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Nov 22, 2010 Please Do Not Bump Threads Hello all, We understand this is a Guild Recruitment forum and posters here want to make sure their threads are visible. With that said, we want to remind you all that repeatedly bumping threads is a violation of our Forum Guidelines. Forum threads with active discussions are meant to remain at the top of the forums so players can easily find them, however, circumventing this by simply adding "bump" to a thread can result in the removal of one's posting privileges. This includes the same individual bumping a thread repeatedly, or multiple people taking turns bumping a thread. We'd like to keep this forum as clean and useful as possible, and appreciate your help in assisting us to that end. Forum Guidelines: ...Zarhym0 Nov 22, 2010
Dec 3 Basic Recruitment Etiquette + Post Template ** NOTE: Do not post your ad as a reply to this thread. It's a great example of not being able to follow directions and likely a down vote from any credible recruiter. ** ______________ Here are some tips for getting your recruitment post noticed and cutting through a lot of the spam to find your right fit. Copy & paste this template to your post if you're looking for a guild. Explanation of each field follows. Additionally, listing your class/spec, progression, and a brief description of what you're looking for in the subject/title line of your post will expedite this process for recruiters. 1. Times available & time zone: 2. Server preference: 3. Faction preference: 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: 5. Current progression/experience: 6. Recent logs (if available): 7. Contact info: 8. Anything else: 1. Times/time zones! Remember to post what times you are available, any times you are not available, or if your schedule is flexible at all. Too many times people post, "I need a guild that can work with my schedule," and then never bother to post their availability! Include your time zone as well. 2. Server preference: PvE, PvP, or RP? Is this 100% set in stone, or are you flexible? If you're not willing to transfer off-server, you should probably be posting on your realm-specific forum. 3. Faction preference: Alliance or Horde? Any flexibility? This means you too, Doubleagent! 4. Hardcore/Semi-hardcore/casual: Are you wanting to raid seven days a week, eight hours a day with only bio breaks every two hours? Or do you need something more laid back, but still efficient? Or do you just want to sign on every other week or so? 5. Current progression/experience: Are you brand new to the game and have no idea what BoE means? Or have you been through multiple tiers and are just coming back to the game? Adding these details will help recruiters narrow down potential applicants and increase your chances of finding a good fit. Because the majority of this forum is populated by raiders, giving more details on what you are currently doing to improve your gear/play style will help sell a recruiter on a person who may not have quite as much experience or gear as the recruiter initially wanted. 6. If you are trying to go hardcore/semi-hardcore and have recent parses, link them! Why bother accepting and declining a million Btag requests just for them to ask for this basic info? 7. Contact info: Do you prefer guilds to respond within your thread, to an email address, or by adding your Btag? This will also help you narrow down guild choices if a cut and paste spammer chooses to ignore your preference! 7. UPDATE YOUR POST: If you do happen to find a home (yay you!), please do the forums a favor and update your original post to reflect your transferred/new guild status. Old/necro'd threads getting bumped by spam wastes everyone's time. 8. If it's not going to work out or you change your mind, simply say so. Recruiters are often only recruiting for one or two positions and may decline others if you accept an offer. If you vanish (delete/transfer) without a trace, they're left wondering if they still need to hold the spot. In the meantime, other applicants may have moved on and now the recruiter is back to square one, except now more frustrated and fed up. Recruiters will appreciate the few seconds it takes to shoot them a note before you peace out. 8a. Additionally, if someone adds your BattleTag and you can tell fairly early on that it's not going to work out, a simple, "Thanks, but I'm not interested," before removing them from your list makes everyone's life a little easier. TL;DR: It doesn't have to be a novel, but a little effort (and politeness) on both sides goes a long way. Cheers! ______________ ** Want to know if you're the victim of a drive by spray-and-pray spammer? Click the yellow down arrow by the character name on the left hand side of the post box, then click 'View Posts' -- it's a quick, simple way to see if someone took the time to tailor their message to your post (i.e. s/he actually read it) versus copy pasta. ** ______________ If you have any feedback on this post or have recruiting questions, please feel free to add my Btag, Riot#1851.Pravix320 Dec 3
Oct 26, 2010 Welcome: Please Read! Welcome to the Guild Recruitment forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can recruit members for your World of Warcraft guild. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct ( and guidelines ( before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!Lylirra1 Oct 26, 2010
3m [H]at Tanagra is Recruiting DPS - 3/11 M at Tanagra(Hjyal Server) is a Heroic Weekend Raiding Guild and is currently recruiting for friendly/Raid focus people for Heroic / Mythic --Antorus, the Burning Throne -- Recruiting for Heroic and looking to push into Mythic Raids Current Progress -- 3 / 11 Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne 11 / 11 Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne 2 / 9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras 9 / 9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras 10 / 10 Heroic Nighthold 2 / 3 Heroic Trial of Valor 7 / 7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare About us: at Tanagra is a Horde, heroic raiding focus guild located on Hyjal-US server(West / PST). We are a Semi-casual-ish guild that began raiding strong in WoD. We are Fun and Friendly group of players joining forces to Progress through all current Tier content. We are somewhat small guild but slowly growing. Over all great group of Core players to raid with here, alot of different/ fun minds! For raiding wise, our main focus is to push all full clear Heroic content. *When ready slowly dip into Mythic Raids What our Guild can offer you--- *A stable, fun and mature environment, We are all here to have fun, and we will provide that environment for you. *Having fun doing 5man Dungeons and Mythics + *Farming All things Legion content. *Helping each other out and overall having Fun! *Guild Bank with Raiding and other Misc. goodies. Recruitment: -- For Legion: Antorus, the Burning Throne What we are Currently Looking for... Tanks - Full Healers - Disc/Holy priest DPS - Range DPS, Highly looking Flex Classes(DPS/Healing) Even if not listed We shall consider any Strong Applications Raiding Schedule Raiding 2 days a week on Weekends, 4 hours per Raid night Raid Days/Times --- Friday and Saturday @ 7pm - 11pm PST As for voice chat -- we use Discord, which is must for raids. For those interested in joining the guild or any other questions, you can get a hold of One of our Guild Recruiters @SwisherSweet#1925 and Darten#1190 (GM), or Demon#11147 (Recruit Lead/Officer))Swishersweet428 3m
22m [A] Catchphrase 3/11M, 9/9M (CE) Sargeras Catchphrase is mythic progression focused guild on Sargeras. Striving to push progression within a semi casual schedule of 9 hours of raid time a week. The atmosphere we provide is a mature/non-toxic environment. Raid times are Server Central Time Zone Tuesday 7-10 Heroic (bring alts) Thursday 7-10 Monday 7-10 Current progression: 3/11 Mythic Antorous 9/9 Mythic TOS(cutting edge) 10/10 Mythic Nighthold (cutting edge) Currently recruiting exceptional all players! Specific needs: Swing healer Resto/Boomkin/feral, Holy/Spriest, Rsham/Enhance/Ele, Hpal/Ret holy priest Warlocks(any spec) Boomkin Frostdk/Unholy WW Monk Warrior Please see our website to apply What is expecting from applicants is to be proficient in their class. Be it their rotation, gear setups for each specific encounter IE legendary items and talents. To show up on time and prepared. Loot system is a variant of loot council, in which the Core Raiders are rotated on a weekly basis. This method of a loot reward system favors strengthening the weaknesses of the raid as a whole. There is plenty of more information located in our Guild discord upon your application. if you wish to apply please visit our Website: or contact one of our officers we are available daily to talk in Discord Zelda#11691 drastix#1114 We provide Potions, Flasks, FeastsDotless22 22m
24m [A]Coalition 10/11M 12yr Guild LF Heal & DPS The Coalition of US-Lightbringer (PST-PVE) The Guild has been together for 12 years and still has a lot of members from Vanilla. We offer a progressive minded raid while having a laid back and relaxed atmosphere. We joke around, have a good time but still get things done. Raid Times: Tues/Weds/Thurs 7-10-30pm PST Optional Alt Raids on Monday Loot would be distributed by a loot council, based upon performance, need, and attendance. When you pass your trial raid consumables are provided by the guild to help with the burden of raiding. At this time we provide, Flasks, Potions, Feasts, Augment Runes, Vantus Runes and Repairs. We are looking for friendly, team orientated individuals that will help put the guild first yet keep the fun gaming environment that we have. Currently searching for: Boomkins Shadow Priests Mages Warlocks Healers (Viable DPS Offspec big bonus!) Resto Shaman Holy Paladin Holy Priest We will always consider any exceptional application of any class or spec. We will also consider Guild Merger Options of like minded people. Please post your apps on our website If you have any questions feel free to add Dorkman#11605 or Xellos#1969, Val #12738Xellos15 24m
25m [H] <Roll Initiative> 3-2-18 Reroll Guild Introduction ... Reroll Start Date: March 2, 2018 at 5 PM EST. You can currently level your character up to level 20, but you cannot exceed level 20 until the official launch. Come join us before the launch and enjoy dungeon runs, pvp, etc. Why chose <Roll Initiative>? ... I would like to point out that if this seems interesting to you but you aren’t interested in playing Horde, you should check out <Reign of Remnants> which is currently running a structured reroll on Dalaran. You can find them here: Raid Schedule ... Raid Goals ... Server: Zul'jin Interested? Let’s chat. ... Current Roster 25m
27m [H] <Vicerant> 5/11M New Progression Guild Hello Everyone! <Vicerant> (US-Tichondrius) is a new Horde progression raiding guild formed from progression raiders looking for a consistent home. We are currently 5/11M and continuing to push that further! We also run a lot of M+ to gear our raiders and most of our core has over a 2500 M+ score. We're willing to help gear loyal members who perform at the proper level. Recruitment Focus: 1. Holy Pally, Mistweaver Monk, and Resto Druid 2. Mythic-ready DPS We're a mature group that raids Thursday and Friday from 6pm to 9pm server time for a work week or class friendly schedule. We also run an optional raid on Saturday, which depending on attendance, could be another mythic run. For those interested, we also run guild RBGs as a 2k XP team and alt/casual teams. All of our core has the logs to join a more progressed guild, but we've been down that road and instead are choosing to create a better culture together that will last. Please message me or anyone else in the guild while in game! Take care, Wicked (btag: wicked#12228)Wickedsmash19 27m
32m [A] 1 d/wk Mythic and M+ guild LF DPS! Hello! Our group has strong roots as a solid 20 Man mythic US guild and are comprised of top raiders who don't want to or can't raid 3, 4, or even 2 nights per week anymore! We've all got jobs and other obligations on our plates now (some have new kids even!) so we are looking for like-minded individuals who wanna push progression without the time commitment. We're currently looking also for persons who are interested in Mythic+ dungeons, as every member of the guild loves to push a variety of level keys, anywhere from the mid-teens to the mid-20's! We're aiming for a total core of 22-23 for the mythic raid team and currently have 18, so come enjoy a casual, but oriented, NON-TOXIC environment where you can have both a stress-free, and progression-oriented raiding experience! If you are just interested in Mythic+ dungeons of ANY level, please also feel free to join! Friends/family are also welcome to come :) We don't require geared toons, many of our raiders are raiding on new re-rolls or alts. We can gear you up very fast through our weekly normal/heroic clears as well as numerous mythic+ runs! Our plan is to continue running heroic for a few more weeks to get everyone caught up on gear. Members of our guild come from a rich history of raiding in top guilds. Some examples of our progression are: Cataclysm Progression (10m Heroic) Realm First : Al'akir (2/13/11) US 8th Realm First : Nefarian (3/2/11) US 1st Realm First : Sinestra (4/26/11) US 3rd Realm First : Ragnaros (9/22/11) US 16th Realm First : Deathwing (2/1/12) US 6th Wrath of the Lich King (25m Heroic) Realm First : Fall of the Lich King (8/1/10) All this was on a 3 day schedule, and we hope to continue on a similar track with just 1 day of serious raiding! And while we raided on a 2-day schedule, most our raiders are 6 to 8/11 Mythic in current tier! Our guild now: Raid Times : 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm EST Raid Days : Mondays Loot: Will be a combination of /roll and group-loot council. The council consists of the ENTIRE raid group and requires majority voting. We provide gems, flasks, pots and food for our raiders during progression raiding. All we want is for you to come prepared, know your class, and be accountable. Be open to always improving! Currently recruiting (for core positions!): rDPS - 2-3, HIGH demand for warlock or hunter but any exceptional ranged wanted! mDPS - 1-2, HIGH demand for rogue, but any mdps with a healing/tank OS is a plus! Heals - 0-1 of any class, having a DPS OS is a must! And as always, open to all exceptional applicants! Leave a message here or feel free to contact us at any of the following: Lazely#1204 Msoo#1101 Tsiy#1894 Thanks!Lazily85 32m
3s Returning Player LF Guild Home to REROLL Hey there returning to WoW. Played since Vanilla, stopped last summer. I'm looking for a family type atmosphere Not really interested in mythic raiding. Heroics maybe, mythic dungeons definitely. Looking for a friendly atmosphere, people to play with and talk to. Most days I am available. Wed/Sun nights I am out of the house. I'm one of those "I'll PVP when I wanna" types so I'm more interested in a PVE Server. I can reroll whatever. I'm looking into maybe DPS. Warlock or Hunter.. maybe even warrior. I have experience healing as a druid and priest, those are also possibilities. All heirlooms are upgraded to 110. Your best bet is to add me on bnet. Cause I will get busy with things and neglect to check this, I'll check as much as I can here. Thanks for reading my post :) Belle#1386Laylah23 3s
40m 960 UH DK LF EST Guild Looking to stay alliance for the most part, 11/11 H experience. Tanking off spec Shadow#115439Bellnoa1 40m
42m 964 Affliction Warlock LFG 11/11H experience. Logs are not that impressive but willing to learn. Looking for 1-3 days, preferrably on the weekends. Please leave message here if there's interest. I will reach out to you if I am interested, thanks 42m
53m [H] 3/11M Chill Stable Mythic Guild Defiance on Shadowsong/Borean-tundra 11/11 H - AoTC 2/11 Mythic Raid Time: Tues (Farm/Gear) Thur/Sun 630-930 (Progression) pm PST Fri - Optional fun for alts/friends and family Currently accepting exceptional and positive players of any class for the mythic progression. Melee: OPEN - High- DK, Ret, Enhance, DH and Feral Druid Ranged: High - Mage, MM Hunter, Boomkin and Ele Sham (Warlock closed) Healer: High - Holy Priest (possibly Disc) Off-spec FLEX Tanks (dps/heals that can tank as well as they can the other) Defiance is a casual-core or semi hardcore guild that raids, runs Mythic+s, WQs together. We always try to find something to do every day of the week while hanging out together in Discord. We have done the top 100 thing. We dont burn out or call it quits when content gets rough. We are an adult guild comprised of ages 20+. Down to earth guild here to find competitive, smart and humble players that want to progress in Mythic content in a drama free environment. We are not so obsessed with progression that Mythic comes before the guild. This is a game and should be played as such with other players that share the same goals and fits your schedule. NO elitists and no one likes a know it all, just have a positive attitude. We work to build an environment and community that players want to log into. Doing so helps prevent burnout so we can enjoy endgame content without all the stress normal Mythic raid environments bring. Please feel free to add our battletag at any time to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you! Contact: Btag: AaronC#11555 Discord: Shamy(Aaron)#1760Shamydavisjr86 53m
56m Couple LF friendly casual Guild My wife and I are lookin for a good group of people to guild with. Please read in full before posting a reply. It’s been my belief that in this current market if MMOs that the small tight knit group of friends has gone by the way side. Most of the time you log in to a new character and BAM you’re hit with a guild invite by someone spamming to get numbers in their guild. I hate that. It’s borderline rude in my opinion. Guilds are in some respects supposed to be almost like family. And that’s what I’m looking for. My wife doesn’t have much WoW experience and I’ve played off and on since release. We are looking for a group centric guild that cares about its people and wants to have fun times :) I’m looking for a guild who casually does everything. Raiding, pvp, transmog runs, leveling lowbies. Basically just a crowd to hang out with that are also willing to help new folks. Also an added bonus is if in the future you’re planning on new games that are coming out. I’ll refrain from posting them here so hopefully my post won’t get flagged and deleted lol. But we’re looking for a place that is currently actively playing WoW and would have a place for us. please let me know here or I can share my name if people are interested in taking us on. We prefer horde but community trumps character choice sometimes :)Hosnian18 56m
57m <SRS> Illidan 9/9 10/11 M LF DPS/RSham Guild name: SRS Server: Illidan Faction: Horde Guild name: SRS Server: Illidan Faction: Horde About us: We are CE ToS and are looking for long term players who understand the effort required to raid mythic content at a high level. When considering contacting or applying to our guild note that we want people who are committed to the game and our guild we want players who have a stable schedule that they are in control of, we want people who will be here 2+ tiers from now and want to do more then just show up to raid. Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 730-11PM Central Recruiting: All DPS classes and spec if your class/spec is not listed below please still free to contact us, high priority on: Ele/Resto Shaman Boomkin Hunter Warlock Rogue Spriest Windwalker to apply or if you have any questions ask: Aryastark#1859 Bromby#1673Liquidswôrds114 57m
1h 960 Feral Druid 5/11 Exp Looking For Guild 5/11 M Exp on my Hunter Looking for Raiding guild for My Druid.Sïmba12 1h
1h Looking for Questing,Dungeon and Raid Guild. I'm a casual WoW player and I'm fairly new so I'm not up to speed on everything. However I am looking for a group of people to take me in and help me learn, do quests together, do Dungeons and even Raid. I am from the UK and I'm on Runetotem US. I am currently in a guild called trueblood however the players a very inactive and done seem to do anything together! I can chat on Discord, Skype etc. I can't promise I will be on everyday but I will always try my best and make myself free for guild specific events. For the Hordddddeeeee! I main a Destruction Troll Warlock as I found it easiest to get used to and suits my play style.Sarenaj3 1h
1h [H] <Tilted> 10/11M LFM <Tilted> is a newly formed semi-hardcore raiding guild looking for exceptional players for our raiding team. Raid Times: (CST/Server Time) 7:30-10:30 Tues/Weds/Thurs Progression: 10/11 M Antorus Currently Recruiting: Any exceptional players regardless of class or spec, however we are in need of the following: (High) Hunter, Mage (Medium) Rogue, Warlock (Low) Melee DPS (Full on Retribution Paladins), Shadow Priest Realm: Emerald Dream (RP-PvP) We use a loot council for loot distribution to ensure loot is being used in the most optimal manner. Our trial period is 2 weeks. We require 100% attendance during the trial period but will make short-term exceptions if necessary. If you are interested in joining please submit an application here: If you have any questions please feel free to contact us: Erulight (Eru#1945) Catomonk (Cato#1898) Baambii (bambitripnip#1588) Fooshe (Foosh#1338)Erulight40 1h
1h <Vigil> 8/11M - 6hr guild LF ranged + 1 melee <Vigil> of Zul'jin is a recently re-formed guild from the ashes of <Vigil> on Mal'ganis, the original merger of <Aurora> and <Death and Taxes> during WoTLK, which disbanded in WoD. The roster features about a dozen former raiders, including many that were involved in the Mists of Pandaria US 4th roster. We’ve grown up and our time to play has changed as well, so we came back to play at a 2-day, 6-hour per week schedule. In our first three weeks of mythic, we downed the first six bosses with many players who haven’t done mythic yet this expansion. Right now, we’re looking to add a few more to our roster to make everything flow a little more smoothly. Our ideal raiders are self-reliant, come prepared, and are able to be accountable for their mistakes. We’re an adult guild and would prefer 21+ raiders. Much like delicious crayons, our raid environment is typically non-toxic and we prefer to keep it that way. * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * Currently Seeking: - Moonkin - Mage - Flex healer - 1 Non-DK melee (pref WW/Rogue/DH) We will consider strong applicants of any type, even if not listed above! Being able and willing to play off-specs is a huge plus! * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * Schedule: Wednesday and Thursday 8 PM EST - 11 PM EST (5 - 8 PST) We will add Tuesday in for new raid content (first week) and often have a 100% optional guild group for heroics on Tuesdays for as long as it's relevant or wanted, but this is not required attendance. * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * Contact & Apply /w Xaruja-Zul'jin // BTAG: Kitty#13851 // DISCORD: Xaru#9952 Our other officers are Infredible and Elawde, who can be reached in-game as well. We handle applications through Discord and PMs. Visit our discord and see the #welcome channel, which lists our rules and expectations. Under that is a short little app you can PM to me on Discord! * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * Requirements: 90%+ Attendance Discord Weakauras, rclootcouncil, and Exorsus Raid Tools. 75+ artifact. * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *Xaruja53 1h
1h [A] LF Casual raiding, community, fun Hi all, my guild recently transferred to horde, and I'm looking for a new home for my Destruction Warlock (ilvl 950), and future alliance alts. Servers: Emerald Dream, Sargeras, or other high-ish population US servers. What I'm looking for: - A chill group of people that raids at normal or heroic (I'm 11/11 H Antorus) - An active guild chat and/or discord - People that like hopping into groups to run daily heroics, M+, transmog runs etc. - A guild that will stick around through the Legion drought and be around for BFA. - That guild family feeling Since I'm older now and have adult responsibilities, I don't have nearly the time I used to, to devote to raiding. I'm on 3+ days a week, but it can be hard for me to be on a dedicated raid roster. I'm happy to fill, and would love to find a guild that has farm nights that anyone can hop in on. I am also a female, so female-friendly atmosphere would be nice :) I'd also likely be bring two IRL friends (holy priest, and warrior/spriest).Maryella2 1h
1h LateNight/Early Morning 1-3am PST Raid times: M/T/W (the morning after, or T/W/TR) 1AM-3AM PST 3AM-5AM CST 4AM-6AM EST 8PM-10PM AET Loot distribution: BiS / Loot Council [A]<LateNight> is an extremely late night/early morning raiding guild on Proudmoore (PST, PVE) that was founded by real life friends who needed an atypical raiding schedule due to work commitments. Our recruitment is open to cloth and mail ranged dps, and 1 warrior dps spot to complement our Raid team. We value commitment, attendance, and a great sense of humor over your current ilevel. We are more than happy to run M+ to get you up to speed. We only ask that you do your due diligence in knowing fights, coming prepared, and are receptive to constructive criticism. Please note that our average age is 30+. We offer a laid back atmosphere filled with humor and vulgarity. If this is offensive to you, we may not be the right fit. Our interest is building a strong community that play not only wow, but many other games together in our off time. Required Addons/Software: Discord Bw/DBM Best in Slot Redux If you think you would be a great fit, please feel free to contact anyone below on discord: Discord: Danimal#9381 vandel#4239 Reeon#6769 Rakkit#7556 Battlenet: Batercus#1839 Vandel#1655 Ryizzle#1839 Zaries#1650Drbadman99 1h
1h 2 friends LF n/h raiding guild Hi there. My RL friend and I have recently returned to WoW. We have plenty of Legion experience from EN to TOS but limited Antorus experience. I am a Resto/Ele shaman around 917-922 ilvl and my friend is a Fury warrior around 934 ilvl. We would prefer a guild that raids Monday to Friday after 10pm EST. We would also prefer alliance. If you are on turalyon that is also a plus! We don’t mind xferring but would love to cross realm trial. Note about my shaman. I mained Ele since EN but am switching over to Resto for the long haul. My Resto gear is a tad bit behind my Ele but it shouldn’t take long to catch up. Thanks!! Reply here and I’ll hit you up on bnet. Add Matt#19785 to bnet so we can talk.Geo6 1h
1h Tight knit guild for humorous team player! Been playing since '06 but really haven't gotten what I want from the game since the end of Wrath. Was in a great guild that disbanded, have played with some RL friends but they've all moved on. I started in Legion late, haven't really found a home in the guilds I've joined and I mistakenly let my friends talk me into playing on Darkspear! I'm in my early 30s, married with one young child. I am a mature, dedicated individual who will put in the the effort to gear up, learn fights and do my part. I love to cut up and have a good time, but know when it's time to get serious and do work. With a little help, I'd like to boost this character and add some melee dps to a raid while also building up prot/holy to partake in alt runs/mythic+/PvP. I'm a team player and always ready to help! I've mained a shaman for a long time and just not happy with the direction the class is gone. I could probably be talked into rdps but that'd definitely be a gear project situation as I'd have a harder time getting into pugs until I got my ilvl up higher. Please feel free to add/message me via bnet (Sparks#12389) or posthere to discuss further, I'm on throughout the day in the front half of the week and most evenings. Thank you for reading and have a great day!Khenx10 1h
1h {H} <Perdition> 9/11M LF DPS / Heals MINIMUM experience required for all apps is currently 5/11M Goals: Our primary goal for Antorus will be to curate a stable, dedicated semi-hardcore team to re-establish ourselves in the top US guilds. Be sure you have your priorities in line before committing to our guild. As a progression guild, we expect our members to come prepared with raiding materials and knowledge of the fight; however, the guild does its best to provide flasks, potions, food, runes, enchants and hand-holding strategies for all raiders. Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8:00pm-11pm PST We follow a very strict 9 hour raiding schedule. Recruitment Needs: -DPS- Balance Druid, Ele Shaman, Hunter, S-Priest DPS recruitment is fairly open, so if you feel that you are a strong contender we encourage you to apply. -HEALS- Holy Priest, Resto Druid The rest of our healing core is pretty set at the moment in Antorus, however every spot on the team is competitive. If you feel you would be an asset to the team please apply. Apping/Contact: If you are interested in joining, please visit: If you have a specific question, you may contact one of our officers: (note: all potential trials must apply at the above link prior to joining) Recruitment / Raid Leader: Okori#1968 (Tonic)Toniç47 1h
1h 110 Assassination Rouge LF Guild Looking for a new guild, preferably on Mannaroth but will transfer if needed. Casual player looking to help on Mythic Dungeons and raids when needed. I've been in a dead guild as the only active player for a few years and it is getting pretty boring.Theejackal5 1h
1h [H] <The Murloc Saints> 4/11M | 9p-12a PST [H][Tichondrius] <The Murloc Saints> is a competitive minded progression guild formed at the end of Nighthold. After achieving Ahead of the Curve for Nighthold and Tomb of Sargeras, we have set our sights on Cutting Edge for Antorus. We have continued to grow well together and enjoy gaming with one another across multiple games and platforms. Guild info: -Raid times: Tue and Sun 9p-12a PST w/ an optional Wed farm night -Current progression: 4/11M w/ 17% on Portal Keeper 11/11H ABT -Recruitment: Sham, Hpriest, or Pally healer| Always looking for strong DPS big need of a Warlock -Also recruiting for M+ and bench warmers Trial Period: Trial periods last at minimum 2 weeks (4 total raid days) after which, a decision will be made to extend the trial period with an established reasoning or offer a promotion to full time raider. Our Expectations: -90% raid attendance will be required to keep a raider position. Showing up 15 min early isn’t mandatory, but you must be 100% ready to go at raid time. -Take criticism well. We have many knowledgeable and experienced players that are always trying to improve the group. Whether the criticism is off-putting or not, it’s always in an effort to improve. We are a team after all. -Always be your best! What we mean by this is to never stop looking for ways to improve yourself. Gameplay or otherwise. Bnet: StudMuffin#1856 / Yournamehere#1396 Discord: StudMuffin#7193Effervescere101 1h
1h LF Casual Guild Hello, As the title says are there any casual guilds on this server currently recruiting? I've been on a long break and have come back with all the stuff being added in to BfA. I am a pretty casual player nowadays and am generally on most evenings. I'm looking for a guild that does pvp, maybe raids, etc. Honestly I'm just looking for a good group of folks to chat and play WoW with during the times I'm on. I'm open to RP guilds as well but I have no experience in it at all and am unsure if I'd be up to fully committing to RP. I'd like to start a character from scratch so am open to either faction as well just as long as there's a guild I can call home. I haven't made up my mind yet on either a rogue or hunter..., Thanks, -XilenXilen10 1h
1h <Threads of Fate>[A] Reroll,Starting Feb 24 Starting Date: Feb 24th, 2PM EST - Players may level to 20 before then and ask for a guild invite! Perfect opportunity for players returning after a long break! Anyone looking for a semi-casual, adult environment to start fresh in, please take a few minutes to read about <Threads of Fate> Server:Dalaran, Alliance Requirements: ... ***Previous raid/playing experience is NOT required. New/returning players, we would love to have you if you meet the above requirements Mission Statement: ... Short Term Goals: ... Long Term Goals: ... What I Can Give: ... Member Expectations: ... Raid Times ... If you have any questions, you can join me in discord: or PM Derrom#4962 on discord BattleTag: Derrom#11273 Alternatively, you can leave your btag and I will add you if you prefer that. Thanks for taking the time to read about Threads of Fate!Derrom64 1h
1h Anyone Raid 6pm EST? Hello, I'm searching for a guild that raids earlier in the evening. 6pm - 8-830pm EST. I've tried using the search function, but no luck. I understand why most guilds raid the 8pm EST - on time slot. However, that time frame doesn't quite work for me. So, I'm earnestly searching for a group that raids earlier in the evening. Any info appreciated. Thanks!Xulgar1 1h
1h <Discord> 8/11M LF DPS!!! <Discord> is a long standing guild on Aggamagan whose members have been raiding together since wrath. We are active outside of raid times and play other games together as well. We are looking for more members to progress through Antorus with us! * Raiding Schedule Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 7:30PM-11PM Central, with an optional Sunday normal/heroic raid for alts. * All raiders are expected to be willing to rotate in and out of raid depending on fight needs and strategy. *We don't push past our raid times, ever. *We don't fight over loot and give it out based on who would benefit from it the most using RCLoot Council. *We're a pretty laid back guild, but still expect our raiders to perform well. _____________________________________________________________________________ Currently Recruiting: *Healers Disc Priest *DPS **Shadow Priests with a viable healing off-spec Warlocks Rogues Ret Pallies *Tanks Blood DK with a strong dps off-spec _____________________________________________________________________________ Feel free to apply even if your class isn't listed. We are always on the look out for strong players. If you are interested in applying please visit: If you have any questions please contact Friedrib#1229, Rixin#1249, or Demo#1341 on Btag or myself on Discord: Spishy#8533.Spookylemons87 1h
1h LF Guild 885ilvl prot warr or Spriest Looking for a guild that is more about PvE than PvP. I want to be able to enjoy the game with guild mates and have people to group up with. I'm Horde and on Akama server. I returned after a long time of not playing. Been since WoTLK. I haven't done too many raids. If any other information is required let me know. Thank youZipldawar1 1h
1h Veteran raider LF casual 1 day/week team I’m taking a step back from intense raiding in favor of a small, relaxed environment. Currently 7/11 Mythic on main. AotC for every tier since AotC was a thing. I can tank or DPS on Monk, Paladin, or DK. Only looking for casual one day a week guilds, preferably HordeAdemre8 1h
1h 947 Lock LF heroic raid group Hey guys, as the title says I'm looking for a heroic raiding guild. I've pugged 8/11 heroic with friends playing casually. They have decided to step away from the game so I am now looking for a home into BFA. Open to any faction/server Prefer 2 or less nights a week Willing to play any spec Laid back, easy going, research class/fightsYaesie29 1h
1h 938 resto sham LF normal+ raiding guild Very active and experienced raider. Just recently started playing again after a multi-year hiatus. Looking for an active raiding guild in need of healing. Currently have plenty of free time to commit to the cause. Looking forward to investing towards the guild's progressionCootertime11 1h
1h Multi-Class player LF mythic guild 6/11M EXP All characters listed are Horde side, I am only willing to faction change if paid for. Sorry Alliance peoples I can't afford it :( Howdy folks, Guild is gunna be taking a break from raiding so I'm looking to continue in attempt for Cutting Edge. I play every class, heres the list of ones that are mythic ready: Monk - 955 DK - 945 Paladin (holy) This is the character I got 6/11M on. - 960 Warlock - 958 Shadow Priest/Disc Priest - 962 Hunter - 963 Are the classes I am interested in raiding on, However I would prefer to swap to a DPS class. I can link logs upon request please leave your spam below. And I will get back to you.Honorr30 1h
1h LF a Late Night Guild Have not done this in a while so here we go. Currently returning to WoW, and I am looking for a new guild. I have multiple toons to offer. But my Druid is the highest ilvl atm. (Druid is also my favorite character) Haven't done much in the current patch but i have cleared Normal Antorus and have done 7/11 Heroic. (Missed Portal Keepers) Feral 947 / Boomkin 945 / Guardian 942. (Can resto but I am a bit rusty with it 940) *Looking for something late night* if you want to talk more my battlenet is going to below. Hope to find a new home. Battlenet Diisplaced#1549Diisdruid5 1h
1h 2NIGHT HEROIC TEAM LFM FOR MYTHIC 3/11M [A] Game Over <Press Start to Continue>(Proudmoore-US) Game Over's raid team Press Start to Continue is recruiting talented, mechanically aware players to help our laid back progression raid team. We were 9/9H, 5/9M in TOS, and now 11/11H and 3/11M in ATB. The entire team is excited, and we are recruiting the classes listed below. We are willing to talk to non listed classes if interested. Schedule: Tuesday 7-11PM and Thursday 7-10PM PST, and Friday we do an optional alt run :) Requirements: * 930 min iLvl * 70 points spent in primary spec. weapon minimum * Willing to come to raid fully prepared with pots, food, and runes (Cauldrons provided) * Able to take friendly constructive criticism * Good situational awareness, the average dps of a dead body is 0! * Willing to put in time outside of raid for m+, we try and shoot for a 10 a week! * A good natured drama free attitude, bad rotations we can fix, bad attitudes just get kicked. Contact: Recruitment: tyrrlin#1503 (Staredecisis@Proudmoore) alayla#1547 (Alaylaa@Proudmoore) About us: We're a laid back, progression team that likes to clear content but have fun doing it. We work together, and play outside of raid constantly with one another doing mythic pluses and so many other things. The guild is huge with 990+ members at most times, and there is constantly something going on. My team also plays League of Legends, Overwatch, Minecraft, Rust, PuBG, and many other games together outside of raid. Current Needs: We are currently seeking the following classes and specs, will consider any classes that contact me! * Hunter * Shaman - DPS * Rogue * Death Knight - DPS * Demon hunter - DPS * Paladin - Holy * Warlock Would love to talk to you more about joining us, please get a hold of Alaylaa or Staredecisis either in game or add us on @ Alayla#1547 - @ Tyrrlin#1503Staredecisis111 1h
1h DMC is LF you, New, Returning Players... Can't level your alchemy because you need some damned corks? Tired of looking at that Wrath of Azshara quest in your log? Terrified of the dungeon finder, leary of the premades and not enough WoW friends to complete them? DMC, Devil May Cry, is the answer to all your problems. We are close knit WoW family currently rebuilding and refreshing our raid team and we want you...yes YOU. We will start you from scratch in the earlier raids, help you gear up and teach you the fights. Solo play is fun, but playing with friends is better. If you are worried about having no raid experience no problem, that means you are a blank slate open to learning. If you are socially inept that's cool, wait till you meet the co-gm. If you have years of raid lead experience and can solo ABT we won't discriminate against you. ;) Seriously, all are welcome. Devil May Cry, started out on Korialstrasz back in 2006 and has earned a place among the community as a well respected, raiding guild. When the server died in 2012 we transferred to Lightbringer, where we are today and continuing to earn our place among the community. We are still growing and are always looking for new and old members to join our happy family. Both long-time players and players completely new to the game have found a place with us over the years. Play-styles of our members vary from dedicated raiders to more casual players who join to be part of an active community for PvE, PvP and socializing. Working together to achieve your in-game goals is what World of Warcraft is all about. Doing battlegrounds, dungeons, scenarios, (retro) raids, helping with personal achievements, gear for transmogrification, hunting for rare mobs, making tedious world quests fun in guild groups is our lifeblood as a community. We are a group of fun loving people, causal progression raiding on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30 - 9:30 server time. Joining the raid team is not mandatory to join the guild, urr, umm family. :) If interested contact Synadrais, Draísyn or Ismera in game or btag MsSoul#1684Ismera0 1h
1h 7/11 M Enhancement/Resto LF Guild 965 Enhancement/961 Resto shaman looking for a guild Anytime between 7-10PM EST on the weekdays... on the weekends. Looking for progress into possible cutting edge. I am very confident with my Resto OS and can play it and preform when needed. Logs: (Mythic) (Heroic) Contact Info: DISCORD IS A LOT EASIER TO REACH ME WITH :) Btag: Shadowstorm#199538 Discord: Luna#6648Staarla1 1h
1h 10/11M ele LFG Logs aren't great, but I am willing to sacrifice damage for mechanics. LF Alliance or Horde guild, preferably 9 hours. Thanks for reading. Edit: I can and will play other specs/classes come BfA, but currently am raiding with ele.Feelsshaman17 1h
1h 943 Frost DK looking for new home 943 Frost DK looking to transfer to horde and server change or stay alliance and server change Looking for a casual raiding guild, Havent raided seriously since WOTLK but i would like to get back into it Bnet tag #Uamenti1246 hmu!Uamenti7 1h
1h [H]<Claw and Shadow> 5/11M We transferred here to Wyrmrest Accord in the Legion Pre-patch and are a group of friends whom have been playing together for years and are looking to recruit for raid progression in Legion! Many of us have experienced the endgame content of each expansion and enjoy competing, progressing and keeping a fun environment throughout, and have played together since Cataclysm and MOP. We're looking to have fun and do some progression at the same time. General raid schedule is : Tuesday - 730-1030pm server Wednesday - 730-1030pm server Thursday - 730-1030pm server We are also looking at starting a side Heroic clear night that is for the most part optional, or for people who really don't want to raid Mythic and just want to come have some fun in Heroic. If this interests you, please contact us and let us know! As far as our direct recruitment needs ATM go for Mythic raiding, solid players of their class who are looking for a place to have fun with some other like minded individuals are welcome to apply. We are currently looking for bench players looking to raid 1-2 nights a week and potentially move into a more steady Mythic raiding position. Specific class needs are currently as follows : Mage, BM/Marks Hunter, Ele Shaman, Balance Druid, and Rogue. A switch healer and a switch tank would also be highly sought after. EN : 7/7 M TOV : 3/3 H, 2/3 M NH : 10/10 N, 10/10 H, 8/10 M TOS : 9/9 N, 9/9 H, 5/9 M Antorus : 11/11N, 11/11 H, 5/11 M If you're interested, feel free to hit up one of the following people in game : Sheyín - Guild Leader Mucc - Co-leader and Recruitment Xouren - Raid Leader Solarís - Social/mediation Officer Drokagar - Recruitment aide Potential recruits will need to take part in a discord interview, and those applying for Mythic positions or Mythic bench positions will be required to have a link to recent logs on hand. We hope to hear from you soon! Wow Progress : 1h
2h 956 Disc/Holy Priest <Area-52> Hello, Recently started playing once again and have been playing catch up. Both my Disc and Holy weapons have their traits "maxed". Looking to raid again. Raided hardcore during Wrath-Draenor, then took a break due to life. Want to find an active guild where I can get back to raiding hardcore. 7.3.2 I've completed Normal Antorus. Haven't been able to run Heroic due to not having any "Heroic" experience. Have all my BiS legendaries. For additional questions please feel free to contact me @ bnet: Matt#15533 Availability: I am PST time zone; Tues-Thurs: 9pm-12am (if not later if we are progressing) Will be patiently waiting. Thanks for tuning in. **Also - For info on my game play/UI check out my youtube channel:**Phienix3 2h
2h MS Resto/OS Ele Shaman 3/11 Mythic Looking for 3/11 Mythic or higher family. Performed both Resto/Ele at Mythic level for guilds progression. Pref Raid Times: Any day after 11PM CST - 2AM CST at the latest. (10PM CST at the earliest) If the above is what you're looking for, feel free to message me: XOXOChroLove#1951Nfrealmusic0 2h
2h 935 Bear LF Full Time Tank Position Hey guys Ill keep this very brief...Started off Legion as a Raid Leader Protection Warrior, 1/7M 3/3H. Took a break for about a year when my guild fell apart AND due to my work. I'm a fitness manager so January came around and work got crazy. Came back and got 2/11M on my Frost Mage but ended up not having fun playing mage AND the raid leader was very stuck up. I absolutely love tanking and do not wish to play any other role. I would love to have a close knit guild that also does some fun contests, old raids, and mythic+s together as well. I love playing my Feral and Frost/Unholy DK in PVP/Arenas. I enjoy lifting and fitness(Obviously). I am looking for a casual 1-2night guild for raiding normal/heroic content. I CAN play Mythic content but I'm not looking for that in a guild. My times available: Tue/Wed/Thur 9p-1a PST(12a-4a EST). Please contact me @Sugarbearjon#1635Sugarbearjon12 2h
2h Horde Re-Roll guild starts March 1st! Hi everyone! I am not sure what you're experience has been like in Wow. You can be a seasoned vet or starting your first ever character. I started in Wrath and ran a raid guild from Firelands in Cata to Nighthold in Legion. I ended the guild I ran for 6 years last year due to RL family issues. Now that a new Xpac is in the future and family things have settled, I find myself itching to gear up toons and enjoy a steady guild to raid or hang out in. Looking to start on Kil'Jaeden server, Horde side, guild name <Undoing>. It is pvp for now, with the pvp server changes coming soon it won't matter, but could make leveling fun in the meantime :P. Anyway, So, here I am looking to start a Re-Roll/re-boot guild that has aspirations to stay tight knit, raid together lightly (I'm talking one, well raided night a week) most likely a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Also planning to run old content and have fun. Thinking a 10 pm ish pst start time, the raid details will be worked out later but should be around the mentioned times. All that aside the main focus until next expansion is to level, gear and have fun! I am thinking a March 1st start time, I will transfer my old guild, get it stocked with bags and things and get ready for the fun to begin! All you have to do is log in, start a toon and come beat up pixels! We now have the guild set up and ready to accept levelers, We won't start leveling until the 1st, but please join up, get bags and get ready to unleash your leveling selves! Going to allow toons from scratch, BoA's are welcome as is RaF. Dk's are allowed the 2nd week into March and Demon Hunters will be allowed in the first week of April or once someone levels to 98 from scratch. This will allow everyone starting fresh to level a bit and catch up to the hero classes. If you are still reading this, awesome! If you have interest in joining even better! Add my btag and we can chat, or leave a message here. I will do my best to answer any questions! Knox#1691 Also anyone that is interested, can try the guild Discord and we can all start chatting and getting to know each other :) You don't have to have a mic, it makes for good chat without talking, too.Knoxthewoof49 2h
2h [H] 2day Zul'jin 7/11M LF TANK DPS Reforgèd on US Zul'jin Horde is currently looking for more raiders as we continue to progress through Antorus! We are a two-night mythic guild. We have a fun yet serious environment. The purpose of this guild is to raid with people we enjoy, but also clearing content at a reasonable pace. We are looking for skilled players who can hold their weight in raid with our current raiders. People interested in joining should have past mythic experience and a team oriented mindset. Just as importantly, you should be able to fit in with our group of people and have fun with us while raiding. Raid Times: Tuesday 9-12 EST Thursday 9-12 EST We are currently considering all exceptional applicants. Classes currently needed are listed below: Blood DK Brewmaster Monk Marksmanship Hunter Frost Mage Shadow Priest Balance Druid Feral Druid Frost Death Knight Assassination/Sub Rogue Windwalker Monk If interested you can fill out our application here: Please contact either Crogarby-Zul'jin (MykeETykes#1540), Palmpalms (BiaZzZ#1543), or Inoachi (Inoa#1174) after filling out the app Even if you are a low priority or not listed I encourage any players of exceptional quality to apply or contact us through our battletags.Inoachi45 2h
2h LF REROLL GUILD Returning after a hiatus. I'm not looking to jump into raiding right now. I want to level up and enjoy the process of leveling a new toon. Alliance/Horde doesn't matter. Server doesn't matter. I only want to focus on the long term and building a relationship with the guild. EXP I have completed all content pre WOD. Looking for a new adventure.Cheoko5 2h
2h <Wrong Answer> Paid Xfers LF Ranged <Wrong Answer> is a newly made guild with a 10/11m leader looking to start pushing mythic content. Progression: 2/11m Raid Times: Mon/Tue/Wed 10pm-1am EST Most members are 4/11m + and are looking to start pushing mythic content ASAP Currently looking for: Ranged DPS Priest, Ele Shaman, Hunter, Warlock, Mage If Interested contact Dreamie#1493Dreamie23 2h
2h {A} 3/11M W/Th 2 Day LF DPS/Heals Imminent Failure is an adult raiding guild that focuses on raiding productively with a casual schedule. That being said we are looking for players who are interested in raiding with us. We are running a two day schedule: Wednesday/Thursday 7:30 -11:30 CST (8:30 - 12:30 EST) Sen'jin is CST! Loot is EPGP. Please keep in mind that with only two raid days, we will be looking for members to be able to commit to those two days! I would be happy to share further details over chat. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you are interested in our team. Tuatha#1661 Currently 3/11MTuatha9 2h