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Apr 27, 2014 [H-Stormreaver] <Exertus> New 1/14H Guild! Realm: (US) Stormreaver Faction: Horde Website: Guild Mentality: Semi-Hardcore, serious without being elitist Raid Time: Tuesday - Thursday, 9PM - 12PM CST About Us: <Exertus> is a new raiding guild formed in anticipation of Warlords of Draenor expansion. We aim to be a progression focused raiding guild next expansion, and need quality players to begin forming our core raid group. In order to find the best set of players, we are recruiting several classes and roles to further our SoO Heroic progression. We will need enough players to eventually field two 10-man groups or a 25-man group so that we may become a Mythic raiding group in WoD. Additionally, the raid leadership is composed of ex-hardcore Heroic raiders from last expansion. We are currently 1/14H, having started Heroics on 4.22.14. Players seeking to join the guild should intend to raid Heroic/Mythic content, and have a serious attitude toward raiding. You should always attempt to be an elite player without having a negative elitist attitude. High Demand Roles: DPS (in descending order) Mage, Warlock, Rogue, Shaman (Ele/Enhance) Medium Demand Roles: Healers (in descending order) Shaman, Paladin, Priest To apply to the guild, please visit the following website (or contact me in-game @ Caldorian#1273 OR Luthilan#1500): Thanks for taking a look at our guild!Vilkaza0 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 New Raiding Guild Recruiting All Players!! Hello raiders, we are <It Will All Be K> and we are a new guild looking to fill core raid spots! Guild Info: Server: Perenolde - US Faction: Alliance Raid Info: Times: Tues/Thurs 9:00PM-12:00PM EST Focus:10m norms/flex Roles: High - RDps (Mage,Ele Shaman) Tank (Pally) Medium - Tank(DK) (We do not turn down any applicants that fit the mold for our raid team however these rolls are in higher demand for our core team) A little about us: Our raid team is currently made up of a bunch of college kids that want to have a good time progressing through end game content together. This does not mean only end game raids, we engage in everything from 90 pvp/pve to CM and old content transmog farm. Our team is very, very active and we expect our members to be as well. Raid Team info: We take raiding seriously, just because we will be starting at the beginning and progressing into harder content does not mean that we do not expect all members to work hard to progress. Our raid team is lead by two 575+ Heroic raiders that would rather spend time playing the game with friends then spending 20+ hours a week making a game into a job. Current goals: Get everyone ready! Building a solid raid team takes time and work and we are taking steps in the right directions to ensure that our core team is successful. We are currently accepting all iLvL to join our ranks with the idea that only those who are showing improvement will be taken into the team. Weekly Flex runs/Norm Pugs are setting the foundation to creating a successful raid team. If you have any questions feel free to add me or Meat in game! We look forward to speaking with you all soon. Elluzia - Krob#1491 Meat - MeatHead#1354Elluzia5 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 559 Spriest LF raid guild Hows it going I have been playing since LK have never been in a raiding guild before but think its time to branch out a little and get some raid exp. Dont get me wrong I have raided before im currently 8/14N SoO but it just isnt enough anymore LF a raid guild or just looking for a solid group of people to run SoO with and see some progress. im currently a 558 Spriest just want to see some more raid action I also OS heal in disc but not very often let me know if your looking to fill a spot I currently reside on Malygos. would like to find a guild on Malygos but if not possible will look into transfers aswell. also my BATTLETAG® vesuvius#1612Hawktar9 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 AM eastern standard time LFGuild Only 6/12 normal soo. My realm doesn't have any guilds that raid AM est. Any time after 9 am . Any out there?Efrel0 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 Experienced Player - Level 90 Boost Hello everyone. Having played World of Warcraft since Vanilla, I have been a casual player, a hardcore player, a raid leader, and a guild master. With the release of Warlords, I have purchased the pre-release, and I am looking for a new guild to join, in which I can use my boost on a necessary class and role. What am I looking for? I am looking for a guild that is not necessarily new to the raiding environment, but one that is new to the current tier (Siege of Orgrimmar). As a hardcore raid leader in the past two expansions (14/14 in the current), I would like to step into a more casual role, while utilizing my knowledge of the game to help a raid team succeed. I would prefer a 10 man raid team (any server/faction at this point will suffice as I have the boost option), that is currently either doing Flex or Normal. While I will not be up to par with gear to begin normal right away, I will be able to gear fast enough to get to that point relatively quickly. I can be a raid leader if the team is currently looking for one. I am 14/14 experienced, more used to DPS, but I can give tanking or healing a shot, and I can boost any class or role, but would prefer a Paladin, Death Knight, or Warlock, as those are my most knowledgeable classes. How to get in touch with me? Battle Tag: Starbucks#1712 In-Game: Adrit on the Proudmoore server, Alliance. I look forward to joining a new guild that is comfortable with a boosted, but that has the knowledge to help push forward a casual/new raid team. Thanks!Adrit6 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 9/14 H lf a Lock or ranged. due to unfortunate home circumstances, our raid team is down a warlock. we raid tues thurs and sundays from 7 to 10 pacific time (10-1 eastern) we are a fun group of people, and we do plenty outside of heroic raiding together. if you are looking for a new home, are geared accordingly, and can make raid times, hit me up on btags please. giggidy#1548Zigron1 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 565 prot pally LF Heroic Guild I don't have any heroic experience but I am willing to research and learn the fights. I am on the Eastern timezone (EST) and currently play on Area 52 but am willing to swap realms. Gearing up my ret spec but it is currently not geared enough to raid. I have mumble and vent. The only hours I can raid are between 7 - 10:30 PM EST.Acident2 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 545 ILVL Destro Warlock LF New Home I am currently looking for a new home. I use to be a hardcore raider and want to become one again. I am looking for a guild who can bring the best of personality and progression at the same time. I have been raiding since vanilla. I know my class extremely well and I can promise you 100% raid attendance. I am currently 13/14n on my Resto Druid, however I would like to go back to my Warlock. Raid days that i am available: Can raid any day of the week, 6pm est (earliest I can raid due to work) and have weekends wide open. Goals: I'm looking for a guild focused on progression and is focused on heroic content. Looking for a core spot, not a "sub". Looking for a guild that has fun but buckle down when its time for bosses. Guild/Raid Expectations:I enjoy raiding and would love to find an environment that is relaxed where everyone is focused but having fun. I do not mind whether you are a 25 man raiding guild or 10 man. I can transfer whenever, either horde or alliance doesnt matter to me.Mehen39 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 . no longer looking, thank you!Noggenfogger33 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 578 Hunter LF guild 13/14H After getting into Phase 4 H Garrosh 3 weeks ago 10 man raid team decided to take a Break until WOD what I am looking for 1] As the title says LF Mature Guild 13/14 that is dedicated to completing this tier and that is preparing for the expansion 2] 10/25 Man doesn't matter to me Started Played my Hunter in vanilla and been raiding since BC Realm First! Obsidian Slayer Participated in the realm first defeat of Sartharion the Onyx Guardian in 25-player mode. 11/21/2008 Realm First! Magic Seeker Participated in the realm first defeat of Malygos in 25-player mode. 11/30/2008 The Immortal 25-player mode.03/01/2009 The Undying 10 man 01/12/2009 Conqueror of Ulduar 07/26/2009 A Tribute to Mad Skill (25 player) In the Trial of the Grand Crusader, reach a Tribute Chest with at least 45 attempts remaining in 25-player mode. 11/17/2009 A Tribute to Mad Skill (10 player) Realm First! Fall of the Lich King 11/14/2010 Hero of the Horde: Cataclysmic End PvP season 11 in the top .5% of the rated battleground ladder. Hero of the Horde: Tyrannical can provide more on request if interested please leave a way to contact you and list my Druids name so I know it isn't spam Please LunaLunarpháse42 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 Package of 6 14/14H raiders LF guild. Hello there, we're currently gauging interest and seeing who's looking to recruit what for 6.0 and beyond. TLDR, 2 warlocks, a mage, resto druid, Frost DK and Ele shaman looking around for a solid guild for farming this tier.Gs50 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 575 Hunter LF raid 9/14H currently with attempts on heroic spoils. Available raid times: Monday-Thursday and Sunday 08:00 PM - 01:00 AM EST contact me at nick1326#1200 Looking for 10 man or 25 man guilds. Willing to transfer and faction changeNickcannon69 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 LF heroic restro druid 560+ breaking off from our 25 man to make a strong 10 man to get garrosh down before exp, at 25 man we are 2/14 heric but we have 11/14h exp reply back or pst me in game imafighter#1963Imawrecker2 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 Split the Guild Recruitment Forum What would you all think if Blizzard were to split these forums into 2 sections, guilds looking for players and players looking for guilds section? That way guilds looking to recruit would have a forum they could look at players without having to sort through other guilds looking to recruit. Players would be able to search for guilds looking to recruit without having to sort through other players doing the same thing. What is everyone's opinion?Zephroh0 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 567 Combat Rogue LF New Raid Group Im 5/14HM only because i havent had the chance to go further due to our guilds lack of healers, im lookin for a new 10 man group in need of a rogue or mdps, i can raid any day between sun and thurs , between 8 and 1230 eastern, if you are in need of a good skilled rogue, that can learn and adapt quick hit me up Sneakylol10#1284Sneakylol13 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 ==== Ally25 8/14H Mon/Tue/Wed 6-10:30pst ==== Class needs as of 4/19/14: We have high needs for the following classes: - Shaman(elemental, resto, enhance) - monk (healer) - druid(resto, feral/tank) - monk(dps, tank) We have medium needs for the following classes: - priest(shadow, heal), rogue It would be difficult for us to fit in another: - paladin(ret, tank) Because we recruit for the long term, we want players to apply on characters they enjoy playing most, not ones that temporarily fit our biggest needs. Despite what our class needs may indicate, we always welcome all classes to apply or at least inquire if you think you might be a fit. We will always consider the most skilled, seasoned, knowledgeable players regardless of need, and often times needs can be filled in more ways than one so don't hesitate to ask. Guild: <Dawn Eternal> Faction: Alliance Server/timezone: US-Cenarius (PvE), Pacific Time (PST) Raid hours: Tues/Wed/Mon 6:30-10:30 PST, option Sun/Thurs Type: 25 man raiding Level: 25 Who we are: * Dawn Eternal was founded in December 2004 (~3 weeks after WoW's release) with a focus on raiding endgame content and having fun. * We value self-improvement and teamwork. * We always recruit for the long term. We have the feel of a close community / family. We have a rank for full members to invite RL family & friends, and full members are allowed to keep the tag even if they can no longer raid. * Our application period is not as short as most - we work with our apps to help them improve, and we value their attitudes, dedication, knowledge, and potential more than their gear, experience, or class. * We run a very calm and comfortable raiding environment - "chill" - we prefer to use tells and channels to adjust and fix problems, rather than yell or openly chastise in Vent. * Max guild level. If you have the high playtime, skill, and desire to raid at high levels, and yet want to be with a very guild-oriented, stable group that has been around for years, we may be the guild for you. Raid hours, attendance, and loot: * We currently raid 3 nights: Tues/Wed/Mon; with the option of Thurs/Sun. Fri/Sat are always off nights. App invites happen around 6:30pm PST with members able to join a bit earlier. We go until 10:30pm PST and rarely go later. * We ask applicants to commit at least 80% attendance to so they can be effectively evaluated. We are looking for people who can commit to this schedule in the long term for the entirety of the raid. * We occasionally run member organized 10mans and achievement runs on non-raid nights. * Loot in the 25-man's is distributed through a modified zero-sum DKP. Applicants immediately start earning dkp as soon as they start showing up for raid and dkp is retained through rank promotions. Progression: A good site for raid progression is: The server: Cenarius is one of the original Pacific-coast PvE servers, part of the Whirlwind battlegroup, and has majority alliance population although the horde have some very good raiding guilds as well. Naturally, there are a vast number of raiding alliance guilds on Cenarius, making it the ideal home if you are an alliance focused on raiding. Cenarius is home to Thott of Afterlife and was at one point home to Ciderhelm of Eventide and the penny arcade guys. It was the second US server to unlock all of sunwell. Even if we aren't the guild for you, your transfer wouldn't be for naught as there are many other competitive guilds on the server. How to apply: Follow the stickied instructions in our recruitment forum: or use and go to the forum from the menu link. If you have any questions or concerns, or simply want more information, contact Dae or Paragon, or message any DE member and ask for an officer (we often play alts when it's not raid hours). We are also available via private message on our forums.Dae0 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 [A]11/14H 25m LFM <OOB> is a 25man guild on a PVE realm with a core spot open on the main roster We raid Tues/Weds/Thurs 8-11pm EST Currently we’re 14/14 normal SoO and 11/14H We're not missing raid nights, we're not farming normal mode while we recruit, we're still doing Heroics and Heroic Progression. This is not a falling apart rebuild at the end of the expansion. We're stable and looking to bring in fresh faces to finish Heroic SoO and go into WoD strong! Join us now so you have a place on the Mythic roster in WoD! Recruiting: Warrior(DPS or Tank) Monk (DPS,tank, or heals ) Druid (DPS or Heals) Mage Priest (DPS) Hunter DK(DPS) Rogue Shaman (DPS) Warlock We're a holdout of Vanilla raiders- we've been raiding since Scholomance and Stratholme to get our blue dungeon sets. The guild isn't in danger of falling apart or missing raid nights. We know what it takes to maintain a successful progression raiding guild through stale content, holidays, and summers. We're a progression guild first and foremost. We value killing new bosses and pushing heroic (and mythic!) over farming faceroll bosses for loot. *Server first Gold Challenge Mode *Server First Ra Den *Only guild on server with I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am My btag is PinkiePie#1307 if you'd like to talk more If you don't have any questions and we sound like a great fit for you, the website to apply is Hope to hear from you soon!Fairyn2 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 13/14H Tank LF Core Raiding Spot .Zilark8 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 565 Holy / 550 Ret LF raiding guild for WOD Hello I am currently looking for a hard mode focused raiding guild that raids any where between 3-4 times a week. I am more interested in joining a 25 man group but will not look down any 10 man guilds as well.I am looking for a progression focused guild that is looking to down content pre nerf looking forward to WOD . I am look for a guild that raids between 7pm EST and 12am EST. Character name is Xaud on Elune History I started playing World of Warcraft in 2007 did not get into the raiding scene until the start of Wrath. Everything listed below was during present content: Full Clear 25 / 10 Naxx Full Clear 25 / 10 Uldular Full clear 25/ 10 TOC 4/5 Clear TOGC 10/25 * downed anub after ICC was released 12/12 normal ICC both 10 and 25 11/12 Heroic ICC with uncountable hours on LK * Guild stopped raiding at this point did not focous on RS Hm only normal 12/12 Normal Teir 11 6/12 Heroic Teir 11 * about the lowest point of my raiding experience 7/7 Normal Firelands 6/7 Heroic Firelands 8/8 normal Dragon Soul 8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul 11/12 Teir 14 12/12 normal ToT 11/13 HM with 13/14 SoO I am 23 years old, I am looking to get back into raiding as I have taken a break recently. In my free time I like to play wow because of the competitive atmosphere the raiding game has to offer. I experienced Holy Paladin that works well with a team and am open minded and willing to try new things, love theory crafting and have both respectable experience playing Ret and Prot. If there is any questions about Logs, armory or Screen shots I can give them out just not on this page due to lack of posts. I can be reached by gamer tag Xaud1611Oclocks5 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 14/14HM Horde LFM Healers and RDps CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR HEALERS AND RDPS, NO MORE MELEE, TOO MUCH MELEE. And maybe a tank. Hunters/Warlocks and Priests/Resto Druids given special consideration. Synthesis 10H is looking for more competent raiders for WoD. Having recently merged with the excellent Sympathy, of the same Turalyon US server, we still need a few more excellent raiders to fill out our roster. All specs, classes, races will be considered. We're offering trials at the present to 570+ geared raiders with similar progression. If you don't quite meet the ilvl req. you can add me and attempt to convince me of why you should be allowed to trial in spite of your lack of gear/progression. Synthesis is a bros club. We have a very active guild, outside of WoW and in. We watch TV together, movies, play League, Dota 2, and a grand assortment of other games together. We're gamers through and through, and excellent ones at that. We are friendly, compassionate, and we make lots of !%!@@%*% jokes. Lots. Of. Dick. Jokes. But mostly we're defined by our brolationships, not so much the !%!@@%*% jokes. ANYWHO. Good raiders, we want them, if you're that give me a PM to my bnet. We raid T-Th 8:30pm-12:30am Eastern, Monday is an optional progression, clean-up day, at the same times. Fridge#1691 Looking forward to hearing from you, and getting to know you, and hearing your best !%!@@%*% joke.Kitchensink499 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 565 Resto druid LF serious raiding guild 565 Resto druid currently 14/14 norm 1/14 HM lf a serious raiding guild that is progressing in HMs. Wanting to go back to Mal'Ganis so if there are any guilds recruiting that would be nice, but I'm willing to transfer any where. Let me know.Nerf45 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 Resto druid looking for guild! (564ilvl) Looking for a guild that raids around 6pm est.Zomari12 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 566 ILVL RESTO DRUID LF Heroic Raiding GUILD Hey guys, Kurrama here! I am a 566 Ilvl Resto Druid with 6/14 H raiding Experience. At the begging of the XPAC I ranked top 10 in 7-8 Fights when they were current content on World of Logs. I am looking for a guild that plans to stay together for the long run. I am looking to raid at least 2 nights at most 3 nights a week (no weekends). Starting no earlier than 7PM and ending no later than Midnight. EST. Times. I also want a guild that is fun when they run and don't yell at each other like A$$holes. If you wish to speak with me please mail me in game. Kurrama on Stormrage Alliance, or add me on REAL ID @ Thanks guys Look forward to speaking to yall soon!Kurrama25 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 [H]<Soco> LFM for rest of Mists and WoD Southern Comfort of Arthas is a Level 25 Horde guild that has had its core together for over seven years. SoCo is a guild that strives to provide a mature, respectful and friendly atmosphere that will cultivate quality players who will push through progression with enthusiasm and whom look forward to a challenge. We are a close knit social guild who believes that the player makes the raid not the gear. We are looking for players who are willing to put the time and effort into making our progression in WoD successful, fun and rewarding. We are looking mainly toward the next expansion but are also looking for players to get some raiding done now toward the end of Mist as the this long gap between expansions has seen some players take breaks or retire, we are looking to replenish the ranks with helpful ,fun and knowledgeable guild mates. Our current priorities are listed below, but we are also willing to look at any class and spec. Tanks: Any Heals: Resto Druid DPS: Warlock, Boomkin Raid times are currently Tuesdays and Thursdays 8pm server until 10:30 pm server. If you have any questions please email an officer in game: Torquemeda, Suntuz, Meiam, Shabamm,or Missbubbly, visit us on our website or reply to this forum message.Missbubbly3 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 Priest LF Mythic WoD spot Hi I'm Jinjo, Yes Banjo-Kazooie. Anyway Imma disc priest looking for some serious end content raiding hopefully for a chance at Mythic raiding in WoD. Willing to transfer! NO FACTION CHANGE. Filthy Alliance. Been playing WoW since launch and have full cleared almost everything on normal with some heroic bosses here and there but I am up for anything and love to face challenges. I do not mind being recruited for just WoD sitting around and chilling until then. For those of you who want my skills immediately you can check my armory by clicking my name. Here are some logs: Here's a regular Garrosh kill This is the last run I did with my current guild before it collapsed This is the latest raid I've done in a 10 man reg setting I do not mind going Holy or shadow to accomidate current rosters. But I would prefer to heal. Feel free to hit me up for a chat i have vent, mumble, Skype and teamspeak installed a working mic Btag: Anse#4140 As a reminder SoO is crossrealm trials runs can be scheduled by appointment.Jínjo14 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 555 ilvl druid tank lf casual raid group Looking for a casual raid group that raids between 8 and 12 eastern time. Also interested in some RBGs. Here is my armory:ëastlëy11 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 New Guild Recruitment looking for new members to join my guild. just started so please help me out. the name of the guild is Quest of the Gods message me if interested. we need charter signatures.Scarleigily0 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 545 destro lock looking for soo 10/25 team[A] Hello due to not being able to find an active team on my own server I am looking elsewhere. I am a 545 lock that knows his spec well has exp with 12/14 in normal soo would like to find a team willing to take me in. I can raid pretty much any day of the week 6-10cstHustlejims5 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 Mage 574 item level looking for guild 11 of 14 heroic experiece frost off spec arcane can raid any day after 5 pm est. logs availavble on request i dont miss raid times always on time and prepaired for more info leave your battle tagCorntrollio69 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 573 Mage 8/14 H LF new guild I'm 573, arcane/frost. Can play fire if needed, currently my gear favors arcane/frost. Have had experience with H Malk and H Siegecrafter. I research fights, my class...insert the usual ramble here... Looking for a new guild that is EST, and with good progression. Current issues are people not doing correct mechanic to kill new bosses, high turnover or people just not showing up and our raid night being canceled. Will raid either 10m or 25m, prefer two or three days a week. If you need to know more, ask away.Traellei87 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 Winter Shadow LF Ranged 10/14H Hello everyone, as the title states our 10 man guild of Ysera is looking for a ranged dps. We are currently 10/14 H with a little work on Thok. Right now is when some of our raiders are getting burnt out and we now have opened up our recruitment in hopes to find a few more to help finish out SoO and finish off our 20 man team for WOD. We run our raids with the motto of progression without aggression. We are a casual guild and like to have fun, but still love to progress through content. Also right now we have elected a new raiding schedule to help our raiders who would like to stay from getting burnt out. The format is as follows Week one farm bosses, week two progression, week three break (Do older content and what not for fun) We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6:30pm - 9:30pm EASTERN Our current needs: Mage Elemental Shaman We will not shy away from any player who is looking to join, but our first order of business is to find a ranged and go from there. We also ask that since we are 10/14 H that you have the appropriate gear and experience that will be needed to jump right in. Since it is so easy to trial now with cross realm raiding shoot me a message on here and leave your battletag and we can get all the details hashed out. Thanks for reading, have a good oneAiryana6 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 540 Ele LF 10 man guild Sup? Looking for a new crew to raid and have fun with. I'm the bad joke eel of WoW but take what I do seriously, most of the time. COUGH. (For real tho) I have a super high 540 ilvl as I havent been playing much in the past months. Been playing since 06 and have great raiding XP. Feel free to poke me! ************Preferably sunday-tuesday night raids as i have a very busy schedule.Pdqb0 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 Hpally563 & Hunter575 10/14H LF H Raid Guild "Prefer Horde (Will consider ally) If Paid Xfer/Faction Change" What im looking for: -Guild that raids anytime doesnt bother me on tues-thurs i can do 2 or 3 days -I am looking for a home for both my toons i can switch between both my toons really any fight given -My Hpally is -My Hunter -Im looking to play my Hpally rest of this expansion or atleast on farm bosses and if progression will switch to my hunter also my hpally has a Ret OS! Im also on secrets for meta & cloak shouldnt be to long till i have it! -Guild im looking for i dont care about the progression really just aslong as your doing heroics! -Im looking for a 25m raid guild will trial first if needed since there is CROSS REALM NOW! About me: -Always on time to raid 2 hours before & prepared and ready to progress -Always 99% showing up to raids if i do miss a day will let gm know 2 weeks before -Im a laid back guy, like to perfect my craft in raids and make myself better day in day out -Can take jokes and always laughing lol -Always on to help others if need be -I dont mind subbing out or helping others get loot at all Name: Julian Age: 22 What do i play: Wow & Xbox One Days i can raid: Tues/Wed/Thurs Anytime those are my three days off I can do Friday-Mon but it has to be in the morning i live in Florida cause i work night shifts If you would like to contact me add shady#1484 or leave a message here with ur btag!Torso10 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 Ret Pally 568 LF Guild/Core Hello! I'm currently looking for a permanent core/guild focused in heroic SoO and into the preparation for Mythic difficulty after 6.0 and WoD. Right now, I’m in Azralon, but I’m available for realm transfer if needed. I used to play in high level until the WotLK expansion, when I gave it a break due to work related subjects. I came back in MoP and focused most of my time on normal SoO, but I already participated in some heroic progressions with my pally and my mage, having killed most of the heroic bosses with my guild core or my friend core. One thing about my attendance is that I work offshore, so I can be 100% present for 14 days and be away for the next 14 days. While this can be considered a problem, I believe that I can make it worthy during those days I’m in! Due to the situation above, I believe I might have a better fit into a 25man core, I could be a great 26th man (21st after mythic), as you guys will always need replaces and change the configuration for specific bosses. My Battletag is: Lugh#1186 Thanks for your attention :)Ayers1 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 565BDK-Resto Sham-Rogue and 567 Hunter Tank- Healer- Rogue- Hunter- We are 4 players that have played together and work together really well. Our guild has fallen apart and we are all looking for a new home. We are all 14/14 exp looking for a heroic progression or heroic raiding guild. 25 mans are preferred. We are not looking to break up from one another. We are looking for a home for each of us. With us you are getting a small group of exceptional players that are well good and know our classes inside and out, we've never got the option of doing heroics because we refused to break up individually and stuck it out with a guild that was an only normal raiding guild so we have been held back for a very long time. We are looking for mostly a 25 man raiding guild but if you are starting a 10man heroic progression guild and are looking for some top players to go into it with you then we are your guys and girl. Ashley our healer is the woman that binds us all together, we laugh and make fun of each other and we are just good people to be around and tend to bring a comic relief to the raid and guild. Our times we are looking at are nothing before 8:00EST and nothing after 1:00EST and any times between Wednesday and Sun are ideal although Monday and Tuesday is not a big issue we just do thing in LoL on those days but it won't be nothing to change around if needed and the right home is found. We would love to just stay horde if at all possible. If interested you can contact me in game or on here.. xStormSoulx#1424 Would love to sit and talk with anyone that is interestedStormthatorc5 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 <OLD> 25 man recruitement 3/14 heroic 3/14 Heroic Raid Times: 25 man Tues/Wed 6:30-10pm server 10 man Sat/Sun 6-9pm server High expectations for raiders, all exceptional players need apply to Old420.guildlaunch.comSensí0 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 Transfering/Creating New Warrior for Alliance Hi Guys & Girls, I am looking to go back to ally with my warrior or possibly creating a new warrior on ally side. I have been playing warrior for pretty much my entire wow career. I know and understand the class very well. I am looking towards raid in WoD. I have played most content when it was current with the exception of a few raids because of real life. This being said I will only be able to raid every other week at best due to my work schedule being 6on and 6 off. Unless the guild is good and get get things done fast and promptly I could spare the hrs in the week I work. I know my schedule wont fit the likes of most raids, so that being said if your looking for a great back up tank/dps I will be of good benefit to your team. I am currently 10/14heroic experienced. I don't like wiping to the same thing all the time i.e. same people always standing in the same thing or causing ridiculous wipes due to their stupidity. I don't like down time while raiding, those who cause excessive delays causing the other 10-24 people to wait on them. The less down time we have equals the more accomplished. I know that mistakes are made from time to time and expect that as we are all human. Due to the nature of real life the guild I was raiding with had to stop raiding due to conflicting schedules and work. I am sure you can all understand this. Any feedback on guilds and or good alliance servers would be greatly appreciated. My current time zone is MST, But willing to play on other servers. Keep in mind the time frames for raids and variance. You can reach me in game at Aegisreaver#1407 or respond here.Âégísrèåvér2 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 Agency :) Agency (EDITED) We need 2 dps!! 560+ We are a 10man Heroic Progression Guild. Currently we are 2/14 hm! Raid times are 645-930pm PST or 945-1230 am EST Wed and Sunday with optional Monday clean up/gear up This guild has been together for 6-7 months and we really want to give you a new friendly fun heroic progression guild! Add me Blueeyesjes#1708 or Fuimdrunk#1658 if you are interested :)Blueeyesjes20 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 11/14H 2 Night Guild LF Lock/Ele/Mage We're a mature, adults only guild that is looking to bolster our ranks. If you're consistently performing at the top of your game, then we want you! Let's kill Heroic Garrosh together! <<Occasional Excellence – Quality Raiding on a Casual Schedule>> Occasional Excellence (OE) is a 25 man progression raiding guild on Turalyon. We are a hard-core progression guild on a 2-night schedule that believes in raiding smarter, not harder. If you have strong SA, know your class inside and out, follow directions well, and enjoy raiding in a friendly environment, OE might be the place for you! Check us out at Alternatively, contact Jariyah/Ekanga (Jariyah#1831), Ovy (Ovy85#1716), Rai (Rev#1935), or any of our members in game with any questions. <<Progression>> After a year hiatus, OE is back to 25s! Our team went 14/14 in its first week and 11/14H in its 11th week. OE includes top talent from across WoW, including several players with 13/14H killed. OE is no stranger to top ranked kills, including many world top 500 kills and killing end of tier bosses like Nefarian in fewer than 40 pulls. WE WILL KILL GARROSH BEFORE NEXT TIER! For more information about current and past tier progression, please see our website. <<Current Openings>> We are currently looking to bolster our 25 man roster to be ready for Mythics. We are specifically looking for high performing dps and a MW/WW monk hybrid. Most classes will be considered, although we are currently full on hunters, disc/holy priests, and resto shamans. If you don't see your class listed, reach out to us! We might be able to switch some roles to accommodate exceptional raiders. Successful applicants will be 565+ with 4+/14H. If you are an under geared player with a strong history, reach out to us, as we'd love to work with you to get you ready to contribute to our team. We respond to all applications within 24 hours! **We're open to cross realm trials, but require transfer to the server upon acceptance as a core raider.** <<Raid Schedule>> OE has two core raid nights per week – Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8:00pm to 11:30pm EST. In addition to our 25 man team, we are altaholics who commonly run ten man teams on off nights, with spaces determined by comp needs and the number of raiders available. <<About Us>> Occasional Excellence is a group of adult, mature raiders that share a common vision: a skilled, progression raiding environment with a reasonable raiding schedule. We take raiding seriously and progress quickly, but we refuse to lose sight of what’s truly important – having fun and maintaining balance. We are an all adult guild, 18+ require/21+ preferred. OE guild members are adults and act like adults. We treat each other with respect, and in doing so, earn it. If you enjoy linking meters, use terms like ROFLcopter on a regular basis, and want everyone to worship you for the divine gift to WoW that you are, then this guild is NOT for you. If you thrive with a bit of constructive criticism and understand that raiding takes a whole team, not just one elite dps/tank/healer, then this might be the right guild for you. OE is a guild comprised of skilled raiders who are experts on their preferred class and often many other classes. We expect our raiders to remain current with their theorycrafting and to maximize/minimize in every possible way. Our raiders have strong situational awareness and are always looking for ways to improve. Because of this effort, many of our core raiders have ranked in the top 200 of their class/role on WoLs, with several regularly placing in the top 50. While we only have two required raid nights, OE is a very active guild on off nights. Our members can be found in Mumble chatting, running heroics, completing achievements, or doing PvP any night/day of the week. Occasional Excellence is probably unlike any guild community you have ever been a part of. If it sounds like it might be for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the website, in game, or on our Mumble server. We look forward to meeting you!Jariyah54 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 13/14H 25m LF Prot War/Pally <Delicate Sensibilities> [A] Sargeras, 13/14H, is a 25m looking for dedicated raid members to solidify our progression roster for 5.4 as well as to start building our core 20m group for mythic in the next expansion. We raid Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays 9:00p - 12:30a (EST). Due to RL issues, 1 of our main tank has to go casual for the time being. We are looking for a solid Plate tank to fill in that spot permanently. Our other tank is a brewmaster and so we apologise to all the brewmasters that would like to apply. Tank: High Priority Warrior Medium Priority Pally Bear tank Potential applicants should have SoO Heroic experience of at least 12/13H, and have a minimum ilvl of 570 with legendaries. Successful applicants should have thorough knowledge of their class and have, or be willing to work towards building an offspec. If your class is not specifically listed and you feel that you may be an asset to our raid please consider applying as we are always looking for exceptional players. If you wish to apply directly please visit <> or ask for Neoaxel (add neoaxel#1629) or Sillensa (add sillensa#1820) in game. Thanks for your timeNeoaxel6 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 Winter Shadow of Ysera 10/14 H LF Ranged! Hello everyone, as the title states our 10 man guild is looking for a ranged dps. We are currently 10/14 H with a little work on Thok. Right now is when some of our raiders are getting burnt out and we now have opened up our recruitment in hopes to find a few more to help finish out SoO and finish off our 20 man team for WOD. We run our raids with the motto of progression without aggression. We are a casual guild and like to have fun, but still love to progress through content. Also right now we have elected a new raiding schedule to help our raiders who would like to stay from getting burnt out. The format is as follows Week one farm bosses, week two progression, week three break (Do older content and what not for fun) We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6:30pm - 9:30pm EASTERN Our current needs: Mage Elemental Shaman We will not shy away from any player who is looking to join, but our first order of business is to find a ranged and go from there. We also ask that since we are 10/14 H that you have the appropriate gear and experience that will be needed to jump right in. Since it is so easy to trial now with cross realm raiding shoot me a message on here and leave your battletag and we can get all the details hashed out. Thanks for reading, have a good one!Airyana9 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 Returning for Mythic WoD - Holy Paladin LFG Hi there! I just resubbed after a year away and I’m looking for a guild to call home on a high pop, non pvp server. I would prefer an alliance weekend guild, raiding on Friday and Sunday but will consider all guilds with a raid schedule that begins after 4PM PST / 6PM CST / 7PM EST. I am a heroic / hard-mode raider, but after moving into a corporate job no longer have the time to commit to 5-6 day raid weeks and maintaining multiple toons. I am looking to switch mains for WoD from an enhance shaman to a holy paladin. Currently I am running my paladin through LFR to gear up enough for flex/openraid and beyond. I have a sub 500 GS at the moment and am on the first stage of my legendary cloak. I am not looking for a guild to carry me, I am looking for a guild who will look past the current state of my paladin and give me a raid spot so I can continue moving towards being a truly excellent healer in a guild working on mythic content in WoD. I’ve been raiding on a heroic level since WotLK (US ~100 HLK 10 & 25 man kill) and fully understand what’s needed to focus and be consistent in a raid environment. If you’re looking to expand your team for Mythic raids OR are starting a new Mythic raiding guild please consider giving me a shout. Battletag Vanity#1426 Cata / MoP H Experience Firelands: 7/7 normal (7 heroic) Dragon Soul: 8/8 normal (8 heroic) Mogu'shan Vaults: 6/6 normal (6 heroic) Heart of Fear: 6/6 normal (3 heroic) Terrace of Endless Spring: 4/4 normal (0 heroic) Throne of Thunder: 12/12 normal (2 heroic)Bóss2 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 563 Frost DK-13/14 - LF Guild As the title says - Looking for a good guild to join to finish out the rest of this expansion and prepare for WoD. I would like to find a semi-core (not casual, not hardcore) guild. Preferably adults playing. I'm a long time raider, been playing since launch. My only requirements: No more than 3 nights per week raiding Adult guild Preferably NOT a pvp server Thank you for your time -Decays deekay#1460Decays6 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 575 Frost/573 Blood DK 14/14H I am currently looking for a guild (on either factions) I will prefer a guild that is at least 11/14H. I have experience with both specs, but have recently been playing frost more often so I have been upgrading those pieces. I can easily swap to blood as my mainspec, I actually prefer it. My current open raiding nights are Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday. I can raid between the times of 4pm - 12am (PST) Add Gold#1274 if you are interested and please include your guilds progression along with your raid size.Dísease6 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 571IL resto druid and 576IL Hunter lf guild post says it all, 9/14H exp with attempts on spoils to 10%. Have logs and whatever else you may need. Prefer horde on a est server and data center.Dobzen20 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 575 boomkin lf raiding guild I am currently 14/14h on my warlock and parse top 50 on most fights b4 we xfered and it wiped my ranks. We used to have a 8/14 heroic alt run but it died with our xfer and people being burn out but I would still like to continue raiding on my boomkin as well. My mains raid times are 7-11est tue-thursday and I also cant raid saturdays. So if your raid times dont conflict with my main raid you have yourself a solid player. paikon#1363Paikona10 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 Experienced Parsing Fire Mage Fire mage here that is looking to get back into hardcore/semi-hardcore raiding. I had raided with a couple top 15 US guilds in cataclysm as well as logging a multitude of ranks before taking a hiatus due to extenuating real life circumstances. I now have a set schedule with school/work and am ready to commit myself once again to progression in a serious/dedicated environment. My availability is any time after 6 pm every day of the week I'm also willing/expecting to fill out an application, so either leave a post here if you're interested or add my btag and let me know ^.^ Newport#1435Idiotbox11 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 ★PALS FOR LIFE 14/14H 10m LFM US145★ PALS FOR LIFE is recruiting exceptional players. Recruits can expect to be regularly brought in on farm content (that includes heroic content) and can expect a core position when WoD rolls around. ABOUT P4L PALS FOR LIFE has a long history. Originating on Laughing Skull in 2004, PALS FOR LIFE has regularly cleared every tier of content since Molten Core. We are currently a 10-man guild, but we are excited to expand to 20+ raiders to compete in Warlords of Draenor. We consider ourselves semi-hardcore. We do not raid long hours, but each raider is expected to give 100% for the time we do raid. Our raid times are: Tues/Thurs: 6:30 - 9:15 MST (8:30 - 11:15 EST) Sunday: 4:30 - 8:30 PM MST (6:30 - 10:30 EST) If you're interested in learning more or applying, either check out our website at, message any member in-game, or add our GM on RealID: papewaio#1883 (GM) We hope to hear from you soon!Honneur422 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 Midnight-3AM EST Guild LFM SoO 10H [A] GILNEAS Alliance guild, Better Than You (BTY), in need of 565+ tank, healer, and RDPS for late night heroic progression. Working on Galakras right now. Lost people to server transfers, could really use some dedicated, reliable players willing to stick it out and get to Heroic Garrosh before next xpac. Also filling for WoD team - come check it out! :DXanzil0 Apr 27, 2014
Apr 27, 2014 569 prot pally 3/14H LF x-realm HSOO group About me: - 569 prot (main), 563 ret + 557 holy offsets - cloak for all 3 specs, proficient in all 3 specs, prefer tanking but I'm open minded - 3/14H kill experience - heroic progression experience on the rest up to and including nazgrim Looking for: - Specifically a guild that spends most/all of its raiding time bashing heads against heroic bosses - Fri-Sun raid nights, 2 or 3 nights - Earliest possible raid start time Fri-Sat --> 9:00 pm EST - Latest possible raid finish time Fri-Sat --> 2:30 am EST - For sundays can only raid 9-12 EST Just to avoid any confusion I'm looking for a consistent cross-realm heroic SOO progression group every weekend, not interested in server transferring to actually join a guild on another server If you're interested leave a reply here or message me at battletag: jalantha#1296Valkür0 Apr 27, 2014