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57m <nVus> Mal'ganis 10/10M, 5/9M LF Healer / DPS <nVus> is a mythic progression raiding guild on Mal'ganis(CST). We are a competitive horde guild on our server and raid 3 nights a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7:30pm – 11:00pm CST. We are currently 10/10M NH and 3/9M ToS LF players to progress through ToS Mythic. We're always open to recruiting exceptional players, but specifically we are currently recruiting the following classes: • Warrior • Non Priest Healer • Shadow Priest • Hunter • Balance Druid If you like what you see below and are super awesome, feel free to apply to our website,, or add me to real id hype#1252 and let me know you’re looking to apply. You can also whisper myself, Migunits, Instinctx, or anyone else you see online in the guild on Mal'ganis and ask for someone who can help you. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you soon. About <nVus>: The majority of our base were among the top ranking and performing members of our former 20 man guild. We believed that starting our own guild, comprised of the best players we raided with would yield more success and a more fun environment. Most of us have been raiding together for years and we rely and trust on each other to perform without someone holding their hand. In <nVus> we emphasize quality over quantity and expect our raiding core to show a high degree of respect, motivation, and dedication to our progression as a guild. What We Require: • You must have excellent raid awareness. We do not accept people who tunnel, whether they be tanks, dps or healers. We are far more likely to accept someone with below average dps or heals, than we are someone with below average raid awareness. • You must have a superior understanding of your class, including all specs. We don't expect to have to ask our raiders, "Why aren't you using <Spell X> or popping <Y> on cooldown?" • You must be active enough to keep up with the raid in terms of artifact knowledge and power. We don't require our raiders to run mass amount of mythic+, but we do hold everyone to a standard that you should be playing enough to keep up. • You must be able to stand on your own. No one is here to hold your hand. We expect our raiders not only to understand all mechanics of any given encounter, but be able to contribute to strategy when the time comes. If you feel awkward about being critiqued in front of others when you make mistakes, this probably isn't the guild for you. • You must be a team player and have respect for others. We have no patience for people who don't think their !@#$ stinks or troll other raiders about their performance during raid. Raiding requires everyone to work together as a cohesive unit. We look for people who will do whatever it takes for the guild to succeed as a collective group and that includes keeping a level head and treating others with respect. • You must be vocal. Nothing is worse than someone who won’t speak up during an encounter. Communication is key for progression. • You must be awesome(j/k). In the end we're all here to have a great time raiding, progressing, etc and we want everyone to feel respected, welcome and needed while maintaining a high degree of focus and dedication to the minimal raid schedule we have. <nVus> is a great place to call home and we strive to make sure all our raiders share that sentiment. Loot: As with any progression guild, purples are a byproduct of progression, not the other way around. If you are accepted as a trial you still have access to loot just like everyone else and will be awarded gear accordingly. We use loot council but ultimately distribution of gear is unimportant so long as it serves the raid well. Remember that loot drops do not belong to the player, they belong to the guild and their sole purpose is to enhance our performance and competitive stance.Hellahype120 57m
1h [H] <Tactics> 8/9 H ToS LF Ranged&Heals [H] <Tactics> of Zul'jin is recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras progression. We are looking for reliable, long term individuals to complete our roster for current and future Mythic content. Our goal is to Cutting Edge content clear while maintaining a semi-hardcore, laid back raid environment within a three day raid schedule. We are currently 8/9H ToS. Our raid times and days are 9:30 pm to 12:30 am Est; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Required to maintain a 90% attendance rate. Must be open to rotate for Mythic progression. We are looking for: Druid(Balance/Resto) Shaman(Resto) Warlock If interested apply at or add Kressure#1307Keakamai226 1h
1h Angelic Horizon 1/9m 9/9H LFM Angelic Horizon - Moonrunner, US [Alliance] 7/7M Cutting Edge 3/3M Cutting Edge 9/10M Nighthold 9/9H ToS 1/9M Priority Recruiting: Shaman Rogue Lock - In need bad Any exceptional player and class will be looked at. Main Raid times: Saturday/Sunday 9pm Est - 1am Est Friday Heroic 9pm Est start should finish relatively quickly We are a very active throughout the week with multiple alt Guild runs. Looking for individuals that are social, guild oriented, love to raid and want to achieve more then the average player. Contact Us In Discord: *Please Post In The "Recruitment" Chat Channel On Our Discord To Apply! If anyone is interested please come on over to our discord :D Or add me at #surader1741Surader4 1h
1h <Depleted> Morning Raid Guild 9/9 N 8/9 H Depleted!! We're seeking consistent raiders to fill out our roster, We are a relatively new guild currently looking for a strong 20 man core with our eyes set on Mythic progression. Of course casual players and individuals just looking for a place to hang out are also most certainly welcome. if you like to raid semi hardcore and have a bit of fun while doing it this is the place for you. -Currently seeking strong DPS for Tomb. -Current Progression Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 M Trial of Valor - 3/3 H Nighthold - 3/10 M Tomb Of Sargeras - 9/9 N 8/9 H We are more than happy to consider interested applicants from any exceptional player. Dual specs are most welcome and are encouraged! Progression and Goals: Dungeons and raids are our primary focus and we'll be gearing accordingly through mythic+ and of course ToS and farming Nighthold. We are now also recruiting for our PvP team, so if PvP is your focus we definitely have a spot for you as well! Weekly Raiding Schedule: We raid on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am - 1pm eastern with Thursday being an Alt./trial run, and with such a small schedule we expect our raiders to know their classes well, and be able to follow directions to maximize our time. On off Nights and Weekends we have implemented guild organized mythic+ along with other PvP aspects of the game (RBG, Arenas). We're also in search of PM raiders so that we can start up a second raid team! (Times and dates TBD) Who We Are: We're a small, off the Grid guild with a strong sense of humor consisting of a core group of players who have only started raiding together in Legion, and despite our small raid schedules we've cleared 7/7 M, 3/3 H, 2/10 M, and 8/9 H. Community is also very important to us, having patience and a good sense of humor is just as big a priority as amazing numbers & mechanics. We welcome each and every new raider and aim to make you a member of our core! If Depleted sounds like a good fit for you or if you have any questions please fill out an application at our guild website Looking forward to hearing from you!Äzmodan22 1h
1h [H] <Mostly Harmless> 2/9M LF DPS and Healer <Mostly Harmless> is a semi-hardcore progression guild looking for a few skilled raiders to round out our roster. Currently Recruiting DPS! All exceptional applications will be considered. Great raiders who are also great people will not be overlooked. The guild is an adult guild with a mature atmosphere. Applicants must be over the age of 18. Friendly people who just want to come hang out are always welcome. Raid Schedule 10pm-1am EST (7-10 PST) Tuesday and Thursday 9pm-1am EST (6-10 PST) Sunday We respect players' time and end promptly at 1am. We also have alt runs on Friday at 10pm EST. Expectations -Show up on time, prepared for progression. The guild provides food, enchants, and gems. Fights should be researched ahead of time. -Attendance of 90% or higher. We ask that you post out on our forums or text an officer if you have to miss a raid. -A good attitude. Our raiders are pretty chill and easy to get along with. We are a team. If you think raiding is all about you, we're probably not a good fit. -Play at a mythic level. We'd rather be impressed by your skill than your gear. The Server Malfurion (PVE), connected with Trollbane. It’s a medium population server with a near equal faction balance. Many guilds are actively raiding, and we're striving to remain at the top of that list. Loot EPGP Between the history, the atmosphere, and the guildmates, our goal is to be a home for players, not just a raid team. With 9 years of raiding under our belts, we won't be going anywhere anytime soon. If you still have questions or just want to chat, please get in touch with us. Mellari#1326 - GM Xeek#1682 - Guild/Recruitment Officer Corgath#1818 - Raid Leader www.mostlyharmlessraiding.comXeekz49 1h
1h 916 DH or 910 HP LF late night guild I recently came back a couple months ago and have been playing casually, and I am wanting to start getting back into raiding. Currently in a guild with a bunch of friends but my work schedule changed and cant raid with them unfortunately. I have been puging normal ToS and am wanting to get back into something more organized. I have been playing since late Vanilla and been healing on my Priest as Holy or Disc since late BC. I also have a DH that has 4 piece and is sitting at 911-914 ilvl. Either character I can play at a high level of raiding. I also enjoy pvp tremendously as well, so off night raiding you will probably catch me in BGs. I am currently Horde but if the fit is right I will switch alliance. Raid has to start after 12:30 am EST since I don't get off work until Midnight. Drop your info below or hit me up on my btag @ soxx#1814Soxxz40 1h
1h [H][US][Kil'jaeden] <Blacklisted> 5/9M ToS <Blacklisted> US Kil'jaeden - Horde Current Progression: 9/9H 5/9M ToS. Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 9:30 p.m - 1:00 a.m PST *Mondays may be added if a progression kill is in sight.* Recruitment Needs: DPS Warrior Shadow Priest Hunter MW Monk Minimum Requirements: 910+ ilvl 55+ traits in MS OR 52+ traits in ALL specs. Current Mythic Raiding Experience. Contacts: Raid Leader - Mooky#1933 Officer - ThisVietGuy#1495 Officer - Brec#11721 Officer - Alphos#11313 About us: <Blacklisted> is a semi-hardcore guild residing on US Kil'jaeden. Our guild consists of people of all ages with different raiding backgrounds. Our roots were established back in Siege of Orgrimmar; since then we have become one of the top raiding guilds on the server. <Blacklisted> isn't only just a WoW guild, we are a multi-gaming community with the majority of our members also playing Overwatch, Diablo 3, League of Legends, and CS:GO. We strive on our members' participation, friendliness, and laid-back energy. Those who are consistent in showing and have a positive attitude towards raid, it's progression, and all other members is ideal and what we look for. What we look for in our raiders: Great attendance Dedication and loyalty Friendliness Openness to improvement Knowledge of your class, specs, and gearing choices Enthusiasm about raiding We require an attendance rate of at least 90%. We understand things do come up, but we expect you to respect us enough to post out through the forums! What we provide to our raiders: Teamspeak 3 Repairs Mature and constructive criticism from our Officers A relaxed and social raiding environment Trial period: Trial period will last roughly 3-4 weeks. In this time, we will be analyzing and gauging how you are doing within the group. Based on this information, trial periods may be increased or decreased depending on how the Officers believe you are doing. During your trial period, we expect you to be on at least 15 minutes before raid with your food, flasks, and other consumables all ready to go. The most important thing we look at is your attendance; if you are constantly showing up late or are missing each week, expect your trial to be terminated. Loot: Loot will be distributed based on several factors including Attendance, Performance, and Raid Status (Trial vs. Raider). As a trial, do not expect to be getting every piece you have voted for. It may take a few weeks for you to actually get a piece, depending on whether Raiders need the gear or not. Required Addons and Programs: Teamspeak 3/Discord Exorsus Raid Tools RC Loot Council ALWAYS LOOKING FOR CONSISTENT AND RELIABLE PLAYERS If you are interested, even if your class is not listed, please apply at our website: Fill out the application seriously. If we see that you answer each point with no detail/one sentence, expect your application to be instantly denied.Liadryn359 1h
1h <Far Beyond Insanity> RECRUITING T/W 8-11pm Maybe you heard. Maybe you didn't. Yes, $hit fell apart for whatever reason. Maybe because I am a raging manic. Maybe because people think I suck. Maybe because I have more heart than anyone out there. Whatever the reason is... I am not a quitter. We are RECRUITING EVERYTHING. We will make a come back. However long it takes. Below is the basic information. Our progression is nothing since we are starting over but we will kick some a$$. You may have heard the rumors of an insane GM. You may have heard the rumors of rage. BUT have you heard the rumors of passion, love, drive, and motivation that always get the job done? ... We have been around for 8 years, same GM. Some faces may have changed over the years but we are still bonded by the same laws of the guild from day 1. Schedule: Tues/Wed 7-11 pm EST Progression 12/13 Mtyhic; Archi 26% Server: Stormrage Btag: Krazy#1922 Website: www, Yes apps are required from everyone as well as logs. ... ... ... * Yes, apps are required from everyone as well as logs. * Server transfer will be required.Krazyrampage24 1h
1h Returning rDruid LF 2 Night Guild Hello, I raided up until (including) mythic Elisande, but have not touched Tomb yet. I'm currently ilvl 915 equipped but should be able to catch up in that area pretty quickly as I have some obviously low pieces. Looking for: Mythic Focus 2 Days Max Horde Preference Ideally you don't raid Tues, Wed or Thurs. 7:00PM PST Start Time or later. I'm super competitive, and I always try my best. Parsing is a big part of the game for me so I take min/maxing myself seriously. I enjoy a decent amount of m+ both on my resto druid as well as on my vengeance DH. A group of people is more important than the content to me, but at the end of the day I do like to make steady progression. I would take good people over progression if I had to pick between the two. I'm a bit of an elitist as I expect only the best from myself, but I do my best not to project that on the people I play with. Ideally there would be some like minded people in your group. Logs for previous tier: Doxmia#1185 is my btag.Doxmia12 1h
1h <Ex Nihilum> Late Night (9/9 H, 1/9 M) LF DPS <Ex Nihilum> (9/9 H ToS, 1/9 M ToS) is a late night raiding guild on Tichondrius-PvP. We have an active core team with a lot of members who enjoy pushing myth+ or gearing alts on off nights and we are looking for more to join us for mythic ToS! We try to keep a lighthearted but progression-oriented atmosphere during raid: We're here to have fun and most of us are friends, but we do want to kill bosses in a timely manner. Our officers and veterans make every effort to provide feasts, enchants, and other raid supplies to our core team. Our progression raid spots are competitive and new members will be taken if they have the proper attitude and skill. Raid Times 10:00 PM - 1:00 AM PST (1:00 AM - 4:00 AM EST) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Recruitment We are currently recruiting DPS for mythic ToS progression. All trials must be able to provide recent logs and show dedication toward improving their performance. Trials for our core team should be at least 900 ilvl and have logs showing their ability. We do have some casual raiders in the guild as well that are invited for farm content and/or alt runs. Priority Needs: HIGH - DPS: Warlock, Death Knight, Elemental Shaman MED - DPS: Mage, Rogue, Any Other Strong DPS HIGH - Healer: Paladin or Shaman with DPS Offspec We still consider exceptional DPS of other classes. We require use of Discord, Angry Assignments, RCLootCouncil, DBM/BigWigs, and WeakAuras. Please contact me or another officer via Btag if interested: Thresh#1330 Mord#11194Dreidin64 1h
1h [H] Lineage LF More! 9/9N and 7/9H ABOUT US: <Lineage> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild located on the Whisperwind/Dentarg server. We have been around since the release of legion, We broke apart from another guild to create a more serious/progression raiding environment. Our officer core is made up of ex-hardcore raiders who are veterans and some that are top 200. We are looking to fill a couple more spots so we can have a solid mythic team for the Tomb of Sargeras. Please link logs if you contact any of us and please tell us your previous raid experiences. RECRUITMENT: *Loot is distributed by Loot Council *All progression candidates must be at least 895 ilvl and have acquired concordance in their artifact. Raid experience is a Plus.* Tank: Guardian Druid Blood Dk Prot Pally Melee DPS: Rogue (Assass or Sub) DK (Frost or UH) Ret Paladin Surv Hunter DH Ranged DPS: Full Healer: Resto Druid Resto Shaman Holy Paladin Our core healer team is a MW monk, Hpriest and Hpal. We expect all potential raiders to come prepared for Raid. Being online 15 mins prior for invites, Flasks, food etc will be provided. PROGRESSION: 7/7H EN 3/3H ToV 10/10H NH 9/9N ToS 7/9H ToS GUILD INFORMATION: Raid Times •Tuesday 8-10 CST •Thursday 8-10 CST •Friday 8-11CST If you have any question regarding the guild or recruitment please contact: PoptartHeals#1178 or Vivec#1658Seinaruhira113 1h
1h [H]<Wardens Tyranny>Now Recruiting - Turalyon Greetings! <Wardens Tyranny> is recruiting all classes, levels, and specs. We are a non hardcore raiding guild focused on Mythic dungeons, helping others gear, and raiding. Looking to enjoy the game and see content in a non-hardcore environment. Guild was formed recently and now getting our first few raids in as a guild. Guild Website: Raiding Recruitment Needs: Healers - High Melee DPS - Medium Ranged DPS - High Our raiding rules are simple - Be courteous to others - Looting method for time being will be kept as default personal looting - If item is not an upgrade for your main spec it is asked to see if others main spec could use it - Food and flask are provided - Most importantly have fun! Raid Times 2 days a week Tuesday 8-11 PM EST Monday 8-11 PM EST If attendance looks low on either day for the week we can switch 1 day to: Wednesday 8-11 PM EST Progression: 10/10 NH N 6/9 TOS N If you would like to get in on the ground floor of a fun mannered guild this might be the fit for you. We ask you be 18+ and no negative attitudes need apply. Guild Master has several prior GM, Raid Lead, and Officer roles from a more hardcore raiding environment. Life has happened and looking to move to a more casual way of play. We hope you will come help us grow and enjoy the great game of WOW. For any questions, inquiries, or an invite you can message us in game: DocMundo BT Tickle#1358 Ldygaladriel BT Stasimoon#1858 Thanks for reading and have a great day!Docmundo13 1h
1h [H] <Adapt> 2-night 1/9M, 9/10M, LF rDPS ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Who are we? <Adapt> is a newer Horde guild on Arthas whose core banded together to create a guild with a welcoming and enjoyable environment for serious progression raiding. Many of the leaders have 10+ years of guild leadership experience. Our goal is to be a known, organized, and skilled group of individuals who excel in working as a team to overcome the hardest this game has to offer while it is still current. We fell just shy of our goal in NH, going 9/10M. Our objective is to get Cutting Edge for Kil'jaeden. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Raiding Schedule and Participation: We are a semi-hardcore guild, but with an easier schedule for players balancing real life with play time. Wednesday: 10pm - 1am Sunday: 10pm - 1am OPTIONAL Farm Night Tuesday: 10pm – 1am *Times are all EST! (Eastern Standard Time) *Invites will be sent out 15 minutes prior to raid with trash being pulled right at raid start. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Requirements: We are more interested in your ability as a player than your gear; we are willing to help you gear up if you can demonstrate your willingness and ability to be a contributing raider. Prior raid experience is required. Recent raid experience at the Mythic level is highly desirable, but not required. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ What do we do outside of raid? The guild regularly partakes in high Mythic+ keys (we ensure all of our members who desire it get a 10 key in), achievement runs, and other group activities. Occasional BG and Arena groups regularly pop up as well. Some of our members are known to kick it in Overwatch, Heroes, and several other games while the rest of us just hang out in Discord. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Voice Chat: We use Discord for all guild related content. We prefer you to have a working mic but it is not a requirement, as long as you can listen and respond promptly. We encourage people to be active in strategy discussions before and after raid. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Loot System: We use Loot Council with the assistance of add-ons to help distribute the loot. Details on how we use this system are posted on our website. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Progression: * 1/9M Tomb of Sargeras * 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras * 9/10M Nighthold * 10/10H Nighthold * 2/3M Trial of Valor * 7/7M Emerald Nightmare (Cutting Edge) ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Current Recruitment Needs: Healers: No pressing needs, but strong applicants are encouraged to apply anyway. Melee DPS: Demon Hunter - Low Ranged DPS: Ele Shaman, Shadow Priest, Boomkin, Mage - HIGH Warlock - Medium Tanks: No pressing needs, but strong applicants are encouraged to apply anyway. Package deals are welcome, but please let us know about the situation ahead of time. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Contact: Please don’t hesitate to contact us either through BattleNet or our website. Rancorus (BNet: Rancorus#1762) - GM Fuzfuz - (BNet: Bitter#1387 or Discord: Fuzfuz#5597) - Raid Lead Our website is located at ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Fuzfuz2 1h
1h Shaman LF weekend raiding guild 897 Shaman LF weekend raiding guild, can play any spec needed, looking for progression based guild to raid with on weekend nights prefer late nightVabettle7 1h
1h 910 Hunter LF Pacific Coast Guild Hi Guilds, A little about me: I'm BM for PVE, Surv for PVP, and MM is !@#$/miserable and I refuse to play it until they fix it. I've been playing WoW on and off for 8 years. I love my class, I think hunters are incredibly versatile and can be really effective in the right hands. I'm a pretty polished player with a really good gaming PC that I built myself, so I'll put out good numbers and won't lag or anything, but I still have a lot to learn (who doesn't?). If I commit, I'll be at the event. If I can't commit anymore, you'll get two weeks notice. I was a GM in heroic wrath and I hated that %^-*, so I sympathize and won't do it to you. I just got a job on the west coast (US) and I have no friends there, so looking to make some! I recently re-discovered PVP and really love surv, so looking for some PVP partners in crime. I'll probably be able to raid any week night from 6-9 PT. I'll server transfer for the right guild. Also, I'm a herbal/miner that gathers while waiting for PVP queues, so I can help you add resources to your guild bank if you need. I intend to be a valuable asset for whatever guild I join. What I'm looking for: I want some online friends I can can !@#$ around with after work for the next few years. I'd love to find a guild that cracks jokes and %^-* while raiding, but can still clear all of current heroic content, with some (a little) motivation to make some attempts in mythic. I'm not looking for competitive mythic, I don't need that kind of stress. A PVP presence in the guild is a huge plus, as I'm really getting into that. Also, LF adult guild with age ranges of 25-35 (I'm 30). Let me know if you have questions, thanks!Sìf9 1h
1h [Area 52][H]<No Carries> Recruiting 8/9H Hello, we are <No Carries>. Based on Area 52 we're a semi-hardcore guild looking for good players to progress through Heroic Tomb of Sargeras. We are formed from people who have made 7/7M EN 3/3M ToV and 8/10M NH we wanted a different raid environment and formed a new guild as a result. The plan is to move onto Mythic once we have established a team of 20 good players. Raid Days (Times are server time EST): Sunday: 8 pm - 11 pm Monday: 8 pm - 11 pm (Optional Farm / Trial Night) Wednesday 7 pm - 9 pm Current Recruitment needs: Space Chicken, Shadow Priest, Elemental or Enhancement Shaman, DPS Death Knight, Hunter Required Raid Addons: Deadly Boss Mods Exorsus Raid tools RCloot Council Weak Auras 2 We expect you to come prepared to raids with food, flasks, etc. We would like to keep downtime to a minimum as we only raid 6 hours a week, so we expect everyone to come knowing the basic mechanics for bosses and stay focused during raid time. Loot will be distributed via loot council and will be based on whoever can get the most out of a piece. We are willing to trial any good player. We have a 3-week trial process during which you are reviewed. Please feel free to speak up in discord as well. Comments, questions, chatting, etc. We want to get to know you as a more than just random <insert class here> person. Add Lamuria#11827 or Alöra#1207 for any questions regarding recruitment.Lemura5 1h
1h 918 Resto Sham (or) 918 MW LF mythic guild Xuai5 1h
1h 912 Affi Lock Looking for a raiding/Rbgs guild, I spent the last year and a half away off on another server. I have 8/9 norm 4/9 on ToS all through pugs. Times for raiding would be weekends or weekdays after 5pm CSTÖpir21 1h
1h <A> AutoTuned 8/9H Raiding. AutoTuned of Korgath is recruiting RDPS (Lock,Mage) for spots in our Tomb of Sargeras progression group. Looking for people who actually want to progress. Raid times are Tues/Weds/Thurs 10:15 P.M-1:15 A.M CST. 900 minimum for raiding. Currently 8/9H ToS. If interested, Contact me at ChocolateOne#1549 and i hope to hear from you soon.Ladianian178 1h
1h Guardian Druid 913 Hello! My name is Hypecrit. Want to know a little bit about me? I came to this game around WoD. I gave up after 30 days, leveling as a mage. Came back and finished leveling and started to do some raiding, but nothing serious. When legion came out, I found an amazing guild who was doing Mythic Emerald Nightmare. We did the first couple bosses, but sadly I overplayed and got burnt out. I came back around the time Nighthold was released, but was very undergeared so I spent some time getting appropriate gear. BTW, My mage did the first boss on Mythic EN and got to around 15% for Spider. With the new release of ToS, i want to find a guild because I now have the time, and enjoying everyday that i'm playing! Times available & time zone: Anything after 10 pm up to 2-3 am. I am EST! On Wednesday, I cannot play until after 10 pm EST. I am busy up until then. Server preference: Mal'Ganis Faction preference: Horde Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-hardcore. Current progression/experience: Full normal and 4/9 Heroic. Tech 4 1/2 ;P Contact info: HypE#12106 Anything else: I come prepared for fights with food and flasks, and enjoy making new friends! Also, I am 15 years old but I'm very mature for my age. I did make a post just like this one, except that was when i switched to alliance. But I switched back now and I'm staying on horde, so I didn't want a post with half alliance and half horde guilds! EDIT: UNABLE TO RAID DURING WEEKDAYS FOR THE NEXT WEEK. MUST BE FRIDAY/SATURDAY/SUNDAY if you want me to trial for the next weekHypecrit10 1h
1h [H] Late Night 4/9M LF DPS + HEALER About Us <Biggie Chief and da Boyz> is a relatively new late night raiding guild with top 40 US leadership, but focused on a more casual atmosphere. We formed the guild with the intention to kill some bosses with our friends and have a good time in the process. We raid Mon/Tues/Wed from 10:15pm-1:15am(PST), 12:15am-3:15am(CST), 1:15am-4:15am(EST). Progression We are currently: 7/7(M) EN / 3/3(M) ToV / 10/10(M) Nighthold / 9/9(H) 4/9(M) ToS Recruitment Needs Current Needs: DPS(HIGH, Prefer Mage/Hunter/DK), HEALER(HIGH R-Druid, MEDIUM R-Sham / MW Monk / H-Pal) *We encourage all potential classes/specs to apply regardless of recruitment needs* Contacts If you are interested in joining feel free to apply at our website. If you have any other questions about the guild please feel free to add us to Real-ID and we will make sure to get back to you ASAP. Thanks for reading! GM: Tradepolice - Demoralizer#1812 Officer: Aalo - Aalo#1395 Officer: Dcterfeelgud - Dctorfeelgud#1277 Recruitment: Vibratadin - fudrud#1649Dcterfeelgud192 1h
2h 900+ DH looking for a guild to call home Looking for chill raiding guild to call home. 3/9 N Tos Faction: Horde Server: Malorne No server transfer Raid Times: Thursdays and FridaysDarkrow2 2h
2h [H] Arbiter-Tichondrius 5/9 M LF Hpriest/MW <Arbiter> Mythic Raiding Guild LF 1 Healer MW or Hpriest and Ranged DPS to fill our Mythic Core Progression Group. Prior Raiding Experience and Combat Logs Preferred for Mythc Core Positions Faction: Horde Server: Tichondrius Progress: 7/7 (N) Emerald Nightmare 7/7 (H) Emerald Nightmare 7/7 (M) Emerald Nightmare 3/3 (N) Trial of Valor 3/3 (H) Trial of Valor 2/3 (M) Trial of Valor 10/10 (N) Nighthold 10/10 (H) Nighthold 10/10 (M) Nighthold 9/9 (N) Tomb Of Sargeras 9/9 (H) Tomb Of Sargeras 5/9 (M) Tomb Of Sargeras Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 7-10 PST (Server Time) PRIORITY NEEDS: [If your class or role is not listed, feel free to apply. We will always make room for exceptional talent.] Tanks: Locked. Healers: MW or Hpriest preferred. Dps: Any Exceptional DPS Talent for Mythic Core. Rogue, Hunter, Spriest preferred. About Us: Myself and the other Officers have raided together for almost a yea, we're proud of what we have accomplished under the circumstances of which this guild was founded on. Our Core consists of talented, friendly and competitive players. Our raid environment is lax but competitive we like to have fun and know when to get serious when needed. A lot of us have become friends outside of just raiding and we've become more of a community rather than just some raid loggers, ignoring each other on off days. We do M+ as often as possible and off days, we do raids such as N/H/M NH and N ToS with both Mains and Alts. We are always happy to help people improve, when reached out to, and look to have a strong community of players to progress further into future Raids. Loot Distribution: Loot Council. Voice Communications: Discord. We stay active in voice channel playing other games, Theorycrafting, discussing non-wow related business, or just having fun. We are a mature community (avg age 24) so please keep that in mind. What can you expect from Arbiter? - Strong relationships and friendship. - Growth. Critique. We will constantly push you to improve. - Friendly & Stable community and Raid environment. What do we expect from you? - Dedication. - Teachable; receptive of critique - Ability and willingness to communicate. *If you match or exceed our standards as raider, then we want you. Contact Us: If you are interested in joining Please apply @ or message me Directly Xaathrael (GM) If you have anymore more questions, feel free to contact us via in-game mail or bnet message: Loqki#1915 (Guild Master) Xaathrael/Heljin - Tichondrius Clucky#11345 (Recruitment Officer) Clucky/Mcnugget - Tichondrius Matt#12688 (Officer) Beaveezy/Stillflexin - TichondriusXaathrael6 2h
2h <AnduriL> 7/9H LF Ranged DPS We're a late night alliance guild on Whisperwind looking to add skilled and reliable players to our raid team. We're mostly a group of working adults who still enjoy the game, especially raiding. Many of us have been playing on Whisperwind since Classic and the guild has been around since early TBC. We're not a hardcore guild, but we still focus on getting things done within our 6 hours per week raid schedule. Our goal every raiding tier is to clear Heroic and then some Mythic progression. We offer food/flasks/potions to our raiders, as well as guild repairs. If you think AnduriL will be a good fit for you please apply @, or you can also talk with an officer (Shinpai, Tsamane, Dairmin or Snarlsbarkly) in game or Btag (listed below). Come join us! Legion Progression: - Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 Mythic - Trial of Valor - 2/3 Mythic - The Nighthold - 2/10 Mythic - Tomb of Sargeras - 7/9 Heroic Raid Days & Times: Main Raid Team: - Tuesday, Thursday and Monday - 11:15pm - 1:15am CST/Server (9:15pm - 11:15pm PDT) Alt Raid Team: - Wednesday - 11:15pm - 1:15am+ CST/Server (9:15pm - 11:15pm+ PDT) Currently Recruiting: - Tanks = Closed - Heals = Closed - MDPS = Closed - RDPS = Shaman, Warlock, Hunter, Mage, Priest * DPS w/ tanking and healing off-specs a plus Raider Requirements: - Previous heroic/mythic raiding experience a plus - Able to make 85% of scheduled raids (10 of 12 raids per month) - Good raid awareness - Coming to raids prepared (researching boss fights, with all gems/enchants/etc) - Twitch App w/ a working microphone - Age 21+ required Casual Players: If you are a casual player looking for a guild to just hang out, chat it up or just read green text you're welcome to join us. We also run an alt raid team that raids at the Normal to Heroic levels just for fun and is open to all guild members that are interested. BattleTag Contacts & Website: Tsamane = Tsa#1851 Shinpai = zenbi#1271 Dairmin = darmin#1413 Snarlsbarkly = killaudio#1754 Come join us!Snarlsbarkly17 2h
2h [H] Illidan <SRS> 9/9 H LF Ranged+Rogue Guild name: SRS Server: Illidan Faction: Horde About us: We are 9/9 H 4/10M NH, our goal is to get cutting edge for ToS and we will make the necessary descisons to allow this to be possible. Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 730-11PM Central Recruiting: All DPS classes and spec if your class/spec is not listed below please still free to contact us, high priority on: Spriest Boomkin Rogue Mage Hunter Warlock Elemental Shaman Aryastark#1859 Bromby#1673 Audacity#1604Liquidswôrds206 2h
2h 913 Shadow Priest LF Raiding Guild I am available during the week mostly, so if i can find a guild that raids during then and after 6pm EST that would be perfect. I am available weekends as well but there are times where i will be unavailable. Also i am not against server transferring and faction changing if i find the right place to be. Please let me know if you think you might want my character.Granderrex36 2h
2h <Reign of Fire> F/Sat 9/9H LFM Raiders About Us US - Area 52 - Horde Reign of Fire is a 2 night a week late night raid group. Semi hardcore and a fun group we are looking for more to start our push into mythic. Current Progression Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 Heroic Previous Progression 8/10M Nighthold Raid Times Fri/Sat 9pm - 1am server. Wed 9pm- 1am Optional Normal/Heroic/Whatever is up night. Recruitment We will consider any class/spec even if you are not listed below. Tanks: Need a backup tank with a good dps spec. Dps: Melee: High priority on DH, DK, Sham, Rogue. Range: All Heals: Holy Priest, Shaman, Druid. Right now we have 1 mail user in raid would love to have more to stop sharding all this gear ;) Requirements RC Loot Council Angry Assignments Weak Auras Discord Contact Us: Please seek out Aenastar#1382 or Buesketter#1676 in game for more information. Sending a battle tag invite is the best way to getting in touch of us for any information. Also feel Free to hit me up directly (Zan / Féét) i am on more then any normal human being should be on.Zan0 2h
2h (H)<Shroud>Illidan US-8/9H ToS LF Exp Tank! Shroud is looking for a Tank! Do you relish the thought of spending 3 straight hours, staring at a bosses crotch? Are healers not only your best friend, but also your worst nightmare? Do you smile a little inside everytime a melee dps dies to pulling early? Do you have strong, masochistic tendencies where being beat in the face by multiple packs of mobs as well as bosses fists, really lights your fire? If you answered yes to all the above, then Shroud would love to hear from you! We're looking for a talented tank with proven logs to add to our gregarious team of adventurers. We'd prefer you have Heroic and Mythic tanking experience and know your class and all the ins and outs of your active mitigation like the back of your hand. Brownie points if you're a M+ tanking fiend also! Ideally, we're looking for a Guardian Druid or Death Knight or Brewmaster tank. Our current progression is 8/9H and our raid times are 8-11pm CST (9pm - 12 EST) on Wednesday and Thursdays. Interested? Please contact us by adding Kizzies (Kelty#3244) Warkiller (thirtythree#1314) or Eksdra (xpdnc#1593) to your Btag and having a chat! Look forward to talking soon! :)Kablanka14 2h
2h [H] Sat/Sun 5/9H LF Ranged DPS Guild: Killing in the Name Faction: Horde Server: US-Area 52 EST (PVE) Raid Times/Days: Sat & Sun 6:45pm-10pm EST Recent Progression: ToS 5/9H NH 10/10H EN 7/7H ToV 3/3N Currently Recruiting (DPS): DPS w/ tank OS (High) Ranged DPS (High) • Mage, Ele Shaman, Lock, Boomie Melee DPS (Moderate) • Monk, DK, Demon hunter, Enhance Shaman DPS w/ healing OS (Low) Do you have…?: • Raid Awareness: Exceptional raid awareness are highly preferred • Minimum ilvl: 910 • Preferred experience: heroic or higher Expectations: • Preparation: Moderate-High, must have adequate knowledge of boss fights and main class. • Attendance: Flexible, but must commit to calendar invite if accepted and be punctual. • Activity: Moderate, should be willing to run mythic+ if under geared. • Atmosphere: Adult, have a sense of humor and the ability to take positive criticism. • Voice: Discord About Us: KITN was founded in TBC on the Dethecus server. We have moved and been active on Garona, Trollbane, and found our home here on Area 52 in 2010. We were a heroic progression guild before mythic was a thing. We recently reformed in 2016 and are tackling heroic progression now as we try to recruit for mythic. KITN is a casual progressive raiding guild, at its core are members that have been raiding together for over 5 years. We are laid back and have fun, but when it’s time to raid we put our game face on. Members have a relaxed demeanor and aim to have fun. Logs: Wowprogress: Apply on Discord: Recruitment Contacts: • Discord: @JayDiesel#5750 @Nalu2983 @Bigtmoney#3053 • Bnet: bigtmoney#1152, Nalu#1630Nalutic18 2h
2h UH DK - Returning Progression raider Hey all i have been on break from progression since legion has launched and now i am looking to join a good weekend/late night (Start time 1am eastern time) guild for progression. I am fine with transferring and/or faction change. I have mained Unholy for as long as i could and can play Frost if it becomes better. I can also play Blood for mythic dungeons and maybe some raid farm. I do still have some catching up to do before i am mythic ready and currently i am trying to pug ToS in order to catch up. My current ilvl is 901. Here are my logs from when i was progressing with Endless-Sargeras during HFC they are my most recent logs. Please feel free to add me on bnet Randenaris#1525, at the moment i am looking for any guild that can fit my times.Randenaris8 2h
2h Pandora - Now Recruiting <Pandora> The Venture Co, Maelstrom, Lightninghoof Time: Wednesday 8:30PM-10:30PM SERVER Friday 8:30 - 11:30PM SERVER With the added possibility of swapping Friday for Saturday, same time. What we offer: A guild full of fun players who are passionate about clearing content! Core raiders/Officers are willing to help SERIOUS applicants gear up with normal and/or mythics. Drunk Canadians. Currently 3/10 Heroic (full guild group) - though most of us have cleared more via pugs. We're looking for a variety of melee/ranged DPS (we like warlocks) and a tank with a DPS off-spec! Loot system will be Suicide Kings once a full, adequate guild group is achieved! Our expectations: * Know your class. * Knowledge of encounters/willingness to research. * Attendance and dedication. * Assist with consumables - all pots/flasks/food are provided by our guild bank, contributions via mats/professions is a MUST. * Discord and (preferably) a working microphone. * DBM and other necessary mods. Please feel free to leave your interest here or send an in-game message to any available officer: myself (Rahnye-TheVentureCo), Cajeta-Maelstrom, or our guild leader Darkscythe-TheVentureCo! Other raid team members are also able to invite to the guild and/or can put you into contact with one of us.Rahnye0 2h
2h 3/9M Weekend Guild LF ALL DPS Hello! <Speakeasy> is a semi-hardcore weekend raiding guild looking for like-minded people to continue mythic progression. "Why should I join Speakeasy? What separates the guild from others?" -The raid schedule is 2 days (or 8 hours) on the weekend. If you work a Mon-Fri job, or just chill on the weekend, this is a good way to get your raiding done while getting plenty of rest during the week. -A welcoming community that does plenty together outside of raid. -We take progression seriously with minimum downtime. -Great people, even better sense of humor. (We provide repairs and all consumables too!) Recruiting: ALL DPS! Loot Rules: Loot Council Raid times: Friday and Saturday night 9pm - 1am EST Current Progress: 3/9M Note: We use a google form for the application process. This form will NOT provide us with any private information about you; It is submitted anonymously. If you have any questions please add Ztop#1564. Thank you!! Ztop3 2h
2h Jolly Rogers 7/9H Jolly Rogers is Alliance on Ner'Zhul. We are currently 7/9H ToS, 9/9 Normal. 2/10M NH. Currently we raid Tue/Wed 7PM - 10PM PST, very soon Heroic will be on farm and we are looking to press into Mythic. We are laid back however our #1 goal is always progress. We enjoy having a good time and seeing our players/Guild grow stronger. We constantly run M 15+'s to help players get their weekly cache, and will often help to carry if needed. What we are looking for: Tanks are full for the most part. DPS is open: Mage/Arms Warr/Shadow priest is highly welcome however we welcome any skilled player. Heals is open to any strong player. As stated, we have a few Mythic spots open and our raid is very flexible should we find the right players. Feel welcome to contact myself: tag: beaver#1166 or officer: baddos#1656Eronara0 2h
2h 11 Year Old 3/9M 10/10M 8 Hours 2-Day LFM **The guild is going back Horde on Tuesday July 25th** Tell Us A Story a 3/9M guild, formerly Reawaken, was formed back in April of 2006. We are a tight-knit group of players who strive to clear content as it comes out without committing more than 2 days per week to raiding. Notable server firsts include: Yogg 0, Tribute to Insanity, The Lich King, Nefarian, Sinestra, Ragnaros, Deathwing, Will of the Emperors, Grand Empress Shek'Zeer, Imperator Mar'gok, Blackhand, Archimonde, Xavius, Helya and Guldan. -What we’re looking for are committed, serious raiders who are interested in progressing through mythic content. *********************************************************************** Currently Recruiting: Deathknight - Frost/Unholy Druid - Balance Hunter Mage Paladin - Holy/Ret Priest - Disc/Holy/Shadow Rogue Shaman - Enhance/Elemental Warlock *********************************************************************** •We only raid two nights a week, so it’s paramount that we make effective use of our raid time, which means we need players who can adapt and learn quickly. •Attendance is very important! We realize that real life takes precedence, but with our shorter raid schedule you should strive for 100% attendance. We keep a tight raid roster to minimize sitting and we depend on raid attendance to maintain that. •Come to raid prepared! Doing research on the fights prior to our first pull is a must! You are expected to bring the necessary consumables. •Communication! Be able to listen and follow basic directions and respond if needed! Have a good attitude about raiding, and please be able to stay focused for the entire raid. *Most importantly, try to have fun! Social skills are just as important to us as your raiding skills. We want you to be a member who is dedicated to our community and logs in for more than just raid nights! *********************************************************************** Our normal raid schedule is as follows: Sunday: 7:00pm - 11:00pm Server Time (Central) Monday: 7:00pm - 11:00pm Server Time (Central) *********************************************************************** Contact us: Dracs#1320 - Raid Leader Willow#1693 - GM 2h
2h Mythic raiding guild looking for DPS/Healer Crypt is mythic raiding guild looking to achieve Cutting edge. Were a solid group of players looking for other like minded loyal, dedicated, hard working players who don't rage and blow up on progression. Were a west coast guild that raids Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 6:15pm-9:30pm Pacific time. 9:15pm- 12:30am Eastern time. We have a youtube video about the guild that you can find here . Contact Natti#1181 for more questions! We are also willing to help teach new people how to improve and which tools to use to min-max as effectively as possible. I hope to hear from you soon!Nattí2 2h
2h [H] <Acumen> 10/10 4/9 M LF 1 Healer and Tank Yoooo <Acumen> is currently looking for 1 healer, 1 tank and 1-2 DPS to round out our core. Needs 1 tank (guardian, dk pref) 1 healer (rdruid, priest, mw pref), 1-2 dps (dh,dk,ww,war pref) Progression 4/9M ToS 10/10M Cutting Edge NH 3/3M Cutting Edge ToV 7/7M Cutting Edge EN Raid Times Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:00 to 12:00 Eastern Website About Us Acumen is a laid back mythic progression guild. We like to have a good time during raid while not sacrificing progression and fun. Our goal is to make our raid atmosphere fun and entertaining while maintaining a progression mindset. We are politically incorrect at times and as long as you don't take yourself too seriously you will fit in perfectly. Our officers have backgrounds in top 25 US raiding with over 10 years of experience in the raiding scene. If you are looking for a change of pace in raiding while still clearing content efficiently we are the guild for you. Please contact us if you have any questions or interested. Contact Info skrv#1421 Sewpra#1780Ribsx33 2h
2h [A] <Hypnotic> 4/9M 2night LF Healer & DPS Updated July 21st, 2017 <Hypnotic> US Turalyon Alliance | Progression EN: 7/7M ToV: 2/3M NH: 10/10M ToS: 9/9H 4/9M 2 nights/week | 6hours | Wed/Thu 8-11pm EST Guild Website: Discord | Loot Council Recruitment: Hypnotic maintains a 24-man core raider roster in order to be flexible with our raiders schedule and be able to maximize our composition for progression kills. We do not recruit for the bench. You might be asked to sit out a progression fight if required, or a farm kill to let somebody in that needs the gear. What we need: Heals: Rdruid/Hpriest DPS: Spriest/Warlock/Mage/Boomkin Ret/Rogue/Dk/DH/War/Enhance Will consider anyone who performs at a high level How to Apply to Hypnotic Please visit our guild website listed below to fill out an application. Prerequisites: Know your class inside-out to be the most efficient in all fights Research each fights prior to pull Come prepared and ready to pull at the set time 18+ Working microphone Near 100% attendance Dedication Sense of humor About us: Hypnotic was built around the idea of having a good time raiding the hardest current content in the most efficient way. The vast majority of our members have a limited time schedule due to various responsibilities, we opted for a two nights a week, six hours total raiding time. Here at Hypnotic, we believe that this is more than enough time to progress through a tier in a timely fashion. We are confident that we can be one of the most time efficient and progressed guilds around. We will never be the world's best guild, but we will not be too far behind. Addons Needed! DBM/Big Wigs Epgp Loot Addon Exorsus Raid Tools Weak Auras 2 Angry Assignments More info: Old forum post: Guild Master | Raid lead: Laatu#1956 Officers: Eeveydin & TruthwatcherLaatu123 2h
2h 1/9M 9/9H <AA> Sargeras Tues/Thurs <ALTernate Arrangements> of Sargeras server is accepting all exceptional ranged players! We have finished our progression through heroic Tomb of Sargeras and have began mythic attempts. We are a semi-hardcore guild that raids two days a week on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:45pm to 10:30pm CENTRAL time. We are currently using loot council paired with the RCLootCouncil addon. Qualities that we look for in raiders include being committed and mature. Therefor we are looking for likewise recruits. Our raid progression in Legion is listed as follows: Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor 3/3 Heroic Nighthold 8/10 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras 9/9 Heroic Our preferred classes are mage and affliction warlock. Item level, legendaries, and trait points will be checked as well as available logs. In order to be considered for our core raids the minimum item level requirements must be met. Normal Tomb 895 (Monday night alt run) Heroic Tomb 910 Mythic Tomb 920 We can do open interviews if you prefer not to fill out an application. Here is our website: Sophieann#1640 is my Btag.Sophieann0 2h
2h ⚡<H>Hyjal 9/9H 3/9M ToS Tu-Th 830-12 PST⚡ Goal: US 200 or better in Legion or Bust!!!!!! <Dark Singularity> is a late night progression oriented guild that is currently pushing Mythic Raids/Dungeons. Our raiders are highly experienced, some of which raided together back in Classic and TBC. If you are looking for a relaxed and positive raid environment with a focus to push high end content then this is the guild for you. We believe that teamwork, proper mechanics and personal sacrifice are the keys to success. Do you want to be part of something special and progress while still having fun? If so, keep reading and see if DS is a fit for you. Current Progression: 9/9H ToS 3/9M ToS Older Legion Progression 7/7M EN 3/3M ToV 10/10M NH Loot System: We use the loot system known as EPGP which considers many things including: BIS, Attendance, Upgrade Amount and Loot History. We also have a guild donation system that will also increase the amount of EP you get every week. DS has the philosophy that the more you put into the success of the guild the more the guild will be a success for you. Raid Times: Tuesday: 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM (PST) Wednesday: 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM (PST) Thursday: 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM (PST) Optional Sale run on Mondays: 8:00-Cleared Usually only takes 2 hours and we make a lot of gold for the guild and our members doing this every week. Overview Dark Singularity was formed on the Hyjal server during the early part of the Warlords of Draenor expansion. DS has become a successful raiding guild while completing all content while still relevant. DS is always open for recruitment, if you would like to check if any positions are available, or would like to submit an application, please visit the application page at Or if you want make an alt on Hyjal and /who Dark Singularity to find an officer or member. We would also suggest you go to our website's front page and read our guild mission statement, guidelines and recruitment post. This will give you a good idea of what DS is all about. Contact Us: Lucidterror#1746 DirtyCambo#11545 Current Recruiting Needs: We would really like strong, well geared Warriors. Any highly skilled class will be considered currently. The current group we have is very strong at the moment and we would like more to help strengthen it even further. Extra Info: We do sale runs on off nights (Usually Monday) to help make players and guild bank some gold. We also use this gold for guild repairs. We are on Discord and GroupMe. We use Mumble/Discord as our VoIP. This guild will help you as long as you are willing to help the guild and your fellow players in return.Luciden274 2h
2h 920 Frost Mage LF Guild I am a 920 frost mage looking for a three night raiding guild. I've been raiding since early Cataclysm and have played various classes along the way. I'd prefer to stay Horde, but would consider Alliance. If need be, I also have a 914 rogue and 914 shadow priest I can play. I am 9/9H and have 1/9 M exp. Last tier I was 10/10H and 8/10M. I'd prefer raid times between 8:30 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. EST on Tues., Wed., and Thurs., but am willing to consider other dates and times. You can contact me at Hiccups#1515. Logs:öygeorgeBöygeorge14 2h
2h <Ignorance> 9/9H 2/9M Late Night LFM M ToS <Ignorance> (9/9 H, 2/9 M ToS) is recruiting ranged DPS for Mythic Tomb. Exceptional players are always encouraged to apply. At this point we do require potential raiders to be at least 910+ ilvl. ----High demand for the following classes: *Warlock *Hunter *Mage *Warrior If your class is not on this list that does not mean we won't consider you..! All spots are competitive. -Raid times are Tues/Thurs 12:15am-2:15 am EST and Fri 12-4 am EST. - We're a fairly new guild yet proving to be successful. We have a serious yet playful attitude towards mythic progression, and we're looking for people who can pull the numbers and also do mechanics. If you're interested in having fun while being part of a team pushing mythic content hit me up. -We've had really good momentum since deciding to form this guild, and we are looking for players who mesh well with us. We have a lot of fun and laughs, but we are serious and do get stuff done. People are active beyond the raid nights doing multitudes of activities. We have many optional raid days for old content (normals/heroics/mythics/m+). Thanks for reading. -For more information contact me or my officer at Conscientia#1308 / Barz#1374Akrodha20 2h
2h 900 Ilvl aff lock LF guild 900 Ilvl affliction lock LF raiding guild PST time zone 3 days a weekFälln13 2h
2h 921 Mistweaver LF mythic raid guild Hey everyone, I've been playing MW & late game healing since TBC. Prior experience I have is Warlords of Draenor 6/7M HIGHMAUL 10/10M BRF 13/13M HFC Legion 7/7M EN 7/10M NH (Took a break) 9/9H TOS (As shaman) This current tier for tomb, I have been playing my Ele/Resto Shaman - I am willing to play my resto shaman (ilvl 918) just more experienced with my MW is all - but MORE then happy to play either. My current Armory is and logs from Mythic NH, all heroic and mythic logs I have are purple or orange I am a capable player looking for a friendly guild, that I can stay with for a long time! Alliance guild is a huge + as I miss being alliance A LOT. I am available Mon-Thurs 8-12:30 PST (Only looking for 2 or 3 raid nights, not 4) Thanks! My BNET is Estee#11683Xuai9 2h
2h 5/9M [A]Crisp-Baelgun 4night LF RANGED DPS [A]Crisp is currently 5/9 Mythic TOS on Baelgun US. We have been in existence since 2007, with a leadership that has been around since the beginning. Add an officer/recruiter directly via Battle tag to chat today- Samiam#1176, Mass#1138, Terryn#11424, or Ambermist#1266. You can also message me directly on discord: Terryn #6182 Current Recruitment Needs Ranged DPS: - Shadow Priest (High demand), Bonus points if you have interest in running Disc on occasion (5 heal fights are super fun...) Melee DPS: CLOSED All outstanding applications are considered. About Crisp Crisp is an adult progression raiding guild on US-Baelgun. Founded in 2007 by GM Samiam, Crisp's longevity can be attributed to our ability to evolve and grow with each new tier of content while maintaining a small, elite, and tight-knit raiding core. We are disciplined, yet fun. We are pioneers of our classes, friends through raiding, and we are seeking others performing at peak levels to join us in combating the pixel monsters. Before You Apply We take raiding seriously, but it is also our fun, stress relief, and community. Members are expected to know when it is ok to goof around and when it is time to get down to business. We engage in quite a bit of tomfoolery and adult-themed shenanigans so you must be open to that sort of humor. Crisp is strictly an 18 and older guild. Members are required to have a stable internet connection, a computer capable of raiding, Ventrilo/Mumble with a working microphone, an open mind, and a good attitude. Attendance Crisp raid times: Monday - Thursday, 5:15-9:00 PST (Invites @ 5:00). We expect solid attendance, but understand when things come up Loot Crisp distributes loot via rotating loot council. The council consists of the GM and the three guild officers, plus two rotating raid members. The loot council prioritizes players and classes that will most benefit the raid to improve progression. Perks Most raid consumables (flasks and potions) are covered and we expect raiders to maximize the use of these tools. Additionally, all raid repairs are paid by the guild bank. These perks are available from the moment you start your trial with us. Lastly, in an effort to give back to the community, raids are covered by multiple streams with full audio of mumble conversations, one of which participates in various giveaways of mounts and in-game pets. Final Boss As an addendum, Crisp is proud to promote, an end-game raiding show featuring special guests from top guilds all around the world. Tune in to learn something new about your class/spec or end-game raiding. For more information on <Crisp>, visit our website at or hop on to Baelgun-US and ask for an officer.Terrynlock31 2h
2h 920 Shadow Priest 8/9H 1/9M Looking hey guys sorry to post on an alt - just wanted to see what options i have - please leave the basics IE - Raid Progress / Times... Server... guild name....Needs of guild... way to contact u! About me - Im an old school raider who knows Mechanics > Dps! im currently 8/9H and 1/9M w/ knowledge of Kj H and studied a few fights ahead on Mythic. Im currently 920 ilvl w/ 4p. Im flexible in days/times - would prefer to stay HORDE though! If something looks interesting and something i feel i could commit to i will add u to bnet or w/e way u ask me to contact u!Eyebeamu27 2h
2h <Seraphym> 5/9H ToS Looking for Healers <Seraphym> is a raiding guild on the [US]Bladefist server (Merged with Kul Tiras). We describe ourselves as semi-hardcore, meaning we strive to be the best we can be & down heroic content while still maintaining a friendly & enjoyable raiding atmosphere. We believe you can kill bosses without shouting, insults, or other negative behavior. Our guild has been raiding the highest difficulty content for 8 years. We are actively looking for the following classes to join us in our progression through Legion raids. Below has classes we are looking for listed but all exceptional players are encouraged to apply. Heals:------------Tanks:--------------DPS: Paladin----------None---------------Mage Druid----------------------------------Shaman (Enhancement) -----------------------------------------Rogue -----------------------------------------Hunter -----------------------------------------Druid -----------------------------------------Monk -----------------------------------------Death Knight Raid Schedule: Tue-Wed-Thu 8:00pm-11:00pm(CST) Legion Progression: * 5/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras * 9/9 Normal Tomb of Sargeras * 1/10 Mythic Nighthold * 10/10 Heroic Nighthold * 3/3 Heroic Trials of Valor * 4/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare * 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare Loot: We use a no-bid DKP system by WebDKP. DKP is earned hourly with bonuses for progression kills & being on time. DKP decays by 25% every 2 weeks, which encourages spending rather than hoarding and allows recruits to gear up faster. The system has been very successful for us and most people get everything they want eventually if they attend all raids. What we expect from you: * Know your class, be gemmed/enchanted properly. * Willingness to research encounters and what advantages your class can bring. * High level of attendance. Occasional absences are understandable but we expect you to be there 90% of the time. * Consumables (Flasks, Potions & Food). * No drama starters. You will be removed swiftly. * Discord and a working microphone. * DBM, Bigwigs, or other bossmod. Contact an officer directly to setup a trial or to ask us questions: Alfya-Kul tiras (Alfya#1485) Bluechip (Bluechip#1594) Erikgreen (Phaseshift#1687) Windsor (Jan#1213) Or Visit our website at www.seraphym.guildlaunch.comAlfya22 2h
2h [A] <MLFA> US 88 LF MAGE.LOCK.SPRIEST.BOOM PROGRESS: 10/10M (US 88 NH) - 3/3M (ToV) - 7/7M (EN) - HIGH NEED: SPRIEST, MAGE, WARLOCK, BOOMKIN, ELE SHAMAN, ARMS/FURY WAR, ROGUE, FERAL DRUID - TIMES: 8PM - 12M PST T/W/TH My Life for Aiur (<MLFA>) reformed at the beginning of Legion from a core of players who have raided together since Cataclysm, where they achieved many US top 20 results, including several US top 5 kills during MoP. We are currently actively recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras progression. We have a need for a few very strong DPS who can fill some openings our roster. We have improved much since we founded the guild before Legion release, and we will continue to improve with your help. Our recruitment needs are as follows: HIGH: SPRIEST, MAGE, WARLOCK, BOOMKIN, ELE SHAMAN, ARMS/FURY WAR, ROGUE, FERAL DRUID We are recruiting for core spots, we do not recruit for the bench. The type of players we're looking for are those with thick skin, who can partake in the off color bantz that fill our extremely active guild discord. We expect you to know the ins and outs of your class, and be able to take direct criticism. Moreover, we want players who are fully committed to progression in World of Warcraft. Server: Lightbringer-US Alliance Raid Times: 8pm - 12am PST 10pm - 2am CST 11pm - 3am EST Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday cid#1479 - Recruitment/Healing Officer blut#1199 - GM/Main Tank sajii#1375 - DPS Officer Airwave8 2h
2h 926 DPS DH and 924 R.Druid LF Semi-HC Guild Hi, due to internal drama in our guild, we are looking for a new guild before this one implodes. We are currently both 8/9H 9/9N ToS with BiS Legendaries and multiple concordance traits. What you get from us - Two solid, mythic-caliber raiders looking for a raid environment that promotes a fun yet respectful raid while still maintaining order and focus to limit downtime and unneeded wipes. We both always come prepared with all raid-required items (flasks/pots/food/runes). What We Expect from You - We expect a raid/guild that does not allow drama to even begin to get started. Too many guilds have met their demise because disagreements and backstabbing grew out of hand and created a toxic, hostile environment. We also dislike cliques. We know that people are sometimes closer friends than they are with others and will do more activities with those people, but if the same 5 people are the only ones doing anything online and are exclusive, it's not a fun time for the rest of us. Our logs are available upon request once we talk. When We Can Raid - Any day of the week 9pm EST- 1am EST (Earlier than 9pm is NOT doable, posts with earlier times will be ignored) Contact us - SABBB#1957Xlhog7 2h
2h Spike Flail (US#111) *10yrs Raiding *LF DPS Hello! Spike Flail on Mal'ganis is a long tenured end-game raiding community, looking for great Raiders for Legion progression. Spike Flail has been part of the endgame progression community since TBC, boasting the same GM, Raid Leader, and core group. Our exploits include competitive Sunwell progression in TBC, top 50 US in WoLK 25m, top 25 of US 10m in Cata, and top 125 US in WoD (after taking a break for MoP). We've done the 16 hour/week thing in the past, but as our group of players has grown and aged, we've decided to keep the same hardcore progression mentality on a more time friendly schedule. As such we raid 3 nights a week with raiding times as follows: Sunday from 7-11 PM EST Wednesday from 8 PM EST- 11 PM EST Thursday from 8 PM EST - 11 PM EST Our current progression is 5/9 Mythic Tomb, 10/10 M Nighthold, which can be verified at: About Spike Flail: The core of our guild have been playing MMOs together for over 10 years now, going all the way back to Final Fantasy 11 and Vanilla WoW. As aforementioned, our leadership core is the same group that has been leading the community since TBC. Even when taking a break in MoP our community stayed together playing other games until we got the itch to raid again in WoD. We take raiding extremely seriously, but we also know this is a game and meant to be enjoyed. Our leadership has been raid leading in MMOs for over 12 years now, and know that positive reinforcement and a constructive environment is more effective than an authoritarian style that relies on yelling and screaming. We're proud to say that we prioritize problem solving and information sharing to overcome our struggles on a progression boss, not fear and punishment. Our main goal is to maintain a professional environment in which we can play this game and progress as a cohesive team against the hardest challenges gaming has to offer. What we're looking for: As a 3 day/10hour per week guild, we need to make every hour we play count. As such we're looking for players who's attitudes and personality fit in with our current group of players. We're looking for people who value approaching a new challenge by preparing and utilizing all resources they have at their disposal... not wasting their own time or their teammates' by coming into a new challenge unprepared or unresearched. We do not recruit for the bench, therefore all of our Trials are given raiding opportunities as our core Raiders - we can promise that you will see progression as a Trial. Some general requirements: Past Progression experience. We're looking for apps who have been a part of top progression pushes in past content, or are at least Mythic experienced in the current content. Ability to make 90% of our raids. Dedicated raiding mindset. This includes pre-researching fights before walking into a new encounter, keeping up with class Discords at all times for the latest tips/tricks to eak out the smallest gains, being on time and ready for every night, etc. You should be competitive, self-analytical, and always looking to improve your performance each raid night. We're looking for intelligent, competitive human beings, and you should be able to convey your intelligence in how you present yourself. This includes knowing game mechanics, quick reaction time, and being able to learn from your mistakes. You should be able to explain your classes' weakness and strengths and how to play your class to its fullest in any situation. Our pressing class needs are as follows. If you are an exceptional player of a class not listed below, still please feel free to apply: -Shadow Priest -Warlock -Balance Druid -Rogue -Warrior (DPS) -Priest or Druid Healer At minimum we are current looking for Raiders with: 3/9 Mythic ToS and/or 9/10 Mythic Nighthold experience 920 ilvl or higher Artifact Weapon level of 52 or higher We do not require applicants to possess a geared alt for split runs. How to contact us: If you're interested in applying you can visit our forums at Please be sure to read all the stickies before applying; if you can't be bothered to follow application directions you probably will not be considered for a trial. You also can chat with myself at Palin#1620 or and/or Nikolai#1962 if you have any questions about the guild or how we operate before applying. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!Pallinn226 2h
2h <Bound> 5/9M 10/10M 3 day LF HEALER Bound is a mythic Horde guild on Zul'jin-PvE. It was created in June 2009 and has been going strong since! We are a 21 and over guild where progression and fun are key, but remain respectful and do not berate our players. If you enjoy progression while also enjoying a fun, competitive atmosphere, Bound is for you! Server: Zul'jin-PvE Timezone: EST (East Coast) Realm Pop: Very High Economy: Awesome Wowprogress: Reason to Join: You want a guild that clears content as well as having a welcoming and inclusive environment. Guild Info Raid Times: 9:30PM - 12:30AM (EST) Raid Days: Tues, Wed, & Thurs // Sunday is used as a sell run/clear heroic/old content raid Loot: Loot Council Website: Ambitions: Competitive MYTHIC guild / Top US 100 (US#85 Helya kill) Activities: Plentiful Mythic+ teams, members enjoy playing heroes, hearthstone, diablo, overwatch, as well as other steam games. *We do NOT require alts/split runs* Recruitment Needs DPS - Please have a valid OFFSPEC -WW Monk - Moonkin - DPS Warrior -Rogue -Death Knight Healers: Looking for ANY NON DISC healer for an IMMEDIATE spot ***Exceptional DPS are always encouraged to apply, our raid spots are competitive as the best DPS will always be brought to progression*** Contact Orgim (Raid Lead/GM) Devastation#1654 Ppara (Officer) Para#1891 Qface (Officer) Qface#1465 - Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!Orgim257 2h