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Nov 22, 2010 Please Do Not Bump Threads Hello all, We understand this is a Guild Recruitment forum and posters here want to make sure their threads are visible. With that said, we want to remind you all that repeatedly bumping threads is a violation of our Forum Guidelines. Forum threads with active discussions are meant to remain at the top of the forums so players can easily find them, however, circumventing this by simply adding "bump" to a thread can result in the removal of one's posting privileges. This includes the same individual bumping a thread repeatedly, or multiple people taking turns bumping a thread. We'd like to keep this forum as clean and useful as possible, and appreciate your help in assisting us to that end. Forum Guidelines: ...Zarhym0 Nov 22, 2010
Jun 13 Basic Recruitment Etiquette + Post Template ** NOTE: Do not post your ad as a reply to this thread. It's a great example of not being able to follow directions and likely a down vote from any credible recruiter. ** ______________ Here are some tips for getting your recruitment post noticed and cutting through a lot of the spam to find your right fit. Copy & paste this template to your post if you're looking for a guild. Explanation of each field follows. Additionally, listing your class/spec, progression, and a brief description of what you're looking for in the subject/title line of your post will expedite this process for recruiters. 1. Times available & time zone: 2. Server preference: 3. Faction preference: 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: 5. Current progression/experience: 6. Recent logs (if available): 7. Contact info: 8. Anything else: 1. Times/time zones! Remember to post what times you are available, any times you are not available, or if your schedule is flexible at all. Too many times people post, "I need a guild that can work with my schedule," and then never bother to post their availability! Include your time zone as well. 2. Server preference: PvE, PvP, or RP? Is this 100% set in stone, or are you flexible? If you're not willing to transfer off-server, you should probably be posting on your realm-specific forum. 3. Faction preference: Alliance or Horde? Any flexibility? This means you too, Doubleagent! 4. Hardcore/Semi-hardcore/casual: Are you wanting to raid seven days a week, eight hours a day with only bio breaks every two hours? Or do you need something more laid back, but still efficient? Or do you just want to sign on every other week or so? 5. Current progression/experience: Are you brand new to the game and have no idea what BoE means? Or have you been through multiple tiers and are just coming back to the game? Adding these details will help recruiters narrow down potential applicants and increase your chances of finding a good fit. Because the majority of this forum is populated by raiders, giving more details on what you are currently doing to improve your gear/play style will help sell a recruiter on a person who may not have quite as much experience or gear as the recruiter initially wanted. 6. If you are trying to go hardcore/semi-hardcore and have recent parses, link them! Why bother accepting and declining a million Btag requests just for them to ask for this basic info? 7. Contact info: Do you prefer guilds to respond within your thread, to an email address, or by adding your Btag? This will also help you narrow down guild choices if a cut and paste spammer chooses to ignore your preference! 7. UPDATE YOUR POST: If you do happen to find a home (yay you!), please do the forums a favor and update your original post to reflect your transferred/new guild status. Old/necro'd threads getting bumped by spam wastes everyone's time. 8. If it's not going to work out or you change your mind, simply say so. Recruiters are often only recruiting for one or two positions and may decline others if you accept an offer. If you vanish (delete/transfer) without a trace, they're left wondering if they still need to hold the spot. In the meantime, other applicants may have moved on and now the recruiter is back to square one, except now more frustrated and fed up. Recruiters will appreciate the few seconds it takes to shoot them a note before you peace out. 8a. Additionally, if someone adds your BattleTag and you can tell fairly early on that it's not going to work out, a simple, "Thanks, but I'm not interested," before removing them from your list makes everyone's life a little easier. TL;DR: It doesn't have to be a novel, but a little effort (and politeness) on both sides goes a long way. Cheers! ______________ ** Want to know if you're the victim of a drive by spray-and-pray spammer? Click the yellow down arrow by the character name on the left hand side of the post box, then click 'View Posts' -- it's a quick, simple way to see if someone took the time to tailor their message to your post (i.e. s/he actually read it) versus copy pasta. ** ______________ If you have any feedback on this post or have recruiting questions, please feel free to add my Btag, Riot#1851.Pravix312 Jun 13
Oct 26, 2010 Welcome: Please Read! Welcome to the Guild Recruitment forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can recruit members for your World of Warcraft guild. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct ( and guidelines ( before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!Lylirra1 Oct 26, 2010
5s LATE NIGHT RAIDING 2AM-4:30AM CST! Tired of all those new guilds falling apart? Epicdemic is going on 8 years of continuous late night raiding on Ner'zhul! We have never server changed, faction changed, or changed our raid times to hours earlier or later. Epicdemic has never gone on hiatus and had to reform our raid. Our raid times are perfect if you want to raid after 11pm PST and want a light raid schedule of less than 8 hours a week with the most stable raiding guild in our time slot. We are a guild that believes in having fun with your class, fellowship, and building a strong guild by working together to achieve common goals. Epicdemic is primarily committed to create a supportive community where players can enjoy playing and experiencing PvE content which would otherwise be unreachable as a solo player or with only a small group. If you are looking to have fun, late at night and want a long term home we are interested in you! Most of the guild is made up of adults that work or are busy until 11pm Pacific but want to raid with a consistent group and not have to waste time finding a PuG. Contact Hino @ Hino#1595 or Spartus @ Brad#1166 with any questions. Times we raid: Hawaii: 9 pm - 11:30 pm Alaska: 11 pm - 2:30 am Pacific US: 12 Midnight - 2:30 am Mountain US: 1 am - 3:30 am Central US (server): 2 am - 4:30 am Eastern US: 3 am - 5:30 am Raid nights: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday Our Perks: -A complex dental plan with no copay. -Green colored guild chat that can be altered depending on your mods. -An environment rich in diversity (LBGT friendly). -Like minded and capable people that are able to come together and accomplish goals. -Free guild repairs to members and their alts. -A tabard, yes people a TABARD made of the finest cloth in all the land. -A recurring guest spot on Game of Thrones (Subject to approval from HBO) -A comprehensive 401k plan that will start 2 years into your enlistment with us. You can view years of raiding progress here: Currently 8/9H, 9/9N Current considerations as of 7-18-17 for our raid roster, 915 ilvl + and artifact points at 54 or above: TANK (limited): HEALERS (limited) RANGED DPS (open) Boomkin, Warlock highest need MELEE DPS (open) rogue, warrior, druid, monk highest need If you go by the saying "real life comes first" and use that as an excuse to ditch the raid whenever you feel like it, then we are not the guild for you. We understand people have family and work commitments, but if those commitments interfere with our raid schedule all the time, you are wasting other people's real life time. The most common <Epicdemic> side effects are: -Good Times -Killing Bosses -Epic Loot Less commonly, gnome stomping, group fishing, or sensitivity to light may briefly occur. In the rare event of a raid lasting more than 2.5 hours—also known as this boss was at 3%—seek immediate caffination and hot pockets to help avoid long-term injury. Learn more about <Epicdemic> at Sudden increase of epic loot drops has been reported in people that are in <Epicdemic>, including rare mount drops. It is not possible to determine whether these events are related directly to <Epicdemic> or to other factors. If you experience sudden decrease in HP, stop standing in stuff and contact a healer right away. Part of this post was provided by Negishi. Mahalo for visiting our post.Spartus441 5s
1m [H] <Tactics> 9/9 H ToS LF Ranged&Heals [H] <Tactics> of Zul'jin is recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras progression. We are looking for reliable, long term individuals to complete our roster for current and future Mythic content. Our goal is to Cutting Edge content clear while maintaining a semi-hardcore, laid back raid environment within a three day raid schedule. We are currently 9/9H ToS. Our raid times and days are 9:30 pm to 12:30 am Est; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Required to maintain a 90% attendance rate. Must be open to rotate for Mythic progression. We are looking for: Druid(Balance/Resto) Warlock Priest(Shadow) Mage If interested apply at or add Kressure#1307Keakamai245 1m
1m Returning player looking for a purpose. Returning player needing good guild to hit level cap and begin the adventure again. Will play any faction or server just want to be a part of a social and helpful guild.Ensley6 1m
4m Starting a Guild Good Day fellow players. I have noticed a lot of people looking for a guild. So I had a thought and discussed it with several friends. How about we come together and form our own guild? It's just thought and if people were good with it we could totally pull it off. With all of the people looking for a guild if we all merged we could do it. Since I work all week from 6am-4pm est it would be a weekend raiding guild mainly Fri/Sat nights from 7pm-10pm est. My friends and I have all Nighthold exp and Heroic ToS completed. I am currently 3/10 mythic ToS so we wouldn't be starting from fresh. What says the masses? Interested or no?Günny0 4m
4m (H)Organized Crime 3/10M NH - 7/9H ToS Guild: Organized Crime Faction: Horde Raid Times: OC Raid - Tues-Wed 7:30pm-10:30pm EST HC Raid - Tues / Thurs 8:30-11:30pm EST Progression: 7/9H ToS 9/9N ToS 6/7M EN 3/10M NH 10/10H NH Current Needs: We will consider all Roles as we are making changes to our core raid team. Would love an assistant raid lead as well or even a good raid lead to give me a break sometimes. We have a good community for people to just hang out and have a good time. Note: We are always willing to consider highly skilled/geared players. Provided that you have a good attitude and work well with others, even if we aren't currently recruiting that class. About Us: We have been together for a few years now. Founded at the beginning of Cataclysm, we have progressed through the Heroic and Mythic raids up to the current raid tier of The Nighthold. How it works: We have a minimum 1-2 Week Trial Process. Applicants are required to keep high attendance during their trial. We don't like Drama. We understand that people have different opinions and won’t agree on everything. But we’re here to raid and have fun, not stop raids and guild events to deal with those seeking attention. Raiders need the ability to take criticism & have knowledge of your class. We are not here to teach you how to play. You must be familiar with your class's role in a raid environment. You should know the appropriate DPS cycles and the various pots/buffs you need to perform at your maximum potential. Attendance & Connection: We understand that sometimes RL occurs, but we require our raiders to maintain high attendance. It’s expected that you communicate with us about your availability. Discord must be installed with a working microphone. You must have a stable internet connection. You are no good to us if you DC constantly on fights. If you have any questions you can chat with any officer in game. Dominitus GM (Dominitus#1741), If you do not see an officer online please contact anyone in case we are on an alt. Thanks, Organized CrimeDoominitus28 4m
4m 5/9M, Fri/Sat High need for Heals <No Bads Allowed> on Tichondrius-PvP LF All. Aiming to be US top 150 minimum and want players of that caliber. I am an officer of US 36th <Parse Culture> and will hold people to a similar standard as my main guild. We are composed of 10/10M NH players, some from Parse Culture and others just as good. Not a Team B or anything. Looking for a pally healer, could use a MW or any healer with a good dps offspec. We have 0 locks and need summons. Otherwise anyone with good logs is welcome. Sisters downed and Host was just a few pulls away from kill but ran out of time! Easy 5/9M next week then we wait for Mistress nerfs :) We raid Fri/Sat 7-10:30pm PST (to 11 if we are close to progress). We have an optional Tuesday raid 7-9:30pm PST. If you can only make Fri/Sat do not hesitate to contact me. Doing Loot Council based on performance/contextual demand. Add me on Bnet Capitally#1670Seepytwo51 4m
5m Tues/Thurs 6-10 PST Guild LF dps for ToS Server: Proudmoore-US (PvE) Pacific Standard Time Raid Times: Tuesday 6:00pm - 10:00pm and Thursdays 6:00pm - 10:00pm PST Hello, we are <Fractured Dream>. Created late in the tier of HFC, we steamrolled our way through mythic content, going 10/13. Coming up short of 13/13 only due to getting started late and several attendance issues.  In Legion, we're looking forward to a fresh start. We have several good players returning and will be at full speed as soon as we flesh out our roster. All we need is you! Come be part of something great! We’re looking for knowledgeable, dependable, and prepared players that want to down current content. We're friendly, helpful, and have a positive attitude. We don’t like whiners; we don’t like drama. We like to have a good time while still making ample progression. You won’t get screamed at for messing up; we simply expect you to learn from your mistakes and always keep improving. Good attendance and fast pulls are key. Raid Spots are earned thru performance, attitude, and attendance the guild will have around a 24M rooster to prevent the need for pugs. This will mean at some point everyone will sit from boss to boss or a night depending on what is needed on the boss who needs or doesn't need gear. With that said we do not recruit for the bench unless requested you earn a raid spot you will get raid time Loot System: We don't raid for loot; loot is merely a tool we use to reach the endgame. We raid for the progression. That said, we strongly believe in fair loot distribution. It is affected by attendance and loot history, with a heavy priority on BIS. BIS>MS>OS. Progression: NH 4/10 Mythic. ToS 9/9/ Normal, 8/9 Heroic Currently recruiting all DPS spots and always considering any exceptional player. Contacts: If you have any questions, you can contact Arkynine, Eldarius in-game.  Recruitment Officer: Nekron#11276 or Nekronsage in gameNekronknight33 5m
5m Looking For A Guild!!! Been playing wow on and off for years but never really accomplished much in the game fairly good at playing the auction house and i do pve. But after many years i am finally looking for a family in wow. A guild that is family oriented fun and friendly. One that are looking for players both pve and rp whom are just not looking for cannon fodder for raids etc. With that said i would want a guild to help me learn the thing i might have missed and become a strong and capable member of the guild... So if your interested in a 44 year old casual player who runs a demon hunter and has a sarcastic and comical nature please give me a ring. I am located in Dalaran USNixxu6 5m
7m Tank LF-Raid Guild Send the spam :)Fablè3 7m
7m 5/9M 3 day LF Mages & More Guild: <Rude Awakening> Progression: 5/9M ToS Previously: 10/10M Night Hold 7/7 MythicEN 3/3 MythicTOV ,13/13M HFC US 151 Server: Whisperwind - Chicago datacenter, central time zone. Faction: Alliance Loot: RCLootCouncil Raid: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday (Mythic progression) 7:30 - 10:30pm Central. We are currently looking for: These are High need - Mage - Boomkin - DPS DK - Holy Pally OR Disc Priest - Demon Hunter OR Rogue - Spriest About Rude Awakening: - Mythic, semi-hard core raiding. - Most of our core players have played since BC or vanilla and have raided consistently (as a group) since Wrath. - We expect raiders to be prepared for raids (flasks/pots/enchants/gems/etc) and know their class. - All players who expect to be core must have a good attitude and get along with all players in the group. Website: Wowprogress: Recruitment Officer: Falux#1649 or please whisper Jargaston, or Boxlunch in game for more information you can also apply on our website!Falux125 7m
9m [A] <Pinnacle> Aerie Peak 1/9M LF core M ToS Pinnacle on Aerie Peak alliance is currently recruiting core spots on our raid team to push into Mythic Tomb. About Us: We're a guild that values commitment from our members for steady progression through content. Outside of raid we have a very healthy guild life, members are always active in Mythic+ and Discord. Current Legion Progression: T20: 1/9 Mythic ToS 9/9 Heroic ToS T19: 7/7 Mythic EN 3/3 Heroic ToV 5/10 Mythic NH Current needs: - Any RDPS (especially Shadow/Boomkin) - 1 Resto Druid Please feel free to apply even if your class/role isn't listed! Raid Times: Saturday/Sunday/Monday 8:00PM - 11:00PM EST (5:00PM - 8:00PM Realm/PST) Currently also trying an optional Normal ToS on Fridays at 8:00PM EST/5:00PM Realm/PST, times are subject to change. Expectation: Our expectation are pretty standard to anyone familiar with progression guilds. - Attendance for at least 90% of the raids is required. - Raiders come to raid each night prepared to play for the entire session, we take breaks if needed. - In depth knowledge on your class, role, and fights. - Not afraid to ask questions about anything uncertain. - Have a positive outlook on raiding, don't become tilted by wipes, no toxicity towards other members. Loot System: We currently run a Loot Council system using the addon RCLootCouncil. Our LC is very transparent with the raid team to insure decisions made benefit the group as a whole. We allow access to the voice channel for listening (voice active only for LC members) and we offer 1 person from the raid team each week to participate on the Loot Council on a first-come first-serve basis. Our LC members have been activity participating in an LC for years. Trial period: Our trial period is pretty laid back. Players who make a good fit for our team show consistency with attendance and enthusiasm for progression/personal improvement. Typical trial period lasts 2 weeks. If you feel like our guild would be a good fit, then please apply at: Discord: Contact for any additional questions: BT for Tachibana (Recruitment) - Simplicityy#1646 BT for Alpaca (Recruitment) - nibrca#1645 BT for Krimz (Recruitment) - sikology#1547 BT for Toastyhealz (Raid Leader/GM) - Demontoast#1636Feelsbadman80 9m
11m 3/9 Mythic Healers Wanted Area-52 Our Sweet Guild 3/9 M 9/9 H We are currently recruiting for a core healer spot. Pref Resto Sham or Druid. Requirements: 915 ilvl 52 traits prefer to have experience in Mythic raiding. We currently Main Raid Tues.Thurs,Sun 9-12 est Off raid nights are for heroic and normal these are not mandatory. Trials will generally be on the following raid day. We enjoy having a fun raid environment. If you are interested in becoming a main healer for our mythic raid either reply on this forum or whisper Ballhemorage in game. If you are a dps/tank we are currently full at this time but if u are still interested do the same as above. Thank you for stopping by and checking us out. Our Sweet Guild.Ballhemorage0 11m
12m <Ricos Roughnecks> 10/10 H NH Recruiting <Ricos Roughnecks> on Lightbringer: 10/10H NH Raid times: Monday/Wednesday 7pm-9pm PST. Recruitment needs: Tank: Always looking for off tanks for Mythic+ and off nights for Raiding, but not seriously looking to fill main tank positions at this time. Heals: Restoration Shaman Holy Paladin Disc Priest DPS: Priest (Shadow) Rogue (any spec) Warrior (any spec) Death Knight (Frost) Druid (Feral) Shaman (any spec) Hunter (Survival) Warlock (Destruction, Affliction) Monk (Windwalker) *If you aren't one of the classes listed above, please still apply! We believe in having a competitive roster and are open to any opportunities. Raid Expectations: We only raid two nights a week, and only for two hours each night, so we expect our raiders to be online and ready to go 15 minutes before raid to start grouping, so we can get going on time. We also expect raiders to stay the entirety of the allotted time. During raids we try to be efficient and focused, meaning we aim to cut time on farm bosses, reduce time spent not on bosses including wipe recovery and efficient trash pulling/downing. We come prepared, and we expect others to as well. Raiders should be doing research and keeping up to date on all the latest updates and class changes and knowing how it will affect them. We expect our raiders to actively partake in strategy discussion during progression, be accountable for their mistakes and fixing them, take constructive criticism, and most importantly have fun! Loot: We run Master Loot, but do not loot council. We round robin gear, so if you get a piece and go to roll on another, someone will have priority over you if they haven't received a piece. With that said, we are a very close group (detailed below) and often will pass on gear for other players and the like if it is a big upgrade or something of the like. This is not required. About us: We have been a guild in some shape or form since the Burning Crusade. We have a large core that are very close friends, both in game and out. We have an annual meetup that we all look forward to, and every year it gets more populated and lasts longer! True, we are looking for raiders, and if that's the only role you would like to fill we would be more then happy to have you, but more so, we are looking to add to our group of friends. Corny to the max, but also true. We are college students, parents, professionals, friends and family. We are more then just a raid group, but a community. If this sounds good to you, let us know : ) Contact Info: Guild master & Raid lead: Arnaq- MrFancyPants#1592 Recruitment Officer: Rinnoha- Rinnoha#1612 Officers: Mcdingus- Bodkin#1331 Havikroth- shibbyman#1124 Ashidari- Ash#1125Arnaq15 12m
12m 5/9 Mythic ToS 9 Hours LF DPS Guild Name - Moonrunner formed in Mists of Pandaria. During the time we have been together, we have seen much success earning the guild "Realm First! Ra-den" and "Realm First! Heroic Garrosh". In Warlords of Draenor, we continued to earn several other Realm Firsts. Throughout this expansion, Legion, we have continued to maintain our Realm First status, earning "Realm First! Helya" and "Realm First! Gul'dan" Guild Name is currently : 5/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras We are currently recruiting for our core Mythic raiding group: Ranged DPS - Elemental Shaman - Hunter - Warlock Melee DPS - Demon Hunter - Warrior - Rogue Healer - Resto Druid - Holy Priest Please feel free to apply even if your class/spec isn't specified as we are always recruiting exceptional players! Raid Schedule: Guild Name raids Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30pm-8:30pm PacificTime (8:30pm-11:30pm Eastern Time). Since Guild Name runs a tight 20man raiding roster, it is important that all members be available for these raid times. Application Procedure: After an application has been posted, expect an initial response within a few days. This may take longer depending on timing. Keep in mind that your written application is our first impression of you. The interest that you display there will carry through to your potential trial run and beyond. Guild Name's Expectations: As an applicant, you are expected to maintain a 95% attendance during your trial period (3 weeks). We will invest in you as much as you invest in us. Players that evidently are not making the guild their prime concern in-game will be treated reciprocally. The other members of the guild have the courtesy to put their full effort into the guild's success; the same is expected of you. Please contact: Plumpie#1499, Toxic#1904 Cray: Craycray#1921 Or check out : for more information. Thank youPlumpie5 12m
13m ⚡5/9M⚡ <STK>: Resto Sham, Hunter, Mage, Boomy STK's recruitment is open - looking for dedicated raiders, who are competent in raid, and focus on pushing their characters both inside and outside of raid. Progression: 10/10M, 9/9H, 5/9M Server: Lightbringer-PVE (US) Raid Times: (invites start at 8:30-8:45pm EST) Tuesday: 9:00pm-12:00am EST Wednesday: 9:00pm-12:00am EST Thursday: 9:00pm-12:00am EST (Will usually not raid later than 12:00am EST, unless something is close to dying) Recruitment Needs: Tanks: Closed Healer: Shaman Melee: Closed Ranged: Mage, Hunter, Moonkin, Warlock If your class is not listed, it does not mean we will not accept your application. We will accept all exceptional applicants, as our goal is to bring the best 20. Required Addons: RC Loot Council Exorsus Raid Tools Angry Assignments Bigwigs or DBM WeakAuras2 What we're looking for in Recruits: A strong desire to always improve and learn from mistakes. People who are social, can take jokes; we are very un-PC. People who can understand raid mechanics and execute them. Dedication, competence & a competitive spirit. Contact: If you're interested, you can contact either myself (Gheed#1941) or my officer, Lesuj (MortalLesuj#1702). You can also visit our website to peep around, or to post an application: www.stk-wow.comGheed82 13m
17m 930 Ret LFG 3/9M 9/9H Current guild no longer needs my services so Im looking for a replacementDarkspally10 17m
17m Lookin For a new raid guild Hey everyone. Couple of buddies and I are looking for a new raid group as ours has recently decided to not raid anymore. We are a 920 bm/mm hunter a 919 havoc/ vengeance demon hunter (helld) and a 910 frost/fire mage (iceeballs). We have achieved AOTC in all tiers since wod. our availability is 830-1130 pm est Sunday through Thursday and then 9 am-12pm Saturday and Sunday. We are hoping to find a new guild that wants to progress into mythic though we are also fine just chilling in the heroic tier. Anyways, cheersBrâmbles3 17m
18m [A] BOBAlicious( 3/9M) LF Tank. Late night Here's some info about us: BOBAlicious is an ALLIANCE and semi-hardcore progression guild that is committed to completing mythic content in a timely fashion. We have a friendly community who are typically on grinding content during all parts of the day and week. We are looking to buff up our mythic roster with even better players. Some of us have been together for over 3 years. Co Tank will be a 7/9M DK Raid Days: Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday Raid Times: (9 hours weekly) 9:00PM PST to 12:00AM PST 10:00PM MST to 01:00AM MST 11:00PM CST to 02:00AM CST 12:00AM EST to 03:00AM EST Progression: Tier 20 - 3/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras Tier 19 - 7/7 Mythic EN, 3/3 Mythic ToV, 10/10 Mythic Nighthold Tier 18 - 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel Basic Requirements -Able to take constructive criticism. -Raiding experience. -Mechanically competent. -Mastery of your class. -Ability to use TeamSpeak. -Have the following addons: RcLoot, ErT, and WeakAuras -Will be able to sit for progression if it means to help kill the boss (Team player). -Drama free with mild NaCl allowed. For any additional questions please contact: Guild Leader: Heyitsmary#1781 Raid Leader/Officer Danz#1139 APPLY HERE MEOW!: 18m
19m 931 3/9 M MW LF Guild 3/9 M Mw LF raiding guild. im looking for any times prefer est and im looking for a 3 night a week guild. im looking for a toxic free guild that is serious about progression during raid. Im also looking for a active guild that is down to do mythic+ and tomb carries. here are my logs Donni#11249 is my battle tag pls add me if u have anymore questionsDonní16 19m
20m Boomkin Or Holy Pally LF Mythic Guild Hello There! I'm looking for a guild that doesn't interfere with my life. I work graveyard on weekends and want a progression minded guild that can push cutting edge during every tier. I've been in Elencia since HFC and we recently lost our raid team. Am willing to server transfer and faction change. Let me know if you have any more questions. My work schedule is as follows: Thursday - Saturday 10p - 7a Add me on Battle Tag or Discord! Battle Tag: Super#12594 Discord: Superscrubbly#5851Supershifty3 20m
20m Retired player back at it looking for guild last time i played was mist expansion! looking for a guild :)Erblin0 20m
22m "Are you Mustache Enough?" ... ... RAIDING: ... Currently Seeking: ... Raid Schedule: ... What we are looking for from You: ... Contact: Zuul#1119 for more information.Zulon0 22m
25m [A] 1/9M Recruiting serious & casual! Progression: 1/9 Mythic ToS Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 8pm - 11pm EST (Optional Wednesday for lower difficulty clear) Friday 8:30 - 11pm EST (Casual/Alt/Fun) Sunday 8:30 - 10:30pm EST (Casual/Alt Optional) Server: Dalaran - PvE (US) Loot System: Personal Loot with ML and group discussion for tier bosses and notable BIS trinkets. About Us: <Rally> is a guild comprised of people who were formerly hardcore raiders at one time but have since crossed a threshold into adulthood rendering us all unable to put in that amount of time anymore. We are a casual, social guild but take our progression raiding seriously. We still bring all highest level consumables to every raid, run and review logs, and fully gem, enchant, and optimize gear. We run two mythic raid teams very similar in leadership style and atmosphere. We put a high emphasis on the people in our raid and prefer not to play in an atmosphere where we treat people like numbers. We work with each other and help each other improve and push ourselves beyond our capabilities. Our casual/alt raid has less stringent expectations. This is an environment where you are free to come and go as you please and be a relaxed about clears. This raid is still led by a raid leader but just moves at a bit of a slower pace than the progression raids by nature of lower ilvls or skill caps than that of the progression team. Guild Atmosphere We have mostly adults here, averaging about 30 in age. We're still plenty immature at times and we have lots of fun. There's some dry humor, a meme channel in Discord and hidden bot commands to troll each other. We're a family here. We have the annoying uncle who never shuts up until we globally mute him and we have the mom who has to keep the children in line sometimes. We spend the day chatting in Discord chat from our phones or work until people start getting home and logging in. We have people with children and families and share complaints about cranky children and spouses. We are a highly active community of people. If you joined Rally, you could physically raid 5 nights a week and a lot of people do. We bring alts to other raids or even raid the same raids again despite loot lockouts because it's just fun to hang with these people and smash !@#$ together. We are looking to recruit people who fit into our group well and get along. We are looking for people who care and want to learn and get better or are already skilled but lack the time to dedicate to hardcore raiding as well. Whether you still want to push progression or just want to raid once a week for fun and minimal pressure, please apply! We are a tight knit community of friends with a solid foundation of real life and long term friends having played WoW and other games together for 10+ years. We have a diverse membership with several couples, male and female, and new and experienced players. Our Discord is active during the day while people are at work and we are always spending time online running Mythic+, alt raids, popup raids, world quest groups, leveling alts, helping each other level and gear, etc. How to Apply: Please visit our Discord server at or simply send a message on to Avarraela#1295 or Discord to Ava#5594.Avarraela139 25m
26m 922 9/9H priest looking for mythic raiding Holy/Disc, would prefer to be versatile and not have to stick with one healing spec. Mog game also on point. Evening raids or weekends preferred. 7PM-12AM EST on weekdays but any time on weekends. Can promise 90%~ attendance. Was part of a guild that went 9/10M last tier, but unfortunately fell apart due to circumstances beyond anyone's control. Am willing to transfer/faction swap for the right people. Definitely eager to get off current realm. Mad#12822 is battle tag. logs, don't waste time trying to fill your bench, only dropping money to pay for a transfer if I get an immediate spot.Madmielyn8 26m
26m A family friendly guild. Made by family Knights of Paladine is a small, family oriented guild. We set our goals towards helping each other out. Whether that be learning the game, needing help with a mount, a dungeon, a mythic, or even a raid. The founders of this guild, are family members, so we keep the chat clean, and the gaming respectful. We are looking to make this guild something special. Something that doesn't happen in online games very often. We just want a fun, respectful guild community. With people who will help each other out. No matter the age. If you have any questions, just let me know. I'm usually on as Tittanbane, so don't be afraid to send a tell! Contact info: Proxemus#1602 *Not sure if this info is needed, but our servers are Doomhammer and BaelgunTittanbane2 26m
26m 915 balance druid lfg 427 posts Jul 10 3 1. Times available & time zone: Monday-wednesday any time, open to talk about thursday-sunday ( i work graveyard) 2. Server preference: does not matter 3. Faction preference: alliance but open to faction change for the right group 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: semi hard core 5. Current progression/experience: TOS normal cleared up to KJ, just 0 attempts on him, Heroic cleared up to sisters 6. Recent logs (if available):n/a 7. Contact info: post here or add Bukowski#1123 8. Anything else: looking for a normal/heroic guild willing to talk to guilds in mythic not sure if I want to push into mythic at this time tho.Bukowskî18 26m
27m [H]916 DH Tank LF Weekend Raiding Guild Currently 9/9 N ToS looking at pushing Heroic Available: Weekend's Bnet Arx#1130Miobo4 27m
27m [A]<Lose Your Life> 8/9 H ToS LF DPS or Heals [Alliance - Lightbringer - PVE] <Lose Your Life> is seeking new test subjects - no wait, members, yeah that one - for our 2-day Heroic and Mythic progression team on Lightbringer. All new recruits will be subject to a transmog critique, psychological evaluation, and brief trial period on our one-of-a-kind Raider Enhancement Serum (patent pending). Given that we keep a light raid schedule, we expect raiders to do their homework on their class, new encounters and maintain good attendance. As we try to keep an adult environment, we’re only accepting applicants 18 and older. Raid Times Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 pm - 12:00 EST We use Discord for communication and EPGP for loot. Check out some progression raiding or our slightly less successful exploits Recent Raid Achievements: 8/9 H ToS 9/9 N ToS 5/10M NH 10/10H NH AotC 3/3H ToV AotC 7/7M EN 7/7H EN AotC Currently Recruiting: 1 Core Healer - No Priests or Pallys Ranged or Melee DPS We’re happy to have any exceptional players. Don’t be afraid; come apply! Apply on our website if you’d like to join us If you want some more information, you can add any of the officers on Battle.Net and we’ll talk. Sugar#1437 Dorgenedge#1701 Darann#1686Sugarvenom36 27m
28m Shadow Priest LF Mythic Guild Posting on an alt as to not cause problems with current guild. Looking for a new home (Horde only, any large server) for Tomb and beyond. Had to step back from raiding for a few months due to RL issues, but looking to start raiding again. Haven't done ToS at all, but was 8/10M in Nighthold. Open to raiding any day, but prefer weekdays. Looking for something that starts around 7pm PST, but flexible with that. Prefer guilds that are 3/9M or higher, not because I want to be carried, but because I want to make sure that if I'm transferring I'm going somewhere I'll be able to progress with and is stable. Looking for a guild that is active outside of raid time. Not a fan of massive guilds with hundreds of people; I prefer something where everyone knows each other. Leave your btag and I'll get back to you.Emmeria19 28m
28m [A] <Hypnotic> 4/9M 2ni LF Lock/Rog/Spri/Mage Updated July 26th, 2017 <Hypnotic> US Turalyon Alliance | Progression EN: 7/7M ToV: 2/3M NH: 10/10M ToS: 9/9H 4/9M 2 nights/week | 6hours | Wed/Thu 8-11pm EST Guild Website: Discord | Loot Council Recruitment: Hypnotic maintains a 24-man core raider roster in order to be flexible with our raiders schedule and be able to maximize our composition for progression kills. We do not recruit for the bench. You might be asked to sit out a progression fight if required, or a farm kill to let somebody in that needs the gear. What we need: DPS: Spriest/Mage/Warlock Ret/Rogue/Ww Will consider anyone who performs at a high level How to Apply to Hypnotic Please visit our guild website listed below to fill out an application. Prerequisites: Know your class inside-out to be the most efficient in all fights Research each fights prior to pull Come prepared and ready to pull at the set time 18+ Working microphone Near 100% attendance Dedication Sense of humor About us: Hypnotic was built around the idea of having a good time raiding the hardest current content in the most efficient way. The vast majority of our members have a limited time schedule due to various responsibilities, we opted for a two nights a week, six hours total raiding time. Here at Hypnotic, we believe that this is more than enough time to progress through a tier in a timely fashion. We are confident that we can be one of the most time efficient and progressed guilds around. We will never be the world's best guild, but we will not be too far behind. Addons Needed! DBM/Big Wigs Epgp Loot Addon Exorsus Raid Tools Weak Auras 2 Angry Assignments More info: Old forum post: Guild Master | Raid lead: Laatu#1956 Officers: Eeveydin & TruthwatcherLaatu129 28m
29m [H] 5/9M <Hive Mind> 9 hrs/week LFM Heal/DPS We raid 3 nights a week on Tues/Weds/Thurs from 7pm - 10pm pst. We're currently looking for the following: 1 Exceptional DPS 1 Healer (rDruid, Disc or rShaman) We will consider all exceptional applicants as well regardless of class. We are currently only considering players with logs from Mythic Nighthold. Our goal is to down content as quickly as possible in our 9 hours a week while having fun at the same time. We want to be the alternative option to having to raid 12 or 16 hours a week to kill bosses around a US Top 100 ranking. We're a very laid back guild that prides ourselves on our good raiding atmosphere, we believe in creating a place where people can make mistakes without being !@#$%ed out by a raging raid leader. At the same time none of us enjoy wiping and we expect everyone to perform at a high level, applicants who are competitive and thrive off friendly competition are preferred. We stress personality fit as much as performance when analyzing applicants and trials, we want someone who fits our ideal mold of a raider. If you're looking to compete at a high level without having to raid four nights or four hours a night, we might be a good fit for you. Fill out our very brief application and we'll get in contact with you: Cryllis#11287 Nick#19742Cryllus279 29m
34m ✨[H] Bleeding Hollow (3/10M, 10/10H) - LFM <Internet Champions> is a longtime 20 man casual/hardcore raiding guild who has a core of members who have been raiding together since Classic. We're a friendly, laid back guild who enjoys the raiding aspect of WOW, but don't wish for it to be a second job. If you're looking for an older, mature guild with friendly people and zero drama who also come prepared to raid, then look us up on our website and feel free to pm any of our officers on our Real Id's below for more information. Website: Raiding Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday 9:30pm - 12:30am est We are open to any class if you're an experienced, mature player. But, for individual "needs" we're looking for the classes below. Classes/Roles we're looking for Melee DPS - Open to any. Ranged DPS - Open to any. What our Guild can offer: * Light Raid Hours Raiding a lighter schedule (9 hours), but take it seriously when we do raid. * Relaxed Environment Our guild is mostly older (mid 20's and up) and the raiding environment is friendly and relaxed. * No Asshats We interview every person we recruit and refuse to take any douchebags, creepers or elitist pricks. This may hurt us in hard times when we really need to recruit people, but we take pride in the fact that are members are genuinely nice and helpful people that simply want to enjoy end-game content. For more information or how to apply. Apply at our website ( Or contact with any questions Gig#1661 or Cinnaa#1561Gigs51 34m
35m Resto Druid - LF 2 Raid Night Team Title says it all. What I'm looking for is to raid two nights a week between 7:30-1 EST. I am alliance right now but can transfer and faction change if needed. I have excellent raid attendance and can contribute to all but the most serious of hardcore raid teams. I prefer the (2) night raids because I still enjoy my life outside of WoW. That being said when I raid I am completely focused and am ready to down raid bosses! ValkryieValkryie15 35m
35m Healer Problem- Area 52 Healer Problem is currently looking for exceptional ranged dps to continue our push through ToS. We are currently 7/9 Heroic and are looking to push into mythic in the near future. Our raid nights are Tuesday and Wednesday 7-11 pm server. We will check all logs and any player joining will go through a trial period prior to becoming a core raider. If interested please add Loogie#11362 on btag.Loogie0 35m
36m <ICBS> 3/9M@2nights per wk LFM <Inner City Boy Scouts> is a 2 night a week 3/9M guild on Zul'jin-US looking for additional members to continue mythic progression. Classes/roles we're looking for include: Mage – High Ret Pally - High WW Monk -Medium Rogue - Medium Ele Shaman-Medium DPS with Healer off-spec - High DPS with Tank off-spec - High Even if not listed above we are open to any exceptional DPS interested in applying. Raid times are Tues/Thurs 8-11pm Est. Message Sean#1681 or Geo#11752 if interested or emailí0 36m
36m [H] ENDOXA 6/9H - LF CORE RAIDERS: DPS >>> ABOUT US ENDOXA of Emerald Dream-US (RPPvP) was formed out of a need for stronger and experienced leadership to accomplish higher content. The officer core of ENDOXA consists of four players with an average of 8 years experience playing World of Warcraft. We share the same goals: to push progression, to stay informed of raiding content, and optimization of our raiding team all while maintaining a low-stress environment. If those three goals align with your outlook of raiding, we invite you to join us! >>> RAID SCHEDULE Tuesday, 7:30PM - 11:00PM Wednesday, 7:30PM - 11:00PM All times are server times, Central Time Zone. >>> REQUIREMENTS - Discord Voice Chat: A working microphone would be preferred! - Optimized Gear: Enchants and gems show your commitment to do well. - Commitment to Raid: Attendance, knowledge of encounters, and prepardness. - Positive Mental Attitude: We don't need negativity clouding our raid. >>> RECRUITMENT - Ret Paladin - Spriest - Hunter - Ele Shaman - Warlock All classes and specs are welcome to contact us. >>> CONTACT US For more information, contact the officers below. - Jessixa (Jessixa#11904) - Mazgruka (Message on Server)Jessixa9 36m
37m [A][Proudmoore] <Boosted Animals> [1/9M] LFM <Boosted Animals> is currently looking to recruit a few more exceptional players to keep our roster competitive and moving forward. Currently looking to bolster our ranks going into Mythic Tomb of Sargeras [T20]. Raid Times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 7:30-10:00 PM Realm Time (Pacific Standard Time) Discord Required 915+ ilvl - 9/9H exp min. Current Recruitment Needs: Tanks(1): Guardian Druid Blood Death Knight DPS(2): Marksmanship/Beast Mastery Hunter Frost/Arcane Mage Balance Druid NOTE: We recruit past the 20 raiding requirement to guarantee that all spots are filled. Please be aware that rotations and substitutes will be regular to ensure that the roster remains healthy and flexible. APPLY @ UPDATED: 7/26/2017 We are looking for all exceptional dps and healers who might be interested. Add me on Bnet @ Mekeda#1998 for more information.Mekeda0 37m
40m [H] H 6/9 Small Guild Tues&Sun - LF all DPS! <High Stakes> is a small Horde raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow. Currently 6/9 on H ToS and raid 7-11 pm central Tuesdays & Sundays. The guild is a very relaxed group of friends that all enjoy the trials of steady progression. We're currently recruiting all DPS specs so we might fill our roster for Mythic in the upcoming months. We're always happy to help new and returning raiders catch up to speed! During our raids, most of the guild enjoys a couple drinks and many rolls on the Cross Gambling addon. This behavior is definitely not required, but is a lot of fun!:) We're also pretty comfortable sharing RL identities and do a lot communication through our guild fb page. Most of us are 20 somethings that have known each other for years and played since BC or earlier. If you're interested, we'd love to chat! Contact Froztee#1591 or Calxen#1972. Come be High Stakes with us!:DVoodood0 40m
40m Blood DK looking for raid guild Looking for a 2-3 night per week laid back guild doing either heroic or mythic. I live on the east coast so id prefer a guild that raids at night or on weekends EST. Im currently ilvl 913 and 9/9 normal 2/9 HC. I have a ilvl 900 guardian druid and a 890 BRM that i can gear and bring to raids if need You need a tank. I am your tank. I run mythic + regularly and i have 6 Alts that i can bring to raids to fill but id prefer to have a spot as main or off tank. I have tanked as every class and have every tank class at 110. I have been tanking since TBC. I mained prot warrior in TBC. Then i mained Prot pally in WoTLK, MoP and WoD(i took a break during Cata). I've raided in every expansion i have played and in most of them i have been raid leader for my guilds. i was 7/7 HC for EN and 2/3 HC ToV on my resto shaman and i took a break during nighthold then came back and decided to start tanking again since its my favorite and best position. When i pick up a main i tend to dive head first and play until i have completely mastered it, and when i raid i am always prepared knowing every strategy ahead of time and helping to improvise a strategy that works for the guild i am playing with. I handle constructive criticism well and have a dry sense of humor.Basiclichbit5 40m
40m Horde [3/9M] 6 Hour/Weekend Recruiting!! Hi everyone, Eternals is recruiting players for our weekend raid team. We are based on Magtheridon (connected with Ysondre, Altar of Storms and Anetheron). Weekend Raid Times: Fridays and Saturdays, 9:30pm to 12:30am EST Weekend Team: This is our main progression team - we will be progressing through Mythic asap. We are currently 3/9 Mythic! We are looking for inquiries from talented DPS, both melee and ranged (no mages please). We have a very high need for a holy paladin. We are also looking for a rogue, warrior and hunter dps. All exceptional players should apply. We use loot council to distribute items and everyone must have RC Loot Council addon installed. We have a more casual group running on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00-10:00 EST. They are currently 7/9 heroic. We are a chill and friendly group, however, we do put a lot of emphasis on mechanics. We expect our members to be competent in this regard and we do not want members who ignore the mechanics of a fight to top the DPS charts. We expect players to show up for raid on time and come prepared with consumables (food, pots, flasks, runes and tomes if required). About us: Our members enjoy running Mythic + in their off-time (we currently have members with M+ scores over 2000), running old content, and joking around in Discord. We really are a great group of people in Eternals, and we welcome anyone who wants to be a part of our guild. All ilvl and classes are welcome to inquire for more info. For more information, please contact Monkbot-Magheridon (Winbot#1387).Monkbot65 40m
43m 924 Resto Druid 924 Resto Druid 8/9 H.. KJ to 35%...Lf a raiding team!! I can pretty much make any raid times other than the crazy midnight-morning hours. Oh yea BTag= Overmind#1996Chúcknôurish21 43m
44m H <Organ Harvesters> 2 days 8/9 H ToS lfm H <Organ Harvesters> currently 3/10M 10/10H are looking for dedicated members to finish progress in Nighthold, and move forward to ToS. We are a two day guild Friday and Saturday 5:30p - 9p server time (pst). Being as we are just two days a week we strive to keep attendance up so we can progress at a high level and compete while only raiding two nights. We are recruiting dps (non dh/warrior) and a holy pally or priest atm. Feel free to contact me via my real id if you have any questions or would like to talk about getting a trial with us. Looking forward to hearing from you all!! Rhinodude#1265Rhinomayne41 44m
44m <MAIN EVENT>9/9H LF DPS MAIN EVENT Raid Times: Tuesday & Wednesday - 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST (Server Time) Current Progression: 9/9N 9/9H Realm: Stormrage Our Focus: Transfer guild from Garona previously called Rize Up. We have been playing together since the start of legion and are looking to add a few last players to continue ToS Progression. We all have AOTC from the previous tiers. We are looking for mature, dedicated players who can play their class at a high level and also not fail at raid mechanics. LF: LF 1-2 DPS Heals: (Need: Low) Open to Exceptional Players Ranged DPS:(Need: High) *Druid *Hunter Open to Exceptional Players Melee DPS:(Need: High) *Rogue *DK (Unholy) *Druid Open to Exceptional Players Tanks:(Need: Low) Open to Exceptional Players If you are interested or have any questions, please post below and I will reply as soon as possible - or contact me at GM - Sak#11443 We look forward in hearing from you.Sakdh6 44m
44m [A] <Severity> 9/9H Sat/Sun LF Tank, Rdruid <Severity> on Stormrage : 8/10M 9/9H Raid times: Saturday/Sunday 8pm-12am EST. We are in need of/open to: Tank Blood DK Heals Resto Druid DPS Warlock Hunter DH *If you are not one of the above classes, we encourage you to still contact us. Raid Expectations We only raid two nights, so we expect raiders to be online and ready to go before raid to start grouping, so we can get going on time. We also expect people to stay the entirety of the raid time. We will never extend past raid time more than a single pull, but that will only be only if it's the difference between that boss dead this week or not. During raids we try to be efficient and focused, cutting down on farm bosses, reducing AFK time during trash, and coming prepared, knowing boss fights and strategies. Raiders should be doing research and keeping up to date on all the latest updates and class changes and knowing how it will affect them. We expect our raiders to actively partake in strategy discussion during progression, be accountable for their mistakes and fix them, take constructive criticism in many aspects well, and most importantly, LOVE to raid. Raiders will be expected to server transfer if not already on server. Loot We distribute loot via the RC Loot council addon. The loot council is made up of our officer core. Contact Info If you are interested please fill out an app at our new website. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! Guild master & Raid lead: Bharani -Bharani#11542Bharanii32 44m
45m [A] Beta Testing - Whisperwind 8/9H [Alliance] Beta Testing - Whisperwind (CST) Raid Schedule: Wed/Thu, 7:30-10pm CST (server) Current Progression: 8/9H Loot Distribution: EPGP Voice Chat: Mumble ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Needs DPS: All specs open Healer: All specs open Tank: Guardian Druid - Protection Paladin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Guild Master: Ishizu -- btag: Sigma#1317 -Officers: Soulpally (alt+139) -- btag: SoulSteal93#1621 Kerasian aka Krel -- btag: Dcortez#1811 We're happy to accommodate players who want to initially raid cross-realm first. Please get in touch so we know to look for you. _________________________________________________________________ About Us: <Beta Testing> was formed by several members that have been playing together since the start of Cata, most of us have been playing since Vanilla. We value Attendance, Attitude, and Performance above all else. We have a strict 0 drama policy & are only interested in playing with like minded adults, but we're open to all manner of respectful silliness. Raider Expectations: Applicants should be Heroic Tomb of Sargeras ready (900+ ilvl), but If you have a good amount of past Raiding Experience (Particularly Hard mode Progression) , we don't mind gearing you up a bit. RELIABILITY: Commit to the raid times; Our progression relies on all of us being there. COMPETENCE: Know your Class inside and out. Have good Situational Awareness, research fights & learn from mistakes. PATIENCE: We will wipe, we will take scheduled breaks. We do not !@#$%. ATTITUDE: We have a strict 0-Drama policy. We are all adults & treat each other with at least a basic level of respect. RESPONSIBILITY: BE 18+, Remember to signup for raids. Communicate your issues/needs to our officers. Missing a night is not a big deal so long as you let us know ahead of time. Bring your own consumables. Take pride in your gear & keep it gemmed and enchanted.(In other words: Act like the adult you are, don't make our Officers feel like you need a babysitter ) For more information or to apply please visit: Additional questions please contact an officer, assistant or the GM in game.Kerasian6 45m
47m [A] Fri/Sat 3/9M 8/9H Need Healer <Party All The Time> is a weekend raiding guild, 2 days(Friday & Saturday), 6 hours a week(7-10PM pst)! Progression in Legion: ToS: 3/9M 8/9H T19: Nighthold 7/10M 10/10H Trial of Valor 2/3M Emerald Nightmare 7/7M We are currently in need of Quality DPS and Heals who can commit to a near 100% attendance and have high parses for their class. Classes Wanted: -Resto Druid -Mistweaver Monk -Unholy DK -Windwalker -Havoc -Mage If you are another class not listed in recruitment needs don't hesitate to contact any of the officers. What you can expect from us: -Flasks and pots provided -Experienced core of raiders with years of Heroic/Mythic exp -Communication with all raiders to what's expected of them on a fight per fight basis What we expect from you: -Care taken for the toon your looking to bring. ie: properly itemized/enchanted -General strats known before getting to progression bosses. -Attendance at 100% for the trail period and 90% + attendance after -Team focused attitude Loot is done via Loot Council. BIS stats/performance/Attendance/time on raid team are the factors that go into loot. The idea behind this is to put the loot in the hands of the players who will net out the most DPS/HPS/Mitigation, and allow us to clear the bosses more easily. Bosses WILL die again and loot WILL drop again. IF YOUR SOLE GOAL IS LOOT THIS IS NOT THE GUILD FOR YOU. That being said, loot will be distributed as evenly as possible and not one person will gear miles ahead of another as that would be counter productive. Add me if interested or our gm Reza#1890 or lzzb#1772Saae133 47m
50m 894 boomkin lf raiding guild burning blade Hello im returning wow player looking to get back into raiding i took a few months off the game after about the 3rd week of emerald nightmare raid due to personal issues i was 2 2\7mythic then. I have returned and looking for a guild any nights od raiding is good for me im on burning blade server my spec is balance im 897 item lvl as of now i have 54 traits in my weapon looking to get back at itIbite6 50m