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Nov 17 My Two Dads Greymane and Velen are totally dating. And Anduin is their adopted son. Discuss.Nelmvern14 Nov 17
Nov 17 If your Character was an NPC? So a bit bored a work here and got to thinking if you could have a quest NPC after your Character (quest giver or objective) what would you want Bliz to write you in as (keep in mind probably only get a brief window at your character not a whole back story ect.) Personally? - Simple sergeant associated with warfronts, leading a squad of Spell Breakers. - a bit edgey - hates most human mages - Rewards Spell breaker gear from his short quest chain (that involves various missions against Human targets) Side note, use various WC3 Blood Elf voices for interaction!Faradei47 Nov 17
Nov 17 Mechanical Infantry in BfA I think it's safe to say we've outgrown Gnome Mechanotanks and Goblin Shredders. So I had a thought -- if the Alliance are getting Lightforged Draenei, doesn't that mean they also get Lightforged Warframes? Those things would probably tear through the Horde. Unless.... The Horde started building Iron Reavers like the one in Hellfire Citadel. Pretty sure Iron Reaver was made by the Blackfuse Company anyway, so our Goblins could probably do it. And being a Fel-mech, they would be a great counter to Light-mechs. On a smaller scale than Iron Reaver was, of course, to match the Lightforged Warframes. Get WoW some of that Gundam flavor.Malefic12 Nov 17
Nov 17 Xal’atath. It has been known for a while that Artifacts will be gone after Legion. A few days ago, Blizzard confirmed that they will be getting a “proper sendoff.” However, I would not want Xal’atath to be sent off just yet without having been revealed who or what she really is. Do you think they will tell us, or just completely neglect it?Lazaeris4 Nov 17
Nov 17 New Homelands for the conquered races OK, big surprise announcement here! Teldrassil and the Undercity are destroyed next expac Yes I know you're all shocked, but not I want to ask. Where should their unhomed people go? Nelves would probably be refugee style at Stormwind for at least 1 patch. Where would they go without Darnassus? I would suggest Duskwood. Hear me out. I imagine a scene with Tyrande/Malfurion and Anduin in Stormwind. He tells them that knowing her people's preferrences, he would offer them the use of Duskwood, but that place is horribly corrupted. Then Mal makes a strange gesture and says that he may be able to do something about that. This leads to an long questline where we go around the area, capturing feral Worgen to take to the purification ritual, and driving out the few remaining Ogres. We go to Darkshire and purge the remaining Fel Cultists and Necromancers, culminating at the Emerald Dream portal. Mal and his druids open it up, releasing pure Life magic into the realm, purifying it. This is just a rough outline of my idea, and I don't have any idea for the Forsaken yet. What about you guys?Baldris61 Nov 17
Nov 17 Half-breeds Anyone think they really ruin the story?Osiria30 Nov 17
Nov 17 Earth Elementals So, I am noticing a trend here. First it was Deathwing.. then there was a bunch of earth elementals in Nagrand during WoD and then there's the earth elemental thingies in Highmountain. Are earth elementals more prone to evil for some reason?Yivon4 Nov 17
Nov 17 Stormrage Reunion Does it bother anyone else that we finally have an expansion where both Stormrage brothers are actively fighting the same threat, yet they never even meet? They didn't need to get all buddy-buddy again but it would have been nice for them to just... interact. Period. Meh. Guess no point now that Legion is almost over.Malefic19 Nov 17
Nov 17 Emerald nightmare, Azeroths true template? I just had a shower thought. It might seem crazy but what if the emerald nightmare is actually Azeroths template? In Chronicle it says Freya might have built it or it might have existed already and she just tapped into it. We know the old gods had been around for awhile longer than the Titan and Titan forged. I know it says that one of the OG reached the emerald dream through the world trees but it makes sense that the world and environment was shaped by the OG for longer than the Titan forged.Malakos9 Nov 17
Nov 17 Nov. 16 Dev Q&A Incoming: Nov 17
Nov 17 I want Anduin to be a Paladin. I don't care if we have to many Human Paladins (Most of them are Dead or not of the Alliance) I want want Anduin to be Paladin, I like where they are going with Anduin from that Cinematic and its only fair he actually goes a step further. He'd be the complete opposite of Arthas or he would Arthas as he could have been had he not fallen to corruption. By the Light please let this happen.Argronak75 Nov 17
Nov 17 Shaman and the Spirit of the Wilds/Wild Gods I was looking at the WoW cosmology: and it indicates that the Wild Gods/nature and the element of Spirit are different things. We know that Shaman use Spirit to call on the elements; is this supposed to be the same as the Spirit of the Wilds? I'm assuming not, because Thrall communes with the Wild Gods in one of the books. So do Shaman also commune with the Wild Gods? Am I understanding properly that the Wild Gods and Spirit are two different things, it's just Shaman happen to commune withboth?Unbeatabull13 Nov 17
Nov 17 will malfurion retalliate against the horde? how do you think he will respond to the burning of teldrassil? will he just take a nap in moonglade instead?Oliver60 Nov 17
Nov 17 The Culling of Stratholme. So I was running Past-Stratholme the other day for that sweet sweet shield and I got to thinking about a few things. One of Uther quotes during the event is when Arthas orders him and his men to purge the city. He refuses and says "You are not my king yet, boy! Nor would I obey that command even if you were!". So was the Silver Hand actually part of the Lordaeron Military? Or are they a more freelance organization going around roaming around bringing justice as they see fit? If King Terenas himself showed up then and ordered Uther to purge the city he wouldn't do it? I'd also like to see other peoples opinions on the culling. Arthas believed what he was doing was the right thing to do. Was it? Is it any different from the purging of Dalaran? Also I wonder how things would have played out if Arthas had backed down and if he did things Uthers way. How would that have looked?Makkizz69 Nov 17
Nov 16 Horde races = best drinking buddies Picture this with me. Orcs: You sit down around a roaring campfire, throw some beers back, and chew on the best meat you've ever tasted while listening to sick war stories. Undead: You're not sure if Forsaken drink, but your buddy's got a crazy wine cellar full of old labels lost to time and strife. You sip from an ornate glass and peruse some dusty literature, chatting occasionally. Tauren: You're greeted with a big hug, then plop down to share a pipe and a skin of Mulgore firewater. By the time you're appropriately sedated, your buddy's already wrapped you up in some warm pelts for a nap. Trolls: You stare at the fire. The fire stares back. What have you been drinking? Only de spirits know. Blood Elves: You get wine drunk and trade gossip for hours. You both end up passed out in a bro-cuddle on your buddy's fancy couch by 9PM. Goblins: Only fruity, expensive drinks for you, and a very long soak in a questionably-constructed jacuzzi. By the third drink, you've got to steer your buddy away from spontaneously constructing a "party blimp". Pandaren: You're so stuffed full of homemade food and brew, you think you're going to burst. Your buddy gladly takes over your portion, pats you on the back, and settles you down in a hammock to sleep it off.Kasghul15 Nov 16
Nov 16 Azshara - Why Blizz favors the Horde Pull up a third party source for Blizzard's new world, post-Shattering. Then take some time to look at the newly reshaped zone of Azshara. Look familiar? It should! This zone now looks like the Horde symbol. I don't see any entire land masses shaped like the Alliance symbol. Obviously, the creators of wow love the Horde over the Alliance so much, they made the world in the Horde's honor!Zikurzjek25 Nov 16
Nov 16 The Gilnean Champion (Story) Hey everyone! I hope we are having a good day or night so far. I wanted to tell you all a story about the character I posted this post as today. My brother passed recently to Stomach Cancer and in his final will, he gave me his Blizzard Account. He's been playing WoW Since a few months after the release of Legion and leveled This Worgen Warrior. He has told me that this game was filled with lore and he was involved with the endeavors of the Gilneans and the Forsaken. I personally didn't like WoW at the time because I wasn't interested in it, I thought it was a crappy game so instead I played Overwatch and Destiny off the Blizzard app. When his cancer hit, he wrote stories to cope with the disease such as writing a story about his Character named 'Blake, the Arbiter of Gilneas' This warrior lost his family to the scourge and despite the wishes of his parents to be a mage or druid, he joined the military and slowly bonded with the Gilnean Monarchy 'Greymane' after becoming afflicted with the curse, he didn't know what to fight for after the Worgen's first attack on Gilneas, and the forsaken finishing that fight by forcing all the Gilneans out of the city and move to live with the Night Elves. The Arbiter found out that his family was murdered by Sylvanas and has a bloodlust to kill her and avenge his family and Gilneas. This story made him feel happy and he told me when he was in the hospital when he was talking about the New expansion 'Battle For Azeroth' he talked about how he hoped that the Worgens will finally have their closure and take back Gilneas and have it become another Alliance capital, even though he knew we technically had Gilneas after Silverpine incident with the Forsaken/Horde. Before he passed I made a Worgen Rogue and experienced what he experienced and I fully understand why he loved this game and I made even more characters and races to feel involved too. We did play Legion for awhile and as you can see, He wasn't able to fully level his warrior before he needed to move to the hospital after it got worse. I thank my brother for giving me his Blizzard Account and I will never thank him enough for becoming apart of this game and universe we come to know as world of Warcraft. I guess my question is the to Devs is that maybe I could honor him with their help and maybe make him an important NPC to Worgen players and maybe a quiet questline, coming to peace that maybe someday Gilneas will be taken back. I wanted his lore he created for his character to maybe come true, but I understand if we cannot fit it in, since that takes resources and valuable time for the Devs. Either way I thank you all for reading and I hope I can reach out to the Devs with my brother's story and my experience through all of this. Thank you, For the Alliance and for GILNEAS! ~WorgenDorgenThearbiter2 Nov 16
Nov 16 Bolvar’s story arc Is it done for Legion? Will it continue in BfA? I really want to know what he’s planning!Atheinia15 Nov 16
Nov 16 The Forsaken still use Blight And it seems it's only gotten refined over time. It seems like a lot of folks think Forsaken using the plague again is taboo and unethical, as if they stopped using it ever since Southshore, but... it's still very much a thing. I was questing in Stormheim last night, and found it curious that the Forsaken has a bunch of Plague Catapults among their invasion force -- and I was reminded that we blast the Alliance's aerial forces with plague in the first several quests of Stormheim. The "purest" form most assume are what Putress and his group used at Angrathar, but from what I've seen, all they've done is refine the plague's potency. "With Sylvanas taking the reins as Warchief of the Horde, she chose to make use of the plague once more, though this new one seemed different, or at least fine-tuned. Developed aboard the Black Rose by the R.A.S., this new plague was extremely volatile, exploding on contact with a sickly green liquid that melts away skin and flesh almost immediately, right down to the bone. The plague must be contained inside special vials developed by the R.A.S., and if opened, cannot be contained." Sources: All I'm saying is, bring it, Anduin. We will literally melt you.Malefic46 Nov 16
Nov 16 Elune Theory So I was on the forums reading about Azeroth, Elune, the pantheon and different faiths in WoW. There are popular theories out there that Elune is a naa'ru or a Titan and I came up with a theory that is very convincing to what her identity actually is. I believe that Elune is Azeroth Elune has always been directly connected with the Night Elves. We all know that the Night Elves came from the Dark Trolls. The Dark Trolls lived around the Well of Eternity and eventually evolved into the Night Elves. Elune is super intertwined with the Night Elves and her faith emerged when they evolved. In my opinion, I think this suggests that Elune is connected to Well of Eternity which we also know that the Well is the blood of Azeroth. Elune then created Cenarius to sort of shepherd the night elves and to lean them towards druidism. Not only druidism though, he would also have them be caretakers of the earth in a way. So, Elune is essentially directly trying to care for the earth. I want to stir away from the Kal'dorei faith for a bit and talk about the Tauren Faith. Their faith is centered around the Earth Mother. The Earth Mother has two eyes, An'she and Mu'sha, one is the sun and the other the moon, respectively. Mu'sha has been confirmed to be the same being as Elune and An'she's identity is unknown. We know that Elune is heavily tied into the moon, obviously, but we also know that she created the Naa'ru. The Naa'ru are beings of light. I believe that An'she(The Sun) could also be a being of light for reasons relatively apparent. With all that information, this leads me to think that Mu'sha and An'she are one in the same, different sides of the same coin would be a more accurate description. I think both beings are Elune, and Elune is a manifestation of Azeroth, the Earth Mother, to take care of the people of Azeroth. There is a lot of speculation in this theory I know, but I think it has a lot of merit. I probably missed a lot of information (I am currently running on no sleep), so let me know what you guys think!Shareen32 Nov 16
Nov 16 Human Kingdoms coming back -We have Lorderaon being taken back for the alliance. -Kultiras showing up in game. -Stormgarde appears rebuilt by the alliance. -Stormwind is still there. -Dalaran might choose to side with the alliance. -Gilneas seems to be back in alliance hands as well(if we are taking back lordearon). -Alterac is a ruin but may be rebuilt. we could almost have all 7 human kingdoms back in the Alliance hands. Could we possible see new kings arise in these lands or old ones return. and on an off note we are kind of getting blood/void/ elves back in the alliance. so we are almost back to classic Alliance.Badmaan41 Nov 16
Nov 16 Teldrassil *Spoilers* MMO champion is stating the Horde BURN DOWN Teldrassil!? In the expansion trailers it shows this happening on the map. Has anything else been spotted!?Lorelaî86 Nov 16
Nov 16 Wildhammer and Arrakkoa choose factions? It stands to reason that if Dark Iron's are available in BFA, why aren't the Wildhammer picking a side? And what about the Arakkoa, possibly for Horde? If anyone could match the Horde's feeling of 'losing their world' it's probably the bird-people of Sethekk who we've had dealings with in both WoD and BC. WIldhammer dwarves should go without saying, as the Council of Three Hammers - implies that the Dwarven Clans are more united then ever, during the events of Battle for Azeroth.Roxxemar32 Nov 16
Nov 16 Five keys to open our way. Five torches to light our path. So, take this with a grain of salt, as with most speculation. But I noticed something with regards to the Five Keys that Il'gynoth whispers about in the Emerald Nightmare. Maybe it's not the Pillars of Creation. Maybe that was just a red herring. There's also five World Trees. All of them have been killed, corrupted, or have lost their power, most (all but one) by Old God interference. Nordrassil was nearly killed and lost its blessing from Nozdormu after the events of the Third War. The Old Gods seemed to have a vested interest in attacking Hyjal to finish the job by sending Ragnaros to burn it to the ground. Vordrassil/Andrassil was corrupted and destroyed by the predations of Yogg-Saron, giving the Old Gods access to the Emerald Dream. Shaladrassil was corrupted by the Nightmare, and may have been irreparably damaged after said corruption. The unnamed World Tree we see in the Emerald Nightmare in Un'goro was likely destroyed at some point in the material universe. Its corruption by Il'gynoth seems to indicate Old God interference. Finally, with the new expansion, Teldrassil burns and Azeroth bleeds. Have these trees been helping to keep the Old Gods at bay? Now that they are slowly being wiped out, and Teldrassil burns, are they the torches lighting the path of the Old Gods to finally burst from the surface of Azeroth as a Black Empire resurgent? I mean, probably not, but I thought it was worth discussing. The Old Gods do seem to have a particular interest in World Trees.Subverse58 Nov 16
Nov 16 Aethas Sunreaver One of his stints in Legion is helping to locate Felo'melorn. It's all well and dandy if the weapon ends up in Blood Elf (or even other Horde races) hands but for Alliance to have it is just frankly insulting. There are other instances in Legion where he makes an appearance. At one point, he says he does not regret what he did, rather regrets what it lead to which is the Purge of Dalaran. So, love or hate him, please explain why.Nerakha28 Nov 16
Nov 16 Opinions from a story perspective Having just got back from a couple year hiatus, I'd just like a quick opinion from the board with the best heads on their shoulders for this sort of thing: I ran Caedmun here through the initial paces. I'd like to the the same for the Horde side. I'm debating between my Troll shaman, or my Tauren druid. Forget the mechanics, gameplay, and all that, I can deal with that end of it, whatever it is. I'd just like to know, in Legion content, which would you rate as more enjoyable during the leveling content, lore wise? Thanks for your input!Caedmun11 Nov 16
Nov 16 Why does no one think... the night elves burned their own tree? Horde has them surrounded about to capture the mother load of azerite so the night elves freak out and torch the place instead of surrendering the stash to the horde. Alliance are on the other side of the planet and can not help out leaving the elves with only one option... burn it. Or Sylv sends me on the mission to burn the place down. I am ok with either or. I am just tickle me pink that the elves homeland burns in a few months..Xjd20 Nov 16
Nov 16 What if the helm of domination didnt fit? Was watching the cut scene from wc3 and it poped in my mind that the helm fit him perfectly, but realisticly a one size fits all head piece would fit loosely. What would have happened though if the helmet was too small? Did the scourge do a head measurement or something? Would he just cary it on his belt?Stkillinger22 Nov 16
Nov 16 Theory on beginning of war I've got a suspicion that the war was started by somebody outside the factions. I think the Desolate Council, who clearly want to topple Sylvanas, burn down Teldrassil. This would cause a full outbreak of war between the factions while: 1. Sylvanas wouldn't be a big bad. 2. Still, it was Horde faction characters, meaning the Alliance would have a reason to start war. 3. The Desolate Council are in Undercity, which lends reason to attacking Undercity instead of Orgrimmar. 4. The Tauren and Blood Elves wouldn't stand by Sylvanas had she burned down Teldrassil (see what they said about Garrosh and Theramore). 5. It sets up Desolate Council as an enemy to both factions. This would completely satisfy me for a faction war. One that makes sense, is in the realm of possibility without making a 'clearly big bad' of Sylvanas. It would also unite the Horde behind their warchief, instead of us having to bend our imagination as to why people would stand behind her. What do you all think?Fursine22 Nov 16
Nov 16 That whole 'The Horde aren't ignored' thing -.- "The Artifact Weapon sendoff will take place just before the expansion. There are some preliminary requirements to starting the quest chains for Allied races - such as getting exalted with highmountain tauren before you can proceed. There might be some story for the Void Elves in 7.3.5. The alliance will get to experience an epic story involving Jaina and where she has been. Jaina will have some family problems in the expansion. ”Sneaky Pete” is a rogue Island AI character that likes to wait until you engage mobs to attack you. He is a jerk. The team is hoping to start beta early next year. The goal is to have Battle for Azeroth launched in 2018." The bullet points from WoWChakra interview up on MMO-ChampionCroxley48 Nov 16
Nov 15 why does no one want to be the bad guy All of this finger pointing into who started what first. Who cares? If you're only upset because it seems like lazy writing ( we don't know all the details so you can't really claim this yet ) then fine.. other wise just enjoy the damn story. I am not going to have a bad day tomorrow if Anduin mana bombed Orgrimmar tomorrow.Christopher163 Nov 15
Nov 15 Time Doubles? So I started playing again and started my rogue and noticed Garona was there and she looked like a spot on for the Draenor version we just delt with so looked into it a bit and seems our time line one was last seen out in twightlight highlands. So it brings to question, do we have both of them running around in our time now? Are there other doubles running around too? If so is the portal still open because if so that could really brake some things at some point could it not? Gets a bit confusing here on everything that could happen.Trixstir3 Nov 15
Nov 15 Argus after Legion. I'm pretty sure there's been a few topics on the subject by now, but I'm a little curious to what will happen to the Eredar Homeworld after the Legion's defeat. Do you think the Draenei will clean up the remaining demons on Argus and attempt to rebuild and resettled there, or do you believe the world is beyond saving and should be abandoned altogether with the remaining broken and wildlife? Personally, I feel the world is beyond saving due to 25k years of constant fel corruption. Even the sections of the world that weren't effected by fel magic, like Ma'acree, are in pretty bad shape.Frainnett1 Nov 15
Nov 15 xal'atath So what is going to happen to this gem? It is a hard hint that she is the missing 5th old god during the black empire based on her voice overs. Speculation is that during the Black Empire days, she was devoured by her brothers. "We may face some of my brethren in this conflict... a prospect that delights me. Their power will be mine! They will pay for what was done to me long ago." "It is ironic that the weakest of us may be the ultimate victor. C'Thun, Yogg-Saron, Y'Shaarj, and... well. Only one would remain to consume the world, that was always meant to be." "The spawn of the Titans infest this area. Despite our "gift" of the flesh, they still worship those false gods." There are more lines, but you get the jest. It feels that this "blade" is beyond just melting away into something else or tossing. REF:,_Blade_of_the_Black_EmpireHarnzan8 Nov 15
Nov 15 Alternate timeline Azeroth, thoughts? Just wanted to throw this idea out there and see what everyone thinks. I know they already did an alternate timeline Draenor, and for the most part people seem to have hated it (but I think it's mostly because of the Garrison mechanics?). So I'm wondering what the reception would be of an alternate Azeroth. Pretty much none of the Warlords got much development, but it was still cool to see them re-imagined along with getting some backstory of Draenor. I know the alternate Draenor is isolated. It doesn't have an alternate Azeroth connected to it. However, the Infinite Dragonflight / Murozond storyline isn't quite wrapped up yet. We still haven't seen Nozdormu's transformation. So there's an avenue to do it outside of what Kairozdormu did to the Dark Portal. And if a rank-and-file Bronze dragon can get us AU Draenor, the head-honcho Bronze Aspect can get us AU Azeroth. If this were to happen, I think some major things should be changed. Just a few ideas, feel free to add scenarios of your own and brainstorm how it would change things. Arthas never becomes a Death Knight and isn't "chosen" as the new Lich King. This means, King Terenas never dies (at least not by Arthas' hands), Lordaeron likely survives the Scourge invasion and still prospers as a Human Kingdom. The Scarlet Crusade are never split off from them, and Quel'Thalas is never invaded, leaving the Sunwell still intact and the High Elves still as themselves. Gilneas never has to barricade itself, though I am unsure if that has any effect on whether or not they turn into Worgen. The Scourge is mostly just a secondary force alongside the Burning Legion invasion, which still happens. I still think Arthas should still have some conflict, though, so maybe Stratholme still happens, but Arthas simply isn't coaxed into going to Northrend to "seal the deal" afterwards. He never disbands the knights or anything. So now he, and his people, have to deal with the decision he made in Stratholme. With Quel'thalas still intact, Kael'thas remains Prince (King?) and they both still have a rivalry. With the Silver Hand still intact, Uther and others do Paladin things, but mostly struggle with their "problem recruit" Arthas. Alo, with Quel'thalas still intact and Arthas never becoming a Death Knight, there is no avenue to resurrect Kel'Thuzad. Thus, Dalaran is never attacked (Antonidas survives), and Kel'Thuzad never summons Archimonde with the Book of Medivh, leaving the Burning Legion and Scourge to be reasonably stopped by the human kingdoms, Orcs, and Night Elves, considering most of the major players are out of the picture. Plus, we've fought Mannoroth and Archimonde enough times already. I'm kind of struggling to think of how this would affect the Orcs' storyline, though.Malefic10 Nov 15
Nov 15 If Nightborne Were Neutral Nightborne could have easily been neutral. Horde-side could be a splinter group (ex-Elisande loyalists who didn't want to drink the green kool-aid, a la Duskwatcher Victoire) who think the Nightwell's ending was a mistake and are striving to make a new one with the help of the Blood Elves. Alliance could have been the recovered Nightfallen who are thankful for the Arcan'dor and believe the fusion of arcane and nature is the future of the Nightborne.Cantaloupe132 Nov 15
Nov 15 Troll/Elven Evolution Hello my dear my friends, Just something crossed my mind to which it is official the Elves's ancestors are the Dark-Trolls to which unawares to the Dark-Trolls, by dwelling closer within the Well of Eternity they developed to become Night Elves. Was this evolution an over time process to which it took thousands of years for the Dark Trolls to become Kal'Dorei? Speaking onward, considering the remaining Highbornes were on exiled and claimed the Northern Eastern Kingdoms their home, was it the Sunwell that they created that transformed them into the High Elves? Had the Highborne done this intentionally, thus speeding up their evolution, or was it just over time that they slowly transenced into High Elves? Vice-versa for the Nightborne? I am greatly fascinated by Elven lore, and pride myself being a Kal'Dorei Mage who doesn't deny his Troll Ancestry. Thus I beg you, the public to help me with answers that I could learn more from as I am certain there are keen minded individuals that knows WoW's lore dearly. Cheers,Silveneish21 Nov 15
Nov 15 What Does Spirit Grom Think of Thrall Now? Now that Garrosh is dead, it's likely he and Grom and have reunited in the spirit world or whatever. I'm sure Grom is caught up on recent events. Thrall killed his son and pretty much cheated in the mak'gora. Do you think he'd understand or now hate him for killing his offspring and failing him when he appointed him to Warchief too soon?Karzerus45 Nov 15
Nov 15 Other Faction Allies in BFA So over the course of Wow's lifetime we've seen many other species on Azeroth and Outland work with the Horde and Alliance. Ogres, Furbolg, Revantusk Forest Trolls, Wildhammer Dwarves, Mok'nathal, Frostborn Dwarves, the list goes on. And there are many other races that are ostensibly neutral but may lean one way or the other. I think BFA may be the perfect expansion to follow up on these other allies and see them take part in the conflict to varying degrees. Just as an example, I'd think it very strange if the Revantusk didn't assist the Horde in fighting Stromgarde since that's the home of the Trollbanes, and Hammerfall could easily be connected to Hinterlands with a tunnel or path through the mountains. Similarly the Wildhammer may want to aid the forces of Stromgarde to keep the Forsaken from becoming a bigger threat and to prevent the Trolls from growing in strength if the Horde takes Arathi.Skytotem34 Nov 15
Nov 15 Nelf vs Darkspear. Horde win confirmed. It's an age old debate. Who has claim to Azeroth? Horde has claimed that because they were the only faction with trolls, that they inherited Azeroth. Alliance came back from a devastating blow when it was confirmed that Nelevs were descended from trolls. They countered that Darkspear had no more claim than them because they were just another tribe like the dark trolls. Now the fight is over. Zanadalri, progenators and High priests of all troll tribes and are joining the Horde. Good effort guys. Well fought on both sides.Jacksprat55 Nov 15
Nov 15 So Lor'themar and Liadrin? First, I don't want to make this into a whole out of touch fan-fic shipping thread in many ways one could take this (I know alot of people out there are....creative in what they can come up with....) But by the lore, these two have been close friends right? Pre TBC ect....even to the point of possible romantic feelings from Lor'themars side towards her (basket of mana crystals on her door step). But for sake of Blood Elf lore I would rather like to see this explored some, and written properly (not Tyranda and Malfurian in reverse....or something just as cringe worthy). Both are strong characters in their own right, and I would not want either of them to be turned into something just meme worthy and ruin them for sake of "Tru Wuv". But I do see potential for good story telling here, if anything just in the novels as one would assume to see it, more so then in game where both have rather large obligations at their respected positions ect. Anyway just something to think on.Faradei39 Nov 15
Nov 15 Il'gynoth's Cryptic Whispers Far as I can tell there was no datamining previously about what, if anything, Il'gynoth says during the encounter in the Emerald Nightmare, so I can't verify if this is old or new or fake. These are being posted at SoL by user Shadowsong, and he's trustworthy. Anyway, as befitting something Old God-ish, Il'gynoth seems to say some cryptic stuff (apparently when you're waiting to start the encounter). "To find him, drown yourself in a circle of stars. "The boy-king serves at the master's table. Three lies he will offer you." "Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it." "The lord of ravens will turn the key." "The king of diamonds has been made a pawn." 2nd one is pretty clearly about Anduin. 3rd makes me think Sylvanas, but could be someone else perhaps (a part of me thought maybe Azeroth, but I imagine if her heart was "filled", it'd be game over for us already, right?) King of Diamonds being a pawn may sound bad but, well, Magni was pretty upfront about doing Azeroth's will, if memory serves.Cirno377 Nov 15
Nov 15 A wild theory about Well of Eternity So we have this stuff called Azerite, which, correct me if I'm wrong, is confirmed to be Azeroth's blood basically, correct? A volatile, destructive golden metal seeping from not only the wound in Silithus but all across Azeroth now. For the longest time, I thought the waters of the Well of Eternity were Azeroth's blood. But if that's not the case as proven by the existence of Azerite... what are the waters really? So here's the theory: Those waters are Old God blood. Probably Y'Shaarj's because the Titans killed him and the well is what was left in the aftermath, but I'm hesitant to claim him because we dealt with all of his "remnants" in Mists of Pandaria, including his heart. So that means, the Dark Trolls, then the Night Elves, and then the Blood Elves all had a part in partaking of this blood for their Arcane magics. Coincidentally, Arcane is addictive.Malefic4 Nov 15
Nov 15 Post Legion Magic Politics So, spoiler alert of course... But in the aftermath of the Legions defeat and Sargeras imprisonment, how do you think the factions will treat warlocks and such? While I imagine fel magic is still looked down upon especially with the way it damages the land and all the legion invasions, we may actually see it gain more prominent, albeit heavily regulated usage by the factions, since now there's not an organized legion to manipulate casters Arcane may take off all over the universe in fact...Skytotem9 Nov 15
Nov 15 New quests on Argus? (15th Nov) I spotted on MMO Champion that there are 2 new quests with Magni on Argus. Anyone done them yet? Anything interesting in them? I am stuck studying this week. Stupid test week. Cant do them to the weekend.Syriyna1 Nov 15
Nov 15 I think I support the theory that [spoilers] I think I'm coming along with the thought that Sylvanas, even though she does burn down Teldrassil, doesn't do it on purpose. My main reason for thinking that is this image. There's something about her posture that just strikes me as someone who is powerless witnessing something they just unleashed. The way her arms are just hanging to her sides while she's looking upwards. Makes me feel like although she was attacking the Night elves, she didn't intend to burn the whole World Tree down. Does anyone else see that? Or am I crazy and dumb?Resìleaf40 Nov 15
Nov 15 Which Stormrage is the older twin? I'm a twin and I have always wondered which of the Stormrage brothers is the older one. I can't seem to find an answer. Silly question, yes, but has anyone read the lore in which it points that detail out?Elperroso11 Nov 15
Nov 15 Hakkar for Final Boss of BFA! *Spoilers below* So for BFA we do have a few options for potential final bosses. There is of course a second round with Azshara. There is of course what everyone is expecting with N'zoth. But another idea came to me the other day after a discussion with a few people on the SF Discord. Why not Hakkar the Soulflayer? Now I know what you're thinking. "But Onyx. We've defeated Hakkar twice! He's far to weak for us to fight. He's a level sixty boss! Why would we ever go against him!" *Spoilers below* On Zandalar we are going delve into the titanic vault of Uldir to face the forces of an entity known only as G'hun. He is a blood god. The product of experimentation by the titans on the flesh of old gods. It is stated that this being even while imprisoned surpasses the power of Yogg'saron. However it's also stated that there are multiple blood gods. What we do not know is if we will fight G'hun himself in the first raid or if the one remaining seal containing him will break. But this is beside the point. What is important here is that it establishes the power of the blood gods as individual entities. If we defeat G'hun then sure, Hakkar might not be the best bet for final boss. But if we don't it will have established the power of these entities. Now, why would Hakkar make for an interesting figure to have as a final boss? Well due to the nature of blood gods they are unaffiliated with the old gods. They are merely related to them being their enchanced children crafted from their flesh. Hakkar is easily one of the most iconic figures in warcraft history. The mysteries surrounding him have suprised lore nerds for over a decade. The better question to ask I feel is why not bring him back in a big way. If Azshara is going to be the mid-tier boss. Why not have a figure from the start of WoW be the finale to this story. If it is as they say that BFA will have a slow build up in its raid storyline, the establishment of the blood gods on Zandalar, followed with a break from them with Azshara, only to have a beloved villain from Warcraft's past rear its ugly head would be an amazing way to have a storyline detached from the faction conflict almost entirely. Maybe I'm crazy, but I think it would be cool.Onyxpaladind17 Nov 15
Nov 15 New small Magni cinematic up This evening a small Magni cinematic appeared. Don’t want to spoil it but you can pick up the quest on the VindicaarNingjinq1 Nov 15
Nov 15 Undead paladin hear me out Undead can be priests that use holy magic Undead can use great swords in plate armor A paladin is like a holy priest with a sword. Why can’t I be holy and use a sword at the same time? Do undead just need to lift more to wear plate? Think about it?Arthasxtreme33 Nov 15