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Dec 15 danath trollbane (SPOILERS) Danath returns in World of Warcraft: Legion as the quest starter for the warrior artifacts. While accompanying the warrior on a flight to the Broken Shore he was struck by Legion siege weapons, then disappeared after his gryphon fell toward the sea, telling the player that he would find an alternative way back. that's it? you makes to guy fly with you for 30 se conds just to get rid of him in such a stupid way? come one blizzard, at least give him a good deathMälthazar9 Dec 15
Dec 15 Naaru After "We Win" I was wondering if it was true that the Naaru might be the problem themselves being that they turn void quite easily. If we are to destroy the Legion and all of the other baddies with a relatively happy ending, what do we do with the remaining Naaru and light beings? (Assuming they are around). I wouldn't mind getting rid of X'era if that's an option.Luggle7 Dec 15
Dec 15 Just finished a book... Yes I have searched the forums for booklist and found them useful. According to the booklists I found I started with War of the ancients: The well of eternity. I was planning on just reading the novels. But I guess I'm wondering how much story and explanation I would miss if I didn't read comics/Manga/shortstories? Once I finish the war of the ancients trilogy should I read War of the Shifting Sands or is it not really needed? I apologize that this is strictly a question that will be answered by someones preference and not what's required. Someone's experience reading other than the novels? How they felt if it tied the stories together... Thanks in advance.Paìntrain3 Dec 15
Dec 14 Darkmoon Connection Hello, I did a cursory search (sorry, probably could have gone deeper!) and I didn't see anything immediately related to this idea - but I'm curious if it's been discussed. Given the new advertising for Hearthstone's Whispers of the Old Gods, given the tentacles, the fortune-telling troll, and the general color scheme, has anyone considered that the Darkmoon Faire might be connected to the Old Gods, specifically N'zoth? The Darkmoon in-game banners have that single eye and the banners themselves often look like framing tentacles, especially considering the new Whispers logo. It took me a bit, but the new Whispers logo, to me, looks very similar to the Darkmoon icon. It's not much, but purple is also a color often associated with the Old Gods - particularly c'thun and the Twilight Cult. The Darkmoon island is only available through portal magic and we don't know where it is - could it be in a dream space, or connected to the Emerald Nightmare or the Rift of Aln? It's a dead land in an unidentified sea, nearly uniformly grey except for the facade offered by the faire itself. But if you poke around, there are obvious indications of a darker foundation - to both the faire and the island. N'zoth has influence both in dreams and in the sea. I certainly wouldn't want the Darkmoon Faire to be lost as a playground or special offer by changing it into some combat area, but does anyone else see a possible connection?Hobb31 Dec 14
Dec 14 Favorite Legion starting zone? I'm going with Val'Sharah. Azsuna is ok too but only really like the Farondis thing.Alistreia30 Dec 14
Dec 14 Story Forum Community Lounge 125 Link to the Archive: Link to the last lounge: Rules: 1) The thread must be called "Story Forum Community Lounge" followed by its number. 2) No serious lore discussion. 3) No hating, flaming, or serious debates unless all sides wish to engage in the talk. 4) You must post these rules in the Original Post, so all can see the rules in future lounge. @Cartian, Grand Magister Rommath and Lady Liadrin command the Sin'dorei Front.Estus500 Dec 14
Dec 14 So, about Harbaron in the Maw of Souls Is there a coincidence that his model is essentially Algalon's, minus the whole made-of-stars thing? Not to mention, his description in the dungeon journal specifically draws attention to the stars on the inside of his cloak, pointing them out as mysterious. It could be nothing. After all, why would a celestial messenger disguise himself as a ghostly vrykul ferryman in the first place? Doesn't make much sense. But maybe, just maybe...Astraea4 Dec 14
Dec 14 Highest Mountain in Azeroth So I was curious what the highest mountain in Azeroth is I know some say Mount Neverest is but Hyjal looks taller and Storm Peaks could also be argued that it looks pretty tall. And now we have Highmountain to look at too. So if anyone has any actual lore facts on the matter that would be cool to know and if Blizzard feels like pitching in for our knowledge that would be better :D!!!Guccï23 Dec 14
Dec 13 What is Khadgar's motives? To me, Khadgar just kind of showed up during Warlords of Draenor. I understand his origin and how he closed the dark portal before so it would seem fitting for him to lead it again, I guess. I was just wondering, especially with legion, why he is doing all of this. Is it just because the Legion is bad? Why does he care about Azeroth so much that he would lead in the fight against it? He seems so mysterious to me that there is almost something he is hiding.Jishan22 Dec 13
Dec 13 The Silithid and Un'goro; Retcon? So with the launch of Wrath of the Lich King and the vast amounts of Titan Lore, Un'goro came to be a testing ground for Freya to see how life did its thing, right? Cata rolls around and the whole world changes all of the old quests into new ones, and the entire zone is turned into a Dragon Hunting ground for a Special Needs knight, who is beloved by all, but what happened to the Origin story of how the crater was formed and how the Silithid came to be. WoWpedia currently says that the crater was formed by Freya herself and that the Silithid were always a part of the A'qir, but this is what confuses me... I remember specifically back during Vanilla/BC when doing quests around Un'goro, Tanaris, and Thousand Needles, that when you first see the Silithid, no one knows what they are. It is also stated somewhere in Un'goro, that the Dinosaurs or the Silithid, whichever it was, in the crater got there from an asteroid that collided with the planet that formed the crater itself. This is bothering me mostly as its a huge contradiction, but mostly I'm not sure if i'm getting these happenings out of order or something. Were the Silithid always a part of the Aqir or did they hitch a ride on the asteroid that no longer formed the crater? Or was the Crater formed by the asteroid and the Dinos were the ones that hitched the ride? etc?? Can anyone else clarify this? A bunch of my friends remember this quest as well so i know it was definitely in the game at one point or another.Braylinhal14 Dec 13
Dec 13 Why is there no Priests in Pal Orderhall One thing I've always found weird in the Paladin order hall is lack of Priests, throughout Warcraft Priests have always been there to give sermons to the faithful Knights of the Silver Hand and also have been there to Knight does into the Order of the Silver Hand, Alonsus Faol have always Knighted Dwarves and Humans of the SIlver Hand. I know the out of game reason is that Blizz wanted a Paladin only thing, but what would be a in lore reason why Priests stopped playing a role in the Silver Hand?Gariön40 Dec 13
Dec 13 Aegwynn, WoW's oldest mother So, i was kind of curious on Aegwynn as her lore is tied with the arcane mage staff weapon. holy crap, i didn't realize she was almost 780 years old when she gave birth to Medivh. I know that mages tend to have longer life spans than their regular counterparts, but not only was she able to live to be over 800 years old (finally killed but not of old age), she remained fertile at 780 years old. So i guess that just makes me wonder are mages able to become immortal? I know Antonidas also was and older mage that was killed and not by old age. excluding long lived races like elves and draenei, are mages to become immortal?Nònna11 Dec 13
Dec 13 How are Warlock PCs treated in lore? Warlocks have had a...troubled past, to say the least. The First Warlock was one of the most grievous traitors of all time, and even came back to murder the King of Stormwind in a second round. They manipulate powers capable of bringing civilization to ruin, so it's no surprise that it is considered "dark magic". Plus there was that time where the Warlock trainers got horribly murdered in the Siege of Orgrimmar. So that begs the question, do you think Warlocks, too, can be considered heroes? Obviously Blizzard will not take the time to constantly change the dialogue to suit the class, for example when Tirion addresses you as a champion, but do you think there are good warlocks? Would you imagine that civilians would look kindly upon a Warlock adventurer? I might be overthinking things here, but considering the unstable powers they wield, even when compared to DKs and DHs, if they are widely respected and/or trusted.Gromdar15 Dec 13
Dec 13 Why Am I Helping Tae'thelan? As a member of the Alliance, why am I helping Tae'thelan recover powerful artifacts for himself and the Blood Elves? Doesn't seem to make much sense.Neranthil30 Dec 13
Dec 13 Which scourge members are still active? Who's still around lore wise? Kel'thuzad Amnennar Baron Rivendare Blood Lord Vorath? Prince Theraldis? Prince Altherann? Does Thal'ena count?Helsingborg13 Dec 13
Dec 13 Warcraft Books (E-Book) Why were all of the E-Books pulled a year or so ago? I would love to purchase the books I'm missing but they are no longer available for seemingly no reason and print editions range in price from $20-$130 per book and there are currently 24 of them and at that price it's totally irresponsible to pay that much. Either way I really don't want print versions. For whatever reason I struggle to read from actual books and often can't even finish one (I think it has to do with me liking the type large) I spent two weeks reading a book I reread on my smaller kindle in literally three hours but I can literally do a 400 page book on my kindle in about two and a half hours where as that's a five - seven hour minimum investment for print books. Two years ago I was able to purchase pretty much all of the books in E book format and they were even on book services like scribd. Since then they've totally vanished. Can't purchase them and can't see them on scribd either I don't know if this is a blizzard issue or how to try to fix it but I would literally purchase every single book of the 15 I don't own if they were made available in ebook format again.Telrenaur0 Dec 13
Dec 13 Warrior Ghosts followers Just a little thread for fun. Let's say Blizzard went with their first idea for Warrior class hall and had ghosts of dead Warriors be our followers, then Blizz decided to make YOU (yes, you! No not you, the other one.) the one who choses which ghosts to pick. Which eight deceased heroes would you pick to be warrior followers? Obiviously, they have to be warriors themselves, and dead, but besides that no restrictions which eight heroes would you pick? My pick being; Broxigar the Red, Kur'talos Ravencrest, Cairne Bloodhoof, Magni Bronzebeard (I know, but eh) Grommash Hellscream, Restalaan, Anduin Lothar and Orgrim Doomhammer.Ximothy4 Dec 13
Dec 13 Punishing the Legion So the Legion's been basically assaulting Azeroth for like 20 years now or something, if I'm not mistaken. But also presumably we're going against Sargeras if not soon within the next expansion. So my question is, how would you punish evil and the respective collaborators? My thinking is some are just way too brutal to let go, you would have to I guess give the likes of Sargeras etc the death penalty. But then there are really low level flunkies and mind controlled blurbs that are just kind of around, maybe in their case it's more like physical pain/imprisonment etc or things of that nature.Alistreia14 Dec 13
Dec 13 Nathanos Blightcrawler Ok, so I have predominantly been playing as Alliance this expansion. I dusted off my warrior from boredom, who was still Horde, and began Stormheim to see the difference. I had presumed Nathanos dead based on the Alliance side of it, and even the Horde until it said... "Report to Nathanos Blightcrawler." I was intrigued and had every intent to learn more... Until I mentally popped back into quest mode and clicked without reading. Does it say how he survived? Even Hordeside, it looked like Greymane killed him.Dradnor25 Dec 13
Dec 13 Beings of Pure Energy We pretty much know that the Naaru is incarnation of Light, and the void creatures are that of the ...void. They are the natural occurrences, perhaps. But what about Ethereal? They used to have corporeal forms before the Dimensius poured the power of Twisting Nether unto their world and the power ripped their forms apart, binding their soul to the mass of energy, only to become a being of pure arcane energy. Some of them swayed to the void and become Nexus Stalker; an Ethereal infused with void power. It is pretty much the same concept as Elemental Ascendants, overloaded with Elemental Energy until becoming Archon. The Twilight Hammer found a way to safely transform with low mortality rate, perhaps. Or did they trade some secret technology from the Ethereal? Transmogrification Vendors showed up not long after the Bastion of Twilight was raided... But beside the four Elementals, Arcane energy and the Void, there has not been a single known instance of mortal becoming being of pure energy of the Light. Well, given that the sources of Light power are rather limited so one cannot simply overload himself to that point, let alone survive the process. How different are the Arcane Construct and Ethereal? The Naaru, while being the being of the Light, also have physical forms (Windchimes if you may call), as well as those Elemental Lords in their respective planes; do you consider them as being of pure energy? What about Algalon and Elegon?Mokgath8 Dec 13
Dec 13 Saurfang Artifact Lore (Spoilers) Just found out some BA info about Saurfang in Legion. Apparently, the hidden artifact for Arms Warriors involves a quest from Helgar, master smith of Skyhold, asking you to convince the greatest known axe-wielding warrior to give you his axe so it can be reforged into the most powerful weapon on Azeroth. It should come as no surprise that that warrior is Saurfang. (And you have to duel him for it.) It even looks reminiscent of the Arcanite Reaper. How fehking cool is that?Yagarr23 Dec 13
Dec 12 Order Halls Vs The Legion How would you rank the effectiveness of the various Class Order Halls against the Burning Legion and why? Like how do you think the individual Order Halls would do against the Legion.Theberserker118 Dec 12
Dec 12 Stuck on stage 3 seek the fragments legion So I'm in the ice town crusade and tried to loot the fragment of frostmourne and now its gone. And I cant complete the mission. Anyone know if it will respone or what I can do. Obviously not on this player thoNerlion5 Dec 12
Dec 12 What happend to Lady Liadrin? So major spoilers ahead I'll keep it brief up to the actual siege of night hold when the grand magrix decides to wipe out everything where did Lady liadrin go we manage to free Tyrande but no Liadrin?Thôr23 Dec 12
Dec 12 Lich King vs BL Starting to think the Legion is nothing but all talk and incompatent morons! Compared to the Lich King the BL has basically done no damage! Heck even pre-Lich King Arthus did more damage than then the BL to Azeroth! Lets compare shall we? BL- War of the Ancients= They came in numbers, swarmed the Night Elves ancent home. Defeated some of the Wild Gods and destoryed many nightelven structures. Because of their invasion the stress on the sunwell did cause it to implode splitting the land into the 5 continents but than again that wasnt really their fault! 2- Their second invasion, they came. Archimond destoryed Dalaran. They burned down some forests and corrupted some of the land! They got defeated at mount hyjal! 3- Current invasion= So far the only real damage they have done is killing Varien/Vol'Jin/Tirion! Now the Lich King= Although he was sent by Kil'Jaeden to disarm Azeroth of its defenses, the LK went rogue and acted on his own Agenda! 1- Created the Cult of the Damned through Kel'thuzad. Had them create the plague which inthus created the scourge. 2- Took Arthus on a wild goose chase after Mal'ganis ending with the purge of Stratholme, and Arthus ceasing Frostmorne in Northrend! 3- Revived the spider king Anub'arak and used him to take Azjol'Nerub! Through Arthus, he killed the King of Lordaron( Arthus's father) and thus shattering the Kingdom. 4-Through Arthus he raised more scourge and dismantled the Order of the Silver Hand by killing off the Paladins and their leader Uther Lightbringer! 5- Destroyed Qual'Thulas and raising Sylvanus as a Banshee which ultimatly lead to the birth of the Forsaken! 6- Summoned the Legion into Azeroth ( which the Legion ended up failing anyways.) 7- Arthus helped bring about the defeat of the Legion through Illidan telling him about the skull of Gul'dan! 8- Leaving an seemingly irreversable plague on the lands of Lordaron! 9- Shattered Illidans naga and Kael'Thus blood elven forces! Also reanimated a Dragon besides Syndergrosa ( forgot his name). 10- Created to this date some of the most destructive beings the world has seen , the Death Knights! Destoryed the old Light's Hope town below Acheorus Hold! 11- Took Sarfang. Took Bolvar. Also unleashed horrific creatures onto the world! 12- Divised an illaberote plan which would have worked if it wasnt for Tirions lucky call for help from the light! 13- Their must always be a Lich King- he literally created an unending scourge that needs a master to always keep them confined to Northrend or else they would literally overtake Azeroth! I feel like im forgetting a couple more things the Lich King did and also the Legion. But still the LK literally managed to shatter Lordaron and dismantle it! Yet the Legion has done crap lol. Ps: i know the Legion has destoryed countless worlds! Im just keeping this stricly to Azeroth's damage! So what do you guys think?Demontrax13 Dec 12
Dec 12 Azshara is the worst wizard ever. "Their lunges burned for air, and so the queen willed Sharas'dal to let them breathe the water... but it did not. The scepter could not save them." Straight from the shaman research notes for Azshara's toy wand we got. You heard it here first folks. Azshara couldnt cast a level 22 warlock spell Underwater Breathing. She couldnt par any 75 skill apprentice level Alchemists' potion of underwater breathing. And the legendary artifact designed by Xavius to confer absolute control over the oceans and their tides was inadequate to the task. So let me get this straight. My artifacts are the weapon in keeping by the Patron God of Windwalker Monks, Xuen, Failhammer, Hammer of the Failed Orc Warriors(Not shamans, warriors. And one failed shaman).. and a defunct sorceress' wand that cant even cast the underwater breathing spell? Im calling it right now. Shamans got the worst artifacts and Azshara is the worst spell caster in history.Vonvulviln16 Dec 12
Dec 12 "You are a pawn of forces unseen" During the return to Ulduar scenario from the pre-patch, the spirit/echo of Yogg-Saron whispers to us "You are a pawn of forces unseen" when the Saronite vapors show up. When this happened, we didn't know who he was talking about, but now I know after listening to these four whispers from Il'gynoth: "The king of diamonds has been made a pawn" "Five keys to open our way. Five torches to light our path" "The lord of ravens will turn the key" "What pointless impudence! We share a master!" The king of diamonds is obviously Magni, but who is he a pawn of: Azeroth or N'Zoth? The other quotes confirm that Magni has been listening to N'Zoth. The next two quotes reveal to us that the Pillars of Creation (five keys) will be used by "the lord of ravens" Khadgar to seal the Legion portal, while also weakening N'Zoth's prison (Who was the one who told us about the Pillars? Magni). Finally, the last quote "We share a master" confirms that the adventurers, Khadgar, and Magni have been fooled into helping Il'gynoth's master, N'Zoth. The Spirit of Yogg-Saron was talking about the God of the Deep, N'Zoth. N'Zoth is the unseen force that has been manipulating us from the shadows. He fooled Magni by pretending to be Azeroth, and he told Magni that the Pillars of Creation were needed to seal the Legion portal. Knowing this, Magni told us about how we need to use the Pillars of Creation to stop the Legion. However, we have been unknowingly serving N'Zoth, and we will help free N'Zoth from his prison so that he can finally corrupt this world.Bankaltt19 Dec 12
Dec 12 Speculate the rest of Legion's storyline With the launch of Legion, and a whole expansion ahead of us, there will never be a better time for the more clairvoyant of us to lay claim on how the storyline will progress from hereon. Because "I told you so" makes me feel good on the inside. So this is how I predict the rest of Legion will pan out. ............... So after the fabled leaders of the various class order halls take down xavius in the emerald nightmare, and guldan in nighthold, it is revealed that guldan took Illidan's body for a reason - and that reason had to do with Illidan's arcane tattoos. Or specifically, the pillars of creation. Why? Illidan had dusted one of the pillars of creation to use as pigment for his tattoo. You see, in the various legion's zones, we recovered five of the pillars of creation, one from Aggramar, one from Golganneth, one from Aman'thul, one from Khaz'goroth, and the last one (mysteriously) from Elune. Of the pantheon, save for Sargares, two notable Titans are missing - Norgannon, and Eonar. Norgannon is none other than the magic dude - the one that powers the blue dragon flight. And if you are a scribe, you will learn that the greater the fel Magic a demon hunter has, the greater the arcane magic he must have to balance. This arcane magic manifests in none other than the arcane tattoos the demon hunter inscribe on himself / herself. So long and short of it, illidan had dusted the pillar of creation from Norgannon to use to counter the fel magic that was gifted to him by none other than Sargares. So that's why his body is now a pillar of creation. The other pillar of creation (the one from Eonar) will be in the hands of the naga, located at this new zone called Thal'Dranath, located south of the broken isles. TLDR, there will be a naga / old God theme raid there (don't think we will kill azshara or any old God though), and champions will find Eonar's pillar of creation. And then it will be revealed that contrary to current popular belief, the nagas and queen azshara aren't exactly on the same team as the burning legion. They work for N'Zoth. And they hunt for the pillars the same reason why we adventurers are hunting for the pillars - to close off the portal. They don't trust us, because you know, the Kirin tor isn't the best storeman and Dalaran is an awful safe deposit box. True to that, after we conveniently gathered all the pillars in one place, someone betrays Dalaran (cough Jaina the dreadlord) and the legion swoops all of them in one go, and shoots Dalaran from the air for good measure. Turns out everything is in kiljaeden's plans (he is the Deceiver after all) - to use the pillars of creation not to shut the portal, but to open it large enough for Sargaras to come across War of the Ancient style. So this all culminates in a final showdown in which all of azeroth's forces rush b to the tomb of Sargares (the final raid of the expan). While all this is happening, the demon hunters of the fel hammer finally located Illidan's demonic and coincidentally immortal soul, and transplant that into the demon hunter second in command that the player didn't choose (canonically altrius). So illidan is back because of the power of fans. And because you know he is a demon now and demon hunters can have a demon within them. So the Army of Light's last ditch attempt with Xe'Ra and its child of shadow and light worked - and altrius, now illidan is poised to end all of fel. In the final raid, illidan returns like how gandalf appears at the battle of helm's deep and rips his actual body back from kiljaeden, who is using it to channel the spell to open the portal (with all of the other pillars of creation). In the meantime, adventurers fight deathwing's final phase v2.0 i.e. Saragaras' leg that came through the portal. And because Illidan's body is one of the pillars - spell interrupted and the portal self implode deus ex machina style. Azeroth 3 Burning Legion 0. Kiljaeden runs away to be reused in a subsequent expan (because let's reuse this 3 times in a row after garrosh and guldan)Blitzhammer2 Dec 12
Dec 12 Dont think we kill guldan. Thinking illians going to do the killing blow to him. Also thing illidan will know we cant kill guldan and we would have to go to the twisting nether to kill him. thinking maybe during event of next expansion illidan is going to kill him in the twisting nether sacrifice style in order to do something or otherXanthine25 Dec 12
Dec 12 Who planted Shaladrassil? Cannot find anything on this anywhere, any answers about Shaladrassil? Like who planted? how long it's been there and such? All i found was: So it was around at least from WotA and before NordrassilBjoramier10 Dec 12
Dec 11 artifact timelines(are there multiple pcs? specifically the shadow priest/arms warrior/holy paladin quest lines. Many times quests say "heroes" or imply that I am one of many elite champions storywise, but I have trouble believing in their being overlap among these quests. Can anyone explain this or we just handwaving it. We all enter tyrs tomb, specifically the shadow priest and arms warriors quests and kill zakajz permanently, the both of us. The only way I can see this happening is that if the warriors permanent kill his body, the shadow priest later returns and kills his soul, and the pally later returns and sees the place sealed up. And the Twilights hammer tried to mess around down there each time.Zharshoul8 Dec 11
Dec 11 Warchief Sylvanas? I was browsing around looking for more information about Legion when I saw something on Wowpedia. It said Sylvanas was now the warchief of the horde. When did this happen? Is this a permanent change. Or is Wowpedia just wrong, and this is just the error of someone who jumped the gun? Any information would be appreciated.Komtarz116 Dec 11
Dec 11 What waits after death? The Light? Greetings everyone, I've asked this question before but several differing conclusions were reached. Anyone care to share their understandings or knowledge of the afterlife in warcraft? The Light is obviously a big contender, even more so before the Shadowlands lore came out. But, is the 'labyrinthine realm of decay and anguish' where mortal souls go once they die? Is everything truly so hopeless?Zirk44 Dec 11
Dec 11 Leader of the Darkspear, confirmed? So obviously, there's been some threads cropping up recently talking about Vol'jin and specifically who the new leader of the Darkspear might be. Of course it's all speculation because Blizz has yet to give official word, and there aren't very many obvious candidates. Recently after getting to Prestige 2 level 50, I was given a quest to "speak with the Horde leaders" in Undercity. Every Horde racial leader was there, along with a few very iconic Horde members. There was only one troll present... Spoilers if you are looking forward to doing the quest yourself: So yeah, this may or may not confirm that Rokhan is the Darkspear leader, or at least the foremost candidate. Just thought I'd share in case no one else has brought it up. What do you guys think?Mirkalla19 Dec 11
Dec 11 The Colours of Quel'Thalas Ultimately irrelevant and unimportant, but i find it fun to think about... A thread made me wonder: What did Quel'thalas look like before the Blood Elves established their cultural identity? In WC3, the forests were the typical fantasy forest - lush, deep greens. Perhaps this was mostly because Blizz didn't have the whole concept worked out. BUT i don't put it past the High Elves to manipulate the environment and their customs to cement their new identity. We have seen them do so in dramatic fashion when they shied away from the Arcane, when they became diurnal, etc. Is there any light shed on this topic in-game? And what about the colors of Silvermoon? Again, in warcraft 3,the high elves were assigned light blues, teals and silver. I'm convinced that pre sindorei SMC was in shades of blues, silvers and golds given the name/homage to their once-moon reverence. Weird that they didn't change the name of the city to Goldensun City or something when they redecorated. Anyway, thoughts?Pyrano26 Dec 11
Dec 11 Oculeth's Workshop - The Drift Does anyone know what The Drift is? Any theories?Talenaris4 Dec 11
Dec 11 Calia Menethil is in Legion So I just found out that Calia Menethil is in Legion. (Aka Arthas's sister) What do you think Blizz will do with her story wise? (I ponder if Blizz would ever consider letting Calia take back Lorderon and then Undead have to find a new major city or make one. Unlikely, but it's food for thought.)Kimmiroa100 Dec 11
Dec 10 "New Age" - Sylvanas When we encounter her in Helheim after she's finished making a deal with Helya, she mentions how it will herald in a new age to us. (I assume she might say something different to Horde? not sure) what do you think she might have meant with that? Sylvanas has in the past tried to obtain powers that are shady to put it lightly, one example in particular that I would be referring to with this is the Scythe of elune which she attempts to obtain during the whole Gilneas starter zone and you have to take it back. What do you think her intentions might have been if she obtained the Val'kyr besides obviously having a solution to the forsaken problem, how do you suspect things would have gone? I'm curious to hear others their opinions/speculation on the matterAthirius22 Dec 10
Dec 10 Frostmourne is gone Anyone noticed that the statue in the middle of Dalaran is gone? It was holding the last pieces of Frostmourn remaining. Now it is only a fountain. Did Blizzard change plans for lore? EDIT: Omg so tired sorry for the mistake in the weapon name. Terrible T.TAeoden20 Dec 10
Dec 10 Traveler and Black humans in WoW I recently heard about the new Warcraft book series Traveler. And with it, the other protagonist is a young black woman. I've heard from hardcore lore fans that black people don't exist in WoW since the Vykruls are all white. But now that black humans are cannon (and all over the movie), what are your thoughts?Makentosh59 Dec 10
Dec 10 Ancients of War So, my tauren druid recently unlocked the ability to summon an Ancient of War from his order hall in the Dreamgrove, a third type of minion that comes with a random champion specialization. Very nice. Except for the oddest thing. . . when I summoned one, it was red to me. I clicked on it and it was PvP-flagged Alliance. I just wanted to mention that since I know a running complaint from the night elf partisans is how the Ancients are ignored. Despite them appearing in Darnassus, random locations in Darkshore and Ashenvale, summoned by night elves to fight Azshara in Darkshore questing, and laying siege to the Horde at Splintertree Post.Scryll3 Dec 10
Dec 10 Worgen death Knights Don't really understand how it works. Like we're they worgen before becoming a death knight? Or after?Abragru3 Dec 10
Dec 10 Take Any Character And Place It In WoW Thought I'd have a game of sorts. Take any character from any tv series, movie, book, comic or other game, that you like, and then try place that character into WoW where you think it would most likely fit in. It can be a hero or a villain. __________________________________________________ What would their power level be? choose from: Peon level. Average Warrior level. Strong Wizard level. Murder Hobo level. (like us) Archimonde/Kil'jaeden level. Old God level. __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Who would they be affiliated with? Choose from: Horde. Alliance. Neutral. Scourge. Burning Legion. Old Gods. __________________________________________________ Where would they be located? choose any planet, or any specific zone within a planet. What would they be currently doing? what would there ultimate goals be? Who would be their nemesis? (choose from a WoW character) And for a ground rule lets keep it somewhat plausible.. Pikachu can't be able to 1shot sargeras and blink to any area of the universe whenever it pleases. I'll go first. Character: Voldemort Power level: Strong wizard (didn't see that coming, did ya?) Affiliation: Old Gods Location: Duskwood & Deadwind Pass Current Goals: To uncover the secrets of karazhan and claim the power of the last guardian, while he would work with the old gods, he would not be their servant, his ultimate goal would be to rule azeroth himself. His nemesis would be Khadgar.Berronax49 Dec 10
Dec 10 Is Silvermoon "time-locked"? I was in Silvermoon to get the tab for the exalted cape for a mog and noticed the group of Horde ambassadors walking with the Blood Elf one. Should there be also a Goblin ambassador walking with them now that they're a part of the Horde also? Or is Silvermoon in that state of "this made sense in BC so it's gonna stay that way."Iazyhealer1 Dec 10
Dec 9 NPCs react to Artifacts I thought it was neat on how Sylvanas reacted to Thas'Dorah. However I find myself curious how on how other NPCs have reacted to artifacts weapons. So what have reactions have you received when carrying your artifact?Gornur199 Dec 9
Dec 9 Holy Paladin Artifact Story During the quest to obtain The Silver Hand, we run into some incredibly powerful void creature. What do you think it was? Here's a picture: Dec 9
Dec 9 Necromancer: Affliction or Unholy Necromancers would be a really cool class to play in this game and I know I've seen a lot of people request that class over the years. My question is do you think blizzard missed the opportunity to implement them with the recent class overhaul? Affliction warlock could have perfectly been changed to Necromancer. Drain life/soul fits and they could have summoned multiple undead minions or even literally summoned corpse versions of mobs they defeated similar to how hunters tame pets. Unholy works too, or could work for an overhaul, but I don't feel like a plate wearer with a big two handed sword fits Necromancer fantasy at all.Telrenaur4 Dec 9
Dec 9 Possible Profession finales? Hey guys, So I was thinking while I was on the Engineering quest with the Fel Reaver arm and Leg, what if we used our accumulated knowledge to a crazy climax against the Legion? Now what i mean is in the final moments of a heavy assault, we do certain things according to our profession, provided we get that far in the quest chain. Maybe even finish off some storylines that you'd find interesting. Just to give an incentive to lore-nuts like myself. What do I mean? I mean something like... - Engineering: Sending a Fel Reaver against the enemy and crushing their munitions or perhaps pulling one of their Lieutenants or high rank official away and prevent their escape, LIKE THEY DID TO US! VARIAN I'M SO SORRY! *sobs uncontrollably*. Anyway, - Skinning: Skinning a few Legion beasts or Broken Isle beasts in the fray to keep our troops going. Maybe they send a Legion Mage after us, doing deadly amounts of cold damage to our troops unless we wrap em up in the skin we collect. - Blacksmithing: Our front is getting decimated by special armor penetration troops and we cannot get past them unless we regear our troops with Felslate armor or an Obliterum creation. - Inscription: We see a lot of runes lining in front of the enemy and we cannot figure out how to get rid of them. Stamping out the fel fire doesn't work this time, putting water on it doesn't. They seemed to have used water-proof ink along with some demon incantations. What do we do? We create an even stronger rune, powerful enough to decimate the enemy. These are just some of my ideas. What are your thoughts? ideas? suggestions? Dish 'em down in the replies! I'd love to see how creative the WoW community gets! Have fun and do me a favor... Keep a look out... that Gul'dan's been skulking around, watching as I cast spells. He's up to something. Watch your backs. Don't worry, Gul'dan can't read italics... ...right?Beauron9 Dec 9
Dec 9 Deathwing Human Form Why didn't we ever fight him in this form? He looks super bad !@# and it could have been a really great fight or even a phase of a fight.Telrenaur6 Dec 9
Dec 9 What race are Death Knights canonically? Are they undead? Or... are they a brand of undead like the forsaken? Are they just their former race basically still but zombified? I know in game they acquire the racial traits of the race that you made your Death Knight which, which strongly implies that they are in fact just the race you made them with, just sort of... dead-ish. But then again, maybe the fact that they're dead means they are forsaken-ish, dead but with a willpower of their own.Alistreia29 Dec 9