Oceanic Guild Recruitment

Aug 27, 2015 LF weekend raiding guild Are there any weekend raiding guild ?Basketroe1 Aug 27, 2015
Aug 27, 2015 Holy Pally 4/13M exp LF core spot I can raid from 7.30pm - 12pm (AEST) preferably no more than 3 days a week, looking for a guild to raid the remainder of WoD & into Legion with - willing to server transfer/faction change I am very reliable, have a stable internet connection etc. Please leave your guild recruitment thingys here with a Btag & ill be in contact if your guild sounds like a nice fit for me & we can have a more in-depth discussion (link logs etc)Sathraen4 Aug 27, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 disc priest seeking guild (frostmourne) Looking for a pve guild who has a spot open for me to start heroics with. My ilvl is 675. Can raid most nights. Thanks. Maybe willing to transfer to barth etcTruecolors0 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 [A] <Entropy> Oceanic 1st/US 2nd Recruiting! Entropy, Oceanic 1st/US 2nd Recruiting! We're recruiting all dedicated players with the goal of achieving a top world PvE progression rank in LEGION. CURRENTLY RECRUITING ALL CLASSES AND SPECS Details - Server: Frostmourne, Alliance - Website: http://www.entropywow.com - Wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/frostmourne/Entropy - Current Progress: 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel (OCE 1st/US 2nd/World 20) Farm Raid Times: 7pm-12am AEST Wed, Thurs, Sun, Mon Progression Raid Times: 7pm,-12am Everyday (day raiding for the first week) Additionally, you are required to have and maintain AT LEAST 3 level 100 alts. Players of exceptional skill and quality are always encouraged to apply!Booze7 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 [A] Specialist 13/13H 2/13M GMT+10 Specialist <Khaz'goroth/ Dath'remar> are a progression raiding guild with 7/10m BRF,13/13N, 13/13H 2/13M HFC. We are a pretty laid back and casual. We are looking to fill core raid spots and get into mythic progression!!!! We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Monday nights 8- 10.30pm. Currently we are also doing Friday and Sunday normal runs to help gear players and get more tier! These nights are not apart of our normal raiding roster and are optional. Currently seeking the following classes: Tank Guardian Druid Blood Deathknight Protection Paladin DPS Rogue Warrior Warlock Monk Elemental Shaman Heals Mistweaver Monk All exceptional players of other classes and roles will be taken in to consideration What we expect from you is to know your class and play it well without standing in fire. Be gemmed and enchanted correctly. Have a positive raid attitude and be willing to sit on the bench if required. Guild will supply potions, flasks,food and pay for repairs once you pass the trial. The trial period length varies depending on your performance and attendance. While you are a trial raiders get priority on upgrades. Please add my Btag Fritzanator#1908 so we can have a chat or apply at http://specialist.guildlaunch.comFritzanator38 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 Friendly/Hardcore PARANOIA recruiting RDPS PARANOIA is thrive on progressing through with hardcore and friendly raiders on Barthilas (horde) AU/NZ. While working towards perfecting your personal performance is good, we value the type of person who contributes whether it be in material or ideas, comes in min/maxed and doesn't require hand holding, we want you to be successful here. Strategy ideas, respects for progression, mix/maxing with food buffs, etc. - small details no matter how seemingly trivial can make or break successful attempts. Progression raiding is a team effort and twenty minds work better than just one. We understand that mistakes happen, especially when learning a new encounter. We may start the learning process with a broken strategy, or the wrong raid composition, but everyone of us are committed to a better next attempt. If you are the type of person who can't admit mistakes but react defensively when raid leaders ask you questions or if you are unable to learn from others - you will not pass your trial here. We do very well by working together and keeping drama to a minimum, so maturity and personality are very important to us, this is the keys to our success. While we do want high performance, it is equally important to us that we raid with people who make the game enjoyable. We are strong believers that clashes of personality can ruin a raid's focus. We are friendly as F*&^ and our time together do not end when raiding does. We will always be hanging out and try to achieve all contents, quests etc We are recruiting Range DPS Lock preferred BUT all applicants are welcome. RAIDING TIMES Monday - Wednesday and Thursday 9:00pm - 12:00am Server Time Currently loot farming in 12/13 NHFC and 7/13 HHFC LOOT We understand that everyone need gear, and that is why we distribute loot via Officer Loot Council for sole purpose of improving the future success of the raid and guild. Eventually everyone will get loot as we look after each other and want to make sure that it's fun for everyone. How To Apply/ Contact Details contact GM: Etrnlsouljah @ Barthilas Officers : Lifedayz @ Barthilas, Litabubblez @ Barthilas, Lucidshrooms @ Barthilas or leave comments.Nightgale1 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 25, 2015 [A] Archaeos <Frostmourne> 13/13H LFM Archaeos goal is to defeat Mythic content while it is relevant while maintaining an enjoyable, approachable raiding environment with a relaxed raiding schedule. If this interests you then Contact us straight away! Information: Current Progression 13/13H Website: http://archaeosfrostmourne.enjin.com Realm: Frostmourne Faction: Alliance Language: English Time Zone: GMT + 10 (Sydney) Loot System: EPGP ( MS > OS) Voice Platform: Ventrilo Raiding Schedule: Wednesday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Thursday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Monday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Raiding Requirements Play using a stable computer and Internet connection. Be online and ready 15 minutes prior to the raid. Be willing to sit out or stay past the raid time for the benefit of the guild. Communicate efficiently over Ventrilo when necessary. Research and participate in discussion for raid strategies; utilise class resources. Be up to date with your classes BIS list Able to accept responsibility for your actions/mistakes & take constructive criticism. Recruitment: Shaman (Resto / Ele) Druid (Resto / Balance) Priest (Shadow) Mage (Arc / Frost) Warlock Warrior (DPS) All exceptional players. Please post logs or any evidence of your raiding history. Contact: If you would like to find out more information about our guild or be considered for a raiding position then please post a reply to this thread, or contact an officer: Cyclaw#1429 Meetdarj#1261 Pudsy#6584 Trimshadow#1423Beasttrim1 Aug 25, 2015
Aug 25, 2015 [A] <Carried> 13/13N 12/13H HFC LFM Carried Guild Carried on Khaz'goroth / Dath'remar are a guild with a core group dating right back to Vanilla WoW on Blackrock-US. We run a number of non-raid events that can be social, pvp, or the ever popular, "Drunk Raid". We seek to progress, but are also a friendly group of people to spend your raid times with. Recruitment We are currently looking to fill a limited number of core raid spots to complete our Hellfire Citadel progression group. Solid performers of reasonable item level are suitable as we can assist with gearing. Logs are helpful if you have them and don't have prior progression or ilvl. Raid Times Raid time is Wednesday / Thursday / Sunday 8pm - 11pm and is currently focused on Heroic difficulty. Raids finish on-time, and run on GMT+10 (Sydney or Melbourne timezone). We'll be continuing to finish up Heroic and move on to Mythic through this tier. We also regularly do Normal / Heroic HFC on a Monday 8pm - 11pm with a mixed group of mains and alts so can offer cross-realm trials the opportunity to meet the group and show what they can do without requiring a transfer. Applying If you think you could be an asset to Carried please get in touch with one of us for more details. Exceptional players of any class are welcome to apply even if their role is not advertised above. In-Game: Scarvyn - SubET757#1543Scarvyn0 Aug 25, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 714 dk tank(708 dps) or 699 hunter lf nz team DK has legendary ring for both sets , hunter is an alt @ 699 and has 2 set, can play both characters very competently, dk has world rank 14 kromrok pass for tank. logs are here HUNTER:https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/10799315/latest/#boss=1784 DK https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/9382967/latest hunter needs work on ring quest currently 1/2 way through brf questline. willing to transfer hunter for the right team. dk is not up for transfer no exceptions as of yet. looking for consistent raid team with nz friendly times. have all voice coms with a active mic, have good internet and a solid computer, good enough to run with 30man raid teams on good+ settings availability mon-fri only 730pm nzt-11pm nzt only ( may be late for friday raids) whisper me in game for more info Jaypratley#1183Stimulated3 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 <Intricate> Barthilas recruiting new group. We at Intricate Barthilas are seeking people who wish to raid seriously and start anew. We once held a high standing on the realm in the past and so we seek to revive that. We have vent and some former raiders but that isn't enough since of course we need you!. Any able bodied tank/healer or damage dealer is welcome to ask and find out more about our guild. Raid times: 7-10 pm Wed/Thur/Mon Server time and of course. We wish to start in Normal Hellfire Citadel and given some of our current raid levels the content wouldn't last very long however starting fresh is crucial in building an ordinary bond and growing connection with new members. Message Doomlord,Prechty or Alouria and always feel comfortable to ask a member if one of our alts are on as that could easily be the case. Kind regards DoomlordDoomlord0 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 711 Fury/Prot War lf Alliance Raiding Guild Hi all, As title says am a 711 Warrior with 13H exp in Hellfire Citadel looking for a guild that is currently progressing mythic Hellfire citadel. Have both 4 set and arch trinket. Raid Exp of current expansion 5/7M HM 10/10H BRF 13/13H HFC Have raided since early burning crusade. Looking for a raid team that raids between 9 pm - 1 am NZST. Ideally would want to Cross-Realm tryout prior moving to see if a right fit. Can raid as prot or fury will be play both of my specializations proficiently in a raid environment. Leave guild spam below. :)Akkash3 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 [H] <Sector Seven> Jubei'Thos Recruiting <Sector Seven> is a Horde based Oceanic Heroic raiding guild on Jubei'Thos-US. We are an established raid team with a loyal core that aim to clear content as quickly as possible within the days that we raid (and have some fun while doing so!). If you feel like you can no longer put in the hours for hardcore progression but would like to still kill bosses in a timely fashion, then we might be the place for you. Current Progression: Hellfire Citadel 11/13N 4/13H Raid Times: Wednesday/Thursday/Monday 8:30-11:00pm A.E.S.T Currently Recruiting: Discipline Priest Ranged DPS Monk / Holy Paladin Heals If your class isn't listed but you feel you are a great player we still encourage you to apply. If you would like some more info or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact: ManiFalco#1191 Mtheron#1675 Buu#1663Fortyeight2 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 [H] DPS Looking for Casual Raiding Guild Currently 388 ilvl 30K+ DPS MM Hunter looking for casual raiding guild. Mainly looking for a guild that are progressing through HFC any difficulty will do. I have been playing since Vanilla and am looking for a friendly guild to join. I have a good understanding of mechanics and current strategy for raids and enjoy working as a team to achieve goals. Add me if you would like to have a chat Staviemagic #1768Cmacc1 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 <Neonmoon> Aerie Peak US 9/13 N We are recruiting for an early morning team that is 9/13 N. We raid from 4:00am - 7:00am PST on mondays and wednesdays. Just to be clear we are on the US Aerie Peak server. We need a few more melee DPS (WW monk/feral/rogue/enhance), a shammy/monk/pally healer, and a few ranged DPS (mage/boomy/sprs) We are also interested in PVP and RBGs, currently needing healers for RBGs and a few DPS (including hunters!). add me in-game and we'll talk akalittleman#1387Nélfy1 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 [A] <Temporary Insanity> - Recruiting! <Temporary Insanity> - Caelestrasz 7/7H (HM) 10/10H (BRF) 13/13H (HFC) recruiting for Legion. Looking for Healing & DPS classes, please refer to our website for specific details. We are a mature group of players who enjoy a drama free environment. Raid times Wednesday & Thursday (7:45 - 10:30pm) AEST We also do an optional alt run on Sunday night (7:45 - 10:30pm) AEST. Other classes/specs, or casual raiders/members are welcome to apply. Feel free to contact me in-game. Website: tempinsanity.enjin.com Yarenne Battletag: Wolfsorr#6123Yarenne3 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 23, 2015 (H) Keins zweck WE are a great group of radiers looking to push right threw heroic once we fill the spots. We are a new raid group with lots of exp players raid lead is 13/13N 6/13Heoric. Once we get the team going we are gonna push threw bosses fast we are in need of a lock mage or shadow priest or a boomin. We also need 1 disc healer or pally healer or druid. We raid tues/wed/thur 9:30pm-12:30am east coast time Have any question about join my battletag is Fearless#1223Watdefack0 Aug 23, 2015
Aug 23, 2015 Alli Frostmourne Tank Looking for Raid team I am looking for a raid guild that raids later in server time ideally around 10pm server a few nights a week. I have been tanking main since the start of this expansion as i simply didnt like the direction they went with for the current dps specs, i can play the specs well enough but i would prefer to keep tanking. i have been playing my warrior as my main since late wrath and been raiding weekly with a guild WoD from BRF Opening. I would like to join a guild that is not a hardcore world first push guild but not a casual sometimes we will raid sometimes we will not, ideally a decent group of people who clear the raid without massive loot arguements or rages and just has a good time whilst getting some decent progression and moving up the difficulties at their own pace. i am 18+ for any guilds that require that and have regularly updated addons, vent, teamspeak, and sykpe. I am contactable via in game mail or whisper at my main Voroth or through the battletag system with the battletag Voroth#1619. i am not willing to transfer server or faction at the current time. thankyou for your timeVoroth0 Aug 23, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 [H] Nagrand <Mortem Juxta> Casual Raiding Mortem Juxta is a medium sized social guild looking for new members to join it's new casual progression raiding team. We raid Wednesday and Sunday 7pm - 9 pm server time. We are currently Progressing in Normal Hellfire Citadel and are looking for Damage Dealers or Healers with a min ilvl of 670. Alts are welcome. Initially you will be on trial for 1 month while we assess your reliability and how you fit in with our team. During this time you will not be required to join our guild, however if you are offered a place after the trial period you will be expected to join and become a fully-fledged member of Mortem Juxta. We expect all raid members to be competent and to research their own class and improve where necessary. Logs from our raids will be posted in our guild forum for assessment and discussion. We provide all consumables (food, flasks etc) and a fun, friendly atmosphere. Please contact any of us below if you have any questions or would like to chat. Our Raid Team Leaders are: Luzkaz - Inferno#1456Luzkaz0 Aug 22, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 H<Abacinate> recruiting for Heroic prog <Abacinate> is a fresh progression guild on Jubei'Thos/Gundrak looking to progress through Heroic and then eventually Mythic Hellfire Citadel. Although we are a raiding guild, we also welcome PVPers, and socialites to enable a sense of diversity and community. So raiders feel free to bring your friends and alts. What we are looking for: - a positive attitude - a willingness to learn and improve - raid awareness (can you get out of fire?) - past experience in progression raiding is highly desirable Recruiting: At this time we are looking to fill all roles Raid Times: (ST AEST) Monday 8-11pm Wednesday 8-11pm Sunday 8-11pm Requirements: We use Raid Call We require players to maintain at least a 90% attendance. If you can't make a raid inform an officer ahead of time. All players will maintain required flasks potions and food. If interested feel free to add Anarkie751#1287 Hannah#6945 to have a chat.Wimplo1 Aug 22, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 [H] <Paranoia> Recruiting for HFC on Barth! <Paranoia> 8/13H 12/13N On Barthilas Horde is recruiting raiders! We are a fairly new guild, formed with the intention of building a solid core team of skilled raiders who want to grow the guild in a positive way, work together to progress through content, have fun and make new friends. Schedule: Wed Thurs Mon 9pm-12am GMT+10/Server (Form at 8:45pm) Requirements: - Gems/Enchants - Teamspeak with working headset - Skilled, alert and experienced raiders looking to contribute to a friendly and engaged guild. - We expect good attitude from our raiders and knowledge of their class. Current Recruitment Needs: DPS: Warlock Mage Hunter Elemental Shaman Always looking for exceptional players regardless of class/spec. Contact me in game at btag Lucid#1675 or Etrnlsouljah#1358 We look forward to hearing from you!Lucidshrooms4 Aug 22, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 (H)Fatigue - Looking for More Fatigue (Nagrand/Caelestrasz) is a New Zealand and Australian based progression focused raiding guild that have a lot of players who have been raiding together for 4+ years. We are currently looking for exceptional players to join us in our Warlords of Draenor Mythic raiding team. We aren't just looking for raid numbers, we're looking for players who want somewhere to settle down. Raid times: Wednesday: 8.30pm - 11.00pm - NZ 6.30pm - 9.00pm - Aus Thursday: 8.30pm - 11.00pm - NZ 6.30pm - 9.00pm - Aus Sunday: 8.00pm - 10.00pm - NZ 6.00pm - 8.00pm - Aus If this is something you think you'd like to be a part of then we strongly encourage you to put in an app at our website. www.fatigue-nagrand.enjin.com If you have any questions feel free to contact any of the officers or GM in game via whisper or in game mail. GM: Raggzu Officer: Allergies - Battle Tag raysin#1398 Officer: Dabeer Officer: FhaiAllergies10 Aug 22, 2015
Aug 21, 2015 [A] Halcyon Chapter 1/13M 13/13H GMT+8 Who we are: Halcyon Chapter is a SG-based guild with a player base that comes from different parts of the world on Frostmourne - Alliance. We started off as a 10m raiding guild during Cataclysm and now with our team of experienced officers, we are currently recruiting to expand our mythic roster to progress into HFC and beyond. Progress: Heroic Archimonde down! Mythic Hellfire Assault down! Raid times: 9pm to 12am GMT+8 / SG time (11pm to 1am SVT) on Wed/Thu/Mon, with optional alt raids on Friday/Sunday. Classes we're currently looking for: 1x Shadow Priest 1x Warlock 1x Retadin And other ranged dpsers with the exception of hunters. Though your class may not be stated above, please do not hesitate to apply if you think that you will be an exceptional addition to us :) Qualities we look for in a raider are as listed below: - Good raid awareness and performance. - Punctual and able to commit to 80% attendance. - min ilv700, anything below will be trialed in heroic HFC (min 690). - Able to take constructive criticism, recognize own mistakes, heed advice and improve. Some additional info: - For mythic progression, core raiders will be prioritized, but there will be a rotation during farm bosses. - We use mumble as our voice comm and as such all raiders are required to have it. - We generally use a /roll loot system, but adopt Loot Council when progressing into new content. For more info / to apply, pls contact Karangi#1156 or look for Karangi / Icekoh / Lingerz in game. Or alternatively you can visit our website: http://halcyonchapter.gamerlaunch.com/ and drop an application in the Guild Application section of the forums. Please have latest logs (preferably over 2 weeks) to aid your application. See you soon.Yiwuan28 Aug 21, 2015
Aug 21, 2015 [A] Archaeos <Frostmourne> LF Heals / DPS Archaeos goal is to defeat Mythic content while it is relevant while maintaining an enjoyable, approachable raiding environment with a relaxed raiding schedule. If this interests you then Contact us straight away! Information: Current Progression 13/13H Website: http://archaeosfrostmourne.enjin.com Realm: Frostmourne Faction: Alliance Language: English Time Zone: GMT + 10 (Sydney) Loot System: EPGP ( MS > OS) Voice Platform: Ventrilo Raiding Schedule: Wednesday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Thursday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Monday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Raiding Requirements Play using a stable computer and Internet connection. Be online and ready 15 minutes prior to the raid. Be willing to sit out or stay past the raid time for the benefit of the guild. Communicate efficiently over Ventrilo when necessary. Research and participate in discussion for raid strategies; utilise class resources. Be up to date with your classes BIS list Able to accept responsibility for your actions/mistakes & take constructive criticism. Recruitment: Shaman (Resto / Ele) Druid (Resto / Balance) Priest (Shadow) Mage (Arc / Frost) Warlock Warrior (DPS) All exceptional players. Please post logs or any evidence of your raiding history. Contact: If you would like to find out more information about our guild or be considered for a raiding position then please post a reply to this thread, or contact an officer: Cyclaw#1429 Meetdarj#1261 Pudsy#6584 Trimshadow#1423Trimburns0 Aug 21, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 <Slice of Paradise>[6/13M]Wed/Thur/Sun <Slice of Paradise> is a progression-based, hardcore raiding guild on Frostmourne(US)-Oceanic. Established towards the end of 5.4, we’re a very close-knit community of skilled players that aim to push end game content. Current Progression: 13/13 H 6/13 M Website: www.slicedparadise.com WoW Progress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/frostmourne/Slice+of+Paradise Warcraft Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/14452/ Schedule (AEST/SERVER TIME) Wednesday: 7 PM - 10:30 PM Thursday: 7 PM - 10:30 PM Sunday: 7 PM - 10:30 PM What <Slice of Paradise> is looking for: Exceptional players Why Slice of Paradise might be a perfect fit for you? - Tight-knit, mature community which expands across WoW into other games - LGBT friendly community - Comfortable, fun and social raid environment - Highly active forum community Warlords and Recruitment: We're interested in hearing from any exceptional, alert and experienced raiders looking to contribute to a friendly and engaged guild. We expect punctuality from our raiders, and an appreciation that there are 19 other people relying on you. Please leave an application on our forums with more information or message an officer on forum.Timboslice108 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 <Inexorable> Jubei'thos/Gundrak Horde <Inexorable> are in need of more fun players to keep us entertained. All play styles and skill accepted =) We run amok, help each other and have fun. We will be raiding and pvping as soon as we get the numbers. We have high hopes for our guild and are confident we will excel in everything. Please speak to anyone in guild or add Kit#1364 for any questions =) <3Kitura0 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 H/A Returning to wow, looking to raid. I have currently been off of wow for 3 months due to personal issues, and am looking at returning to play. My previous character was a 690 boomkin, I also have a 670+ Resto shaman, and multiple toons between 90-100 I am more than happy to level if required for a guild, as long as I am helped with gearing the toon. I have previous logs on my boomkin and a lot of previous raiding exp. Please leave your battle tags and I will contact those who are around my skill level. Thank you.Richò6 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 Balance Druid LF N or H Raiding guild Hey guys, I recently left my guild of 1 year after taking a break from raiding. Long story short, they didn't want to help me learn the fights. I'm now looking a guild doing Normal or Heroic raiding who will be patient with someone who is starting late in Hellfire Citadel. Currently my Ilvl is around 686 and I am working on improving it. I have experience of fights up to Socrethar on Normal difficulty and all fights (sans Archimonde obviously) on LFR, not that LFR means much! I have previous raiding experience in SoO, having cleared it on Heroic multiple times and lead my own pug groups of Normal. I'm looking for a friendly group of people - that is important. I would rather hang out with nice people and have fun while raiding than be super duper progressive. I still do have a drive to kill bosses though! One thing I should mention - this guild should be on a PvE server. I don't want to play on a PvP server. I am also pretty set on staying on the Horde side. If you're interested, add me in game on Grimsley#1228 and we can have a chat.Galtzin3 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 <Epic Fail> H - Barthilas <Epic Fail> is recruiting committed and serious raiders for HFC Progression Currently 13/13N & 12/13H Raid group are fun and easy going, and dedicated to progression Raid nights are three nights Mon, Wed and Thurs 7:30pm -11:00pm SVT (Eastern) We currently have an opening for a Ele/Resto Shaman / Warlock and a Shadow Priest to fill out our final last spots to push into Mythic. We also have TeamSpeak 3 as our choice of communication.. Feel free to contact any of the below for further information gkzlah#1887 or Silenius reece#1175 or Paln (It's an L) ragetard#1177 or BigfatshieldSilenius3 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 Disc/ Holy Lf weekend raiding I dont really have the time to put into mythic but looking for a guild who raids Friday/sat nights or/and sunday days heroic mode. Currently 687/88. I have logs and often rank on world of logs for the spec im playing. Been main spec disc since wrath, tho i was dps in cata. Like to complete tiers before the next comes out Would like fun but productive raidingDaketh5 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 Looking for players to Join new Guild Hey im looking for players to join my new guild we will be doing duns tonight and would like more people pm me if you would like to join thnx :) LvL-15 and up Tokmo1 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 (A) Guardian LF raiding guild Hi, Returning after a short break and looking for a guild to work in with for raiding as Guardian druid. Been playing since late vanilla, and main spec'd as tanks throughout BC/Wrath/Cata/Partial MoP. But in saying that, i am always very keen to learn new things :) If anyone is interested or has any further question feel free to ask ^_^ Regards, EWàrbeast0 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 [H] Barthilas <EASY KILL> 2/13 M HFC Recently Transferred from Jubei'Thos to Barthilas with the core of my Guild, looking to fill in the last spots of our Mythic roster. Recruiting; Healer - Shaman/Druid/Monk - *holy priest* (Preference for healer with strong OS Dps) DPS - Currently considering all classes with a preference for rogues. We currently raid 3 nights a week; Raid Times (Svt): Wed - 8 - 11:30pm Sun - 8 - 11:30pm Mon - 8 - 11:30pm Feel free to add myself on Airhats#1978 to have a chat or just for more information.Stharia1 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 19, 2015 Archaeos <Frostmourne> 13/13H LFM DPS! Archaeos goal is to defeat Mythic content while it is relevant while maintaining an enjoyable, approachable raiding environment with a relaxed raiding schedule. If this interests you then Contact us straight away! Information: Current Progression 13/13N 13/13H Website: http://archaeosfrostmourne.enjin.com Realm: Frostmourne Faction: Alliance Language: English Time Zone: GMT + 10 (Sydney) Loot System: EPGP ( MS > OS) Voice Platform: Ventrilo Raiding Schedule: Wednesday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Thursday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Monday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Raiding Requirements Play using a stable computer and Internet connection. Be online and ready 15 minutes prior to the raid. Be willing to sit out or stay past the raid time for the benefit of the guild. Communicate efficiently over Ventrilo when necessary. Research and participate in discussion for raid strategies; utilise class resources. Be up to date with your classes BIS list Able to accept responsibility for your actions/mistakes & take constructive criticism. Recruitment: Shaman (Ele) Druid (Balance) Priest (Shadow) Mage (Arc / Frost) Warlock Warrior (DPS) All exceptional players. Please post logs or any evidence of your raiding history. Contact: If you would like to find out more information about our guild or be considered for a raiding position then please post a reply to this thread, or contact an officer: Cyclaw#1429 Meetdarj#1261 Trimshadow#1423 Pudsy#6584Beasttrim1 Aug 19, 2015
Aug 19, 2015 {H} Barthilas <Abacinate> Nz Guild. 2-3nights Reforming a Raid guild that was 7/13 Heroic going straight into it. Wed 6-9 Svr Thurs 6-8 or 9 svr (gearing run alts not mandatory) Sat 6-9 Svr Looking for 695 gear raiders With Exp Need everything atm seeing what we get from veterans in guild Add my Btag if intersted Sliperygypsy#1414Owlmaster5 Aug 19, 2015
Aug 19, 2015 [A] Invalid Characters 12/13N HFC 7/13H HFC <Invalid Characters> is a Frostmourne Alliance raiding guild based in Australia. We are looking for eager and skilled recruits to start Mythic Progression. We are a semi-casual guild, so we have a relaxed raiding environment but we also favour progression. So we expect that when it is needed all the fun and jokes can be put aside so we can push through some bosses. It is also very important that there is respect between members as there is low tolerance for toxicity. Everyone is playing the game because it is fun and enjoyable, so we don't need someone going around to ruin all that. Raid Times: Friday & Sunday - 8.30pm - 11pm Server Time or (GMT +10) Currently Recruiting: Tank - Any class (Death Knight, Druid Prefered) Healers - Restoration Shaman, Restoration Druid, Mistweaver Monk (If possible dps OS would be lovely) Dps - Rogue, Balance Druid, Hunter, Death Knight, Feral Druid, Mage, Warlock. Requirements: Access to Ventrillo (A microphone is not necessary unless you are a tank) Knowledge of boss encounters Knowledge of your own class/role Minimum ilvl of 685Kuchiru18 Aug 19, 2015
Aug 19, 2015 672 Resto - Elemental Looking for PvE Heya, so basically the title but I'll elaborate I've got some experience with PvE I've been in a few guilds that have raided dutifully on schedules and I enjoy the structure, I'm getting a little sick of trying my luck with PuGs although some do well mostly they're a hassle. Days I can raid as per FROSTMOURNE's server time are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday + Weekends. Schedule is quite open due to Uni don't mind raiding late nights or early mornings. Very open to constructive criticism I'm always looking to improve and take growing as a player decently serious so if you're looking for a healer with DPS off specReshilimar4 Aug 19, 2015
Aug 19, 2015 [H]<Buena Vista Social Club> 12/13N 6/13H The Buena Vista Social Club is a guild formed on the idea that any motivated player can enjoy end game content such as raiding and PvP in World of Warcraft. We run focused raids during flexible hours for like-minded individuals who enjoy challenging content, but cannot commit to a traditional full time raid schedule due to professional, educational or family based responsibilities. Our members are very social and we all enjoy catching up with each other during raids, challenge mode dungeons, PvP and activities in other games. Our Ventrilo server is our major communication outlet and we have recently created a group on social media (Facebook) to facilitate easy contact between our members and raid organisation. As a group we value respect and dignity when it comes to working with guild members, but also a sense of humour and humility. During raids our members are encouraged to talk freely over vent except when an encounter is in progress or the raid leader is explaining, which we think strikes a good balance between the professional and social draws of raiding. RAID TIMES Presently our major raid day begins at 5:00PM ST on a Sunday and runs til about 9:00PM or 10:00PM server time. We find that this time suits both our Australian and Kiwi members. This session is where we focus on progression during an extended time slot. In addition to the main Sunday we also run up to 1 additional raid on a weekday that is coordinated based on member availability. RECRUITMENT Presently our raiding team consists of 10-12 regular members. Several of us have raided together in older guilds before while others are new faces. We have completed two full raid sessions together at this stage and have found ourselves doing quite well (see progression notes above). However, we have noticed that the smaller group size means that we are much more susceptible to any variation in attendance and that the smaller group has to work a lbit harder when it comes to mitigating certain encounter mechanics. As a result we're looking to bump up our group size to a minimum of 14-15 for heroic content, with any additional members being a bonus. There are several class/spec combinations we would like to pick up that are listed below that would be ideal contributions to group balance, but we consider any keen applicant with the exception of main spec tanks. Healing • Restoration Shaman - We are looking for a strong full time third healer to round out our roster with a particular focus on raid healing. A viable off-spec in the form of enhancement or elemental would also be a great asset. • Restoration Druid - We are looking for a strong full time third healer to round out our roster with a particular focus on raid healing. A viable feral offspec would be a great asset. Melee • Rogue - Preferably competent with multiple specializations to adapt based on the nature of the encounter. • Enhancement Shaman • Feral Druid Ranged • Warlock - Your summoning ability will likely be praised. • Hunter • Any other ranged class. Applicants will be invited to attend our raid for a trial with an invite to the guild afterwards if performance and attitude is appropriate. If you would like additional information about the guild or would like to join then please contact me in game via the battle tag Arbitera#1377 or leave a message on our guild page at http://www.battlestandards.com/c/the-buena-vista-social-club. There is no set format for applications, but we'd like to hear a little about about you as a person as well as your raiding experience. A link to your armory profile or character name would also be useful.Bartolomeo0 Aug 19, 2015
Aug 19, 2015 [A] Holy/Shadow Priest looking for raid team Found a team. Thanks for your interest!Irene0 Aug 19, 2015
Aug 18, 2015 [A] Frostmourne - Insanìty Recruiting We are looking for raiders who will be committed and show up to raid times and have a great understanding of their class / role/s. We aim to get into mythic raiding this tier and continue this onward into whichever comes in future. We would like all players to be equal and will push for a heavy team focus. If you do not desire to raid in a hardcore environment please take into consideration that we offer casual spots as well. Requirements Must be working hard on your legendary ring. Be Raid Aware. Know your surroundings. Know Your Class and viable specs per fight Be able to take constructive criticism! Be on time to raids & prepared with food / flasks / pots Must be able to work well under pressure What Voice Comms we use Ventrillo (You must be able to use Ventrillo to raid with us) --------------------------------------------- Our raid schedule We raid: (All raid times are AEST) Wednesday: 7:30pm – 10:30pm Thursday: 7:30pm – 10:30pm Sunday: 7:30pm – 10:30pm Monday: (Off night but will raid if we have numbers or will do old content/Alt runs with less numbers) Raids will sometimes extend (Start earlier or finish later). Depending on lockouts and time frames for kills. --------------------------------------------- Recruiting for Heroic / Mythic team (class/spec) 1x Blood Dk 1x Warlock 1x Enhance Shaman **Note all above classes are preferred but we are open to skilled and dedicated players.** Recruiting Standby's / Casuals of any Class/Spec Contacts GM: Snutzo#1489 Officer: Hallsy#1946 Officer:Fustix3 Aug 18, 2015
Aug 18, 2015 [H] <Why Are We So Good> 13/13N 12/13H Why Are We So Good cleared all of H BRF and is now looking to clear Mythic HFC. We are a fairly relaxed guild with a low amount elitism amongst our ranks (even though our name suggests otherwise). We talk a fair amount of crap, but on the pull we get organized and kill stuff. Progression 7/7H Highmaul 10/10N BRF 10/10H BRF 13/13N HFC 12/13H HFC Recruiting: Hpally Ranged DPS - Mage/Warlock other ranged welcome to apply DPS are welcome to apply! You don't have to be exceptional to be invited, just honest and willing to listen to criticism. Raid times: Thursday 8pm-12am ST Sunday 8pm-12am ST As a guild we offer the standard: Guild repairs Flasks/potions/Food Enchant mats if we have them We also upload logs at the end of each raid. We understand if your kids are sick or bf/gf drank so much they can only roll around the floor and this causes you to miss raids. However we really like to kill bosses. It's super fun and rewarding. If you want any more info, you can add me on Anubice#6200 for a chat.Paalra69 Aug 18, 2015
Aug 18, 2015 691BrM Monk/695 Hunter Looking for prog guild Hi As the title states, 691 Brewmaster Monk and 695 Hunter are currently looking for a stable and long term raiding guild. Due to us returning back since the release of BRF, and We are in need of a new home. We would Prefer staying alliance but would consider switching for the right guild. We are available Wed/Thu/Sun/Mon from 7.30/8.00 – 10:30-11 time (Oceanic) Preferably 3 nights We are currently 8/13 normal experienced, our previous isn’t much of this expac, but previously we havecleared 5/14 Mythic SoO 11/13 ToT(monk) and 8/14 Mythic SoO(Hunter) and both cleared everything in cata. We would prefer a guild that is looking to clear heroic and progress through mythic As soon as possible. Monk's Armory : http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/dathremar/Adopt/advanced Hunter's Armory : http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/nagrand/Critique/advanced If needed the monk has also has a Dk and druid he can use but would prefer to stay on his monk. If you want to know more, or want to have a chat, feel free to contact us on battletag: Adopt#1593 TinyBoxTim#1639Adopt0 Aug 18, 2015
Aug 18, 2015 Looking for a new team We're currently down to 5.6million subscribers and recruitment has become as hard as ever to maintain a raiding roster for mythics. With this in mind I am posting here in hope of finding like-minded guilds to open up an avenue of discussion in regards to a merger or an absorption or whatever you want to call it, I'm looking at all offers respectively and will make the best decision for my raiding team. First I want to address why I'm posting an alt. Not all members of our guild know about this, only our core do and I don't want to spook unknowing members unnecessarily. I have also done this in the past and we had several members poached after the knowledge became public. These are two risks I do not want to take. However, onwards and upwards. The guild is on Jubei'Thos horde and we're currently 12/13 heroic with a lot of our members possessing AotC that they achieved on their own. Most of us have our legendary rings and we expect to down Archimonde this week. The problem is getting those last few members to join. We're a team that have been raiding together since WotLK and we've picked up members from other expansions, some coming from Cata and MoP. Since WoD has hit despite relentless recruitment and trialing hundreds of applicants we've only picked up a handful of people to add to our core. We have a really strong core of around 15, only 2 - 3 of those players may not cut it for mythic, and the officers believe that a big reason is that they know they aren't going into mythic until we finish rounding out our numbers and have no competition but that would change if they were pushed by higher level raiding (they've raided high level previously). At the moment we raid 2 nights and week and the vast majority of us do not want to raid more than that. We simply do not have the time on our hands to raid a third day regularly, that being said we often end up raiding a third with about half the core and clear normal modes or do meta achievements. However the day/time changes and is never a serious raid night. Our nights are flexible for most, but some (including one of the tanks and officers) the nights just simply cannot change. We wouldn't rule out a guild that doesn't raid the same nights as we do, but an understanding and agreement would need to be made in regards to these members. The goal is to push mythics and having a rotating roster for mythics of about 25 to 30 members is always beneficial, so some of these more inflexible members may be asked to sit and they are very understanding and totally OK with that - but they do not want to be cut out entirely. The goal of this is to complete a roster for mythic level raiding at 2 nights a week. The raiders would need to be competent and preferably as progressed as us, though we are willing to help the right guild catch up if required. This would be ideal for another high ranking two night a week raiding guild struggling from the same issues as us, or for a three night a week guild that doesn't mind cutting their hours back to two nights for the sake of getting into progression raiding. We're all AEST so GMT+10 timezone is preferable, start and end times are negotiable. We're a group of players, not classes so rerolling/respeccing is not an issue for most of our raiders. Most of our raiders have changed positions several times over their raiding careers playing all roles. However, due to legendary ring we'd like to stay as firm as possible. We have a very strong tanking core and melee DPS core. We have some strong healers (and some weak ones that want to go back to DPS), and the range DPS that we do have are very strong, but we don't have many of them. If this sounds like an arrangement that you and your guild would be interested in then please leave your Btag in this thread and I'll get back to you. We deal in good faith and are totally honest with the previous people we've tried this with, we expect the same with whomever contacts us. We are also willing to transfer for the right guild (though not faction change cause Alliance are scrubs).Dretzaklek6 Aug 18, 2015
Aug 18, 2015 [A] <Carried> 13/13N 12/13H HFC LFM <Carried> on Khaz'goroth Alliance is a semi-hardcore raiding guild. Currently 13/13N and 12/13H HFC. We are an active guild with social events and pvp happening outside of raid times, however PvE is our primary focus. Raid Times: Wed/Thur/Sun 8-11pm AEST Currently recruiting: DPS Hybrid DPS Tank with Dps/ Heals Offspec. If your class/role is not listed we are still very much interested in talking to any excellent raiders. For more details: Btag: Subet757#1543 Or visit our website at www.carriedkhazgoroth.enjin.comShaemus0 Aug 18, 2015
Aug 17, 2015 [H]<Ruin> Barthilas GMT 1/13M LF Rogues, DPS! <Ruin> from [H] Barthilas, is a late night semi-hardcore raiding team currently recruiting to fill its roster for mythic progression and beyond. Our raiding schedule is: Wed,Thurs, Mon: 10pm - 1230am +8 GMT (12am-0230am Server Time) Total 3 Days/Week, ONLY 7.5hours / week Current Progression: 7/10M, 13/13H, 1/13M A little introduction about us! Most of our players are from SG/MY (with alot of fake accent lol) and some are from Australia and other parts of the world. We come together as casual players who wants to have fun and be serious at the same time to enjoy the content of WoW within our means. Real life comes first! Currently, we are recruiting the following classes: Healer: DISC PRIEST/PALLY with Offspec DPS DPS classes: Death Knights, Shadow Priests, Rogues, Locks and Boomkin Tank: NONE Any other interested dps classes can apply! Feel free to approach us if your class is not listed! We accept exceptional players with a great sense of humour and have the same dedication and commitment as us. Raiders are expected to download Teamspeak, have consumables (flask and pots), and raid addons like DBM for our raids. In game contact: Fatals/Fetals (Ghost#1206), Negs/Neggie (addieddie#6187) Please Apply through the website: http://barthilasruin.shivtr.com/forum_threads/2168182Fatals50 Aug 17, 2015
Aug 17, 2015 back up plan recruiting <Back Up Plan> Looking For 40k min DPS DK and range DPS (non hunter) Starting on Heroic HFC. Raid time Friday and Saturday 7-10 pm. whisper my toon or send me ingame mail if interestedLydess0 Aug 17, 2015
Aug 17, 2015 [H] <Carpe Diem> 5/13M HFC - 2 RDPS + 1 Disc Carpe Diem is a three night a week Oceanic Mythic progression guild. The guild was founded on the 10th February 2009 we are the highest ranked raiding guild on Caelestrasz/Nagrand. Many of our raiders have been in top Oceanic raiding guilds throughout BC, WotLK, Cata & MoP and have now taken a more balanced approach to the game whilst maintaining quality raiding and progression. Our goal is very much focused on full clearing Mythic tiers. While raiding is very important to us, so is maintaining an organised, vibrant and drama free guild environment and we are proud of the fact that we have been able to maintain this while being competitive in Oceanic progression. RAIDING TIMES Wednesday: 8:00 – 11:30 (8:30 – 12:00 during Daylight Saving Time) Sunday: 8:00 – 11:30 (8:30 – 12:00 during Daylight Saving Time) Monday: 8:00 – 11:30 (8:30 – 12:00 during Daylight Saving Time) AEST (UTC+10:00) Oceanic Server Time GUILD SUPPLIED Carpe Diem does it’s very best to look after our raiders by supplying: * Organised raiding environment including roster, raid leading and written strategies. * Consumables (food, flasks, potions, gems, enchants and repairs). * EPGP loot system which takes into consideration BiS, major and minor upgrades. * Mumble voice communication, common go to application. RECRUITING Carpe Diem will always consider any exceptional application regardless if we are actively recruiting that class or spec at the current time. We are looking specifically for the following Classes: Warlocks Discipline Priests Shadow Priests APPLYING All applications will be considered so regardless if we are CLOSED or RECRUITING if you’re interested and have what it takes, read the guild rules, example application and then apply at http://carpediem-nagrand.com/ What we look for in applications and expect from our raiders: * Warcraft Logs or similar parses required with class competitive HPS / DPS. * Previous heroic raiding experience. * Willingness to better your class and performance on a regular basis. * Attendance rate from 80% taking into account holidays, illness etc. * Computer and internet connection capable of 30+fps and sub 250ms in Mythic raids. CONTACTS Latok (Latok#1514) – Guild Master (Raid Leader) Aztank – (Aztank#6657) – Officer (Raid Assistance) Arthion (Ninebreaker#6563) – Officer (Recruitment)Arthíon85 Aug 17, 2015
Aug 17, 2015 H Barth OCE - <Oxidise> 13/13H HFC 2/13M <Oxidise> Reformed Group from Parädox(GM quit Game) Raid Times: Wednesday 8:30pm - 11:30pm Thursday 8:30pm - 11:30pm Sunday 8:30pm - 11:30pm Times are GMT+10 / Server Time) Looking to recruit all exceptional raiders with a particular focus on dps at this time. We have branched off to form a more progression-oriented guild to push Mythic HFC. What Oxidise can offer you: Relaxed raiding atmosphere. Mistakes happen and the raiding atmosphere has a foundation based on ‘if you do make a mistake then !@#$ happens’ Solid fellow raiders. We do not carry dead weight. All raiders put in 100% effort for the minimal hours we raid. Misc: Loot- Loot Council Voice- Teamspeak3 Website- http://oxidise.enjin.com/ Any questions please feel free to add: Rhakz (Walliver#1707) Jacalus (Resto#1555)Littlestd0 Aug 17, 2015
Aug 17, 2015 [A] Arcane Council 11/13H - LF Healer+DPS <Arcane council> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on the Dath'remar oceanic server. We are 13/13N and 11/13H and raid 7-11pm AEST Wednesday/Thursday. We are looking for: 1 Pally or Monk healer and 3-4 ranged dps. (No hunters/Warlocks) Priority will go to cleave dps. Logs are a requirement. We will consider exceptional melee dps. We are a fairly laid back guild, but take prog seriously. As we are only on a two night a week schedule we need to get the most out of the time that we have, especially as we come into mythic raiding. Add Btag Belasta#1635 if you want more info or to speak about a trial.Belasta0 Aug 17, 2015