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Dec 12 "You are a pawn of forces unseen" During the return to Ulduar scenario from the pre-patch, the spirit/echo of Yogg-Saron whispers to us "You are a pawn of forces unseen" when the Saronite vapors show up. When this happened, we didn't know who he was talking about, but now I know after listening to these four whispers from Il'gynoth: "The king of diamonds has been made a pawn" "Five keys to open our way. Five torches to light our path" "The lord of ravens will turn the key" "What pointless impudence! We share a master!" The king of diamonds is obviously Magni, but who is he a pawn of: Azeroth or N'Zoth? The other quotes confirm that Magni has been listening to N'Zoth. The next two quotes reveal to us that the Pillars of Creation (five keys) will be used by "the lord of ravens" Khadgar to seal the Legion portal, while also weakening N'Zoth's prison (Who was the one who told us about the Pillars? Magni). Finally, the last quote "We share a master" confirms that the adventurers, Khadgar, and Magni have been fooled into helping Il'gynoth's master, N'Zoth. The Spirit of Yogg-Saron was talking about the God of the Deep, N'Zoth. N'Zoth is the unseen force that has been manipulating us from the shadows. He fooled Magni by pretending to be Azeroth, and he told Magni that the Pillars of Creation were needed to seal the Legion portal. Knowing this, Magni told us about how we need to use the Pillars of Creation to stop the Legion. However, we have been unknowingly serving N'Zoth, and we will help free N'Zoth from his prison so that he can finally corrupt this world.Bankaltt19 Dec 12
Dec 12 Speculate the rest of Legion's storyline With the launch of Legion, and a whole expansion ahead of us, there will never be a better time for the more clairvoyant of us to lay claim on how the storyline will progress from hereon. Because "I told you so" makes me feel good on the inside. So this is how I predict the rest of Legion will pan out. ............... So after the fabled leaders of the various class order halls take down xavius in the emerald nightmare, and guldan in nighthold, it is revealed that guldan took Illidan's body for a reason - and that reason had to do with Illidan's arcane tattoos. Or specifically, the pillars of creation. Why? Illidan had dusted one of the pillars of creation to use as pigment for his tattoo. You see, in the various legion's zones, we recovered five of the pillars of creation, one from Aggramar, one from Golganneth, one from Aman'thul, one from Khaz'goroth, and the last one (mysteriously) from Elune. Of the pantheon, save for Sargares, two notable Titans are missing - Norgannon, and Eonar. Norgannon is none other than the magic dude - the one that powers the blue dragon flight. And if you are a scribe, you will learn that the greater the fel Magic a demon hunter has, the greater the arcane magic he must have to balance. This arcane magic manifests in none other than the arcane tattoos the demon hunter inscribe on himself / herself. So long and short of it, illidan had dusted the pillar of creation from Norgannon to use to counter the fel magic that was gifted to him by none other than Sargares. So that's why his body is now a pillar of creation. The other pillar of creation (the one from Eonar) will be in the hands of the naga, located at this new zone called Thal'Dranath, located south of the broken isles. TLDR, there will be a naga / old God theme raid there (don't think we will kill azshara or any old God though), and champions will find Eonar's pillar of creation. And then it will be revealed that contrary to current popular belief, the nagas and queen azshara aren't exactly on the same team as the burning legion. They work for N'Zoth. And they hunt for the pillars the same reason why we adventurers are hunting for the pillars - to close off the portal. They don't trust us, because you know, the Kirin tor isn't the best storeman and Dalaran is an awful safe deposit box. True to that, after we conveniently gathered all the pillars in one place, someone betrays Dalaran (cough Jaina the dreadlord) and the legion swoops all of them in one go, and shoots Dalaran from the air for good measure. Turns out everything is in kiljaeden's plans (he is the Deceiver after all) - to use the pillars of creation not to shut the portal, but to open it large enough for Sargaras to come across War of the Ancient style. So this all culminates in a final showdown in which all of azeroth's forces rush b to the tomb of Sargares (the final raid of the expan). While all this is happening, the demon hunters of the fel hammer finally located Illidan's demonic and coincidentally immortal soul, and transplant that into the demon hunter second in command that the player didn't choose (canonically altrius). So illidan is back because of the power of fans. And because you know he is a demon now and demon hunters can have a demon within them. So the Army of Light's last ditch attempt with Xe'Ra and its child of shadow and light worked - and altrius, now illidan is poised to end all of fel. In the final raid, illidan returns like how gandalf appears at the battle of helm's deep and rips his actual body back from kiljaeden, who is using it to channel the spell to open the portal (with all of the other pillars of creation). In the meantime, adventurers fight deathwing's final phase v2.0 i.e. Saragaras' leg that came through the portal. And because Illidan's body is one of the pillars - spell interrupted and the portal self implode deus ex machina style. Azeroth 3 Burning Legion 0. Kiljaeden runs away to be reused in a subsequent expan (because let's reuse this 3 times in a row after garrosh and guldan)Blitzhammer2 Dec 12
Dec 12 Dont think we kill guldan. Thinking illians going to do the killing blow to him. Also thing illidan will know we cant kill guldan and we would have to go to the twisting nether to kill him. thinking maybe during event of next expansion illidan is going to kill him in the twisting nether sacrifice style in order to do something or otherXanthine25 Dec 12
Dec 12 Who planted Shaladrassil? Cannot find anything on this anywhere, any answers about Shaladrassil? Like who planted? how long it's been there and such? All i found was: So it was around at least from WotA and before NordrassilBjoramier10 Dec 12
Dec 11 artifact timelines(are there multiple pcs? specifically the shadow priest/arms warrior/holy paladin quest lines. Many times quests say "heroes" or imply that I am one of many elite champions storywise, but I have trouble believing in their being overlap among these quests. Can anyone explain this or we just handwaving it. We all enter tyrs tomb, specifically the shadow priest and arms warriors quests and kill zakajz permanently, the both of us. The only way I can see this happening is that if the warriors permanent kill his body, the shadow priest later returns and kills his soul, and the pally later returns and sees the place sealed up. And the Twilights hammer tried to mess around down there each time.Zharshoul8 Dec 11
Dec 11 Warchief Sylvanas? I was browsing around looking for more information about Legion when I saw something on Wowpedia. It said Sylvanas was now the warchief of the horde. When did this happen? Is this a permanent change. Or is Wowpedia just wrong, and this is just the error of someone who jumped the gun? Any information would be appreciated.Komtarz116 Dec 11
Dec 11 What waits after death? The Light? Greetings everyone, I've asked this question before but several differing conclusions were reached. Anyone care to share their understandings or knowledge of the afterlife in warcraft? The Light is obviously a big contender, even more so before the Shadowlands lore came out. But, is the 'labyrinthine realm of decay and anguish' where mortal souls go once they die? Is everything truly so hopeless?Zirk44 Dec 11
Dec 11 Leader of the Darkspear, confirmed? So obviously, there's been some threads cropping up recently talking about Vol'jin and specifically who the new leader of the Darkspear might be. Of course it's all speculation because Blizz has yet to give official word, and there aren't very many obvious candidates. Recently after getting to Prestige 2 level 50, I was given a quest to "speak with the Horde leaders" in Undercity. Every Horde racial leader was there, along with a few very iconic Horde members. There was only one troll present... Spoilers if you are looking forward to doing the quest yourself: So yeah, this may or may not confirm that Rokhan is the Darkspear leader, or at least the foremost candidate. Just thought I'd share in case no one else has brought it up. What do you guys think?Mirkalla19 Dec 11
Dec 11 The Colours of Quel'Thalas Ultimately irrelevant and unimportant, but i find it fun to think about... A thread made me wonder: What did Quel'thalas look like before the Blood Elves established their cultural identity? In WC3, the forests were the typical fantasy forest - lush, deep greens. Perhaps this was mostly because Blizz didn't have the whole concept worked out. BUT i don't put it past the High Elves to manipulate the environment and their customs to cement their new identity. We have seen them do so in dramatic fashion when they shied away from the Arcane, when they became diurnal, etc. Is there any light shed on this topic in-game? And what about the colors of Silvermoon? Again, in warcraft 3,the high elves were assigned light blues, teals and silver. I'm convinced that pre sindorei SMC was in shades of blues, silvers and golds given the name/homage to their once-moon reverence. Weird that they didn't change the name of the city to Goldensun City or something when they redecorated. Anyway, thoughts?Pyrano26 Dec 11
Dec 11 Oculeth's Workshop - The Drift Does anyone know what The Drift is? Any theories?Talenaris4 Dec 11
Dec 11 Calia Menethil is in Legion So I just found out that Calia Menethil is in Legion. (Aka Arthas's sister) What do you think Blizz will do with her story wise? (I ponder if Blizz would ever consider letting Calia take back Lorderon and then Undead have to find a new major city or make one. Unlikely, but it's food for thought.)Kimmiroa100 Dec 11
Dec 10 "New Age" - Sylvanas When we encounter her in Helheim after she's finished making a deal with Helya, she mentions how it will herald in a new age to us. (I assume she might say something different to Horde? not sure) what do you think she might have meant with that? Sylvanas has in the past tried to obtain powers that are shady to put it lightly, one example in particular that I would be referring to with this is the Scythe of elune which she attempts to obtain during the whole Gilneas starter zone and you have to take it back. What do you think her intentions might have been if she obtained the Val'kyr besides obviously having a solution to the forsaken problem, how do you suspect things would have gone? I'm curious to hear others their opinions/speculation on the matterAthirius22 Dec 10
Dec 10 Frostmourne is gone Anyone noticed that the statue in the middle of Dalaran is gone? It was holding the last pieces of Frostmourn remaining. Now it is only a fountain. Did Blizzard change plans for lore? EDIT: Omg so tired sorry for the mistake in the weapon name. Terrible T.TAeoden20 Dec 10
Dec 10 Traveler and Black humans in WoW I recently heard about the new Warcraft book series Traveler. And with it, the other protagonist is a young black woman. I've heard from hardcore lore fans that black people don't exist in WoW since the Vykruls are all white. But now that black humans are cannon (and all over the movie), what are your thoughts?Makentosh59 Dec 10
Dec 10 Ancients of War So, my tauren druid recently unlocked the ability to summon an Ancient of War from his order hall in the Dreamgrove, a third type of minion that comes with a random champion specialization. Very nice. Except for the oddest thing. . . when I summoned one, it was red to me. I clicked on it and it was PvP-flagged Alliance. I just wanted to mention that since I know a running complaint from the night elf partisans is how the Ancients are ignored. Despite them appearing in Darnassus, random locations in Darkshore and Ashenvale, summoned by night elves to fight Azshara in Darkshore questing, and laying siege to the Horde at Splintertree Post.Scryll3 Dec 10
Dec 10 Worgen death Knights Don't really understand how it works. Like we're they worgen before becoming a death knight? Or after?Abragru3 Dec 10
Dec 10 Take Any Character And Place It In WoW Thought I'd have a game of sorts. Take any character from any tv series, movie, book, comic or other game, that you like, and then try place that character into WoW where you think it would most likely fit in. It can be a hero or a villain. __________________________________________________ What would their power level be? choose from: Peon level. Average Warrior level. Strong Wizard level. Murder Hobo level. (like us) Archimonde/Kil'jaeden level. Old God level. __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Who would they be affiliated with? Choose from: Horde. Alliance. Neutral. Scourge. Burning Legion. Old Gods. __________________________________________________ Where would they be located? choose any planet, or any specific zone within a planet. What would they be currently doing? what would there ultimate goals be? Who would be their nemesis? (choose from a WoW character) And for a ground rule lets keep it somewhat plausible.. Pikachu can't be able to 1shot sargeras and blink to any area of the universe whenever it pleases. I'll go first. Character: Voldemort Power level: Strong wizard (didn't see that coming, did ya?) Affiliation: Old Gods Location: Duskwood & Deadwind Pass Current Goals: To uncover the secrets of karazhan and claim the power of the last guardian, while he would work with the old gods, he would not be their servant, his ultimate goal would be to rule azeroth himself. His nemesis would be Khadgar.Berronax49 Dec 10
Dec 10 Is Silvermoon "time-locked"? I was in Silvermoon to get the tab for the exalted cape for a mog and noticed the group of Horde ambassadors walking with the Blood Elf one. Should there be also a Goblin ambassador walking with them now that they're a part of the Horde also? Or is Silvermoon in that state of "this made sense in BC so it's gonna stay that way."Iazyhealer1 Dec 10
Dec 9 Holy Paladin Artifact Story During the quest to obtain The Silver Hand, we run into some incredibly powerful void creature. What do you think it was? Here's a picture: Dec 9
Dec 9 Necromancer: Affliction or Unholy Necromancers would be a really cool class to play in this game and I know I've seen a lot of people request that class over the years. My question is do you think blizzard missed the opportunity to implement them with the recent class overhaul? Affliction warlock could have perfectly been changed to Necromancer. Drain life/soul fits and they could have summoned multiple undead minions or even literally summoned corpse versions of mobs they defeated similar to how hunters tame pets. Unholy works too, or could work for an overhaul, but I don't feel like a plate wearer with a big two handed sword fits Necromancer fantasy at all.Telrenaur4 Dec 9
Dec 9 Possible Profession finales? Hey guys, So I was thinking while I was on the Engineering quest with the Fel Reaver arm and Leg, what if we used our accumulated knowledge to a crazy climax against the Legion? Now what i mean is in the final moments of a heavy assault, we do certain things according to our profession, provided we get that far in the quest chain. Maybe even finish off some storylines that you'd find interesting. Just to give an incentive to lore-nuts like myself. What do I mean? I mean something like... - Engineering: Sending a Fel Reaver against the enemy and crushing their munitions or perhaps pulling one of their Lieutenants or high rank official away and prevent their escape, LIKE THEY DID TO US! VARIAN I'M SO SORRY! *sobs uncontrollably*. Anyway, - Skinning: Skinning a few Legion beasts or Broken Isle beasts in the fray to keep our troops going. Maybe they send a Legion Mage after us, doing deadly amounts of cold damage to our troops unless we wrap em up in the skin we collect. - Blacksmithing: Our front is getting decimated by special armor penetration troops and we cannot get past them unless we regear our troops with Felslate armor or an Obliterum creation. - Inscription: We see a lot of runes lining in front of the enemy and we cannot figure out how to get rid of them. Stamping out the fel fire doesn't work this time, putting water on it doesn't. They seemed to have used water-proof ink along with some demon incantations. What do we do? We create an even stronger rune, powerful enough to decimate the enemy. These are just some of my ideas. What are your thoughts? ideas? suggestions? Dish 'em down in the replies! I'd love to see how creative the WoW community gets! Have fun and do me a favor... Keep a look out... that Gul'dan's been skulking around, watching as I cast spells. He's up to something. Watch your backs. Don't worry, Gul'dan can't read italics... ...right?Beauron9 Dec 9
Dec 9 Deathwing Human Form Why didn't we ever fight him in this form? He looks super bad !@# and it could have been a really great fight or even a phase of a fight.Telrenaur6 Dec 9
Dec 9 What race are Death Knights canonically? Are they undead? Or... are they a brand of undead like the forsaken? Are they just their former race basically still but zombified? I know in game they acquire the racial traits of the race that you made your Death Knight which, which strongly implies that they are in fact just the race you made them with, just sort of... dead-ish. But then again, maybe the fact that they're dead means they are forsaken-ish, dead but with a willpower of their own.Alistreia29 Dec 9
Dec 9 Mother Mavolence Im confused on her story and why she joined the illidari. I can't find anything online or haven't come across much in-game (unless i missed it). All I really have gathered is that she didn't want to be a servant of the legion anymore. Anyone have a bak story on her and her shivarra?Fizzure7 Dec 9
Dec 9 Could Garrosh Hellscream Return? Gul'dan handed Grom Gorehowl and told him his son from a different timeline was dead. This would mean Gul'dan and or his lackeys payed Garroshs Broken body a visit.With that in mind it's possible Gul'dan may of molded Garrosh Soul into the First Death Knight of this Alt World.In the Main Timeline Gul'dan made Teron Gorefiend or in life known as Teron'gor was the first Death Knight ever crated by Gul'dan as a promise to Orgrim Doomhammer to make warriors immune to the Humans Magics in return for his life to be spared.What is the possibility that Gul'dan from this AU desired to make a Death Knight out of Garrosh soul and bend him to his will? Garrosh if anything has information that Gul'dan may want so it may be possible he is just beating his soul and or making him the very thing he hated most a abomination. What better then a strong Orc Warrior under the Control of Gul'dan as a Death Knight with Information Gul'dan can use on the Horde strengths and weaknesses. This could honestly spark some interesting lore or at lest add some fun to Legion. Lets say Garrosh is a Death Knight and shows up in Legion under the Control of Gul'dan.<br/>How would members of the Horde react like say Thrall or even Vol'jin? I am sure some of the Horde leaders would be very sad by the turn of events and it mite even become a redemption story in the end where Gul'dan is killed and Garrosh is free from the mind control and takes up arms to fight the Legion along side the Horde. I mean Horde vets like Varok Saurfang would most likely have tears in his eyes to see and or hear of such a outcome and I think it mite even be touching for the Horde Player base since in lore a lot of the major Horde members like Thrall,Varok Saurfang would just be sad for the outcome since they gave him the proper Death for a Orc to only be proven Wrong.Rägeheärt54 Dec 9
Dec 9 FUTURE EXPANSION IDEAS I thought it would be a great idea to base an expansion on elves. Sylvanas, Tyrande, and Veressa. Sylvanas revisits northrend to further her magic in necromancy. (Icecrown) She also leaves the forsaken under nathanos. she goes missing for a long time and no one knows what has happened to her. Tyrande learning of this from veressa decides to persuade her in the frozen north to find out she had gone missing. Where is sylvanas? Tyrande will be the neutral hero of this expansion helping both the horde and the alliance. Varessa windrunner- she sees sylvanas in a dream of when they are younger. she also hears a call for help. As much as varessa wants to ignore this, she cannot ignore family. She heads to the undercity, to find out sylvanas is not there. With nathanos, she aids him in finding sylvanas. new HERO classes 1-ALLIANCE-Ranger-(archery/scout specialization).highelf,and human. 2-Horde- Darkranger-(banshee/blight caller specialization).bloodelf and undead. new class NECROMANCER-(reanimatiom,plague,and spectral specialization). Worgen, gnome,dwarf, troll,orc,Taunka, human(scourge like gothik). The cult of the dammed has a new leader. Bolvar is the new leader. He is leading a set of necromancers.dB Is he good or bad? Does he know what happened to sylvanas. revamped zones 1-Lorderan-much has changed. 2-silvermoon-rebuilt and no scourge exists here. new zones 1-The Nerubian Empire-this is a underworld below northrend divided into 3 zones. A powerful new underking has taken power since Anubarak has died. 2-there will be 2 new islands in the north as well. new playable races 1-horde-Taunka (icemist village past when the Nerubians attacked). 2-alliance-high elf-New Theramore village.Scarletråvën67 Dec 9
Dec 9 What happened to Alliance Paladin Generals? So since the Alliance formed in the times of Warcraft 2 it has always had Paladins as its top war leaders. Paladins were created in Warcraft lore to be Alliance war leaders. The Silver Hand was formed to be the special forces/super soldiers for the Alliance. Read the Tides of Darkness novel and tell me they weren't the most powerful things on the battlefield they turned the tide of battle at Hillsbrad/Southshore and the Battle of Blackrock Spire. Since then we have always had a Paladin in a leading position. Maybe not always the highest commander, but one of the main battlefield commanders. Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness - Turalyon was Lothar's second in command. Uther and the other Paladins served as battlefield commanders. Warcraft 2: Beyond the Dark Portal - Turalyon lead the Alliance forces. Warcraft 3: Uther appears to be leading the Alliance armies during the beginning of Warcraft 3. Pre-WoW: Alexandros Mograine and Saidan Dathrohan lead the Alliance forces of the Northern Kingdoms after Garithos's death. Later going on to form the Argent Dawn and Scarlet Crusade. WoW: Bolvar leads the Alliance forces for the most part up until WotLK. We see powerful Paladins leading the 7th Legion as well in Silithus and Wintergarde keep, such as Highlord Leoric Von Zeldig but after the Lich King's fall they all seemed to retire and disappear. Yet during this time it seems that Horde is growing Paladin commanders left and right. Liadrin and Sunwalker Dezco have lead Horde forces, yet no human paladins have been in sight. Let's look at the big battles Alliance have been in since WotLK. Cata? Besides Cassius the White chilling at a hub in Twilight Highlands, nothing. MoP - Nothing, the Seige of Orgimmar was one of the most significant Alliance battles and not a single paladin. Throne of thunder? Nope. WoD - We got Maraad, yet not a single human paladin was in the expedition force. Legion - Besides showing up in the Paladin Class hall, no human Paladin has helped the Alliance forces. The Broken Shore was perhaps the biggest fight the Alliance has had in years, yet we don't see any Paladins within the Alliance forces? Can I please have an Alliance leader I can look up to and relate to? Can we have Paladin's back to doing what they were created to do? To be the Alliance super soldiers and not chilling in some neutral hub while their alliance brothers and sister are dying off? I'm not asking for Blizzard to make new characters or anything, I would just like to for Paladins to return to their original purpose. Remember when WoW was first released? When asked to name the flagship Alliance class, I bet 90% of the answers would have been human paladin. Yet it almost seems as the Alliance is anti Paladin now.Gigalight109 Dec 9
Dec 8 "Best New" Ideas... add DBZ to the game "Ki" would be a new class of resource Kamehameha would be a lvl 120 talent -please expand this idea -also now is the time for other ideas. have fun!Forumpaladin12 Dec 8
Dec 8 Why are there High Elves in the game? So after the third war. Arthas had murdered 90% of the high elves. Which then 90% of the Survivors called them Blood Elves to remember the dead. Already this leaves a 1% of the people as High Elves. This problem got worse when the remaining 10% joined Othmar Garithos who wanted to fully purge the world of non humans. How did the High Elves not die off from their mana addiction? I really do not understand how there are so many High Elves in the game and why they would still be with the Alliance even though the action of Othmar Garithos a member of the Alliance tried to kill them off. You would be thinking of the actions of Othmar Garithos would be enough to make the high elves to become blood elves. I do not even think the Alliance even apologied for Othmar Garithos. Also after everything that happened. I think Vereesa Windrunner is the biggest insult to her people. As her people was in a time of great need. Needing a leader and she pretty much turned her back on them.Daemonette182 Dec 8
Dec 8 Chronicle Vol. 2 E-Book Can we have one please? I much prefer e books and volume 1 had itTelrenaur4 Dec 8
Dec 8 Why won't Odyn make the Warrior stoneforged? According to the lore Odyn gives his chosen who have proven themselves worthy the gift of reversing the curse of the flesh. So why doesn't he do the same for the warrior player character after all the !@#$ he's done including killing Helya if they are among the races inflicted with the curse of the flesh. I can't see him/her not being worthy enough. My guess is gameplay reasons not lore.Kalomonk41 Dec 8
Dec 8 Best lore? Just wondering what class/classes do you guys think has the best lore? Please explain :)Sinkingship11 Dec 8
Dec 8 Why Does This Forum Hate Humans So Much? They had a bunch of new lore in Cataclysm, but so did everyone else nearly. They were barely relevant in Mists, for 1 patch where the Horde/Orcs were also equally relevant. Warlords, they had 0 presence aside from adventurers and a few in Ashran. Legion, again, not a huge presence. So why are people constantly having hate for them that won't settle down? Humans are one of the most interesting races in the game with some of the coolest lore and stories to tell, which feel much more personal at times (Tirion chain, Mistmantle, Mor'Ladim et.c) than the mary sue-ish races like Night Elves and Draenei. What gives?Malvared222 Dec 8
Dec 8 What class should be next? Some of these classes are below. Pick 1 or more for an expansion and say why you want that class. (1) necromancer (2) dark ranger (3) runemaster (4) watcher (5) witch (6) witch doctor (7) shadow hunter (8) seer (9) sage (10) oracle (11) sorceror (12) geomancer (13) pyromancer (14) soul binder (15) mist caller (16) ranger (17) archer (18) warden (19) wizard (20) magician (21) tide hunter (22) tinker (23) templar (24) hound master (25) blight caller (26) beserker (27) spirit walker (28) corrupter(like xavius) (29) ninja (30) cavalier (31) knight (32) pirate (33) thornweaver (34) dreadlord (35) dragoon (36) bard (37) dark apocracy (38) moonguard (39) sea witch (40) prophet These are just some classes. Name off a few more and pick a favorite. Anything can happen such as changes, look at locks and demon hunters.Scarletråvën76 Dec 8
Dec 8 2 new classes spellbreaker - human, blood elf necromancer - human, blood elf, undeadForumpaladin75 Dec 8
Dec 7 Mage Arcane VS fire and frost Fire and frost magic is derived arcane? (like arcane as primodial magic ?) so, frost and fire is refined ?Döminus31 Dec 7
Dec 7 RL History for WoW factions/etc Ok, lots of people probably don't want to read this thread, but I mean... it MIGHT be fun right. This is as a fan of history and in no way intended to offend anyone who might be attached to his/her factions or RL nationalities/countries. So in the spirit of fun this is what I think matches up based on basically just gut instinct and other factors. Also I read the forum rules and while this seems slightly OT perhaps I kind of think people bring it up RL paralells while discussing WoW lore before so it seems ok, if not though I apologize. But yeah here is what I think. Humans = Medieval English Dwarves = Medieval Scottish Draenaei = Medieval French Night Elves = Ancient Romans Gnomes = Irish (Ancient or Medieval) Orcs = Medieval Germans/Ancient Spartans Trolls = Carthage Blood Elves = Medieval Russia Tauren = Native Americans Undead = Eastern Europe/Poland/Slavic Edit: Wow, forgot two, WoW is so big now... Goblins = Atlantic City early American industry/gambler culture Worgen = Transylvania/Romania etc, as the poster below said.Alistreia29 Dec 7
Dec 7 why structures in the emerald dream/nightmare So, i was running EN last night which is the corrupted emerald dream and something struck me as off... when ever i have read books, or descriptions of the emerald dream it's always described as a world of Azeroth untouched by the hands of sentient races, and descriptions i have found of it states that "The Emerald Dream is basically how the world would have been, if intelligent beings had not altered Azeroth's surface". But when i look around, i see the towers of gun'drak in the background of Usoc's lair. I see the night elf structures of moon glade, i see thunder bluff sundered by the nightmare. was i just wrong in my understanding of how the dream is suppose to look?Nònna10 Dec 7
Dec 7 Long time players I have been playing this game for over 10 years. I think long time players should get the title "The Ancient" so if we want, we can let other players know we have been playing forever. ThanksBillowy8 Dec 7
Dec 7 We can fix vol'jin! We have the technology! And if that gnomish technology can't restore/clone him then we'll fist to cuffs with spectral animals (so called "loas") for his soul!Breakerdevon21 Dec 7
Dec 7 Do tauren Druids worship Elune? Or earth mother? Or both?Abragru26 Dec 7
Dec 7 If you could do anything... If you could do anything to any one WoW character, what would you do? No strings attached, no holds barred. I'd take Genn by the face and give his ears a good scratchin'. Nothing scritches dem itches like Samariyu's boney nubs.Samariyu110 Dec 7
Dec 7 My Desire for Vol'jin Not gonna be a long post, but I just wanted to drop some thoughts. (Edit: I lied) As much as I liked him being the Warchief of the Horde when it was first announced, I actually don't want him to come back and reclaim the title. The position of Warchief is being thrown around like a hot potato, and gorram it, I just want some stability for a few patches. What I want them to do is build on some of the previously existing parallels between Sylvanas and Vol'jin by "showing and not telling." I.e., whereas before Vol'jin was learning to put aside a part of himself to lead the Horde as a whole, worrying about the fate of multiple races directly instead of just his own, NOW I want him to come back as a champion for trolls. He is destined to unite and lead them. I want that. I want him to have his own troll arc outside of the Horde. Meanwhile, where before Sylvanas was a champion of the Forsaken, and really only directly worried about them most of the time, now she's thrust into a role of leadership where she must consider the fate of the Horde as a whole. In a way, they've switched places (or at least, I want them to.) It could be a good way to highlight the plight of two characters, and maybe they'll even gain a greater professional understanding and respect for one another. PS. Another thought. I kinda hope that Sylvanas grows as a person this expac, and tensions between her and the other leaders are mostly smoothed over. If they accept her as Warchief on her own merits and not just Vol'jin's words, it will at last feel like the whole of the Horde is embracing the Forsaken. We'll feel united again, which to me hasn't felt like the case since Wrathgate.Samariyu20 Dec 7
Dec 6 Imps and Imp Mothers I have my own hypothesis surrounding the relationship between imps and imp mothers and wonder what the community thinks. I'm thinking they are both the same species but the male and female are extremely sexually dimorphic. The females are imp mothers and grow up to be extremely powerful and strong compared to the tiny male imps. It may be a sort of a caste system as in ants, bees and wasps. In fact that's exactly what I think it is. I'm guessing these tiny male imps have the same role as the worker cast in ants. They are runty and there only purpose is to serve the imp mothers. Now as for the breeding male imps I think they also derive from the same weak imps. Maybe they are fed a special products similar to what worker bees are fed in bee colonies if they are to become queen ants. These male imps are destined to become "Imp fathers". In conclusion I believe from the union of Imp fathers and imp mothers come all new imp mothers and tiny runty regular imps.Kalomonk4 Dec 6
Dec 6 What is rexxar doing? How come he hasn't done anything? Is he just chilling up in blades edge mountain, or lost in the nexus?Ughash12 Dec 6
Dec 6 WC I Warlock Tower Speculation As is known, the Temples of the Damned, or Grom'bolar, of the Second War were built from the bones of the Grom, or Giants of the Orcish home world. Given the skull motif of the Warlock Towers from the First War, I'm curious as to whether or not these buildings were also constructed, at least in part, from the skulls of Draenor's giants. Sadly, the manual for "Orcs and Humans" is less descriptive than that from "Tides of Darkness." However, the former manual does mention that the Warlock Towers in question did have floors made of stone, inlaid with ornate metal runes for spells of summoning. Perhaps, then, the skull design of the building is merely that; thematically carved from stone to suit the leitmotif of the Warlocks and their magic. Anyone aware of any information beyond the game manuals mentioned above that might shed some light on this inquiry?Naz3 Dec 6
Dec 6 Most Powerful Class Lorewise? Khadgar, Jaina, Tyrande, Malfurion, the list goes on of powerful figures of their classes. But lorewise, what's the most powerful class. I understand for gameplay and balance standpoints they're all allegedly equal when it comes to the player, but when it comes to the lore and the history of these people, which is most powerful? My money is on the mages.Floressel44 Dec 6
Dec 6 Prince Varondis Hello good people, Just headin' on through the storyline of Azsuna with my Monk and I was doing the Farondis questline and it got me thinking about the future of Queen Azshara. Don't you guys think that he should have a more major role in her eventual demise? or even more of a "leading the assault" type role? Of course I do wish for us to get the killing blow but hey, at least we could have a potential character leading the plentiful of our forces while we take care of business, right? Well I guess Illidan AND Farondis but I'm not sure. What do you guys think?Beauron5 Dec 6
Dec 6 Troll Leader? With Vol'jin being dead, who's the head honcho of the troll race now?Yicken29 Dec 6
Dec 6 Explanation of Draenei/Eredar Lore/Culture WARNING: Long read ahead. With many "Draenei" Warlock threads popping up, it's time I finally addressed the broken lore of the Draenei/Eredar. ... Alright, so first off: ...This means that the Draenei are NOT a race, but a faction of uncorrupted Eredar. The man'ari are basically the other team, and can even be considered by some a subrace of the original uncorrupted Eredar, since they became Demonic entities and such. Their relationship is very much like the High Elves/Blood Elves. They were all once united. Fel influence came, BOOM. Two factions created, but they are still very much the same race, just with different influences/culture/views/etc... ...This basically states the the Eredar were a demonic race from the start and practiced warlock magic even before the Legion's existence. That has been retconned: ... This states that the Draenei and Man'ari were all united as one. When Sargeras came, the Eredar split into two factions: The Draenei and the Man'ari. ... ... DRAENEI WARLOCKS ... ...No Draenei warlocks. The closest thing to a "Draenei" Warlock is an Eredar Warlock. And all known Eredar Warlocks serve the Burning Legion. There is no such thing as a Draenei Warlock. Only an Eredar Warlock(Sargerei) or a Man'ari Eredar. TLDR; -The Draenei are not a race, but a faction of original Eredar (Draenei Eredar) -Man'ari are the other team, a faction that opposes the Draenei. (Man'ari Eredar) -Man'ari can be considered a subrace of original Eredar because they are so twisted from fel energies, (I throw this around loosely as it's purely opinion) much like how Broken and Lost Ones are a subrace of Eredar. Also see Wrathguard: -Draenei culture is based on the Light which means that Draenei Warlocks do not exist, only Eredar Warlocks(Sargerei) or Man'ari Eredar. -The Broken "Draenei" are an Eredar subrace and most ally themselves to the Draenei. -Lost Ones are also an Eredar subrace (subrace of the Broken?)Sanctusar59 Dec 6