Oceanic Guild Recruitment

Jun 2, 2015 KataTonic Recruiting... (Khaz'goroth) Forming New Guild and Raid team Looking to clear Normal and heroic content in an easy going relaxed manor. Needing all classes and specs Raid times are all server time Wed: 8.30pm - 11pm Thursday: 8.30pm - 11pm Monday: 8.30pm - 11pm ilvl not important Patients is Everyone is welcome Raiding and social players alike If this fits for you leave a post here or message me in game Age#1612Aizel2 Jun 2, 2015
Jun 2, 2015 689 Demo LF 3-4 Night Mythic Progression[H] NOTE: Faction changed to Horde and renamed Warlock to Aizen - currently trialling out for Ataraxia on Barthilas. So in the past few days my guild on the North American servers recently fell apart and I figured now would probably be a good time to finally go to an Oceanic Guild. Currently I have 1/10 Mythic experience, my kill being on Beastlord and close pulls on Oregorger. I do extensive study on fights prior to raid night so I'm well equipped and ensure I've stockpiled my own potions, flasks, etc. My Mythic experience isn't the most colourful due to unexpected absences concerning family members but I don't see any interruptions in my activity in the foreseeable future. I'd like you to take my logs with a grain of salt if possible: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/6840449/latest/#boss=0 https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/9497841/latest Most of these logs were prior to when I obtained my 4pc and was held back by pretty low pieces of gear (i.e 645 Sandman's Pouch) and then again due to unforeseeable family events there is a gap between my last log and now. Naturally I'm willing to do a more furnished application for any guilds that are interested in having me. To throw out some details about myself, I live in New Zealand and first joined the game during Burning Crusade. My raiding career however only began during Wrath of the Lich King and then I took a hiatus at the end of ICC until Siege of Orgrimmar where I then took another hiatus during the initial launch of WoD for the first few weeks of Highmaul before arriving to where I am now. I'm extremely critical of my own ability to ensure that I always strive to improve and push myself to the next tier, because complacency results in sub-par performance. I take my position and performance in a raid extremely seriously seeing as I've only played a Warlock. I'd rather not ride the bench, I'd like a core position. Looking for a 5+ Mythic guild, I'm used to a trial by fire - so if anyone is interested shoot a message! Willing and able to transfer and faction change at a moment's notice.Warlockanap18 Jun 2, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 693 Rogue 3/10M BRF Hey Guys 693 3/10 Mythic Combat/Sub Rogue looking for a new raiding guild on Frostmourne. Would prefer equal or higher progression. I am available to raid 3 days a week anywhere from 6pm-10pm ST. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/1MJnjrx9qm6ftRWL (couldnt find any later logs than this I was probs 686 at the time)Scruffmuff5 Jun 1, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 [H] <Blue Label> Now Recruiting! 8/10M Hello gals and boys, Recruiting - Mage - Boomkin - Rogue - Hunter - Lock - Shad Priest - Resto Sham - Holy Pally - Blood DK / Prot Pally - War Tank or DPS Core positions available to the right applicant. Any exceptional player regardless of current recruitment requirements Now; Blue Label is an end game raiding guild that has been around since the Burning Crusade and has been going strong in Wrath, Cata and MoP. We are now focused on progressing through WoD as fast as we can while trying to have fun. Now to keep up the pace we are required to pick up new members to fill our ranks. We expect people to play their best while having fun. What we expect from you: Attendance - We expect it to be greater than 90%, 100% is ideally what we are looking for. Stable internet connection/computer - If you disconnect constantly, you are wasting everyone's time, not just your own, and it's mean to make people wait. Positive attitude - I don't like drama and I'll bet you don't too. Knowledge/Skill - You should know how to theorycraft. This means knowing your class inside out, knowing when to hit your buttons and knowing that fire hurts and how to get out of it ASAP. What you should expect from us: Progression - We constantly push to be the best we can be. This may mean the odd late night, but it also means you can look forward to getting your Cutting Edge feats in a timely manner as well as the perks that often come with them. A good social group - We regularly have guild groups participating in various non-raid content at all hours as well as people often hanging out in Vent/Skype and doing casual achievements, PVP, leveling alts etc... Criticism to make you a better/stronger player - We almost always have multiple people well versed in each class and spec who are more than willing to better yourself. While we do expect you can take measures to work at this yourself, we are here to help you too. Fun - While we do want to progress in a timely manner, we don't want it to feel like a second job. If you're still interested, our raid times are, 7:30pm to 11pm (GMT+10 - AEST) on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday. We believe that shorter raid times means people can focus better and get the job done. If this sounds like you, please head over to http://www.blue-label.org/apply and follow the directions there to put in an application. If you are after any additional information please feel free to contact Hanul (hanul#6440), Naixia or Sugabuns in game or ask any member for an officer. Thank you for your time and we hope to see you in Blackrock Foundry! SugabunsSugabuns60 Jun 1, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 [H - Barthilas - US] <Epic> Recruiting! New 2 Guild Name: Epic Faction: Horde Realm (US/EU): US Realm Type: PvP Realm Timezone: Battlegroup: (if applicable, not necessary) Progression: New guild Raid Times: 10p - 12a Raid Schedule : wednesday , thursday and friday Openings: In need of all classes at the moment Contact Ghoulaid IG or Btag JaketheSnake#1427Ghoulaid0 Jun 1, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 LF Raiding guild - new to raiding Hey guys, I've just dinged 100 on this as my main and im looking to get into raiding. Been playing since cata but never seriously taken up raiding as I don't have any friends who play WoW..always found it a struggle to find an active guild too. I'm currently having some trouble gearing up not sure what road to take..on a dead server and im going to be transferring to a high pop oce server this week not sure which one but looking for a guild who raids to help me gear up so i can experience some end game content which looks amazing!! Thanks :DSimmal6 Jun 1, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 686 Fury warrior LF Mythic raiding guild 10/10H BRF on main (Luciferxi, Blood dk) I can make anytime other than Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 9:30pm - 12:30am GMT+10Erinyesxi3 Jun 1, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 690 Ret pally looking for guild Long story short guild just decided to stop full time raiding so looking for new home. Current progression 9/10H (few attempts on BH before we lost one of our tanks to RL issues than the ban wave) so looking for equivalent or better. Proffered times are around 730-11pm server time wed sun although I can be flexible depending. Currently on Barthilas after a server/faction change for a trial and now looks like there not raiding. so prefer not to spend any more money unless defiant. But will transfer faction change for right guild. Also have some gear to OS as prot when needed. Game tag Bornio#1997Jeneva9 Jun 1, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 ilvl 676 ret pally looking for NZ raid guid Looking for a fun raid guild that can be killing heroic bosses on a regular basis. I want to be getting a solid spot for regular team that raids on NZ times , on frostmourne. Pst me in game or reply to this message , and willing to have a chat in vent or Skype or anything . ThanksPapps3 Jun 1, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 [H]<Symbiosis> Recruiting 7/10 H-BRF [H]<Symbiosis> - Barthilas is currently recruiting Ranged DPS for our 20man core group mythic progression. We are a guild with most members based in SG with raid times of 11:30pm - 4:00am server time on Weds/Thurs/Mon. We are wanting dedicated players to join us as we progress through Warlords. Progression: H-HM: 7/7 M-HM: 1/7 H-BRF: 7/10 Looking for people who: - Have Mumble + Mic. - Turn up on time raid prepared (Greater flasks, pots, and food) - Researches fights before approaching them. - Know their class! Specific specs needed: Tanks: Blood DK DPS: Warlock, Balance Druid, Mage, Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman Will consider applicants for: Healers: Mistweaver Monk DPS: WW Monk, Enhance Shaman, Ret Pally, Frost DK Applicants should be Mythic ready, minimum of 660+ ilvl, and have logs for review. Please apply on our website http://symbiosis-barthilas.enjin.com/home If you have any questions, please whisper or send an in-game mail to Halestormx, Stonefish, Serrabelle, or Vynmaner in-game.Halestormx13 Jun 1, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 697 - 7/10M - Hunter LF Guild Hi People, 7/10 Hunter play all 3 specs. Currently Playing MM but happy to change as needed depending on raid roll. I'm looking for a guild that raids 3/4 nights a week and is in the last half of BRF mythic. I live in New Zealand so i can raid from 5 pm (GMT +10) to ideally no later than 10.30 pm (GMT +10). I can raid up to an hour later for the first few weeks of new raids as needed. Currently Horde on Barthilas. but i'm open to transfer and or faction change. Game tag Primez#6205. Get back to me here or in game for a more in depth chat. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/barthilas/Bawbag/simple Cheers,Bawbag2 Jun 1, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 [H]GMT+8 Fluffy Unicorns 9/10M LFM!! Fluffy Unicorns is a Mythic raiding Guild, officers and raiders consists of many veterans who have been raiding top tier end-game content previously. We are from Thaurissan, currently server merged with Dreadmaul. Raid Days & Time ---------------- Wednesday - 2030 to 0000 (2330 - 0300 SVT) Thursday - 2030 to 0000 Monday - 2030 to 0000 All Raiding times are in the GMT+8 Time Zone. Current progression: Highmaul 7/7 Normal 7/7 Heroic 7/7 Mythic Blackrock Foundry 10/10H 9/10M Guild Website: http://fluffy-unicorns.enjin.com/home Some minimal expectations: - You must have Ventrillo. Other addons are up to personal choice but not overly taxing on your system causing downtime and crashes - Willingness to accept criticism and have an attitude of self-improvement. - No drama queens/kings/somewhere in between - If you can't stay online for 75% of the time, don't apply - Have accountability. Don't come late to raids or let us know in advance if you can't make it. We understand RL takes priority over WoW. All we ask for is to let us know your availability as soon as you can. We are now actively recruiting in preparation of WoD. Current recruitment needs as below:- Immediate spots for Hunter Rogues Boomkin MW Holydin Apply now! http://fluffy-unicorns.enjin.com/home! All other exceptional players are welcomed to apply via our website or PST any officer for more information. Feel free to contact Mercydrops (mercydrops#1577), Chuachua (AaronChua#6675), Pippilongear (Pippilongear#1561), Mintyzaki (Teru#1648) in game for a chat if you are interested.Mercydrops252 Jun 1, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 A<Specialist> 6/10Mythic BRF recruiting Hi all just a quick post to let the masses know whats going on at <specialist> in wod, as most of you know we used to be a pvp guild who runs high end arena and rbgs along with all diferent skill levels through out the guild. the large player base has made it easier for many new to pvp to learn and pick up teams easy. having said all this <Specialist> used to be a succefull pve guild and once again is aiming to be among the top 20 man raiding guilds. in WOD we will be starting our pve and continuing our pvp. we will be heavily recruiting over the next few months to build a stronger pve player base that will be led by experienced raiders .Looking for players who know their class well for the main 20 man raid. Recruiting Skilled range dps casters pref 1mw monk 1resto shaman 1holy pally and a few strong dps raid times will be MONDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY 8pm -1030- pm times subject to change over the next few months. if you think you have what it takes or just want to be apart of one of the oldest guilds on the server please message me in game or any memebers online. Specialist.guildlaunch.com to watch some old vids add riptsalot#1179 with any questionsRiptz71 Jun 1, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 [H]<Frenzy>Barthilas-7/7M, 9/10M - LF Melee Current Recruitment Mage Rogue Warrior (Fury/Arms) Scheduled Raid Times: (Invites at 7:45pm and pulling trash by 8:00pm) Wednesday 8:00pm-1130pm Server Thursday 8:00pm-1130pm Server Monday 8:00pm-1130pm Server Any additional raiding is done on a volunteer basis only (such as staying an extra 20 minutes to try for a kill after a close 1% wipe) and is in no way pressured on our members. Additionally we run an alt run on Sundays at normal raid time for anyone wanting a fourth raid night but is in no way mandatory. Current Progression: 9/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry 7/7 Mythic Highmaul As is fairly standard the guild provides all raiding consumables to raiders and trials (Flasks, Feasts, Enchants, Repairs). Additionally once content is cleared if we have time to do any sale runs we split the gold amongst our members. For further information please apply at http://www.frenzywow.com/ Contact in game Syrendia, Gharl, Hotfixed or Verathis with any questions relating to recruitment. The History of Frenzy: Frenzy as a guild formed in mid Mists of Pandaria as a 10 man raiding guild. We brought together a close group of like minded individuals who wanted to kill bosses with and clear content with no pressure of pushing ranks. The result was clearing all of the 10man Throne of Thunder Heroic content with a final ranking of Oceanic 115 overall (10/25 combined). Initially going into The Siege of Orgrimmar(SoO) the guild continued as a 10man getting through Thok before the Mythic 20 man combined content was announced. At this point it was decided to begin building a roster to clear 25man SoO content. In rapid form Frenzy pushed through Heroic SoO obtaining a realm 5th and Oceanic 33rd kill of Heroic Garrosh across all raid sizes. As we head in to Warlords of Draenor we've pushed our way to a rank of realm 8th and Oceanic 30th. The leadership continues to work on building a solid team that wants to work together to kill content and letting the ranks fall into place naturally, while avoiding burnout and stress created from guilds that raid on a longer schedule. The current guild leadership has experience dating back to WoW release in 2004 and progression experience in the top 100 world guilds. Additionally all of the current leadership in the guild have commitments outside of WoW including children and jobs that keep us from putting those insane hours and as such we are looking to create a raiding environment that allows for outside commitments and socialization.Gharl93 Jun 1, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 Guild Merge OCE-Server 9/10 Mythic We're a 9/10 Mythic Foundry guild looking for a guild that's interested in finishing off this tier and heading into 6.2 with a solid roster. We'd be interested in the following but are open to changes from this list for the right guild. 2 / 3 Healers 1 Tank 6 / 7 DPS Raid times Mon/Wed/Thu/Sun - 8PM - 12 ( GMT+10 ) To discuss further please add me padawan#1453Birdtown1 Jun 1, 2015
May 31, 2015 (A) <Comfortably Numb> Late Late Night Guild Hello everyone, <Comfortably Numb> Is a new guild on Frostmourne, we hope to have a core raid team up and running by 6.2. At the moment we are looking for all classes and specs to fill up the numbers. We are hoping to become a solid raid team pushing the most recent content as soon as we can. We will be starting raids in the next 2-3 weeks once our numbers have increased, our raid times are very late as all of the current members work in hospitality but these details are still being smoothed out and are subject to change. At the the moment we are looking at 3 nights a week, starting at 1am server time, these nights will most likely be Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. But both Tuesday and Thursday are also being considered and we will go with whatever suits the majority of the group. Since we are still finding our feet we are looking for members to be in our leadership group, so if you think you're up to the task of helping to manage the guild please drop me a line personally and I will look over your application. The guild leader is a recently returned player that pushed end game content back in BC and Wotlk as an officer in a fairly well established progression guild, and is willing to lend a hand to anyone who wants to get into raiding or with any aspect of the game to anyone so even if you're not up for raiding but want an active guild in the early hours of the morning please don't hesitate to send any of our members a message and we will help out where we can :) To apply, or just to find out more info, please reply here or send message Poplazihs or Shizalpop on Frostmourne in Game. Thanks you.Poplazihs0 May 31, 2015
May 31, 2015 Holy Paladin W/ 10/10 Mythic Exp LF Guild I'm Ironbane / 10/10 Mythic on my main. I'm looking for a morning guild (I'm US EST) For my Holy Paladin. Can expect the best heals possible for my gear at all times. Add me Dysfunction#1157 Please no guilds less than 8/10 Mythic. Alliance only, unless you plan on paying my faction changing fees.Gardenhead3 May 31, 2015
May 31, 2015 702 Ele Shaman LF 10/10M Guild Due to my raid team breaking up this week, figured I'd post up and see whats out there right now. Realm/faction are not a huge deal to me, however the raiding time is. Pretty much can't raid until 11PM PST. Still looking to be in a relevant guild (we finished under US 100). Know my class well and am decent as a resto shaman as well. Potentially willing to go oceanic if everything fits right Add my btag if interested in talking: Tweezle#1885 Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/14852/latestHeazle2 May 31, 2015
May 31, 2015 702 Solid MW Monk LF 10/10M Guild. Due to my guild that I have been raiding with for approximately 4 years disbanding tonight, I'm mainly making this post to see what interest is out there, as I would still like to continue raiding. I'm a 702 solid parsing MW monk LF a 10/10M guild. I'm 10/10M myself, and unfortunately would not consider any less progressed guilds (would highly prefer US top 100, as my previous guild was this). I know my class spec extensively, and am able to play my off-spec(WW) if needed, but would much prefer to play MW as my main spec. In addition, I was the healer officer in my previous guild, so I'm proactive, and search and watch the fights beforehand, and will definitely take an active role in the guild's theorycrafting and finding possible strategies. I don't mind what faction the guild is or what server, and I do have multiple alt characters that are over 680 or around that level that I would not be opposed to playing on progression if the fight was more suitable to it(and if they were slightly more geared), or to feed gear to other main raiders in split runs. I would prefer times that raid past 5PM AEST (GMT+10), or 11:30PM PST, and would prefer to raid no more than 4-5 days. However, if the guild were the right fit, I would definitely consider them regardless. ALSO: I do have a solid mage friend who is also looking for a guild as a result of the recent disband, so if you have a spot for both of us, that would absolutely be a plus as well (though we aren't a package deal), and I can give you his logs if interested :) My logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/83427/latest/#boss=0 My btag: Lexie#6259Lexie6 May 31, 2015
May 30, 2015 Siraxta Guild Recruiting Siraxta is currently recruiting for more DPS for our raids! Message me on Wyrmrest Accord for more information!Marici0 May 30, 2015
May 30, 2015 [A] <Vitare> 6/10M | Frostmourne W/Th/Su 8pm Vitare is a seasoned and active guild which has transferred and first originated from the early days of Barthilas. We are a 20 man Alliance raiding guild focused on progression and hard mode raiding content. You can find us on http://vitare.shivtr.com We currently raid 3 nights per week: ... However, if applying please note that raids will occasionally run over time when we are close to a progression kill. We are currently looking for like-minded raiders to join us for Mythic raids. We're after experienced Mythic raiders who would be willing to pull their weight and commit to solidifying our team together. We are currently recruiting: ... We have a pretty tight-knit group of raiders; we play this game to have fun, crack jokes and kill bosses. Our goal of each patch cycle is to clear as much as we possibly can, as well as picking up any achievements, including the meta. Outside of our raids, we are a very chill and welcoming guild; we know the names of eachother's girlfriends (fictional or not) and are friendly enough to even write a Facebook comment on your birthday. Many of us share a stupid kind of ruthless humour and are able to make jokes out of anything. "We aren't just a community, we're a family" ~Roguescreed, 2013. "WE ARE A FAMILY. We are one" ~Caji, 2013. "Gayyyyyyyyyyyy" ~Everyone else, 2013. Feel free to contact Botthor, Razzii, Whiskeyjack or myself (Addy#6392) in-game if you have any inquiries. Otherwise, to apply as a raider to our current raiding team, create a new thread on http://vitare.shivtr.com/forums/76911 on our recruitment forums.Addyluv0 May 30, 2015
May 30, 2015 674 LF GMT+8 raiding guild Hello everyone,i'm looking for Heroic or Mythic guilds to raid.Been raiding with friends on normal but since the guild is inactive now i decided to look for a new one.Willing to realm change for mythics,can play all 3 specs as well,available every night so time isn't an issue for me. Thanks!Voidy12 May 30, 2015
May 29, 2015 Mage looking for end game raids I'm just getting back into world of Warcraft. I have played the new expansion on release and took a break looking to comeback in and raid in 6.2. I'm not super familiar with all raid terms I was strictly pvpBeetmebad0 May 29, 2015
May 29, 2015 Multiclass Player, Looking for Good guild I'm a returning player looking for a good guild preferably clearing (or wanting to clear) mythic content. Currently i am based in Sydney (+10) and looking for an evening raiding guild. I'm happy to reroll if needed. Currently i have a few classes level 100(Mage, Monk, Druid, Hunter, Warlock, Priest, Rogue), and others 90-99. I have ex heroic/mythic raiding experience of previous expacs. 19 years old. Working mic. If you have any questions feel free to add my battletag nossfolo#6229 I'll also post my 100's armories here. Mage: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/barthilas/Derpsqt/simple Hunter: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/barthilas/Nossfolo/simple Druid: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/barthilas/Eric/simple Warlock: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmourne/Pleasure/simple Monk: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/dathremar/Fufulame/simple Priest: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmourne/Diggersby/simple Rogue: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmourne/Nossfolo/simple They may or may not be in pvp gear. If they have no pve gear in their bags when you tell me which class you want, i will gear them asap. Thanks!Diggersby4 May 29, 2015
May 29, 2015 Holy Paladin LF Guild 9/10 Mythic on my main, I raid on US servers during late night, I'm a night owl that stays up at the most abnormal hours and I'm looking for a guild to fit my needs. Holy paladin is Ilev 686, no mythic done on him, but I have 9/10 Mythic on my main with Mythic BH Exp to P3. Should have a kill this week. Granted some may call this an "alt" to me its just another main, expect the best. Looking for a guild that rather do an interview than a format application, but willing to do both. Please don't contact me if you're just starting mythic, I want a stable, reliable guild.Drakthune10 May 29, 2015
May 29, 2015 Dpriest+ Fwarrior 4/10M, GMT+8, barthilas Prefer to stay in our current specs, looking for mythic raiding from 7pm onwards GMT +8 (9pm Server time), we aren't worried about how many days a week (can do anything from 2 to 4 days a week). Must be on Barthilas server (not willing to transfer, sorry). Just transferred from Jubei'Thos so logs can be found under there. Thanks!Selinarine3 May 29, 2015
May 29, 2015 N <Serene Guardians> need healers and dps <Serene Guardians> is recrutiing for raid team, starting BRF normal with plans to progress to heroic. We are looking for 3 healers, and 4 dps spots are vacant. Ilvl 655 min, please have vent. Raid time Wed 8.30PM/Sunday 8.30PM server. Please pst Elae in game for info, or add tag, Eliil#6907 for any questions :) Also accepting casual social players into our guild.Elae0 May 29, 2015
May 29, 2015 [A] The Amaranthine Order LF DPS/Heals The Amaranthine Order is currently seeking a Resto Druid/Holy Priest/Resto Shaman, a Windwalker/Enhancement Shaman, and a variety of Ranged DPS to cap off it's team! Short Info: We raid Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Our raid times are 7:45pm - 11:00pm Server Time (AEST/AEDST) We run with no core, no subs, ALL are rotated. Our current loot system is Loot Council. We require [applicable] raiders to maintain an Offspec on request. We have a heavy emphasis on team cohesion. We are couple and female friendly (3 of our healers are female, it's too cliche, send help). Our min. attendance is 80%. We are currently 10/10H BRF. Long Info: http://forums.amarorder.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9 More Info: Ughillie#1512 (That's me!) http://www.amarorder.comGrombrindel8 May 29, 2015
May 28, 2015 [A] <Entropy> 10/10M BRF - Recruiting for T18 Entropy is a newly formed guild, our roster consists of many top tier raiders from numerous guilds. The large majority of our roster participated in the US 2nd/OCE 1st Mythic Blackhand kill. We're recruiting all dedicated players with the goal of achieving a top 10 world PvE progression rank in tier 18. CURRENTLY RECRUITING ALL CLASSES AND SPECS Details - Server: Frostmourne, Alliance - Website: http://www.entropywow.com - Wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/frostmourne/Entropy - Current Progress: 10/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry Farm Raid Times: 7pm-12am AEST Wed, Thurs, Sun, Mon Progression Raid Times: 7pm,-12am Everyday (Day raiding for the first few days is likely) Additionally, you are required to have and maintain AT LEAST 3 level 100 alts. Players of exceptional skill and quality are always encouraged to apply!Booze12 May 28, 2015
May 28, 2015 691 Mage LF Raiding Guild Oceanic Realm only. I am 9/10H BRF exp, watch most mythic fights, played this toon for 6 years, experienced raider. Currently Arcane and Fire Spec. LF only on NZ times 6pmst -9.30pmst only. No going to fill Guild application, just wanting a trial. Can server transfer. If none suit willing to Raid on FRI and SAT from 7pmst onward.Cuteisaac13 May 28, 2015
May 28, 2015 [H] <Prequel> Casual guild 8/10 H - Barthilas Prequel is Currently Recruiting All classes. Raiding occurs 2 nights per week (Currently Thurs and Mon 7:30/8 to 10:30/11 ST), Current progression: BRF 10/10N 8/10H What we are after All classes/specs with ilvl 655+ -Except for Tanks & DPS warriors Who are we? Prequel is primarily a social guild on Barthilas Horde, for like-minded individuals who seek a casual raiding experience from the game. Most of our members have played since Vanilla and boast a wealth of experience and knowledge. With a majority having a background in hardcore raiding we experience solid progression and don't shy away from a challenge. We have only recently reformed a few weeks ago after some took a break. Keep in mind, we are a very casual guild as most of the us work and don't have the time to be on all the time. But in saying that, we are always on to raid our two nights and love to progress through content with no pressure. We play to have fun and have a laugh. We are also happy to take on new players and those who want to gear up and begin raiding. We pride ourselves on providing a great environment for players to learn and offer raiding opportunities in the future. Any questions, don't hesitate to contact an officer in game! -Seek out Purfect, Craptastic, Lionö or myself (Shukey) Add me on battlenet: Shukey#1706 if non of us are online.Shukey0 May 28, 2015
May 27, 2015 694 WW Monk 694 WW Monk with BrM and MW OS LFG. Available all days. Guild Raid times can be discussed in detail later. Raid History: From Vanilla Up till now with almost all major raid instances cleared. With a break during cata because it was !@#. Alts: Can be discussed in private. Logs: Can be provided.Nestrin38 May 27, 2015
May 27, 2015 +8GMT guild LF merger - Frostmourne we are a 10/10H guild looking for a merger. reason: not enough players showing up consistently to fill mythic raid preferred raid time: weekdays 8pm-12am +8GMT. 2-3 raids a week(all weekdays) we have about 10 players we can contribute to the merger consisting of multiple classes and roles. please leave contact here and we will get in touch with you.Blinc11 May 27, 2015
May 27, 2015 pally LF PVP guild i am a fully pvp geared pally i not new to class but advise is welcomeDingier0 May 27, 2015
May 27, 2015 (N) Serene Guardians 8.30-11PM Wed/Sun server <Serene Guardians> is a friendly casual/raiding guild looking for players for our raid team, we are also looking for a new Raid Leader with experience that can lead for us! We raid WeD/Sun 8.30PM server time. The qualities we are looking for in the raid leader are; 1-A willingness to talk about fights over vent 2-Patience and understanding, and knowing that we are doing this to have fun working together as a team, not necessarily to kill the bosses 3-To share my view, that guildies are not to be called out for low dps, heals, bad tanking in raid chat during the raid. A willingness to help people learn their rotations so they can perform better and progress further. 4-A willingness to help recruit new raiders as required. The available positions for a core team for Blackrock Foundry normal are: 2 tanks, 3/4 healers, and quite a few melee and range dps spots are vacant at this time. What we are looking for in our team; 1-Tanks that respect the guild and raid leader. Tanks that won't rush us, but preferably not afk for 10 minutes at a time either. 2-Healers and dps, that are willing to research their rotations, and not take constructive criticism outside the raid personally if they ask for help on how they can improve. 3-People that are with us, not to just raid and kill bosses, but to enjoy the experience of doing it together, in a team. What we aim to offer in return; 1-We offer free gold repairs for every raider in our team upon request. We have enough to help you out as much as we can. 2-We aim to offer constructive feedback on how people can improve their rotations. We aim to not be the sort of people that just say "learn to dps" but the kind of people that will be happy to help guide you through your rotations. 3-We have an officer that will support you with any enchants you need upon request. 4-5-10 minute break halfway through raid times. 5-The GM is willing to respect that outside of what has already been stated here, that it is the raid leader's raid and will talk about serious concerns in guild chat or in private whisper. Finally, Serene Guardians welcomes ALL social members, as they greatly enhance our experience and enjoyment of wow outside of raid nights. Please whisper Elae in game for info, send her a letter, or alternately add Eliil#6907 to express your interest in the guild or raid team. Thank you for reading!Elae0 May 27, 2015
May 27, 2015 LF Guild. 687 Disc/Holy Priest and 690 Resto Shaman LF Guild. Both are 10/10H 3/10M BRF. prefer 7:30ish start time. Server/Faction Isn't an issue.Sahal17 May 27, 2015
May 27, 2015 [H] Athanasy Mythic recruitment Saurfang Athanasy is a 4/7M Highmaul and a 1/10M Blackrock Foundry Raiding guild looking for more Raiders capable of pulling their weight and dedicating themselves to the guild raid wise, giving time and effort to progress further into endgame content, especially in 6.2 We are recruiting all class types and specializations who can commit 110% to Raid time and nights and can expect to have wipes during progression, we don;t really mind gear at the moment, mainly just looking for the player who knows and can play their class well! Raid nights are: Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 7:30PM Server Time till 11PM server time Australian Eastern standard time. We are mainly Focusing our time in 6.2 and looking hard for either people wanting to learn before the new Tier or people needing a great raiding environment for endgame. Our loot system is ran as: EPGP Each new tier EPGP is reset. Check us out at http://athanasywow.enjin.com/home or you can contact myself or any officer ingame Scargrim- Skargrim#1387 Tubs- cathjoda#1594 Dathmartok- Hatsuyo#6125 Ananu- Brometheus#6933 Turtler- monobrow#1907 Armeddevil - Armeddevil#1737 Legendary - necotrucido#1848 Either one of these officers can help you if i am not contactableScargrim0 May 27, 2015
May 27, 2015 COMBINING RAID TEAMS FOR MYTHIC - AMAN'THUL Seeking smaller Heroic Raid Ready guilds or larger teams suffering from the attrition of A.D.D who may be interested in having a chat about the feasibility of combining teams for Mythic BRF progression - and possibly even some retro SOO Mythic runs. We run weekdays, and we also have an agreement with a similarly progressed weekend guild - so most timing needs can be accommodated or compromises discussed We're all very well geared, fun and patient with learning strats - hoping you're the same.Madamehell3 May 27, 2015
May 27, 2015 Ex-Hardcore Raider LF Raiding Guild Ex Hardcore raider looking for a guild to get back into WoW for, been away for roughly 6 months. Only interested in MS tanking roles, with DPS as an OS. Preferably Alliance guilds, though open to Horde guilds if the offer is well enough. BC - Hardcore (Cleared while current content) WotLK - Hardcore (Cleared while current content) Cata - Semi-hardcore (Cleared while current content) MoP - Semi-hardcore (Cleared while current content) WoD: Highmaul - Cleared Heroic within first heroic release week, [2/7M cleared] If your interested please leave your guild details on this post, or contact me via my B-Tag: Virtue#6915 Thanks.Suojaus2 May 27, 2015
May 27, 2015 Proudmoore 10/10H 1/10M Ret Pally/Lock 1 Disc Raid times are 1am PST til 4am PST on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (Which is 5:30pm til 8:30pm adelaide time) We are mostly Australian with some nocturnal Americans mixed in. If you are looking for a late night/early morning guild on Proudmoore doing Mythic Progression and looking very closely into the future at getting into Hellfire Citadel with a running start then look no further then us. The guild is on an american server and we are looking for people who are willing to transfer in the name of progression. We have a friendly environment and do not like to dismiss people without a fair chance. We spent a fair chunk of this patch since WOD was released getting our raid team together. With only 2 spots left open we feel our team has become very well bonded and strong as a whole. We now just need 2 more members to join our fun, friendly and very calculating team. In particular we need 1 Ret Paladin or 1 Warlock and 1 Disc Priest as we have more then enough people on the Protector and Vanquisher tokens in our raid group and not many on the Conqueror. Also we are in need of a Disc Priest as we have had one of our very loved Disc Priests leave raid due to unforeseen work arrangements. Which leaves us with an empty heart but a vacancy for someone with the right skill set we are looking for. We only ask that you have an item level of 680+ and have at least killed 10/10H on the character you wish to apply with. So if after reading all of this, You feel you have the required skill set we are after then please leave your Btag here with a little description about yourself or alternatively add Stifmister#6299 to your btag and i will be in touch as soon as i can :)Enkii0 May 27, 2015
May 27, 2015 Ilvl 689 Resto Druid LF Raiding guild Hi!! My guild just recently stopped raiding and i am looking for a raiding guild to raid on Wed and Sun night starting at 8pm ST. Preferrably a guild on Frostmourne. I have done 7/7H Highmaul AOTC and 9/10H BRF. Looking to get into a mythic progression guild. Have been raiding on and off since Wrath and know my class well. Thanks!! SayleSäyle8 May 27, 2015
May 27, 2015 694 Arcane/Fire mage Any late night raiding guilds that have decent Mythic progression? Prefer 11pm or later starts, but around 10pm could be okay too. Can do any night of the week, and cool with 3, 4 or even more nights a week if required during progression. Reached 3/10M as a raid leader, so looking for a guild more progressed than that Add me on btag for a chat #Pulsar1878Fakesar4 May 27, 2015
May 27, 2015 LF late night oceanic Raiding guild Experienced player returning to WoD with a friend and looking to raid. Unfortunately I am only able to raid at 11pm GMT+8 or 1am SVT on weekends. Except for friday and weekends where i can start earlier at 10pm/12am.<br/><br/>Wondering if there is any Weekends raiding guilds in Thaurissan?Minefe1 May 27, 2015
May 26, 2015 670 Protection Warrior LF Raiding guild Well where shall I start? Back in 5.4 my mage alt was mythic geared, so I am not new to the world of raiding. A bit about me, from Brisbane, university student, looking for raiding times anywhere from 3PM-9PM (might be inclined to go 10). Only Frostmourne realm, thank you. This is the guild I am staying in at the moment, and I am lookingn for another on, so don't let that dishearten you! I am currently > 5/7N for Highmaul (6/7 if you count the HM kill) > 3/7H for Higmaul > 1/7M for Higmaul > 7/10N for Blackrock Foundry Reasons for that are, arrived late into the game, focused BRF more than Highmaul. I also have a 650 fire mage, that I can probably gear up to a satisfying level. Hope to hear from you soon :)Rèaver0 May 26, 2015
May 26, 2015 LF Casual Raiding Guild Hey guys, I've recently had a long break from wow and I'm looking to get back into, and i want to re-roll to start fresh, and was wondering if anyone is willing to recruit a new player in this current expansion? I'm installing the game as we speak and I'm looking to smash out the levels to 100, I'm looking for lay back friendly bunch of people to play with and i would like to raid once i hit endgame. Feel free to post information about your guild or just add Dinguskhan#1191 if you have any questions about previous raid experience. Cheers everyone, hope to get some reply'sDinguskhan2 May 26, 2015
May 26, 2015 LF late night oceanic Raiding guild Experienced player returning to WoD with a friend and looking to raid. Unfortunately I am only able to raid at 11pm GMT+8 or 1am SVT on weekends. Except for friday and weekends where i can start earlier at 10pm/12am. Wondering if there is any Weekends raiding guilds in Thaurissan?Minefe0 May 26, 2015
May 26, 2015 [A] Insurgence 5/10M BRF Jubei'thos We are looking for more DPS to help fill our core 20man mythic progression group as well as anyone with busy work and family life who would like to warm the bench and sub in when necessary. We play the game to enjoy the content, have fun together and not take things too seriously, that being said, we still want to progress and challenge ourselves. Raid times are 8pm - 11pm Server Time, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. We also do Heroic alt runs on Saturday. Any DPS will be considered but we are most interested in the following DPS: Warlock, Mage, Hunter, Feral, Boomkin We also would not mind another Warrior or Paladin. Geared 680+ and experienced players will be preferred. This can be slightly flexible as what we want most out of applicants is RELIABILITY. If you can make every night as often as humanly possible, we will be happy to gear you up. We aim for solid progression on a weekly bases but like to make sure we are all having fun during the process. If you can dodge the stampers and stay out of the fire beams when need be and crack a few jokes in the process then you will fit right in. PST me in game or really anyone in guild! Biomang#1205Meatpocket7 May 26, 2015
May 25, 2015 Merging for Mythic risingup.enjin.com <Rise> is looking for a solid core group of 5-8 raiders who are looking to merge with another group for Mythic raiding. Your group must be Alliance, have 10/10 H BRF, be Proudmoore server-ready, have PVE gear of ilevel 685+ with max-enchants, and be able to use Mumble (not Vent). Remain very raid aware, skilled, and know your own class. We expect raid chat to remain clean and business-like, and expect a level of discipline that allows everyone to accomplish their role. Recruiting for Mythic, we need tanks, few DPS (Lock/WW/Enhance) and some non-priest healers (MW, Shaman, Druid). <Rise>is a Proudmoore Alliance Guild that formed from a long-time base of friends raiding and doing Rated Battlegrounds together since BC. The current Raid schedule is Tues/Thurs/Sat 6pm-9pm PST for BRF Raiding, 10/10H. Alt runs on Sunday at 6pm. We also run PVP Rated Battlegrounds Monday and Wednesday evenings, and higher level BGs after 9pm MST. Must have Ventrilo installed, and be willing to listen without drama or attitude. Additionally, we have a number of active Arena players, with 2s and 3s running Sat and Sun mornings 8am PST. Guild web site and applications are at www.risingup.enjin.com, you must be registered with enjin.com to use the site. (Applications are Required) <Rise> is a mature (21+) guild. We are LGBT friendly and have a strong commitment to respectful and considerate behavior.Bowjitzu0 May 25, 2015