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Jul 25 Basic Recruitment Etiquette + Post Template ** NOTE: Do not post your ad as a reply to this thread. It's a great example of not being able to follow directions and likely a down vote from any credible recruiter. ** ______________ Here are some tips for getting your recruitment post noticed and cutting through a lot of the spam to find your right fit. Copy & paste this template to your post if you're looking for a guild. Explanation of each field follows. Additionally, listing your class/spec, progression, and a brief description of what you're looking for in the subject/title line of your post will expedite this process for recruiters. 1. Times available & time zone: 2. Server preference: 3. Faction preference: 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: 5. Current progression/experience: 6. Recent logs (if available): 7. Contact info: 8. Anything else: 1. Times/time zones! Remember to post what times you are available, any times you are not available, or if your schedule is flexible at all. Too many times people post, "I need a guild that can work with my schedule," and then never bother to post their availability! Include your time zone as well. 2. Server preference: PvE, PvP, or RP? Is this 100% set in stone, or are you flexible? If you're not willing to transfer off-server, you should probably be posting on your realm-specific forum. 3. Faction preference: Alliance or Horde? Any flexibility? This means you too, Doubleagent! 4. Hardcore/Semi-hardcore/casual: Are you wanting to raid seven days a week, eight hours a day with only bio breaks every two hours? Or do you need something more laid back, but still efficient? Or do you just want to sign on every other week or so? 5. Current progression/experience: Are you brand new to the game and have no idea what BoE means? Or have you been through multiple tiers and are just coming back to the game? Adding these details will help recruiters narrow down potential applicants and increase your chances of finding a good fit. Because the majority of this forum is populated by raiders, giving more details on what you are currently doing to improve your gear/play style will help sell a recruiter on a person who may not have quite as much experience or gear as the recruiter initially wanted. 6. If you are trying to go hardcore/semi-hardcore and have recent parses, link them! Why bother accepting and declining a million Btag requests just for them to ask for this basic info? 7. Contact info: Do you prefer guilds to respond within your thread, to an email address, or by adding your Btag? This will also help you narrow down guild choices if a cut and paste spammer chooses to ignore your preference! 7. UPDATE YOUR POST: If you do happen to find a home (yay you!), please do the forums a favor and update your original post to reflect your transferred/new guild status. Old/necro'd threads getting bumped by spam wastes everyone's time. 8. If it's not going to work out or you change your mind, simply say so. Recruiters are often only recruiting for one or two positions and may decline others if you accept an offer. If you vanish (delete/transfer) without a trace, they're left wondering if they still need to hold the spot. In the meantime, other applicants may have moved on and now the recruiter is back to square one, except now more frustrated and fed up. Recruiters will appreciate the few seconds it takes to shoot them a note before you peace out. 8a. Additionally, if someone adds your BattleTag and you can tell fairly early on that it's not going to work out, a simple, "Thanks, but I'm not interested," before removing them from your list makes everyone's life a little easier. TL;DR: It doesn't have to be a novel, but a little effort (and politeness) on both sides goes a long way. Cheers! ______________ ** Want to know if you're the victim of a drive by spray-and-pray spammer? Click the yellow down arrow by the character name on the left hand side of the post box, then click 'View Posts' -- it's a quick, simple way to see if someone took the time to tailor their message to your post (i.e. s/he actually read it) versus copy pasta. ** ______________ If you have any feedback on this post or have recruiting questions, please feel free to add my Btag, Riot#1851.Pravix324 Jul 25
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25s 3/8M 377 Ele + 374 DH LF mythic guild 2 friends looking for a mythic progression guild. Being held back by our current guild so looking for something more progression oriented. Currently horde but not opposed to a faction change. Both have 3/8M experience and we have multiple pulls on vectis and fetid as well. Raid availability is Sun-Thurs 7-11 EST. Logs available Contact me @ Millismike#1553Emita0 25s
41s 370 Ret LF Tues/Thurs Cutting Edge Guild Hey, I'm a former long time holy paladin spicing up this expansion by playing ret, I'm willing to go holy for fights when needed but prefer to stick to ret as i am really enjoying the change after so long. I have an extensive raid career dating back to vanilla with an on and off mix of casual and hardcore, from barely clearing normal/heroic to pushing top 100 U.S on some kills. I have raid lead and guild lead on both ends of the spectrum and would just prefer to be another member of the raid team. I work over 60 hours a week so i have limited free time that i have allocated to Tuesday and Thursday, so i am looking for a guild that raids either Tue/Thurs only (any time) or a guild that raids late late nights any weekdays (1pm CST start time or later) I'm not looking for server first per say but i would like to be involved with a guild that is making cutting edge progression and constantly looking to better themselves as a team. I'm always looking to improve my play especially now that I'm taking on a different role this expansion. I always take responsibility for my mistakes, as a former raid leader it's what i expect so i hate excuses. willing to faction/server transfer for serious offers, not looking to just be a back up. can contact me anytime then Kaz#1747Kazmeme77 41s
41s 3/8M Lock LF Late Night Guild Just to make it easy for recruiters. I CANNOT raid before 11PM EST. I am looking for something with decent progression in a mythic setting and raiding somewhere between the hours of 11PM EST and 2AM EST. Current guild has suffered from being BFA'd with fighting the roster boss and has since stopped raiding. Current progression: 8/8N Uldir 8/8H Uldir 3/8M Uldir Looking to transition to warlock unless a guild is needing a tank for their core roster. My logs are as follows: Brm Monk Warlock My Logs for my warlock are not up to my standard and are a current work in progress, have only taken him through Heroic a couple times, so he is still a little behind gear wise as well. Prior Experience: Raiding since Vanilla, I took a break during ToS Mythic but was still able to get 5/9M while not raiding full time and went 11/11M in Antorus. I have mained several classes and specs since that time with most of my Exp coming from either a Tanking/Healing role, but I am a decent enough dps that understands fire is not a buff and should be avoided, just need to continue practicing dps. Raid days: I prefer a Tues/Wed/Thurs but I could possiblly bend that a little bit depending on the situation. I am a raider who strives to min/max, farm M+ for upgrades and am a solid dependable raider, my logs speak of my ability far better than i could. If you think I might be a solid fit, feel free to leave your info here as I will be checking this post often.Limecola7 41s
57s Returning Warlock LF est heroic guild Hello there, im a returning warlock realy looking for a heroic raid group. Im interested in 2 or 3 days a week with times being around 8-11 est. I am 7/8H exp. I am making a switch over to my lock he is 355ish my main is 366ish but i have no desire to ever log onto it agian. I am also looking for a new raid group since all my friends have seemed to lose interest in the game. Just leave your info in here and ill add ya or get in touch if your times fit. tyMeelon44 57s
1m (H)P3Free/Zul'jin 8/8H 3/8M Recruiting <Phase Three is Free> is a new guild on Zul'jin Horde, looking to recruit players to progress through mythic. Currently Recruiting [!!!]Experienced & Vocal Tank/Flex Tank (No Prot Pal) Healers. Ranged DPS Any exceptional applicants are welcome to apply/reach us with the information below. About Our Guild Phase Three is Free, at its core, is a group of friends who have been raiding and playing other games together for almost 10 years now. The entire group, as it is now, came together under the name Rest in Pieces during WotLK, and maintained nearly every realm first kill on the Quel'dorei server throughout the Cataclysm expansion. We took a break during MoP, leading into Warlords of Draenor, however in this time most of us racked up top US kills on Heroic MoP and Mythic WoD content. Including, but not limited to: US51 H Sha of Fear US41 H Raden US37 H Garrosh US28 M Mar'gok US97 M Blackhand AOTC Mythic Xavius AOTC Mythic Gul'dan We are a very tight-knit guild, full of extremely competent players. We are often times extremely laid back. However, we know when to put on our game faces and kill sh!t. Schedule. Our raid schedule will be Tues-Thurs, 8-11EST (7-10CST) Requirements Applicants must... -Be in control of their own schedule. -Willing to take criticism or advice, and admit it when you are wrong/mess up. -Have 90%+ Raid Attendance -Be prepared to compete for their spot. A spot in raid is dependent on performance. You need to act like you want to raid. -Have a very in-depth knowledge of your class. If someone else in the raid can tell you something about your class you didn't already know, there is a serious problem. -Theorycraft and research not only your class, but encounters and make sure that you are playing as optimally as possible. -Have great situational awareness and be able to adapt to random situations. -Perform near 90th percentile on World of Logs. Everyone in this guild has ranked at one time or another, and asking for 90th percentile really isn't much. Obviously, we don't ask this every boss you ever do ever, but in general, it is where you should be. -not suck. Also... -I do not care if this is not your main guild. We're currently more concerned with bolstering to roster to start mythic. HOWEVER This means that you don't suck at your alt, and that you can play it at the same level we play our mains. Feel free to apply @ You can also reach us @ Gunslingr#1991, Andremeda#1938, Worldsaway#1236Subtletyxd87 1m
1m [A] <Run Thru> 8/8H 2/8M LFM DPS and Healer About Us Run Thru (8/8 H and 1/8 M) is looking for more people to fill up ranks! We raid Tues/Thurs from 8pm to 11pm EST. We’re LF a Hunter, Rogue, DPS Warrior, Mistweaver Monk or a Resto Shaman. If you’re one of those classes and are interested, PST! [A] <Run Thru> is a progression guild on Darkspear that is currently 8/8 H and 1/8 M, and we are currently looking at Zek'Voz! We’re looking to progress deep into Mythic Uldir and just need a few more people to fill up our ranks. Those people need to be Heroic/Mythic ready in regards to gear and attitude. If you are competent, know how to move out of stuff, and have a good temperament when it comes to progression, we might just be the guild for you! Raid Schedule Tues (Heroic Clear/Progression) - 8pm to 11pm EST (6pm to 8pm Server Time) Thurs (Progression) - 8pm to 11pm EST (6pm to 8pm Server Time) Saturday (M+ Night - Optional) - 8pm to 11pm EST (6pm to 8pm Server Time) Guild Needs We are currently recruiting for the following classes and/or specs: Hunter Rogue DPS Warrior Mistweaver Monk Resto Shaman Expectations Be prepared for raids in regards to flasks, food, and pots. Know the fights. Please don’t stand in things. Be able to come on progression days. Be able to adapt quickly to strategies. Have a good attitude. Contact Us If you’re one of the classes/specs that we need and are able to meet our requested expectations, please contact one of the following people: NemX#1378 MagicPants#170683Zarabelin2 1m
1m 374 2/8M Hunter LF guild Hello, As the title to this thread suggests, I am a 374 equipped, 2/8M hunter with experience on Vectis to ~40%. I am looking for a guild that raids between 8-11:30pm EST, either two or three nights preferred. My logs: Contact: cheekclapper#11371Chkclappr53 1m
2m [H]Former US-100->3/8M-> 2 nights/week LFM <Alpha AF> is currently recruiting for BFA. We are a Former US-100 guild from a low pop server and have all played together since Cataclysm. With the upcoming changes to raiding, we have decided to cut back our hours of raiding. Our focus is to make sure everyone has 1-2 geared and available characters(for their respected roles) for raids, Mythic + pushing, and Mythic + selling. Our planned Raid schedule is currently 8 hours a week, raiding Tuesday and Wednesday at 5PM(PST)/8PM(EST) until 9PM(PST)/12AM(EST). Also, most of us have several toons ranging from 3000 to 5000 scores and we've sold over 1000 M+15s or higher. Summary: ⦁ Former US-100 ⦁ Faction: Horde ⦁ Server: Thrall ⦁ 8/8H 3/8M ⦁ Raids Tues/Wed 8pm-12am EST ⦁ Focussed on Mythic +, Raiding, and PvP Recruiting: Current Roster is incredibly flexible but we seeking players to fill a few spots in our core team. All tank spots are currently filled. ⦁ Monk (MW) ⦁ Druid (Resto) ⦁ Priest (Holy) ⦁ Mage ⦁ Warlock ⦁ Rogue We also welcome any class/spec not listed if you are active and at a respectable skill level. Requirements: Some kind of proof via warcraftlogs/ that you are experienced with high end gameplay and capable as a player. If interested contact me in game via Bnet iamawesome#1439, Discord: Awe#6997 or come by the stream and chat 2m
2m [H]High Five Area 52 6/8M LF Heals/DPS High Five is still recruiting! Mythic Zul is down! As of now we are 6/8M Uldir, progressing on Mythic Mythrax. We've been Cutting Edge since the Cataclysm Expansion. We expect you to be able to help push our team to top 500 world, and beyond! We are looking for new raiders that are competitive, experienced, active, and fiercely loyal that focus on performing at their best, being prepared for raids, so we can continue to build a strong community and rise in the rankings. We're currently looking for 3 main spots to fill that can jump immediately in, preferably 370+ ilvl and 2/8M experience, but will entertain all exceptional applications. These spots are: Holy/Disc Priest, Resto Druid with Boomkin offspec, Beast Master Hunter, and Warlock. There are potential other positions for healing core, and ranged spots (maybe even melee) so we encourage you to apply. We have a very strong, competent, driven, friendly community, dedicating our time and resources to being our very best in BFA. We expect you to come in and be part of the community because we want to know the people we spend endless hours killing internet monsters with. You should be performing at the top of your class, pushing your numbers, awareness and mechanical prowess on fights, able to handle constructive feedback, and hold your tilt. The guild provides what it can in terms of food/pots/flask but you should be prepared at all times. So, if you want to find a community that prides itself on performance, but also being fiercely loyal and wanting something more out of the game, then you should apply! We raid three nights a week, Tues/Wed/Thurs, with Sunday as a possible, if needed, day. As for time: 8:30PM EST invites start, pulling/strat done no later than 9pm until Midnight EST. History- Tiers Cleared with Cutting Edge: Tier 21 - ABT - 11 - US 276, World 760 Tier 20 - ToS - 9/9 - US 192, World 627 Tier 19 - NH - 10/10 - US 195 World 656 M ToV - 3/3 - US 183 World 735 M EN - 7/7 - US 240 World 876 Tier 18 - HFC - 13/13 - US 153 - World 586 Tier 17 - BRF - US 180 World 558 Website: WoWprogress: If you think you have what it takes, feel free to talk to any of us! Contacts Chewtoy (GM) Chewtoy1982#1602 Graziella (Healing Officer) - Graziella#1860 Apachechief (Recruitment Officer) - HPDrifter#1506Apachechief3 2m
3m 6/8M US < 60th 90%+ DH Logs: Availability; Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday; any time after 7EST. Monday, Thursday; After 9EST Accomplishments; Cutting Edge all of Pandaria ( US < 60 ) Multi-glad, 3x rank 1. I swapped from ranged to melee when I came back to the game and don’t kill people with mechanics. Just seeing what options are out there. I feel like I’m a competent player, my logs should somewhat show that, even given we do some wonky !@# strats, I’m interested in getting Famed titles, and want to play with like-minded players. Isidora#11593Daiboru7 3m
3m 368 BM Hunter Times: Any evening after 9 pm pacific time, late nights. Server: Could move. Faction: Horde. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Fully addicted and not casual. Experience: Currently 5/8 h. My experience has been playing off and on since the end of BC. This Hunter has been my main the entire time. I love PvE and PvP. Contact info: Minus#1530 I'm looking for friendly adults, passionate about the game, playing consistently. I'm not perfect, but I work hard to be my best.Waveslave6 3m
4m 380 Ret Paladin 4/8M Uldir LF Guild I am not currently happy with my current raid group. I am looking for a change that involves less days of raiding and at a better time for my life schedule. I have played WoW since the beginning, but I have only raided on a high skill level since ICC. Before that I did mostly World PvP, BG, Arena as they came out. I am a team player and would like to find a guild that has the same mentality. I would like to have a guild that does Heroic clears/Achievements/M+ on Raid nights as well. I am currently wanting a guild that raids 2 nights a week. Tues, Wed, or Thur would be the only days I could raid. I prefer late night/early morning raiding. I live on the east coast so 11PM to 4am EST or 9pm to 1am PST would be best for me. I don't really need cutting edge or anything I just want to have fun again. If you think your guild fits the bill message me on bnet at Lucidterror#1746 or discord at Lucid#9420. I look forward to some responses.Lucidin1 4m
4m 2 LF Guild Hello me and a buddy of mine are looking for a guild to join. I am currently on a med-low pop server and not enough guilds are looking for people for progression raiding. We do have some logs, I will link them down below. My main is a Hunter BM 368 Finblade My friends is a Demon Hunter 365 Flard It's getting harder to find groups to pug in and it's time to find a guild to join. We are wanting to join a progression guild and have a since of belonging to a guild.Finblade66 4m
5m <Astral> 6/8M LF Warlock, Warrior & More! <Astral> @ US-Turalyon (Alliance) Currently Recruiting: - Ranged DPS: Warlock, Shadow Priest, Moonkin w/ Guardian OS - Melee DPS: Arms/Fury Warrior, Windwalker Monk w/ Brewmaster OS - Healers: Holy/Disc Priest - ANY exceptional players Website: Potential applicants should have mythic experience in Legion or extensive previous raiding experience. Successful applicants should have thorough knowledge of their class and roles. If your class is not specifically listed and you feel that you would be an asset, please contact us using our battletags below. Schedule: - Tuesday: 9pm - 12am EST - Wednesday: 9pm - 12am EST - Thursday: 9pm - 12am EST About Us: <Astral> @ US-Turalyon (Alliance) is recruiting for our mythic progression core. We are an eclectic group of passionate individuals who value our time and progression. Our founding members are comprised of long-time hardcore raiders who have been playing together since TBC. Our officer core have extensive US top 10 experience as officers/GMs. Our members have a bevy of notable accomplishments which include numerous US top 10 kills and achievements. We have since settled into a more relaxed 3-night raid schedule but maintain our former hardcore mentality especially regarding personal responsibility/awareness, efficiency, and preparation. Our players are mature, driven, competitive, and always looking to improve themselves and their fellow raiders. Over the years, we have learned to give and take criticism and communicate our goals with each other in a collaborative, professional, progression-minded atmosphere. Through effective communication, preparation, and organization, we are able to raid fewer hours while still remaining competitive. Current Progression: - 6/8 Mythic Uldir - 8/8 Heroic Uldir Legion Progression: - 11/11 Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne - 9/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras - 10/10 Mythic The Nighthold - 3/3 Mythic Trial of Valor - 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare What to Expect from Us: We provide a stable environment for our raiders to constantly improve as players and teammates. During progression we use our time efficiently, maintain focus, and exercise discipline; however, while on farm the atmosphere is more relaxed. Our time is precious and we know yours is as well; efficiency is our ultimate goal. We actively endeavor to maintain a mature, drama-free environment. What We Offer: - A stable roster and constructive raid environment - Leadership with years of progression-oriented hardcore experience - Guild repairs for mains and alts - Full guild bank support: Repairs, enchants, flasks, pots, food, gems, etc. - Alt raids and Mythic+ Groups - Optional off-night events with friends & family; Many of us play other games together. Our Expectations: - High attendance (90%+) - Intimate knowledge of your class, spec, and role - Passionate, mature attitude and willingness to take/give constructive criticism - Willingness to work collaboratively and promote a culture of continuous self-improvement Contacts: Recruit Lead: Vsper (Vsper#1724) Officers: Terra (Terra#1216), Malv (Malv#11394)Vsper280 5m
5m [A]<Twisted Memory> 3 Night 4/8M LF All Welcome! <Twisted Memory> is an alliance guild on Sargeras. Our main focus is to quickly clear content on a casual schedule: Tuesdays from 9:00 - Midnight EST. Wednesdays from 9:00 – Midnight EST. Sundays from 8:00 – 11:00 pm EST. Guild members will be provided with food, flasks and repairs. The leadership of Twisted Memory has extensive knowledge of both guild and raid leading in hardcore and semi-hardcore environments. We will be prepared with strats for each fight and ask that members show up on time and ready to raid. We are currently recruiting for all raid slots except Tanks. Please feel free to add me: bnet: Inevitable#11934 discord: inevitable#1851 if you have any questions.Icarus134 5m
6m 370 warlock and 364 MW monk LFG Hi there, my friend and I are looking to join a new raiding guild. Our current progression in Uldir is 7/8H and 1/8M. Willing to server transfer and faction change. Due to my current schedule, I can't make Wednesday night raids so I'm hoping to find a guild that doesn't raid on that night. Thanks!Slizzdaddy32 6m
6m <Grandpa Reflexes> 5/8M - LF HPal + Ranged Guild Name: Grandpa Reflexes Realm: Aerie Peak (PvE) Contacts: Revolt and Sore Battle-Tag: Revolt#1620 and Sore#1869 Current Progression: 5/8 Mythic Uldir <Grandpa Reflexes> is comprised of former hardcore raiders from Fierce. We have returned in BFA to enjoy the game on a less demanding schedule. Although we plan to only raid 9 hours, we still plan to down mythic content in a quick and efficient manner. We're looking for like minded, experienced players to round out the roster. Classes Desired: Ranged: Warlock, Mage, Boomkin, Hunter, Shadow Priest Melee: Rogue, Warrior Healer: Holy Paladin However, we will consider all exceptional players even if your class/role isn't listed above. Notable Achievements (10 Man): US 2nd/World 13th Heroic Will of the Emperor US 2nd/World 18th Heroic Elegon US 3rd/World 19th Heroic Four Kings World 1st Heroic Stone Guard World 2nd Heroic Feng the Accursed US 5th Heroic Garajal the Spiritbinder US 5th Heroic Madness of Deathwing US 10th Heroic Spine of Deathwing US 78th Mythic Blackhand (20 Man) You can verify our history at You can verify our previous stint in Mythic Raiding during WoD here: Raid Times Tuesday, Sunday, Monday 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM EST (6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST) *We were previously raiding Sat/Sun 12-4 PM EST. We got to 3/8M on that schedule. Switched to our new schedule on October 2nd* Application If you're interested in our guild, please apply here: 6m
6m 368 looking for mythic 7/8 heroic! I have AOTC I’m looking for a guild I can really call home I want to progress into mythic not trying to ride the bench! I want to really take this serious! Im east coast time so I would need a guild that does mythic 5-10 pm preferably. I don’t mind to server transfer. If this interest you please add me Shayt114#1731 I’m ready to as soon a possibleGoldiilox1 6m
7m Active raider LF a new family Active player searching for a new home. I have many alts most are raid ready. My priest is 369, Guardian Druid is 350. and my love from cata my hunter that is 348 BM with decent dps. Im 6/8 H due to guild issues. Im ready to fill a raid slot for your team. i have 5 or more friends that may join me sooner or later depends on how work and stuff goes for them . i have 10+ years of raid/guild leading in many mmos ,but are ready to chill a bit and go with the flow of a new "ACTIVE" guild. Raid times: Any plz no spam serious recruitment only.Adimae18 7m
7m [H] <Simple Math> 6/8M | 8/8H LFM! Simple Math is currently looking for players who love both PvE and PvP content and want to push themselves to be the best! Things you should know about us: Guild founded in 2006 and has achieved all relevant raiding server firsts since Tier 6 (yes, everything). We raid Tuesday-Thursday 8:00pm-12:00am EST. We run other optional content and sales throughout the week. We run a small roster - players are recruited to raid, not sit on the bench. Our application forums are always open to exceptional applicants of all classes but right now we are seeking the following classes: Tanks: DK, Monk Healers: Priest DPS: Melee: DK Ranged: Druid, Hunter Here are a few things that we look at in potential recruits: Able to take as well as give criticism respectfully and objectively. Attend all three raid nights per week. Repeat absences will result in immediate demotion. Ability and willingness to play multiple specs. Social players with a good sense of humor that are able to communicate through Discord. Group applications are welcome but we will not be held hostage by package deals. Anybody interested in joining can fill out an application on our website. Guild Website: 7m
8m <Narcosis> 7/8M Recruiting We are currently looking for a Holy Paladin and 1-2 raid healers for BFA (Also recruiting for all roles) We currently have 1 rdruid 1 holypriest 1 rshaman So Hpally / Disc / Mw in that order is what are interested in. Feel free to apply with whatever class and role though! Guild: <Narcosis> 11/11M Server: Illidan-Horde Schedule: Tues, Wed, Thurs 7-10 central. Alt runs Fri, and push on Mon Recruiting: Any DPS/Healer. High needs for Lock, War, Spriest, Balance Apply: Battlenet: MikeIceBerg#1550 dilemma#11889 and alex#116723Dilemmahc13 8m
8m [H] <SG> Bleeding Hollow 7/8 Heroic LF DPS Welcome to Sturmgrenadier of Bleeding Hollow Horde! We are currently recruiting active players for our Heroic Raid Team as well as PVP. We are currently 7/8 Heroic Uldir. All applicants will be looked at fairly. Current Progress: 7/8 Heroic Uldir For Legion: Raid times: Tues/Thurs 8:15 pm – 11 pm EST About us: "Since 2000, Sturmgrenadier, aka "SG", has opened its doors to gamers from around the world and all walks of life. We pride ourselves on having an adult gaming community in which we practice an operational and organizational tempo that far exceeds other online gaming groups. No matter where you are located in the world or your gaming experience, if you are a mature adult gamer that values teamwork, communication, mutual respect, and have the desire to have fun in games and win honorably, then you have found the right organization in Sturmgrenadier." LostLogic ~ Sturmgrenadier CEO Sturmgrenadier is a gaming syndicate for players 18+, with communities in a wide variety of team oriented games, which are open to all members of SG. As a guild, Sturmgrenadier is more organised, more active, and more structured than most guilds you would come across in WoW. We believe this gives us a distinct advantage in being the best guild we can be for our members, because everyone knows where they stand, and are treated equally. Players with negative attitudes will not be tolerated. That means that there is no epeen measuring, no belittling of other players, and no trolling. If you are constantly researching your class, and always striving to better yourself as a player, then you might be SG material. Even if you are new to raiding in WoW, if you can show yourself to be eager to learn and improve going into new content, then we’re interested in hearing from you. We also welcome casual players, if you’re after a guild that will fully support you in doing what you enjoy doing in WoW, then this might be the guild for you. What we offer you: - A very active and organized guild and raid environment. - A mature and friendly environment where you will be treated with respect. - An active TeamSpeak server. - A fair raiding environment. Positions are allocated based on merit. What we want: - Players that can show and eagerness to improve, develop a thorough knowledge of their class, the game, and encounter mechanics. - We want our members to enjoy raiding together as a guild, while still progressing through content. - Players that can communicate effectively over voice chat. - Players that can commit to a highly consistent raid attendance. - Players interested in casual content and raiding who want to be part of a friendly and structured raid environment. Please check out the following links for more information: - Our main website. - Our Charter. How we conduct ourselves in game. - Direct Link to the application system! Or contact any of the following Officers in game or Discord for more information: Kaeliri#4900 Recruitment/Social Officer Novelus#0231 - Officer / Raid LeaderKaeliri0 8m
9m [H] <Raid Loggers> 2/8M LF Rdps/Heals <Raid Loggers> of Arthas [H] Raid Times(EST): Tuesday 8-11pm, Wednesday 9-11pm, Thursday 8-11pm Raid Loggers is recruiting any rdps spec heals. We are a close group of M+ and raiding friends made over the past few expansions who have decided to come together for progression raiding with a fun atmosphere while emphasizing the importance of optimizing the hours spent raiding. Currently we are 8/8H and 2/8M - we are looking to push content much more efficiently and quickly with proper recruitment! Outside of raid we have quite a few players very interested in M+ and a few other games such as Overwatch on the weekends. If interested please contact an officer from guild: Donpepe(Walkerr#1689) Rhaee(Rhaeggar#11434/Discord: Rhaee#3755), Vellanie(StareTG#1852), Abbymcstabby(Hysteria#1714)Rhaee3 9m
9m 368 Mage LF Raiding Guild I am a 368 frost mage. Currently I am only 5/8 Heroic with plenty of experience on Zul and Myhtic Taloc. The guild I am currently in was reformed when the last guild I was in fell apart due to leadership. However, many of the guildies that reformed have decided to part ways. I am very interested in progressing in Heroic and Mythic. I am free any weekday. I cannot swing weekends due to being in school and occasionally going home. I do have logs available. They are from the last time my guild raided (10/02/18).Donté63 9m
10m 375 Resto 2/8 M lf mythic Prog guild Yea my guild fell apart out of nowhere and am currently looking for a new home My raid times are anyday during the week/weekend 10 pm-2 am est My logs And my raiding history is simply use to play in top 50 U.S guilds just looking for something a little mild but still progression minded and you know all that jazz and am willing to tranfer and faction change My tag: alvissmal#11699 Ty for you time and hopefully im a good fit for your party :DAlvissmal6 10m
11m H Priest + F DK LF Late Night Raid We are a RL gaming couple looking for a forever guild home in the game we love! He is a mythic Uldir experienced raider who offers reliably, extreme knowledge of his class, dedication, knows how to be prepared and really loves all aspects of pve. She is a heroic legion experienced raider who is just getting back into the raid swing. She led a guild for years and had to step back due to RL things. We are looking for a PST horde guild that starts pulls around 8-8:30 PST and raids 2-3x a week. We are available to transfer at the end of the month. If you need something immediate, please don’t bother. We want to find a home that understands that we have a few real obligations (Blizzcon) and won’t move until after. If we are the right fit, you will wait for us. Please add me Tasmine#11208 to chat!Tazmine5 11m
11m 356 Lock LF Raid Team So things didn't go as planned and I'm back in the market. Long story short I basically decided to jump into the deep end of mythic progress, 15 ilvls below everyone else bottom feeding the damage meters and yknow what? That doesn't feel good. So here's what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a heroic guild and preferably one that doesn't really care about mythic because honestly I'm over the entire mythic progress stuff and everything required outside of it. I wanna just hang out with cool people, get AotC and blast through farm every week as we tell bad jokes and gear our fourth alts or something. I don't want to be in the position I was in where I felt like a detriment if we failed a dps check or feeling like I was brought along simply because they needed a warm body. I'm an altoholic. I get bored of playing the same thing all the time. I have like 6 120s, 3 of which are 355+ ilvl. I'm flexible.. I don't care really what I'm playing for the most part as long as it's not a class/spec Blizz utterly butchered and even then for the right guild I'd make it work. Here's what I'm not looking for: An alliance guild . At this point I'd honestly rather quit playing than take a risk on dumping $55 on some random guild on the opposing faction. Sorry. Mythic tryhard guild. As I mentioned my time as a mythic raider is pretty much over. The interest in me just isn't there and it's not fair to guilds trying to progress to drag that down. I basically just want to have fun in this game again basically is what I'm saying. Feel free to hit me up on bnet if you're interested or wanna hear more of my riveting WoW life history: Teranoid#11438 I'll be digging back through this post to hopefully get in contact with some of the people I missed originally.Teranoid38 11m
11m LF Raiding guild - 7pm - Midnight PST Hello! Please read this post - I'm looking for something specific. After two years of a solid schedule, I've received a promotion at work and can no longer raid my old times. My main priority is filling this void of the good friends I've left behind. Because of this, I'm looking for a guild filled with active people who shoot the !@#$, are vulgar, and often play games outside of wow. I suppose I'm looking for a community? I have an extensive raiding background and have only missed the tail end of BC. Every other raid has been done while it was current content and in some cases on heroic (old mythic). I dont want to fluff up my resume so I will be honest: I am not cutting edge material. I DO know that fire is hot, I learn how to push my buttons like a well trained monkey, and I show up to raids unless rl %^-* happens. I will post out in this case. I am faction indifferent, but I would prefer a higher populated server that isnt RP. I can raid any day except saturday from 7pm-midnight PST Now for the ugly: I need to level a new character and gear up. I can do this on my own and will not ask for help. This also means I can play something more catered to your team (I'm a terrible healer though, lets not go there) If you think your group has the same goals and personality, please leave your battletag/discord id and I'll shoot you a friend invite. Thanks for reading!Zaries12 11m
12m 365 Surv Hunter looking for a raid guild. 6 or later PM PST; Tues, Thur, Sun Dedicated and looking to progress 12-13k dps Currently 8/8N, 4/8HEndoz4 12m
13m [H] 2/8M Guild LF Heals & Rdps [Horde] <Disorderly> Zul’jin 2/8M We are currently recruiting the following for Mythic progression: Healers with Dps OS: Priest, Monk Rdps: Mage Mdps: Warrior Raid times: Tues, Wed, Thurs 10:30pm-1am EST. Discord is required. About Us We have established a fun, laid back experience for our raiders – while also progressing through new content quickly. Our goal is to be effective and focused when we need to be, but also relaxed and entertained. We know how important choosing a guild is, and it is equally important for us to provide a stage for growth of our members. You can expect a mature and efficient raid team, while also leaving room to enjoy our time together. We expect a strong knowledge of your character, high attendance to our raids, as well as a mature attitude - with the ability to accept constructive criticism. If interested, please feel free to comment below or add me in game imm#1692Catrianna3 13m
13m [H] <Epoch> 4/8M are recruiting! <Epoch> is recruiting a few additional players for Mythic Uldir progression. We're heavily interested in experienced Ranged DPS players of all classes and specializations, but all talented players may apply. Guild History <Epoch> is located on Wyrmrest Accord (RP Server, PST time zone). We're composed of players that came from multiple guilds on server, a plentiful portion of those obtaining 11/11M before pre-patch release. We're a 3 day raid guild with our days being Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday with raid times happening at 6pm-9pm PST on each day (9 hours weekly schedule). We're extremely tight knit with a large amount of us having history playing together since as early as back in WotLK. We love to spend time together outside of raid nights, running high M+ keys and spending time on other games. We have our own discord server that we use to socialize and for our primary source of voice chat. Guild Application Link (This MUST be filled out to be considered, please do this before adding our battletags) After filling out your application, please contact any of the following: Caelixx#11175 (Guild Leader/Recruitment Officer) gennonator#1586 (Raid Leader/Recruitment Officer) Thanks for reading!Caeltrixx7 13m
13m AoTC, 367 Enh Shaman, LFG I'm searching for a serious raiding guild on Kel'Thuzad (A) already progressing through Mythic. Since the expansion has been released I have missed 1 raid night and have been consistently improving with my parses. I am loving Enhancement but open to new roles. Warcraft Logs: Wow Progress:ñ8 13m
15m Raiders looking for new home. Group of 4 from the Zangarmarsh server looking for new home, 6/8 heroic experience, looking to press into mythic. Eldraz-Guardian(365 equipped, 555 M+) Bayne-Hunter (374 equipped, 859 M+) Wraithe-Feral (373 equipped, 553 M+) Monkeyroids-Flexible (375 tank equip, 840 M+ overall)(374 Windwalker)(369 Mistweaver) We are seeking an active guild, alliance side preferably, with 8/8 heroic with raid times between Mon-Friday 8 est to 12 est, 2-3 raid days This is a package deal, please do not respond if your only wanting one. interested guilds contact battlenet weasel#1273, alorus189#1297 logs are hereBeyneslayer2 15m
15m 6/8M 380 Frost DK LFG Class/Spec: 380 Frost DK Faction: Horde but willing to transfer Cleared: 6/8M Uldir (100+ pulls on Mythrax) Contacts: dgallen#1663 Logs: Armory: Availability: M-Th 5pm PST onward Only looking for guilds 6/8M or higher Several top parses this xpac and last Mythic experience every tier since HFC Highly competitive player looking to push ranks for the rest of BFA onwardsDylla6 15m
15m [H] 7/8M LFM Ranged DPS & Heals Humble is a Mythic progression raiding guild consisting of a long standing core group from vanilla & TBC. We strive to achieve and maintain a high standard of play and progression while only dedicating 9 hours each week to main raid time. We finished Tier 21 with a US rank of 85, and we are looking for high caliber players who are interested in continuing to push a high rate of progression into BFA. Please feel free to contact our recruitment officers in-game if you have any questions. T22 progression: 7/8 M-Uldir T21 progression: 11/11 M-ABT (US 85) Raid schedule: Wednesday: 5:30-8:30PM PT / 8:30-11:30 ET Sunday: 5:30-8:30PM PT / 8:30-11:30 ET Monday: 5:30-8:30PM PT / 8:30-11:30 ET Loot system: Progression focused loot council Recruitment officers: soj#11462, samiz#1174 Faction: Horde Connected Realms: Crushridge, Anub'arak, Chromaggus, Garithos, Nathrezim, Smolderthorn Class needs: Recruitment is always open to exceptional players of all classes. Current classes of particular interest are below. Mage Hunter Moonkin MW Monk Disc Priest Where to apply: Applications can be submitted on our Google Form here: 15m
15m [H][Thrall]<Project HD> 4/8M LF RDPS ABOUT US We are a cutting edge guild looking for more mythic raiders for BFA. We recently transferred to Thrall and are looking towards building up to become a competitive guild. We are an active guild that has a community of players who do M+, raid, and play other games. WE RAID MONDAY/TUESDAY/THURSDAY 8:30p - 12:00a EST. WHAT WE EXPECT FROM YOU We expect all raiders to be prepared when it comes to raid time. This includes being 5-10 minutes early for invites and having EVERYTHING you need. This includes consumables, re roll tokens, etc. We also expect you to: * Know your class * Research the fights in advance. Don't waste everyone's time because you did not do your part We have a lot of people who chill in discord and are pretty active. Try and not to be a raid logger. WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR We are in need of the following: * Ranged DPS (Mage/Boomkin/Hunter) *Any exceptional players We are always recruiting exceptional players. APPLY Preplex#1836 (GM) Puro#1508 (Recruiter)Puroislife2 15m
16m [A] <Crisp> 7/8M LF Strong Ranged DPS [A] Crisp is currently 7/8M Uldir on US-Baelgun. Add an officer/recruiter directly via Battle tag to chat today. Officer: Kaber (YUV#1229) Recruitment: Bella (Uruviel#1474) Current Recruitment Ranged DPS (Warlock/Mage/Hunter) Rogue Priest (able to play both holy & disc) We are currently accepting applications for all specs and classes with an emphasis on the above listed classes. However, all outstanding applications are considered as we fill our roster for Battle for Azeroth. About Crisp Crisp is an adult progression raiding guild on US-Baelgun. Founded in 2007 by GM Samiam, Crisp's longevity can be attributed to our ability to evolve and grow with each new tier of content while maintaining a small, elite, and tight-knit raiding core. We are disciplined, yet fun. We are pioneers of our classes, friends through raiding, and we are seeking others performing at peak levels to join us in combating the pixel monsters. Before You Apply We take raiding seriously, but it is also our fun, stress relief, and community. Members are expected to know when it is ok to goof around and when it is time to get down to business. We engage in quite a bit of tomfoolery and adult-themed shenanigans so you must be open to that sort of humor. Crisp is strictly an 18 and older guild. Members are required to have a stable internet connection, a computer capable of raiding, Mumble with a working microphone, an open mind, and a good attitude. Raiding Requirements Moving into BfA, we are pushing hard for solid rankings. We expect applicants to also have an alt of their role (Healer/Ranged/DPS) available for splits for the first two weeks of each tier. Applicants are expected to be proficient in play on their alt as well as their main. All potions, flasks, and food are provided by the guild for mains and alts alike during this time period. We fully expect your alt to be in a state that it can stand its ground in a heroic group. Attendance Our raid times are Monday - Thursday, 5:00-9:00 PST (Invites @ 4:45). For the first two weeks of every tier, we add Friday at standard raid times to our progression schedule. We expect solid attendance, but understand when things come up. We do expect advanced notice for absences. Perks Raid consumables (flasks and potions) are covered as well as feasts. We expect raiders to maximize the use of these tools. Additionally, all raid repairs are paid by the guild bank. These perks are available from the moment you start your trial with us. Lastly, in an effort to give back to the community, raids are covered by multiple streams with full audio of mumble conversations, one of which participates in various giveaways of mounts and in-game pets. Final Boss As an addendum, Crisp is proud to promote, an end-game raiding show featuring special guests from top guilds all around the world. Tune in to learn something new about your class/spec or end-game raiding. For more information on <Crisp> or to apply, visit our website at or hop on to Baelgun-US and ask for an officer.Adanessa69 16m
17m Nexus - 3/8M 2-Day Guild Recruiting DPS <Nexus> (Alliance) on Dalaran US is a 3/8M 2 Day guild currently recruiting exceptional players for our core raid team! We raid Mon/Wed from 8-12 Server time (EST) with optional full Heroic clears on Tuesdays! About us: Nexus is a very tight knit community of players that value respect above all else. A few of us have been raiding together since Cata, but everyone we’ve gained since then has become family here. We do lots of guild events and are constantly trying to help one another out, whether it’s gearing a scrub alt or grouping for a tricky achievement! Groups form all week to get that 10+ done or farm dat sweet AP. We have a great, relaxed atmosphere that’s shockingly positive, especially for a mythic guild. There are no ragers here, and constructive feedback is a part of guild life. Currently, we are seeking what is listed on WowProgress. That listing is kept up to date. The link can be found here: In addition, we are looking for any dps with a viable healing OS. Our loot is distributed via Loot Council. If you're interested you can fill out an application here: (All exceptional applications will be reviewed regardless of what classes we have listed on WowProg.)Kezkwondo44 17m
17m [H] Late night guild LF Raiders <Rolling Raiders> Is a new late night guild on Thall. Founded by a group of experienced players returning for BFA. We are looking to go Hardcore into raids and clear the highest content we can as fast as we can while building up the guild. Guild atmosphere: We want to ensure the guild builds into an active friendly late night group. we accept every night owl of every creed we want members to be able to find mythic and island groups easily within the guild. Raid days and times are: Tuesday -- 10pm-1am PST // 1am-4am EST Wednesday -- 10pm-10am PST // 1am-4am EST Thursday -- 10pm-1am PST // 1am-4am EST Raid team is Currently looking for: Tanks may apply 1 Healer needed. Pref: Disc>pally>MW/RS LF up to 5 DPS DPS [closed]: Feral/Rouge/Ret/Fury/survival/ DPS [Limited]: Balance/Arms/DK/Havok/Shaman DPS [Open]: MM/BMHunter,Warlock,Spriest,Mage Experience with professions is an asset. Raid atmosphere: We demand focus and progress in pulls. Raids are meant to be fun but its not fun to wipe on the same boss too many times for too few reasons. We like to have fun, joke around and cross gamble in raids. This becomes possible when everyone meets gear requirements and understands the content. we don't want raiding to feel like a second job but no one gets to hold the raid back. To apply Either post about yourself here or add Kane#1850 or Theginger#2288 and we can chatCalcifor14 17m
17m 375 H-Pally 2/8M lf new home My guild currently just doesn't have enough people to raid mythic anymore and I am looking for a new home. I have a 375 holy pally. Currently 2/8 mythic with several attempts at the other bosses. Would like to find a guild at least 3/8 mythic. Can raid Sun - Thurs from 8pm est - 1am est. Would prefer 2 days a week but will consider more. I am Horde at the moment but willing to xfer Ally. you can contact me at Real Id Okori#1968 or Discord Jyn#6623Jÿñ49 17m
17m [H] <Wardens Tyranny> 6/8 Heroic LFM Greetings! <Wardens Tyranny> is recruiting all classes, levels, and specs. We are a non hardcore raiding guild focused on Mythic dungeons, helping others gear, and raiding. Looking to enjoy the game and see content in a non-hardcore environment. We also are forming up an Alt run on Sunday! Guild Website: Faction: Horde Realm: Turalyon Raiding Recruitment Needs: Healers - Low Melee DPS - High Ranged DPS - High Our raiding rules are simple - Be courteous to others - Looting method for time being will be kept as default personal looting - If item is not an upgrade for your main spec it is asked to see if others main spec could use it - Food and flask are provided - Most importantly have fun! Raid Times 2 days a week Tuesday 8-11 PM EST Thursday 8-11 PM EST Progression: 8/8 Uldir Normal 6/8 Uldir Heroic If you would like to get in on a fun, active, AOTC guild this might be the fit for you! We ask you be 18+ and no negative attitudes need apply. Guild Master has several prior GM, Raid Lead, and Officer roles from a more hardcore raiding environment. Life has happened and looking to move to a more casual way of play. We hope you will come help us grow and enjoy the great game of WOW. For any questions, inquiries, or an invite you can message us in game: DocMundo BT Tickle#1358 Ldygaladriel BT Stasimoon#1858 Thanks for reading and have a great day!Docmundo3 17m
18m (H) 2 Night - 3/8M - LF Healer + 1 DPS for CE Progression 8/8 Normal 8/8 Heroic 3/8 Mythic (Vectis - 23%) Raid Schedule Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8-11 EST Recruitment Openings We are currently looking to add 1 healer and 1 DPS to our mythic raiding roster for BFA. Tanks Closed Healers (x1) Holy Paladin - High Disc/Holy Priest - High MW Monk - Medium Resto Shaman - Low Resto Druid - Low DPS (x1) Rogue Frost DK If you do not see your class listed above, please reach out to an officer. We are always looking for exceptional players. About Us <Gated> is a newly formed horde mythic raiding guild on Thrall. We have built a solid, tight knit core for our community. We will be pushing for cutting edge progression in BFA. We will not recruit for the sake of bodies. Each person we consider will have to meet the same requirements as our current raiders. We are hoping to add to our community of like minded adults who want to have fun and kill bosses while doing so! What We Can Offer You Open communication: Not only do we allow it, we push for our raid team to speak their minds and offer their opinions. We are not perfect and there is usually a better way anything can be done. If you have suggestions about strats, post them in our discord raid channels! If you have a suggestion about how something should be done in guild, let an officer know! We want to hear from you! Fair trial periods: We understand that trialing with a guild can be nerve wracking. We are experienced enough to realize when someone is having an off night and not holding it against them. Running with a group of people whom you are not used to is hard enough, but add in the pressure that everyone is watching you.. in short, we get it! Raider and Trial improvements: On top of offering fair trials, we will always try to help those who are struggling. Personality fit is a huge part of what we look for in an applicant. It's easier to teach someone how to fix the mistakes in their rotation than it is to find someone who will fit in with our group. We will always work with our raiders who are wanting to improve. Officers that will put the guild before themselves: We are working very hard to make sure we have the right people and comps for our raid. We hold our officers to a higher standard than our raiders. We expect them to work harder. Raiding Requirements Because we only raid 2 nights a week, we will be requiring 80% attendance for the month. We understand that real life happens, but please try to be here for the other 20 or so players that have committed. Addon requirements: Exorsus Raid Tools, Boss mods (either DBM or Big Wigs), RC Loot Council, WeakAuras We use discord for all our communications. You must have a working microphone while in raid.Contact Certainlÿ - Certainly#11925 www.gated-guild.comCertainlÿ169 18m
18m [A] PALS FOR LIFE 3/8M 2 nights KT <PALS FOR LIFE> is in the process of looking for solid players to join us in BFA Mythic raiding on our casual 2 night schedule. About PALS PALS FOR LIFE originated on Laughing Skull (RIP). We decided to move to KT mid-5.2 due to its high population and vastly larger/superior recruiting pool. PALS is an old guild - many of our members have been raiding in PALS since it was created in 2004. We are a semi-hardcore guild; we don’t raid long hours, but we make the most of the hours we do raid. Many of its members are older (25-35 yrs) and have jobs and families so you can expect a fun but mature atmosphere both in and out of raids. Raid Schedule ● Tuesday: 8:15 - 11:30 pm EST ● Thursday: 8:15 - 11:30 pm EST Recruitment Needs Warlock Mage Hunter Druid (Resto/Moonkin) Shaman(Resto) Monk (All Specs) Death Knight (Blood) Warrior (Arms) Even if your class/spec is not listed below, all outstanding players are highly recommended to apply. If you are interested in learning more or applying, check out our website at or contact edcake (Edcake#1463) or Amorta (Amorta#11408) in game or via RealID. PALS looks forward to hearing from you!Supered34 18m
19m [Can I Get That] 7/8H Area 52 Horde [Can I Get That] 7/8 H is a friendly guild recruiting warlocks, warriors, ww monks for Heroic Uldir, Tuesday & Thursday 8-11 EST. pst for info. Accepting non-raiders too. Raid Times ----------------- Tuesday 8-11 EST Thursday 8-11 EST Progression ----------------- 8/8 N 7/8 H Contact hog#11395, Exassassin#1524, or JoshUsimaro#1372 for more information or post a response below. Have a good day!Gendon0 19m
20m [H] 5/8M Side Project Currently recruiting for: -Ranged Dps - Warlock, Mage, Hunter, Boomkin -Healers - Druid, Paladin -Melee Dps - Rogue, Death Knight -Any exceptional players Potential applicants should have previous mythic experience or extensive previous raiding experience. Successful applicants should have thorough knowledge of their class and roles. If your class is not specifically listed and you feel that you would be an asset, please contact us using our battletags below. Raiding schedule: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8pm -11:30pm EST Raid invites out starting at 7:45 pm Current Progression: 5/8 M Uldir US #288 Side Project was formed with a couple fundamental things in mind. Take great people from all over the Eonar, of which has been around for a very long time and get them together under one roof. Mission accomplished. Here's where you come into the picture. What exactly are we, and what the heck is a "casual/progression" guild? A Casual/Progression guild will consist of players who: Dedicate at least 3 nights of raiding to a guild a week. Show up prepared with the correct mats, and strategies read. Carry their own weight - in every respect of the term possible. Are patient, mature, and generally relaxed. What IS casual? From my various experiences and chats with other guilds, casual to THEM means: Not reading up on strategy before hand Not listening to the raid leader Not paying attention or having any kind of situational awareness This is what casual means to us. Not spending more than 4 hours a night raiding Not spending more than 3 days raiding Not being stupid while having fun With these things in mind, we are going to focus on a relaxed, yet goal oriented raid, which values good play and maturity above all. Raids will be very well thought out, and players will be expected to hold their own. Our raid leaders will focus on positives and strengths of each raider, and identify weaknesses for them to work on. Hot headed, immature players need not apply. Our Expectations: - High attendance (90%+) - Intimate knowledge of your class, spec, and role - Passionate, mature attitude and willingness to take/give constructive criticism - Willingness to work collaboratively and promote a culture of continuous self-improvement -Side Project Staff Contacts: Tobias#11944 (Tobias/Saibot) - Primary Recruiter Nusku#1551 (Nusku) - OfficerNusku30 20m
20m [H] 3/8M Fr/Sa 9:30-12:30 LF Mythic Raiders ! Hello, and Welcome to <In Æternum> on Area 52. We raid Fri/Sat 9:30pm-12:30am est. Our Off-night for heroic is Wednesdays. About Us: We're a relatively new guild to Area 52. However, many of us have been playing WoW together for at least a year, with the majority together for even longer. We play daily, and partake in everything this game has to offer. The main focus of this guild is to push Mythic Raid Progression, while also pushing M+. Our leadership & player base include 11/11m raiders, as well as players from past expansion with similar records. Currently 8/8H 3/8M w/ Serious Progress on Fetid & Pulls on Vectis What we Offer: - Competent Leadership - Collaborative Environment - Reliable & Skilled Player base - Enjoyable and Diverse Community - An Environment that Promotes Exceptionalism - Endless Days & Nights of Banter filled with tales of IRL. We are seeking focused individuals to join our raid roster. We have an inherent need for exceptional execution when it comes to mechanics and you need to possess extensive knowledge of your class, or the ability to derive needed information quickly. What we Expect: - Thick Skin - Solid Communication - Ability to Adapt & Overcome - High Level of Raid Awareness - Exceptional Mechanical Execution - YOU TO HAVE FUN ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Current Openings: One Melee DPS Rogue, Ret Pally, DH, DK One Ranged DPS Warlock, Moonkin Potential Openings: One Tank Monk, Pally, DH Individuals willing to distinguish themselves should always apply, even if not on the list above. We welcome Backups and/or individuals interested in focusing Mythic+ or PvP at high ratings. This includes people not being able to attend raids, as we aim to continue building our community rather than just a raid team. We are a skill-based guild, this means, although we are all friends and have known each other for years, we want the raid to succeed, and that's priority #1. Under-performing consistently will put your raid spot in jeopardy. To Apply: Visit our Discord - Fill out & Paste the information from #Welcome into #Applications. Feel free to contact our Officers on discord if you have any questions. - WoW Progress - Warcraft Logs - 20m
21m 373 Lock 2/8M, Previous Top 25 US Raider LFG 373 Lock 2/8M, Previous Top 25 US Raider LFG. I used to raid with top 25 US guilds from LK-MoP. I retired and missed WoD and Legion. Currently have 2/8M experience but have full knowledge of every fight and a hunger to compete and push content. I'm on PST, so something after 5pm PST (8pm EST) would be preferred. I can provide logs and character info upon request. I'm leaving current guild due to schedule changes. Please message me at Mykal#1187 to start a convo!Waylonzoo36 21m