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Jul 28, 2014 how many times has the burning crusade invade how many times? wasant it 1 time during the third war and 1 time at the beging of the burning crusade ex.? #azorothAnnanton16 Jul 28, 2014
Jul 28, 2014 New World of Warcraft Short Story The Untamed Valley In Pandaria’s Valley of the Four Winds, modest farmers have worked the land for generations. They are the true backbone of Pandaren society, feeding an empire with an honest day’s work...scant preparation for war. In case you missed it, we've recently published a new short story and you can find out more about it here.Nethaera27 Jul 28, 2014
Jul 28, 2014 Troll arch-druid This may be a stupid question, but I am curious. Are there any troll arch-druids, or at least a powerful or lore heavy troll druid, the only one I saw affiliated with the Cenarian circle was zen'kiki that failure of a druid that you do some wuests for in western ( or was it eastern?) plague lands. I read "stormrage" and loved it, and now am into the lore of druids, and interested in playing them now. And so I ask, are there any troll, or even worgen arch-druids, they seem to be all night elf, and then there is Hamuul Rubetotem.Kaigor15 Jul 28, 2014
Jul 28, 2014 Warlords of Draenor time skip? My question is a simple one. In the lore, how much time will have passed between the siege of Orgrimmar and the Iron Horde coming through the portal? I've been hearing "two years" floating around, to simply "a month". If anyone knows the definitive answer, I'd love to know it!Sylvåel12 Jul 28, 2014
Jul 28, 2014 Did the alliance start the Cata War? I've read that the Alliance invaded the Barrens shortly before the cataclysm started. Was this the begining of the Alliance-Horde Cata War or was there something that happened before this? I'm not sure who started it.Lumen67 Jul 28, 2014
Jul 28, 2014 This threat will be greater than any before Let's sit and think about what Garrosh is doing. Remember how the Orcs were described as a sea by Lothar when they conquered Stormwind? The sheer number of them must have been astounding and that was AFTER they had been thinned down by their war with the Draenei. Now Garrosh is collecting that number BEFORE the war with the Draenei. Not only that but with modern Horde technology no less. We are at war with a whole planet, is what I'm trying to get across, sure we have the Dranei and Frostwolf clans, but my understanding is that they are fighting each other. So they aren't even that much help. We will be facing greater numbers than the Scourge. Yet the Alliance and Horde will still quarrel making this the most difficult war we will have ever fought by what I am guessing.Orhato30 Jul 28, 2014
Jul 28, 2014 Full explanation on AU 'Doubles'? I know these threads were seen a lot at WoD's reveal but I can't remember if it was ever fully address beyond speculation; what happens to AU versions of characters from our universe that also exist in the altered past/dimension of Draenor? I believe it was agreed that they cease to exist, was that true? If so how? Do they magically just become erased? Does the universe just prevent both versions of ever meeting each other? How exactly does it work?Skotan7 Jul 28, 2014
Jul 28, 2014 AU Characters' views on 'greenskin' Orcs? I haven't had much of a chance to check out the beta yet and there just seems like so much to do, how do both sides of the Draenor conflict feel about these green-skinned Orcs? Does Thrall or someone ever explain the full story to Durotan? How do the fel-hating Frostwolf Clan feel about them? What of the Iron Horde? Do the AU Draenei ever get informed on what goes down in the original timeline?Skotan5 Jul 28, 2014
Jul 28, 2014 Garrosh's View of Grom Because I don't want to derail another thread into another round of how badly Thrall screwed up during Cata I thought I'd ask my question here. Most consider Thrall's handling of Garrosh to be pitiful at best. Building up his father too much and letting him lose with too much power. I understand the second complaint in regards that after the Cataclysm Garrosh had no checks or balances(Though mostly because Blizzard forced that outcome with The Sundering). It was his show and Thrall nor anyone else really bothered to check on what he did. The first part confuses me though. In BC Garrosh seemed to genuinely hate his father and the curse he helped bring upon the Orcs. Thrall showed him that in the end it was also Grom's sacrifice that led to the freeing of the Orcs from that curse. I have never read into this that Garrosh and Thrall approved of the actions taken under the blood haze. Just that Grom was a hero to the Orcs for being able able to clean up the mess that he made. Is there something I've missed that has Thrall building up Grom beyond this for Garrosh. Or do others simply read into the end the Nagrand quest differently than I do? For reference: ...Mazzrim28 Jul 28, 2014
Jul 28, 2014 Theory: What if Varien Dies? Disclaimer: I tried to keep it vague but there is a reference to the Novel War Crimes, Dont say I did not warn you So I wonder what people might think about this random theory I thought up that started over what I am assuming might have been a wrong piece of information I heard. At some point I thought I read somewhere that WoD would be 'The Alliance's Final Hour' though in hindsight I think I might switched it up since I recall they said that was going to be the case for MoP (Please, No debates over how THAT turned out) But anyway the thought made me think about the Alliance, in particular King Varian. The guy has changed and grown a lot and while I don't really play alliance, I can see that he's change quite a bit. He went from, in my personal opinion, the human racial leader with some anger management issues and a habit of allowing death gods to take people (Pun on the Ulduar cinimatic) to now being the firm Leader of the Alliance as a whole (Think how Thrall was earlier on) and now a lot more wiser, not afraid to kick !@# but also taking the lessons of Pandaria to heart. So right now, King Varien is sitting rather pretty. He is a strong but now filled with wisdom, he has the firm support of most of the Alliance (Or at least better support than I have seen over the years) and the current Horde Leadership, while unproven, is much more willing to at least listen to hear him out, and vice versa. King Varien is probably one if not thee most powerful person on Azeroth at the moment. It stands to reason that whatever the MAJOR threat in warlords will be (Be it mostly the Iron Horde or some other threat that will arise in later patchs) Varien would no doubt be part of the solution. And let us assume that whatever it turns out to be, Varien leads it. Just for argument sake, lets assume its the Iron Horde. In a titanic battle, the threat of the Iron Horde would be Undone, King Varien is leading the Champions of the Alliance to Victory. It would be the Finest Hour for the Alliance. And at this moment, Varian gets cut down It would be a great if not one of the Greatest Alliance victories, but for some reason Varian falls, be it through some kind of valorous act, assassination, whatever. Suddenly the most powerful man in Azeroth falls. Imagine what this would mean for the Alliance? Just when they were rallying together the man at the center of it falls. There would be confusion in the Alliance over who should lead, all while a certain Golden Hair Prince, said to lead both the forces of the Alliance and Horde against the coming darkness. A Prince shaken up by the words of Garrosh, unproven in every way, not the great warrior as his father ways, virtual unproven now handed the reigns of power for not only his people, but the Alliance, if not azeroth as a whole. In other words, $%^- would just have gotten real.Serurmaha32 Jul 28, 2014
Jul 28, 2014 Possibilities for Playable races: Half-breeds So, was just thinking on this a bit: there are no half breed races, despite their occurrence in game and loyalty to what ever faction The big two that come to mind (With the largest populations) are the Mok'nathal (most prolific being Rexxar) who were the outcome of Gul'dan's experiments to breed Orcs with Ogres, and the Half-Elves, which there seems to be a few in lore (Arator, Giramar and Galadin, etc). Mok'nathal would add a "Ogre flavor" to the horde and circumvent the problems with adding pure ogres (Being too big to fit in buildings, too stupid to be a serious race, mercenary in nature [now days], and with females probably too.. unaesthetically pleasing [See the artwork for one... seriously]) . Introducing Half Elves adds some flavor of high elves to the Alliance, going around the problems that usually is associated with High Elves as a player race (Too few of them, Too similar to Blood Elves, little in the way of cultural difference, and too many pure elven races) In terms of implementation, they could be something of alternative skin choices for Humans and Orcs, both races stemming from either Humanity or Orcs. Their racials could be absolute carbon copies of their parent racials and they could be based in Stormwind or Orgrimmar respectivelyBartow21 Jul 28, 2014
Jul 28, 2014 Warcraft Movie Q&A Here is some info about the upcoming movie I thought you guys might appreciate. I also had a question about this particular paragraph: ... What could the blue crystal and the blue sigil be?Cuintar0 Jul 28, 2014
Jul 27, 2014 Want A Good Starter Novel Hey there, I haven't read any Warcraft novels really, but I consider myself knowledgeable about general lore and facts. What novel do you guys recommend to start with? I love Night Elf and Druid lore (Obviously :p), but I'm also really interested in Blood Elves and maybe even some Old Horde lore. Feel free to tell me which novel you think would be good or even whatever novel you like the most! Thanks!Meadow12 Jul 27, 2014
Jul 27, 2014 WoW Beta Thread 4 (spoilers) Alpha Threads First thread: Second thread: Third thread: Fourth thread: Beta Threads First Thread: Second Thread: Third Thread: Jul 27, 2014
Jul 27, 2014 Can Val'kyr raise more than humans now? Okay so this question has been gnawing at me because of two things. One the sound bite that was scraped from siege of orgrimmar Number two in the War crimes novel Sylvanus planned to off her sister and raise her as an undead to rule at her side. So we have two potential scenarios where raising something other than humans into an undead creature with more intelligence than the common ghoul is indeed possible. Now I know Sylvanus herself could raise her sister quite easily but in the sound bite that was scrapped if Lor'themar allowed her to raise his dead troops to fight on even if they were just ghouls would of been a daunting task compared to just using the Val'kyr. The Sound file also gives Evidence of the Val'kyr being there so it is very very likely she was confident they could and intended to do so but of course in this Scenario Lor'themar refused this so she did it to the Alliance troops instead. The resulting back lash from Alliance fans saying 'Sylvanus is getting away with it again' caused them to scrap this I believe. The point still stands though there is a very possible capability of Sylvanus's Val'kyr being able to raise elves and possibly other humanoids. I honestly believe if it played out we would of seen undeniable proof of this and Blizzard intended to use this as a scene to show Sylvanus's necromancers the Val'kyr were indeed growing in power.Bloodfang28 Jul 27, 2014
Jul 27, 2014 What if Blizzard says "WoW" is an AU? What if we learn that the entirety of WoW is just a giant dream or an alternate universe and everything is retconned back to Warcraft 3. Then they come out with Warcraft 4? How would you feel about it?Shiida18 Jul 27, 2014
Jul 27, 2014 Paladin Anointment Ceremony? Is there anywhere where it says exactly what this ceremony is? I see it mentioned, and I know it's part of becoming a paladin, but I cannot for the life of me find out anything concrete about it. I know that I've also heard a few people say that there's been some good examples of the ceremony in some of the books, like two or three instances of it, but I can't find anything on it. If y'all awesome lore people could help me find where in lore/game/books it explains the anointment ceremony or explain it to me that would be so awesome :D!Fielton5 Jul 27, 2014
Jul 27, 2014 Hearthstone: Officially in Warcraft's story I'm not sure if this truly fits here in the Story forum but it is a lore question. Is Hearthstone a actual "thing" within WOW? There are tables in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms with boards on them, but are they just there for flavor or are they actually part of the lore?Aelidor13 Jul 27, 2014
Jul 26, 2014 "From the Ashes" Kael'thas Fanfic Please leave questions, comments and feedback either here or on MMO-Champion.Koryn0 Jul 26, 2014
Jul 26, 2014 A question about Night Elf Immortality Does it only prevent aging? I heard about Fandral's son being killed in the War of the Shifting Sands, and there has to be a canon way for nelf units to die in WC3. So does it protect against everything harmful, or just aging?Aharlem32 Jul 26, 2014
Jul 26, 2014 Destruction of Theramore was 100% justified. Garrosh was 100% justified in the destruction of Theramore Island! "No he wasn't!" You may try to argue, but let's look at the facts. When Garrosh came into power as Warchief, he had inherited a Horde that was entering a state of war against none other than Alliance forces that were enroaching upon Horde lands. Forces from Northwatch decided they'd be royal lion-!@#$s and setup shop in Durotar, taking over an abandoned fortress The Horde had taken great measures to push its original host from, as well as setting up shop on Durotar's South Coast, going so far as to blockade the spot with three ships. Meanwhile, Alliance forces are marching all over the Southern Barrens and into Stonetalon, setting fire to Horde villages and building upon land that the Horde had already claimed. Had there not been a giant chasm of lava to stop them, I'm sure the greedy humans would have laid The Crossroads to waste. And what of the NIght Elves? People may claim that they are merely defending their home, but you know what I think? I think the Night Elves are even more greedy than the humans! I mean, the only resource the Horde desired from Ashenvale was some damn lumber! It's been established that elves have the magic to grow trees at an unnaturaly fast pace, so maybe instead of being dicks about the situation and slaughtering hard-working minimum wage peons, they could have shared that knowledge with the Horde? But nooooooo. They can't do that. The trees are sacred! How DARE a race of people try to collect resources to sustain themselves, especially when they're having to deal with bull%^-* from our human allies! Let's be COCKSANDWHICHES to our neighbors! In the end, The Horde's country was under heavy fire by Alliance forces from every corner. What was Garrosh supposed to do? Just let those that threatened his people stomp all over them without consequence? Theramore was a target that, if destroyed, would crush Alliance morale in the region, cut off a strategic center for supplies and forces, and overall serve as both, a critical blow and a message to those that were so intent on dicking The Horde around. If Jaina didn't want her city to get destroyed, maybe she should have done a better job at keeping her army under control. Garrosh made the right call, and I respect him for it! To bad the writers clearly changed between expansions, making Garrosh retardedly evil.Abominåtion83 Jul 26, 2014
Jul 26, 2014 Wished that Illidan still alive. Maybe Maiev Shadowsong some how revive him and keep him lock up again or some demon or his follower got his body and secretly revive him with some well hidden water from the well of eternity. He such a strong character, I find he influence the event in warcraft more than his goodie brother and doesn't get credited for it. His like the guy that does all the dirty work that Heroes doesn't want to do and those heroes steal credit for the end result that was largely base on Illidan's effort. Wish he will be brought back in the following expansion and maybe he will be the one that train us players on a new Hero class: Demon Hunter. That would be exciting.Thuntress42 Jul 26, 2014
Jul 26, 2014 The Alliance of... There was the alliance of lorderon of course, but what is the current alliance? I think since cataclysm and through pandaria it would be The Alliance of Teldrassil or The Darnasion Alliance, Since the Worgen induction took place there, Tyrande and Malfurion were hosting and pressing for unity, and presumably treaties and paper work were handled there has well. The Alliance of Teldrassil The Alliance of Ashenvale The Darnassian Alliance Considering the expedition to Dreanor a reshuffling of resources of both military and civilian elements would be required. Sounds like a new Alliance is order. New Treaties. New Paper Work. NEW DELICIOUS Bureaucracy. What would this new be: The Alliance of Karabor? Also, blizzard should set up a Council of Elected officials from each race, elected by the players. The council then nominates options for the Supreme Allied Commander and its executive officers (with some options better than others), who the players then also elect. The horde should have the savage and "Honorable" dictator, er Warchief. The alliance story should feature more juicy bureaucracy. I love Varian. I think he is awesome (even if he has an awful hair cut). I like it when he was a hard !@# and a substance abuser. But Its completely inappropriate the he is both king and Supreme commander. Supreme commander having an impact over not only military affairs but out of necessity civilian affairs as well. Would love to see him or whoever reacting to said council.Steppenvwulf34 Jul 26, 2014
Jul 26, 2014 Orc Invasions Why did the Orcs invade that hidden draenei city in the Warcrimes flashback? They weren't corrupted at that point.Flizzro114 Jul 26, 2014
Jul 26, 2014 Druid of the ----? As far as I know, turning into stag form is a thing because druids draw that power from Malorne, right? Does that mean one could potentially draw power from Agamaggan to turn into a boar? I'm talking about night elves here, also. If I'm wrong about the initial idea of how they shapeshift, can anybody correct me? Thank you!Zakora5 Jul 26, 2014
Jul 26, 2014 The 13th Legion - Open RP Aditha6 Jul 26, 2014
Jul 26, 2014 The next races introduced should be boosted. There are three story considerations that should be made to smoothly add a new race into the game. Chronology, real-estate and relevance. These all become far more muddled and complicated when you add a race from level 1. Chronologically a race that joins at level 1 needs to join during the Cataclysm war, swear his allegiance to Warchief Garrosh or King Varian Wrynn and battle the opposing faction, or have his entire leveling experience be an anachronistic mess. Starting at level 1 limits a races real-estate to either temporary zones that phase out of existence, ala Kezan, Gilneas and the Giant Turtle, limits a races real-estate to one of a handful of zones that transition into early game questing, ala Bilgewater, Eversong Woods, and Azuremyst Isle, or limits a race's real-estate to an enclave in an established capital, ala the Pandaren and Worgen. Starting at level 1 requires that Blizzard jump through major hoops to make sure a race relevant to the current expansion can be present for the events of 2-3 expansions ago, or that a race they can justify being present since the start of Cataclysm be relevant to the next expansion. Blizzard has done a good job dealing with races up to this point. Particularly chronology has been handled very well, the Wandering Turtle seeding panda's with wander lust to various starting zones to act as monk trainers was a stroke of genius, with it as a back story they could justify dropping a pandaren monk trainer anywhere in the timeline from the modern day all the way back to thousands of years ago when Pandaren first started piercing the mist. Real-estate and relevance have been dicey at times, and I honestly feel like they failed to integrate the Worgen well into the world or establish the Worgens and Goblins as particularly relevant even to their own expansions. But these three criteria become a lot easier to fulfill in an epic and dramatic way if you simply start your next race as boosted past level 1. Chronology gets taken care of completely, no need for neat or clever tricks, but neat or clever tricks could still be available. A playable High Elf could be introduced at level 90 during the Purge of Dalaran, or at level 100 riding the floating city of Dalaran into the twisting nether for WoW's next great adventure. The race could be something native to the new zone, to use Mists as an example, playable Hozen and Jinyuu could have been introduced as level 85 to avoid the confusion of starting them off at level 1, before they'd even been met. Or it could be from a race that is involved in questing and that needs to remain a part of questing, like Quilboar based out of the Razorfen Downs that rose up once the Scourge's representatives were dispatched, they can leave the RFD 5 man in place because these Quilboar start their story after the events it depicts. Real-estate is why I really think this is such a strong idea. Currently Blizzard does not want to make any new capitals, it's just not an effective time investment for them. This limits what new races can expect to see in terms of integration into the world. I don't expect any race that starts at level 1 will ever be treated as well as the Goblins again. The calculation changes though when it comes to the next expansion, especially when it comes to the new hub cities. If your new race is a native to the next expansion's zone, then your new race can have an entire hub city dedicated to it. Your faction would use it as well, guaranteeing all the hub city amentities, which in effects makes it a capital city. Finally relevance. Now there is alot that can be done with this idea, using it to transition in established races with established history, like High Elves, Satyrs, Quilboar or Naga leaves you open to the same issues of relevance that affected the Goblins and Worgen but with greater flexibility to work around it. Using a boost race to bring in entirely new races, or races that already have their story written into the next expansion, like Arakkoa, Ogres, or Ethereals guarantees not just relevance to their expansion, but almost complete immersion into it and its story.Dorcy15 Jul 26, 2014
Jul 26, 2014 Could Stormwind even function at this point? In Vanilla the player generally left the zone in better shape than they left it, clearing out bandits, gnolls, kobolds, and Orcs from their farmlands and mines while occasionally helping with smaller issues that affected the citizens (Like delivering lunches and parcels etc. etc.). But with Cataclysm everything is worse than ever, and the player doesn't really leave on good terms. If it wasn't murdered, it is on fire, ravaged by the elements, constantly under siege, or beset by a foe that possesses world class baby makers that can help the enemy to throw more enemies at Stormwind (Gnolls and Murlocs come to mind). One of the reasons I liked the Human/Dwarven questing experience (aside from nice settings) was that you actually felt like you were progressing towards fixing the issues at hand and improving things, while Forsaken was more towards conquest and destruction. There wasn't any phasing to demonstrate the effects of what you did but there wasn't a need for phasing, the quest text made it evident. Now the "Heroes and Champions" are just running around willy nilly while the kingdom burns down around them but the effects never reach Stormwind it seemed. There wasn't a massive hunger crisis in the city despite losing virtually all of its farming territory, there is no rally cry in the streets to take the fight to the Blackrock even though they are invading the frontier at that very moment (Heck the citizens actually pity the Orcs that kill them and spite the troops because "lol Nam reference"), Duskwood gets a pass because "Always Evil" is that places shtick. Have we hit full blown "It works because I said so" territory with Stormwind? I don't know what the Dwarves areas are like but they seem to do well enough no matter what happens just by being Dwarves. With Stormwind it looks like the royals keep more in line with Caligula or Nero. They don't function like you would expect a leader to (Kind of common though in Warcraft lately) and Varian is too busy running off to play Alexander the Great while his kingdom at home burns down but he can't be bothered to care. Has anyone else approached or passed the Willing Suspension of Disbelief in regards to Stormwind functioning? Of course the Horde is also filled with similar problems, just not on the same level as Stormwind at the moment.Nalithen1 Jul 26, 2014
Jul 26, 2014 Just finished Dawn of the Aspects, one thing. At one point in book 4, Malygos uses the word Proto-Dragon while talking to Tyr. I thought that was weird. Like, I'm sure it was just an error/mistake/Knaak, but it was annoyingly illogical. With his limited vocabulary at the time, Malygos shouldn't have even known the meaning of "proto". and, since they didn't actually become dragons until later in the story... blech. It's just bugging me. Other than that, I thought it was an okay series. The writing wasn't the best quality, especially in the first book, but the plot (except anything with Jaina) was interesting enough, especially in the flashbacks. It actually made me mourn how Deathwing was handled in-game, since Neltharion was so cool. Kind of bummed about the end, 'cuz they made the Watchers be the ones to give the Aspects their powers, when I'd always imagined it was the Titans doing it in person. Anyway, just wondering if anyone had an explanation for the proto dragon thing, and maybe some other people's comments on the story.Lishidimai1 Jul 26, 2014
Jul 26, 2014 Hanger's hidden contents... So while flying about on an alt...I noticed a massive hanger in the harbor. It's too small to be for the Alliance airship so what is in that hanger.Vyerra5 Jul 26, 2014
Jul 26, 2014 Saurfang Replaced The Horde Garrison no longer gets Saurfang in charge of Mission specialists. Instead we get Warmaster No-name (Zog) to be there. I mean, why re-use iconic characters when you can just make up nobodies to interact with? Honestly I am just pissed at this meaningless choice.Tygash12 Jul 26, 2014
Jul 26, 2014 The Forsaken afterlife What awaits the Forsaken after they truly die? There aren't too many sources that talk about the afterlife in the WoW universe, but generally the afterlife of a member of a race reflects what that race believes in. For example, trolls maybe reside in some plane with the Loa and kaldorei see Elune. The only real source on this is the Edge of Night, where a shadowy realm of torment (I think the Void?) awaits Sylvanas. However we do not know if that was because of her undeath or because of her sins and vanity. If that is their fate, that's pretty tragic, considering what they've been through and the prospect of eternal torment.Dranath15 Jul 26, 2014
Jul 26, 2014 WoD Beta Thread 3 (Spoilers) Alpha Threads First thread: Second thread: Third thread: Fourth thread: Threads First Thread: Second Thread: New Draenei model is awesomeGoshruk499 Jul 26, 2014
Jul 25, 2014 What is the Iron Horde trying to accomplish? I've been playing the beta for a while but I can't see a goal or purpose that the Iron Horde is trying to achieve. Why are they uniting the Orc clans to make a giant army? Why do they not want to work with the Draenei and actively try to kill/destroy the Draenei? Why did they invade Azeroth in the first place?I'm just not seeing a lot of logic in what they're doing, what are they hoping to achieve by destroying their world, and then coming to Azeroth?Bachí9 Jul 25, 2014
Jul 25, 2014 Renegade Druids? Where did these druids come from exactly? Do we even have any details so far?Bianea7 Jul 25, 2014
Jul 25, 2014 Who am I, Draenei? I was reading this article and thinking of my experience playing Beta. With the changes in the story on Draenor and the recent developments for the Draenei race mainly the loss of the prophet and then the loss of Maraad. We really aren't the draenei of Draenor. We're not really even Draenei in the eyes of these people. We're some strange facsimile to them and they to us. We're no longer the Draenei, but the survivors of a loss world twice over... Any lore thoughts on how Draenei players should feel? Jul 25, 2014
Jul 25, 2014 Rexxar in Gorgrond So I just read on mmo-champ that Rexxar appears in Gorgrond. I also know that he is on the isle south of Shadowmoon. Now my question is, are these the AU or the MU version of him? Or maybe one is our version and the other is the alternate? And could they meet? :PEthenil10 Jul 25, 2014
Jul 25, 2014 Post Sunwell direction of the Blood Elves Does anyone here actually favor it? I am talking about how the blood elves are slowly morphing into the Horde's version of morally white humans. Ever since the events of the Sunwell, the blood elves have lost their "edge." They are no longer dabbling in dark magics, they don't seem to have any strong ties to the Forsaken, other than Lor'themar and Sylvanas working together in SoO. There seems to be a complete absence of blood elf warlocks/blood magi, and it seems as if the human's betrayal and the Lich King's attack on Silvermoon has been all but forgotten. The blood elves now might as well be humans or even draenei with their new relation to the Light, which seems out of place in the Horde (not that they were already out of place before, but at least their attitude before was more similar to the Horde's.) Quel'thalas is for the most part, secure. Right now, there is absolutely no reason for the blood elves to be apart of the Horde. All it seems now is that while the developers are giving the blood elves a fair amount of screen time, it is utterly purposeless except maybe for "loyalty," which knowing the elves isn't their biggest schtick. Instead, I want to see the blood elves as they were back in Warcraft 3 and the Burning Crusade, to an extent. Morally dark grey, with greater ties to the Forsaken to the extent that they should be supporting Sylvanas more often. Heretical to the Light, or at the very least distinguish them from the Alliance's attitudes torwards it. Show more use of fel magic and demons. Power hungry, as the reliquary was supposed to be. Don't make them buddies with the draenei - make them want to slaughter the draenei. The Sunwell was a mistake, if anything, and basically made the blood elves prissy, uninteresting high elves of the Horde. Part Rant TD;LR: The post Sunwell direction and recent portrayal of the blood elves is crap, give the blood elves their independent minded and power hungry attitude back.Gilaras48 Jul 25, 2014
Jul 25, 2014 Things I wish could have happened... (long) Hello, I just wanted to list all the things over time that I kept feeling and wanting to kind of happen underneath the surface of WoW for some time, most of which did not happen.. but still. 1. High Elves or some kind of high elf variant introduced as a racial option with an awesome magical female archer faction leader who harkened back to an older concept of the alliance. No corrupted anti-heroic leaders or anything like that, just pure in mind and spirit. 2. The introduction of a kind of pure archer class, found somewhere in the lore somewhere. 3. Alexstraza and the other dragon aspects being more epic and dragon like, not losing their powers, etc. 4. The Order of the Silver Hand being around in some way or another, a return to having a kind of purist paladin order. 5. Arthas transforming from scourge monster into grand unifier, seeker of power with the scourge as a stablizing force not as a malevolent one, in order to better protect the world. Or just Arthas having more of a realistic and sympathetic reason for going rogue. Same for Illidan. 6. Vereesa playing a larger role in the game some way or another. 7. Goblins never being introduced as a race. 8. Gilneas remaining a playable city and hub. Worgens expanded upon and made into a fleshed out starter zone in Gilneas. 9. Pandarens never being introduced as a race. 10. Undead and Blood Elves potentially being spun into a third faction, or just having a comprehensive story set in northern Lordaeron between Stromgarde, the Dwarves, Undead, and Blood Elves. 11. Elune actually appearing in some form or another (as an avatar or something like that) and playing a central role in a story or campaign segment. 12. Wrathion being more central to one story or another. 13. The orcs always being bloodthirsty, Thrall as a medium figure, but mostly the orcs still being raw and violent. The conflict could have always just been orcs vs. humans instead of orcs and humans vs. even more evil orcs or whatever. 14. Sylvannas and Jaina getting more focus and playing a central part of the story. 15. Cairne's death being a more recognizable/playable part of the game. 16. Theramore scenario having all the stuff from the novel in it and not being cut for "re-playability." 17. The Scarlet Crusade having been finished off in Northrend, no more resurrections past that point. 18. Night Elves re-connecting in some way with the highborne, whether through underwater campaign or in Azjatar or whatever. 19. Daelin Proudmoore-ish character still being around. 20. Varian Wrynn not being introduced. 21. Shaman and Paladin remaining faction specific. 22. Most of the new races in Northrend and other continents being culled, such as Tuskarr, Frenzyheart, etc. End the proliferation of new creatures such as Virmin and Hozen and Jinyu and who knows however many more. 23. Many of the old world quests staying the same from before Cataclysm, with the exception of Arathi Highlands, Winterspring, Alterac Mountains, Feralas, Desolace, Tanaris, 1k needles, and probably some others I can't remember. 24. More focus and emphasis on the death knights past the Wrath expansion. 25. Emerald Dream explored. 26. South Seas explored. 27. The illegitimate half-elf child of Daelin Proudmoore being canon. 28. Patch 5.2 never happening. 29. Trolls never receiving any lore beyond that which they obtained in Vanilla WoW, Vol'Jin forever standing in Echo Isles giving quests to level 5s. No Zul'Drak no Zouchin province no Thunder King no Zul'Gurub no nothing. 30. Anduin Wrynn being accidentally inside of an experimental gnomish weapon when it explodes, just not an interesting character IMO. 31. Garona having a much bigger role. 32. Aggra also being trapped inside that same experimental gnomish weapon, for similar reasons. 33. Muradin staying dead, what the filet mignon. 34. Moira never existing. One dwarf is enough there. 35. That one dwarf is Brann, who would have a bigger spotlight. 36. Dalaran being a part of every expansion in some way. 37. Maiev playing a bigger role, if she's still alive... or whatever.. is going on with her. 38. Patch 5.3 never happening. Siege of Orgrimmar occurring mostly throughout the city or an expanded outdoor portion of the city for the purposes of the raid. 39. Siege of Orgrimmar having half the characters still around killed. 40. Taran-Zhu never existing. 41. Chen Stormstout never existing 42. Bigger role for Sky Admiral Rogers and the Night Elf guy whose name I can't remember. 43. Jaina using the Focusing Iris to charge a supermassive ice bolt and hurling it directly into Garrosh who is attacking the alliance and threatening the Alliance King a la Battle of the Bulge, and who is impaled, and then the shard detonates and explodes killing Garrosh and decimating a big portion of Orgrimmar. 44. Jaina and a few others waltzing out of Orgrimmar to the celebrations of the people and masses with a ghost of King Terenas coming to speak to her a la Star Wars and congratulating her on her achievements. And to balance things out, I'm not always critical you know, things I'm glad happened. 1. The original romance between Jaina and Arthas 2. The original Tyrande Whisperwind. 3. Sylvannas 4. The original orc redemption in WC3, I liked it that one time. 5. The defense of Mt. Hyjal. 6. Medivh 7. Silverpine Forest 8. The highborne 9. Kael'Thas Sunstrider 10. Garithos 11. Archimonde, the demon with a plan. 12. C'Thun 13. Fandral Staghelm 14. Leyara 15. Sylvannas again. 16. Chromie 17. The zone of Dragonblight 18. A video game to enjoy!Clarist31 Jul 25, 2014
Jul 25, 2014 More class based factions I think we need more class based factions in game to add a bit of fun and personality to your character. With rogues we have Ravenholdt and Death Knights have the Ebon Blade. What faction for a class would you like to see and where would it be based?Xoroth13 Jul 25, 2014
Jul 25, 2014 "Power Over Nature" - Nordrassil I've been watching Warcraft 3 cinematics and I was confused toward the end of Reign of Chaos. It's said that with the destruction of the World Tree, the night elves will lose their powers over nature. Why haven't they? Why are new Druids still trained? Here's some of the dialogue: Malfurion: "We are its protectors, and through it we were granted immortality and power over nature. Now, at last, it is time we gave that power back." Tyrande: "You realize that we will age as these mortals do. Our powers over nature will wane in time." Were they wrong? Has this been changed somehow? Any clarification would be great.Zakora10 Jul 25, 2014
Jul 25, 2014 Bring back the Legends!!! It would be terribly epic if while in Alternate Draenor the alliance constructs a portal to Alternate Azeroth for reinforcements! How amazing would it be to see LOTHAR lead the Silver Hand against the Iron Horde in order to prevent Alternate Azeroth from facing the destruction the horde wrought on our Azeroth!Savnok15 Jul 25, 2014
Jul 25, 2014 Gilneas City Can people live in it yet?Judge16 Jul 25, 2014
Jul 25, 2014 [SPOILERS] So I just started War Crimes... And the part with Graymane seems absolutely pointless other than being a plug for showing that the worgen are somehow, someway still involved with what the Alliance is doing. Graymane isn't present at all during the Siege of Orgrimmar. In fact, there are no worgen involved whatsoever with the Siege. As I recall, Graymane is present in Pandaria for one scene with the Divine Bell in the Shrine of the Seven Stars. And if memory serves, he either says nothing or has one line. Other than that, he does nothing. No worgen do anything during the whole expansion, actually. There is one worgen daily quest giver on the gunship in Krasarang Wilds and guard NPCs, but no other worgen present at all. So why is it, when I start reading the book, Graymane goes off on some diatribe about how "Garrosh has wronged our people" when he has done nothing except look at a bell that gets smashed to bits? And apparently he shows up in worgen form to "show he is not ashamed of his new form" and "to show the Horde that worgen accept their more primal side." What primal side? The primal side of sitting around doing nothing? All it does is serve to reinforce how stagnant and uninvolved an entire race in the Alliance has been during the course of an expansion. Not to mention the replacing of worgen-centric content in WoD with joke content. Of all the races, I believe the worgen would be most affected by the Sha, seeing as they live on rage and violence, you know, those negative emotions the Sha love to feed upon. Sadly, however, this development is tossed to the wayside to further "Orcs vs. Humans 3.0." Also... Thrall is not neutral. When he sits in council with the Horde leaders, discusses decisions affecting the Horde and how the Horde is to be run, he is not neutral.Vericles53 Jul 25, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 Why Would the AU Draenei Join Alliance? Obviously spoilers will happen. Yrel becomes a leader of the AU draenei. And since she was presented as an Alliance hero that would indicate she would be Alliance at some point. So, why would they join the Alliance? Yes, the Alliance helps them a bit, but so does the Horde(blood elves and orcs). In fact, outside of the PC, it looks like the blood elves offer the most help to the draenei. We now know that Maraad dies in Shattrath. This removes the AU draenei's only real connection to the MU Alliance draenei. Right now, they're in a kind of allies of the Alliance, but not a part of the Alliance position. What could possibly change that? Blizzard seems to be writing themselves into a corner again. Game mechanics demand that draenei be Alliance, but the writers seem intent on making them neutral or very close to it. I'm not seeing where Blizzard can go with this other than making the horde do something really stupid.Lena159 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 Open ending expansion I just want that, one expansion open ended, that end just to give the beggining to the next exp, something so huge that we cant deal nor defeat in one expansion, also i like shady cryptics stories so give that, please blizzard give thxDeltaz11 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 Return of Sargeras, Kil'jaeden, and Archimond With the Azeroth of our timeline being introduced to the parallel timeline of Draenor there is a lot of room for the Burning Legion to make a comeback in many HUGE ways. First would be the Archdemons Kil'jaeden and Archimonde being able to journey to our Azeroth. Kil'jaeden is responsible for the birth of the scourge and the Lich King, and Archmonde single handedly destroyed old Dalaran and very nearly destroyed the nations of Azeroth at Mount Hyjal. With the return of these two powerful forces being able to return to our world the power to which they will arrive to would be insane! Kil'jaeden would arrive to a completed Scourge with The Destroyer Archimonde as a potential ally. Also, with all the forces of our Azeroth trying to stop a souped up Iron Horde lead by their most fearsome champions, who would be able to even attempt to thwart The archdemons and the Scourge? The two demons could certainly use their power to attempt to bring their master Sargeras through the portal to our weakened Azeroth. Just curious if anyone else had noticed the potential for the return of the Legion with its Master! Would like to hear your thoughts!!!Savnok2 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 Events of history Maraad [spoilers] Detestable story, let's blizzard as it will make me hate you even more WoD, killing one of the few popular heroes and draenei still early in the WoD? Really you hate our race?Arkiell50 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 Why the Alliance cant Defeat the Horde ... At this moment. Anyway, I've seen a lot of people complaining about why Varian just doesn't 'finish off' the Horde in 5.4. Generally a lot of people are just blaming bad writing on Blizzards part and the pit falls of a duel faction system, but I have a lore based reason why the Alliance doesnt just defeat the Horde in 5.4 It Because They Cant~ Let me get off first hand the most RAGE inducing comment I will be making, in which a large chunk of people will say Im wrong without actually reading beyond the statement. At this moment in time, The Alliance has NO hope of outright destroying the Horde at this time. The idea that the Alliance can just because of the events of the Siege of Orgimar is an absolute fantasy. At best, the Alliance can gain momentum, but they are no closer to destroying the Horde as Garrosh was Destroying the Alliance. One reason they Alliance cant just whipe the Horde off the face of the earth after the defeat of Garrosh and the Siege of Origmar is because up to the events of MoP, The Alliance were losing the current war. "What? What do you mean the Alliance was losing!? N00b" Well, its true its not outright said or shown in game, but there are signs that the Alliance are definitely not the winning the war. Maybe losing is too strong a word, maybe on the back peddle? The biggest hint of this was the events at Theramoore. Regardless of what your opinion of Garrosh's Mana Bomb Tactic are, and how he is a warmongering Tyrant, the results doesnt change, The Alliance lost a chunk of the 7th Fleet, the premier Alliance veterans, as well as many of their most experienced and most zealous none racial leader generals and (or at least pro alliance) commanders. This leaves the alliance without some of their more skilled leadership. But there are other more subtle hints the Alliance are on the back peddle. For one the starting cinematic for the Alliance and Horde. In the Horde cinematic, Nazgrim reports that the Sea battle against the Alliance is going well, with victories of Tol Barad and Darnasius. While its not OMG SOLID PROOF, it does at least Hint that the Horde is winning the sea battle. In the Alliance cinematic, we see Varian comment that he has almost 200 ships under his command but the one with his son goes missing. Son comment aside, Varian basicly tells us the Alliance have almost 200 warships, yet they are technically losing since the Horde has, so far, pressed the advantage. From this we can speculate the Horde has just as many ships as the Alliance, if not more, after all since Cata, Garrosh has been pushing the Horde War Effort into high gear and Garrosh, despite his stupid choices, does have at least general knowledge of military tactics and he has an obsession with controlling the war, and he knows that the war at Sea is key. So, at least between the events of Cata and the start of MoP, its not too hard to speculate the the Horde is currently 'winning' the war. It may not be an outright winning, but they currently have the advantage. Another reason the Alliance cant destroy the Horde is, They aren't in the War to do that anyway. So far every action the Alliance seem to be taking in MoP are purely defensive or preventative measures. The Horde are in Pandaria looking for resources for the War Effort, but if you listen to the Alliance words on the matter, that's not why they are there. Alot of the NPCs and racial leaders comments are about how they are fighting to prevent Garrosh from exploiting Pandaran land and resources. Operation Shield Wall, the Alliance presence in Pandaria, whole purpose is more a matter of containing and checking Garrosh's attempts to exploit Pandaria than take Pandaria for themselves. The entirty of the Alliance War effort so far has pretty much purely defensive, either denying Garrosh something or reclaiming whatever gains the Horde as earned so far. They have yet to make a serious effort to invade and claim Horde control lands, hinting that they are both in precarious position and that they have no interest in that in the first place. But there are some Npcs who clearly are against the Horde and defeating them! True, but a large majority of those NPCs tend to be just small troop commanders or simple soldiers, hardly anyone of major importance. In fact if you listen to many of the Alliance commanders, you may think they are waging a war less on Horde and more and Garrosh. They hardly refer to fighting 'The Horde', most of they time they are talking about prevent Garrosh from doing this or gaining that. Even Jaina, who probably uses the most Anti-Horde wording so far, more often than not will refer to Garrosh first and the Horde second. Hell, her reasons for the campaign against the Thunder King, she speaks more of making sure Garrosh doesn't gain Mogu weapons than anything else. What about the Siege of Origimar! Thats Offensive. True, but not that the only reason the Alliance seem to be involved in the first place is because of the Dark Spear rebellion thats giving them a chance. If there wasn't a revolt, i bet the Alliance wouldn't Dare attempt anything they would be attempting during the Siege of Orgimar. No, right now Varian is more concern with defeating Garrosh because he alone is the real threat. After all, in most cases the Horde are more or less Hostages of Garrosh at the moment. No one acts against him out of fear for their lives if not the lives of their families and loves ones. While the Horde will fight against the Alliance for any number of reasons, they're still basically being held Hostage by Garrosh. Everyone sees that defeating Garrosh will pretty much be the end of the War as it currently is. Hey you just admit defeating Garrosh will be the end! Alliance defeats Garrosh, end of Horde! End of the war as it currently is Remember the Horde Navy? The one currently pushing back the Alliance? Even if we assuming during MoP that the naval war is a stalemate, that still leaves the Horde is currently holding on to whatever their gained in their pre MoP victories, and thus still hold the advantage. Garrosh at the time of the Siege of Origmar is basically a rouge faction that just so happens to be holding the Horde military hostage. While he has been recruit orcs from various 'True Horde' Orc Clans like the Blackrock and lesser degree Dragonmaw clans, they are mostly being recruited as Garroshs personal army in the form of the Kor'Kron. In the scenarios, We see that the Horde Navy is multiracial with Taruen, undead, goblins, and Orcs at the very least, and the Orcs there are clearly not Dragonmaw, Blackrock or the like. So even assuming the idea the Alliance are the main reason for slaying Garrosh, does not change the fact the Horde still has control of all the resources Garrosh built up during his rule. The Horde Navy is still out there and even assuming a chunk of them are Garrosh, orc only loyalest, they vast majority will be multi racial and pro rebellion Horde. Just because Garrosh is defeated, it does not mean the Horde Navy just disappears, if anything it just frees them from Garrosh's control. But the Alliance would control Orgimar! To bad it would be a death wish if they tried to hold onto it. If Varian tried to Hold Orgimar, he would basiclly be stuck in the worst Siege situation possible. In a city with broken defense, the Darkspear Trolls to the South, the Taruen a short ways away to the South East, the Goblin Habor Fort and assumes headquarters of the Horde Fleet to the North in Ashara. The Barrens, the nearest resource point, has been heavily stripped of what it has to offer, not to mention still heavily contested between the Horde, Alliance, and Garroshes Loyalest The closest aid being that of the Night Elves of Darnius, but the Overland route is contested territory with several Horde Outpost, Settlements, and the Warsong Outriders. The sea Route will be effectively Blockaded due to the Horde fleet, and the Night Elves would be hard pressed to aid them cause the Horde have been doing well in battling the Alliance off the coast of Darnasus up to this point. If Varian tried to hold Orgimar, it will be a near Death wish for everyone there, if not from the fact of being besieged in a city with broken defenses, but having to deal with the remnants of Garroshes Loyalist, the rest of the Horde, and basically being stuck in a Hostile environment with limited options for relief and sustainability. It would be a nightmare scenario for any military commander, and one I bet Varian is not willing to fight. So Why is the Alliance doing all of this, if not to destroy the Horde? Well, most obvious Answer is to Kill Garrosh who is clearly a major threat but here is some other reason why. To basiclly shift the War back into Alliance favor. If Varian tries to finish off the Horde/Take Origmar, he would only give the Horde a Rallying crying, a kind of Purge of Dalaran, for the Horde. So I suspect his reasons are more subtle, sneaky, long term, and over all Patient. By Allowing the Horde to reclaim Orgimar and allow them a chance to reorganize, in many ways he's weakening the Horde. The Horde will have to handle the remnants of Garrosh's Horde, diverting resources and Manpower that could be funneled to the Naval battle into Internal affairs and the repair of Orgimar. Plus the Horde will be faced with Leadership issues over who will be the Next Warchief of the Horde. But regardless, the new Horde Warchief would be in no way as War hungry as Garrosh was, and more importantly as expansionist as Garrosh. This takes out the forward momentum that has so far been in the Horde's hands and places it back into the Alliance hands. This Gives Varian a chance to push back against the Horde, recover and rebuilt his loses and reclaim what was lost during the war. The momentum of the War would be back in Alliance hands. While it may put the Horde at the disadvantage, I don't think it would be as dire a position for the Horde as the Alliance position was beforehand. So that's my thoughts over why the Alliance is helping the Horde rebellion ... and why it would be IMPOSSIBLE for the Allliance to defeat the Horde, at this stage, at the very least.Serurmaha53 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 Orc shaman RP story. Mogkrar3 Jul 24, 2014