Oceanic Guild Recruitment

Jun 12, 2015 Weathered Veteran returning to WoW (tank/dps) So this is a fairly large wall of text, so I’ll begin with thanking you for your time and consideration and for reading this weathered veteran’s post. Let me throw this out there to begin with: I have not played in any real capacity in around fourteen months when Garrosh was relevant but I do have a level 100 character that I leveled immediately following release of Warlords. Having said that, I found that I was bored with the other games and decided to return because I found I was missing the push. So with that, here’s the normal looking for guild spill. I started out in vanilla WoW raiding on a warlock. On said character, I raided until T5 when I took over the wife-person’s paladin for alt character runs and ultimately made the switch to it as my main when we needed a new paladin tank in T6. I have been raiding on the paladin ever since through all tiers with minor breaks here and there due to military service (I will give a synopsis in a few moments of my raiding experience). I am looking for either a US guild that has a morning/early afternoon or a Thursday/Friday night raid schedule or an Oceanic guild that raids late nights (currently sitting in GMT +3 and generally work till 1700 Sunday-Thursday). Nothing too intense as my play time is sort of limited by work so I would like the time to work on my character and study up on fights, etc (4 raid days would probably be the most I would consider and that is sort of pushing it). I have significant experience playing as a retribution paladin as I whole-heartily believe that multispec characters need to have a viable second raiding spec; especially tanks since not every fight needs a second. However, my passion is tanking and I always find my heartstrings being pulled when I see a subpar tank. So ideally, I would like a guild that needs a tank/dps role to be filled. I also have an alt enhancement shaman who I leveled and raiding on through Siege and had the intention of raiding on in Warlords that I would consider playing on if the offer is right. I prefer to be Horde, but I have been both sides of the fence and I feel like the community is where the game is, not the faction (but I am always Horde at heart). I expect my paladin to be at level cap today and I will begin the arduous task of gearing up which I realize I am behind on. This is not the first time I have had to play catch up. Twice I have been taken on as a project by a guild and they were not disappointed. The first was when I returned during Wrath of the Lich King during Trial of the Crusader and the second was when I returned during Firelands. I do not do things in this game uncommitted and I aim to show that if given a chance. I take tanking and dps’ing very seriously as I feel like if every player brings their “A” game, then there is nothing that should stop the guild from progressing. I will not say I am free of mistakes, but I learn from them and adjust on the fly. As I stated, here is my raiding history of which I have done on one of two characters not including alts. ~/*\~|~/*\~Raiding History~/*\~|~/*\~ ~*~World of Warcraft~*~ Zul’Gurub Molten Core Blackwing Liar AQ20 AQ40 ~*~Burning Crusade~*~ Karazhan Gruul’s Liar Magtheridon’s Liar Serpentshrine Cavern Tempest Keep Hyjal Black Temple Sunwell Plateau (2/6 before 3.0 hit) ~*~Wrath of the Lich King~*~ Naxxramas Obsidian Sanctum Onyxia Eye of Eternity Ulduar (did 11/14 normal before a military deployment running near the end of Trial of the Crusader) Trial of the Crusader Icecrown Citadel ~*~Cataclysm~*~ (All of T11 was missed due to military obligation and most of T12, coming back near the end) Firelands Dargon Soul ~*~Mists of Pandaria~*~ Mogu’shan Vaults Heart of Fear Terrace of Endless Spring (Departed before finishing those when current and returned midway through T15) Throne of Thunder Siege of Orgrimmar (had to walk away due to real life during progression from first intermission into second phase) ~*~Warlords of Draenor~*~ Had the intention of playing, which is why I have a level 100 character, but military obligations trumped it. Again, thank you for your time in reading this and I will conclude with armory links to both my paladin and my shaman. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/a ... err/simple http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/k ... ser/simple Cheers ~Hellreiser BTag: Hellreiser#1935Hellreiserr10 Jun 12, 2015
Jun 12, 2015 [A] Invalid Characters 10/10H BRF <Invalid Characters> is a Frostmourne Alliance raiding guild based in Australia. We are looking for eager and skilled recruits to finish off Heroic Blackrock Foundry, and push into Mythic Progression. We are a semi-casual guild, so we have a relaxed raiding environment but we also favour progression. So we expect that when it is needed all the fun and jokes can be put aside so we can push through some bosses. It is also very important that there is respect between members as there is low tolerance for toxicity. Everyone is playing the game because it is fun and enjoyable, so we don't need someone going around to ruin all that. Raid Times: Friday & Sunday - 8.30pm - 11pm Server Time or (GMT +10) Currently Recruiting: Tank - Blood Death Knight, Guardian Druid Healers - Restoration Shaman (If possible dps OS would be lovely) Dps - Rogue, Windwalker Monk, Balance Druid, Hunter, Death Knight, Feral Druid, Mage, Shadow Priest. Requirements: Access to Ventrillo (A microphone is not necessary unless you are a tank) Knowledge of boss encounters Knowledge of your own class/role Minimum ilvl of 665Kuchiru11 Jun 12, 2015
Jun 12, 2015 Spriest LF guild 10/10H+. Weds/Thurs nights I've just recently come back to the game after a year+ long hiatus. I was 12/14 heroic (mythic) SoO on numerous characters when i quit the game, around 4-5 months before WoD release. I've since been playing fairly casually but I'd like to get back into serious raiding. Raid history Tier 13: 8/8H (US 3k approx) Tier 14: 12/16H (US 200 approx) Tier 15: - Tier 16: 12/14H (US 500 approx) Availability I would rather a guild that raids nights, but i'll consider a day-time guild that works with my schedule listed below; Sunday: Need to leave by 2pm (AEST) Monday: Need to leave by 2pm (AEST) Tuesday: Need to leave by 2pm (AEST) Wednesday: Anytime Thursday: Anytime Due to my work schedule I can only raid Weds/Thurs nights (and Sun/Mon days). Please don't post if your raid times conflict with those. Post below or feel free to contact me in-game, btag is Elyx#6618Elyxia3 Jun 12, 2015
Jun 12, 2015 [H] Terracotta GMT+8 Asian Raid Team LFM <Terracotta> is a friendly and mature level 25 raiding guild nested in Suramar-US. While we are a casual raiding guild, we have always striven to punch above our weight class on the raiding scene. As recently as Dragon Soul, given the short time we allot ourselves for raiding, we down raid bosses. Our members consist of postgrad students, working professionals, moms and dads and are friendly as well as mature. The demography of the guild is diverse and are divided across Asia/Australia, Canada and The United States. We are currently gearing ourselves up for our first raids in a few weeks time. Raid Schedules: Asian Raid Team (GMT+8) 10-man runs: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday (9-11pm HK/SG time) Recruiting Classes: 1-2 Heals : All classes welcome 2-3 DPS : All classes welcome For those interested in applying please: Check us out at http://terracotta.guildomatic.com/ or Contact any of the following in-game: Gibbonz or Bladewisp. Cheers. Bladewisp Suramar-USBladewisp5 Jun 12, 2015
Jun 12, 2015 [H] Barthillas 1/10M 10/10H LF HPally and DPS Footy and Bonners is a late night raiding guild on Barthilas. We are currently 1/10M 10/10H and looking for players to join our last spots on our core team leading up to HFC in 6.2. RAID TIMES: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night 12AM-3AM ST (10PM-1AM GMT+8) HIGH PRIORITY: Healers: Holy Paladin DPS: Rogues are highest priority but we are taking all DPS. We are looking for a mix of melee and range DPS. All classes and roles will be considered. Player skill is more important than gear level. If you are only just returning to WoW and are a low ilvl, we are more than happy to help gear you up as long as you play your class well. As for the guild itself we are a very laid back group (as is everyone recruiting) making sure that everyone is enjoying themselves whilst focusing on progression. We also play a bunch of other games together such as CS:GO, H1Z1, LoL, HotS, Ark and others so there is always something to do and someone on TS even when not playing WoW. And yes I know that we have a very weird guild name. If you would like anymore info, leave a comment here or add my battletag HamGeorge#6157. You can also chat in game to the following players: Eriksen: GM Spankyboiboi: Officer Dooglehauzer: Officer You can also apply at http://footyandbonnersbarthilas.enjin.com/Ultravíolet1 Jun 12, 2015
Jun 11, 2015 666 lvl Feral/bear or 662 Resto Shammy looking for a home to raid, older adult looking for old school guild ways. helpful and have your back when needed .... my times is the problem lol Monday -Thurs 9pm - 12:00 pm GMT Friday 4 pm - 11 pm GMT Sat - Sunday 11:00 AM - 3PM GMT THANK YOU for your time also have hunter 663 and full 660 pvp gear too. willing to move to realm. thank you againHunglong0 Jun 11, 2015
Jun 11, 2015 [A] Archaeos LFM Mythic BRF and for HFC (6.2) Archaeos (7/7N, 7/7H, 5/7M Highmaul, 10/10N, 10/10H, 2/10M Blackrock Foundry (with a number of our team 4/10M) now recruiting reliable and dedicated players for Mythic BRF progression, and our Friday Heroic BRF, and to bolster numbers going into 6.2 Class Requirements prefer 2 x Melee, 2 x Ranged and possibly another Healer Ranged Lock Druid Shaman Priest Melee dps Monk Druid Rogue Warrior Healers Paladin Monk Shaman (Preferred) 660+ for Heroic 680+ for Mythic All exceptional players of skill and gear will be considered regardless of class. We are also recruiting players for the Alt run on Fridays and casuals are welcome. Raid Times Wednesday 8.00pm -11pm SVT Thursday 8.00pm - 11pm SVT Monday 8:00pm - 11pm SVT We also have an alt run Fridays 8pm-11pm SVT Contacts: Cyclaw#1429 MeetDarj#1261 Pudsy#6584 Trimshadow#1423 Helius Apply at - http://archaeosfrostmourne.enjin.com Loot - EPGP Expectations Listed Below is what we are looking for. You need to care about ranks - Both yourself and guild. We want everyone to minmax and push their charatcer to the limit. You are able to maintain near 100% attendence. We don't have back-ups for every position. Aside from emergencies, we need everyone to show up. You must be able to use vent and a microphone. You must actually be good at mechanics. We don't need raiders that have to wait for a call to move out of fire. About us We are a former 10 man raiding guild that raided casually together for a large number of years. In WoD, we have made the transition to a semi hardcore raiding guild and increased in sizeBeasttrim8 Jun 11, 2015
Jun 11, 2015 676 lock Looking for Guild running H brf can raid friday, sat 7 to 11pm svt, sunday anytime (6/10 mythic xp with main)Bananis1 Jun 11, 2015
Jun 11, 2015 [A] Consortium 1/7 MHM . 1/10 MBRF Recruiting Consortium, a long established guild on Khaz'goroth ( / Dath'Ramar) are looking for skilled, mature players to join our mythic roster. We're a semi hardcore raid guild currently trying to push a bit more mythic content before the next patch. We raid 2 nights a week, Wednesday and Thursday, usually for 3 hours each night. We are currently seeking: Tank - High demand Heals - High Demand (minus Disc Priest & Holy Pally) Dps - Ele Shaman / Dk / Mage / Warlock Any other exceptional dps are welcome to trial as well. Raid times: Wednesday - 7.30 - 10.30pm Server time. Thursday - 7.30 - 10.30pm Server time. If interested, feel free to pst myself, Mokaduff, Treestyle or any member of Consortium to see if an officer / raider is online. Cheers, Thoroughfare.Thoroughfare2 Jun 11, 2015
Jun 11, 2015 [A] <Rücken> Frostmourne LFM! Hey all! Currently looking for social/casual players that are either returning raiders, or raiders with good attitudes with little gear/exp. We are a social/casual guild that has focus on clearing the next tier and are in need of some more players to replenish the ranks on Frostmourne Alliance. At the moment we are looking to strengthen the core, with a focus of having a tight knit team to clear content in the Heroic and potentially Mythic level but are finding it hard with the amount of players who are switching guilds like they would switch lanes in the Fast and Furious movies! If you have any thoughts of returning to the game, or have returned with nothing to raid with, then we are that guild that will want to join. Our guild is made up of players from Aus, NZ and other various parts due to our raid times which are late. If you work late, then we are a guild to consider in your choices of raiding! Due to taking a hit from people in for gear, and out for progression we are in need of a few more bodies to make up the loss, and daddy gamers are not what will help us! Focused individuals who are willing to learn, adapt and participate are what we are looking for! The player, not the class mentality! Raid days are: Wed/Thurs/Sun 9:30pm - 12:00am ST Add Temeflaps#1455 for more info!Afkflaps2 Jun 11, 2015
Jun 11, 2015 Knight Owls - Recruiting for 6.2 Knight Owls of Thaurissan are a restored Horde raiding guild looking for new recruits for 6.2. We are currently looking to fill the ranks of our main raid team and are accepting applications from all classes. Our current raiding times are Sundays 19:30 - 00:00 with more to come once we are further established. What we are looking for An attitude of self improvement while contributing to the team. We aren't looking for "elitist" but we are looking for serious players who are willing to jump in and learn the fights, be social and actively participate in guild activities. We encourage new and old raiders to join. We also look for people that are just willing to get onto /g or VOIP and have a good chat :P As with any guild, we do have a few Requirements... These include; A willingness to accept constructive criticism from raid leader (other criticisms will not be tolerated) Research of boss fights prior to raid. Advance notice of an absence from raid. Arriving at designated time of raid/events Being prepared prior to raids (potions, flasks, repairs etc) DBM Our current VOIP is C3 and it will be required for raid members What we don't want The muscle flexers. The wow is dead person. The rage quitters / one wipe and I'm gone. People that sign up to raid and do a "no show" Guys disrespecting our female members based on their gender (this will not be tolerated) DRAMA So, if you would like to try a different style of guild... Please go to our website and to the recruitment page. You should have a response within 24 hours.. ... If I check my emails :P or you can whisper myself or another officer for an invite. www.knightowls.rocks Yes.. The .rocks is a legitimate extension... WE ROCK :)Stiffshift0 Jun 11, 2015
Jun 11, 2015 <A> BeggarS-Frostmourne Recruiting Greetings and salutations, BeggarS is a semi-casual raiding guild, with a a focus on maintaining a friendly environment for its members and a drama free raiding experience. We are looking at rebuilding our raid roster for 6.2 progression into Heroic and Mythic Hellfire Citadel. Looking for any and all class/specs to join us. Current progression in WOD 7/7H High Maul 10/10H Blackrock Furnace 3/10M Blackrock Furnace Raid times are 8pm to 11pm server time on Thu and Mon (Wed and Sun are optional with many core members running alts). Loot distribution is done fairly with MS > OS roll. Put in the effort and reap the rewards. Want to know more or join? Please whisper GM or officer in game for a yarn. * Chamuga (GM) * Radrek * Rayzser * Malchior * Xenqr * RuînRuîn0 Jun 11, 2015
Jun 11, 2015 LFG 668 frost DK im looking for a new home, I can raid on sun-sat starting at 4:30 server time. im 8/10 normal and 2/10 heroic brf on my main witch is a ret pally. I want a guild with a good atmosphere that offers opportunities to advance my toon as pugs are starting to get irritating with the iconsistancy in quality of a grp. im a competent raider with a passion to always improve my performance I know the mechanics of the HM and BRF fights and if my information is lacking I take it upon my self to utilize online resources to fill the gaps. currently im on feathermoon but will consider transferring if the guild can offer me immediate participation in content appropriate for this characters lvl of strength and experience.Nomach2 Jun 11, 2015
Jun 11, 2015 [A] Guild on Khaz'goroth (newly founded) We are <Attrition> newly founded, seeking more players for our premiere raid team and RBG's Our style is very open and casual, we are not looking to be the end-all-be-all of hardcore guildies you can find. We follow a very traditional MMO mindset with a new progressive edge to raiding.We are looking for more new raiders (and old) to fill our ranks, we mostly need DPS at this time, but will recruit tanks and healers that want to be dedicated with us. We want all new members to gear together, so we're willing to oblige to your gearing demands. We are also looking to start an RBG team for the weekend players. Most officers will participate in this area of play. If this sounds like the guild for you, don't hesitate to add me on battle.net! Autumdescent#1411 or whisper/mail an officer in-game. Thank you for reading.Seraphcow0 Jun 11, 2015
Jun 11, 2015 [A] <Amicorum> LF Core Raiders, WE WANT YOU! About Us: <Amicorum> is a new professional and family friendly guild on Aman'thul Server. Comprised of RL friends and current/former raid buddies we've come together to drink, laugh, dominate raids/bosses and have a tonne of fun doing so. We are former GMs, officers, raid leaders and hardcore raiders stretching back to the days of vanilla , however as time would have it most of us now have professional careers and/or families. Our goal is to be a premier progression raiding guild on a 2 night per week schedule. I know there are many of you out there who share the same situation and desire to raid as us so whether you're working Mon-Fri, 9-5 or have a young family - heck even if you don't WE WANT YOU TO JOIN US! As we are old souls coming together on new characters this is a chance for you to become an integral part of the guild from the ground up. Our plan is to start gearing the core raid team through normal and heroic Highmaul and then strait into Heroic > Mythic when Blackrock is released. What we expect from you: 1) Need to be sociable, friendly and play well with others...maturity is a big plus, no dramas thanks :) 2) Need to be able to listen and talk via vent/teamspeak. We're often in TS just hanging out, not just in raids, and since most of us have known each other for 5 years+ and many of us are RL friends, it will be the best way for us to get to know you. 3) Have an extremely high attendance rate. Nearly all of us are professionals with demanding jobs, so the days and times we set to raid for our two nights means for progression we need to stick to it week in, week out. 4) Be timely and ready for each raid. This means being at the raid 10 minutes before the raid time stocked and stuffed with flasks, pots and anything else that is going to make you completely awesome! 5) Have a good raiding attitude. Fact is that during progression we are going to wipe. You need to have the patience to push progression, but also if you are called out on something that you take it like a man (or woman) without hurt feelings and adjust for the next time. 6) Be ready and competent in your off-spec as well as flexible. 99% of the time we will accommodate your preferred main spec, however at times you may need to perform a different role on certain encounters. Currently Recruiting: Tanks: 1 x DK, Warrior, Monk or Druid DPS: All classes Healers: All classes Will consider any and all applicants level 90-100. We will need any raiding member to be 100 and min ilvl 630 by the time we begin raiding (mid Jan) Raid Times: Thursday & Monday 7pm-10pm ST (9pm -12am NZ time) If <Amicorum> sounds like the right fit for you then please contact us ASAP. I promise you'll have fun and make some good friends along the way, not to mention the vast amount of loots you will collect! Contacts: Arcazion (bnet: Dethox#1619) Chillifries (bnet: Joiistick#1644) Azaleah (bnet: Sekhmet#1494)Arcazion19 Jun 11, 2015
Jun 11, 2015 673 Lock LF Raiding Guild Hi All, Due to the unfortunate collapse the guild I was in during the time I was away on Holidays I am once again looking for a new guild to call home. I was 7/7 Highmaul Heroic before I went on holidays about 2 months ago, I can play all three of my specs at optimal levels depending on encounter. Alternatively I'de be happy to play any other class in the game as long as it is DPS, but know that none of my other classes are very high in ilvl. Let me know if there are any spots available via reply to this thread or in game /w - WythrsWythrs24 Jun 11, 2015
Jun 11, 2015 [A] Supreme Defiance recruiting for Mythic [Frostmourne - Supreme Defiance] CORE RAID SPOTS AVAILABLE APPLY HERE: http://www.supremedefiance.com/ Greetings! We are a friendly social guild that strive to progress healthily, while enjoying the game for what it is. The guild was formed in Early 5.3, after we decided we wanted to get back into the raiding scene, and went on to 5.4 for 14/14HM(pre 6.0) and are still pushing on together hard. When possible we try to run an inflated roster so that we can always run with guild members, players will usually rotate throughout the night. This being said, for progression purposes we will always run with our best 20 players. ________________________________________________________________ Current Raid schedule: Wednesday: 8pm - 11:00pm Thursday: 8pm - 11:00pm Sunday: 8pm - 11:00pm (optional) *All times are in Server Time on Frostmourne* Loot System: Loot Council/ EPGP Communication Software: TeamSpeak 3 _________________________________________________________________ CURRENT RECRUITMENT: We are currently actively recruiting quality ranged DPS as well as a Holy Paladin. APPLY HERE: http://www.supremedefiance.com/ Having lost a number of core raiders over the last month we are currently attempting to recruit en masse. If you're in a guild that is 10/10H+ but unable to find the numbers to get yourselves in to mythic content, this is your chance to join us an continue progression in to 6.2 and beyond. Please note we are open to ALL applicants, EVEN IF NOT LISTED HERE! Not interested in players that constantly change guilds every few weeks in order to get 'trial' progression. OTHER REQUIREMENTS: • All OS's must be ready to raid • You must have a sufficient CPU/Video Card capable for heroic raiding • A STABLE INTERNET CONNECTION IS ESSENTIAL! We do prefer to recruit people of the same experience, but we do, and have, accepted lower progressed players, if they can demonstrate why we should give them a shot. ________________________________________________________________ APPLY HERE: http://www.supremedefiance.com/ B-Tag's of the Leaders(feel free to add us for a chat): Mannowar#1986 Mishrak#6767 We hope to see you soon, Thank you for your time!Reinholder5 Jun 11, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 Eats Crayons +8GMT 2 night 10/10H BRF LFM!! Hello, Current recruitment: RECRUITMENT OPEN TO ALL CLASSES FOR MYTHIC CONTENT Who are we? <Eats Crayons> is a horde guild on Caelestrasz. We are a late night raiding guild, with most of our members living in Australia or Asia in the +8 GMT time zone. When do we raid? We currently 10pm till 1am server time Thursdays and Sundays. Please note that raid times do not change with DLS. We always raid in the +8gmt time zone. We only raid two times a week BUT we expect our raiders to be ready to maximize that time. We insist that every raider understands the mechanics of each fight in advance and turns up on the night, on time, with their character in order, with all appropriate consumables, ready to pull at the start of raid time. Our progression? BRF: 10/10 Heroic Highmaul: 7/7 Heroic, 1/7 Mythic We are always looking for outstanding players of any class or spec. If you wish to be considered for a raider or casual position within our guild, or simply want more information, please visit our website at: eatscrayons.enjin.com or whisper an officer in game. ------------------------------ GM - Dante Officers - Auron (kadajj#1486), SilverhawkKadajj9 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 LF Horde PvP Guild! -- Thaurissan Hey guys, Friendly bloke looking at getting into PvP more seriously. I'm eager to learn and get better, take criticism, and willing to take advice!! Currently I'm doing BG's and 2's, but also looking to dabble in 3's once my mate finishes his uni exams. I use TS, Vent, or Skype. Hope to hear from someone!! GuzmanGuzman0 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 X-realm horde NM/HM BRF/HM group LFM Hey guys. Long term mythic RL/GM of a top oceanic guild (top10-20) taking a step back from mythic raiding for a while and just raiding with freinds (about 10 of us) horde side X-realm through RID/LFG etc. ATM we have just been pugging what else we need however am curious to see if there is any interest from players in similar situations that want to come along. Open to taking on board players of any ilvl as long as you genuinely want to develop your character and see some content while were at it as well as put in enough effort to min/max appropriately. In saying that I am not looking for players who are inexperienced in a raid environment and die to bad. Generally just after chill people as most of the raiders are lower lvl (650) so do run normal content etc and just slowly work our way up ilvls and through content so must be content with the slower pace. We only raid once a week being either wednesday or thursday night usually for 3-4 hrs between the hours of 7-12. If you are interested post below (will check daily) or msg me ingame at aussiegears#1190Tastyboi4 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 [H] <Apocalypse WoW> LFM Raiders! 10/10H BRF Hey all, [H] <Apocalypse WoW> on Jubi'thos/Gundrak are looking for a some more Raiders to round out our Raiding Team heading into 6.2 and Mythic content. We are a friendly Guild full of players that are mature, have fun, and are determined to see all the content down. The Guild has been around since Vanilla, and has been Raiding end-game content as long as that. Key Details: Horde Guild Raid is WED/SUN 7:15pm - 11pm SVT (AEST, GMT+10) Currently we are 10/10H BRF, but needing a few more players to finalise our Mythic Team. We are looking for any interested players, but are favouring any of the following Class roles: Tanks Any non-Druid TankMelee Unholy DK; RogueRanged Warlock; Elemental Shaman; BoomkinHealer Priest (any spec) or Resto Druid or Mistweaver Monk If you are an interested in having a chat to us, drop us a line through our Bnet tags below: - Okka (Huriken#1357) OR - Zeirath (Zeirath#2502) You will find us online most nights. We look forward to hearing from you! /saluteOkka3 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 <ARISE> [A] RECRUITING FOR 6.2 <ARISE> on Khaz'goroth/Dath'remar are looking for a few more raiders for our core raid team moving forward into Hellfire Citadel in 6.2. Classes open for recruitment: We currently have a few raid positions open. All classes will be considered, so feel free to apply even if your class is not listed below. DPS: DK Druid (Boomy or feral) Enhance Shaman Rogue Mage WW Monk S/priest (Holy OS preferred) Mage Raid Schedule: We raid 3 nights per week on Fri, Sunday and an optional Monday 7:45 - 11 pm server time Goals: We like to create a fun environment for our raiders, who are a close knit crew, having raided together in other guilds for a number of years. We are all about boss kill and being serious when required, but being able to have a lot of fun doing so. Our players and the teams happiness are important, so any new recruits will have to be a good personality fit for our team as well as being capable at their chosen classes. We use the EPGP loot system for our core raiders. Feel free to contact us to talk about joining us for a trial. Contact: Mezentius in game or Btag Aden #1451 Seramena in game or Btag Mightyboosh #1394Seramena3 Jun 9, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 [PvP] Sacred Requiem Greetings, wow community. I am Ragechill and the current PvP officer of the Sacred Requiem guild. We are currently looking for 10 players (2 tanks, 2 healers, rest dps) to fulfill our regular events such as rated battlegrounds. Ultimately it would be ideal if you were level 100, but it is not necessary. A sense of family is more important in this instance. This guild is PvE based as well. What we offer. Active PvP lifestyle, training and regular arena runs to get our rating up and more. More ambitious plans are on the way, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. If you would like to join, we are on Frostmourne, and make sure you include PvP in your description when joining the guild. No requirements, just will and being active. For more information post here. Thank you.Ragechill1 Jun 9, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 [H] US - 658 Blood/Unholy DK LF morning raid Hi all, I am looking for a guild that raids between 1am-2pm PST/6pm-7am AEDT, preferably any days from Friday-Tuesday. I know all the fights for BRF and am looking to break into HFC for 6.2. Please message me! My btag is Monkeyscythe#1623.Knickotine0 Jun 9, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 [A][FM] Chaotic Serenity - 7/10M Recruiting! Hi everyone. Chaotic Serenity is a casual alliance guild featured upon Frostmourne. We began back in Firelands, and have progressively gotten better as time goes by, with BRF featuring some of our best ranks yet. Without sounding like a typical ~cliche~ mid ranged guild, we are generally pretty casual fun dudes looking to kill some of the harder internet dragons. Chaotic Serenity is majority Oceanic players with mostly aus with some guys from nz, malaysia, phili and a token american. Raid times are 7:30pm - 10:30 pm Server Time for the following days: Wednesday Thursday Monday Invites go out at 7;15, we like to be ready and pulling by 7;30. Currently, we are looking for DPS of all types. IN PARTICULAR We're very much looking for a Retribution Paladin, Shadow Priest, Warlock, Rogue and Balance Druids. If this sounds like you please leave a app on our website http://chaoticserenity-fm.enjin.com or contact myself in game or on BNET, my bnet tag is faelaelae#1679. Alternatively contact either Brewfister, Exoblaze, Chewbarcca or Valini ingame.Faelaelae1 Jun 9, 2015
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Jun 9, 2015 Looking for a new home after the ban wave? Has your guild fallen over after the recent ban wave? Are you searching for a new home? Are you looking to continue mythic raiding on a fairly chilled schedule? [Frostmourne - Supreme Defiance] APPLY HERE: http://www.supremedefiance.com/ Greetings! We are a friendly social guild that strive to progress healthily, while enjoying the game for what it is. We've been around for a number of years and enjoy experiencing the toughest content Blizzard has to offer while it's relevant. When possible we try to run an inflated roster so that we can always run with guild members, players will usually rotate throughout the night. This being said, for progression purposes we will always run with our best 20 players. ________________________________________________________________ Current Raid schedule: Wednesday: 8pm - 11:00pm Thursday: 8pm - 11:00pm Sunday: 8pm - 11:00pm (optional) *All times are in Server Time on Frostmourne* Loot System: Loot Council/ EPGP Communication Software: TeamSpeak 3 _________________________________________________________________ CURRENT RECRUITMENT: We are currently actively recruiting quality ranged DPS as well as a Holy Paladin. FRIENDLY/SOCIAL MEMBERS MOST WELCOME! APPLY HERE: http://www.supremedefiance.com/ Having lost a number of core raiders over the last month we are currently attempting to recruit en masse. If you're in a guild that is 10/10H+ but unable to find the numbers to get yourselves in to mythic content, this is your chance to join us an continue progression in to 6.2 and beyond. Please note we are open to ALL applicants, EVEN IF NOT LISTED HERE! Not interested in players that constantly change guilds every few weeks in order to get 'trial' progression. OTHER REQUIREMENTS: • All OS's must be ready to raid • You must have a sufficient CPU/Video Card capable for heroic raiding • A STABLE INTERNET CONNECTION IS ESSENTIAL! We do prefer to recruit people of the same experience, but we do, and have, accepted lower progressed players, if they can demonstrate they know their class and will stick around. ________________________________________________________________ APPLY HERE: http://www.supremedefiance.com B-Tag's of the Leaders(feel free to add us for a chat): Mannowar#1986 Mishrak#6767 Moz#1215 We hope to see you soon, Thank you for your time!Reinholder8 Jun 9, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 [A] Radiance 2/7M HM 10/10H BRF - Aman'Thul We're a group of friends who are experienced raiders who've played in hardcore guilds and are looking to start their own progression-oriented team (Experience ranges from 1/10M to 10/10M for BRF) Our raiding times will be 6pm-10pm Mon/Wed/Thurs server time. We are currently recruiting for most DPS classes since we don't have enough raiders to start Mythic progression. Not sure what we need? Just ask! Currently we are 7/7N HM, 7/7H HM, 2/7M HM, 10/10N BRF and 10/10H BRF. Although we are looking for people who have experience raiding and are wanting to step it up, this is also a good start for people who are wanting to start raiding, who will apply themselves and are wanting to learn. I will be checking this thread often so if you have any questions, or are interested in joining please contact me via battletag, post here or apply on our website: http://radianceoce.enjin.com/home Pugs: DustBuckets#1676 (Guild Leader) Jaychan: Jay#1641 (Raid Leader)Pugs4 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 . new postRenface67 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 692 DPS/Tank Pally/Warrior LF Guild Posting on Alt. I have a Warrior and Paladin both 692. Currently I lead a team, but longer want to lead. I just want to be a raider. Was semi-hardcore back in MoP 11/14H in SoO before it was Mythic. Currently 10/10H. We can't field 20 people for Mythic. Not looking for hardcore just a team that meets my specific days and time requirement. Do to work schedule i can only raid 3 days a week Wed,Thur, and Mon 9pm-12am GMT +8(9am-12 pm EST). Please post only if your team raids during those hours times and days are NOT flexible .Whanker11 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 <BashBrothers - Frostmourne> 10/10N 8/10H <BashBrothers - Frostmourne> Is looking to recruit! We are a semi-serious, Australian based Alliance guild looking to fill out our numbers for the end of BRF and the transition into HFC and 6.2 We are currently looking to recruit any and all active players looking to be involved in our HBRF progression, as well as weekly social and casual events and a very interactive guild Facebook page. Our raid times are: Wednesday 7:00 - 10:00pm ST Thursday 7:00 - 10:00pm ST Optional Sunday social events 6:00 - 10:00pm ST We expect a level of commitment and punctuality. Our raiders, as a group are self sufficient, we create, farm and trade all of our own consumables. We expect our members to not only have a working understanding of their class, but also a basic understanding of the fundamentals of raiding and to be willing to accept and handle constructive criticism. We strive to be social and friendly both inside and outside the game. All of our members are always considered Brothers and very quickly see our group as a family. Many of the members of our community have moved on to other things or simply stopped playing, but they are very active in social and casual events and still very much part of our guild. We are currently, along with raiding, running an organised guild selfie contest, a HearthStone Tournament, Guild achievement runs, twink level 60 dungeons and organised guild PvP. We do emphasize the group mentality and have a large focus on creating that tight family feel. If these are things you are looking for, or you are simply looking to give something new a try, please feel free to contact anyone online with /who BashBrothers for a chat about the guild. Additionally, for more serious discussions or with any questions or queries please contact one of our officers: Maziam: Maziam#1775 Daenerys: Elle727#1256 Taichee: Tiechee#1346 Please refer to recruitment in friends request. Mumble is available for a more serious chat!Däénerys0 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 691 MW/WW Monk w/ few friends LF Guild Hi all, A few friends and I are currently looking for a casual/semi-hardcore raiding guild to call home. We consist of a 691 WW/MW monk, 690 combat rogue and a 679 fire mage. We’re looking for a guild that’s friendly and easy-going, but at the same time, making some progression in raiding content. Our raiding experience in our previous guild consists of 9/10 Heroic BRF. We used to raid on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9pm – 1am in the GMT+8 time zone. Any guilds with a similar time schedule as our previous would be a perfect fit for us! We’d love to join a guild that’s already based on where we are (Horde, Barthilas) but server transfers or faction changes aren’t ruled out yet! We might need to discuss further before making a choice, however. Please feel free to reply on the post below, whisper me in-game, or add me on Battle.net (Aeronova #1604) if you’re interested in taking us in or need more information. Thanks!Yukiko21 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 LF a guild I was wondering if there are any guilds ( pref either on dath'remar or frostmourne) that would be willing to take in a dps wanting to learn to tank and help me learn to tank better and eventually i can progress with you in 6.2. Currently have 9/10 H brf exp as a dps but really wanting to start tanking, have each tank class at 100 and do know how to play the classes themselves just not the best with tanking H+ content ( have tanked LFR )Mamaydem5 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 687 Restoration Shaman Been a restoration Shaman for many a year now. Raided plenty during Cata/MoP. Slowed down to pugging my way through WoD, and still managed to get a decent iLevel. Looking for progression. Willing to change realms for exceptional opportunities, but don't want to go to other factions (sorry Allys!). GMT+8 Pref Late night raiding. Thursday nights I mostly work till 9pm Perth time, therefore Thurs nights are not preferred until late. This thread is mainly to see what opportunities are out there before I get back into the raiding scene fulltime.Krysyst33 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 LF Mature Raiding Guild - War DPS Warrior dps looking for a mature and friendly raiding guild. Currently working on heroics and then LFR but hoping to join a raiding guild- times 8pm SVT.Kytes0 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 [H] <Finale> [10/10H] [2/7M] Wd,Th,Sn 9svt Greetings! <Finale> is recruiting all friends, raiders and pvpers to the guild! We offer a few differences to other guilds: 1. No stress on attendance - if you can't make it just let us know and we will cover you without grudges! 2. No loot drama: MS > OS, one loot per boss, free roll! 3. Shortish raid times - 2 hours on weekdays! We still progress and cleared Heroic Blackhand in 1.5 months from the guild's creation. We're now looking to fill 5-7 slots to take on Mythic and continue straight into Heroic HFC. Come raid with a raid-leader that is friendly, never yells but positively pushes progression and fun. We also have a rated PvP team that runs the same times on Sundays and Mondays. Let me know if you have questions! Contact: Urgamanix#6574Phasonix2 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 684 Shadow Priest LF Friday or Sat Raiding Looking for a Guild that Raids Friday nights Or Sat Nights or both wiling to Xfer http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/jubeithos/Hoodsy/simpleHoodzey3 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 [A] Frostmourne <Spoodermen> 6/10M need DPS. Raid nights are Wednesday/Sunday, 6.30pm - 9.30pm SVT. As the title says, we're looking for strong DPS of any kind. Requirements are more lenient when it comes to clothies and/or Protector token. Contactable via in-game mail to Brakatak, or whispers to any character in Spoodermen with 'Brak' in the name.Brakatak1 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 Mage looking for raiding guild Hello I am currently looking for a guild that raids 9pm to 12.00am st or somewhat close. I am 10/10 exp but my guild has just recently fallen apart due to the RL being banned. I will always make to sure to turn up on time read up on strats and bring flasks and pots.Sinsationel11 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 694 DK Tank Looking for W/T/M raid times. Am able to raid Sunday's but not till after 9pm AEST 10/10H BrF with exp on Beastlord. Very competent with alts if split raiding is required. Preference is towards Frostmoure Alliance, but open to transfersGabriellus15 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 [A] 693 Holy Priest / 685 MW Monk 693 Holy priest main/685 MW monk alt with 10/10H exp looking for raiding guild to start HFC progression with. I have been with the same guild since WOTLK, but the raiding times are now just too late for me. I'd like to raid starting around 7.30-8pm AEST, Wed, Thurs, Monday. Currently on Khaz'goroth but willing to transfer. Prefer a guild that has at least cleared BRF heroic by this stage and has mature low drama raiders. Holy is my preferred spec, but can spec disc if needed. If you require logs for performance, etc. Most of our raids logged on WCL https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/5634439/latest/#boss=0 edit: thanks for the interest, I am currently trialling with a guild now, so closed to offers at this stage. ThanksMimeemi7 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 696 Enhance Sham 6/10m exp lf raiding guild My GM recently decided not to raid anymore so im looking for a new guildStormfury11 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 697 Ele Shaman LF guild 7/7M 6/10M exp Ele/resto shaman LF raiding guildSnegs24 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 [H] 666 Resto Shaman LF raiding guild, 10/10H Currently 10/10 H BRF as a melee dps, looking to start healing again as a main. Looking for a guild that raids anywhere between 5pm - 10pm any night of the week. Prefer similar progression, although will consider stepping back a bit for the right guild. 10pm finish at the very latest, this is not negotiable, if your raid finshes after this time please no not bother posting, ty.Samurixx5 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 687 Disc Priest LF +8 or Daytime Guild Raided since Vanilla (diff toon), started in Wrath raiding on my priest, have made a Monk alt recently. Have AoTC (both) prefer Barth guild but can xfer (or just x-realm) Availability; Mon, Tues, Wednesday - Anytime Thursday - After 8-9pm Friday - Prefer not to raid, but few hours after 8-9pm is okay. Saturday - Prefer not to raid Sunday - After 8-9pm or so. I'm from Australia but live in China, as such I must use a VPN, whilst it's generally very stable, occasionally there may be disconnects, while it probably will never really be an issue it's still important I make you aware of this & am up front about it. BNET : toxxic#1129Alexia4 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 687 Monk & 680 Warlock LF GMT +8 Guild Hello there. 687 WW & a 680 Warlock looking for a guild, specifically looking for, 1) GMT +8 Raid timings, i.e. starting at 8pm and ending not later then 12midnight (SGT) 2) Wed/Thurs/Mon raid days 3) Horde preferably but will consider Alliance 4) At least 10/10 H We're a pair of raiders that have a rich history in raiding with 1 of us raiding with a US top 10 guild previously & another with a top 5 Oceanic guild. We pull our weight & cause no drama, we're just looking for a fun environment to raid & push progression while maintaining high levels of performance.Canni34 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 [A] Khaz/Dath 8/10H 9pm Mon & Wed. 5hr week <Tabbed Out> of Khaz'Goroth (and Dath'Remar) is recruiting! Tight knit mature guild LFM. Currently working through Heroic BRF at 8/10H. The spots advertised are core spots. The main aim of the guild is to get the Heroic AOTC during the current tier. As our time is "casual" we are not a Mythic guild. If you also share this goal, we will get it together and seemingly in less raiding time per week than other guilds. Recruitment Needs: 2 DPS (pref DPS DK, Boomkin, SPriest, Feral Druid, Mage, Ret Pally, WW) Prefer ilvl to be 665+, but will consider good and dedicated players over ilvl. If your class is not listed, but you believe you fit our goals and timeline, I would like very much to speak to you. The guild provides repairs, flasks, food and item enchants for all raiders. Raid Times: We raid 2 nights a week at a time suitable for players with real-life commitments. Our raid days and times are: Monday and Wednesday 9pm - 11:30pm AEST Contact: If you are interested or have any questions please leave a reply in this thread or contact me in game or via btag Evorax#1185 Edit: Trialing a BM atm. Took out Bruce Dickinson & Co. (if you know what that means we want to speak to you!)Evorax10 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 [H] [Barth] Group of 6 looking for a home Hello, Guild just disbanded we are all 5/10 M , 5/7 M raiders with 7/10 M experience looking for a new home. Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/PAR7H9JrWnwKB1jZ Characters: Shaman/Monk Resto ilvl 690, Elemental ilvl 691 and MW ilvl 681 Priest Shadow ilvl 690, Disc ilvl 690, holy 690 Druid Resto ilvl 694, Boomy ilvl 685 Death Knight/Hunter Unholy ilvl 693, Blood ilvl 692 (MS unholy), BM/MM/SURV ilvl 686 Monk/Warrior WW ilvl 689, Fury 680 Pally Holy ilvl 697 Looking for a guild with similar progression on barth. Add Sirix#1309 for a chat Cheers.Nerif0 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 <Desire> 6/10M GMT+8 LF Tank + Holy Pally Progression <Desire> is a GMT+8 raiding guild on Aman'thul, with our members hailing mainly from Western Australia and Singapore. Come check us out at our website! http://desireguildat.enjin.com We are an established guild with a long history and a consistent track record of clearing content at a competitive pace on the server. If you're looking for a friendly, mature and stable raiding environment consisting mainly of working adults, then do visit our website and/or speak to us to take a closer look at what we have to offer! Currently on the raiding front, we are 6/7 Mythic in Highmaul and 6/10 Mythic in Blackrock Foundry and are now opening recruitment for exceptional candidates of the following roles and classes: Tank 1 x Paladin/Druid/Warrior Ranged DPS 1 x Priest Healer 1 x Paladin But even if your spec/class is not listed, we would welcome any skilled applicants with a strong raiding history to have a chat with us to get the latest on our recruitment status. What we offer *Guild bank repairs for all raiders *Periodic distributions from the gbank from the sale of raid-drop BOEs, for which raiders are expected to utilise for the purchase of raiding consumables * Commitment to getting as much raiding done with our 9 hours a week. We don't raid as much as most of the other guilds out there but we believe we offer a reasonable pace of progression for the amount of time invested What we expect from you 1) Raiders are expected to come to raid with the best available consumables. **This includes using potions as all of our raiders do things such as pre-pot and pot in battles. We believe that every little extra bit from all our raiders is the difference between a dead boss and a dead raid.** 2) Maintain a minimum of 75-80% raid attendance. 3) You must be using Mumble (voice-chat client alternative to Vent), DBM and Omen. These are non-negotiable. 4) Willingness to accept criticism and have an attitude of self-improvement. 5) No drama queens/kings 6) Owner of a stable connection. 7) You are representing our guild while you are under trial. Act appropriately to outsiders and don't be a douche bag in general. 8) Have good time management. Don't come late to raids or let us know in advance if you can't make it. We understand RL takes precedent over WoW. All we ask is that you let us know as early as you possibly can if you cannot make it. Raid Schedule - All times are GMT+8 (Singapore/Perth) 8:45pm <invites start> to 12:15am <last attempt> (11:45 - 3:15am Server Time) Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays Depending on player availability, we also run optional alt/relaxing raids on weekends on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Loot Rules We run EPGP and as with most of the guilds, trials are allowed to take loot as long as no raiders need said item. For a more detailed explanation of our loot system, feel free to swing by our website. Bits & Pieces If you are a person who wants to raid in a progressive environment but don't have the time to raid more than 10 hours a week, this might just be the place for you! We offer good progression for the amount of hours put in and we always expect the best from each other. If interested, please head over to http://desireguildat.enjin.com/ and apply now, and/or add Hachi in-game at arqane#1124 or Azarrakh at scrubkitty#1550 in-game for further discussions.Hachirei462 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 [Horde] <Primal Fear> PVE Thanks for Considering us. we are looking for exceptional players who want to experience full clears in normal and heroic, we are not exceptionally interested in getting Mythic content down. Most of us are more than willing to help out a fellow guild member get gear and there is stuff usually going on nightly. I have special ranks for friends and family, or those who might not be so good but want a place to chill with friends, I also have ranks for your alts to join in. We are able to absorb a small raid group of less than 10 if you and your guild wish to join. We run a modified DKP/EPGP/LIST system that has been very well accepted among all of our raiders. Our raid times are Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 7pm to 10pm Pacific Time. (California time) Our most current needs are: Tanks (1) NO WARRIOR Melee (3-4) NO WARRIOR Ranged (3-5) Healer (1) Qualifications to join up: 1. Know your class and role. I can't teach you how to play. 2. 18+ years or older 3. Have ventrilo set up and working with a working headset (this is not hard and not expensive) 4. Be Prepared. Read up or watch videos on raid bosses I cant take time to explain every fight every time. 5. Relax and have fun. It is a game not a job. contact me Zurimuris#1633 Cya in game perhaps.Zurimuris3 Jun 7, 2015