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3d The Future of the Forsaken Racial Leader Copying this idea over from another thread because I think it's a good conversation starter. --- Due to the mechanics of WoW, the Forsaken will always need a singular lead to represent the race. The Forsaken will always need a racial leader. However, I would like for the role of the Forsaken racial leader to evolve from a military dictator to a liason between a Forsaken council (representative of and appointed by the people) and the Horde at large. Proportionately, the racial leader still has the most singular power. But as a unified body, the council holds equal power and sway, as a form of checks and balances. The racial leader heeds the advice and knowledge of the council, and the council in turn follows the direction of the leader. I think this is the best direction for a Forsaken government. Whether or not Sylvanas remains racial leader, only time will tell. I personally still like the idea of her eventually, somehow, becoming more of an icon in Forsaken religion and myth. Perhaps even fulfilling a role similar to, albeit less powerful than, what Bwonsamdi does for the trolls; i.e., cordoning off and maintaining a part of the Shadowlands as the Forsaken afterlife, so that no more of them fall to the Void. Thus the Forsaken way of unlife can be solidified, legitimized, and perpetuated across time. I think this would be a good compromise between her desire to save herself and her people from damnation, and the Desolate Council's seeming desire to not be immortal.Carcaron36 3d
3d DH With No Tattoos? So, what's the deal with demon hunters having the option to have no tattoos? From what I've heard, the tattoos are really important because they contain the demonic energy within them, so then, how come it's optional to not have any?Khaard10 3d
3d So, this "Desolate Council"... I for one am overjoyed that some of the forsaken are actually taking a stand against Sylvanas for once. Maybe we can get to know some other undead characters that are actually interesting.Niraz213 3d
3d The Dark Iron Clan? Hello guys, I was questing on this priest and I know that Moira Thaurissan is part of my priest order hall. I did a little bit more reading about this dwarf priest and I was totally shocked she was the princess that I met long ago in BRD. However, what I didn't understand was, if Moira is now on our side and she is in effect the "leader" of the Dark Iron since her husband died, why don't I see many friendly Dark Iron Dwarfs? Because as I understand it, her son is next in line for the Bronzebeard throne and the Dark Iron one too. So are the Dark Iron dwarfs just upset with Moira because she married into the clan? I'm just confused.Xereit7 3d
3d Void Broken I was around Mac'aree killing Void Krokuul for Artifact Power when a thought came to me. Why weren't the Void Broken made playable? People have been requesting Broken Draenei for a long time. This would basically put a twist on it that would have made it a little more interesting. The playable Void Krokuul would be the ones that retained their sanity, saved by Alleria, possibly led by her or some other Draenei entity. The Lightforged, while cool, are still one of the most redundant of the Allied race being so similar to the existing Draenei in literally everything but thirst (have you heard their flirts?). Having Void Krokuul (which use a shrunk Draenei skeleton) would have been a great opportunity. The Lightforged tattoos and eye color could have just been an additional customization option. It also would have avoided this Void Elf mess. I really like them but it is indeed a mess. Thoughts?Mythlos27 3d
3d How old is Anduin in BfA? He's 17 in Legion, so, 18 in BfA? Idk, he really looks 19 to me. And stunningly gorgeous. No Lenas allowed below or past this point.Caelus57 3d
3d Highborne and High Elves aren't the same The Highborne look like Night Elves exactly. The High Elves of today are not the same race, regardless of the Highborne's relationship to Night Elves. The Highborne have rejoined the Alliance even and now you can play one if you wish. Why do you think Night Elves can play mages? Quel'dorei, aka Highborne, are just Night Elves who practice arcane. If you play a Nigh Elf mage you can role-play as a Highborne but not only that, technically if you choose, without any in-game feature, to just say you are one. The High Elves that sparsely exist throughout the world, even the Silver Covenant included, are also called Quel'dorei but they are completey a different race, rather than the term applying to a class of Night Elves for the Alliance. There is an NPC that pre-cataclysm would be in Darnassus and he was a sort of diplomat for the Highborne. He was negotiating their return to the Night Elves. He was successful and in Cataclysm Night Elves could be mages. His name was Mordent Evenshade. Check it out. Overall this is a debate about a single word, Quel'dorei, translated into common tongue as Highborne and/or High Elves (Although the humans in their tongue created the names High Elves and Highborne in relation to those 2 groups. The Highborne speak Darnassian and the High Elves in Thalassian. Both the Highborne and the High Elves call themselves Quel'dorei exactly.) It has 2 meanings. It applies to 2 groups of people, one being a race and one being a class of another race.Vincenzo8 3d
3d Void Elves and Shadow Priests. Aren't they basically the same thing?Murdra16 3d
3d Just as soon as Horde gets new people It loses them. ... christ our turnover rate is ridiculous.Treng19 3d
3d Nightborne and Horde If you take 5 minutes and listen to the First Arcanist. She pretty much lays out why the Nightborne aren't joining the Alliance. Like it or not Blizzard decided on the idealistic nature of the differences and that's why Thalryssra chose Horde. I can imagine a situation: Alliance: Now that your free, the Safety for Azeroth committee will be sending inspectors to determine the best course of action for the decommission of your weapons, instilling a temporary Alliance governemnt to make sure you aren't going against the rules, until we are satisfied that you addicts can not cause trouble. In addition 1/3 of all Suramar military forces will be sent to the front lines to offset the cost of rebuilding your Empire. Horde: Yeah.....uh do what you want, just send help when we ask.Mugamba117 3d
4d Worgen/Goblin Monks Was there ever a story reason why these two races couldn’t be monks? I’ve wondered this for quite some time and never found a lot of evidence leading to the end decision.Kaén3 4d
4d Artifact Skins Out of curiosity are any of the optional and secondary skins seen as canon? Or are they there purely as flavor for diversity sake?Kleist10 4d
4d know what would be fun? If the Alliance had a Caligula inspired High King that usurps the throne for a bit. Then we get to publicly execute them and bring an end to the reign of the High Kings and shift to a republic or soemthing. #progressBaphometh8 4d
4d Remember Gnomeregan? First of all I'm really excited about the development of Gilneas and Lordaeron in Battle for Azeroth. However, I feel like Gnomeregan is being ignored again. While we've gotten some development from Mekkatorque's short story, it's kind of annoying that nothing has changed since Cata in-game. Sometimes I feel like Gnomeregan, which has been an in-game issue since Vanilla, gets shafted for all of this newer content. Again I'm really excited about going back to Kul Tiras, Lordareon, and Gilneas! But PLEASE tell me Gnomeregan will get story development in the near future (and a visual upgrade? Gnome architecture looks way out of date compared to places like Suramar), especially since Mekkatorque has become way more involved in the Alliance, and (imho) was the MVP of the Broken Shore.Aerato18 4d
4d Remember when Every one hated Varian till he started getting actual development which was mainly done by his son Anduin. People hate on anduin but he has been a major advocator for peace between horde and alliance. He changed his father who hated the horde for what they did into some one who was willing to work with the horde for greater good of azeroth. So now that anduin is king I have a feeling we will be seeing a new side to him. Major development will be coming next few xpansions. Anduin needs experience and he will be getting it.Gwenathane57 4d
4d Can Sylvanas and the Forsaken be blamed? I firmly believe that the curse of undeath affect the majority of their thoughts and feeling. Their souls are partially attached to their corpses, which is how I believe they remember their past. Its ironic that it takes a panda bear from a hidden continent to recognize the Forsaken are suffering from the curse of undeath. It really brings to light Sylvanas famous quote "What are we but if not slaves to this torment" I also gotta respect the tauren for seeing this group of wretched people and helping. I'm really curious as to how much of their actions began with the curse of undeath vrs the subtle notion that Forsaken behave the same way if they were completely alive. I in no shape, form or fashion believe that the Forsaken are forced to be as pragmatic and gruesome as they are, but I do believe that the curse of undeath replaces their moral compasses for a more pragmatic compasses.Deathisfinal61 4d
4d Anduin Should Marry Dornaa Hey, so yeah.. title basically^ remember dornaa the draenei from childrens week in tbc? well she is anduins age by now. In the quest you do with her, they say she has a great destiny, maybe this is it! to be a queen at anduins side. Lets face it, a lot of the ships for anduin have been pretty poor quality, but this is Excellent, as while it's an established character, it's not so well known to cause another Nuclear forum fallout. Andornaa needs to happen!Berronax22 4d
4d Saurfang the Disloyal Traitor In the BfA cinema, Saurfang chooses to hit Anduin with a non-lethal blow "for honor". Anduin then immediately casts mass heal/rez and brings hundreds of Alliance back into the fight, likely winning the battle. Saurfang directly cost hundreds of his troops their lives by not killing Anduin when he had the chance. I would say Sylvanas needs to take Saurfang to Undercity for "reeducation", but his betrayal got it bulldozed. 4d
4d Lightforged Blood Elves? I'm curious if there would ever be the possibility of redeemed blood elves. We haven't seen much of Lady Liadrin story wise, but she spends a lot of time with the Draenei, and seeing the new Lightforged Draenei, I'd sure like to see some form of Light blood elves. Considering the Sunwell has been restored, and the alliance is now harboring the abominations that are the void elves. It would sure make sense to have a light faction on the horde (Since the alliance needs a dark faction).Mavloc29 4d
4d New Area for the Night Elves in SW? So its been bothering me we know night elves capital city is burned to the ground. As well as Elune's temple which is located in their capital. Flying around stormwind their is only one area I can even think of where night elves could even settle and it the area with dream portal . That was added back in warlords of Dreanor. Anyway their is small wooded area below the cliff they might be able connect it with mages district creating a night elf refugee area as well as build watch towers point towards Westfall. This would also bring in whisps and ancients possibly helping defend stormwind. Now the real question is where will priestess set up a new temple giving the broken shore is no longer safe giving two enemy fronts high mountain and Nightborn elves will be a threat. Could stormwind allow night elves build temple elune in stormwind so they can practice as well as an area for night elves who need a place to act as a safe haven?Gwenathane20 4d
4d Dark Iron History As we grow closer to BFA, I thought it would be a good time to look back at the myriad bits of Dark-Iron fluff we've seen over the years We got a good look at the previous thanes in Cata, most of whom still have descendant clans in the world, which might provide a good basis for specialized Dark iron groups ala Vol'jin's Siame Quashi or Liadrin's Dawnguard. I for one would LOVE seeing some Dark Iron "Ironstar Mages" or "Anvilrage Elite" for warriors... maybe even "Moltenfist Monks"? Also, Chronicle stated it was Gilneans who were among the first to trade with the dwarves, so perhaps they or the Kul'tiras folks (who are descended from Gilneans) can have a bit of interaction there?Skytotem14 4d
4d current highborn and nightborn as far as I am aware the highborn is now officially apart of the alliance while the nightborn horde. I see these two as more the same than night elves as night elves have very little to do with arcane these days What potential story's could develop here?Thunderbash15 4d
4d Sargeras Cinematic Wtf was up with that cloud covering Sargeras?Lantheion5 4d
4d Let’s talk Zandalar What are you guys hoping to see in this zone? I’m personally hoping we get to see some T-Rex action and interested to see the relations between the Zandalari and Darkspear. Also looking forward to seeing Vol’jin/Bwonsamdi.Zalzim54 4d
5d LOL Lore? Questions for people who are MUCH nerdier than me: - How the hell is Sargeras even here? The last I heard, his spirit was torn from his body and he was wafting around the universe looking for a new host to contain his powerful soul. Yet in Antorus, he's clearly the Titan Sargeras as he always was. - What the hell happened to the rest of the Antorus finale? Datamined audio from it suggested the Titans explain how Sargeras is being imprisoned. That in order for him to be imprisoned they have to use Argus' remaining power plus their own to bind him there for enternity. In the finale of Antorus, it just kinda happens without any explanation and you're left scratching your head wondering what you just watched.Doomwafflez5 5d
5d Elisande, Garrosh, and... Magatha? So, Blood Elves bond a little bit with Nightborne over how Kael went crazy since Elisande had a similar arc. Anyone else think that Orcs and Nightborne might be able to bond over having recently deposed a crazy ruler? I think that'd be a good questline, have Orcs and Nightborne not getting along at first in one of the new zones and then after a fight start talking about their crazy leaders Tauren, who are the most distant from Nightborne culturally, might even be able to use this as an touchstone with the Nightborne based on Magatha's failed coup. ... And uh, with Sylvanas not looking so good lately Forsaken might feel some awkward kinship there, this might be the thing that 'actually' brings the Horde together as 'family', with Zul being a shared crazy leader for Darkspear/Zandalari.Skytotem32 5d
5d New playable races just seem shoehorned It's just too much to bare. It's too late to change but seeing the justification to shoehorn void elves to alliance and the backstabbing from the nightbourne makes me cringe.Kalorea55 5d
5d Nightborn Priest? Can't find a single Priest Npc, reference or lore regarding how they're priest and where they pull power from.Lewdlady57 5d
5d Which is your favorite capital city and why? I love Ironforge, not just because im a dwarf, but for the architecture, the music, theres a lot of taverns, dwarves laughing everywhere, it has a cool military center, and incredible colours.Murdershot66 5d
5d Pandaren Raid I want a Pandaren raid in the game. Lorewalker Cho, Taran Zhu, everyone, I want them as bosses and for the Horde and Alliance to team up for one more job (since people can't seem to get over teaming up for stuff) Basically the reason would be that they decide to declare a violent revolution (at some point) as all get out, and getting in the way of the war, with Pandaria repurposed (well already is to an extent) as a giant battlefield completely. I feel like we lost out on that in Pandaria, the chance to raid and destroy Pandaren culture. Basically Warlords of Pandaria but minus the time travel, Chen and others all decide to go crazy and declare themselves outlaws. The wandering turtle is ok I guess. Maybe not a full expansion, but a patch "Rise of the Pandaren" I know everyone is with me on this.Balfuria23 5d
5d Void Elves Are Called Ren'dorei! According to their heritage armour set name.Gruknor39 5d
5d I AM my scars! Good god, I love Illidan Stormrage. !@#$ you, I create my own destiny. It's like she didn't pay attention to who Illidan is at all. I also didn't notice it the first time, but he was bleeding after grabbing Turalyon's blade. Dank. Illidank. I love that boy. Welcome back, boo. Looks like that vision of Light-infused Illidan isn't coming to pass after all. I can't help but notice the foreshadowing from when he picked up Gul'dan's skull and simply crushed it. He doesn't want any more power.Caelus55 5d
5d Has Thrall and Aggra's child been born yet? Like who is the baby? Is it a boy or a girl? Is he gonna grow up to be the new racial leader of the Orcs? Who is the son/daughter of the greatest Orc who ever lived?Argronak10 5d
5d Return to the Lost Isles? So, when we last saw these islands in the Goblin starting zone everyone seemed happy to be off them, but with the next expansion featuring lots of naval action, and Azerite popping up everywhere, do you think we might revisit these islands and turn them into a decent little Bilgewater base? or a tropical troll resort?Skytotem5 5d
5d Did Garithos try to kill the Blood Elves? So me and my friend are having a debate, and he refuses to accept that Garithos wanted the Blood Elves to die on the suicide mission. He claims the mission was doable without the aid of Naga, and that Garithos wouldn't send men to their death and would rather reclaim their home. When I pointed out that the Naga and Kael both shared the view that the mission was unwinnable without help, he claims the Naga were manipulating him. What's everyone's thoughts on the subject?Zalzim30 5d
5d Does Evil Exist in the Warcraft Universe? I've been seeing lots of points made on this forum about how even the most evil factions like the burning legion, forsaken, old gods have good intentions and there really isn't evil in Warcraft just self interest. So is there actually any Evil in the Warcraft universe?Iyasra76 5d
5d Odds for why Sylvie will burn down Teldrassil Just consider me your Sylvanas bookie. 50% chance is because Teldrassil is literally an Old God antennae. 40% chance is because the Night Elves are currently the single greatest threat to the Horde's security on Kalimdor. 9% chance is because screw Night Elves 1% chance is because Tyrande was talking smack about Sylvanas' haircut.Orhato50 5d
5d Alliance get good subraces too. I honestly don't understand why he Alliance are angry about their choice of subraces, Their subraces are are not as bad as they seem. The Dark Iron Dwarves have always been a sought after addition for the Alliance playable races. As for the void elves they not only give the Alliance the high elves they ALWAYS wanted but gives them to a cool and interesting story. As for the Lightforged Draenei got me there but the Highmoutain Tauren are not that good either. So as you can see the Horde did not get the Lion's Share of the subraces.Grumbley144 5d
5d what gets to me about the whole VE situation? Now, this is coming from someone that's never really cared about void elves/high elves, or elves in general really, I pretty much play dwarves exclusively these days. But seeing all this elf rage and all, I've gotta say the thing that makes me the maddest about this for the people that did want this is how hilariously easy it would have been to have both void elves and high elves.... All blizz had to do was make high elves into void elves. That way players could still keep the culture of high elves whilst also getting whatever the void part of void elves is going to bring. And as for the whole population being too low bit, to that i can only say oh please, they could have easily made up some thing about high elves having faster reproductive systems, or having been cursed sometime in the past few years to have babies faster for a couple generations. Moreover the population excuse falls apart anyway due to velves themselves being a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what the blood elf population once was. But instead they just...made them blood elves, like why? nobody wanted that.Totemfiend92 5d
5d Aman'Thul worse than Sargeras? And is Thrall worse than Garrosh? In the case of Aman'Thul, his leadership in the pantheon has led to 1. A civil war 2. The Legions invasion of Azeroth 3. Another civil war 4. The Pantheon basically collapsing and requiring extra assistance. And my favorite..... 5. Tractor beaming Sargeras from Azeroth one nanosecond after he throws the sword into Azeroth Tell me why we didn't just let the Pantheon die? We'd have one less giant sword in Azeroth right now. This is why the Dragons want to enter Azeroth, the Pantheon and Titans are worse than the void and Garrosh Horde combined, and yet no one talks about them. Also Thrall and Garrosh Thrall has led to 1. 3 civil wars 2. 2 wider wars 3. The destructuction of the elementalist lords 4. Bad memes I rest my case.Balfuria9 5d
6d Blood elves and Humans Does anyone else find it strange how Blood elves to this day judge the entire human race from one encounter with Garithos and Kael'Thas? Don't the blood elves see themselves as racist as Garithos by doing this?Iyasra255 6d
6d Fal'dorei Spiderelves Valewalker Farodin seems to think they're incurable, but I think it'd be worth exploring if the Nightborne could 'stabilize' them so they aren't crazy evil and can bring them in as part of the Horde, could make a nice little subfaction with Nerubians and Forsaken.Skytotem21 6d
6d Favorite Sylvanas Moment Thus far, what has been your favorite Sylvanas moment? I have several that I can name, but I don't want to spoil it for others by listing them. My absolute favorite has to be her show of power in the Battle for Azeroth trailer. I really loves how she's out in front of this massive Horde formation(like a true Warchief should be) kicking a$$. I've been saying she's been loyal to the Horde since day one, and to hear her belt it after single handily taking down a massive siege weapons absolutely epic. And wow, how often do we read or see Sylvanas going banshee?Deathisfinal121 6d
6d The end of the High Elves I'm sure many of you have seen this photo: I've seen some other people theorize that it may be Veresa Windrunner and I'm inclined to agree. The Elf is wearing blue, does not appear to be a Night Elf and is a key object in the image. She is also witnessing this event with Sylvanas implying a connection between the two. Now if it is Veresa, it seems likely that her High Elf forces would be with her at such an important event. If Veresa is dying likely he forces died or are dying as well. With any survivors coming Void Elves. The High Elf population is very small, to the point of being nearly unviable. With the reveal of Void Elves and Ion telling High Elf fans that Blood Elves are High Elves. Blizzard might want to finally put the hatchet to the race once and for all. An easy way to do this would be to have them be utterly wiped out in a battle, efficiently removing their presence from the Alliance. With the Void Elves taking their place as the Alliance's designated High Elves. It would be redundant from a story telling perspective to have two High Elf groups in the Alliance. Who both have a rivalry and grudge with the Blood Elves. Also.. Sylvanas killing and raising the last High Elves along side her sister is to juicy to pass if you want to stoke the faction war. tldr: Veresa and the High Elves will be experience a genocide at the burning of Teldrassil. edit: Ion speaking about High Elves 6d
6d [Spoilers] Xal'atath Antorus Voice Over Imagine this machinery infused with our power. Interesting... These pretenders play at whispering madness. Amateurs! I should demonstrate proper technique. What a disappointment. He squandered his potential by backing the wrong side. This one would make an excellent champion for our cause. Perhaps he can yet be turned. Long have we sought entry into this realm! To think we have a mortal to thank for giving us our foothold. Your service will be remembered! Context: 6d
6d Sylvanas is chaoitc evil or there is no evil. Yeah yeah it's another one of THESE threads.. get over it! Now.. I want to make it very clear that I play both factions and don't really care who 'wins' ( neither can actually win anyway ) the war. I don't care what faction is doing horrible things to each other, I just play to have fun. With that being said there is absolutely no question that Sylvanas as the leader of the horde is terrible for them. Sylvanas as the leader of a nation of people isn't great either but she shouldn't be controlling other factions with completely different ideals to her own and forsaken. 1. Sylvanas puts herself above others, she has a vain personality. She has shown to not give a crap about her Forsaken when she decided to throw herself onto something that would knowingly kill her, on top of that she sees her troops as 'arrows in a quiver' something to be quickly dispensed without much thought of consequences. "Let them perish!" Sylvanas cried. "I am finished with them!" 2. She has absolutely zero conscience, she watched humans get forced fed blight and diddnt give a crap, not alliance humans, but a young girl that had nothing to do with anything, just because she was a human and all humans are 'evil'. In classic WoW you could even see dead Tauren being experimented on in the undercity. 3. Her values do NOT align with the horde at ALL. The horde is very clear that among all things they highly value their ancestors and honour in battle - forsaking that honour is almost as bad as running away from a battle. The orcs, Tauren,Trolls, Pandaren and probably even Goblins ( i don't think they really care though ) would NOT want their own dead reanimated for furthering the hordes agenda and fighting in wars. A leader of the horde once said "All members of the Horde are equal in my eyes, We have all suffered many burdens, and if it were not for wisdom and honour, then we would be no better than the Scourge or my people while our blood was tainted by the demon Mannoroth. It is your duty to aid the Horde and to defend our way of life. But it is also your duty to know when quarter and compassion should be given to friend and foe alike. Understand this well. This is the new Horde, not some demon-spawned army who lack freewill." Sylvanas is NOT above raising alliance troops to fight for her, because she has no morality, this is why she is a terrible leader for a very spiritual horde. She is also not above using tactics ( blight ) to destroy her enemy's, even Garrosh showed SOME moral compass and said this forsakes their honour. This is just a small sample, as I don't want to write an essay as to why she is terrible. This also ISN'T a comparison to alliance leaders and why one leader is better than another, this is a stand alone look as to why she is a terrible warchief.Leonphoenix179 6d
6d Dragon aspects vs Titan keepers Who would win in a fight? I am asking cuz one, I’m bored of Nightborne and VE discussions. Two , the dragons were actually powered up directly by the titans while the titan keepers were just made to be powerful? Edit So let’s say the aspects at all their strength including death wing pre old god juiced. The pantheon also not corrupted or dead. I don’t remember any Titan watched or keeper having mastery over time like Nozdormu.Malakos19 6d
6d Revenants - lore question I have read on wow.gamepedia etc that Revenants are elementals that have living souls bound to them. Take for example the Guardian that warned Arthas of Frostmourne in Warcraft 3, and most recently seen in the warrior card in Hearthstone. My question is, what souls are these? From how long ago? Could these be the souls of some Titan-followers, or ancient men or vrykul? Could God have been done as a punishment of some sort? What would the answer to the above mean for their current allegiances today? I'm inclined to believe that they're allied with the Titans based on my own working theory, but I think it best i ask here. From where do the souls that exist in revenants come from?Froszil10 6d
6d Xal'atath: The Final Boss of WOW? At the end of this expansion, we used our artifact weapons to suck all the Fel power out of Sargeras' blade, which disables most of them. But the Spriest dagger is an Old God who is using Artifact power to be reborn and bring about an Old God apocalypse. It just doesn't seem like a great plan in her case. Plus, if you bring her to Antorus, she keeps up her chatter about her plans as you feed her ever more power. One that stood out to me during Argus: Long have we sought entry into this realm! To think we have a mortal to thank for giving us our foothold. Your service will be remembered!Threeslotbag4 6d
6d Where are all the black people in WoW? We've seen like one on the Traveler book, but where are the rest? They aren't in-game.Nelmvern226 6d