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Jun 19, 2014 575 Ret LF heroic morning raid. The title is pretty self explanatory, I work a night shift so my available time to raid now a days is early in the morning. I am looking for a guild that is ATLEAST 9/14 heroic, I know the encounters up to and including siegecrafter heroic. I am available to raid anywhere after 6am EST until roughly 11am EST. I have been raiding on a boomkin lately: Here is the link to my paladin If you're interested in chatting - B.tag = Illuvien#1863Mäsamune4 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 Looking for an RP guild (New RPer, learning.) (Emerald Dream) The title says most of it. I would most like be willing to be whichever race necessary should the guild seem promising, I've RP'd in the past, briefly, so have an idea. I'm very friendly, polite and helpful. I also plan as said to create a new toon specifically for this. When I say I am helpful I offer portals, flights, and other aid such as bags and so on. Very enthusiastic about this, please, get back to me! Thank you in advance, William.Aloriele5 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 <Vanilla> Hi my name is Rÿdia am the gm of <Vanilla> I just got back to the game after a break and I am looking to build a solid 10m hardcore raidings guild on Stormrage. If your looking to raids all days everyday you can contact me in the game or at this email : I am looking forward to build a solid core of mature players looking to down all the pve content and get ready to create a solid 20m core later on in 6-8 months when draenor will be released with mythics raidings. I've played in vanilla and I am looking for players who are ready to wipe wipe wipe and wipe... they come to raids ready flasked and all on time and show up. I want mature players who are dedicated to the guild and the progression who want to make the guild first and loot second like the old days. I don't want the kind of players who quit during raids or big fat womans who yell in vent with a 1000 cats or that kind of things the kids who cry over loot or create drama etc. I want to build a solid mature core of players who will enjoy the endgames content together and build a solid raids Schedule once we get theses peoples together. I am ready to raids 10hr's + a day if necessary everyday and build a solid pro team. I still have a lot to learn like many who will join the guild but mistakes is part of the game and I am ready to accept a lot of it. I don't really care about gears or xp or mistakes what I want is dedications. thank you very much looking forward to talk with you RydiaRÿdia0 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 Honors Light recruiting <Honors Light> is a guild on the Norgannon server where everyone is welcome, should you like questing, PvP, raiding, or just having fun in general, this guild will be a good place for it. As our name suggests, we like to keep things honorable, so please, don't grief other players, even Horde. Instead, let's help others out, let's show everyone that the Alliance has honor and let our light touch others and let us become known for that reason. All levels are welcome.We are low level but we are growing slowly, so come help be a part of making something great.Yakage0 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 555 warlock lf latenight team 2 days a week 14/14 xp on this toon 13/14H on main lf a team on my off nights. my ilvl should jump up really fast as soon as I start running regularly on this toon. need a team running wed and Monday night starting around 9pm pst. I've been raiding since BC and have been a raid leader for a large portion of that time. battle tag me if interested. tszymanski#1175Corpralbob0 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 <TMDM> 11/14H 10man recruiting for 25/Mythic <Trash Mob Death Machine> is recruiting for Mythic raiding in 6.0. Between now and when the patch is released, we'll be running HSoO as a 25man raid. About the guild: <Trash Mob Death Machine> has been a raiding guild on Illidan since The Burning Crusade. For the entirety of our existence, we've considered ourselves a casual-hardcore raiding guild. We strive to keep a comfortable guild and raid environment while simultaneously tackling some of the harder heroic fights each tier. About the raid: We raid 3 nights a week for 3 hours; a total of 9 hours a week. We consider that a small amount of time compared to many guilds with equivalent progression. Our raid nights are: As we are on the Illidan Server, Central Time US is Server Time Tuesday 9pm-12am (server) Wednesday 9pm-12am (server) Thursday 9pm-12am (server) For the 25man (and eventually Mythic raid), we will be employing a best-upgrade-wins loot system. When a piece of gear drops, you simply link what you are wearing. From there the officers will determine for whom it will be the biggest upgrade. If it is an equivalent upgrade for multiple people, you may be asked to roll for it. Priority may be given to senior raiders in situations regarding specialty trinkets or exceptionally rare items. Attendance will be taken on a regular basis. We expect all raiders to maintain an attendance rating of at least 90%. We require two addons for our raid: DBM (or equivalent) and Angry Assignments. All raiders are expected to have a working microphone and Ventrilo installed. Raid environment: This is an important section for us. In our raids, our top priority is to enjoy what we're doing. You won't find vent silent or find it filled with people screaming at each other over performance or rankings. If you just want to show up, improve upon yourself, carry your own weight and learn heroic bosses, this is the raid for you. We encourage you to be sociable throughout the night, but also to know when to buckle down and focus. Recruitment needs: Tanks: Monk/Paladin/DK/Druid Healers: Resto Shaman Resto Druid Discipline Mistweaver Damage: Unholy/Frost Balance Feral Hunter Mage Windwalker Retribution Shadow Enhancement Elemental Arms/Fury Required experience: You must have at least 4/14H experience in order to be eligible for this raid. Since we are already pretty far into the tier, we will be requiring a reasonable amount of heroic experience. As usual, special consideration can be made for people who put in extra time with an application and give a good first impression. Who to contact: If you're interested in our raid, please contact any of the following officers directly or fill out an application on our website: Zarillion#1558 - Guild/Raid Leader Haxial#1808 - Tanking Officer Seridwyn#1196 - Healing Officer Lampanator#1608 - Healing Officer Sigonious#1916 - DPS Officer Viznaz#1280 - DPS OfficerFanblade2 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 572 warlock 8/14 heroic exp daytime raiding hello! like the title says i am looking for a daytime raiding guild i am 8/14 heroic but i dont care what progression it is as long as its a morning/mid day raiding guild i am central timezone so around 8/12 am central would be nice.. thank you!Nizzlixk22 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 Soon to be 14/14 Heroic 25 expanding for WOD <Fated Succession> US-Frostwolf, is an established and devoted raiding guild, positioning ourselves to be among the top 50 US guilds. The general atmosphere in FS is an uncensored, adult social setting with a good splash of humor.At the moment we are reviewing potential raiders to bolster our 25 man heroic roster. We're using the 25 man heroic format to effectively trial prospective raiders for future WoD mythic rosters. We want "fresh-to-death" players who have progressed through the more demanding content in World of Warcraft when it was current, such as M'uru in Sunwell Plateau or Twin Emps in AQ. We are looking for top notch team players who are accustomed to theorycrafting and mastering encounter mechanics. Eclipsing the broad majority while remaining level headed should be your primary goal aside from progression. While this is an established guild, the 25 man heroic raid roster is still fairly new (barely 5 weeks old). As of right now we're only raiding on Sundays (a lot of our members have an established career outside of the game), BUT it is a 6 hour mammoth raid! We haven't had an issue clearing up to Malkorok in this short time span and we will certainly be 14/14H before the expansion ends (some of our members already are). Most of our members are based in California and we prefer future members to be on PST (Pacific Standard Time). If you happen to live on the east coast and have a compatible schedule, we're not opposed to that either. For more info just add bnet: Buzzkill#1742Osteosarcoma0 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 6/14H Hunter LF Morning or Afternoon Raiding Hello forum world. I am a 6/14 Heroic SoO experienced BM/SV or BM/MM Hunter. I am seeking a laid-back MORNING/afternoon raiding guild primarily setting up for Warlords or that is pushing heroics. I would be happy with 10- or 25-man. I am willing to faction/server transfer. A little about me: I have been playing a hunter of all specs since Wrath of the Lich King launched and have always been within a raiding team. I am looking for a home that will consistently push content, but that also has a home-like atmosphere. I bring raid and guild officer experience, knowledge of other classes, and a desire to progress as a team rather than as an individual. If you're interested, post your recruitment info here and I'll take a look. Thanks!Aredhel2 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 Recruiting DPS/ Heals - Zul'jin With summer upon us we have some open spots on our raid team. Our group is currently raiding around 11:00pm on the weekends, however we are quite flexible. Lately our chemical make up has been filled with cross realm friends of both SoO Heroic and fresh experience alike, so we looking to piece together a more steady team in our guild; Amazing- Zul'jin. With this we are not asking for a particular ilvl, but expect you to be an active player who is willing put in the time to know the fights of SoO and help our guild progress into WOD. Please feel free to contact me with ?'s vial battle tag "Zejhs#1418"Azyz0 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 565 Mage & 575 Hunter 14/14H LF H:25 closed. found guild.Caskah8 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 i580 10/14H hunter lf heroic, this week only My guild isn't raiding this week, had a couple of problems. I'm looking for a heroic run, for this week only. I am i580, and have done the first 10 fights on heroic, and have watched a video of thok. If any other bosses are planned, I will obviously do my research for those too. I have pets for all buffs, except for increased magic damage. I am engineer so I can soak orbs on malkorok effectively, and can use the speedboost for anything else I might need it for. I am not interested in any run that has not done atleast 10/14H, or any run that will give loot to their raiders before me, I expect to be able to role freely on loot I need, and be awarded it if I win the roll. If you're in need of me, post here with the times, or add me on btag, MrNooby#1179.Alcance1 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 552 Mage LF Raiding group/guild in illidan Im a veteran player of WoW. I have been playing since the start of WoTLK and i know much about the game. I want to start raiding and do SoO before next content comes out! I have raided before in guilds and im fast paced and good at quick thinking. My ilvl might not be that high and i might not have actual experience in Normal SoO. However i am quick to learn and have learned the battles through videos. I have done flex SoO a lot and i want to go a step further. I am free most of the time right now. I am on Illidan server and i would prefer not to change realm. If you are interested in recruiting me my battletag is F8ACazzull#1124 or answer through here. Im able to start raiding anyday! I have legendary cloak on my character if that helps! Thanks in advance to whoever gives me a chance to raid and enjoy the game more!Cazzull1 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 Resto/Boom Druid LFG I have recently just returned to WoW since the end of WoTLK. I last raided ICC 25 hard mode. I raided all from vanilla till then and then took a break for a while because I have been focusing more on school.. I just started back up and made a Druid. I can heal or boom depending on what you need, also able to learn or adjust to whatever you really need me to. Im looking for a guild who may have interest in a druid willing and able to learn extremely fast and just be apart of something special. I can raid anytime after 9:30 Est till whenever. I also can wait until next XPac if your waiting to use me then thats fine. I just want to get back into the swing of things with a good group of people and also raid 2-5 nights a week.Twonipz2 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 Boats N Hozen(10/14H) LF1M Ranged DPS - Link to our personal team page. Boats N Hozen is a 10 man raid team based on Aerie Peak Alliance in the Convert to Raid Galleon sub guild. We are currently 10/14H and working on Thok Progression, and we hope to down Heroic Garrosh before the end of the summer. We raid Wednesdays and Thursdays 8:30-11:30 EST. Currently, we are in need of 1 Ranged DPS! We are full on Hunters and would prefer a talented Warlock or Mage/Caster DPS to join our ranks. Please be 570+ iLvl and ready to kill bats on Thok! All interested applicants feel free to mail our raid leaders Exanates/ Phyllisse or any of our team members in game, or post on here. See you in raid!Hearthstone7 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 569 mage in need of H Weekend guild I'm going to keep this short and sweet, I am currently 8/14h exp almost got malk down. I took an extended break from December up till May. I was 14/14 before i took my break. and just got 8/14h in the past month. I can play arcane/frost I run sim's ect to better myself every week, I am a very quick learner and research the fights i need to. I am a team player, and very friendly. I do wish to trial the guild wanting me to xfer I can xfer on spot if I impress you and you impress me. The guild can be 10man or 25 man doesn't matter to me I can pull my weight either way. The reason I'm looking for a raiding guild on weekends is because I want to keep playing, when i head off to college. I prefer not to go later than 10-11ish EST on a Sunday because of having to drive back to college. If you have any questions ask below, or add Saviour#1972Saviör5 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 Are you a shaman (ele or resto) ? Because... ... because we want you. Here is our guild's details below! PM to Minne#1829 or Stri#1121 if you have any questions! ************************************************************** Bladesong (10/14H on Zul'jin Horde) is a well-established 10-man guild of three years, going on four. We are looking for awesome, progression-driven raiders to complement our main team (Tue, Wed, Thur). If you are interested in playing with us, please send us your application. Raid times are 8:00 to 10:30 PM server (EST). We are accepting applications for Ranged DPS and a healer. (Extra points if you are a resto shaman with a good elemental OS!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Apply at ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bladesong raiding aims to strike a balance between the hardcore & casual raiding scenes. I can't speak for everyone, but the pervasive opinion of members regarding this guild is that Bladesong is "The last guild I'll be in and if I left/it died, I would be done with WoW" (their words, not mine). More on who we are: The main goal of Bladesong is to KILL BOSSES! But we also strive to balance between efficient raiding and flexibility to allow members to meet their real life obligations. See our website (link below) for more information on how we go about our business. :) Our roster is made up of 20-30 somethings who know their classes, study encounters, and push each other to perform at our best. It is a culture of success because people want to do well not just for themselves but for their fellow raiders as well. Website: Officers: Minnaura (GM) Minne#1829, Strudel Stri#1121 Pins (Raid Lead & Main Tank), Logathil (DPS), Bagels (Healing), Strudel (Recruitment) Minne's Twitch Stream: Note on contacting GM/Officers - We're happy to answer any questions you may have! Feel free to contact us via our website if you can't find us online. Lots of us hang out on our forums (The Chat box) during the day when we're not raiding. :)Bagels0 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 576 SPriest LF new Home Currently 576 SoO 10/14 hm on Area 52. looking for a new raiding guild that better suits my schedule. Been raiding since wotlk, Willing to xfer or even faction change if needed to. contact me in game btag: onra#1163Deathstär28 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 <Riven> Recruiting Hybrid and Tank for HM SoO Currently 9/14H. Raid Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday 7:30 - 11:00 PST. Looking for plate tank and hybrid for core group. Please contact me. Btag: Bainata#1626Bainatta1 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 14/14 582 hunter lf competitive raiding guild As stated in the title, I'm a 582 hunter with 586 available in upgrades. I parse in the 90th percentile or above on almost all T16 25m fights. I am 14/14h and will not regress. I am looking for a competitive raiding guild that will be going for realm firsts and US/world rankings in Warlords of Draenor. I can fit any raid times to my schedule, no matter how strange they are. I don't mind the faction or the server type, I'll join if I am interested in your guild. I am not interested in a guild that is toxic and overly trolls. If you are interested please leave your btag and guild information below, thanks.Aqurara10 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 LF Warlock, Boom, Rogue + MORE 14/14H 25-man We raid Tues, Wed, and Thurs from 7pm to 11pm CST (8pm-12am EST). You must have at least a 570 ilvl and 10/14H to be considered. <Summit> is a 25-man guild on Illidan. We have immediate spots open for SoO heroic clears and for Warlords of Draenor. It is important to note that regardless of our Recruitment needs, every spot is competitive. If you're an amazing player that can outperform people that are currently on the roster, then go make an app right now regardless of what class/spec you play! However, our immediate recruitment needs are: MDPS DK Warrior Rogue RDPS Warlock Shadow Priest Elemental Shaman Healers Resto Shaman Holy Paladin You can apply at our website (click the "Recruitment" link at the top of the page). If you have questions, feel free to contact Blizzhoof (Blizzhoof#1716) or Sepheros (Sepheros#1479). Please write something about recruitment or that you're looking for a guild so I know what the contact request pertains to. Alternatively, you can post in this thread with your Battletag and a little information about yourself, and I'll contact you. We raid Tues, Wed, and Thurs from 7pm to 11pm CST (8pm-12am EST)Blizzhoof499 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 [H] 8/14H Core looking for a Healer and dps Hi im from "the Outer Limits" a guild from Vashj'r US we're currently 8/14 Heroic. Our Raid times are: Tuesday: 6:00pm - 9:00pm (Server Time) and Thursday: 6:00pm - 9:00pm. (Server Time) We use Ventrilo for Voice Chat Our current Core is: Tanks: DK - Paladin Healers: Druid - Priest (OS Shadow) Dps: Warrior (OS Tank), Mage, Hunter We're looking for a healer and two dps must be 560+ and have at least 14/14 Normal exp we don't mind to explain fights :) Contact: My Real ID: Franross#1989 Core Lead ID: Myrc#1271Keiral0 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 550 Elemental Shaman lf guild Im looking for a raiding guild 10 or 25 man i can join cant transfer servers quite yet but when i get the money ill be more then willing to switch servers to join. Im looking to try to get flex kills first and then get thrown into normal raiding ive done some normal and some flex but havent gotten around to getting my garrosh kill sadly :(. Im looking to try to get a flex garrosh kill hopefully before tuesday next week but not sure if i will find a group yet. Besides that my raid times are really anytime im needed on :D. My btag is ziggy#1789 If possible up to whoever wants me to help me get a flex garrosh kill that would be awesome but ill probably have to crossrealm raid for the time being keep that in mind before adding me :DKitè11 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 518 resto shaman LF raid guild available 1700-0100 pacific time and whenever on weekendsSauseboss1 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 555 Resto Shaman LF late night raiding group I live in Hawaii and I am look for a guild that starts raiding around 8pm Hawaii time so I suppose any times between 10:00 pm ST to 2:00 am ST. I'm available every evening and weekends all day except Tuesdays. Looking for a mature group of adults who understands RL issues can pop up. I have a child and may need to miss a raid but I would always notify in advance if that should happen. A fun social group would be nice. I miss my old group who were so much fun. Thanks!Rayariela5 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 (A) AXIOM 1/14 Heroic LF DPS <AXIOM> 1/14 Heroic 25 Man. Is an Alliance raiding guild on the Turalyon-US realm. We are recruiting the last spots for our 25 man raid group. It's our goal to progress through content as quickly as possible on a light schedule by raiding as efficiently as possible. Our focus will be 25 mans, and eventually will be focusing on 20 man mythic raiding. As we move towards warlords of Draenor, our intention is Hitting the ground hard and running on day one Towards Mythic progression. RAID SCHEDULE: Right now we have our 25 man group slated at the following times Tuesday 10pm-1am Thursday 10pm-1am Monday 10pm-1am We do require 75% attendance or more for our Core Raiders, but their is always a role for those that can not. For Qualified applicants we do offer paid transfers/faction change. Recruitment We do not recruit for the bench! if we accept your application, fully expect that you will be in raids and we will be evaluating your performance on night one. the two biggest things we look for in raiders are: - A willingness to learn - The ability to adapt to constructive criticism, and new fights and mechanics. Our Current Recruitment needs are as follows: High All DPS Classes Medium Low -Tanks and heals(although exceptional applicants will not be passed up) What Do We Look For in a potential Recruit? We are looking for people who want to be part of a tight-knit group of mature raiders that hold each other accountable and strive to fulfill their roles in a raid; those who want to see all of the content in WoW with a focus on teamwork and a drama-free attitude.If you're looking to be another face in the crowd or are unwilling to take the time to do your research, we're definitely not for you.We maintain a friendly and helpful atmosphere. What we expect you to do is show up on time, be prepared, research your class to the best of your ability, perform your assigned role in our raids, and have fun in the process! We can offer immediate raid spots to players that demonstrate maturity, communication skills, extensive raiding experience, and exceptional performance. This is an outfit that requires top performance from every raider. New recruits must be able to tolerate criticism, respect the officers and improve if necessary. Mumble is required and a working microphone is encouraged. Your gear should reflect your level of dedication and experience, including appropriate gem and reforging choices. Loot: Loot is distributed through a loot council that takes into account: -Attendance -Performance - Previous Loot allocation with respect to competing members of the same gear type. Contact Information You can contact us online with our Add with a message saying recruit. > Hotwìrê-GM: Hotwire#1564 > Buzzkid - Recruitment Officer: Buzzkid#1723 > Blesseddemon-Assistant Officer: anthony#1514 Or put in an app here: Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 <Acid>14/14H - WoD Mythic Recruitment <Acid> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on the US realm Lightninghoof recruiting additional raiders for progression in the Warlords of Draenor expansion. <Acid> was formed on July 29, 2009 as a 25 man heroic raiding guild and finished tier 9 as 16th on server and 7th on server during tier 10. Moving into Cata, after reforming into a 10 man guild during tier 11, we went on to rank 5th in Firelands and 3rd in Dragon Soul. As of Mists of Pandaria, we killed Will of the Emperor second on server, but went on to get first on Grand Empress and Sha, as well as the entirety of tier 12 and tier 13, including a 292nd rank US finish in Throne of Thunder and a 137th US ranking in Siege of Orgrimmar. Going into Warlords of Draenor, we are looking to increase our raiding roster to 20+ to accommodate the new changes to Mythic raiding. Our goal is to continue to increase our ranking into the top 100 US guilds and beyond. While we are looking specifically for certain classes, please do not let this discourage any serious applicants. It should be noted that those looking to apply should be comfortable playing all of their varying specializations to a proficient degree. High Priority: Warlocks Warriors - Prot, Fury Death Knights- All Rogues Druid - Resto Medium Priority: Monk - All Druid- Feral / Boomkin If interested, please pm an officer in game on the realm Lightninghoof. (Isiildur, Kaisis, Cannara, Darkram, Thorvus) or add Izzy#1715 or Live#1651Livè12 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 [H/A] LF Reroll or X Realm Raid - Any Class Hi there! I am looking for either a reroll guild where I can reroll on the server, gear up a character, and start raiding (at any progression level, really), OR I am also interested in cross-realm raiding if you need a strong extra to help progress through content. I'd prefer not to transfer any toons right away if I did cross realm, but ultimately I would be able to if necessary. Why you should want me: I'm currently 14/14 heroic experienced on my Warrior as Fury, and have some very competitive level DPS. All of our logs are public and you can view them either on warcraftlogs or World of Logs. I very rarely die or mess up even the hardest of mechanics, and am able to adapt very quickly to new ones. As well, I am also very versatile and have almost 11 years experience playing the game in a multitude of roles. I can basically pick up any class (even one I don't have leveled up), learn how to play, and fill a raid spot with solid attendance and performance. What classes and roles I can bring: Warrior - Any - Reroll Only Paladin - Any - Cross Realm(Alliance) / Reroll --- Have Cloak! Hunter - Any - Cross Realm(Horde) / Reroll - Will also transfer after trial Rogue - Any - Cross Realm(Alliance) / Reroll - Will also transfer after trial Priest - Any - Cross Realm(Horde) / Reroll - Will also transfer after trial Death Knight - Any - Reroll Only Shaman - Any - Reroll Only Mage - Any - Cross Realm(Horde) / Reroll - Will also transfer after trial Warlock - Any - Cross Realm(Horde) / Reroll - Will also transfer after trial Monk - Any - Cross Realm(Horde) / Reroll - Will also transfer after trial Druid - Any - Cross Realm(Horde) / Reroll - Will also transfer after trial What I'm looking for: Basically, I can play almost any class and spec, but some of the classes I have are already 90, but may be only for one faction. If you for instance want me to play an Alliance Druid, I'd have to re-roll. If you wanted me to play a Druid on Horde side, I can do a cross-realm raid with your guild and would transfer after the application process. My best classes are highlighted with bold text, but I treat any class the same as I do with my main; thoroughly investigate and theorycraft, and play competitively. I'm also not looking for a free ride. I'm actually looking for the opposite; I'd love to help progress! It's the main reason I'm looking for a second guild. When I can raid / Other info: I am available on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Mondays from 10PM EST (-3 hours for you west coast people) and later. If you are interested, please post here and contact me on RealID at Barnacles#1680. Thanks again!Littlesteve2 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 [H] 573 Frost / 566 Blood DK LF HM Guild Greetings! I'll try to keep this short and sweet, but at the title says im looking for a progression group for HM SoO. My previous guild fell apart a few months ago just as we were starting to get into heroics, and im finally looking to get back into it again. Current exp is 3/14 HM (2 on this toon, 1 on my alt). My main spec was blood for most of this expansion, but I've transitioned more towards making frost my MS these past few months. I can play either role depending what is needed, but my frost set is currently better geared. I'd prefer a 25 man group, but 10 is also a possibility. Im also looking for a group thats fairly laid back, but serious enough to make some actual progress. I do work most evenings, and occasionally in the afternoon. Raid days dont matter, but the time will have to be at 10pm pst or later. Server transferring wont be a problem, but im not willing to faction change. You can hit me up at thrash829#1483 Thanks!Saldaren0 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 554 Resto Shaman Looking for a Guild! I'm aware that my gear isn't exactly up to par with where most people are. But i'm a very experienced veteran and have been involved in many high ranked US kills. I'm willing to sit on fights where my gear may hold the raid back. CURRENT PROGRESS -14/14 Normal - 2/14 HeroicTokiwärtooth10 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 resto shaman lf guild I just recently came back to the game and looking to join a hardcore guild. I'm 9/14 herioc/567 il and prefering something around that much progress but its not that big of a deal to me. I do not have any logs to show because i have been gone for 6 months. I know what to do. I don't die to stupid stuff. I pull very competitive numbers. I research fights prior to progression nights. I will be an asset to your raid. heres my btag if you want to talk to me ill be on tonight. ssalvatore#1623Salvatoretvd9 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 hey dps.. do you need a late night guild? The Knight Owls of Zul'jin is recruiting 2 dps for our heroic raid group. This is a permanent position as long as you sign up and show up consistently. We are a laid back group of people who play together and hang out in vent most nights. Any dps class works, however, I do have a strong preference for: lock boomkin rogue mage. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:30AM- 3:00 AM with an alt or cleanup run on Sundays. If interested you can add my bt aayia#1539 theknightowls.wowlaunch.comIsiseve2 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 9/14H 25m Sun/Mon LF dps Anatidaephobia of Shattered Hand 25 man Horde raiding guild 9/14H 2 nights, 8 hours a week. Sunday & Monday 6 pm til 10 pm EST About Us: Anatiaephobia is a community of active, experienced gamers. We raid strictly on a 2 night (8 hour) schedule. Many of our raiders come from high end progression guilds (from U.S. 200 to U.S. 50) dating back to vanilla, During Cataclysm we managed and ran a small guild on Shattered Hand named Exigent earning several achievements in the process. Shortly after the release of MoP most of us scattered to various different servers due to real life scheduling issues. Some stayed on Shattered Hand raiding with a top 50 U.S. guild. Others joined a U.S top 100 25 man, and some just decided it was time to take a step back and focus on other priorities. But we are now back with most of our core team from Cata intact and have regrouped on Shattered Hand once again! We are an active community that have a passion for not just WoW but a multitude of games. If you are interested in raiding with individuals that are skilled, passionate, and extremely team oriented, then you are exactly who we are looking for! What we are recruiting -Experienced, strong ranged DPS *Mage *Warlock *Shadow Priest *Elemental Shaman -Melee *Warrior *Death Knight *Feral Druid **If you're a dps and your class is not listed but you have strong parses and can avoid fire, lets chat** -Strong reliable healers (parsing healers would be amazing) *Looking for one non-shaman heals to toss into the mix **Logs are strongly encourage if you are looking to land a core raid spot** **You also need to be ready to step right into heroics, this means having your meta gem & your cloak. And sitting @ or near a 553ilvl. Some exceptions will be made for the right individual(s)** And as always if your class/spec is not listed above but you feel you are an exceptional player who can bring valued contribution to the team we would still love to talk to you! What we value in our players -Team first attitudes -Hardcore mindset -Good communication skills -Willingness to research fights -Great raid awareness ( no one wants to be the guy or girl wiping the raid!) Feel free to contact us or apply @ contact info: corv#1911 or stop by Shattered Hand and talk to Totonic, Beantot (kleiger#1582), Energyspark (phoenix54#1885), or Noxy (moxie#1196)Totonic138 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 Last Chapter 13/14 H Lf Dps Name-Last Chapter Raid Size-25m Progression-13/14 H Raid Days+Times- tues,weds,thurs 8:15-11:15 pm est Hello we are currently looking for a few more solid dps to push Heroic Garrosh with us any strong dps applicant will be considered. apply at or contact btag xNJxcrash#1556 , Kamari#1205 we also have a 2nd group raiding sat-sun 8:00-11:30 pm est that is 25m 8/14 H also looking for dpsNjxcrash0 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 9/14H guild LF Raiders for Mythic In WoD Hey everyone. We are looking for dedicated players to raid with us for mythic 20 man raiding! we are currently 9/14 Heroic in SoO. (lack of progression is due to a !@#$ realm with no tanks) We are in need a few healers and dps. Also, they will be converting SoO to use the new raiding system that will be in place for WoD. So we need people for 20 man mythic SoO when it is released. For more info on this check out this link If you are at all interested, please respond on here or add Calirambo#1213 Raid days for the next Xpac have not been determined yet. Would love to have a pally and monk healer, but all will be considered! Need any class for DPS but would love a lock!Canà3 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 573 WW // 567 BrewM LF Heroic Raiding Guild Hello, I am currently (As of 06/17/2014) 8/14H experience with sub 10% attempts on Malkorok Heroic. I am very familiar with switching between my dual-specs as my Raid Leader would have me switch to 3tank Shamans and tank the whole raid when our Main Tank could not make it. I raid cross-realm with a guild on Stormrage (SilentSanctuary) and am planning to transfer realms for WoD -- The consistent people dieing to the same things, not learning the mechanics, and the Raid Team not being open to different ways of doing things is NOT how I like to play. So, I am LF a new Heroic Raiding Team. Realm does not matter. Horde or Alliance I don't care (I'm going to be a panda either way) Raid Times MUST be Friday Saturday -- No particular preference for the exact time the raid starts so long as those 2 days are achieved. I have no interest in being a benched player waiting for his turn to participate on his BiS boss. Although, as many guilds have a 'Greater-Than-10/25-Man-Roster' -- A solution can be reached for every situation. Hit me up if you would like to chat. Any responses to this post -- MUST INCLUDE : Battletag for communication, Raid Days & Times, Current Roster, 25man or 10man Thank you for your time.Cheiru7 Jun 18, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 [LFG] 577 Disc Priest 12/14H My last guild died due to end-of-expansion burnout , but I still want to kill H.Garrosh =) I have essentially all the gear I was hoping to get out of this patch, I'm just looking for a guild that can kill Garrosh before the patch ends. I'm looking for a guild that has killed 12 or more Heroic bosses to join up with. I consider myself a skilled healer, and I am a Moderator over at the Priest forum in Icy Veins. I work the typical 9-5 so I cannot start any earlier than 6:30pm EST. If you start that early, I reserve the right to be a little late depending on traffic and dinner, otherwise you can depend on me to be on time. I can raid whenever will be needed on the weekends.Brutalpriest19 Jun 18, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 lf someone to create new toon with Looking for someone who wants to make a new toon on a pvp server that has a high population!Wiinkeebook2 Jun 18, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 575 Spriest. LF New H SoO 10 or 25 Looking for a guild to run H SoO with that is 11/14 or higher. Also looking for a home leading in WoD and during WoD to push hard with. I am available Monday to Sunday, After 4pm EST. I'm not a big fan of writing a lot on the forum, contact me at Pogostick#1564 to ask for any information you need.Kamehamehaw32 Jun 18, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 Returning Raiding (From ToT) Shadow Priest Background: I came into WoW since WoTLK and raid every since. Been in Top 50 US 25M Raiding Guilds. Was a Holy Priest then became Shadow so I'm comfortable with Holy as my offspec. Took a break during Firelands (Raid was dull and H Rag make me cry at night) and during Throne of Thunder (Had to move through two different guilds, starting from scratch, paid over $100 in transfer fee). I am glad I took a break because I learned that I want to play WoW on a lighter note on raiding and not be an impulsive a$s when you're investing hours on a single boss. I still want to be best player on my class and learn from others and definitely, enjoy the game. Personal Achievement: Realm First! 85 General on US-Burning Blade Realm First! 90 General on US-Stonemaul "The Immortal" Title Raid Schedule Availability: 7PM CST (5PM PST, 8PM EST) --- 12PM CST (10PM PST, 1AM EST) Monday - Friday. Like my weekend off for Family/Personal time. *If I need time off of raid, I will always give notice ahead. Expectation: I want a permanent home. No more paying Blizzard ridiculous transfer/faction changes. I want to enjoy playing with people Vs playing WoW itself. What's important to me is stability. I haven't played WoW for about 5-6 months so I will be rusty. I am in no rush to raid. Take me in as a trial or whatnot. I will work on gearing on LFR/Flex and maybe get into Farming content when the time comes. I want be ready for next expansion and enjoy it with a new guild. Outside of World of Warcraft: Asian, 25-30 Age. Former US Army, Got back into School, working on my bachelor. Happily with my GF/Fiance. Too poor for a ring. Playing a lot of Starcraft 2 and varies of other PC games: FPS, Strategy, and more. Questions? I am in no rush to get into a guild so please message at djsquare#1126 anytime!Amituofo3 Jun 18, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 550 Prot Pally LF Guild I am an ilvl 550 Paladin tank. I'm a returning heroic raider. I returned during 5.4 and I am now 14/14N on my Holy Priest. Had a priest because heals were needed in my current guild. I now want to tank and tank spots are not currently available so I am looking for a new team. I host and lead events. The first few events I lead were successful Garrosh N Kills. I now lead weekly Flex 1-4 events on my Paladin tank, but I am itching to get into heroics or even a normal progression raid team. I am planning on playing a Prot Paladin for the entirety of the next expansion and dont foresee myself changing even after that! I am always up to date on the best guides, and am always looking for ways to improve myself and the team I raid with. I am also an experienced raid leader and feel comfortable leading my own raid team. What I want in a guild is a guild who is consistent in their raiding, but also has a good social atmosphere. I want to enjoy playing with the people I play with and hopefully build some friendships. My raid schedule is: Thursday+Tuesday Nights OR Thursday+Monday Nights. I am only looking to raid two nights a week. If the guild is seems like a great fit, I am willing to transfer. My RealID is MarkusQ#1133 Add me, and I hope to hear from you if you think I would be a good fit for your guild. -ThureosThureos10 Jun 18, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 Fear itself 12/14 Heroic 25man raiding guild BattleTag: salvation#1358 Faction: Horde Server: Stormreaver Raid Times: Tues, Weds, Thurs, 8:30-11:30 CST- (9:30-12:30 EST) <Fear Itself> is a 25 man guild residing on Stormreaver server. Open recruitment for Tanks, DPS, and Heals with a high need for (Disc Priest) all other experienced healers are welcomed to apply. Ill try to keep this short. What we're looking for: We are looking for players who want to progress through heroics while the content remains relevant. We are an established guild that will triumph and keep pushing even through WoD. We have a laid back atmosphere but our raiders are focused and serious when it comes down to raiding. Fear Itself believes we are missing a few pieces to our puzzle and would look to invite trials from Tanks, DpS and Heals. We do not recruit to bench, we have immediate core spots available once a trial is passed. We treat everyone with respect and would like to keep good vibes within the guild, no one likes to log on and pay 15$ a month to be in a miserable atmosphere. Currently we are 12/14H with great progression on Paragons. A stream of our raids can be found at Tues, Weds and Thurs. 8:30-11:30 CST (9:30-12:30 EST) If you are interested you can apply at, (all apps are looked at fairly quickly please keep this in mind as we like to interact with applicants on our forums and usually a question will be asked, the faster we can speak to you, the faster you are trialing!) if you have any question feel free to respond here or add my btag, hope to hear from you soon!Salvatiion0 Jun 18, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 Prot/Fury War & Pally LF raiding guild (Tich) Want a guild on Horde Tichondrius! Both my toons, Been playing WoW since BC, took a few months break. Wanting to get back into raiding with whatever role needs to be filled. I'm experienced with every raiding role. I can do most nights of the week. Very seldom that I can not make it to a raid. I want a serious guild (doesn't need to be hardmode because my gear isn't quite up to par yet) that has a really good community, can have fun and get done what needs to get done. Warriors name is Intervean, Paladins name is Interview.Intervean0 Jun 18, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 <Fated Succession> LF raiders for 14/14 H-25 <Fated Succession> US-Frostwolf, is an established and devoted raiding guild, positioning ourselves to be among the top 50 US guilds. The general atmosphere in FS is an uncensored, adult social setting with a good splash of humor.At the moment we are reviewing potential raiders to bolster our 25 man heroic roster. We're using the 25 man heroic format to effectively trial prospective raiders for future WoD mythic rosters. We want "fresh-to-death" players who have progressed through the more demanding content in World of Warcraft when it was current, such as M'uru in Sunwell Plateau or Twin Emps in AQ. We are looking for top notch team players who are accustomed to theorycrafting and mastering encounter mechanics. Eclipsing the broad majority while remaining level headed should be your primary goal aside from progression. While this is an established guild, the 25 man heroic raid roster is still fairly new (barely 5 weeks old). As of right now we're only raiding on Sundays (a lot of our members have an established career outside of the game), BUT it is a 6 hour mammoth raid! We haven't had an issue clearing up to Malkorok in this short time span and we will certainly be 14/14H before the expansion ends (some of our members already are). Most of our members are based in California and we prefer future members to be on PST (Pacific Standard Time). If you happen to live on the east coast and have a compatible schedule, we're not opposed to that either. For more info just add bnet: Buzzkill#1742Osteosarcoma1 Jun 18, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 [H] LF 1 DPS or Healer for HSOO(9/14) tonight ilvl 570+ Doing first 9 bosses on heroic 10m in SOO tonight at 8:00 PM EST and finishing either tomorrow OR Monday at 8:00 PM EST. Don't bother whispering if you can't make both nights. Experience with all the fights not necessary, but nice. Leave a reply or add Foozle#1380Order0 Jun 18, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 580 Hunter LF 13/14H 10man HORDE guild Looking for an immediate CORE spot. I'm currently 12/14, and gotten Paragons down to 2 bosses left. I'm easily capable of 14/14 in this tier. I'm a very dedicated player who loves to play the game with other partners. Like my title says, I ONLY want a 10 man guild. I can raid any time of the week besides Saturday and Sunday Just please leave a comment below and I'd be happy to talk to whomever in depth, ASAP!Pröphét6 Jun 18, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 (A) Convergence of Proudmoore - 14/14 25N Convergence is recruiting for 10 man teams. Do you like to get a lot done in a short time? We do, too! Tues, Wed, Thurs 5:30-8:00 server. Possibly no need for 3rd night. Do you have alts that need an opportunity run normals or flex ? Maybe you would like to get Raid Leading experience or tank? Item level low? No worries, we can fix that issue! Convergence is open recruiting now for experienced raiders, PvP'rs and Casuals. Tanks , RDPS ( closed to hunters, sorry) and any other class if you feel you have exceptional situational awareness, can be reliable, and know the meaning of teamwork. Please check us out and submit an app if interested. Casuals, just send a tell to any guild member and we will hook you up with an invite! Jun 18, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 Raiders Wanted! 6/14H QQ Here's a Tissue is recruited dedicated & mature raiders. We have two 10 man raid groups and very active gaming community. Niesa's Group 14/14 N 6/14 H Tuesday-Thursday 8 - 11pm Est Needs = 565+ Mage, Spriest, Boomkin Contact deign77#1536 for interest in this group. Chub's Group 14/14 N 6/14 H Monday - Wednesday 12 - 3am Est Needs = 565+ Prot Pally Contact drchubnasty#1204 or fall3nf3ars#1146 for interest in this late night group.Chubsnasty0 Jun 18, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 576 BM/Surv Hunter LF Heroic Raid team found a trial with Insanity Aerie Peak sorry!Ghøsted20 Jun 18, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 (H) <Wrath of the Lich Twinks> lvl 80 Twink G Located on the Horde side of (THRALL SERVER) Newly formed lvl 80 twink guild looking to recruit lvl 80 players. We are going to start raiding wotlk content once we get enough people. battle tag ( tschaub#1491)Cottonsuave0 Jun 18, 2014