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Mar 7, 2014 Dragon Knights of Durotan is Recruiting About the Dragon Knights @ Duroton I wanted to take a moment of your time to tell you about our guild. This guild was founded in Vanilla and many of the core players are still together since that time. Over the years some of us joined in BC and Wrath, we too have stuck with the family over the years. The guild started in Stormrage, migrated to Area 52 and when that server was overrun by horde we took a free transfer as a guild to Durotan. We need more people to fill our ranks for all aspects of WoW. As a guild we tend to sample the game as a whole, as a group and while we would not call ourselves leaders in any one area, we do have high skill sets in many areas, just to list a few: - We are a guild that when active and involved is capable of completing raids while current, to the point of entry level heroic modes though we do not actively push heroics all that often. - We have a mix of players that have a strong sense of PvP and could easily push into that area once again, although we have not really done much this expansion. - We do old achievement runs, fun events, lotto, level together etc. What to expect if you joined our guild: - A respectful, mature fun community - A level 25 guild with all said perks. - Opportunity to make long term friendships - Raiding - Perhaps some group PvP - Leveling, dungeons, VP farming, mount runs etc. etc. What we expect if you joined our guild: - Be respectful - If you want to raid, be prepared (appropriate gear, gems enchants etc. We supply flasks. food, etc.) - Utilize our website to stay up to date with ongoing guild activities. Perhaps, though not listed, bring some patience with you should you choose to join us. We are keenly interested in getting things back up and running and this will take us a little time. We are currently recruiting all classes and specs. We are mainly looking ahead to WoD and seeking people to join us for the fun when that lands. What we are looking for: Mature, friendly active players, casual raiders (albeit progressively casual, we do tend to try and move forward into raids), casual PvPers, perhaps for some arena action, with enough interest guild BG's etc. People just looking to be social in a guild. Family players are a great fit (husband/wife/kids etc.). For more information please contact us in game (Rank 2 or higher can invite) or visit our website: Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 572 11/14H Resto Druid LF Guild My guild recently just lost a big chunk of it's raiders and by recently I mean just now. I'm looking for a guild who is 14/14H in preparation for Mythic raiding. I'd prefer to stay Alliance but might go Horde depending on the opportunity. My best times to raid are Tues-Thurs 8pm-12pm EST but other days will be considered. My battle tag is gartril#1952 if you'd like to get ahold of me.Zaqwert21 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 566 Hunter LF Heroic Raid Group - US Sargeras Looking for 10man or 25man Heroic raid this week Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9pm server time and beyond. Prefer 25man but will be fine with 10. I know all the fights and will bring my own food/flasks. I have all the voice comms and working mic. 14/14 Normal and 6/14 Heroic experience. Hit me up in game or here. Battle tag: Rampage76#1671 I can work with the schedule but I can't really be on before 8:30 server time.Rolldee7 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 former top 50 returning, 557 rdruid / dpriest Thanks for your interest. I am returning after taking a break from hardcore raiding for this expansion. I played for a short time during t14 and real life issues unfortunately caused me to have to take a leave. I have played casually still. I am looking start raiding again for both SoO and especially WoD. I am looking for 3 - 4 days. I have been raiding since Wrath. I have completed all tiers prior to this expac since then, while they are relevant. Killed madness top 50 US. I have some logs/epeen from t14. Looking for 14/14h but mostly looking for a good guild to take off with come WoD launch. Hope to hear from some quality guilds, and I can promise you I wont be wasting your time. From the bit I played t14 Real ID - Indikkah#1869Biahh13 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 <Defenestrate>14/14H 25m*3 NIGHTS LFM MYTHIC! <Defenestrate> is a US-Based Horde guild on Blackrock, a high pop, horde dominated, LA data center based server. We have a very tight-knit core group that has been together for over 4 years now, and are still going strong in Mists of Pandaria. All in all, we are both a very fun loving guild, and a progression oriented guild. We know when its time to have fun and when its time to get our serious faces on and clear content. Even though we only raid 3 nights per week, we still have always managed to clear all available content in a timely fashion, often ahead of many guilds that raid significantly more than us. Current Progression: 14/14 HC SoO Past Progression: Tier 16 ~ US 18 Tier 15 ~ US 11 Tier 14 ~ US 16 Tier 13 ~ US 27 Tier 12 ~ US 51 Tier 11 ~ US 80 Tier 10 ~ US 89 *Heroic: Glory of the Icecrown Raider Achieved 04/07/10* *Heroic: Glory of the Ulduar Raider Achieved 08/27/09* *Glory of the Ulduar Raider Achieved 06/06/09* *Heroic: A Tribute to Immortality Achieved*(World #17) Our current 25 man raid schedule is as follows: Tuesday 6-11 p.m. PDT Wednesday 6-11 p.m. PDT Thursday 6-11 p.m. PDT Rarely, and only if we are very close to a kill do we ever add any extra days/hours (has only happened once this xpac). We are currently looking for the following classes: Death Knight (HIGH): 2 DPS Druid (VERY HIGH): 1 Feral, 1 Moonkin Hunter (High): 1 Monk (High): 1 Mistweaver, 1 Wind Walker Paladin (HIGH): 1 Ret Priest (VERY HIGH): 1 Shadow Rogue (HIGH): 1 Shaman (VERY HIGH): 1 Elemental Warlock (VERY HIGH): 2 These are the classes we are currently actively searching for, however WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR EXCEPTIONAL APPLICANTS OF EVERY CLASS!! If you feel you are amazing at your class and what you do, regardless of what our needs currently are, we'd love to hear from you. If you're interested you can apply at our website ( or feel free to contact myself in-game on Newsh for more information. You can also contact us on AIM/Email/Skype if you have any further questions about the guild. Contact Information: AIM: jNewsham456 EMAIL: REALID: BTAG(GM): Newsh#1616Newsh264 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 Fresh 90 LF a Home Tauren druid lf a home I do plan on tanking ..Boomdiggity0 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 561 Enhancement shaman LF weekend raid guild Greetings I am looking for a core spot on a weekend raid guild to end the expac and go into WoD, I am changing mains to this toon. My progression on this toon is 11/14 normal. My current main is 14/14heroic. i am looking for a change of pace from 5 nights a week to 3 nights. My work hours have changed so i can no longer raid during the week. So i am looking for a weekend raid guild. I have been raiding since vanhilla on various toons and would like to contiue to I am can raid anytime during the weekend. I am Eastern standard time. Best way to reach me is through battletag Bonerot#1371 thanksHellcrazed10 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 remove sEnhancéd21 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 561 ELEMENTAL SHAMAN LF WEEKEND RAIDING GUILD Well 98% of the people I raided with are all officially M.I.A .. which brings me here in search of a new group / guild to raid with . Due to current work schedule I can only raid 100% on weekends .. although I don't work on rain days / -30c .. cant promise I can make times Monday - Thursday But SURE CAN on Fri and Sat and *Sun b4 11pm est would be best fit for me . look me up on armory and get back to me if you think I can be a good fit in ur guild / group .. also im 31 yr played wow over 5 yrs with a short break in there somewhere looking for current and future progression .. if u got any questions or comments feel free to leave a post or ur Real id info and ill get back to u A.S.A.P ,, Thx for looking Shamblezz- Kel'ThuzadShamblezz6 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 556 Frost DK LF Progression Hi there! I’m John. I’m 23, I play on Ner’Zhul-US, and I’m looking for a 10/25-man Alliance semi-casual raiding guild, progressing through Normal and/or Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar, which raids Saturday and/or Sunday mornings between 9am and 2pm PST. I’m also very willing to transfer servers. My Background I’ve been playing WoW for six years, having started towards the end of TBC. My raiding career started in WotLK during 3.0, when I played a Holy Paladin, Phalladin on Ner’Zhul-US, with <Slash Cry>. After healing my way through Naxx, I took a months-long break before finally coming back towards the end of the Ulduar era. I continued to play Holy, this time with <Conquest>, and am pleased to say that I successfully healed our 10-man group to the Tribute to Insanity in TotGC before the release of ICC. After clearing our way through ICC 25N, I took another break. When I came back at the start of Dragon Soul, I began raiding with <The Aggronauts>, this time as a DW Frost DK. Healing had become boring to me, and I found, as I still do, that melee DPS was what I excelled at. My 10-man group cleared our way through Normal DS, even managing to down heroic Morchok and Ultraxion, but found that our roster was never stable enough to gear people out for the other heroics. I unsubbed a few months after killing Deathwing, coming back into the game a few weeks before the release 5.4. Upon picking up the Frost mantle once again, I quickly acquired my legendary meta gem and cloak, and jumped into Flex raiding as soon as I was satisfied with my item level. I currently clear wings 3 and 4 on a weekly basis with PUGs found on, but find that I’m quickly running out of upgrades and even sidegrades. I’m also unsatisfied with the level of difficulty I’m facing, and would love to face more interesting challenges. I love WoW more now than I ever have before, and am excited to find a team to close out the expansion with as we move into Warlords. I really have no plans to take any more breaks, and would love to find a new home. Practical Skills I’ve found that I am most proficient and have the most success with DW Frost, but I have experimented with Unholy and 2H Frost and would have no issue with picking up either one again. I would also start practicing with Blood as an OS, but would need a substantial amount of gear for that. Although I have no experience raiding Normal or Heroic Siege, I’m a quick, competent learner with the ability to follow directions. I continue to put up good numbers and not die in fires during my weekly runs, as I would be happy to prove if given the opportunity. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to add me in game at daCOOP#1497. Thank you for your consideration!Lupinefiasco0 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 Last Rights, now recruiting all levels We are a guild that has been around since Mid BC but broke up after several members switched faction or left the server. I would like to see this guild progress through leveling, dungeons and raiding. As a player and GM I know most of the content through M. O. P. and am willing to solo-run guildies through heroic dungeons up through cata, or guild runs through M.O.P. Gearing guildies up will not be a problem. We also have several good guild perks such as faster leveling and Mobile banking. Our guild bank has 7 tabs. Do you want to be part of something and progress in WOW at a steady pace? If you are on Anetheron, Magtheredon, Stormrage and Altar Of Storms, check us out, Whisper me in-game for an invite or check out our in-game guils recruitment listing. Welcome, and Happy Hunting!Naltrosit0 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 Monk Tank LF Weekend Heroics XP: 12/14 Heroic as Arcane mage, spent previous tiers as resto shaman/healing leader, looking for a 10 man group that raids late night on weekends. Must be at least working on heroics. I don't have any recent logs for my monk as I don't have a consistent alt raid to attend, but I have several top 50 ranks as resto shaman/mage and I am sure that I would make an excellent addition to any raid roster. monks armory(Toon I am applying with) : shaman : mage : I already raid Mon-Thurs 10-1 EST and Fri/Sun 8-12 EST, so I am looking for a raid outside of these times. Thank you. If need be, I would also consider playing my resto shaman again, if the fit was right.Dellusion1 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 566 hunter 568 hpall 8/14h lf weekend guild Hello all! Our characters' names are Aracona and Zoochainz on Stormrage!! and Our info -566 surv/bm and 568 holy -preferred 25m H(atleast 7/14h!!) and weekend or late week (Wed-Sat) but will consider anything! -Both 8/14h THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!Zoochainz0 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 Lock LF 10/25 Horde/Ally Raiding Guild WoD. I'm going to keep this short and sweet. I'm looking for a 10/25m Guild. Pref Horde, but will go alliance for the right guild. I'm available Sun-Thur 5PM-10PM EST Fri/Sat -Open My Raiding XP- BoT- 4/5 Heroic with Sinestra killed with Firelands release. BWD- 6/6 Heroic ToT4W- 2/2 Heroic FL- 7/7 Heroic with Rags Killed after his nerf. DS- 8/8 Heroic with Spine/madness killed after the first nerf to the Tendons health. MSV - 5/6 heroic with Will killed in a later tier. HoF- 2/6 Heroic Toes- 2/4 heroic with Lei/Sha killed in a later tier. ToT- 5/12 Heroic SoO- Full Cleared Flex with a few normals and Garrosh killed on normal. If you would like to contact me i'm available to talk via Mumble/Vent. Please post here or contact me via Btag- Kaylun#1910Kaylún0 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 [Feral Druid] 14/14H LF 2-day weekend 25 man. 576~MS Feral Spec Fully knowledgeable of the spec and current tier bosses. 565ish Boomkin offspec and 574ish Guardian offspec hybrid dmg mitigation spec. Like title says, it can be any combination of weekend day and at any time Guild must allow fun and not be full of anti-elitist fairies and members that can actually take criticism and don't cry when they're told what they're doing is completely wrong even with tons of evidence to support it. Must also know how multishot works and must not ask every 1,3 seconds how many bresez are left with a bunch of kids yelling for attention in the background. These are my demands. Mostly looking for a home for WoD, I 'll be glad to help with current content as long as its at least near or past Thok. Cetlysm#1433 If you sent me a mail or whisper while I was AFK in the past weeks and I did not reply or try to find you, it probably means I can't make the schedule and its too many to reply back.Zetlysm5 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 <Hollow Rebirth> on Rexxar/Misha <Hollow Rebirth> Is recruiting an active tank, hunter, and healer for our core 10 man raid group. We are currently 12/14 normal SoO. Please send a message to me for more information if you're interested. We have a very experienced core raid group with each member having 5+ years of raiding experience. We just lack a healer, and a hunter/spriest (hunter more preffered). Come get your free gear!Wickz0 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 520 1/14H spriest looking for guild NEVERMIND <script>alert('test');</script>Ripdisk0 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 12/14[H] LF a Few Melee DPS PARTY-SHARK.COM* RAID SCHEDULE- Tuesday and Thursday 8:45pm-12:45am EST (invites at 8:30, first boss pull at 8:45, 10 min break in the middle and last boss pull at 12:45, we will always end by 1am) We really are looking for players that: 1.) Have been Playing WoW for years, have raided in top US guilds or close to it, and perhaps are looking for a lighter leaner raid schedule. 2.) Big Fish, Small Pond type players, who have Displayed the ability to play hardmodes despite his or her current guild raiding situation. ALL APPLICANTS are Required to go thru an extensive Mumble interview, however we do not require you to fill out lenghthy applications. _________________________________ Take a Look at us: we are transitioning to a new site atm, this is the new one as well: _________________________________ -----Currently Recruiting----- Warrior DPS [VERY HIGH] Warlock Hunter Ret Any Exceptional Player (Achives, History, long Term Player) ===> We will always consider any exceptional player regardless of class! *CONTACT INFORMATION* Add us on REAL ID if you're interested in our guild Partyshark#1727 Mikesumner#1521 Or Chat with us in gameOmnomnomms (Gm/recruitment) Disciplíne (Officer/Logistics/recruitment) Endsu (Raid Lead, Performance evaluation)Disciplíne15 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 [A] <Annunaki> LF flex raiders <Annunaki> is a level 25 alliance guild on the Turalyon server. We are looking for players for a 10+ man flex grp Recruiting: All options open. If you would like to start fresh with a guild, or tired of sitting the bench here is your chance. Raid leader positions also open. Flex 10 man+: Wed at 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM EST This will be a flex raid. This group will take anywhere from 10 to 25 players. An in-game sing-up will be posted on the calendar for this. So0 ILvL req.: 510 for Flex 1, 515 for Flex 2, 525 for Flex 3, and 530 for Flex 4 How to Apply: Fill out an application at, mail me in game at Aureil, or battletag ID: eternalinfer#1281 We are looking at our first raid nights to be 3/26 for the flex. Our goal is to create a fun, friendly, social atmosphere while still being competitive. If you think you would be a great fit or want more info, please check out the contact options mentioned above. Also accepting alts, leveling toons, and non-raiders. Thanks!Aureil0 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 {Horde-25m} 11/14H SoO LFM DPS! Hi there! Anti Clockwise is 11/14H and looking for solid dps apps for Siege of Orgrimmar. Core raiding spot! No bench spots. :) WHEN WE RAID: Tues, Wed & Thurs 8:00-11:00 pm EST (ServerTime) Loot System: EPGP 25M Server: Zul'jin (High Pop, no queue!) Our Website: Progression: 11/14 heroic Siege of Orgrimmar We are a tight knit 25 man raiding guild originally from the Garrosh server but now active on the Zul'jin server. We are looking for a handful of recruits to join our team on Zul'jin, a high pop server with absolutely no queue! Our background.. Originally called Audacity but now called AntiClockwise, we are a 25 man guild formed in 2009. We believe that it's important to play with players we're comfortable with - in both skill and personality- so we recruit solid raiders that fit in well with our guild's unique atmosphere and work well together in whatever Blizz may throw our way. We raid 3 days a week. We feel this allows the balance between the ability to maintain progress and preventing burn out through constant raiding. We are adults with lives who play for fun and have a good mix of players on our team. DISCLAIMER: AntiClockwise is an adult guild, and the atmosphere in vent can be of an adult nature and prefer our raiders to be 18+. Many raiders have jobs, school, and families and balance this around raiding. Raid Progression: Currrent: Siege of Orgrimmar 11/14 heroic Read what others think of their experience with AntiClockwise: Interested? In-game Contact any officer: Kadatth, Avocado Gunkx or Afker. If none are online, please feel free to speak with any guildmember for assistance! Website: We respond to applications in a timely manner – please check back at our website for feedback!Avocado0 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 !!!LF ITALIAN GUILD!!! Just looking for a guild that has Italian speaking people, pref. it to be casual. Thanks :-) Doesn't matter if it's ally or horde.Rangér9 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 <Divine Justice> recruiting Looking for people to join our guild. any level, any spec. Trying to rebuild so we can get back into some casual raiding. We're from server Blackwater Raiders and just a good group of friendly non-drama people. Anyone can invite in my guild. so just whisper anyone for more information and invite.Kyndrah0 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 Resto Shaman LF a daytime raiding guild! Long story short work changed and now I work nights. Raid times between 2-6pm EST would be great. I have been raiding heroics since I was big enough to do so but as my schedule changes I haven't been able to raid much at all. Don't mind realm changing as long as I know a core spot and steady raiding is there. Right now 553 with only 7/14 right now (as if you can't use armory). Anything else you need to know just let me know.Cdmickey4 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 [H] 506 Prot. Pally LF Guild I was never an avid WoW player to say...but the game is amazingly fun. I recently came back after reaching 90 some months ago. I am currently working on my ilvl through Timeless Isle and LFR. I am also building up my Ret. off-spec when I see something that supports it. I was hoping to find a guild that is very active and doesn't mind helping me out if I need it. As of right now I am just getting mounts and doing Timeless stuff. I am leveling a Resto. Druid as well, as an alt. My realm is Arthas.Malvarose2 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 LF late night raiding guild. (Horde) Hi, I'm looking for a guild that raids sometime after 1pm central time. I know i'm not 90 yet, but i will be within a few days and I am experienced in most content since Vanilla. Am willing to transfer if necessary. Currently on Laughing Skull. Thanks for your time.Starrscream0 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 (H) 559 Disc Priest and BM Hunt lf guild Hello All! As the topic states, we are in search of a new home =) A little about us... We are a husband and wife team that have been playing since Vanilla with a small break during WoTK (missing out on Ulduar) for RL reasons. We are not strangers to raiding but this expansion has not been to nice to us. Probably wondering what I mean in that statement? A quick run down..the guild master of the guild that we had been with for years, was deployed, and shortly after the guild broke apart. We tried another guild that we thought would be fairly strong, but ended up breaking up as well. We have always been very determined to make sure we do the best with what we have at our fingertips to make sure we gear ourselves. Thank goodness for openraid! We ran several weeks with the same guild on openraid flex, that we decided to jump ship off our old server to our current one. Shortly after switching servers, the guild went completely dead. Most of the guild members had alliance toons as well and spent the majority of time on them. We did not search the realm before transferring, and if we had done so, we would have found out it was practically a ghost town! :P What are we looking for? Our first priority is that there is room for both of us. Please don't try to recruit just one of us...we come as a package deal =) We are looking for a guild that is mature and fun, but when it comes to progression, they are serious on learning the fights and downing them. We want to get as far as we can in current content before wod comes out. We are thinking we are looking more towards guilds that are near heroics. We are 14/14 Normal and 3/14 Heroics. We both felt we were just a little under geared for the heroics. Although we will consider all options =) We do not want to faction change. We prefer CST for raiding. From6-7pm up to 11pm no later than 12 am with preference to several raid days. We will always be on time and prepared with our foods and potions. We are very eager to find a guild that we can make new friends with and progress with! If you think we could be a good fit please leave me contact information so we may chat :) If you find that you do not desire to speak to us, thank you for reading our post.Mishana12 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 525 Hpal/ 545 SV Hunt LF raid guild I am currently looking for a raiding guild for either my 525 Hpal (plan on getting more gear and all that fun stuff currently) and/or my 545 SV hunter. I am currently in a guild, but we are not raiding, and i am looking to get back into the fun and frustration of raiding. My time frames do vary though so i am looking for a raiding guild, but one that looks for filler players or does flex as well as normal. I know most or all of the fights for SoO, and i would definitely STILL like to go through H ToT to atleast get that done and out of the way on my part (dont ask why) My times vary obviously because I am in college and currently taking 5 classes this semester and am hoping on graduating, then i am going to the police academy. On top of that i am working 2 jobs (times vary) right now every other friday night at one because the other is seasonal. As of now, my times are (eastern --> pacific) Monday - available 1 p.m - 3 a.m est... ............. 10 a.m - 12 am pst Tuesday - 6 a.m - 12 p.m est... ................... 3 a.m - 9 a.m pst Wednesday - not available due to classes all day Thursday- 6 a.m - 12 p.m est and 5 p.m - 12 a.m est... ................... 3 a.m-9 a.m pst and 2 p.m - 9 p.m pst Friday- same as monday (fit in with work schedule) Saturday- usually available all day except for saturday INTO sunday due to staying at girlfriends and church sunday from 10 a.m - 1 p.m est Sunday - same as second part of thursday usually.. depends on certain variables. I am looking for a guild native to Lightbringer mostly, but seeing as there is cross realm raiding now. i guess it will be possible to raid on other servers even if not IN the guild but associated with it. Thank youWhø0 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 575 Disco/Holy Priest - LF Weekend Day Group I am currently 12/14H with zero real pulls on Paragons. Due to work, I am unable to commit to raiding Mon-Fri at the current time, and Saturday and Sunday nights are family time... that leaves me Saturday and Sunday morning. If you are part of a morning weekend group and need an experienced, mature healer, please let me know. I'd liked to stay near the same progression I am currently... but don't mind dropping down some. If dropping down to the lower heroic bosses, I'd prefer to bring my Shaman over instead. I don't care whether it's Horde or Alliance, faction/server changing is not an issue for me... I'd prefer PVE Server, but have no issues with a PVP Server either. (Priest) (Shaman)Abihail1 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 564 Fury/Arms warrior Hello. 2/14H warrior here. Also have a 564 brewmaster monk I could raid on. Just came back a couple weeks ago after not being able to play much for a few months. Looking for a heroic raiding guild. Available any night of the week. Prefer not to raid past 1AM EST, though possible. If you wish to contact me in game-Tannuh#1498 Monk- Warrior- Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 LF Shaman/Priest Heals For Heroics/WoD <Second Attempt> is looking for exceptional raiders in our transition from 10s to 20s for Mythic raiding in WoD. If you have what it takes, this is an immediate core spot and possibly a paid transfer. Add our battletags if you are interested to schedule an interview and/or find out more information. ... <Second Attempt> is a former top world 70 guild on Eonar that has roots dating back to Vanilla. Even though we've been around for so long we can still use help from exceptional players like you as we push for a top world rank and kills again! We are seeking players that will help the guild as a whole get a taste of the top 100 world kills we were previously pushing! If you are looking to do 10 mans now and 20 mans down the road, but also want to be in a highly active guild on a great server we want to talk with you. ...Lyndsy0 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 557 Prot Paladin Previous raid leader LF home Hi my name is Santospirito, but Joe is fine. I am looking for a core raiding spot that can raid in! I have a very set schedule because I'm in college and have a full time job. I am looking to do heroic raiding in Warlords, well mythic, but that'll take a core team that runs as smooth as a hot knife through butter. I really regret having to take a step back in Mists I really hope to move forward in my raiding. Alliance or Horde is fine with me, but Horde is much more preferred. My raid times are in the GMT – 06:00 time zone: Monday through Wednesday: I cannot raid. Thursday through Sunday: I can raid from 4:00pm - 11:00pm My past raiding Experience: TBC: 14/14 Teir 6 6/6 Sunwell As Raid Leader WOTLK: Nax 15/15 - 25 man As Raid Leader OS 1/1 AS Raid Leader The Eye 1/1 AS Raid Leader Ulduar 14/14 with all hard modes - 25 man AS Raid Leader ToC took a break ICC 12/12 Heroic 25 man As Raid Leader RS 1/1 heroic 25 man As Raid Leader Cata: BWD 4/6 Heroic - 10man As Raid Leader BoT 2/5 Heroic - 10 man As Raid Leader TOTFW 2/2 Regular - 10 man 6/7 FL Heroic - 10 man As Raid Leader 6/8 DS Heroic - 10 man As Raid Leader MoP: MSV 4/6 Heroic - 10 man As Raid Leader HoF 2/6 Heroic - 10 man As Raid Leader ToES 4/4 Regular - 10 man As Raid Leader TOT 2/13 Heroic - 25 man SoO 14/14 Regular - 10 man As Raid Leader To contact me: Post here tell me about yourself and your team AND add me to battletag, Arx007#1344. I would actually like to have an interview between me, the raid leader, and the guild master just too see if we can get a long before I transfer. Oh also if wanted I can level up a Hunter, Mage, Druid, or Death Knight for WoD all toons I have done raiding on. Thanks to all who got through this! I hope to hear back soon. Santo out!Santospirito12 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 H<FreakShow> 25 SoO 12/14 HM <Freakshow> 25 12/14 HM SoO LFM currently considering any exceptional players dps only cloak and meta required min 570 ilvl we raid tues-thurs 7:45-11 server freakshow.guildlaunch.comBossashy2 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 12/14H 25 man on Stormreaver LF dps(melee) *PARTY-SHARK.COM* RAID SCHEDULE- Tuesday and Thursday 8:45pm-12:45am EST (invites at 8:30, first boss pull at 8:45, 10 min break in the middle and last boss pull at 12:45, we will always end by 1am) *WHAT IS PARTY SHARK?* Party Shark was formed in the Summer of 2013 with the goal of combining the best aspects of Hardcore and Casual to form a 2 night per week guild that not only kills end tier heroic bosses while current, but also does it on a light schedule with an enjoyable raid atmosphere and community. Elitism and douchebaggery are not accepted here, while complacency and mediocrity are equally intolerable as well. As a community and raid team we are talented,committed,communicable and efficient,constantly challenging ourselves to meet and exceed our goals on our 8 hour per week raid schedule while also getting the utmost enjoyment out of the game. We take pride in what we do and it shows with our results. *RAIDING WITH PARTY SHARK* *GM/Raid Leaders/Officers who have all played in top 25/50 Us guilds, Our officers are experienced, talented and devote the time needed to make our guild succeed. *Our Raiders- Most of our raiding core are formerly of top us 100lvl guilds, we look for at least one current end tier boss kill during progression as a prerequisite to joining, our members are no stranger to top end raiding and we want to keep it that way. *RECRUITMENT* Our guild was founded 7/3/2013 We run a roster around 30 raiders. This means that we do not recruit for full time bench positions. If we accept you as a trial, you will see raid time. For raid encounters that are especially demanding on compositions, the best comp and players will play. On farm nights, we rotate our lineup depending on need for gear, playing time, and comp for the fight to maintain efficiency. -----Currently Recruiting----- Warrior DPS Warlock Hunter Ret We will always consider any exceptional player regardless of class *CONTACT INFORMATION* Add us on REAL ID if you're interested in our guild Partyshark#1727 Mikesumner#1521 Or Chat with us in game Omnomnomms (Gm/recruitment) Disciplíne (Officer/Logistics/recruitment) Endsu (Raid Lead, Performance evaluation)Endsu20 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 8/14H Adult 2 Night Guild LF Bal/Resto Druid <<Occasional Excellence – Quality Raiding on a Casual Schedule>> Occasional Excellence (OE) is a 25 man progression raiding guild on Turalyon. We are a hard-core progression guild on a 2-night schedule that believes in raiding smarter, not harder. If you have strong SA, know your class inside and out, follow directions well, and enjoy raiding in a friendly environment, OE might be the place for you! Check us out at Alternatively, contact Jariyah/Ekanga (Jariyah#1831), Rai (Rev#1935), or any of our members in game with any questions. <<Progression>> After a year hiatus, OE is back to 25s! Our team went 14/14 in its first week and 8/14H in its 5th week. OE includes top talent from across WoW, including our 11/14H raid leader. OE is no stranger to top ranked kills, including many world top 500 kills and killing end of tier bosses like Nefarian in fewer than 40 pulls. For more information about current and past tier progression, please see our website. <<Current Openings>> We are currently looking to expand our roster for 25s and to be ready for Mythics. We are specifically looking for a resto/boomkin hybrid. We will also consider a strong MW Monk or any highly skilled dps. If you don't see your class listed, reach out to us! We might be able to switch some roles to accommodate exceptional raiders. We respond to all applications within 24 hours! <<Raid Schedule>> OE has two core raid nights per week – Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8:00pm to 11:30pm EST. In addition to our 25 man team, we are altaholics who commonly run ten man teams on off nights, with spaces determined by comp needs and the number of raiders available. <<About Us>> Occasional Excellence is a group of adult, mature raiders that share a common vision: a skilled, progression raiding environment with a reasonable raiding schedule. We take raiding seriously and progress quickly, but we refuse to lose sight of what’s truly important – having fun and maintaining balance. We are an all adult guild, 18+ require/21+ preferred. OE guild members are adults and act like adults. We treat each other with respect, and in doing so, earn it. If you enjoy linking meters, use terms like ROFLcopter on a regular basis, and want everyone to worship you for the divine gift to WoW that you are, then this guild is NOT for you. If you thrive with a bit of constructive criticism and understand that raiding takes a whole team, not just one elite dps/tank/healer, then this might be the right guild for you. OE is a guild comprised of skilled raiders who are experts on their preferred class and often many other classes. We expect our raiders to remain current with their theorycrafting and to maximize/minimize in every possible way. Our raiders have strong situational awareness and are always looking for ways to improve. Because of this effort, many of our core raiders have ranked in the top 200 of their class/role on WoLs, with several regularly placing in the top 50. While we only have two required raid nights, OE is a very active guild on off nights. Our members can be found in Mumble chatting, running heroics, completing achievements, or doing PvP any night/day of the week. Occasional Excellence is probably unlike any guild community you have ever been a part of. If it sounds like it might be for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the website, in game, or on our Mumble server. We look forward to meeting you!Jariyah4 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 Blood Death Knight looking for guild. Hello, I apologize in advance for the wall of text. I'm a Blood Death Knight I've played this class since the start of Cataclysm. I quit the game in November 2012 when my guild had some serious issues. I returned a little over a month ago and I'm in search of a guild that's able to progress through all heroic content in every tier. I've been playing WoW since the original days I have several top kills that I'm willing to go into detail with you in either the application to your guild, or when we talk personally. I have killed just about every tier in full heroic progress and was able to obtain some server firsts here and there in the process. I currently have no experience outside of LFR and a few normal kills (my server doesn't have much progress thus is why I'm the recruitment forums.) I however know all of the fights on normal and heroic as I've studied them intently. I can provide you with references from several of the top 10 US guilds about my former raiding experience and capability if you would like their take of me as a player. In my free time I enjoy playing Path of Exile, League of Legends, and as of late Warframe. If you have players that are into those games that would be amazing for me (however it's most definitely not required.) I don't discriminate against days or times, 10s or 25s. I'm capable of raiding any with no problems and I'm capable of raiding extreme progress hours of 12+ hours daily if that's what your guild requires. If you have any questions please contact me at Halloween#1622 or come to my server and whisper me. I'll be around all night, and I'm online most days after 6 EST. I look forward to speaking with any one who's interested in my services.Invincible16 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 . I am no longer looking for a guild. Thank you for posting.Arkilyte29 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 541 Prot Pally LF guild 12/14 exp Hello forums I am looking to join a guild that is progressing on normal 10 or 25 man is fine with me please just give me raid times and I will see what works best. I have been raiding since firelands in cata clearing content when it was current. I was 6/13 heroic on ToT and I have done 12/14 normal on my rogue for SoO I'm just looking for a guild in need of a tank for a core spot since my current server only has bench seats open and I'm tired of watching weekly resets go by without raiding. Clyde#1788Xashar4 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 Looking for A Guild Hi, I am looking for a mature guild who wouldn't mind teaching me the game as in runs, pvp, raids, battlegrounds, etc. All I have been doing is questing and dungeons occasionally because I'm not sure if there is a right way to do it or not. I'm a level 60 human hunter in Blackhand and I would say I am a casual player. Thanks,Sasamei5 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 <Vitaris> G2 10m 6/14H lf exp Healer <Vitaris> G2* 10m 6/14H lf hybrid or fulltime Healer Raid: 10-man Progression: Currently 6/14 H Raid Times: Wed, Thurs and Sun from 7-10PM Server Time (PST) Looking For: Resto Druid/MW Monk preferably With the approach of WoD near, Group 2 is seeking a healer - hybrid or full on - to join our ranks to push final progression. The group currently stands at 6/14 heroic, so we are looking for a solid, dedicated player willing to push progression, wipe a lot, win a little and have a good time in the process. A sense of humor is a huge plus with us. A resto shaman may be considered if they are exceptional, as our current shaman is a hybrid. Please don't hesitate to drop officers an in-game message, in-game mail, or an application on our forums. We're hoping to find our new raider ASAP, so hit us up! G2 Officers: Bathorius, Nikalia#1673 Guild Officers: Luadwen, Aegric, Castwyn, Pidon Site: www.vitaris.netNikalia4 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 550 Prot warrior LF 25 man raiding guild im 8/14 normal looking for any guild that will take me, but i would prefer if you are 8/14n+ willing to do heroic raiding willing to transfer servers, but dont want to transfer to hordeKrazith2 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 Monk and Druid looking for casual raiding Hello My GF and I are looking to find a Casual raiding guild, looking for a good friendly guild that raids, may consider more advanced raiding but unsure. Would love a guild that is working its way through SOO and plans to raid in WOD. I play a Monk currently Tank / Heal spec but would be willing and have considered changing one to DPS (Tank ilvl 536 and Heal is only currently 503) Planning to do some LFR to raise it though She plays a Resto Druid. (iLvl 539) We are currently 5/14 on SOO flex, but would love to see more before the new expansion and find some new friends to play with. We are East Coast time zone, best raid time would be evenings 7-10 est or weekends. Thanks for reading, and any considerationDiggabanktwo6 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 Party Grenade (A)(4/14 H) LFM Heroic SoO Party Grenade is a 10m guild on Sargeras (PvP) Alliance. We are Currently 4/14 SoO Heroic We are currently recruiting DPS (Ele Shaman/ DK or Warrior(TANKING OFFSPEC AND SoO READY TANK GEAR REQUIRED)) and Heals (DISC PRIEST/HOLY PALADIN) Raid Schedule: Tues/Wed/Thurs 6:45 CST to 10pm CST We do have a short Application/Interview Process About Us: Our goal as a guild is to progress through content while it remains relevant and have a great time doing it! We try not to focus on server or US rankings but at the same time run a roster of skilled players who can maintain a more relaxed atmosphere. We value good company and seek similar minded individuals! We are an adult guild and maintain an 18+ roster. We have a few expectations from our applicants: -Reliability, great attendance, coming to raids prepared. -Great knowledge of your class. -A good attitude! -Be able to use Mumble with a working mic! Feel free to contact me in-game Absolutezero#1510 or respond to this thread! Our website is as follows: partygrenade.enjin.comGerggles0 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 {Horde-25m} 11/14H SoO LFM DPS! Hi there! Anti Clockwise is 11/14H and looking for solid dps apps for Siege of Orgrimmar. Core raiding spot! No bench spots. :) WHEN WE RAID: Tues, Wed & Thurs 8:00-11:00 pm EST (ServerTime) Loot System: EPGP 25M Server: Zul'jin (High Pop, no queue!) Our Website: Progression: 11/14 heroic Siege of Orgrimmar We are a tight knit 25 man raiding guild originally from the Garrosh server but now active on the Zul'jin server. We are looking for a handful of recruits to join our team on Zul'jin, a high pop server with absolutely no queue! Our background.. Originally called Audacity but now called AntiClockwise, we are a 25 man guild formed in 2009. We believe that it's important to play with players we're comfortable with - in both skill and personality- so we recruit solid raiders that fit in well with our guild's unique atmosphere and work well together in whatever Blizz may throw our way. We raid 3 days a week. We feel this allows the balance between the ability to maintain progress and preventing burn out through constant raiding. We are adults with lives who play for fun and have a good mix of players on our team. DISCLAIMER: AntiClockwise is an adult guild, and the atmosphere in vent can be of an adult nature and prefer our raiders to be 18+. Many raiders have jobs, school, and families and balance this around raiding. Raid Progression: Currrent: Siege of Orgrimmar 11/14 heroic Read what others think of their experience with AntiClockwise: Interested? In-game Contact any officer: Kadatth, Avocado Gunkx or Afker. If none are online, please feel free to speak with any guildmember for assistance! Website: We respond to applications in a timely manner – please check back at our website for feedback!Avocado0 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 Hunter Looking for home for WoD I just got back into the game about a month ago. I raided quite a bit in the beginning of MoP on my warrior as Fury but decided when I came back I wanted to go ranged since it always seems so much more in demand. I'm looking for a home for the rest of the expansion and WoD. I want to be on a reliable team that likes to get things done! I defeated every boss in WoTLK heroic difficulty, quit after the start of cata but did manage to get quite a few heroic kills down before my guild fell apart! I've done Heroic Kills on my warrior Novarlol in the beginning of MoP as fury. A lot of my raid experience is on my paladin which I mained for a long time Novár on Illidan. I'm looking for a guild that raids later at night if possible as that is when I have the most free time! I'm ready to go and am very dedicated! If we can get this done soon i'd be happy as I'd like to get a character to 60 on which realm I go to for the Boost for professions! Holla at me!Scooba10 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 13/14 Normal/ Druid Healer /561 ilvl I am on a dead server for horde (moonrunner) Looking to find a new raid team. We are currently 13/14 normal, only started a few months ago. I would like to stay horde but you might be able to change my mind. Looking to see what my option are. Logs on profileHealzpls10 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 Starting New Guild on Tichondrius [H] Been trying to get signatures for the past 4 days without any luck :( After being scammed multiple times so I decided to come to the forums and ask. I don't mind if you leave once the guild is made. Please help!Murisu0 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 <Resolute> Alliance weekend guild Resolute is primarily a weekend raiding guild. We are newly established and attempting to build up our ranks. Currently, we run Flex each weekend, and LFR for any new members that need pieces, plus Heroics/scenes/challenge modes to round out our play time while preparing to enter normal SOO progression. We were once a vanilla Raiding team that stuck together up to ICC. We have come back with the intent to build up for WoD, and be a competitive raiding guild. We currently have an open door policy to any who wish to join, whether it be for progression or social reasons. As a warning, this is an adult guild, which means crude humor and bad language is used openly in chat and over Ventrilo. Our raid team needs healers and damage dealers, melee and ranged. You may whisper Allorian in game or apply to the site below if interested. resolutefew.guildlaunch.comAllorian0 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 4/14H Holy Paladin lf a new home! My current guild is awesome, and could probably go farther in heroics, but the raid attendance is not there and our server is not populated enough to recruit into it. So I am looking for a guild that fit's these requirements; Raid Times: Would prefer to raid around tuesday/wednesday/sunday, on times around 7-11 EST(obviously times are lenient). Progression: Would prefer the guild be 4/14H or higher In need of a holy paladin. I do not want to transfer anywhere to be a replacement or a backup. Feel free to take me into a flex to watch my gameplay. P.S- 10 man's only, my computer will not function well enough for 25m progression. Leave a post here or add Riven#1212 if you have any more questions or if there is a spot for me in your guild!Bannedd9 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 565 Holy paladin with 7/14H 565 Holy paladin 7/14 H exp looking for raid group 10/15 during week days with similar experience Pref Aarea 52 /Illidan. this is a link to the last logs:ïrus7 Mar 6, 2014