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Dec 3 Basic Recruitment Etiquette + Post Template ** NOTE: Do not post your ad as a reply to this thread. It's a great example of not being able to follow directions and likely a down vote from any credible recruiter. ** ______________ Here are some tips for getting your recruitment post noticed and cutting through a lot of the spam to find your right fit. Copy & paste this template to your post if you're looking for a guild. Explanation of each field follows. Additionally, listing your class/spec, progression, and a brief description of what you're looking for in the subject/title line of your post will expedite this process for recruiters. 1. Times available & time zone: 2. Server preference: 3. Faction preference: 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: 5. Current progression/experience: 6. Recent logs (if available): 7. Contact info: 8. Anything else: 1. Times/time zones! Remember to post what times you are available, any times you are not available, or if your schedule is flexible at all. Too many times people post, "I need a guild that can work with my schedule," and then never bother to post their availability! Include your time zone as well. 2. Server preference: PvE, PvP, or RP? Is this 100% set in stone, or are you flexible? If you're not willing to transfer off-server, you should probably be posting on your realm-specific forum. 3. Faction preference: Alliance or Horde? Any flexibility? This means you too, Doubleagent! 4. Hardcore/Semi-hardcore/casual: Are you wanting to raid seven days a week, eight hours a day with only bio breaks every two hours? Or do you need something more laid back, but still efficient? Or do you just want to sign on every other week or so? 5. Current progression/experience: Are you brand new to the game and have no idea what BoE means? Or have you been through multiple tiers and are just coming back to the game? Adding these details will help recruiters narrow down potential applicants and increase your chances of finding a good fit. Because the majority of this forum is populated by raiders, giving more details on what you are currently doing to improve your gear/play style will help sell a recruiter on a person who may not have quite as much experience or gear as the recruiter initially wanted. 6. If you are trying to go hardcore/semi-hardcore and have recent parses, link them! Why bother accepting and declining a million Btag requests just for them to ask for this basic info? 7. Contact info: Do you prefer guilds to respond within your thread, to an email address, or by adding your Btag? This will also help you narrow down guild choices if a cut and paste spammer chooses to ignore your preference! 7. UPDATE YOUR POST: If you do happen to find a home (yay you!), please do the forums a favor and update your original post to reflect your transferred/new guild status. Old/necro'd threads getting bumped by spam wastes everyone's time. 8. If it's not going to work out or you change your mind, simply say so. Recruiters are often only recruiting for one or two positions and may decline others if you accept an offer. If you vanish (delete/transfer) without a trace, they're left wondering if they still need to hold the spot. In the meantime, other applicants may have moved on and now the recruiter is back to square one, except now more frustrated and fed up. Recruiters will appreciate the few seconds it takes to shoot them a note before you peace out. 8a. Additionally, if someone adds your BattleTag and you can tell fairly early on that it's not going to work out, a simple, "Thanks, but I'm not interested," before removing them from your list makes everyone's life a little easier. TL;DR: It doesn't have to be a novel, but a little effort (and politeness) on both sides goes a long way. Cheers! ______________ ** Want to know if you're the victim of a drive by spray-and-pray spammer? Click the yellow down arrow by the character name on the left hand side of the post box, then click 'View Posts' -- it's a quick, simple way to see if someone took the time to tailor their message to your post (i.e. s/he actually read it) versus copy pasta. ** ______________ If you have any feedback on this post or have recruiting questions, please feel free to add my Btag, Riot#1851.Pravix320 Dec 3
Oct 26, 2010 Welcome: Please Read! Welcome to the Guild Recruitment forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can recruit members for your World of Warcraft guild. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct ( and guidelines ( before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!Lylirra1 Oct 26, 2010
36s [H] 1/11M <Solemn> Looking For Raiders <Solemn> - Area52 is a newly created horde guild looking for raiders to make an epic roster. We are currently 1/11M. Our goal is to raid at a high mythic level and get [Cutting Edge: ___ ] for each tier. We will go hard in Battle for Azeroth, and aim to have a fun time. We also plan to organize many sale groups after we clear content. Lots of gold to be made! Recruitment Needs Ranged: Mage: HIGH Shadow: Medium Melee: Rogue: HIGH Warrior: HIGH DK: MEDIUM Ret Pal: MEDIUM Havoc: MEDIUM WW: LOW Survival Hunter: LOW (yes the good players perform really well in this spec) Heals: Disc Priest: MEDIUM Resto Shaman: MEDIUM Tanks: CLOSED Raid dates and times: Tues, Wed, Thurs 8 - 11 EST. To apply please fill out this form: For more info please contact: PureExamples#1479 - Officer Keggernaut#1206 - Officer Adeid#1534 - Raid LeaderKeggernaut89 36s
2m <Adversaries> Wants YOU for Antorus! Howdy ladies and gentlemen!! [H] <Adversaries> on Zul'jin US is looking to boost our ranks for Heroic/Mythic progression in Antorus. We are currently 1/11M and searching for Healers and DPS to join our teams. Originally formed in WotLK, Adversaries has been housing fun, entertaining and unique players from all walks of life for one purpose: To play WoW together as a family. Recently revived with a ton of new, active, helpful and community focused individuals who all raid, pvp and simply help with/for each other. We're not here to tell you that we're the only choice in terms of not only a raiding guild but also a home, We're here to tell you that you'll enjoy every minute of your time with us, and us with you. MYTHIC RAID TEAM "Fun Wreckers" This team raids Friday-Saturday 9pm to 12pm EST. All new recruits will be placed on a 2-4 weeks trial and yes, you can still receive loot as a trial! REQUIREMENTS Provide logs pertaining to the character and spec you wish to raid on. Minimum: Please be at least 9/11H exp with a minimum of 945 ilvl and Tank/Healers 72 traits in your main weapon and for DPS 75 traits. Currently is accepting: 1 DPS with up to date Tank OS MDPS: Feral, Ret. Paladin, Sub/Assassin Rogue, Arms Warrior, and Enhancement Shaman. RDPS: Shadow Priest, Balanced Druid, MM Hunters, Affliction/Demo Locks, Mages, and Elemental Shaman CASUAL HEROIC TEAM "Goat Rodeo" This team raids Wednesday/Thursday 8pm - 11pm EST This team does not venture into Mythic progression and is solely a Heroic Team. We are currently accepting:All DPS Classes Priority on Ranged Classes - All Hunters; Spriests; Elemental If you aren't into raiding as much as some others we also do Mythic+ Dungeon runs on the daily with completion of 15+ keys and more! Also in recruitment for our PvP ranks, we wish to do RBGs as a team and we are looking to push rating. We also do BG's together and some are looking into arena teams. Looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful faces joining the family in the near future! If you are interested in the Weekend- Mythic please contact at Battle tag Gämbit#1624 If you are interested in the Weekday - Casual please contact at Battle tag LaBelleMorte#1606Beragal30 2m
3m 2NIGHT HEROIC TEAM LFM FOR MYTHIC 2/11M [A] Game Over <Press Start to Continue>(Proudmoore-US) Game Over's raid team Press Start to Continue is recruiting talented, mechanically aware players to help our laid back progression raid team. We were 9/9H, 5/9M in TOS, and now 11/11H and 2/11M in ATB. The entire team is excited, and we are recruiting the classes listed below. We are willing to talk to non listed classes if interested. Schedule: Tuesday 7-11PM and Thursday 7-10PM PST, and Friday we do an optional alt run :) Requirements: * 930 min iLvl * 70 points spent in primary spec. weapon minimum * Willing to come to raid fully prepared with pots, food, and runes (Cauldrons provided) * Able to take friendly constructive criticism * Good situational awareness, the average dps of a dead body is 0! * Willing to put in time outside of raid for m+, we try and shoot for a 10 a week! * A good natured drama free attitude, bad rotations we can fix, bad attitudes just get kicked. Contact: Recruitment: tyrrlin#1503 (Staredecisis@Proudmoore) alayla#1547 (Alaylaa@Proudmoore) About us: We're a laid back, progression team that likes to clear content but have fun doing it. We work together, and play outside of raid constantly with one another doing mythic pluses and so many other things. The guild is huge with 990+ members at most times, and there is constantly something going on. My team also plays League of Legends, Overwatch, Minecraft, Rust, PuBG, and many other games together outside of raid. Current Needs: We are currently seeking the following classes and specs, will consider any classes that contact me! * Hunter * Shaman - enhancement / resto * Rogue * Death Knight * Druid - Boomkin * Demon hunter * Warlock Would love to talk to you more about joining us, please get a hold of Alaylaa or Staredecisis either in game or add us on @ Alayla#1547 - @ Tyrrlin#1503Staredecisis77 3m
3m 958 Boomy or 960 Rogue 2/11m xp 11/11h 2/11m XP 11/11h Boomy, Rogue looking for late night 12-1am est or 7-12 est Both toons mythic ready. Go ahead and reply or add my btag ( joshthanzo#1157) to pst me with info!! ( Preferably on area52 and horde but i am open too alliance) Character names : Yhello - area52 Orhangefam-Area52.Orhangefam20 3m
4m 963 destro warlock LF guild 2/11m XP! Hello, I am a warlock main. Looking for a nice home, with memes and snacks. I prefer to raid weeknights very late. I live on the West Coast so I need to raid earliest 11PM EST. I need to be finished by 3AM EST. I have mythic experience from MoP through Legion, with breaks because of work schedules (not an issue anymore). I am also always maximizing my class to perform the best, even when my legendary luck has been sub par! I would love to raid mythic! I have 2/11m XP ABT. Add me to btag if interested (Kyy#1664). Below are my logs and armory. 4m
4m 956 ilvl Boomkin LF weekday guild I am a 956 in bags boomkin looking for a weekday heroic guild. I would be able to raid Mon-Thurs, cannot raid Fri, Sat, or Sun. I am currently 11/11 N, and 5/11 H and looking to find a raid who is able to clear H Argus with relative ease.Kowmando2 4m
5m Elemental Shaman LFG I'm ilvl 921 Elemental Shaman/Resto off spec 11/11 heroic, 1/11 Mythic (ATOC) Exp (other toons). I'm changing it up a bit for more utility. I'll consider server transfers, Horde or Alliance doesn't matter to me. Raid Exp: (Other Toon) TOS 9/9 Heroic (AOTC), 3/9 Mythic TOV 3/3 Heroic (AOTC), ABT 11/11 Heroic (AOTC) of course mythic+ Keys (I'll run any key I can get my hands on). The following is what I am looking for in a guild: Requirements: - Active guild - mythic+, ABT Normal/Heroic Progression. I can't stress the word 'Active' enough - Community - not just logging on for raids, but to do other stuff as well (goes back to the first point) - No loot council or any variation of it. (this is non-negotiable) - 2-3 days of raiding 2-3 days 7:30 ish-11:00pm CST. I do work during the week. - Available for trialing as long as you are alliance. - I use discord for comms during raids and mythic+ - I have all the addons required for raiding. Looking for the last guild I will ever join.Shinzon7 5m
6m <SRS> Illidan 9/9 8/11M LF Ranged DPS Guild name: SRS Server: Illidan Faction: Horde About us: We are 9/9 M, our goal is to be top 100 US for Argus. We are looking for long term players who understand the effort required to raid mythic content at a high level. When considering contacting or applying to our guild note that we want people who are committed to the game and our guild we want players who have a stable schedule that they are in control of, we want people who will be here 2+ tiers from now and have the passion and drive to better themselves and the team at all costs. Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 730-11PM Central Recruiting: All DPS classes and spec if your class/spec is not listed below please still free to contact us, high priority on: Boomkin Hunter Warlock Rogue Spriest Windwalker to apply or if you have any questions ask: Aryastark#1859 Bromby#1673 Darkdoich#1585Liquidswôrds492 6m
6m 960 2/11Demonology LF mythic guild Area52 H Hi, I am a demolock (Yes we exist and no we dont suck) at Area 52 looking for a mythic guild to join! Available time: Mondays to Thursdays 10PM-3AM Contact: Heartwell#11212Llewtraeh3 6m
7m 958 ele shaman LF late night guild 1. Times available & time zone: 9pm PST or 12 am EST 2. Server preference: any 3. Faction preference: any 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: semi-hardcore 5. Current progression/experience: 2/11 6. Recent logs (if available): 7. Contact info: diachi#11762Diachi9 7m
7m [A]<Style> 6/11M T/W 7-10pm CST LF H + DPS! Hey there! <Style> is a 2 night raiding guild on Sargeras-US. We raid 7-10pm CST (Sargeras server time) Tuesday and Wednesday nights. We are 6/11M ANT and are looking for more skilled players to help us progress further into Mythic content. Current recruitment needs are as follows. HEALER for immediate raid spot Immediate raid spot for a DPS! ~Lock, Monk, MM Hunter ~ Exceptional DPS Regardless of class/spec, if you feel like you are an exceptional player, we would love to hear from you! What we expect from our raiders: * Attendance. Attendance is critical for a set 20 man group. We understand that life happens, but raiders should strive for 100% attendance. * Punctuality. We are 2 day, 6 hours a week raiding guild and every minute we can spend on progression matters. * Extensive class knowledge and knowledge of raid mechanics. * The desire to constantly want to improve and maximize your character's stats. * A good attitude towards raiding, your fellow guild members, and in general. Besides having a roster of skilled players, the biggest thing we pride ourselves on is our fun, friendly and social environment. <Style> was originally formed by a close-knit group of friends, who want to raid at high levels while maintaining a fun and social environment. We are serious when we need to be, but also have no room for toxic players or drama. We all are very active outside of raid nights, having Thursday night heroic clears, and mythic+ groups running around the clock. If this environment sounds like something you would be interested in, we would love to hear from you! Please add any of our officers if you're interested in joining or have additional questions! Mehmonkey - Officer: NoelT#11255Greatgiraffe468 7m
8m 967 Holy Priest 2/11M LF guild Hey, I'm looking for a late night semi-hardcore mythic progression guild. Currently 2/11M with a handful of pulls on High Command.êl Battletag ChaoticFyre#1339 Previous raid experience: WotLK ~ (as a warlock and prot paladin) Naxx-10 man (cleared) Naxx-25 (8/14) Uld-10 (8/13) Uld-25 (4/13) ToTC-10 (4/4) ToTC-25 (3/4) ICC-10 normal (cleared) ICC-10 heroic (4/12) ICC-25 normal (8/12) ICC-25 heroic (2/12) Cata (as a prot pally) T-11 content (cleared) Firelands (cleared) Dragon Soul (4/8) MoP (as a holy priest and prot pally) 4/6 MSV-10 3/6 HoF-10 2/4 ToES-10 12/12 ToT-10 14/14 SoO-10 10/14 heroic (now mythic) SoO-10 WoD (holy/disc priest) Highmaul heroic (cleared) Blackrock Foundry heroic (9/10) Hellfire Citadel Heroic (cleared) Hellfire Citadel Mythic (13/13) Legion (holy priest) 7/7 M EN 8/10 M NH 3/9 M ToSMartêl5 8m
8m <POGGERS> New PvE Guild Recruiting Now! <POGGERS> on Stormrage is a newly formed 2 day guild formed by mythic raiders recruiting for PvE progression! We are formed of 4 close friends who have been gaming together for years and finally want to start our own progression guild. Our raid leader is currently 7/11M and will be leading us to victory in Antorus and future raids in Battle for Azeroth!! POGGERS founders have years of gameplay experience in the PvE scene. We will be prioritizing Mythic+ and Normal/Heroic Raiding until we have a competent 20 man roster for Mythic Raiding Raid Times: Tues/Wed 8-1130EST Current Recruiting Needs: We currently are openly recruiting all roles as we build our roster and will trial and error new members to see if they fit our future needs for progression. If you are interested in our new home and would like to join please contact me or my officers through Btag or Discord BTag: Lazyco#1684 or Renaryugu#11911 Discord: Lazyco#1970 or Soulwell#6753Lazyco7 8m
9m 956 Boomy LF Late Night Guild 2/11M exp Looking for a late night guild doing mythic progression. I'm currently 2/11M with experience on High Command. I also have a 960 tank spec if needed as well, I'd be willing to play either Start time must be around 12-1 A.M EST ( 9 P.M-10 P.M PST) Looking for a guild dedicated to progression and willing to work to improve as a group.Snugglês8 9m
9m [H] <Mostly Harmless> 4/11M LF Players <Mostly Harmless> is a semi-hardcore progression guild looking for a few skilled raiders to round out our roster. Currently Recruiting 1 Healer All exceptional applications will be considered. Great raiders who are also great people will not be overlooked. The guild is an adult guild with a mature atmosphere. Applicants must be over the age of 18. Friendly people who just want to come hang out are always welcome. Raid Schedule 10pm-1am EST (7-10 PST) Tuesday and Thursday 9pm-1am EST (6-10 PST) Sunday We respect players' time and end promptly at 1am. Expectations -Show up on time, prepared for progression. The guild provides food, enchants, and gems. Fights should be researched ahead of time. -Attendance of 90% or higher. We ask that you post out on our forums or text an officer if you have to miss a raid. -A good attitude. Our raiders are pretty chill and easy to get along with. We are a team. If you think raiding is all about you, we're probably not a good fit. -Play at a mythic level. We'd rather be impressed by your skill than your gear. The Server Malfurion (PVE), connected with Trollbane. It’s a medium population server with a near equal faction balance. Many guilds are actively raiding, and we're striving to remain at the top of that list. Loot EPGP Between the history, the atmosphere, and the guildmates, our goal is to be a home for players, not just a raid team. With 9 years of raiding under our belts, we won't be going anywhere anytime soon. If you still have questions or just want to chat, please get in touch with us. Xeek#1682 - Guild Master Gulthok#1687 - Raid Leader www.mostlyharmlessraiding.comXeekz224 9m
10m [A] <Vision> Wed/Thurs 4/11M LF Heals, RDPS Server: Sargeras (US) Raids: Wednesday/Thursday 6:30-10pm server (CST). Optional Monday casual run 6:30pm cst. Current progress: 4/11M, 5/9M ToS, 7/7M EN, 3/3H ToV, 8/10M NH WoD: 13/13M HFC Looking for non-pally heals with a dps os and solid rdps! Particular priority given to: Warlocks, Mages, Boomkins. Apps must be mains, 940+, and have logs available. Required addons: Boss mod of choice Weakauras2 Exorsus Raid Tools Ask Mr Robot You might be a good fit if: Your goal is to push decent progression within a limited play time. You're an adult between 18-117 You can attend both raid days consistently You're a friendly fellow/fella that enjoys frequent guildie interaction inside and outside of game You have a taste (or at least tolerance) for horrible puns You enjoy + runs You like evaluating logs and welcome constructive criticism You value the raid team over your individual stats You have lots of pictures of food and animals to share Contacts: Dotty#1718 Rekkin#1375Darthdotty24 10m
10m 9/11M-9/9M-PAID Xfers [Afro Ninjas-Dethecus] <Afro Ninjas> is looking for players for Mythic + and Mythic Raiding. Current Needs are: Extremely active guild with large Raid and Non-Raid roster of social or old school members. Groups constantly farming M+ keys, rBGs, and Discord Groups. We will pay for the cost of transfer and faction change if we feel you are a good fit :) Website: We prefer all potential recruits speak with us on discord to get the best feel for our raiding culture and social atmosphere. Raid Times: 6PST-9PST or 9EST-12EST on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays. Social / Alt raid (non-mandatory) Fridays &/Or Saturdays at 6PST. We consider ourselves Semi-Hardcore. We are looking primarily for likeminded players who are looking to join a cohesive, core group of skilled players who have also been friends for 7+ years. If these times and this atmosphere is something you are looking for - please reach out to me with any questions you may have here on this post or at: CONTACT ::: Battle.Net ----- Wsedecus#1924 Hunter - High Demon Hunter - High Warrior - High Rogue - High Mage - High Warlock - High Feral Druid- High Druid Boomkin - Low CONTACT ::: Battle.Net ----- Wsedecus#1924Wsedfgghj319 10m
10m ⭐<Symmetric>8/11M LF Ele/Boomie/Lock/BDK⭐ About Symmetric: We are a progression oriented, semi-hardcore raiding guild on Stormrage. With Symmetric you can look forward to a shorter raid schedule since we believe that competitive raiding should require exceptional performance & not excessive time. We recognize the importance of having fun while playing a game but at the same time putting in the required effort to progress. We are all at the point where we do not enjoy the super hardcore raid scene and all that comes with it like we used to back in days. We chose to run a more relaxed schedule that puts focus on the people we raid with and the quality of raiding more than the amount we raid. We have an open feedback policy and a team with no cliques, no seniority, and therefore no drama! Everyone is both encouraged and expected to provide each other with honest feedback and criticism. It keeps us all on our toes. We have a team mentality while raiding and showing up with a poor attitude or a chip on your shoulder is not conducive to good teamwork. Our main goal as a guild is to enjoy the game that we play. We pride ourselves in not banging our heads against walls, forcing long hours, and pressuring raiders to play specs/classes they do not enjoy, all the while getting the most out of our raids. We are here to have fun, be sociable and also to progress. We are a skilled group of raiders hungry for more kills than just the shiny purples & looking forward to having more like-minded and competent players in a relaxed but yet progression-oriented environment. We believe in pushing our limits every week and be better than what we were last week! Raiding Information: The current raid schedule is Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 09:00 PM - 12:00 AM EST. No other attendance is required, but you must be able to reliably make these mandatory raid nights. Those with volatile work schedules or real-life situations which may make you unavailable to raid less than 90% need not apply. Our members have families, careers, studies or other hobbies that emphasize their need for a consistent schedule and reliable environment. They take the 12 hours we spend together seriously while having fun. We collaborate in an active forum and prefer analysis and planning over yelling and complaining. We treat each other with respect and seek high performance, excellent game play, and positive attitudes. We do not believe the anonymity of the internet serves as an excuse for poor behavior towards one another. Drama and disrespect are not tolerated here. We also do not encourage elitist or tolerate toxic behavior in the guild. We believe in sharing is caring, so share your knowledge around and help the community to grow! Long story short, we love what we do, and hope to surround ourselves with others who enjoy it too, both in and out of the raid. We look for players with the right balance of Skill & Temperament. If you feel that you are exceptional in your role and your class/spec is not listed as needed, please feel free to apply. Current Requirements: (Keep in mind this changes ALL the time so please do not hesitate to app or contact us even if your class is not listed) Boomkin (High) Blood DK (High) Disc Priest(High) MM Hunter (High) Ele Shaman (High) We embrace competition for all raid spots on our team. Progression spots are given to the top performing raiders on the roster after considering composition. We do not recruit for the bench, therefore as a trial, you should expect to be used in progression. Important Info: Progression Days: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (09:00 PM - 12:00 AM EST) Optional Sales or Mythic EN/ToV night: Monday (09:00 PM - 12:00 AM EST) Voice communication: Discord Loot Method: Loot is distributed via loot council, with progression at the forefront of the decision-making process. To keep it short and sweet - show up, do your job (well) and don't worry, you will be rewarded in time for your performance and dedication. App Process: Submit an app on our website or if you are short of time you can always contact us on the below mentioned Btag. Post that we will set up a discussion with you, and a decision will be made shortly after the discussion. Website: Contact Information: Btag: Obskure#6264 (GM & Recruitment officer), Gilidus#1216 (Co-Gm). Symmetric is unique amidst a sea of poorly managed guilds that lack focus and direction. If you're looking for a new home that you can grow in and feel valued as part of a team: come talk to us.Majestýk33 10m
10m 956 Feral & 953 Destro LF guild This is a post for 2 raiders, we would like to be together and would like to start mythic progression or join a guild already in mythic progression (no heroic guilds please) . We are already 11/11 H and want to keep moving forward. We would like a chill place to have fun in, other than raiding I'd like to push keys and have a fun social guild to join. we are available 9pm ESTtill 2am the latest Monday, wed, thurs & friday, and sat sunday. weekends can be earlier even during the day just not super early. Start time can be a little earlier just on some days I have class that ends at 830 to 9. I have also posted our logs and armory for reference, please reach out if you have a spot for us :) ‎ Armory: 10m
10m 963 BM Hunter Class/Spec: BM Hunter Faction: HORDE Cleared: 7/11M Btag: Illmatic26#1769 Link: Logs: (Mythic logs are private) *Logs are a little outdated due to mythic being private and no recent heroic logs. Armory: Availability: Sun-Thursday 7pm-1am EST 963 equipped. BM and MM weapons are 75 and I have all legendaries. Still trying to piece together the right setup for MM. I have Warrior, Druid, Monk, Shaman alts. I would be interested in any active community where I would not have to go outside of guild for my mythic pluses and alt runs. Not interested in cliquey guilds, salvage projects, mergers, etc! I don't have a problem being a main raid backup!Ocelotte5 10m
11m 960 Demolock 2/11 M LF guild Area 52 960 2/11M demonology warlock (Yes, we exist) looking for mythic guild Available times: Monday through Thursday from 11 PM EST to 4AM EST Contact: Heartwell#11212 Guild disbanded so I'm looking for a new home to do mythic progression!Llewtraeh3 11m
11m 928 ilvl Boomkin - LF Casual Raiding Guild Hello! 928 ilvl Horde Boomkin here looking for a casual raiding guild for the end of Legion and a home for Battle for Azeroth! Preferably a weekend raiding guild (fri-sat). I can work with a weekday raiding guild depending on the days and times. Willing to realm xfer if it's the right fit! Started Raiding weekly towards the end of Mists and took a break from weekly raiding during the Nighthold. Looking to ease back in! battletag: Lazerchicken#11367 Send me a friend request and lets talk! Thanks!Cooboomy11 11m
13m 957 ret/holy Paladin LF stuff to kill! 957 ret/holy paladin LF active late night raiding guild 9 pm pst 12 am est to whenever. Heroic going into Mythic or Mythic progression. so hard to find anyone that plays these hours and am looking someplace to call home.Dagnÿ8 13m
14m [A] <Hypnotic> 8/11M 2night LF DPS! Updated Jan 18th, 2018 <Hypnotic> US Turalyon Alliance | Progression 9/9M l 11/11H l 8/11M 2 nights/week | 6hours | Wed/Thu 8-11pm EST (Offnight/Alt Run Tues @8pm EST) 110% optional raid night. N/H Antorus is ran) Discord | Loot Council Guild Website: Hypnotic Raid History WoD l Highmaul: 2/7M l BRF: 7/10M l HFC: 13/13M(C.E.) Legion l EN: 7/7M(C.E.) l ToV: 2/3M l NH: 10/10M(C.E.) l ToS: 9/9M (C.E.) Antorus: 11/11H 8/11M What we are looking for: Rdps: Warlock l Boomkin l Mage l Spriest Mdps: WW l Ret l Rogue Will consider anyone who performs at a high level Hypnotic maintains a 24-26 man core raider roster in order to be flexible with our raiders schedule and be able to maximize our composition for progression kills. We do not recruit for the bench. You might be asked to sit out a progression fight if required, or a farm kill to let somebody in that needs the gear. Add Laatu#1956 for any questions you might have! How to Apply to Hypnotic Please visit our guild website listed below to fill out an application Prerequisites: Research each fights prior to pull 18+ Working microphone Near 100% attendance Dedication l Sense of humor About us: Hypnotic was built around the idea of having a good time raiding the hardest current content in the most efficient way. The vast majority of our members have a limited time schedule due to various responsibilities, we opted for a two nights a week, six hours total raiding time. Here at Hypnotic, we believe that this is more than enough time to progress through a tier in a timely fashion. We are confident that we can be one of the most time efficient and progressed guilds around. We will never be the world's best guild, but we will not be too far behind. Addons Needed! DBM/Big Wigs Epgp Loot Addon Exorsus Raid Tools Weak Auras 2 Angry Assignments More info: Guild Master | Raid lead: Laatu#1956 Officer: Truthwatcher & NiadoriaLaatu23 14m
15m Hpally LF Late night guild I started off the xpac going hardcore, i moved a few times so i had to quit for a few months. I'm in a casual guild, but i'm unable to make their times. I'm looking for a late night guild. Start time 7pm or later. (PST) I can raid any-day I have been healing since 2007. Calmrain#11434 Legion xp. 11/11HN 3/3M 9/11M 7/7MChanciaa0 15m
15m 917 demo lock LF raid guild/forever home Good afternoon all! I am coming back from a break and looking to join a guild to grow with. I am mature, positive, funny, and very active within the game. I can raid any day from 9est on, ending prior to 2am would be best. In the past i have raided mythic/heroic on another toon. The guild i am looking for would be mature, active, and have thoughts for possibly mythic raiding in the future. If you want a dedicated player who is active and will make you laugh, please leave your information below!Choramis19 15m
16m Returning Tank Looking to raid on either Horde or Alliance if Alliance would need to be a mythic guild if Horde fine with heroic guild since it means I don't have to transfer. Have significant end game experience just not really any this expansion. Highly prefer to stay warrior but have every tank at max level and am familiar with how all play. Have champ of naaru hand of adal etc. Days available to raid starting week of January 29th Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday between 6pm and 1 am eastern prefer not to raid more than 12 hours a week could maybe push 16 for the right guild but would have to be very high in progression. Feel free to add me Xath#1773 on bnet if you wish to talk more. Until school starts back up I am working graveyard shifts so my playtime is erratic. On Discord Xath#2592 also works. One other big thing I highly prefer a guild that uses discord since I've found it to heavily enhance how connected a guild is outside of game.Notxath15 16m
16m New to game - Looking to raid Good evening all. As the title states, i am new to WoW and looking for a group to learn & raid with! I have done a bit of studying on my class and think i understand it decently. I have leveled this toon and a mistweaver monk to try out different roles in the game. I would love for someone to point me in the right direction of a guild who would help a new guy raid :) I am 35, upbeat and willing to learn. I read through these forums a bit and guess i should add that i am willing to server change. If you can help me out or would like a hunter, add me Tynichi#1497 Thanks for your time!Militant4 16m
17m [H] <Tactics> 4/11M Recruiting! LF R Druid/MW Tactics is on the lookout for exceptional players for Antorus progression! We are actively seeking motivated and experienced players that are looking to progress on a nine hour per week schedule. Our guild also maintains the top Mythic+ team on our connected realm. Our raid schedule is as follows: - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM Pacific Standard Time An ideal applicant should be: - Knowledgeable with all aspects of the specialization with which they are applying. - Willing to change specialization should a need arise, on a case-by-case basis. - Prepared for encounters; both via knowledge of the encounter and the necessary consumables to complete each raid night. - Active outside of raid nights, such as through farming Mythic+ dungeons. We look forward to speaking to you about membership. Contact may be made through any of the Battle Tags below or via our Recruiting Discord: Galadrix: Dzt#11245 Impureheals: Impure#1957Impureheals12 17m
17m 928 ilvl Horde Boomkin LF Guild Hello there! 928 ilvl Horde Boomkin looking for a fun and friendly, causal raiding guild! Looking for a weekend raiding guild (Fri-Sat Preferred) but also willing to join a weekday raiding guild depending on days and times! Wanting a home for the rest of Legion and all of Battle for Azeroth! Experience: Started weekly raiding in Mists and continued through WoD and the first two raids of Legion! Finished with AOTC in Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold. Had to take a break for the entirety of ToS due to work and college classes! Feel free to contact me at my Btag: Lazerchicken#11367Cooboomy7 17m
19m Heavy raider looking for good raiding guild Started on this server to join a friends guild, he swapped servers so now im stuck on this terrible server where guilds dont raid or really struggle on heroic. So if you're in need of an Affliction lock then message me, willing to swap servers and even factions for a good guild.Christalia8 19m
19m LF Progression Guild Hey all so I’m looking for a new home in a progression minded guild. About myself: -I currently work nights so raid times for me have to be anywhere from 7-10 pm EST or flexible during the morning/early afternoon after my shift. I also have every other weekend off. -I have about 3 characters Raid ready and a couple others at 110 that just need some gearing. -Resto Druid (944 ILvl) Frost Mage (935 ILvl) Windwalker Monk (930 ILvl) -I am willing to flex to anything the guild needs to be filled (Heals,Dps,Tank) and have experience in the raids at all three roles -I am 11/11 N/H ToS and 11/11N 5/11H in Antorus -I play Horde and would prefer to stay on this side but I currently play on the Dalaran Server, I have no problem transferring if I am a good fit Other than that, I’m a pretty casual player who just plays to have fun and push progression with like minded people.Lilambra3 19m
19m <H> Hellfire Knights - Zul'jin Guild: Hellfire Knights - Zul'jin Raid Times/Days: Wednesday/Thursday 2PM EST - 5PM EST Cleared: 11/11H 1/11M Various Links: What is Required? We use discord for our voice comms, and require all trials to have RCLootCouncil installed before the first trial raid. A good sense of humor and willingness to take and give some hell is also recommended. What makes us special? Our roster is filled with people from all across the world, so no matter what time you're usually online, you'll be able to find a few friendly faces around to talk, hang out, or finally do that Mythic+ key you've been putting off all week. We also pride ourselves on the friendly and laidback environment we have to offer. Seeking: We are currently looking for any of the following classes to help bolster our roster as we progress into Mythic Antorus, although any exceptional applicants will be considered: Paladin (Ret/Holy), Resto Shaman, Arms Warrior, Mage, Lock, SPriest, Enh Shaman, Balance Druid and Havoc Demon Hunter. If you feel like you'd be a good fit on the team, or have any questions/interest, please feel free to contact either myself (JoShMM#1352), or our GM, (Rindar#1166). If you've made it this far, that's already half the battle, so thank you very much, and I look forward to hearing from you!Asâp0 19m
20m Astral 9/11M (9hrs) - Hunter, Lock, Rogue+ <Astral> @ US-Turalyon (Alliance) Currently Recruiting: - Ranged DPS: Warlock, or Hunter - Melee: Rogue, Death Knight or Warrior - ANY exceptional players Website: Potential applicants should have previous mythic/heroic experience or extensive previous raiding experience. Successful applicants should have thorough knowledge of their class and roles. If your class is not specifically listed and you feel that you would be an asset, please contact us using our battletags below. Schedule: - Tuesday: 9pm - 12am EST - Wednesday: 9pm - 12am EST - Thursday: 9pm - 12am EST We do not add additional days or extend hours. About Us: <Astral> @ US-Turalyon (Alliance) is recruiting for our mythic progression core. We are an eclectic group of passionate individuals who value our time and progression. Our founding members are comprised of long-time hardcore raiders who have been playing together since TBC. Our officer core have extensive US top 10 experience as officers/GMs. Our members have a bevy of notable accomplishments which include numerous US top 10 kills and achievements. We have since settled into a more relaxed 3-night raid schedule but maintain our former hardcore mentality especially regarding personal responsibility/awareness, efficiency, and preparation. Our players are mature, driven, competitive, and always looking to improve themselves and their fellow raiders. Over the years, we have learned to give and take criticism and communicate our goals with each other in a collaborative, professional, progression-minded atmosphere. Through effective communication, preparation, and organization, we are able to raid fewer hours while still remaining competitive. Current Progression: - 8/11 Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne - 9/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras - 10/10 Mythic The Nighthold - 3/3 Mythic Trial of Valor - 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare What to Expect from Us: We provide a stable environment for our raiders to constantly improve as players and teammates. During progression we use our time efficiently, maintain focus, and exercise discipline; however, while on farm the atmosphere is more relaxed. Our time is precious and we know yours is as well; efficiency is our ultimate goal. We actively endeavor to maintain a mature, drama-free environment. What We Offer: - A stable roster and constructive raid environment - Leadership with years of progression-oriented hardcore experience - Guild repairs for mains and alts - Full guild bank support: Repairs, enchants, flasks, pots, food, gems, etc. - Alt raids and Mythic+ Groups - Optional off-night events with friends & family; Many of us play other games together. Our Expectations: - High attendance (90%+) - Intimate knowledge of your class, spec, and role - Passionate, mature attitude and willingness to take/give constructive criticism - Willingness to work collaboratively and promote a culture of continuous self-improvement Contacts: Recruit Lead: Daniika (Daniika#1445) Officers: Terra (Terra#1216), Unsu (Unsu#1515), Malv (Malv#11394)Terra159 20m
20m 962 DK LF Late Night 1. Times available & time zone: 9pm PST or 12 am EST 2. Server preference: any 3. Faction preference: any 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: semi-hardcore 5. Current progression/experience: 2/11M 6. Recent logs (if available): 7. Contact info: Agape#1753Agapè4 20m
21m 950 enh LF casual/mature raiding guild 11/11 H, looking for a mature grp of players to play with.Kimbòslice3 21m
22m [A]<Storm> Sargeras 5/11M 7/9M LF Heals / DPS <Storm> 5/11M 7/9M is currently recruiting an additional healer to our roster. <Storm> is a legacy guild on Sargeras, formed in late 2004 on Gilneas, we've consistently held top positions on Gilneas throughout its history. We later relocated to Sargeras in search of additional talent. Our main raid days are Tues, Wed, Thurs from 7p-10p server (CST). Mondays are 7p-10p server but are optional. Our guild progression is below: Antorus the Burning Throne - 5/11M 11/11H Tomb of Sargeras - 7/9M Nighthold - 10/10M (CE) Trial of Valor - 2/3M Emerald Nightmare - 7/7M (CE) -- Recruitment Needs: Tanks - CLOSED Healers - Resto Druid / MW Monk Melee DPS - Exceptional Applicants / Rogue Ranged DPS - Exceptional applicants / Shadow Priest / Mage / Warlock / Balance We use RC LootCoucil consisting of all officers / role leads as well as 1-2 rotating raid members per week to distribute loot. We consider ourselves semi-hardcore while clearing content at a pace acceptable to the guild. Several of our raid members are more mature and have jobs, families and real life to sometimes attend to. Our average age is 20s - 30s range. We have also have a laid back raiding atmosphere but still like to get content cleared so we expect prior preparation and quick adjustments to any mistakes being made on encounters. Other requirements: Must be at least 18 years of age. Able to communicate over Discord with working microphone if necessary. Willing to take constructive criticism and correct mistakes within a couple pulls. Come to raid with a positive attitude and willingness to be engaged with the group. Able to attend 80% of the raids per month. -- Our application (required by anyone interested in joining) can be found at this link: Please fill out an application and then contact me directly via battle tag by adding Rynzler#11268. You can also reach me via discord direct message by adding Rynzler#2573. You may also add Phineas#1671 to btag as well.Rynz27 22m
24m 934 Lock LF Heroic/Mythic Guild Hello All, I'm looking for a semi-hardcore guild that will clear Heroic Throne, and attempt to clear Mythic. I have been playing on and off since WotLK, and cleared all Heroic content in Legion before Burning Throne. I had to take a hiatus in early fall due to school, and lost my spot on my old raiding guild, but I have since graduated and am now free on most weekdays. I'm mostly looking for a guild that is active throughout the week. Logs: Region: US Realm: Proudmoore Style: Semi-Hardcore Raiding If you have any other questions add me on Bnet: Baratheon#1147! Thanks for your time!Vswizll21 24m
24m [2nights, 8/11H] LF Tank & DPS for ABT++ Heyo! We're looking for damage dealers to come join us, Aetherbound(A-Stormrage), in some Heroic raid fun and beyond. We are a blossoming guild expanding to make new friends and to meet the 20-player requirement of Mythic. We are growing organically and have been successful in creating and maintaining a healthy atmosphere without sacrificing efficiency. While Mythic raiding is not our mainstay, we are a guild driven by progression and we believe that self-improvement is a common goal that must be shared by members and applicants alike. We are looking for the personalities that will mesh with us to complement our weird-but-functional extended family. For the right person, we will happily help gear up and improve on core mechanics as needed. Motivation is key, and we will give back as much as you give us! We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 9pm to midnight EST during progression. Openings: - Most DPS classes/specs will be considered. - 1 strong healer - 1 tank Must have: - A positive attitude - Basic communication and social skills - An open mind - Discord - Memes Active Discord server? Check. People to play other games with? Check. Tipsy raiding? oh-check-yes. Hit us up! Fill out our short application form here: -or- Add me to BNet: Livi#1753 or Discord: Livi#2313 Thanks!Nirianne215 24m
26m [A] Heroic Semi-Casual Guild "Wild Hunt" About us: ...Progress:...Schedule:...Recruiting:...Contact us:...Slovack49 26m
26m 958 Mage LF Mythic Guild Former hardcore raider with realm first Yogg 0 and top 50 U.S. experience. I have returned to the game after a 1 year hiatus. Took a break after clearing M EN in a 2 night raiding guild. I am really looking for a guild that raids semi casually but is proficient enough to steadily progress through Mythic Antorus. Preferably I am looking for a guild that raids either weekends or after 6 pm Pacific. I am currently located on Mal'Ganis but have no problem switching over to another server for a starting raiding spot. If you have any interest you may contact me either on this post or through my battle.nets: BigDawg#1117 or Palucci#1339.Palucci24 26m
27m [H] 1/11M Chill Stable Mythic Guild Defiance on Shadowsong/Borean-tundra 11/11 H - AoTC 1/11 Mythic Raid Time: Tues (Farm/Gear) Thur/Sun 630-930 (Progression) pm PST Fri - Optional fun for alts/friends and family Currently accepting exceptional and positive players of any class for the mythic progression. Melee: OPEN - High- DK, Ret, Enhance, DH and Feral Druid Ranged: High - Mage, MM Hunter, Boomkin and Ele Sham (Warlock closed) Healer: High - Holy Priest (possibly Disc) Off-spec FLEX Tanks (dps/heals that can tank as well as they can the other) Defiance is a casual-core or semi hardcore guild that raids, runs Mythic+s, WQs together. We always try to find something to do every day of the week while hanging out together in Discord. We have done the top 100 thing. We dont burn out or call it quits when content gets rough. We are an adult guild comprised of ages 20+. Down to earth guild here to find competitive, smart and humble players that want to progress in Mythic content in a drama free environment. We are not so obsessed with progression that Mythic comes before the guild. This is a game and should be played as such with other players that share the same goals and fits your schedule. NO elitists and no one likes a know it all, just have a positive attitude. We work to build an environment and community that players want to log into. Doing so helps prevent burnout so we can enjoy endgame content without all the stress normal Mythic raid environments bring. Please feel free to add our battletag at any time to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you! Contact: Btag: AaronC#11555 Discord: Shamy(Aaron)#1760Shamydavisjr39 27m
27m Looking for progression guild Hey all so I’m looking for a new home in a progression minded guild. About myself: -I currently work nights so raid times for me have to be anywhere from 7-10 pm EST or flexible during the morning/early afternoon after my shift. I also have every other weekend off. -I have about 3 characters Raid ready and a couple others at 110 that just need some gearing. -Resto Druid (944 ILvl) Frost Mage (935 ILvl) Windwalker Monk (930 ILvl) -I am willing to flex to anything the guild needs to be filled (Heals,Dps,Tank) and have experience in the raids at all three roles -I am 11/11 N/H ToS and 11/11N 5/11H in Antorus -I play on the horde and would prefer to stay on this side; I currently play on the Dalaran server and wouldn’t mind transferring if it was a good fit Other than that, I’m a pretty casual player who just plays to have fun and push progression with like minded people.Lilambra2 27m
30m ✨✨<OLM> 7/11M LF Ranged DPS✨✨ About Us: We have been around since the launch of Cataclysm picking up several server firsts and consistently raiding at the cutting edge. Our core leadership has experience dating back to before AQ was released. We are a laid back group that enjoys progression within a more realistic schedule for adults. Our Raid Times: Tues: 9:30pm - 12:30am (est) Thurs: 9:30pm - 12:30am (est) Sun: 9:30pm - 12:30am (est) Our Progress: This expansion we have obtained every Cutting Edge thus far and intend to continue that trend. We don't add raid days or go over our raid hours. We have no intention of being a hard core guild. We enjoy clearing content while its still challenging and we commit ourselves to being better as a guild and as individual players each week. Loot: To be honest if this is something that matters a great deal to you, you probably aren't a good fit. That said we do a fair Loot Council where biggest upgrade usually wins out. We use RC Loot Council addon for this. Currently Recruiting: Warlock very high demand(Must have all Affliction leggos, maxed wep etc) ***Any Ranged DPS (Actually recruiting all dps classes at the moment but will require decent logs/exp) If you are interested in joining us please apply via our website @: Or if you have any questions please contact us via discord if possible @ Shizz#9104 on discord or if you prefer Bnet: @ Shizz#1370 on bnetRaycharls197 30m
31m 962 Unholy DK LF Late night Guild has disbanded and gone casual looking for something that is doing mythic progression..... LF times of Tues/Wed/Thurs would like 12est-3est but can work on anything no earlier than 11est (work closes at 11est on the weekdays) Prefer Horde but will consider Alliance Agape#1753Agapè5 31m
32m Tue,Wed,Thur 7-930pm CST- LF ranged Mythic! Hey there! <Wrongly Calculated> is looking for the current players that would like to progress in mythic content that can commit to a schedule to induce Mythic raiding! We are currently looking for: 1: All excellent players or players willing to learn mythic with a new team 2: ranged damage dealers! A bit about us here! A new guild merger under new leadership and we are looking to expand and push into mythic content, followed by swift content clearing of "mythic" proportions. What we expect: raid time is a sacred thing to us and in raiding for only 9 hours a week it's imperative you come focused and ready to raid with the following mentality - -Be on time(means 15 minutes early - we pull bosses at 7!) -Be raid ready with all consumables, strategy ideas, raid assignments and buff/debuff trackers -Have a positive attitude for criticism and assume proper responsibility for mistakes -Be able to communicate when asked to Looking forward to hearing from any players with more in depth questions or any concerns you may have! Can be reached almost any time - making the push to mythic! From <Wrongly Calculated> Have a good day folks! BouncyBear#112775 Fredles#1383Destral6 32m
32m 美服/伊利丹/部落 pizzahub 华人公会招人,重组ING 看帖的你们好,我们是美服伊利丹的pizza hub公会。气氛极其融洽,有兴趣要来的,我们可以向您保证气氛您一定会喜欢。目前一团燃烧王座进度2/11M,超过一半核心成员已经稳定,公会上几个版本定义是偏休闲,此版本下定决心重组,大力招收稳定想冲进度的各个职业。现阶段属于重组阶段,来了只要稳定智力没有问题就是主力。奖罚分明,犯相同错误一次警告,二次扣分,三次替补。 目标AOTC,千钧一发,毕竟这版本时间这么长不拿一个千钧一发说不过去。 开荒团员配置: 要求实装950+ 活动时请务必装有epgp,epgplootmaster 活动时间: 周二周三周四史诗(计算EPGP),周一自愿H(不计算EPGP) 偶尔会因为进度问题加班半小时,不过不强制参加,不计算EPGP 开团时间服务器20:00到23:00 分配方式:EPGP 但不排除强插X新人,老人。核心成员装备已经基本饱和,新人来了可以拿装备我们相信你们不会毛了就走,也请你们相信我们会带领大家拿到千钧一发。 福利: 2000G公修/天 合剂 大餐 符文自备 备注:我们团的风格是诙谐幽默的,再一次向各位保证,气氛您一定会喜欢。基本上你犯错误也就是善意的调侃几句,不是小心眼的人基本百分之九十都会跟着笑,但不代表会容忍你犯同样的错误。所以,第一次调侃,第二次嘲讽调侃,第三第四就扣完你的分了,第五次你基本就在板凳席了。如果有事来不了,请至少提前一天通知,关于临时有事来不了,请至少提前2个小时通知,我们好做二手准备。总结一下:保证进度的前提下,讲相声稳定有序的进行公会活动,保持气氛。另有想法冲进度的,想加入公会的请先思考,想不想拿千钧一发,如果想,请按照1-10分来打分,10代表无论如何都要拿到,1就是能混就混一个。 职业需求如下: 职业 需求度/专精 德鲁伊 坦克/极低 平衡/中 野性/极高 恢复/中 死亡骑士 鲜血/极低 邪恶/极低 冰霜/极低 武僧 踏风/极高 酒仙/高 织雾/极高 牧师 暗牧/极高 神圣/低 戒律/极高 恶魔猎手 浩劫/极低 复仇/极低 你给我变一个? 萨满 增强/极高 元素/高 恢复/极高 法师 冰霜/高 火焰/高 奥术/极高 盗贼 刺杀/高 敏锐/中 狂徒/极低 骑士 惩戒/极高 防御/中 奶骑/低 术士 痛苦/极高 恶魔/不要 毁灭/极高 战士 武器战/极高 防战/极低 狂暴战/极高 有兴趣的可以加战网 Parting#1649 Alejtzoe#1405 或微信(请备注NGA) x7n777 !@#$ingAZTomdurdwan3 32m