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May 5 Good Suramartin Is there a guide available on how to find the quest starting points for this achievement or for each story line?Psst1 May 5
May 5 Followup With Kel PLEASE NOTE It has not been made clear yet if Blizzard CSRs have the authority to dictate or even clarify lore. All of this could be 100% correct or 100% incorrect. I am simply posting because I personally trust this particular GM and it's the only real answers we've been given to these questions. Who is the leader of the Darkspear? Unofficially, Rokhan. Who supports Sylvanas as Warchief? Really only Lor'themar. What kind of deal did Sylvanas make with Helya? Can't say. How old are the main night elf characters from WotA? No exact numbers, night elves lose track after a few hundred. Whose orders are followed first in a military situation, Anduin's or Genn's? Anduin's. Is the TCG artwork canon? Yes. Can blood elves be druids? Yes. High Botanist Freywinn used arcane to get there, however. Can undead get drunk? Some can, some can't. Lifespan of trolls? Can live to be upwards of 250 naturally.Cannibal88 May 5
May 4 Good Suramartin Is there a guide available on how to find the quest starting points for this achievement or for each story line?Psst1 May 4
May 4 Do you think Baine and Mayla could work? Ok, this isn't just a shipping thread. I'm also considering where the Tauren as a race could be going in the future. As a fan of the Tauren, I would have loved to see Baine have his content in Highmountain. I know people don't really like it when Blizzard forces relationships, but I could have definitely seen a romantic relationship forming between Baine and Mayla Highmountain. It could have not only served to further their characterization, but could have moved forward the Tauren racial story line. First off, they both have a lot in common: they both lost their fathers under sudden and tragic circumstances, were made the leaders of their people despite not really believing they were ready, and took up the mantle proudly and are trying to lead their people to a brighter future. They also both mesh quite well personality wise, being honorable, wise, and compassionate warriors. In terms of the Tauren story as a whole, a marriage, or whatever Tauren do, between the two could unite the tribes of Highmountain and Mulgore into a united Tauren nation of sorts along with the Tuanka and maybe the Yaungol. This doesn't even have to be a Horde thing. The tribes under Baine can still fight alongside the Horde when needed and the Tauren federation as a whole could be a peaceful neutral faction that tries to moderators. In a post-Legion and post-Old God Azeroth, I could see this as being the closest thing the Tauren could have as a Golden Age.Ahotah39 May 4
May 4 What is wrong with the Retcon of the Eredar? That they were not always merely powerful Demons, but a race of people of Light Worshippers and created such magical technological wonders? I notice this come up from time to time when the Drenai is brought up? Why is this Retcon bad? Because I like this development of the Draenai/Eredar.Argronak35 May 4
May 4 Kid Portraits in Underbelly Hey there, I was just wondering something as I came across it and noticed it for first time today lol...anyone know who the kids are in the portraits in the underbelly of Dalaran? They are above the table with the cupcakes on them in like the cooking area.Nippelz5 May 4
May 4 Illidan and Draenor-2 Grom? Is that a new thing? are we supposed to ignore that these two were genocidal monsters now? Im calling it now, Sargeras will be a good guy in 2 expansions.Rodvey29 May 4
May 4 Theorize the above lore change This was an old thread that I enjoyed months ago, and I'm going to bring it back! Basically, someone suggests a change in the lore, and the next poster theorizes what would happen afterwards. I'll start. Arthas decides to listen to Medivh and sail to Kalimdor rather than continuing to fight the Scourge.Engosh434 May 4
May 4 Wc humans and orcs Original warcraft games intended the player to be sargeras.Zoopsz10 May 4
May 4 Invasion sheduling Its a pity the invasions couldn't be more frequent to allow those of us who work and have families to participate. As it stands for me and a some friends with whom I play online, who also work 12 hours shifts. (2 Firefighters, 1 Ambulance Officer and a Police Officer). I will only show as an example my commitments: Thurs 4 May. 1:00 pm → 7:00 pm - (Working) Fri 5 May. 7:30 am → 1:30 pm - (Working) Sat 6 May. 2:00 am → 8:00 am - (Sleep then Work) Sat 6 May. 8:30 pm → 2:30 am - Can Participate Sun 7 May. 3:00 pm → 9:00 pm - Can Participate Mon 8 May. 9:30 am → 3:30 pm - Working Tues 9 May. 4:00 am → 10:00 am - Working and not getting up early to play Tues 9 May. 10:30 pm → 4:30 am - Sleeping Wed 10 May. 5:00 pm → 11:00 pm - Can Participate Thurs 11 May. 11:30 am → 5:30 pm - Working As can be seen based on the schedule timers for the Oceanic/US realms I can only do Sat/Sun and next Wednesday.Posty4 May 4
May 4 Possible class hall champions 7.3 Just wanted to start a thread about what everyone thought their new champion will be, if we get one. I'm hoping warriors will get some type of valkyr, it would be sweet if Odyn resurrect Helya and made her our champion. What are the rest of you thinking for champions?Rahmith28 May 4
May 3 Jace Darkweaver was a mage? In the quest "One Battle at a Time," Jace Darkweaver states "Before I became a demon hunter, I practiced the arcane arts. I still retain some of that knowledge, though the fel makes it all but impossible to use." My question is where and how was Jace practicing the Arcane? Is Jace a Shen'dralar? Did he practice it in seclusion from the rest of Night Elf society? Anybody think they have an answer?Adrannath2 May 3
May 3 Is there a difference in "the Light"? Like for paladins vs priests? Or is it the exact same thing for both classes?Amagor37 May 3
May 3 High elves and Blood elves So I know these two groups hate each other, but the question is why? Blood elves followed Kael'thas and high elves didn't, but then the blood elves also ditched him because he was crazy evil. Blood elves chose to sate their mana thirst by draining magical wild life and high elves didn't, but how is draining a non sapient creature worse than killing and eating it? Blood elves joined the horde, but 99% of the high elves left are kirin tor, which untill Jaina flipped out didn't care one way or the other about the faction war. I'm not seeing a whole lot of reasons for these two to hate each other the way they do.Phlynch75 May 3
May 3 Is Illidan bad or good? Since Guldan rezzed him is he good or bad? Is he gonna side with Burning Legion again? Why would Burning Legion want Guldan to rez Illidan when he gonna fight back and train Demon Hunters against them?Drgreenthum81 May 3
May 3 The Draenei So what do you all think is going to happen to the Draenei after legion?Sturavinnix26 May 3
May 3 Nozdormu, The Infinite Dragonflight Leader!? So I was just doing the quest "Mystery of the Infinite" in Dragonblight, where you are set out to discover the Leader of the Infinite Dragonflight, and Nozdormu appears.... I never paid much attention to this quest before now. Nozdormu ends up being the Leader of the Dragonflight that is set out to unravel time, the exact opposite of what The Bronze Dragonflight does....? Edit: Chromie also just assumes that it was just Nozdormu's way of saying he is ok since no one knows where or when he went to to deal with "very important matters."Jnerkin57 May 3
May 3 How do i deal with this problem... So basically I see this priest, who didn't have a guild, I believe it was and he's right next to a holy pally, that had a elite level guild that I'm going to leave unnamed, I click on the holy pally accidentally and say my little speech about how we need a healer and then he goes on to say I'm poatching in trade everyone on my server I'm afraid looks down upon our guild, what do I do?Skunkfart5 May 3
May 3 Blood Elf Druids So, I'd like to hear some opinions here. I always see people saying that blood elves rejected druidism because of arcane magics, their power taken from the Sunwell, and dependence on magic for survival. However, I've seen a couple of pieces of evidence towards a balance between their lust for magic and nature magic. Firstly, I'd like to address the Arcan'dor, as seen in Suramar during the questline. Valewalker Farodin - a night elf druid - helped the Nightborne that fled from the city after the Nightwell's establishment, in what we know now as Falanaar. He pitied them, and bestowed the gift of the Arcan'dor to them. However...its energies grew too unstable, and in a flash of light, left the temple broken and in ruins, and malformed the refugees into those terrifying spider-elves known as the Fal'dorei that we all know and hate. After this, he blamed himself for the atrocity. Fast forward to the present. Thalyssra and her followers inhabit Shal'Aran and send us to find another source for their magic, and we stumble across the fallen Arcan'dor in the ruins of Falanaar. Farodin finds us, ridicules us for such a dangerous move, but vows to help the Nightfallen in their plight, as he once helped the Fal'dorei centuries before. He pledges to correct the mistake he made in the past. He assists us with planting the Arcan'dor and feeding it ley energy, but when it starts to grow unstable again, he finds a solution in the skeleton of the fallen tree of Falanaar. Now, I'm going to quote from a quest that he gives us - The Emerald Nightmare: The Stuff of Dreams - in order to stabilize it once more: "The arcan'dor is one of an ancient species. They were not bred, but created. In them the arcane and primitive druidic magics merged into something greater than both." This suggests that arcane and druid magics may combine to form a life source, and a well of magic. Perhaps this could be a balance between arcane and nature magics for the blood elves to draw upon in druidic practices? Also, to support this claim, remember The Nexus. That section of the dungeon, crystals and tenders and dryads, is almost exactly like the section of Falanaar where the Arcan'dor once stood, and is now inhabited by crystalline spiders, Shardmaidens, and rampant Arcane elementals. Perhaps the same thing happened with an Arcan'dor in The Nexus as it once did in the Temple of Falanaar? Next, the stereotypical piece of evidence: High Botanist Freywinn from the Botanica in Burning Crusade. GMs have confirmed that he attained nature magic through the use of arcane magic (though I can't find the link to this, unfortunately). It was concluded that he forced nature magic to shape to his will, and therefore blood elf druids could not exist. However, this would actually be an example for the blood elves as a people to remember as a part of cultural history in order to prevent such a thing to happen ever again. This is reinforced in the fact that the madness of Kael'thas invoked such an atrocity. Possibly, if blood elves practiced nature magic through the balance of arcane and druidism instead of forcing it out of arcane energies, they could exist within the playerbase. I could imagine those beautiful crystalline models being used as their shapeshifts. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.Astakar33 May 3
May 3 The History/Culture Gap It exists between the Alliance and the Horde. What this means is that the Alliance and it's races and kingdoms have long histories and old, developed civilizations. Even if many of the civilizations are past their prime, leaving many ruins around the world, it's still a connection to the past that may be of interest and further developed. Most notably, the connection to the Titans is quite pronounced. By comparison, the Horde simply do not have much going for them. Even the Blood Elves are a minority spin-off group of the Night Elves, and they did nothing for thousands of years other than fight the Amani. The Tauren have a number of different tribes spread out around the globe, but they aren't very well developed technologically or culturally, nor did they make much impact on the places they visited. What this means is that it's harder to write and integrate the Horde into not only Azeroth's story, but the story of the setting at large. The Horde do not have a relationship or connection with the Titans, Old Gods, the Legion, Dragons, etc. Whenever stories concerning these entities pop up, it's a member an Alliance race spear-heading it. The fact of the matter is that the Horde are "young" races, or the cast-aways of a larger more developed group. What kind of natural enemies do the Horde have, other than the Alliance? Quillboar, harpies, and centaur. How exciting. WoD did try to produce some back-story for the orcs and orges, even going so far as to say they're half-finished, degenerate products of the titans (but not the Old Gods as may be argued that the Alliance races are). However, even if this is the case, it's retreading old ground the Alliance (specifically the dwarves) have covered. Add the fact that AltDraenor is an alternate time-line, and it's hard to build story-lines off of it that feel like a way going forward. It's hard to be enthusiastic about it, as it feels a little forced and out of left field. Culturally, the Horde are not actually a very diverse lot. All of their governments are the same, and while you might say the Alliance is united around a belief in the Light, it's expressed differently in manner and in particular architecture. By comparison, the "spirits" and various deities the Horde tend to invoke are entirely nebulous, and the Horde does not express their beliefs through statues or buildings or anything of substance. The biggest monument the Horde has is to Gallywix. Let that sink in a little. Basically, what I'm getting at is it's very hard to develop story for the Horde, as the ground work has really not been laid. The original concept of a bunch of primitives banding together for mutual benefit and survival is great and all, but the problem with that is the fact that history, for all practical purposes, starts with the Horde. Any "new" enemy the Horde faces will very likely be an "old" enemy of the Alliance, at least to an extent. Any god-like being in the setting will have dealings with Alliance races, but not the Horde races, because the Horde races were too remote and unimportant, prior to joining the Horde, which is why they joined the Horde in the first place. It's hard to write stories without a reference point, and the Alliance, by virtue of being native to Azeroth and not living in a bunch of huts, has a near monopoly on points of reference. Anything the Horde does would almost by default have to taking from something that's already related to the Alliance to one extent to another. This is why so-called "neutral" factions tend to co-opt Alliance themes; the neutral factions are related to the Alliance to start with. Pretty much the one exception is the Earthen Ring, and frankly they feel like a poor man's Cenarian Circle. So how do we close the gap? Well, first a couple warnings. 1.) Don't make a mountain out of a molehill. Meaning don't try to make something out to be more important than it is. Blizzard did this with Thrall, and it failed spectacularly. It destroyed story-lines, characters, and felt utterly forced and contrived. Handing prophecies out like candy only results in breaking the suspension of disbelief and robs characters of their agency. The Horde is small and irrelevant, pretending they're a big deal is not going to do anything other than alienate people. That being the case... 2.) Start small. Small can mean a single island. I made a thread about Kezan and using it as a stage for a goblin cartel war. It'd be fun and interesting! Make it a parody of WoD even. Hell, most of the Warlords look like they were caught in an industrial accident, and Industrial Accident is every goblins' middle name, run with it! 3.) Don't steal from the Alliance. Playing off of the Alliance is fine, but attempting to usurp themes only results in Sunwalkers who no one takes seriously. As for actual ideas on how to salvage the Horde's history or lack thereof, I've got a couple, but this post is long enough as it is.Cbredbeard122 May 3
May 2 Missing Legion Details What story touches and little details do you feel Legion is missing? What events or appearances would you like to see occur? What would you add to give the expansion more flavor and feel? Anything from character interactions, simple lines of dialogue, to quest lines and more. As for me personally... (TL;DR: A lot) - Rokhan leading the Siame-Quashi around the Broken Isles to hunt down Legion agents and avenge Vol'jin. I've yet to see much avenging. Tyrathan Khort may tag along. - The Exodar, fully operational and circling the Broken Isles, engaging in aerial combat with interstellar Legion vessels. - Baine and Roanauk appearing as once intended in Highmountain. It would be interesting to see both lend the fledgling leader Mayla advice. I could see Baine guiding her toward reasonable approaches while Roanauk suggests more aggressive tactics. (Just give me my damn Taunka, honestly) - Goldrinn interacting with or acknowledging the Gilnean Worgen in some fashion. As well, the choosing of a new champion. (Preferably not a Human... Either Worgen, Kaldorei, or Orc would be nice.) - Saurfang leading a band of Orcish warriors that specialize in bringing down Pit Lords around the Broken Isles. This would pay homage to the grudge and history the orcs have against this type of demon specifically. Besides, I feel the governing of Orgrimmar should be left to Eitrigg while Saurfang cleaves demons. - Mekkatorque and Gallywix racing to see whether Gnomeregan or the Bilgewater Cartel will successfully reverse engineer a Legion spaceship first. Enough have been brought down to warrant some investigation, be it for tinkering or profit. - A minor Sin'dorei presence in Suramar now that Elisande has been overthrown. The sympathy the Blood Elf delegation expressed for the Shal'dorei during the insurrection (which, I am thankful they showed at all) should be followed up on. They can understand what the Nightborne just endured more so than anyone else in regards to magic addiction and withering (wretched). Them helping Suramar get back on its feet and building healthy relations post Nighthold would be nice to see. - Danath doing anything besides having a mead in Dalaran. - Dagg and Gregg meeting. I would very much so like the two to become acquainted. I also want to know if Gregg was allowed to join the Horde and if his rocks were helpful. - Fallen Val'kyr and Kvaldir defectors seeking to join Sylvanas after the death of Helya. The two characters bear similarities, and it seems a likely event considering what happened after Arthas was defeated. Oh, and some clarification on what her supposed deal with Helya was... - The Royal Apothecary Society crafting a pathogen that specifically afflicts demons and may be let loose upon the Twisting Nether. (If that is even possible...) We are in a rare situation where people may turn a blind eye to new blights, given that they are effective against the Legion. - Yrel actually helping us out in our time of need. - Aponi Brightmane and the Sunwalkers having a presence at Thunder Totem. Their teachings would probably become rather popular to give hope to Highmountain and combat both the Feltotem and Legion. - More Legion presence outside of the Broken Isles. This happens throughout the class content, but I'd like to simply see them attacking Azeroth again on a larger scale like in the pre-expansion event. Wouldn't using their endless numbers and laying siege to other areas help stretch the forces of Azeroth thin and away from the Tomb? So yeah... What about you?Rordren16 May 2
May 2 Violet Eye = Eye of Aman'Thul? Couldn't find anything online, did anyone know why they both are the same symbol? As far as i knew, Aman'Thul is a being who restore things by using the power of time. I can sort of relate that with Arcane magic through the link of the Nightborne (consider that they're the best amongst the first mages) but is there any lore notes or official details on their relation? I might be missing something. Thank you.Tergrukan21 May 2
May 2 Why is the Horde needed in Legion? Seriously, what purpose does the faction serve in this expansion? How would the story be substantially different without us? Sylvanas is the antagonist for the Alliance Stormheim campaign. But that's about it. Of the other story arcs, the Emerald Nightmare is completely Night Elf. Suramar plays out the same with or without the Horde. The Gul'dan story arc is all about the Wrynns. Take the Horde out of this expansion and you would lose motivation for Genn. That's about it.Carmageddon165 May 2
May 2 Literacy in Azeroth Peoples in Azeroth can read and write. There are too many books lying around, and references to where things need to be read, like the Message Boards in cities, scrolls, etc. There are schools around (I'm looking at you Kirin Tor), and libraries. The schools, however, seem to be very few and the libraries seem to be, for the most part, relegated to personal, private libraries. My question is, what's the going literacy in Azeroth? Are children taught by their parents or someone in a set up similar to a one room school house? Is there somewhere that they go to learn that is run by their government? Is literacy reserved for the upper echelon of the population only? Who is able to read and write in Azeroth, in any language at all?Meliandria19 May 2
May 2 Biggest disappointment lore-wise. So, what is the biggest disappointment, lore-wise, for you to happen in this universe? It could include any of the games (including WC1-3), books, or comics. Personally, mine has to be either Kael'thas in TBC, Zul'Jin being made a villain/antagonist for us to kill, or Garrosh being made a villain. All three of these guys had promise to become much more than they were made in WoW. Kael'thas was set up to be a prominent and respectable leader in WC3, giving his all to his people and respecting them and his ancestors so much as to proclaim his father the last king. Beyond that, he was a powerful mage and was connected to Dalaran well through his days studying there. We'd have much more Belf mage lore with him around. Plus, damn man look at his hair! Garrosh could have been set-up as an orc seeking the "glory" days of the past through honorable warfare. Instead of racist bull!@#$ we could have still had an antagonistic Warchief who cared about his people and figured he must expand due to lack of resources. We could have had an orc embodying "lok'tar ogar" but without the whole "%^-* everything that isn't Orc". Zul'jin in my opinion wasn't as grievous as the other two, but I still believe that he could have had a much better role in WoW. I'd love to see him start off as a leader within the trolls, and mentor Vol'jin. Eventually when it came time for him to truly die a respectable death due to a troll hero, we could have had Vol'jin take it hard, bring in the Amani tribe, and then attempt to complete Zul'jin's dream of uniting the Trolls once again to bring back a Troll empire. Oh, and using Vol'jin's death is cheating.Vïntic62 May 2
May 2 Horde and Slavery Is slavery legal in the Horde? Is it one of those things that's illegal but not enforced? Are there any lore links that says if it is or not or what?Mäliki49 May 2
May 1 Breaching the Tomb disappointment Now, I really am glad we're doing this. The broken shore taken back and fighting up to the Tomb... but so far? Its been a disappointment. If you look back at the insurrection questline for Suramar. The varied uniting of the elven factions, feeding refugees the fruit, and otherwise multiple stage questlines before each part ended was very well done. It gave a good cap point to these characters we'd become invested in during the course of the Suramar campaign. It was great to see the Elves unite so in bringing down Elisande. But now if you compare that to Breaching the Tomb... The last two weeks have been... unfortunate. Khadgar's quest last week was funny, don't get me wrong. The text was totally making fun of the entire warlords of draenor legendary ring questline and was thoroughly amusing. But there wasn't any payoff except a brief chuckle where Khadgar got told 'You know... you really only need ONE for that...' Probably by Illidan, who I am imagining is snarking him. Illidan IS the better mage between the two, afterall. Illidan's quest this week was more disappointment. Farming stuff under the Sentinax has been a rather... lackluster... arrangement. Its tedious to many of us(at least to me). Dealing with the faction system, generating more hate the playerbase factions and generally being a problem as they limited the ability to gain shards to only 5 man groups rather then the full raids it was(for good reason). Still, it made getting the marks of the sentinax... irritating. The best way to do it is just to hand out by a bunch of people farming and competing, watch them fruitlessly keep trying to tag mobs away from each other out of some competitive stupidity... and well... wait for the Lieutenant to spawn. Two LTs and maybe some tagged elites you dragged to the farming group got the quest done. But it was boring, annoying, and exposed a big flaw. The payout? ...Nothing. Just AP and achievement progress complete. No fighting atop the Sentinax. No snarky conversation or quip by Maiev in how Illidan is making them waste time when they should go after the ship themselves... yadda. Another thing, not enough interaction between the various people there. Illidan and Maiev is one thing in the Cathedral. Pretty damn awesome, actually. Especially the sick burn that Illidan delivers to Maiev. 'Do what you do best and follow me'. I would love to see Illidan and Khadgar talking like how Khadgar and Oculeth were talking about teleporting Dalaran and exchanging notes about telemancy. I'd love to have Illidan and Velen have some serious talking to one another, cause those two seem like they will be working together a lot in the future and if there is anyone that Illidan could learn to respect and actually start treating with a friendly air it would be Velen. Maiev and Illidan quipping and snarking and needing to be reigned in by the other two even more would be fun, developing their relationship further now that Maiev is forced to recognize the truth in Illidan's warnings. In short; Breaching the Tomb has been severely lacking compared to previous content. You would have done better just to release it all at once if the next parts are just going to be 'Do one quest and achievement progress'. Because the rest of the parts of it don't look satisfying. Also: The broken shore was designed too small. Not enough room to DO things and build story content while still having all the world quest content. Compared to Tanaan where there was some story content area(for the whole Gul'dan trying to destroy the Elements thing), there isn't really room for it on the Broken Shore. Phasing helps, and the quests for the new champions were all pretty good(I've done most of them). Especially the Shaman one and others. But comparing it all... I really wish Breaching the Tomb was more involved and more detailed. Its disappointing hard right now.Ghostwalka35 May 1
May 1 Kael'thas vs Garithos Okay, so this question has appeared in my head before and I have never been able to find the answer, and I just now though to put it onto the forums. Kael'thas Sunstrider was the new leader of the High Elves, whom he renamed the Blood Elves, so he was faction leader for the Sin'dorei within the Alliance. Othmar Garithos was a Grand Marshal, one of the highest honor ranks within the Alliance military. To me, it seems that a faction leader would outrank a grand marshal, yet as seen in Warcraft 3, Kael'thas was answering Garithos' commands as if a subordinate, and when Kael did something Garithos didn't like, he was sentenced to death by the Grand Marshal. To me it seems odd that a general would have the power to put an ally leader to the death for disobeying a command. To me, that seems like a general putting an allied king to the death for disobeying the command of the general. It just seems to me that it should be the other way around, that Kael'thas should put Garithos to death for treating him like a subordinate. Am I mistaken with one of their positions/ranks or was this just a moment in lore that Blizzard didn't think through?Xreaper8 May 1
May 1 Your Sylvanas Faction Raid This is inspired by the recent thread discussing ways to redeem Sylvanas. I am going to the other extreme and asking: how does Sylvanas die for her crimes? I know this subject causes some flame wars so first, a few rules. 1. This is a faction raid. Since only one of the factions has access to it, what is the other faction's raid? 2. The Forsaken must remain a viable race for the Horde OR the Alliance must lose a major playable race (no saying the High Elves die and calling it good). If the Alliance does lose a player race, who and how? 3. The Forsaken must have a starting zone. If they lose Lordearon, where do they go? How did enough of them survive to stay a viable player race for the Horde? 4. Be polite and be constructive. I believe the CDevs use some ideas they get from these forums but that won't happen if this turns into a major troll flame fest. Keep in mind Sylvanas, Lordearon, South Shore and Hillsbrad are all fake. When the Forsaken plagued those towns no one actually died so stop acting like Sylvanas killed your sister. Now, my idea. Horde players get asked to appear in Silvermoon where Lor'themar asks you to look into a troubling situation he has found; that none of the Forsaken raised by the Val'kyr are attempting to find their own way in the world. Literally, all of them seem loyal to Sylvanas. He doesn't think its possible for a free-thinking group to be that unified. After a quest-chain where the player confirms that no new Forsaken have attempted contact with the Alliance or Argent Crusade and then trying to discover what is going on the player finds that the new Forsaken are actually controlled in a similar manner to Lich King's control of the Scourge. Lor'themar presents the evidence to leaders of the Horde with Nathanos Blightcaller acting in Sylvanas' place as leader of the Forsaken and all decide to launch an assault on the Undercity to destroy the budding "Lich Queen" and her Val'kyr before they gain any more power. End result: Sylvanas dead, Nathanos the new Forsaken leader. For the Alliance my idea is to move the Dwarven situation to full scale civil war with Moira as the main boss. Basically, Muradin decides that the Dark Irons are being too quiet and too nice. He knows how cunning and intelligent his niece is and he knows she won't sit idle forever. The player goes through a series of quests to investigate what the Dark Irons are up to and you find that they are weakening certain points in Ironforge's defenses and then plan to leak that information to the Dragonmaw orcs. Moira plans to get the Dragonmaw to launch a "surprise" attack on Ironforge through this weakened defense and then allowing them to kill Muradin and Falstad before she and her Dark Irons "heroically" drive the orcs back. Moira sniffs out the discovery before Muradin and Falstad can bring her to justice and she flees to Blackrock Depths. The Dwarves and Humans lay siege to the mountain, now totally controlled by the Dark Irons since all the other factions have been killed off (numerous times). End result: Muradin, as closest living relative the King Mangi, is crowned king of Ironforge and Falstad stays as ambassardor for the Wildhammers. Telonis29 May 1
May 1 First Druid: Xarantaur or Malfurion? Topic.Boogeycow23 May 1
May 1 The Mysteries of the Light: Detail? Okay, in Alliance questing in Outland, one of the earliest quests involve us going to the old armory to recover a book for a depressed priest in Honor Hold. The book is called "The Mysteries of the light." It is apparently the "Bible" of the religion of the Light. But I got to wonder, what are the details of this book? What does it contain? Stories of Tyr, basic laws of Light worship? Stories of early Human tribes prior to the Shattering? What do you guys think?Baldris2 May 1
May 1 Goblin Cartels and the Undermine How many Goblin Cartels are there? We know of the Steamwheedle and Bilgewater cartels, but are there more? And if so, how many more? Is the Venture Company considered a Cartel, or are they not acknowledged by the other cartels (which is why it's not the "Venture Cartel")? Additionally, if the Undermine is the Goblin Capital, do all the cartels just live interchangeably, or are there "sections" for each (think Morrowind's Vivec, I guess)? If the Undermine were ever to make it into WoW (which I REALLY hope it does) I suppose we'd see the Horde focused around the Bilgewater faction, but what about the Alliance? Perhaps Gnomes are trying to establish some sort of niche foothold in the Undermine, too? And lastly, but CERTAINLY not least, IF there are more cartels than the 2 (or 3?) I've already mentioned, then what do you guys think the chances would be to see non-main faction, opposing Reputation Factions? Kinda like the Aldor vs. the Scryers in ye olde Shattrath, but with Goblins. And probably more gang wars. Which would be AWESOME. I'mma run a driveby on those Bilgewater bustas, lemme get my G.A.T. (Gnomish Annihilation Tech) and I'll unload on them motha@*#$ers.Piffinatour3 May 1
May 1 Teron Gorefiend.. what happened to him? In Shadowmoon Valey, we met a strange spirit that apparently wanted the land to heal from demonic corruption. In the end of the chain, we learn that the spirit is Teron Gorefiend, the powerful orc death knight from wc2, and that he manipulated us to free him: If we do not , we'll be stuck in that place for eternity ( we made some strange stuff that caused this ). So, we are forced to give our body for him to control and defeat his jailor, a ghost draenei paladin. After the fight, he leaves our body and manages to get a physical form again, as powerful as he was before. He mocks us for freeing him and then rides away. So, what happened to him?Ellendill32 May 1
May 1 Is there any way to kill a demon on Azeroth? So, I might be a bit late to the party, but I just learned that Tichondrius is back. I remembered lots of speculating back in the day, explaining that it was totally possible to kill a Dreadlord or a demon if you used demonic magic to kill them. Illidan's way of killing him using the skull of Gul'dan used to be the way of getting rid of demons. Due to Tichondrius's brand new appearance, that's definitely untrue, unless he used some other sort of way to resurrect himself. We also know that killing a demon in the nether should "permanently" kill them. But it introduces a rather depressing question. Given that the Burning Legion is practically infinite, and they're capable of being summoned into the world, assuming that we successfully repel the Burning Legion, what's to stop them from returning for a fourth invasion, or a fifth, or a sixth? It's like fighting against a wave. Therefore, I propose the following question: Are there other ways of permanently killing demons while they're on Azeroth? Or is the only way of killing them by murdering them in the Twisting Nether?Vynathlon20 May 1
May 1 Light vs Dark: Velen It is mentioned many times that Velen is preparing/expecting for a battle between Light and Dark (Goodness and Evil?) I was wondering, is this the battle between us and the Legion, or something far worse and dangerous? I am not an expert in lore, so any clarifications would help!Crayonns14 May 1
Apr 30 Q&A Argus Stuff Ion said Argus will have raids. Notice how it's not just A raid. We're getting multiple raids in 7.2.Hukaga31 Apr 30
Apr 30 Class specific content So in his recent Q&A Ion has stated that 7.2 would be the last patch with class specific content in legion. Personally I believe this is a lovely change as despite the developers putting more time and energy into the questlines for this patch than any expansion patch i can think of in recent memory, the disconnect between player and developer occurred due to the fact that it was divided up so much. If you look at how much actual content was created 7.2 really is one of the largest patches in wow's history, but we can't access all of it. My personal hope is that they maintain the class order questlines and just have it be that the champion is asked to aid members of the different orders so they join major NPCs in doing what they do with a few slight variations for the class you actually play. That way everyone can see the unique flair of each class.Eding30 Apr 30
Apr 30 Is Magni dead? Or is he just chilling as a diamond while still being alive technically?Amagor4 Apr 30
Apr 30 If sylvanas dies what happens To the foresaken? Just cruious would it effect them? Would the valk'yr still ressurect the foresaken?Draghall22 Apr 30
Apr 30 Coldridge Valley Storyline in 4K w/ lore I need your opinions please. So, I decided to take an interest in video editing, and I also wanted to learn more about the lore of wow for each zone I play, so I thought why not record it and share my research? What do you guys think? Would people watch this? Do you like the edits I made to shorten the video? Should I do more cuts to make it shorter or less cuts to make it longer? What do you think of the pop up info text? Any other suggestions you can give to help me improve the quality of the video? Okay, thanks guys.Warynn0 Apr 30
Apr 30 Amber Kearnen(Mild Spoilers) Anyone else kinda disappointed how they killed her off? After getting to like this character since Cataclysm, having her killed off screen was really stupid, taking one of the few actual cool human women spy characters and just having her offed and not even have it on screen, just stabbed in the back and you walk in on her corpse.Thelennia61 Apr 30
Apr 30 The Kvaldir after Helya The Valarjar have them now. They control them with Helya's horn and basically just point them in the direction of things they want attacked.Reignac75 Apr 30
Apr 29 Questions about the Undead & Legion? Does anyone remember a piece of WC3/WOTLK where it was intimated that The Lich King had grown .... maybe too powerful for Kil"Jeadan to control? That says quite a bit, to me about the capacity of the scourge to set their own terms of power. Also, can Demons be raised to undeath? What would happen if the scourge infested the Twisting Nether? Also I know that Warcraft: Chronicle and Legion set the stage for the Void to be the ultimate bad in the WC Universe but it seems even in Icecrown the Scourge was resisting the call of Yogg Saron (albeit they were harrassed quite a bit by it).Greywatch14 Apr 29
Apr 29 Horde Version of Anduin Quest? We Alliance get a nice long story intro to the Broken Shore involving Anduin. Was the Horde one never released on PTR or did I miss it? UPDATE: First part of Anduin quest is out and Horde got...nothing. Not a great sign. UPDATE 2: Apr 29
Apr 29 How did Vanessa vancleef know the Furlbrow's? In the new Westfall quest chain, you start at the Furlbrows death scene. You later find out that Hope Saldean is really Vanessa vancleef. Gryan asksed, why she had the Furlbrows killed? She says, there the only ones that recognized her face.... I thought it was the Saldeans who adopted her...summary, How do the Furlbrows know vanessa?Perexian11 Apr 29
Apr 29 Brightwing Character Development? Hello There! I am here because I absolutely adore Brightwing! I was wondering if in the future we could see her character developed further in WoW. She spends a lot of time in the Emerald Dreamway (where I click her over and over to hear her hilarious and mischievous audio). In my research fairy dragons were stewards and protectors of the Emerald Dream but I would absolutely love to learn more about her character and her relationships within the World of Warcraft. I understand that she has two brothers, her older brother being the Enchanted Fey Drake who says she is adopted and her twin brother is Darkwing who is said to be very evil sort of a yin and yang thing going on with the twins. I hope to learn a lot more about her but there just isn't much out there yet. Kind of an obsessed fan. <3 Any possibility of developing her further or adding some quests with her involved, maybe even a tie in to the unique fairy dragons who gather around the mushroom circle to sing?Cayleah25 Apr 29
Apr 29 im confused with whole "avatar of sargeras" is he the real sargeras or not??? if he is not the real sargeras then someone please explain the whole "Aegwynn/Medivh being possessed by real sargeras" the part of lore really confused me. the impression i get is "he is not sargeras but also sargeras at same time".Plagueblade32 Apr 29
Apr 29 Elves Bodies Decomposition So, is there any place where it's mentioned that elves bodies don't decompose (or at last decompose much slower than other beings)? I ask this because of Black Hook Hold undead elves and Sylvanas' body being almost intact after so much time has passed.Aaren7 Apr 29
Apr 28 Why tell the story in missable instances? I decided to sub to WoW to check out the often praised story. My first two months have not been well. The game feels like I'm playing a patchwork Frankenstein monster. All the major stories were instanced temporary events; events a new player now has no access to. Even fast forwarding to Legion (current content), there is no way I can see the assault on Nighthold storyline and other possible events I have no clue of. Simply because I wasn't playing during the period it was temporarily available. Then backtracking to WoD, the major storyline was completely cut out. I can't see Cordana's backstory and downfall, or enjoy the backstory of Khadgar in Draenor. These two things alone aren't all. Wrathgate a major moment in WoW I'll never have a chance to experience. It was all a temporary instance. I'll never be able to go through original westfall and actually meet Vancleef. All of that had been getting on my nerves, but the straw that broke my back was going into Pandaria to see vale of eternal blossoms charred and sundered. My problem with this is, as a new player I will never get to experience the game as someone whose managed to stick with it through these past 15 years. The story is just completely chopped up and thrown together and the only way to fill in the pieces is to always alt tab out of game to a related wiki. Well if I'm reading a wiki, why bother subbing to the game? I've never had this problem in any other MMO. If I start another one today as a completely new player, I'll be able to start the story and follow it to completion without missing chapter after missing chapter after missing chapter. I'm just guessing here, but I imagine a new player never gets to do the Theramore Bomb scenerio. That was spoiled for me from having to constantly read a wiki to find out what's going on. How it should be is have the new player start in an instance upon entering the zones with the original content, then when they get to a major story turning point THEN change the zone. Don't just let the player enter an already completed area and don't just remove major story lines like WoD's legendary quest, or Wrathgate. I'm sure there are plenty of other examples I'd come across if I kept playing but I had to unsub after all this. It's like reading a book with random chapters just missing and when you're playing solely for the story. . . I just can't find the words.Tulasiri10 Apr 28
Apr 28 Favorite Characters You know what to do. List your top 5. If you can't narrow it down, list your top 10. Mine: 1) Maiev 2) Sylvanas (In no particular order past this point) 3) Akama 4) Lor'themar 5) Vol'jin 6) Cairne 7) Nathanos 8) Arthas 9) Genn 10) AzerothSamariyu73 Apr 28