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Nov 22, 2013 New to Mists of Pandaria I am an long-time WoW player that took a hiatus during Pandaria. I'd like to catch up on the storyline leading to SoO and was wondering what important quest lines / arcs do I need to hit as I level (on the Horde and Alliance, please). I just don't want to miss anything! Thanks!Rolt6 Nov 22, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 Emerald Dream could become "dark world" As in Legend of zelda: a link to the past. Metzen said recently as it is now the Emerald Dream would make a boring expansion, being all green and such, so one idea that I've had for awile now is that there are similiarities between Warcraft's Emerald Dream and the Dark World from the classic Zelda game, A Link to the Past, which was an evil twin of Hyrule created by the mind of Ganon. In much the same way, the Emerald Dream could be transformed into an evil twin of Azeroth with dark counterparts to familiar zones. Just an idea. Thoughts?Derathenus8 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 akama Will we be seeing much of him and will he be close to the same character not being mutated and shuned by the light and his own peopleBluehorns10 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 Expansion theorycraft With Traveling back in time to explore Draenor and fighting a new and old Iron horde. and with Blizzard flat out saying they have more than 5-6/ many many expansions and frame work for such claims layed out for the future. it has me thinking, whats left? what threats still await us? what evil is ther to thwart? so i did some digging and compiled a list of things that still remain and possible places that the expansions can go. __________________________________________________________________________ -The Burning Legion- as we all know, the Burning Legion is still a threat as we merely pushed them back and their dark commander Kil'jaden Back. leaving them to their own devices to grow ever more powerful, and to conquor countless other worlds and/or return to azeroth with a reckoning of the likes weve never seen! Bosses Include but not limited to - Kil'jaden & Sargeras Maybe Doom Lord Kazzak? __________________________________________________________________________ -Great Old God N'Zoh- as we know of we personally dispatched two Old gods (C'thun & Yogg'Saron) A third Old god who passed in Pandaria (Y'Shaarj) and with his final Breath created the emotastic monsters known as the Sha. It is also known that Great Old God N'zoh is responsible for the spark of the Emerald Nightmare (Emerald Dream Expansion maybe?) But as for where he is or what happened to him is yet to be determined _________________________________________________________________________ -Queen Azshara- the last we saw was a glimpse of this Queen of the nightelves was in the creation of the Dragon Soul in the Caverns of time. We know that she isnt Dead and is still to this day ever Faithful to the old gods that transformed her into the First Naga. She is still Filled with Hatred for those that condemned her in the war of the ancients and continues to seek revenge on the Night Elves. Along with her bcoming a Threat I think on a personal note she would find a way to Rally the Saytr tho foul Creatures of the burning leagion, they both share mutual hate for the night elves even tho being transformed Night elves them selves. _______________________________________________________________________ Possible Areas of exploration speculation. The tomb of Sargeras Karazhan Crypt _____________________________________________________________________ -Return of The World Dragons! - For those of us Vanilla WoW Players we remember as newbies wondering up the the portals the World dragon Gaurded and just being Blasted. Attempting to Raid them and only getting Plowed and Pinned between a big bad Dragon and the opposite Faction should we be on a PvP server. There are a few Rumors to where the Portals Actually Lead. Maybe the Lead to the Emerald Dream? (another string theory leading to ane merald dream expansion!) none can say for sure But I definitely Think its well worth looking into. __________________________________________________________________ The Infinite Dragon flight! Little is known about this corrupt Time Traveling Dragon flgiht, it is safe to say that we have not seen the last of them and their time traveling paradox creating ways! Since we are experimenting with Time travel anyway either this expansion or the next im sure we will see them again in a big way! ___________________________________________________________________ Possible titles: World Of Warcraft: The Dark Below (old gods/Azshara) World of Warcraft: The emerald Dream (you know you want it) World of Warcraft: Hello Kitty Island Funtime Lets go! World Of Warcraft: The Burning end (Burning Legion) World of Warcraft: The Twisting Nether _____________________________________________________________________ these are only things and Ideas on My current knowlage of WoW lore that could very Possibly be Delved into in futures Expansion Passed the Warlods of Draenor! please Read on and let me know your thoughts, and feel free to add on to the list of specualtions!Meyuh18 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 Worgen in WoD [spoilers] Check it out, apparently there's a worgen in Shadowmoon Valley who comes along with us back in time. IGoD delivers: ... Admiral Taylor and a gnome are also there. I think it's interesting Yrel has a missing sister.Reignac83 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 Lets negotiate Horde should pay some form of reparations to the Alliance, I think it's unreasonable to deny that in truth. There are 3 main constrictions we should consider: 1.) It can't unbalance the game, things like returning Undercity or the plaguelands or wiping out the Horde proper. 2.) It can't be resource intensive, something like rebuilding Theramore bigger and better than before is too much. 3.) Be civil, this are a fictional universe, and fictional people no reason to disrespect each other or use hyperbole to make points. Starting Point: 1.) Horde gold should be on display in Stormwind, under guard from with elite Stormwind knights. 2.) A permanent Alliance embassy should exist in Orgrimmar. (For Horde players it can be the new gamon, an overly powerful yellow NPC that we can throw ourselves against for fun) The Alliance NPCs in Orgrimmar will be neutral to Alliance players PVP attacking Orgrimmar. 3.) Workers should start working on rebuilding the park district in Stormwind. Just a few peasants hammering the floor and such, if or when another city revamp comes through the park or whatever district it becomes, becomes bought and built by Horde gold.Layam19 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 So, I'm a Bit Confused About Emerald Dream... I thought it was like a beta Kalimdor, you know, before the great sundering caused it to be four continents instead of one, but the devs seem to think that it's all greenery, and that none of the current features of any of the continents existed on the original (or even features that don't exist on any of the continents, but were around on the original Kalimdor). I guess what I'm trying to say is Draenor is to Outland as Emerald Dream is to Azeroth; that is, a step back in time (albiet without mortal races) to a wild Azeroth and not necessarily jungled everywhere, just as the current Azeroth has highly varied terrain. Jungle doesn't grow in dunes very well. Not to mention, the nightmare could be bringing nightmarish landscapes from timelines that never came to pass on present-day Azeroth through. I don't know, I haven't read Stormrage. I just think there was a failure of imagination somewhere, if the Emerald Dream hasn't been completely defined and mapped already.Batmân2 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 The Church of Light While Stormwind has alot of spotlight in Alliance lore, The Church of Light is a pretty ill represented as an organization. With the exception of the occasional generic priest that shows up, it really hasnt had much presence in the game since the minor and quite unexplained Benedictus betrayal. More than that, the church spans quite a few aspects of the Eastern Kingdom Alliance, with Gilneas, Ironforge, Stormwind, and perhaps Gnomerrgan holding the Holy Light as their primary religion. Beyond that, both priests and paladins seem to do little within these Kingdoms (paladins much less so). While WoD will see the Draenei taking the spotlight (and rightfully so, the Dudes/dudettes have had little real purpose in the Alliance), it would be nice to see the church take a more active role in the Alliance, with some proper leadership and perhaps real presence in Alliance affairs What I'd like to Know 1. Who currently leads the Church of Light in Benedictus' place? Who leads the paladins? 2. What interaction do the Draenei have with the Church of Light? While they follow the same faith, their practices and philosophies differ, with the Draenei placing more emphasis on the Naaru than the Church. What is the Church's relationship with Velen, seeing as he is the oldest and arguably most blessed practitioner of the Light? 3. What place do Stormwind and Ironforge paladins have with the Church? Is the Silver Hand still a part of the Church? Are they members of the Argent Crusade? Or, Assuming that the Silver Hand is really no more and they aren't aligned with the Argent Crusade, are the Paladins integrated within the Church? 4. Is the Gilnean church independant of the Cathedral of Light? They have their own Cathedral (in a rather cool gothic theme) 5. Does Silvermoon have any ties to the Church? 6. Is Anduin part of the Clergy, or is he an independent priest? What I'd like to see 1. Stormwind and Ironforge priests and paladins having more presence. Both these classes are representatives of the Church, but they seem to really just be floating around in the background. 2. A new Archbishop Elected. Primary candidates in my eyes are either High priest Rohan of Ironforge or High Priestess Laurena of Stormwind. 3. A Church of Light Symbol, and more of them around the Cathedral of Light.Haldred1 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 Horde Player's Demands to the Alliance 1. Genn Greymane must apologize for the murder of Forsaken and enroaching on the Forsaken territory of Gilneas. 2. Gnomes must pay reperations of twelve million macaroons for the sin of being gnomes. The Alliance must also kill Gelbin Mekkatorque and keep an eye on their allies. The gnomes are crafty people, and a ticking timebomb on Azeroth. 3. Ironforge's forge-works must be shut down, and all engineering and weapon smithing organizations must be dismantled. Their works have done nothing but cause death and destruction. 4. Ashenvale and Azshara becomes territory of Horde, since the Night Elves can't appreciate how the Horde has improved their lands significantly. You've not got super intelligent raptors, rocket ship raceways, god damn volcanoes. Do you know what a volcano is? It's a mountain that shoots lava. That's the definition of awesome. 5. Alliance must clean up the ruins of Theramoore, because that crater and arcane fallout is really going to hurt real estate sales. I feel these demands are fair, just, reasonable, and should not be questioned in any way. If any other Horde members have fair and balanced demands to make of the Alliance, post away.Lytum60 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 What the Light really is Blizzard mentioned that they'd shed some light on paladins (see what I did there?) in the upcoming expansion, and give us some more lore on where our powers come from. So what are your thoughts? What do you think will be revealed about the Light in WoD and what would you like to see? I'm hoping that we learn the Light is what separates Azeroth from other worlds, and it's the main reason why the BL is hesitant about us.Ryaxus19 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 A Troll's Demand For The World Stop killing my people!Tuljin17 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 A Grummle player's demands 1: Smell this.Namewithapun2 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 Scourge Player's Demands! Can we come back now guys? Please!!!Lansuer14 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 The hardest list of demands to date The tauren can go free. The trolls can go free after paying 30% of their gold as reparations. Orcs get banished back to their own planet w/ the door shut behind them. Belves and goblins get put in forced labor camps. Forsaken are exterminated.Xarreda56 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 Next Expac Resolutions. Well, to take a break from the ceaseless "demands" threads, and in memory of the up and coming new year (as well as the new expac) I've decided to make a small thread of "resolutions" for the next expansion. Seeing as it's getting us as far from Azeroth as possible, well it's the perfect time to turn over a new leaf. So, without further adieu, here are my resolutions for the next expac. 1.) I will treat Warlords of Draenor as a fresh start and not go into it with any cynicism whatsoever. 2.) I will never post in nor create a "demand" thread henceforth. 3.) I will hope for and argue in favor of both sides (shocking for me, I know) getting equal story development, and neither side working to the detriment of the other. 4.) Henceforth, I will not create, participate in, or even mention anything in regards to the Horde, my only posts on the Story Forums will be explaining and debating elements of the Alliance story, independent of the Horde. 5.) I will blot out each and every reference in the Alliance starting zones from memory, and act as if they don't exist. I intend to keep to these five resolutions, and hopefully have some fun in Alternate Draenor.Callet18 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 A Player's Demand For The Forums StahpGethrian6 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 I demand... ...and end to these stupid lists of demands. They accomplish nothing but to set one group of posters against another, and we all come off looking like jackasses. Can we stick to fighting over actual lore? Do we really need to make stuff up to fight about?Carmageddon15 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 Gelbin Mekkatorque: Underutilized Badass I've been thinking about possible lore for 5.4 from the Alliance's side, and outside of the Draenei (Who I have regulated to never doing anything ever), one faction within the Alliance stuck out to me in terms of their absence: the Gnomes. I wanted to take a closer look at the Gnomes and their faction leader, Gelbin Mekkatorque. I wanted to ask a larger section of the lore fanbase a question, which you can find in my video about Mekkatorque here: Essentially, would you agree that Blizzard's regulation of the Gnomes to a comedic race that is short and has high-pitched voices wasting what could be potentially interesting storylines with them? Even regardless from a Horde vs Alliance standpoint, because the same is applied to the Goblins. Feels as if the Goblins and Gnomes are regulated to the obnoxious tropes of "Short and Greedy" and "Short and high-pitched" respectively. I could make an argument for the Goblins (At least the Bilgewater ones) breaking this trope slightly more than the Gnomes, but it still feels that each race is entirely absent unless a technology is needed, which they are then trotted out to seem important for the immediate story before being shelved again. The one and only example of the Gnomes fighting on their own in Cataclysm is against the Goblins, of course, in the Stonetalon Mountains. And even there, it's this whole zany "technology gone wrong" spin on what could have been an epic battlefield. I would like to think I give a good argument of where the Gnomes and Goblins could be utilized going forward, and I was wondering about others' opinions of the future of the two technological powerhouses of Azeroth.Vergell40 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 Why Goblin Hate? Something I've noticed in a lot of WoW stories is that goblins are always held in contempt. It's always like "The races of the Azeroth, even the goblins" or "Orc, troll, and even goblin". Like suddenly the goblin race is the most dirty and underhanded race in existence. What have goblins done to deserve this underhanded reputation? Most goblins seem polite enough, sure they may be motivated by money, but who doesn't like money? I remember a quest in Stranglethorn where a human's crock pot is damaged, and the goblin that made it repairs it for free, and adds a few bells and whistles to it. Despite being the industrial backbone of the Horde, goblins stilla ren't treated decently. IS it expected that the siege engines, buildings, and resources of the Horde just gather themselves? Sure Gallywix is kind of a buttwagon, but you don't get to be the CEO of the most powerful goblin organization in the world by being a nice guy. I feel that somehow the goblin race has been branded fairly wrongfully.Lytum52 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 Our factions and their appropriate classes I think when classes are represented in lore they should belong to certain factions. Alliance- Paladins, Priests, Druids, Magi Horde- Death knights, warrior, shaman, warlock Neutral- Monks, hunters, and rogues( I would love for the deathstalkers and SI:7 to frequently butt heads) It's about time the Silverhand returns and takes over Tirion's settlements and the cenarion factions should take a hint from the Kirin'tor. I would also find it not to be an ideal situation when a death knight is fighting along side of one of the few survivors of Lordaeron or a draenei vindicator having to protect a dark iron warlock conjuring demons.Xoroth11 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 Garrosh, prominent female figures And a big WHAT IF. What if Grom's baby mama doesn't take to Garrosh-prime and stealing the spot light from her Garrosh. And then Gul'dan feeds her some green Kool-Aid which results in her going bat-guano and cutting him a new one? That'd make for a prominent female figure and interesting story arc.Bareflanks7 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 How to make players care about Stormwind So, it's generally pretty common knowledge that Stormwind is here to stay, at the very least as far as World of Warcraft is concerned. There's one huge problem with Stormwind though, and that is that it sucks and feels detached from not only human lore, but from lore as a whole. Lordaeron is unlikely to be back in human hands anytime soon, so what can we do to make it so that people celebrate Stormwind instead of loathing it because it's not Lordaeron? Here are some ideas. 1. Rename it "Azeroth." Stormwind is, in Warcraft, kind of a crappy name. It's named for a windy valley and that's really all that it symbolizes. All the other nations sound like they have names that either literally mean something, or sound like they mean something. "Lordaeron" was a combination of Dwarven, Thalassian, and Common to have a name that means "Land of the peaceful people." Not only is that literal translation meaningful, but it's also symbolic of the unification that Lordaeron and its Alliance represented (the unification of the Humans, Dwarves, and High Elves.") Stromgarde also has a pretty symbolic name harkening back to Stromgarde's origins, when it was the Empire of Arathor with its capital of Strom. They serve to guard its location and legacy, evident from its name. Stormwind is a windy valley. Changing its name back to Azeroth not only emphasizes that it's an amalgamation of ALL of humanity, regardless of origin, on the world of Azeroth. (more on that later.) It also harkens back to humanities ancient roots, with the root word "Azotha," which could be interpreted as it bringing humanity together again. (which fits, as the kingdom was founded by the heirs of King Thoradin.) Plus, it just sounds cooler. It's a name that makes you want to ask about the story behind it, not just go "Huh." like Stormwind does. 2. Give it some relevant historical background. We know a fair amount about the politics and history of the Human nations on the Lordaeron continent. These kingdoms were formed after the dissolution of the Arathi empire, and there were some border disputes, and not everyone was friendly with one another, which means that there may have been some wars over territory or resources. Six kingdoms in total were formed out of only a few zones. We know next to nothing about the history of Stormwind. What we do know provides some interesting hooks though. We know that it's the most distant human kingdom from Strom, and that it was formed by Thoradin's heirs and their loyalists. Why are they so far south? What enticed them to even head in that direction instead of going and living in Lordaeron with the rest of the nobility? How did they get across Khaz Modan? And that's to say nothing about what roles they played in international relations. We know that they didn't exist in a political vacuum, and that there were ocean routes between Stormwind and the Lordaeron continent. We also know that it had very friendly relations with Lordaeron in the years leading up to the First War, apparently due to shared cultures and the friendliness between the Wrynns and the Menethils. How did this come to be? What was Stormwind's image in the eyes of the rest of humanity at the time? Was it respectful or dismissive? We know that Khadgar gave a pretty good description of what Stormwind looked like to someone who has lived their lives in Lordaeron in The Last Guardian, and he was apparently awestruck by its sheer size (apparently it's the only city on Azeroth where you can be in a position where there's nothing but city as far as the eye can see) and he also seemed to apply sort of a reverent, regal view to it, saying that it even appeared to literally "glitter" in the sunlight. We also know that Stormwind was considered very strong by the other human kingdoms. People in Lordaeron scoffed when they heard that it had fallen, and when everyone began to realize that it had indeed fallen to the Horde, everyone got really worried really fast. How did Stormwind come to earn this military respect? Was there a massive war where Stormwind just wrecked anyone who opposed it? Why did Stormwind even have such a tremendously powerful military? Is it as strong today as it was before the First War? How did it get the population to support such a powerful economy and military if only a handful of humans went to settle it after the collapse of Arathor? Did it have a high rate of immigration? Do these factors continue to define it today? All sorts of unanswered questions, which would likely make Stormwind far more interesting and hook into lots of rich Stormwind history if they were answered. 3. Immigration and multiculturalism One of the things that defines Stormwind in its current iteration is that it's the last remaining human kingdom that hasn't been either destroyed or attacked by zombies/dragons/naga/ogres/syndicate/neutrality. It's literally all that's left. It's "the last bastion of human power in the world." This needs to be shown and emphasized. I've heard and supported the notion of replacing the park with a refugee district to emphasize that Stormwind now represents the sum total of humanities combined districts. Embassies and the like should be added, representing each human kingdom (as well as loyalists from Dalaran in the Mage Quarter) where you can go to read or learn about the histories and thematics of those kingdoms. I think that it should go even further though. Let's see some cultural mingling going on within the Kingdom's borders. Stormwind farmers in Westfall arguing with Gilnean farmers over proper farming techniques ("In Gilneas, we were one with the land and gave it the reverence it deserved!" "Yeah, well in Stormwind we use shovels and pitchforks like the rest of the sane world, now get digging.") Lordaeroni and Gilneans traveling through Duskwood and having panic attacks because they keep flashing back to invasions of the Scourge and Worgen. Kul Tirasians working in Stormwind's harbor, arguing with ship captains whether or not to name ships Tirasian style or Lordaeroni style. A Stormwind Knight and a Stromgarde Knight in Redridge having an honorable contest to see who can kill more Orcs. Dalaran mages arguing with other humans on the merits of Dalaran's neutrality, or discussing magical theory with Stormwind mages in the Mage Tower. Lordaeron clerics and Gilnean clerics discussing the merits of their different interpretation of the Holy Light in the Cathedral. These are things that I want to see from Stormwind. Make it the amalgamation of human lore that it's supposed to represent. As long as each nation's lore is confined to particular, non-Alliance territory the more Alliance players (and more to the point, human players) are going to feel like they have no lore to call their own. Make Stormwind a place that you can be proud of and a place that you WANT to fight to defend regardless of which particular facet of human lore you like best. 4. Expansionism; it's a good thing. Stormwind is too small. Yes, I realize that this part of the outline might be difficult to justify by gameplay standards but as Stormwind's population continues to increase (likely at an accelerated rate on account of most of humanities population being concentrated there now) then its borders should as well. There's no reason why the kingdom's borders should remain so static and its settlements all remain small hamlets. As more and more people are born and as more and more people emigrate to Stormwind, we should see people settling the frontier. Moonbrook should get as big as Andorhal, as it serves the same purpose that Andorhal did (the breadbasket of a massive human kingdom.) Stormwind's vaunted military power should be used to completely expel the Horde from the Blasted Lands, Swamp of Sorrows, and Stranglethorn Vale. Courageous pioneers seeking new opportunities and greater glory should settle these formerly hostile regions in an attempt to tame them. Nethergarde Keep could expand as more people move into the area to become the "Stratholme" of Stormwind. As these regions get more and more settled, you start to see some of the more distant regions try to secede from Stormwind (but not the Alliance.) Players may be asked to pick a side, or these places may even be allowed to split off, creating a new continent with several different human nations inhabiting it. The possibilities in this scenario are endless (although not possible without some pretty massive overhauls to gameplay, I admit) but it would make Stormwind look to the part of the powerhouse that it's portrayed as in lore, and the development of such a storyline would have a good amount of interesting lore I think. 5. Stuff needs to happen in Stormwind. This is a pretty big factor in making Stormwind endearing. Compared to Lordaeron, Stormwind appears to be almost completely irrelevant in Warcraft lore. For Warcraft 2 and 3, almost all the lore attention was on Lordaeron. Why? Because that's where things were happening. The invasion of the Horde in Warcraft 2 and the attack of the Scourge and the corruption of Lordaeron's prince were the focal points of the lore in there respective areas. Heck, in Warcraft 3 there were two important points on Azeroth: Lordaeron and northern Kalimdor. Everywhere else was either cursory to those places or completely irrelevant. Even in World of Warcraft, this has been a problem. Wrath of the Lich King and now, Cataclysm have both had the human storyline emphasize Lordaeron rather than places that are actually still in Human possession. I don't have much a problem with it in WotLK but it was a serious problem in Cataclysm. Stormwind, as a kingdom, has appeared to be mostly passive, with much of the most important things in Azerothian history to have passed it by completely with it barely noticing. This is a problem that's even more apparent in World of Warcraft, where the most that's happened to Stormwind that's exclusive to Stormwind is bandits and Blackrock Renegades. Hardly particularly compelling stuff when you look at the comparitive storyline of Lordaeron, involving corruption, a demonic invasion, tragedy, a zombie apocalypse, and now endless conflict as humanity futiley tries to rebuild. Anything that actually has happened to Stormwind since the First War, like the expansion launch events (Dark Portal opening, Zombie infestation, elemental invasion) are all events that affected the entire world, not just Stormwind, and hence any impact that's had on it is cheapened as a result. We don't see things like the invasion of the Nightmare or the Scourge invasion have any impact on Stormwind's development because they happened to everyone at the same time. What we've got here is Stormwind being affected by too many "world" events but not enough local events. So what I'd like to see is something that happens in Stormwind that's of a similar magnitude to the Scourge invasion of Lordaeron or the First War (in that it affects the entire world in a very overt sense) but localized to the region. I think that whatever is going in with Karazhan that's corrupting Duskwood could be a great factor to start this. It's a scary, intimidating threat that's spreading out and corrupting the Kingdom. It could be due to Old God influence, or Legion influence, or whatever, so long as it's something super important that has a major impact on the world at large, and represents an extremely dire threat to Stormwind. Heck, when the Legion inevitably invades again I want ground zero to be somewhere in Stormwind or near Stormwind, because the bottom line is that the human storyline is at its most compelling when they're fighting against abysmally terrible odds in their own homelands, regardless of whether or not they end up succeeding in combatting the threat (Warcraft 2) or failing (Warcraft 3.) --- I think that all of these things need to happen in some way, shape, or form for Stormwind to become the endearing kingdom that Blizzard wants us to view it as. Otherwise, it'll always feel like a hand-me-down kingdom, and people will continue to pine for Lordaeron.Vyrin80 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 Where's Tyr? I don't think it was asked recently. I'm curious as to where he is.Aedair7 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 WoD lore questions So i remember reading somewhere that 2 headed ogre magi did not exist before Gul'dan created them. So how could Cho'gal exist in this lore without the demonic horde happening. Also I was looking at some old outland stuff and the ocean seems to recede to reveal the Zangarmarsh. So does this mean Draenor has freshwater oceans unlike Azeroth?Jaimis11 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 Blizz "borrowed" too much to make warcraft? So, with the announcement of the Warcraft movie recently, some of my friends who are well endowed with warcraft lore started saying that people who don't know the game (namely critics), are going to tear the movie up for alluding to too many outside sources. Look at what they did to Eragon ( ). granted i never read the book but when you look at all they got on that guy's case for, and how much blizz borrowed from other established works of fiction also, it seems to be that blizz is cutting it close (if not "getting away with murder"). idk. maybe you cant compare them because Warcraft is a game and that was a book. Still though, when you look at some of the names, cultures of the races, even places, they seem to be pushing the whole "nothing is ever truly original in fiction" proverb. NOW, before you get on MY case, as if im the one accusing blizz of this, you should know that this has never really bothered me, even if it is true. Yea, most fantasy writers use the common tropes (evles, dwarves, orcs, magic), so thats excusable. Also, im aware blizz has done a fantastic job of establishing their own lore with the elements of fantasy they have, regardless if you would consider it plagiarized or not. My concern i guess is, when the film comes out, and its put in front of a mass audience, i feel like all the old arguments of "OMG they copied Lotr and [fantasy novel no one has heard of]!!!" are going to arise again. What do you guys think? was blizz pushing it?Theranash64 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 Millhouse Manastorm's Place in WoW Lore It's one of those things that gnaws at me every now and then. I can't figure out if my favorite gnome is a recurring joke or if he actually has a story. on the one hand, he is ridiculous. and I mean that in the nicest sense. He has provided a sort of comedic cameo both in the Stonecore instance and in the Brawler's guild. on the other hand, he was introduced in a questline given by A'dal himself. not exactly a pointless npc. he easily could have been nameless, but we were sent specifically to the Arcatraz to rescue him. And it was revealed he has ties to the Twilights Hammer in the stonecore questline. these do not seem to be one-off occurances. So what's the deal with this guy? Why is he hanging around in outser space, joining up with the bad guys, and showing up in odd spots? why was A'dal concerned for his safety? Is his once-intriguing story now abandoned? was he always destined to be a weird, celebrated "peronality" type? is there perhaps actually a real story waiting to be told here?Madamoiselle7 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 20, 2013 Vol'jins rebellion fails. Well of course he failed. I mean, who would win, 20 guys with sticks and stones, or a guy with a 40 foot tall iron scorpion that can fire lazers and make explosions? Nobody expected garrosh to pull off something like this. I say that blizz should have made syl and lor'themar fight the scorpion, and galakras fight vol'jin/baine. Or have the two bosses switch locations.Druskorr5 Nov 20, 2013
Nov 20, 2013 The Alliance hasn't won anything It's funny, I was reading some posts and people kept mentioning how the Horde just lost a major war and I'm like what lol?! The Horde never lost, I think it's one of the things the Alliance was pissed about actually. Blizzard went to extremes to make sure that the player Horde and Garrosh's True Horde remain as separate entities. You guys beat Garrosh's Horde, or rather WE beat Garrosh's Horde, the same way we beat the Fel Horde and the Dark Horde. The same way we're going to beat the Iron Horde. You are in no position to demand anything from us. Unless you want to be bullies. Here's where it gets confusing I can see it now, the reply posters going: But the player Horde helped destroy Theramore, the player Horde took Ashenvale etc etc. Yeah they did and maybe you should get some of those lands back, but it wont happen in the game anytime soon because revamping the world like that is too expensive and would only seek to appease Alliance lore nerds which is a very small percentage of the population. As for Theramore it's pretty clear that all the blame goes to Garrosh on that, you don't like it? Blame the writers.Sincraft10 Nov 20, 2013
Nov 20, 2013 Infinite flight Hello community. Now going off of the current information about the creation of Murozond and the fight with his past self Nozdormu. I have a suggestion for some content. Remember the quest in dragon blight "Mystery of the Infinite" basically they send you from the future into the past to aid yourself in combat. I think we have potential for an impressive raid here using these aspects of time. Once the old gods finally tempt Nozdormu as from what's been suggests anyway that the Bronze dragons are actually past versions of their Infinite counterparts. wouldn't it be impressive if their fall happened in a present timeline. an example: you understand that most of the time we've been preventing them from corrupting the past by altering it and thus the future. What if the infinite flight in the future were to come into 'our' current era and mess with it? they would be subtle and hidden as they were in the culling, making it seem like the Bronze dragon flight are the bad guys, because they would have no choice but to try and fight change. Let's make this even more concrete by making it so they are preventing some kind of catastrophe like they were trying to do with say the dark portal or the culling. ---Think of this from the point of view of the people in that time line --- In the culling Arthas was killing innocent people who were to become undead. what if stratholme had heros as well? people who were strong enough to fight but didn't understand why he had to play out the events of the culling. they would see themselves in trouble and stand against Arthas and kill him, because he was the threat. now lets put this into our roles. We are in present time and something big is going down, quest givers who are really the infinite are fighting or helping us prevent something bad from happening when all of a sudden the bronze dragon flight come in and demand we turn against this people and let this thing happen. no of course we'd be confused by this. We would want to protect the world and not let it fall into ruin, even if doing so at this moment in time might aid us in some future yet unseen. we would then attempt to protect the infinite at the cost of what we view as 'rouge' bronze dragons. now we can even go one more step further and add "future" heroes who come back in time with the Bronze. say....ourselves? ^_^ think of fighting a raid boss of a group of 10 people that mimic the build of the raid you go in with. all with your own names and looks but with greater powers. you wouldn't end up killing them only forcing them back.Grím0 Nov 20, 2013
Nov 20, 2013 Pandaren aren't "wise" It's basically the end of the expansion, so I feel a little bit of retrospective is good. This brings me to a topic that I think deserves a little coverage: Pandaren aren't wiser or more intelligent than any other race on Azeroth. Which is to say that all the supposed "Wisdom" that has been associated to the race of Pandaren is a crux. There could be more reasons, but here are 3 I think are good. 1. They were literally blessed, while it is true that this doesn't apply for the period of time while they were under the thumb of the Mogu, From the Vale and Valley of Four Winds offering magical waters that provided bountiful food. As a race they've never really had to face the prospect of resource limitation, something that was a major plot point for a lot of Cataclysm. It puts any lessons they have to odds with the much harsher world that doesn't share that same privilege. 2. Complacency got the better of them. Warcraft world isn't real life, It's a much harsher world that calls for a different kind of mindset, tying this in with Point number 1 is that the lifestyle of the majority of Pandaren was carefree. Once everything hit the fan, they had no plans for diluting the situation because to them, the prospect that things could go that bad was not something they could contemplate. 3. For all their supposed talking and lecturing, barely any of what they've said has resonated with anyone. I'm also not just talking about recently, for the most part Pandaria still had vicious killer Hozen, swarming Mantid, Nomadic Yaungol. The only people they've "convinced" of their philosophies are people who would've agreed with anyway (Anduin, etc etc)Darigato15 Nov 20, 2013
Nov 20, 2013 WoD might be a good way to write Thrall out ...and no I don't mean in the form of dying. Dying's so boring and so final (arguable). What I mean by this is that this is the perfect expansion to have Thrall step out of the picture for a long time. The end of Cataclysm attempted this by having him "retire", but this wasn't a great way to present Thrall at his best. So how do we make Thrall look good and be the warchief that we've come to know and love (then hate, in some cases)? To put it short, by making him THE "Warlord of Draenor". Personally I would achieve this by doing the following A) Kill off Durotan. Yes, he needs to die, and yes it will be sad. Durotan's existance will not only negate a decision that I will go into detail later, but also drive Thrall and give him his "in" to becoming the leader of the Frostwolf Clan. This would have to happen early (6.0 / 6.1) to truly set the stage for the rest of the scenario I will propose here. B) As a matter of fact, kill off MOST of the Warlords of Draenor. After Thrall gains power of the Frostwolf clan and witnessing the death of his father, he'll have to put a stop to the rest of the Iron Horde, including Garrosh and Grom. Notably, he won't have to be the one to kill them all. Some of us will be just us, some will be the Alliance, some will be within the inner circle. You can come up with your theories here as to how it would happen. Also, why I said *MOST* is because whoever ends up living may come to the MU (Main Universe). Notably, my pick is Gul'dan. This is a theory for another time, however. C) Thrall assumes control of the Iron Horde. Wait a minute they're the bad guys. Well, they don't quite have to be. These guys would be leaderless without the other Warlords. So here, Thrall would band his Frostwolf clan and the Iron Horde together to create this new Horde. (made up exclusively of orcs) D) After we kill the big bad, the fabrics of time would fail and the portal from our universe (Azeroth) to the alternate (Draenor) would weaken and eventually diminish. This would give Thrall a very important decision as I noted earlier when speaking about Durotan. Either he can go back, be with his friends, raise his child, and help Vol'jin with Azeroth's Horde. Or he could stay behind in Draenor, to give rise to this new Iron Horde which, at this time, need him more than ever to survive in such a diminished environment. Thrall, of course, would go with the needs of the many more than needs of the few. He would tell Vol'jin to take care of Aggra and his child for him and in the final cutscene (if they go with faction-specific cutscenes) it would be Thrall looking back at all his friends (Vol'jin, Baine, hell even Rexxar. I hope they use him) and his family, saddened by this great sacrifice he must make. He steps into the portal as the portal fades back into its' normal state, the portal to Draenor diminished. (exception: portal at faction cities, but that's more for gameplay reasons) It would show the great sacrifice of Thrall in the end, doing what he does best, and that's to become the leader of his people. In the end, this would make Thrall, THE Warlord of Draenor. Pretty fitting, don't you think? =)Nize3 Nov 20, 2013
Nov 20, 2013 What exactly were Garrosh's war crimes? Hi, I've recently taken an interest in the Lore of this wonderful universe and as I've been going over the story, I get kind of stuck here at the part where Garrosh is overthrown, captured, and imprisoned to await his trial for his war crimes. I know he resurrected the heart of the old god or something or another, at the expense of the vale of eternal blossoms destruction. Is this a war crime or merely a product of war? Also, what other crimes did he commit? Thanks in advance for your input =DLánn48 Nov 20, 2013
Nov 20, 2013 Likelyhood of Kairozdormu being Thalen & Co. I think Kairozdormu is Thalen Songweaver, Fanlyr Silverthorn and judging by his shifting uncomfortably Archmage Aethas Sunreaver as well. Everything associated with the Sunreavers is an Infinite Dragonflight plot associated with Garrosh. Kairozdormu would do anything to make sure Garrosh goes back in time and orchestrated the Sunreavers addition to Dalaran just so that he could kick them out thus ensuring the Blood Elves' efforts in fighting Garrosh without joining the Alliance. His methods to drive the Alliance and Horde against Garrosh has driven Garrosh to desparation in order to do anything to get his revenge even to go back in time and create an alternate Draenor(Garrosh of course wasn't corrupted by Kairoz rather his desire to destroy the Alliance made it easier for the Infinite to suggest using a Mana Bomb with his disguised identity as the Scapegoat). How would Vereesa react to the fact that the Blood Elf that killed her husband was actually an Infinite Dragon is unknown to me.....Yvenathilm13 Nov 20, 2013
Nov 20, 2013 You'd know what I'd love? Younger heroes doing stuff. There's Mograine and Anduin, but Mograine is stuck leading the Ebon Blade so he gets no lore. And Anduin is what? One guy out of how many people pushing 40?Lansuer26 Nov 20, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Sylvanas vs Vol'jin So with Vol'jin soon to be in charge, any clue as to how he plans to handle Sylvanas? She's still kind of a loose canon and, crazy as it is, Garrosh was about the only thing holding her in check. Any thoughts? Has this already been addressed somewhere?Saedri22 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Any other satisfied Alliance players? Hello, forum. It's been a while. I recently came back to the game now that IRL has cleared up significantly, and found that a major worry of mine was laid to rest upon my return. I left about a year ago, thinking the Alliance had become inconsequential. Ultimately, our purpose was to provide a bigoted, racist counterpart to the Horde, who just wants a place of their own to live, right? That, coupled with losing our land claims in droves, left me a very bad impression of the handling of Alliance story. Yes, Hordeclysm was a part of that decision, but I think Theramore was kinda my "last straw". Maybe I lowered my expectations, but after seeing the Siege of Orgrimmar's ending cutscene, I have some restored hope. If you haven't seen it, here there be spoilers. Varian, at the beginning of the scene, stops Thrall from delivering the coup de grace to a kneeling Garrosh, saying that punishment was not Thrall's to exact. When Garrosh was taken away, Varian got a strong foot down when he stood straight up to Vol'jin and threatened to "end" the Horde if they failed the same way, twice. For me, a lot of hope was restored, here. No, we didn't raze Orgrimmar to the ground or retake the massive loss of land that the Horde reamed from us, but I don't think many players honestly expected that to happen. What did happen was that the Alliance, or at least Varian, was shown not to be a weak faction with a weak leader. I can finally say that the game reflects that the Horde is not the only major power on Azeroth, and after several years of not doing so, I look forward to the next expansion.Almark11 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Upcoming Lore First time posting anything... Im very curious to find out who will be in charge of the Iron Horde. Will Blackhand still be the Warchief with Guldan running the show from the Shadow Council? Or will Garrosh completely change how the Old horde was run? By looking at Guldan, i would assume he is still communicating with "The Beautiful One" Kil'jaeden. Will that mean Kil'jaeden has his hands in all of this? Will he use this Iron Horde to finally get back at his old friend Velen? I know these are alot of questions but I cant stop eating it up. Thank you Blizzard for the next expansion. I cant wait to see the old horde clans. Another note: It would be so awesome to see at the beginning Durotan locked in battle with Thrall because he is wielding Doomhammer. To see Durotan thinking Thrall killed his old time friend and took the legendary weapon for himself, while Thrall has to convince his father the truth while trying to stay alive and not hurt Durotan. Alot of potential for some really cool lore and some really cool battles are coming with this expansion! I cant wait!Edgewater4 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Bring back Broxigar! So i have to say that with the conclusion of blizzcon and seeing all the new stuff and all the awesome old lore character that will be coming back in WoD. I'm kind of disappointed that we see all these awesome old horde warchiefs one of my favorite Characters in all of warcraft lore isnt mentioned. that is Broxigar. If we are to meet and square off against the baddest of the bad, toughest of the tough orc wise in WoD he is hands down the Orc to bring in. with all the time traval and time paradoxes what better time to bring one of the strogest baddest Orcs to live in this great story line? plus with all the crazy Orc bad guy stuff that the horde is getting why not bring in the one Orc that is probably the most charished (outside of thrall) by the horde? knowing a lot of the lore behind Warcraft i just feel this would be a great addition that would send WoD over the top.Doomolisher22 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Draenei Hunters (Originally I posted this in the wrong forum) In light of the new expansion pack, I have decided to make a draenei hunter (I was planning on making a hunter anyway, but only until I saw the battle scene between a draenei and orc did I decide to make him a draenei) however, the amount of lore I found on them was minute. All that I found was that draenei did indeed have "hunting parties" and these hunters were targeted by the orcs. However, as a race the draenei do not seem inclined for the hunter lifestyle. I'd believe the draenei would be farmers at the least, so where do hunters fit in? Certainly a race as advanced as the draenei would still not be in the hunting/gathering stage, especially if they want to provide food for more than a hundred fifty people tops. Although the actual class could be rationalized away easily as relics from a bygone era or more akin to "rangers," it doesn't explain why draenei had to hunt instead of keep livestock or farm mushrooms. What do you think?Gilaras25 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 So the name Iron Horde Okay so after looking on the wiki it seems the Iron Horde will be created by Garrosh Hellscream after he escapes and goes back in time. So I was immediately reminded of that story about the Orc of the dragonmaw clan that raised a cloud serpent at the Arboretum. I don't remember the whole story very well but I remember there was one Pandaren that kept asking him what was stronger "Iron or Steel" and that eventually turned out to be a metaphor about how Garrosh was running the Horde. So I'm wondering do you think the name Iron Horde has anything to do with this, or is it simple a cool sounding name? Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 What makes the Forsaken blight so special? I mean, I know it's nasty - it's essentially weapons grade toxic goo and gas. But it doesn't actually seem to cause contagion, which is what would make it truly terrifying. It's got nothing on the original Scourge infection. I'm not impressed by it as the uber-weapon that the apothecaries have been working on forever. It doesn't seem that incredibly sophisticated. The gnomes could come up with a nuke in half that time. It's totally overrated.Carmageddon33 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 What happened to Cdev Q&As? Bit curious as to what happened to the Cdev Q&As, will they ever do them again? Or have they stopped permanently?Haldred12 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 The Burning legion I wonder if the burning legion has ever faced a planet as resilient to them as azeroth maybe there have been planets that the legion wasn't powerful enough to engulf just as they failed to get azeroth would be interesting since they have visited countless planets maybe there are some like azeroth that are put on hold for a later time.Flourence6 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 The Invasion of Quel'Thalas and more. Hey there, I've come to really love the warcraft lore and I'm still learning quite a bit about it so forgive me if I mess something up here. I know there are a ton of people on the forums who talk about how Sylvanas needs to be put in line or put down. Sylvanas is one of my favorite characters in the game, but there isn't a ton about her. Yes much more than leaders like Baine, Mekkatorque or most of the Alliance leaders but she's not mega like Thrall, Jaina or Garrosh at the moment. But I was thinking, Blizzard should make a scenario or dungeon about how Sylvanas was turned into a Banshee. I know that they said Alleria doesn't return any time soon but when she does I'm sure she will be wanting to know how her sister was turned into a banshee. She could ask someone from the Bronze Dragonflight to show her how it was done and voila, turn it into an instance. From what I've gathered Sylvanas was a very noble and good person before she died, she tried everything she could in her power to save her people from Arthas. Another character I think needs to be brought up in the game is Tiffin, who is that you may ask? That's Varian's wife who really has never been mentioned in game other than her grave. If some crazy stuff with Sylvanas happens in WoD she should bring back Tiffin as part of her plan for something. It would be nice to just have her come up in the story in the game other than her grave sitting in the back of Stormwind. What do you guys think?Bertha31 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 World vs Garrosh *We enter a scene of a courtroom. Taran Zhu is the judge, the Deputy Clerk of Court is Cho, Garrosh is at one table, with his attorney (Random Goblin name here). At the other table is Varian Wrynn, Jaina Proudmoore and Tyrande Whisperwind. The jury consists of Velen, Genn, Gelbin, Baine, Vol'jin, Moira, Malfurion, Gallywix, Aysa and Ji, Sylvanas, Lor'themar Theron, and Thrall. Zhu: Honorable judge Zhu presiding in the case of world vs garrosh. Cho: All witnesses, prosecutor, and defendant swear to tell the whole truth. I'm not really sure what they're swearing to though. I'll write something up real quick if you want me to. Velen: Um, I'm not really sure what's goin------ Zhu: OH I SEE! THE OUTSIDER OF THE OUTSIDER WANTS TO SPEAK! WELL THEN, TWO OUTSIDERS MAKE YOU A DOUBLE OUTSIDER, NOT AN INSIDER! LEAVE THIS COURTROOM AT ONCE! Velen: Um ok, that's kind of what I wanted to do anyway so--- Zhu: DON'T GIVE ME THAT SOB STORY! YOU HAVE ONE MORE CHANCE TO REDEEM YOURSELF! NOW SIT DOWN DOUBLE OUTSIDER! Velen: ugh...... Random goblin name here (now abbreviated rgnh): My client! Garrosh Hellscream, has been accused of destroying places, lives, and souls. I believe it is all just a big overreaction. Tyrande: Objection your honor! Zhu: Oh come on Tyrande, I was even embarrassed for you in A Little Patience. Now sit down before you embarrass yourself again. Tyrande: *mumbles something expletive under her breath* Malfurion: Yeah, it was pretty bad honey Zhu: Don't even get me started pretty boy. Now continue. rgnh: We have reason to believe that my client did this to create economic competition and fairness! Before the explosion on theramore. Arcane missiles were selling for a ridiculous 10 gold per missile. After the explosion, they're now going for a respectable 6.75 per! Gallywix: *single tear of joy runs out of eye rgnh: Before the explosion on Pandaria, chi drinks were going for an absolutely insane 12 gold per bottle. After the explosion. They're now going for, wait for it, only 3 GOLD per bottle. *The courtroom and jury begin murmuring Varian: Objection your honor! Zhu: Objection upheld. Varian: Can I meet with my clients? Zhu: Ok, but do it OUTSIDE. Varian: Oh, I see what you did there! Haha, that's a good one. Zhu: Yes, I have been waiting a long time to say that. *Jaina tyrande and varian huddle up Varian: Damn, they got us. Tyrande: Maybe we should point out all the innocent people he's killed!? Jaina: Seriously, why are you even on this team. What the arcane kind of suggestion is that? (INSIDE THE COURTROOM) Genn: So, how is everyone's weekend going. Gelbin: Going good! I think I might finally have the technology to equip a Sanitation device to our robot walkers! HERE IT IS! Genn: Gelbin, you've been working on that freaking sanitation device for 9 years. And all you've came up with is a bar of dove soap and some febreze? Gelbin: ....... Baine: My weekend is going good. After we convict Garrosh and execute I can finally not feel guilty about my Cairne's death. He was such a good man--- Vol'jin: Oh not dis again! Dat's all you talk about, mon! Cairne dis and Cairne dat! Grow some balls and do sometin on yur own for once! Baine: But my Dad was such a great figure Everyone: SHUT UP! Baine:...... Sylvanas: My weekend's been going good. Finally got to that voice counselor i've been telling you all about. Finally plan on fixing my that nasty crook in your voice. Everyone: AHHHHHHHHH!!! MY EARS HURTT! Sylvanas: Sorry! I'll stop! Vol'jin: My weekend bein good, mon. Since, ya know. I LEAD THE EFFING HORDE!!! Everybody else: *rolls eyes* Gallywix: i've made a lot of money this weekend Genn: Seriously, this is World of WARcraft, who cares about the economy!? I mean honestly, haven't you thought about getting healthier!? I mean, we're sitting on the ground. YOU OCCUPY THE ENTIRE JURORS STAND! LOSE SOME WEIGHT YOU FATTY! Gallywix: Says the person that took a camping trip to Grizzly Hills during the Siege of Orgrimmar. TALK ABOUT LAZY! Genn:.......... Malfurion: My weekend has been--- Everyone else: SHUT UP!!!!! Gelbin: Goshdang, how long have Ji and Aysa been making out for? Velen: You can say that again, I'm sitting right behind them. They've definitely done some things that are WAY against the light. Anyways, my weekend has been going good. I've just been practicing some..... priest things. Baine: OH REALLY!? THEN WHY DON'T YOU SHOW US VELEN!? Velen: Pssshh, but I'm the most powerful priest of all time, I don't want to break anything. *starts sweating profusely* Genn: Oh come on! Just one spell! Surely you would want to show us if you were a true priest. Velen: I AM A TRUE PRIEST! MY MOM SAID SO YESTERDAY! *Runs out of courtroom crying* Zhu: I took a visit to Loch Modan over the weekend, it was a very nice place. Everybody: umm what? Zhu: I took a visit to Loch Modan. Is there anything wrong with that? Everybody: So you went outside Pandaria? That means you're an outsider now. You do realize that right? Zhu: Huh, um..... Wow, it kind of sucks being on the other side of this doesn't it. Theron: Sucks doughboy doesn't it? Zhu: Hey Lor'themar. I think you should stick to advertising Chanel perfumes and stay out of big man's business. Everyone except for Theron: OHHHHHHH NO HE DIDN'T! Garrosh: Wait, nobody is even paying attention to me. Why am I even here? *Garrosh walks out the door* *Everyone starts arguing with each other, it eventually turns into a huge fist fight.* (BACK OUTSIDE) jaina: What the hell is going on in there? Varian: Don't pay attention to them, we've got to come up with a good argument against Garrosh. Tyrande: What the hell, there's Garrosh!!! HE"S GETTING AWAY! WE'VE GOT TO GET HIM! Jaina and Varian: PATIENCE TYRANDE!Movalon4 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 I hope Bravo Company joins us in WoD Or atleast John J. Keeshan. He's the man we need for a suicide mission through the Dark Portal.Asharis11 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 So what's the deal with Garrosh's eyes? Have Garrosh's glowing yellow eyes ever been addressed in canon? I'm pretty sure he isn't secretly a druid or a Sith lord. Are glowing yellow eyes just a thing orcs occasionally have? Do any other orcs canonically have glowing yellow eyes?Vashtanerada6 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 So, Duke Lionheart This guy: Let me sum it up for you: in the Night Elf Campaign of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, titled "Eternity's End," during the first mission ("Enemies at the Gate") the Night Elves attack and destroy a human and orc base of Jaina's forces in Kalimdor on the grounds they are "outlanders." From a Human standpoint this is an unjust, unwarranted act of aggression. On the Night Elf standpoint, however, the humans are collaborating with the orcs. The tension between them doesn't mean anything; they're still working together towards a common goal which includes colonizing (read as: invading) their lands. The forests of Kalimdor - Ashenvale in particular - are sacred to the Night Elves. From their standpoint, it makes 100% perfect logical sense to shoot first and ask questions later. From a completely gameplay mechanics standpoint, Blizzard is trying to showcase the effectiveness of the Night Elves against the other two factions - Orcs and Humans in this case - by having the player control them against the other two factions. But this is the Story Forum, and if I let myself I could write an entire series of threads on how Warcraft III is an example of genius game design. But here's the main point I'm making here: when the Night Elves joined the Alliance after the Battle for Mount Hyjal (at some form of political summit I guess that I assume happened off screen), did the assault on the Human Expedition base in Ashenvale and the murder of Duke Lionheart ever get brought up? Did anyone even care that he was gone? He seems to be a good paladin; he's not racially bigoted, that's for certain. If he was he at least put that aside for a more pressing and urgent threat. That alone deserves quite a bit of commendation; I don't think most other Silver Hand Paladins would've handled a post like his half as well as we're indicated he was through the short dialogue sequence when he's introduced. The Silver Hand were a dying breed at this point, and every single one was a war-hero in some fashion or another. Did the Grand Alliance really just let slide the fact that Duke Lionheart was killed in cold blood by these nearly-completely alien beings for reasons of what amounted to xenophobia and religious/nationalistic extremism (to use some human terms)? Furthermore, he carries the title of Duke, indicating he's the leader of a duchy. Duchies are hardly small potatoes in the world Feudal Monarchies. They were generally wide tracts of economically and militarily-speaking critical locations, to such a point that most of them were considered sovereign and independent and only subordinate in the general sense. Basically in a society like that of the Seven Kingdoms in the Warcraft Universe, three things equal power: land, the ability to turn a profit from it, and being able to invest that profit into a military to defend your economy in your fiefs/kingdoms. Influence and all that generally comes from those three things and duchies had all of that going for them in most cases. In essence: Duke Lionheart, by virtue of being a duke, was an important individual in the Kingdom of Lordaeron. He's right below the Royal Family in terms of influence and power. In essence, the Night Elves killed off not only a Silver Hand Paladin but possibly the last and only on-record surviving member of Lordaeron's Upper Nobility - a possible contender for the throne, even. Let's not kid ourselves about this guy being unimportant; logic and what we know about how things in the Warcraft Universe dictate he was a pretty important fellow. I hope (most likely in vain) that we'll ever get an answer for this sort of thing; maybe we will, maybe we won't. Have I missed something from the campaigns? I went back and read the transcripts for the missions again; at no point does Jaina bring up Duke Lionheart. In fact, he just sort of vanishes after he's killed and its as if he never existed. Assuming we can't find anything, anyone got any theories? Oh, I'm back, by the way. Yeeeep; kinda humbling to realize WoW is the only MMORPG with a stable community and an established lore that's easy to get your hands on.Aelamdor46 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Tomb of Sargeras. What is it? I've heard about it several times throughout the lore of WoW and wanted to know. Is it some special room somewhere or is it an actual tomb? Please enlighten me. Thanks.Dangercløse3 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Flying mounts in Warlords of Draenor So what do we know about potential flying mounths for Warlords of Draenor? Gryphons, hippogryphs, wind riders and dragons are all from Azeroth. They're all options for factions from Azeroth, but what about the locals? Chimaeras There's been some rumours flying around about in iron chimaera mount, and Outland has chimaeras in Shadowmoon Valley and the Netherstorm. Fireflies Supposedly, this was mentioned in one of the BlizzCon panels. Nether Rays? I know the Sha'tari Skyguard rides them, and the Nether Ray Fry pet description says they're native to Terokkar Forest (I didn't see any wild ones, guess they migrate elsewhere when it isn't spawning season). On the other hand, since Draenei outposts like Telredor, Orebor Harborage and Telaar have hippogryph masters, and Nutral has gryphons and wind riders, I think it's safe to assume that nether rays won't be the standard flying mount of WoD (Although I think there's a decent chance that we might see them as rep mounts or something.). Anything else?Ifrita1 Nov 19, 2013