's a Paladin, but I can't seem to tell if he's Holy, Ret or Prot, or even if he has an Off Spec. Anyone know?Arronsyaoran6 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 13, 2014 Question about Dwarf lore in WoD. I was wondering since the old world of Draenor is coming to the future. Would it be possible for the Dwarves to learn some old Shamanistic power so they can cure Magni Bronzebeard? Also what type of Dwarf lore could there be in WoD if any. Note: I have just been getting into the lore after getting the WoW ultimate visual guide.Resthor8 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 13, 2014 Draenei Militantism I've been thinkin' about the Draenei's role in-game since their release and how they are getting positioned with the advent of Warlords of Draenor. And quite frankly, it came to me that the execution of their storyline has been sorely lacking since their initial release. Granted, that's mostly old news now, new races rarely got much spotlight after their expansions hit, but with all of this talk about Draenei taking a greater role into what goes on within Azeroth and the possibility of them becoming more militant following WoD, one has to admit that their entire execution has been flawed up until now. So why didn't the Draenei care about what on in Kalimdor or the Eastern Kingdoms? Well, first, you have to admit that they crash landed into a pretty terrible location. Because let's face it, they're fairly isolated from the rest of the world, given that in order to reach Kalimdor proper, they had to take a boat all the way to Teldrassil and then another one toward Darkshore. Given that, it's hardly surprising that the Draenei settled in a mostly sheltered environment, away from all the horrors and turmoil that plagued the outside world. Velen himself seemed to believe that the Draenei should keep focusing their efforts on getting ready for the war against the Burning Legion and has only recently admitted that if the Draenei were going to make their stand on Azeroth, then they needed to pay attention to what went on outside of their own backyard. However, even that doesn't make a lot of sense. Since that if the Draenei's sole purpose was get ready to fight the Legion, then why didn't they take actions against the various Legion-aligned organizations of Azeroth. I mean, just on Kalimdor, there are tons of camps filled with agents of the Legion, such as Mannoroc Coven, Thunderaxe Fortress or the various Satyr encampments to name just a few. And not only that, but they have an entire race of their kindred out for their blood, who seems intent on entirely ignoring them aside from that one Eredar woman in Bloodmyst Isle. This does not make sense. Of course, this can pretty much be attributed to them not having gotten nearly as much screen time as other races, but I find it rather strange that the Draenei aren't hounding the Legion and the Scourge at every turn. It's what they were destined to do, take the fight to the Burning Legion, yet they have consistently failed to live up to that ideal. Now, with WoD on the horizon, the Draenei may finally have the opportunity to replenish their numbers and reflect on the mistakes they've made up until now. However, I must admit that I am quite worried about where their storyline is heading. I mean, the Iron Horde are going to be the main antagonist this expansion and the Draenei are likely to be the ones who will have suffered the most at their hand, so I have to wonder, what's Blizzard's angle? Are they positioning the Draenei as just another mortal enemy of the orcs, or will they try to spin it just so to throw all the blame back at Gul'dan' feet. Now mind you, the Draenei already possess a militant core, as evidenced by that Vindicator delegation in Valiance Keep, who were more than willing to give the Alliance military support for their Campaign in Northrend. And not only that, but they've also manage to expose a number of cultists within the Alliance rank, despite having been kept at arms length due to Prince Valanaar's manipulations. This to me, is what the Draenei ought to be doing in the future, take the fight to their real enemy and all of those organizations that seeks to bring down civilization, something that they seemed entirely unable to do under Velen's leadership. Hopefully, WoD will prove me wrong and we'll see the Draenei step up to the challenge. However, it seems to me that the Draenei were already supposed to be fairly militant, yet were barely if at all ever portrayed as such, I'm wondering whether or not WoD was needed at all for them get their eyes back on the ball?Mugtha28 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 13, 2014 Humbling the Orcs The orcs have a long history of infamy behind them, and Garrosh's antics are only the most recent problems they've caused. As a people, I see the events of the Siege as a great humbling experience. They have now been put in their place. But with the upcoming expansion, They will have to fight legendary leaders of the old horde and kill them, or be killed themselves. My question is, what will this do to orcish pride that has already taken a significant beating? Will they simply brush it off as something that needs to be done? Or will they destroy these alternate timeline orcs and suffer a grim realization about themselves as a people, about where they've been and where they're going?Sako216 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 13, 2014 Is Jaina Redeemable? Nope.Lena22 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 13, 2014 Is Maiev redeemable? Continuing the current trend, but whether you agree with her or not, what's your opinion on this?Kyalin100 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 13, 2014 Burning Legion Races/Forms b4 Fel Corruption? Thru the Draenei, we know the Eredar were not always twisted evil sorcerors, so it stands that races like the Nathrezim, Shivaar, and Pit Lords did not always look and act the way they do now. I'm curious especially what the Pit Lords looked like before their fel corruption and moreover what they called themselves, since I'd venture to guess Pit Lord is not a name I'd apply to a non-corrupted race. Considering how twisted fel corruption can make a race, I wonder how far the Nathrezim could have fallen from where they once were. For all we know, they could have looked angelic. Not only that, do we know whether or not the races have been corrupted in their entirety, or like the Draenei do they also have remnants that remain free from the corruption that enslaved them? Could there be angelic, uncorrupted Nathrezim or whatever they call themselves still fighting against the Burning Legion and their corrupted kin in the universe?Andarin16 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 13, 2014 Is Jaina Redeemable? (2) ... This thread is back because the previous one had a lot of good discussion before a hater spammed it to force it to lock at page 26.Dartrick500 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 13, 2014 What if Garrosh died of Redpx... What if Garrosh died of redpox in Nagrand, and the guy who we though was Garrosh is just an imposter attempting to weaken Azeroth's defenses by recruiting the Orcs and as many of their (useful) allies as possible into the Iron Horde?Barash4 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 13, 2014 Ancient Guardian descendants I was just curious, has there ever been a reason given to explain why the races that originated from the Ancient Guardians, like the Harpies, Quillboar, etc. are so unintelligent and violent? It just seems odd that races that came from the protectors of Azeroth, "beings who were tied to the world as no other creatures could be" would all be primitive and barbaric, and with very few exceptions, hostile to all other races.Springbolt6 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 Frostwolves to the Allies; Syndicate to Horde ...and then players could roll Horde humans and Alliance Orcs. The lore wouldn't be hard to work out. The Frostwolves already have a beef with the Forsaken, so Sylvanas makes a pact with the Syndicate, offering them Alterac back if they help eliminate the Frostwolves.Carmageddon53 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 is iron horde stronger than demon horde Why would the iron horde be stronger than it qas in our timeline when it had demonic supercharge . That army was defeated by human and elf nations alone why would a weaker horde not be crushed easily by either the alliance or the hordeDoglegged50 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 Gorehowl This has most likely been discussed multiple times on forums yet I cannot seem to find a definitive answer on the matter. I have searched everywhere so here it is. How does Gorehowl end up in Karazhan and will it possibly be revealed in Warlords of Draenor?Vezzir15 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 Pandaren One thing I'm curious about it why blizzard did not involve the two pandaren factions in their debuting expansion more. I mean, they leave the Wandering Isle, Join the Alliance or the Horde, and it stops there. Sure there is a little scene in the Siege of Orgrimmar where Aysa "saves" Ji and says that they can go back to the turtle, but thats it. The only other involvement of the them are the two camps on the Timeless Isle. So I guess my question is, Will Blizzard do anything more with the Pandaren or does their story stop when Aysa says they can go back to the turtle?Alanus19 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 Draenei.. What flying mounts do you use? We have issues.. Our mounts don't scale, and we look !@#$ing stupid on every mount we ride. I'm a dude, and I play a dude blueberry. I have plenty of large ground mounts, but only a handful of large flying mounts. Dragons look weird, because I sit on their neck, and I'm too big for them. Proto-drakes look weird because I'm too tall when I sit on top of them. Gryphons are too bland, and Hippogryphs are too small. I don't want to transform into my sandstone, because I enjoy looking at my character. I don't like the red flying cloud thing for my Draenei, because... I don't really like the mount. What do you guys use for your flying mounts? What looks good for a Male Draenei? Ps. I know this isn't the right forum to make this thread in, but there are no race forums.. So... Suck it up, and deal with it.Omniscience11 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 Saddest death in the Warcraft universe? Could be from any of the books, games, small character rolls, to large ones.Moknatheli157 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 Arcane, Light & Shadow Magic This is my own theory as to the interrelationship of the various types of magic practiced by different spellcasters in the world of Warcraft. It started as a reply to the 'Mages vs. Warlocks' thread, but it quickly grew into something that I felt might warrant its own thread. It's kinda long, but it's interesting and I've tried to break it up somewhat for readability's sake. Elemental Magic At least in Catrenya's RP-world, The Kirin Tor have a working theory that magical projectiles are actually composed of thousands of tiny motes of hot elemental force, be that fire, water, earth or air. If unaffected by magic, heat and cold in the ambient world are bound together in a stable form, one 'hot mote' and one 'cold mote' paired off. A general predominance of cold motes or hot motes is the cause of perceptible heat as thrown off by a fire, or chill from an open window, as the case may dictate. A mage's ability to cast war magic (fire or ice projectiles/bombs/etc.) springs from their ability to influence the pattern and pairing of these motes, splitting out the hot and the cold air (or, theoretically, hot and cold water/earth/flame) and sending one or the other flying in certain patterns. The result is twofold: a fireball flying at some baddie's head and an equal cloud of 'cold motes' that the mage must safely disperse. Now, the most basic fireball is just a big ol' cloud of hot motes tossed at a Kobold in Elwynn forest or a boar in rural Durotar, but as the student advances, she learns ever-more-complex methods to weave patterns of motes into more effective and powerful fireballs/frostbolts/etc. Weaving these patterns requires a living body of knowledge and a lifetime of study, and often the mages of the Kirin Tor will have competitions to weave incredibly-complex 'show-bolts' that are very pretty and flow in fascinating ways, but probably couldn't boil a mug of tea, to say nothing of hurting anyone. However, this can lead to more effective war-magic by dint of experimentation. One example of this payoff was the creation of the first Frostfire bolt – a short-term-stable helical construction of cold and hot motes used by advanced war-mages (at least in theory). So where does Shadow Magic work in all this? Officially, the Kirin Tor forbids the study of Shadow Magic. Unofficially, it's no secret that they have one of the most extensive research libraries on the subject locked up in one of the cellars of Dalaran, and have been looking for a safe way to study this branch ever since it was officially outlawed. What is known is from secondary sources and is taught in the third or fourth year of a new mage's basic degree program in a fashion similar to sex-ed: reluctantly, and with a whole lot of nervous giggling from the students while one or two potential bad eggs pay entirely too much attention. Catrenya, however, has been working on the side with a few of her guild's warlocks to try and gain a more complete understanding, and she has this theory: Shadow Magic Her basic hypothesis is that the Holy Light and Shadow Magic are flip-sides of the same coin, and serve as the organizational "binding forces" of Azeroth and the Twisting Nether, respectively. While in Azeroth, The Light holds things together, exhibiting the tendency to try and 'fix' things. It heals wounds, soothes pain and calms restless spirits. When used against creatures of the Twisting Nether such as demons, or against demon-created magic such as that which reanimates the dead, it causes pain and destruction as it attempts to reorganize them according to rules of existence which are not their own. In the Twisting Nether, shadow magic works the same way, as a healing and curative force, or to cause pain to creatures whose world is based upon the Holy Light. Yes, this means that somewhere out there on a floating island in the Nether, a demon father is casting shadow magic to soothe his little demon-spawn's owie where he stubbed a hoof on the leg of a chair. A big, evil, purple stone chair that's on fire or something. Anyhow. So what? This theory is cool for two reasons: First, it explains how warlock magic allows them to cast more destructive variants of common spells simply by weaving motes of shadow into ordinary fireball patterns. Conflagrate, Incinerate, etc. don't even need to be that sophisticated, organizationally-speaking, because it's like throwing acid: they just tear things apart. Second, and far more importantly, it explains the beef that the Legion has with the Draenei, which is strong enough to justify their being chased from world to world for millennia. Ordinarily, the Legion isn't a very complex enemy. They want to kill the Draenei because… because they're evil. Duh. Except that doesn't make much sense, does it? That's a whole lot of resources that could be spent elsewhere, wasted chasing some waggle-having blue-skinned dudes across space for a hundred centuries. What if… just what IF, given the destructive nature of The Light when used in the Twisting Nether, the Draenei were somewhat like the Twilight's Hammer Cult, led by Velen and influenced by the Naaru (being the Nether's equivalent of the Old Gods, infinitely ancient and powerful creatures that like to meddle in the affairs of others). If this is true, the Draenei represent a huge threat to the Legion's very existence, and it makes perfect sense to chase them down and eradicate them by any means necessary. Anyone who made it this far gets a /hug on demand from Catrenya on Blackwater Raiders. Redeem with coupon code 'Wellread'.* *Offer void in the Kingdom of Gilneas, or to members of the Kor'kron.Catrenya12 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 Damn this next expansion! It'll be just like BC! No focus on the Old Gods. Remember that thing N'Zoth? Pushed aside until the Azshara expansion most likely.Shukuchi31 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 So why the whoop-lah over the timey wimey? TL;DR - This is a fantasy world. What we understand in RL of the laws of physics and space/time does not have to apply 100% to the happenings of the Warcraft universe. Since the announcement of WoD, there has been a lot of questioning discussion over how we get to Draenor and what that means for our characters, especially those Orcs and Draenei out there that may possibly be visiting their younger selves. Though I have happily participated in these discussions and think they are a fun and challenging topic to mull over, a comment made by a friend the other day made me step back and ask, does it really matter though? I mean seriously... I can turn into a Ghost Wolf in a split second without proper anatomical rearrangement and metabolic needs being addressed for such an intense biological process. I can point at the ground, and in a matter of 2s it rumbles and shakes, cracks and fissures form, but only in a 10yard diameter, leaving nothing in the surrounding area to suggest a Earthquake is occurring...let alone the fact the ground that was rumbling and cracking, shows no signs of anything ever having happened. My mage buddy can drop a target's body temperature so low that he can only move half as fast as he normally would, and yet I can channel Bursts of Lava from my palms (without scorching them mind you) at that same target and his body will remain slowed and cold for several seconds more. I can call down a Thunderstrike onto my own head and it not phase me one bit to restore this matter we call mana. All the time, we ignore laws of physics and space/time rules that we know here on Earth and within our own Universe in order to play this game, and have done so for 9+ years now Yet, the moment a member of the Bronze dragonflight does something to allow us to revisit the past for longer than a dungeon instance...we don't know how to swallow it? Just some food for thought :DMornash19 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 Clan Issues... With the Siege ending and Vol'jin in charge, I realized something... Blackrock, Warsong and Dragonmaw clans are leaderless now. Zaela's missing, Malkorok's defeated and Garrosh is imprisoned... I can possibly see Eitrigg becoming to new Blackrock chieftain, but who for the Dragonmaw or Warsong? Some may recall, before the Burning Crusade, after Grom's death, the Warsong were leaderless that whole time, and the split sects of Dragonmaws have always changed leaders left and right... But who will lead these honorable and ancient Orcish clans in the New Horde?Canniibal8 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 So Turalyon and Alleria are coming back So Good ol' metzen announced that he had plans for Turalyon and Alleria next xpac. Well, its about time. However, I have one plea for Metzen on the Subject of Turalyon: Please dont make him go neutral! You've done it with Tirion and you tried it with Thrall. Fans reacted badly to it. If you bring Turalyon back, PLEASE, please make him loyal to the AllianceArieus67 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 Building Yrel’s Character Building Yrel’s character Topic is “how do you want Yrel’s character set up”? This is more how you think it would fit the story and your personal preferences. Feel free to do your own ideas or argue mine if you wish. Birthplace- (Draenor) We really need a dreanei character that hasn’t been tempered by 2500 years of light immersed wayward travel. Yrel needs to be able to be short sighted, rash, impulsive, or angry. The dreanei have a real problem in relatability when they are presented as above every ones problems because of some greater unseen good or idealism. She needs to be able to be a part draenei societal life and yet able to criticize it and not be absorbed by it, the way current draenei are presented. So for a final note I would say to keep her age around 30-40 years or so; old enough to an adult, yet still have current events shape her world view. Having Draenor be her first and only home gives her fight more personal meaning. Power- Would prefers no extraordinary power super hero light powers in her (aka Go'el repeat). We have no need for a super paladin, we ourselves are heroes of our own story and our contributions are diminished and cheapened by characters that are on inexplicable over 9000 power level existences. I am open to the idea of her being having a keen military mind, but it would have to be built up too. Having political pull makes no sense here, but an ability to rally people would have to be built up into her character also. Family- No connection to established heroes. Really hate the idea of her being attached to Velen or Kil’jaden. These kind of forced family ties give off terrible (I’m great by association) assumptions. We stop getting real development or explanations for characters reasoning/reaction to events when we can just point and say (“Your just doing this because your Kil’jadens daughter” or “Velens favorite niece.”) This kind of stuff gets heavily used with Anduin. Yrel needs to be standing on her own merits or fail because of them. She should have one to blame or credit but herself and those who chose to stand with/against her. Relationship- Yrel should not be pursuing a relationship. A fresh character that we hardly know has very little ability to make us care about her love life on any compelling level. The only leeway that might be acceptable in my mind might be an arranged union (not yet completed). Having an unwanted social/family obligation like that could add interesting strain on her and make her more compelling; but I’m not sold on the idea. (Only reason I would consider it would be as a window into Draeneic society). Overall, keeping Yrel single and unattached is my preferred path. I don’t really care who chases after her as long as it she doesn’t engage them back. My final note on the matter is please don’t have us follow around re-skinned Anduin, or a god mode Thrall; I have had more than I can take of those types of characters. I would prefer a Joanna Blueheart type rather than the other two I mentioned. I’m alright with following a character that doesn’t want to be drenched in enemy blood every battle and choses intelligent tactics to avoid some of those fights; but in the end there is no objective in war but to win.Dyslexica152 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 High Elves, Heroes, and Horde, oh my. Yes, it's another post strongly behind High Elves, but sit back and put the pitchforks and torches up for a sec. I'm making it because this thing will likely be huge. I welcome comments from Hordie and Ally alike, supporters and detractors and all manner in between. This may be somewhat disjointed, as it's ideas and plot bunnies rebounding around my head that I'm finally putting out there. I play a lot of tabletop games, so my imagination often gets ahead of me (and I'm a horrible DM, so organization isn't my strong suit) so please, bear with me. A lot of Allied players want High Elves to be playable, and a lot of Horde players have good points to punch holes in that. However, good storytelling can make up for a hell of a lot. The main question is "what would the Horde get in return to balance it out?" and thats a very good question. I'll do my damndest to answer that. I understand that metagame is important, but I've always felt that a good story should always come first and formost. So, without more preface, here we go. First, the High Elves. We all know their story by this point...but thats kind of where it ends. How would they be different from Blood Elves in a way that matters and where would they get started? I say that a combination of model tweaks and some solid writing can take care of both. I'd start them in a phased Dalaran, set to lower levels, obviously. Their models would look a lot like Blood Elves and current High Elves, until one stopped to look. PC High Elves would be a bit shorter. The limbs a little bit too long for their torsos. Their heads a little to rounded, eyes a bit too large. In short, they look younger. Like elven-equivalent-of-mid/late-teens younger. Why? Because the High Elven leader, Veressa, now has a lot more she needs to do, with fewer people to do it with. So, she brings those younger High Elves that are still apprentices in their roles. These High Elf PC are those that were likely conceived shorty before or after the fall of the Sunwell time frame wise, so while that would land them well within the range to start their careers if they were humans, as High Elves their still terribly young. Pressing them into action is a hugely controversial action that sees mentioning and implications later on for both the player and Veressa. Veressa justifies this with the rationale that the world is now in a great postwar flux, and if the High Elves are to make a mark and be able to make their own way in the coming years, they need to move now. Starting in Dalaran in the weeks following the purge, the PC helps with reclamation, escaped beasts and magical experiments, hunting down Sunreaver holdouts, ferreting out sympathizers and saboteurs and guarding prisoners. Much is made of the player character being "ready despite their youth" and how sad it is that the times call for ending their innocent youthful years short, with varying levels of sincerity. Jaina is against you doing anything more dangerous that fighting the occasional elementally infused sewer rat, but your people are pushing you further and higher. This is where people really start looking at Veressa and wondering if she should be a leader, but it gets mentioned that pressing advanced apprentices into action does have precedent in even High Elven history (note: nothing really lore wise to back that up, but most nations do have a point where recruitment ages get drastically lowered. It almost happened in the US and did happen the the USSR during WW2.) The final mission for the young High Elf is to escort a group of Sunreaver prisoners back to Silvermoon under a flag of truce. Unknown to the PC, assigning this to you is meant as an insult to Lor'themar in particular, and the Blood Elves in general. One, that they are now seen as dangerous vagrants and unwanted in Dalaran. Two, in that Jaina doesn't consider them dangerous enough to be worthy of a proper guard. Lor'themar is understandably angered at this, but can't say much as that could possibly give Jaina a pretext to keep more of his people imprisioned longer. So he has to take the insult like it's a compliment and actually thank Jaina and the Silver Covenant for giving his people back. However...then he sees the PC and: "What is this? You can't be more than seventeen summers! Is Proudmoore so desperate to insult us that she's sending you as a guard, or is Windrunner so insane that she's arming children now? The PC answers: "I am hardly a child, Lord Regent. And I was assigned to see your people home safely." Emote: Lor'themar meets your gaze for a long moment, the nods. "I see. I had not realized the...situation. Among the Covenant in Dalaran. I meant no insult, [class]. I was simply surprised that one so young had risen so far in the ranks. You carried out your duties well, and my people are safe. I...thank you. If you are willing to wait a short time, I can have you teleported back to Dalaran. PC: (Obvisouly trying to sound more official): That is agreeable. Obviously, Lor'themar is horrified by the PC. Not that he's scared of you in any way, but that you're undertaking a dangerous assignment, and are not ready to do so. That one so young is being put in the position of a veteran soldier is abhorrent. Obviously, as a PC, you are indeed ready, and are a sort of "chosen one" like every other PC. But Lor'themar doesn't know that. Lor'themar returns, a mage in two, the PC is standing artificially straight, hands clasped behind the back and looking out a large window. Again, trying to look tougher than (story wise) you really are. Lt: Very well, [class]. You'll be sent back to Dalaran directly. Will you be escorting any more of my people home? PC: I do not know, Lord Regent. I was not privy to Lady Windrunner's plans. (unknowingly letting a small bit of information go. Impressing you and others was Veressa's call, not Jaina's) Lor'themar nods, his voice losing much of it's fury and instead showing genuine care "Very well, then. Fare thee well, [class], and good luck. I fear you will need it. He pauses Also, take this. He hands the PC a low-end blue weapon "May it serve you well, and hopefully be a reminder of Quel'Thallas." A flare of magic... ...the last thing the player sees is a single text bubble, by Lor'themar: "So young. What the hell is Windrunner thinking? The PC gets teleported home and finds themselves in a sort of barely controlled chaos. Stupendous news has arrived. The Dark Portal has changed and soldiers are marching from it, all older mean and women, humans, dwarves and elves in battered armor, bearing old banners of the Old Alliance and led by an instantly recognizable figure. Alleria Windrunner has returned. ((I'm actually throwing all my bouncing ideas together on the fly in the posting interface, so i'll post this and continue on in a reply. Feel free to comment, but right now, biology calls))Aldones24 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 A question about the Titans Do the Titans exist in all timelines at once, or for each timeline there in an unique Pantheon? What I'm getting at is the alternate universe created by Garrosh's meddling, does this create a second Sargeras, or does he exist in all timelines simultaneously.Dremall31 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 High Elf Counterpoint - Eredar I've been seeing a bit of talk on the forums recently about the idea of making Quel'Dorei a playable race, especially given their increasing prominence lately due to the Alliance takeover of Dalaran. My main disagreement on the matter was mostly aesthetic redundancy. After all, with the Sin'Dorei already in the picture, it felt like having a race nearly identical to them but on the Alliance side might be a bit redundant (I'd offer the argument that the same silhouette on both factions might cause some confusion in PvP, but that ship sailed to Pandaria). But just a while ago a way to balance it out occurred to me, that might be interesting: Eredar! Now that Warlords of Draenor is coming out, an eventual overhaul of Outlands would seem prudent, especially since after seeing the visual and mechanical quality of WoD, having to level an alt through Outlands (which I personally already consider the worst part of the game by a fair margin) would be even more painful by contrast. Were this to occur, it would provide a perfect opportunity to release two new races, or rather, make two established races into neutral ones: the Blood Elves and Draenei. The originals stay with the factions they were introduced with (albeit with a long overdue starting zone overhaul) and the new ones go with their opposites. The Alliance get High Elves, likely with Dalaran as their racial capital, and the Horde get the red-skinned Eredar. It doesn't seem like it would be too hard to justify, especially since Blizzard has used bigger retcons in the past. Perhaps after Kil'Jaeden was violently barred from entering Azeroth, the question began to raise among the Burning Legion whether it was possible that there may be safe havens from the demonic tide consuming the cosmos. So some of the Eredar, deciding it's worth the risk, head to Azeroth to seek asylum. Naturally they'd seek out the Prophet Velen first, though given that they went to join Sargeras and forced the Draenei to flee their homeworld -twice-, Velen is not in a particularly forgiving mood. So in desperation the Eredar turn to the Horde. The Orcs, their green skin a permanent reminder of their own history of demonic influence, find something to sympathize with in the Eredar and allow them sanctuary. Simple enough, the Alliance get what they want and the Horde gets a counterpoint. If this were to happen, I'd love the Eredar racial leader to act like a raid boss at all times, speaking in a BOOMING, ALL-CAPS AFFECT and generally behaving like an evil overlord, mostly out of habit from his time in the Burning Legion, despite his desire to be a good person and repent from his service. Just because the brooding anti-hero is old and I'd like the same motivations with bucketloads of theatricality poured onto it. Thoughts? (And to keep things from getting too repetitive, please follow up all remarks of "That's a terrible idea and you should feel bad" with "and here's why:")Iskalla28 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 New players missing out on lore? Hey guys I just returned to this game after yearrss of not playing. Around the time Lich King came out is when I played last. I think this game is really cool and interesting especially with the stories. But I feel like I miss out on what is going on a lot. Maybe its just because I am the leveling process or something. But I feel like unless im off doing quests by myself I don't know what is going on. For example when I Queue for dungeons everyones mindset is just go go go which is understandable, but I have no clue what the dungeon is about, or what Im doing there. Some people tell my that the "real game" starts at 90 though, is that what I should just wait for? Maybe im just not paying enough attention? Just want to see if anyone else feels the same way :PDaddiemcfly8 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 Why don't Eredar have accents? I don't know why this popped in my head but it's been bugging me. Is it just because the current Draenei language is so distanced from Eredun that an accent naturally developed as words were shortened, lengthened, created due to the thousands of years of separation? And even so, shouldn't Eredar have some sort of accent due to having a common-ish language with the Draenei?Bib17 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 mimiron and the distress beacons? Is there a connection between the items like: OOX-22/FE and mimiron? Look at the boss names in Ulduar 25. XT-002 Xp-500Haxir2 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 When Anduin becomes King... ...I'd like a massive curveball to be thrown, and have his ascension herald the Alliance getting the villain ball. Or, at least Anduin and Stormwind. Why and how? Well, as a fan of political intrigue, plotting, backstabbing, Faustian Bargains and outright deception, I have to point something out that could be taken places with the right writers. Anduin is going to be a priest-king...with a black dragon as a close adviser. With several years to learn "how to properly rule as is his right" from his good friend Wrathion, Andiun being what everyone thinks he should be, and what he wants them to see, until the throne is his. Yes, I am a Game of Thrones fan. Even if we never see Andion rise in game, lets kick ideas and looks of dawning horror around for fun. Assume this happens and take it from there. And, of course, the question. were it done right, would you still play alliance? I would. And I'd love it. An you hordies. What would you and your faction/peoples be doing?Medere57 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 11, 2014 Mages vs Warlochs lore wise. as far as lore goes warlocks are just fel imbued mages. which means that warlochs should have all the trick mages do. In addition warloch has all their fel based perks. so lochs should be much stronger than mages of equal skill. But lore wise mages are near par with warlochs. so if arcane is about = to arcane +fel then where is fel powers attractiveness that is supposed to make is so irresistible to a mage?Erfalea24 Jan 11, 2014
Jan 11, 2014 Monk lore going forward I think it's fairly known that Pandaren content in general is kind of done. If Blizzard can fit a Pandaren character in somewhere at some point, maybe they'll have fun with that or something. But I think these guys are going to be smacked down harder than the Draenei. But martial arts? There's a lot of potential there. Those tend to spread, and new styles are formed(Did you know the basis for Japanese Karate comes from Chinese Kung Fu?). Blizzard made it no secret that everything monk is based on Kung Fu. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn't paying attention. Going forward it would be nice to see other races put their spin on it. Night Elves have their own martial style, which is evident with Huntresses and Demon Hunters. Draenei have their own monks, which we'll hopefully explore more in Warlords of Draenei. Humans had their own martial arts style in the Scarlet Monastery....but it seems to be specific to the Scarlets. It kind of strikes me as odd, though, because I've never heard of western-style monks using martial arts in their spirituality....that seems to be pretty much a Chinese thing. I doubt little races like the Gnomes or Goblins would ever adopt such a thing. It's impractical. Good enough to learn the Pandaren style, but no point in making their own. Blood Elves, like Night Elves have an obvious interest in developing their own styles. And obviously they have been, with the Spell breakers. Though that would never fit in thematically with the Monk class. Tauren as monks have always seemed weird to me. Native American Martial Artists? What? Never mind the fact that they are cows. Yet, they're not as weird as Undead. Forsaken just do not make sense as martial artists. They may be able to swing a sword, but they aren't developing their bodies into anything other than a broken husk.Draile29 Jan 11, 2014
Jan 11, 2014 Where does Moonglow come from? Moonglow I need to know! Where does this strangely glowing alcoholic beverage come from? How is it made? Godspeed, travelers.Gogvar8 Jan 11, 2014
Jan 11, 2014 Uther the FIRST Paladin? And female Ogres? Okay first Uther. Within the game he seems to always be referred to as the FIRST Paladin... Though I just finished reading Rise of the Horde, The Last Guardian, Tides of Darkness and half way through Beyond The Dark Portal (so anything further in the series I have no knowledge) and from what I can gather, he was among the first 4 Paladins of the Silver Hand(Saidan Dathrohan, Tiron Fordring, Turalyon and Uther) I'm probably missing something, I admit that. Though can someone explain to me why he is referred to as the First? Secondly. Why no female Ogres? A few have been mentioned in lore. To quote WoWWiki directly :"Ogre females have not appeared in the games and only a few have been mentioned in the lore. The few ogre females mentioned in lore include the unnamed wife of Tharg, who died by the claws of the black dragonflight. Chief Ogg'ora was a female ogre sorceress and former leader of the Fire-Gut ogres.[14] One of Gro'ach the Wise's commanders among the Duskbelch ogres was a female barbarian named Vaxar."Eraydora12 Jan 11, 2014
Jan 11, 2014 Differences in shamanism? I know that lore-wise many race's priests call from different sources of power. For example Humans, BE, Dwarves, and possibly Goblins all pull their priests power from the Light. Forsaken technically draw from the shadows and Trolls use some sort of voodoo, NE drawn from Elune and so on. I know for gameplay purposes they all use the same spells. I know that Draenei and Orcs practice essentially the same shamanism that developed on Draenor. But what about the Wildhammer Dwarves or the Goblins? The Dwarves were practicing long before the Orcs ever arrived and the Goblins were before they joined the Horde. One can assume that the Orcs taught the Tauren, but did they also teach the Darkspear?Hygogg14 Jan 11, 2014
Jan 11, 2014 Why did Aethas do it? This is a speculation thread. It assumes that Aethas Sunreaver somehow assisted in the theft of the Divine Bell, setting into motion a chain of events that culminated in the Purge of Dalaran. The problem with fingering Aethas as a suspect is that he seems to lack motive. So, let's see if we can find him one. I'll start: Although his distaste for Garrosh and the Horde is well-known, Aethas has recently become increasingly troubled by the direction Jaina has been taking Dalaran. He feels that she is taking too much power from the council and steering Dalaran inevitably towards the Alliance. Thus, when agents of Garrosh approach him with an offer, he is willing to listen. In return for assistance using Dalaran's portals, Aethas will be made leader of the Kirin Tor following the Horde's inevitable victory. He is told he will be free to keep it a neutral, autonomous organization. With trepidation, he agrees.Carmageddon139 Jan 11, 2014
Jan 11, 2014 What's your favourite class. (Lore wise) Hey guys, I was just curious as to what people like when it comes to the lore. What is your favourite class in the game story/lore/RP wise? I'm not talking about gameplay, and the most fun to play, as they can differ. Give me your favourite class, and the reason why you like them so much, and while you're at it, toss me the name of your favourite story/lore/RP character.Kairuhn23 Jan 11, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 Prince Anduin Wrynn I can see potential in the boy. He can be redeemed in WoD, in the eyes of Alliance players. At first, I hated the idea of this innocent brat to jailbreak Garrosh but now I can definitely see this as an excellent thing. Because it will make him a paladin. Great paladins all have one thing in common: sorrow. They have a burden they simply can't forget. Even if they aren't all responsible for it, they held themselves guilty of something and it haunts them. Alexandros kept seeing the ghost of his wife, Tirion lost his son the moment he got him back and Lothar was killed in front of Turalyon. I think we should have major characters get killed during the initial Iron Horde assault. To put blood on his hand. He could then realise that it was all his fault and that no such thing will ever happen. I also suggest that the Horde do nothing initially. They should believe the Orcs are Outland Mag'har who won the war in there. That way, it would take him out of his over-exagerated neutrality. Oh and have him grow a small beared. Only a little, to show he's aging. Usually a change of look shows a change of attitude in games so I feel it would be a good idea.Cobble34 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 the biggest story twist in WoD Sok the real endgame boss is... get ready for this.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A KOBOLD! Jk but wouldn't that be awesome? Kobollds were responsible for garrosh going crazy and all of cata.... O.o the true enemy is revealed... This is a joke forum btw don't take it seriouslyMahonisaya12 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 So how much you wanna bet... So how much you wanna bet that Garrosh Hellscream's entry into Draenor's past ends up being the exact catalyst that causes the orcs to become demon bound, the invasion of Azeroth, the breaking of Outland, ect. You know, the whole terminator shpeel; going into the past causes the present kind of thing. Bonus points if Garrosh turns out to actually BE Grom Hellscream, and he's really his own father! *mind blown* The resulting missing delta waves would explain his behavior in the last few expansions...Aries38 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 Zandalari Trolls nearly extinct? So since it seems that Blizzard has decided to kill off a formerly pretty awesome subrace of Trolls that suddenly decided to be evil because Metzen... does anyone else really sort of find their sudden side switching to be annoying? They were pretty cool as a Neutral Troll faction that didnt start beefs with anyone, and generally were the great historians for their race. With their defeat in Pandaria, and their original homeland's suggested destruction in the Cataclysm, are these dudes pretty much on their way out?Nerdwing33 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 Merging Timelines I'm looking forward to the next expansion, but I'm having difficulty seeing how it fits in with the continuity in the long run. Aman'thul told Nozdormu that there was only one true timeline, and one can assume that it is our current timeline. So what will happen to this alternate draenor after this expansion? I don't like the idea of simply leaving it, forgetting it, and pushing it aside, and I don't expect blizzard to do that, either. So, what if these timelines merge? What would it mean if that happened? Or is there way to keep WoD relevant to the story in future expansions?Sako2 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 Questions about (Arcane) Magic Forgive me if it's been stated somewhere obvious but, can anyone learn(?) how to wield magic or does one have to have a special "talent" for it/be predestined to be a mage/magic user? From what I understand, warlocks get their power from fel and demons Shamans granted from the elements Druids...the spirit of the wild? The sun/moon? Mages seem the only caster that has "raw talent" so to speak for wielding magic. So, on that note, if anyone can actually learn how to use it (I'm assuming it takes years of rigorous study and at least some mental aptitude) why isn't everyone rushing off to learn how to be mages and wield great power? Why settle for being a boring, mundane warrior, or rogue when you could be a mage? It's something I have trouble coming to terms with in any universe that has magic so prevalent, I always have to ask "why isn't everyone rushing off to become a mage!" I know I personally would be. Also, one more question. What is the source of arcane magic? Does it come from "within?" i.e. say I'm a mage, am I just manifesting my own will or do I draw on external powers? Where do those external powers come from and what are their origins? Natural, or titan made?Polymorphix30 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 Did I Really Not Have Any Free Will? When it comes to the average Forsaken, I'm of the understanding that they were essentially under powerful mind control. As the Lick King lost power, his grip on them waned, and so more and more of them were able to exert their own will over the his will, hence breaking free and regaining control of their actions. With the Death Knights, though, I don't really understand how it went down. This is how it felt for me: Running around the starting zone, we Death Knights are proving ourselves and committing mass homicide while the Lich King whispers sweet nothings in our minds about having no mercy and killing everyone. Presumably this is a sort of brainwashing tactic in addition to whatever mind control is being used. This part made sense to me, as to be especially functional, it seems Death Knights would have needed to be at least a little willful and intelligent, as opposed to mindless BRAINS TASTES GOOD zombies. So my fellow Death Knights and I go around doing all sorts of sinister, violent things, absorbing those sweet nothings into our subconscious minds and believing that pretty soon we're going to go curbstomp a bunch of paladins at Light Hope's Chapel. And we believe this because we can believe in things. We can think, analyze, draw conclusions. In fact, while we're running around being naughty, we have independent conversations with each other, form plans and carry out a rescue mission, all without any funky mind-commands going on in our brains. What is even more interesting, is that the Lich King is even bothering to lie to us in the first place. If we don't have free will, if we're all being mind controlled, then he doesn't need to lie to us. He just needs to will us to do what he wants us to do, like the less than impressive corpses charging alongside us. It keeps getting weirder, though. We all meet up to burn down a church and blast Slayer music in the background, but we're expected to pass a loyalty test. I have to go kill a Draenei prisoner just to prove that I'm really in this necro gang for the long haul. But why does the Lich King have to worry about my loyalty threshold? He's mind controlling me, after all. Not like I'm doing this of my own free will. I mean what is this guy so worried about? Whispering to me all the time, telling me lies about what a bad*** I'm going to be at Light Hope's Chapel, and now a loyalty test.. It's not like we Death Knights can just turn on him whenever we feel so oblig- Oh wait, here we are at the big battle. It's not going so well. We're actually getting steamrolled pretty bad, so bad that our boss just showed up. And it turns out, he tricked us all. However, that doesn't matter, because we're all being mind controlled, so who cares about anything. Now Darion Mograine does have this touching memory with his ghost dad, but I'm not having any childhood memories right now. I'm strewn over some bushes missing an arm, and the rest of my Death Knight buddies are just crouching and laying around in pretty bad shape, too. After having this ghostly flashback, Darion gets really ticked off and starts spouting off at the Lich King: You... betrayed me. You betrayed us all, monster! You betrayed "me". Well yes, he lied to you and told you that you were going to win a fight against some Argents, and now you know. So now you're mad. But, this implies that everything was coolio until you realized you were actually meant as bait and fodder, Mr Darion. But hey, thanks for raging on my behalf, too, since the Lich King did trick all of us into coming here. Since he had to trick us, since I guess we might have refused to be sacrifices. Since, you know, you can refuse to do stuff when you're being mind controlled. Now I know some of ya'll are thinking, okay but Darion had a touching flashback of his childhood. But, uh hello, I killed an old friend of mine after he rambled for five minutes about the time we spent together and tried pleading to my *true* self. Didn't make a difference to me, I cut him in half. Guts everywhere, was glorious. Oh snap, Tirion just smacked the Lich King with the Ashbringer. I think I heard a "screw you guys I'm going home" and then my boss vanished. Now Tirion is rambling at all of us. Trying to spot where my arm landed.. might still be able to get out of this.. Wait what? We are going to join forces? Looks up at really scary Silver Hand guy staring me down. Uh, why YES, that sounds FANTASTIC. We were mind controlled the WHOLE time, until JUST NOW. And to the Death Knight next to me, well the half of him that is next to me, next to the bushes, we've gotta agree this is actually going to work out okay. The Lich King IS a jerk. He was going to get us all killed (again!) and lied to us about the whole thing, so hunting his butt down and killing him sounds pretty great right about now. And as long as we can keep up the "I was totally mind controlled the whole time" schtick, these paladins won't bathe us in holy fire. Did anyone else get the same vibe from this whole questing experience? And for RP's sake, did I have any free will or not? Was it just a little bit? The closest thing I can think of, metaphorically, is that maybe it was like being drugged up, like I knew what was going on, so I can feel bad about it now, but I don't really recall why I punched that guy in the face and took his car keys. So I don't really deserve to go to jail because someone drugged my margarita. Sorta like that?Deathdolly28 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 A theory for the future. So Kairoz-dormu steals away Garrosh prior to WoD beginning, into Outland's past and so forth. Setting up the next expansions chain of events where an alternate reality's past is connected to our present via a new and improved Dark Portal. Garrosh is nothing if charismatic, and his plan apparently is to unite all the power and might that was the Draenor Orcs before they become corrupted with fel energy and demon power. Their shamanistic power under Gul'Dan, united, would be awesome. This is primarily for Garrosh to have his revenge against all those who slighted him in MoP. However Garrosh is a tool, but not Kairoz's tool. I think Wrathion is behind it. He and Kairoz know what is coming, the Burning Legion is returning. Wrathion wanted a single united Azeroth to stand against them, this was his main drive during all of MoP. But Varien King of Stormwind screwed that up, allowing Garrosh to be imprisoned, Vul'Jin to become a new Horde leader and so forth. Keeping the status quo of two opposing forces with conflicting ideals, despite all they have completed together. So Wrathion, if you've done the Cloak quest, ends up leaving Pandaria, very pissed off as his plans unravel. So what's he to do, where does he get a new unified force with the power to combat the incoming Legion. Why old Draenor of course, obviously the orcs won't follow a Dragon outsider, but they will fight under the banner of this newcomer Garrosh with his bloodlust and technological marvels from the future. An endgame to this would be a United Draenor to use against the Burning Legion as they invade present day Azeroth. Or as an assisting force against the Demonic army. It also allows both the Alliance and Horde to bolster their forces with the Frostwolf Clan and the Draenei forces. But there's going to be a massive culture shock there. Meeting your parents when they're younger, the same but different etc. Very Marty McFly. Anyway back on topic. Wrathion is single minded and arrogant enough to use time itself to get what he needs to build a force strong enough to repel the Legion. Thoughts?Domri6 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 Lore Fans - You need to see this I was never into lore but after I saw this, I can only await in anticipation for this masterpiece that will blow "Tales of the Past" Series out of the water. Enjoy the trailer, creator is Keytal. Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 So. Blackhand and Gul'Dan One of the things I'm really looking forward to is just how the writers intend to keep the Blood Elves from going completely bat guano insane when then discover that Gul-dan is essentially back. And Sylvannas, dear god. This is the orc that invaded Quel'thallas the first time, scorched their land, corrupted the Runestone at Caer Darrow and basically kicked off the downward spiral of High Elven civilization. It is safe to say that from the viewpoint of anyone on Azeroth that remember the first and/or second wars, he is the most hated being to ever exist. Without him, even Arthas wouldn't have happened. I'm also interested in just how the Alliance (especially the Humans as Dwarves) are going to be restrained when it's discovered that Blackhand -and Orgrim- are again alive and kicking. Three horde leaders that are possibly the most reviled and hated by four people on Azeroth are back for another round. I can see it now, upon the revelation that Gul'dan again lives: Lor'themar: HIS HEAD IS MINE! Vol'jin: Um, calm do- Sylvannas: Only if you beat me there! Vol'jin: -wn. Dammit Sylva- Varian: I'm already ordering the entire Seventh Legion to be dropped on his tent. Muradin: Then we're blowing up everything. Varian: Everything? Muradin: Everything. *Lor'themar and Sylvannas share a look, then nod" Lor'themar/Sylvannas: *Holds out hands* Truce? Varian/Muradin: Truce. Vol'jin: Aw, hell. Far a time, the Old Alliance is reborn! Garrosh: Son of a *****!Medere30 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 9, 2014 Time Unraveled. So I'd like to present everything I've gathered about a theory that a user recently posted on these forums. I can't find the initial post on this, but kudos to that dude. TL;DR at the bottom. So far we know of four Old Gods and the part of the world they were generally sealed under. There's also the idea around that the Dragon Aspects' powers were established by the titans as counters to the Old Gods' domains. We have: ... The only aspect left is Nozdormu, the Aspect of Time, and no specified Old God in the East. As we know, Warlords of Draenor is going to involve time travel, so it stands to reason that the final one would be the antithesis of time, or some aspect of it. Perhaps non-linear time? It can get messy. The Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron makes some interesting references to other Old Gods. Here are some relevant ones: ... In the voice files for MoP, Y'shaarj's lines mention the Black Forest and Ny'alotha, so it stands that those whispers refer to him in some regard. The ones for N'zoth are about the cold, deep stillness in the bottom of the ocean. The bit about the Rook though stands out. We just happen to know about a Rook (obvious chess reference inside too) with time-altering properties in a forest of dead trees. Karazhan. Know what's underneath Karazhan? If you haven't seen, one room of the crypts is a giant pit of water with many bodies chained around their necks to the floor below, their own buoyancy strangling them as they drown. Nothing breathes there, for sure. For those who don't know Karazhan's history, it came into existence after a huge explosion in the area. Nobody knows when or how it got there. Medivh lived there, and mused that the tower came into existence because he would eventually live there. Not the other way around. Medivh is also the one behind the Dark Portal, which will be very important in Warlods of Draenor. A minor link, but one nonetheless. A mysterious Eredar lord known as Prince Malchezaar lived there until being killed by players, in an extra-dimensional zone in the top of the tower. He has a few weapons from the canon such as Gorehowl, and judging by his words, this is from alternate realities he's traveled. Say. It just so happens that Karazhan has been updated recently, for some mysterious thing the devs have labeled "Medivh's Big Birthday Bash". Y'know, cleaning it all up, making it pretty. I know someone special has a 10th birthday soon... TL;DR: The final Old God is the antithesis of time and resides around Karazhan. So yeah, this is the data I've seen to support this theory. What do you all think? Got any better ideas?Daiyuu8 Jan 9, 2014
Jan 9, 2014 The Doomhammer I understand that Thrall has been using the Doomhammer as his favorite weapon for many years, and that he got it from the previous Warchief, Ogrim Doomhammer. So is this a one handed mace or a two-handed one? If it is one-handed, why does Thrall not use a shield like most shamans do? And if two-handed, why is its handle so short? Indeed, I would have expected it to be even bigger than it appears. Look at the massive muscles Thrall has!Doogra18 Jan 9, 2014
Jan 9, 2014 Is it possible for Illidan to return? Call this associative thinking, (for those pointing their cursors toward the "report" button) but the Maiev thread made me remember something that came to mind last week. It was my understanding that demons could not truly be killed. Rather, they are banished to the Twisting Nether for a time and can be summoned back to fight once more for the legion. Unless... something... I don't remember the specifics of that one daily in Blade's Edge offhand. Given this, and given further that Illidan is part demon, does he qualify? Is it possible for him to return? (Note: No, I don't want to see him back, before arguments start to fly about the normatives. This thread is to ask about possibility.)Kyalin35 Jan 9, 2014
Jan 9, 2014 Races in wow Hey guys I know this may be a noobish question but I'm sorta new to wow lore so I was wondering with all the new race suggestions has there ever been consideration of like a "angelic" race or just winged humanoid? I tried looking for lore connected with but couldn't find any. So if u could just clarify or tell why it would or wouldn't work that would be awesome thanksHêcatê6 Jan 9, 2014