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Dec 13, 2014 [H] Pie Chart • 2/7M • LF ENH Tier 15: US 10th Tier 16: US 10th US #1 and World #2 raiding 4 nights. We only raid 4 nights. We don't say we raid 4 nights and raid 6 like some guilds. We only raid 4. Farm lasts one day. Optional alt raids on Sunday during farm. What We Need: Recruitment open for: • Enhancement Shaman All exceptional players. What Have We Done So Far? As a guild, we raid only four nights a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday with invites at 7:00 PM and the raid itself taking place from 7:30 PM to 12:30 AM EST. If we are ever at a moment where we want to rearrange the raid schedule or extend raid times, we will consult the raid and decide on a generally democratic basis, though historically, the consensus is usually the same if we're close to a kill. We have been consistently competing in the Top 10 US for the majority of Mists of Pandaria. Our most recent, notable accomplishments include the following: Heroic: Garrosh Hellscream (25 Player): November 6, 2013 (10th US) Heroic: Ra-den (25 Player): April 8, 2013 (10th US) Heroic: Lei Shen (25 Player): April 8, 2013 (9th US) Heroic: Twin Consorts (25 Player): April 8, 2013 (4th US) Heroic: Iron Qon (25 Player): April 5, 2013 (5th US) Heroic: Sha of Fear (25 Player): December 20, 2012 (11th US) Heroic: Grand Empress Shek'zeer (25 Player): November 26, 2012 (7th US) Heroic: Will of the Emperor (25 Player): October 24, 2012 (7th US) Heroic: Madness of Deathwing (25 Player): January 22, 2012 (10th US) Heroic: Spine of Deathwing (25 Player): January 16, 2012 (10th US) Heroic: Ragnaros (25 Player): September 9, 2011 (15th US) Heroic: Al'Akir (25 Player): March 16, 2011 (10th US) Heroic: Sinestra (25 Player): March 10, 2011 (11th US) Heroic: Nefarian (25 Player): March 2, 2011 (27th US) Heroic: Cho'gall (25 Player): February 28, 2011 (12th US) Heroic: Lich King (25 Player): May 27, 2010 (19th US) Heroic: Professor Putricide (25 Player): March 12, 2010 (26th US) Heroic: Alone in the Darkness: August 17, 2009 (34th US) Heroic: Observed: July 30, 2009 (46th US) Who Are We Looking For? As it stands, we are now on the precipice of competing for top 5 US kills consistently. To pass this newest threshold, we are looking to solidify the core of our roster. As a player, as a member, as a raider, we expect the following things from ALL members: Long Term Stability and Commitment Respectful, Positive Attitude Serious, Introspective Outlook Collaborative Ability High Degree of Competitiveness A Stable and Responsible Life High Level of Competency and Skill Consistent Playstyle, Performance, Attendance (over 90%) Enthusiasm, Energy, and A Strong Sense of Personal Accountability and Devotion Contact Us Officers: Vudani, Shakyra, Kanjar, Marozzi, Nicolaa Website: http://piechart-guild.comJonlovitz10 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 642 Blood DK LF guild Found a home, thanks for the interest everyone.Converted4 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Resto druid and ret/prot pally LF raiding Hello! We are a ret/prot pally and druid healer seeking a raiding guild wanting to progress into mythic content and be a core part of a raid team. We are seeking an alliance guild but will consider horde groups if we are a good fit. Looking for a guild that raids on Monday, Weds, Thursday, Friday or Sat. We can not raid on Tuesday or Sunday. Starting no earlier then 7pm est. We both have a long wow history. I have been raid healing for 9 1/2 years now and the pally has been playing since BC. We always come prepared for raids with flask and pots, along with gems and enchants. We do boss research ahead of time as well. The following is a link to our armories for my druid and his pally. If you think we would be a good fit for your guild feel free to contact me via realid Minko4000#1590. Thank you all for looking and Happy Holidays!Mìnko17 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 <PURGE> Fri/Sat, LF HEALERS & DPS PAST PROGRESSION Tier 16 14/14H 25m US 201 Tier 16 14/14H 10m US 107 Tier 15 13/13H 10m US 266 UPDATE **We successfully cleared 14/14H 25m the very first week we transitioned from 10m** CORE SPOT RECRUITMENT FOR WOD HEALER = Shaman / Monk RANGED = Mage / Lock / Hunter MELEE = Rogue / Warrior / Ret CURRENT RECRUITMENT NEEDS Purge is always looking to expanding our roster with strong, motivated, and experienced raiders. High performing trials will earn a core spot. We are competitive but your performance will not be judged on meters alone. Spots are earned by proper CD usage, and by having understanding of fight mechanics. We have opened recruitment for 20 man as we prepare to expand for WoD. Even if your class is closed we encourage you to apply if you think you are have what it takes to raid with us. All apps will be reviewed. ABOUT US Purge is a tight-knit group of friends that has been playing together for quite some time. Purge has completed our 2nd tier of raiding and looking to finish each tier better. Our goal is very simple. Work hard each tier to continue to improve our progression rankings. Purge's approach is to learn and execute fights efficiently. Most raiders in Purge have lives outside of the game so we need to be effective with our time and learn something from every attempt. Finally, we are a drama free guild. We do not tolerate excessive trolling or drama. If you share similar goals with us, want to clear content on a relatively light schedule and are interested in joining please contact one of our officers or apply @ ENVIRONMENT We are here to have fun while also clearing the content at an accelerated rate. You must be able to take constructive criticism. This goes for everyone, not just recruits. Everyone makes mistakes but expect to be called out and find a solution. At the end of the day we are all friends and if you are easily offended and cannot take criticism, then this is not the guild for you. SCHEDULE Friday 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM CST Saturday 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM CST CONTACTS GM: Boombow (Phazedout#1671) Officer: Kujata (Arkayohkay#1905) Officer: Illusionz (Nos#1776)Prosey95 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 [A] Looking for a guild home I'm looking for a guild home on a PVE server or perhaps an RP server- I will most likely try out various guilds with an alt before committing to move my level 100 to a different server. She is currently 612 and trying to get through silver proving grounds to get into heroics. I am looking for a social/leveling guild that offers casual raiding, with people who can laugh off wiping and won't be total douches. I like for people to be friends, for there to be a sense of real community, and for guild chat to not be dead. I am 32 years old, female gamer, my husband will come with me to wherever I choose. I'm more the gamer than he is, I have WoD he currently does not. I would prefer clean guild chat though I could go more PG-13 as long as chat never gets sexist, racist, or homophobic in nature, and innuendo towards other guild members is not tolerated... sadly that has been an issue in other guilds I have been in. I will say I have a tendency to be an altoholic. I can't level one toon for very long at a time before I need to take a break from that toon for another. I have in times past been mainly a quester, though I am beginning to enjoy leveling in dungeons. If anyone has a guild like that please post what it is, what server, approximately how many members it currently has (under 250 tends to be too quiet for me usually) and who to contact to get in with a brand new alt so that I can get a sense of whether I would like to bring my main in. Thanks!Gwathren0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 [H] <The Imperial Army> - Illidan Hey there, <The Imperial Army> is looking for serious, dedicated, raiders to fill it's ranks to push our guild into solid progression and mythic raiding. If you're interested in a guild that is laid back, fun, but serious and dedicated at the same time, then keep on reading! Raid Schedule: I'll make this very short and simple for you. Since we as a guild appreciate the time you're spending reading this, we'll make it quick. Our schedule is Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-10 CST (Illidan's Server Time) and during progression we tack on a Sunday to get that 3rd day to push content, but at 7-10 CST none-the-less. If you can make those raid days, and are dedicated to a 90% attendance rate, then we'd love for you to apply. If this sounds like a perfect guild for you, go ahead and apply. The link for our website will be at the bottom of the page! What we currently Need: Currently, we are accepting all classes and specializations! Please apply if you think this guild would be a great fit! Our current needs are as follows: Warrior(Fury/Arms/Glad): MED Warrior(Protection): LOW Mage: HIGH Warlock: HIGH Monk(Tank): LOW Monk(Healer): HIGH Monk(DPS): HIGH Death Knight(Frost): HIGH Death Knight(Unholy): HIGH Death Knight(Blood): Medium Druid(Guardian): LOW Druid(Restoration): HIGH Druid(Feral): HIGH Druid(Balance): MED Hunter: HIGH Paladin(Retribution): HIGH Paladin(Holy): LOW Paladin(Protection): LOW Priest(Holy): HIGH Priest(Disc): LOW Shaman(Restoration): HIGH Shaman(Elemental): HIGH Shaman(Enhancement): MED Rogue: HIGH Life in the Imperial Army: Our guild's mission statement is "To push the newest content, as quick as we can, with the most vigor and determination we can muster". Many guilds share this mission statement, in various different wordings, but what makes the Imperial Army different is the people inside the guild. Personally, I have not ever met such a determined group of raiders, and I pushed progression raiding since Wrath of the Lich King. Our Raid Leader, whom is close friends with <Midwinter> Raiders, and has been invited to raid with <Midwinter> is a determined, no BS type of guy. He's fair, and will give you the benefit of the doubt. This is because as a guild, we are all people with lives. We all work full time jobs, or go to school. None of us have the ability to play this game 24/7, and thus we're not trying to be the next <Blood Legion>. We are trying to be as best as we possibly can be, and since the formation of this guild and our raiding in this tier, we've done that. We've taken a new group of raiders, and built them into excellent players who work well together. However, because it's a new group of raiders, coming together for the first time, we've started off slow, lost some people, and desperately need more raiders with a good knowledge of their class and the ability to dedicate time into this game. As I stated, we're not <Blood Legion>. We understand real life issues arise, or even that you want to go hang out with your real life friends, and we are accepting of that. We only ask that you show up to raid, and do things with the guild. This is a social game, we're not looking to build a guild of strangers, and for many of us, we love to mesh and intermingle and would love to add you into that. If you want to be in a guild that pushes you to be the best you can while being considerate of your real life, and you want to push content as quick as possible, and really want to be a master of your class, and develop yourself as a raider and player, then please, go ahead and apply. Where to Apply: If you're ready for a real, progression raiding, semi-hardcore guild then Apply here: Our recruiting team will be with you either the same day or next day after you apply. So check your email frequently! If our website is down, it's because it is under construction and will be back up shorty.Worgandwarf0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 (experienced) 651 Hunter 2/7H 6/7N 14/14m soo Hey everyone, I am looking for a raid team/guild to join of MYTHIC quality.. Looking for friendly yet experienced and dedicated players. No rage please :) just skill and a little ball bustin. I am looking for STEADY progression. Not guilds that call it for any and every reason possible. 2/7 Heroic 6/7 Normal 14/14 Mythic last tier, been raiding since vanilla. including aq40 and naxx40 I am friendly and raid aware, PROACTIVE, always show up on time an prepared for raids. All the attributes a successful raider must have. Looking for a solid raid team. With raid times perferably after 8PM PST. or anytime on Wens/Thurs/Sat/Sun. so get in touch with me. omixsoup3#1371 get in touch with me through btag or post here and I will get back to you. If you are looking for a solid reliable hunter I am your guy.Soupermane9 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Any fun active guilds on Runetotem US Alli? Looking for a fun active mature guild on Runtetotem to join thats active and likes to raid and do dungeonsSabértooth0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 <Andromeda> Recruiting 1/7 H 6/7 N About <Andromeda> Andromeda is an Alliance guild on the Stormrage realm. We are dedicated to PvE Raid progression. Team chemistry is imperative to us. We spend a lot of time playing this game, and we want Andromeda to be an environment in which we all enjoy spending that time. We take our guild's teamwork seriously, and we believe that it is one of the most important forces behind our team's progression. Consequently, we're seeking team oriented players who understand that it's often necessary to put Guild needs before individual wants. Current Progression 1/7 Heroic High Maul 6/7 Normal High Maul Loot We currently distribute loot via rolling. Raid Times Our Raid Times are 7pm - 10pm (PST) (10pm - 1am EST) Tuesday through Thursday, with off nights used for optional mount runs, achievements, and PVP. We expect everyone to be ready to raid by 6:45 pm PST. Recruiting - Holy Paladin - Warlock - Frost Mage - Shadow Priest - Hunter - Windwalker Monk - Boomkin We are always willing to consider exceptional players beyond our current recruitment needs. Casual members are always welcome. Contacts: Vanitii Suasponté Please feel free to respond to this forum post or message us in game. We look forward to playing with you! Paid transfers will be decided on an individual basis.Vanitii4 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Alliance Raiders needs you.......18+..... We are on Terenas/Hydraxis. We are a smaller guild at the moment looking to build up. We Have Spots open on core team for new raids. We are a fun and laid back guild who has fun working together and raiding. We are doing Saturday raids at 6am to 10pm central time. We Help all our members gear up if they decide to raid or not.. If you are just looking to be part of a fun and mature guild and don't want to raid, you're welcome too. We do not tolerate any drama. We are a friendly guild who likes to progress threw new content.Jonesnn0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 LF local guild - Portland I play on Vashj and have only come across a few players in Oregon. I know there have to be tons ! Are there any Portland guilds on any server? I'm willing to start new toons and such. I miss being in a good fun guild :) And guild meets have always sounded so awesome. - Azucar 1756 ^_^Xaniia4 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 < Chaos Inc > Just transferred over from the Horde side of <Bleeding Hollow>, looking to up are numbers and get more people in are guild to fill up core raiding spots. As well as have an active community within the guild for Pvp and social purposes as well. We are currently using Raid Call, and will have Raid Times set up soon once we have are core members. Please add me and/or send me a tell in game if your interested. Just the heads up that the alt code for the à in my name is alt+133. Chaos Inc looks forward to having you!Arzhelà0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 ►►► The #1 Two-Night Guild in the U.S. Full Spectrum is a Mythic, progression-focused guild that raids just two nights per week. Since 2010, the guild has provided a home to hardcore players that have significant work, personal, and educational commitments. Our members excel at the game, but cannot commit to the time-intensive raid schedules of traditional guilds. While we progress quickly on a limited schedule, we also emphasize camaraderie, maturity, and respect. We seek not just great players, but great people too. Yet while there are now many two-night guilds, few come close to matching our roster in experience, skill, and passion for hardcore raiding. We have consistently ranked in the top 50 US for our format while raiding just 2 nights per week: Tier 16: US 43rd Tier 15: US 46th Tier 14: US 47th Tier 13: US 23rd We’re Alliance on Alleria. Raid Schedule Tuesday/Wednesday 7:15 to 11:15 EST. Current Openings: Check our website for the most updated information on class and role availability. What Makes Our Guild Different: The three most common things people look at when searching for guilds are (1) current class openings, (2) progression, and (3) raid times. While those are important, here are other things that make our guild stand out, in addition to our 2-night niche: Low Turnover. We have never lost a single person due to jumping ship to a more progressed guild. Ever. That’s because people here genuinely enjoy our raiding environment. There’s no feeling that people are being carried. There’s no annoying member that is nevertheless tolerated. There’s no drama turning people away. And frankly there are few, if any, opportunities for faster progression in just 8 hours per week. Commitment to Scheduling. Sometimes you’ll see guilds advertise certain raid schedules only to find out they regularly raid past their posted time that’s eating into your sleep or other commitments. Our raids end on time. No Bench. Every member of our raiding roster is a valuable part of the team, and we won’t invite someone to the guild just to be a backup in case one of our raiders can’t make it. Sometimes you’ll see a guild advertise an open spot and end up disappointed when you’re allowed in for just 1 or 2 bosses. We strive to get our trials into every single boss and to be as welcoming as possible. No Carries. When we say our players are stellar, we don’t mean 18 out of 20 of them are. Our entire roster consists of some of the best players you’ll find. While we will replace someone for performance reasons if there’s an issue, there rarely is. We do a great job of weeding potential problems out in the recruitment stage so that it doesn't become a problem. Personality. We take the game seriously, but with a laid-back attitude. Nobody yells, and everyone maintain a light-hearted attitude, even during progression. We don’t troll general chat or brag on the forums. Overall our members are mature and pleasant to be around. We're accepting of all kinds of people, and have been home to women, LGBT members, parents, and members outside the U.S. WoW Insider Interview: Our guild was recognized by WoW Insider as the “shape of guilds to come.” Check out the interview with Oatz, our GM here: Contact Information: For more information, you can talk to Oatz in-game or add Oatz#1706 to BattleTag or email If you’re ready to apply, simply click on Application section of our website menu. Website: www.fullspectrumguild.comOatz499 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Disc priest LF Sunday,Tuesday night raiding I'm a somewhat experienced raider (few heroics in cata), but my lack of experience is only due to the fact that my schedule has not allowed me to raid seriously up until this expansion. I am still somewhat limited on available time (Sundays and Tuesdays and Thursdays after 10pm EST) but I am determined to find a guild that is serious about raiding and raids during my availability. After raiding for the past two weeks in Highmaul with mediocre raid groups, i've decided to find a more permanent progression oriented guild. It's frustrating to spend hours raiding only to get nothing from it because people cant follow simple mechanics. In terms of gear, I am currently sitting at 631 ilvl because i havent had a chance to get any loot from bosses (see above). I like to think my skill level is high and im always looking for ways to improve my healing.Rhutaz3 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 [H or A] ilvl 650 hunter LF guild! Hi. I have plenty of hardcore raiding experience in the past. I raided with a guild in the top 100 in the US. I can only raid on Friday and Saturday nights. Please be a very good guild that is progressing through mythic now. I'm willing to change to alliance if needed. Thanks!Oshami1 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 [A] <Niche> 1/7H-5/7Norm. Heals/DPS needed. Guild name - Niche Server - Stormscale(PVP) Website - Raid times - Tuesday/Thursday 7:00pm-10:00pm MST and Sunday 11:00am-2:00pm MST. About us: Niche is a new guild that is currently in the process of forming for serious raiding. We have a solid core of 7 who all have experience in top end raiding guilds in the past. The officers have all been a part of leading a guild into one of the top raiding guilds on the server in the past. The goal is to get a solid 20 people and start clearing mythic. We are looking for mature people who have solid raiding experience and who are currently geared enough to jump into raiding. We need confident players who can pull their weight. As of right now we have been half pugging raids and we are 5/7 Norm highmaul and 1/7 Heroic. Classes we need: Healers and ranged dps are the main focus as of right of now but we are currently accepting applications from any class as we are filling up our raiding core. If you are on a different server not connected to ours, we will bring you into raid as a trial before you server transfer. What we expect from you: Have Ventrilo and a mic - This will be the main form of communication in raids. You may have to communicate during a fight so a mic is needed. Also, the vent server is almost always active with guild members on off time. Maintain a good attendance - We will need you to be able to make almost every raid as replacing people who don't show up is not something anyone wants to deal with. Be able to speak up when needed - If you think the current strat we are using for a boss isn't the best and have a better idea? Don't be scared to bring it up. If you make a mistake in raid, don't be afraid to admit it. It's much better to know the reason why we wiped as opposed to thinking it's the strat itself. Don't bring drama - Just don't. No tolerance for someone who intentionally causes guild drama. Contacts: If you want to apply to <Niche> please visit our website and post an application. If you have any questions or want to talk to an officer before hand. Our battle tags and ingame names are as following. Triangle#1544(Taylorshift-Stormscale) Mace#1406(Macie-Stormscale) Kushmandan#1990(Falconmaster-Stormscale)Taylorshift3 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Disabled Gamer, 643 Boomkin LF Early Heroic Guild. So my post is different, unfortunately I'm not a random High School kid who is able to play until 3 AM. I am a disabled gamer and have a very set scheduled. I used to play hard-core, but unfortunately my disease has taken control of my life & I've had to build a custom PC with switches I can use. I have just recently come back to WoW after 3 years off. I am dedicated and enthusiastic about being competitive. I have max professions, I always know every fight I am doing, I always pre-pot, have the best food & flasks. I'm not the best mechanically, so I make up for it elsewhere. I never stand in fire! I'm never going to be #1 DPS, but I'm damn well going to be up there. Ideally, I would love a day time raiding guild, but I doubt there are many competitive ones that raid during the day, so I will settle for anything that finishes BEFORE 1030 EST. I understand progression, and if we are seriously challenging an important kill, I will be able to push it a little bit but this cannot be a regular thing. If you have something you believe I am interested in, I would love to hear from you. You can reach me in game, or on bnet Filkwins#1715. I also occasionally stream, Thanks for your consideration and good luck everyone!Sydwashere2 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 H - HellScream - Edge Of Insanity LF PVE/P Edge of Insanity was once the number 2 Horde raid guild on Hellscream! After a multi-year break (5 to be exact), original founders/members are back and looking to reform an active raid community. We are looking for fellow returnee's who are interested in an old school guild, active play and hard core raid experience. As we are rebuilding the raid times/schedules are a bit fluid atm. We are targeting the following: Raid Times: 8PM PST - Fri, 5 PM PST Sat and Sunday Openings: 1 Tank, 2 Healers (Priest/Shaman/Monk), DPS Requirements: 18+ We are looking to form core 10 man team and then build from there. We are experienced guild leaders (EoI was active from vanilla through Lich King (Argent Tournament) with 100+ members, multiple 25 man raids, etc. Hard core raid experience in both Wow and EverQuest. We also have an active Gladiator lvl PvP group. Battlenet - wt4799#1464 or Ghidorah#1870 for details.Leytu1 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Group looking for raiding guild (Tichondrius) My friends and I are looking for a guild that is either semi serious or casual when it comes to raiding. Our group currently consists of a restro druid, a blood/frost DK, a frost DK, and a fury warrior. We are all level 100 with 630+ ilvl too. If any guilds are recruiting members they can message either, Thedub, ooky, or worrmage. ThanksTripledub0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Immortal Warrior Top 50 US LF Mythic Raiding ilvl 652 - TG Fury / SmF fury (if weapons are accessible) 22-25k DPS until I get my weapons it will skyrocket into 30ks, Once I get heroic Tectus Trinket and upgraded Skull of War it will sky rocket into 35ks DPS. Lusted Single target all CD popped, 50k DPS for 30 seconds = 1.5million Damage per minute (Mythic Butcher) Ps I don't know why my forum Avatar is bugged out, I am not lvl96. Bnet Tag DGreat#1703 if anyone has any questions. Current Guild Apophasis is 2/7 Mythic ranked 29 in US. I am currently a JV Raider which means, 2nd Core group.. I am looking for Main Core group. Thanks for Reading.. GOODLUCK HAVE FUN RAIDING!Maxxsunder9 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 <A>"Night Eternal" Server Alleria LFM Night Eternal is looking to fill in a few roles to fill our raiding roster. We are currently 5/7 N Highmaul. We are currently looking for healers pref. Shaman/Monk/Pali with DPS offspecs that perform well. We are also looking for tanks pref. Monk/Warrior/Druid with DPS specs that perform well. Even if you are not one of these classes/specs feel free to look into joining us. We are low on some classes for all specs such as Warlocks,Monks,Warrios and Shamans. Our schedule is Tuesday,Thursday,Friday,Sunday,Monday 7:30-9:30 Central time. For recruitment please contact Emer or myself Chaosrune in game.Chaosrune9 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Hunter top 50 us xp lf mythic raids. Raiding Experience-Top 50 usa raid xp threw multiple teirs in wotlk, raided off and on sense in casual and hardcore guilds alike. Some top world logs in multiple teirs. Solid hunter have exp as GM and officer on two guilds different servers #2 for awhile.. Availability- Im working 3rds at the moment EST time. But my days off are Tues,Wens,Thurs. I would like to raid 2-3 of those days and am flexible on times on those days.Kenpowers8 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 delete Found my guild. Thanks for the interest and inquiries. Wish you all the best in raiding!Sinaxis14 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 647 Hunter LF Mythic Guild Hey all im an ex top 20 US player from back in Cata and im looking for a pregression minded guild to clear mythic. I've mained my Hunter since Wrath and have cleared all past Hardmode ( currently mythic) content . I would like a guild that is later night prefer Alliance but will consider any If you give me a chance you wont be disappointed CheersVandresam19 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 <In Cahoots> (H) Blackrock 5/7H recruiting <In Cahoots> Raid Start: 6:30-10:30pm PST Raid days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Faction: Horde Server: Blackrock About Us: We are a guild that has fun but also takes our raid times seriously. We are an active guild with many players always looking to do fun things even outside of raid times. 6/7N Highmaul 5/7H Highmaul Recruitment needs: We are interested in all skilled players of any roles. Our Highest needs currently are dps and healers. Contact our officers and we can talk more in detail! Pump#1917 Dom#1680Hog0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Menace Bleeding Hollow Recruiting Raiders Hey all. We are a Friendly and Fun guild with spots open on our core team. We are in need of a few Dps preferably Caster dps See below for class needs. Current Raid Progression 6/7 Normal And 1/7 Heroic Raid Days are ------------------------------ Tues & Thurs 8:30pm - 12:30am Recruitment Needs as of 12/13/2014 2:22pm US EASTERN ---------------------------------------- Tank - Recruiting 1 ----------------------- Death Knight Warrior Druid ----------------- Healer ----------------- Closed ----------------- Dps - 4( Ranged + Melee) ----------------- Mage EleMental Shaman Hunter Shadow Priest Boomkin Druid WW Monk Feral Druid Rogue Death Knight ---------------------------------------- Requirements ---------------------------------------- Must Have Vent ilvl of 635+ (A Bit lower Is Cool Will take skill over Ilvl) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Those interested Please contact me Sparklefârt (Alt+ 1155)- My Main ( I play alts so Battle Tag me) Battletag - NeoNUggetz#1426 Or Glitter Also Taking Raid Back Ups and Casuals To hang around and have some fun.Sparklefârt5 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Experienced Tank 648 LF Mythic Top Guild Hey all! Protection Paladin I'm an experienced tank with a winning attitude looking for a tanking spot in a top mythic progression guild. As of last week I was among the best geared in my server Horde side. http :// Accomplished my raiding in HM by organizing and leading pug raids past heroic content. SoO Mythic 12/14. - 648 ilvl (Achieved 4/7 Heroic on WEEK 1 of High Maul (all by leading and organizing raids) -Have not done Heroic this week yet. What you get from me: -An extremely competitive player that wants to make your guild the best in your server. -Commitment to schedules and class requirements (gear wise) -A leader with a positive winning attitude -Someone that can help you theory craft or search for strategies to get past content. -An addition to the roster that is easy going, but won't dissapoint in regards to performance. I am available 6PM -1AM EST Time MON- FRI and can plan ahead for schedules on SAT-SUN Looking forward to hearing from ya, Later bros ^^Telsias5 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 [A] FRI/SAT Weekend Progression Guild LFM TL;DR information: We raid from 8PM Central to 12AM Central every Friday/Saturday. We're a progression oriented guild with a tight schedule. To learn about class openings, please visit our web site at For any questions that can't be addressed on the web site, add me easygoes#1465. -------- If you're reading this, chances are that you're looking for a weekend raiding guild. First, I just wanted to say thanks for your interest, and I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed if you read on. Who are we? We are Horizons, on Alliance of Sargeras. We formed the night of WoD launch by returning players of some of the most (or previously most) prestigious guilds in the US. Without name dropping, if you see a guild that's currently in the top 20, there's a high chance we've got someone who used to play there. However, as lives and responsibilities change, we're raiding on a limited schedule. Now, we're looking for players who have the same needs we do from a raiding schedule and environment. When do we raid? Progression raid days are Friday/Saturday. We'll be adding a third day for farm content (normal/heroic) in the future depending on what works best for everyone's schedule. What's your current progression? As of 12/7/14 (first week of content release) we've cleared 7/7 normal and 1/7 heroic. Every boss we've attempted so far has been killed on the first or second night. What's planned for the future? Other than the previously mentioned farm content day, we plan to be on the forefront of mythic progression for weekend raiding guilds as the roster stabilizes. With the talent pool we currently have, it's possible, and we invite you to join us! What are you looking for? As it stands, we need ANY and ALL exceptional players to bolster our roster, regardless of class/spec. Feel free to contact me via battletag (mentioned at the start of this post) no matter what your role in raid is. I feel it's worth mentioning that right now hunter spots are extremely competitive. Additionally, Horizons needs someone who's willing to step up to be a raid leader, so if you've got experience with it, that's a definite plus. What is expected of me as an applicant/trial? As a progression guild, we do have an expectation that you can spend some of your own free time (outside of the raiding schedule) to ensure that you're prepared for every raid that we're going to do. This includes but is not limited to: consumables, gold and understanding of bosses' mechanics. The guild bank will provide most consumables and materials for those who pass the trial phase. Additionally, you're expected to have enough mechanical skill and game knowledge to keep up with a fast-paced raiding environment. Those of us in the guild have experience raiding in the most competitive raiding guilds in the US, and you're expected to be able to perform near or at the same level. To summarize, we need people that care and will put in a little time to ensure that they're able to be competitive. Since we only need your attention for 8 hours per week, we have absolutely not tolerance for things like tunnel vision, consistent wife aggro or drama. It doesn't matter if you're a new trial, a long time member or even our own raid leader... if you become a problem for the people around you, we're going to find someone to replace you and/or remove you from the guild. I'm a returning competitive player OR I'm a competitive player in another game attempting to get into World of Warcraft raiding, is there possibly a spot for me? This is a tricky question to answer, but long story short: yes. However, requirements for something like this are much more stern, as you'll be expected to put in extra time to be brought up to everyone else's skill level. Things like this are handled on a case-by-case scenario, so don't be afraid to try if this sounds like a guild you'd like to join. I've read everything and I'm interested, where do I go from here? Go to and drop an application. Every application is personally reviewed by me and others who run the guild, so put effort into it if you're serious. If you have any more questions, feel free to add me on battle tag easygoes#1465 and I'll answer you as best as I can. Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon!Easygoes28 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Unleashed H 6/7N 1/7H Now Recruiting Unleashed has recently revamped it’s raid team, and we are looking to recruit for progression raiding. So far we are 6/7 Normal and 1/7 Heroic, and will be finishing out normal and starting heroic progression this week. We are looking for dedicated, skilled, and reliable raiders of at least a 640+ ilevel. We hope to create a very competitive atmosphere. This will lead to quicker progression, and overall an exciting and productive environment. Currently we are recruiting ALL specs/classes. We have some room to maneuver our roster. The end game: clear Mythic in a timely manner. We are on the KulTiras/Bladefist server. Our most important needs: 1 Tank (DPS offspec, not DK). -Boomkin -Mage -AOE healer. (Monk, Druid) -Windwalker Monk -Fury Warrior -Hunter If your class is not listed above, fear not. We are accepting ALL classes for trial runs, and if you are knowledgeable of your class and know the fights, you will most definitely be considered. Raid Times: Tue – 8-11 Central. Thu – 8-11 Central Sun – 8-11 Central Mon – 8-11 (Not progression, cleanup) If interested, please contact the raid leader Mannythemage. Btag – Mannythemage#1184 In game – Mannythemage (Kul Tiras)Mannythemage0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 [H] 7/7 Normal 5/7 Heroic LF More for Mythic I am not a recruitment officer just a raider on my raid team trying to help find some people to finish filling our ranks. My raid team raids from 6:30 central till 9:30 central Mon-Thursday. We are currently 7/7 normal and 5/7 heroic. You should check us out at if you are interested in playing in a team that is set on doing mythic progression. Our raid team is Raid 6 (Soul Society). Take a look and drop an application off at the website for Soul Society if you fit our needs and are interested in raiding with us.Jaiydia0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 633 prot warrior looking for raiding guild ilvl 633 Prot Warrior looking for a raiding guild a couple nights a weekGarote2 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 [H] <Absolute Authority> Recruiting for core! Want to be a respected and valued member of a successful core raiding team? We are recruiting all roles! Raid times are t/w/tr 8-11 EST. PST if interested. One of our main tanks will need to go away for 2-3 weeks so filling that slot is priority. We also need exceptional DPS and healers! We do currently not need any more disc/holy priests. Next week we will begin by clearing normal Highmaul to gear people up. We found we hit a gear wall last week on heroic after first boss. We use mumble as our VOIP. Contact myself, Gangrene, or Palyplaytime if you are interest. I will look at the forum every now and then, but in-game is preferred. You can also leave an in-game mail if none of us happen to be on, I will be on my alt Froggington most of the day.Pnuemonia0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 [H] <Bellum> 5/7 N 1/7 H LF skilled players Hello. We are searching for dedicated and skilled players who know their classes well and have a hardcore mindset like us. We are a laid back guild but, when it comes to progression we take it very seriously. We are recruiting for our weekend team; current needs: Tank- DK, Pally, or War Heals- Pally, Druid, or Monk DPS- Rogue, Lock, Monk These classes are highest in need but always looking for exceptional individuals. Our weekday group is currently running 10m heroics and full but, we are recruiting for a mythic roster in the meantime. Raid times: Weekdays- Tues/Weds/Thurs Weekends- Fri/Sat/Sun both start times are 830-1130 CST however, we require you on by 8 for summons and set up. If you have made it this far in the post and still interested add dillpreet#1147 for further details. Thanks.Orion4 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Moon Guard Dwarf RP Guild Im in the process of moving my Dwarf Hunter to Moon Guard, it will be completed by tonight. I am wanting to join a Guild that has Dwarf RP. Any suggestions? Thanks in Advance.Wildstone1 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 [H] Lords is recruiting for 10m H content! Lords Is Recruiting! US-New Heroic Horde Guild: Steamwheedle Cartel (Kirin-tor/Sentinels) Raiding/Casual PvP/Heroics(achievements) Heroic Raid Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-10EST With possibility of extending to 11 Lords is a new guild founded by a few friends and we are looking to grow our ranks so that we can start Heroic Raiding. We are currently recruiting the following: DPS/Tank Dual Spec Healer Dps/Healer Dual spec Shaman/Mage (yes we want you for your buff) Beast mastery hunters with Corehounds work too. Any DPS. (We currently have 2 warriors so you may not be a top pick but definitely not out of the question!) We will recruit somewhat on a first come first serve basis, though we will pick what works best for our composition. We currently have 6 spots open so if you have friends feel free to apply as a pair! And we will be recruiting for more than just our primary Raid team. We’ll always need backups to cover absences and we recruit social/casual pvp members too. **ABOUT US** Lords is led by a small group of friends that have 10 years of raiding experience. We’re set on the east coast and are available most nights after 6PM EST. Our Guild Leader has led 25M Hardmode teams in Wrath, and I have been involved in hardmode kills in Wrath as well as normal kills in all of vanilla, all of BC, and parts of Catacylsm and Mists. While we aren’t currently pursuing Mythic content it may be in our future. We want to start out building our community around a casual 10M environment though, which is why we currently have our sights set on heroic. We are also looking for people to PvP with in our downtime, as well as running Challenge modes and collecting Achievements in the current Heroic Dungeons. If you want to apply for any of that but aren’t interested in Raiding that’s just fine! We have a guild bank and will be depositing mats weekly for our raiders. We ask that all raiders participate in this, however there is no deposit limit required. If our community supports it, raid repairs will always be paid for and most food/flasks will be supplied. We will work towards potions and enchants/other professions as we build our ranks. We will be setting up a guild website in the near future to share our accomplishments and to have a way to communicate with each other out of game. There is room for officer promotion. We currently would like someone to overlook Ranged DPS. Though having additional tanking/healing officers, and even officers based on specific classes is up for discussion. Currently I am the officer for all dps classes. We are looking for someone mature and knowledgeable above all else. Officers are required to be on a raid team, or at least have raided with us in the current expansion. **WHAT WE OFFER YOU** A guild bank. Money for Raid Repairs. Greater Flasks and potions for Raiders. Flasks for all. Easy Going environment WITH people that know what they are doing. Access to our Website, which includes: Forums, Server status, Private Messaging, WoW news and DKP tracking. A fair loot system. Main Spec Before off spec, and DKP. NO ONE HAS DKP RIGHT NOW. All new applicants will have the same DKP as the founding officers at the time of our first raid. Consideration for Main Raid spots. We are currently assembling our first raid team of the expansion. Fair treatment to "back up raiders". You will get DKP for attendance and boss kills even if we don't use you in the raid. Fair Casual Environment. Raiders do NOT get special treatment when forming non raid groups, like Heroics/achievements, PvP, Challenge modes, etc. Drama Free Environment. If someone causes drama an officer will speak with them first. If problems continue they will be addressed immediately. **WHAT WE WANT** Primarily: 10M Heroic Raiders who are available Tuesdays AND Thursdays 7-10PM EST (Possibly 11PM if we feel close to downing a new boss) We prefer Raiders with experience in the past. We are not opposed to teaching people the fights, but we ask that you be ready to learn. I will provide you with information about the fights BEFORE raid night. You will be expected to have –some- idea of what we are talking about when we go over details before boss fights. Again, I stress that we are laid back and will goof around, just take it seriously when its time to progress and lets all have fun together. Secondarily: Casual players who just want to focus on Heroic achievements, PvP (Arena and BGs), and challenge mode dungeons, and Flex/Normal mode runs. All of our current members have Skype and are willing to help with information at any time and also willing to play most times when it’s not raid time. We’ll be forming groups for something or another pretty much every night. Lastly: Social players that just want chat with some chill players. We ask that you be mature. We are not going to Filter guild chat for language but we will filter players if they are causing Drama.Tichondrià2 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Lost Dutchman LF daytime or EU raiding guild Hey all, I'm looking for a daytime raiding guild because I can't make most raiding times with the guilds available to me right now. I play a tank/holy/ret. Can main a spec depending on guild preference. Not too fussed about a social guild too. I really just miss talking to people, but have found I kind of miss raiding and doing things together with people instead of doing them the rare moment our period of activity overlaps. Years ago I played a hunter in one of the top 20 guilds, but the extremely hardcore atmosphere was not something I could manage with college. Normal hardcore is fine - I guess that's where my definition is different from most people. Ha. Kind regards, MuisMuis1 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 <SuicideKings> Filling Out Core Roster Suicide Kings is a recently formed guild consisting of players with various raid experience throughout the game's history. All of us have raided at the highest level at one point or another. We are looking for more members to fill out our core raid team. Our end goal is to eventually progress towards a full, 20 man roster for mythic. We hope to allow everyone to raid whether it be in a flex environment or alt runs. Most of our members are running chain heroics, challenge modes, achievements, and PvP. We have a RaidCall and remain open to suggestions as our guild grows. Message me (DrDunn#1532) or Rèv-Burning Blade in-game for more details. Our raid times are below: Tuesday 9-12 server time Wednesday 9-12 server time Thursday 9-12 server time Monday 9-12 server time(cleanup/optional raid)Keisoro4 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 TPWW recruiting 2 dps N/h/M Troll Pride World Wide is actively seeking 2 more dps to fill our final mythic position spots for our core raid team. TPWW is a very friendly and family oriented guild lead by a mythic mop/cata leader. Not only are we a guild that is respectful but we actually get very good progression as well. This is a type of guild you will probably call your last guild. When people join they don't leave! Or else ;). In all seriousness though we need 2 ranged dps to fill our last spots. Our raid days are Tuesday and Thursday 8pm eastern- 11pm eastern. We also do a finish run on Sunday's that's not mandatory if w didn't finish that week. Currently seeking players 635+ Ilvl. You can comment on this forum or add my skype : trollprideworldwide Thanks - huntHuntarogar21 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Casual Wk Sat/Sun Team Love me harder: Currently 5/7 Normal on 1 day of raiding. Will be doing Crossrealm 10-30 man Normals and Heroics for WoD and we will have a 20 man Mythic team. We use mumble for raid Communication. Our Guild also PVPs, does old content for mounts/transmog, a few of us are altaholic's so we run more then just our main raid during the week. (Alts/pug runs) (Or any other day we have random raids sometimes for alts) <3 8-11 EST Tues/Wed (Core Raiders) Raid times are Sat/Sun 8pm-12(Midnight-EST) Loot- MS>OS, /roll system or best upgrade Add Nicholas#1820 for more questions or to apply to the guild. Raid Members- * Should understand their class/role for each fight. * Show up to raid on time aka 15 minutes b4 raid. * All raid mats and repairs are supplied to each member that passes their 1 week retard check. Immediate Raid Spots open are- 1 Healer (shaman/pali/monk) and Any DPS class Add Nicholas#1820 to join lovemeharder.guildlaunch.comDoublestufed178 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Any roleplay guilds on bloodhoof? please dont flame me *hides*Howlheart0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 LF H Paladin 6/7 Heroic + 2 Server first US - Korgath <Prejudice> is a small and new guild that is looking to push into mythic content this week. Despite being the new guild on the block and competing against guilds that have been on Korgath for years, we have 2 realm first heroic kills and intend to use that same ferocity to rip through mythic content. We are currently looking for a Holy Paladin who is comfortable in a semi hardcore raid environment. What does that mean? We raid 3 days a week, 4 hours each, totaling 12 hours, and expect to accomplish as much as a guild that raids 20+ hours per week. That means that each of us has to come prepared, with both the physical necessities (pots, flasks, optimized gear) and the right mindset (iron will focus, so that we can concentrate even through wipes in order to develop and execute the right strategies to kill bosses without becoming frustrated or hostile towards each other). What do we expect? At the moment, the ideal candidate will be able to perform all boss mechanics and steadily heal @ 30-40k HPS. Currently, we run with a monk, druid, shaman, and priest, who are sustained around 33-37k and have all ranked. You do not need to rank, but you need you perform and pull your own weight for mythic content. We raid: Tues: 830 EST - 12 midnight Thurs: 730 EST - 1130 Sun: 730 EST - 1130 Also, a sense of humor and ability to take guild chat / raid chat with a grain of salt is mandatory. We all like to have fun and enjoy ourselves, and even whilst focusing and pushing new content, there's no reason it can't be fun. If you feel like a trial is something that would interest you, please contact me via ingame mail addressed to "Brambleton" or "Egregarian" with the following information, or reply to this thread with the same information: Server transfers may be trialed in heroic, and would be expected to transfer before the start of mythic on Thursday. ilvl: Character name: Realm: Favorite thing to do ingame: Do you PVP: What do you like/dislike about pvp: Approximate HPS in a heroic dungeon: Approximate HPS in a CM: Approximate HPS in a raid setting: Can you maintain a 3 day raid schedule: Tell me a joke (not my !@#$% size, I've been told already by my grandmother): Due to our strong raid roster already, only 1 paladin is being sought, and no other classes will be considered.Jekyllena0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 6/7H looking for a Disc Priest and Holy Pally Server Last (A 6/7H progression-oriented horde guild on Bleeding Hollow US) Currently recruiting: CORE SPOTS: Mistweaver or Disc Priest or Holy Pally Hunter Additionally, we are always seeking exceptional players regardless of class and spec! Former heroic progression raiders looking to extend our team to be competitive while maintaining a great raiding environment! We are female friendly and are supporters of the LGBT community. We prefer our raiders to be at least 18 years of age, and come to raids ready for progression! On our downtime we are all quite social, from running dungeons to pvp, even leveling alts and RBG‘s. It's quite common for people to be hanging in mumble and socializing in game! Our raid days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9:00-12:00 server (the server is a Eastern Standard Time). We are a loot council guild; For more details on our loot system please inquire, they will be explained during the vent interview. Our GM is me, Celli my Real ID is my battle tag is Cel#1893 me in game for recruitment inquiries; Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested. We look forward to hearing from any and all prospective players. On behalf of the entire Server Last raid team, we thank you for your time and interest.Celli1 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 <Bloodtide> - (H) – US Bleeding Hollow <Bloodtide> - (H) – US Bleeding Hollow – Level 25 Currently Recruiting as of 12/12/2014 Goals: * Recruiting a (ready to raid) core group * Raiding by yesterday Background: * Founded by RL friends and family * Average player age of 25+ * Most players have raided since vanilla * Laid back, friendly, but focused on raid progression * Mature language used on a regular basis Raid Status: * Raiding Tuesday and Thursday 6 P.M. To 10 P.M. EST * Highmaul Normal - 2 of 7 - Core + Pickups * Current Core Size - 5 Active * Core Composition (iLvl 635+) 2 Tanks / 2 Healers / 1 DPS Recruiting: * Healers * DPS * Others that may be interested Recruit Prerequisites: * Raid Ready (iLvl 630+) PVE gear * Raid experience preferable * Mature, friendly, and open to constructive criticism (as we are) * Ready to have some *ucking fun Reply here or in-game message or mail: Shysterr or Nekroblast @ Catharsis#1303Nekroblast0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 [A] 5 raiders LF HM/Mythic raiding We're a group of 5 raiders that have been raiding for a long while together. We have experience with heroic end game content, and a couple of us have been end game raiders since vanilla. Classes and specs: Warrior/Prot or DPS Priest/Disc Shaman/Resto or hunter DPS Druid/Feral-DPS or moonkin Paladin/Holy All of us are 630+, and most are 635+. We are looking for raid times between 6:00pm and 10pm CST. The majority of us prefer Monday through Thursday. We will raid on a Sunday night if that's needed though. Three nights a week is preferred, but we're willing to go up to four. All of us would be willing to transfer servers (currently on lightbringer). However, we really do not want to transfer factions. Battle Tag is Mechakoopa#1694 - feel free to leave a message here or talk to me on BNet to see if we're a good fit. Thanks and good luck with your recruitment!Solkrik0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 657Ret 7/7N 6/7H LF LATE NIGHT MYTHIC GUILD Raiding must start after 1am EST, 10 PST Im currently looking for a late night guild raiding mythic or setting up for mythic in the next few weeks. I`m 24yrs old,and I`ve been playing wow for over 9yrs. Im a french canadian ( pardon my english ) working as a waiter in restaurant. So i can only start to play the game arround midnight EST. Im mostly playing between 12EST to 6-7EST. I`ve been pugging first week and got 7/7 normal and 6/7 Heroic so there only 1 thing left concentrate for mythic. Serious and Dedicated player willing to xfer/faction change if necessary blueberryz#1215Waynepalmer1 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 <H> Mal'Ganis - Late Night Weekend 10 Man - Greetings! We are a group of friends that have been gaming since 2006. We have recently been inspired to get a group together and tackle the incoming raids in Warlords of Draenor. We are looking for 1-2 new people to join our amazing, small group. We are looking for experienced players over the age of 21, who have access to ventrilo and can communicate clearly. As it stands currently, because of our busy work schedules, we are looking to play on Friday and Saturday nights, beginning at 11:00 PM EST and going until 2:00 AM EST. Our goal is to have a cohesive group that enjoys the new content and enjoys each other company in a low-stress environment. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, feel free to fill out the following form. We have killed Kargath, Butcher, Tectus & Brackenspore. ***NEW*** If applying as a dps or tank, please be prepared to DPS for the time being. Thanks!Minqr0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Tempered is Recruiting for 10+ WoD Raiding So here's the basics. We raid 7-10pm (server) 8-11pm EST Saturday/Sunday. Important information right there- how for the other things you need to know. We plan to raid with gusto, and do so successfully. However we don't plan to rush into it and are taking our time enjoying the game, leveling, building up our garrisons and putting together a nice guild bank of useful materials. We are gearing up in the mean time. We also do 'non raiding things' like dungeon running days, pvp days (wargames ect) diremaul free for alls, pet battle tournaments. Whatever I can think of. So if your looking for a guild to raid in two nights a week and then go wander off you might wanna try elsewhere. If you're looking to play the game with other people and have fun with ALL THE THINGIES! Then maybe we're for you. Feel free to contact me in game of via message board. Bnet: Karaco#1919 Currently have spots for: Tank (1 Slot + 1 Backslot: dps with tank OS) Healer (Priest/Druid/Paladin) DPS (Ranged: Open) (Melee: Semi-Open)Ignagena0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 H<Stone Guard> 5/7H LF dps/heals progression Currently 5/7H and 6/7 N We are always looking for experienced raiders to strengthen our team, but we are currently focused on recruiting the following. ¦ Currently Recruiting: Tanks- Brewmaster monk- low Blood Deathknight- low Guardian Druid- low Prot Paladin- low Prot Warrior- low Healers- Resto shaman- Medium Resto druid- Medium Holy Paladin- High Disc Priest- Low Holy Priest- Medium Mistweaver Monk- High Damage Mellee- Enhance shaman- High Feral druid- High Frost deathknight- High Rogue anyspec- High Arms/Fury Warrior- low Wind Walker Monk- High Damage Ranged- Hunter- High Mage- High Lock- High Elemental shaman- High Boomkin druid- High Shadow priest- High ¦ About Stone Guard: We are a semi-hardcore, progression oriented raiding guild on Mal'Ganis (CST) (US). Our main goal is to kill bosses on a four night schedule while maintaining a tight-knit team environment. We also accept applications for players that desire to be a part-time or back-up raider. While certain classes may not be listed we are always recruiting exceptional raiders of any class to help push progression. We prefer quality over quantity. We not only evaluate skill and motivation, but also the potential to mesh with the other personalities in our guild and maintain our tight-knit camaraderie. We want people who want to be there as much as we do. If logging on is a chore then it’s probably time for a break anyway. ¦ Schedule: Monday 8:30-11:30 Tuesday 8:30-11:30* Wednesday 8:30-11:30* Thursday 8:30-11:30* (6:30-9:30)[PST] (9:30-12:30) [EST] All raid times are server time (CST) * Each night could have an extra 15-30 minutes added to the end if we are close to downing a boss, at the raid's majority decision. ¦ Expectations of New Recruits: -The ability to attend our nights of raiding, being on time and staying through until the end. -We understand that gear does not necessarily make the player, but having gear on par or having as close to current content gear is required. -Knowledge of your class inside and out. Showcase your skill in what you do with knowledge of mechanics, gear, gemming, enchants, glyphs and professions. -Maintain a great attitude! No one wants to raid with someone who is pessimistic about everything. -Study encounters! Fights aren't always explained in raid, so you knowing the fight before you step into it helps greatly. -You must run Teamspeak 3! We like members who communicate with one another so having a mic is a big plus. If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to contact us in-game on Mal'Ganis(US) Angelmichael recruiter (Angelmichael#1552) Or apply directly at Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 H Pally Looking for a home!!! xxxFilth11 Dec 13, 2014