Oceanic Guild Recruitment

Aug 3, 2016 [H] <TxD> 6hr/week +10GMT 13/13M Hi there, Twisted By Design is a PvE focused raiding guild striving for meaningful, high end progression within minimal raiding hours. This requires a high level of performance, which we expect of all our raiders. TxD's goal in Legion is to finish PvE content on mythic when it is 'current'. We define current as before the next tier or pre-patch is released. Highmaul 2/7M, BRF 5/10M, HFC 13/13M.* * We disbanded at 11/13M due to burnout along with the rest of the world; approximately half of the core team went on to finish off the tier with other guilds, and we have now reformed for 7.0. What we're after in recruits: - Maturity & common courtesies - Working VOIP (Mumble or Discord), speakers & microphone - Understanding of your spec's mechanics, and of current and upcoming boss mechanics. This will almost definitely require independent research & discussion outside of raid hours. - Willingness to speak to and work with officers or other raiders as required if your performance isn't up to scratch. Raid times: Wednesday 8-11 PM Sunday 8-11 PM How to apply: Visit us and submit an application over at txd.guildlaunch.com Please feel free to jump on Barthilas and contact any officer or guild member: Skaard#1266 (me) Walkingpig#1567 PrincessTJ#1453 Doylism#6500 Happy raiding, BullRecyclabull2 Aug 3, 2016
Aug 3, 2016 (FM) &amp;amp;lt;Verdant&amp;amp;gt; PvE Recruiting for Legion <Verdant> About US : We are a reforming guild that has taken a break for awhile and a few of us consisting of mythic experienced raiders in WoD are getting it back together for Legion. We're a semi-hardcore raiding guild that will run 3 nights a week with a total of 10.5 hrs a week, during progression this may stretch out 4 nights a week. The raids will be run by 13/13M Leadership. We're also open to casuals and socials to join the guild. Are recruiting any raiders with some sort of relevant raid experience to join us for legion, players with a solid mindset on raiding. Our goal is to focus on the new content in legion and to take it seriously when raiding, and have fun in doing so. What you put in is what you get out. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Requirements : 80% attendance ( if you cant make it at least let us know ) Raid required addons ( will be listed ) Relevant Raiding Experience ( Mythic ) We use Discord for our voice comms which you'll be required to download and use _______________________________________________________________________________________ Our Raid nights will be as follows : 7:30 - 11:00PM AEST Monday / Wed / Thurs _______________________________________________________________________________________ Currently recruiting : Tanks : Guardian / BM Monk Healers : Holy Priest / MW Monk Melee : Rogue Ranged : Open _______________________________________________________________________________________ For a chat add me on BNET : Cyclops#6359Motaro7 Aug 3, 2016
Aug 3, 2016 Looking for Daytime Raiding Guild Unholy DK on Saurfang I'm new to Raiding Looking for a Guild that Raids between 11am and 6pm server time.Theranduil0 Aug 3, 2016
Aug 3, 2016 Returning Player Seeking Fun Guild Hi, I'm a returning player seeking a fun/casual/social guild to continue my adventures into Legion. I haven't raided since MoP but I'm open to the idea if the guild fits. Mainly just looking for people to quest/dungeon with and level alts. I'd be bringing this character, a 100 Druid, and a 90 Mage (currently levelling to 100 before Legion). I play on *Alliance - Frostmourne*. My BattleID is Palpo#1893 if you want to discuss. Thanks!Alexisonfyre0 Aug 3, 2016
Aug 3, 2016 [A] <Unwritten Law> Aman'Thul {casual} Unwritten Law, a guild formed on the basis of the unspoken, unifying law of respect. My guild is a casual, social guild, meant for the rest of us who don't have time to raid, who just want someone to chat with while we play the game as we see fit. If you're interested in joining, shoot me a message anytime.Wolveine0 Aug 3, 2016
Aug 3, 2016 [A] <Gap Doesnt Exist> Saurfang <Gap Doesn't Exist> a new guild of veteran players with many years of experience between us, looking at raiding 2 nights a week in legion and need more members to join us! From our members we require: - able to take a joke - active in our community - helpful and friendly Raid Days will be Tuesday and Wednesday from 7-10 AEST Recruiting All Classes and Specs but need: - 1 tank - 3 healers - 2-3 RDPS - 4-5 MDPS Anyone is welcome to join us but if you wish to raid you must: - show up on time to each raid - know your class well - have the necessary AddOns (DBM, EPGP) - know the fights on the night, do not rely on the Raid Lead to explain We will be using a LC/DKP hybrid for loot. Mainly DKP with Loot Council intervention when necessary. Apply on this thread, on our website at http://gapdoesntexist.enjin.com/ or message myself (Carthornoc) or an officer (Verrana and Jivejelly) We hope to see you in game!Carthornoc2 Aug 3, 2016
Aug 2, 2016 [A] Tsunami - Dath/Khaz recruiting Tsunami is a new raiding guild consisting of several veteran raiders who want nothing more than to drop bosses and drop the bass. After coming back to the game after what was the horrible raiding tiers of Warlords we are looking to re-establish a solid and dedicated raid team to push for high end content in legion as well as constant Mythic+ dungeons. currently seeking all roles with high priority for Melee dps (high regards to tank off-spec) and range dps (Priest, lock, boomy, mage.) for legion hoping to have a committed community of raiders before launch lands. What we are looking for in members: We are seeking players with a mindset for working in a team to push content. Having the capacity to not only better themselves as a player but helping those in the guild push to achieve is seen as invaluable (seeing as this is an mmo!). Not taking the game to seriously is a must! All members of Tsunami play for the enjoyment of the game and the thrill of collaborating to take down a boss, with this in mind we want to keep the environment relaxed and continue to maintain the fun even when pushing high end raid bosses. Punctuality. Being on time to all guild raids and events on time and properly prepared is key to making sure runs go smoothly and efficiently. Experience isn't necessary but having awareness and an itch for improvement is. Raid times: We will be raiding three nights a week and raid time are: Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30pm - 11pm Server time. Sunday 8pm - 11pm Server time All members are welcome and we want you to bring your friends along for the journey that will be stopping the legion invasion. If you wish to apply please post on forum post or add either battletag to discuss application: Tigerstone#6906 Dormdotz#1950Severussnape0 Aug 2, 2016
Aug 2, 2016 Looking for pvp Guild Old player returning from break. Looking for a PVP focused guild. I will be active most days and i am a deidcated player who is looking to improve. Please Hit me upDisfigured0 Aug 2, 2016
Aug 2, 2016 [A] Frostmourne NHFH 13/13M HFC - Recruiting <No Hope for Humanity> is an active Frostmourne guild currently farming 13/13M HFC and are actively seeking exceptional players to fill our mythic roster for our M HFC farming and into Legion. We have existed as a guild since the end of Wrath of the Lich King and is led by players from vanilla and BC raiding. Our main goal is pushing Mythic content and having a solid group of players to move further into mythic raids. Our main requirements for raiders is that they be on time, attend 95% of raids, have a good degree of skill. Past experience is desirable as well as being able to fit into the guild atmosphere. A competent level of mastery of your class is highly valued as most players in the raid are quite competitive with each other. Interested players around the 735+ ilvl can message or send mail to myself, Astandis, Kazuki, Stckyfingers, or Syted in game or at www.nhfh-guild.org Raid times: Wednesday - 8.30pm to 11.30pm server time Sunday - 8.30pm to 11.30pm server time Monday - 8.30pm to 11.30pm server time High Priority:Warlock Medium: Low:, All exceptional players of any class are also considered.Calìs11 Aug 2, 2016
Aug 2, 2016 <The Daily Grind> The Daily Grind is a raiding Horde Guild on Barthalis The Daily Grind offers all players the same professional attitude and outlook that most of us follow in our day to day lives and careers: being prepared, on time and efficient. We credit our success to each player meeting guild expectations on attitude, communication, and collaboration; a chain is only as strong as the weakest link. Our raiders are expected to show mutual respect for one another, help one another and contribute to the guilds needs if called upon. We pride ourselves on making the best use of our time inside the instance. We require our raiders to have a good show rate on attendance so please take note of the raid times below: Raid Times: Team 1 Wednesday-Thursday-Sunday 7:00pm-10:30pm Team 2 Wednesday-Thursday-Sunday 5:00pm-8:30pm Team 3 Wednesday-Thursday-Sunday 9:00pm-12:30pm Voice: Curse Voice / MumbleMaximuscle3 Aug 2, 2016
Aug 2, 2016 H-Jubei'thos<Lunchbox>Legion Recruitment <Lunchbox> is an Perth based Horde guild on the realm Jubei'thos. We are a friendly, talkative, close knit raiding guild, who strives to conquer content at an enjoyable rate, without the hardcore, elitist mentality. Originally founded by a small group of high school friends, we have aged along with the game, which has come to include a multitude of people from different locations around Australia. The common hobby being raiding in World of Warcraft. Most of us have had the hardcore experience and we all agree that it is not enjoyable and it ended up feeling like a job which is not why we play WoW. For this reason, we raid one night a week (Two during the initial release of a raid tier). This weekly routine allows a relaxing, fun and social raid night, which is topped off by progression. We are currently in the process of recruiting and reforming our raid group for Legion. Our guilds main focus for Legion will be Heroic raid progression with the possibility of moving on Mythics. We aim on having a consistent group of 15-20 raiders with extras to sub in and out when required. Realm: Jubei'Thos(/Gundrak) Faction: Horde Time Zone: GMT +8 (Perth, Australia) Raid Time: Every Sunday 7:00pm AWST (9:00pm server (currently)) We usally raid for about 3 or so hours. Loot System: EPGP/Council Voice Platform: Vent WoD Progression: Hellfire Citadel: 13/13N, 13/13H Blackrock Foundry: 10/10N, 8/10H Highmaul: 7/7N, 7/7H Recruiting for: Range DPS - all classes (Havent got a hunter/ele-shammy) Healers - pref with dps offspecs (currently have a priest/shammy) What we expect: Applicants to have previous raid experience. We require that you are prepared to raid. We have very limited time per week and don't want to be wasting it. Participate in raid discussions if you have an idea. Have an understanding of the current tier of raiding. Knowledge of your class. Able to accept responsibility for your mistakes - willing to accept constructive criticism. If you are interested and think you have what it takes to raid in a Heroic environment please check out and apply on our website: http://lunchboxguild.enjin.com/home Or message: Vaniela-Jubei'thos (Btag: Paramedic#11324) Ilb-Jubei'thos (Btag: Whitlam#6824)Vaniela1 Aug 2, 2016
Aug 2, 2016 [H]<Alt Tab Gaming> Recruiting for Legion! Guild: <Alt Tab Gaming> Website: www.alttabgaming.com Faction: Horde Raid Times: 7:30-10:00PM GMT+10 Wed + Sun Server: Barthilas Battlegroup: Bloodlust ----- We are looking for raiders in preparation for Legion (we are also welcoming PvPers and social members) and will not be raiding as a guild until Legion. ----- Raiders must: Have TeamSpeak (which will be used socially as well) Keep stable attendance Read up on boss fights ----- If you are interested you can apply on our website or contact myself in game (Bonefork#1439)!Capitalysm0 Aug 2, 2016
Aug 2, 2016 737 Holy / Shad LF Legion Home Hi all, title says it all. I was 9/13M 8 / 9 months ago before i took a break before legion. Looking for a home on any OCE server, preferably in a guild that has history over multiple expansions raiding competitively. I am not interested in newly forming guilds as i have a history with disbands mid way through patches once the going gets tough. HMU @ Docjekyll#1672 I do not check forums so please add me.Docjekyll0 Aug 2, 2016
Aug 2, 2016 LF Raid Guild that raids ST @ 9pm Hello all, I'm a wow vet, been playing since vanilla. But like wow a lot has changed since then. Being married now with kids on the way, I can't sit down at 7:30pm to start raiding. So if there are any guilds out there preferably on Frostmourne that raid around 9pm that need a enhance/resto shammy for legion, let me know. My battletag is loki#1498Slugman1 Aug 2, 2016
Aug 2, 2016 [A] [Frostmourne] &amp;lt;Frankston Station&amp;gt; Frankston Station on Alliance Frostmourne, We are looking for healers and dps for our core raid team in Legion. Run by a group of real life friends who are also experienced players, We are looking for people who know how to play there class and do mechanics efficiently. If you'd like to know more feel free to add me on btag for a chat, Swabby#11144Mørphinê4 Aug 2, 2016
Aug 2, 2016 (H) Betrayed - Jubei'Thos (13/13H) recruiting Recruitment now open for Legion. Raid Times: Monday | Wednesday | Thursday nights 7pm-10pm server time (aest) Recruiting: Tanks - Full DPS - Open Healers - Shaman | Paladin (please make sure you have an os) If you are interested send a message to btag WildWolf#126257Sabathai3 Aug 2, 2016
Aug 1, 2016 LF fri/sat night raiding guild hi, i'm looking for fri/sat night raiding guild for legion. i have both horde and alliance toons and can transfer to any realm if the guild is a good fit. my main charcter is 13/13M so i'm looking for a guild that can advance in legionNeska0 Aug 1, 2016
Aug 1, 2016 [A] 11/13 Mythic Daytime Raiding Guild <Eighty Six> Tanaris - US - PVE - EST Mythic 20 Man Semi-Hardcore Monday, Wednesday, Thursday - AM Raiding 0800-1100 PST Current progression: 11/13 Mythic ====Time Zones for Raiding==== GMT-5 US Eastern - Starts at 11:00AM GMT-6 US Centrail - Starts at 10:00AM GMT-7 US Mountain - Starts at 9:00AM GMT-8 US Pacific - Starts at 8:00AM GMT Starts at 4:00PM GMT+1 - Starts at 5:00PM GMT+2 - Starts at 6:00PM GMT+3 - Starts at 7:00PM India Standard Time - Starts at 8:30PM JST (GMT+9) - Tokyo - Starts at Midnight Australian Eastern Daylight Time - Starts at 2:00AM (next day, so Thursday Friday Tuesday raid cycle) ====A Little Information==== We are a Morning Heroic Raiding Guild! Our officers are located all over the world-we have members located in a dozen different countries. Our time-slot fills a niche that just isn't available on US servers for many players. Many of our players work in the restaurant industry as well (those based in the USA), hence the name, Eighty Six, which is what people say when they delete something from a menu, or cancel an order. ====Loot Rules==== Eighty Six is run by an Officer Loot Council. Our raids distribute loot using a Loot Council system. If you are raiding with us as a trial raider, you will be subject to this loot system. Naturalized raiders are given priority over recruits and raiders with better attendance are prioritized over those who don't show up as often. ====How to be Recruited==== Fill out an app on our website and read our about post regarding guild policy eightysix-guild.com/recruitment eightysix-guild.com/forum/m/12354985/viewthread/13114055-visitors-86-guild-policies/page/1 If you're serious about raiding and want or need to play during our times, this is the guild for you. Our raiders are treated well, with all the perks that come with a mythic progression guild. We provide all potions, gems, flasks and enchants, including repair costs for progression. We enjoy learning fights and applying our own strategies to them and work together as a team to down them. If you're the ideal candidate you're raid aware, competitive, experienced with end-game content, patient, mature, able to follow directions, willing and able to learn, friendly and generous. Everyone who makes it past recruit status in this guild demonstrates those character traits. We want to cultivate the best experience possible when raiding, and that means no yelling, no stress, no drama. We are not hardcore, but we do dedicate ourselves to being skilled players who help each other try and beat the hard bosses of this game. ====The Must Haves==== - Access to Mumble/have a working mic - 80%+ Raid Attendance. We're recruiting for raid spots, not bench spots. Absences communicated in advance are 100% excused, no questions asked. - The ability to stay focused. We don't need people who tunnel vision. - The ability to communicate when something is wrong, either with guild policy, raid strategy, or a squabble with another raider. All drama will be dealt with using an open communication policy, so as to be alleviated immediately. - The ability to communicate when you will be tardy or absent in advance on the guild forums. - Be able to transfer to Tanaris - USA - Raiding Experience - Appropriate Gear Level, Build, and ... - An obsession with improving your character ====Current Needs==== - Heals - Ranged DPS Our recruitment officer may be reached at Oups#1377 Good luckOups9 Aug 1, 2016
Aug 1, 2016 13/13M 743 Resto Druid LF 3+ night guild. With CheckMyLogs disbanding I'm looking for a new home for legion. 743 Equipped for resto with a 742 balance off-spec. Would prefer to stay alliance.Sahal5 Aug 1, 2016
Aug 1, 2016 Alliance Frostmourne Looking for Raiders Newly formed Alliance guild Sugar High is looking for raiders! We are looking for semi-serious raiders on Frostmourne that want to have fun while learning strats and pushing bosses. Our current goal for Legion is Heroic clear, but we are hoping to get to mythic progression. We offer: Friendly and helpful environment, banter, donut puns. We are looking for: Primarily resto shaman or rest druid. Relaxed but serious players that are willing to work hard and listen to instructions. We Expect: Respectful gameplay, be kind and helpful to others, research your class and have consumables ready before raid Other Raid Info: All raiders must download Curse voice client and be in the call (don't have to have mic) during the raid. Raid times are Wed, Thurs and Mon 7pm - 10pm Frostmourne server time (AEST). If you can't make these raid days you will be considered casual. If you would like to become core you will be placed on trial for 2 weeks to show you are comitted and able to follow instructions. Contact: Add Spacemermaid#1588 on Bnet or /w SealilySealily0 Aug 1, 2016
Aug 1, 2016 [A] &lt;Goat Squad&gt; Frostmourne <Goat Squad> Raid Times 07:00 - 10:00 SVT Wednesday Thursday Recently reformed previously 6/13 M guild decided to break from WoD after we Cleared M Gorefiend. We are a group of competitive players but prioritize having fun on our raid nights. Goat Squad is only looking for players who know how to manage their time and take accountability for their punctuality. Technical skills we are happy to teach and assist with but we cant teach players to be reliable. For a trial night PST Goat, Nayeh or Bulldad in game for an invite @ Goat#12186 on Bnet Smokey#1567 Blakezilla#1196 on bnet Nayeh#1155 on BnetGoatli0 Aug 1, 2016
Aug 1, 2016 (Deceivance)<Ravencrest>Alliance-Re Roll. {Deceivance}US-Ravencrest-Alliance. This is what the guild will offer... 1.A mature environment over 18 because we already have kids and don't need more to watch when were in game. 2.Voice chat for grouping, raiding or just being social. 3.A casual place to not only group, be social and have fun but raid only two nights a week. You might actually have kids to take care of and or work. 4.Guild events (Pve and Pvp) weekly that are fun and get the guild members together. 5.A tight knit smaller-medium sized guild that doesn't have 300 members. I like to know EVERYONE in my guild so that I can make play and socialize with the same people daily. 6.A fair looting system that doesn't require you to raid so many times per week to be able to roll because you have a life. 7.Allow members to play the way they want and not require them to play a certain spec. 8.No more you have to play this certain spec or you cant play this or that spec. You pay for the game play what you want. 9.Organization you don't log in for 4 weeks your gone we want a clean active roster not one with members who haven't been logged in for 5 years. If you have a reason to be gone let us know we wont boot you. 10.Three officers in charge of duties not members. We wont be bossing each other around here. One for the bank, pve, and pvp. You can message me at BNET: Fae#11200Faedom1 Aug 1, 2016
Aug 1, 2016 [A] Melbourne based: <Adventure Time Harem> As the title suggests, we are a group of friends who live in Melbourne. We are all full time workers who play primarily at week nights and majority of Saturday day / Saturday night. (sometimes other times). We are on server Khaz'goroth Alliance. We prefer a smaller group to build close friendships with a focus on social aspects. As players we will focus friendships over hardcore skillz but put in the effort to not waste everyone's time. Who we spend our time with is as important to us as what we do with it. We like to have a BBQ on Saturday before getting on to slay digital dragons, build fun memories and joke around while playing. We are looking to expand for bigger BBQs and more fun online. We are forming a guild now in preparation for 10 man content into next expansion (we feel 20 man would currently be too big for us). We won't be shooting for server first Mythic content, but we are self competitive players who like to do our best in our chosen bracket. A few bullet points about what we are and aren't looking for: Currently we are doing 5 man mythics and wish to expand to do 10 man current content and set ourselves up for the expansion. Mature players only, we are mid 20 players. So no easily offended children or kids. We don't swear often but topics do go to weird places. We don't expect the world's l33test players, but if you are so bad that it's constantly ruining everyone's fun then you need to fix that. We will do our best to help. But time is everyone's most valuable resource. We try to make the most of it. Be aware we are not going for server firsts, we are going for fun and to experience content at a level we will enjoy. (10 man heroic etc). Set your expectations accordingly. Expect friendships to build and for people to care about you behind the keyboard. If you live locally, expect us to pester you to come hang out(it's optional) for BBQ/movies and maybe even Lan it up. :D No !@#$%^-s, selfish pricks, annoying *!@#$, religious nuts, self righteous crusaders or prudes. <--- Basic stuff. We work a lot, sometimes in busy periods 6 days a week. So we won't always be online. Don't expect it to be the busiest guild in the world. But we are always reachable. Skype, SMS, mobile call, email, website, Teamspeak, plus a million other methods. Raiding is not compulsory, players are welcome to just hang out doing whatever they want to. But if you state your intention to raid then please show respect to others and turn up. Emergencies and unforeseen problems are obviously exempted. If you plan to raid, then please have appropriate stable internet connection and computer hardware to support your endeavors. The three of us live together and play WoW in the same room. It is a lot of fun. We really like the idea of building a friendly social guild. If possible we would love to hang out IRL as well as in game. We have space and the internets to support the occasional Lan party /BBQ(Yay 100/100 symmetrical NBN). We would love for people to come around for dinner and some gaming. Or for everyone to go out to a movie, laser tag, bowling, skating, board gaming event, paint ball, road trip, Pax, anime conventions. Obviously out of game social events are completely non compulsory and mostly apply to people who live in or near Melbourne Australia. But we would not turn down any friendly somebody still wants to hang out online. We currently have members from all around Australia. If the above sounds like something you might be interested in then come join us. To express interest choose one of the following: reply in this thread with contact details or email us at: recruitment@adventuretimeharem.com /bubblehearth Prismo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To go along with our social aspects, we have a free public access Teamspeak server. On request, we have moderated rooms with channel admin powers for guilds who need a regular Voip service. With these we can provide you your own Teamspeak channel/sub-channels to run and admin. Also available are unmoderated rooms for randoms to use at your own discretion and risk. Access to this free Teamspeak server can be found at ts.adventuretimeharem.com Please note, no port number and no passwords, the server is managed by tiered server permission groups..Prismo10 Aug 1, 2016
Aug 1, 2016 [A] The Perth Guild - Needs RDPS [A] Saurfang- The Perth Guild - a Perth based WOW guild for old burn out raiders that havent been able to kick the WoW Crack and have decided to roll the dice again for Legion Expansion. Casual Raiding Team Thursday Night (8-11 Server Time)Brotheratha0 Aug 1, 2016
Aug 1, 2016 [A] <OMEN> LFM Legion Weekend Raiding +8GMT Omen is a newly created guild that will be focusing on Heroic/Mythic content in Legion. Server: Frostmourne Faction: Alliance We are currently not raiding in WOD and are awaiting the release of Legion. Once Legion is released raiding will commence on the first week they are open. We will be running Heroics/Mythic dungeons in Legion to prepare for the first week of raiding. We are currently looking for all Classes/Specs Raid times/days Fri/Sat - 9:00 pm - 12:00 am +8GMTRequirements listed below Raiders must be 18+ Have a working Mic Be prepared for raids every week (Flasks/Potions/Enchants/Gems) Previous Mythic Experience in any expansionAny questions feel free to leave a comment here or add my BNet RagingKiwi#11493Hellsîng8 Aug 1, 2016
Aug 1, 2016 (H)Monk/DH LF Raiding Guild for Legion Greetings. I'm currently a monk main looking to commit to a raiding guild that suits my needs. Due to my real life situation, I'm only available for raiding on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, for any times up to a cap of 10pm (Sydney Time). If this time can be met, I can assure you that I will be a highly punctual and efficient member of the team! My main spec is Windwalker, although I am more than happy to offspec when needed. I also intend to run a demon hunter alt in case that character may ever be needed. To any guilds who may prefer me to main the dh over the monk, this can be discussed. Chat with me @Sharpee#1334Zorick0 Aug 1, 2016
Jul 31, 2016 [H] Iron Wolves recruiting. Cael/Nargrand. <Iron Wolves> - 13/13 H.HFC 7/13 M.HFC are recruiting for legion progression raiding. All classes considered at this time. Raid times are 8pm - 10:30pm Wed/Sun server time, during legion we will be adding Thursday night to this as well as an optional Monday run for alts. We're a fairly close group that enjoys playing together while progressing. Add Gumbicus#1202 for more information or a chat.Tarian2 Jul 31, 2016
Jul 31, 2016 [A] Ante Meridiem (US-Stormrage) Recruiting! Ante Meridiem, one of only 2 remaining guilds that have continuously raided since vanilla WoW on Stormrage server (PVE) is recruiting excellent players. We pride ourselves on being a guild that has many players of the same stature, allowing us to have four separate raid teams with nearly identical progression raiding at entirely different raid times throughout the week. WEBSITE: amwow.net ---------------------------------------------------------------------- AM Team: Morning Raiding @ 13/13M Thursday: 9am to 1pm EST Friday: 9am to 1pm EST Monday: 9am to 1pm EST Contact: Ravan (Raven#13847) NEEDS: Tanks: Low Ranged DPS: High Melee DPS: High ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PM Team: Evening Raiding @ 13/13M Sunday: 7pm to 11pm EST Monday: 7pm to 11pm EST Tuesday: 7pm to 11pm EST Contact: Numerical (gucci#1524) NEEDS: Healers: High Ranged DPS: High ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Weekend Team: Weekend Raiding @ 13/13M Bonus Day: 830pm to 11pm EST (varies each week) Friday: 830pm to 11 30pm EST Saturday: 830pm to 11 30pm EST Contact: Bellarionna (Krackle#1404) NEEDS: Ranged DPS: High ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Heroic Team *Non-Mythic* Wednesday: 730pm to 11pm EST Thursday: 730pm to 11pm ESTRavan42 Jul 31, 2016
Jul 31, 2016 Cael/Nagrand 12/13N | 700ivl Prot Warrior. Hello all, title pretty much explains it all, experienced Prot Warrior looking for a dedicated raiding guild to call home for Legion and hopefully beyond, as of this moment i haven't had a chance to run through Heroic HFC in it's entirety but i have killed Heroic Archimonde with the help of a friend's guild. I'm an experienced veteran who has been playing since the mid days of Wrath of the Lich King. Never delving too deep into raiding until recently, unfortunately i haven't had much luck in finding a serious raiding guild to call home as members are either too inexperienced to lead a team successfully or my ilvl has been too low. ((WILLING TO FACTION CHANGE FOR SERIOUS OPPORTUNITIES)) If anyone is looking for a primary tank for Legion chuck me a message on bnet at - Dusk419#1372 - Or alternatively leave a reply on this thread. Thanks all!Gadrix0 Jul 31, 2016
Jul 31, 2016 [A] <Obsidian> Dreadmaul / Thaurissan [Alliance] <Obsidian> Dreadmaul / Thaurissan Our guild is back after a break and we are recruiting in preparation for Legion. We are currently testing out the new class updates by progressing through Heroic HFC. We need 1 Tank and multiple Healers!!! Culture Most of us are aged 30-35. We generally just bag each other out and try to have fun with the game. At the same time, we also challenge ourselves to be the best we can be in order to progress as a team. Objective Knocking Heroic HFC on the head for something to do and plan on plunging deep (real deep) into raiding in Legion. Timezone Looking to recruit AU players or NZ if you stay up late. Raid Times 8-11pm AEST Currently Friday and Sunday. We have done Sunday and Monday in the past and may do in the future. It really depends on the needs of the raid team. Voice Discord Recruiting We need 1 Tank and multiple Healers!!! Get in touch Loki-ThaurissanLoki0 Jul 31, 2016
Jul 31, 2016 [H] Hunter and Resto Druid for Legion Hello, We just came back to the game for the Legion pre-patch after a 10 month break. I plan on playing Marksmanship Hunter in Legion as my only character. I also have a very good friend, who will be playing a Restoration Druid in Legion who I raid with frequently. What we are looking for in a guild: - AT LEAST 3 nights of raiding a week - MAXIMUM OF 1 OTHER HUNTER in the raid group - Progression focused guild that will eventually do Mythic raiding - A non-militarised group of players who do not take themselves seriously, but are reliable and committed to getting through difficult content. Younger players are preferred. I take raiding and performance seriously, as I like to be competitive and this will show through my dedication to gearing optimization, learning fight mechanics and the consistent DPS numbers that I produce in raids, but overall I am not a very serious person and I like to have fun. My biggest turn offs are older gamers with sticks up their asses and a "no fun allowed" attitude towards raiding. If you are looking for a DPS and Healer who are competitive and fun to play with, then look no further. My friend and I are currently on Thaurissan but we are willing to pay for a server transfer for the right guild. Please send your queries to Infernyx#1161 in-game.Voltric2 Jul 31, 2016
Jul 30, 2016 A Frostmourne LF Bear/BDK semihardcore Legion <Iridescence> on OCE Frostmourne is a semi-Hardcore raiding guild looking to recruit a second tank, BDK or Bear Druid for pushing Mythic Legion raiding beginning in the Emerald Nightmare! Current progression - 13/13N, 13/13H, 1/13M (we are no longer raiding until Legion due to rostering issues) History: <Iridescence> was born in January of 2016! We were made up of people who had never raided before because they never had the chance, and those wishing to switch from PvP to PvE content. From there, we progressed through Normal and then Heroic Hellfire Citadel, and by June on 2016, we had our first (and only) Mythic kill! After we struggled to find the 20 people for mythic so late in the HFC days, we turned to achievement, not only completing Draenor Raider, Draenor Hero, Ogrimmar Raider, Hellfire Raider, Thundering Raider, but we, as a team, sold these achievements as a way to store some gold away for legion! About us: -We have a tight knit community currently, but we do include all our members in events! We open our achievement runs to everyone, as well as Herald of the Titans. -We supply all pots/flasks and feasts to core raiders -We have a facebook group, were we post memes and discuss fights, strats and ideas and concerns with the group, as well as keep updated with not only raids, but the fun events, too. -TS3 is used and open to everyone at any time -Mad Overwatch games. Raid info: - Raid times are: Wednesday- 8pm to 11pm Server time Thursday - 8pm to 11pm Server time Sunday - 8pm to 10pm Server time - All raiders are expected to be prepared 15 mins early so invites can go out, if being late occurs, said raider will not receive an invite to that nights raid regardless if they are a core or a trial -Loot council is used to distribute loot. This council is comprised of the leadership team (Myself, co-GM and 2 officers) and sometimes other raiders, should we seek more info on classes.specs ect. Info for applicants: - the trial period stands at two weeks, obviously there will be leniency as we will all just be beginning in The Emerald Nightmare and will not have perfect strats downpat. -you will be required to supply your own pots/flasks while on trial -TS3 is a must, and you must have headset to listen. A mic is not required, but it is preferred. (PLS push to talk!) DBM/Bigwigs and recount of some kind is required Ultimately, we are not looking to raid Hardcore, we are just looking to have fun and progress. The sole reason we have an application process is because we want the right kind of people with the right kind of attitude in our team. We want this game, and the raiding experience to be a positive one for everyone. -Must be willing to pay out on people and recognise the GM's sarcasm :) -if you play a dual spec class, try to be proficient in multiple specs to aid the team better -be open to constructive criticism, but also know you're more than welcome to speak to officers about your concerns with other members! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE HEARD! Don't be afraid to speak up! - use the in game calendar to notify officers of attendance each night, though a 90% attendance rate is required each month (excluding emergencies, as we know sometimes things happen that you cant avoid) -You probs will be eligible for loot as a trial should the leadership team deem it proper Contact details: GM - Kira - Kirasumi#1985 Assistant GM - Natsuki - Asagi#6120 Officers - Nil - Nilano#1545 - Ruk - Rukarioz#1688 Please complete the application on our website : http://iridescence-frosmourne.enjin.com/recruitment Hope to hear from some of you soon! - Kira, Guild Master of IridescenceKìra2 Jul 30, 2016
Jul 30, 2016 <The Bone Zone> LF Members Barthilas <The Bone Zone> is recruiting skilled and dedicated raiders for Legion Heroic/Mythic content. We are currently looking for every class. Suitable applicants will be able to demonstrate the following: - Reliable computer and internet connection - Availability for all raids - Sense of humor and thick skin. Our core 20 man raid week is (all times are server time, AEST + DLS, Sydney): Monday: 7-10 Wednesday: 7-10 Thursday: 7-10 For any more information message CartoonPorn#1442 in battlenet and if I'm not on send a message to me through in-game mail.Animewaifu1 Jul 30, 2016
Jul 30, 2016 [H]Sealed 13/13M, 2 nights, LFM (DK + others) Sealed: Formed in 2011, Sealed is an Australian-based 2nights/week raiding guild currently looking for committed and serious raiders. With Archimonde now down, we are looking for additional raiders to get re-kills and to join us for Legion. Raid times Wednesday 8:00-11:00 PM Sunday 6:00 -11:00 PM Current Recruitment Ranged DPS + exceptional DPS for legion Applicant Requirements: Have a stable internet connection with a reliably functioning computer. Be punctual to all scheduled raids and provide warning otherwise. Have the initiative to research fight strategies. Stay up to date with their class and its optimal play style for each encounter. Interested in joining? If you're interested in joining either contact myself or one of the contacts listed below for a chat. After a chat with one of our officers, if we think you'd be a good fit for the guild, we will offer you a trial. If you prefer to submit an application, you may do so via our website http://sosealed.enjin.com/ and one of our officers will get in touch with you.Phoebie131 Jul 30, 2016
Jul 30, 2016 [A] Subversion (Aman'Thul) Soc/Raid Hello all. Subversion is a newly-formed guild looking for members. We are: Family-Friendly. While the current membership is made up entirely of adults, we want to create an environment where people feel comfortable seeing guild chat. Focused on enjoying the game. We understand that players bring vastly different skill sets to the game. We want to create an environment where people can enjoy the content at their own pace, while still having opportunities to delve into the new material legion has to offer. Inclusive. We want everyone to feel welcome. I am an older than average player, for example, and would love to meet similar players.We offer: Experience. Most of our founding members have been playing since Burning Crusade or WotLK. We are all pretty dedicated players, and love doing all WoW content, new and old! Community. Although still small, we have a nice community of players starting to form. If you are looking for a place where you will be made welcome, give us a try. Opportunities. We want to explore content, run instances, raid casually, and so on. Even if you aren't experienced or well-geared, you would be most welcome. New members have access to the guild resources, guild repairs and so forth as well.Any guild member can invite new recruits into the guild. Please contact one of us in-game or contact me here. Thanks.Moarticia0 Jul 30, 2016
Jul 29, 2016 [A] &amp;lt;You Are Not Prepared&amp;gt; Legion 6/13M HFC Hi there <You Are Not Prepared> on Alliance Frostmourne are looking for one or two ranged to compliment our raid team in Legion. Currently full on hunters, mages and boomies, but may have a spot for a skilled warlock or shadow priest. A little bit about us. We raid two nights per week, Friday and Sunday 6.45pm server to 9.45pm server (may tempt Kiwi players or those wishing to only raid weekends) and are 13/13 H and 6/13 M HFC. Please only applicants who can make both days 90% of the time need only apply (We simply cannot make your "I work one friday every 2 weeks' thing work, sorry!). We have pretty much finished up for this tier but are still actively making casual weekend groups to fill the time before Legion. We have 26 on our roster currently for Legion (and have a handful of casuals, ready to jump in if we are short for the night). We boast a laid back, easy going, drama free raiding environment. Drama llamas need not apply. Times again are as follows: Friday and Sunday nights 6.45pm-9.45pm server. Weekend raid team. Over the HFC tier, we have seen a lot of growth in the team and whilst roles may have been filled for Legion, we are still interested in hearing from you if you are an exceptional player with a can-do attitude. Doesn't hurt to inquire. Casuals also welcome, but we may not be able to guarantee you a raid spot for the night. Outside of our Mythic progression raiding, we do guild Mythic Dungeons (soon to be Mythic+ in Legion) on the regular for valor, and a few of us may get together to pug normal / heroic HFC or something throughout the week on alts. In the time before Legion we have had a few 'Glory' runs for mounts. If you are interested in joining a relaxed, stress-free raid team who can get the job done in two nights (rather than three), have some class skill and know how to not stand in the fire please contact me in game or by adding my battle tag Minxy#1659 to discuss further. Thank you :) Minxy#1659 *edited to update interest in ranged.Lollypops0 Jul 29, 2016
Jul 29, 2016 LF NZ time raid friendly on a PVE Hi, I felt like coming back and giving wow another go since cataclysm. I felt like looking for a new guild, preferably one on Aman'thul that has New Zealand friendly time raiding schedules (The weekend would be good). Anyone got a guild that fits the bill? Please let me know. P.S. Having a relaxed attitude is a major plus, I do have real life job and life to keep up with.Hillel6 Jul 29, 2016
Jul 29, 2016 lf wpvp alliance guild i am a american player i pretty much only pvp i work nights now so oceanic servers are probably better for me i am a experienced arena and pvper am currently 2600 in 3s but looking for a more fun social guild atm group pvp events etc if anything exists this end of the servers thanksKisz0 Jul 29, 2016
Jul 29, 2016 Mythic based guild LF Raiders for Legion Khalasars of Khaz'goroth are a mythic based guild looking for more raiders in preparation for Legion. Mainly after DPS (Ranged especially) but all other classes and specs are considered! When do we raid?: 11pm ST-2am ST Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Why we are different We aim to have a close knit of people and friends. Your raid spot will never be compromised if you take a vacation, a short break or are late because of something like work. We always say, "real life first". We have a lot of fun in a raids, and we rarely have people gquit. We are different from other guilds for a few reasons, the main one being that we try not to point out people's screw ups (because we are all human after all!) and we try not to get angry or yell at people. We want people to have fun and enjoy the raiding environment. http://khalasars-khazgoroth.enjin.com/ has a lot of information on the home page and you can also apply there by hitting the "recruitment" tab. You can also add me on battletag if you have questions Saclem#1318 Happy WoWing :)Mellailah0 Jul 29, 2016
Jul 29, 2016 LF GMT+8 raid guild (2 nights/wk) Hi, I looking for raiding guild for legion. I prefer gmt+8 guild / late night raid guild, 2 nights per week. I am currently at US server, I am planning to switch server. I have raid in Heroic HFC in both melee dps and tank.Sleepywing0 Jul 29, 2016
Jul 29, 2016 Forming Legion Mythic+ Team Hello fellow Oceanic Players! I have moved from California, USA to New Zealand, and as such no longer have people to game with. I have always loved 5 man content and would like to form a team of 5 to really focus on Mythic+ dungeons at the start of Legion. I have all 11 classes at 100, but will main a Blood/Unholy DK in Legion. So I am hoping to meet at least 4 more people who want the same things. I want us to be a fully self-sufficient team, so hope to plan our professions etc. as a group to ensure we have the best possible advantages for our Mythic+ group. If keen to have a chat, message me here or in game at zonvodo#1343 Cheers! ZonXauna0 Jul 29, 2016
Jul 29, 2016 720 Enh Sham/Prospective DH LF Legion Home! TLDR: 8 year Player from Adelaide, Australia, looking for a oceanic Heroic/Mythic Guild in Legion Current Exp: 13/13 Heroic 723 Enh Shaman on Frostmourne (Have 100 Boost to re-roll Faction/erver) Availability: Wed/Thurs/Mon (potential Sunday) after 7pm (GMT+9:30) Class preference: Melee DPS > Healer (heroic raid experience on all listed classes) 1a. Havoc Demon Hunter* 1b. Enhancement Shaman 2. Unholy DK (Frost OS for Single Target) 3. Restoration Shaman *I understand most guilds will have already established who their re-rollers are, so I am not expecting to be able to main DH, but it is definitely my first preference :) Armouries: Enh Sham: Flurree (Current main) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmourne/Flurree/simple DPS DK: Schnoox (PvP alt) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmourne/Schnoox/simple Disc Priest: Vytus (Old main) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmourne/Vytus/simple My name is Flurree and I'm a 23 y/o dude from Adelaide, Aus. I've been playing retail WoW for about 8 years, starting in the last months of TBC, and have over 6 years raiding experience, from WotLK Naxx through too HFC. I've played healer 3/4 of the last expacs, but switched to DPS after getting sick of PuGs Weakened Soul debuffs stealing my meter padding :( I haven't had a dedicated team to raid with since Firelands, and am looking to change that, as a huge part of WoW for me is progressing through hard raid content with a fun group of mature people. I would love a group that is pushing Mythic progression (not necessarily 13/13!) but, I have no logs and no current mythic experience this expac. I feel that is more due to the fact that I haven't had a consistent team to raid with though, not a reflection on me as a player, and am more than happy to trial :) I am NOT looking for a Mythic carry, HFC can rot for all i care, I simply want to be a part of Legion content. What I'm really after is a guild that can reliably down content and STICK TOGETHER. Guilds I've been in in the past couldn't down content, lost members and ended up turning WoW into a chore trying to PuG. That's the other thing I'm after: people who understand that WoW is not a job. I have a partner, studies and pets, so I will not be playing every single day, notably weekends and during exams periods (though I will be playing every day if i can during expansion launch and progression weeks!) I research my classes regularly and already know the talents/artifact power order/stat priorities/rotations for all my above listed classes, and have already watched footage of all released Legion encounters, while keeping up to date with changes on the Beta through MMOChamp and other resources. A note of class preference: I feel I would easily perform best on a DPS Demon Hunter, as I have a clear idea on how their burst works, they have much higher mobility and I feel like they have a slightly easier-to-reach damage ceiling than Enhance, as well as playing very similarly to the Fire nova/Liquid magma Style of Early WoD Enhance. Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy post, I hope someone out there finds that I'm the player they're looking for to fill out their roster! Feel free to contact me through PMs, in this thread, or my BTag Sh00x#1382Vytus3 Jul 29, 2016
Jul 29, 2016 <Kopitiam> 13/13H LF Exceptional Raiders Current Recruitment Needs: Dps (Melee): DK, Warrior Dps (Range): Warlock, Hunter Please feel free to contact me or my recruiters should you have any doubts or queries. Kopitiam is a casual raiding progression horde guild on Barthilas. We are a Singapore-based guild, but we definitely have a mixture of players within our ranks. We pride ourselves on having an extensive history with consistent raiding progress throughout the many expansions this game has come to offer us. Although we tend to take progression raiding seriously, we are able to maintain a relaxed yet productive atmosphere within our raids. We are a group of friends that work well together and a guild that strives to improve each and every tier. As you can see our progression is definitely not a mythic-level raiding guild. But we definitely aspire to be one. (Don't let dreams be dreams). We are determined to find reliable and steady players that are motivated to progress at an casual pace through future content. If you feel that you are one of the best performers in your guild, and you feel burnout and want to take a casual raiding schedule, we want you to be a part of our team. Raiding Times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday : 8pm-11:00pm (GMT+8) / 8am-11:00am (EST) / 10pm-1:00am (AEST) What we are offering you: There are plenty of hardcore progression guilds out there, but we are not one of them, we are the guild that does casual raids with steady progression throughout expansions. If you are one of those people that want to see progression but do not want to take the whole week to raid. This is the guild for you. If any of this sounds appealing to you, you are encouraged to contact us directly through BattleTag: Aldari (Aldari#1939) - Recruiter Alexacute (Merci#11230) - GMAlexacute6 Jul 29, 2016
Jul 29, 2016 H-Lunchbox-Jubei'thos recruiting for Legion <Lunchbox> is an Perth based Horde guild on the realm Jubei'thos. We are a friendly, talkative, close knit raiding guild, who strives to conquer content at an enjoyable rate, without the hardcore, elitist mentality. Originally founded by a small group of high school friends, we have aged along with the game, which has come to include a multitude of people from different locations around Australia. The common hobby being raiding in World of Warcraft. Most of us have had the hardcore experience and we all agree that it is not enjoyable and it ended up feeling like a job which is not why we play WoW. For this reason, we raid one night a week (Two during the initial release of a raid tier). This weekly routine allows a relaxing, fun and social raid night, which is topped off by progression. We are currently in the process of recruiting and reforming our raid group for Legion. Our guilds main focus for Legion will be Heroic raid progression with the possibility of moving on Mythics. We aim on having a consistent group of 15-20 raiders with extras to sub in and out when required. Realm: Jubei'Thos(/Gundrak) Faction: Horde Time Zone: GMT +8 (Perth, Australia) Raid Time: Every Sunday 7:00pm AWST (9:00pm server (currently)) We usally raid for about 3 or so hours. Loot System: EPGP/Council Voice Platform: Vent WoD Progression: Hellfire Citadel: 13/13N, 13/13H Blackrock Foundry: 10/10N, 8/10H Highmaul: 7/7N, 7/7H Recruiting for: All DPS - (heavy on plate wearers atm) Healers - pref with dps offspecs What we expect: Applicants to have previous raid experience. We require that you are prepared to raid. We have very limited time per week and don't want to be wasting it. Participate in raid discussions if you have an idea. Have an understanding of the current tier of raiding. Knowledge of your class. Able to accept responsibility for your mistakes - willing to accept constructive criticism. If you are interested and think you have what it takes to raid in a Heroic environment please check out and apply on our website: http://lunchboxguild.enjin.com/home Or message: Vaniela-Jubei'thos (Btag: Paramedic#11324) Ilb-Jubei'thos (Btag: Whitlam#6824)Vaniela2 Jul 29, 2016
Jul 29, 2016 Holy Priest for decent guild in Legion Hi, Current content cleared 13/13M on my holy paladin. Looking to raid for a guild during legion as a holy PRIEST! Looking for a guild that is on Cael/Nagrand as most of my toons are based there. However will consider other realms (Really don't want to go to high population realms at the start of Legion because 1000+ queue wait list was painful in WoD) Time frames to be around gmt+10 or possible gmt 8 - days are yet to be confirmed but Sundays MIGHT be a no-go. Thanks for reading guys! DekDekorus3 Jul 29, 2016
Jul 29, 2016 13/13M Rdruid/Hunter LF weekend raiding guild ^^ Title says it all Would prefer to play Rdruid Raided on and off this xpac 5/7 M HM 7/10 M BRF 13/13 M HFC LukeScott#1593 if you want to contact meGinger2 Jul 29, 2016
Jul 28, 2016 13/13m 742 player lfg guild legion Hello Keeping this pretty quick. Please do not bother spam If your not after me for my roll. 13/13m player LFG Mythic Prog guild for Legion Oceanic only. I do not mind xferring or changing to horde NOT INTERESTED IN GUILDS THAT DO BOTH PVE AND PVP strictly once again after an Mythic PVE guild that raids 3 to 4 nights in Legion for prog. Can only from raid start between 8 to 9 AEST and no more than 4hrs unless a kill is close. Looking to play ww monk for Legion and having my 2nd raid alt as feral druid dps but that can be changed. I can play mw monk too however first pref would be to dps however if i need a 2nd heal alt would be again going for a druid heal alt. I will post link to my logs https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/12388898/latest/#partition=1 Battle tag = JoshieJ#1647 Thanks for your time.Mawrk4 Jul 28, 2016
Jul 28, 2016 (H) [saurfang] LF Raiding Guild My gf and I are looking for a semi decent guild in need of a tank and healer. We are rolling a prot pally and a resto Druid. I tanked way back in the day on a prot pally in Wrath and she is new to the game so something that isn't crazy hardcore would be nice. We are just looking for a fun group of people to do some progression raiding in legion. Edit: My battletag is keal#1329 to chat ingame.Ciraxis2 Jul 28, 2016
Jul 28, 2016 (H) <Mortal Wombats> Khaz'goroth/Dath'remar 13/13H Wanna be a Wombat?!?!!?1!! *the following paragraph is to be yelled in a high-pitched 80s Glam-rock style* Are you looking for a new guild, but can't find one that fits your particular personality? Are you strange and unusual in undefinable yet tangable ways? Do you like to play WoW pantsless? Are you looking to raid Hogger* 2-3 times a week? If your answer to any or all of these questions was "yes" then I have good news for you, because... <Mortal Wombats> are recruiting!! *queue KISS guitar slide* /sing I was made for the Wombats baby! You should get your app to us! and I can't get enough of 'Bats baby! can you get out of the fire!? *incredibly dangerous but rad pyrotechnics* /Gene Simmons tongue I know, I know, this is exciting stuff, but please make sure you change your undergarments before submitting your application. The 'Bats are 13/13H after running with a 10-12 man team, and we are looking to swell the ranks to go into Legion with a strong team. We are currently looking for raiders of all roles. If you have any questions you can /who any wombat and they can direct you to an online officer, or you can throw us an in game app and we will get back to you. We will also be organizing weekly mythic and mythic+ dungeons to go along with raiding Lastly: While this advert might come across as light hearted, we are serious about raiding. We have, and will continue to throw out apps that have no effort put in them. You're not just joining a guild; you're coming into our burrow. Give us some effort in your app and we'll make you feel welcome. Lazy out on the application and we will throw potatoes at you.** Raid times are 7:30pm ST - 9:30pm ST Mondays and Wednesdays. (times may be subject to change by 30 mins) *Due to untimely boss deaths, targets change regularly. **No medical bills will be paid resulting from potato injuries ***Footnotes are awesomeDruishh7 Jul 28, 2016