Oceanic Guild Recruitment

Jan 13, 2015 Mythic Morning/Daytime guild Recruiting! 2/7M Good morning, Offtime is recruiting CORE members for our morning raid team. We raid progression content 10am est -1pm Wed. thu,. and Friday. Mondays are optional or used to finish up heroic content. I am the original GM of Offtime from 10yrs ago, and the guild has been around through every expansion since then. Although we have had different raid teams, We normally maintain server rank 1 and a very high ranking between all US morning raid guilds. What we are looking for: We are looking for players that enjoy raiding and are very competitive when it comes to personal performance. People that understand their numbers and can maximize his/her potential... People that log on for the fun of it, and not people that I have to hunt down via real ID to make it on time to raid. People that are not here to waste the time of 19 other people wanting to progress. People that an assess his/her abilities and understand the need to sit on fights when they aren't performing well.. they can then learn how to improve and come back another day.. and not rage when asked to sit. We are developing a very strong core or solid morning players and need a couple more strong DPS to have this amazing group. I believe raiding should be fun.. I want people that enjoy logging on and want to experience that first kill feeling.. Not people at the end of a burnout and are about to quit the game. We are creating a fun atmosphere thats not so harsh that it's no longer fun.. We joke around.. (I'll even try to leap of faith pull you into a tiger pit on farm content) But we also know how to get serious and kill bosses. We don't have any cliques.. It's a fresh group for WoD, and all of my buddies arent entitled to loot just because they're my buddy. On this same note, raid invites go out based on performance .. not who you know. We are looking for the best of the best in our time slot and will give everyone a chance to grow. Within our guild we have a heroic team and a mythic team. We will maintain a 30 man roster.. Heroics will be done with a full 30 to maximize loot, and the top 20 of this raid team will take part in the mythic raid team. The bottom line is that some people need more time than others to reach their potential.. and we can essentially give them that by giving them a place to raid while they improve their gameplay. Within our team, we have a very experience officer core.. A 10yr gm with extensive knowledge on how to run a morning guild.. 5yr experienced raid leaders with experience from various games. We have it covered. We are fair. fair.. and I will make sure every aspect from loot to raid invites is fair. I will over rule loot council if I feel there is a mistake with loot distribution, i will sit a veteran member for a raid initiate on an encounter where the veteran cannot get the mechanic. Everyone has the opportunity to advance. If you're on the heroic team, and you improve, you can "graduate" to the mythic team. Our progression: We are currently 2/7 Mythic HM, with roughly 20 pulls on Mythic Brackenspore. What classes we need: Our Mythic raid team is extremely melee heavy, so we have openings for good caster DPS. We have 1 mage, 1 warlock and 1 shadow priest on our current Mythic team... And although I like getting caster loot by default, I understand that we are in need of strong caster DPS.. Our class needs: (Mostly caster DPS Boomkin Elemental Shaman Mages Warlock Enhance Shaman Please add my real ID @ shazaam#1457, this is a serious opportunity for people wanting good progression at a time they can play. Thank you, Drparks Terenas PVE serverDrparks1 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 655 prot/glad warrior lf guild 4/7 heroic experience Been raiding since cata current realm is dathremarSnowyxo3 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 [H] 672 Rogue LF Mythic core spot Hi I've grown pretty bored of pugging highmaul, so I've decided its about time I join a guild and tackle mythic. I've done 7/7H and 1/7M so far. I've got plenty of logs posted on warcraftlogs, which you can find by searching me up. Most of these logs were set in pug groups, so the conditions were generally not ideal. In the right group I reckon I could really push myself. I'm looking for a guild that raids 3 to 4 nights a week, 7:30/8-whenever servertime, although I'm open to any offers. I'd prefer a guild on Barthilas, but again, open to any offers. Anything missing, feel free to ask.Kiwifruit3 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Healer looking for guild Long long time player and raider ATM I'm only 7/7nm and 2/7heroic which is why I'm looking for another guild work time changes What I am looking for is a friendly guild who want contents and have a decent group of players I personally need raid times which are around 8:30 QLD time as I finish work at 8pm most nights I'm a 24yr old hardworking father to a 2 yr old so I'm searching for somewhere fun to raid and active people are a must let me know how we do I pref to play this monk but my is Sgtherpaderp the belfadin on barthilas if you want to check him out too Nicko#1242 thanks guysTouchofswag3 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Looking for casual raiding guild There is 3-5 irl mates who have come back for wod and are looking for a guild who can clear content but are still very casual as we all have work and personal commitments. We have all been raiding since classis and played constantly up until cata/mop where some of us stopped and other kept playing. we are experienced raiders who have done alot of hard modes. Because of commitments we would like a guild which dose not require us to raid x amount of times per week but rather raid whenever we are available We all live in brisbane and are after times for 7pm -11pm window and anytime on weekends, we are 24-32 and located on dath'remar . I am currently 7/7n and 6/7h with 655 ilevel ret and decent holy and prot offspecs give me a yell on chump#1378 if you think we may fit your guild, cheersZangeif1 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 [H] <Titans> 1/7M 7/7H LF Melee DPS Titans is a recent transfer from the US server Blackrock to Barthilas and we are currently in search of Exceptional Melee DPS to fill our core raiding team. We have been raiding as a group for the most part of 5 years predominantly as a 10m and want to expand our ranks in order to progress through Mythic content. Raid Times 9pm-12am AEST (Server Time), Wednesday, Thursday and Monday Recruitment: Tanks: Closed Healers: Closed Melee DPS: Feral - High Enhancement Shaman - High Rogue - High Windwalker Monk - Low Retribution Paladin - Low Death Knight - Low Warrior - Low Ranged DPS: Balance Druid - Low Shadow Priest - Low Elemental Shaman - Low Warlock - Low Mage - Low Hunter - Low All Exceptional Players are encouraged to apply. If you feel as though you meet our requirements and believe you can make our times please feel free to message Eminence/Hikari in game, Reply here or send a Battle Tag Request to Shiva129#1648 and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your time :)Eminence0 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 LFM Normal HM <H> Nagrand LFM So im in the potion were im late to the game and gearing up. Did Normal to get into heroics, did heroics to get into LFR and now im ready to do Normal HM. The only issue is the guild has progressed fast and are now doing Mythic HM and so there is no space for me as im also a bear Tank. What i would like to know is if i run a Normal raid are there any players that would like to join me? don't really like having to pug via the LFG but will most likely need this to begin with. I would be looking at raid time of Friday 6:30ST to 9:30ST push as many as possible and Monday 6:30ST to 8:30ST to finish up. If ya keen send Zealbear an in game mail and ill invite you if you on.Zealbear0 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 LFM Normal HM <H> Nagrand LFM So im in the potion were im late to the game and gearing up. Did Normal to get into heroics, did heroics to get into LFR and now im ready to do Normal HM. The only issue is the guild has progressed fast and are now doing Mythic HM and so there is no space for me as im also a bear Tank. What i would like to know is if i run a Normal raid are there any players that would like to join me? don't really like having to pug via the LFG but will most likely need this to begin with. I would be looking at raid time of Friday 6:30ST to 9:30ST push as many as possible and Monday 6:30ST to 8:30ST to finish up. If ya keen send Zealbear an in game mail and ill invite you if you on.Zealbear0 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 [A] Guilty Crown - 6/7n-1/7h RECRUITING ALL! Guilty Crown, is a laid back guild with a focus on progression. Made up of a group of real-life friends and even online friends, we all like to laugh and have fun, but also get serious when it comes time to pull. If this sounds like something you could be interested in, then feel free to contact an officer at any time. Recruitment Status: Tanks; Druid - Closed Deathknight - Open Warrior - Open Paladin - Open Monk - Open Damage; All classes/specs considered Healers; Discipline - Closed Holy paladin - Closed ALL other classes considered/open. Raiding Schedule: Wednesday - 18:30 to 21:30 Thursday - 18:30 to 21:30 Sunday - 18:30 to 21:30 We would ideally like 100% attendance due the low amount of time we actually raid (9hours per week), although we do understand that IRL happens. Even so, a minimum of 2 days a week attendance is required to maintain core raider. What we expect from you: *To have appropriate gear and experience for our current progression. *To come prepare to raids and having your pre-raid needs done before invites go out. *To be vocal on Mumble (VoIP), but also knowing when not to be. *To be able to take constructive criticism and learn from it. *To not be a drama queen and respect the <Guilty Crown> above your head when interacting with other players *And most important, to be social around the guild. What you will get from us: *A friendly raiding environment with focus on killing bosses. *Top rank players who strive to perform to their absolute maximum. *A social atmosphere outside raids. Contact: You can contact us on our website - https://guilty-crown-oc.enjin.com -, by adding me to live ID (statickism#1759) or by making a character on Frostmourne Alliance and having a chat to any officer of <Guilty Crown> Guild officers; Ashiél Inøri MaziamAshiél0 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 [A] <The Cabal> of Frostmourne is Recruiting! <The Cabal> of Frostmourne is the oldest established guild still standing on Frostmourne. We have always been a raiding guild, and we aim to clear all content at the highest difficulty possible. The Cabal values loyalty, respect, honesty, and we seek to create a friendly and sociable culture. Raids are Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday evenings. We raid 8pm til 11pm Server Time. Server Time is AEDT (UTC+11) and we follow daylight savings. We are currently 7/7N and 6/7 H, with the intention to strengthen our team to Mythic raiding. Currently recruiting (13/01/15): -- Healers: Monk, Shaman -- Hybrids: MS DPS OS Heals -- DPS: Mage, Monk, Enh Shaman, Warlock For more information or to apply, go to www.thecabalguild.com, or contact Skaoi in-game! Happy Raiding!Skaoi0 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 656 Feral Looking For Guild. Looking for at least 5/7 Heroic that raids from 730 AEST. Looking for two days a week but willing to go three. Also prefer to stay on Frostmourne but willing to server/faction transfer. Active pvpers a big plus. btag is facet#1632 so go ahead and contact me that way if you'd like.Swana11 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 [H] <Scion> - Saurfang recruiting for H/M Scion is a guild with a long history, having raided in one form or another since ICC back in Wrath. We generally tend to walk the line between 'casual' and 'hardcore', with a more laid back atmosphere but a serious attitude to raiding that has netted us some pretty solid levels of progression in past tiers. We're currently building up our WoD team while we work our way through normals and heroics in preparation for Mythics. Our raid times are 8pm till 11pm server time, three days a week (Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday). We'll also be spinning up things like alt raids on off nights too for those who are keen. Even if you don't want to raid full time, we're always happy to accept casual or social members who just want somewhere fun to hang out or someone to run dungeons with. Currently we are recruiting ranged dps of nearly all flavours for our raid team: - Hunter (highly desirable) - Ele Shaman (highly desirable) - Boomkin - Mage - Spriest And we've got a couple of spots for healers too, except for resto druids, pretty full on those. Currently full on tanks and melee dps. You can find a bit more out about us or get in contact with someone via our website http://scionguild.enjin.com/ Or if you're looking to have a chat ingame, feel free to throw me a whisper, I'll most likely be on my Warlock Mintyfresh or Paladin Dageril. If I'm not around, try hitting up Zyjiao or Hashtagswag. Cheers!Mintyfresh4 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 [H] << DarkDominion >> What you need to know about us: • Back in BC, we were one of the top raiding guilds on Dreadmaul. We dissolved due to various circumstances and now would like to start afresh. Some of you might remember the guild Remnants, who transferred to Thaurissian. • We are located currently on the Dreadmaul/Thaurissian • We are looking to be mainly a GMT +8 guild (and raiding within these times), based in Perth, WA. However, if you are a late night raider, from Asia, we might be able to be your home. • We are a causal guild, looking to start raiding as a guild as soon as we get numbers. • We do have standards, our expectations of any new member is to be mature - there is a time and place to joke around, but there is no need to be an a-hole all of the time. Who we are looking for: • We are looking for anyone that needs a home/family to be a part of. We don't care if you're a hardcore 20-hour a day player or a casual log on twice a week. • Whether your a leveler, raider, PVPer etc, we welcome anyone, no matter what your goal is in game. • Being a family orientated guild, we would love to invite you if you are already part of a family - meaning your partner, friends, kids are also invited. • You need to know your class and be open minded - There is a difference between knowing how to play and actual playing. • We have no preference to your spec, the only criteria is that you must enjoy what you play and know how to play it. • If you are a born leader and want to help create a guild from the ground up, we will welcome you and give you the opportunity to lead as an officer. • We would love any of the old crew from Dark Dominion or Remnants to re-join us in our quest to become a whole guild again. If you think that you might fit in to our guild. Please message Xks, Twilightlove or Hyperpally in game for an invite.Xks3 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 [A] <Illumination> Khaz'Goroth 3/7M LFM Illumination We're on the Alliance on Khaz'goroth and are recruiting a number of healers and ranged/melee DPS to bolster our roster for mythic raiding. We're always looking for smart, dedicated raiders who have a strong understanding of their classes, good raid awareness and the ability to perform at a high level. Staying up to date is required to better understand your role in raids, the mechanics of progression and farm bosses, and being able to adapt and adjust when needed. While we don't expect a first time clean execution, you are expected to put forth your best effort. -Raid time- Monday - 8:30pm - 11:30pm Wednesday - 8:30pm - 11:30pm Thursday - 8:30pm - 11:30pm -Current Progression 7/7H Highmaul 3/7M Highmaul More information is available in the Guild Information section of our guild website, but feel free to contact any of our officers in-game if you have any other questions. GM: Lucrezzia - Luc#1976 Officer: Sinya Website: illumination-khaz.guildlaunch.comLucrezzia1 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 A<TheCWM>1/7M LF Mages and Locks! <TheCWM> is seeking the following classes and roles for our WoD Mythic Progression Team: High Priority: DPS: - Warlock - Mage (currently have none) - Holy Priest (with a good shadow OS) If your class is not listed above but you think that you may be a great fit for our guild, we encourage all talented players of any class and role to apply. About Us: We are a close knit group of raiders from Barthilas that have played together since late Vanilla/BC and maintained our online friendships. Our home is now Frostmourne, where Alliance raiding thrives. We currently have a solid raid team, which progresses at quite a decent pace and we strive to provide a raiding environment which is focused, but relaxed and enjoyable with lots of laughs between attempts. We offer a welcoming guild community and when we aren’t raiding, we are trying for achievements, casually PvPing or generally just enjoying each other’s company. Our Current Progression: Mythic Highmaul 1/7 Heroic Highmaul 7/7; Normal Highmaul 7/7 Raid times: Wednesday, Thursday & Monday nights: 8 - 11pm Server Time. (AEST) Realm: Frostmourne Faction: Alliance iLvl and Experience Requirements: All raiding experience is highly regarded and we prefer a minimum ilevel of 635. Returning to WoW from a Break? We respect that players need to take a break from the game sometimes and if you can prove yourself to be a skilled player we'd love to have you on the team! Loot System: To accommodate the expanded raid group in WoD, we implement a DKP system to manage loot. We currently use the mod "EPGP Lootmaster" to distribute loot evenly between our raiders. Note: If your application is accepted, you will become a trial raider in the guild and brought in to raid sparingly until you pass your trial. The trialing period is normally 3 weeks. How do I Apply? If you would like to join our amazing team, please either drop in an Application at our guild website: http://thecwm.enjin.com/recruitment OR have a chat with myself (Chassaria#1553) or our GM (Nysandra#1607) Please note: We do not do cross-server trials.Chassaria42 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 [H]Chappi and Friends 5/7 H LF H/Paly WW/Monk Chappi and Friends 7/7 N and 5/7 H progression raiding guild LF Holy paladin and WW Monk to join our core raiding team to further progress on Heroic bosses and begin Mythic raiding. Raiding times: 7:30PM-11:00PM ST Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday Also happy to recruit casual raiders looking to experience normal/heroic raiding (pending gear and role) To apply please reply to this post or in game message: Real ID Najbolji#1175 ThePerkins#1846 Kissez#1834Najbolji6 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Holy paladin LF late night/early morning raid Hello all. I'm a holy paladin LF an Oceanic weekday late night or early morning raid guild. My work schedule prevents me from holding a core spot but I'm usually available to raid once or twice a week. I'm looking for a guild that can use a fill-in healer from time to time. I'm currently on US Burning Legion but will transfer if I find the right guild because Oceanic time zones work better for me. I've been raiding since WotLK and have been pugging WOD raids. Im ilvl 653 atm. I'm a competent raider and am just looking for a cool group of people to progress with. My current guild times don't work with my schedule and pugging gets old fast. Message me here or in game. Thanks. Mythican#1507Mythix3 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 ilvl 633 Returning Player LF Raiding Guild Hi I am a newly returned player from WOTLK where I used to raid hardcore, looking for a raiding Guild Will Change Server/Faction if need be THought i should do this after someone asked Need a guild that doesn't raid thursday Friday as Unavailable Thanks for your timeFlagon15 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 [H] <Crassus> 7/7N 6/7H LF tank/healer/rdps Crassus is an Australian guild on Saurfang with GMT+8 friendly raid times. We raid Friday, Saturday, Sunday 7:30-10:30pm ST and find that these times work the best for everyone and gives us enough time to clear normal and clear heroic. The guild is made up of friendly guys and girls from across Australia and NZ. What we are looking for: Tanks: A plate tank Healers: Disc/holly Hpally MW Rdps: Boomy Mage Spriest Ele Mdps: DK Feral What you need: 640+ ilvl Pull 18k-23k dps (provide logs) Be willing to go on a trial Make majority of raid nights Have some experience in raiding Highmaul (6/7N or 7/7N prefered) Be able to take constructive criticism Have a thick skin add me on b-tag to discuss further or leave a comment with your B-tag and I will get back to you Blogfor#1630Blogfor0 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Looking for a fun, and social guild!!! on K'J Hey, I am looking for a social guild to raid, pvp, and run dungeons with. I have teamspeak and would love to just chill and talk while we play. I'm still pretty new, but I absolutely love to play. Hit me up if your looking for a hunter.Melidria0 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 <Conquest> 1/7 M 7/7 H Barthilis 7/7 H 1/7 M recruiting for mythic progression. Raid times Wednesday/Sunday 1030-1.30 Thursday/Monday 930-1230 GMT +8 . Looking for all exceptional raiders to fill roster few spots available to apply go to http://conq-barth.enjin.com or PST me in game Bldangel#1287Bldangels3 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 [A] 642 Feral Druid 6/7N LF Raid Team Hey I am a 642 feral druid on Alliance Frostmourne with 6/7 normal experience in Highmaul on this toon (7/7 Normal and 1/7 Heroic on my priest). I recently hit 100 and have got my toon to 642 in a week and progressed 6/7 normal via pugging. Looking for a regular spot in a core raid team. At the moment I am available any night of the week from 6pm-11pm server. Hoping to raid 2-3 nights per week. Looking to stay Alliance and on Frostmourne, please feel free to contact me directly in game to discuss. I have great attendance. Bangbang#1189Rexifur1 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 [H]US Barthilas late night Oceanic recruiting Footy and Bonners is a 7/7N 6/7H late night oceanic guild, and we are looking for experienced players to join our raid team. RAID TIMES: Wednesday and Thursday nights for Heroic/Mythic and Sunday nights for Normal/Alt Runs starting at 23.45 AEST (04.45 PST) and typically going for 3 hours CLASSES AND ROLES: Tank: Brewmaster Monk Healers: Holy Paladin, Meastweaver Monk and a Resto Shaman with DPS offspec DPS: Need a good mix of experienced DPS If you would like to know more info you can leave a comment here or add my battletag HamGeorge#6157 and come join us for a night of raiding.Ultravíolet0 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Newish Player lost in the big world of WoW... As I mentioned in the title, I'm a new-ish player who is feeling lost and alone. I have played a bit of WoW on and off since vanilla (1 solid week of vanilla, got banned from the net cafe till I had slept/eaten/showered, then couldn't play anymore when I was allowed back in.. about a month of WOLK, tried a few private servers, a month of Cata, then played starter on and off till Dec this year when I upgraded my starter to MoP.) As it stands, I have no friends interested in playing WoW, and since I'm shy until I'm used to people, it makes it hard to play MMOs properly. I am currently in a guild, but would like to see if there is anything better fitting for me out there. As a player, I am an altoholic who enjoys questing and exploring the world, my endgame "goals" is to have as many mounts/achieves/titles as possible, and hopefully have fun getting them. As a person, I'm a shy, quirky (and kind of perverted) 27 yr old student, who likes to drink, play the odd game and watch way too much anime/YouTube than is healthy. I'm just looking for a casual, mature home, maybe some like-minded friends who don't mind helping me understand how dungeons/raids work, who think it would be fun to don lowbie armor and do drunken dungeon runs just for !@#$s and giggles.. Server doesn't matter, As long as its mostly PvE since I fail at PvP, I would say I'd prefer Horde, as I cant live without at least one Tauren, but I don't mind being Alliance and sneaking to another server to play a moocow. I live in NZ, so something NZ/Auzzie would be nice. I feel this is way too long, but meh.. This is me xD Thanks :) EDIT: I mostly play dps/tank.. I have alot of fun playing a feral druid, but since I'm used to playing heavier classes, I have a warrior (arms atm, but might try prot) and id like to try a pally and maybe death knight..Thaipari2 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 [A] < D E L I R I U M > Frostmourne 7/7N 6/7H Good day to you [A] < D E LI R I U M > on Frostmourne is looking for healers and DPS to compliment our current roster. Team is currently 7/7 Normal and 6/7 Heroic looking to progress into Mythic Highmaul. We raid Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights 8pm-11pm server time. Looking for the following classes/specs: Healers: Holy Paladin, Resto Druid Ranged DPS: Balance Druid, Warlock, Elemental Shaman, Frost / Arcane Mage, MM / Survival Hunter Ideally you will be able to commit to the three raid nights per week, be prompt, friendly and skilled. Please feel free to contact me directly in game to discuss further, look forward to hearing from you. Minxy#1659Minxy0 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 (H) (Australia) Thaurissan LF Raiders Hi, looking for some dedicated people to raid with me and my homies we currently 7/7 7/7H What we need Melee and Ranged DPS gear isn't that much of a issue if you know what you're doing but at-least have 640 is kinda fair contact me on Real ID Peakin#1882 Raid nights are 8:15 - 11:30 Monday Wednesday Sunday. UpdatePeakn6 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 <Sausage Wallet Surgeons> Recruiting Core Who are we <Sausage Wallet Surgeons> is a Alliance Semi hardcore guild on the oceanic server Frostmourne. Our team is made up of members who have been playing WoW for a number of years and have had experience in heroic content in previous expansions.We are Recruiting all roles with a good attitude and seriousness when it comes to raiding. Currently Recruiting for Core Team Tanks: All Classes Open Damage:All classes Open Heals:all Classes Open Also recruiting exceptional players of all roles for reserve/rotation slots iLvl and Experience Requirements: All raiding experience is highly regarded and we prefer a minimum ilevel of 645. Returning to WoW from a Break? We respect that players need to take a break from the game sometimes and if you can prove yourself to be a skilled player we'd love to have you on the team! Raid Times: Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 8-11Pm SVT Add this battle tag For further information. Doomer#1218Killerdwarf1 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Group [6/7H] LF raid guild - [pref Horde] Hello, and Happy New Year :D A group of us: Warrior Tank 665, 7/7N 6/7H Disc Priest 656 7/7N 4/7H Surv/MM Hunter 662 7/7N 6/7H Mage 643 5/7H Feral Druid 648 7/7N 6/7H Are looking for a raiding group with times best between: Days available to raid are: Wed, Thurs, Sun or Mon ( Preferably 3 or 2 raiding days -- if 4 we will have to discuss about it) and Times: GMT+10 (Between 9pm to 1am) We're a group of friends who are looking for a raiding guild to progress. We're currently on two different timezones (Malaysia and Melbourne) and are looking for a new home. Reasons for us searching for a new guild are due difficulties in raid schedule times as well as some major disagreement among each other which had taken a bit too serious. We are looking for a semi-hardcore, exciting and fun guild that we can raid and enjoy a great atmosphere. We're looking for: A guild that at least is progressing comfortably in Heroic and at least capable of doing 7/7 Normals. Mythic is a bonus, but its not something I wish to talk about it until I know we are capable or the guild is ready for it. We're just looking for realistic objectives for now with a very good timeslot and a good group of fun raiders who know what they're doing and enjoy what they're doing. Whether its a GMT+8 or GMT+10 raiding guild, as long as the times suits us we're happy. Oh yeah, Horde would be bonus, we feel like going back to the horde :o Short Background: Warrior, Priest and Hunter have been playing together for a long time. We take in criticism and we've learned and improved throughout the years. We're the main players looking for a raid capable of doing well and progressing and don't mind helping to progress with guilds who are have a lower raid kill achievement than us - so long as they are actually improving or progressing. Mage and Druid are brothers and are more casual raiders, so them not having slots its fine with them, but they are capable of pulling their own weight, and even impressing more than some of our ex-guild dps who have more better ilvl gears than them. They are our tag-a-long friends and they would take any opportunity to get a chance to raid and as well improve when given feedback. Warrior is the ex-guild leader of the guild that we left, and have experience to lead and manage, however would love to take a step back and just raid, but if needed to raid lead will be willing. -sidenote, warrior has a hunter alt and a retribution paladin, if hes not needed to tank he can move to his retribution paladin. has experience as holy, tanking and dps. Just have a chat with him :D Disc priest is currently on holiday and she will be back soon, only reason to why she has not been geared up and progressed far, she is our main healer in previous guild. We're also willing to transfer, and as of now Barthilas server would be our interest (as other ex guild members are moving there). If there is anything else you wish to ask, i'd be happy to answer and comment. Sorry for the long post :o Kriscendo#1269Kromickon11 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 [H] From Scratch 7/7 H Recruitment Hi Everyone, From Scratch is a newly formed guild located on Saurfang (OCE/Horde), which is currently looking for new members to complete its heroic raid team. We are a small group of experienced players who have cleared heroic Highmaul by creating groups using the ‘premade group finder’ tool in game, and now would like to progress further by establishing a new raiding guild. We intend to start clearing heroic Highmaul as a guild next week with the following raid times: • Wednesday 7-10 pm server time • Sunday 7-10 pm server time We encourage anyone who is interested in applying to join the raid team to either post on this thread or message myself and other guild members in game. Currently in need of all roles Add myself: Darty10123#1774 Lambertos: Daximus#1194 Please include some basic information about your raiding xp, role and current ilvl.Imgonatank0 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 668 Balance druid (H/A) Barthilas LF HM M Also have a 660 alliance balance as well. For the right guild. I am looking for a Hard core - semi hard core guild to call home. I will have 100% or dam near it attendance. Im 7/7H experienced, played boomy/druid for 10 years now. As well as rogue warrior priest lock. I find myself itching to raid and push new content pretty much daily, so im looking for a good 3-4 day/nights of raiding. Im free all days and night except saterday night's I pride myself on doing BOSS damage, this probably makes me a bit of a meter !@#$% but as a boomy my single target damage isn't up there with the mages. I pull a consistent 25k+ single target and on fights like IMP over 30k in 660 gear. That being said I'm not that much of a meter ^-*!@ as I never blow up mines. stand in fire etc I always move out of harm over finishing a cast. If any one wants to have a chat or give me a trail please contact me. rabbeh#2425Rabalina13 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Brutally honest (Aman'Thul) 3/7 Recruiding [ Aman'Thul Brutally Honest 7/7N / 7/7H / 3/7Mythic "and counting" ] APPLY HERE: http://brutallyhonest.enjin.com/ Hey! Brutally Honest is a late night Mythic raiding guild need one or two more reliable DPS and Healer. While we only raid 2 days perweek, we expect every player to put in 100% and play to the best of their ability. ________________________________________________________________ Current Raid schedule: Friday : 11.30pm - 2.30am Server time Saturday : 11.30pm - 2.30am Server time *All times are in Server Time on Aman'thul* _________________________________________________________________ Current Recruitment: LOOKING FOR: - Dedicated, experienced raiders ready to make the push till end content - MUST HAVE IMPRESSIVE PRIOR RAIDING EXPERIENCE. (see: Cutting Edge achieves). HEALER: Resto Shaman - High Priority Resto Druid - Mid Mistweaver - High Priority Open to all applications DPS: Warlock - High Priority Elemental Shaman - MiD Priority Mage - High Priority Open to all applications ________________________________________________________________ B-Tag's of the Leaders(feel free to add us for a chat): Lilly (BT: Everlilly#1600) or Drakar (BT: Drakar#6209) or Jbeka (Jbekka#6643) or Azzcendance (Asskilla#6315) We hope to see you soon, Thank you for your time!Azzcendance8 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 [A] Nomadic - 6/7H Recruiting BM Tank/HEALERS Welcome to Nomadic! An Alliance Raiding Guild on Frostmourne! Our emerging Raiding Guild has had a successful start to WoD Raiding so far despite our 3 week christmas break!!! Our raid team is currently recruiting more players as we work on H Imperator, with Mythics just ahead. All applicants will be looked at fairly of course, but if raiding in a friendly guild, with a hardcore mentality, that doesn't tolerate BS/Negative crap sounds good, please keep reading! Current Progression: Highmaul: Normal - 7/7 Heroic - 6/7 Mythic - 0/7 (Although some members have killed Multiple bosses) Raid times: Wed/Thurs/Mon 8pm – 11 pm AEST (Frostmourne Server Time) For time conversions: www.timebie.com Currently Recruiting: (Only recruiting some from this list!) Monk - Tank - High Monk - DPS - High Druid - Heals - High (DPS OS would be a bonus) Priest - Heals - High Priest - DPS - High Paladin - Heals - High Paladin - DPS- High Warlock DPS - High Hunter - DPS - High Mage - DPS - High ................................................... About us: We are a newly created 18+ guild only created since Warlords of Draenor with a few simple things in mind. We want to raid, progress, and gear up. But we want to do it in a manner that isn't full of selfishness/drama/disrespect and disloyalty. So far we aren't doing so bad for ourselves, with over half an established raid team, progressing through heroics, and keeping our heads pretty level. We're straight shooters, but we treat everyone with the same respect we expect in return. We're a team, not a bunch of individuals. That being said, we aren't here to braid each others hair and make daisy chains. We are here to progress though raiding, and gearing/skilling up in the process. That comes with a certain amount of dedication/commitment as well as understanding/research into your class and role. No one in Nomadic is looking for a hand to hold OR to be carried. While we understand that you can never stop getting better, there is always something to improve on, no matter how small...You don't have to be a **#@##%# about it. What we offer you: * A very honest, organized and reliable Guild and Raiding Environment. * A mature and welcoming atmosphere where everyone is treated with respect. * An active Teamspeak3 server/Guild website. * A successful Raiding team, intent on progression and shiny loot. What we are after: * Players who show eagerness to improve & develop a thorough knowledge of their class, the game, and raid encounter mechanics. * Players who communicate effectively through voice chat. * Players to commit to a fixed raiding schedule with a permanent roster. * Players willing to identify their mistakes and adapt in order to better themselves (and have a thick skin). * Players over 18. Please check out the following links for more information: http://nomadicfm.enjin.com/ - Our main website. http://nomadicfm.enjin.com/Charter - Our gaming Charter, like our handbook to WoW. http://nomadicfm.enjin.com/Apply - Direct Link to the application system! Or contact any of the following Officers in game for more information: Torcq - Guild Master & Raid Leader - joshflash#1470 Adonis - Guild Officer & Raid 2IC - implicit#6358 Ongor - Guild Officer - ongor#1183Torcq7 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 New guild LF members for mythic progression Hello all, <Regnant> is a newly formed Alliance Aman'Thul guild looking to recruit players of all roles. Unhappy with the rate of progression of our past guild, myself and a few others decided to leave and form a new guild. Our guild has plans to progress in mythic raiding while it is still current content. As such we require all our members to be knowledgable and preferably experienced in all of the bosses in Highmaul for at least heroic difficulty. Punctuality and commitment is a must. As the guild is newly formed we don't have progress together. However, most of our members are 7/7N, 6/7H with our raid leader being 7/7H. We don't want this to be a faceless guild thats only aim is to kill bosses and acquire loot. We ask that people are kind to each other and that a more positive/friendly outlook is taken when someone messes up, so we can progress as a guild. That being said we will be benching or kicking people if they are constantly under-performing and are holding the guild back. Below are our raid times, these are all GMT+13 (NZ time). Monday - Optional Normal Raid 9pm till late Wednesday - Progression Raid 9pm till late Saturday - Progression Raid 9pm till late Thank you for your time, you can contact me on battle.net "Tecknix#1324" if you have any questions or would like to apply.Tecknix2 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Disc+holy priest. 660 7/7 Heroic 7/7Norm Experienced healer, Can raid all times, 100% attendance previously, Needing a new home to raid in. Age:28 Male played since the start of wow. nothing really to brag about with previous raid experiences, but I enjoy the game. I prefer a guild that is doing mythic as I like the challenge, but I will look into everything at the moment.Allustiel10 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 House Harkonnen 7/7HM 1/7Mythic <House Harkonnen> US-Frostmourne Guild Current Progression: 7/7 Heroic, 1/7 Mythic currently Progressing on twins Raid Schedule Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday(Optional), 8:00pm - 12:00am Server time Seeking DPS 1x Ele Sham 1x Enhance 1x Warlock 1x Boomy 1x Hunter 1x Rogue Healers x1 Resto Sham x1 Holy Pally x1 Mistweaver Monk Contact: Simbro#1554 or nismo350z#1892 for more informationKidili1 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 LFM Raiders - <Krackheads> - Barthilas [A] <Krackheads> Barthilas About us: Krackheads is a friendly, social and casual raiding guild made up of some very exceptional players. Currently we are looking for ranged dps and healers to join the ranks as we head into mythic progression. However we are also open to other classes and specialisations. Progress: We are currently 7/7N and 6/7H in Highmaul. We will be starting mythic progression very soon. Raid times: We are currently raiding on Fridays (8:30PM ST) and Sundays (5:00PM ST). Raid nights are usually around 3-4hrs long. Contacting us: If you are interested or would like more information please contact me via my battletag MissKate#1505 or whisper me in game. We look forward to hearing from you :DMissbellona1 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 1/7M 665 Resto Druid LF mythic guild I'm looking for a core spot in serious raiding guild for mythic progression, with a friendly and fun environment. I just came back to WOD recently after a long break, before i left i was in 'Inhibition" horde frostmourne and we were 8th on the horde side for Firelands and DS until everyone quit, some of us joined Crimson-Caelestrasz. I'm currently with Ruthless 3/7 mythic. Reason for leaving is that they already have a core group and isn't lack in the resto druid department, since i just came back to WOD so im getting benched for players that are either friends, mates or officer which I'm currently out-performing. My availability is Wed, Fri, Sat, Mon & Tue anywhere between 7-12. If you have any inquiry feel free to talk to me ingame Roiz#1259 and we can chat further.Stärlight9 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 The Amaranthine Order LF Res Sham, Boom & Lok The Amaranthine Order is currently recruiting! We are endeavour to maintain a friendly but focused environment in our current 20man (25 player roster) team, with a semi-hardcore approach to progression raiding, with a more casual farm/out-of-raid atmosphere. We are a gaming community currently building a presence in World of Warcraft on the Frostmourne server, focusing on end game play. It is our goal to build a long-term community based on friendship and mutual respect within many MMOs, and all gamers who are looking for a mature and respectful environment are encouraged to apply for a trial membership. The guild originated in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and swiftly returned to WoW for MoP as content began to dither out. We ended up on the Saurfang server, and after lack of capable players became obvious we set off on a journey to Caelestrasz (dark times), and finally ended up here on Frostmourne, half-way through Throne of Thunder, where we regained our strength and ended the tier with a healthy 4/13H progression. Our 10man team reached 8/14 HM before our move to 25man. After building up our 25man team, and re-progressing through (pre-6.0) normal and heroic SoO, we reached 9/14 HM over the few months before the 6.0 patch. we are now looking to the future, not just Warlords of Draenor, but the expansions beyond that. We reached the end of MoP with 14/14M. The short of it: We are currently 7/7N and 6/7H Highmaul. We raid 3 nights a week, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. 8:00pm to 11:00pm AEST, with invites at 7:45pm SHARP. We are currently recruiting a: RESTO SHAMAN WARLOCK BALANCE DRUID For more information please feel free to message myself, Grombrindel (UGhillie#1512), or head to amarorder.com and post an app!Grombrindel4 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 Obsolete Out of DateDafn2 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 666 Holy Priest LFG Mythic Guild 7/7H & 1/7M Hi There, Holy priest with 7/7 H and 1/7 Mythic Experience LF Mythic raiding guild on Twins or progressing. What i can bring to the table is: - Dedication, 95% Raid attendence. - Willingness to adapt class and spec in future xpac and content to suit the requirements of the guild. - Stable internet connection with Microphone and voice chat - Patience for wiping on progressive content. If you are looking for a mature player who has experience since vanilla and need a healer who will be competitive for top heals send me a real id or reply to the thread. Maybe#1600 Thanks JustevilJustevil6 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 <A>Frostmourne. -best buds- Social Raiding Looking for more members to join -best buds- to help and take down Highmaul. We are a beginning group looking to start with normal and when we gain more experience to tackle Heroic difficulty. We have several new raiders and are aiming for a core group of ten people. Currently looking for healers and dps. Whisper Camnomis in game for any inquiries. We raid 8:30pm Server Time Sunday and Monday. Will be changing nights to Weds and Sunday.Camnomis0 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 660 Shadow LF Weekend Raiding Guild (M) 660 Shadow Priest looking for Raiding Guild that either raids: Friday/Sat/Sun OR any consecutive days. Current Progression: 7/7NM 5/7HM + Experience with Mythic. Any further questions add my battletag Starfalling#1168Eppzy0 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 [A] No Clear No Sleep - 2/7M Frostmourne No Clear No Sleep is a mythic raiding guild focused on progression with efficient raiding time and a friendly open atmosphere. Our core group consists of friends and members who have previous raiding experience in high level raiding guilds across multiple expansions and have come back to the game to see what all the fuss is about. We've been there and decided that the hardcore style isn't for us anymore and want to chill out, but still get content down in a timely fashion. If you're highly competent and this sounds like you or what you'd like to experience then read on. We are always interested in exceptional players but our focus at the moment includes recruiting the following: 1x Holy Pal/Mistweaver Monk/ Resto Shaman - Bonus points for being flexible to DPS on fights, but not required. 1x Tank (Brewmaster/DK/Warrior) DPS: Elemental Shaman/Windwalker Monk Raid Hours: Wednesday 20:00 - 00:00 ST (+10GMT/AEST) Thursday 20:00 - 00:00 ST (+10GMT/AEST) Sunday 20:00 - 00:00 ST (+10GMT/AEST) It is expected you are able to attend all three nights, and if for any reason you are unable to attend you inform the leadership team of your situation ahead of time if possible. We can offer: - Competitive progress, both within our team and the realm while having an open atmosphere. - Loot council - After trial period of 1-2 weeks you have equal standing with all existing members, including leadership, with a preference towards reliable raiders. - Experienced leadership, with a fair but firm attitude when required. - Alt runs for giggles on off nights. What we expect: - Raid attendance - Raid preparation (prepots, flasks, food, enchants, gems) - Knowledge of class and its role within the raid If this sounds like it could fit you, we'd like to hear from you. If interested, don't hestitate to contact any member of the leadership team on (Yuki#1599), (Rapbreon#6408).Blankspaces4 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 670 disc priest LFG or 668 fury 670 disc priest with 7/7 heroic xp and 3/7 mythic exp highmaul looking for highmaul raiding guild. I also have a 668 fury warrior. Have all sorts of communication and can make many different raid times Hit up QuickDeath#1656 for more :))Shãdez11 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 [A]Frostmorne Priest; LFGuild - Raiding Hey, im looking for a raiding guild. Currently 630ilvl Schedule; Work Mon- Fri 7am-3pm. But wake up at 4.30 am. So Raiding until Midnight AusEST is not what im able to do. I'm avaliable from 4.30pm AusEST. Until about 10-10.30pm AusEST. As for weekends. I generally go out Friday nights, So Sat until mid day im unavailable. On the occasion, I can stay in on a Friday night if needed. I can play Shadow or Disc. IF that is what is needed. BUT i would prefer to play holy. Available all Sat night and Sunday. ID: Mystive#1338Mystive2 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 656 lock lf new raid team Hi all, Looking for a new raid team that raids 2-3 times per week and has decent progression. On Frostmourne at the moment and would prefer to stay on the realm but will move for the right guild. Leave a comment below with your information on your guild and your battletag. Recent progression: 7/7nm highmaul 6/7hm highmaul 13/14hm (or mythic now) pre nerf Seige of Orgrimmar. Can supply logs if needed. Thanks, VelaVelathelinah28 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 657 enhancement shaman LF guild Heyo, looking for a new guild to chill out/raid with. I've played an enhancement shaman for a long time now and I consider myself to be a pretty decent player but I'm always looking for more ways to improve. I've raided, mostly with pugs, in MoP and have just left a guild in search of another. Current progress: 7/7 normal HM 5/7 heroic HM I have a solid understanding of mechanics and bring a light, fun-loving attitude to raids. The only preference I would have is to stay on Frostmourne. Feel free to contact me in-game or through btag. Lime#1267Limesy13 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 [H] 662 combat rogue LF Guild on Jubei'thos Looking for a guild who's starting or has started Mythic progression. I'm 7/7[H] looking to push further content. If you have a spot in your composition please add me 'SupriseMF#1702' CheersSuprisemf0 Jan 11, 2015