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Jul 17 Class Campaigns and 7.3 Out of curiosity is there hint or sign of the class campaigns continuing in 7.3?Gornur13 Jul 17
Jul 17 Is Thrall being set up to be Warchief again? Sylvannas is completely not to be trusted, I love her as a character and for her dramatic role in the story, but there is no way Thrall can just ignore this. And without Doomhammer and his connection to the elements, I'd say Blizzard is planning something like this. Its just looking like he may have no other alternative? Literally none of the other leaders trust Sylvannas, even Garrosh was put off by her methods and constantly kept tabs on her. Thoughts anyone?Mehrunes30 Jul 17
Jul 17 The Undead of the Black Rook So this has been bugging me for a while but, does anyone know how the corpses and spirits of the Black Rook got reanimated? I know it is implied that a nathrezim was resposible for that and washing their brains n stuff. But is it really that simple? I know the dreadlords created the plague of undeath but I asumed by this point that it was a failed experiment and so they didn't continue with it. Besides they were working on it since the War of the Ancients so rising corpses (let alone that many) should not have been an easy task using only fel energy right? That's more of a specialized necromancer thing now. Also, if the dreadlord we fight in the Black Rook did cause all of it...why? It was already proven to the legion that they cannot control our dead for long so why bother with the soldiers of the Black Rook specifically? Now, if the dreadlord simply took advantage of the already risen dead, how did they rise to begin with? Could it be that the curse affenting Farondis' people extended to the followers of Ravencrest? I know this is a simple topic but I haven't found anything to justify those events and I'm a REAL lore nerd, so any info you can share would be highly appretiated :)Tharonael12 Jul 17
Jul 16 Story Forum Community Lounge 132 Link to the Archive: Link to the last lounge: 1) The thread must be called "Story Forum Community Lounge" followed by its number. 2) No serious lore discussion. 3) No hating, flaming, or serious debates unless all sides wish to engage in the talk. 4) You must post these rules in the Original Post, so all can see the rules in future lounge. Last time on Story Forum Community Lounge: Sternbridge: "Coincidentally, he's level 68, so he could have left for Northrend at any time. I just lost interest after finally trudging through Outland." The Saga Continues Monsterous.Estus500 Jul 16
Jul 16 Torben did nothing wrong The level 4 Gnome NPC chilling in the Gnome starting zone, I have yet to see someone disprove the fact that he has done nothing wrongKaesungwoo13 Jul 16
Jul 16 Theory about Sylvanas and Vol'jin Vol'jin dying and handing the position of Warchief to Sylvanas was an extremely strange plot twist... that has gone absolutely nowhere in Legion. Everything the Banshee queen has done, she could have done without the title. And by this point, one doesn't need to look too far to see all the valid and reasonable complaints about Vol'jin's pointless death. But was it pointless? Consider that we still don't know what sort of bargain Sylvanas made with Helya. And keep in mind, Helya was once the queen of the val'kyr, the first and presumably the most powerful. Val'kyr, as we've seen with Spirit Healers, have a powerful connection to the Shadowlands, able to travel there and revive souls. We've also received numerous hints that the next expansion will be about the Old Gods and the South Seas. While much of the hype has centered around Kul Tiras, players have also wanted to see Zandalar for a long time. Yes, Pandaria questing suggests that it's now at the bottom of the ocean, but Blizzard has made underwater zones before. There's always a way. Finally, it simply doesn't make sense for Vol'jin to vanish from the story, even if he did truly die. Trolls are known for coming back from the dead as ghosts, and surely the champion of the Loa of Death, the most powerful Shadow Hunter we know of, would be no exception! *dons tinfoil hat* My theory is that Sylvanas, in an effort to save the Forsaken from an afterlife of suffering, will change her strategy from keeping them immortal to simply giving them a less awful afterlife. I think her deal with Helya was giving her permission to claim Forsaken souls as honored servants and keepers of Helheim, in exchange for the Soul Cage, enslavement of Eyir, and keeping Sylvanas herself as an immortal ally in the land of the living. Still sort of an awful fate, but a step-up from being devoured by the void for sure. However, Helya's dead now. Servants are useless. This is where Vol'jin and Zandalar come in. Desperate, Sylvanas will scour the Shadowlands with the aid of her Val'kyr and find Vol'jin, who agrees to aid her. Vol'jin will act as a messenger and intermediary between Sylvanas and Bwonsamdi, who, though reluctant to help the undead, understands what's at stake. In Zandalar, we will find some ancient relic or ritual that allows a non-troll outsider to devote their spirit to the loa, and thus change their destination after they perish. Perhaps Sylvanas will sacrifice herself in the attempt. Perhaps Hakkar the Soulflayer (remember him?) will act as an enemy or boss. Perhaps we get a new, sorely-needed troll character or development for existing ones. Maybe, just maybe, we find some Zandalari allies and finally get subraces! I slept terribly last night, so my thoughts are a tad incoherent... but feel free to give me input and pick my logic apart :)Luteyja10 Jul 16
Jul 16 Making Monkeys of Orcs- Now Trolls? In Warlords, Blizz made impotent monkeys out of all the Orc heros; they couldn't even win a battle on their home turf. Is Blizz about to make idiots out of Vol'jin and his trolls? In Vol'jin's dying vision, the Spirits told him The Dark Lady was going to save the Horde. But in every so-called "lore story" published so far, she is portrayed as a despicable, narcassistic b*tch interested only in her own power and ends. Hardly anyone's "savior." Are you going to piddle down our backs again, Blizz? Are you going to tell the Trolls that Vol'jin was a fool and their faith is childish nonsense? I wonder....Bangeaux61 Jul 16
Jul 16 Horde-Alliance War: Outsider's Perspective Though the Alliance and Horde are always at eachother's necks, they naver seem to notice that they share many of the same allies. The Argent Crusade, the Kirin Tor, the dragonflights, the Cenerion Circle, and that's merely the tip of the iceberg. I have to wonder what their people would say if given the chance to comment on the long-lasting feud? Would it be seen as a joke? A tragedy? A disappointing waste of what could potentially be a powerful union? Or are there some that would even see the was as justified? What do you guys think?Vuzeng20 Jul 16
Jul 16 Lore of Hero Classes Being as classes that start at higher level, is there any official explanation to you going back into old zones as a new class (i.e. a DH going to shadowmoon valley and fighting the people he was -in the lore - working with?) or how could you even be there at all? DK's are considered part of the whole burning crusade having started at level 58? Monks are introduced to races like the orcs who weren't even originally from azeroth, so how would they know that there was a continent called pandaria? etcCalderra17 Jul 16
Jul 16 Where are we going? Hi all, off and on wow player so story is somewhat inconsistent for me, with the legion on our front door, the tomb of sargeras flung open and our heroes diving face first into the abyss I have to wonder what's going to happen next? The citizens of Azeroth and beyond have been fighting the legion since the beginning, this is the entire reason for all the shattering, dead raising, world breaking, great war happenings since before Warcraft 1. So where do we go when this is done? Is blizz going to create a new enemy, or possible go beyond the burning legion and go further into the old gods, void lords etc.? I haven't kept up with all the happenings since legion released, getting as far as acquiring the pillars of creation and then life happened and I fell behind. Have the devs mentioned what the future looks like or are things mostly end raid focused right now? I'm sure they're perfectly capable of continuing with the story or creating a new one but I want to know what everyone thinks.Alaios1 Jul 16
Jul 16 Warlords of Azeroth In 2012 or whatever, Blizz decides that the Horde has had enough of the villain bat in Cata and MoP, and scraps their planned expac, Warlords of Draenor, in favor of something a little different. Jaina Proudmoore goes back in time to pre-1st War Azeroth after Wrathion concludes that Garrosh and the Orcs probably aren't the best candidates for his idea of an infinite anti-Legion army. Proudmoore murders Kairoz (faster than Garrosh btw!!) and goes about setting her own Alliance to destroy the Horde on our Azeroth. It's the Warlords of Azeroth!! Who does she recruit as her Warlords? How does she convince them to join? What reason do we have for them being completely evil (<----most important part!)? Anyone who was on Azeroth pre-WoD is fair game. Assume she has full knowledge of events and geography up to the Siege of Orgrimmar.Lienthras10 Jul 16
Jul 16 Zul'jin did nothing wrong The Amani were defending their rightful land in the past, the old Horde abandoned them in their time of need and we new Horde should have gone and begged them for forgiveness instead of killing them so we could have forest trolls and a nice Siege of Silvermoon raid. Dis... was our land. TROLL land. We Amani was here before anyone! Da' elves and dere Alliance came to drive us out. But we never give up. We never forget...Kazdoth18 Jul 16
Jul 16 The Queen of the Alliance Lore projection: Post Manduin cinematic, Anduin now MANduin goes off into warrior/paladin training. Not sure who trains him up, maybe Genn--but there's a chasm in the leadership of the alliance. Who will fill the gap? Tyrande and Malfurion are still a little shaken up from the Emerald Nightmare. Magni and the rest of dwarven leadership are still getting used to having Magni back. Mekkatorque, well--sorry gnomes. No one wants a puntable faction leader. Genn's off training Manduin and getting back at Sylvannas. Velen all QQ from the haters on Argus. Veresa's in an awkward family situation. That leaves only one option-- Mage Queen Jaina! Remember the white-haired, let's-flood-Ogrimar, dismantle-the-Horde, Jaina? Yeah, she's back. She's back and on the Garrosh-caliber warpath!Airynjune30 Jul 16
Jul 16 Hey, Mac'Aree is open Some notes from my experience so far: -God I love Argus's skyboxes: -We're here for a relic called the Crown of the Triumvirate to give us the edge to fight the Legion (since the first zone ends with us realizing Aggramar is evil now). Each of the eredar's leaders made a piece, Velen's kept his this whole time, KJ's and Archi's should be in the city. -The zone is pretty much uncorrupted, just ruined. It's floating separately from the rest of the planet which has apparently kept it mostly free of fel. -Moths, mana wyrms, eredar ghosts, and Vigilants are new sights here. Not very many demons. Again, probably because it's separate from the rest of the planet. -A naaru named L'ura fought back against the Legion when the draenei fled on the Genedar. L'ura is the name of the dark naaru boss in the dungeon. -Velen also says he begged the naaru to turn the Genedar around and go back to Argus, but they told him this was what had to be done. -The Wakeners from demonology lock's artifact research are back. The Vigilant guarding the ruins of their school is a jerk. I love him. -Archimonde was an !@#$%^- teacher who "preferred to teach by rewarding frustration with frustration--punishment with more punishment." The Vigilant makes you go through an obstacle course Archimonde designed. "It is designed to kill you. Best of luck." -Legion constructs that look like mini versions of their spaceships are patrolling roads in front of the dungeon with spotlights. -Archimonde never destroyed his piece of the Crown when he turned evil because he was always dismissive of it. Without the rest of the Crown it gave him little power. Anyway that's where I am now.Reignac94 Jul 16
Jul 16 Vol'jin: should he come back? Was just curious on what everyone's thoughts on a reviving Vol'jin possibly. I think we all agree his death was pointless and unnecessary. Should Blizzard find a way to write him back into the story, either as a Loa or alive once more?Dorizin101 Jul 16
Jul 16 What do you think Draenor is up to right now? What are Yrel, Durotan, and Reshad doing with their time?Reignac32 Jul 16
Jul 16 Whatever happened to Gorehowl? (The Axe) Whatever happened to Garrosh's axe, Gorehowl? I know he had it on alternate Dreanor. (In the opening cinematic.) But I didn't play wod. (first time i actually bought wow was after legion launched)Aegisbreaker21 Jul 16
Jul 16 Wrathion: Whereabouts & Plans ... Okay after the events of Pandaria we know Wrathion was angered that the wedge between the Alliance & the Horde was widened by Garrosh, which he was irritated at, and wanted them to unite for greater threats bearing on his world (Like the true black dragons purpose / aspect of earth before corruption, role) such as the Burning Legion... So now coming up to the events of Draenor from the books, Wrathion helped release Garrosh and establish him freedom into an alternate timeline using epoch dust from the Timeless Isle and the Bronze dragon, in which Garrosh murdered the Bronze dragon in his humanoid form so he would no longer be a pawn (This probably disrupted Wrathion's plans but black dragons are nothing if not cunning...) and so Garrosh launched an assault on Azeroth for his warmongering dreams of glory & conquest. Perhaps, Wrathion knew that the only way his world would once again unite is if they faced an enemy greater than themselves alone. So he watched patiently as Garrosh grew his army and launched an attack on Azeroth. To Wrathion's appeasement the Horde and Alliance did work together on their initial push through the time-tapped Dark Portal, yet the majority of this unity quickly evaporated. He hoped there would still be hope and continued to watch, avoiding troubles, yet manages to anger local ogres so settles with the Alliance at Admiral Taylor's Garrison for a while in Draenor before recruiting his guards for himself. Wrathion would eventually see that Gul'Dan had made himself as a large player in the chess game and was manipulating pawns into play (Such as Cordana Felsong) which is why he makes a mild cameo on a flag during the Tomes of Chaos quest... To Wrathion's displeasement Gul'Dan managed to great a large foothold in Tanaan Jungle and form fel allies which could potentially threat Azeroth. After the defeat of Archimonde and the banishment of Gul'dan he thought the Champions of Azeroth could perhaps face off greater threats than he initially thought... And so he sought to think of other responsibilities he held close and recollected the memory & visions of eating the Thunder King's Heart... As well as what he had uttered unintentionally afterwards "WE HAVE FALLEN. WE MUST REBUILD THE FINAL TITAN. DO NOT FORGET." and so seeks out the Titan spirits that were protected by Norgannon before their bodies destruction by Sargeras, and the few that sought refuge on Azeroth (Such as Aman'Thul), seeking to regather his shattered spirit (Which was caused by Lei Shen attempting to absorb his power completely from the mountain the titan-keeper Ra had stored it within), and restore the titan spirits. Remember, Wrathion thought one of the many great threats against our world was mostly the Legion but after the titan visions would had also gained knowledge of the Void Lords... So now he seeks to protect Azeroth from an even more dire threat... Perhaps we will see him in a major roll when the 'All consuming darkness' returns to threaten Azeroth... Legion Speculation: In Neltharion's Lair dungeon, at the end we see Ebonhorn (Another purified Black Dragon who is much older than about 10'000 years give or take) said he had OTHER family matters to attend to... Could he not be talking about Mayla Highmountain but indeed his dragon brethren Wrathion? Imagine meeting another of your kind who weren't insane and delusional to Old Gods (From experience, I gather it's hard ;P lol) PS: Initially I had the thought of Wrathions quote "WE HAVE FALLEN. WE MUST REBUILD THE FINAL TITAN. DO NOT FORGET." meaning to birth Azeroth's world-soul as a titan, but it says 'REBUILD' thus gathering the titans spirits seems more likely... Anywho, how cool would it be if Wrathion succeeded in rebuilding Aman'Thul and was granted a fragment of power like the aspects were? Having a dragon aspect again would be awesome and much relief for all us dragon lore fans. Alright so feel free to comment / discuss bellow; post your thoughts, ideas, agreements, likes or otherwise. ^_^Aussielight20 Jul 16
Jul 16 Nerubians I know this has come up a lot in the past and even Blizz themselves have said they were unhappy with having to cut out the lore implementation regarding this race in Northrend. However I feel in light or recent events there may be a chance, however minor it is, that we may get more lore on the Nerubians brought into the game. With the direction of the story line pointing towards the void and the old ones I think that the story line could incorporate some Nerubian lore. Not to the scale of helping them reclaim Azjol'Nerub, but maybe a time walking dungeon of some kind. I know its a far stretch, but I'd love to hear what the rest of you think of this, and in the event that blizz is watching.....bring the Nerubians into the fold!Fritizio10 Jul 16
Jul 15 I think I found something. (Expac Theory!) Hey guys! So, I'll just get right into it; remember how in the Fel Hammer (Demon Hunter class order hall) there were these models of various planets? I remember people speculating what all the worlds were at one point, but.. Today I noticed something, and I'm unsure if it has been brought up already but I'll share it with you anyway. To the southern end of Azeroth, if you look in between Kalimdor and Pandaria on our world map, everything looks normal. However, looking at the representation of Azeroth in the Demon Hunter order hall, something contrasts the world map. At first I thought it was just a shadow, but then I lowered my graphics quality so that I could see it more clearly. Upon realization of what it was, I magnified the image and it was quite evident - which you will see in the link below. Now, I don't outright claim this to be anything. I've speculated that it might be the island of the Zandalar given its close nature to Pandaria, but after reviewing the world map again and using information based on what we know about Kul Tiras drifting out to sea away from Gilneas and their obsession with claiming Durotar, I think an argument can be made. Again, I'm unsure if any of this has been discovered before or not, but what with the recent speculation of Kul Tiras being a candidate for the next expansion locale I think its safe to say that IT IS possible that this island could be the long lost humans of Kul Tiras. It being so near Tiragarde Keep is purely for what I would imagine would be story purposes, and is "just dumb luck" that it would end up so near. Now, one concern is that it's so small. This is true, it is, but we must remember that Kul Tiras is a sea-faring nation. The sea is their real-estate, as it were. Given the size of this particular island I don't think that it's enough to warrant an entire expansion. It may be a hub or a city, but that's just my opinion. So, what else could this island be? It could very easily be nothing. Honestly, that's the most likely scenario. However, it could be that next expansion we will finally get another troll patch, and we will be traveling to the sinking island of Zandalar. To me, that is the most likely case and I fully expect on the revivification of the legendary Troll Patch next expansion. I'm fairly confident in this theory given how close it is to Pandaria, and their high presence in that expansion. Though, let's not rule out that it could be a major patch update. If you look, you can see that the island is about twice the size of the Isle of Thunder which we can see among the dotted innermost islands of Pandaria just below it. This SCREAMS a major patch to me. I wholeheartedly expect to see Zandalar or Kul Tiras next expansion. What do you guys think? Is it nothing? Is it Zandalar? Is it Kul Tiras? Is it just a skewed image of the Isle of Thhunder? Is it something else? Its clearly not a part of Pandaria or Kalimdor, so what is it if not an artistic mistake - which given what happened in Black Temple with the vision of Azeroth many years ago, I do not believe that it is a mistake. Thanks for reading, and please, share your thoughts! Edit: SpellcheckNobirus4 Jul 15
Jul 15 Alliance superior to the Horde in every way? If you think about it the Alliance actually has a higher population, more land, more resources, stronger leaders, and better technology. So how does the Horde compete with the Alliance?Mythelm233 Jul 15
Jul 15 Could Frostwolves leave the Horde? In one of the Horde questlines in Hillsbrad Foothills, you are sent by Cromush to gain help from the Frostwolves to fight the Alliance, only for Drek'thar to coldly say no, he will not help because he believes the Forsaken shows no remorse over their actions. Since Sylvanas is now Warchief of the Horde and looks like its staying that way for awhile, what's to say the Frostwolf clan may even consider leaving the Horde?Falgand38 Jul 15
Jul 15 Where to read about WoW's lore. I'm not super big into WoW's lore, but I've been playing off and on since 2008. Anyway, I have a lot of downtime at work, and curious as to where I can best read up on the lore on my phone.Philodruid1 Jul 15
Jul 15 Is Gul'dan.... Afflock or Destro ? Has it been mentioned anywhere canonically ? If not then what do you think ?Chatakchampu19 Jul 15
Jul 15 PTR question? So I've not played the ptr..don't have the hardrive space I don't think so I was wondering if Turalyon and Khadgar had some dialogue between them? I would also kind of like Danath to be there, to see how much they've aged..and what not. Is their anything like that so far?Gariön6 Jul 15
Jul 15 Return of the Lich king NOT Hearthstone title Return of the Lich King (the title blizz copyrighted) Was NOT the title of the new Hearthstone expansion as speculated. If Hearthstone isn't using the title, I can't think of any IP but wow that can utilize the title. It looks like we might be going back to Northrend. Anyone think it's a possibility? If so where do you think the story will go?Nagnok63 Jul 15
Jul 15 Villains of Next Expansion The next expansion looks to center on the old gods. The hinted at villains look to be: N'Zoth Azshara Jaina Sylvannas Thoughts? Should anyone else be added?Lanathel61 Jul 15
Jul 15 Garithos Did Nothing Wrong The elves deserved what they got. The dwarves were stupid enough to not able to navigate a forest. Sylvanas and Garithos shared common ground when he allied with her against the Dreadlords.Garinhalt41 Jul 15
Jul 14 If the Alliance are responsible for Arthas Which I've heard several times from Horde posters by now. Then the Forsaken are responsible for Bolvar if he ever actually becomes an expansion villain that we have to deal with. Sylvanas since the start of vanilla was encouraging production of a massive plague that would purge all of the living. Naturally, she has never been held accountable for this. The convenient coup in Wrath of course absolved her of -any- responsibility. This very same plague is what ended his life and sealed his fate. The rest is history. Must be nice playing the race that is never held accountable for their actions. I guess you're some important developer's pet faction.Garinhalt38 Jul 14
Jul 14 Light Lords? The Light is one of the two main universal forces of the Universe, the other being Shadow(Void). Both of the forces exist outside of the physical realm, so any fonts of Light or Shadow we see within our realm is just a mere gift of the true power of the Light or Shadow. Also, we are also aware of the existence of Void Lords, beings that exist outside of the physical realm, who seek to do harm to it by their sending of the Old Gods. My question is, since the Light and Void are basically equal but opposite, why don't Light Lords exist? Do you think it is a possibility? The Naaru would not count as Light Lords since they are fragments of Pure Light during the initial explosion that created our universe, and therefore not existing outside of the realm of reality.Baultenn2 Jul 14
Jul 14 Elune is a Titan, and Eonar is her sister. I'd like to preface this by stating that I do not use the forums often, and I apologize if this is a wide-spread theory. I'm honestly a solo player and don't often talk with others outside of queues or PUGs. This is also just a theory and should be critiqued as such. I am not claiming that this is the reality of things. My theory is that Elune is a Titan: the world-soul of The White Lady (Azeroth's bigger moon). Futhermore, Eonar was the Titan of The Blue Child (Azeroth's smaller moon). Together, they form the Earthmother, and are tasked with nurturing Azeroth's world-soul. Here are some points: All of the Pillars of Creation are named after Titans. The Tear of Elune is likely no exception. When Ysera died, Elune created a constellation in her image. I've never heard of any non-titan entity capable of doing something so grand. Ysera was also one of the two creatures on Azeroth blessed by Eonar. If Eonar is indeed the world-soul of The Blue Child, Elune would be her sister. Hence why Elune was able to restore a fragment of Ysera's spirit to the dream; because she and Eonar share similar powers. Early in Vanilla, The Blue Child disappeared from the skies. This was subsequently given an in-universe explanation as the Earthmother having "sent the Blue Child away to learn about the universe because of the coming of the Burning Legion. Why would a moon be sent to roam the universe if it was not some sort of higher power? The Tauren people refer to Elune as Mu'Sha, or the Left Eye of the Earthmother. Eonar is also believed to be the Earthmother by some. She is a Vanir Titan, the word "Vanir" literally meaning "Earth Giant" in the titan language. Eonar's connection to Azeroth would explain why her son, Golganneth, was tasked with creating the skies and seas of Azeroth and all the living creatures of the sea.Now, to address some probable objections: I don't think that Elune is a Naaru or some benevolent old god. She is obviously more powerful than A'dal, who is the leader of the Sha'tar and ultimately the Naaru. Furthermore, she created Xe'ra (according to Khadgar). And the Void Lords simply would never create a benevolent creature such as Elune, ergo she is not an Old God.Zaydox32 Jul 14
Jul 14 Do you collect Warcraft Lore stuff? Greetings to all Lore fans! What is the rarest Lore-related item you have on your collection? Do you guys prefer actual physical books or digital versions. List your collection below. I'll start with my humble one, still in early stages. - The vanilla manuals/papers. Possibly not easy to find on actual days, the original box has a thick instructions book which has interesting lore material. Same for the other expansions - although in a much more summarized form. - War of the Ancients: Demon Soul and The Sundering Novels, bought both used. I'm not from US so these are very rare to find around. Still looking to buy the Well of Eternity despite having read it already. - Stormrage, Rise of the Lich King, Illidan,Shadows of Horde, The Shattering, War Crimes,Dawn of the Aspects, Twilight of the Aspects, Durotan Prequel and the Movie one. - Others: Beyond the Dark portal and WoW Ultimate Visual Guide. As I mentioned above, still in early stages. I'll look forward to completing the novels, then will try to get some comics, short stories and whatever else I can afford/find. Toys etc. Question: Does the WoW trading cards are worth from a lore standpoint? Do they actual have WoW lore or it's independent? Cheers NickNickthedog2 Jul 14
Jul 14 Illidan's Warglaves Illidan isn't using his classic warglaves instead hes using one of the DH artifact skins which are tiny in his hands. He had them in Nighthold but someone dropped the ball and gave him the wrong ones in 7.2.5 and 7.3 Blizz needs to give him back the Warglaves of Azzinoth its too much of an iconic item for him to not have them.Nathreim16 Jul 14
Jul 14 Full form of yogg saron Maybe a silly reason for a thread, but is there any concept art for yogg sarons full form? Like the drawing of c'thun dwarfing mountains reigning over the black empire? I really would love to have an idea of how large yogg saron is and what he looks like under that puddle of muck he's laying in.Erzaj13 Jul 14
Jul 14 Druid Lore Question Hey guys! I have heard from a few people that druids are considered one of if not the strongest class lore wise in the game, but i just cant see it. especially taken off azeroth like we are about to be and going to argus wouldnt you think druids would be weak af? not only that lore wise not gameplay wise if a feral were to be a shapeshifter focus instead of nature magic focus how can a cat or bear stand up against the legion?Greénlee9 Jul 14
Jul 14 How corrupted can you get? Take a Druid corrupted by the Nightmare Who then dies and is raised by the Lich King Who then becomes Forsaken Who then dies again to be raised as a Death Knight Who then is corrupted by the Legion On a scale of one to ten, how pissed off would you be?Pocketwrench8 Jul 14
Jul 14 Close up look on Mac'Aree Argus zone. A tourism like video showcasing Mac'Aree AKA Argus before it became Green Hell: The Orange look is giving me Talador vibes. Heck I feel alot of this zone is re-used assets of Draenai stuff in WOD Draenor. But to be fair not that its a bad thing. And the Trees and such looks quite alien and different from Draenor. And the WOD art style does look nice.Argronak1 Jul 14
Jul 14 Jaina and Sylvanas meet? I wonder if Sylvanas and Jaina meet behind closed doors to compare notes about how to best terrorize innocent civilians. What do you guys think? They've both got a pretty impressive track record for it. Thoughts? Opinions? Downvote if you disagree.Samariyu33 Jul 14
Jul 14 SPOILER the conclusion has been revealed. Wowhead posted the dialoges that happens in the Argus Raid, so to those that are willing to get spoiled and discuss this, lets discuss, to those that want to be surprised stay away from this thread, anyway, here it is. Point of Interest: Eonar's soul was never in Freya apperently, she found a sancturay of her soul in where ever she is in the Argus Raid which begs the question if the same fate happened to the other Titans? Varimathras is warning us about possibly Sylvanas, essentially she might do horrible things to both the Alliance and the Horde, at least that is how I enterprit it, especailly in the case of the Alliance. And the big one, essentially the Titans and Illidan sacrifice themselves in the sense that they will seal and imprison the Legion and Sargeras in some form of Prison more powerful than Mardum I assume with the Titans and Illidan acting as the Jailor of the Legion for all time, at least that is what I think its essentially the same result of Bolvar becoming the Lich King to control the Undead Scourge. So what do I think of this conclusion......its not that bad, so far imo this sounds a bit better than the conclusion of Starcraft 2 with Kerrigan becoming a god to defeat Amon. The only grip is Illidan's involvement in this regardless and the wasted opportunities of no Reunion with Malfurion and Tyrande.Argronak67 Jul 14
Jul 14 Argus spoiler; is it just me or... Does argus have water on it still? are these wind lines? looks kind of like water, what do you guys think? Did sargeras pee in the oceans? It's definitely not fel, as you can see fel lava is in the other places on the map. The way the land is cut off in half by the lines makes it look like water rather than a floating chunk of rockBjoramier6 Jul 14
Jul 14 Favorite demonic race What's your favorite demon race? Why? Mine is Shivarra, for obvious reasons.Samariyu44 Jul 14
Jul 13 My Hope for Kul'Tiras Hello, I'm somewhat new to the story forum, however I'm relatively caught up on lore(aside from not buying Chronicle Volume 2 yet). And I'm a massive Kul'Tiras fan, I RP my character as a strong Kul'Tiras supporter and like almost everything about the nation. Given that they may be appearing in a future South Seas-esque expansion after Jaina's disappearance off the face of Azeroth during the Legion invasion. Given the likely Old God theme it's not too far fetched to see Jaina corrupted and potentially try to influence Kul'Tiras to openly fight the Horde. I'm a supporter of a faction-war, being the resident of an RP-PvP server, as long as it's plausible, which Kul'Tiras can certainly fuel. After the destruction of the Third Fleet and the death of Derek Proudmoore, heir apparent of Kul'Tiras, during the Second War by Horde forces the Tirasians had no love for the Orcs. Daelin's incursion in Kalimdor, which resulted in his death and the destruction of a sizable portion of the Tirassian navy, would only further the somewhat justified war. My hope is this: that a faction war be logically followed out in which both factions have some justifiable reason to fight. With this we could see the development of new characters, in the vein of Admiral Taylor and General Nazgrim, and a reason for the deaths of some lore characters. Hopefully this is Cataclysm-style against the backdrop of Naga incursions and Old God rumblings, allowing for the PvE raids to be against the rising tide of Naga as opposed to the faction war. My only fear is that Jaina and Kul'Tiras will go the way of Garrosh and the Kor'Kron, go absolutely insane, and become cannon fodder for leveling and maybe the first raid. This is now possible since, from what I've heard, Tanndred, the presumed ruler of Kul'Tiras, is now illegitimate. Obviously Jaina hasn't been ruling the island nation so Tanndred has seized the throne or a naval commander has declared himself the new Admiral, however a storyline where she retakes control and leads Kul'Tiras against the world would simply be predictable. A storyline where Jaina tries to corrupt Kul'Tiras, presuming she goes down a dark path, corrupted or simply warmongering, and must be stopped by the Alliance and Horde would make for an interesting plot, alongside maybe an extremist group would be far better alongside a somewhat heated faction war which allows for characters like Sylvanas, Genn, Vereesa, Lor'themar, and hopefully several new military-officer style characters to be developed and expanded upon, and potentially killed off. In short I'm hoping for a non-Jaina run Kul'Tiras that can fuel a faction war with Jaina potentially scheming in the background alongside the other more general menaces to Azeroth, provided she gets corrupted or continues on her warmongering path in the first place. Apologies for my somewhat awkward post, and I have to ask, what do you guys think should happen to Kul'Tiras?Corrynd40 Jul 13
Jul 13 Forgotten Horde!!!!!! I just played the 7.3 PTR and really want to ask is anyone else feeling like horde just doesn't exist in Blizzard's eyes anymore... Come the F**k on, are we going to get any relevant content or will we be forever questing under alliance leaders and alliance organizations? now they added more alliance neutral(godly powered) characters Turalyon and Alleria(no she won't be horde) and new alliance oriented organization "Army of the light". Would it of killed them to add a few orcs in the army maybe a new character or 2. Since orcs were also lost in the void along with Turalyon and Alleria..... No wonder legion is doing slightly better then WOD, you piss on half you player base and that's what you get. I can sit here and mention other things. Like how all old heros become raid bosses(teron, kargath, zul'jin) while there alliance counter parts, become knights in shiny armor *cought* Turalyon or lead powerful organization that we as horde player question under(Khadgar) or how we never get equivalent development even in areas like architecture... or how all our races are hunched, when in RTS we stood straight... But noo lore development, our races not having racial leader. Come on......there is no way this is an over sight.Therogg430 Jul 13
Jul 13 Black Temple time walking... When you turn in the quest, the bronze dragon notes that the plans to invade were not just altered. In fact even improved. The Bronze dragon wonders who is behind this stating that Illidan would know if it was altered by the legion. Does this point to the old gods wanting WoD/Broken shore to happen so we seal Sarg at the end of 7.3 and thus relieve them of their realistic opponent?Antignome4 Jul 13
Jul 13 Nightborne Join the Horde?! Honestly, what the hell? So they join up with the Blood Elves? Lorewise, I risked my hide and saved the lives of a group of people who will now become my enemies... what purpose does it serve making them lapdogs of Silvermoon/Sylvanas?Neranthil193 Jul 13
Jul 13 Dragons playable for Alliance Yeah so. In Day of the Dragon and other areas, including Cataclysm, Wrath, and even in Legion, we've learned a great deal about the background for the dragons and their history etc. Supposedly, they were empowered by the titans to serve as protectors, and I guess then therefore the titans had given them some sort of special role and perhaps some kind of powers or another at one point... and that role was concluded with Cataclysm. But in Day of the Dragon we know that there is a much deeper history that goes back before Elves and Humans... Deathwing himself clarifies that they had tremendous powers and magics and were active before the Elves by some margin (so before hte well of eternity and dozens of other seminal events in Azeroth's history), and also that they were often opposed to these forces. Based on this, I think it's reasonable to conclude that the Dragons have had significant powers even before the Titans supposedly "blessed them" and that then even post-cataclysm they probably have powers unique to them that neither humans nor elves can understand... But yes, why would they join the fray now? Well for starters, as Azeroth's history has gone along the nature of the villains has all rocketed up.. we're a long way from Hogger and his hobgoblin pals roughing up the woods of Elwynn, and even though we've traveled through time and traveled across space-time to beat up bad guys, if it's true that an old god old world influence is on the horizon, then in my opinion an old world old ancient influence is necessary to combat it. People lament Jaina's possible dissipation in the eyes of the void, but those same forces have been tyrannizing just about everything and you thought super student was going to stop them? Consider the vengeful nerd stereotype from comics or anywhere, and you can see someone like that can pop like a balloon in the wrong situation.. Anyway, the reason for the Alliance is more than one reason but the first is because Alexstraza (presumed leader of a dragon faction) has sworn not to hurt the people who rescued her... in this case Rhonin and the Alliance. And I mean really, it was Zuluhed and the Dragonmaw in general which tormented her and that dragonflight so... it's somewhat hard to imagine why she would side with the Horde, aside from what appeared to be a possible declaration of neutrality with the Wyrmrest Accord... although those instances of co-operation don't seem to be enough to say there is an alliance. The second reason is simply to combat the likely Horde aggression in a coming faction war that seems to be brewing... I realize this is anathema to Horde posters because one of their concepts to their identity is that the Horde might be "crappier" to use the term vaguely but "stronger" and whatever the case that may be, that's been absolutely no excuse for aggression... even if it were true... which... well... reading this forum don't want to get into that. I mean, saying we can hit so on because they can't hit back? I don't think the Dragonqueen is a fan of that kind of mentality... and while in an alternate universe she may indeed "love all life" that is certainly not the one she currently inhabits. Hitting the Horde hard may be the only way paradoxically to get them focused on internal affairs. But also aren't dur orcs super stronk? And da ogres and da gohblins! I'm pretty sure there are plenty of Horde fans who think a Warlords of Draenor style Horde in MU Azeroth would be hard to beat, Dragons or no... so add 2 new races, Dragons and Cho-Gall level Ogre-Mages like at least WC2 era ripped and angry. Ogre-Mages... not Ogres... make it the unique race that it was in D&D (Ogre-Mages were a separate race from Ogres) as plain old ogres at this point might be too boring. But enough about that, this is about dragons, a new class maybe one that doesn't fit the trinity (like you can't even Q as anything but dragon), shapeshifting seems in order but basically all of this done better than the dumb that is the druid. I'm imagining perhaps also magic that isn't stand and plant mage like... perhaps they don't use weapons? Or perhaps they have equipment that just scales... anyway... lots of ways to go. Before you get all factiony on me though... consider the Cataclysm cinematic, deathwing soaring across the skies exploding anything he wanted and the sheer power... now imagine that potentially fighting for Azeroth, tantalizing no? Necessary? Perhaps. Catering to the inner fan desire for ultra cool over the top sharks with bazookas on top? Definitely. And what are we all, if not slaves to the desire for ultra cool over the top awesome sharks and incredibly ridiculous things?Flamelzhia1 Jul 13
Jul 13 Thrall Did Something WRong This needs to get out; They're hot on my trail, it's like a game to them. But, be warned, what you're about to read is the cold, unforgiving behind-the-scenes story that Blizzard has kept from us for years. Through Scrying Orbs, excerpts, and other various means of spied or leaked information, I present to you the smoking gun for everyone's Favorite Warchief... It was no secret that the son of Hellscream, Garrosh, was a raving lunatic. His aggressive isolationist policy had left the Orcish people devastated after a civil war broke out, and Orgrimmar sacked. But there are many contextual pieces of information that we've glossed over with childish ignorance, and they all lead to one conclusion. Thrall is the real villain of Warcraft. "Thraaaall!! You made meee what I aaam!" Garrosh hissed his last words to Thrall, his old friend, before the fury of Draenor's elements exacted cold justice onto him. Thrall, grim from the loss of his brother, turned his back to the charred remains of the failed Warchief. His burly hand wrapped about the Doomhammer's handle, and he lugged it off with sluggish, empty steps. It's an iconic scene as far as recent Warcraft lore goes. Garrosh Hellscream is a character completely original to the World of Warcraft series, and easily the best written of their kind. But to many, the notion that he'd suddenly became evil was strange -- even I was puzzled that such an honorable leader had gone down such an odd road. The thing about us humans is that we always ask ourselves "Why?" -- especially if the mystery is juicy. To many, however, this snip of Garrosh's life was just bad writing. But was it? In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the Horde is introduced to a most bizarre scene: Thrall, son of Durotan, steps down from his place as Warchief to "tend to the elements" in their most dire hour. As Deathwing cuts swaths of destruction throughout Azeroth, disturbing not only the elements but the very spirit of the earth itself, we are easily placated by his excuse. But, we wonder, "Who will be the next Warchief?" This question is immediately answered by Thrall before his departure, when he appointed none other than Garrosh Hellscream to his seat. Bewildered, the son of Grom nearly rejects the offer, citing that he was not ready for such a position, and that he felt he had not earned it. Thrall, in his comforting, iconic voice, assured him that all would be well. But it wasn't. Garrosh struggled to cooperate with the other races of the Horde, and his first few months "in office" were a horrible disaster diplomatically speaking. As an orc, he was far more traditional than Thrall, and his eagerness to live up to the Hellscream name, not Thrall's, made him even harder to work with. This, however, takes the character through many different turns, some of which any Horde enthusiast enjoyed -- punishing Krom'gar, leading the Horde to many successful victories in Ashenvale, et cetera. "You left me... to pick up... your pieces!" Garrosh cried, pausing only to slug Thrall with harsh, peppering punches that seasoned the green orc's face with gnarly bruises. When we heard this line, we were immediately distracted to the state of Orgrimmar. Domestically, Thrall had left the Orcish people to rot. Garrosh, on the other hand, refurbished their homes and brought their standard of living through the roof. It was a bold move, and for a moment you wonder to yourself why Thrall wasn't able to take this sort of control over his people's well being himself. You look to the hunger problems in Orgrimmar, the resources, all taken from the victories across the world and used to better the lives of orcs and any denizen of the Horde in their capital. But why didn't Thrall do this? "You... failed... ME!" he cried to the sky, and with a mighty hurl of his arms, he slammed the son of Durotan into the cold earth. The shaman rolled once, twice, and finally three times before he stopped, and brought himself to his hands and knees. Now, the patient Thrall was angry. Thrall's meticulous nature coexists with his patient and diplomatic stature. He is charismatic for an orc, and is not afraid to use his loving personality to reach a cordial hand of friendship across the aisle. This, however, was not to say that he was without the orcish nature of wrath. As far as orcs went, he was just as vicious and powerful as any. But, if he was so diplomatic and much more politically preened than Garrosh, then why did he fail so often to provide for his people? Because he was not fighting for them. The scrying orb came to life with a hiss of magic. In the crystal ball, you can see none other than Grommash Hold, where a lackadaisical Thrall sits bored atop the Warchief's Throne. You can hear the soft crackle of fire as the braziers within light the hall, and diplomats mingle. You recognize none of their faces. This dull roar is soon interrupted as the clunking of stomping, metal boots marched through the entrance. Before the figure could enter, most of the figures, orcs with strange, alien attire, had vanished from your sight. You don't recall seeing any spells cast. -The figure walks into the room, a hot air around him. It's none other than Varok Saurfang, and he is not happy. -"I have seen the camp, Thrall! How dare you torture the Quilboar! Have you learned nothing from our suffering? Was Orgrim's death not enough for you to see the pain these-- these THINGS cause?" -But Thrall was patient. He smiled softly, perhaps only amused to have finally been presented with something interesting for the day. "It's okay, Saurfang," he said in his lovable voice. "They are not real people." The orb hisses, and the image fades. You are left with a yellowish-green marble, the inside of which resembling a cloud of matching color. What you've seen is not an absurd caricature of these characters, but instead the cold truth. After the Third War, Thrall's leadership garnered the attention of powerful people. Who they are, some cannot say. Rumor has it they are orcs, powerful orcs, with an interest in creating a New World Clan, or the Bilderberg Clan, designed to enslave not only the orcs, but in the long term the rest of the world as well. The Quilboar. Thrall destabilized the Razorfen with secret strikes of the infantile Kor'kron, by then a secret organization, who installed military juntas in the Southern Barrens. Desperate to keep her hold over the peaceful Quilboar, Charlga Razorflank sought the aid of the Scourge, and a dark bargain was struck. The Razorfen would remain in her control, but at the cost of her service to the Lich King. Thrall was only pleased at this, for now he had further reason to wipe out the Quilboar, and harness their resources. But where does it all lead? Find out in the second half...Kalsindoor6 Jul 13
Jul 13 In Another Universe, Cairne Won Mak'gora We could have had a tauren Warchief. So many problems avoided had Cairne taken control of the Horde. Come to think of it, why didn't Thrall think to appoint Cairne in his absence? Of all people, Cairne would have led the Horde with prudence and easily returned the mantel of leadership when Thrall got over his midlife crisis.Taoqian28 Jul 13
Jul 13 If Jaina leaves, so do I. I just got to get something off my chest here, sorry if I come off as a bit ranty: If Blizzard decides that Kul'Tiras and Jaina are to be corrupted and evil next expansion that I may seriously consider leaving this franchise after being a part of it for 19 years. I am so tired of seeing characters, nations, and settings I love be destroyed just so a swath of the player base who doesn't even know what Kul'tiras is can have loot pinatas. I used to think an MMO format for the Warcraft franchise was a good thing, having a world filled with the characters and settings I loved was going to be amazing. As time has gone on I'm starting to feel this is less and less true. I've lost so many characters to the villain bat, seen so much destroyed and for what? Empty plot hooks. We are at a point now where a lot of players think that death and or sacrifice is a necessary end for a characters plot development. Characters arc has come to a close? Better kill them in a heroic way. Character has a negative emotion? Best turn them into a villain. I'm seriously now terrified of losing Alleria because of this whole void thing she has going on. In this MMOs span we have lost so much and gained really nothing to show for it, it has destroyed more than it has created just to keep the murder hobos employed. When will it end?Kordana359 Jul 13
Jul 13 Was Stitches Scourge? Hey guys, kind of a weird topic I know but there's a reason. Recently on the HotS forums a game designer answered a posters question about whether Stitches was Scourge or Forsaken. The Blue said he asked the Lead Writer and was told he was Scourge. I told said poster that Stitches was just an abomination created by a crazy alchemist named Abercrombie. Of course this guy claims Blue>me but does Stitches being Scourge make sense?Tawnay15 Jul 13