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12h (H)<Shroud>Illidan US-4/9M ToS LF DPS..Mythic <Shroud> Illidan US – Horde LF exceptional DPS & Healers that are "Raid Ready 925+ilvl" to push Mythic progression. 4/9M ToS - 9/9H ToS - 9/9N ToS - 6/10M Nighthold - 7/7M Emerald Nightmare - 2/3M Trial of Valor. Current needs / Character Requirements: 925+ilvl / 62 Traits DPS Hunter Warlock Mage Balance Druid Shadow Priest Elemental Shaman Windwalker Monk Demon Hunter Healers Resto Shaman Holy Paladin Mistweaver Monk **In the case of our Healing Requirement classes, having a high skill in a DPS OS would be highly desired however, not a requirement. Raid Schedule: 9pm-12am Wednesdays and Thursdays, EST. Progression Currently: (4/9M - 9/9H - 9/9N ToS) (6/10M - 10/10H Nighthold) - (7/7M EN - 3/3HToV) Our Loot System: RClootcouncil- We believe in distributing gear as fairly as possible while taking performance, attendance, and attitude into consideration. About Us: We are a team of mature raiders who have fun while progressing but know when to knuckle down and get the job done. Shroud has been around since mid-wrath while our core group have been playing since vanilla - many CE, aotc achievements, realm first achievement players and so on play within our ranks. We offer many raider incentives and feel we reward our players well for their time. Likewise, Shroud offers ALT raids, old content raids and many social activities outside of raids inc scheduled Mythic+ days. A recruit rank is also available for those that have an interest in raiding with us that may be back from taking a break and don't quite meet our requirements yet. This allows you to come along to our casual raids with a view to apply once you meet our ilvl, trait and log standards and get to know the team as well as receive helpful advice and feedback while being part of a guild that plays together outside of raids doing m+, tmog runs and questing together. We've found being a part of this process also lessens your time at the trial rank, should your application be successful. If you're interested, please add Kizzies to btag and have a chat! Applications can be via the web or our guild discord in a live interview process. Should you wish any more info, feel free to add Kizzies (Kelty#3244) Warkiller (thirtythree#1314) or Eksdra (xpdnc#1593) to Btag or see or our post on wowprogress. Website: ALWAYS LOOKING FOR CONSISTENT AND RELIABLE PLAYERS Thanks for your time and we look forward to having you on the team!Kablanka91 12h
12h 932 BM Hunter LF Guild :'C 932 Beast Mastery Hunter LF 9/9 H ToS Raiding guild. 9/9 H Exp and 3/9 Mythic Exp Pref 7-10 ST or 8-11 ST Tues-Thursdays Most looking for Guilds on Mal'Ganis and Horde Factions.Akunza18 12h
12h [H][A52]<Fallen Have Risen> LF Tank! <Fallen Have Risen> US Area 52 <Fallen Have Risen> is a new guild formed to be a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Area 52. Our goal is to build a strong team through Tomb of Sargeras and push into Mythic progression as soon as possible. What we're looking for: Tank: Blood Death Knight Brewmaster Monk Guardian Druid DPS: Frost/Fire Mage Warlock Rogue Shadow Priest Arms/Fury Warrior Balance Druid Any exceptional DPS are welcome to reach out to us regardless of class/spec. Our goal after Tomb of Sargeras is to hit Cutting Edge every raid tier. We will accomplish this goal with our core beliefs that all raid spots are earned; that no individual, including myself or any other leadership, is more important than the well-being of the team and that our scheduled raid times will be well-spent pushing progression. We believe that the time we dedicate to raiding every week is something important to all of our raiders, and we will put that time to good use progressing. Our leadership has 7/9M experience in this tier and tons of Heroic/Mythic raiding in the past. A lot of our current Raiders have been playing since Vanilla or Burning Crusade. We expect all of our raiders to be prepared for raid nights by bringing consumables (Flasks and Feasts will be provided) and adequate research on the fights we are attempting. To us, the most important aspect in a raider is having strong awareness and raid mechanics. We value raiders that want to execute the fight correctly. We do not want raiders that are going to ignore mechanics for the sake of looking good on the meters. What we can offer you is a guild full of good friends that want to push into Mythic content. We can offer you a guild that doesn't raid on a Hardcore schedule, but will be sure to use our time raiding to progress to the best of our abilities. Our raid days and times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7-10 PM EST. We will be using Loot Council as our Loot system, and RCLootCouncil will be a mandatory addon. Contact Info: Guild Master - Mink (Minko4000#1590) Raid Leader - Crazzluz (Crazzluz#1727)Drunkbilly64 12h
12h 7/9M <Wildcard gaming> LF HUNTER/WARLOCK/MAGE 7/9M Please apply at : or contact the following for more information Tekno#1811 Lucent#1353 Originally Accession of Stormreaver Old WowProgress Current WoWprogress Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10pm - 1am server (central) time We plan to have an efficient and effective 9 hour raid week in order to kill current content regularly. Our current needs are Warlock Mage HUNTER Rogue If your class isn't listed above we encourage you to apply as we consider all exceptional applicants.Tekno326 12h
13h {A} W/Th 730 - 1130 CST 2/9M LF Tank/Heal Imminent Failure is an adult raiding guild that focuses on raiding productively with a casual schedule. That being said we are looking for players who are interested in raiding with us. We are running a two day schedule: Wednesday/Thursday 7:30 -11:30 CST (8:30 - 12:30 EST) Sen'jin is CST! Loot is EPGP. Please keep in mind that with only two raid days, we will be looking for members to be able to commit to those two days! I would be happy to share further details over chat. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you are interested in our team. Tuatha#1661 Currently 9/9H ToS 2/9M ToSTuatha6 13h
13h [H][THRALL] <YCHS>, 1 day/wk (9/9H) LFM! Hey all, My guild, <You Cant Heal Stupid>, is looking for competent players to add to our roster to participate in 1 day per week raiding! We pride ourselves on clearing raids effectively with such a low time investment and have proven that we are capable of doing so in a 2hr period per week and we plan to build on our reputation and improve our overall rankings going forward. We are in need of players who are both good at what they do, and are willing to actively involve themselves in the guild to build a stronger core of players overall. For T20 we didn’t push mythic progress at all, but in T21 we will be making an effort to do so. RAID TIMES AND DAYS SATURDAY (AFTERNOON): 12pm - 2pm EST (11am CST - 1pm CST) PROGRESSION 9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras RECRUITMENT NEEDS Tanks : Closed Damage - Mage (MED) - DK (MED) - Warrior (HIGH) - Warlock (HIGH) - Rogue (MED) - Priest (MED) - Druid (MED) Healers: No immediate openings, but willing to hear from people regardless. We can adjust our roster for the right players. All classes will be considered regardless of our priority needs. Feel free to add me below if you want to discuss anything regarding this. Players able to perform multiple roles well are highly desired. PERKS OF RAIDING WITH YCHS - We cover repairs, flasks, food, and vantus runes - We can guarantee AOTC each tier despite the low time investment - We have an active community constantly running m+ dungeons and participating in older raids for AP / Legendaries - All our raiders hold their own in raids, you won't feel like you are the only dps in the raid REQUIREMENTS TO RAID - An item level of 910 or higher, preferably with tier acquired already - A decent enough warcraft logs page to show you are capable of playing your class well - Must be able to commit almost 100% attendance if you are a healer or tank - The willingness to involve yourself with the guild and be a part of the team, not just another number that shows up once a week - Be willing to accept criticism when needed, and be willing to keep up with your class and keep up-to-date with how it's played That being said, we hope to hear from anybody interested in the guild. Feel free to contact me below or leave a comment on this thread. CONTACT US! All possible recruits need to fill out an application form. You can find this here: You can contact us directly at one of the following tags: Protek#11993 (GM) Cruadal#1146 (Raid Lead) Justin#0180 (Discord) Thanks!Clawnorder11 13h
13h [H] <Yup> 2day teams LF Dps for Cutting Edge <Yup> Server: Mal'ganis Faction: Horde Progression: 8/9m Weekend 7/9m Weekday About us <Yup> is a two raid team raiding guild (one weekday team, one weekend team) that has high goals for progression pushing cutting edge every tier while only raiding about 7 hours a week. We pride ourselves on the community that comes with this guild. We are not only a mythic progression guild but also a great community with an active PvP and mythic + scene. Recruitment The Weekend team: Currently looking for highly progressed raiders to bolster out the mythic roster. Applicants should be ~10/10M NH and at least 9/9H 3/9m ToS with 67 traits. The Weekday team: Currently recruiting highly progressed players to Progress Furthur. Applicants should be at least 9/9H ToS 9/10M NH 3/9m ToS with 67 traits pref. Currently we are searching for quality players to compete and fill the following roles: Healers - We encourage strong applicants to apply. DPS - Melee - Rogue/Warrior/DK - Ranged - Hunter, Boomkin Tank - We encourage strong applicants to apply. We encourage all strong applicants to apply regardless of their roles being listed. Schedule: Weekend Team Friday - 8:00PM - 12:00 AM EST Sunday - 8:00PM - 12:00 AM EST Wednesday - 8:30PM EST (Optional Heroic Farm) Not the team I am Recruiting for if interested contact Kobena! Week Day Team Tues 8:30 - 12:00 AM EST Thurs 8:30 - 12:00 AM EST Wednesday - 8:30PM EST (Optional Heroic Farm) * We will use Wednesday for mythic during times of high progression. This will be reserved for rare situations and be planed in advance to ensure raiders can attend. * Expectations: - Be On-Time or Early - Theorycraft (Love and understand your class in detail) - Be Prepared (Raid mechanics & pots) - Enjoy the game outside of raids, be a member of the guild community! We also welcome all casuals who want to join our community! To apply or request more information please contact the following: Kobena - GM/Weekend Lead: kimdaddy#11200 Jaxz - Weekday Team Leader: Jaxz#1663 Velexì - Officer: DarkLight#1259Velexì0 13h
13h Morning Guild LFM for ABT W/T 9AM raid. 2/9M Horde-Tichondrious-Mornings/Daytime Raids 9am-Noon PST Wednesday/Thursday and optional Monday random 9/9H 2/9M We are the only known Daytime/Morning raiding guild on Tichondrious. Tichondrious is a very high population PVP server which has become primarily Horde based over the past year. Currently the guild is open to all DPS and possibly healers in order to bolster our ranks for the upcoming Tier21. If you enjoy our raid times then feel free to whisper me and chat. We will be going directly into Heroic ABT and doing Normal ABT on the optional Monday raids. Heroic raids are a chance to see what people can do and help us to set up our Mythic 20 man group out of the best players. Looking for active dedicated people to push content harder in final raid of Legion LOOT: We do Loot council for all tier and trinkets as well as any super Titan-forged gear All other loot is rolled for GUILD INFO: This Guild was established in 2009. I have been GM since beginning except for Pandaria where I took a break. Leadership has lots of end game experience. Any alts and friends are welcome in the guild even if they cannot raid with us. We have very few casuals in the guild but are very welcoming for people on the server who play our times. We understand that we are the only daytime guild. We use adult language, we make fun of each other on a daily basis, and we bust each other’s balls as much as possible. This makes for an Adult only environment and not for the faint of heart. Please contact me or anyone below, at any time if you have any questions. GM: Consecrater#1492 Officers: Sorensu#1779 Hakkai#1802Consecrater38 13h
13h [A] Sargeras <Dinosaur Cowboys> T/TH 8/9M Dinosaur Cowboys Dinosaur Cowboys is a 2 day per week progression raiding guild on the Sargeras server. We focus on quality raiding rather than quantity. We expect our members to review mechanics and do the research needed on off days to make the most of our light schedule. As you can gather from our name we like to have fun and keep an upbeat type of atmosphere both in and out of raids while still pushing content at a reasonable pace. If you are looking for a guild with a relaxed yet successful raid environment, then Dinosaur Cowboys maybe the right fit for you. Our Raid schedule is Tuesday and Thursday 8:00-12:00 EST Our high priority recruitment needs are currently: Tanks: Healers: DPS: Warlock Rogue Even if your class is not listed here we always consider exceptional players with appropriate raid experience who are looking for a stable and fun raid environment and a lighter schedule; but still clear mythics. Please apply at: If you have any questions about our guild, raid team, or anything else, please feel free to contact our recruitment officers: In-game: Thiich@Sargeras, Blakhearts@Sargeras Battle-tag: Oldcastle#1144, Blakhearts#1457Blakhearts43 13h
13h <Useless Gaming> 6/9m Recruiting! <Useless Gaming> Current Tier: ToS 6/9 Mythic Past Tier: Nighthold - 10/10m, ToV - 2/3m, EN - 7/7m Currently looking for DPS and a Resto Shaman. (Having a viable tank or healing off spec is a bonus) Raid days and times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9pm to 12am server (EST) Optional raid times of Saturday and Sunday from 9 PM server to 12 AM (EST) Currently recruiting: DPS: Mage Shadow Priest Warlock Havoc DH Boomkin Rogue. Healing: Resto Shaman If you aren't one of the classes or specs listed above, but are still interested, please apply! We look at every application and will always find room for exceptional players. Apply at: The leadership of the guild has experience back to the days of Vanilla. We have extensive raid experience, players ranging from US 1st, to players from more casual guilds. We have seen and done it all when it comes to progression. We started our own guild when Legion started to build a top progression guild, with things done our way. We have gathered some great raiders together, some out of retirement from US top guilds, others we found along the way, and have the makings of a very good Mythic progression guild. We aren't a large guild - we do not recruit for a bench, our roster is approximately 25 raiders and they all see raid time almost every week. We like the small, close knit family feel our guild has, and want to keep it that way. Our raiders are loyal and many have been with us since the beginning. Those who join us usually stay. We want to bring our raiding roster to a number comfortable for progression raid nights and for our off nights. We want to compete. We're looking for players with a like minded attitude, and comfortable with additional time/days to our raid schedule at the beginning of a new tier. Our ultimate goal is to have a team that will approach a new tier the same way a crab fisherman approaches crab fishing: Work hard, and push hard for a short time, then coast at a relaxing pace for the rest of the expansion. We will scrutinize your logs. We will take the time to meet with you. We don't take anyone who applies just to have a body in raid. We are looking for skilled players with a progression mentality. We have been selective of our roster and will continue to do so. We have a very good team and refuse to carry anyone in progression. We have a competitive mindset and a great time raiding together. You'll progress here, you'll learn here, and you will have a great time raiding here. Please feel free to contact us via Btag: Recruitment Lead: Lockybalboa#1368 Or contact us on Discord: Lockybalboa#1031Lockydotexe66 13h
13h <Reawaken> 11 Year 6/9M 2-Day LFM Reawaken a Cutting Edge 6/9M , was formed back in April of 2006. We are a tight-knit group of players who strive to clear content as it comes out without committing more than 2 days per week to raiding. Notable server firsts include: Yogg 0, Tribute to Insanity, The Lich King, Nefarian, Sinestra, Ragnaros, Deathwing, Will of the Emperors, Grand Empress Shek'Zeer, Imperator Mar'gok, Blackhand, Archimonde, Xavius, Helya and Guldan. -What we’re looking for are committed, serious raiders who are interested in progressing through mythic content. *********************************************************************** Currently Recruiting: 1 DPS 1 Healer **Exceptional players still please apply** *********************************************************************** •We only raid two nights a week, so it’s paramount that we make effective use of our raid time, which means we need players who can adapt and learn quickly. •Attendance is very important! We realize that real life takes precedence, but with our shorter raid schedule you should strive for 100% attendance. We keep a tight raid roster to minimize sitting and we depend on raid attendance to maintain that. •Come to raid prepared! Doing research on the fights prior to our first pull is a must! You are expected to bring the necessary consumables. •Communication! Be able to listen and follow basic directions and respond if needed! Have a good attitude about raiding, and please be able to stay focused for the entire raid. *Most importantly, try to have fun! Social skills are just as important to us as your raiding skills. We want you to be a member who is dedicated to our community and logs in for more than just raid nights! *********************************************************************** Our normal raid schedule is as follows: Sunday: 7:00pm - 11:00pm Server Time (Central) Monday: 7:00pm - 11:00pm Server Time (Central) *********************************************************************** Contact us: Dracs#1320 - Raid Leader Willow#1693 - GM http://www.reawaken-staghelm.comDpsonroids234 13h
13h [H]<Convergence> 6/9M Semi-Hardcore Raiding <Convergence> 9/9H 6/9M TOS: is recruiting DEDICATED and ACTIVE players to bolster our mythic raid team for TOS and the next upcoming tier! We are seeking vocal players who want to make an impact in mythic raiding while remaining competitive in the ranks. Past experience is required along with a try-hard attitude. All exceptional players encouraged to reach out! Discord is required. No casuals accepted. Please visit our website for more info or reach out to one of our officers listed below. - Currently looking to fill an immediate role(s) for DPS who can play at a high level. We are also seeking a healer with a strong DPS OS for main team. No Resto Druids. No Dk's. 920+ MYTHIC EXP REQUIRED. - High Demand DPS Class Openings: BM/MM Hunter Warlock Shadow Priest Balance Druid Elemental Shaman Please visit our WoWProgress page for any further updates or our WarcraftLogs data: You can apply at: under the Guild Application section. - Raid times: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 7-10 PM. - Warcraftlogs is required. - Item level requirement: 920+ - Legendary#1428 and Zedorno#1340 - Add our tags to discuss further opportunities or if you would like to have any questions answered.Zedorno0 13h
13h [A] <Advanced Campfire> 8/9H, LF DPS/Heals <Advanced Campfire>, on Rexxar (connected with Misha), is looking for more bodies to set on fire... wait that came out wrong. *cough* But seriously, we're looking to recruit some more players to come hang out and raid Tomb of Sargeras and eventually Throne of Antorus with us. Raid times are 9-12pm EST/6-9pm PST (server's in CST time, all the time zones!) currently on Thursdays and Sundays. Making both raid days is preferable of course, but solid attendance on one can be worked with as well as long as raid composition remains viable. Absolutely willing to do cross-realm trial runs, no need to sink $ into a maybe these days (permanent xrealm raiding is negotiable but is an added complication it would be nice to do without). Currently primary need is for a main spec healer or two and some DPS. DPS/heals with an OT spec would not go amiss, on the off chance one of our two tanks gets stuck offline because of internet/power woes or the likes (like that flight to Cancun that delayed mine enough to get caught by a storm) but we're not looking for a full tank currently. Loot is on personal so beyond "do decent DPS and minimize standing in the bad" we're not particularly picky about spec or class. We're currently 7/9H ToS (Avatar to ~20% on first night before we ran out of floor) and as usual looking to get AotC before the next raid, but not really worrying about poking at mythic raids. Enough raiders have RL obligations that would make the time investment necessary rather problematic. (That being said, if we ended up with enough interested folks it's not out of the question, just unlikely.) Feasts are generally provided as is one cauldron per night (possibly two if we end up with enough we can't double dip on flasks); other consumables are on the raider but unless it's a progression fight or giving us fits it's generally not a concern. Willing to do some amount of helping people gear up but you've got to meet us at least partway (shouldn't be too hard, with Argus out now). Contact info would be either Veyska#1819 (myself) or MrIceWeasel#1713 (Akuria), but Akuria's got a screwy work schedule so I'm probably your best bet. Just make sure to say something in the Bnet friend request so I know what it's for, please. (Can also contact me through Discord, wherein I'd be Veyska#5887.) (Oh, and in case you hadn't guessed by the night elf avatar over on the left, we're Alliance side.)Jollakeratu5 13h
13h [H] <Volition> 7/9 M ToS LF Quality DPS <Volition> [Horde] US-Zul'Jin Current Progress: 7/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras | 9/10 Mythic Nighthold | 3/3 Mythic Trial of Valor - Cutting Edge | 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare - Cutting Edge Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday 8:00 - 11:00pm EST We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a core comprised of raiders with past top US experience. We expect high performance, but are a relaxed, friendly, and a drama-free environment. What we are looking for: We are seeking exceptional DPS. It is a huge bonus if you have past top 100 US experience and if you can play your off specs to a high level. The high priority listing for recruitment is below. We are striving to improve every tier. The current schedule means we have to communicate and address problems quickly for a clean and fast, efficient progression. We are not interested in meter padding or loot goblins. We need competent players who pay attention to mechanics. RECRUITMENT Please be advised that all exceptional applications of any class/role/spec will be reviewed and assessed in the normal way even if the recruitment need is not high. Any exceptional DPS, tank, or healer applications will always be considered. High Priority Ranged Warlock (Affliction) Mage (Any) Priest (Shadow) Melee Rogue (Sub.) Demon Hunter (Havoc) Death Knight (Unholy) Warrior (Fury/Arms) Contact All guild and app. information can be found at For any further questions regarding recruitment feel free to contact myself Ryles#1518 // Carlynn#1201 // Ljmadness#1790Prncsspepe152 13h
13h [A] Kaustic 1/9M 9/9H LF DPS + Healer Kaustic of Sargeras[A] is a group of dedicated players that are currently setting their eyes on Tomb of Sargeras Mythic, as well as the next raiding tier, Antorus, The Burning Throne. We are a close set of individuals that come from varying levels of high end raiding progression from current and past expansions. We believe that players should have a strong understanding of their class who come prepared for progression fights; including full enchants, gems, food and any other toon specific modifications that may be needed to bring 100% to raid night. For preparations for the new raid, Antorus, we believe that raiders should be ready to go the extra mile in terms of gear collection, AP needs and appropriate legendaries that may be needed as we face the greatest threat the Legion has to offer. Outside of raids, guild members are often running Mythic +’s, gearing alts, and other such activities as we pride ourself on our no life members who never log off. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recent Progression 1/9 M ToS 9/9 H ToS Raid Times Tuesday - 7:00PM - 10:00PM CST Thursday - 7:00PM - 10:00PM CST Monday - 7:00PM - 10:00PM CST There is also an Alt run on Sundays at 7:00PM - 10:00PM CST Loot System We use a Loot Council for loot distribution. The loot council is comprised of the Guild’s Officers. We take the follow into consideration when distributing loot. Performance Raid Attendance Previous Loot Current Gear Total Benefit the Upgrade will Bring to Raid Voice We currently uses Discord for our raiding VoIP. We trust that every player will be able to handle two way communication during raid, including the ability to perform personal call outs as needed. As such, a microphone is required to raid with Kaustic to ensure that such call outs can be made appropriately. Recruitment Below you will find the current roster needs of the guild. Tanks Druid Monk Heals Shaman Monk Range DPS Boomkin Mage Shaman Hunter Melee DPS Rogue Warrior In addition to the recruitment needs listed above, we are always looking for exceptional players of any class to fill out roster. Kaustic uses Discord for their VoIP, as well as a recruitment resource. If you fit the criteria above and are interested in raiding with us, please join our Discord at, where you will see instructions in the Application Channel. You can also find our warcraft logs at --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via in-game whisper or through battle-tag: Mya - GM - Myalterton#1535 Pinecøne - Raid Lead - Vael#1262 Radishhunter/Turniphunter - Officer - Hunter#13662 Mudkiip/Jínora/Gardevoír(thinks DH can tank) - Officer - blindbandit#1866 Anemone - Officer - Anemone#1628Pinecøne14 13h
13h [A] BOBAlicious(7/9M) LF DPS! Late Night Only Mythic Experienced raiders will be considered extending to get cutting edge. Here's some info about us: BOBAlicious is an ALLIANCE and semi-hardcore progression guild that is committed to completing mythic content in a timely fashion. We have a friendly community who are typically on grinding content during all parts of the day and week. We are looking to buff up our mythic roster with even better players. Some of us have been together for over 3 years. Raid Days: Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday Raid Times: (9 hours weekly) 9:00PM PST to 12:00AM PST 10:00PM MST to 01:00AM MST 11:00PM CST to 02:00AM CST 12:00AM EST to 03:00AM EST Progression: Tier 20 - 7/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras Tier 19 - 7/7 Mythic EN, 3/3 Mythic ToV, 10/10 Mythic Nighthold Tier 18 - 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel Basic Requirements -Able to take constructive criticism. -Raiding experience. -Mechanically competent. -Mastery of your class. -Ability to use TeamSpeak. -Have the following addons: RcLoot, ErT, and WeakAuras -Will be able to sit for progression if it means to help kill the boss (Team player). -Drama free with mild NaCl allowed. For any additional questions please contact: Guild Leader: Heyitsmary#1781 Recruitment officer: kdog#1958 APPLY HERE MEOW!: 13h
13h Windwalker LF progression guild 1. Times available & time zone: Looking a guild that raids 2 nights a week progression from ~8 to ~11 EST. 2. Server preference: None. 3. Faction preference: Horde 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Hardcore or semi-hardcore 5. Current progression/experience: 7/9M. I have raided end game progression in every expansion since BC. 6. Recent logs (if available): 7. Contact info: breeze#12543 8. Anything else: I have top 100 parses on every class I have mained since BC. I also like to run mythic plus. It would be nice to find a guild that regularly pushes mythic +17,18,19. 13h
13h [H][LB] <Last Attempt> 7/9M LF DPS <Last Attempt> of Lightning's Blade is looking for 2-3 solid dps to fill some rolls in our mythic core. Rogue, warrior, or warlock would be fantastic, but all exceptional players are welcome. We are a 2 night/week mythic progression guild with an optional third night for heroic farm. Recruitment is for the long-term with the core group having raided together since MoP, and some since vanilla. We consist of mostly full-time working adults (hence 2-night raiding), and have a very active social atmosphere. Progression: 7/9M (Cutting Edge since MoP) Progression Schedule: Thursday/Sunday 8:00-11:00PM EST Farm Schedule (optional): Wednesday 8:00-11:00PM EST Communication: Discord Loot: Council - 3 officers and 1-2 raiders make up the council. Raider council positions are rotated. Gear is distributed to best benefit the raid. In addition to the above, we also have a very active M+ community with multiple players above 2500. Clears of 20+ keys are fairly common. If you're looking to hangout and clear mythic content without 12+ hour raid weeks, crazy split/alt runs, AP requirements, class/spec bias, or general guild drama, then we have a spot for you. Contact: Mugen#1931 Parke#1368 (Gay/Canadian friendly. Even you French Canadians.)Verdeth7 13h
13h 2 Night Horde Illidan 5/9 M Need DPS 9-1 CST We are a 2 night guild raiding Tues/Thurs from 9pm cst to 1am cst. Currently 5/9 Mythic Tomb. Recruiting dps, melee and ranged, have open spots currently. Silchas#1135Silchás0 13h
13h 6/9M Two Night Weekend. LF Various DPS Always recruiting exceptional players, Regardless of recruiting needs. We are <Powered by Memes> a 2 night a week mythic raiding guild located on Zul'jin. Outside of raid we are a laid back group of friends who enjoy both this game and others. During raid we are progression minded and serious. With our short raid schedule we need people that can learn quickly from their mistakes as well as the mistakes of others. Come with a mindset of doing your best in a short amount of time and you will do well. We will never add raid days or require you to maintain alts. Progress We are currently 6/9M Tomb of Sargeras Current Needs All excellent applicants will be considered regardless of the needs listed below. DPS Moonkin Mage Rogue Warlock Warrior Tanks Guardian Brewmaster Death Knight Raid Times ------------------ Friday- 9:30 EST to 1:30 EST Saturday- 9:30 EST to 1:30 EST You can contact us in game on Zul'jin or by our battle tags or at this discord link Tengumilk#11270 (Guild Leader) Chistorm#11212 (Raid Leader) Faunt#1508 (Officer)Foesraidspot104 13h
13h [H] 3/9M LF Guild Merge Looking for a group of raiders, or individuals, to come together and progress We're looking for a team of 6-7 raiders to merge with who are like-minded and want to push hard, not settling for less or quitting early. Raid Comp Our tanks are set One-two heals, four-five DPS Progress 3/9M Offering Days/times negotiable (we currently raid WedThursMon 6:30-9pm PST) Solid base Two spots on loot council Two guild officer positions Most things are negotiable. Ultimate goal is to become competitive and more hardcore with like-minded people who want to push for Cutting Edge in this expansion and beyond, doing whatever it takes. Contact Info Btag: Mike#17759Fursine5 13h
13h [H] 5/9M Recruiting DPS Hello, Benevolent is 5/9M. We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 830pm-1130pm Central(Mal'ganis is central time.) Our main goal is to get as far as possible in the current tier then push for Cutting Edge in Antorus. The title does say "Recruiting DPS" but we're truly looking for any and all good players. We do have trials open for all roles right now mainly focusing on Rdps and Healers but we will consider any and all that come. We are planning on doing split runs for Antorus. Which means that if you have a main you have to have an alt that's pulling roughly around the same Ilvl/DPS/HPS. If you're interested in joining or trialing please add me on Btag and we can get to talking. Battlenet Tag - Sticks#11370 **Thank you for your time have a wonderful day**Stìcks1 13h
13h Delete Please delete this blizzardTrudyn11 13h
13h [H] 3/9M - League of Assassins - LF Heal+DPS Guild: League of Assassins (BoreanTundra/Shadowsong) Faction: Horde Raid Days/Times: Wed/Thurs/Mon 6:30-9pm PST Cleared: 3/9M ToS Recruitment Contact: Mike#17759 WoWProgress: Needs: One healer and two solid DPS to keep pushing ToS and hit into Antorus hard Other: Laid-back and friendly vibe. Large social base. Active leadership.Vorsine5 13h
13h >>> FOUNDBruninieks18 13h
13h 5/9 M Holy Paladin LF New Home Skilled Holy Paladin LF Mythic raiding guild. I can raid Mon-Thurs 9:00PM CST-2:00AM CST I can realm transfer if the shoe fits for a core raiding position. I am very punctual and like clearing content. I would like a mature guild who does not get caught up in the drama of obscene comments and childish antics during raids. I am an adult who plays wow for fun and to waste some free time. Logs Can be looked at Here: I do know that I am not a top 1% player but i do know how to follow mechanics and i enjoy the challenge of killing difficult encounters. Still in-search of proper legendaries as the RNG gods do not favor me. I prefer to stay horde if at all possible but for the correct offer I would be interested in faction changing to alliance. I do have a Decent leveled DPS off-spec if needed but can faithfully say that i do not DPS on a regular basis and my rotation is garbage. My raid times are strictly to those days as I do things with the family on the weekends and do not want to give up that time to raiding. Any other questions I am usually online after work at 7:30 CST. (Edit) I am a little sour right now as I spent money to server and faction transfer to a guild whose leadership decided they wanted to move on and go somewhere else a week after several people paid to transfer over. So I am back in the market to find a good home. Thank's, BattleWall Contact Info: BNet: AdmiralMyth#1363 Discord: BattleWall#5320 (Best Contact)Battlewall7 13h
13h [A] <PALS FOR LIFE> Kel-Thuzad Recruiting P4L is a very active community of gamers found on Kel'Thuzad (Alliance). The guild has existed since the earliest days of Vanilla wow and has remained together in the 12 years following. We are currently looking for like minded casual raiders to join us in our weekly raids. We're a heroic raiding guild that will also push into mythics based on tier progression. We only raid two nights a week because we understand that there is life outside of WoW so we want people who are willing to maximize what we do in those two nights. We're also looking for players to take part in non-raid PvE, PvP, and socializing. We have members in the guild who have played since beta and members who have only been around for a few weeks and everything in between. We're looking for players who are interested in all kinds of activites from BGs and Arenas to Dungeons and Raids. We are currently looking for all classes and roles. We believe in recruiting the player and not the class. It's more important to us that you do well and have fun on a class you'd like to play instead of being forced into the current flavor of the month. Our Requirements -Know your class and spec and have the drive to play well while knowing fight mechanics -A positive attitude and a willingness to learn and help others learn. We strive to make our raids a drama free environment. -Have Discord -Prepare for raids by having consumables and knowing strategies -Don't be a jerk If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please contact one of the officers listed below. Kataani: Brenell#1779 Supered: Edcake#1463 Byiff: Byiff#1496 Amorta: Amorta#11408 Raid Times & Days Tuesday: 6:15pm - 9:00pm (MST) (8:15pm-11:00pm EST) Wednesday: 6:15pm - 9:00pm (MST) (8:15pm-11:00pm EST)Kataani5 13h
13h 7/9M Holy Paladin LFG Hello there, I'm Zoleira a holy paladin on Bleeding Hollow. I prefer to stay horde (as my friends are all horde). Server: Bleeding Hollow, I don't mind swapping servers. Faction: Horde Specs: Holy Main - Ret Offspec Ret wise I don't have relics/trinkets so unless you want to gear it, I'm strictly heals Reason for looking: Guild had attendance issues and broke up (No bad blood) Experience: 7/9M Killed. I have attempts on Fallen Avatar both phases. I do not have Mythic KJ exp at this time Availability I work from 9am-7pm est, So I cannot raid between these hours. I am off Monday and Tuesday however so flexible on those days. BattleTag Zoleira#1273Zoleira6 13h
13h (H) Red October 9/9M 9/hr wk LF DPS <Red October> is a semi-hardcore guild that strives to push the limits of progression raiding while maintaining a short schedule. The only casual part about us is our comparatively short, three night raid schedule spanning nine hours a week. Raid Schedule (PST) Tuesday: 6:00-9:00 PM Thursday: 6:00-9:00 PM Sunday: 6:00-9:00 PM NOTE: It is expected of people to be able to go a half hour more on some nights when we are getting close to a kill on a boss and we feel we can make it happen in a few pulls. At the beginning of the raid tier, Heroic will be done on the three day raid schedule in split runs, after week 1 the split runs are divided up into Wednesday and Monday, or if time permits both on Wednesday. We like people to show up to this in the early weeks of the tier so we can feed tier sets to people effectively and maximize our gear output for Mythic. Deeper into progression Wednesday and Monday turn into casual Heroic runs for those interested in maintaining alts. Server: Bleeding Hollow (Chicago Datacenter, PVP) Faction: Horde Loot System: Loot Council Currently Recruiting DPS Ranged/Melee of the following classes below: 4 Ranged of the following classes below; - Mage - Hunter - Warlock - Shadow Priest 2 Melee of the following classes below; - Warrior - Subtlety Rogue 1 Healer of the following classes below; - Priest Exceptional players that also want to apply are welcome. Beyonslay (Beyonce#1921) - Officer Khord (Khord#1548) - Primary Recruitment Officer Sinality (Synflame#1333) - GM *Progression* 9/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras - US:90 10/10 Mythic Nighthold - US:131 3/3 Mythic Trial of Valor - US:223 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare - US:334Khorddh21 13h
13h Wow Couple LF progression WoW couple looking for more progression, for a somewhat more serious raiding group than our current situation. We're not looking for hard core and dire serious progression, but we do want to be a part of a more seriously dedicated to progression team, one that analyzes boss mechanics, fight strats, theory crafts on class abilities and how to best utilize them for progression. Also, an adult mindset, high tolerance to nonsense, vulgarity and rude senses of humor is a real bonus, neither of us are socially acceptable or PG rated. We understand not everyone has the time and opportunity to dedicate to the game in that fashion and we enjoy the group we run with, we're just looking for a harder push so to speak. We're on US-Turalyon-Horde, we can raid any days, preferably 7-10/11 pm EST or earlier (Daytime raiding is a potential as well) Toons we have to bring to the table: Her: DPS- BM Hunter Ilvl 930 DPS- Feral Druid Ilvl 934 DPS- Havoc DH Ilvl 927 DPS- Enh Shaman Ilvl 925 Heal MW Monk Ilvl 928 Him: DPS/Tank Blood/Frost/UNH DK Ilvl 928 Feral/Guardian Druid Ilvl 927 BM/WW Monk Ilvl 898 Prot Pally Ilvl 905 We took a break for the summer due to work requirements so our item levels and progression history are lacking. But between now and Antorus, we'll PUG, run WQ's and max out our artifacts as well as maximize our ilvls. We're experienced raiders, she's played since vanilla and I'm a cata baby. I am an experienced tank, theory crafter and I've been raid lead for heroic progression guilds as well as a guild master (though, TBH, I'm happier just being a tank, the rest is stress I'm happy to let some other fool shoulder) She's been a solidly high producing DPS her entire wow career, is experienced as ranged or melee and is a very good healer with high end raid experience on all of her toons. He's raid tanked heroic content on all of his tanks save for the monk, I'm new to BM but I LOVE it and would be thrilled at the chance to try it out. If you want me (him) as a DPS go with my DK or my druid... I'm a solid performer and my understanding of raid mechanics is an asset to my raid groups. If we fit your needs drop me a note on bnet @ bloodgod#1142Bloodnthundr13 13h
13h 7/9M Resto Druid LF Late Night guild Unfortunately I have to stop raiding with my current guild due to new job. Looking for a late night raiding guild that raids starting at or after 11:00pm EST. Started out the xpack raiding as Resto up until ToS when I made the switch to mage(Llamaslol-Sargeras). While I really enjoy playing mage I'm just not as confidant on it as I'd like to be and want to be able to put my best foot forward while progressing through Antorus. Legion: EM - 7/7M ToV - 3/3M NH - 10/10M ToS - 7/9M (experience on mage) Antorus - Did mythic ptr testing on first 2 bosses Raided endgame content from BC through Cata until taking a more casual approach until the start of Legion and have maintained cutting edge since. I absolutely love playing this game and raiding while striving to continually improve my own performance. I'm looking for a guild that shares that same mindset. Open to Alliance or Horde with similar or better progression. Logs: Wowprog: Bjans#1591Tarden5 13h
13h Tribes of the Fallen recruitment <Tribes of the Fallen>9/9H (3/9M lead)Looking for raiders for core spots, currently in need of a Healer and always looking for more dps. Raid times Tues/Thur/Sun 11pm-2am server! We are looking to push Mythic this content and the next.Ursakil0 13h
14h <Dark Coven> Hardcore Raids & Casual Friendly \We are <Dark Coven> - Stormrage Alliance US, & to put it simply we are just a tight knit group of WoW enthusiasts, gamers, & geeks. On the WoW side of things we like the best of both hardcore & casual worlds. We love to challenge our Raid Team to down the highest level of Raiding content available, while still hosting an environment that is casual friendly. In order to balance out these two different playstyles within a single guild environment we have a dedicated core team of officers constantly helping to manage our Discord, our Main Guild, & our Sister Guild <The Dark Coven>. Our ultimate goal as a guild is to strive to become the most competitive & fun guild there is. To that end we lean heavily on our member's feedback to always make the changes necessary to make our guild a better one. _____________________________________________________________________________ Raiding: For our main Raid Progression team we have split up 4 of our guild ranks in order to ease management. Those ranks include; Soldier, our try out rank. Raider, our core Raid Team members. Role Captain, our Role Captains & Class pros. Raid Leader, our Raid Officers & Managers.In order to properly progress through high-end raiding content our schedule is locked at no less than 9 hours a week. We raid 3 days a week for 3 hours each day. Our raid schedule: Tuesday 8-11pm Wednesday 8-11pm Thursday 8-11pmLoot is destributed through Master Loot in combination with an impartial loot council that focuses on steering gear towards those who need it most. _____________________________________________________________________________ General Guild Information: Outside of Raid activity we host a slew of other fun & engaging social guild events. Any member can set up a guild event on the calendar as they desire, aslong as it does not land within an hour of our main raiding schedule. Here are some examples of activities we consider to be fun casual events: Tournaments Lotteries Competitions Casual Raiding Mythics Casual PvP Old raidsTo our most dedicated & socially active players we have 3 guild ranks. Those ranks include; Member, our core Guild members who are always active & sociable. Officer, our General Guild Moderators & Managers. Guild Master, our most trusted & dearest of General Guild Moderators & Managers.To ensure that our roster is always filled with the most engaging & active players we regularly 'purge' inactivity. Grace periods of inactivity are given for each rank. After the grace period has passed we will remove a player. Exceptions include players notifying us of absence & inactivity on alts but not on mains. _____________________________________________________________________________ We are now actively seeking people interested in Guild Leadership roles! What we need most in descending order: Raid Leader Role Captain OfficerIf you are interested apply on our Discord's #applications Text Channel: If you're looking for an invite just ask on officer on our Discord; TL;DR - We're a Progression Raiding Guild with an environment that encourages Casual gameplay!Ulthaen0 14h
14h [A] Lock & DK DPS LFG PST Alliance - PST DK Frost DPS ilvl 921 Artifact lvl 66 Lock Demo/Afflic offspec DPS ilvl 927 Artifact lvl 66 We're willing to transfer.Phixx11 14h
14h 918 Arms Warrior and 929 Bear Tank LF Home. 918 Arms Warrior and 929 Bear Tank LF Guild. Both are currently 8/9H ToS due to pugging. Both skilled and are ready to start raiding as early as next week. Both of us have mythic exp last xpac and a little in Nighthold. Will pull our weight and aren't toxic. We need a new and good home to push into mythic and into Antrous with.Aír14 14h
14h [A] <Stormforged> 5/9M Sargeras LF DPS!!! <Stormforged> is a 5/9M guild with an experienced core with the goal of finishing each tier at the hardest difficulty as well as completing high mythic plus. We offer a relaxed yet competitive atmosphere that is focused on being efficient with our progression. When: We raid Tues, Wed, Thurs, 8-11 pm server time (Central Time). We use Tuesdays for heroic and mythic re-clear and the rest of the week for progression. We frequently do mythic plus, older raids, and alt runs on off days. Who: We are currently looking for strong DPS players both ranged and melee to further strengthen our roster to finish ToS and progress into Antorus. We define strong as players who can consistently make raid, be prepared for mechanics, and know their class well. AddOns: We require all raiders to have RCLootCouncil, Weakauras, and a Boss Mod. We also require Discord for voice. Where: To apply leave a message below, add Flops#11882 or Flarenyx#1304 on Bnet, or apply on the recruitment form ( Overall, we offer a competitive environment that knows how to have fun while still progressing at the highest difficulty.Flawps81 14h
14h 6/9M 5hr/week LF healer & dps! Raid Info Progression: 8/10M; 9/9H, 6/9M Days: Tuesday and Wednesday, 8:15 - 11pm EST. Loot System: Loot council (2 officers and 1 random raider per week) Recruitment Needs: exceptional rogue/warrior dps; reliable healer; BM/MM hunter - please be 930+ ilvl and working on your Crucible traits; please have logs available! Please ensure you have enough consumables for the raid night and be repaired and ready to go. We aim to pull the first boss of the night at 8:30, so be on and ready to start before that time. We ask that all core raiders have 90% attendance, so please be honest and upfront about your schedule. Raiders should be willing to sit on farm nights or for some progression fights to ensure we have the right comp for the job. Anyone who cannot be a mature adult about sitting every so often is probably not the right fit for this guild. Reliable standbys are welcome, encouraged and appreciated, and will be pulled in on farm nights to get some upgrades and raid experience. About Us Propaganda is a 20 - 25 man raiding guild on Thrall-Horde. The leadership team is comprised of individuals who have had extensive past experience in mythic, progression-oriented raiding. This is a solid, fun and progressive raid team. To that end, we work to recruit players who are not only talented, but also friendly, reliable and humble Besides being beasts at progression raiding, the members of Propaganda are M+ fanatics, altoholics, achievement fiends, and some of us even dabble in PvP. We have an alt guild on Proudmoore-Alliance and a Diablo III clan, as well as a number of Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Overwatch and LoL players. We know when we need to be serious, but we also have a blast (if you're easily offended, or under 18, this is not the guild for you!) Calendar Tuesday/Wednesday: main raid Thursday: game night (Cards Against Humanity, Werewolf, Overwatch, etc) Friday: H/M Nighthold farm Saturday: N ToS Sunday: H ToS alt raid, 8:15 - 11 pm EST Progression raiding can sometimes be peppered with drama, egos, and a generally stressful atmosphere. The ultimate goal with Propaganda is to create a positive, fun guild atmosphere while still running a high-achieving raid team. Contact Fernmoo#1278 Discord: Gogogadgetkat#7474 Website: Thank you for taking the time to look over our info, and best of luck in finding your new home.Totesnotes0 14h
14h [H] 8/9M ToS 2-night LF Heals/DPS <Unrivaled II> is looking for quality raiders to help us compete for US top 200 during the Legion expansion. At our core we are professional adults who are seeking high end progression without the schedule of a 4-night guild. We have had success in the last few expansions, and would like to take that momentum forward into Tomb. T20 Progression 9/9 H 6/9M T19M Progression 7/7 Emerald Nightmare 3/3 TOV 10/10 Nighthold Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday 930-130EST/630-1030PST We are always accepting well qualified candidates!!! Specifically looking for: DPS MM/BM Hunters Warlocks Mage Rogue Healers Holy Paladin Resto Druid MW Monk Disc Priest Applicants with healing officer/RL experience a plus! What we expect from you -All raiders will be expected to be in the zone and ready to roll prior to raid time. -Any consumables should be in your bags, and ready to go so that we are not using valuable raid time to dish out food/pots. -We expect all raiders to have a basic knowledge of fights before they step into the zone, we will post our strats and videos on our forums to facilitate this. -All raiders are expected to be experts at their respective classes Lastly, I would like to take the opportunity to let you know that while we take our time inside of raid very seriously, we are a group of friends that genuinely enjoy each other. If you are looking for a group that will take you in with open arms, look no further! CONTACTS: Website: Wellsdaddy (GM) - Wellsdaddy#1861Wellsdaddy159 14h
14h [H] <Style Points> 7/9M <Style Points> 7/9M US Mal'ganis - Horde Wednesday 7-11 CST Thursday 7-11 CST Optional Raid Day (Normal/Heroic) TBD <Style Points> is a new 2-night guild on Mal'ganis looking toward building a solid roster for Antorus and into the coming expansion. We are most of the old leadership of <Project Casual> on Haomarush, which was one of the top 2-night guilds in the US for MoP/WoD. Our current roster is made up of multiple former top 20 world raiders who've "retired" to a more reasonable schedule, but wish to keep the serious mentality that top guilds have. Past achievements include: US 91st Garrosh US 120th Imperator (1st US 2 night) Atmosphere: We're all here to have fun, but we expect people to take raid time seriously. Outside of raid we play all sorts of other games together. People are almost always willing to push M+. We want to build a community, not just a raid team. Attendance: We understand that real life takes precedence, and emergencies happen. That being said, as a 2-night guild, we expect that barring anything major, raiders will maintain 90-95% attendance throughout their time with us. Raiders will also be expected to maintain a bare minimum of character support, including knowing fights prior to them being pulled and obtaining their weekly M+ cache. As we look to expand toward a full roster, we welcome all serious applicants. We're especially interested in current and former high end raiders who are either looking to take a step back in terms of time or who wish to reroll to a new class. Ability to swing to other specs as the fights demand is a huge bonus. Any and all applicants will be considered, and our current needs are as follows: DPS: Boomkin Warrior (low priority) All applicants are welcome to contact us. GM: Zedthetank#1927 Recruitment: Keystone#1582Keystoné138 14h
14h 941 5/9M Shadow Priest LF 2 Day Raiding Guild Hey everyone, my guild recently broke up due to poor attendance, and the Mistress progression wall. I am only looking to join a 2 day raiding guild. I cannot raid Wednesdays. I don't mind server xfering if I find the right guild. Not looking to join a guild with any less that 5/9 progression. Here are my logs: Please leave your info and battletag below and I will contact you if I find your guild would be a good for my schedule. Thanks.Yipzx32 14h
14h <Lost in Time>Progressive Raiding 60-80 ***UPDATE AUGUST 17, 2017*** As of this update we have 89 members across 56 accounts. We are running two seperare MC groups each week, both have had 10/10 runs and working towrds our 3 raid group for the start of September. We have dungeons groups running almost daily gaining pre-mc BiS gear and working on attunements for MC. We are in the process of voting within the Guild to unlock BWL to start progression in that raid tier. I anticipate BWL unlocking around the same time the 3rd raid teams starts. We are looking into adding PvP officers to organize and coordinate guild PvP events as well so we can have both PvE and PvP progression in the guild. We are an active 1-60/70/80 Progression Guild and we want to add more players interested progressing from level 1 to MC to ICC. Lost in Time is aiming to create a community for players who enjoy the era of World of Warcraft from Classic through Wrath of the Lich King. We have a tentative launch of July 12th, 2017 and are seeking members who want to play through Legacy content level locking at 60/70/80 for progression from Molten Core through Icecrown Citadel and everything in between. This will be an Alliance guild on Earthen Ring US. More information and an application can be found at our website: Questions can be answered directly in our Discord: You can also add Xaqshnr#1186 via battle.netKanicus49 14h
14h Blood/Unholy DK looking for mythic team Willing to transfer and change faction if required 930-935 UH/Blood dk looking for mythic ToS logs spellman#1759Apaecides0 14h
14h DH and SPriest LF Mythic /PVP guild HI All, My bud and myself are now in an empty guild. We are 9/9Htombs. Myself, since July. We've hoped and waited for people to log back in but to no avail. We are on Stormreaver, but willing to xfer to any PvP server. Looking for: Mythic / PVP guild Req 2-3 nights of raiding during the week max Pref a rated BG night / bg and arena minded folks Love the lore, achieves etc We are parents, 30+ years, prefer older more mature, 21+years or more. EDIT: LF Approx 8pm EST +/- an hr. Toons: (Equipped ilvl) Myself: 936 H DH Main, 938 Tank offspec. 932 Resto Shaman Daris Daripoo: 930 SPRIEST Thanks much for your time. Cheers!Xsychology7 14h
14h <Revive> 9/9M LF Hunter, Lock, DPS! Revive is currently seeking players to round out our roster for Tomb of Sargeras. We are a semi hardcore guild located on the US PvP server Stormreaver. We hold great value in each and every one of our players, even those that do not raid. Many of our team call our guild home, that is the type of player that we are looking for. We want players who wish to develop friendships, while killing bosses at a decent pace. We do not recruit for the bench, all roster spots are earned, everyone is expected to play their class to it's potential or above. Since we raid 12 hours a week, quick learning and a desire to be the best is indispensable. If you're the experimenter, the researcher, the resource for your class, give Revive a thought. Even if you're not, we are looking for all players of noteworthy preeminence or potential. Current Needs: Highest priority in bold lettering Hunter Warlock Warrior Ret Paladin Death Knight Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:00pm-12:00am EST. Members are expected to be available to raid an extra day for the first two - three weeks of a new Tier. Progression: Current: Tier 20 9/9M Server First Tomb of Sargeras, US 46, World 147 Past Tiers: Tier 19 10/10M Server First The Nighthold, US 40, World 139 3/3M Trial of Valor US 23, World 81 7/7M Emerald Nightmare US 34, World 110 Tier 18 Hellfire Citadel 13/13M Server 2nd, US 61st Tier 17 Highmaul 7/7M Highmaul Server 3rd, US 103rd Tier 17 Blackrock Foundry 10/10M Server 4th, US 127th Kill Videos: Raid environment is very important to us. Below are examples of what you can expect from us, but also what we expect from our raiders. Tier 19- Tier 18- Tier 17- Tier 16- If you are interested or would like more information please add Isako#1440 or Bthelight#1613. You can also fill out an application here Isako183 14h
14h 940 DPS DH 7/9M LF guild 10pm EST start time Any further logs or information needed feel free to ask. bbeas89#1512Raycharlez2 14h
14h Spike Flail (9/9M) *11yrs*10hrs/wk *Heal/RDPS Hello! Spike Flail on Mal'ganis is a long tenured end-game raiding community, looking for great Raiders for Legion progression. Spike Flail has been part of the endgame progression community since TBC, boasting the same GM, Raid Leader, and core group. Our exploits include competitive Sunwell progression in TBC, top 50 US in WoLK 25m, top 25 of US 10m in Cata, and top 120 US in WoD (after taking a break for MoP). We've done the 16 hour/week thing in the past, but as our group of players has grown and aged, we've decided to keep the same hardcore progression mentality on a more time friendly schedule. As such we raid 3 nights, roughly 10 hours, a week with raiding times as follows: Sunday from 7-11 PM EST Wednesday from 8 PM EST- 11 PM EST Thursday from 8 PM EST - 11 PM EST Our current progression is 9/9 Mythic Tomb, 10/10 M Nighthold, ending at US#84. This be verified at: About Spike Flail: The core of our guild have been playing MMOs together for over 10 years now, going all the way back to Final Fantasy 11 and Vanilla WoW. As aforementioned, our leadership core is the same group that has been leading the community since TBC. Even when taking a break in MoP our community stayed together playing other games until we got the itch to raid again in WoD. We take raiding extremely seriously, but we also know this is a game and meant to be enjoyed. Our leadership has been raid leading in MMOs for over 12 years now, and know that positive reinforcement and a constructive environment is more effective than an authoritarian style that relies on yelling and screaming. We're proud to say that we prioritize problem solving and information sharing to overcome our struggles on a progression boss, not fear and punishment. Our main goal is to maintain a professional environment in which we can play this game and progress as a cohesive team against the hardest challenges gaming has to offer. What we're looking for: As a 3 day/10hour per week guild, we need to make every hour we play count. As such we're looking for players who's attitudes and personality fit in with our current group of players. We're looking for people who value approaching a new challenge by preparing and utilizing all resources they have at their disposal... not wasting their own time or their teammates' by coming into a new challenge unprepared or unresearched. We do not recruit for the bench, therefore all of our Trials are given raiding opportunities as our core Raiders - we can promise that you will see progression as a Trial. Some general requirements: Past Progression experience. We're looking for apps who have been a part of top progression pushes in past content, or are at least Mythic experienced in the current content. Ability to make 90% of our raids. Dedicated raiding mindset. This includes pre-researching fights before walking into a new encounter, keeping up with class Discords at all times for the latest tips/tricks to eak out the smallest gains, being on time and ready for every night, etc. You should be competitive, self-analytical, and always looking to improve your performance each raid night. We're looking for intelligent, competitive human beings, and you should be able to convey your intelligence in how you present yourself. This includes knowing game mechanics, quick reaction time, and being able to learn from your mistakes. You should be able to explain your classes' weakness and strengths and how to play your class to its fullest in any situation. Our pressing class needs are as follows. If you are an exceptional player of a class not listed below, still please feel free to apply: -Shadow Priest -Balance Druid -Healer (Hpal, Druid, or Priest) -Warrior (DPS) -Death Knight (DPS) -Warlock At minimum we are current looking for Raiders with: 7/9 Mythic ToS, ideally with Fallen Avatar experience. 935 ilvl or higher Artifact Weapon level of 66 or higher We do not require applicants to possess a geared alt for split runs. How to contact us: If you're interested in applying you can visit our forums at Please be sure to read all the stickies before applying; if you can't be bothered to follow application directions you probably will not be considered for a trial. You also can chat with myself at Palin#1620 (Bnet) or Palin#8102 (Discord) . Or one of our other Officers on Bnet at Faldain#1593 and/or Nikolai#1962 if you have any questions about the guild or how we operate before applying. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!Pallinn129 14h
14h 9/9 H 1 day a week LF dps for mythic <Eon> is a small group of friend's from all over N.America that have enjoyed World of Warcraft together. As a group we competed at a high level in both a 10 and 20 man raid setting that included realm firsts and top 50 US ranks. We are now transitioning into a much more casual raid setting on Sargeras and are looking for more like minded individuals that either don't have the desire or time to raid many hours in a week or maybe you just need a home for your alt. We will be raiding 3 hours a week in a normal/heroic/mythic capacity for the time being. Guild and Raiding environment Simply we want to have fun in a relaxed atmosphere enjoying the different raids and dungeons that the WoW devs have devised for us. We won't be concerning ourselves with what other guilds are doing or where they are placing. Our commitment is to our guild and it's members and making Saturday something people look forward to. We will not sacrifice raid atmosphere just to bring people in. *Updated mission statement* Since Eon is comprised of many former top 20-50 US raiders we have found that even on a very light 1 day, 3 hour raid schedule we clear heroic quite fast in terms of progression and for some time now in terms of hours. This leaves us with time to fill in a night and since we only raid one day a week and enjoy each other's company making use of all three hours is a priority to us. Since we expect this to be even more apparent in the new raid with the duration it will more then likely last for we will be actively trying to foster a team that can support mythic raids. We are not focused on being an end game progression based guild but what we do want is to step up to a new challenge when the old one falls. This is an important distinction to anyone looking to apply. There is no push or time frame to kill bosses. The goal still remains to bring like-minded adults together for some fun on the weekend. It's already an amazing group of people and now we're looking for more of the same to add to it. If raiding has been stressful or combative in the past we think you'll be pleasantly surprised here because if you're not fighting for realm firsts or top world and US ranks this game should be fun. Recruitment We are looking for adults who fit in with the existing group of players. You don't need to have a serious raiding background. You just need to be willing to put some time into your class and follow the raid leader's instructions on bosses we are learning. The raid leaders have over 5 year's experience with higher end bosses and can help people become better raiders. In addition to this we will also need the following from you; Discord. We will be using this for all of our raids. The ability to not use racial slurs. Ever. A decent attendance rate. We are casual but we still need reliable people. Preferably individuals in their early to mid 20's and onwards. Keep the religious and political banter outside of the raid and guild. This is playtime.Raid times are Saturday from 7pm-10pm pst (10pm-1am est). We like people to be on 15 minutes before raid time starts as a general rule. As we've steadily progressed we are now mainly looking for people with an ilvl of 920 or higher to continue pushing forward. Please contact Limelight#1246, Veknilo#1889 or kalamazi#1983 to talk in discord and answer any further questions you may have.Mistiphide147 14h
14h 9/9H ToS LF DPS/Heals for mythic. (H)Wanderlust-Whisperwind is a mature casual/semi-hardcore raiding guild. We are currently recruiting to finish out our raid team for current content. We are looking for dps no app required just have a little chat with us officers and maybe run a mythic or 2 for us to check you out. Currently 7/7M-EN 2/3M-ToV 3/10M-NH 9/9H ToS and wishing to down more MYTHICS but we need you! Raid times Progression days Wed 8-11cst/Mon 8-11CST Optional Raid Day: Thurs(8-11CST)(We only raid on thurs if we feel we need a little more time and/or new content is released and we want to push it a little bit, other wise for the most part we do alt runs on this day) Current needs are below but accepting any decent people: those with dual specs dps/healing or dps/tank are highly sought after. Got a group of players? You are more than welcome to come and have a chat and see if your group will fit in with our group and be part of the family =). Also like to note we can help pay for your transfer to our server if you fit in with our group =). We are not looking to gear anyone up really, we prefer you be at/around our progression and have the time/effort put into your artifact weapon for the character/toon you want to raid with us as. Ranged DPS- Few slots open Mage- High Boomkin- Extremly High Lock- High Spreist- High Hunter- Med/High Ele Sham- Low Melee DPS- 1/2 slots open Death knight- Med Demon hunter- Low Rogue- HIGH Warr- Low Feral- Med/High Ret Pally- Low WW Monk- Low Healers- One/Two Main spec healer slots open+ Off spec healers wanted Mistweaver Monk- High Resto Druid- Med Holy pally- Low Resto Sham- Low Holy priest- High Disc priest- Med Tanks- No current openings. Contacts: Warguard#1900(Recruiting Officer), Mazul#1425(Guild Leader/Healing coordinator) IF you cant get a hold of us is our guild website contact us there.Warguard145 14h
14h 936 frost mage 9/9H Lf active guild w/ mythic raiding and rgbs/pvpLooknslowboi27 14h
14h 936+ Equipped Fire Mage LF Guild Weekday PST Hi, I'm a Fire Mage looking for a week day raiding guild between the hours of 7:30PM - 12:30 am PST. Prefer 2 or 3 day raiding guild. I can't make my weekend raid guilds time anymore. I would like to have my Weekends back. I'm a respectful, relaxed and competent player. Looking for a guild that has skilled players without a toxic atmosphere. A fair and friendly guild. I prefer a guild that is atleast 5/9M progressed. I would like to stay as Horde. Please leave your RealID and I'll reach out to you as soon as I can.Kaledin28 14h