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Jul 25 Basic Recruitment Etiquette + Post Template ** NOTE: Do not post your ad as a reply to this thread. It's a great example of not being able to follow directions and likely a down vote from any credible recruiter. ** ______________ Here are some tips for getting your recruitment post noticed and cutting through a lot of the spam to find your right fit. Copy & paste this template to your post if you're looking for a guild. Explanation of each field follows. Additionally, listing your class/spec, progression, and a brief description of what you're looking for in the subject/title line of your post will expedite this process for recruiters. 1. Times available & time zone: 2. Server preference: 3. Faction preference: 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: 5. Current progression/experience: 6. Recent logs (if available): 7. Contact info: 8. Anything else: 1. Times/time zones! Remember to post what times you are available, any times you are not available, or if your schedule is flexible at all. Too many times people post, "I need a guild that can work with my schedule," and then never bother to post their availability! Include your time zone as well. 2. Server preference: PvE, PvP, or RP? Is this 100% set in stone, or are you flexible? If you're not willing to transfer off-server, you should probably be posting on your realm-specific forum. 3. Faction preference: Alliance or Horde? Any flexibility? This means you too, Doubleagent! 4. Hardcore/Semi-hardcore/casual: Are you wanting to raid seven days a week, eight hours a day with only bio breaks every two hours? Or do you need something more laid back, but still efficient? Or do you just want to sign on every other week or so? 5. Current progression/experience: Are you brand new to the game and have no idea what BoE means? Or have you been through multiple tiers and are just coming back to the game? Adding these details will help recruiters narrow down potential applicants and increase your chances of finding a good fit. Because the majority of this forum is populated by raiders, giving more details on what you are currently doing to improve your gear/play style will help sell a recruiter on a person who may not have quite as much experience or gear as the recruiter initially wanted. 6. If you are trying to go hardcore/semi-hardcore and have recent parses, link them! Why bother accepting and declining a million Btag requests just for them to ask for this basic info? 7. Contact info: Do you prefer guilds to respond within your thread, to an email address, or by adding your Btag? This will also help you narrow down guild choices if a cut and paste spammer chooses to ignore your preference! 7. UPDATE YOUR POST: If you do happen to find a home (yay you!), please do the forums a favor and update your original post to reflect your transferred/new guild status. Old/necro'd threads getting bumped by spam wastes everyone's time. 8. If it's not going to work out or you change your mind, simply say so. Recruiters are often only recruiting for one or two positions and may decline others if you accept an offer. If you vanish (delete/transfer) without a trace, they're left wondering if they still need to hold the spot. In the meantime, other applicants may have moved on and now the recruiter is back to square one, except now more frustrated and fed up. Recruiters will appreciate the few seconds it takes to shoot them a note before you peace out. 8a. Additionally, if someone adds your BattleTag and you can tell fairly early on that it's not going to work out, a simple, "Thanks, but I'm not interested," before removing them from your list makes everyone's life a little easier. TL;DR: It doesn't have to be a novel, but a little effort (and politeness) on both sides goes a long way. Cheers! ______________ ** Want to know if you're the victim of a drive by spray-and-pray spammer? Click the yellow down arrow by the character name on the left hand side of the post box, then click 'View Posts' -- it's a quick, simple way to see if someone took the time to tailor their message to your post (i.e. s/he actually read it) versus copy pasta. ** ______________ If you have any feedback on this post or have recruiting questions, please feel free to add my Btag, Riot#1851.Pravix324 Jul 25
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13m getting back to raiding resto/enhance LF late night raiding guild to clear heroics. Used to be a mythic raider in Draenor. Just now getting back into it and will probably heroic ready by the time anyone reads this post :p. Love to all that read, hope to hear back from ya! Zach1026#1994Zylver2 13m
14m [H] <Hold My Flask> | 4/8M | LF DPS & Healer <Hold My Flask> provides a great raid environment that values teamwork and performance from our players. Our goal is to have fun while having steady progression towards Cutting Edge. We are looking for raiders with a similar mindset who will show up to raid nights giving their best for progression. What you can expect from us: - Strong leadership and stability. - Healthy and positive guild atmosphere. Toxicity is not tolerated here. - Honest feedback and criticism. We want to help our players improve so that we can progress more efficiently. - Fun/active community. We enjoy doing M+ keys, hanging out in Discord, or playing other games together. - Consumables from the guild. This includes vantus runes, flasks and feasts. What we're looking for: - Ability to perform well with your chosen spec. This will be shown in logs. - Attendance for 85% of raid nights. - Taking time outside of raid to research and prepare for fights. ... We consider all exceptional players even if your class/spec is not listed. Faction, Server & Region: - Horde faction on US-Tichondrius Raid Times: - Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 9:00PM - 12:00AM PDT - Monday: 9:00PM - 12:00AM (Optional farm clear) Progression: - 4/8M Uldir Contact Info: - Feel free to contact me about any questions regarding the guild. Discord: Jintae#5804 Battlenet: Jintae#1648 How to Apply: Go to the guild application link below to apply. 14m
16m HEALER lfguild can solo orbs 367 MW monk looking for mythic progression guild. willing to transfer servers after trialing. Looking for late raid times 9pm-10pm central until 3am central. currently 7/8 Heroic full 370 gear tons of raid experience and I know my class CAN SOLO ORBSSkheals20 16m
23m <No Skill>[A] 4/8M Recruiting for Uldir [US][Alliance][Lightbringer] No Skill Raid Schedule: Tues/Wed/Thurs 6-9PM PST (9-12EST) <No Skill> is a progression oriented raiding guild consisting mostly of players who have known each other for multiple years, but are welcoming to new faces. As a guild we only started raiding during Legion, but we have a core of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated players looking to make a strong push in Battle for Azeroth. Progression: 8/8 Normal Uldir 8/8 Heroic Uldir 4/8 Mythic Uldir Currently Recruiting: Melee: Rogue Warrior Ranged: Any Healer: None All raid spots are competitive. You will be brought based on performance and what we need for each fight. Even if you are not one of the specs above, if you believe you are a skilled player and are looking for a new home to start the expansion in, we welcome you to apply. The trial period is two weeks. During this time, we will evaluate you on performance, drive, and how well you fit in with our group. As per usual, punctuality, reliability, and a positive attitude are expected and required. Apply at: (Google Survey). Feel free to ask any questions you may have here. You can also add Valeor#1843,Marcasaurus#1580, or Chaotix#1201 for more information.Cyclrin156 23m
25m 379 Ret (Holy/Prot Flex) LF W/TH Guild Title! Currently looking for a guild that raids on both of those days, with optional days being on Fridays or Saturdays. I am willing to faction / server transfer for the right guild. I'm currently 3/8M and I'm looking for a guild with good aspirations. I main ret and would like to stay that way, but I am willing to flex to either prot or holy depending on what the fight calls for. I only have time for a 2 day (possibly 3 day) raiding guild on these days (Wednesday and Thursday) and I look forward to hearing from some of you. Current Logs: bnet: Malantide#1196 Please only message if you raid on Wednesdays and ThursdaysMalantide0 25m
27m 3/8M Lock LF Late Night Guild Just to make it easy for recruiters. I CANNOT raid before 11PM EST. I am looking for something with decent progression in a mythic setting and raiding somewhere between the hours of 11PM EST and 2AM EST. Current guild has suffered from being BFA'd with fighting the roster boss and has since stopped raiding. Current progression: 8/8N Uldir 8/8H Uldir 3/8M Uldir Looking to transition to warlock unless a guild is needing a tank for their core roster. My logs are as follows: Brm Monk Warlock My Logs for my warlock are not up to my standard and are a current work in progress, have only taken him through Heroic a couple times, so he is still a little behind gear wise as well. Prior Experience: Raiding since Vanilla, I took a break during ToS Mythic but was still able to get 5/9M while not raiding full time and went 11/11M in Antorus. I have mained several classes and specs since that time with most of my Exp coming from either a Tanking/Healing role, but I am a decent enough dps that understands fire is not a buff and should be avoided, just need to continue practicing dps. Raid days: I prefer a Tues/Wed/Thurs but I could possiblly bend that a little bit depending on the situation. I am a raider who strives to min/max, farm M+ for upgrades and am a solid dependable raider, my logs speak of my ability far better than i could. If you think I might be a solid fit, feel free to leave your info here as I will be checking this post often.Limecola12 27m
29m ☄️[H]Mal'Ganis<Anomaly>3/8M rDPS/heals We now currently have some spots that are open and need to be filled immediately. Raid roster is set, but we have a few positions open. As of right now we have been farming Heroic and are progressing through Mythic. Progression: (8/8H 2/8M) 4/9 M H 7/7 M 2/3 M 9/10 M (7/7M 13/13M WoD ) APPLY HERE: Active Discord: Anomaly's motto is short and simple, play your character well, and don't disrespect your teammates! We are firm believers in this motto and playing by it is the main prerequisite for joining the team. As such, we feel we have created a great in-game home for some of the best raiders on US-Mal'Ganis. We expect the best from all our players, including officers who live up to their titles and raiders who maximize their performance, not their excuses. Anomaly is looking forward to progressing through Battle For Azeroth in a manner that is both fun and timely! Our team raids from 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. PDT Sun & Mon (10pm - 1am CST) Please note all raids are mandatory and players are expected to post out in advance when they know they will have to miss a raid, so check your schedule before your proceed further! Still interested? We require players to perform on average at 80%+ for their item level. If this sounds like the right fit for you, please submit an application on our Discord submit-application channel and hit up an officer (JayÐee or Sneakigos) for a Discord interview! Current Openings: 3 Healers = Open Tank = Closed Melee = Open Range = Open We are accepting Mythic + players for our Tuesday-Saturday adventures. Looking for pro players who may no longer be able to commit to raids. What can you expect from us? -We are picky and only looking for skilled players who are also enjoyable to be around. We do not bend on either of these requirements for our raiders. A lot of guilds recruit the first person who parses high without taking the time to make sure they are a good fit. These guilds have high turnover rates because people are at each other's throats when progression gets "hard" because multiple people point fingers instead of working together to fix the problems. We are the rare "unicorn" of skilled players that are also friends. -Within our raid team you can expect a friendly and reliable group of players willing to help out others and also run other content outside of raiding such as mythic+ 5 man content, world quest, ect -Our raids are laid back with a fun atmosphere, but focused and ready to give it our best when it comes to bosses. -Raiders that are constantly pushing to improve their characters, Whether it be by re-gemming completely, researching their class consistently, or just working on improving their play style. JayÐee - Jaydee#1574 (Guild Leader) Sneakigos - TheBigSlim#1757 (Raid Leader)Jayðee69 29m
32m [H] <Imba> 7/8M LF Healer Hello! We are <Imba>, on the US Lightning’s Blade connected realm group. We finished our 11/11M Antorus, the Burning Throne progression ranked 53rd in the US. We are currently searching for skilled players who share our goals and mindset. High-demand recruitment needs are as follows: -Resto Druid -Mistweaver Monk -Any exceptional applicants not listed here will be considered! <Imba> is a guild that prides itself on being able to get content done in a timely manner while keeping the raid environment much less stressful than guilds with a similar rank. Here are some things you can expect if you join <Imba>: No required alts No split runs No forced main swaps if you play an underperforming class/spec No extended mandatory raid hours beyond our scheduled 12, even during progression We here at <Imba> have a solid collection of people, many of whom have been playing together since WotLK and Cataclysm. The people we’d like to recruit are those who want to be long term members of a stable guild with a proven philosophy and track record. If you join us you will be given a chance to stand out and earn your raid spot. Everyone here sees significant raid time; we do not recruit for the bench and we keep our roster tight to maximize consistency. Our 12-hour progression raid schedule goes from Monday to Thursday, 9:00pm to midnight EST. While we enjoy spending time together outside of raid, these are the only 12 hours you are required to be online. We never go over these posted hours, even during the first weeks of progression in a new raid. Our past progression: Antorus, the Burning Throne 11/11M - US 53rd Tomb of Sargeras 9/9M - US 56th Nighthold: 10/10M - US 99th Trial of Valor: 3/3M - US 52nd Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M - US 86th Hellfire Citadel: 13/13M - US 44th Blackrock Foundry: 10/10M - US 76th Highmaul: 7/7M - US 76th Siege of Orgrimmar: 14/14H - US 98th (25-man) Throne of Thunder: 13/13H - US 93rd (10-man) Expectations: We expect all members to maintain high attendance, and the be attentive and aware during raids. We expect a high level of maturity, patience, and a constructive attitude. In return, you can expect from us a raid environment free of raging, yelling, and belittling. The first and foremost thing to remember is that raiding is a team game, and we believe that being able to work well together is the #1 factor to being able to kill a boss. Outside raids: <Imba> is big on community and getting to know each other better outside of raid hours is something we believe helps us work better together as a team. From in-game activities (PvP, M+, and old content) to other games (Overwatch, D3, DoTA, LoL, SC2, FFXIV, and more) to just hanging out on Mumble chatting until the wee hours of the morning, we very much like to emphasize how well we get along and the absence of cliques within the guild. Feel free to contact any one of us in-game via our Battletags: Scoodles (Guild Master) - Kios#1237 Negative (Recruitment) - Negative#1554 Taxi (Officer) - Taxi#1298 Vil (Officer) - Vil#1725 Applications are open via our guild website, and we hope to hear from you soon! 32m
41m 375 Resto 2/8 M lf mythic Prog guild Yea my guild fell apart out of nowhere and am currently looking for a new home My raid times are anyday during the week/weekend 10 pm-2 am est Am able to OS dps (dont have logs doing it though -_-) My logs And my raiding history is simply use to play in top 50 U.S guilds just looking for something a little mild but still progression minded and you know all that jazz and am willing to tranfer and faction change My tag: alvissmal#11699 Ty for you time and hopefully im a good fit for your party :DAlvissmal23 41m
42m Not Progressing? Too good for your guild? Did you think building a guild was easy and then find out you can't do it because "everyones bad"? Did you join a guild with promises of "We will be world first!" and turns out you can't get past normal Uldir? Do you want to join a guild that has a good management, and knows that building a successful guild isn't going to happen over night? Can you raid on Thurs / Fri from 10pm to 2am EST? (Horde) Can you avoid mechanics, produce good dps - hps - tps? About: We're building a guild, we've already started to establish our core raiders for mythic. We went into this tier knowing that we wouldn't dominate the rankings this tier, because it isn't something that usually happens. With the current tier, progression is a bit of a joke, we have top US 300 at 4/8M this late in the tier. We're not playing for "this tier" though if we can get the group of raiders we want together, we will push for the rankings. This isn't an empty promise like most guilds offer, we're not going to "rush the content" until next tier, that doesn't mean we're not interested in mythic this tier we just want to do it right. We are taking this time to go through heroics and early mythics to ensure we have the composition we want to move forward with. Future plan? We're building the guild this tier in hopes that next tier we can accomplish a respectable US 100-300 ranking. This can still be done this tier if you read the portion above about how guilds are not cutting through content, but we're not in a rush to do it this tier. If this sounds like something that's for you, and you'd like to be in on the building of something special, please use the contact information to get in touch with us. Contact: Goziy#1877Goziy20 42m
44m The Knights Radiant is recruiting! Hey I'm putting together a social guild <The Knights Radiant> on Hyjal. Especially looking for anyone who is a fan of Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere. If you want to come be nerdy with me hit me up!Ebonjeddak0 44m
45m [Area 52] Thief 4/8M Recruiting CE players [H][Area 52] <Thief> is a newly established hardcore raiding guild led by experienced and accomplished Cutting Edge players looking to assemble a top tier group of players who are dedicated and skilled enough to push Cutting Edge and once our roster is fully established, pushing rankings. Progression: 4/8 Mythic Schedule Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, 10PM - 1AM EST Recruitment All spots are available - We are looking for outstanding, competitive and motivated players to progress through BFA. Anyone interested will be asked to participate in a short interview before joining. Casuals are also welcome :). That being said, we have high priority on the following classes: -Frost DK -Warlock -Mage -BM hunter -As stated before, we will look at any competitive player, despite class/spec, the classes listed above is just our high priority Expectations 1. Class - Knowledgeable in all specs that you will be playing - Have knowledge of stat priorities, best in slots, and class changes 2. Character - Competitive and extremely motivated - Positive mindset - no toxicity - Timely - show up to raids on time and let an officer know when you can’t make it - Able to take constructive criticism and advice from other guild members - Respectful and generally a good person all around - zero tolerance if these rules are broken 3. Preparedness - Azerite and gear upkeep (enchants, sockets, continuously upgrading) - Knowledge of mechanics BEFORE coming to raid - Personal consumables (food, flasks, runes) - Focused during progression and pulls Outside of Raid We are a close group of friends who enjoy progressing at a competitive rate, but outside of raid we know how to take (and tell) a joke and enjoy each other's company. We enjoy pushing high level keys, playing games outside of WoW and are always generally in Discord/Mumble together. We strive to form strong relationships with each of our guild members to ensure that each member feels welcome and an integral part of the team and family. Goals We plan on progressing as aggressively as we can in the upcoming expansion. For every raid tier, we hope to obtain Cutting Edge, earn all the Meta achievements available to us, and eventually maintain a top 100 US position. With these goals in mind, it is important that our guildies remain motivated and competitive as the expansion moves forward. As the guild’s leaders, we hope to acknowledge and resolve any concerns in a timely manner in order to prevent hindering progression (i.e., roster issues, complacency, drama, etc). We are welcoming and open to concerns guildies may have and are willing to discuss in order to reach a resolution. Our main goal is to progress, but maintaining good relationships with our guild members is our highest priority. Contact Info If you are interested in joining or have any questions regarding the guild, please contact us at - BattleNet: cjsu#1139 JunkratMain#1821 TeaFunny#11346 OR fill out an application here: 45m
47m ★Daybreak★ 6/8M Late Night Recruiting★ Welcome to Daybreak. Daybreak is late night, horde guild on US-Turalyon. We raid 12:00 - 2:30 Am EST (9:00 - 11:30 PM PST) Monday - Thursday during progression. Currently 6/8 Mythic Uldir. There is a chance of an added 30 minutes on Mondays if a progression kill is close. Daybreak's cutting edge progression extends to 10 tiers and this expansion has been no exception. We've been raiding since 2009 and promote a lighter, more laid back atmosphere whilst still being able to focus and kill bosses. We pride ourselves on being able to maintain and offer stability to our raiders. What you bring to the table is a good attitude, a guild-first mentality, and the ability to play your class/spec(s) at a high level. We're looking for those hungry to progress while being a part of a well rounded community. Daybreak is a second home to a lot of folks and are always looking to extend an invitation. We are currently looking for: Tank - Pref Monk Windwalker Monk Frost DK All Exceptional Ranged DPS This does not mean we are only accepting these classes/roles. If you're in need of later times and believe you can become an exceptional member of our team, do not hesitate to apply. Those interested, please visit our Discord page: There will be an application link waiting for you. Additionally, feel free to visit the site for current boss kills and achievements. Earthbend#1134 - Recruitment Morkelbrah#1205 - Raid Lead Kazuku#1276 - Dad Good luck in your search. You'll hear from us soon.Earthbend121 47m
55m ⭐<STK> 6/8M - LF Ranged DPS⭐ STK's recruitment is open - looking for dedicated raiders, who are competent and focused on pushing their characters both inside and outside of raid. Progression: 6/8M Server: Lightbringer-PVE (US) Raid Times: (invites start at 8:45pm EST) Tuesday: 9:00pm-12:00am EST Wednesday: 9:00pm-12:00am EST Thursday: 9:00pm-12:00am EST (Will usually not raid later than 12:00am EST, unless something is close to dying.) Recruitment Needs: Tanks: Exceptional applicants. Healer: Exceptional applicants. Melee: Exceptional applicants. Ranged: Open. If your class is not listed, it does not mean we will not accept your application. We will consider all exceptional applicants, as our goal is always to bring the best 20. Required Addons: RC Loot Council Exorsus Raid Tools Angry Assignments Bigwigs or DBM WeakAuras 2 What we're looking for in Recruits: A strong desire to always improve and learn from mistakes. People who are social and can take jokes. People who can understand raid mechanics and execute them. Dedication, competence & a competitive drive. Contact: If you're interested, you can contact either the GM, Lesuj (MortalLesuj#1702), or Opra (Tritiac#1931). You can also visit our website to post an application: 55m
57m [A]TEST LF DPS+2 Heals 2d/wk. Heroic focused Are you a working professional with limited time to raid? Looking for a dedicated raiding guild with Heroic and Mythics in sight with a mature and stable atmosphere that allows you to also sustain a real life? TEST may be the guild for you. TEST of Turalyon is a newly formed guild lead by 8/8H AOTC players recruiting adult members to start its' core raiding group; progressing all forms of content, focusing primarily on Heroic raiding with Mythic always in sight, lead by organized veteran players. We are an adult oriented guild that is work schedule/life friendly, looking for reliable players. ... Expectations:The number 1 thing we expect from all of us is that we are driven with a similar goal in mind, while being able to understand that this is just a video game, so a healthy community within the guild is an important focus of mine as well. Any drama or childish behavior will result in an immediate removal, even if you transferred. Since we are a more of a casual guild and only raid two times a week (8 raid days per month), we expect a minimum of a 75% attendance. So this means you can only miss a maximum of 3 raids per month, but shouldn't be used as an excuse to miss exactly 3 raids per month every month. If you are regularly late with short warning or miss more than 3 raids, you'll likely be benched and/or demoted unless there's compelling reasons. We do not require you to have [X] amount of past experience or apply, however, BFA has been out long enough to ask for a minimum item level of 345 to raid, at least 1 run of Normal Uldir, and to be optimized as far as gems and enchants and your performance will be analysed (i.e dying 10 times in a row to the same thing will not look good). We encourage people to bring their own potions, food and flasks if it's ever needed. Functionality:To incentivize gathering for resources and any item deposited in the guild bank, we will match every item / material that is needed to 80% current AH market price. Meaning, if you have 20 Storm Silver Ore and the average Market price is 100 gold per 20, the guild will pay you 80g for that stack instead of feeling like a slave and getting nothing out of it. To sustain funds, any over supply will be sold out for 100% market. Epic BOE's in a guild environment that are not needed by our members is sold on the market and all proceeds given to the Guild Bank. Material needs will be posted on the TEST guild Discord #gbank-needs text channel. Bare in mind, almost all of the gold in the guild currently has come out of my pocket. Gold deposits are not a requirement by any means, but are definitely appreciated to help with a more self sufficient guild. Extra content:PvP is also a side objective of mine. I enjoy to equally progress on the PvP fronts and I'm looking to expand a PvP group for RBG's once a week. Times are yet to be determined. Legacy content. Everyone loves to look good, so guild legacy raid runs for the purpose of transmog gear and achievements are posted on the calendar for anyone interested. Social members.We encourage even casual non raiding people to join TEST. This is something I've thought about and I am open to the idea of the guild being open to those who can bring a friendly face and help with the guild efforts while being compensated, and join us for other activities, whether it be legacy raids, PvP, or Mythic + content. Of course you will have to follow the same rules as anyone else. To sustain a good reputation within Turalyon and WoW in general, any childish behavior will result in an immediate removal. I look forward to speaking to anyone interested in joining TEST ! Note: Please be aware to interested raiders that this is a forming guild with immediate positions determined by class needs, your current progression, character maintenance, and your current item level. Raid size is to be determined. if your class isn't listed and you're interested, I encourage to reply anyways Just leave a reply with your btag and your intentions upon joining if you're interested in us. GM Btag: Checkem#11546Bodywrecker39 57m
1h <Tude> 8/8H 2/8M Recruiting Tichondrius We are a group of players who formed the guild after seeing our old guild was not a fit for us, we have a progressive mindset and fully intend on building a roster for next raid to compete for a top 100 slot. We are very competitive and weed out raid logging so please do not apply if you only intend on logging on for raid during the week, we strongly push our members to do m+ to get better gear. We joke around and !@#$ off outside of raid but during raid its business time. What we are looking for. We are looking for players who mesh well with our core we joke around a lot so if you have soft skin and get hurt easily this is not the guild for you. we also accept people who just want to run m+ so feel free to apply if you are a m+ runner. Class priority list We are currently looking for all dps as well as extra tanks and heals. All Raid spots are earned not given so if you are able to trial show up and be on time do your job and impress or you won't be given a second attempt. Heals: Very High Ranged dps: Very High Tank: Very High Melee Dps: med What do we expect from you? Dedication The ability to listen and learn from mistakes Levelheadedness Raid times Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 9:00pm-11:00pm Pst/Pdt Server time Contact us: If you would like to ask questions feel free to contact myself or another officer. MiddleOnly#1390 <--- Please add on bnet or message Moritaka in game Missura#1863Moritaka37 1h
1h [A][US][Stormrage] -Driven- Recruiting Alliance raiding guild on Stormrage currently recruiting a handful of DPS for current progression content and future patch content. Raid Times: Wednesday : 10:00pm - 1:00am Server Time (EST) Thursday : 10:00pm - 1:00am Server Time (EST) Current Progression: 8/8 Normal 7/8 Heroic We run weekly +10 Mythics to help gear up. Feel free to message raesug / pikapewtie / colossian / zephiuraPikapewtie1 1h
1h 380 warlock 2/8 mythic lf new home My guild currently just doesn't have enough people to raid mythic anymore and I am looking for a new home. I have a 380 lock with mostly legendary parses. Currently 2/8 mythic with several attempts at the other bosses. Would like to find a guild at least 3/8 mythic. I am alliance at the moment but willing to xfer horde. Troll racial op. you can contact me at Real Id Frankjones#1460Angelicus55 1h
1h 375 resto or 374 boomkin LF guild looking for mythic progression guild with the need for either resto druid or balanced druid, can raid any day would prefer raid time 8pm-1am eastern feel free to add eclipse24#1559 on bnetFirewood23 1h
1h 372 Druid 367 Hunter 368 Pal LF mythic guild Me and my friends are looking for a mythic raiding guild to continue raiding with throughout the expansion. We have heroic raiding experience for Uldir and mythic level experience from past expansions. Unfortunately our old guild on our current server fell apart but we were able to make it to 5/8 Heroic before it fell apart. Our current raiding specs are Balance Druid, BM Hunter, and Holy pally. Any guilds interested can leave a message on this post or contact me through my bnet Clive#1770Grimmtide16 1h
1h <The Early Shift>[3/8M Uldir] 2 Teams LFM ! [H]<The Early Shift> [3/8M-Uldir & 8/8H-Uldir] 2 Day Mythic Raiding Guild is now recruiting skilled players for both our main mid-day raid and our 2nd team <The Late Shift> [3/8M-Uldir & 8/8H-Uldir] US - Bleeding Hollow/Horde About TES: The Early Shift is a raiding guild that was formed right before Legion. Our goal is to become one of the best 2day guilds in the US! The leadership of TES has been around since Vanilla, and has a vast amount of high end leadership experience. What you can expect from us as a guild: - Strong/passionate/driven leadership that doesn't give up. - A sense of community and direction. - Communication. What we expect from our trials: - Prepared with relevant consumables, gear, addons, and knowledge for raid. - Effort to integrate yourself with guild’s community. - 100% attendance during 2 week trial. - The drive to improve personal play. The Early Shift - 3/8M-Uldir & 8/8H-Uldir 6 hr/wk Raid Schedule: Tuesday: 12:00PM(Noon)-3:00PM EST Thursday: 12:00PM(Noon)-3:00PM EST The Late Shift - 3/8M-Uldir & 8/8H-Uldir 6 hr/wk Raid Schedule: Tuesday: 7:30PM-10:30PM EST Thursday: 7:30PM-10:30PM EST What we're looking for: We are ALWAYS looking for players with the drive and the passion to push themselves to be the best. With that being said, we have a few classes in HIGH demand: The Early Shift: - Ret Paladin - Balance Druid - Enhancement Shaman - Warrior (Any Spec) - DeathKnight (Any Spec) - Hunter (Any Spec) The Late Shift: - WindWalker Monk - Ele/Enh Shaman - Feral/Balance Druid - Unholy/Frost DeathKnight - Shadow Priest - Warlock (Any Spec) - Rogue (Any Spec) Extra: Very active guild, lots of mythic+ at all times. Couple of raids outside of "Main Raid" normal and such. How to apply: If you're interested in joining The Early Shift, please leave an application on our discord recruitment channel : Any other questions, please contact me via BattleTag: Guild Master (Zhamy): Zhamie#11997 We appreciate your time and interest. Best of luck with your search!Zhamy7 1h
1h <Grandpa Reflexes> 5/8M - LF HPal + Ranged Guild Name: Grandpa Reflexes Realm: Aerie Peak (PvE) Contacts: Revolt and Sore Battle-Tag: Revolt#1620 and Sore#1869 Current Progression: 5/8 Mythic Uldir <Grandpa Reflexes> is comprised of former hardcore raiders from Fierce. We have returned in BFA to enjoy the game on a less demanding schedule. Although we plan to only raid 9 hours, we still plan to down mythic content in a quick and efficient manner. We're looking for like minded, experienced players to round out the roster. Classes Desired: Ranged: Warlock, Mage, Boomkin, Hunter, Shadow Priest Melee: Rogue, Warrior Healer: Holy Paladin However, we will consider all exceptional players even if your class/role isn't listed above. Notable Achievements (10 Man): US 2nd/World 13th Heroic Will of the Emperor US 2nd/World 18th Heroic Elegon US 3rd/World 19th Heroic Four Kings World 1st Heroic Stone Guard World 2nd Heroic Feng the Accursed US 5th Heroic Garajal the Spiritbinder US 5th Heroic Madness of Deathwing US 10th Heroic Spine of Deathwing US 78th Mythic Blackhand (20 Man) You can verify our history at You can verify our previous stint in Mythic Raiding during WoD here: Raid Times Tuesday, Sunday, Monday 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM EST (6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST) *We were previously raiding Sat/Sun 12-4 PM EST. We got to 3/8M on that schedule. Switched to our new schedule on October 2nd* Application If you're interested in our guild, please apply here: 1h
1h 368 Afflock looking for new home 8/8H 1/8M Hi! I'm currently looking for a guild to progress M with. Best raid times for me would be T/W/TH 7-10 cst. Thanks, Dit#1149Diit37 1h
1h 377 Mage LF M+/Raiding guild My progression: 8/8N 7/8H (pug life is a hard life) no mythic exp atm, no chances to get some with my current guild.(Fast learner :D) I am free to raid anytime past 4pm. Willing to realm transfer but staying alliance. I also love to do m+ whenever I can get the chance to. A guild that can pump out 10+ keys will be awesome. (860+ score) I'm mostly on every night throughout the whole week so always down for activities. Love RBGS/Arena. 1600 3s --B-Tag Exploits#11570Retawi38 1h
1h 378 rogue LF mythic guild 378 Rogue looking for mythic raiding guild. I am able to raid any time and any day. Can go both horde and alliance. Currently I am 2/8M with multiple 1-5% wipes on zek and vectis. Have previous experience in mythic raiding as a tank and dps. Like to run mythic + and help people reach there max for weekly chest Battle net Climaxx#1943 logs 1h
1h 376 Horde mage LF late night mythic I raided mythic throughout legion and am looking for a guild to progress with. Must be late night starting around 10pm PSTFremulon6 1h
1h [H] 8/8H 5/8M – 3 Day - LF Ranged DPS <Chubbly Smugglers> - Area 52 Objectives: Our raiding philosophy is to foster a balance between fun and killing bosses. We strive to bolster our community with fun-seeking like minded raiders that can buckle down during raid time to achieve desirable progression. Both personal and guild improvement are fundamental for our environment, and as such, our raiders are asked to participate in raid and out of raid actively to encourage a healthy raid environment. Expectations: We are looking for raiders who -Demonstrate effort in their class -Maintain high attendance to raids -Play actively and strive for personal improvement. If you do not have equivalent progress to ours, it is expected that you know and research the mechanics of the fights we have completed. Starting at the same basic knowledge of an encounter can cause issues and waste valuable raid time, so this is especially important. Community: Our guild consists of many friends who have varied interests (M+, PVP, etc.) both inside and outside of the game, and we strive to include all our members in out-of-raid content. Therefore, participating in more than just guild raids is important, as other content offers opportunities to both gear up and acclimate yourself to the guild atmosphere and see how well you fit in. Current Roster Needs: Rogue - High Warlock - High Boomkin - Medium Mage - Medium Hunter - Medium SPriest- Medium Schedule: Current Raid Times (Eastern Time, invites 15 min. prior): Tuesday, 10:15 PM - 1:15 AM Wednesday, 10:15 PM - 1:15 AM Thursday, 10:15 PM - 1:15 AM Apply: To apply please fill out this short application and we will get back to you. If you have any questions about the guild, or trial process, feel free to add any of the officers listed below. Officers: Protectorian#1301 Abort#11590 Halloseve#1434 Pride#1991 Streams: 1h
1h [H] <Redacted> 4/8M LF Ranged DPS Horde US - Thrall <Redacted> 4/8M About Us: Redacted was created by people who have a history of Cutting Edge experience and are looking to get back into raiding in BFA. We are seeking more players who would like to push for Cutting Edge in BFA. Our GM has raid lead since Vanilla in a number of guilds and looks to continue in Redacted. We enjoy doing things outside of game and hope to add more members. Raid Schedule: Friday and Saturday, 9pm - 1am EST Needs: LF Ranged DPS Application Link: Contact AcidTongue#1900 Naturalight#1420 If you have any questions or concernsDarâ136 1h
1h <Astral> 6/8M LF Warlock, Warrior & More! <Astral> @ US-Turalyon (Alliance) Currently Recruiting: - Ranged DPS: Warlock, Shadow Priest, Moonkin w/ Guardian OS - Melee DPS: Arms/Fury Warrior, Windwalker Monk w/ Brewmaster OS - Healers: Holy/Disc Priest - ANY exceptional players Website: Potential applicants should have mythic experience in Legion or extensive previous raiding experience. Successful applicants should have thorough knowledge of their class and roles. If your class is not specifically listed and you feel that you would be an asset, please contact us using our battletags below. Schedule: - Tuesday: 9pm - 12am EST - Wednesday: 9pm - 12am EST - Thursday: 9pm - 12am EST About Us: <Astral> @ US-Turalyon (Alliance) is recruiting for our mythic progression core. We are an eclectic group of passionate individuals who value our time and progression. Our founding members are comprised of long-time hardcore raiders who have been playing together since TBC. Our officer core have extensive US top 10 experience as officers/GMs. Our members have a bevy of notable accomplishments which include numerous US top 10 kills and achievements. We have since settled into a more relaxed 3-night raid schedule but maintain our former hardcore mentality especially regarding personal responsibility/awareness, efficiency, and preparation. Our players are mature, driven, competitive, and always looking to improve themselves and their fellow raiders. Over the years, we have learned to give and take criticism and communicate our goals with each other in a collaborative, professional, progression-minded atmosphere. Through effective communication, preparation, and organization, we are able to raid fewer hours while still remaining competitive. Current Progression: - 6/8 Mythic Uldir - 8/8 Heroic Uldir Legion Progression: - 11/11 Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne - 9/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras - 10/10 Mythic The Nighthold - 3/3 Mythic Trial of Valor - 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare What to Expect from Us: We provide a stable environment for our raiders to constantly improve as players and teammates. During progression we use our time efficiently, maintain focus, and exercise discipline; however, while on farm the atmosphere is more relaxed. Our time is precious and we know yours is as well; efficiency is our ultimate goal. We actively endeavor to maintain a mature, drama-free environment. What We Offer: - A stable roster and constructive raid environment - Leadership with years of progression-oriented hardcore experience - Guild repairs for mains and alts - Full guild bank support: Repairs, enchants, flasks, pots, food, gems, etc. - Alt raids and Mythic+ Groups - Optional off-night events with friends & family; Many of us play other games together. Our Expectations: - High attendance (90%+) - Intimate knowledge of your class, spec, and role - Passionate, mature attitude and willingness to take/give constructive criticism - Willingness to work collaboratively and promote a culture of continuous self-improvement Contacts: Recruit Lead: Vsper (Vsper#1724) Officers: Terra (Terra#1216), Malv (Malv#11394)Vsper286 1h
1h [H]at Tanagra is Recruiting DPS - 7/8 H at Tanagra(Hjyal Server) is a Weekend Raiding Guild and is currently Focusing our recruiting for friendly/Raid focus people for Uldir Raid Current Progress -- 7 / 8 Heroic Uldir 8 / 8 Normal Uldir Past Raid Tiers 4 / 11 Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne 2 / 9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras 10 / 10 Heroic Nighthold 7 / 7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare About us: at Tanagra is a Horde, Heroic raiding focus guild located on Hyjal-US server(West / PST). We are a Semi-casual guild that began raiding strong in WoD. We are Fun and Friendly group of players joining forces to Progress through all current Tier content. Pushing all Heroic and when Possible Mythic Raid Content. Over all great group of Core players to raid with here, alot of different/ fun minds! Plus along with all the other Fun Adventures in the In-Game World. For raiding wise, our main focus is to push all full clear Heroic content and then Start heading into Mythics What our Guild can offer you--- *A stable, fun and mature environment, We are all here to have fun, and we will provide that environment for you. *Having fun doing 5man Dungeons --- Mythics + Keys *Farming All things Legion content. *Helping each other out and overall having Fun! *Guild Bank with Raiding and other Misc. goodies. Recruitment: -- For BfA --- Uldir What we are Currently Looking for... Tanks - Full Healers - Looking for Holy Pally DPS - Looking for Range DPS and Looking for Warrior Dps Raiding Schedule Raiding 2 days a week on Weekends, 4 hours per Raid night Raid Days/Times --- Friday and Saturday @ 7pm - 11pm PST As for voice chat -- we use Discord, which is must for raids. For those interested in joining the guild or any other questions, you can get a hold of One of our Guild Recruiters @ SwisherSweet#1925 or @ Darten#1190 (GM), or Demon#11147 (Recruit Lead/Officer)Swishersweet137 1h
1h ⛳<OKAY> 4/8M, 2 Night Raids, LF RDPS! <Okay> ILLIDAN 8/8H 4/8M We focus on 2 Day Mythic raiding, High mythic+ push groups and key sales. RAID SCHEDULE: -Tuesday & Thursday; 8:30PM - 11:30PM CST Looking for Moonkin & Hunter If your class is not listed but you think you can compete with our raiders, please app! Apply here (takes a minute): or hmu (bear#1792)Metalbear88 1h
1h [H] <Tiny Beef Gang> Area-52 2/8M Guild & Server: [H] <Tiny Beef Gang> Area-52 Cleared: 8/8N, 8/8H 2/8MUldir, pushing Mythic Raid Times: 11:45pm-4:00am EST [8:45pm-1:00am PST], Friday/Saturday Recruitment Contact: allyster#11858 / Discord: ally#4468 WowProgress: Needs: DPS/Healers (Hpally, MW, D/H Priest) About Us: We are BFA formed guild who is consistently pushing to be some of the top players on realm, region and pushing for world. We are looking to form a strong raid team to push mythic raids harder and faster. For the most part we casually hang out in discord and run high mythic+ keys. We have a handful of players you are consistently pvping and looking like minded players. We are a small guild compared to other guilds on the server, but always welcoming more people as time goes on. Our Raid Enviornment: We strive to be semi-serious. We all have the same goal in mind which is to get as many pulls in as possible and kill the boss. We want our players to take accountability for their mess ups and just fix it. No excuses. Fix the problem or get out. Our raid spots are competitive. We look at it like this, it's not fair to our top dps to be following mechanics and pull their weight, meanwhile another dps fails to do one or the other. We spend two nights a week in our free time to do this. We're not interested in wasting it. We still have our goofs and gaffs. Nothing wrong with some banter and having fun. If it makes the raid more productive and fun, we encourage it. We expect raiders to show up on time every time. Recruiting: DPS: Warrior [HIGH] Ret Pally [HIGH] Windwalker [HIGH] DK [Medium] Warlock [Medium] Hunter [Medium] Healers: MW Monk [HIGH] Holy Pally [HIGH] Disc/Holy [HIGH] *Mythic+ Team* We currently are looking to create a hard pushing mythic+ team. We'll be running a Hunter/Rogue/Monk/DK/DH comp. If you're interested in pushing mythic+ as well, please add me. Times and days are to be announced. We are all 1.1k and expect you to be the same or higher. Recruiting for the team: Rogue Hunter Recruitment Contact: allyster#11858 / Discord: ally#4468Superxan10 1h
1h [H][US-Kil'jaeden]<Twenty Piece> 3/8M Uldir Guild: <Twenty Piece> Semi-hardcore Faction: Horde Server: Kil'jaeden (US) Raid Times/Days: Saturday - 8:30-12:30pm and Sunday 7:30-11:30 pm PST Cleared: 3/8 Mythic Recruitment Contacts: TruthTea#1677 Wowprogress: Needs: Specifically we are recruiting mages, hunters, ret pally. We are also looking for outstanding players with consistency for excellence to add to our core roster. We're currently looking at all classes.Défault0 1h
1h ♔ Keep Calm | 7/8M | Weekday Late Night Updated 10/17/2018. LF DPS. ♔ Keep Calm ♔ We are a horde guild on US-Spirestone formed during Throne of Thunder from the merger of two accomplished heroic 10 man guilds: <Delirium> and <tys>. We offer a productive and stable environment for endgame progression, a long history of clearing cutting edge content, and a plethora of players who have been raiding for 6+ years. Schedule > Monday-Thursday 10:00pm - 01:30am EST (Server Time) > We do not do split raids or add extra raid nights. Current Recruitment Needs > Tanks: Closed > Melee: Warrior/Rogue/Monk/DK > Ranged: Warlock/Hunter/Mage/Boomkin > Healers: Closed (We consider all exceptional applicants, even if your class isn't specifically listed above) Loot Distribution > Loot Council Culture We are a sociable guild on top of one who enjoys progression. People hang around outside raids to lvl/gear alts, pvp, play other games, etc. A lot of jokes fly around here and the language is not one for someone who is politically correct. If you make a mistake we will not hesitate to let you know (in our own way). Most people here have been playing together for many years and it is important to us that you fit in. Contacts > Bastas (notarealwzrd#1450) > Loon (loon#1529) Apply Here > Logs > Past Raid Achievements > ABT | 11/11M | US 92 | Realm First > TOS | 9/9M | US 74 | Realm First > NH | 10/10M | US 82 | Realm First > TOV | 3/3M | US 108 | Realm First > EN | 7/7M | US 119 | Realm First > HFC | 13/13M | US 115 > BRF | 10/10M | US 102 | Realm First > HM | 7/7M | US 113 | Realm First > SoO | 14/14H (25m) | US 94 | Realm First > ToT | 13/13H (25m) > T14 | 14/14H (10m) | 2 Realm Firsts > T13 | 8/8H (10m) | US 19th | Realm First > T12 | 7/7H (10m) | US 5th | Realm First > T11 | 13/13H (10m) | US 3rd Sinestra | All Realm Firsts Old Recruitment Thread 1h
1h [H] 369 Resto Druid LF Mythic Raiding Guild Recently transferred to Hyjal to join this guild. Have stuck through tough times to try and move into Mythic, however there is too great a struggle and the guild is likely to fall apart. I have 8/8 heroic experience and really want to be pushing for higher level content. I have logs pulling 90%+ on most fights on heroic Uldir. I have prior experience raiding heroic content in Mists of Pandaria and Wrath of the Lich King, and have come back for Battle for Azeroth. Killuas#1868 Discord: Killuas#0042 Edit: Looking for horde guilds onlyKilluas1 1h
1h 374 Holy Priest LF Late Night Mythic Raiding Looking for a late night guild for mythic raiding. I’m just looking what’s out there at this time. Currently 8/8H 1/8M. I have played since Vanilla. I prefer to holy heal in raids, though I have off-speced shadow in the past. I have mythic Legion experience into Nighthold, when my guild couldn't stay together due to scheduling issues and we stopped raiding for the rest of the expansion. I'm looking for something after Midnight, PST. Days are nearly irrelevant, though I would prefer Sun-Thu. I don't care about the server, I would transfer to any guild that I could fit into and I could make the times. If you're putting something together, and would like to contact me, my blizz ID is Gilbz#1153 Thanks!Gilbz2 1h
1h 3/8M [A][US-Sargeras] Recruiting! **<No Discipline>** **Region**: US **Faction**: Alliance **Server**: Sargeras Tues/Thurs Mythic Progression (7:30-10:30pst): CE Antorus, 3/8M Uldir, looking to push cutting edge every tier. We currently have a high need for warlocks and a few other ranged Dps for immediate spots in our core mythic group. We also run an optional Friday Heroic raid at 7:30pst that’s open to the guild. We’re always accepting other solid players for M+ and back up spots. Current core positions open: Healers: Rdruid, Hpally, Mmonk Dps: Warlock, BM Hunter, Mage, HavDH Other classes will be considered If you are interested please reach out to me on bnet at canaan#11755 or PM on discord at Khaenan#2773. Thanks! 1h
2h 6/8M 383 High Parsing Prot Warrior Experienced Tank looking for group of skilled individuals with a laid back atmosphere. I want to have fun playing this video game. Guild leadership has changed significantly this X-Pac and the atmosphere isn't what I am looking for. 6/8M or higher prog only please. Not looking to tank on a different class until after the tier is over. Bnet: thedbc#1337 Discord: It's me, Your Brother#3530Bowlby0 2h
2h [[Offensive Late Night 2/8M Guild]] LFM We are <MINE COMMFORT ZONE>, one of the latest raiding guilds on Proudmoore. About Us Reliable and active players and players with a good and dark sense of humor are what we are looking for. That matters over gear or even skill to us because both can be acquired over time We have a really dark sense of humor and spend most of our raids mocking, insulting, attempting to kill each other, and berating one another in a jovial manner. A lot of really pugnant and vile humor along with racist jokes and racial slurs thrown quite often. Here is a video I highly suggest you watch to get a very strong grasp on what to expect if you raid with us. (7 minutes long.) Links: Video 1: Video 2: There are two other videos on our YouTube channel if you need to see more. Our group is a bunch of 2nd shift and late night workers who don't get off till very late in the US timezones. We are very close as a group and we are looking for people similar to ourselves who value the social and comical aspects of raiding and hanging out equally as much as they value the progression aspect of raiding Raid Progess Uldir: 2/8M, 8/8H, & 8/8 Norm Previous Raid Progess Antorus: 11/11H & 6/11M TOS: 4/9M Here are our logs to show we're not total crap and we have enough players for myhics. Raiding Schedule Monday: 11:30pm- 2:30am PST time Wednesday: 11:30pm- 2:30am PST time Thursday: 11:30pm- 2:30am PST time. We are currently trying to get a mythic roster together so we can wipe on mythics while I mock the last guy who was passive aggressive the previous attempt but got curb stomped on the current attempt. If this is something you'd enjoy being apart of or are looking for, please add my real ID and speak with me in personally to answer any of your questions. Allahu Akbar. Islam is peace. My real ID is Apollexis#1142Staulin9 2h
2h <Divinity> ex US #6 2days LFM Contact: Muk // Btag: Pro#1435 // Discord: Muk#3230 Contact: Kuryso // Btag: Keoke#1367 // Discord: Keoke#5039 Contact: Minimandruid // Btag: Minimanlow#1451 // Discord: Minimanlow#9481 Guild Name: Divinity Realm: US-Kel'Thuzad (PvP) Datacenter: New York City Faction: Alliance Timezone: Mountain Standard Time (MST) ... About Divinity Currently stationed on the Alliance side of US-Kel’Thuzad, Divinity is an old and well established guild with members who have been playing together for many years. Founded in 2006 during the Burning Crusade, Divinity started as a casual guild full of friends and worked to become one of the best guilds in the United States, peaking at US #6 during Throne of Thunder. While the guild no longer has the competitive focus it once holstered, our core values of raiding smart and playing alongside top quality players still remain. Outside of raids we strive to be an active guild, both in WoW and otherwise. Regularly our members are playing other games, participating in forum discussion, or just hanging out in Discord. Divinity is a guild that has always placed just as much value on friendships and maintaining a great atmosphere as we do on our raids. We are a long-standing community that maintains a raid team, not the other way around. As we continue our journey into BFA and the expansions to come, we are looking for experienced players that are interested in clearing content efficiently in an environment that encourages constructive criticism and exceptional performance. If you’re interested in a lighter schedule and you share a similar mind-set to our guild’s culture, we encourage you to get in contact with us. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of a well-meshed guild with players that have the passion, skill, and drive to be successful. Recruitment HIGH NEED: Frost DK Rogue Warlock Mage Hunter Shadow Priest Boomkin Priest Healer Regardless of the needs listed above, selective recruitment is always open to top-tier players with a strong history of progression raiding. If you're generally one of the best players in your guild, we want to hear from you. To Apply: Please get in touch with any of the contacts listed in this thread (Discord preferred). No written application is necessary at this time. Raid Schedule All times are MST, which is also the Kel'thuzad realm time. ● Tuesday: 6:00pm - 9:00pm ● Sunday: 6:00pm - 9:00pm Basic Expectations of You ● Have a good attitude and mesh well with the guild as a whole. ● Be able to make a positive impact on our guild's progression. ● Use your voice as a tool to help steer progression. Be vocal. ● Come to raid prepared and on-time having read up on all fights. ● Give 115% each raid night and always work to improve. What to Expect From Divinity ● Strong and experienced guild leadership. ● A fair and effective loot council system for loot distribution. ● Honest evaluation of your performance and blunt criticism. ● A commitment to two day raiding. We will not add days or extend raids. ● A laid back, stable guild that genuinely enjoys the community aspect of WoW. Further Information/To Apply Muk // Btag: Pro#1435 // Discord: Muk#3230 Kuryso // Btag: Keoke#1367 // Discord: Keoke#5039 Minimandruid // Btag: Minimanlow#1451 // Discord: Minimanlow#9481 Muk145 2h
2h 3/8M 2 Night Guild LF Healer! RAID SCHEDULE: Tuesday/Thursday,7:30-11:30 PM PST Optional Alt raid Sunday 8:30 PM PST Server: Bladefist/Kul'Tiras Faction: Horde Current progression: 3/8M Uldir WHO IS INSURGENCY? Insurgency has been around as a raiding guild for over 8 years. We offer the consistency and continuity that many of today's guilds simply cannot offer. More importantly, we are a guild that believes personal progression, determination, and friendliness will help pave the way to better performance while progressing. Unlike many guilds, we will give you every opportunity to learn and grow in our guild -- you will have opportunities to correct your mistakes. While gear is unquestionably important, we recognize that it is not the only contributing factor in skilled raid progression. Self awareness, fight knowledge, and communication are keys when it comes to raid progression. Exceptional applicants are always welcome to Insurgency. If you are a great player looking to transfer here or play with a guild that gets things done, it is extremely likely we will take you and give you a chance regardless of your spec, class, or role. You can get in contact with me on either Bnet or Discord. Bnet - Raw#1926 Discord - Raw#0085 We are confident that you'll find a home here in Insurgency.Raw37 2h
2h 370 DK dps LF late night or weekends Im a 369 Unholy looking for a friendly guild to go throught mythic Uldir and get CE at reasonable pace. I'm a commited player with experience on mythic raiding in legion and wod (always been top 10 dk on my realm) but currently have just heroic kills (with good logs). Because work I dont have the time to raid early, but any day 11pm CT or fri/sat/sun evening/night would be nice :) Also I have time just mon-wed-fri 9pm CT If you like to talk add me on bnet: Gendibal#1130 or respond this threadGendibal37 2h
2h (H) 355 Prot/Arms War LF Weekend Guild Looking for any weekend raiding guild, EST time preferred. I do play during the week doing mythics and such just prefer to raid on weekends. Later in the night also would be nice. Have no preference on the server as I am willing to transfer.Lipp5 2h
2h <Vortex>. 3/8 Mythic Raiding Guild Vortex is a guild that focuses on Cutting Edge Mythic raiding, Mythic Plus and other social in-game content! We aim for a 26-30 person roster with a 67% attendance requirement expected over our 3 day raid week. BFA Progress: Uldir Heroic - 8/8 Uldir Mythic - 3/8 (Currently Progressing on Vectis and Fetid Devourer) We are starting BfA out strong, with a healthy roster of enthusiastic raiders. While we have a stable group, due to IRL circumstances, some of our excess numbers have dropped us below our desired roster range. We do not restrict any of our players to holding bench spots. We keep a rotating bench throughout each raid night with substitutions happening during our two breaks at or near the hour marks. Our goal is for all raiders to get a chance to kill every boss in each tier, and for all raiders to get some play time every raid night. Now that we've covered that, our current roster is in need of: 1 DPS Death Knight 1 RDPS Hunter 2 RDPS Druids 1 Mage (Any Spec) 1 RDPS (Any Class) However, please keep in mind that exceptional applicants of any class are always welcome to apply. If you can bring the bacon your application will not be declined based on your class or spec. If you know some of our members and/or think you'd be a great fit for us in terms of personality and skill, we'd love to hear from you! We archive every application we get and if raiding spots open up, any archived applications that we were unable to accept will likely be the first spot we look for great folks to join us. About Vortex: For those who don't know us, Vortex specialized in 10-man heroic raiding on Turalyon starting in 2008 and made the shift to Mythic raiding in WoD. We're generally an older group (20+ to 40+) of folks, some of whom have kids and most of whom have jobs, so we're good at keeping the balance between the game and real life. Despite all of these draws on our time, we know how to buckle down when it's time to focus on our progression. Our forums are quite active between strategy discussion/refinement and general chatter about interesting things and/or memes, and we maintain a very busy Discord. We want to stress that the most important things that we're looking for is a personality and skill fit between us and our applicants. We want people who are skilled, fun to be around and willing to work hard to help move the team forward. If you're not wearing BiS with a 375 ilvl, don't let that stop you from applying. Raiding Schedule: Vortex raids Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Mondays from 8pm to 11:00pm server time (EST). Invites start to go out at 7:45pm. Interested or have questions? Our website can be found at: Our application and instructions can be found here:,7757.0.html You can also direct questions to the Vortex Recruitment Team: Vortex Recruitment Team: - Gäle [BNet - Gale#12402] [Discord - Gale#9166] - Baja [BNet - BajaBlaster#1203] [Discord - TheBajaBlaster#1523] - Crypto [BNet - Crypsis#1991] [Discord - Crypto#1109] Vortex Officers: - Gäle [BNet - Gale#12402] [Discord - Gale#9166] - Baja [BNet - BajaBlaster#1203] [Discord - TheBajaBlaster#1523] - Torquemada [BNet - Wikkie#1898] [Discord - Torque#0282]Keyron0 2h
2h [H] <Underguild> Hyjal (8/8N & 7/8H), LF Dps Underguild - Hyjal is recruiting for our main raid team! We are an established guild (founded in 2009) with roots that run back to the original Everquest. We're looking for several folks to fill out our raid team and perhaps dip our toes into Mythic content (should the group fill out to 20+). We're focused on progressing through current content in a fun, teamwork based environment. No finger-pointing, voicechat screeching, world first wannabes here... just a group of fun adults, some with limited playtime, that want to slay internet dragons. Our raid nights are currently Tuesday/Thursday @ 7PM server (PST) with an optional (and voluntary) normal clear on Mondays. Note: Our Monday runs are typically where we ask recruits come check us out to see if you we're a good fit for one another. Current Progression: 8/8N & 7/8H Uldir Current Needs: DPS - spots open for ranged What we can offer you: --> Fun (but focused) raid environment with a group of mature adults. --> Reasonable patience with each person's individual learning curve, especially with those willing to put forth the effort to improve their performance. --> Progression at a reasonable pace with the goal being to kill content when current (AoTC achievements). --> Attendance flexibility to allow for real life. We we look for in our raiders: --> Maturity with the ability to receive and act upon constructive feedback. --> Willingness to learn basics of fights before raid night by watching/reading posted strats. --> Responsibility to come to the raid prepared with necessary raid supplies (food, flasks, pots, etc.) If this sounds like the group for you, please visit to sign up or reach out to Natie (Natty#1939) for more info!Natie0 2h
2h [A][US-Sargeras] <Elysium> is now recruiting! <Elysium> (7/8H, 1/8M) is a friendly and mature community seeking additional outstanding players for our core Uldir raid team! We are a Heroic/Mythic raiding guild that also offers Mythic+, Rated PvP, achievements, and more! Raid Times: Friday & Saturday, 8-11pm server time (CST) Primarily Seeking: Ranged DPS (Warlock, Shadow Priest, Hunter, Mage) Disc Priests Also Accepting: DPS- All other DPS classes. Healers- All other healing classes. Tanks- Tanks with DPS off-specs. What do we want? The 4 Ps: -Professional: Players who can maintain a respectful, mature, and amiable demeanor towards fellow guildies and the general public while representing the guild. They must be the type of player who knows their class well, strive to always better themselves, and will put forth the effort to learn new raid tactics and their role therein. -Polite: Team players with NO appetite for trolling or toxicity. Must also be courteous during raid time and keep all non-critical discord chatter to an absolute minimum. -Punctual: Players that will be online on time when invites go out, and can maintain a 100% raid attendance (with the exception of serious illness or real life events out of your control). -Prepared: Raiders willing to do their research and come prepared with basic knowledge of the fight as well as appropriate raid consumables (flasks, food, scrolls, etc). If interested in becoming a member of our team, or want to learn more details, feel free to reach out to us! Twistidings (GM) - Twiztidings#11257 Nephrael (AGM) - Goonster#1351 Kyzocz (Officer) - Kipper#1809 Beeazle (Officer) - Beeazlebub#1364 Sovryn (Officer) - Blkcat#1238 Bigcat (Officer) - Bigcat#11142Nephrael0 2h
2h [H] <Traverse> 4/8M - FRI/SUN 11pm-3am EST < Traverse > US-Thrall | Horde Friday/Sunday 11pm-3am EST Current Progression: Uldir: 3/8M Past Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 M Trial of Valor: 3/3 H 2/3 M Nighthold: 10/10 H 9/10 M Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 H 7/9 M Antorus, the Burning Throne: 11/11 M About Us: Traverse is a newly formed progression oriented guild who's core is comprised of experienced players who have known each other since Wrath and have decided to come together again for Legion. Our desire as a guild is to push end game content and maintain a positive, stress free, fun environment. What We're Looking For: Traverse is looking for talented players who have the drive to push end game content at a steady pace, who's open to constructive criticism, and has the ability to act like an adult and behave respectfully when dealing with people both in and out of the guild. Recruitment: We are currently interested in looking at any and all applicants. Class specific needs are as followed: Tank: Closed Healer: ⦁ Holy Priest ⦁ Mistweaver Monk Melee DPS: Closed Range DPS: Closed We are currently also seeking exceptional DPS applications that have a healing off-spec, and perform well in both roles. That said, we encourage applications from exceptional raiders, regardless of what we currently are looking for! Expectations: ⦁ Bring your A game every night ⦁ Maintain steady attendance ⦁ Be on and ready 15 minutes prior to raid start ⦁ Be fully prepared with flasks, potions, and food ⦁ Be knowledgeable about your class and spec and upcoming progression encounters ⦁ Be able to follow instructions and take constructive criticism Voice Chat: Discord Required Addons: DBM/BigWigs Exorsus Raid Tools Angry Assignments Application Process: - Submit an application. - The application will be reviewed and discussed internally. - If you are on server or if the tier is currently crossrealmable, we may bring you in on farm content to see how you play and what your personality is like. - If your application is chosen for further review, you will be offered a trial. - We trial our applicants over a 3 week raiding period to see if you're reliable and a good addition to our team. During this trial process you are encouraged to roll on any loot but members will have priority over you. (After you pass your trial you will be held to the same loot standards as our current members) If you are interested, please apply at our website: If you have any questions, feel free to add us on battletag (make a note about who you are) Derahno - Lanaron#1682 Velidra - Jake#11632 Whopper - Whopper#1534Derahno13 2h