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Sep 4 Druids We all see Druids as kind of this boring, balanced person right? However, is it possible Druids could time travel? Any other cool things Druids could do or are known for that we wouldn't really think?Zinger6 Sep 4
Sep 4 A Topic of Concern Sooooo what is going to happen to the Draeni /charge audo "The Legion must fall!" after this xpac? I /charge a is a topic of concern.Rumbletøwn9 Sep 4
Sep 4 I AM my scars! Good god, I love Illidan Stormrage. !@#$ you, I create my own destiny. It's like she didn't pay attention to who Illidan is at all. I also didn't notice it the first time, but he was bleeding after grabbing Turalyon's blade. Dank. Illidank. I love that boy. Welcome back, boo. Looks like that vision of Light-infused Illidan isn't coming to pass after all. I can't help but notice the foreshadowing from when he picked up Gul'dan's skull and simply crushed it. He doesn't want any more power.Caelus34 Sep 4
Sep 4 Turaylon full name?! So far, I still haven't seen his full name. He graduated from High General to High Exarch, but is Turaylon his first name? His last name? What is the rest of his name? God damn it blizz.Gärithos28 Sep 4
Sep 4 Zandalar appears in legion app? When i was using the updated legion helper app, i first noticed that in the top right there's the globe shaped button to look at the argus map. i was like "oh cool". and when you flip to the Argus map, the globe shaped button changes to show azeroth, and it's tilted at a particular angle, showing northern kingdoms to the right, and then the maelstrom, and what appears to be a large island below and to the right of the maelstrom. when looking at an older map of wow, that is exactly the shape and size of where Zandalar is supposed to be. 1) it's not pandaria, it's not the right shape, 2) it's not kezan, because that sank.Ursá8 Sep 4
Sep 4 Into The Abyss Expansion Idea To make it entirely clear, this is not a leak or a secret email sent to me from a Blizzard employee remaining anonymous. These are some of the ideas I had a few months back talking with my friends. Is it likely? No. I did not try to even make it realistic. Enjoy! World of Warcraft: Into The Abyss (Working Title) In the aftermath of the events of Legion, a horrific truth was uncovered. The massive use of the Pillars of Creation in the Tomb of Sargeras and elsewhere caused terrible damage to the nearby prison of the Old God N'zoth. Taking advantage of his growing strength, N'zoth has summoned the Naga and all of his mighty minions to go and wreak havoc on the world, preparing it for his entrance. So spread out, he has forgotten several of the small islands in the south seas, where heroes venture to recruit allies and prepare for an assault on the Prison Complex of Uldolar. Features: Levels 110-120 Reorganized World Content using new Leveling tech. Do any zone in the expansion's level bracket. Vanilla 1-60, Burning Crusade 60-70, etc. Increased Character Customization: New faces, hairstyles, markings, etc. Subraces: Two additional appearances per race, available at max level in a barber shop like location. (Examples: Sand and Frost Skins for Trolls, Wildhammer and Dark Iron for Dwarves) New Class Combinations: Night Elf paladins, Draenei rogues, Undead paladins, Tauren rogues. Updated Transmog System: All gear, regardless of a character's ability to use, is added to the library. Characters can still only transmog into applicable gear, but alts will be able to use the gear in the first place. (I.E. No plate wearing mages with two-handed maces. But that two-handed mace soul bound to your mage can be used by your warrior!) Updated Artifact System: Questline to create your own artifact weapon, customize it according to your spec. Even get to name it! Additional appearance options unlocked through content. Mobile Command Center: Three separate kinds of naval vessels (Submarine, Battleship, and Carrier) that transport you between the various zones. Access story content through them. Each ship provides distinct buffs for world content and the Command Table to send your acquired followers on missions. New Capital Cities: After questing, Alliance players get Kul'Tiras and Horde Players get the new Zandalari capital. New Scenarios to Start Expansion: Old God/Naga invasion of Orgrimmar and Stormwind/Darnassus and Undercity. New Races: Naga for Alliance, Drakonids for Horde. Both races start out at level 105, and their starter zone brings them to 110. The Stormsurge Naga have been fighting against Azshara and her reign for years now, always evading destruction in the end. Cornered and without a place to retreat, they are saved by unexpected allies, the races of the Alliance and in particular the Night Elves. Though their allies are fearful and distrustful of them with good reason, the extreme circumstances have forced their hand. Racial ability can grant the appearance of a Night Elf (For mounts, transmog, etc). Drakonids, once enslaved to Deathwing and the Twilight Hammer, have finally emerged from hiding under the guidance of their powerful leader. Seeing great promise in the peoples of the Horde, they join that faction. The various backgrounds of the Drakonids affect their racial ability, Blues having an arcane effect, Greens have a stun, Bronze have a time related heal, Blacks have a defense boost, etc. Different 'color' Drakonids can take the appearance of different races: Green=Tauren, Blue=Blood Elves, etc. Five new zones! Kul'tiras: Alliance forces fight to defend the city and surrounding territory from the Naga and Old God forces. Horde work from the outside in, cutting off the enemy from the rear. Alternatively, pvp story where Alliance and Horde try to take the island for their own interests. Jaina Proudmoore leads the Kul’tiras defenders initially hostile to both Alliance and Horde, and only reluctantly welcomes help when circumstances require it. Tel'abim Isle: Troll Civil War. The Prophet Zul is fighting King Rastakhan for possession of the isle and rule of the Zandalari. The winner of the conflict will gain the favor of the Loa of Death and its champion: Reborn/Avatar of Death Vol'jin. Undermine: Do missions for the various Goblin Cartels, gaining their favor and resources. One of the cartels is controlled by the Old Gods, and is attacking with an army of mercenaries. Crimson Roost Island: The last sanctuary of dragons, established by Alexstrasza after the Cataclysm. Alongside her and the other dragons, including a morally gray Wrathion, strive to reverse the awful fate of the race. New Lamia: Half Island, Half sea content. Naga zone, level 120. Hyjal like progression where the Naga are slowly pushed back into the ocean. Dungeons: Citadel of the Waves: The High Keep of Kul'tiras, where Jaina Proudmoore struggles to defend herself from the invading Naga forces. Players fight through the outside docks and eventually into the keep itself, defeating the final boss with the aid of the Horde commander, who is injured in the fight to save Proudmoore. It forces her to once again reconsider her allegiance. Altar of Madness: The defeated Troll leader on Tel'abim, in a desperate attempt to recoup, has taken on the strength of Nzoth. Players fight through his lieutenants before finally dealing with the renegade once and for all. Redlight Mansion: The home and headquarters of the corrupted Goblin cartel, it is up to the players to bring down the insane allies of the Old Gods. Fighting Cthraxi, corrupted mercenaries, and the numerous traps in the mad house itself, they finally put an end to the madness. Refuge of the Lifebinder: A retreating defensive style dungeon, like the old Icecrown dungeon Halls of Reflection. We have to hold off Old God and evil Dragon forces for a short time before the Dragon Aspects can cleanse the Refuge with an epic spell. Shadowleaf Ruins: Naga allies on the Isle of Lamia have seized this place as a stronghold, giving Azshara's forces the chance to strike at Alliance and Horde forces from the rear. Sneak in and destroy the portal room, teleporting through time and space as you do. Blackhand's Hammer: A ghost ship that has wandered the seas for decades, leaving only one survivor on every assault to spread the fear of it. Board it and remove its ghostly captain and crew, once and for all! Raids: Nazjatar Palace: Storm the palace of Azshara herself, scaling the citadel until you reach the monstrous being herself. Absolutely tremendous, she causes the seas to rise and smashes out parts of the tower you fight in, like a reverse Blackhand Fight. Uldolar: The former prison of Nzoth, barely holding together as the Old God prepares to enter the world at last. Fight against the greatest forces that it can summon as you desperately try to reach the barriers in time to throw the Old God's manifestations back. New Battlegrounds: Ruins of Gilneas: Same map as before, but with a unique difference. Stormheim grappling hooks make an appearance, and players can head to the roofs to provide a new angle of attack. Ranged would have advantage, so falling from the roofs causes a brief stun, letting melee take them out. High Seas Battle: Two fleets approach each other, constantly in motion. Take the cannons or board the enemy vessels to kill their captains and destroy ships from within. Somewhat like Star Wars Battlefront Space battles.Jarlek12 Sep 4
Sep 4 Turalyons "Golden Eyes" A lot of people are claiming he has "golden eyes" during the new cinematic, but if you look carefully it's only the light from Xera reflecting in his eyes. Thus why it's gone when she breaks into a million pieces. It does, however, bring up an interesting theory: What if Xera and the Army of the Light are a sort of hive mind? Not like "Unity" from Rick and Morty, persay, but Xera and other Naruu beings could heavily influence the army of light.Kaén32 Sep 4
Sep 4 Arthas/Lich King Question When Arthas killed some one with Frostmourne, and it took their soul, would he have access to their memories/knowledge? This would explain why Arthas as the Lich King seemed to know many things that should have been outside of his knowledge.Rivendel7 Sep 4
Sep 4 Army of the Light size? Shouldn't it be called the "platoon of the light" considering there is only a handful of members...lolRivendel12 Sep 4
Sep 4 1000 Years? Twice Alleria mentions 1000 years passing. I'm not entirely sure how that's possible, because there's no way the battle for the Dark Portal and the initial push into Draenor was that long ago. So, yeah, color me confused over how Alleria has had a millennium pass since the last time she saw Arator or her home.Stormzilla22 Sep 4
Sep 3 Who's team are you on... [Spoilers for Patch 7.3. You have been warned....] . . . . . . . . . . So we have "Just relax and this will feel good" Xe'ra (who admittedly is trying to save all creation) vs. the poster child for arrogance and hypocrisy, poor-impulse-control Illidan (who admittedly, in "that scene", was just standing up for his right to be himself). Not surprisingly people have been coming in on both sides. (Though we do have to note that Blizzard actually wrote the scene well enough to split their audience, as I'm sure was intended). So here's the question... Are you "Team Illidan" or "Team Xe'ra"? Lets got some sense of how opinion is split!Rixlee72 Sep 3
Sep 3 Maybe a little bit more lore blizzard? This might be a bit late, but am i the only one disappointed with how Vereesa wanted to discuss Sylvanas with Alleria " In private ". I mean I want to be there when Alleria finds out that that her own sister who hated the horde for killing 1000's of their people and murdering their younger brother, is now leading them as Warchief. I want to see her reaction as she finds out about all the things that happened in the 1000 years she was away. I get that they don't want to bog down the rest of the player base who aren't interested in the lore, with side stories/reaction cinematic, but they should still be available to players who are supper into lore. Also an Illidan and Tyrande reunion might be nice. Ps: If anyone is feeling like discussing lore. I really don't like Sylvanas, I sympathise with her for all the things she's gone through, but i think the valkyr's power to raise the dead corrupted her. I dont they should've killed voljin off, he poor guy hadn't even done anything significant as warchief yetBubbleoseven10 Sep 3
Sep 3 Frostreaper and Icebringer? Some one told me each blade has become more powerful than the original Frostmourne? Is there any solid lore which proves that?Rivendel12 Sep 3
Sep 3 A Westfall Story (I feel like Westfall is a very interesting place that deserves a little bit of love. When I first got to the point where I am supposed to go to Westfall as a human, I saw it and did not want to go. It looked too boring and dull when compared to places like duskwood which I love. I did go through it eventually and I fell in love with it. It has so much potential and in this story I hope to inspire Blizzard to give Westfall a little love) (I also play Hearthstone and have been working on a Westfall expansion on Hearthpwn if you want to check it out As I was running through the Raging Chasm I wondered "How did I get here?". A week earlier... Ahhh...another day in beautiful Silvermoon. Maybe today I will be sent on a more important mission that just patrolling the city...I run out of my room to where I saw Magister Astasor scolding a young mage for accidentally freezing one of the guards. When he saw me he dismissed the young mage and said "Hello there Kelf. Here to ask for a mission I assume?" "Yes! I wish for a more important mission than simply patrolling the city." I reply eagerly. "Baby steps Kelf. Fine. Go into the Ghostlands and find Inkeeper Kalarin. He has a special delivery for me. Now go and bring me that delivery!" "Yes sir!" And with that I grabbed my things and set out to find this Karlain person. Half a day later... I have arrived at Karlain's inn and it's a bit of a mess. He explained to me that the supplies for the Magister had not yet arrived. He told me that he was worried that something had happened to the person delivering it. He told me that the person who was supposed to deliver it was coming from the Hinterlands. This confused me but I decided not to ask anymore questions. What would the Magister need from the Hinterlands? He said that they came from the Revantusk Village so I began my trek there. A day later... I arrived in Revantusk Village to an all out brawl in front of the inn. It was between a troll and a blood elf. I could tell that the troll was a warrior and the blood elf was a priest. He did not seem to know how to fight but anytime the troll would hurt him he would simply heal himself, causing a never ending loop. I was going to intervene when a forest troll came out and stopped the fight simply with his presence. "Elder Torntusk, this blood elf has only caused trouble since he arrived here! He has stolen precious materials of mine and made accusations that I had taken them from him first!" exclaimed the troll. "Trellshran, I will not make any decisions until I have physical evidence to do so. What say you, blood elf? Did you steal his things?" "Of course not! They were mine in the first place and he stole it from me! Why would a warrior even have materials that are specifically for masters of the arcane?" "Why would a priest have it?" countered Trellshran. "You two must resolve this on your own, peacefully. I have more important matter to attend to so unless you have evidence of your claims, I will leave you be." With that, Elder Torntusk left into the inn once more. When the priest saw me, his eyes glowed "A blood elf?!? Here?!? Magister Astasor must have sent you. I was about to be on my way to bring the supplies to him when Trellshran stole them! Will you help me find evidence of that? Oh, and by the way, my name is Karlain. What's yours?" "My name is Kelf, nice to meet you. So, what do you have in mind?" "Give me some time and I'll come up with something. Until then, try to look out for anything that could help." I left to look around the village and the first thing I noticed were the stables. There was a beautiful hawkstrider sleeping in one of the stalls. I immediately went to ask the stable master where they got the hawstrider from. "One day it just ran into the village and started running around causing havoc so I decided to catch and keep it. You interested?" "Thanks but no thanks." "You know, I have a friend who says he knows where they are coming from. His name is Trellshran. I would send you to him but he hates blood elves and thinks that you are all working against him. Crazy right?" "Yeah. Well, thanks for the information. Bye." "Bye." Hmmm, Trellshran might be willing to talk to me if I were a troll. I'm going to need some time to make myself a potion to make myself look like a troll. Half a day later... I went to go find Karlain and when I did I told him all about my plan. He smiled deeply and began to thank me over and over again. I told him that it was no big deal and then proceeded to go into the forest where no one would see me. I drank the potion and began to morph into a troll. When I was completely morphed, I entered Trellshran's house and asked him about the hawkstriders. We then had a large conversation about the nature of the animals and why they were suddenly surging into the Hinterlands and what it could possibly mean. During the conversation he told me that "The blood elf scum came in here as if he were the king of this place and bragged to everyone about the arcane powers he had in his satchel. I knew he was up to something nefarious so I went outside and managed to get him alone. I knocked him out and took his stuff. I did the right thing, right?" "You did the right thing although the elder may not think that way. Is there any evidence of what you did that could hurt you in any way. We must remove it before the blood elven scum finds it." He told me that he had hidden away the hammer he used to knock out Karlain in a lock box in his house and he had a ripped piece of Karlain's robes as a sign of victory. I told him that if he gave it to me I had a way to dispose of it permanently. He gladly gave me the things and I walked out of the house home free. I showed the evidence to the elder and told him to make sure Karlain got his things back. Trellshran and had followed me and heard my speaking with the elder. He sped away running south. When Karlain and I noticed this, we ran after him to get the supplies back. 2 days later... We have chased him all the way down to Westfall. I wonder what he thinks he is going to do here... To be continued... Constructive feedback is appreciated!Deadallankap4 Sep 3
Sep 3 Med'an next expansion? So there we know that med'an is not cannoned too become guardian but we do know hes still alive and out there somewhere. Why? Because Aegwynn sacrificed her life to save him. This brings me to the next part of the story. Where has he been? How did kadghar get the staff from him. Why isnt blizzard telling this part of the lore/story. N'zoth expansion would be the perfect time to do a little back track i. The past through some cavern of time dungeons to see events like in Aq and shathrah. I really think he could be an important character in the comming old god events. He had ties to c'thun's whispers. So why not reveal him now. By now he should have grown into a man like anduin has. He should also be alot stronger. Perhaps hes in the shadowlands or with garona. Either way i think its time garona have heher vengence against the old gods. With the help of her son med'an. Maybe khadgar borrowed his artifact so he could have an artifact weapon in legion lol. Reguardless i think that blizzard could bring the big lore back into the game as we explore the rest of azeroth. And find the heroes. Id like to see the two events of tyr where he defeated the badass dragon and where he died. I was really disappointed that all we got on broxigar in legion was an easter egg thing in the moonguard event of illadin. Hes still my favorite hero. What do you guys think? Should they bring med'an in for next expansion?Shaw16 Sep 3
Sep 3 I Need Everything Working on a personal project and I want it to be as complete as possible. Any help is appreciated. If you know of any sort of uniquely named or uniquely purposed item that fits into the categories below, please post it so I can verify if I have it cataloged already or not. No wrong answers here. After a long time thinking on this, I'm planning to go fully public with these guides. No promise on a deadline since it's still quite a bit of work ahead of me, but I'm nearing almost 500 entries for each category and want to make sure they're complete. ............... So far, I have checked the loot tables to every boss in the game, I have scoured every single quest item logged on Wowpedia, searched through over 30,000 entries using key words on Wowhead and have begun reading every quest description in the game. I'm done with vanilla, Cata vanilla, BC, WotLK, Cata, MoP, WoD and am now working on Legion. I'm getting there. Thank you to anyone who decides to help out with suggestions.Cannibal6 Sep 3
Sep 3 Far Side of Azeroth: Confirmed! Confirmed that it doesn't exist. Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor are on opposite sides. Someone made a very pretty vid of Azeroth spinning at 8x speed from Argus: Sep 3
Sep 3 Question about the Army of the Light Why is it that when you look up in the sky of Argus, there's no fleet of the Army of the Light fighting the Legion battleships? Also, why do they have only one ship? By the way they were talking about these people in the lore, it sounded like they had a fleet of naaruu battleships full with thousands of fighters. Anyone care to explain?Kartiah4 Sep 3
Sep 3 Turalyon & Alleria's Age Any else pick up on both Turalyon and Alleria mentioning they'd been fighting the Legion for over a thousand years? Curious what yall think about that. Time flows differently elsewhere in the Dark Beyond / Twisting Nether? Doubt they're exaggerating.Tömas11 Sep 3
Sep 2 Do Demons Die Permanently if Slain on ARGUS? I've noticed some contradictions in this matter, and I know demons being able to revive has been anything but inconsistent throughout lore. Illidan clearly states in a voice line that any demon slain on Argus "dies their last death". To go with this statement, Warcraft Chronical Vol. 1 states that demons can die on a planet that is filled with enough fel energy, with Argus of course fitting the bill in this occasion. However, when questing on Argus, the Draenei who've been stuck on Argus state that the demons do in fact return after being slain on Argus, and this is why it's been impossible for the Draenei to defeat them. I personally would like to imagine that the demons can still revive despite being slain on Argus, as it would make sense gameplay wise with the "rares" constantly respawning and all demon mobs having this new fel-themed respawn animation opposed to the usual fade-in respawn animation. What do you guys think?Guergliono6 Sep 2
Sep 2 Turalyon, was the hype worth? I expected him to come in while our hero and allies are surrounded by demons and purge every demon with some new light spells we've never seen before. Instead we get a retired old man who looks like someone off of Star Trek. Not worth the wait tbh.Lightxcaster37 Sep 2
Sep 2 No Other Army of the Light Races? I thought the Army of the Light recruited all races that fought against the Legion so why is it that we only have draenei and one holy dreadlord (excluding Turalyon and Alleria)? This could have opened up so much lore showing potentially new races or holy versions of other demons. I'm not sure if maybe it was just a development decision to not include other races but I'm pretty sure the Army of the Light should have had a motley crew of races from the countless planets the Legion have invaded. Edit: Wish we had one surviving aldrachi.Fáwnix22 Sep 2
Sep 2 dreanei mages as a rarity It was one of those interesting flavor text I got while doing quests for the army of the light. The female dreanei archmage(Y'mera something I think) from the AoL said "few draenei actually use true magic after what we saw it do to our brethren. But I'll take any advantage we can get". I assume this line applies to the dreanei race as a whole. Meaning most dreanei are probably now priest or paladins(or those who are more unconventional, shaman). It also probably means many of the arcane knowledge the dreanei had are either lost, or possibly even simply unpracticed.Zerde54 Sep 2
Sep 2 How do shaman have powers in Argus? Lore wise, shaman receive their powers from the world elements correct? If so, then how are they receiving power from the elements in Argus, a planet corrupted by the Legion? Sure you can say fire works there, cause lava is everywhere, yet everything else? Wouldn't the elements be crazy, enslaved, and/or just non existant? Maybe if blizzard showed us how the primal elements came to Argus with us on our ship it'll be easy to understand how shaman work. Otherwise just be something we have to accept and not really think about.Fantá18 Sep 2
Sep 2 Where are the Abyssals? Something that I have been wondering we haven't seen the whole legion through this whole expansion. Yes we have seen some Fel Reavers, and some other demons and new demons. Yet the one we have not seen are the Abyssals where the heck are the Abyssals. We only see them in the Chromie thing but they were already in that dungeon. I wish Blizzard would bring out the Abyssals. I mean it would only make sense that if we were fighting the Legion on their home world of Argus they would have some Abyssals their.Goidniu12 Sep 2
Sep 2 Have the naaru ever directly fought the void? So, just gonna throw this out there, this discussion is primarily supposed to be about the fate of xe'ra in the new cinematic by the same name, go watch it if you haven't already or otherwise wait to find it yourself to avoid spoilers. So, during the cinematic, you see Xe'ra forcefully trying to convert Illidan into a being of light, her first and final mistake, because Illidan responds by incinerating her with fel flame. This indicates that Xe'ra is absolutely set on fullfilling the prophecy, and is willing to sacrifice even her own champion's freedom just to stop sargeras, wich is ofcourse a noble cause. But something about Illidan being defiant against her (and his own beliefs by extension), and the way she reacted so desperately and forcefully, almost like a tyranical being of power would, made me realise something. The naaru have very rarely ever interacted with the world when it came to stopping world threatening creatures, even the ones native to azeroth, including yogg-saron, deathwing and even c'thun, despite them supposedly being one of the most ancient and powerfull protectors of life in general. So they're absent when it comes to minor universal threats unless they are absolutely needed to stop them, ok fair enough. But that would mean that, when it does come to a universal threat, they would be prepared and ready to stop them, right? I mean, what else does a floating chime do all day other than protecting the native life around her, besides that? But Xe'ra reaction seems... different. She didn't seem like she really wanted to stop sargeras because she cares about life, rather, she was determined to just stop him alltogether. And then I figured that, maybe, since the natural fate of any naaru, including prime naaru, is to become a creature of the void, perhaps Xe'ra wanted to stop sargeras because he threathened to destroy the void lords? Think about it. When's the last time we actually saw such a powerfull army of the light, with naaru supporting them as semi-gods? The only army I can think of that ever had such a strong connection to the naaru in particular, were the eredar, and later the draenei. Sargeras isn't the first threat we've faced that threathened to destroy our planet, sure this is the first time we're actually facing a deity capable of incinerating planets, but still. It doesn't seem to me that sargeras destroying life is why the naaru are fighting him on argus. When's the last time they've helped us fight him? They weren't there during the war of the ancients, and I don't remember there being a naaru during the opening of the dark portal (there was a'dal, but he was already there even before the orcs became corrupted, and even he didn't try and stop them from going through the portal). Infact, is there any instance where we see a naaru actively encouraging us to fight against the void, or the old gods? Maybe Xe'ra was just a @@*!@@#%. Perhaps the naaru are simply beings of light, with flaws just like any other godlike being out there, and differ only in that they prefer to be passive. Also, I'm not trying to claim the naaru are evil, maybe they're just trying to uphold balance, but if Xe'ra could be any indication of how the naaru's actually think and act, it seems sketchy. Also, what was Xe'ra doing when she was trying to convert Illidan? She seemed as if she was trying to overpower him directly through intimidation and fear. Infact, it almost seemed as if she was turning into a lunatic. Is it possible there was more behind Xe'ra than a simple prime naaru, or not a naaru at all?Vortka9 Sep 2
Sep 2 Nathanos Replacing Sylvanas? Recently Blizzard broke its short story silence and released a short story entitled Dark Mirror about Nathanos Blightcaller, one of Sylvanas' top rangers and possible previous lover. With all the possible topics to cover with the Legion invasion, it seems weird that they would release a story focusing on such a minor character and event. The question is, why? I believe that Blizzard is preparing and fleshing it Nathanos to replace Sylvanas. Sylvanas is going down a dark road. While not completely evil, she is doing some questionable things. The raising of new Forsaken (especially as it's done by slaughtering fleeing innocent refugees in Silverpine) is very Lich King-esq. In Legion she seems very concerned with her own goals (her survival) over that of the Horde's. She attempts to enslave more Val'kyr. I have a feeling that, with her more prominent role in Legion and her general path, we are going to see the end of her story in Legion. Especially with Alleria returning. Either she goes full dark or redeems herself in some form, I believe that her story naturally wraps in Legion. Especially with Il'gynoth warning "at the hot of her third death, she ushers in our coming". This may not refer to Sylvanas though as I believe she died three times already, though I don't believe the Godfrey one counted. She also has died only two times since her "rebirth" as a banshee so idk. Anyways, no matter what happens, it raises the question of what's after Sylvanas. The only reason why Blizzard would dedicate a story to such a character as Nathanos is if they have a major role for him coming up. He also makes a lot of sense. He is a human and a Lordaeron hero. The vast vast majority of Forsaken are previous humans and Lordaeron citizens. Many probably still remember him from before. He is also certainly a Forsaken hero currently. Beyond that, in the short story Sylvanas makes Nathanos kill his cousin to gain more power. At the end of the story, it is revealed that Nathanos is beginning to feel regret for his actions. I don't think Blizzard would introduce that line of thought and end a story on that line if they had no plans on developing it further. Maybe Nathanos brings the Forsaken back to a more morally right path. Or maybe he just helps redeem Sylvanas. That could occur, but with the way things are going it seems more likely that Sylvanas' story is ending, with all the ends being tied up. Even if Nathanos redeems her, Sylvanas' story is probably over and a replacement for the Forsaken is needed. Dark Mirror is essentially like those Cataclysm leadership stories. Idk, what do you guys think? Tl;dr: Sylvanas' story appears to be wrapping up in Legion. With the timely release of the Nathanos short story, and various hints within the story and outside of it, it appears that Blizzard is setting Nathanos up to play a major role. I believe it is eventually replacing Sylvanas as the Forsaken racial leader at the end of her story.Saeyokotan63 Sep 2
Sep 2 Illidan too Powerful? Unless I missed something in the lore, Illidan is much more powerful this expansion. When we first met Illidan in WC3 he was powerful but not OP. He later obtains the Skull of Guldan and becomes much more powerful. Keep in mind the only reason he becomes so powerful is because Guldan was OP as a mofo. I forget what power he gained in TBC, but he was obviously beatable because we defeated him and Maiev imprisoned his body. Later, Illidan returns and immediately kills Guldan with a burst of power. This shouldn't be possible. How can Illidan kill Guldan in a single burst when the very source of his power came from Guldans skull? If anything shouldn't they be equivalent in regards to how powerful they are? Now, Illidan OBLITERATES Xe'ra while he's in a fit of rage because she is trying to take away his free will. Xe'ra is the the most powerful Naaru, the oldest Naaru, the leader of the Naaru, and the embodiment of light... For all intents and purposes she is basically a god. Tell me... when did Illidan get this powerful and where did the power come from? At this point it seems like Illidan will be able to solo Sargeras.Damuzî14 Sep 2
Sep 2 Bolvar Theory? So, this is a question as well. Could the Lich King manipulate souls using Frostmourne before his defeat? If so, could be mix & match - put someone else's soul into a handy corpse/demi-undead? Bolvar's been acting very strange lately, and the personality shift is a little out of left field for those of us who remembered his sacrifice. He's been asking the Knights of the Ebon Blade to do a lot of low morality deeds, so I've seen a few people come up with theories that the Helm of Domination is messing with him. But what if it was never Bolvar at all? The Lich King had his body for quite a good amount of time, and he had the lingering spirit of a dedicated servant that could make use of that powerful body. Kel'thuzad. With the destruction of his phylactery left unfinished, could Arthas had taken that spirit and made a "first generation" Death Knight out of it? Just as Gul'dan created the mounted knights of the First War did? I can't help but think that Ner'zhul would have been interested in the history of the First War and found the technique rather trivial to replicate. With KT's soul in Bolvar's body, it would be a trivial matter to bluff a victorious paladin to giving up the Helm of Domination to a trusted individual. I don't imagine Tirion would want to believe that something more was done to Bolvar beyond mere torture. Bolvar's still in there, somewhere, but from the moment of Arthas' fall, it could have been KT at the reigns. I have no evidence backing any of this up, and its mostly the thoughts of a mind without caffine, but it feels decent enough.Cryotime4 Sep 2
Sep 2 How is illidan the chosen one? my boi arthas soloed him in his prime, i feel hes' just overhyped.Lightxcaster6 Sep 2
Sep 2 Grand Lector Enaara I hope we see more of her. <3 discipline priests, and she' especially awesome. I also want her spells someday, for my priest alt.Basinah10 Sep 2
Sep 2 Does Turalyon comment on Doomhammer? I just think it would be an interesting throwback if he does.Solidmustard32 Sep 2
Sep 2 Why the Xera-Illidan scene is polarizing Obviously there will be spoilers, so if you haven't seen the cinematic of Illidan rejecting Xera's gift, you should watch it before reading this thread. The whole interaction between Xera and Illidan lays down a philosophical question we've been asking ourselves for ages: are we in control of our fate or is there a greater plan at work and we merely make choices along the way? Xera believes Illidan is the prophecied hero of light and shadow, and believes the prophecy so blindly she is willing to light-r@pe him by force (probably what happened to that dread lord). Illidan believes we control our own fate, and kills Xera out of self defense, thus depriving us of a demigod we can bring into battle against the legion (Naaru are known to be incredibly fickle due to their dual nature of light and shadow, so perhaps he spared us from a future void god thread). Is Illidan a hero of light and shadow? Well yes, technically he is. He's an elf infused with the fel, a chaotic energy created by the merger of light and void energies. The nature of Illidan is not the point of this thread: it's the philosophy these story tellers are butchering. The very notion that we are in control of our fate is something that can be discussed in real life, but bringing up the concept in a video game is jarring. You can't explain why it's jarring, but it is. It's polarizing for a reason, but not the reasons you think. I've seen enough sophomore-level discussion threads about Illidan's choice on this forum to get the idea that most of you don't even know why it's jarring: It's the concept of fate in a video game. It's a redundancy that our subconscious reminds us, even when we don't realize it. It's why there are team Xera and team Illidan threads going around, because you don't know which side is right. It's not whether they are right or not: it's the idea you are in control of your fate in a scripted MMO. Sure, you have a lot of choices of what you can do/make/become in WoW (class/spec/professions/questlines/etc.). But the story, the route you take, what ultimately happens to these characters and their situations- they are outside of your control. The fact is: we don't control our characters fates in this game. We don't have a choice in what happens to these main characters. We can't influence their destiny. Blizzard is trying to present you these ideas of destiny, fate, and free will when our paths are already written. Sure, you could make a level 1 Dwarf and spend the whole time playing in WoW killing Troggs near Ironforge and never get to the end game. But the story is already written, whether you participate or not is up to you. And that's why it's jarring: it's Illidan trying to sell players they that can change their fates and destinies, even when Elf Mage queens in the Night Hold says she "viewed all futures but we seem to change that". That's a load of bull. We didn't change the story: the devs did. The story writers do. We will never be in control of the story of WoW. We can control how our character interacts with the world, but we certainly don't decide it's fate. Trying to sell these kinds of stories don't work in an MMO, when the ending is already decided. You have as much free will in it as Illidan, you just get to write your own dialogue.Zidåne16 Sep 2
Sep 2 Lothraxion? Wha? A shiny, sparkly dreadlord? I'm not blind, am I? Where did he come from? Inquisitive minds must know!Aggnicia31 Sep 2
Sep 1 army of the light i read that the army of the light is made of survivors from planets that the legion had conquered, yet every member you see are draenei i'm impressed on how many planet had draenei living on themMälthazar8 Sep 1
Sep 1 Illidan truly has earned his title Betrayer He is a traitor how many times now? Him killing Xera should have been the last straw. I agreed with Turalyon when he was about to strike him down then and there. Why doesn't the army of light think he might not betray us again? He did so multiple times in the past just to save his own skin after all.Kalorea30 Sep 1
Sep 1 WoD followers are useless now? From a lore perspective, I would imagine that WoD followers like Rulkan are now pretty much obsolete, once you get done with that expac. Do you think there's any chance of seeing the WoD characters return in a future WoW storyline?Insaneeffect16 Sep 1
Sep 1 Why do people think the cinematic was good? I love the way it was animated and kudos to Terran Gregory and his team but story wise it was meh. I don't like how they took illidan's character throughout all of Legion. There has been no character build up in this expansion between us and him. All we have is stale one liners in world quests on how much the Legion sucks. Then after the cinematic, everything seems fine the characters go back to their stale and boring selves and Turalyon goes back to being his holy self like nothing ever happen.Grimrow20 Sep 1
Sep 1 Argus seen from Outland? I noticed that Argus appears in the skybox in Outland and this may be because Outland shares the same skybox as the Draenei/BloodElf starting zones on Azeroth. This seems confusing given the aftermath of Kil'Jaeden's death, when we see Argus appear near Azeroth. Argus shouldn't appear in Outland or is there some time space continuum stuff going on here? In Draenor, Argus does not appear in the sky which makes sense because we traveled back in time to get there during WoD.Shamíkaze4 Sep 1
Sep 1 Alleria's Push Emotes "Sisters are complicated... especially the undead ones." "My void will consume you... if you ask nicely.Basinah33 Sep 1
Sep 1 Class Campaigns and 7.3 Out of curiosity is there hint or sign of the class campaigns continuing in 7.3?Gornur14 Sep 1
Sep 1 I use to like Illidan, wtf 7.3?! Don't get me wrong, Illidan has always been a rebel but I always sided with him on everything he did. He always had the best interest of his people in mind in everything he did, he understood sacrifice and the threats coming at them. I always saw him as severely misunderstood and always defended his actions. 7.3 however... wtf?! They cranked him from 8 to 11 on the smug jerk meter! I am not talking about the Xe'ra thing but his attitude in general. Its not the attitude he had when dealing with his allies in the past when fighting against the legion. Illidan showed respect to the blood elves and naga and even the broken where as this Illidan is just absolutely self absorbed and disrespectful to the max. His strength does not make sense either, catching Turalyon's blade with his bare hands?! Turalyon is literally the strongest paladin in Warcraft lore to the point where several lore experts in the past have made good arguments that Turalyon at his best would have been more than a match for the Lich King just because of how potently he wields the light. Arthas was stronger than Illidan and that was before donning the Lich King armor and becoming even stronger. Illidan putting up a good fight, I can see that. Illidan, while winded, catching a blade of light bare handed?! No, that literally makes no sense. Its a cool cutscene, the people who made it should be proud of the quality, but whoever wrote it is out of their mind. I wanted to see Illidan come back, I wanted to see his redemption story, but now I honestly just want to see the character die. They have botched his strength something fierce, they have neutered Turalyon from what he should be lore wise to the point of absurdity, this is all just insane :T Aside from that, gotta say I love everything in 7.3! Seriously, great cinematic work, love the content so far, love most of the story so far, Illidan is the only problem. Far better than 7.2 for the most part.Bovineform31 Sep 1
Sep 1 Better ideas/Story lines for WoW This is a post from a friend on the EU forums So, I've been stalling to make this topic for a while, because Blizzard doesn't read these forums anyways and I don't see a WoW 2 coming soon, but I just need to do something to share my frustration now.. For a while, lore has been a bit of a mess, and it's only getting messier and messier; strange decisions are made that make no real sense, and I feel like making this list here with a good amount of the lore mistakes I think Blizzard made, and how they should've been done, which is one of the things I hope to see in a WoW 2, would there ever be one. With that said, I'll move on to the point of this thread now Vanilla/Classic: I haven't played much back in the day, I do not know if there were any large mistakes made here, feel free to share though, that goes for all parts of this post. The Burning Crusade: -Draenei looks like broken as seen on Argus, broken look like Lost Ones, Lost Ones retconned. Eredar look like current Draenei/Eredar due demonic mutation -Illidan going evil for no reason at all, attacking Shattrath even though he's an enemy of the Legion. How should this have been? Illidan did not attack Shattrath, rather, it was Kael'thas' forces that did it, disguised as Stormrage's Illidari. Why? Kil'jaeden would've ordered KT to do so, a punishment to Illidan for his failure to slay Arthas. -Blood Knight redemption, before the Sunwell, Blood Knights were a lot different, they used to enslave a Naaru and drain its power, with this -commanding- the Light, they did not feel like Paladins at all, in matter of fact, the quest that you needed to do to get your epic mount involved burning down one of the Silver Hand's most sacred places. This is something that seperated them from Alliance paladins, something that made them feel more Horde-like. What should've happened is that they didn't lose their captive naaru, or captured another one, therefore keeping their ability so syphon one even after the Sunwell. The Sunwell also should've been destroyed, Imagine Kil'jaeden putting up one final act of revenge beforebeing sent back to Argus at his defeat in the Sunwell, he would cast a spell that would collapse the Sunwell entirely, permanently destroying it. Alternatively, have Kael'thas steal the naaru but we later find another naaru, oddly named Xe'ra, near the black temple, which we use instead. Either way, Kael'thas should not have been the first to act against Silvermoon, but would've rahter indirectly angered them, causing them to be his enemies without it feeling like a randm betrayal. Wrath of the Lich King: The Lich King, an underestimating fool, throughout the expansion we are made to believe that Arthas is a very good tactician, so why is it then, after every time we thwart him, he lets us go, several times throughout leveling he has come personally face-to-face with us, and let us live, one may try to argue that this was to make us more powerful before making us his minions, but it was made clear that the Scourge was already powerful enough to wipe us out, and that he was "holding back", this completely counters that entire post, he doesn't need us, so why should he test us?! Instead he shouldn't've come face-to-face with us before the final confrontation near his throne. -Argent Tournament, why? Why in Icecrown?! There are a few things about this Argent Tournament that annoy me, first of all, why is it hosted in Icecrown? Why would you hold your training ground in the middle of the enemy stronghold?! The original idea was to hold it in Crystalsong Forest, hence the two useless camps in the zone, and this would've made more sense, it would be kept a fair distance away from the scourge's main forces, and under the direct protection of Dalaran, floating just above. Another issue within the Tournament is... it's more of a colliseum, an arena, the Tournament's goal was to prepare for an attack upon Icecrown Citadel.. So why, then, do we try to KILL OUR COMPETITORS?! While I do understand that some trainees would die in this, as they may put us to fight against monsters, as only that would properly train us to face some of the Scourge's minions, we should definately not kill eachother when it comes to Horde vs Alliance on this, instead, their hatred for eachother would be resolved in non-lethal combat, we do not have the resources to lose anyone in this grand war against the Scourge. -There must always be A Lich King": Total, Bullcrap. This is only an excuse to bring something that could've been used in the future, while forgetting Kel'thuzad is still not permanently dead. Bolvar should've been dead-dead, and no new Lich King should've been made. Mord'rethar could've been closed down to keep the scourge at bay, or it could've been explained that, while the Scourge's numbers are still countless, without a leader, they are weak and unorganized, unable to put up a serious threat again. Cataclysm: -Cairne Vs. Garrosh: Now, this is allright, but I do wish that the intent of cairne was a non-lethal mak'gora, he'd still die because of magatha's poison ofcourse, but this would make the entire shock value of his death even bigger. Now this here is an iffy one, it's not really a mistake Blizzard made, but I'm curious if this idea would work: -Druids of the Flame: Malfurion Corrupted: What if through some way, the druids of the flame managed to corrupt Malfurion, rather than Fandral, what if we had to kill Malfurion in the Firelands, perhaps this could add a bigger involvement of the priesthood of elune into this storyline, a bit of progression for Tyrande's story. If this were indeed to pass, Hamuul would also become the leader of the Cenarion Circle. Again, I am unsure if this could work, this is only a random though I had, anyways, back to more pressing issues. -Thrall, the "Earth-warder", okay, first problem of Dragon Soul.. Thrall is a mortal, and should not be able to control the Dragon Soul at all, he should not be involved with this at all, thats about it. -The "Age of Mortals": You know what makes even less sense than a mortal controlling such a powerful artifact? Dragons losing their power over Neltharion's defeat. First of all, why should dragons lose their power over completing their "destiny"? If you ask me, that's a compelling argument to not follow your destiny. Secondly: Deathwing was not the real evil, sure he was corrupted and evil, but it was caused by the Old Gods, if anything, ending the Old Gods would be the real "destiny" of the dragonflights, not slaying one of their own.. which by the way wouldn't be a major issue if he wasn't blessed in the first place. Mists of Pandaria: -Om nom nom, the language of the Pandaren; Okay blizzard, very funny.. or not, I know you tried to joke here, but I'd prefer it if Pandaren had a more asian sounding language if you're not a pandaren, rather than the "nom nom" they put out now, hell, the Ballad of Liu Lang had actual Pandaren language in it, which was great! While on subject, you made another mistake on Pandaren language... by calling it "Pandaren" the pandaren don't use that language anymore, not since the Mogu Dynasty, Pandaren language was lost to the ages as the Pandaria races were not allowed to speak any language but Mogu, to prevent any secret planning under the noses of the Empire., so, the language should be called "Mogu" instead. -Pandaren, the optimistic peace-lovers: I don't know why you chose to do this, but you made pandaren this... always smiling, super optimistic race of carebears, to which I must say: "NO!", you gave a good example with how most pandaren should be with the Shado-pan, with honor and control within them, they know the dangers of Pandaria, and are very strict and disciplined in their nature, you would see that they may have the most discipline among their younger, less of that "playing all the time" and more of learning of their values and virtues. -I also wish you gave us more Shao-dins, or clans, aside from the Shado-pan, I would like to see a few ancient pandaren clans in Pandaria, among them the ancient Huojin and Tushui, which would be rivals on Pandaria, rahter than the allies they were on the turtle, Imagine a backstory about them, that they were once allies in the times of Liu Lang, but in time, their on Pandaria living Shao-dins would start parting ways as their opposing views started brewing trouble, Imagine if there was a tale that they worked together in ancient times, the Huojin would defend their settlements from average attacks, while the Tushui meditated and planned to defend these settlements from larger scale attacks in the meantime, these clans, once working in pendulum, now bitter enemies. -Pandaren Appearance, another thing I dislike about pandaren is their appearance, their ingame models simply look... silly, overweight, what I would want is something more along the lines of Samwise's art, specifically the "Pandyr" as seen in the following links: These pandaren look a lot less cuddly, and much more fitting within the Warcraft franchise, here are a few normal pandaren made by Samwise: Again, much more fitting for Warcraft. Secondly, their weapons, as seen while leveling in pandaria look... outright silly, as does some of their armor, but especially their weapons, it looks like parts of the weapons were made with play-doh, all colorful and useless spirals in their base.. why? Why couldn't we have some more asian-styled weapons, mogu had some pretty good looking weapons. -Garrosh's Corruption and descent to Madness: Oh boy, this is a big one.. Before I'll go on, yes, it made sense, but, why, why did you do this? This is perhaps the biggest loss of potential you caused in lore to this date.. Garrosh.. he could've been so much more than this.. Yes, he was reckless and aggressive, but in Cata, we saw progression within him, especially in Stonetalon Mountains, we saw that he was learning, slowly perhaps, but still, learning how to lead his people, he was changing, he learned a lot about honor and respect, and MERCY, we saw him shape up to in the future perhaps be the best Warchief the Horde has ever had... But you ruined it, you took him and shaped him into an evil psychopath because of the Sha... Who would I choose to become an enemy instead? this might be the most controversial of all my points here but... Sylvanas... Why Sylvanas? Well, her main goal was to kill the Lich King, and that she did, the only reason she accepted ressurection after her suicide was because she came to be in the same afterlife as Arthas, but she is slipping into madness, we can see she's not herself anymore, and simply does anything not to join arthas, even if it means becoming just like him, as seen in Silverpine Forest. This would be the best time to end her story, remember, you can die a hero or become a monster, and that's the case with her story aswell, end her before her story grows bad. I even thought of a few encounters we could see in this... Siege of Undercity raid.. Kor'kron Vanguard: The Kor'kron that were to keep a watch over the Undercity since the Wrathgate, turned into undead by Sylvanas, a few mobs outside and an ad-based boss in the courtyard, they serve as "cannon fodder" to the forsaken. Nathanos Blightcaller: A patrol roaming around the outer circle of Undercity, perhaps he has a pet which needs to be dealt with? Mantid Apothecaries: Apothercary quarter, the forsaken and mantid work together to combine their posions and blight to make a successor over the blight used at the Wrathgate, we must put a stop to this. Koltira Deathweaver: Sylvanas' Throne Room: Koltira has been tortured and reshaped to be a weapon of the Forsaken, this is where Thassarian could take part of the story, helping us put an end to his corrupted friend. Once Koltira is dead, the plateau Sylvanas usually stood on lowers, it becomes an elevator, which goes down.. waaaaay down, as we take the elevator down we can hear the sound of chains and a loud heartbeat getting louder and louder, clutter in the rooms ahead will move in tandem as the heart beats, we face the Klaxxi Champions as one of the encounters down there, the second final boss would be the Val'kyr, the remaining Val'kyr with the most power, we kill all of them of them but one, Aradne, Aradne would at the end of the fight flee, not to be seen for some time. Finally, Sylvanas herself, we would see she had discovered whatever laid under Tirisfal (Whether it is the minion or not) and absorb its power along with the power of the heart of Y'shaarj, We would face against the combination of Legion and Old God minions, an undead with the power of the god's heart, and slay her there. With the (permanent) death of Sylvanas, a new Forsaken leader needs to rise, for this, changes need to be made, and more lore added to this character, but I would pick Lillian Voss.. now, some of you might have a few problems with this but let me explain. Voss has a hatred for the undead, this is true, but perhaps that is exactly why she would make for a fitting leader to lead the Forsaken to a... somewhat brigher future, stepping away from the blight forever, and going back to stealing minons of the Scourge, rather than raising their own, the Forsaken would once more step away from their evil roots and try to aid the horde and their own with some dignity.. Perhaps Voss would at first decline, but somehow forced into this position, or persuaded, to know that the undead would only become more of a problem if she would not step in. The Alliance-Horde war continues, or at least skirmishes do, there will be no peace, only local ceasefires in areas of greater danger, as it always has been. Walords of Draenor: Now, onto this... how would I do this, without needing Garrosh... As the Horde and Alliance continue their war/skirmishes against eachother, wrathion and Kairoz would come to the same conclusion as we have now, the current forces of Azeroth cannot defeat the oncoming attack of the Legion/old gods, and decide to go to AU draenor, not because Garrosh could be used here, but instead because the Orcs have been shown to be a threat before, they would enter Draenor through Faralohn and form the Iron Horde, not through the Warsong, but through the Dragonmaw, as dragons, perhaps to be revered by this clan. We would indeed chase after them, but this time less foolish, the Dark Portal is much too fortified for us to assault, it is the very Stronghold of the Iron Horde, and assaulting there would be suicide. Instead, we get the Bronze Dragonflight to aid us, using the time-dimension rift in Faralohn to enter Draenor, just as the assault on tanaan, we would have a short scenario in Faralohn, escaping from the Iron Horde forces there, and going to Frostfire/Shadowmoon Side note on SMV, it would not be a zone of permanent night, it makes no sense that the sun never comes up there but it does in other zones.. it is simply named after the clan, and Gorgrond is a full barren rock-wasteland, where Faralohn takes the Botani part. Anyways, we get to our respective zones and make Bladespire Citadel and Karabor our homes, these would serve as the capital cities, screw Ashran. Now here is where some fun comes in, every clan has parts of them with, and against the Iron Horde, this may help the Horde expand in their orc subrace diversity. But now, for the enemy chieftains, not nessecarily Iron Horde: Grommash Ner'zhul Gul'dan Kargath Dragonmaw Warlord and.... Durotan. The Dragonmaw Warlord, Kargath, Grommash and Durotan being part of the Iron Horde, seeing honor in this unity, being convinced by Kairoz and Wrathion that this is for the good of all, Thrall and Garrosh would both have a tough time here, facing their fathers as enemies, Garrosh in the end winning, however, Thrall, would be slain, and Nobundo takes the leadership of the Earthen Ring. As we continue our fight against the Iron Horde, we would fight through the entirety of draenor on the first patch, including Faralohn and Tanaan, Tanaan serving as the level 100 zone, where we face the bulk of the Iron Horde, and -CAPTURE-, not destroy, the Dark Portal, it is after all, our only way home, Khadgar could open a portal to our azeroth using the time rip in Faralohn, otherwise having no leyline connection to our home aside from the Dark Portal, but even that for a mere few seconds, in other words, not enough to gather reinforcements or anything. As we capture the Dark Portal, the Shadow council manages to free Gul'dan and his allies, it would not be us to free him, that's stupid, why not kill him right there, after all, he was defenseless! Rather than Blackrock Foundry as one of the raids, as Blackhand would side with us, being among the Warlords to listen to Kilrogg, whose vision foresaw the Iron Horde's failure would they face the Burning Legion/old gods (Also yes, Kilrogg would be the main cause for the AU orcs to side with us), we would have the Dragonmaw Stronghold in Shadowmoon Valley, based on the southern Island, among the bosses in that raid, we could face Kairozdormu, perhaps the final boss of that instance. -Cho'gall would not be a part of Highmaul, instead, he would be involved in two major patches. -We would not kill Rukhmar, as the adherents were FALSE followers, Rukhmar was not an enemy, instead, perhaps that fungal whale boss could've been a thing. 6.1: The Heart of Nature: With Gul'dan escaped, we need a new power source for the portal to function, for this, we travel to Faralohn, and face the Botani, we slay their leader in a short.. 3-boss raid, and use the heart of this botani leader to power the gateway once more. 6.2: Legacy of the Apexis: Cho'gall has escaped, and made his way to an island west of the Spires of Arak Which is where he uncovers a lost city, and raises it once more, this city would be the temple of the Apexis civilization, a "temple in the sky" as described in an arakkoan archaeology item: Apexis Scroll: This battered scroll case has corroded shut, and the scroll within is barely readable with very careful examination. These appear to be plans and measurements for a glorious "Temple in the Sky," written in an ancient hand. It's unclear whether such a splendid structure was ever built. This "Temple" would serve as the 5man dungeon of this patch, in it we would end up facing Sethe as the final boss, putting an end to him once and for all. 6.3: The Return of the Empire: Cho'gall, however, escapes, and makes his way to the Gorian Empire, where we would chase him once more, and this time, we do not let him escape, a raid would be involved in this patch, bosses of this raid include Cho'gall and Ner'zhul, and a few other servants of the old god inhabiting Draenor, we stop the summoning of the old god. 6.4: Hellfire Citadel: In our absence from Tanaan, Gul'dan had prepared everything he needs to summon the Legion, and this patch would be a lot similar lorewise as our current HFC patch, however, a few changes: -Tyrant Velhari would be replaced by... Yrel. In the early production, Blizzard said that Yrel had a "dark secret", which I think would've been awesome, we face the traitor eredar instead. -Final Boss: Mannoroth: I am not a fan of this "One legion" lore, so instead of facing an AU Archimonde and needing to face him later in the game for a third time, we could face a resurrected Mannoroth instead, on his death, he sends Gul'dan through the Dark Portal (Which would be under Legion control for then) to send him to azeroth. I never got how Gul'dan came to azeroth by being sent through a portal connected to Argus. With our business on Draenor done, we would return to Azeroth. Now, for a bit of lore I forgot to mention, because it's important here, before WoD, we would discover that Outland's connection to the Nether is eating it away, the shattered planet would collapse slowly, however its speed increasing, this would cause us to try and rescuse as many inhabitants of the planet as we can, which the Iron Horde disrupts. With the AU Draenor linked to MU Azeroth, and no way to undo it, he Bronze and Blue dragonflights work together to merge these two timelines together in a way, the MU outland would be forever lost, collapsing to come to an end soon, and AU Draenor holding better reinforcements for the fights ahead. Legion: Oh boy, that was a lot of writing, well... almost done... Broken Shore; Intro: Okay, in here perhaps we could lose two other important characters, Vol'jin's death here was stupid, and that of Varian, while awesome, I see him as an alliance counterpart of Garrosh; Strong, Somewhat brutal, honorful, has some great backstory to him, I know I shouldn't, but he's one of the two characters I put plot-armor on, because it's just so hard to replace him with someone just as likeable, if not more. Aszuna: Nearly everything is perfect, the only bother here is that the blue dragonflight is there and infertile, part of that whole "age of mortals" thing, so they'd still be fertile... Stormheim: No Sylvanas involved, perhaps some other faction war stuff? Worgen vs Forsaken is still viable, but less connected to the entire Vrykul stuff. Less Felskorn, seriously, a few more allied vrykul that ain't valarjar would be great. Highmountain: Involve Ebonhorn and Sabelion to track down and together with you, kill Wrathion, who is among the people to blame for the Legion's presence, the rest's good. Val'sharah: -Ysera indeed gets corrupted, but we do not face her in a solo quest, rather in the raid. -Nightmare Corruption CAN be reversed, it's funny because there's a WQ with us cleansing the land of it, which you mentioned is impossible in questing, you couldn't even stick to "unreversable" for one patch, you went against it in the same patch as when you made this a thing! -Less people get corrupted, I mean we lost 2 archdruids aside from cenarius AND ysera.. calm down, we get it, corruption powerful and all that.. Suramar: As an opposer to the "you are our Only hope" style of writing, i am also really against becoming the jarl of jandvik, maybe thane at most... Give the Vrykul place to the Horde, and Shal'aran to the Alliance. Isles in general: Highmountain tauren and Vrykul go Horde, the elven factions Alliance, give a PvP area between Val'sharah and Highmountain. Both factions will still have quests in all zones, but instead do so with other NPCs at other places, just as in TBC and Wrath Emerald Nightmare Replace Ursoc with Omen, you know, the ancient driven insane that we faced every year at lunar festival? How about we fight him in the nightmare, don't kill him, though, and Omen is finally freed from his madness, and now a new ally, lunar festival would change accordingly, we've fought omen for enough years.. Replace Dragons of Nightmare with Ysera, as Ysera dies, Ysondre, who has faced the nightmare before, would reluctantly accept to become the new aspect, her previous encounters with the nightmare making her the most experienced dragon to deal with it, and thus, the best replacement possible. Cenarius would be killed, however, permanently too, as he is within the Emerald Dream, and I feel like ancients should be bound to the dream, just as it demons are to the Nether and can only be permanently killed in the nether (Also on that topic, only powerful demons should be able to be reborn like that) We wouldn't become class hall leaders either, and as previous expansions should've been, we would remain adventurers This means we'd not be hunting down these super powerful demons on our own. Speaking of class hall bosses though... Hakkar should not be a Fel Lord, but rather as described in lore before "A burning skeletal demon" who weilds a whip made of felhound skin as a weapon, here's an image of official artwork: And on topic on Fel Lords and other "Powerful Demons", we should not face them often at all, the only two Fel Lords I think are alright up to now are the one in HFC and the upcoming one in ToS Moving on... No Xe'ra/Illidan redemption, the redemption of illidan would be in TBC, sunwell patch, discovering that we were decieved and now Illidan is dead, the end. A long questchain involving Tirion's death and throughout the Legion patches, discovering about a rogue Nathrezim (Lothraxion) (no connection to turalyion/alleria this time around) and in the end aiding him, Lothraxion would, near the end of the expansion, take the mantle of Highlord of the Argent Crusade, reforging the broken Ashbringer into a shield. 7.1: The Gates of Helheim Not much to change with the entire Helya/odyn thing, maybe make odyn less of a really dislikable character? I also don't like Helya being a Val'kyr, perhaps just a former ally of odyn, swayed to the dark by Loken? Speaking of Val'kyr... Aradne would be the second final boss of this Raid, perhaps Guarm>Aradne>Helya, no need to be tested by odyn... again..., Aradne would serve as a mockery to odyn, something that says; "Hey, you remember your glorious creation? Yeah, not even they are safe from my grasp" Now, this is also where a large plot twist comes in.. What if Aradne was always a servant of Helya, Val'kyr were very smart members of the Scourge, and what if Helya had a better grasp over them than even Arthas? What I would do is reveal here that this is one of the reasons of the Kvadir in Northrend, the Kvadir were there to contact the dark Val'kyr, and sway them to serve Helya, and so they did, they pretended to serve Arthas further, constantly drawing his powerful soul ever closer to Helheim. When Arthas died, this is where his sould would be sent.. and this is where the Val'kyr could temporally bring Sylvanas' soul aswell, giving her the impression being stuck with Arthas is where her fate would lay if dead. Just like Arthas' soul, that of Sylvanas would also be very powerful, and a great gift to Helya, so they fooled both arthas and sylvanas, binding both souls to helheim in the end. Once Helya is dead, I would think, THIS is a better place to put another "keeper of the dead", someone who would draw the souls of the dishonorable into hell, a punishment for their disgrace, one who would work together with Odyn to keep justice among the Vrykul. Who this would be I do not know, perhaps a final redemption for either arthas or sylvanas... 7.2: Tomb of Sargeras(?) -Dalaran's Fall As we assault the Tomb of Sargeras, the Legion manages to counterattack, the Tomb's fel beam is amied at Dalaran, and it succeeds, we evacuate as many people as we can and escape, A broken Dalaran plummets into the seas below, the capital will be moved to Suramar City, now that we have ripped it from the Legion's control. -Kil'jaeden not final boss of Tomb, how about the Avatar of Sargeras being the final boss, I am sure something else fits in there to have as another boss to get the number right. As for Argus and all that, look, I'm clueless, I wouldn't want any of it to happen in the first place yet, ending the Legion still feels premature, and I'd try to make ToS the final raid of the Expansion, I'm not sure what I'd put inbetween, maybe that scrapped night elf island, Thal'dranath.. However, Regarding the "Army of the Light" which may be dubbed as something else, it would include more than broek and draenei, it would be an army spanning from a whole array of different races from different worlds where they resisted the Legion, a good place to let developers go wild, they could make what they want here, chanses are we wont ever see this race again anyways. Argus would be introduced the last Legion-related patch in wow, and either the final or second final boss would be Archimonde AND Kil'jaeden at the same time, if not the last, Sargeras would be the last, another boss that I'd not have killed before that would be Aggonar, he appeared collossal in TBC, and would prhaps be more powerful than even Mannoroth Chronicles: -Azeroth is not a titan, rather a normal planet, the Well of Eternity would be, as speculated, a fountain of power the Titans have planted to reinforce our chanses to win against the Old Gods and their minions -The Old Gods are not minions of the Void, the Void would be just another element, one fitting to the Old Gods, sure, but not their masters, the Old Gods are perhaps without masters, or perhaps something else than the Void leads them. -Other titans did visit Draenor, and it does have an Emerald Dream, to which Anzu and Rukhmar for example, are connected to. -The Broken Curse is made from an amplified Sethe's blood sample, rahter than the red pox, more similarities: Both Sethe's curse and the Legion's weapon disconnected the target from the Light Both Sethe's curse and the Legion's weapon deformed the body of the target into a broken state. Misc: -Grand Army of the Light, shouldn't happen, it just sounds silly as a whole, it feels -too- united, unlike what the Alliance-Horde have been for so long. -Third War=10 years before World of Warcraft classic, and ingame timeline should correlate with the real timeline, look up when either World First kills were made, or when the next patch came out, whichever is a more realistic time lapse for said accomplishment. I will add a second post soon with additional things I would do that aren't changes, but pure additions to the lore, I hope everyone enjoyed the read, and hope that, if there is ever a WoW 2, this may somehow serve as an inspiration, while it is probably a given on the forums, I give full permission for any of this to be used in official lore if Blizzard wishes to do so. So, do you agree? Disagree? do you have your own ideas I did not mention? Please share themBarokoshama2 Sep 1
Sep 1 No Vol'jin Rez T^T When Vol'jin died at the beginning of Legion is was hoping he would make a comeback later on in the expansion But with 7.3 less than a week away and most likely the end of the expansion it doesn't look like he is getting rezzed and is just gone for good. This is the single most annoying thing blizz has done lore wise for me personally. Next to Thrall and Cairne, Vol'Jin did the most to help establish the horde that became the faction it was coming into WoW. He built it. And when garrosh was !@#$ing it all up he lead the rebellion. It was only fitting that at the end of MoP he became warchief. Then they did nothing with him at all for WoD and killed him off right at the start of legion. %^-* you blizz !@#$ you.Vanorstus57 Sep 1
Sep 1 Demons don't permanently die on Argus Whats up with this? Pretty sure they are supposed to.Manduinwrynn19 Sep 1
Aug 31 Where the heck is Maiev?! Illidan has her locked somewhereVainth7 Aug 31
Aug 31 Turalyon [spoilers] 10 years, 7 months and 14 days waiting to come face to face with find out what happened to the High General of the Sons of Lothar and he walks out of a cave like "NBD". (No big deal.) C'mon Blizz. Come fing on. Major let down.Wrynn14 Aug 31
Aug 31 Suspicious of the Light and Naaru Illidan was given a vision... Before Illidan could defend himself in any way, a bolt of pure Light blasted from the Naaru. It struck his empty eye sockets and filled them with a golden glow. Illidan braced himself for a blast of Agony that did not come. In the past such magic had always racked him with pain. It would normally have done the same to any user of fel magic. His vision shimmered and faded, and he found himself looking down on a terrible battlefield. Amid mountains of corpses, a winged figured battled at the head of the legions of Lights. A golden glow surrounded his warglaives. He cleft demons asunder with mighty blows. The soldiers surrounding him gazed up in awe and wonder at their leader. It took Illidan a moment to realize that this being's features were his own, transformed, his eyes glowing fiercely. This avatar of the Light looked calm and strong and at peace. His face was filled with confidence, shorn of all suffering. As Illidan watched, the winged figure rose above the battle, defying gigantic entities of darkness, creations of the evil of the Void. A halo played around his head. His body began to glow brighter than the sun, and from his outstretched arms, rays of Light emerged to strike down his foes. Given all of this... I have to ask... Why is Illidan suspicious of the Light and the Naaru? What does he know that we don't?Damuzî4 Aug 31
Aug 31 What's up with the Greymane family? After finishing the Anduin quest, something disturbs me about the Greymane family ... why don't we ever see them together? First, I get what Blizzard is doing with Genn and Anduin. Blizz seems to be setting things up for a King to King mentorship story. They seem to be going for the whole "I lost my son and you lost your father, so let's help each other" story. Its cute and heartwarming, and I get it. Second, Can someone remind Genn that he has a wife and daughter? I'm not sure that I've seen Genn in the same location with Tess and Mia since the worgen starting zone. Queen Mia isnt even in the game anymore ... and she's the only queen left on the planet. How are you supposed to mentor anduin when you don't even pay attention to your wife & daughter? Are none of the Blizzard writers married or is this just a major oversight? I wasn't sure why Tess was a rogue and not a mage, priest, or paladin. But I guess being ignored by your family will cause you to go rogue quickly. Although, I suppose Gilneas needed a resident rogue. Blizzard didnt even bother giving Queen Mia a role in Legion at all. Not good. TLDR; Its a shame that we don't see more development between the Greymane family members, because they are the most alive and in-tact family in all of Azeroth, even despite losing Liam. Missed opportunities galore.Goredeth74 Aug 31
Aug 31 Army of the light using a well rounded army Its the first thing I noticed about the Army of the Light. Every dreanei class was on Argus except for shaman and monks(but that is to be expected considering these are Azerothian classes they would never have had access to). More importantly, there seemed to been a near even split of female/male named NPC amoung that army.Zerde14 Aug 31