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Jul 24, 2014 <Vertically Challenged> 11/14H LFM DPS Vertically Challenged 10man team 11/14H, currently recruiting: 2 skilled DPS, one with a strong heal OS We are <Vertically Challenged> a 3 day raiding guild located on Thrall-US, a heavily populated, horde dominant PVE server. Some things to know about us: We raid 3 days a week: Tue/Wed/Thur - 10pm-1am PST Tue/Wed/Thur - 11pm-2am MST Wed/Thur/Fri - 12am-3am CST Wed/Thu/Fri - 1am-4am EST We use an open roll loot system MS/OS and trust our raiders to not be overly greedy Trials will be conducted by the officers through an open conversation with you to determine if it is an appropriate fit, striving to maintain the open and relaxed nature of the guild We offer: A fun and relaxed atmosphere An alt friendly and helpful environment including: flex runs, alt raids, CMs and VP capping One of the foremost late night raiding experience on the server Basically we provide a laid back setting while maintaining a serious raid mindset. We expect from you: To perform well, by that we mean consistently and actively seeking to improve your play and to be aware of current and future tweaks to your class/spec (Note: performance is not always synonymous with DMG/Healing meters) To come to raid with your game face on, this includes being on time and prepared. There is a time and a place for joking and trolling, mid boss fight is not one of them. To be a viable and productive team player. If asked to do an unfavorable task please don't whine and moan about the “dps loss” If you are interested or have any questions feel free to contact: Cúddlebunny-alt 163 (HayWheelie#1188) Diptro (Death#11144) Treetärd-alt 132 (omfgicecream#1141) Vanye (CoriMonster#1325)Vanye30 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 574 lock looking for late night heroic guild im looking for a heroic progression guild im a 574 warlock for late night alliance or horde i dont really careRaxxnar15 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 575 8/14H Lock-Destro LF H Raiding Guild :) Dear future home, I am currently residing on the server Icecrown hanging out in a guild that just me and my buddies from work make up that does Normal SoO and that's about it. I am fine with helping them but they know when I get a response from a guild who needs me I will be on my way. Been playing destruction since right after AQ40. Have cleared 8/14H in SoO in case you would like to view my armory click my portrait on the left side of the screen or simply click this link I have provided. I am willing to transfer servers/factions if that's what it takes to get back into the heroic scene. I miss it...dearly. I am free to raid any day after 1600 PST time or 1900 EST for you easties. I anticipate having to try out or show my stuff and am able and willing. Contact me via comments on this thread or In-game. Sincerely, Apsis Baid#1938Apsis43 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 Wkend Heroic - Plate Dps w/ tank OS <Khaos> Silvermoon Looking for a Mdps w/ tank OS * Warrior * Pally * DK 7/14 Heroic Fri / Sat 8-11 PDT Looking for someone who is interested in being apart of the raid team not just cross realm. Want someone who is looking to be apart of a guild home now and into WoD. We are a laid back group. Focus first is the People, the Guild... then Raiding... For more detailed information on the guild and who we are Please check us out online at... If you have any questions or would like to chat further please contact via btag Michelle#1828Kerra0 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 562 Shadow/569 disc (or holy) priest Hey all, As the title states, i'm not overly geared but i have decent gear. 14/14 NM exp, some attempts on heroics but never downed with previous team. Left raiding to take a break and do some pvp, unfortunately didn't realise that alliance side 90% of bg's are losses and the lack of any character progress at all is killing me. So i'm looking for a new raid team to kill bosses (hopefully some heroic) with the potential for a spot in WoD as well. Happy with 10 or 25 man format, think i'd prefer 25 man though to be honest as i haven't done that in a few years now. Have the potential to bring a second priest with me that is around 568 ilvl shadow i believe, should the home be suitable for 2 priests, and yes we can work well together if you require 2 shadow priests for your team. Anyway, any further questions you may have feel free to post here or add my battletag: Staele#1310 Or, as always, jump on and send me a whisper on this character :) PS- would prefer to stay alliance side at this point in time, purely for financial reasons really (that plus, always been an alliance member at heart)Feora12 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 8/14 Hm Soo + progress Lf few rdps and 1 heal Causual raiding guild currently 8-14 HM is now accepting new members for key spots in our 10 man raid group. we have lost a few people due to summer/real life. looking to fill a few spots. we will be going 20man in wod. Now recuiriting 2rdps (any class/spec) and 1 Healer lf ilevel 565+ or arround that. days/times tues and weds nights 9pm to midnight central time zone. add me to battle tag if interested fiestybaby#1607 thanksSkïttles0 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 Grumpy Old Farts LFM for 25man! <Grumpy Old Farts> - Not all Grumpy, (but mostly all Old Farts) is an alliance guild based on US Sargeras - A highly competitive PvE/PvP and Alliance populated server. We are currently looking to fill our Roster for Heroic 25man Raiding, commencing in August. Current progression: 14/14NM, 7/14HM An ilvl of 560+ PVE Gear is required for all core team members and please be at least working on your legendary cape! Raiding times: Core: Friday & Saturday nights at 6pm - 10pm, Sunday 6pm-9pm (CST) We are actively seeking the below classes. These are also permanent core spots and you will hold these positions for the WoD Xpac and beyond! ~ 2 Healers, with strong DPS OS ~ Ranged DPS ~ Melee DPS (filling fast - be quick!) The majority of our raiders have been together for a very long time and the social aspects of raiding are as important to us as progression. If you’re looking for a solid guild filled with veteran players that are clearing raids while they’re still relevant, Powering through some challenge modes! Flex raids on off nights. Farming achievements and helping others get hard or retro ones. Having fun! Socializing and chatting on Mumble with a great group of people who won’t exclude you...Then Grumpy Old Farts, may just be the place for you! Please leave a comment below, Or visit for more information. Alternatively, my Btag is Jade#1617, or Co-GM: HnH#1171Foreva26 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 [A]Late Night 10m LF TANK & HEALER or DPS Ever Vigilant on Kel'Thuzad is looking to replace two core raiders in our weekly 10man Heroic Progression SoO raid. We are looking for a TANK and a HEALER (or DPS). We are willing to do a TRYOUT before requiring you to join. Look for our OpenRaid event each week if we have a spot open. THESE ARE CORE SPOTS SO NO SITTING ON THE BENCH! See our OpenRaid event for this week: RAIDS are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:30pm MST (22:30) to 1:30am MST (01:30). Raid invites go out at 22:15/10:15pm MST. Our immediate need is for a TANK: PROT PALY, BM MONK, BLOOD DK, PROT WARRIOR. HEALER: RESTO DRUID. Other classes that would be considered would be: Holy Paladin Disc Priest, MW Monk. We will consider any of the following DPS classes and have one of our DPS go HEALS (we always have lots of options!): RANGED DPS: HUNTER, MOONKIN, ELEMENTAL SHAMAN. We already have a Hunter but having more than one Hunter especially on Heroic Thok and Heroic Siegecrafter is a win situation. Warlock or a Mage would be considered only if met all the right requirements. MELEE DPS: Retribution Paladin, DPS Warrior, DPS Deathknight. Rogue would be considered. Our requirements: - Gear ilvl must be close to 575+ (NO PVP pieces) and be gemmed, enchanted, reforged. - Heroic experience in SoO minimum of 9/14H (10man experience preferred). - Must be able to speak in TeamSpeak3/Mumble/Vent if needed. This is non-negotiable for Healers & Tanks. - Must be able to stay until the end of the raid time of 22:30 or 1:30am MST. - Good knowledge of your class and how to play it. - Raid awareness. Don't have to be perfect just have to make as few mistakes as possible. - No loot obsessed players. The goal is to kill the Heroic bosses. The loot is the reward. Loot is distributed as fair as possible via our Loot Council. - Be easy going, positive and patient during heroic progression fights. - Bring your own flasks if you are not on KT. We provide the food and Warlock health stones. - MUST be able to make 100% of raids and stay to the end of the raids consistently. - Your computer and Internet connection MUST be reliable. NO disconnects, no lag/latency issues on a regular basis that will hinder our raids. CONTACT SNOWYVIXEN VIA BATTLETAG: DamagerSnowy#1850 for any and all questions! NO APP required. May be asked to interview in voice chat. DO NOT REPLY HERE! We are always looking for heroic raid ready players for some of our raid spots that are filled by guildies who are unable to be reliable and consistent as needed for whatever reason or are leaving wow soon due to real life. These spots are TANK and MELEE DPS NOT mentioned above. Although we continue to raid each week with them or a pug from OpenRaid when they are not available we are wanting to fill these spots permanently to ensure our heroic progression can continue at a more rapid and stable pace. Also, we are looking for more players raid ready players to raid Mythic in 6.0!! All others are welcome to join EV. If you are on KT ask any online member for an invite. EV has been on KT for over 8 years. In previous expansions we have been in the top 10 on our busy server. Near the end of Cata we changed GMs and went to 10mans only and a less serious raiding plan. In WoD we plan on continuing raiding, starting with Mythic raids in 6.0! We are mainly a PVE guild but do some PVP. We have openings for Officers, Raid Leaders and RBG Raid Leaders. Everyone is mature; we prefer no one under 21 yrs of age. We do not allow rude, racist types. Some guildies are super quiet some are hilarious but everyone is kind to each other and some are very helpful if you need help. We have players who play at different hours throughout the day and night. Our raiders are all experienced players most have experience dating back to Vanilla WoW. Our server Kel'Thuzad is on Mountain Standard Time. KT is a high populated server filled with mainly Alliance players for now, the economy is booming and although it is a PVP server we have lots of PVE only guilds.Snowyvixen0 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 <A> 576 disc 11/14H seeking raiding guild As the title states I'm a 573/576 disc priest who is 11/14H 25m who is seeking a raiding guild. I need to stay alliance, and my raid days are kinda limited for I raid on my main (587 resto shaman). My main raids on Tues, Thurs, Sun. So I am seeking to raid on the following days - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (before 8pm EST) I have my legendary My professions are tailoring / flask master I am a crit / mastery / haste build. I presently have 3 toons that I can raid heroics with (2 shamans, 1 priest) Experience is from 8/14H to 11/14H I do not have any attempts on Blackfuse other than watching the videos on the last few bosses. I would like to see the end game content before 6.0 drops, HOWEVER, I am not in a position to realm transfer so this will have to be cross realm raiding. Just before WOD hits if the desire is to keep me raiding and as long as the raid times do not interfere with my current main guild raiding times, then I will be more than happy to realm transfer and join your guild. NOTES: - I am not seeking a bench spot - I am not seeking a horde guild (sorry just no desires to faction/realm xfer) - I am 11/14H - I can only raid Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday (but Sundays must end before 8pm EST) - I presently raid on my main toon on Tues, Thurs, Sun starting @ 8pm EST - I am a disc priest w/my 2pc OS shadow spec 567 ilvl I believe - I am disc with 573/576 ilvl - Professions are tailoring / alchemy - I will not transfer to your realm until WoD as I do not have the $$ to afford to do that presently - prefer a 25 man raiding team - I am presently on Kel'Thuzad You can add me or leave a message - Marine4you#1979Sheeturd0 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 Late Night Raid 10m 8/14H - Needs Tank We are a dedicated and mature raid team. Most of us have been together for quite some time now. Looking for liked minded individuals. 8/14 H Tuesday - Thursday 12 - 3am Est Needs: 570+ Blood DK 570+ Prot Warrior 570+ Prot Pally (Must Have Cloak & Meta) Contact drchubnasty#1204 for interest in this late night group.Chubsnasty0 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 10man 11/14H H Intent-Kil'Jaeden 2Nights/week Intent US-Kil'Jaeden Horde Our core raiding group consists of people who have years of raiding experience in competitive guilds, and our goal is to create a fun yet professional raiding environment for people who enjoy raiding while still raiding at a fairly casual rate as far as time is concerned. We are looking for players who know their class in and out, while being humble and able to take constructive criticism from other players. We expect our raiders to not only perform up to par with their current gear level, but go above and beyond to be competitive. We tend to hold a 12-13 person raid roster. This allows for unforeseen absences and good competition for spots. We still require a high attendance rate to raid. Raid Times: Wed 8:30pm-12am PST, Sun 7:30pm-12am PST. Recruiting needs: DPS with a healing OS. (any hybrid minus a spriest) Mage Ele Sham Moonkin Hunter Lock Or a full time healer. Any other exceptional applicants will still be considered. For more information or questions about joining apply at or talk to me directly through my btag. ~Kluber92#1900 or cheez#1165 and Myro#1483 if I am not around.Nattylol7 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 10M OPEN RECRUITMENT Guild Name: Project Zero Realm: Hyjal Raid Times: 9pm - 12am (Pacific) Raid Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Raid Progression: 10/14 SoO(N) 10 man <Project Zero> is a level 25 guild composed of competent raiders. We are seeking reliable raiders for our core progression. We are also looking for anyone who is wanting to compete in WoD. Mumble and mic required. Any raiders looking to take on WoD, we want you. Within the first week of the release of WoD we are going to be pushing level 100 and by the end of the first week, or starting the second week. We are planning on pushing progression in the WoD raids. We are currently recruiting the following: MDPS: All Range DPS: All (Core Spot if Mage,Warlock) Heals:All Tanks: All We offer a peaceful and friendly ENVIRONMENT for our members. If you decided to be a part of our guild please send and in-game or whisper Urbandub, Phluid, or Zëüs. Give us a chance, filling in these two needed spots and we should be able to progress up into heroics. Looking to hear from some PEOPLE i know a 9/14 Normal guild isnt appealing to much, but we are looking for serious raiders that want to take WoD over, the main focus is raid SoO get the experience and the chemistry there as a team, and then take the ranks in WoD. We want to strive to be one of the top guilds but we need YOU! or add our Battle tag: Mottaka#1762 = Urbandub GhostDragon#118491 = ZëüsZëüs1 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 574 Rogue LF>25 Man Alliance Heroic Team I'm 11/14 with experience on heroic Siegecrafter and Paragons. Preferred times are Sun-Thur 12pm-2am EST and Fri/Sat 12pm-7pm EST. I also have a 577 disc priest I can bring in for fights I don't need rogue gear on.Purloiner10 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 14/14H Warlock looking for raid team. 584 ilvl, need to replace one normal ring to bring it up. I love Dinosaurs, but they don't love me. Experienced in both 10man and 25 man full 14/14H. I work from noon-8pm EST. Will hopefully be able to work something out with possible teams. Experienced well with Engineers (even though for one night of my SoO life I would kill to pad meters on the boss lol). Battletag is Malice#1878. Add me if you would like to learn more and give me a little information about yourself, as well.Melísandre23 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 25M H Team Looking for Dps/Tank Os -Thrall The Silent Circle 8/14H is looking for a DK With a tank OS as well as a Warrior with 565+ We Raid Mon Wed Thurs 9:15-12 Est If you are interested please send me an IG message or post here. Thank you.Serprize0 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 575 hunter lf raiding guild Hello everyone!!! I currently have been playing World of Warcraft for 8 years played all throughout BC, Wotlk, Cata ,and Recently just came back to MoP(around 8 months back into it) Gone through about 3 accounts do to getting hacked... sadly, Looking for a heroic progression raiding guild hopefully higher than (7/14h) in progression i have 14/14h knowledge, . PM me on here or add my Btag Kennypowers#1493 thanks! I am fine with cross-server raiding and raid times are very manageable (School from 8-12 a.m. monday-thursday PST) other than that i'm available all day, all week! Also looking for a home to WoD About me: Always min/max my gear, prepot every progression encounter (), active on PTR raid content testing, and knows that fire is bad for the skin. I will also provide logs/ui/ect upon request or on appCynicle20 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 572 frost dk, 11/14H xp SoO, LF raiding guild 572 frost dk, 11/14H xp SoO, LF raiding guild. 9/9G CM, 13/13H ToT, 16/16H T 14. Just want to kill Garry before WoD.Ultradrunix2 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 <Aspect> 13/14H Is Recruiting Aspect is currently recruiting exceptional players for our core 2 (5/14H) with the main raid being 13/14H with potential hopes of merging the two groups to form a 25m once heroic garrosh is dead. We are recruiting for spots to continue into WoD Mythic. spots are competitive and you will be expected to perform, currently we are recruiting for: -tank -1-2 Dps (healing OS pref) All exceptional players please do not hesitate to contact Welarishan in game at: dyl#1942Greaturiah6 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 (A) Kings And Warlords LFM Kings And Warlords (KaW) is looking for more raiders to join our guild! we are on Alexstrasza, we are looking for people with positive frame of mind and the ability to Raid late night, we are looking for non drama players and are wanting to start raiding heroic as soon as possible. This is a brand new level 1 guild looking for raiders! Raid times: Tuesday-Thursday 8:00 pm PST (10 server time) that is 9 hours a week 3 hours a day. Recruitment: At this time we need everything! Future: We aim to eventually go 25 man be for WoD comes out! Contact: Battle tag: Warrendude#1174 in game: WarrenslifeWarrenslife2 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 [A] Resentment 11/14H is recruiting! T/W/Thur <Resentment> 10 Man was formed early 2012 on US-Dragonmaw by 5 friends that had been raiding together for quite some time. It was later that year that we decided it was time to leave our dead server, and transferred to US-Sargeras in search for a better environment, and to easily recruit raiders. We're a laid back guild that is progression minded. We love to be able to supply our raiders with gems, enchants, food, pots, and flasks, and are able to do so by having everyone contribute to the gbank what they can! With 6.0 on the horizon, we are recruiting to make a push for HM Garrosh before the patch. We are looking for players that have heroic experience currently, and are looking to progress through the rest of the heroic content and a steady pace. Raid Days/Times: Tuesday through Thursday 8:30 PM to 11:30 AM Server Time. 6:30 PM PST to 9:30 PM PST Currently Recruiting: Tanks: -Blood DK -Prot Pally -Guardian Druid Melee DPS: -Rogue -Frost/Unholy DK -Ret Pally Ranged DPS: -Mage Heals:[/i} -Disc Priest Keep in mind that just because your class isn't stated, that we will still take you into consideration. We have many toons geared and ready for heroics if we need to change the comp to accommodate. What we expect from our raiders: Punctual: We have a limited raid schedule of nine hours over three days. We expect all trials to be on time, and there all three days of the raid week. We understand that there are often real life issues, all we need is a heads up! Knowledgeable: We expect you to be knowledgeable about your class, the fights, and all the mechanics. It doesn't take long to look up a fight before hand in order to have an idea of what's going on while we review strat :P Open to ADVICE: We upload logs every week, and every week the officers and raid leads review those logs. We do so in order to improve the raid, not to pick at people. Be open to criticism!! We're not looking to tell you how to play your class, rather improving your play style to help the guild progress as a whole! [i]Have a great personality: Most of all, this is a game. We play to have fun. All of us are progression minded, but we look to have fun while we play. We enjoy a drama free environment, while continuing to progress and learn more! We play on a thriving server that is heavily populated by Alliance. The auction house is booming, and there's always something to pug at any time of the day. Pvp is also big on our server for those who enjoy to pvp as well. It's a great home! Thank you for taking the time to read through our app. If you're looking for a new home for yourself, you and a few friends, let us know. You can contact myself in game through in game mail, or add me on real id: Dylzard#1967, or contact Brybot, or Ibloodraven. Thanks again! -DylanDylzard7 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 582/574 Frost/Blood DK LF New Home Hello, my guild has fallen apart due to attendance issues and several members wanting to either quit the game or find a new guild. Our Guild Master announced this past raid that we would no longer be raiding as a guild. I would ideally like to join a guild that is at least 11/14H. Availability: Roughly 8:00 P.M. - 4:00 A.M. Eastern Slightly Flexible with this. About me: Have been playing since the launch of MoP. Played EverQuest, SWG, RIFT, SWTOR. 12/14H on my Frost DK, 8/14H as Blood. 13/14H on my Hunter (Main), with wipes up to P3. Can use Gorefiend's Grasp Can Interrupt Preferences: *** Prefer Ally over Horde, but Horde is not out of the question *** *** Prefer 25 over 10, but 10 is not out of the question *** *** Prefer Higher Population Servers, but is not required *** *** Prefer Weekend Guilds, but not required *** Logs available on request. Post your info below and I will contact you. Cheers!Escribriedo38 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 583/574 Resto/Balance 12/14h exp LF guild Hello, I'm Smeldor. I've been playing Resto since the beginning of Siege of Orgrimmar. I have extensive experience playing Resto as of this point. I'm looking for a chilled out group of players, 10 or 25 man preferably with Garrosh on farm. This is my Epeen Bot for the tier: and you can see logs from previous kills here: I'm available most nights, preferably not Friday/Saturday. Please leave a message here if you're interested.Smeldor44 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 576 Ret Paladin LF HC/ Semi HC Guild Hey guys, i am currently looking for a Hardcore or Semi Hardcore raiding guild. I'm Going to start off by saying that needing to swap servers is not an issue. I am Experienced in 9/14H Fights and have currently downed 8/14H. My previous raiding guild was disbanded after they decided to not be a hardcore group anymore, so now i am looking for a new home. I am Primarily looking for a 25 man guild that is preferably 6/14H or more. I am not opposed to running in a 10 man group but i would much prefer a 25 man. Times i am available (all times are in US Central Time): Weekdays: 5pm - 3 am Weekends: Noon+ Here is my EpeenBot Page: Notice that i have performed up to the 97th percentile of all parses for some fights. Also, most of these parses are from ~5 months ago when i took a Hiatus from the game. Contact me ingame @ Kodiak97#1627. Or respond to me here on the forums. Thanks!Kôdiak10 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 571 destro warlock 11/14h exp LF RaidingGuild Looking for a raiding guild for my destro warlock :) Trying to finish up the heroic siege runs before the next expansion! 10m group would be nice I've already done 11/14 bosses on Heroic and 14/14 Normal :) Not really looking for a guild that doesn't know what they're doing and that's just starting a 25man group.... Add my btag ^_^ BabyBreee#1686Babybree8 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 [A]<Wired>11/14h-25m Lfm Pallies! ~Wired, Alliance-Korgath (pvp)~ 11/14h 25m 5/27/14-present Formed July 21st, 2013. Wired is a semi hardcore raiding guild. Although we are a young raiding guild we have numerous raiders who have been around hard core raiding environments for 5+ years. "Experience is only the name given to our mistakes"-Oscar Wilde In the short time we've been 25m heroic (merged 5/27/14) we've killed Spoils/Thok. As of now we are regrouping to get those people EAGER to eventually kill Siegecrafter, Paragons, and Garrosh b4 patch 6.0. We raid 9 hours a week 7-10pm st TU-W-TH for our group 1-25m heroic. Come WoD we; like every other guild, will be switching to 20m mythic raiding so stay tuned! :) Raids: Group 1 25m Heroic(570+) Raid lead: David Tues,Wed,Thurs 7-10st (5-8pst/8-11est) Group 2 10m Heroic(560+) Raid Lead: Tbd Tues,Thurs 6-8:30st (4-6:30pst/7-9:30est) Alt Run 10m(545+) Raid lead: BYOB! Friday/Sat/Sun (Optional) 7-10st (5-8pst/8-11est) Recruiting Group 1 25m Heroic:(postings as of 7/21/14) High:Paladin (Ret), Paladin (Holy) Medium:Monk (WW/MW), Mage,Priest (shadow), Shaman (Resto) Low:Hunter, Rogue, Shaman (Ele/Enh) Although these are "needs" we are always looking out for quality applicants to help boast our roster. At this time you are not required to fill out registration but it'll help show us your enthusiasm. :) What we expect from you: Raid invites go out 10-15 mins before raid. Know your char/spec(s). Know upcoming fights. Attendance and punctuality are always a positive. Core Raid Positions: 90%+ attendance obviously RL happens so leave us a notification on any # of our forums. What you should expect from us: Knowledgeable leadership, quality/competent raiders to raid with. We do provide Repairs,Flasks,Pots,Carts for raiders and gems/enchants upon request. "Would you like to know more?!" (Please leave query upon friend request thanks) GM-David=Divader#1585 (Legit, character name in game) CoGM-Abmez=SJZ#1435 Officer-Tantilis/Clashadin/Tantilix=Demonicpiggy#1976 Officer-Ariael=Genesis#1186 Officer-Syan=Syan#1437 Officer-Laraven#1620 Officer-Tonnesoforms#2412 Check us out at: Thanks for your time have a great day, WiredTantilis0 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 Open Recruitment 10M 10/14N Guild Name: Project Zero Realm: Hyjal Raid Times: 9pm - 12am (Pacific) Raid Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Raid Progression: 9/14 SoO(N) 10 man <Project Zero> is a level 25 guild composed of competent raiders. We are seeking reliable raiders for our core progression. We are also looking for anyone who is wanting to compete in WoD. Mumble and mic required. Any raiders looking to take on WoD, we want you. Within the first week of the release of WoD we are going to be pushing level 100 and by the end of the first week, or starting the second week. We are planning on pushing progression in the WoD raids. We are currently recruiting the following: MDPS: All Range DPS: All Heals:All Tanks: All We offer a peaceful and friendly ENVIRONMENT for our members. If you decided to be a part of our guild please send and in-game or whisper Urbandub, Phluid, or Zëüs. Give us a chance, filling in these two needed spots and we should be able to progress up into heroics. Looking to hear from some people i know a 9/14 Normal guild isnt appealing to much, but we are looking for serious raiders that want to take WoD over, the main focus is raid SoO get the experience and the chemistry there as a team, and then take the ranks in WoD. We want to strive to be one of the top guilds but we need YOU! or add our Battle tag: Mottaka#1762 = Urbandub GhostDragon#118491 = ZëüsZëüs2 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 575 hunter 13/14 heroic xp LF guild as it says on the topic LF for a guild add my btag hottielock#1497 if you would like to talk to me about joining thxPhattybear3 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 [A] Severity Gaming | EST | 25m | 11/14H ========================== QUICK INFO ========================== Guild Name: Severity Gaming (Multi-Title eSports Community) Server: Kel'Thuzad - High Pop Faction: Alliance Focus: PvE - 25m Progression Raiding Progression: 11/14 Heroic 25 Loot System: Tiered Loot Council Schedule: Tu/We/Th 8-12pm EST Voice Server: Ventrilo Website: Application: === Last Updated: 4/20 === RECRUITMENT NEEDS === Effective Until: 5/9 ==== Healer(s): Druid Ranged DPS: Shaman, Druid, Warlock * We prefer players that can adequately play, and are geared for, two class specializations. * We will always consider exceptional applicants of any class. We recruit to replace, and our raid spots are "competitive". If you feel that you can outperform one of our raid members, please apply. * Minimum 7/14 EXP =========================== CONTACT INFO =========================== Have Skype? Visit this link to talk to an officer NOW: Otherwise, to get in contact with someone in game, please add the following btags:: Darknezz (Darknezz#1834), Delacour (Delacour#1483), Prwndfury (Prtankz#1351)[/ul] ========================== ABOUT THE GUILD ========================== Severity Gaming: WoW formed at the release of Cataclysm (2010) as part of a guild re-launch for a guild that had originally formed in 2004. It now exists as a group of well rounded individuals working towards progressing the organization as a whole. What members can expect: Intelligent and reliable leadership with years of experience and a desire to be as transparent as possible. A proven track record. Enterprise level organization and structure An atmosphere that promotes competition but also embraces a group mentality. A guild that is constantly learning, improving, and willing to take action to advance. Guild Repairs, Potions, Flasks, Food, etc. What we expect from our members: Knowledge of one's class that extends past cookie-cutter min-maxing and rotation. Adequate knowledge of encounter mechanics that extends past one's own class/responsibility. A humble attitude with a desire to seize every opportunity to improve the guild and raid group. Attention to detail both in and out of raid. 90% attendance and a composed progression driven attitude. Accountability for one's self and actions. A computer that can handle the game adequately. A working microphone. Enough maturity and common sense to understand and participate in typical guild banter ==================== ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION ==================== Severity Gaming is a US eSports organization that formed in 2010. It currently has a presence in World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, League of Legends, Elder Scrolls Online, Wildstar, Minecraft, and Various Steam Titles. Previous involvement includes titles such as Soldier Front, Team Fortress 2, StarCraft 2, and Smite. The organization itself yields leadership with a combined total of over 25 years of successful MMO and eSports management. The group strives to facilitate meaningful game-play, relationships, and success for players of all all gaming mentalities. Our ability to maintain a friendly and sociable environment that spans many titles is they key to our success. To summarize: "Severity Gaming is more than just a raid roster."Darknézz47 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 Returning player, LF Alliance raiding guild. Haven't played any progression fights since the start of MoP and heroic MSV. Quit and now am back. I have been in several top US 25s. LF 25m or 10m. Add me for any questions. Would like to chat before any applications. Bearlysober#1490Xanimal0 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 Looking for something more. I'm currently struggling through a problem I've had this entire expansion. A guild. Of course I have had guilds, my own and others. I started this expansion with a guild, a great guild filled with friends, real life and through game. They were by far not the best at raiding and not the most reliable, but they were the kinda folk that you'd enjoy sitting around and just talking to, and thats always more than enough for me. I've raided hardcore, I've PvP'd hardcore, I've went overboard on alting, I've server hopped a million times and I've even dipped my hand into role-playing ((Is this the part where you send me a picture of your boobs??}} Anyway, what I am looking for is not just a guild, not just a "raiding" guild, I want the complete package. I want friendly faces (names) that I can log on to everyday, an active roster doing dozens of things and chatting along the way. An active guild who dips there hands in everything and isn't overly concerned about being the best at it all. (Of course being the best is okay too, but I'm not really looking for a bunch of cocky little kids to listen to.) Raid PvP Be active Be sociable Be mostly mature I don't really care what faction or server. What do I bring to the table? I am a capable raid leader when I want to be. I'm pretty good at doing spontaneous things. (Hey guys, running x through y, anyone got an alt that wants to tag along?) I'm usually a pretty decent human being too. Oh, and I have roughly.. 5-10 friends I would be willing to drag with me. If anything though, I'd re-roll to get a good feel before I transferred anything. Thanks for reading, hit me up on bnet or you can leave a message here. Johneh#1403Xcell15 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 574 Disc Priest Looking for ... .... a regular group of people I enjoy playing with. Joining your guild is not mandatory. (It is certainly not off the table for discussion, but if I choose to move, it will be for a damn fine fit. I have no expectations either way.) At this point, gear is irrelevant to me. I want to see/experience more of the current content heroic fights. I like to keep challenging myself and I have been very lucky to get in a few good runs while pugging. I have been in some really bad ones as well. So, here I am. It's summer and far along enough in the content that probably some of your main raiders would like a break or a chance to play other toons. Ideally, I want to find a guild (or a couple of guilds) to raid with on a regular basis. I'm amusing, have a great sense of humour and play well with others. I will bring my own consumables since it will be very likely that we will be Xrealm. My availability is fairly flexible. The ideal group would be one who, although take the raiding seriously, don't take themselves too seriously. I have no need of just 14/14H guilds contacting me; if you are still on a bit of heroic progression that is fine. I enjoy helping people experience their first boss kill and it is satisfying to take down current content. If you think you will down that particular boss, I wouldn't have any problem stepping out for your guild member to come in to get that kill for them or your guild. 10 or 25 m, it really doesn't matter. I can do either. If this offer interests you and you wish to discuss more specifics, please add asermenthe#1543Asermenthe8 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 583 prot pally LF 2-night raid team Hi! Here's who I am: --I'm a 583 protection paladin. My OS is 575 retribution. I am absolutely willing to play Ret as mainspec as well. --I've cleared 11/14H w/Siegecrafter down to 50% or so. --I research fights extensively and keep up with protection paladin theorycrafting. Here is what I'm ideally looking for: --TWO weeknights a week (Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs). I cannot raid 3 nights a week. --Start time of around 10 PM Eastern --A fun, mature team that takes raiding seriously but doesn't rage or have drama. --Staying Horde, unless you're gonna pay for a transfer to Alliance. Please contact me at fastfoilist#1182 or below if you think I could be a fit!Fastfoilist19 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 LF Raiding Guild on Area 52-US I am a 571 Ele Shammy that is looking for a raiding guild with raid time starting at 12 or 1230 AM.Thundastorm0 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 566 Boomkin LF Raid Group(4/14H xp'd) Just came back from a little break. 4/14H xp in Siege as both Boomy and Resto. Resto set is 563. Need times between 7-11pm EST. Times are very strict for me so if your times don't fit in that time frame please don't waste your or my time. I am willing to go alliance but would prefer to stay horde. Skrillz#1384 is my btag add me and we can chat if you're interested!!Shroomkïn11 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 Late Night West Coast 14/14H LF DPS+heals Our 14/14 Heroic guild is all about raiding with people who like each other and that you get to know as friends. We're determined to preserve this ethos as we head into 20-man Mythic raiding. (Heroic experience NOT required.) If you're looking for a group of like-minded people you'll enjoy getting to know, while performing at a steady progression level, please read on! WHO WE ARE We're a mature group mostly consisting of professionals & parents with young children. So we raid late, after the kids are in bed. Our members range from age 20 to 43, with most in the 30+ range. Our group includes professors, game designers, software developers, and many others, as well as a couple college students and one starving musician. Most of us are on a first-name basis and value the other members as friends, not just as people we raid with. We hang out on mumble a lot, including non-raid days, and enjoy helping each other with achievements, farming old mounts, or just shooting the breeze. Most of us have been raiding for years (including pre-WoW). The core of the team has been together since WotLK. Most of all, we're about people. Because raiding isn't really about classes, or gear, or specs. Raiding is about people. RAID TIMES 9:30 PM - 1 AM, Pacific Time, on Tue / Wed / Thurs. We will also raid on Sundays when needed (usually beginning of tier, and the push to the last bosses. WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR 1. Personality is the most important thing. We want mature, easy-going people who like to have fun. 2. We are a Heroic (and soon Mythic) raiding guild, so everybody needs to perform at that level. We're very happy to work together to bring up our numbers, help with add-ons and macros, etc. We're happy to take good raiders we like, as long as they're willing to become great raiders. (We will NOT take raiders we don't like! We don't care how great they are.) 3. All ages are welcome, but we are mostly an older group. 4. Respect for diversity is a must. People come from different backgrounds, and we all need to respect that. 5. Please be respectful of others' time! We all have busy lives and time is at a premium. 6. A background in heroic raiding is very helpful. We're willing to take raiders without Heroic experience, but please understand that we won't be bringing you on progression fights until we're confident in your performance. 7. "Package deals" are welcome, but we will want to look at each person as an individual. THE PLAN Historically a 10-man guild, we currently have 17 members and 5 trial prospects. As we grow, we're going to preserve what we're about. We want each person we add to the guild to be fully integrated into the team BEFORE the expansion hits. We want people who join as people, who like the other people in the group, who fit in well, and are going to enjoy hanging out with us. And we need to enjoy hanging out with them! Since we're going to be very selective about the personalities of the people we let in (i.e. no jerks allowed!) we started growing the team as soon as Mythic was announced. OUR GOAL: To have an integrated team of people who like each other, get along, and work together as a team by the time the expansion hits. In order to achieve this, we will: 1. Look for great people to join us over the next few months. 2. Integrate you fully into our new team. 3. Make sure that everyone knows everyone else. No outsiders, no stragglers, no "A team / B team". CLASS NEEDS Mage Warlock Elemental Shaman Holy Paladin Resto Druid Resto Shaman Might consider a Ret Paladin, DPS Warrior, or DPS Death Knight who likes tanking. Might also consider a Mistweaver Monk. WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU Heroic experience is NOT needed, but we do need some sort of indication that you have the potential to perform at a Heroic level. So please have either 13/14 Normal, or else a history of raiding heroic level in prior expansions. Ilvl not important as long as we can trial you on at least the easiest Heroic fights. PAST PROGRESSION ICC: 11/12 Heroic T11: 4/12 Heroic Firelands: 6/7 Heroic Dragon Soul: 8/8 Heroic T14: 5/16 Heroic ToT: 4/13 Heroic SoO: 14/14 Heroic SERVER We play on the Hyjal server - The Jewel of the West! Hyjal has, by far, the largest Horde population on any PvE server in the Pacific Time Zone. It has become a destination for many PST Horde players, and is expanding rapidly. We all came from different servers, ourselves. Hyjal is a HIGH-population server, but with no queue times. The population is overwhelmingly Horde. CONTACTS If this sounds like a good fit for you, we'd be happy to talk to you. Add me on battletag at Tewa#1373, or Bahren at Samshi#1434.Tewa499 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 LF 10m raiders to get into HM. 14/14N 2/14H Guild- Rekaku Heights Server- Alterac Mountains Faction- Horde Raid times/days- Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 8:30pm-12:00am EST We are looking for good players to get into heroics with us. Looking to progress through SoO and set up for mythic raiding next expansion. Recruiting dps to chive with our times and days. Post Goforit#1697 for more informationOuchhy0 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 Hpally LF A GUILD Will x-fer Hello im a 568 hpally lf a progression guild im willing to x-fer and faction change if i have to. If you have a spot open for me Reply and i will send my Battletag. I am also willing to lvl any ranged dps/healers to fill in a spot or stick with pally for WoD! Differnt Raid days / times i can make. Monday Tuesday Sunday - 8pm + Monday Sunday 5pm+ Sat / Sun 8pm Monday-Thurs 10pm -1amByakuyå19 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 570 Frost Mage 4/14H LF RAID TEAM Hello everyone! I am a 4/14H Frost Mage that recently returned to game after a short period of raiding this last February-March when i transferred my Mage to US-Darkspear. I have prior heroic raidng/leading experience and value myself as a good raider overall.95% Raid attendance in prior years. I am also a fun person to talk to, very respectful, and will participate in most guild events, meetings, etc. Raid Lead- DS 6/8 Heroic Team 10 Man- MSV,HOF,TOES- 8/16H Exp TOT 4/14H Exp (Couple Months of raiding due to team falling apart 25 Man- SoO 4/14H (After 2 week trial was made 1st team raider. <Burnout> US-Darspear My team then fell apart again and I stopped playing for a few months. So now I am back looking for a new server and new raid team to raid on into WOD, where I am hoping to make a huge bang! I am available every night after 8pm CST LOOKING FOR 10 OR 25 MAN ( A video from our heroic shamans kill, since all my logs are gone) Feel free to chat with me Pauulz1456#1358Laslowz13 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 [A] 568 Combat/Mutilate Rogue Iso 10m heroics Veteran rogue looking for heroic guild for clears or progression. I've been around since 2005 and took a hiatus from raiding since Wrath days. I have a positive mind set and enjoy a tight knit guild setting. In my down time I run old raids and farm reps, materials. My b tag is spenceraz#1132.Shayroo5 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 583 12/14h xp disc lf late night guild Hi, looking to join a guild with a great raiding atmosphere, drama free and raids late night. 11pm pst start time would be ideal. I am proficient at both healing specs, have great raid awareness, never miss a raid night unless it comes to work. I bring a competitive vibe when healing, punctuality and loyalty. If you have any questions feel free to add my btag and we can chat. :) eyecon#1219Eyecòn0 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 Looking For Raiding Guild for WoD Before we start Scott#1441 is my btag for any needed contact. I can play the following classes for WoD, Priest(healer), Paladin(tank). ( I Can Raid ANY Day Any Times) ( I Can Raid ANY Day Any Times) Previous Guilds: Vanilla - BC <BiPolar> Bonechewer Ending of BC <Stack and Die> Nathrezim WotLK - Cata <PALS FOR LIFE> Laughing Skull I am looking to get back into raiding high end I would love to trial now during farm and get use to the guild I wind up with before WoD and move into WoD progression when that comes around. I play my priest mainly (Disc) My paladin was my first character and ive always been Ret/Prot. I would prefer to raid on my Priest mainly and on my Paladin during the off times or when needed for progression fights. As far as past Raid EXP, I have a pretty strong past, I have killed mostly everything upto date within a timely manner. I have been playing this game for around 10 years at this point. (With the exception of quiting right as MoP came out.).. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me on btag posted above or post questions here. I would like to say here and now, no i am not looking for handouts on heroic loot ect. Raiding atm isn't really on my mind but getting ready for the Xpac is. I just game back to the game from a long period of absence. Currently leveling my Paladin and Priest (soon to be 90) and will continue my journey to WoD from there.. ttylSuspect7 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 (A) Inspirational:LFM Morning Raiders; 3/14HM Inspirational is looking for more players who are interested in killing heroic bosses on a lightweight raid schedule. Many of our raiders have families, successful careers, and busy lives, so we try to make the most out of our 8 hours per week. We have no tolerance for homophobia, racism, or any form of discrimination. We value assessment and analysis over getting irritated or angry with our players. Approaching bosses from a logical point of view is the best way to kill new fights. Important details: - 8 hours per week: 10 AM -> 2 PM EST, Saturday + Sunday - Food is provided, repairs are available, flasks / enchants / gems available from guild bank - Established management with years of experience - We do not raid on holidays that fall directly on the weekend - We are willing to accept returning players if their previous experience will make them a genuine asset to our raid team - 18+ and committed; not looking to gear up your alt Contact info: lululemon#1232 - Anna Apply today: Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 2/14H Raid Team LF 2 Dps Eternal Shadows on Shadow Council-US 2/14H is looking for 2 Dps to continue our progression of SoO Heroics and prepare for the onslaught of WoD. We are a casual mature guild 18yr+ only please. We raid Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday 9:30 PM to 1:00 AM EST. Contact: Jaida#1678 or apply at as well as sending an in-game mail to Formortiis.Ayka2 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 584 14/14h Blood DK LF 14/14h guild 584 14/14h Blood DK LF 14/14h guild, availability is 5pst to 12pm PST any days. I am 11/14h on this toon (the one i'd prefer to play and feel I am best at.) as well as 14/14h on my mage I am looking to get in and finish out the tier on the class I plan to main in WoD. However I am flexible as far as being able to play my mage as well. battle tag is plaguewall#1735 for more questions.Plaguewall12 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 561 Resto Druid LF Guild I was the guild leader and raid leader of a 10-man guild on Zangarmarsh for all of LK and most of Cata - we ran it as a strict 10-man guild (when that was still a thing) and were ranked in the top 100 strict 10-man guilds for a while. I raided all of LK and through Firelands in Cata and have filled every role during progression on a number of toons (tanked on my warrior, healed on my druid, priest and shammie and DPS'd on my priest). I tended to take the swing role (tank or healer with the DPS offspec) when the numbers on any particular fight required some adjustment. I left WoW after Firelands and came back to WoW a few months ago, but haven't found a regular raiding home. I have a Boomkin offspec - right around 550 ilvl. I have a few alts at 90 (Shammie, Priest, Warrior), but only the priest has any gear, and is still a few weeks away from a cloak. I am currently 14/14 N (all with pugs or hopping in with friends to fill a gap). I am looking for a regular group, preferably just starting heroics or a few (5 or 6) fights in - I'd like to participate in some actual progression. I am available to raid two weeknights (Mon-Thur) per week, and would like to run starting at 9p EST or later - not overly concerned about the ending time. My current guild is great, but they just downed Heroic Garrosh and have an excellent healing team already in place, so there are not any real raiding opportunities for me.Grza13 Jul 24, 2014
Jul 24, 2014 13/14H 10m LF 1-2 Ranged DPS Raid times are Monday, Teusday, Thursday 8:30pm-12am CST Loot System is based on MS>OS but there is a little bit of loot council mixed in. Group is far more focused on Progression than Loot however. Please Post your: Ilevel Clear Link to your Profile Logs or Add Skellyton5#1322(Me) or Brittany#1294 Don't require you to server Xfer, Just need Somebody to fill the roster to get down Garrosh a few times Before WoD. If you like the group you can stay for WoD.Thefirebrand1 Jul 24, 2014